President Asif Ali Zardari Takes Oath

Asif Ali Zardari on Tuesday took oath of his office as Pakistan’s 12th head of state at an impressive ceremony held here at Aiwan-e-Sadr. Chief Justice of Pakistan Abdul Hameed Dogar administered the oath to Asif Ali Zardari under the third schedule of 1973 Constitution.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai was the key international figure specially arrived here this afternoon to attend President Zardari’s oath-taking ceremony. Acting President Mohammadmian Soomro and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani were also present.

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109 thoughts on “President Asif Ali Zardari Takes Oath

  1. Amazing!! Commonwealth of Puppets. Can u now see the US design. Before there was Karzai now Zardari. Good luck India! They better get someone ready.

  2. @Tauqeer Akbar

    …Good luck India! They better get someone ready…

    Like it or not, US can never influence India. Look at what is going on with the nuclear deal, how the nationalist parties are opposing it and how they have literally force the ruling Congress party on the back-foot. So, they have got the spine which we literally lack.

  3. Same Karzai met Benazir before her assassination to warn her that she should stood by her promises made with Bush administration otherwise could face serious consequences. Benazir perhaps didn’t responded positively and got killed.

    This time Zardari invited Karzai himself and told him, do not worry, there is no difference between you and me, we are brothers and will serve our masters together by killing our own people.

    So, Zardari is going to stay alive.

  4. i dont think i was too wrong in what i said earlier

    Mr Zardari’s surprise decision to hold a joint news conference with Mr Karzai just a couple of hours after he was sworn in shows that the “war on terror” is his top priority

    Mr Zardari said at a joint news conference shortly after he took the oath of office he had a “comprehensive plan” to fight Islamist militants.

    Pakistan and Afghanistan were like “twins joined” said Mr Karzai.

    Mr Zardari was smiling nervously as he stumbled through his oath

  5. perhaps when most of us were thinking that first speech will be about nation building, restoration of independent judiciary, economy, education…and Atta, Roti Kapra Makan, energy crisis and how PPP’s ‘manshoor’ drafted by BB will be adhered to…..instead he says what is US masters wanted to….basically f@ck off pakistanies and my voters i have ‘other’ interests!!

  6. Well I congratulate the PPP sympathizers. At least he is not a military dictator.

    I just hope that he realizes that he does not need to be a US puppet if he can secure public support.

    But with his low low credibility, natural snake-ness and Madari kartabs, it looks increasingly likely that he will be just another Mush. Dependent on the US for his kursi, rather then public support.

    He is going to be more powerful than ZAB. I have high hopes for Zardari Madari. Whereas ZAB broke Pakistan in two, I expect Zardari to do better than that. How about four pieces?

    Good luck to PPP and hopefully, they will not be around after 5 years of slithering, scheming and robbing. Just hope Pakistan survives.

  7. zerdaari will be one of the best president of pakistan and he,ll rule long period of time.some are dreaming army will intervene but that will stay the dream.asif has the capibilities to tame army and i request all haters of zerdari learn to respect the mandate of people and ur president asif ali zerdari.

  8. Has anybody noticed Zaradri’s mustaches are trimming down day by day ( Since he has arrived Pakistan after the death of her legal wife).

    I wonder how long it would take to clean the rest of hairs to look coooool?

  9. Not too long ago AZ said that PPP got votes for “ROTI KAPRA MAKAAN”.

    Now after getting elected as president, he is holding the press conference with Puppet Karzai and talking about the fake war.

    What a contradiction. PPP has the mandate to rule for 5 years. I dont think that they are capable.

    Plus their top guy is a liar and a WADA KHILAF.

  10. what a sham democracy … Historians will write it as the darkest day in the history of Pakistan
    WOW, the knucklehead jayala’s have no idea what they have done. I feel bad for those 30 PPP workers who lost their life in bomb blast during the rally for restoration of CJ Iftikhar. They must be turning in their graves, if the CJ was biased why they were asked to participate and chant slogans in his favor. Literally PPP has shown finger to those who have lost their lives, thinking their struggle was for democracy. It must be horrible to waste a precious life for some wadera/snake who all along had it’s own sinister designs.

  11. @sic57770
    i heard last time he completely shaved off his moustache was when Murtaza Bhutto picked him up with his gundas and shaved off one side of his moustache! thats when he used to have dakoo style moustache

    i understand that this is a true story and increased the rift between the two resulting in death of one!

  12. @mbokhari
    You realize Zardari can do no wrong.
    He will fvck up — of course — but everything will be blamed on the “establishment.”) 🙂

  13. CNBC News Flash in 2009 :

    President Asif Ali Zardari has overtaken the likes of Warren Buffet and Carlos family to become the richest person in the world with a$$et’s totalling 60 Billion dollars, mostly acquired by levying tax on Roti, Kapra and Makan.

    And all the great minds of the country ( Jehangir Badar, Babar Awan, Rehman Malik) are congratulating him ( on all the news chanell ) for this marvellous achievement… lol

  14. To check a coin (sikka)you flip several times to see its geniunety, but for “INSAN” you check only one time. The word of mouth is very important and reflects the whole character of any individual. You can not break your agreement because it is not Qaran or Sunnah. The history of PPP Government is very disappointing.

  15. ALL RISE!

    Honorable mbokhari presiding.


    I hereby proclaim the “Pejamistri’s Compilation of the Laws of PPP Politics”…So help me Zeus.

    Mardaa Baja’s First Theorem: If PPP can go wrong, it will. The establishment did it.
    Corollary a: It can
    Corollary b: It should
    Corollary c: At the most inopportune time
    Fauzia Wahab’s Extension: If there is a possibility of PPP committing several wrongs, the one that will cause the most damage will be done.

    Aitzaz Ahasan’s Extrapolation: If anything just cannot go wrong, it will anyway.
    Naik’s Constant: If you perceive that there are four possible ways in which PPP can go wrong, and circumvent these, then a fifth way, unprepared for, will be developed
    Corollary: It will be impossible to fix the fifth fault, without breaking the fix on one or more of the others

    Latif Khosa Postulate: Left to themselves, PPP tends to go from bad to worse
    Zardari’s Axiom: If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something

    ZAB’s Razor: Establishment is a b1tch
    Addendum: and not an obedient one at that
    Zardari’s Zen Rule No 21: Smile . . . tomorrow will be worse. I will make sure.

    Quantization Revision of Zardari’s Laws
    Everything goes wrong all at once.
    Zardari’s Constant: Enough meetings will tend to support whatever theory.

    Errata to Naveed Qamar’s Theory: In PPP, nothing is ever right. Therefore, if everything is going right … something is wrong.

    Aitzaz Ahsan’s Law of Dharnas: Whenever you set out to do something, something else must be done first.

    Babar Haiwan’s rule of thumb: In every party, each individual rises to his own level of incompetence, and then remains there. Hence, the co-chairman, proudly the worst of us all.

    Zardari’s Conundrum of Alliances: When in doubt, make a deadline. When in trouble, postpone.

    PPP’s golden rule: whoever has the gold makes the rules.

    BB’s Last Postulate: If you feel you are doing the right thing, you are doing it wrong.

  16. (With some modifications)

    Were you in the Haiwan-e-Sadar? Oye, it is nat in Sadar Karanchi, it is the hause of Presadant. It was a great occayun. Truly aa sum. I was there. So was Smaan Tseer. So was Nisarli khan and Mianshabaa shreef. They were talking in hushed canstipational tones, till the oath was taken. Then every bady became very motional. We were all standing at our seats and cheering and waving wildly.

    Mianshabaa Shreef was waving one finger; (the middle one). Nisarli Khan was waving two; (middle and index). The rest of us were waving our credit carts and cheque books. Tears were running down our cheeks and we were shaoting ‘Swiss bank counts, Swiss bank counts’.

    It was a yunani mus deciyun of thee CEC. The last time I felt so empowered was when I took Yunani Mardana maidsan from hkeem sahib, Inside Bhati Gate. Oye, nat Mardana Baja, Mardana maidsan. Naoo, every bady is empowered and can cantribute to the paty. The paty of damo cracy and the paty of peepul. There is only one such paty which is Pakistan Peepal Paty, of which, yours truly is the secty journal.

    Are you saying you have not heard? Has the information not met you? Even Altaf Hsain in London is in spoat. The Shriek Chairman is the President of Pakistan. Well okay, not the whole of Pakistan. But definitely the bits not taken over by the Talban or bombed by the Amercans. All citizens who are not yet slaughtered, should rejayece in the news. Once you are martyred, you should rejaice in your martyrdom.

    There is a good chance that we can talk to Mullah Omar and can come to an agreement. He could even be pat of the coaliyun. Maulana Oil Tanker is a samooth talker. I am sure he can talk to him. It is possible that Sherry Rman will have to wear a shuttle cock burqa and change her name to Rooh Afza, but in damo cracy there is give and take.

    Oh I am so glad that the mental has fallen on the Shriek Chairman. No, I don’t mean Miansab. I mean the mental of leadership. It is true that Miansab is a bit peeved. He goes on saying ‘judge, judge, judge’, like the carpration truck, outside Bhati Gate. There has to be a limit to averything. He says that the Shriek Chairman is slippery like an eel. But what is wrang with that? In palitics you can nat be rigid like Gul Mhamd. Naoo, he wants the 17th mendment repealed in a hurry, but would he feel the same if Shbaz Shreef was going to be the presadent? Or Babra Shreef? Or Tahira Syed?

    Rivers of blood have flown in Pakhtoon Khwa. We should not create problems khwa makhwa.

    My message to the Amercan is same to same. They should spoat forces of damo cracy. If I met Obama, I would say to him, Oye Obamay, don’t throw your bums on our land. Learn something from Senator Bye Done, who is naoo your mate. Give us dollars, give us F16s, give us Swiss bank counts. This is haoo, damo cracy will dvelp in dvelping countries.

    Yours Truly,

    Mhamd Jungeer Badar

  17. @mbokhari

    Without looking at the bottom of your post, I swear while reading I felt like it’s jahangir badar … wow what an accurate depiction … this guy does talk like that

    It’s mad funny ..:)

  18. Welcome to Commonwealth of Puppets. Just watching Off the Record. We will regret this day and we deserve it!

  19. Forgot Zardari, remember these words Pakistan has become a important battle ground for war against terror, says Bush.

    By the time America will attack Pakistan these Zardari’s and Sharif’s would have left the country for a 10 year vacation.

    With that I would like 2 congratulate People of Pakistan and Pakistan Army for fulfulling it’s rightful duties to destroy a country that we the People and our Fathers, Grand Fathers created by giving blood.

    Please don’t say you don’t deserve this, it is YOU who made the CHOICE.

  20. @adeelshahid,
    I fully agree with you,in case America invaded Pakistan.AZ AND NZ will be on long vacations not for 10 years but for indefinite time.
    only MOLANA and his followers will wage JIHAD against Infidels….

  21. This BudKirdari Zardari is gifted with the worst qualities of both ZAB and Zia-ul-haq.

    Just watch this video, see how Zia makes false promises of election ( it’s very similar to judges issue ) and then see ZAB giving empty slogans and no empowerment to people.

  22. Great day for Pakistan. Democratic voice of people has spoken. President Zardari is the first President of the country that had complete support from 3 units of the nation and also Kashmir. He has complete support from Sindhies, Mohajirs, Saraikies, Pathans, Balochies, Kashmiries and rural Punjabies and almost 40% support from urban upper Punjab. He has a complete support from all political parties of the country excluding Ziaist parties (Q & N + Jamaat).This is an overwhemming and unprecedented mandate. The propaganda stricken urban Punjabies will also learn the truth soon. Thank you NS & SS for showing democratic spirit. I hope both major parties will keep a working relationship fro the sake of country and democracy.

    Pakistan needs unity to eliminate extremism, violance, poverty and to start development.

    Ziaists are extremely frustrated and looking for any means to end the democratic setup. Their elimination from ISI and army is very important. Congratulations and my bbest wishes for my Pakistan brothers and sisters.

  23. @MalangBaba
    mbokhari has quite nicely portrayed JB and so if you consioder that a “Witthh” then this is what JB does all the time.

  24. Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Raaji’oon
    this is one of the signs of Qiyamat, where a outright-guilty criminal becomes the ruler of muslims.

    this hadith sheds more light on our current state of affairs. I hope all the people who worship democracy and western values, as well as all the jahil people who are fed hand-to-mouth by their wadera read this. Please read the hadith below. I hope the pakistani people get what they deserve, bankruptcy, misery, pain, and even more jahalat.

    Rasulullah Sallallahu ‘Alayhi Wasallam said

    “When the most wicked member of a tribe becomes its ruler and the most worthless member of a community becomes its leader, and a man is respected through fear of the evil he may do, and a leadership is given to people who are unworthy of it, expect the Last Hour” (Sahih Muslim)

  25. “Why they invite CIA puppet Hamid Karzai on this important day?”

    Read these interesting lines from this article:

    A small mystery remained. Why did the US suddenly withdraw support from General Musharraf? An answer was provided on August 26 by Helene Cooper and Mark Mazzetti in the New York Times. The State Department, according to this report, was not in favour of an undignified and hasty departure, but unknown to them a hardcore neocon faction led by Zalmay Khalilzad, the US ambassador to the Security Council, was busy advising Asif Zardari in secret and helping him plan the campaign to oust the general:

    “Mr Khalilzad had spoken by telephone with Mr Zardari, the leader of the Pakistan Peoples party, several times a week for the past month until he was confronted about the unauthorised contacts, a senior United States official said, “Can I ask what sort of ‘advice and help’ you are providing?” … Mr. Boucher wrote in an angry email message to Mr Khalilzad. “What sort of channel is this? Governmental, private, personal?” Copies of the message were sent to others at the highest levels of the State Department; the message was provided to the New York Times by an administration official who had received a copy.”

    Khalilzad is an inveterate factionalist and a master of intrigue. Having implanted Hamid Karzai in Kabul (with dire results as many in Washington now admit), he had been livid with Musharraf for refusing to give 100% support to his Afghan protege. Khalilzad now saw an opportunity to punish Musharraf and simultaneously try and create a Pakistani equivalent of Karzai.

    Zardari fitted the bill. He is perfectly suited to being a total creature of Washington. The Swiss government helpfully decided to release millions of dollars from Zardari’s bank accounts that had, till now, been frozen due to the pending corruption cases. Like his late wife, Zardari, too, is now being laundered, just like the money he made when last in office as minister for investment. This weakness will make him a pliant president of Pakistan.

  26. In a democratic way,a sindhi(PCO controvercialJudge) administered oath to a characterless ( who back out from a written agreement with PMLN ) sindhi in a presidential palace, situated in Islamabad, the capital of remaining burning, poverty stricken Pakistan. What a great ceremony?Electricity prices increased on the same very day.What a relief to poor people of the poor country!

  27. @MalangBaba, all PPP supporters – Congrats, the people’s representatives have spoken and victory is yours.
    May Pakistan move forward to strengthen its democratic institutions now and forever.

  28. All PPP supporters,Just one query..?

    Would you like to have a watchman for your personal security with a tainted past like Az’s? Certainly not..Then WTF vote for him to be president of Pakistan when he doesn’t even deserve to be a guard for a bloody private company!

  29. @Malangbaba,
    Great day for Pakistan.
    I hope the current team will strive to work together to counter Pakistan’s internal and external problems and threats. In the history of pakistan, those in govt and opposition are hand in hand and there is no political victimization of 90s. Credit goes to PPP. I hope they will bring Mushararf to law to avoid further army take overs. Regarding judiciary, they should appoint a new Supreme court and judges (who were never PCO) should be appointed/elected by Assembly/ senate votes. Also the Supreme Judicial Council should be more refined and should consist of retired Supreme Court Judges whose tenure should be atleast 10 years or life so that they could not be pressurized. Present SJC setup is very fragile and full of flaws since it consists of serving judges.

  30. Worst day of Pakistan’s History, when a filty Sattan has veiled himself as an angel and the worthless, ruthless, shameless, uneducated, bullocss. Jiyalas (hate that word) has started uttering slogans like Quad-e-Azam has returned. Jiyala= an oppurtunist who is waiting for his ministers to help him in occupying land, enter his son/relatives into a government job, make Gunda gardi in the name of Bakwas Mohtarma Shaheed.

    These PPP species reminds me of the Masai Mara tribemen who dance, bow, beat drums and sing all their lives for anyone who kick their Asses, ruin them with a Smile and harrase them but still make them believe He is the best one and guess what?? These stoges believe him.. Same here!!!

    U.S.A brokered shameless Sadar, and PrimeMinister trying to make us Donkey that whole Pakistan is with them. Only Ullo Ke Patha, Rs/200 daily wage Jiyalas worker is with them. But now what will happen???

    Every Educated Pakistani will retaliate, we will stand against this bullshit government, we will kick them or finish them forever very soon. Inshallah!!


  31. Salam and greetings of Peace!

    i grew up in pakistan, not papua new guinea. and my best friends and relations are pakistani, not papuans. and i want my US born children to have a civilized country to which they are inextricably linked by ancestry.

    These are the dogs i have in the fight.

    As for zardari’s favors, those justices have every right to go back to their jobs – they stood firm with the cj when Pakistan’s future was at stake. and they, unlike the handful of expat pakistanis “standing in line” for handouts from zardari, need to make sure zardari does not cut off their pensions. While zardari is trying to humiliate them by making them stand in line – they will go down in history as being far better men than zardari or any of those “standing in line” for jobs or contracts from a corrupt politician.

    The hardcore PPP supporters also point out, though we may or may not agree with them, that the judges whom the PML-N and the lawyers want to ‘restore’ are the very same judges who had taken oath under the PCO besides the fact that the office of the judges was assaulted by the very people then who now pose as its saviour. It should be understandable to the critics who sometimes do criticism for the sake of it that public opinion has no role to play in the elections of the president since the Electoral College, which represents the popular vote in both the Houses, is authorised to exercise its constitutional role to elect a president.

    Even on a human level, the case of Mr Zardari is compelling. After the mind-shattering assassination of Benazir Bhutto, Zardari courageously stepped into the shoes of a big responsibility – to save the country form falling apart. Pakistan khappay came as the rescue. That was the time when, immediately after Benazir Bhutto’s assassination, chaos ruled the streets of the country, especially Karachi and the masses had lost any direction as a nation. Taking care of his children in the permanent absence of their mother is a task that requires very strong nerves. Later, the journey from taking the coalition partners along and finally getting rid of the “relic of the past” goes to his credit.

    It is most ironic and unexplainable; we put up with an unconstitutional president for more than eight years, gave him a lease of life in the shape of the 17th Amendment, and only came together to oust him when the political leadership of the PPP made room for the political process to begin in Pakistan. The know-all, even at the very crucial moment in the history of Pakistan, were rallying for boycotting the polls and thereby giving Musharraf another opportunity to remain in the office of the president.

    The matter that is debatable is not whether Asif Zardari should or should not run for the presidency but what steps he should take if he becomes the president. The question whether we want a powerful president or a powerful prime minister is a relevant one. We have a parliamentary democracy. There should be no doubt about that. Asif Zardari, once he becomes the president, should make the 17th Amendment a thing of the past; that is a legitimate concern of the people of Pakistan. We do not want a strong president and we do not want a repeat of the political see-saw played between the presidents and the prime ministers. We have to understand that these are critical times for Pakistan. Getting rid of Musharraf is like starting it all over again. The immediate challenges being faced by the country are enormous; we do not have enough electricity to keep the wheel of our economy going, besides the flour crisis that continues to hit the common man.

    If we fail to identify our priorities at the moment, we run the risk of losing whatever we are left with. The situation in Balochistan, tribal areas, and the rest of the country leaves us with no option but to put our acts together and bring stability in the country. We should not forget that though Musharraf has gone, the sword of the ‘establishment’ still hangs on the head of nascent democracy. It is no time for petty politics! Leave it for another occasion.


  32. @Sjunejo,
    I think trial of Mush at this point will be difficult due to many reasons. The major one is the pressure from Army and current generals. But I think in 3 to 5 years there is a chance of Mush’s trial on the pattern of general Pinochet of Chile. I hope that time will come soon. Immediate action against him will resuilt in nothing but another coup by his comrades.

    Regarding judges i take is a bit different. The root cause of corruption in Judiaciary is that most of the judges are not high character. Since Zia’s purging of judiaciary, mostly judges are appointed on the base of their loyality to a) right wing Islamists b) Loyality to establishment.

    The judges selection process is neither transparent nor apolitical. Judiaciary since 1977 showed its political bias against PPP and anti-establishment political forces in all important occasions of our political history. Just a few examples:

    1. all political cases in Zia regime from Nusrat Bhutto case to Bhutto’s judicial murder
    2. Supporting BB’s removal twice but rejecting NS’s removal despite the fact the case presented by President on all three occasions was the same i.e. unproven corruption charges.
    3. When NS tried to become too powerful and independent of establishment, judiaciary tried to remove his government through judicial activism. That resulted in a divide between old guard Ziaists (e.g. Saeed Siddiqui, Irshad hasan Khan) and Chief Justice Shah and his supporter judges. Ziaist won that battel by removing CH Shah but ultimately Ziaists lost after Mush’s coup.
    4. Since Mush’s takeover, Judiaciary is divide in two pro-establishment camps i.e. Ziaist Islamist and Pro-Mush Liberals.
    5. The removal of CJ Iftikhar Ch. was direct result of internal strife between both camps of judges. Mush somehow sensed a imminent danger from Islamist judges so he tried to remove CJ to have a better control of other Islamists e.g. Ramday.

    The bottom line of my argument is that none of the judges in pre-March 9 or post-March judiaciary is truely independent.

    The solution is not in restoration of sacked judges. Thanks to the wisdom of BB and NS they have both agreed to a solution in Charter of Democracy. Appointment of judges and their selection must be done through an open and transparent process that should involve scrutiny through Parliament’s judiaciary committee. Any aspirent judge who is known to be member of some political party, extreme religious group or aligned to some strong business interest should be bared. Similarly for the judges promotion, the criteria should be how ofen their decisions were overturned in appeal process. I think that is the only way we can get independent judiciary. If that does not happen, our elected leaders will continue to be hanged, spend long jail terms or exiled.

  33. The man of ten percent is made up at last for hundred percent but the more alarming thing is that he as other Jialas of PPP may be not be able to think more than a party member and that will certainly destroy his post of the national leadership.

  34. @poppycock
    “Would you like to have a watchman for your personal security with a tainted past like Az’s? Certainly not”

    Well, Pakistan belongs to Pakistanies. They have given their verdict on Feb 18. The elected reps of Pakistani Nation have given their verdict on Sept 6 by elected President Zardari by >70% votes. Similarly People of Kashmir also gave their verdict through their assembly. No President in past could get that much support from all federating units. So what is your problem? Are you or few other Ziasit losers own this country?

    Remember PPP never came in power through back door. It is the only political party of the country with huge support in all over the country irrespective of religion, sect, ethnicity or province. Cannot you see or hate has made you completely color blind????

    Regarding Zardari’s alleged tainted past, I would say it loudly that there can be no bigger honour for a person to be repeatedly dragged in courts and each time come out with verdicts testifying his cleanness. I dare you to answer my following questions honestly (if you or any other Bhutto hater has any):

    1. Isn’t it true that all PPP governments passed through ruthless Ehtesab after their illegal removal by dictators or establishment?

    2. Isn’t it true that no other government or politician has gone through this kind of brutal accountability after its (legal or illegal) end?

    3. Isn’t it true that PPP and PML-N leaders are the only politicians that were tried under ‘Special Laws’, ‘Special courts’, ‘special investigation agencies’ and ‘special prosecution’?

    4. Isn’t it true that no ‘corruption’ case has ever been proved against any PPP leader including Zardari?

    5. Isn’t it true that all the KINGS (Zia, GIK, Leghari, NS, Mush) and all their Kotwals (e.g. NAB) and all their Qazies (including Iftikhar Ch.) tried their best and despite all their efforts could not prove a single case against them?

    6. Isn’t it true that PPP leadership (ZAB, BB, Zardari) never bowed their head despite brutal torture, long imprisonments and killings?

    7. Isn’t it true that all regimes who initiated cases against Bhuttos and Zardari (I mean GIK, NS, Mush) ultimately begged pardon from them and either withdrew cases (GIK & Mush) or seek public apology (NS and his Ehtesab chief Saif-ur-Rehman).

    8. Isn’t it true that two judges who gave verdict against PPP leaders later found guilty of corruption themselves (Malik Qayyum, & CJ Aziz ). Isn’t it true that it was proved in SC that NS conspired with these judges to convict BB and Zardari?

    9. Isn’t it true that SC CJ Nasim Hasn Shah publically admitted that Bhutto’s death sentence was in fact a murder through judiciary?

    All the above facts are real facts. Can you dare to say NO to any of the above questions? If not, then I ask you a simple question. Does your brutality have any limits? Is there any way on earth for Zardari to prove his innocence to satisfy few sicko urban uupper class right wingers?

    I know the above arguments are given zillion times. You will have no reply. But still you will continue to repeat same Galam Galoch like a Gawalmandi Loafer.

  35. @mbokhari

    You are incredible. And here is Jahangir Buldozers’s description of Right of Way: whosoever has the way has the right

  36. Rauf Klasra writes: “Benazir’s promise remains unfulfilled”

    The snake Zardari and Ziplias of ZPP should now stop their meaningless slogans that they are going to follow the path of BB.

    “Naheed not invited to oath-taking ceremony”

    Why is it that a confidant of two-decades was sidelined immediately after BB’s death? Would a Ziplia care to shed some light?

    “PPP against confrontational politics: Qasim Zia”

    Now, this is the same dog who was barking the other day at IK on his comments against his master Zardari. I am sure that Nusrat Javed from Bolta Pakistan is still promoting his nonsense conspiracy theory that salman Taseer was appointed to create rift between NS and (poor) snake Zardari.

  37. @bokhari,
    Zardari’s mother is Bokhari too (Daughter of Zulfiqar Bokhari – brother of Pitras Bokhari). Are you the jelous cousin?

  38. @Malang Baba,

    The elected reps of Pakistani Nation have given their verdict on Sept 6 by elected President Zardari by >70% votes. Similarly People of Kashmir also gave their verdict through their assembly. No President in past could get that much support from all federating units. So what is your problem? Are you or few other Ziasit losers own this country?

    1- Pakistan’s 70% population lives in Punjab (it is not Punjab’s fault) and Zardari lost Presidential elections from there. Justice Saeed got more votes that combined votes of PPP and PMLQ.

    2- Zardari got 68% votes. President Rafiq Tarar has been the ONLY one who got 82% and won from all provincial assemblies.

  39. @DG,

    You agree with Malang, when he is telling a WHITE LIE that “No President in the past got that many votes”, despite the fact that Tarar got more votes than him.

    No wonder Pee Pee Pee supporters on this forum exactly look like their jokers on TV.

    Regarding 70% Punjab population, I read it somewhere on pkpolitics and I know other provinces have little population. Let me know if you know something more accurate.

  40. Zardari is certainly not the most popular person in Pakistan and he would certainly not have won if president was elected through general elections.

    But he is still more popular than musharraf. Alhamdolillah, Pakistan has survived musharraf. Now it can survive anything.

    Zardari needs political support for his rule, so unlike his predecessor, he will have to consider the aspirations of people at least to some extent while making his policies. So at least his election is a change for the better. If democracy is allowed to continue, we can ultimately have a much better change

  41. I never liked Zardari, in fact i always use to think that why on earth Benazir married this guy. I even beleive that he planned the assassination of his own wife with the help of Rehman Malik.

    But today i pray and would like to quote an Keith Olbermann,

    ‘I didn’t vote for him, but he’s my president, and I hope he does a good job’.

  42. malangbaba=field opperatve PPPP media management and reputation regrowth cell.

    personal qualties= dilusional optimism

    ranking= harcore jiyalla

  43. Bush terms Pakistan a major theatre in terror war
    …In Washington’s diplomatic circles, the speech is seen as a move aimed at telling the new government in Islamabad that in the war on terror it has no option but to continue to play the role assigned to it after the Sept 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in the United States.

    The strategy outlined in the speech makes it clear that the new government will have to continue to pursue the policies of the Musharraf administration for combating militants in tribal areas and in the rest of the country — a policy which contributed to the former president’s unpopularity in Pakistan

  44. Special gift to the nation by PZP on AZ Inauguration:
    Power tariff raised by up to 40pc

    Not satisfied? Well you will get another one soon:
    Gas tariff hike on the cards
    ISLAMABAD: In a shocking development for gas consumers across the country, the government is actively considering raising the tariff further to arrange funding for all future gas import projects such as the Iran-Pakistan-India (IPI) and the Turkmenistan- Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI)…

  45. In very first Press Confrence Karzai & Co. presence What Nonsence Is he in the good books of Pakistanis,Zardari has forgotten the end of Musharraf Just another Pakistani/Musharraf: American President Bush Buddy or an obedient dog as said so. And right after the Pak Army Retirement, the guy makes millions in Chak Shahzad, doing business with the regime that’s oppressing the other sufferer of 97% of this nation, he was allied with the TARIQ AZIZ & RASHID QURESHI and with many others who supported the entire his actions whether on the occasion of Lal Masjid or bombardment at FATA all we know these were trying to destroy the peace of Pakistan.
    I think the West, Musharraf and presently PPP has under-estimated the Pakistani TALIBAN – They are however, the people that invented the game of chess. Plus, these inflammatory statements prove that the West is threatening to these TALIBAN and thus should be UPROOTED where the JIHADIS are based and day to day basis putting a price on Aiman Al Zahwari, Usama Bin Ladin. Not kidnap-fear spread death-fear Internet account wanted for murder-not dead or alive dead only.

  46. Let the jiyalas have their day! I hope when the revolution happens they will not run away. But then most of them are on daily wages. Rs 200/day not enough to run away. And I am sure Zardari will take care of the Rs 200. It is already worth Rs150.

    MalangBaba and others please take note.

  47. @asfeen

    …But today i pray and would like to quote an Keith Olbermann…

    Your Keith Olbermann’s example does not carry any weight. KO would never have said it if their president had the kind of resume that the snake Zardari has.

  48. The new national anthem

    Zardari ki zameen shad baad,
    Bijli aaye 8 ghantay baad,
    Tu nishanay corruption aalishan,
    Shad baad Sindh abaad,
    Zardari ki zamin ka nizam,
    Atay,gas,bijli ka bohran,
    Qaum mulk sab gharak,Nawaz,Wakeel pa-in-da-bad, Benazir dunia se faraar.
    Parchamay sitara-o-hilal,
    Khoon mein Runga sara saal,
    Bhool apna maazi shan-e-haal jaan-e-istaqlal, Saya-e-America sar pe sawar.

  49. Democracy indeed a nice revenge.I like to quote Hasan Nisar in his recent column he said” aisa lakta hey key jasey Bhutto ney apney qabar sey auth key Zia Aur Uskey Baqiyat Key Moo pey aik zanatey dar thaper jhar dya hoo”
    Zardari didn’t get in to presidency on tanks with help of 111 brigades. if he was on tanks all the critics these pages would have been sitting in their homes and thinking may be a Saviour has come. this always happens and upper middle class of punjab always support that dictator either in the name of Islam or national interest. the same upper middle class of Punjab was against the Pakistan as unionists were in power till 1946. only when they saw that Pakistan was un avoidable they joined Muslim League (much like Q league people who get in to any vehicle that travels to Islamabad).

  50. @dara

    he didn’t ride on tank but he did ride on broken promises, stinking cheats, shameful maneuvering. Every single word he uttered has been a lie.
    Since zpp now does not consider that it’s important to revert 58(2b) back to parliment, what’s the difference between him and a political dictator.
    it’s been 6 months, where is the ZPP vision, any policy to tackle poverty, any step in direction to fulfill “roti, kapra and makan”. When this govt took over, there were 17bln, we are down to 9bln. The entire center of politics has been skillfully and shamefully keep deceiving the public.
    I am not asking to resolve all these issues overnight, but at least you present a policy that we are planning to implement this framework which will help us to overcome the issues.
    yesterday AZ gave a brilliant plan to tackle the poverty, “next year when we grow rice, we will put a higher buying price”, common you ba$t@rd. AZ should check with his masters during next dictation that “what a policy is? “

  51. @shaan11235
    I have two comments for you.
    1. I agree with you on this ppp govt has to put poverty at top of their agenda. If they were able to do deliver something they will survive, otherwise we have other options only if democracy was given chance.
    also like to add my own suggestion, there should have been a balance in over economic system of some sort. i mean some think like a balanced mixture of Socialism and free market economy. if current fascist capitalism remains no one could change the poverty eaten Pakistan.
    2. Please don’t abuse your national anthem.If you don’t like zardari wait till next elections and do something practically.

  52. @shaan11235

    it seems you dont have enough knowledge and critcising for the sake of it

    – roti kapra or makan: he has only been President for 24 hrs, wait a little longer…but as far as makan is concerned he is rebuilding a new Zradari House in Gari-khuda-Baksh. Kapra: yes he has ordered suits from Savile Row and they will be flown to President House. Roti: the Swiss Courts have released the $60m, but it takes about a week to go through swiss processes…as soon as they are cleared they will be transferred to another account and will be sufficient for generations of Zardarie’s to come..

    – re tank ride: He prefers ride on the back of US Agencies….which is even worse than riding on a tank!

    – 17bn/9bn: Yaar Allah ka shukr karo that about 50% are still left over….dont you know he is now Mr100% now and could have taken the full 17bn!

  53. Mojority of of the people of Pakistan are shocked and dismayed on the election of Zardari as a president, and I am no exception. I agree with all of you that he was not the suitable candidate for this post, but now he is the president and therefore, we have to deal with him. Duely elected members of the National and the provincial assemblies have voted him in, even though, against the wishes of their constituencies, and that is very sad. Those who voted for Zardari must have rceived big bags of cash or other assets of high value. It is a well known fact that there are many Jaffers (traitors) in our country.

    The million dollar question is weather he is going perform his duties in accordances with the constitution of 1973.

    As a president of Pakistan, he has become a servant to his nation and he must serve the nation and use his power only that is granted to him under the constitution of 1973. He must also understand that the presidency is only symbolic positin which represent the unity of fedration of the nation and the country. The power must lie with the Parliament. Parliament is the only power house, therefore, Mr Zardari must not misuse his authorities.

    We the people shall not allow him to act like Musharraf (criminal dictator), or we will remove him from his office. Actually he has promised to transfer all of the the illegal powers acquired by Mush to the Prliament. But given his past history, I am very much scepticle. We, furhter, like to make it clear that he will be accountable for all his actions. At this moment I would like t remind my fellow citizens that we have not made Mush accoutable so far, and we must pressure the current government to make Ret. Gen Mush accountable for his crimes. He should be braught to justice before he flee the country.

    Instead of moaning and bickering, let’s all unite together to make formidable force and with one strong voice demand him to perform his duties strictly inccordance with the CNSTITUTION OF 1973. He, therefore, must do the followings with immediate effect.
    1. Amend the 17 amendment and transfer 58-2b to the parliament
    2. Stop the war in Norhtern Pakistan. Sensless killing of innocent men, women and children should end immediately. We the people of Pakistan will not allow the foreign and our troops to slaughter our citizens. This carnaige must be halted with imediate effect.
    3. Unconditional restoration of all the judges to the November, 3 position
    4. Stop foreign dictation into our internal and external affairs. As a proud nation we must stand on our own feet and wane ourself from the conditional foreign aid.
    5. Lay out a marshall plan for poverty aliviation, educational and healthcare reforms.

    If he and his cabinet members failed to pay attention to our demands, then we shall remove him from the office of presidency and put him were he belongs to. let me warn President Zardari the we the people of Pakistan are fully awaken and will watch his future perfrmans very closely. We are not in a mood to be kicked around any more. Instead, we the people will kick him out, should you failed to perform your assign duties given under the 1973 constitution. Mr President, you will be observed under the National Microscope.

    Today Pakistan is in serious trouble and is at the verge of disintegration for the second time since inception, the first one in 1971. Pakistan is faced with both external and internal threat, and is crying out for our help to save him. We need our Pakistan for ourselves and our future generations, therefore, we all must unite to save Pakistan and work for better

    So in the spirit of the mont of Holy Ramadan, I appeal to all fellow citizens to forget our little difference and forge our alliance against those evils who are relentless in destroying our nation and our country. We need independent judiciary of competent, honorable and God fearing judges and independent and strong Parliament.

  54. Look at Dogar…oh my God the most non impressive man is the chief justice of Pakistan. What a nation of puppets and poodles we are.

  55. Guys! enough is enough. Come out of Zardari phobia now. Think about Pakistan in collective terms. What have we given to out dear homeland who gave us recognition, education, family and friends? We in return gave it corruption, nepotism, trash, pollution, cruelty and mismanagement. Come on guys! Instead of abusing other, think about yourselves.

  56. @ sjunejo Well said.

    unfortunately most of us when we talk politics because we go so deep in personalties and forget about ideas and issues. people as you rightly said in Zardari phobia have no fault as they have only seen dictators and thats the only way they criticize dictators, (only if dictator is not of their liking, as zia might have been of their liking).

  57. Us has decided to extend the operation beyond afghan borders and into Pakistan territory. Admiral Mullen has informed this today. Kayani has called upon the meeting of Core Commanders tomorrow to discuss the implications of this decission. Lets see whats in US store for Pakistan.

  58. @ admin

    can you please start a new thread on this development. Kiyani has issued a statement in response of Mullen statement to congress. enough of this zardari issue…

  59. @qabil50

    “He, therefore, must do the followings with immediate effect.
    1. Amend the 17 amendment and transfer 58-2b to the parliament

    A. Nabeel Gabol said on ARY (Kashif abbasi), there is no need to return 58(2b) to parliment anymore

    2. Stop the war in Norhtern Pakistan. Sensless killing of innocent men, women and children should end immediately. We the people of Pakistan will not allow the foreign and our troops to slaughter our citizens. This carnaige must be halted with imediate effect.

    A. The elect president intensify the first statement against the war on terror and prefer to enhance the cooperation in war on terror rather then finding a solution politically

    3. Unconditional restoration of all the judges to the November, 3 position

    A. We all know that PPP has rejected that demand already. Khal-Naek said CJ Iffi should join the judiciary first as an ordinary judge then we will talk about it. New oath has been server so there can not be pre-Nov 3 demand fulfilled.

    4. Stop foreign dictation into our internal and external affairs. As a proud nation we must stand on our own feet and wane ourself from the conditional foreign aid.

    A. Who you kidding??? Karzai was the chief guest at oath taking ceremony and we all know who he is … don’t we???

    5. Lay out a marshall plan for poverty aliviation, educational and healthcare reforms.

    A- AZ has a marshall plan. he is planning to raise the rice buying price when the crops will be grown next year .. so wait till next year

    My answers are not my shear frustration, they are the fact which I just laid out … otherwise I do agree if these 5 steps are implemented in true spirit, all issues can be resolved.

  60. i m not from ppp nor from nawaz group but i m happy dat zardari is president because

    all of them r corrupt n every leader is frm punjab though they r corrupt aswell why

    now there is some1 atleast frm small province n this is good

    aik zardari sab par bari ahhahahaha

  61. Oath Kaisi Oath?

    When Oil was 147 USD petrol price per liter was somewhere in 80s or 70s.

    Now, Oil prices are 101 USD. petrol prices are the same. When will they reduce the price???????????

  62. @iamsowise,
    Having a war with US is not an option. Our army cannot stand for two days. Al the planes, tanks, immunition and traing of Army came from US. How can they survive?

    The only option Pakistan has is to take action against Talban & Al-Qaida by itself. There is a disagreement between Pakistan and US at this point and both parties are increasing pressure. Ultimately Pakistan has to devise a strateguy to tackle Talban.

  63. @ Rasheed Wrote
    “You agree with Malang, when he is telling a WHITE LIE that “No President in the past got that many votes”, despite the fact that Tarar got more votes than him.”

    First of all I used the word support not “votes”. Second, Zardari got more votes than Tarar. Tarar got only 374 votes whereas President Zardari bagged 458 votes.

    @ Rasheed Wrote ” Pakistan’s 70% population lives in Punjab ”
    You are absolutely wrong. According to last census Punjab has 55% population of Pakistan.

    Also in last elections, PPP, N and Q got almost same amount of votes (around 30% range) – N with 28.8 and PPP 28.4$%. How can you say that PPP has no representation is Punjab?


    Pakistan Considers Asset Sales to Bolster Economy

    NEW DELHI — Pakistan plans to sell valuable energy assets, beginning with a major gas field, as it tries to reap billions of dollars from deals with investors in industries like banking and farming.
    The move comes as Asif Ali Zardari, the widower of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, is stepping in as president.

    Because of a hefty oil bill and a slowing economy, Pakistan is struggling under its biggest budget deficit in a decade, $21 billion; inflation that hit a 30-year high, 24.3 percent, in July; and fast-rising unemployment that is projected to reach 6.6 percent in 2009. Government leaders are eager to raise money, quickly.

    “The government is going through all their funding options,” a banker advising the Pakistani government said. Financial advisers to the government spoke on the condition of anonymity so as not to alienate their client.

    The Qadirpur gas field in Pakistan, a natural gas reserve of 2.9 trillion cubic feet in the Indus River flood plain, may be one of the first big-ticket sales. The field, the second-largest in the country, is valued at about $3 billion.

    Bids for the field, about 260 miles northeast of Karachi, may be submitted in the next week or so, bankers say. Likely bidders include foreign companies already involved in Pakistan’s energy industry, like Kuwaiti state corporations and OMV, a private Austrian energy company.

    “They’re testing the market with an auction,” said an energy banker who asked to remain anonymous because he was pricing the deal for a client.

    The selling of the Qadirpur field could be controversial because it is considered a strategic asset. Pakistan imports more than three-quarters of its petroleum and is struggling to become less dependent on imports. But a person close to the deal said there were no guarantees that the field would be sold. He characterized the bid solicitation as an informal process. He asked not to be named because he was not authorized to speak publicly about the deal.

    Some investors are questioning the wisdom of Pakistan’s selling valuable assets and are wondering whether sales will be conducted transparently and fairly.

    But there is no question that the country needs to raise money, analysts said.

    Pakistan’s economic situation is “a result of rising commodity and food prices, exacerbated by a lot of pre-election spending by the previous government,” said Gareth Price, head of the Asia Program at Chatham House, a research center in London, referring to the general elections held in February.

    In an effort to win votes, the previous government, led by Gen. Pervez Musharraf, kept subsidies high on food, electricity and oil, helping drive up the budget deficit.

    The sale of the Qadirpur field is part of a full-scale review of the biggest energy company in Pakistan, Oil and Gas Development, which owns 75 percent of Qadirpur. The review is being led by Merrill Lynch.

    Pakistan’s privatization commission said in late August that it also planned to offer stakes in Kot Addu Power on international stock exchanges this year and to privatize Hazara Phosphate Fertilizers. It invited bidders for 51 percent of Jamshoro Power, a long-discussed privatization deal. Salt and coal mines are also scheduled to be privatized.

    The list of state assets for sale may not necessarily be followed by deals, analysts warned. “Talk of investing huge sums of money doesn’t always materialize, because people are put off by the political machinations” in Pakistan, Mr. Price said.

    Pakistan’s “economic curse” is that the ruling elite — civil servants, politicians and the military — have worked in their own interest, not that of the wider population, limiting how much capital the country can raise, he said.

    One possible source of new investment is the Middle East.

    “There is a cultural and long-term affinity between the two regions,” said Youssef Nasr, the chief executive of HSBC in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi, in particular, have been strong supporters of Pakistan.

    Investors from the Middle East have already bought stakes in telecommunications, banking and industrial companies in Pakistan and have been pleased with the results, he said.

    One area of cooperation between Pakistan and the Middle East may be agriculture. The arid climate of the Middle East, coupled with rising food prices, has ignited fears about food security. Pakistan, meanwhile, has swaths of arable land that is lying fallow. Government officials on both sides are exploring links that could lead to joint farming ventures, Mr. Nasr said.

    “It’s not going to be a huge industry, by international standards,” he predicted, but it could be large enough to make a difference to Pakistan’s economy.

    The Pakistani government plans to raise money in ways besides asset sales and joint ventures. Pakistan’s central bank said on Thursday that it would sell bonds compliant with Islamic law in the domestic market and that the World Bank would “fast track” $1 billion in planned investments in the country.

    Attempts to privatize and sell some state-owned assets have proved contentious. The government’s plans to sell Pakistan Steel to a group of investors in 2006 were overturned, in part because the agreed-upon price was deemed to be about a third of the $1 billion value. Other sales of equity stakes have gone through with less controversy. In June 2007, United Bank Limited of Pakistan raised $650 million on the London Stock Exchange.

    One bright spot for the county’s economy has been remittances, or money transferred home by Pakistanis working outside the country, which are on the rise, Mr. Price said. The government is lobbying to get more permits for workers to travel to the Persian Gulf, from which most remittances are sent.

    (see )

  65. remember when ZArdari said after BB’s death that we will rest when we have the BB’s picture in the president house. today her picture is posted in the president house. It simply shows how the west overlaps with betrayers of a country one over the other. They sensed it when Mush popularity was going down he must be dumped and replaced by another stooge. so they got zardari who would simply sell any thing and every thing pakistan has valuable. he is simply a dog…. and his croonies as well

  66. I have done a cursory reading of comments here and perhaps the thing which bothers me has already been resolved.

    I think it is just hogwash when Zardari and his litter yap about some “elite” belt between Lahore and pindi opposed to democracy.

    First of all, isn’t Zardari (up to his neck in corruption and theft) one of those “elites” himself? aLl these SOB socialists are themselves the elites and their defunct estalishment is the cultural icon of that elitism. But what can you do with a god damned socialist idiot?

    Secondly, isn’t paki mercenaries in Khakis the biggest ally of this spectacular socialist flameout? And those mercs in khakis are in large proportion from northern punjab?

    So what does that tell us? if anything it means that PMLN has some serious mental issues. They are the ones taking on this defunct chatel ESTBLISHMENT arn’t they. And that would put them in direct cross hairs of the punjbai dominated mercs in khakis who were never more pleased to raise their buttocks to the compassionate neocons along with their head honcho Bushhrf.

    Was it not the punjabi dominated PMLQ the King’s party?

    The moral of saying all this is: that the first one to make this an ethnic issue is the one who does not have any points or sensibility left in his/her quiver.

    This is the last refuge of a scoundrel. Which what PPP exactly is.

  67. One more thing, the objection to Zardari becoming President of this cursed country isn’t because he is corrupt, a thief, a liar and a proxy puppet. Yes those tings should be the number one concern of every Pakistani who fears for the well being of this country, but hey that should’ve been the objection BEFORE he ran for senate. An independant election comission does that job: screening people as well as ensuring fair elections and to demand the resoration of judiciary and resignation f bushrrf.

    The main objection stems from the fact that he basically lied to the people. He won the vote in a suspect election on the tide of anti mushrf sentiment in the country as well as the sympathy vote of his dead wife, and in the process he made promises which were all broken. That shows his character and confirms the already held belief that he was here on a set agenda which involved accumulating power for self aggrandizement and in return continue the defunct Establishment policies. And he has been doing that wonderfully.

    And this is making people angry yet again, striking the same chord as was against bussrf the butcher. And here is where the cursed PPP is exposed. These mofos are zombies, zombie hyenas. Can there be anything more deplorable? For they care NAUGHT for the sentiment in the country, nor the promises to the people, nor the future of their own party much less the state. What they know and care best about is absolute obedience to the figure head, insane ramblings before the media and regurgitated spin when asked to answer for their many follies. A textbook example of a CULT. Much like their ally MQM.

  68. Another absolute lie: PPP has the most popular vote in 3 provinces.

    Nothing is further from the truth.

    PPP is the King’s party. No less subservient to foreign masters and equally fanatically deadly if not more for the soul, life, and foundations of this republic.

  69. correction:
    “An independant election comission does that job: screening people as well as ensuring fair elections and to demand the resoration of judiciary and resignation f bushrrf.”

    An independent election comission does that job: screening people as well as ensuring fair elections. Along this there should’ve been the demand to restore the judiciary to ensure the process and the confidence in it. Imran Khan was right when he pleaded with every freedom loving pakistani to harness this tide which was no less than a gift from God, and to use it to engender things that we didn’t have before. Such was the force and flow of this revolution. well the revolution was hijacked and the hijacking was widely televised and now it has all but fizzled out, left the lot of us wondering and waiting for yet another Saladin.

  70. I understand the religious believes of the President but why is he going to Shrines and grave yards alone since taking the office for dua’a and Fatiha? Has he not heard that God helps those who help themselves?

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