Current Affairs Programs Ratings

We conducted a survey in August 2008 through our visitors about the current affairs programs on different TV Channels. Results of the survey has been compiled and summarized below.

A total of 854 votes were cast, where every user was asked to tell us the top 10 programs of his choice, out of which the first 5 were mandatory. The ratings were calculated by using weights for each position of the choice in descending order.

For instance, we counted the number of times Live with Talat was voted in top position, 2nd position and so on. We used 10 as weight for the top choice position, 9 for second and so on until “1” weight for last position.

The ratings for the top 6 programs are fairly accurate as per the choice of visitors of PKPolitics. The ratings for lower 4 programs are not so accurate due to the fact that the last 5 options were optional, as well as PKPolitics does not publish most of these programs regularly.

The ratings of TV channels were generated by calculating the sum of all their programs

AAJ TV Ratings = Live with Talat + Bolta Pakistan + 4 Man Show + Begam Nawazish

Geo Ratings = Capital Talk + Hum Sab Umeed + Meray Mutabiq + Kamran Khan + 50 Minutes + Left Right + Jawab Deyh + Aik Din Geo Ke Saath

Express Ratings = Kal Tak + Column Kaar + Siyasi Log

ARY OneWorld Ratings = Off the Record + Insight with Javed Malik + Second Opinion + Focus with Faeza + Good Morning with Marina

Although the result of Meray Mutabiq was not relevant in the poll due to discontinuation, the original data was used without any changes for keep accurate results.

You can click any chart to display bigger image.

Weighted Ratings for Top 8 Programs

Comparative Ratings of Top 8 Programs

Top Programs and their Positions based Voting Order

TV Channel Ratings by Accumulative Ratings of their Programs

Comparative Ratings of TV Channels based on Accumulative Program Ratings

Full List of Weighted Ratings voted by PKPolitics vistors

6786 – Live with Talat – AAJ TV

6292 – Capital Talk – Geo

5620 – Bolta Pakistan – AAJ TV

4764 – Off the Record – ARY OneWorld

3594 – Kal Tak – Express

2684 – Column Kaar – Express

946 – Hum Sab Umeed Sey Hain – Geo

696 – 4 Man Show – AAJ TV

664 – Meray Mutabiq – Geo

632 – Aaj Kamran Khan Kay Sath – Geo

564 – 50 Minutes – Geo

388 – Left Right – Geo

306 – Siyasi Log – Express

262 – Insight with Javed Malik – ARY OneWorld

242 – Second Opinion – ARY OneWorld

124 – Jawab Deyh – Geo

40 – Focus With Faeza – ARY OneWorld

36 – Pulse with Jasmine – Business Plus

32 – Lucman Show – TV1 News

26 – Israr Ke Sath – PTV

16 – Good Morning with Marina – ARY

14 – Begum Nawazish – AAJ TV

12 – Aik Din Geo Kay Sath – Geo

10 – Dr. Danish Live – TV 1 News

6 – Apne Andaz Se – Hum TV

6 – Brass Tacks – News 1

76 thoughts on “Current Affairs Programs Ratings

  1. You do notice a skew in the way you rate the channels? Some channels have more programs so will tend to score higher? A better way would have been to normalize the rating to the total # of programs on offer by that channel.

    i.e Express Tv = Kal Tak + Column Kaar + Siyasi Log / (3* max_rating)

  2. This rating I think show that the awareness among the people is coming and people are now rejecting the programmes which are trying to hide the truth. So far Talat have proved to be the best one as the rating shows.

  3. every one is trying its best to save our mother nation ,if some one is doing good you should appreciate it not weight it ,may Allah bless you all for doing good any further more good ,i believe we should all behave like a nation not like individuals .BEST OF LUCK FOR US ALL

  4. Good & hard work done. The effort so put-in, by each & everybody at your website, speak for itself. Keep it up.

    Also, plz do not be discouraged by any negative criticism of your hard efforts, but DO WELCOME, any sort of positive or any constructive critique, expressed by by contrbutors , pointing out out any faults or shortcomings, IF AT ALL ANY.

  5. well done!!!

    every channel has full 24/7 airtime. Its upto the channel to have good quality programs. Channel with less quality programs should be given lesser rating.
    The survey conducted and scoring system is so very rational.
    Some ppl just cant live without compalining 😐

  6. @ Samad Khurram.

    I hope you are the real Samad Khurram about whom much was written about lately, that you refused to shake hands on stage with the American Envoy in protest, & as per a featured article printed about you by this website.

    If you are really that lad, then you are a real GREAT Pakistani. Thus on behalf of a great number of Pakistanis, I, MOST WELCOME you to these columns, & we all hope to continue to read your worthy comments, meant to apprise us with what is actually going-on within behind our backs, within & outside Pakistan.

    I hope our present politicians & establishment gives chance to the young blood, as yourself, to guide the destinies of this nation, because our future is in the hands of youth like you. May Allah Bless you. Ameen.

    P.s. I also wish invite other regular visitors, to give a welcoming hand in these columns, to this inspiring young lad Samad Khurram, who is an inspiration to our whole nation.

  7. hello everbody
    I think all the programes live with talat, kal tak, capital talk, off the record etc are very good everyone is trying their best
    the programe which is losing their reputation is bolta pakistan because Nusrat javed is now sold on ppp supporting zardari on rubbish ideas. the second programe which lost reputation is column kar because when haroon rashid left the programe the graph came down but the worst person is Abbas athar supporting ppp blindly gettign tow salary one from express and other from ppp
    the javed chodri wrote somenthing about salman taseer and najam setti and abbas athar minded it and give warning to him
    any one notice the same felling or not

  8. Good job PKPolitics. Do this once a year.

    What criteria do you use to bring shows to this site?

    Also, please upload shows on weekends asap so we can watch them when we have time, rather than suddenly find 6 new shows at 10pm on Sunday, when we are ready to sleep and have little time during the week.

  9. Well I think they are getting BORING. They do not touch the real topics/issues in shows. For example on 9/11, atleast one of the shows should’ve showed the true picture of what happened that day, instead they talked about non-sense and same old thing that ‘terrorists’ were responsible. Mind you it’s not conspiracy theory anymore that US government was behind it. I only watch them if Imran Khan happens to be on one of them, otherwise I do not care.

  10. “Off the Record & Capital Talk with Kashif Abbasi & Hamid Mir respectively” are Pakistani Private TV Channels’s live newsmaker interview program hosted by these two very Original outspoken & without any artificial touches. These programs are very informative and their presentation style is based and a prime source for front-page news of Pakistans’ Print Media on Monday morning. “these talk shows” offers a superior combination of thorough interviews with top newsmakers and expert discussion which may even exposed them from all angles.

  11. One thing I would like to know and also ask-

    is it possible to have some input as to which people are asked to be on these panels. For example it would of much better use of time if we are able to hear the thoughts of thinking people rather than the usual loud speakers for the usual political parties. Farzana Raja, Fauzia Wahab, Marvi memon , Gabool and others for PPP-
    Ahsen, Khwaja this and Khawaja that and such for PML-N

    The great surprize has been those that speak for PML-Q as most of them have been a bit of fresh air in terms of critical examination of the issues.

    If Pk Politics could send their poll results with some constructive suggestions- it might help-
    For Example- Tell Kashif and Hamid Meer that they need to get better guests.
    Frankly I agree with Taimur- we are bored and tired of listening to same old propaganda out of the same old spokes persons for the same old parties
    for example- the QURBANEES of PPP
    the Oct 1999 when the dictator took over( PML-N
    The non violent stance of ANP and so on and so forth.

  12. @hope228

    Yes you are right about bolta pakistan and Columncar.

    on the other side i also read the column of Javed choudhry in which he exposed some realities regarding Salman Taseer and Najam sethi and in the response Ather abbas wrote a letter to defend both cheap personalities of Najam sethi and salman taseer.

    One last thing admin kindly confirm are these ratings based on shows of August or which month?

    because Bolta Pakistan and Columncar lost the crediability. and i think currently Kal Tak and Kashif Abbasi are on top.

  13. I think recently Kashif Abassi has upped his game and despite Talat’s enormous popularity I rate Kashif Abassi as number one host. Some how I have always been a bit cautious about Hamid Mir. At times I feel he deliberately avoids asking an obvious question.

    Ahsan Iqbal is the most learned Guest,
    Javeed Hashmi is the most honest and Imran Khan is the most passionate. Marvi Memon presents the most statistics.

    On the flip side Mardana Raja and Gobar Hewan are the most shahdat afflicted waste of time and space.

  14. @Tauqeer Akbar

    And what about Qammer Qaidoo and Salman Taseer Surkh banmanas.

    and to understand what happend to talk shows anchors. You have to monitor the Media Empire of Surkh Banmanas Salman taseer. Daily Times, Friday Times and Aaj Kal.

    They just pressurized the columnist and anchors by putting headline news and writing columns against them. Only JC stand in front and hit back Salman Taseer and Najam Sethi. But at last harami ather abbas cheaply started defending them.

    I also heard a news that Salman taseer owned world call a prominent and widespread TV Cable service too. And after JC hit back they stop transmitting the Express channel in most areas of Pakistan to put pressure back on Express officials.

    And a friend of mine told me that World Call spreading its coverage on urgent basis and In next few months world call will wipe out all other cable service provider.

    So at last PPP and Surkh Banmanas will have all the power to control channels by stopping transmition and shuffling channels’s numbers.

    Dears Welcome to politics/Great Democracy.

  15. @ Paki_2008.

    I do not know about others, but at least on behalf of myself, I wish to express my personal thanks to you, for indicating the link in which an article by Talat Hussain has been written in the Urdu daily, The Express News.

    Today being a Sunday, has prompted me to buy an issue of express Newspaper from my hawker, to read more such articles, by Talat Husssain.

    I also agree with you here, that this young man’s skills as a writer/reporter must be fully appreciated by us all Pakistanis, & also as you correctly put it; the sensitivity & patriotism of this man, for his country should also be appreciated.

    It is said, that ‘give the devil his due.’ In other words, we all Pakistanis should continue to praise such a young man, when ever & where ever possible, in order to further encourage him.

    we all should realize, that in this point in time, Pakistan needs such youth, who approach our national issues with the same passion & enthusiasm, as that, which Talat Hussain displays.

  16. @ shimatoree.

    Come to think about it, there is a lot of wisdom in your comments that whatever our Tv channels ‘churn’ out has to be ‘gulped down the throat’ & that also ‘by force’ by the viewers.

    As you may aware,the anchors are given a ‘written summary’ or a ‘brief’ by the Tv producers, that while on-the-show & before the cameras, they are to discuss an issue only ‘in-line’ with the given-brief. I did, once or twice contacted one such a producer on phone, who did not seem to bother to pass-on my request/suggestions.

    The anchors cannot do much, as they only possess, a ‘gift-of-gab’ or, are only good at chit-chat; & because of which, they act a good moderators. Most of these anchors think themselves as a ‘Celebrity’ or famous people, & are, hence un-approachable.

    One of me relations, a retired Air Commodore of PAF, had the contact numbers of a few of such anchors, but each of them FORBADE him to pass it-on; like Kahif Abbassi & Talat Hussain (according to that relation of mine.) As such, I for one, could not pass-on to them, my desired suggestions.

    What is actually required, is, that, ON A REGULAR BASIS, suggestions sent by Tv viewers should be displayed on the screens of that shows, including the names of the guests they would like to listen, instead of listening to the political ‘BAJIs & BAJAs’ that are forced upon them, & whose names you have correctly pointed-out.

    Only those producers are hired by the Tv channels owners, who have the same political inclinations as their own. For instance, if the GEO anchor Hamid Mir ( Kashmiri by caste) is known as pro-MQM, then the major blame lies with the pro-MQM producers & owners of that channel, than with that anchor-person, alone.

    If, every one of us expresses his/her views on this subject in the print media, say, through
    letters to the editor, then I think it should have the desired effect.

  17. @ Samad Khurrram
    You are welcome. If I have expressed my opinion about you, in the form of a praise or kudos, then you really deserve it. As a piece of advice, please remember, dear lad, that in life, let not praise rule your head.

    Be practical in life, just as you seem to be now. Do not let sychophants/lackeys disturb you, who may praise you before your face, but will critcize you at your back.

    More later, as I am in a hurry, now. Plz, do keep in touch. (You may be as young as my children/ grandchildren.) As such I have a soft corner for you.

  18. @Qudsia-786
    thanks for sharing the same felling I am totally agree with u b/c my favourite programe are off the record and kal tak
    again thanks

  19. while hosts are the face of the programme they are not just passive participants in the programme at the beck and call of the producer. They make the programme successful. Why does no one talk about PJ Mir or Javeed Malik etc. Why is Haroon Rashid the most popular guest?

    The Anchors make and break programmes and in war of ratings the TV Channels / Cable networks will have to provide whatever people want.

  20. PJ Mir or Javeed Malik they are too unrealistic and unpopular to bear.

    Specially P.J. Mir is too artificial who does not have naturlal presentation style like others e.g. Kashif Abbasi or Hamid Mir who are real attackers, beleive me sometimes it seems he/P.J.Mir just wanted to interview to create personal friendship with such interviewer!!!

  21. Dear Paki_2008

    I agree 110% with you, Talat Hussain is a great Pakistani and professional Journalist in real sense. We should also contribute to improve our country’s image at our best, because some time perception is more important than reality.

  22. I dont understand why, HAMID MIR rating is high.

    He looked good only at the time of GEO monoply, like PTV PROGRAMS.

    He is a kind of lifafa journalist.
    I will give you examples.

    1- He recntly reported that CHINA is going to ive billions of dollars to pakistan, No other news paper, channel reported such thing. ( one can understand his motive).

    2- When PLM N resigned fron cabinet, he is his analysis said THEY have done a wrong thing, as per his sources govt is going to reinstate IMC. which was obviously wrong information.

    3- His knowledge of world politics and basic locla politics is wrong.


    Both need to improve there sklls, They both start asking the question simultaneously.

    Also they interupteach other. They are very rude to callers. They justify calling barrister saif joker, which he is, but if some one say bad about zardari or qazi they say we cant allow that. Height of hypocracy.

    Bolta pakistan has lost lot of credibility.

    LAME EXCUSe for not going to quetta, karachi, peshawar, multan, hyderabad, live telecast.

  23. Regarding guests

    Why people like raza rabbani, enver baig, fehmida mirza, ch nisar ali, are called frequently

    rather than, b awan, gabool, f raja, iftikhar jhagra,

    no doubt haroon rashed is good, but he should nor assume the role of anchor

  24. With due respect to Admin and the comments of some others fellow at the top.

    I think few improvements should be made in the results of survey.

    e.g. Program like Bolta Pakistan and Column kar lost creditability and they are not any more popular in the masses. So immediately should be removed from the results.

    Month should be highlighted in which survey is conducted. for example Survey of August or any other month.

    And as the result shows that “Live with Talat” is on top of “Capital Talk” and Aaj TV on Geo, by these results both survey and Pkpolitics is now questionable.

    Admin should immediately confirm that Pkpolitics doesn’t have any kind of association with Aaj TV.

    Sorry to say all this but international surveys and the biggest portal of online TV channels like in its rating shows that Geo is on top of all the international live internet TV channels. BBC is on second number after that Star plus etc.

    On the other side different firms like MediaLogic who is conducting surveys with the investment of millions of Rupees by providing free traceable TV services showing the results of last one year that Geo is massively on top of any other channel and Capital talk is massively on top of live with Talat.

    I am big fan of Talat Husain. And live with Talat is my first choice of Talk shows but here we are talking about masses and surely capital talk is way ahead in masses as compare to Live with Talat. The feedback of last six months on Capital talk will show that on Pkpolitics.

  25. @ Muhammad Usman
    I agree about your comments about Hamid Mir as I expressed in my comments earlier.

    But I must diagree about your desire to have more of b awan aka Gobar Hewan, gabool aka Babloo, f raja aka Mardana Raja. THEY ARE UNBEARABLE!

    I must admit I don’t know Iftikhar Jhagra!! I am sure you must be refering to Iqbal Zafar Jhagra.

  26. I invite Hamid Mir to have the courage to present the footage of his interview with Zardari aka The Sanake and the Sanke’s reference to 58 II B when interviewing representatives of Saheed Party when they make claims of fulfilling their promises to the public.


  27. @ Adnan Arshad Mansoori I refer to your comment about P J Mir.

    Can you imagine this moron was media adviser of the Cricket Team during cricket world cup and at the time of the death of the team coach. He certainly is the biggest Lifafa Anchor

  28. @imraniqbal

    You are right anohter question

    Why Pkpolitics team only translated article of Talat Hussain on the other side there are some great writers who are daily writing against all the stuff of this war against terror and other sufferings of people of Pakistan.


    Lifafa Anchor: Tie between P J Mir and Sahihid Masood

    Lifafa Guest: Tie between Naji and Alam

    Lifafa Channel: Tie between GEO and Express News

    Lifafa Sponsors: Tie between The Sanake and the CIA

  30. Sorry about spelling mistakes


    Lifafa Anchor: Tie between P J Mir and Shahid Masood

    Lifafa Guest: Tie between Naji and Alam

    Lifafa Channel: Tie between GEO and Express News

    Lifafa Sponsors: Tie between The Snake and the CIA

  31. @ Tauqeer Akbar

    Haha well said you forget the Nusarat Javed

    Top Baba Lifafa Award: Tie between Ather Abbas and Nusrat Javed

  32. From perspective of USA

    Top Lifafa Politition Award: Zoordari Won over Musharaf

    Score is Musharaf 16 Karzai 17 and Zoordari 99

    Top Lifafa Country Award: Pakistan Won over From team of United third world countries.

    Man of the Match Captain of the Team Zoordari.


  33. Imraniqbal aka Qudsia786

    You have been banned for using multiple IDs with the same email and commenting in a shameful way to support your own comments with multiple IDs and pretending as 2 different persons.

    In any other attempt for such an open violation of the forum ethics, your email/IP might be shared with visitors, so they can also know more about your shameful action.

  34. Hamid Mir was popular only when geo was the only channel.

    He has no match for the class and sphistication f talat hussain.

    Hamid mir is just trying to influence public opinion by false reporting.

    By the RAUF KLASRA is another example of third class blackmailer.

    He is after politicinas. During dictaors time he was enjoying the weather of london.

    He is such a biased person.

    He is trying to high light inhuman things , which is good , but being a biased person. never say any thing about GILLIINIS, QURESHIS, KHARS, LEGHARIS, ABBASIS, KHAKWANIS OF SOUTH PUNJAB, DO YOU KNOW WHY, because is from the same region.

    He is after qaim ali shah, shabaz sharif, who by any standard are not bad politicinas, but this guy is after them.
    Never highkights any good.
    Another psdo intellectual.

    Always talking good about british system. The jornalism needs improvement.

  35. Muhammad Usman,

    I don’t know how pkpolitics have allowed you to use the word “third class”for Rauf Klasra.I think you have some personal problem with Klasra and Hamid Mir.

    Tell me one thing?Why Hamid Mir was banned by Musharraf?Why Nusrat Javeed and Mushtaq were banned?Why your favourite Talat Hussain was not banned?Why Army always take Talat Hussain in its helicopters to FATA and not Nusrat Javeed and Mushataq Minhas or Hamid Mir?Answer is that Talat Hussain is always an establishment man.He is son of an intelligence officer and brother of Dr.Riffat Hussain whose ties with ISI are not a secret.

    These days Talat Hussain is the guest of NATO in Afghanistan and NATO can only trust those who are loyal to USA.

    I am no more a fan of Hamid Mir because he gives too much importance to Imran Khan but i must admit that he is one of the most well informed international journalists.He broke an exclusive story recently that China will help Pakistan soon because he was invited in Beijing by Chinese government,he never visited China with PM Gillani.If he gave a positive story about Pakistan then why you are in pain?

    He was the only one who predicted emergency and and curbs on media in March 2007 in Live with Talat.He broke the story of emergency 8 months before the emergency.Then tell me why he was the only anchor banned by new government one day before the lawyers long march on June 12th?

    Its not a secret that these days new Geo MD Azhar Abbas(brother of Army spokesman Major General Ather Abbas)have imposed many restrictions on Hamid Mir.He is not part of the Geo team covering US elections.He was the one covered US midterm election and i remember he predicted that Donal Rumfield will resign if Republicans refused.Rumsfield resigned and you declared Hamid Mir a CIA agent.If he proves that he is very well informed then he is a CIA agent and if he becomes ISI agent like Talat Hussain and Kamran Khan then its ok.

    I hope you will answer my question with logic not with abuses.

  36. Correct your history.

    Talat Hussain was Director News in PTV from 1999 to 2001.

    ARY was launched in September 2001 from London.Talat hussain joined ARY in 2001 and switched to Aaj in 2004.

    Geo was launched in October 2002.Talat Hussain was already in the market before Hamid Mir.Nusrat and Mushtaq Minhas started their Bolta Pakistan in 2007 and they became more popular than Talat within weeks.Their show is the most popular show.

  37. According to Gallop Pakistan ratings

    1-Capital Talk and Bolta Pakistan have slight difference of few points and they fluctuate up and down very often(Bolta Pakistan have got Capital Talk from the neck within one year because Capital Talk was number one from last five years).

    2-Off the Record by Kashif Abbasi.

    3-Kal Tak by Javed Chaudhry(Javed Chaudhry improved from 10 to 3rd in 6 months)

    4-Aaj Kamran Khan Key Saath(improved from 8th to 4th in one year).

    5-Live with Talat(came down from 2nd to 5th in one year)

    Anybody can confirm these ratings from any advetising agency in Pakistan or from Gallop MD Dr.Ejaz Gillani.

  38. i want 2 clear dis guy splamgi’s mind why da hell he is spreading false propaganda against talat hussain.his mind i full of spin which is clear by his above 3 shit posts,he calls him an agent of USA n ISi etc. to tell him dat blody hamid mir has been a guest of agencies in afghnistan n interviewd bin laden. wat do u think abt that. n da bloody survey which he is referring is it has some credibility. n mnd one thing talat’s father was not an IB officer he was in police dept. n hi brother dr. rifat is a professor of First quaid e azam uni n now colombia uni. who da bloody hell told him these. on da other hand waris mir was an employee of nawa e waqt then nizami kicked him n he moved 2 P.U. where he was head of mass comm.(journalism dept. n he has pains over talat’s presence in ptv he left ptv coz musharf made his life miserable then he kicked ptv n joied other networks not gep b coz he is not sold 2 india like geo whose ceo is frm zee network n solangi if u have any access 2 PID go n ask them how many crores r invested by ZEe n Warner bros. in geo. he was first 2 tell abt emergency b coz he n nusrat javed were present in that lunch where this plot was made n emergency was first 2 be imposed in jlly/ august but condoleeza asked mush @ 2 am waking him up not 2 impose it then. he was aware of media curbs bcoz aaj was first 2 be affected by pemra after cj’s case. n one more thing who da bloody hell told u that he was not banned???? he was banned n y u can videos ogf his road shows frm b careful before spitting venom aginst a respected n honorable personality.n if u have pains over his afghan seies there whole press team was gone n if ur hamid mir had courage he could have gone 2 all those places n take similar things back. bt da matter is only of courage which that man lacks. so now never spit venom againsst anybody. n keep ur records strait. hamid mir paid u 4 his chamcha giri?????????

  39. @Munir Solangi,

    I don’t see anything wrong with the results.

    The results are 100% in sync with the comments that you see under each program.

    If you don’t trust or have been ignoring, you can read the comments on this site for every episode of Live with Talat for past 6 months and compare it yourself with Bolta Pakistan and Capital Talk.

    Both Capital Talk and Bolta have been performing badly from last many months.

    In case you trust Gallup, then please also agree with the surveys that Nawaz Sharif is the most popular leader in Pakistan and majority wants to see him as Prime Minister.

  40. I am no fan of Nusrat Javeed and I sometimes disagree with his opinions and his angle of analysis. But, I cannot reconcile the notion he is a lifafa journalist, just because some of his opinions differ with that of the mainstream.

    I will always prefer listening to Nusrat Javeed (considering his current performance)rather than listening to others.

    The last time I checked, Hamid Mir was banned twice; once he was the host of one of the “few” programs (including Live with Talat) on a “few” TV channels accused of spreading anarchy (which is far from the truth); the second time he was just banned and no reason was given.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I think that the competition between Hamid Mir and Talat Hussain is very tough at the moment. I also think that Kashif Abbasi and Mazhar Abbas are slightly underrated. And, Mushtaq Minhas is an excellent reporter.

  41. I think nowadays bolta Pakistan is losing its viewer ship becoz of some obvious supportive comments / favoritism for ppp and mr zardari… everybody has right to support or favour any party but being a journalist they should try to be objective/ impartial at least when they r going on air or in press… this profession requires integrity , impartiality, objectivity… anyways, I hope this initial stage of is our electronic media, by the passage of time we will watch more professionalism in this field…
    In my personal opinion (being an ordinary viewer) nowadays, Kashif abbasi is getting highest marks …

    I don’t know who is his father and brother but I feel he is representing true and pure young Pakistani generation in journalism…

    pkpolitics ! gud effort, keep it up but u should also public the criteria, plus this practice should continue on regular basis to find out actual picture of ratings… thanks

  42. @munir

    talat is somebody who can be called an anchor and he is no joker like others.

    also live with talat is not for every one that is why it seems it has lower rankings.

  43. Talat Hussain the best sahib,

    I am extremely sorry if i hurt your feelings.I only reponded to the “third class language”used by one Muhammad Usman about Rauf Klasra and Hamid Mir.I am no more a fan of Hamid Mir and i am not ready to take abuses for him.I wrote something harsh about you because Muhammad Usman abused Klasra(host of a show on ROHI TV) who is also very popular in Saraiki belt of Punjab and interior Sindh.

    I am amazed that you are full of inner knowledge about journalist politics.I am stunned to know that Nusrat Javaid and Hamid Mir were part of the meeting where emergency was decided but why both of them became victim of emergency?

    I must tell you that once i joined a journalist protest in front of Karachi Press Club during emergency days.Here Mazhar Abbas said in his speech that only Hamid Mir,Mushataq,Nusrat,Kashif Abbasi and Asma Sherazi were banned.I remember that when you were on screen Mushataq and Nusrat were not on screen.I remember that Hamid Mir,Nusrat Javaid and Mazahar Abbas did a road show in front of parliament house Islamabad on the day of lawyers long march,i watched that show live on Kawish TV and it was done in support of Hamid Mir who was banned by the new government.My be it was all drama like long march drama.May be i am wrong but you are more well aware than me.

    I have written on this website many times that HAMID MIR MUST LEAVE GEO because its an anti Pakistan channel.Why Hamid Mir not leaving i don’t know.But you must admit one thing that Hamid Mir grilled some Indians recently in his show but the overall policy of his channel is pro-India.I agree.

    One of my close freind is married in the family of Marawat Shah(ex IGP Islamabad).Shah sahib told me in a wedding ceremony that he is related to you and he said that your father was a great intelligence officer.I never said that your father was in IB officer,may be he served in special branch as a senior officer.I had no intensions to disrespect your father but some of my freinds always ask questions to me about you,Hamid Mir and other anchors.We gather information from here and there about you people.I read an article last year written by Aitzaz Ahsan about Waris Mir who was a journalism teacher in Punjab University and he was victimized by General Zia.Are you talking about the same Waris Mir?Is he the father of Hamid Mir?

    Another freind of mine is working in the creative department of an advertising agency.He showed me the September 2008 ratings of different TV channels and talk shows.He said that these ratings were provided by Gallop Pakistan.

    I am repeating again that i am not a fan of Hamid Mir but i am a fan of Nusrat Javaid and you should not use objectionable language about him because he is your colleague.

  44. junaidk sahib will you please tell us that who is joker?Nusrat,Mushtaq,Kashif,Jved Chaudhry or Hamid Mir?

    Also tell me that which people are coming only in Talat Show and not going in Capital Talk or Off the Record?

    Imran Khan is going everywhere.Farzana Raja,Babar Awan and Saad Rafique are favourites of Talat Hussain as well as Kashif Abbasi and Javed Chaudhry.And Marvi Memon is the favourite of Hamid Mir and Qatrina Hussain.I think that there is only one historical difference between major anchors.Hosts of Bolta Pakistan,Off the Record and Capital Talk represents the common man and that why they were banned by Musharraf.Talat Hussain is always a special case.I respect him because he is favorite of elite people like you that was why he was not banned.Yes he did some talk shows on the roads but only in competition of Hamid Mir.I have just checked from BBC and Washington Post websites.Talat himself confessed that he was not banned and i think he is great by accepting this.

  45. Mr Soolangi

    You are just behaving like if you are hamid mir and some one has insulted him.

    You should grow up and understand , what some one is talking.

    We are talking about personalities or stardom.

    Why dont you evaluate the subject, content and logic of some talk show and the ability of anchor , rather that TOOTA KAHANI , who is banned or not.

    Also i dont care , who is whose son or daughter. It is hameful thinking on your part. This one is another pathetic logic of yours. Does it matter who is brother of some one.

    Talk about subject and content of the program.

    Hamid mir does not have the courage to ask any question from Mr Zardari.
    Your point abiout chinese help proves my point. China has just called hamid mir and gave him the news about help. No other journalist, news paper, electronic media and international press has reported this. This is sort of malicious reporting. To help govts iamge.

    He reported maliciously at the time PMLN leaving cabinet, by saying why have they left cabinet as govt is going to restore IMC.

    I am not a relative or friend of talat. But if some one look at him , he is objective, upto date, knowledgeable and articulate . His programs content is excellent. He has no bias fro any party, like , ppp, pln anp, mqm. That is what matters.

    When AAJ tv was shut down after november 3, he was the first person to say this is MARTIAL LAW, DONT CALL IT EMERGENCY.

    rGARDING NUSRAT AND MINHAS THEY ARE BIT COF CLOWNS. They can call any aone monkey and joker, but when some caller call that they do mind. ALso while interviewing taseer and sharif they were not professionally ready. both were asking questions simultaneously.

    Having said that i will say all programs of hamid mir are not bad.

    YOU MAN NEED TO IMPROVE YOUR ANALYTICAL SKILLS and remove the googles of jealousy and bias

  46. @ Soolangi

    Rauf Klasra: There is a basic problem with him, he does not see any thing bad in SARAIKI WASEB. Every thing is fine in this belt. Women are maltreated only in balaochistan , sindh, but not in his popular area, Gillanis, legharis, khaqwanis, daultanas gaddi nasheens are very nice to women.

    This is his bias.

    Now to tell you truth this man cannot speak a coherent sentence in ehglish or urdu.

    In his every news story his source is ISHAQ KHAQWANI( MAN OF PRINCIPLE ACCORDING TO KLASRA). The guy licked dictators shoes.He is a clean man for klasra. he even contested on q leaque ticket.
    BUT klasrs feels bad for zahid hamid, who contested ob pmln ticket before election.

    Mr soolangi be objective.

    PS admin please start LIFAFA AWARDS.
    who has a bias for any party.

    who is intellectually dishonest.
    who is lacking professional skills `

  47. Muhammad Usman,

    First of all many visitors of this blog would agree with me that you never responded my questions with logic.You are behaving like Talat Hussain not like Muhammad Usman.Who gave the right to declare Rauf Klasra a third class journalist?He got the APNS award of best reporter many times.He is the voice of voiceless.You or any other Imran Khan lover cannot change the opinion of majority by declaring Klasra a LAFFAFA.Your fatwas actually demolished the credebility of pkpolitics.

    Now come to Hamid Mir.He is only defending Pakistan not Zardari.Read his column from China

    He is not building the image of Zardari but trying to help Pakistan.If Chinese government have invited only Hamid Mir from Pakistan and not anyother journalist then abuse Chinese.Today i have read the exclusive interview of Hamid Mir with German Foreign Minister in the news

    Does that means that Hamid Mir is LAFFAFA of German government?

    Tell me why Nusrat Javaid and Mushataq Minhas and Hamid Mir were banned by Musharraf not Talat Hussain?

    As for as the ZArdari interview concerned,i just watched it again on utube.The first question was asked by Hamid Mir that “Are you becoming President of Pakistan?”

    Nobody imagined on August 18th that Zardari will become President.Then he asked “Why Zardari House is more powerfull than Prime Minister House?

    What else do you need from a journalist who was banned on June 12th by the same regime.

    You must admit that you are actually jealous of Klasra and Hamid Mir.

  48. @Munir Solangi

    I understand some of your reservations regarding Geo TV; despite that I have yet to come across any program on Geo News, or an article or editorial in The News and Daily Jang which is pro-India and anti-Kashmir.

  49. I happy very big fan of talat husain and to see live with talat on top is great surprise.

    I don wnat give any credit to aaj TV becoz they dicthed talat during bad times in musharaf era.

    Best of luck Talat you are the only fair and balance journalist in pakistan.


  50. As a member mentioned above that these persons (anchors) are not accessible we can not forward our suggestions and feedback to them.. Yes, agreed, becoz there are no source to send them our response.. E-mail addresses which are announce for feedbacks on these shows, never checked. Nobody is bordered to check email boxes and never reply then what viewer can do? There should be a source of reach to communicate our feedback/opinion on these shows and concerned people must check this mails/response. But who cares?

    Dear Admin
    when next servey in this regard will held?

  51. We have discussed here Talat Hussain, Hamid Mir AND Rauf kalasara’s history and family background; plz let the light on others like kashif and javed ch…
    Who is his father, what they r doing and more… plz speak dear members…

  52. @ Solangi
    first of all m also a blogger here just like u n anyother person. secondly i must keep ur records strait that talat was banned
    n he did shows not copying anyone.okkk. secondly i’m also a fan of nusrat javed n minhas sahab,yes he came on screen after assasination of BB but was forced 2 go back,i think that mazhar abbas was not in his senses at that time when he said this,
    if u want i can give u number of talat hussain which i got frm aaj office, u can ask him what happened 2 him during emergency, n yes that is same waris mir.
    i respect every media man bcoz they r serving nation n no one can deny kalasra’s abilities.
    so plzzz mr.dont think me talat sahab, n kindly keep ur records strait,n one thing talat n nusrat were present in that lunch, not hamid n nusrat.
    in future dont speak it anywhere else that talat was not banned,people will definitely question ur knowledge.
    i apologise if anywhere i hurt ur feelings.
    n also i’m just a kid not a budha baba but i know many inside stories.b coz i’m always after my pakistan’s situation.

  53. @ aristotle
    i dont know much abt kashif’s father bcoz he died when kashif was only 3yrs old. his mother brought him up with gr8 pains but this man has come up with gr8 abilities.
    he has worked 4 bbc n cnn before joining ary.

  54. @ soolangi

    Does it matter who is who and son and daughter of some one.

    who cares about this.
    You are a sick minded person, please answer the questions raised earlier.

    I am not agianst mir and klasra. But on whole they are average. Mir has some good programs to his credit.

    Talat is not saint, he does average programs as well. But overall his standard and content is good,

    May be some of intellectual discusion is too difficult for your mental calibre

    Chill man


    waiting for your TOOTA KHANI,

    Buddy come with solid argument.

    Hamid mir reported after election that nawaz, zardari, and asfand are going to london to meet altaf. FAKE NEWS

    Mir reported zardari and nawaz going to saudi arabia together. FALSE REPORT.

    Mir reported IMC will be restored. WRONG NEWS

    mir supporting millitants, RIGHT NEWS

    do you think this man has credibility.
    yOU CAN attack talat as much you want, i will be happy to respond.

    The subject material and quality matters


  56. Kashif abbasi di a good job today. He deserves appreciation.
    If mir will do good program, every one will appreciate him.

    Bolta guys did one good program recently.

  57. @talat da best
    thanks for updating our information…
    definately u have keen interest abt this subject and ur favrite persons or anchors.. gud and thanks again..

  58. @admin

    With this result, you are requested to kindly upload “Aaj Kamran Khan K Sath” by Geo News, regularly. As it secured 10th position.

    Keeping in view that some progs of lower popularity are already uploading by you.

  59. @ talat da best
    anybody who deserve appreciation, he or she should get it….
    btw, can u reveal ur source of information abt these anchors? i am also interested in gallop servey mentioned above by someone here… can anybody tell me abt this? thanks

  60. gud to hear that u belongs to a journalist family… that could be a reason to get more information and knowledge abt relevant field and players…that’s mean u have a very credible source of information… great! r u interested in getting journalism degree?
    Mr Talat Hussain should be happy that he has fans like u …
    I believe that u gets information from different sources becoz I think u were not in this world when kashif was 3 years old? One thing more, I heard from somewhere that Atif Abbasi (saama tv) is his brother (elder or younger, I don’t know) his show runs on saama tv with the title of calling Islamabad or something like that… but I did not watch his show from a ling time.. perhaps his show timing has been changed…
    Anyways, gud luck to u and all Pakistanis… cheers

  61. Now ny source is Afzal Butt,President of Islamabad Union of Journalists.I just spoke to him Royal TV office.

    He said that Musharraf government banned all TV channels on November 3rd 2007,all channels were restored except Geo by November 25th and 6 anchors remained banned till March 2008.

    1-Nusrat Javaid
    2-Musharaq Minhas
    3-Kashif Abbasi
    4-Asma Sherazi
    5-Hamid Mir
    6-Dr.Shahid Masood

    According to Afzal Butt he continued his protest against the ban for 72 days.Talat Hussain did some shows outside Islamabad Press Club during those days but he started his programe on Aaj TV in December 2007,Asma Sherazi and Kashif started their programe in Febraury 2008,Nusrat and Mushataq started in March 2008 and then Hamid Mir and Dr.Shahid were also back after a meeting between PFUJ delegation and Zardari.According to Afzal Butt Zardari banned Hamid Mir again on June 12th 2008.There was no protest from Aitzaz Ahsan or any other lawyers leader on that ban and PFUJ developed differences with lawyers but even then Hamid Mir supported Kurd in his column

  62. Hamid Mir aka SOOLANGIAgain toota kahani who is banned or not.Does it make any difference?Talat was not doing his program till jan2008.He was coming as guest , so does nusrat javed in pre election coverage
    By the shahid masood was also banned according to your comment, did it mattered —For me it does not matter.What matters is what you are writing and saying. The way you conduct your program.You are not geeting the point.I am analysing a program or column on its merit.If capital talk is good, i will say this. Some time it is.I liked bolta guys, but off late they ahve lost touch. But off an on they do good program.Talat has majority of good programs, but he has done use less ones as well.Try to be mature and dont repeat ALIF NOON.Education plays a role in the personality of an anchor and i think, talat and nusrat have more knowledge then hamid and kashifJaved ch has improved alot.What is wrong in improving, be it TALAT orHAMID MIR.

    But i still think that AAJ tv current affairs programs are really way above others.

    1 live with talat
    2 bolta pakistan
    3 news makers

  63. @ Aristotle
    thanx bro n u r rite i’m only 19yrs of age. so only rely on info. secondly yes atif is his brother but kashif is more good.
    yaaar Allah k wastay mujhay solangi sahab ka koi elaaj bata do inko kyun yeh lagta hai k Talat was not banned. khuda k liye admin inko woh sab shows dikha dein ya woh article paraha dein where it is crystal clear that talat was on top of banned anchors. yes he appeared a couple of times but immediately he n nusrat were forced to get lost frm screens.

  64. Specific statistical tests along with biased sample (selection bias) have always been used by firms / people to produce wanted results.

    Main criticism is,
    No clear hypothesis described and no declaration of interest.
    Sample size very small for this type of (opinion reflecting) study
    No selection criteria for chosen programs
    Use of complex statistics and no P values

    So I am unable to believe the results although I am not fan of any TV channel

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