Zardari’s Address at United Nations

by mbokhari

Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari, invoking the name of his wife, the slain political leader Benazir Bhutto, called for help in fighting terrorism without unauthorized cross-border incursions by foreign forces. Zardari placed a photograph of Bhutto, who was assassinated last year, on the podium in front of him before beginning his speech today to the United Nations General Assembly, prompting uproarious applause.

The moment the name: “President Asif Zardari” was announced, there was general pandemonium in the hall. Delegates from Zambia, Mozambique and Nigeria were overcome by emotion as they climbed on their desks and vigorously shouted famous PPP slogans (Angada Bhutto dugwe ngadada? Har gdqeadan sey Bhutto dagudana ga!).

“It is a historical day for PPP-Zambia. The forces of dictatorship have finally been defeated. Finally, Frederick Chiluba is no more”, said the UN representative of Zambia, Dr. Angawand dnawagna, as his cheeks glistened with streams of tears. “These are tears of joy”. He explained. “I think the co-chairman Asif Bhutto Zardari, Shaheed-Elect, has acted in a very pragmatic manner. He has the unanimous support of the CEC of PPP. You must remember that he has been elected with a majority from the parliamentary members of Pakistan, as well as India and Israel.”

Also present was US undersecretary for Sate Richard Boucher. “I am feeling bittersweet today”, said Boucher philosophically as he adjusted his Sindhi cap. Jinjo hitey khap, Tinjo hutey bhi khap, as we say in Nawabshah.”, mused Boucher as he explained the meaning while wraping himself more tightly in his ajrak: “Those who are most needed on earth, seem to be needed by God as well.”

As the delegates of the UN General Assembly were waiting for President Zardari to show up, news broke in the hall of a massive security breach outside on the 44th Street & 1st Ave, just by the gates of One United Nations Plaza. It was soon explained that some enthusiastic jiyalas armed with party flags and pictures of Benazir Bhutto had climbed over the gates of the UN compound and were trying to march in the Assembly Hall while crying and shaking with loud whimpers interspersed with PPP slogans.

Some delegates from the traditionally anti-PPP segment of South American countries raised slogans against jiyala behavior. “Jiyalas estos son realmente estúpido– REALMENTE ESTUPIDO!!!” A real crises was at hand when the UN delegate of Uruguay Dr. Pedro Rodriguez came to blows with the Information Secretary of PPP-Tunisia, Mrs. Husna al-Bundaqi after Mrs. al-Bundaqi had shouted “Idhar hum, udhar tum”

Thankfully, the situation was calmed by Dr. Condoleeza Rice, US Secretary of State, who came to the podium and started a soulful rendition of “Sur Kalyaan” from the “Shah jo Risalo”. She wiped her eyes with her ajrak dopatta as she sang the mournful verses:

Aeik Qasar, Dara Lakha, kuorrein kanrnass ggirkhion
(Single palace, millions doors, billions are there windows)
Jedanhan karyaan parakha, tedanhan BB saamhoon
(Whereever I look, I find the same BB in front of me)
Kuorrein kayaaoon tunhinjyoon, likhan lakaha hazar
(The billions are your praises, written by the millions)
Jeeyu sabhkahan geea seein, darsan dhaaroon dhaar
(Life is similiar every where, but perceived individually)
Prem! tunhinja paara, kahrra chaee, keian chavaan.
(O Beloved! how can I describe your so many reflections).

After every line, loud wailing could be heard through the UN General Assembly, broken only by sniffing and sneezing sounds. The UN delegate from Yugoslavia, Dragan Karadgorvich, was inconsolable as he shook and cried. “Hai Benazir! Your death is almost as traumatic as the breaking up of Yugoslavia. Oh why did you have to die? My only hope now is that Ban Ki Moon does not remember that Yugoslavia does not exist any more. Ya Allah Ya Rasool, Benazir Beqasoor! Jiyeee Bhutttto!”

His emotions were shared not only by the large majority of UN General Assembly delegates, but also by the large number of jiyalas in the visitors gallery. As soon as President Zardari appeared on the stage, the hall reverberated with earth-shattering slogans of “Har Ghar sey Bhutto niklay ga! Tum kitnay Bhutto maro gay?” and “Abki Baari, Asif Zardari”. PPP-Ukraine delegate Prof. Sergei Chemyevsky approached the podium and advised the jiyalas not to raise these two slogans right after another because that would be bad luck. “We want President Zardari to live as long as Premier Stalin”, he explained.

Finally, after much anticipation, President Zardari began his speech after putting the picture of Benazir Bhutto on the podium. He paid rich tributes to the martyred PPP members in Chechnya, East Timor and Georgia. “How long will the blood of the martyrs be so cheap?”, he asked the audience. Qiyamat tak! Qiyamat tak!, shouted the whole UN General Assembly unanimously.

In explaining his policy imperatives, President Zardari explained that the judges restoration has already been accomplished, the matter of Benazir Bhutto’s murder is being investigated by the UN tribunal and the World Court in The Hague has been asked to take up the issue of 58-2B. His proclamations were met by a standing ovation and deafening applause for 21 minutes.

Next, the president explained his plans for large public works to alleviate unemployment and rejuvenate the economy. Among the largest mega-projects were the ambitious plans of building Murtaza Bhutto dam between Egypt and Israel, Bilawal Bhutto Express bridge between India and Sri Lanka, Oil exploration in the Nanga Parbat mountain range and an underground tunnel linking the North Pole with Antarctica, whose name is being decided.

His iconic address was broken repeatedly by a cacophony of slogans of “Saton Barray AzmoN ki Zanjeer, Benazir, Benazir”

As President Zardari winded up his speech, he announced the renaming of the chunnel as “Benazir Bhutto Channel Tunnel” between England and France. This announcement was met by dangerous levels of applause and slogans. Several senior UN delegates from the Central Asian Republics were seen with bleeding ears while the paramedics tended to the burst larynx of the UN delegate from PPP-Cambodia Dr. Yikiatchu Diapahe who injured himself by shouting “Jab tak sooraj chaand rahay gay, Bhutto tera naam rahay ga” at a super-human decibel level. He was pronounced dead moments later.

PPP-India President, Dr. Manmohan Singh, performed an impormptu bhangra as the PPP theme song “Bija Teer Bija” played on the sound system. He later fainted in the heated atmosphere.

Later, President Zardari flew to Washington DC to offer “Fateh khwani” at the Washington memorial. He met famous Hollywood Actor Denzel Washington and told him that the future generations of Zardaris and Washingtons will be friends forever. He complemented Denzel on the accomplishments of his ancestor George Washington and commented on the his similarity with Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. The President thanked Denzel Washington for inviting him to Washington DC and invited Mr. Washington to visit Garhi Khudabuksh Bhutto next year.

When reached for comment, Mr. Denzel Washington said: “Who dat foo?” He refused to explained further citing sanity and privacy concerns.

155 thoughts on “Zardari’s Address at United Nations

  1. President of a country …while addressing to UN…holds a picture of his wife in which she is waving and wearing ‘phoolon ka haar’ and puts it on the dice???

    is this real??….. just like a child (under 4 yrs) to hold his cuddly toy before going to bed….but in this case it is the address of a President to UN…who is going to talk about the country which is 1) main frontline force in current (world) war 2) has major issues with borders against 2 neighbours india and afghanistan 3) kashmir issue is still unresolved despite UN resolutions 4) facing daily suicide bombings 5) has just come out of dictatorship after 10 yrs 6) hunger and poverty across the country 7) nuclear power with accusations of proliferation… 8) 9) 10)………………..

  2. @Malek…… I agree with you its an emotional blacl mailing.. where was BB’s photo when our President trying to flirt US Vice president elect.???? Those who supported the name of Zardari should be ashamed of their nomination….

  3. @busybee
    its not even emotional blackmailimg…its sheer childish and against the norms of international diplomacy to hold a photo of your dead wife when you are addressing vital international issues concerning 160million of your contry’s population at a world stage

    this is not PA Sindh or NA or Larkana that people will be blackmailed with picture of a dead woman/leader…the audience here is very shrewd, high calibre, diplomats and politicians…and President of the most troubled country on the planet need to behave in that manner!

  4. Look at this person (Zardari).He, even don’t know that he is addressing before the worlds top leaders and intellectual and having the picture in hand, too stupid.I am, really, surprised the persons around him of his party (pee pee pee) that how to represent Pakistan.He is really………

  5. @nota
    in this case a …Madari pulling out picture of a dead woman out of his hat…..and then tell the audience that this dead woman is ‘zinda hai’

    i hope one of his advisors will point out the audience are neither jyals nor 5 year olds!

  6. I think after Quaid-i-Azam, Quaid-i-Awam and Shaheed-i-Jamhooriat we have a great Öeader who knows how to talk with whit people who know how to talk with US president, who know how to work for his country….

    We love Zardari we love PPP we love PPP’leadership….

    Pakistan Zinda Bad….
    PPP zinda Bad…
    Shaheed-e-Jamhoriat Zinda bad
    Presedent Zardari Zinda Bad….

    Pakistan Painda bad

  7. Allhamdulillah after waiting eleven years we have a truly democrartic leader, we have a visionary leader Allhaduliall we have President Zardari

    Jeay Bhutto
    jeay Zardari

    Jeay Pakistan

  8. Childish anti Zardari comments. They are so ignorant the name Bhutto is known throughout the world more than any other Pakistani ever Lived. ( In Pakistan Jinnah is better known)But naturally you have not come out of you den.

    Bhutto was the only man who had organised the first Islamic Conference and attended by all no absentees, although Bhutto was an aristocrat and new very little about Islam. Since then no one has managed that feet.

    ZAB & BB live for ever.
    Long Live Pakistan
    Death to Talibans and their traitor supporters.

  9. Mr.Zardari lacks the qualities of a world class leader, intellectual, sober, distinguished and dignified. His body language appears shallow and immature. He tried to shed crocodile tears while showing Benazir’s picture in U.N which did not help him at all. He acted like a playboy with Sarah Palin in a disgraceful manner. He may be too smart for Nawaz Sharif but he still needs to grow-up. He should also learn some etiquettes if he wants to represent Pakistan…

  10. PPP has done more damage to Pakistan than any other party. It was due to ZAB that we lost East Pakistan. When Mujib won the election ZAB said I will break the legs whoever went to Dacca for assembly. Now that is history. BB left the country on her own accord and she came back with US blessing and promised to serve US interest better than any one else as she said in her speech in US. On her death PPP workers looted the Sindh and billions rupees worth of property damaged, bank robed, women raped and people killed. Now Asif Zardari, how he is behaving as a head of state with Sarah Palin. No education, no manners and no dignity for the country. These are the bitter facts which PPP lovers have to digest. There are good and sobre people in PPP but they are put behind the line.

  11. Pakistan is a failed state. Zardari is a bad joke for Pakistan.

    Pakistan doesn’t have real Muslim leaders only corrupt pro-Zionist leaders. Pakistan is suffering. Quran states that all good comes from Allah and bad from ourselves.

  12. Zardari is a madari…Did BB ever take her dad’s pictures to UN or any such forum? Bechari BB ki laash ko kub tuk khayey ga yeh gidh? Buchon ko bhi use kerey ga jub jub zaroorat paray gi. Aakhir khoon tau issi ka hain na.

  13. I and many of my country men are deeply disappointed over the ferformance of our president in the United Nattions. He was emotional seems like suffering from post traumatic disorders. We all know that he is suffering from psychiatric disorders but there is a treatment. On one hand, he braught the photo of BB and put it on the podium, while on the hand he was behaving like a casa nova (a lover boy) when he gave the remark to Sara Palin about her look. He said, ” if I continue to hold your hand, I even want to hug you.” Normal individual, representing a nuclear state at the world body, would not behave like him. He sure does has a pesonality disorders. I agree with many of you that he did act like a child and an immature lover. President Zardari and Jiyyals were forceful to promote PPP and it’s sacrifices, rather than Pakisatan and the serious issues chalanging our country.

    We the people of Nuclear Pakistan have sent President Zardari to represent Pakistan and to raise serious issues like the sensless war in the north, rampant poverty and other serious chalanges that are currently facing our country. It was a golden opportunity to bring these issues up in front of the world leaders, but unfortunately he squander that opportunity and that is very very disappointing to 160 millions Pakistanis.

  14. Dear Brother, we should not complain
    Our leaders are the true representatives of our nation, the Prime minister take every opportunity to take advantage of the women information minister standing next to him.
    The President flirts with a white women on their first meeting and expresses his urge to hug her despite the fact that his own wife was murdered less than a year ago and no one is arrested in connection.
    The upcoming prime minister is dancing and having a good time in Oxford.
    Jiyee Bhutoo, Jiyaee zardari
    We deserve this, Allah ka aazab over us.

  15. @Admin.
    would we have a video link for President’s UN speech.

    @all the others who commented on Zardari’s Sarah Palin comments and taking out benazir’s picture.

    the comments were shameful and the act of taking out picture was not appropriate either BUT BUT

    instead of talking about these two little events, please focus on the speech and what he is doing for Pakistan, then put all of your energies analysing the speech and the visit on the whole. If anyone know where i can find his UN speech please let me know.


  16. @liberal
    ‘was murdered less than a year ago and no one is arrested in connection’

    sorry my friend the President is immune from prosecution!!

  17. lol…yaar, now you guys are criticizing everything about him…I am sure if he did not do anything you would still had a criticism about it. See…the thing is, most of the educated people (ofcourse Punjabis + Muhajirs and (some) Pathans)….are not swallowing the fact that he is VOTED representative of Pakistan. I mean come on, he is Zardari, why do you not thank Allah that he just showed picture of BB and did not just do the “strip” catwalk over there?….look at the positive side. but this is also right, people of Pakistan, (the majority) the people who lives in villages and towns, they are too much supperessed that they have lost the capability to make the right decision, hence electing muslim league, anp ,ppp and mqm …well, they dont have much choices anyway…who do you think could replace Zardari…just some months back we, the same lot, were complaining alot about Musharraf…and now…we are doing the same bickering about Zardari…arent we all not always ranting against the power holders…may it be our parents, school teachers, bosses or governments???

    Zardari had only one credibility that he happened to be the husband of benazir. he had to use this card…and I think he used it in not a bad way. ALSO…………if you think all the world leaders sitting in UNO are some jiant lot, who do not like to see emotional attachments, and cliche’s…you are so wrong dudes…they are same humans, infact most of the time…they are worse…if you remember bush got taped talking to blair???? they are all small kids…playing computer games…

    As regards someone mentioning Taliban here…hey boy…get up , cheer up man…bring your head out of your own toilet material producing machine, and start thinking about something humane..what has talibans to do with all this debate???…so STFU retard.

  18. @ all you Asif Zardari haters:
    oh you guys are just jealous! You ain’t got a good looking, powerful dead wife–and you ain’t flirtin’ with a good lookin’, powerful, live one–the wife of some American putz–Alaskan at that. You just jealous. And probably ugly too.
    He’s fabulous. Makes us proud. He’s chavez, castro–and clinton rolled into one. Lovin’ it.

  19. What is wrong with this stupid person. Is he going to embarrasss the nation through out the tour? He wanted to hug Sarah Palin earlier and now he puts up another show!!

    What a jerk!

  20. US is doing same ‘chakar bazian’ with Zardari as he does with the poor and inncocent people of pakistan

    eg US refused outright aid and promised to create a commission

    just like zardari wants a committess on every thing when he doesnt want to do somethinh…eg committe to see how judiciary can be restored, committee to look at 17th amendment etc etc

  21. He actually gave credit to the US for democracy in Pakistan. Atleast he was telling only half a lie.

    Yes HIS kleptocracy can INDEED be credited to the US.
    And NO there is no democracy in Pakistan, and he and his wife did everything to derail the process.

    And the way grovels and begs and asks for pity ughhhhhhhh.

    Can’t beleive he actually begged Bharat to create a soft craddle for Pakistan. Well actually it is becoming more and more believable as his side and behind the door ballasts become more and more apparent. There are more empirical grounds to conclude that the rogue govt. of Pakistan is being supported and sponsored by CIA and RAW.

    I mean that would explain a lot of things.


  22. Facing an uproar and mounting criticism from the Democrats over his obvious tilt towards “Republican” Sarah Palin, our beloved “president” has pledged that he will be calling Joe Biden “cute” and “handsome” when he meets with him next. He stopped short of saying that he will also hug him.

    Meanwhile our super crimefighter – the one and only Sherlock Holmes of Pakistan – Rahman “Dacait” Malik is to receive the International Peace Award in a ceremony to be organised by the IHRC in New York on December 10, 2008.

    Others world personalities, Film Actress, Angelina Jolie, Minister for Information Pakistan Sherry Rehman, Princess Haya Hussein and Queen Rania have also received this award.

    More at

  23. YAr can we have something which might take us all out of depression that we are facing because of Zardari and co. Its been months we havent heard anything good and the future seems to be more dark.

  24. More PPP supporter chant slogan More BEHSHARAM and Manhoos they look. They have proved that the most oppurtunist ones in Pakistan are them.

    PPP leadership spend millions to present ShitHead who chant, cry and dance or defy barracades just to show how people of Pakistna are dying for PPP.

    Totally Non-sense, we need to change these dickheads who are supported by Amercians and others to convince the onlookers that this is what is best for Pakistan.

    Inshallah we will kick them out of our Pakistan very soon. As always…Lanat on PPP supporters and May they get the worst of todays crunch situation. Ameen


  25. a great leader is in the making.he stuned the whole world with his charm and confidence,people are jealouse,otherwise pakistan got a real elected president after a long long time,every body should respect him.

  26. @Everyone,

    Please see the positive side of this incident and everyone should thank to Allah that he saved us from a bigger humiliation.

    Just imagine if it was Benazir’s Birthday today, Zaradari would have placed a fancy cake on the UN’s dice along with BB’s photo and would have clapped while blowing the candles!

  27. PPP looks like a helpless who begs from the people by showing the pictures in the Bus, on the road and everywhere.

    PPP is a bunch of gangster.

  28. @Mulla,
    BB some goddess that PPP Jiyalas worship. Even if they do rest of the world doesn’t give a SHI$ about tha

    Its democracy man. You ought to respect democracy and right of freedom of speech, worship and love.This is not a taliban culture.

  29. The logical querry is Was Zardari representing PPP BB’s Case or was supposed to be overthere present the point of view of Pakistan?

  30. @everyone
    Please don’t offend jiyalas as for our sins ‘zinda hai BB zinda hai’…
    Hit them where it hurst the most…. ‘Ghost Busters’ would be of gr8 help in this scenario!

  31. I wish I had authority to kick Jiyalas out of my beloved land, somewhere remote emmm maybe amazon jungles, and make this country a better place to live in.

    What bout isolating them somewhere, where they can chant slogans 24/ island named ‘Shaheed Bhuttostan’

    No to drugs and PPP !!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Anyone intersted in a research project to develop a ‘vaccine’ against highly infectious ‘jiyala virus’ and control this epidemic!

    Generous funding expected from all over pakistan!!

  33. poppycock

    may be get PPP and MQM together in Inner Karachi…they can get on with jya bhutto and jya altaf slogans, carry out killings of innocent Pakistanies including their own supporters which they are used to, in order to get sympathy votes…..and most importantly that they are Indian and US agents inside Pakistan….

  34. poppycock
    ‘Anyone intersted in a research project to develop a ‘vaccine’ against highly infectious ‘jiyala virus’ and control this epidemic!’

    sorry but u will fail miserably…reasons

    – this is uncurable virus
    – no matter how much money Pakistanies can collect their source of money are much more…eg US agencies, indian agencies and most importantly Madari’s personal ‘looted’ fortune

  35. To all ppp haters
    Its the victory of a democratic process you have not been able to digest.
    Asif made a remarkable speech at UNO and saved the day for Pakistan.
    Why you r so jealous of him that you resort to all kinds of forgery.

  36. Everyone is selling something…I would sell my skill to some MNC, cellular company would cell airtime, Unilever would sell Lux, Nawaz Sharif had a judge and a nuclear scientist to sell, Imran Khan (probably) had nothing to sell (thats why he didnt contest the elections), some so called religios leaders sell their faith… and unfortunately sadr-e-mumliqat only has his wife’s blood to sell!
    we as a nation, keep on purchasing these commodoties!

  37. @Malek,

    Bro, hope sustains the world!!

    ‘Where there is wil there is a way’

    I will get the approval for this project very soon. I would like to recruit ‘ijaz ahmed and malanga baba’ as my guenia pigs for this trial….They seem to be most affected by this virus.

  38. @Asim sattar

    Bush: Elected president of USA, did best for his country.
    Musharaf: A dictator did every thing to rule most of it went against the country.. but who cares?
    Zardari: elected president of Pakistan , like it or not but you have to live with reality.
    Rushdi: renowned writer once invited by Zia Ul Haq to participate in a conference/ seminar, who went crazy and cross his limits and God will take care about him.

  39. The speech Zardari delivered at UN was very impressive and balanced. Those who had any chance to get involved in diplomatic duties or international relations very well aware of BB’s standings in the world which is outstanding.. There was nothing wrong in reminding the world of the best contemporary leader we had.
    those who say it was bad speech or Zardari was not up to the occasion are dreaming or may be that was their wish. Just watch and listen the speech carefully before making any comments.

  40. @dara
    “Those who say it was bad speech or Zardari was not up to the occasion are dreaming or may be that was their wish. Just watch and listen the speech carefully before making any comments”.

    Hehehehehe. Who gives a F**ck to his speech. You expect us to listen him carefully when infact BB never did that!
    Madam Radha, where are you posting these comments from? Mars?

  41. #Omer Khan,
    “Zombie nation. Post martem automaton.”

    Look @ this:

    This is a real post Mortam of Military-Mulla allaince and their brain washed urban elite.

    They kill, They torture, they destroy … and still they think to be sitting on high moral grounds. These draculas are after more blood.

    Yesterday they were talking about democracy, today they are again dreaming for another Zia.

  42. They were not happy when Bhutto was giving gr8 speeches @ UN and other world forums and the world listened to him

    They were not happy when BB was giving gr8 speeches @ UN and other world forums and the world listened to her

    They are happy today

    If PPP has educated leaders like BB and ZAB – they cry, they scream, they assasinate

    If Zardari steps in to fill the vaccume created by these suckers – they are not happy as well

    They will never be happy – no matter what

    Simple this is a struggle between two preception , two ideologies, two economic classes

  43. @saf
    “…zardari and his jiyallas have proved they were representing PPP not pakistan…”

    Hate has made Ziaists completely blind. PPP is Pakistan. This is the only party that is equaly popular in all over the country, Punjab, NWFP, Baluchistan, Sindh, Kashmir, Northren Areas.

    At this point there is no party in parliament that can represents federation.

    Every single election that was considered clean and fair, PPP won in all provinces.

    Current PPP government has support from not only all federating units but also from all political parties including NS party. PPP’s PM won vote of confidence from all parties, PPP’s presidential candidate got overwhelming support from all assemblies.

    We understand the pain, dmocracy is not digestable to Miulitary-Mulla dirty alliance that ruled the country since 1977 by hook or by crook.

  44. Guys you are all mad at Zardari,
    but he is still the president of largest political party who has gorss roots in Pakitan. The religious parties have shown their asses 1000 times and so are PML which is moqa parast party or kings or $$$ party.
    In the current scenario PPP is the lesser eveil…

  45. Pakistan has so far only produced Z A Bhutto as an intrnational calibre leader, for which the nation can be proud of.
    Zia and Musharraf were the biggest Devils of all times.
    Paki Army Generals are PIGS sold to US since 1950. Thanks to Shaheed Millat Liaqat Ali Khan who visited USA and set the stage for never ending slavery…
    PML and IJI and JI are the biggest civillain evils

  46. First time since 1977 a Pakistani President said “Pakistan cannot be violated’ or ‘stay away from border’ to am American President.

    These blind Ziaists can see nothing except some thing that they can pick and start propaganda- In this case, picture of Shaheed BB.

    These hateful minds, dirty tongues don’t knoew BB was an icon of Pakistan and democracy around the world. The world mourned her. BB’s picture was a symbolic representation that her idelas are still alive. Zinda Hay Bhutto – Zinda Hay.

  47. @Amir Hameed

    “Isn’t the wh0re mofo Zardari sitting with the Mullahs? If not then Mullah Diesal must be his cousin.”

    What a gr8 langauage from the mouth of custodians of faith, traditions, ideals, democracy, law …..

    Can you people speak a single sentence without using the Bazari language of GawalMandi. Anyhow, thanks for showing the true face of Ziaists by you and your brothers in arms.

    The party JUI is an old ally of PPP. They alied with Bhutto in 1970, with PPP in MRD movement against Zia, alied with BB in her both tenures. So these two parties are not strangers to each other.

    MMA is the other name of Ziaists sponsored by ISI. Fazal is not a Ziaist. His party is not involved in violance and has political influence in parts of the country. What is wrong in this alliance?

    The wrong was done when ISI sponsored Mullas to wage CIA’s Jihad or when Jamaat Islami terrorized educational institutions and supported military dictators.

    FYI. At this point almost all parties are supporting the democratic government. Didn’t U see every one praising Zardari when he spoke in Parliament – even NS, Q, you name it?

  48. To all Zardari haters:

    you don’t have any choice,
    where is your majority?
    Where is your leader who is as good as Zardari?
    Oh!! Nawaz sharif ! he is same as Zardari, and he has majority in Punjab only.

    All of your political leaders are sold, you will not get anything better from any one, at least Zaradri can deliver if he wants to.

  49. @ poppycock
    Are you paranoid or feel insecure of India? Or Do you belong to Mujahid group that wanted to conquer Lal Qila and end up conquered Lal Masjid?

    For you information I am Pakistani and son of soil.

  50. @ poppycock
    You dreaming of Radha wake up as dream is over. Radha’s brothers have beaten your Sher Jawans from 1948 to Kargil.
    You have debacle after debacle from Dhaka to Kargil ( where even your beloved generals even refused to collect dead bodies of your solders).
    You people are living in mars of your own, in Pakistan where hunger rules and no body cares for your haterent to ppp.

  51. @malangbaba
    …keeping in my country’s present situation we wanted him to represent pakistan and to talk about the issues of pakistan on this platform…not to discuss bhutto family with picture in pocket(pee in pee)n (pee pee pee)…before going to UN he should hv had vote of confidence from all major parties which he didn’t…if it was 1 man’s show then wat was the point of having elected government and i’m sorry to say.. then Musharaf could better represent the country…

  52. @PPP Jiyalas, guys wake up this demented idiot is an embarasment and in you heart of hearts you know it.

    Let me tell you a little secret! Your only hope is Fatima bHutto. The sooner you realise it the better.

    Only ONE is for eternity, I am sure some will understand

  53. Sometimes I get astonished just to thinkover it that “WHEN MUSLIM UMMAH/Specially the RULERs WILL REALIZE THESE FORUMS such as UN, NATO, CETO, IAEA, SC, EU, are USELESS for MUSLIMs they only serve the interest of WESTERN Countries not for MUSLIMs.

    Their promises up-till now proofed as PHILM SPIT for MUSLIMs.

  54. @Malang

    You are more than welcome to remian intoxicated in devotion to PPP. Seems like it’s the only thing that keeps your engine going. Such is indeed he nature of a cult follower.

    Your entire rambling here, and gushing is absolutely not different in any way than the useless lemmings of pee pee pee we see everyday on talk shows. WHat you fail to realize that you yourself are absoluely no different than other devotees of musharaf, zia and the like. You are also selective, myopic and hooked like them. The difference is that while hardly anyone talks about Z Bhutto in a reviling manner — both because he was for better or worse a reasonable leader and that he’s been dead for a few decades– you spare no opportunity to blindsight yourself to your own contrareity.
    What that means is ZIa too has been dead for over 2 decades. And while you may remember him for villiany, his funeral was attended by more people than other in the muslim world save for Gamal abdul Nasir.

    Beleive in Democracy? well then, there always wil be chunks of population who will admire one or the other. All that is left then is the empirical means throuh which we guage performace. The rest of thrashing and trashing and sloganeering and libel and slander is partisan propaganda.

    So are your hyperboling on and on about IJI and JI and PMLN and coming out with these fantastic labels as Ziaists etc. sound hollow because your nitpickin is only to the extent of a party hack. JUI is good becuase it supports PPP, nevermind it was the real force behind MMA, sipah sahaba and tehreek jafaria are absolved for they too supported this precious kleptocracy, MQM is absolved because it is a lota party. lol . And oh the closest party structure to PPP is actually MQM. The micro cosmos.
    After Zia’s death there have been numerous changes and demographic shifts in Pakistan politics, and your corrupt to the bone BB and her demagoguery along with her nemesis Nawaz Sharif having equal chances to steer (loot) the country along witheir military allies and judicial shield. And there is absolutely no denying that since musharraf, pak politics, pak mercernaries have gone in diections diagrametically opposite to that of Zia. And guess who is following (glorifying and jealously guarding) his legacy and politics.

    Curiously enough though I don’t see PMLNers indulging in such swooning reminiscining and have been more forth coming in criticizing the party and their inaction. For many people here then that is indeed atleast a mature and appealing trait at;least comparatively.

    People here no matter what their affiliation don’t take pleasure in making fun of the current PPP set up out of any innate jealousy or spite but because of its freakish cultish nature, it’s deceptive politics, it’s xenophobic and hostile supporters and ofcourse the embarrassment it causes us on the world stage time and time again.

    And don’t thnk for a second that this precious thug of your Zardari is the first one to ever give out a micey rodentry squeak to his masters on respecting the sovereignity of this country. His pedecessor and Benefactor an role model was even more vociferous. Difference is in this land of impossible, Zia-dari’ has managed to appear even more pathetic and miserable and pitiful than his mothering biatch busharraf.

  55. Tell Zaradai..

    Put this pic in your washroom.. We Pakistani sufferring too much “YOU” as a President of Pakistan. Don’t remind us PLEASE what Benazir did to Pakistan. She almost sold our country to India to Rajiv Gandhi. Rajiv asked her to hand over the list of Sikh terrorist and she did, but Rajiv back up from his words, which he promised to with draw his forces from Siachin. Bcz his Army disagree with him.
    The real truth is,why Benazir did that, Bcz she wanted to take revenge from Pakistani people, Who did not stand up for her Father, while he is in prisioned.
    TO all Pakistan Loyal People. Please Do something, otherwise Zaradari will sell our country.. PLease I beg i beg.. We need to be united like Jews are. They are few in the world but nobody can look at them with the BAD eyes.

  56. It’s quite strange that finally @mbokhari has reappeared on the scene in his own style with all guns blazing including the usual irony, but @Pejamistri is nowhere to “greet” him. He has at times been calling for @mbokhari to come back, and when the wanted man finally enters the Pkpolitics scene, then @Pejamistri is nowhere to be seen in the welcome party. Maybe there is a “logical” reason. What do I know about Jiyala “logic”. I am told that a need course on that kind of “logic”. I think will say “thanks, but no thanks” 🙂

  57. @Malang,
    “…Can you people speak a single sentence without using the Bazari language of GawalMandi. Anyhow, thanks for showing the true face of Ziaists by you and your brothers in arms….”

    This language is reserved for the fokkers like the snake and the supreme wh0re of ZPP, Zardari et al, that people like you revere and deem as some kind of savior.

    As for JUI, isn’t it part of the same colition that the late BB had refused to sit with in APC? Short memory aye?

  58. @Omar Khan
    “…You are more than welcome to remian intoxicated in devotion to PPP. Seems like it’s the only thing that keeps your engine going. Such is indeed he nature of a cult follower….”

    Right on the spot. People like these are followers of a cult.

  59. @shirkuh
    Thanks for reminding me this article is from @mbokhari and he is back…. I actually thought he was always here… 🙂
    Welcome back .. I though would like to apologize for not reading your this article , would you believe that I clicked on the link to this article expecting it would have a video of AZ’s speech (To be honest I wanted to request pkpolitics to correct the “misleading” title of article however then I thought how could I be so touchy … pkpolitics is doing a great job anyways)….
    But let me welcome you back on a huge public demand !!!!!!!!

  60. @Shirkuh
    “It’s quite strange that finally @mbokhari has reappeared on the scene in his own style with all guns blazing including the usual irony, but @BJmadari is nowhere to “greet” him.”

    Actually @mbokhari had made an appearance earlier and was “greetd”. You can catch a bit here

  61. A vagabond is unleashed by the fools to earn a badname for the country.
    The second important point here that it is the United States of America that has been the most supporting such figures.

  62. I can not understand how our nation can accept a person as our president whos principles are based on NRO, Inheritence in Politics, breaking promises, hidden deals with America and Musharaf, bombing our own people and begging UN for justice.

  63. Text of President Zardari’s address to UN General Assembly
    Updated at: 0408 PST, Friday, September 26, 2008
    UNITED NATIONS: Following is the text of the address of President Asif Ali Zardari to the UN General Assembly:-

    Text Begins

    “Mr. President, Excellencies,

    Distinguished delegates,

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Assalaam Alaykum

    May peace be with you.


    I come before you today in the name of my late wife, Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, as a victim of terrorism representing a nation that is a victim of terrorism.

    I am a husband, who has seen the mother of my children give her life fighting the menaces of terrorism and fanaticism that haunt the entire civilized world.

    In her place and in her honor, I come before you as the elected President of a democratic Pakistan who received a two-third mandate of our Parliament and assemblies. That extraordinary mandate of our Parliament and assemblies. That extraordinary mandate of support was a vote of confidence in her, in her doctrine and in her message. That vote was an act of love and a demand for a democratic, moderate, modern, tolerant and economically just Pakistan, the essence of the Bhutto Doctrine.

    It has been eleven months since the first attack on my wife on October 18, 2007 was followed by a United Nations resolution calling for an inquiry into that crime against humanity. That UN resolution has so far been ineffective. After her assassination on December 27, the international community demanded an independent inquiry – a demand supported by resolutions in Pakistan’s parliament and four provincial legislatures.

    Today we still do not know what forces and institutions were involved, who plotted and planned and coordinated and trained and paid for the murder of my wife and my nation’s beloved leader. A UN investigation into the murder of their leader would reassure the people of Pakistan that the international community cares about them, that the UN’s charter of justice is more than rhetoric. We owe it to her. We owe it to history.

    If the President of a country and his children cannot get justice through the United Nations, how would the poor and the dispossessed around the world find reassurance that the UN is capable of protecting the weak and the suffering?

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    In the name of humanity and in the name of justice, move forward quickly on the investigation of the assassination of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, let the people of Pakistan and the world know once and for all, whose bloody hands took away one of the greatest women of history.

    My wife courageously returned to Pakistan last year, openly confronting the forces of terror. Three million people turned out to welcome Benazir, and to welcome the return of democracy to Pakistan. She was a brave woman who understood the dynamics of our region and the world, who understood the interrelationship between politics and economics, between social injustice and political dictatorship.

    For years she told world leaders that dictatorship fuels extremism and poverty fuels fanaticism. She outlined the Bhutto Doctrine of Reconciliation so brilliantly presented in her last book, a dual mission to combat dictatorship and terrorism, while promoting social and economic reform and justice for the people of Pakistan. Benazir Bhutto understood that democracy was not an end, but a beginning: That a starving child has no human rights; that a father who can not support his family is someone ripe for extremism.

    The Bhutto Doctrine of Reconciliation is a roadmap not only to a new Pakistan, but to a new era of peace and cooperation between East and West, between people of all faiths. It is a roadmap that if followed will avoid the clash of civilizations and clash of religions that is the terrorists’ ultimate goal.

    The Bhutto doctrine is the new century’s equivalent of the Marshall Plan that saved Europe after World War II. And just as the Marshall Plan was centered on the principle that an economically sound Europe could and would resist communism, the Bhutto Doctrine’s pillar is that an economically viable Pakistan will be the centerpiece of the victory of pluralism over terrorism. Ladies and gentlemen, the Bhutto doctrine will ultimately prove to be as critical to the victory of freedom in this century as the Marshall Plan was critical to the triumph of liberty in the last.

    Ours is the Doctrine of Reconciliation. Theirs is the Doctrine of Death.

    Her killers thought her elimination would end her dream of a democratic Pakistan and the balkanization of our region would enable the forces of darkness to prevail.

    But our nation rallied in the aftermath of her brutal and tragic assassination.

    If Al Qaeda and the Taliban believed that by silencing Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, they were silencing her message, they were very wrong.

    We have picked up the torch and will fight against terrorists who attack us, and fight against terrorists who use our territory to plan attacks against our neighbours or anywhere in the world.

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    Ours is a bloody fight, and the personal pain that my children and I feel cannot be fully expressed, nor the pain of a Nation that has been robbed of its greatest asset, its greatest leader. But the terrorists’ lust for blood and hate has not been satisfied.

    Only last week, the forces of evil struck against with a bloody and cowardly attack against my people.

    A suicide truck bomb destroyed a great building in our capital barely a stone’s throw away from my office and the house of Parliament.

    Once again, Pakistan is the great victim in the war on terror. And once again our people wonder whether we stand alone. Thousands of our soldiers and civilians have died fighting against the common enemies of humanity. We have lost more soldiers than all 37 countries that have forces in Afghanistan put together.

    The roots of today’s terrorism can be traced to a war involving the world’s superpowers in Afghanistan during the 1980s. Afghanistan and Pakistan, and increasingly the world, are reaping the bitter harvest sowed towards the end of the cold war.

    The world turned its back on Afghanistan after the Soviet defeat. In Pakistan, we were left with three million refugees within our borders. Their camps that soon became the breeding grounds for intolerance and violence. The West left South and Central Asia. We were left to live with the consequences. And one of its greatest consequences was the birth of Al Qaeda and the talibanization of Afghanistan and parts of our tribal areas.

    Yet we do not look back on history. We are victims but we will never be vanquished. On the contrary, the more of our children’s blood they spill, the stronger is our determination to defeat them. We in Pakistan stand united and in defiance. We are resolved that our future will not be dictated by these who defy the spirit and laws of Islam for their sordid political goals.

    We may be the targets of international terrorism, but we will never succumb to it. Toward that end, we reach out to you and to the entire civilized world.

    Terrorism cannot be fought by military means alone. Fighting it requires political will, popular mobilization, and a socio-economic strategy that wins the hearts and minds of nations afflicted by it. Unilateral actions of great powers should not inflame the passions of allies. Violating our nation’s sovereignty is not helpful in eliminating the terrorist menace. Indeed, this could have the opposite effect.

    Many of you in this great hall read about terror, while we live with it. We do not learn about terror from reading newspapers or watching the evening news. We see our children and our wives being blown up before us. My cities, neighborhoods, streets, hotels and offices bear the brunt of the terrorist fanatic rage every single day. A democratic Pakistan is in the process of reaching the national consensus necessary to confront and defeat the terrorists. Only a democratic government can win this war.

    We are fighting the menace and we will continue to fight. But this is the fight for the peace of the world. This is the fight for the future of generations to come.

    Yes, we fight for ourselves, for our children, for our very soul. Yes, this is our war, but we need international support – moral, political and economical.

    In our stability lies the world’s security. Globalization is not just economic; it is also political. The terrorist vision strikes out at all continents and all nations. We must draw the line on their rampage. And we must draw that line in Pakistan.

    The question I ask the world’s leaders in this august chamber is whether you will stand with us, just as we stand for the entire civilized world on the front-lines of this epic struggle of the new millennium?

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    I stand before you as the President of a great nation that has just suffered under a decade of brutal military dictatorship, human rights abuses, and the systematic destruction of the foundations of democracy and civil society.

    Sadly, all too often the world stood silent as dictators ruled our people with a bloody fist. Nations that were founded on democracy were silent for reasons of expediency. My wife would say that they “danced with dictators”

    Today, as we meet here in New York, the democratically elected leader of Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi, continues to be imprisoned in Yangon. She has suffered year after year under house arrest. The world should demand that this great woman finally be freed.

    We appreciate the efforts of Ms. Laura Bush in this regard.

    Today, the horror of terrorism that plagues our region and threatens the world is a by-product of this lack of commitment to the values of democracy. When the world betrays democracy, it sets the table for disaster. We all continue to pay the price.

    In the early years of the new millennium, there are two great battles before mankind. First there is the battle for democracy and liberty against dictators – the fight for universal human rights that is the hallmark of this body.

    At the same time, we are fighting in the trenches of the battle that will determine the course of this century – the battle against extremism and terrorism – between the forces of ignorance and the forces of education, between bigotry and tolerance, between justice and discrimination, between confrontation and reconciliation.

    Democracy is not like a switch that can be turned on and off when it’s convenient. It is a universal value guaranteed to all men and women.

    It is the outcome of these struggles that will determine whether the noble experiment embodied in these hallowed walls of the United Nations will succeed or fail. The struggle between the Bhutto Doctrine of Reconciliation and the Terrorists’ Doctrine of Death will determine the future of mankind.

    Let not the extremists who would manipulate Islam for their political ends define us to you. They are rabid but they are few.

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    It is time for the world to take notice. We are not the cause of the problem of terrorism, we are its victims.

    We are an aggrieved nation NOT one that has caused grief.

    We have fought this battle largely alone.

    We have shared our air bases, our air space, our intelligence, and our armed forces in a coordinated effort to contain terrorism.

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    It is time for the developed world to step up to the plate to help us, and in turn help itself.

    The fight against terrorism and extremism is a fight for the hearts and minds of people. It can’t be won only by guns and bombs. The fight must be multifaceted.

    The battleground must be economic and social as well as military. We will win when people are mobilized against the fanatics. To mobilize them we have to give them hope and opportunity for their future. They need jobs. Their children need education. They must be fed.

    They must have energy.

    We must give people a stake in their own government, and we must demonstrate to them that democracy does perform, that democratic governance can improve their everyday life.

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    An economically viable Pakistan will be a stable Pakistan. And a stable Pakistan will suck the oxygen from the terrorists’ agenda. Economic justice and political democracy are the worst nightmares of the terrorists.

    We must all fight this epic battle together as allies and partners. But just as we will not let Pakistan’s territory to be used by terrorists for attacks against our people and our neighbors, we cannot allow our territory and our sovereignty to be violated by our friends.

    Attacks within Pakistan that violate our sovereignty actually serve to empower the forces against which we fight together.

    I am a democratic President of a democratic country that intends to be a model to our region and to our religion, for a vibrant, modern, tolerant, peaceful, moderate democracy committed to economic and social justice. People, including my wife, died for this movement. We will not waste their sacrifices.

    We will work patiently to convince leaders in FATA and our Pakhtunkhwa Province to accept the writ of government and turn their back on terrorists. The terrorists can blow up our girls’ schools but we will rebuild them, brick by brick, inch by inch. We are in this battle to win. And we know how we have to do it.

    We will work together with our neighbor Afghanistan, and the NATO forces stationed there, to ensure security of our common border. We will continue the composite dialogue with India so that our outstanding disputes are resolved, as I discussed with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Whether it is the core issue of Jammu and Kashmir, or cooperation on water resources, India and Pakistan must accommodate each other’s concerns and interests; we must respect and work with each other to peacefully resolve our problems and build South Asia into a common market of trade and technology.

    Better relations between Pakistan, Afghanistan and India would help create the regional environment that is more conducive to reducing militancy in our region.

    But let be clear, to those in this hall, and to the terrorists lurking in their caves plotting their next assault on humanity. If necessary we will confront evil with force – our police, our army and our air force. We will turn the power of the state against the stateless terrorists. We will turn the power of justice against the chaos of anarchists. We will turn the power of right against the darkness of evil.

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I did not come to the office of President, to this moment, by design. As my wife once said about herself, I did not choose this life, it chose me. An extraordinary combination of circumstances brought me to this moment.

    It has not been as easy road. I spent nine years in prison, in solitary confinement, as a hostage to my wife’s struggle for democracy and to our party’s future.

    I was unjustly imprisoned under a judicial system manipulated and controlled by the forces of dictatorship. I refused to break under pressure.

    My years in prison made me a stronger person and hardened my resolve to fight for democracy and justice. Those years prepared me for this moment.

    Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Terror took my wife’s life. But the terrorists cannot kill my wife’s dream. Her vision, her passion, her force is now our common task. The Benazir Bhutto Doctrine of Reconciliation lives on; it guides us in our endeavors. Her Reconciliation is the mantra of the new era, and I am dedicated to implementing what she has proposed. I wish I could do it at my wife’s side. But now I will do it in my wife’s place.

    Pakistan will prove wrong all the negative predictions about its future. We will show the way in overcoming suspicions towards and from our neighbours, and building a future for our people.

    Throughout her life, my wife struggled to make the world a better place for our children, the children of Pakistan and the children of the world.

    I owe it to her memory, and to all of the martyrs of democracy to continue to do the same, until the Bhutto Doctrine of Reconciliation is not just her dream but the world’s reality.

    Thank you.”

  64. @MalangBaba,Jamshed Khan, Dara and Peja,
    Keep up the fight, bro!
    PPP is the only national-level political party in Pakistan. I am an Urdu-speaking Pakistani and I don’t support MQM. I know that parties like MQM, ANP, PMLN are regional parties. I also know that, had Zardari not said ‘Pakistan Khappay’ 3 days after Benazir Bhutto’s murder then Sindh, at least rural (AND most probably urban, too) would be burning and there would have been a 3rd internal front for Pakistan Army.
    Asif Ali Zardari is all bad because of unproven charges against him. But he or Nawaz Sharif are still many times better than the unaccountable generals of the army. In this vein, Nawaz Sharif’s supporters–and this forum is basically a Nawaz Sharif mouthpiece–should allow the ‘process’ to run its course through. NS can be the next president or pm of Pakistan. But he should not ride the military tanks to his success.

  65. that time the jamate islami’s Arshad Ahmad Haqani was minister of information, under the rule of Laghari Speech

    can u see what these two ex-fellow of Jmst islami persons now saying, all good things for benazir and all bad t hings about zardari:-

    kamran khan and Haqani are called by Abaas Athar of Express, as pioneer of lafafa sahafat:

    Corruption Cases of Zardari-Benazir Kamran Khan Geo News

  66. “keeping in my country’s present situation we wanted him to represent pakistan and to talk about the issues of pakistan on this platform…not to discuss bhutto family ”

    Please read or listen to President’s speech before passing judgements. President very strongly spoke about the problems of the country and policies of the country. Unfortunately hate has blinded Ziaists completely and on every occasion they will find some thing to criticize leaving aside the main points.

    The purpose of bringing BB’s shahadat were two:
    1. To gather support for UN inquiry
    2. As the following Reuters news item says: Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari invoked his murdered wife Benazir Bhutto in an impassioned appeal on Thursday to the rich world to help his country in its “bloody fight” against terrorists.

    Look @ the summary of points President raised in his speech:

    a) “as a victim of terrorism representing a nation that is a victim of terrorism” and vowed not to waste the sacrifices of Bhutto and others who have died in Pakistan’s struggle against Islamic militancy.

    b) Our Struggle: “We have picked up the torch and will fight against terrorists who attack us, and fight against terrorists who use our territory to plan attacks against our neighbors or anywhere in the world,” said Zardari.

    c) Our Sacrifices: “Ours has been a bloody fight,”

    d) Our Resolve: “We are resolved that our future will not be dictated by those who defy the spirit and laws of Islam for their sordid political goals,”

    e) Pleading Support: “It is time for the developed world to step up to the plate to help us, and in turn help itself,”

    f) Our importance: “In our stability lies the world’s security,”

    g) Our sovereignty is Sacred: “Violating our nation’s sovereignty is not helpful in eliminating the terrorist menace. Indeed this could have the opposite effect,” he said, without mentioning the United States by name. A clear message that no ruler except Shaheed Bhutto and BB has ever given to Uncle Sam.

    We are seeing the results of strong lobying of our President:

    1. Friends of Pakistan group pledges aid for stabilization

    2. Kick start of Kashmir negotiations:

    3. Boost for economy: Pakistan assured of $1.3bn World Bank assistance

    Just read this report from Shaheen Sehbai from US about how Zardari made US thinking differently. Just a month ago this journalist was pleading for a new military coup:

    For sure all this has no mpact on you tiny hate filled brains and your focus will stay on non-issues to redicule the first elected President after long military rule.

  67. @Pejamistri

    Yea I agree the article’s title was misleading. I was feeling jazbati when I was finished with the article and I had forwarded it to A-Dmin so that he would create a normal post and I would post it as a message. But he cast my email as an article. But, you don’t see me complaining :^)

    Also, the direction taken by reality in the fatherland has turned dangerously surreal. Surreal as in Dali. Absolute cuckoo. A comedy of errors. Life has become a theater of the absurd and we are bit players.

    Who could have thought Zardari would have crawled and slithered his way to the presidency like this and one day would be representing Pakistan with his forked tongue in NY? Days of infamy, indeed.

    Zardari can’t top the list of the worst presidents of Pakistan (Zia, Musharraf, Ayub) but I think he is working really hard at being its last.

    Regardless of my utter and absolute contempt for people who support this snake, you still haven’t answered my question in a logical manner (let that 18 stone woman off your lap. Perhaps her amorous embrace is restricting blood flow to your brain? :^)

    I know the tone here among has turned quite anti-Peja but I won’t be one to chuck stones at you.

    mere deewanay ko itna na satao logo
    yeh to jiyala hai, tumhi hosh me ao logo

    kion chalay aye ho baybus pe sitam dhanay ko
    koi pathar say na maaray mere deewanay ko


  68. mentally retarded Sadr-e-Pakistan really pushing Pakistan towards stone age …. Ansar Abbassi

    If one brushes aside President Asif Ali Zardari’s wish to “hug” the “gorgeous” vice presidential Democratic candidate, Sarah Palin, as his comment in a lighter vein, the outcome of his meeting with the Indian prime minister is too serious an issue to be overlooked.

    Both the episodes, however, prove one thing i.e. the PPP co-chairman is not in the right mood that is required from the holder of the office of president.

    A senior PPP leader was recently told by his diplomatic connections that China was not happy for being ignored during the recent months.

    Whether its non-seriousness on part of the present rulers or a collection of incompetent hands, the things are far from satisfaction in all fronts, including economy, governance, diplomacy, political stability, law and order, terrorism, etc.

    Regarding his scandalous dialogue in front of the world media with Sarah Palin, one can only say that no matter what the president does in his personal life but his public life should be reflective of the values and norms of the society, which he represents.

  69. @ Admin
    I think this site is losing its usefulness. We all know the ground realities in Pakistan, especially the corrupt establishment, the corrupt ISI (working for foreign masters) who stages dramas on pakistani soil), the morally corrupt religious parties and last but not the least the corrupt Army Generals.
    What this forum can do is to review the current scenarios and find real solutions.
    Lt’s forget what happened. Lets start as the Process owners and come up with a solution;
    1- what are the challenges?
    2-what went wrong in the past?
    3-what did the military dictators to this country?
    4-How is ISI used by these dictators for personal interests and how are the foreign masters using it against Pakistan.
    5-What is the solution? what is the roadmap? what can you recommend to the present government?
    We are all criticizing and have no solution

    My appeal to all educated Pakistanis abroad is to compose a forum on PK Politics and develop a strategy and road map that we can sell to current government.
    Lets work and save PAKISTAN????

  70. We have lots of time to criticize and disagree with each other. My appeal is to compose a cross functional team/forum, analyze the current scenario in light of Past mistakes and develop an exit strategy and road map for present government.
    You all educated Pakistanis in foreign countries owe this to your country….
    Please Save Pakistan Now or Never…..

  71. The PPP haters should respect people’s mandate & let Zardari deliver.
    He is trying to do good things for this country but Jihadi mindset is not able to digest it & is using all kinds of dirty tricks against him.
    God bless Pakistan
    & MAY God give him strength to save this country as he prayed on Jinnah’s grave.

  72. @ Jamshed Khan,

    Pakistan foreign policy is made in ‘Foreign’.
    Our voice/opinion will go unheard dear.

    We are the citizens of an ‘adopted nation’.

  73. @Muhammad777

    Ok OK we’ll let Zardari deliver in Pakistan, but please tell us what is he going to ‘deliver’??……’Katta’ k ‘katti’?
    What did the antenatal scan show?

  74. Jamshed Khan- all the world’s horses and all the world’s men CANNOT put HUMPTY DUMPTY togather again. The present set-up and people in it are not interested in doing anything FOr Pakistan but only for themselves.

    Zardari- the WANA-Be polo player was heard telling his polo buddy recently-

    kuch meheeno kee baat hai -Looto jitna loot suktay ho.

  75. @muhammad777-

    no PPP hater needs to do anything- PPP itself is doing plenty to harm itself.

    Zardari has and has had a chance- so far he is batting ZERO or in baseball language he has struck out . He is one of most lucky people in the world- he has had the opportunity to make himself IMMORTAL- but he has already shown that he is not interested in that- and I feel he has blown it.

  76. The Hidden Truth of Asif Ali Zardari and Benazir Bhutto

    When well-known and well-established criminals like these hide their crimes against humanity in the wraps of democracy, it doesn’t make them innocent or their deed benevolent. It simply pushes the world closer to more instability and turmoil because it provides an opportunity for perpetuating lies and deception and intensifying their negative consequence. Here is a quick example of how victims of their crimes int he anme of democracy are not even allowed to set their foot on the US soil: US visa urged for Mrs Janjua . On the other end of the spectrum, if would be naive to assume that Zardari’s crimes are while collar corruption crimes. They are not. While Bank accounts of Zardari and Bhutto-like criminals swell, thousands upon thousands die as a result of their crimes

  77. Talibanism, let us remember, more than a physical phenomenon is a state of mind. President Bush is a Christian Taliban. So is the rest of the neo-conservative church whose vicars and priests hollered for the attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Was there such an animal as the Tehrik Taliban-I-Pakistan before the American invasion of Afghanistan? The Americans sparked turmoil and chaos in this region and now that they are bogged down in Afghanistan, how come this adventure they thoughtlessly started becomes our war?

  78. In different hadiths of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), numbers of signs for Qiyammah are mentioned. One of the signs is:

    “Leadership and political power will be given to those who are unqualified. That is, to those who have no self-honour, no manners, and those who are there for their own benefit. Tasks will be handed over to persons who are not suitable for those particular tasks”.

    May Allah have mercy on us as a nation.

  79. @ poppycock Says:
    September 27th, 2008 at 12:37 am @Malek,

    ” Bro, hope sustains the world!!

    ‘Where there is wil there is a way’

    I will get the approval for this project very soon. I would like to recruit ‘ijaz ahmed and malanga baba’ as my guenia pigs for this trial….They seem to be most affected by this virus. ”


    This above is priceless and worth repeating.


  80. @concerned_pakistani,
    The real Qiyamat for Ziaists is DEMOCRACY – the will of people. You hypocrites of Military-Mulla unholy alliance controled the country with illegal means and force for 60 years – no hadeeth – no Qiyamat happened. When democracy returns – that is a qyamat for you.

  81. @
    “no PPP hater needs to do anything- PPP itself is doing plenty to harm itself.”

    then keep quite. Let people decide in next elections. That is what constitution says.

  82. @noto
    i did read that…but then i thought….what else do u expect from jyalas or MQM….turn wars, gang wars….

    i just hope it produces more ‘shaheeds’…!!

  83. We all know Zardari is Mr 10%
    We all know there are crooks in PPPP
    But who else is clean…
    At least Zardari is better than
    -Zia Shaitan
    -Mush Harrami
    -ISI Basters, working for CIA and RAW
    -Army Generals, who only runs business empire and is lately selling Pakistani citizens…
    Nawaz Sharif and Muslam league- will even kiss Laloo Parsad Ass for power and money..
    The worse of the worse are Paki Army Generals who call themselves pattriots or guardians of Pakistan
    but infact are America PIMPS for the last 50 years.
    Give Zardari a chance, who know if he is a blessing in disguise

  84. @mobkhari
    Let me first thank you very much and appreciate your really kind words for me which makes my belief stronger that will never become despite all sorts of people using all sorts of languages.
    Before answering question I would like first to give general comments on your response.

    I know the tone here among has turned quite anti-Peja..

    Remember the old saying “Ghalib mar gaye, Faiz Chalay gaye , Faraz bhee rooth gaye, aaj kal mein bhee beemar hoon 🙂 ” , so the tone here is not only anti-peja , it is anti-Aitzaz , anti-Nusrat, anti-Hamid Mir, even anti-justice Sardar Raza etc… (You know I like to be equated with big people 🙂 )… Akbar Ala Abadi said.

    Budhu mian bhee hazrat-e-Gandhi kay saath hain
    Gu musht-e-khak hain magar aandhi kay saath hain”

    However it is a big dilemma for me how to answer this tone , which of course is not only anti-Peja but on several occasions extremely distasteful , although I appreciate pkpolitics management to enforce moderation however most of the time it perhaps becomes difficult for them to keep up with the flow of remarks and also difficult to decide which comments need moderation.

    And finally let me add that the title “Jiyala” always inspires me , because for me it gives the meaning to following verse of Faiz, which I always struggled to understand.

    Dil Mudaaee kay harf-e-malamat say shaad hai
    Aye jaan-e-jaan woh harf tera naam he too hai

    ….To be continued.

  85. Now let me come back to your original question.

    Earlier in response to this question I perhaps gave a response which you brushed aside as the lecture on “basic principles of democracy” which as you said nobody disputes.
    The other part why “AZ can not be part of establishment , Rahman Malik can not be US agent etc..” , all of them are inter-related to the same question of “basic principles of democracy”. Let me try to re-state my answer may be it can clarify few things.

    1. First of all “Democracy itself is a paradox” (its my own statement) , so let me tell you a little anecdote , in November 2000 , I arrived at Washington D.C. and the presidential election between AlGore and Bush was at full swing. I have a lot of native Americans friends (both white and black) , and couple of them, unlike the majority of “18 stones women” found in US general public, were highly politically concious guys. This was this one guy (named Greg) whom I asked the question what he thinks about George W. Bush and he said Bush and his team are like errant boys (bullys as they are called) , who love playing DOOM-II (video game) and if they are elected they are going to play DOOM-II with the world and they did, didn’t they?.
    On the other hand there was this guy who was more conservative and perhaps republican (which are popularly known as “NEOCONS” who painted a very bleak scenario of how muslim extremist can play havoc to the world and why they need a leadership that focus more on the world problems than on US issues. Wasn’t he right? Remember 9/11? …. of course thinking that way will destroy your religious beliefs
    Well so my dear friend when in democracy you can not have “one
    ‘hosannah.'” , there is criticism which you are doing aptly but that doesn’t mean everybody buys what you are selling…..

    2. Now coming to the affairs of Pakistan , and of course my “chief commander leading the battle against establishment” , you asked a question why the “chief commander” can not sell himself and become part of the establishment, I would like to answer this in a single sentence “Can the two parallel lines meet somewhere in eternity?” , but I know that won’t satisfy you. So I’ll state another story, in 1997 when Nawaz Sharif was riding the huge popularity wave (the cursed “HEAVY MANDATE”) , a lot of my university fellows (of course most of them Jiyalas) would argue with me that NS is part and parcel of establishment , he may have differences with them but would never be able to stand against them. And I always thought “two parallel lines can never meet (You see I have a Euclidian mind)”, a leader having power of people behind him is bound to have collision with the establishment. So regardless of whatever AZ does or doesn’t do , there is bound to be a collision which we need till we have an establishment tamed once for all by the power of people.

    As I repeatedly said you have every right (and indeed you must exercise this right) to criticise Asif Zardari/PPP, we can not have a constant ‘hosannah’. Only dilemma for people like me is how to distinguish between the criticism on the basis of political differences and criticism which is based on anti-democracy beliefs.

    To be honest I have strict demarcation line between civilians (“bloody civilians” as they put it) and the army. I can not think otherwise , I can not believe that Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani is sitting in Makkah repenting his past sins and now doing whatever civilian government wants him to do, I can not think that Chemical Tariq has once and for all has done his “Confession” and now will lead the life of a saint. There is no doubt in my mind that AZ can not be Musharraf (as AZ is “bloody civilian”) , AZ can not be “Shaukat Aziz” as he is their because of PPP.

    AZ may be complacent , AZ is immature , AZ is at the moment consolidating his power, making wrong decisions, however he is keeping open few of his options just in case (may be I should talk about those options in a separate article).

    So in a nutshell you have every right to criticize the “Snake” and show your utter and absolute contempt for people who support this snake, however remember the paradox of democracy you can not have “One constant Hosannah” , you can not force the people to buy your arguments (of course neither can I) , President Zardari is an elected president of this country , he is there because of his support from the people of Pakistan. There are many many who would be ready to defend his right to be president and remain there till he enjoys the support of PPP and I am only one of them.

    I can truly understand your dilemma as well, how can people like Aitzaz Ahsan , Raza Rabbani, Asima Jahangir, Nusrat Javed, and several of those steadfast judges who just recently took oath (Sardar Raza, Nasir-ul-Mulk etc.) can not see the evil in Asif Zardari. And that’s where I say “You have eaten the apple of knowledge of good and evil , angels have prostrated for you, and we — the people — are not so lucky , we are the animals who have yet to achieve the higher level of conciousness , we can not decide good and bad for us.”

    Let me dedicate this great ghazal from Faiz to you.

    Hay dasht ab bhee dasht, magar khoon-e-paa say Faiz
    seraab chand khaar-e-mugheelan hoye tu hain

  86. @ulta tanga baba
    ‘then keep quite. Let people decide in next elections. That is what constitution says’.

    This is not ‘constitution’…What Pee pee pee is doing is ‘Prostitution’!

    We as citizens of pakistan can’t hold back our frustation and give you and Zardari free hand to destroy our beloved land.

  87. “We as citizens of pakistan can’t hold back our frustation and give you and Zardari free hand to destroy our beloved land.”

    Unfortunately your Bazari group is a pathetic loser. You may b a citizen but belong to a majority of Majha Gaamas of Gawalmandi who excel in Galam Galoch to vent frustration.

    You can kill, you can blow youself, you can torture, you can abuse, but people will still vote for Bhuttos. Your acts of frustration cannot change nations will.


    What the hell another zardari blooper “BUSH MADE THIS WORLD MORE SAFER WITH HIS DOCTORINE”

    When we are trying to come out of shocking Palin incidence he gave this stupid statement on US media where 85% americans consider BUSH as failed prsident this moron
    has embarassed pakistan nation once again
    by supporting bush’s war on terror.

    I am certain those medical reports about
    his mental disorders are 100% right He needs
    next medical appointment as soon as he return to pakistan.

    As PPP supporter I fear zardari can destroy
    Bhutto legacy with his big mouth and sick mind.

    PPP leadership please refrain zardari from issueing this type of stupid statements and take medical assistance if required otherwise seriouly look for alternatives..


  89. all mna.s of pakistan should appolozise nation on ellection of zerdari as he is not even able to be elected as councillor….stupid aashiq even does not know the ethics of ishq…..he is pimp…..sells her wife,s picture…..

  90. @Ulta tanga baba

    We all know who is selling what here..

    Isn’t it Zardari who’s selling her wife(BB) and this country!

    Bazari Zardari and his ragamuffin Jiyalas.

  91. We are unique country of unique leaders like Zardari and Sharif

    We must be proud that we are so blessed and yet we have these as our leaders.

  92. Melang Baba

    you accuse us of being Ziast. Your Prime Minister was in Zia’s cabinet, Your foreign minister was in NS cabinet and your foreign minister father gave oath to Nawaz Sharif even before BB was given oath – First remove those Ziast and then accuse us of that.

    Democracy is important but that does not mean that it should be irresponsible – to elect a guy as president who is corrupt to the core, who is accused of assassinating his own brother in law and who is keeping his mother in law under detention in dubai and has made her mad and above all

    who says


    Malang baba I think you seriously think you are Malang baba right

  93. Pejamistri

    Dont assume that people would be loyal to one person under all circumstances – here most people support a person who shows principles irrespective of their past.

    Aitzaz was our hero but when he should have shown guts he buckled and lost all respect.

    If tomorrow NS buckles we would give him the same treatment.

    But your mindless support to ZPP is beyond my comprehension – you were doing so good last year and now suddenly you seem to have lost your bearings.

    Yes Hamid Mir thought he got a great scoop when he was given an interview by Asif Zardari but he must be regreting that now.

    Media has become so strong and people are 1000 times more aware – they can even read body language. So dont think that anyone can cheat people now.

    Its unfortunate that people of Pakistan have become politcally mature but its politicians are still politically naive or selfish should I say.

  94. @ Malek
    ‘President Asif Ali Zardari on Sunday said those who had assassinated his wife former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto could also target him’

    Told ya this SOB is maniac. He is probably thinking of committing suicide!!
    Happy days are not too far !!

  95. Another Musharraf 2ND sorry zardari statement to please his masters USA

    Eliminating taliban is my mission

    whose agenda PPP is working?


  96. @c hussain

    loyal to one person under all circumstances

    Exactly… I usually try not to be a priest, however that is where I see the problem, loyalty to person and loyalty to an idea/vision/principle are two different things.
    Those who are loyal to a person usually have to revert back or change the loyalties whereas those who are loyal to an idea/vision/principle always find the same people around them.
    It will be interesting to note that those whom you regret or accuse of “mindless support” to PPP/AZ have something in common, their struggle against the dictatorship, their struggle for the democracy and their unwavering stance for the principles of democracy.
    I am too small to put myself in the team of such people , I call myself “Buddhoo mian” in this context , however people like Aitzaz , Nusrat Javed, Hamid Mir (his father Waris Mir) , Raza Rabbani have long struggled for their vision and principles.
    It is also noteworthy that despite the harshest criticism (most of that criticism is orchestrated and ignited by the “evil/establishment” forces) , and against all the odds these people do not loose their ground.
    BTW I find it very hard to explain this to people (who can not share with me the same idea), but in reality these people are the biggest critics of the PPP and AZ , they have been down this road and know exactly where it leads , therefore they are trying their best to make sure we don’t go astray again.
    Just like we have an ongoing battle between the establishment and the democratic forces, there is at the masses level another battle of ideas , there are people who proclaim openly that the democracy is not the best suited for the “Islamic Republic of Pakistan”, I would not have had any problems if this debate is founded on sincerity. However such debates are initiated by people with vested interests (i.e. establishment) and whenever there is a government of civilians we see such campaign.
    You will find people maoning and complaining about the civilian leaders, over the years I have found the way to identify such people by their commonly used phrases.
    People like Aitzaz have to do a very balancing act while not loosing the vision they have to try to put their parties on the right track.
    One of the thing I kept harping about during the great struggle of independent judiciary is in the safe hands of Aitzaz and likes and that is the reason we did not go astray. This movement kept establishment on the backfoot and did not provide the way out to them.

  97. Continued from the above…
    @c hussain
    While we are at it let me add to that. The criticism against PPP/AZ on the basis of unmet commitments about the restoration of judiciary is going to increase over the next few months. The question of judiciary is still an open question, I personally think that this may cost AZ his government but not at the expense of establishment taking over , but NS coming in AZ’s shoes. There might be some re-alignment of the democratic forces and PPP might have to pay some political price in terms of loosing the next elections.
    But again as I said that in no way means that PPP goes out of political arena or become a party of establishment. We will be back to the era 90’s which was indeed the democratic era , we need politicians ruling over Pakistan , turn by turn and people having the opportunity to vote them out.
    Just don’t forget this I am writing with the help of an optimist in me. I got a passimist inside me too , which says “an army — armed with nuclear arsenal — that has proved time again that they can go to any length from killing of their own people to massacring the innocent girls , raping the women and threatening use of nukes in their own territory …… what will it do when they feel the real threat against their hagemony??”

  98. To: syed1508
    I am no fan of Zardari and believe he is an incompetent man
    Musharraf and Zia were worst than Zardari as they looted the country financially and made it weak with intrigues.

    Let the political process work for at least 10 years than see

    I d’ont agree with ZAB and break up of Pakistan. Ita story planted by ISI/Jamat e Islami

    Army has ruled for 80% of the time give the civilian a decade than complain.

    Long Live Pakistan

  99. It was looked like Zardari was addressing at NODERO, LARKANA rather looked so oakward as the frame of BB Photograph was fixed at DICE.

    This is a sign & indicating that Zardari is a Chairman of PPP not President of Pakistan because in this Country millions of people still firm beleive that BB was hypocrate, cunning, crafty & not agreed with her ideology & Zardari was pretending as if she is Darling of Pakistan.

  100. Saloo

    Lets assume that you are right and ZAB was not responsible for breakup of PAKISTAN and it was all propoganda.

    But I have some questions

    1. Why did ZAB say that today Pakistan is saved when Yayha started military action in East Pakistan in March 1971 – three months after the general elections had been held and Mujeeb was proclaimed as winner of the elections

    2. Why did ZAB not give a SINGLE SATEMENT IN WHICH HE SAID THAT HE SUPPORTS MUJEEB’S CONTENTION TO BECOME PM OF PAKISTAN – after all Mujeeb wanted to become Prime MInister of Pakistan and not of Bangladesh

    3. Why did Bhutto not court martial Yayha for his misconduct and also for his refusal to hand over power to Mujeeb and also after Hamood ur Rehman report.

    Surely for the above three you wouldnt blame ISI or Jammat Islami.

    Bhutto had the power to save Pakistan and that power was his votes he gained in West Pakistan only if he had not been a self centered politician and wanted power at all costs.

    In fact if you analyse PPP’s underlying behaviour and mentality – for power they are willing to make any compromises.

    They would tell lies and use their friends and then dump them once they gain power.

    But in that process they paid with their lives but they havent yet learnt the lesson.

    The statement of Zardari saying that Bush has made the world more secure – is a clear testimony to that fact.

  101. c hussain Says:after five years – then where would we go……

    Whoever has been thinking on these lines he’s been forgetting the set up by the CIA, FBI, BRITISH INTERPOL, MOOSAD & RAW which is based at Kabul is about to become NULL & VOID in near future (GOD WILLING – SUMA INSHALLAH) the LOGIC is: because of lack of funding in MONETRY TERMS the major point to ponder is every second month approximately 7 bln., US$ are spent just like that from US Treasurry Acctt., ABOVE ALL this has been proofed all the money is going in DRAIN – NO FRUITFUL RESULTs that is why America & other Allied forces find themselves are in totally helpless situation.



  102. @pejamistri
    Stop the nonsense, who is stopping PPP to stop army action against pakistani people??? infact for your correction, PPP allowed first time f16 and gunship helicopters to be used against its own people.

    Stop fooling around and stop putting all blame on army. Its a nexus of army and politicians who are crying for more and more money from west and willing to do any thing for this. AZ has no other easy option to earn money infact blood money like musharraf.

  103. @izafar

    Lets say you are living in city ABC where mullah omer is also hiding some where. army drop bombs and bombs and kills civilian God forbit someone near to you but not the mullah omar… then I bet no one will say what you said even from a$$.

    There is nothing like Collateral demage when you use air strike in ur land.

  104. @izafar

    and yesterday i heard the ISPR statement, some where 600+ people killed in the operations in bajour, around 35 foreigners, 60 security personals and on top of it ISPR says NO BODY OF FOREIGN FIGHTER FOUND…. explain this please. I am not saying stop the army operation, but do not do it in hurry, do not kill own civilians. Why the long list of known terrorist is not destroyed?

  105. is he presenting pakistan or ppp.strange behaviour by zardari.actually he wants sympathy from all over the world like election 2008.

  106. Trust me Zaradri and his close frinds are more dangerous and poisionous than any leader you guys had before. Time will tell every thing , just and wait and watch

  107. @ arjunpandit
    You need not to make us believe about Zardari being the worst . Everyone knows it. But the worst thing is we cant do anything.

  108. Look at this MADARRI, he is showing the pic; of her wife to tell people that;

    He was nothing but became the president due to her wife and even he is not look like a president.

    Just childish, so bad and non sense. shame on us to have such a characterless person the president of Pakistan.

    Rona aata hay sooch kar be… what a pity.

    ALLAH….HHHHHHHHH please save our beloved PAKISTAN from these looters…..

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