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  1. Let me start this too 🙂 … and this time I won’t disclose to whom I am dedicating this:
    کیسے سمجھیں گے حرم کے سہل پسند
    رسم جو عاشقوں کے دیں کی ھے

    And this one is quite obvious….

    یہ ہمی تھےجن کے لباس پر سر راہ سیاہی لکھی گئی
    یہی داغ تھے جو سجا کے ھم سر بزم یار چلے گئیے

  2. My gratitude to Aitzaz Ahsan:

    تھے خاک رہ بھی ھم قہر طوفاں بھی
    سہا تو کیا نہ سہا ، کیا تو کیا نہ کیا


    خوشا کے آج ھر اک مدعی کے لب پر ہے
    وہ راز جس نے ھمیں راندہ زمانہ کیا

  3. I am reposting my 2 last posts from the previous news thread …

    Some news tit-bits:
    Asfandyar Wali still missing

    The IMF Quandary
    …What Pakistan needs to do is to make the best of a truly bad situation. The finance adviser has been saying the IMF programme will be on Pakistan’s terms. He must do more to convince people of this and explain how the expected burdens placed by the programme are to be minimized and what plan the country has tabled before the IMF…

    Ideology and the IMF
    …I am mortified when i see all the programme documentation being prepared by the IMF with no member of the dream team making any contribution whatsoever towards its preparation, although they love to make corrections to the English even thought they don’t speak or write very good English themselves. When the IMF team is preparing the programme documentation in their hotel, the economic dream team is in the Islamabad Club.

    I have pleaded that this has to change. I doubt it will, and certainly not in the negotiations that are presently going on with the IMF in Dubai. It is probably the same old story with the dream team behaving as though they are physically and intellectually handicapped….

    Debating the aid plan
    …Thus we have been pushed into a corner to accept an IMF programme that will reportedly provide us with nearly $10 billion over three years, including immediate assistance of $4 to $5 billion. However, it comes with a set of stabilisation recipes – tried, tested and miserably failed across the continents – that entail massive cuts in government expenditures, more privatisations and public-sector downsizing, not to mention a further decline in the working conditions. And, of course, the good-old IMF will monitor the Finance Ministry, as if Pakistan were Afghanistan or Iraq. A sort of self-fulfilling prophecy of the militant Western media and unprincipled quasi academe determined to declare Pakistan a failed state….

  4. The Lawyers’ Movement:

    Fighting a predatory state
    by Babar Sattar
    It is now evident that the PPP leadership has reached a considered decision to bear the political fallout of turning a deaf ear to the unmistakable voice of the nation but not risk the institution of the independent judiciary led by Chief Justice Chaudhry that would function as a check on the arbitrary exercise of state power by the Zardari-led PPP. The strength of the lawyers’ movement and the long march was meant to be the power of persuasion, and not that of coercion. Looking back one can argue that the expected efficacy of the march was premised on fundamentally flawed judgment. Our post-colonial state structure divorced from the populace simply does not respond to mild persuasion. Our elites intoxicated with power neither worry about the silent majority nor the peacefully marching multitudes. Unfortunately, the behaviour of the state and the ruling government – whether military dictatorship or a civilian autocracy – continues to reinforce the lesson that only violent manifestations of disaffection will drive home the need to address legitimate demands….

    A tumultuous year
    by Aitzaz Ahsan
    “I had had no intention of contesting for the office of president Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA). “

    I think the above is a pathetic attempt by AA for self promotion. For example see this para:

    It celebrated in vain. So our weekly protests and strikes continued. So did the conspiracies against the movement. On April 8 former minister Sher Afgan was about to be lynched in Lahore and the blame placed on lawyers. On my personal intervention they actually saved him. The next day lawyers were torched in Karachi.

    The great savior, isn’t he? Maybe he ought to have let Sher Afghan be lyched (I seriously doubt that would have happened anyways. Sure he would have been pelted with eggs and tomatoes and a few punches but nothing more) I am disgusted the “torched lawyers” just get this brief mention. NO MENTION of MAY 12

    Shame on you Aitzaz!!! 😡

  5. Removal of judges be declared illegal: AI; Pakistan suffering from Musharraf’s policies

    …”The new civilian government which replaced Musharraf has taken some steps to improve on Pakistan’s poor human rights record, but it could and should do more, starting immediately with declaring the 2007 dismissal of judges illegal,” said Sam Zarifi, Amnesty International’s Asia-Pacific Director.

    “Pakistan’s leaders need to actively demonstrate that they respect the rule of law and that the government is responsible for the human rights of all Pakistanis. Without re-establishing its legitimacy and credibility through a strong independent judiciary system the Pakistani government will be unable to overcome the many troubles facing the country,” Sam Zarifi added….

  6. PPP ministers have become habitual & radical liars, who’s been blind to the American Aims. Go read the CIA, FBI & Pentagon based reports. As they have been working for years Pakistan into several pieces.

    Therefore, our death; there is no justification for terrorism period. It is not about land, it is about killing of particulary killing only those MUSLIMs by American Missile Attacks who are strickly following ISALMIC SHARIA LAWs & in favour of Shariat.

  7. Pakistan accepts 11 IMF conditions
    …The official said that major conditions accepted by the Pakistan government included changes in the Islamic Development Bank loans and differentiation between loans and grants, devaluation of rupee, freezing of non-development expenditure under the defence budget for the last three quarters of the current financial year, non-provision of supplementary grants to government departments, ending subsidy on gas and electricity, 20 per cent reduction in non-development expenditure of civil departments and federal ministries, increase in markup rate of banks and on inter-bank transactions, uniformity in the inter-bank and open market dollar exchange rate and stoppage of government financial intervention in stock markets….

    …The official opined that despite all the tough conditions, objections and differences, Pakistan would be compelled to seek the IMF assistance package because under the IMF pressure on the Friends of Pakistan, no friendly country has so far agreed to extend loan to Islamabad to meet its repayment obligations. “Therefore, the government has decided to write a letter of intent to the IMF for assistance,” he said.

    (The highlighted ones are certainly going to hurt ordinary citizens right away. Thank you PPP) 🙂

  8. What is really funny is that right under the above accepting IMF conditions story is the following:
    Zardari pins hopes on Friends of Pakistan
    President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani on Saturday agreed not to take loan on tough IMF conditions.They were, however, of the opinion that a final decision about taking loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) would be taken after the president’s visit to Saudi Arabia and the meeting of the Friends of Pakistan group, to be held in Abu Dhabi on 17th of this month….


  9. Message for Admin of this site:

    There is a new program on Geo TV with the name of “Bund File”, are you guys planing to add video of that program on this site.

  10. This is what we need to do every Pakistani should send a box of bangles to GHQ and the president house. . Pakistanis should start civil disobedience and should stop paying tax . May Allah grant us sincere leadership.

  11. contd from above…

    this is the ‘Joint Task Advisory and Implementation Team’ and is responsible to take and implement decisions on all significant matters in the country

  12. I doubt he has died a natural death. I think he has been killed to reveal the crimes committed by the American favoured army secularists (or the Army Dictator) about Phonsphorus bombing in the Lal Masjid and Kargil Adventurism.

    Strange the news of his ‘death’ is not getting proper coverage in the media, obviously the news channels don’t want to face a ban if they ‘disrespect’ the holy satans in the Pak Army.

    Jamshed Gulzar Kayani — a great soldier

    Sunday, November 02, 2008
    Lt-Gen (r) Jamshed Gulzar Kayani, former commander of the 10 Corps and chairman of the Federal Public Service Commission, passed away at round 11am on Nov 1 during an unsuccessful intestinal operation in Rawalpindi’s military hospital. He was from 38th PMA long course and got commissioned in the Baloch Regiment in 1968. A St Marian by schooling, he came under the media spotlight when he challenged in court his removal as chairman of the FPSC by the then president, Pervez Musharraf. He also gave interviews to private television channels exposing the misdemeanours of Pervez Musharraf. He was an active member of the Pakistan Ex-servicemen Association (PESA) and carried the national flag on the PESA float during the Long March to Islamabad against Musharraf. He was one of our most vocal members and was always in a hurry as if he was to complete his agenda.

    His family had a long history of cardiac issues. For the past 15 years, he had worked on his fitness to shed extra ounces and looked visibly frail. And despite his family’s background, it was intestinal ailment which eventually took his life. I pray for his soul and join his family in condoling and sharing the grief caused by the death of a great soldier.

    Brigadier (r) Samson Simon Sharaf



  13. @Malek

    “breaking news… President Zaradri’s advisory team arrives in Islamabad”

    Are you being fair? Are you not underestimating the Yankees by declaring them “advisers”. Don’t you think they are the masters of AZ and his gang members?

  14. Turkey to play role in stopping US attacks:


    What is the PM (Puppet Minister) think about? Having Turkish soldiers in FATA?

    There is no harm in seeking assistance from brotherly/friendly countries. I respect the Turks a lot, but nothing will happen unless we pull ourselves together! This is OUR land and WE have to take the proper measures to ensure OUR sovereignty! I am not asking for war against the allied gang, but I want certain measures to ensure our sovereignty, f.ex. stop the supply lines to allied scorpions.

  15. @nota and others


    A few days back I heard the news about the death of Lt. General (r) Jamshed Gulzar Kiyani. He is the man who spoke about Kargil, Lal Masjid, the removal of NS etc.


    As such he looks sound and healthy in this episode. What I heard in the news (GEO) was that he had been ill for a month and then passed away. Does anyone know whether he died a natural death or was his death planned by those who think he revealed too much in “Meray Mutabiq”.

  16. @Asif
    “if someone can forward this report to SS…”

    Well the report comes through Daily Times so it is basically the gibberish of Salman Taseer (“By Terence J Sigamony”?). Don’t take it seriously…
    (I am not saying “Sasta tandoors plan fails to deliver” could not be true. It’s just that the messenger is too much of a scumbag to be trusted…)

  17. Local rumor I heard last week was both Sumaira Malik and Kashmala Tariq are to join PPP. I am sure Zardari is looking forward to it and Shireen feeling jealous….
    PML-Q removes chief of women’s wing
    Former federal minister Sumera Malik has been removed from the post of the chief of the women’s wing of the Pakistan Muslim League-Q.

    Ms Malik was one of the member of the party’s forward bloc who voted for Asif Ali Zardari in the presidential election.

    PML-Q MNA Nosheen Saeed had accused Ms Malik of threatening her for not accompanying the forward bloc legislators to the presidency.

    According to a press release, PML-Q president Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain removed Ms Malik from the party post after an investigation….

    Another example of continuation of Mush’s policies? 🙂

    She certainly would fit in well. Remember she is the niece of Farooq Leghari (“Mehran Bank”) and niece of the Nawab of Kalabagh (“Helicopter scandal”). She is a defaulter herself and involved in many scandals including that Islamabad “cat house”. These days she has been busy overseeing the construction of her three new houses (the one in Islamabad reportedly worth Rs. 16 crore — Mush did pay well I guess).

    I am sure AZ will have no trouble overlooking her links with Farooq as he is willing to forgive even the Chaydhrys. Hell, looking at his A-Team, it would not be surprising if Farooq rejoins PPP soon as well…. 🙂

  18. Mufahimat, Eh Shahbaz?
    Accused being given safe exit
    LAHORE – A cartel of 17 officials of the LDA allegedly involved in 133 exemption files scam of Johar Town is being provided a safe exit under political influence. The exemption files of the plots carry value of more than Rs 2 billion.

    The evidence to bail out the accused is clear from the fact that two out of three corruption cases, registered against them by Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) on the directives of LDA authorities two months back, have been dropped while efforts are underway to quash last case just to clear them from corruption charges. So much so, the LDA Director General Ifran Ali, considered to be main force behind digging out the scandal, was transferred in a bid to put the whole case in cold storage.

    As a precautionary measure, the authority concerned also considered to put the names of all suspects on Exit Control List to stop them from slipping way from the country, sources revealed. But later the option was dropped, they added.

  19. Good governance in times of financial turmoil?
    28 new ministers to join Cabinet
    …The list of fresh entrants in the Federal Cabinet were decided in consultation with the coalition partners but till filing of this report the names of the Muttahida Qoumi Movement MPs were not given because the MQM Rabata Committee meeting was in progress in London under the head of their Quaid Altaf Hussain.

    According to the sources in all some 26 to 28 new ministers would take oath on Monday (today) with some 16 to 18 members of the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party made part of the list of the federal and state ministers to be inducted in the federal cabinet. Some three to four ministries would be doled out to MQM while JUI(F) and ANP would get another couple of berths in the cabinet.FATA members would also get another slot.

    The other PPP MPs to be inducted as ministers included Aftab Shaban Merani, Mir Hazar Khan Bejarani, Dr. Babar Awan, Nabeel Gabol, Ejaz Jakhrani, Tasneem Qureshi, Qayyum Jatoi, Nawab Sabeer Wasir, Rana Farooq Saeed, Samina Khalid Ghurki, Mahreen Bhutto, Aftab Jeelani, Mahreen Anwar Raja, Foozia Wahab, Ms Azra Afzal Peecho and Sameena Ghurki.

    From JUI(F) Abdul Ghafoor Haideri and Senator Talha while from ANP Arbab Zahir Khan and Masood Abbass Khan would be inducted in the Federal Cabinet.

    MQM would likely get three to four places in the federal cabinet and the sources in the party were listing the names of Haider Abbass Rizvi, Wasim Akhtar, Khush Bakhat Shujaat and Babar Ghori as the most likely candidates to be nominated by the party.

  20. Does anybody know the background of Senator Talha Mahmood?

    He, like Azam Swati, is someone who managed to ‘buy’ senate tickets from Fazlur Rehman without ever being a member of JUI(F).

  21. From the above link:
    “…However, sources close to Makhdoom Amin Fahim have confirmed that he has agreed to take oath and is rushing back to Islamabad from Dubai on Sunday night, which confirms the report that he has accepted the offer….”

  22. @shirkuh
    “@Malek. Are you being fair? Are you not underestimating the Yankees by declaring them “advisers”. Don’t you think they are the masters of AZ and his gang members?”

    my apolgies. yes you are right they are not advisors but masters…as evident from the news below

    Islamabad is in full control (qabza) of US

  23. @nota
    not seen Mardana Raja’s name in the list of 41….i thought she had done her “best” on all TV shows for her master AZ??

    Note: best per ZPP standards being lie lie lie lie lie lie and lie….until u drop dead…..shaheed i mean!

  24. I would like to refer the thinkers on this BLOG to the following-

    An Extract From Dawn >>>>>>
               The silence in Mowach Goth graveyard ( Karachi ) mainly reserved for bodies of abondened persons, is peculiar. The mystery unfolds as one catches a glimpse of an area with many small graves, without any headstones. The graves are of those unwanted newborns whose right to life was snatched by their own parents.
               Every month there is an addition of 20 to 25 bodies, the majority of which are of GIRLS. These unfortunate souls are rejected not only by their own parents but the state too. it is difficult to deny the fact that theirs is the case of cold–blooded murder .  >>>>>> On average, about 20 to 25 bodies and 15 to 20 bodies are picked up by Edhi and Chippa servises respectively every month from Karachi. >>>>>
    In Lahore and Islamabad 15 to 20 bodies are also recovered every month. >>>>> ”They may have been born through an illegitimate act but they all have a right to live,” said Edhi.  

    A few days earlier I had heard Edhi Sahib himself saying that he once got an SOS that an abadoned child was lying at the gate of such and such mosque.
                He rushed, he said, but by the time he had arrived, the Imam of the Masjid had already given his Futwa that the child was illegitimate and had to be destroyed.
    He said, he found only a crushed body of a little baby on arrival. 


  25. Dr SM to resign as PTV chairman following fued with Minister Cherry

    Media reports said Dr Shahid will resign within the next couple of days while one report indicated he may be sent abroad as an ambassador. Dr Shahid’s first preference is the United Arab Emirates (UAE), it was learnt.

    dont know whether to feel happy or not with these news??

  26. background to Dr SM resignation in The Nation


    -“This is public money which must be recovered at all costs and under all circumstances especially at a time of great economic crunch”, the committee observed. In response, according to sources, Chairman/MD PTV handed over the recently compiled audit report of the PTV to the members of the committee. The committee asked the Chairman/MD PTV to lodge FIRs against defaulters.

  27. 40 new ministers, means at least 40 new VIP bullet proof Mercedez and their protocol thingys etc.

    O my poor people of my country…

  28. The New reports:
    After a gruelling wait, the PPP-led coalition government expanded the federal cabinet on Monday by inducting 40 ministers, pushing the total to 55 and making it one of the largest cabinets in Pakistan’s history.

    So, as expected, instead of going lean, the snake Zardari and his cronies decided to go fat. I am sure all Jiyalas/Empty-Piyalas were given ministries. What a fokking joke this government is.

  29. @Pejamistri

    What’s your impression who is the third person Chief Justice is talking about:

    “There are three main characters of the sordid drama, including former president Pervez Musharraf, former prime minister Shaukat Aziz and a third person,” he said but did not disclose the third name leaving it to an appropriate time.

    Was he pointing towards Kiyani?

  30. Ijtima Dawateislami (Multan 2008)

    “Pakistani Sunni Muslims devotees return back to their homes on a packed train after attending annual religious congregation in Multan, Pakistan, Sunday, Nov. 2, 2008. Hundreds of thousands of Sunni Muslims devotees from all over the country took part in three-day congregation which concluded Sunday in Multan”

    Can anyone explain which group/tribe of Muslims these people belong? No offensive stuff plz.

  31. Senator supporting Baluchistan Honour Killing rewarded with Ministry

    In a very shocking turn of events Mr. Asif Ali Zardari yesterday expanded his cabinet with 40 members and inducted a very controversial Senator Mir Israrullah Zehri. Mr Israrullah Zehri a few months back in August stood up in the Senate and justified the crime of burying women alive by arguing in the upper house that ‘It is a Baluch tribal tradition (to bury accused women alive) and we have to respect it’

    Five women were buried alive in Baluchistan a few months before as it [script removed]http://www.teeth.com.pk/blog/

  32. apparently the “sunnaton bhara” ijtama does not teach these green parrots to follow the law, norms of decency and safety guidelines.

    They have the darood shareef.

    The picture looks more like a bunch of hindus coming back from the kumbh maila. GanRpata bappa, Morya!

    Opiate of the masses, indeed.

  33. Public Accounts Committee orders action against Mush

    – country had suffered a loss of Rs 197.7 million when the then-chief executive of Pakistan after visiting the area had decided to reduce the size of the motorway from six to four lanes.

    – The PAC also directed bosses of the Communication Ministry to recover an amount of Rs 16 million paid illegally to Hasnain Construction Company. This company is owned by the father-in-law of Gen Musharraf’s son Bilal.

    – The PAC members have also been ordered to conduct an inquiry against former National Highway Authority (NHA) Chairman Lt-Gen Farrukh Javed for importing four expensive cars worth Rs 16 million, after defying the orders of former prime minister Zafarullah Khan Jamali not to buy such cars. One car cost the taxpayers Rs 4 million each.

  34. A Quiet Deal With Pakistan

    By David Ignatius

    Pakistan is publicly complaining about U.S. airstrikes. But the country’s new chief of intelligence, Lt. Gen. Ahmed Shuja Pasha, visited Washington last week for talks with America’s top military and spy chiefs, and everyone seemed to come away smiling.

    They could pat themselves on the back, for starters, for the assassination of Khalid Habib, al-Qaeda’s deputy chief of operations. According to Pakistani officials, he was killed on Oct. 16 by a Predator strike in the Pakistani tribal area of South Waziristan. Habib, reckoned by some to be the No. 4 leader in al-Qaeda, was involved in recruiting operatives for future terrorist attacks against the United States.

    The hit on Habib attests to the growing cooperation — in secret — between the United States and Pakistan in the high-stakes war along Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan, which U.S. intelligence officials regard as the crucial front in the war on terrorism.

    The CIA had been gunning for Habib for several years, including a January 2006 Predator attack that produced false reports that he had been killed. The agency has needed better human intelligence on the ground, and improved liaison with Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence agency, or ISI, may help.

    Behind the stepped-up Predator missions in recent weeks is a secret understanding between the United States and Pakistan about the use of these drones. Given Pakistani sensitivities about American meddling, this accord has been shielded in the deniable world of intelligence activities. Officially, the Pakistanis oppose any violation of their airspace, and the Pakistani defense minister issued a public protest yesterday about the Predator raids. But that’s not the whole story.


  35. People of Pakistan are very well aware with list of the rich and famous before and after 1947. The miraculous growth in the wealth of politicians, generals, and civil servants is mind blowing? Sharfis who were making water pumps in 1960s and Zardari’s who were selling cinema tickets have become billionaires in few years.

    Clock is ticking for 2000 listed corrupt elite of Pakistan and no one knows what is attached with it?

    Selling Pakistan Cheap?
    By Dr Shahid Qureshi

    “How is it going to be legally possible for Pakistan to get the looted billions of dollars back,” a very senior official of an international financial institution who is been approving loans for Pakistan asked me in the House of Lords in London? I told him, “It is very simple western security agencies MI6, CIA and others are very well aware with the (original and fake) names, deposits, bank details, values of the assets of every one, they should release the names of those individuals or companies in the public interest? They should share intelligence on international corruption and money laundering too?.

    Pakistan’s total debt is approximately $45 billion and Pakistanis wealth in foreign banks is estimated over $200 billion. Only 45 Pakistanis have deposited $23 billions in foreign banks. “Zardari’s financial advisor Mr Tareen, Shahid Javeed Burki, Shaukat Aziz, Salman Shah, Mian Mohammad Somro are the pimps of the international financial mafia”, said an analyst.


  36. Magsi blames Mush for BB’s murder

    in the statement he says ‘Pervez Musharraf and his government are involved in killing of slain PPP chairperson Benazir Bhutto’ then he goes on to say ‘Like Liaquat Ali Khan, Murtaza Bhutto and Zia-ul-Haq, murderers of Benazir Bhutto’s killing would not be caught’

    – what does that mean… that we know the killer, we have Pres, PM, 40 Federal ministers and govt in 4 provinces, major opposition party united with us to charge Mush…but we are begharat that we will not catch him!!

  37. @nota

    refernce to the post above…considering the PPP govt claims they are at ‘war’ in that province…and the army, establishment and ppp govt is fully on top of the war with US ‘help’…..wouldnt it be very easy for our highly trained professionals at war to say the make and model of the rockets….to check if its US make or ‘taliban make’???

  38. Terror war Pakistan’s fight: Petraeus

    Let’s step back Mr. Petraeus! Pakistan came into being in 1947 and the colonialists’ war of terror is in operation for the past 800 years in different ways in different forms. In the immediate context, Pakistan didn’t invade Afghanistan. It was the Soviet Union. Pakistan had nothing to do with Soviet Union. It was the colonialist allies which wanted to defeat their arch rival. That’s how Pakistan bore the brunt as it was used to defeat the Soviet Union. Pakistan didn’t promote Taliban. It was the CIA. Pakistan didn’t attack the US on 9/11. Pakistan didn’t invade Afghanistan and then Iraq. Pakistan is not supporting any of the dictatorial regimes in the Middle East, including Israel. Pakistan does not intend to occupy natural resources of all nations all over the globe. Pakistan didn’t want to kill its own people. It is the US which want to undermine Pakistan and for that it is necessary that Pakistan army is used as a mercenary to root out the khad and raw agents, who attack Pakistani forces and blow up schools in the guise of the Taliban. When the Pakistani forces collectively punish whole villages and towns, it creates enemies for itself. This cycle goes on and one only because of the totalitarian designs of the warlords in the US. This is absolutely not Pakistan’s war by any definition.

  39. Guys please watch Off The Record 6th Nov . PPP minister Mr Jatoi is in it . This is the same guy who was caught in Islamabad cat house Brothel . It was also reported in newspapers and you can watch him getting arrested by police on youtube. videos of that police raid is also available on this site .

    I am really amazed to see how this jatoi can come on TV after what has happened to him. Sharam bhi nahi ati aisey loogon ko.

    He is rewarded by Dakoo-e-Azam Janab Asif Ali zardari by a Ministry .

  40. If you believe this I’ve got a bridge to sell you 🙂

    PM defends cabinet expansion
    Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has defended the induction of a fresh batch of ministers into the federal cabinet, saying that they will not be a burden on the national exchequer because they will be paid less than what they were getting as parliamentarians.

  41. If you believe this I’ve got another bridge to sell you…

    Delegation’s expenses were borne by Asif
    Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has denied reports that expenses on the delegation which accompanied President Asif Ali Zardari to Saudi Arabia were borne by the government.

    Talking to reporters here on Thursday, he said he wanted to clarify that the expenses of the “large” delegation were borne by the president.Mr Zardari went to Saudi Arabia on a two-day visit on Tuesday with a delegation of up to 200 people to seek financial assistance package from the kingdom.

    Sources told Dawn that the president’s visit to Saudi Arabia involved three chartered flights. An advance party had gone on Monday. Most members of the delegation were Mr Zardari’s friends and close aides who were taken to perform Umrah.

    The president had only 15 people with him in his plane — his personal staff and some friends. No federal minister or senior bureaucrat was in that flight.

    The other chartered flight carried 175 people, mostly friends and close aides of the president. Ministers and government officials who were in the plane included National Assembly Deputy Speaker Faisal Kundi, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Finance Adviser Shaukat Tarin, Minister for Labour and Manpower Khursheed Shah, Law Minister Farooq H. Naek, Interior Adviser Rehman Malik and Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Dr Babar Awan.

  42. Shahbaz’s security to cost Punjab Rs200m
    LAHORE: Punjab government is likely to spend over Rs200 million from provincial exchequer to purchase latest equipment for chief minister’s security, Dawn has learnt.
    The sum matches the amount being reportedly spent on President Asif Ali Zardari’s security.

    Shahbaz’s personal security team resented
    …Ms Samina Khawar Hayat, one of the four parliamentarians, said deployment of a DIG, three SPs, 12 DSPs and 1,000 constables to ensure security ring around the CM was criminal use of public money…

  43. Pakistani coal can solve electricity crisis: Report
    Pakistan has about 850 billion cubic feet resources of coal at the moment but unfortunately the country has been facing an acute shortage of electricity which is badly affecting the national economy.

    The available resources of the coal are equal to 400 billion barrels of oil and the government has been spending $4 billion annually to fulfill the demand of oil but such a costly demand can be easily fulfilled by utilizing only two percent of available resources of coal in the country.

    According to a Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) press release the figures were shared by the president of the chamber with the participants of seminar on Power Crisis here on Thursday.

    The chamber president said the present resources of the coal could produce 20,000 megawatts electricity for 40 long years but the government had only been depending on hydro power to generate the electricity. Such an approach had demanded construction of new dams and water reservoirs that is not possible due to controversies and conspiracies. …

  44. Corruption alleged in Qadirpur’s privatisation
    Workers union of the Oil and Gas Development Company (OGDCL) has sought the intervention of the prime minister and president to stop the privatisation of Qadirpur Gas Field, which generates $155million annual revenue and accounts for over 30 per cent of OGDCL’s total gas production….

    If the field was sold to foreign companies they would sell gas $7 per mmbtu (million British thermal unit), while OGDCL was selling at Rs124 per unit. Mr Niazi said that gas would become so much expensive that the fertilisers and chemicals industries of Punjab would not be able to operate….

    The workers said that it was beyond their comprehension as to what had made the government to decide to put on sale the ‘profit-making’ gas field, in which, they say, British Petroleum and Austria’s OMV were interested.

    The union leader said that the Privatisation Commission had valued the total assets of the gas field at $2billion while it’s real cost was over $7billion. OGDCL has so far extracted 1.7trillion cubic feet from one zone of Qadirpur gas field alone, while two other field were yet to be dug. The OGDCL has put total gas reserves from the field at 2.5 trillion cubic feet.

    ‘This is a scandal bigger than that of the sale of Pakistan Steel Mills, which could not be materialised owing to the timely intervention of the Supreme Court of Pakistan,’ said the union’s president, Chaudhry Mohammad Akram. He said the workers would also get a stay from the court against the controversial sale of Qadirpur gas field….

  45. Related to the above Qadirpur Gas Field story is the following “misdirection” attempt. Now we know they cannot privatize Pakistan Steel Mill because of the awareness among the citizens. So while they attempt to do a bigger swindle (see above), they try to portray themselves as “the anti-privatization champs” by claiming…
    Steel Mills privatisation plan scrapped

  46. Cat-fight continues…
    Sumaira to move court against Nosheen
    …Sumaira Malik was recently removed by the PML-Q chief Chaudhry Shujaat Husain from the slot of President PML-Q Women’s Wing. Nosheen had alleged in some news items published in leading national newspapers that Sumaira Malik had physically assaulted her for “not turning up in a dinner hosted by forward bloc members last week”…

  47. @Malek
    “…while confused govt is proposing to abolish death penalty for murdererd and rapists…”

    Well, who knows if they (the pea-brain ZPP parlimentarians) are trying to protect the snake (Zardari) in case he gets implicated in the murder of Murtaza Bhutto or BB in the future.

  48. Just some interesting bit of info:

    ” [Nearly 70% of the military budget] is to provide men and weapons to fight in foreign countries in support of our allies and friends and for offensive operations in Third World countries ..

    Another big chunk of the defense budget is the 20% allocated for our offensive nuclear force of bombers, missles, and submarines whose job it is to carry nuclear weapons to the Soviet Union…

    Actual defense of the United States costs about 10% of the military budget and is the least expensive function performed by the Pentagon…”
    — Rear Admiral Gene LaRoque, U.S. Navy retired

  49. nota Says:
    Shahbaz’s security to cost Punjab Rs200m
    LAHORE: Punjab government is likely to spend over Rs200 million from provincial exchequer to purchase latest equipment for chief minister’s security, Dawn has learnt.
    The sum matches the amount being reportedly spent on President Asif Ali Zardari’s security.

    Is this what is considered “leading by example”?

    Can anybody give a plausible explanation?

  50. @Shirkuh
    Jamhooriat is probably right and the story probably wrong. The giveaway is “The sum matches the amount being reportedly spent on President Asif Ali Zardari’s security.”

    I often run into Gillani’s motorcade and I have seen CM’s. Both are no where close. I am sure AZ’s security detail is as big as Gillani’s if not more and saying they cost the same can’t possibly be right…

  51. P.S. BUT I won’t go as far as saying Punjab govt does not make any expenditure on Shahbaz Sharif Security. That too is simply not possible 🙂

  52. I have posted this on another thread as well.

    AJ TV is showing around 200 people outside AJ Islamabad office. They are angry over some comments made by nusrat and Mushtaq against Molana Tahir -ul- Qadri on NOV 6 bolta pakistan. they want an opology but AJ TV administration told them to end this Badmashi infront of the office.

    I lived in islamabad and know that there are many Schools/Maddrasas which are run by Tahir-ul-qadri . I guess these people are from these schools which are funded by Mr.Qadri. Most of them are Young students.

  53. What is that revolting smell???

    Nawaz, Zardari meet today to erase feeling of betrayal
    RAIWIND, Lahore: There is a great sense of betrayal and helplessness in this sprawling private compound of the Sharif brothers but the top two men who matter here are determined not to create any obstacles for the Asif Ali Zardari-led regime in Islamabad because they believe any confrontation would bring down the entire political system.

    But when Mian Nawaz Sharif meets President Zardari at dinner on Saturday night, many issues will be raised in a candid and frank way, but in a spirit of positive assertiveness and not to let any misunderstandings or misgivings create a wedge that could dent their cooperation in the larger interest of the democratic set-up.

    A visit to this heavily protected and fortified complex on Friday revealed that telephonic contacts between President Zardari and Mian Nawaz Sharif are regular and frequent, so much so that sometimes they speak to each other daily or on every alternate day….

  54. From the above link:
    …But the overriding fear is that the entire political system was being discredited by the way the Islamabad government was being run through a system which one Raiwind resident said was akin to a “super presidential system”, even stronger than the one the country faced during General Pervez Musharraf.

    “We have worked for and voted for a parliamentary set-up but Zardari has in his exuberance turned it into a presidential system with almost a non-existent prime minister. This will be music to the ears of forces which always keep waiting in the wings to strike as they find politicians failing in doing their job as it should be done,” a PML-N leader present in Raiwind said.

    There is complete consensus in Raiwind that the Pakistani Army generals are watching the political set-up but they are too busy in the war on terror to strike at the system any time soon.

    This available window of opportunity must be used to consolidate the democratic system and institutions must be strengthened instead of running the government as a one-man operation. This window of opportunity will figure in Nawaz-Zardari talks on Saturday as both leaders are supposed to understand that this window may not remain open for long.

  55. Deal time?

    Famous money changer Munaf S. Kalia arrested in Karachi with 5 associates for currency smuggling…

    (Hey! Is Khanani one of them??? Let’s see how soon they are out…)

  56. Big News Zardari is meeting again & again within a month time Ambassador of Iran with Rehman Malik as he belongs to Aihlay Tashih, Yes, there are actual, ideologically- Islamic Republic Muslims out there; and yes, I suppose there are Muslims, who believe that Zardari will defend the Muslims claim to Greater Islamic Republic of Pakistan not rather as Shia State (which is a terribly important cause when you live in Outside Pakistan, apparently) with greater fervor than would Nawaz Sharif & Others. But in my own experience, I would have to say that simple Sindhism or Punjabism motivates much of the anti-Muslism anxiety in corners of the Muslim Community. I don’t know what else explains it.

    In short why doesn’t Muslims of Pakistan just settle the problem & find out the difference between Modernism & Westernize and hit them hard, first of all at Pakistan and as trend setters in rest of Muslim Countries.

  57. BARA: Seven persons died and 3 others injured when Nato led fighter jets bombed Teerah valley along Pak-Afghan border in Khyber Agency on Sunday.

    The Nato led fighter jets targeting a group of 40 pedestrians on Morga mountains in Teerah valley pounded them with a number of bombs, killing seven of them on the spot and injuring three others.

    The dead and injured were taken to Tehsil Bara.


    Pakistanis are getting butchered by foreign and there own napak fauj on daily bases.. Lanat on napak awaam too.

  58. here is more on the above from the article…..

    Suggesting other measures to preserve foreign exchange, they said that it should only be available for import of essential items like oil, petroleum products and essential raw material that is not available locally.

    “Non-essential import of mobiles, foodstuff like juices, cheese, milk, jams, chocolates, make up items, perfumes and electronics should be stopped until the situation improves.”

    Taking to ‘The News,’ Raja Habib said if only 0.5 per cent of the total 170 million population and those living abroad contribute $1,000 in the reserve fund, $ 8.5 billion could be collected.

    “As there will not be donations, the fund will only bolster and supplement our reserves to build trust and confidence in the country and its economy,” he said.

    He said that there was a need to motivate people not to waste energy and prefer locally manufactured products over imported stuff. “There are thousands of ways through which a common Pakistani can contribute and there is a need to create awareness in this regard,” he added.

  59. Journalist killed by security forces
    Security forces shot dead a local journalist in Mingora city of Swat valley late Saturday night when he was on his way back from a local hospital.

    Qari Muhammad Shoaib, a correspondent of two Mingora-based dailies, was shot in the back of the head at Green Square despite the fact that there was no curfew. The single bullet piercing his head proved fatal and he died instantly.

    Military officials told a group of journalists that the incident was the result of a misunderstanding, and that he was shot dead mistakenly. A press release issued by the ISPR claimed to have received information about the entry of a suspected suicide bomber. The Army soldiers and police, it added, were jointly patrolling the city to ward off any such attack and flagged down a suspected car but it didn’t stop…

  60. “Deal time?

    Famous money changer Munaf S. Kalia arrested in Karachi with 5 associates for currency smuggling…

    (Hey! Is Khanani one of them??? Let’s see how soon they are out…)”

    This is so pathetic, whole world knew when the money was being transferred out of Pakistan and they did not do anything and now all of a sudden they wake up from long trans and want to take action?

    Yes this is a deal time for Zardari or IMF has putting their feet, or some of the money have gone to some wrong bank accounts and big brother is angry in us.

  61. Admin,

    Apart from a joke, we should have a separate thread to discuss this Kaalia scandal for money laundering. It look to me there is more than a Zardari commission issue on this scandal.

    I would love to hear the other people’s comments!!

  62. I have taken flak previously for suggesting Ahmed Rashid is a CIA guy(e.g. See here, here, here)

    Well, I am going to repeat that claim once more (note the two names. Funny I mentioned them both in my first linked comment above):

    Here is all the proof I need:
    “Good news: two good men, authors Ahmad Rashid and Shuja Nawaz are in Tampa, Florida at the invitation of US Centcom commander General David Petraeus, working on a strategy for Afghanistan and Iraq. The Indians are green with envy why two Pakistani security analysts have made it to Petraeus list of consultants. Eat your hearts out!”

  63. Did THe News get a lifafa? Guess which MoFo they are talking about:
    @$&#%%@$ “has been an Islamic activist, a war correspondent, a savvy politician, a beloved professor, and an aide to two rival Pakistani prime ministers.”

  64. Come on guys. You know these are just empty threats. You ZPP guys can’t do sh!t like this ’cause you gifted your cajones over it. You are only making yourselves look pathetic because in doing this you are admitting you fear Mush’s coming into politics is going to hurt you. This should be proof enough how low you have sunk!!!
    Senate moved for treason cases against Musharraf
    ISLAMABAD: In a significant move the ruling and opposition legislators on Monday called for filing of high treason cases against General (retd) Pervez Musharraf for subversion of the Constitution and killing of Nawab Akbar Bugti.

    “Certainly, a decision will be made in line with the party policy, but apparently this initiative will not win backing of the Pakistan People’s Party,” commented a PPP senator, when contacted outside the Upper House of parliament.

  65. @Malek
    Regarding “President sees no economic meltdown” I liked the way Jand published the news. The two top headlines were:

    “We will have to swalow the biter pill prescribed by IMF: Prez Zardari”

    “There is no economic meltdown: Prez Zardari”

    WTF? 🙂

  66. @nota
    ‘Deal time….they downsided NAB before taking this action’

    one must admit the ‘sophisticated way’ in which they ‘operate their businesses’ …real professionals in ‘their field’

    shame on lots of us who still cant see through them?

  67. @nota
    Quote ‘Prez Zardari’

    is this short for for ‘Pervez Zardari’…..with full name ‘Pervez Asif Musharraf Bhutto Zardari’

    then Bilalawal must be ……

  68. New Secretary of Defense–a step forward in making Pakistan next Iraq
    The government of Pakistan has announced today the appointment of Lt. Gen. Syed Athar Ali as new Secretary of Defense replacing Kamran Rasool. We were expecting this appointment very well when retirement of Athar Ali was announced last month.

    Lt. Gen. Athar Ali appeared on the radar screen soon after his appointment as Karachi Core Commander. He developed links with many defunct religious organizations and terrorist of a particular group were noticed visiting his residence and office. A large number of terrorist’s activities were enhanced during his tenure.

    Prior to his appointment as core commander Karachi, he served colonial masters at Sierra Lone till Aug 2003. Like the current DG ISI, Pasha, who also got fame for serving those masters, and UN mission was a cause of making the same connections. Smuggling of gold and child abuse cases were reported during their respective tenure, their links with anti-Pakistan elements played an important role in camouflaging culprits of Pak army from those crimes.

    From Karachi, he was appointed at Joint Chief head Quarter, his suspicious activities remain as usual and a large number of extremist gangs and terrorists of a particular sect were noticed visiting at his office and residence. After his appointment he remained on watch list of many patriot citizens.

    The above stated suspicious links and traffic was enhanced during genocide of students of Hafsa School at Islamabad. Before and after operation a lot of terrorists and extremists of a particular sect were found visiting him at his home and office. Massacre and Genocide of students of Jamia Hafsa was conducted under supervision of current Chief of Joint Staff Tariq Majeed Butcher, when he was core Commander 10th core, and current core commander of 10th core assisted him with the SSG commandos to use chemical weapons and kill live students, a history of barbarism and cruelty was written.

    Butcher Tariq Majeed was promoted as Joint Chief of Staff by Mush, a reward for genocide and massacre. But Butcher T M is a coward person and since then he is under protection of the security agencies. Lt Gen Athar Ali took advantage of the situation and started to patronize local terrorists. Two three months back when his father died, a lot of peoples noticed presence of notorious gang leaders who were observed arranging funeral services inside his home.

    So his current appointment or any other sensitive appointment was in pipe line. Zardari and Gaillani from first day are working on of neo-Cons road map of Iraqi sectarian style appointments and collection of particularly mentality moles. Those are using extremist or terrorists to fulfill their objective. Since 911 a lobby is continuously busy in pushing Pakistan towards sectarian war. Appointment of Zardari and Gaillani was first part of that agenda, and then appointment of Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Sherry Rahman and Rahman Malik confirmed their plans. When Secretary Interior Kamal Shah remained on the job, currently Ministry of Defense was the last important ministry which required same mentality mole. Now situation has reached to a point that President, Prime Minister, Speaker, Ambassador at USA and UNO, and all important ministries including Ministry of foreign affairs, interior, information, religious affairs, and some other less important Ministers where most extremists of same group like Mir Hazar Khan Bajarani type sponsors of terrorism is giving an impression of completion of second phase of neo-Cons plan after appointment of S Athar Ali as Secretary Ministry of Defense.

    Maulana Fazal ur Rahman corruption case:
    What happened with Maulana Fazal ur Rahman is an admonition for all those political and religious leaders who for the sake of personal interests set aside their principals. Maulana’s policies are always suspicious and his party helped Benazir at a time when no religious party dared to support her, he remained silent on corruption of Benazir and Zardari, he helped Mush in completion of his fascist agenda, currently his party was first to jump in the boat of corrupt and murderer Zardari. Today Ansar Abbasi has challenged him if he is wrong Maulana’s party may go to courts.

    Maulana Fazal ur Rahman! Everybody is laughing on you, on your criminal negligence which caused massacre of 7000 students of Jamia Hafsa, your criminal disregard to death of poor hungry peoples of Swat, FATA and Baluchistan. It is a lesson for all corrupt politicians who passed the NRO, and a lesson for Mian Nawaz Shariff that Zardari is a snake he always bites on heel. It is his nature that he attacks from back side. Lamb leg served to Mian Nawaz Shariff at president house will be sucked back. Wait and see.

    Hypocrisy is a curse among our politicians and we accept no lame excuse of Maulana, either he may lodge suit against Mir Khalil ur Rahman or any other solid proof of his corruption. When we raised the question of corruption of media, no politician came forward to chalk out their role against citizens of Pakistan. Now when the same media is grinding opposition politicians on the advice of corrupt PPP leaders. Those are issuing same reservations for which we are raising our finger since appointment of Zardari, who has closed mouth of media with pearls. Now a lot of water has been passed under the bridge and fate of ANP and MQM will be the same as happened with Maulana’s party today. PML N and Shariff brothers will be shown door that those will never return to politics. Shame on corrupt PPP, which did not support corruption of their coalition partner, on the same level which was provided to Zardari-Gaillani.

    International Professor

  69. yes i know about senator Talha Mehmood, he is a good politition, althogh he has no ministry yet but he talk about what is wrong? and he is grooming day by day

  70. @Malek & @nota

    When the snake, Zardari, said that there was no economic meltdown or crises, what he really meant was his account balance has had no impact and in fact is going up so how could there be any financial crises 🙂

  71. @Amir Hameed
    sorry i should have guessed that!! but sometimes i get confused who is the Prez…is it still Mush or Z!

    i suppose the other 2 news item re IMF and money changers is related to this as well….. i mean since K&K are under arrest so IMF to send the funds directly to ‘the swiss account’ and the awaam will swollow the bitter pill and K&K will be released after a ‘small commission’ to help run the expenses while stay in pakistan!!

  72. On Khanani & Kalia Afair
    Simply brilliant!
    No access to Khanani and Kalia’s ‘main server’: FIA
    LAHORE: The Lahore wing of Federal Investigation Agency has yet to get the possession of the computer’s ‘main server’ containing complete record of all transactions made by the Khanani and Kalia International Pvt Ltd over the last six months or so.
    Sources told Dawn on Tuesday that the FIA Lahore with the help of forensic experts could only manage to retrieve 11 transactions from the computers it had had from the Khanani and Kalia’ Lahore office and one of its branches in Gujranwala.

    ‘The main server was in Karachi with Munaf Kalia but surprisingly Kalia was handed over to the Lahore wing of FIA on Monday but not the main server,’ the sources confided. They further maintained that some ‘influential’ people were out to strike a ‘deal’ with the accused and the powers that mattered.

    Chief culprit identified…
    Few in the know profited from law on flight of capital
    ISLAMABAD: The ‘legal’ transfer outside Pakistan of over four billion dollars in the last few months, or the so-called flight of capital from the country, through normal banking channels or authorised dealers was made possible because of an amendment made in the foreign exchange law during the previous regime and which, besides the central bank officials, was in the knowledge of only a few powerful individuals.

    Successive governments, particularly the one led by Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz, remained so secretive about the change made in the law in 2003 that during all this period neither the Finance Ministry nor the State Bank of Pakistan posted it on their respective websites.

    So much so, that even today only a few individuals are aware that it was published in the official Gazzette, which is a legal requirement, but its copy remains untraceable in the finance ministry, a senior ministry official told Dawn. ‘We are searching our records to locate the notification SRO984 of 2003 but without much success,’ he added.

  73. Privatizing the rivers:
    $12.6 billion Diamer-Bhasha Dam approved

    Cost could double

    Can we afford this kind of expenditure? The question is who will own it? Why do I ask? See here:
    To undertake construction of mega dams, the government plans to set up companies and the required money is to be raised from the local and international markets. Not finding many borrowers, the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank may join as investment partners on “commercial terms”…Profits are based on financial performance and multilateral loans are guaranteed by the state, irrespective how the money has been used or misused….

    Some related background:
    Choosing the right dam
    …Thus Katzarah would act as a watershed management project for Basha to prevent heavy silt flow. It will prolong the life spans of all the dams and their service value on the downstream by 10 times.

    This means the 80 years lifespan of Basha dam would increase to 800 years provided if Basha is built after Katzarah Dam. The economic survival of Pakistan therefore lies in conserving and using its precious water resources for indefinite times by controlling silt in the Indus at Katzarah dam….

    Controversial Dam Issues
    …Besides construction of Bhasha Dam will not only be more expensive and cover good chunk of Karakaram Highway creating problems of having alternate logistic links with China essential for the country.s defence and trade….

  74. from link by @nota above ‘cost could double’…it is already ‘costs have doubled’ and are likely to exceed further….

    here are the extracts from the artcile

    ‘Estimated cost of the Diamer-Bhasha Dam was calculated at $6.4 billion in the feasibility report prepared in 2004, which was later increased to $8.5 billion in 2007.

    Now Ecnec, which met on Tuesday here with Finance Adviser Shaukat Tareen in the chair, approved the project with increased cost of over 33 per cent to $12.6 billion from the earlier estimated cost of $8.5 billion.

    The cost, the official said, has been increased because of revision of the seismic design, displacement of axis by one kilometre required for the foundation of the dam and strengthening of the weathered rock of the dam. The revision of the seismic design of the project, keeping in view the earthquake fault line, has been completed’

    Qst: Can the change in ‘seismic design and displacement of axis by one kilometre’ simply double the costs?? or is there more to it than that…eg now ZPP govt is involved in the construction!

  75. @nota
    here is what was reported in Dawn today related to SA….seems a very well planned and executed scam


    – $4bn sent abroad ‘legally’

    – because of an amendment made in the foreign exchange law during the previous regime and which, besides the central bank officials, was in the knowledge of only a few powerful individuals.

    – one led by Shaukat Aziz, remained so secretive about the change made in the law in 2003 that during all this period neither the finance ministry nor the State Bank of Pakistan posted it on its website.

  76. “The government is carrying forward policies of the Musharraf regime as a new Banker Shaukat Tareen has replaced the previous one Shaukat Aziz” Professor Khurshid commented.

    I fully agree with Professor Khurshid. Look at my comment above and one earlier about the Kanani and Kalia. It is clear Shaukat Aziz and his “notification SRO984” are the main culprits. But guess what? Well see for yourself:
    Shaukat Tareen rules out change in liberalised forex regulations.


  77. Currency Mafia In State Bank Of Pakistan?

    Messrs. Asad Qureshi (member of a politically dominated ethnic party in Karachi), Executive Director, SBP; Najam Saqib, Senior Joint Director, SBP (ex-NAB official); Faisal, Senior Joint Director, SBP (he has already fled the country and is seeking political asylum in USA/UK); Farooq Malik, Director, SBP (main culprit in money market and T-bill manipulations; Samar Husnain, Director, Exchange Policy Department, SBP; Amir Aziz, Executive Director, SBP , Muhammad Ashraf Khan, Director, SBP (member of a politically dominated ethnic party in Karachi); Mohsin Rasheed, Senior Joint Director, SBP; Aftab Mustafa, Executive Director, SBP ; Noman Qureshi, Director, SBP; Kamran Shehzad, MD, SBP BSC ; Akhtar Javed, Senior Joint Director, SBP; Javed Ismail, Senior Joint Director, SBP; Syed Irfan Ali (ex-NAB official), Director, SBP; Syed Imran Ali (first front man for sale/purchase of shares); and Mustafa Shah (2nd front man for sale/purchase of shares).

    The above mafia people have purchased millions of dollars from the open market. Their Head Asad Qureshi persuaded the Governor to supply SBP dollars at Rs.80 in the inter-bank market, and they knew that dollar would go up from there when SBP itself would be selling dollars to banks at Rs. 80. Since then dollar has shot up to Rs. 86/87 in the open market and these guys benefited in millions. The foreign exchange mafia has deliberately left certain loopholes in Exchange Companies regulations; that Government now cannot prove transfer of dollars against any exchange company under SBP regulations. But this is heartening to know that FIA has charged KKI officials under Foreign Exchange Act, 1947 instead of SBP regulations. Hence it is essential that the above named main culprits, as well as their allies at SBP should also be nabbed and asked as to why and on whose directive they did not change the Exchange Companies regulations that ultimately helped the exchange companies and banks to transfer billions of dollars out of Pakistan.


  78. @ControlZ
    Thanks! Now why cant Rehman Malik/FIA name names like this? And remember as I mentioned above, Tareen has clearly said he has no plans to change the rules…

  79. Sherry does the Army:
    No plan to ban re-employment of retired army officers at federal offices

    Also in the story:
    “She said it was really difficult to block foreign channels aired via satellites. She told the House that over the last five years, the government had released 375,711 official advertisements through various newspapers, magazines and periodicals at a cost of Rs 6,430,243,151.” (over $80 Million)

    What a waste! But cunningly she did not mention the cost of TV adverts over the five years which I am sure is at least 100 times that amount (remember those 24-hours-a-day “Parha Likha Punjab”, and pro-PML-Q/Peo-Mush ads on every channel for months???). Interestingly no one asked her why that figure was missing…

  80. Ch Nisar lambasts government
    …Kicking off the NA debate on presidential address to parliament, Chaudhry Nisar said that he did not see any change in the present government and the Musharraf regime. “Just like the Musharraf regime, all the decisions are still being taken at the Presidency and the prime minister has become irrelevant and powerless,” he said….
    …Munawar Ali Tulpur, a close relative of President Zardari, tried to interrupt his speech but when some opposition MNAs threatened that a similar attitude could be adopted during the speech of the prime minister,…
    …Nisar flayed the government and said that it was not serious in implementing the Charter of Democracy (CoD) signed by Shaheed Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif.

    Towards the end of his speech, he presented an 11-point charter of demands, and called upon President Asif Ali Zardari to quit as co-chairman of the PPP, avoid politicising the President House, form a House committee for the release of missing persons, fulfil all his promises, restore the genuine judiciary, implement the CoD, restore the Constitution in its real shape of 1973 where power was with the prime minister, empower parliament, formulate a sovereign foreign policy, reduce POL prices, take parliament into confidence on load-shedding, get approval of the IMF package and also the privatisation policy of the government with special reference to the Qadirpur gas field from parliament.

    Chaudhry Nisar also took on the government for only issuing condemnation after every drone attack on the Pakistani territory.He said the prime minister had issued an impressive condemnation of the drone attacks, saying that the government would not allow anyone to attack the Pakistani territory but regrettably the very next day the Pakistani territory was again targeted.

    He advised the government to act as the PPP of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

    (I also heard him on tv saying Gillani was totally powerless — aka a khasi) 🙂

  81. Shujaat, Chattha at loggerheads
    The internal wrangling in the PML-Q took a new turn on Wednesday when Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain rejected Hamid Nasir Chattha’s proposal that a special committee be set up to run the affairs of the party. Shujaat told him in clear words all the issues will be settled by the central working committee….

    (I did catch a part of the Chaudhrys news conference and boy, they were swinging. The reject IMF package, sale of Qadirpur Gas Field, tax increases, gas price increase, etc.)

  82. @nota
    ‘Ch Nisar lambasts government’

    i think it is a very positive step….i heard the speech and message was quite powerful….yet it hasnt received its due coverage in the press

    since number of fakes have been unearthed and proof-ed now…. this news item should get prominent coverage on your/our site?

  83. another daring step by PM
    He says ‘IMF conditions will not be accepted’

    like zardari and shaukat aziz tareen are going to even tell (let alone consult) him before agreeing any conditions!

    i used to think quite highly of Gilani…considering he had served long jail sentence as a political prisoner and had read how he stood against the general and did not become lota despite lots of pressure…….but listening to his daily misleading statements makes me really think he is even a bigger Pet than SA.

    until few weeks ago he was issuing statements on daily basis about honourable restoration of judici@ry…particlualry CJP being the imam of judici@ry etc etc …..

    he seems more like a sick pet of zardari

  84. @Malek
    Maybe you ought to tell him some of them are already under implementation (91% gas rate hike and 2% interest rate hike by SBP announced yesterday, Privatization of Qadirpur announced this/last week, 18% agriculture tax already planned, Fertilizer subsidies going away are the ones that come to mind off hand)

    What a eunuch, indeed!

  85. @Malek
    Caught a glimpse of him in Senate today offering “if any one has solutions, I will quit my job!” Please someone take him up on the offer….:)

  86. Speaking of morons, below is the complete transcript of Zardari’s speech at the inter-faith meet in New york:
    Mr. Bush, I kiss your @ss. Saudi King, I kiss your ass. My wife BB Shaheed…My wife BB Shaheed…My wife BB Shaheed…My wife BB Shaheed…My wife BB Shaheed…My wife BB Shaheed…My wife BB Shaheed…My wife BB Shaheed…My wife BB Shaheed…My wife BB Shaheed…My wife BB Shaheed…My wife BB Shaheed.


    Bush Pola Pet

  87. God! When will this stupidity end????

    Minister for Privatization Naveed Qamar: “We will put Pakistan Steel Mill for sale this year”

    Privatization Commission Spokesperson: “No plans to sell Pakistan steel Mill”

  88. “…He was selected as chief minister on the recommendation of UAE rulers….”

    The story linked in above)”PPP ministers…”) is certainly worth a read. Very educational on how BJs “democracy” works 🙂

  89. @nota
    ‘PPP ministers vie for Sindh’s CM’s slot’

    reading this it is getting a bit clearer why MQM has so far not joined federal cabinet….this will probably help them achieve a bigger share both in cabinet and cash….??

  90. @Malek, nota,

    Yaar kissi or ko bhe bolnay diya karoo, so many comments by you guysm like you are just free all the time to post comments here 🙂 no offence, just joking.

  91. Evil Ministers of PPP Mafia Regime illegally Rule Pakistan

    The Induction of New Ministers Shows Violent, Anti-Women Sentiments
    Seeping Back into Political Vogue of Pakistan
    By Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC)


    (InformPress.com) – In June 2006, a five member bench of [Pakistan]
    Supreme Court judges ordered police in Kashmore, Sindh province to
    arrest a PPP leader and National Assembly member, Mir Hazar Khan
    Bijarani, for involvement in Sang Chatti (offering young girls as
    blood money). He was accused, along with others, of offering a total
    of five young girls as blood money in two separate cases. Most of the
    girls were under seven years old. Police neglected to follow up on the
    Order and, after some time keeping his head low, Mir Hazar Khan
    Bijarani has become federal [PPP] Minister of Education….

  92. @Malek
    Regarding our PM’s statement(“IMF conditions will not be accepted”) and me stating otherwise, well here is Shaukat Tareen proving how week the PM really is:

    “IMF conditions already part of budget”
    …Concluding a debate on the economic situation, Tarin said all the conditions set by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) were already part of the budget for the current fiscal year — reducing the fiscal and current account deficit and inflation and increasing the tax-to-GDP ratio….

    (which is mumbo-jumbo for the steps already taken I mentioned earlier)

  93. Abass Ansari does it again! 🙂
    Baboos grab the bounty
    ISLAMABAD: In a blatant case of self-serving and conflict of interest, the top members of the civil bureaucracy, federal secretaries and officers of BS-22 have secretly ganged up to grab as many high-priced residential plots in Islamabad as is possible and have quietly got all the orders passed from a confused government.

    They have moved summaries, passed orders and done everything unnoticed at a time when the government is in the midst of a serious economic crunch and facing political uncertainty. Taking advantage of the dysfunctional atmosphere of the present regime, because of all sorts of crises it is facing, federal secretaries have recently got approval from Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani to acquire the right for the BS-22 officers to apply for an extra government house measuring 500 square yards, in addition to the two residential plots that they are entitled to get in the federal capital.

    Additionally, the BS-22 officers have also manipulated from the prime minister a waiver to the condition of a minimum two years of service in BS-22 to become eligible for getting an additional 500 square meter residential plot in the capital.

    With these changes already notified, now if a bureaucrat gets promotion to BS-22 and retires the same day or the next day, he would get additional residential plots of 500 sq yd in Islamabad. Previously, at least two years of service in the BS-22 was required to become eligible….

  94. And the looting to continue with government’s permission…
    NAB drops all corruption cases against politicians
    ISLAMABAD: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has dropped all corruption cases against politicians, both the government and the opposition, but is still working on 3,336 cases involving embezzlement of more than Rs 170 billion.

    Despite the fact that corruption cases involving over Rs 500 billion were dumped under the controversial National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO), the NAB has still a vital role to play, if the government allows it.

    Besides the NRO, political pressure has also forced the NAB not to touch cases involving corruption of about Rs 200 billion, including the recent JUI-F land scam in DI Khan. After the federal law minister’s statement that the government was considering to allow only a parliamentary committee to probe corruption cases against politicians and that no other national institution, including the NAB, would be able to take action, top NAB officials have now practically started avoiding corruption cases involving politicians, both from the government and the opposition….

  95. “Sovereignty” anyone?
    SBP governor may get reappointment
    ….Sources said that the government could face pressure to extend her contract, as she is very popular with the international financial institutions….

    Any doubts who she is working for?
    (About the inner-workings of government, please also see two of my earlier posts starting here)

  96. $34.5 BILLION cost to us for fighting American our war…And we are happy they sold us $10 billion in military hardware to kill our own…
    ‘Pakistan suffered $34.5 bn losses in terror war’

    Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble…Naek and Taseer cooking again…
    PPP rushes to finalise strategy on Sharifs’ disqualification

    Zardari brings Dostoyevsky to Ayaz Amir’s mind (“the second half of a man’s life is but a continuation of the first half.”)
    A president proving all too true to himself

  97. @ nota

    PPP politicians are like parrots starting on the memorized narration of “contributions of their leaders”, Shedd ZAB, Shaheeb Murtaza (yes,I even heard that!!), Shaheed Shah Nawaz (yes, even him!) and now Shaheed Benazir… I have just one word for them PATHETIC!!

  98. I wona borrow this toy (drone) from Uncle Sam just for a day when there is next meeting at President House. I am really good with drone’s, hell me and my cousin were the first one to order a kit from US back in the days. Uncle Sam I promise I won’t crash your toy like we did it to ours. LOL.

    Poor Qabiali’s have been thrown to Wolfs and have been left to fend for themselves. What a shame ! ! !

    We never know what their tragedies are ? We have no clue how they meet their ends in this war zone ? We don’t know how we can help them ?…. so many questions and no body to give us a straight answer. And I call it Democracy Pakistani Style ! !

  99. A revolution in the making?

    Political acitivists beating government officials who were caught removing banners before a rally by lawyers against Musharraf’s Nov 3, 2007 unconstitutional acts and the present regime’s sticking to the same agenda and approach. It remainds us of this picture from Bangladesh.

  100. I wonder how come the “line from Dostoyevsky that the second half of a man’s life is but a continuation of the first half”,applies on Zardari only and not on Khan e Azam Imran Khan, Ayaz’s current leader Nawaz Sharif and our lord Justice Chaudhry.

  101. An explanation explaining nothing
    By Ansar Abbasi

    ISLAMABAD: The tone and tenor of the official clarification issued in response to my story, “While Rome is burning, baboos grab the bounty” dated Nov 14 reflects anger of bureaucrats who seem to have written it in a rush of blood and without going through the content of my story. …

    …The story also contained the housing ministry’s spokesperson’s version that the housing policy was never restricted up to BS-22 officers. In its preamble, the clarification wondered as to what was new about the story but in its latter part it sheepishly admitted that the condition of two years service in BS-22 was waived off as it was discriminatory.

    It, however, conveniently ignored as to who had issued the orders of waiving off the two years restriction. The story said the bureaucracy has got it done in June this year from Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani. Though the clarification argued that the waiver was issued to do away with discrimination, the fact is that the immediate beneficiaries of the prime minister’s decision are his principal secretary Siraj Shamsuddin, secretary housing Samiul Haq Khilji (whose ministry deals with the subject), Secretary to the president Mehmud Saleem Mehmud, secretary information Ashfaq Gondal and several others. If the policy had not been changed to its present shape, the likes of Siraj, Khilji and Gondal would not have been entitled to get additional residential plots in Islamabad…..

    The question that the top officials are required to ponder is: what are the supreme services they have offered to their homeland or to the people of this country that they should be given at least two plots and one house in Islamabad and similar facilities in their respective provincial capital? Will they justify what they have already got or what more they are asking for? The News stands by its story.

  102. PPP leader throws first stone at party high command
    ISLAMABAD: A PPP leader who lost his legs during the movement for the restoration of the judges in the Musharraf regime blasted the PPP high command at a meeting on Thursday for giving key positions to people who had no knowledge of the norms and values of politics and had come on discretionary quotas.

    Dr Israr Shah of Rawalpindi poured his anger on this lot during a joint meeting of the PPP federal council and the central executive committee chaired by the prime minister held on Thursday.

    According to a participant, Dr Israr, who contested an Islamabad National Assembly seat on the PPP ticket in the February polls and lost to the PML-N candidate, said these “discretionary quota” people working with the president and the prime minister were not aware of the “norms and values” of politics and had not learnt from the political behaviour of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto and President Zardari….

  103. Dear Adonis and nota:
    Senator Talha was exposed recently by Mr. Muhammad Ahmed Noorani of “The News International” investigative team, through his article “The Sorry Story of Politcal Blackmail Of a 72 Year Old Lady” published on January 28, 2009. Full story can be read through following link:


    His fake impression of a senator with morals was further exposed in Aaj TV program Bolta Pakistan. Clipping can be viewed through following link:


    In this episode of Bolta Pakistan, Senator Talha admitted that he entered politics in late 2005 and become a senator in 2006. Remember senate elections were held in March 2006. Late 2005 means that he entered politics in the last quarter of 2005 i.e. somewhere after September 2005 and within 6 months managed to become a senator from JUI (F). It is not rocket science to figure out how he managed to get a ticket to the seat of senate, when there are a number of JUI (F) political activists, with political affiliation history of decades, aspiring for senate.

    Hats off to our brave journalists who expose the real faces of these people.

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