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  1. Obama/McCain came into ‘political picture’ because they talked about continuing wars, friendship with Israel, same old bull. Ron Paul was the only candidate in early stages who talked sense but media and others kind of dissolved him.
    Imran Khan is the next president/prime minister of pakistan but other members of his party have to SPREAD OUT to villages or other small cities!!

  2. This Nusrat Javed is a slave of zardari, he did not let mushtaq speak the whole program.

    he hates imran khan. and tried to pick stupid points which are not even relevant.

    The point is the day when imran khan will win even few seats, those MNA will become popular and people will know them. its just a matter of time when he will be PM. because 80% people hate ppp/zardari/Q-League/MQM. and they are a bit neutral about N-Sharif.


    dont let the chain end….every one should type and post it….sounds silly….but just do it…..coz u can and u will

  4. Inshallah the youth of Pakistan will stand behinde Imran Khan and he will bring revolution in our country.He has changed our life with his great speaches and social work.
    Long live Imran Khan
    Pakistan zindabad

  5. InshaAllah we will do it. Imran is the only hope of our country . Our time will come . This country needs a new breed of politicions . Media is not giving due importance to PTI. Nusrat and Mushtaq are a bit inclined towards some parties. mushtaq for PML N and Nusrat for ppp.

    InshaAllah i am very hopefull that PTI will do well in next elections .

  6. @hasheesh

    Bro, now even if a General takes over, we will force him out. Now we have a track record of removing a General out of power.

    Be the change we want to see. Fight for Justice.

    Love to all my Pakistani brothers and sisters.

  7. I have a question for Imran Khan lovers.I hope that PTI supporters will answer my question with logic and they will try to convince me,not abuse me.

    Imran established PTI in 1996.Many people like Hassan Nisar,Nasim Zehra,Meraj Muhammad Khan and others joined PTI and left within months.Why?

    Why we don’t know the names of PTI’s Punjab Chief,Sindh Chief or Baluchistan Chief?How could a one-man party change Pakistan?

    Why Imran spend more time outside Pakistan?

  8. No doubt about it that Imran Khan is sincere “mukhlis” to the nation at heart,unlike our major politicians.
    We welcome multi-parties system. So people have enough choices to chose from.
    Present government is hopeless, they haven’t shown anything of good governance. No difference between Mushi time and present time.

  9. I think that the title of the program should be Main (Me). That is all that everyone is talking about. Aitezaz, Imran, NJ. All about Main Main Main. Main ne aisa kia. I have no clue why Aitezaz always tries to give us a history lesson just to prove that he did everything right. Main Main Main.

    What about the people who risked their lives to vote. IK is simply negating their sacrifice and main dekha dun ga. Same problem he had when he was playing cricket at the end of his career. He would take the ball and try to bowl, when there were so many others who could.

    The only leader we ever had was ZAB. Unfortunately he turned out to be a socialist and on the wrong side, but he was a leader. Just see all the people he has left behind.

    To all of our leaders including IK, it is all about them or their party. Life long leaders who cannot be displaced, who are always right.

  10. I responding to the comments of Mr. Munir Solangi:-

    I have a question for Imran Khan lovers.I hope that PTI supporters will answer my question with logic and they will try to convince me,not abuse me

    Imran established PTI in 1996.Many people like Hassan Nisar,Nasim Zehra,Meraj Muhammad Khan and others joined PTI and left within months.Why?

    1- No doubt some individuals left the party. This happened and still happenning. Some left the party for personal reasons, ome on ideological differences while others due to vested interests like Kashmala Tariq and Awais Ghani etc. But remember more people joined than the people left. This is the part of democratic culture. It will be a better option to ask this question to the individuals who left the party.

    Why we don’t know the names of PTI’s Punjab Chief,Sindh Chief or Baluchistan Chief?How could a one-man party change Pakistan?

    2. I think it is our culture that we only know the names of popular politicians who are being elected in the assemblies due to the system of status quo and media also give them preference. PTI’s people are the most educated and capable ones but media only invites the popular faces like Imran Khan and Hamid Khan. Time and again Imran Khan gives name of the other representatives of the party to the media but they are not invited so this is not the fault on PTI part. Moreover, how many faces of PPP were known by the masses before 1970 elections.

    Why Imran spend more time outside Pakistan?

    3. It is only assumption that Imran spend more time outside Pakistan. As I my information he is the most travelled politician within Pakistan who reached each and every corner of the country. Every one know he sacrificed his family life for this nation. But the other aspect is that no doubt he travelled foreign countries frequently mainly due to fund raising for SKMCH and other charity purposes. Moreover, PTI’s main financial strength lies in overseas Pakistanis and surely every organization need funds for political activities. His children also have rights on their father so that he also have to take care of them in London. He is not an angel but a human being and we should not expect him to be everywhere everytime.

  11. there is some spelling mistakes for which I am extremely sorry.

    Correction : I am responding

    Correction : As per my information

  12. @ Munir Solangi,

    Imran Khan may not have the oratory skills of ZAB but he is a sincere honest hard working politician.

    Just look at his track record of sucess,

    1) World Cup ( Pioneered Reverse Swing )
    2) Built Shaukat Khanum Hospital ( does not charge money to poors )
    3) Built Namal college for his constituent in Mianwali

    He is not the best option but is better than the rest. I have faith that he will deliver to the people once he gets into power. Yes, I agree that he is a hard-liner and that’s what we need.

    We need some one who can vailantly attack the problems we are facing and not compromise to keep his seat. He is a man of principal and that’s what I like about him.

    He has selflessly served the masses for which there is no such example in any other politcal party.

  13. @ Munir Solangi

    Mate your questions require answers and these are very valid questions. I am not answering these as Imran’s personality lover. Rather as a person who sees his vision leading to a path I want to see my country in.

    I am just going to add to the answers already given by @wbutter

    1. If I may, let me just say politely that if anyone leaves any party, we should not always translate it as having left due to conflicts. Just like so many people join political parties by not sharing the vision of that party but for other personal gains. Secondly if anyone’s objective is Power, this is not the party one should aim for. Surely not every one who left would have been hungry for power. There could have been ones having ideological differences. But the names you mentioned are respectable. Surely they would have other reasons and it may be interesting to note those since no one is perfect and it may identify points for improvement for PTI. The same is true for IK. But keep in mind that Pakistan’s politics have been dominated by players who were power politicians and majority of those left earlier.

    2. Let’s face it. This point is true. No recognized faces. However I take this as a strong point of the party at the moment. No usual politicians are here. The wealthy, the connected, the all-season powerful. Secondly it is true since this is the first time we are trying to change the bi-polar party system at National level to a tri-party system. Surely there has been MQM which rose, surely Jamat-e-Islami, surely PML-Q, ANP etc but each of these have attracted a specific ideology of people, the very reason it restricted them to those boundaries. It was easy (relatively only) to fill in and build a base for such parties as the vision was finite and easier to agree on. PTI is trying to go National from the beginning. It’s going to be very hard to retain people as it requires a lot of Patience and a lot of belief that continuous struggle only will bring change. Slowly but surely people will stick in and get recognised. Recognition is hard, especially if the only ingredients you have to get recognized are honesty, nobleness, hard work and determination with no experience. It’s easier if you have wealthy, TV celebrity or a sportsman since you get a lot of coverage on media. I do agree though after being recognized nationally there will have to a system to promote others and it will come naturally.

    3. Well he surely travels internationally more than others. But is he out most of the time. Believe me this is not true. Why because I myself live outside Pak and we here note every time any Pakistan’s national figure visits so that we can meet them. Every expats would agree with me that when you live out side you country, you miss it so much more and try to meet your community to some how compensate. Hence I can say that his visits are very short and not often.
    Also he has to raise funds by meeting Pakistani communities residing internationally for Shaukat Khanum hospital, other projects and for PTI party itself. He has to raise more funds than any other because of these projects and does raise more funds than any other Pakistani.

    Hope these answered partially, if not completely, your concerns.

    Love to all my Pakistani brothers and sisters.

  14. Imran Khan fair enough to write he is good intended person but many others who are very much bona fide with Pakistan & Muslim Ummah e.g. Retd. Justice Wajih Uddin, Fakharuddin G. Ibrahim, Qazi Sb., Oarakzai, Asghar Khan & few others in their conversation there is no hanky panky they talk in real terms & above all very straight forward.

  15. Salam

    How can Imran be termed any thing near Obama?

    Infact he is the one who is the culprit of racial discrimination and negative rasict attitude in his personal life as well as during his time in Pakistan Cricket team.

    I can never forget how he revolted gaianst and delebritely prevented players healing from karachi to make any contribution forr Pakistan let alone making world records.In this thing he forgot that these records were for Pakistan and not for Karachi.

    Comparing that guy with Obama is the biggest joke of the century.

  16. It was a good programme.There is no doubt that imran khan is much more charismatic elegant and much more presentable personality as compare to Obama. He very rightly said that Obama has institutions and system in place in America.if Obama has to do all that in Pakistani political octopus elites he would gone in deshit Gerdi.I m living in America and i have seen Obama first when he announced himself as candidate for the presidential race i was sitting in restaurant with some of my friends there after listening him in media for 15 minutes i said to my friend that he his the next president of the USA and some of goras were also there they laughed at my remark and one them said hay man come on it is your wish or u are serious.i mildly replied them that i have the feelings that this guy has a charismatic touch in his person .he speaks cohesively and talk about the issues.And the state we were sitting in was Indiana which was strongly pro Bush since 1964 and none of the democrat has won since then.Obama has a sage head on his shoulders and he used it very rightly to get the young generation realize that you are the people who who matter a lot to change the destiny of this nation .i have seen myself the college/ and university student. who spread through out the country to get registered their votes and they turned the table of the registration of votes from 18% to 51% compared to the last election.there was Obama mania amoung the young blood.And the result was there when Obama addressed the people in Chicago there were mist and tears of hope and joy in eyes of the people.And i was surprised and inspired that there no police contingence.A hug mob ten of thousands of people was so organized that i felt envious alas i could happen in my country.there are so many analysis being being reported for the defeat of republican . To my calculation the people were sick of the the Bush,s policies on the first place because last year in the mid term election the of the united state spoke very loud and gave an indication that they don,t like bush policies any more.Both the houses of senate and congress went in hands of democrat .secondly that was the proper time for Macane to drift away from Bush to prepare himself for the president ship he supported bush 90% in his polices and at the end 0f the day he said in his campaign that i m not Bush but no body believed him and worest happened at nick of the time when credit crunch occurred .Here Obama made an issue in his entire campaign and he put it so cohesively and artfully with eloquence before the people of the united state and them convinced that he is man who can solve there problems

  17. @Farian

    “I can never forget how he revolted gaianst and delebritely prevented players healing from karachi to make any contribution forr Pakistan let alone making world records.In this thing he forgot that these records were for Pakistan and not for Karachi.”

    Did he prevent the “great leader” Altaf The P!g from playing in the national team?

    In fact he persistently played Mansoor Akhtar and got criticised for that. As far as I know he is a so called “Mohajir”………go cry somewher else.

  18. @farian
    u said comparing imran khan with obama is the biggest joke…..well…and next thing u would say is that obama should be compared with altaf hussain…..
    u know what the biggest joke is…..altaf hussain had got a british passport…the guy can hardly manage a single sentence of english and he is british……
    how on earth did that ugly piece of shi* became a british is something i would never understand….go back to altaf hussain and cry on his shoulder…….


  19. There is no comparison between Obama and Imran Khan. Obama is descendant of reverted Muslim, and Imran Khan is a “reborn” Muslim. There is no doubt that Imran Khan in his younger days lived the life and didn’t care much about being a Muslim, but thank to The Almighty he came to his senses and realized the TRUE power of Islam.

    Imran Khan has character, fighting spirit and the wisdom to lead the country out of trouble, inshallah. These qualities combined with an enormous will power to succeed will bring the Pakistani nation to new heights. We just need to witness the next election. Just like Haroon Rasheed I don’t think he will be in majority, but he will receive considerable strength to enforce some changes.

    The Pakistani nation has a tremendous potential as individuals. Great intellect, BUT we lack leadership, democracy, justice, education etc. We have not been able to utilize the enormous amount of skilled man power F.ex. we got off to a decent start in the IT sector, but it’s going well (just like many other sectors of life in Pakistan), because of instability. Instead the European nations are looking further east to find cheap and skilled man power. I hope a future government will facilitate our brothers/sisters living abroad, then we will have an even bigger potential both economy wise and in terms of leadership. The Pakistanis in foreign countries can bring back effective ways of increasing production and a new mindset to give Pakistan an even bigger boost on foreign markets. PTI has the potential to fulfil this dream, inshallah!

  20. Imran Khan is great. But this Nusrat Javed is not fair person. He thinks he is the intelligent person of world. But he is rubish and should control himself when talking about some some characters

  21. There are comparisons between Imran Khan and Obama.
    Obama comes through a strong struggle in and out of parliament (sent in case of Obama).Obama had to go through election with in his party to become a candidate for president race.
    Obama has new vision and plan for change.
    Imran Khan has no plan no vision and his politics revolves around upper middle class citizens.
    He has been using judiciary issue for his political gains, where he himself or his party does not have enough share when it comes to sacrifices.
    What is Imran Khan’s change agenda?
    Is he ready to change ugly capital economic system of our country, that only supports big businessmen and mafia people?
    Is he ready to change ugly social system that has always been there to suppress poor, women and minorities?
    He looks like in favor of fundamental so called Islam, that stress upon worships, the way you dress and the way you should look like. Does Imran has any will to give rights to poor masses who have been treated same way as the blacks were treated in USA.

  22. Does anyone know why 100s of followers of Maulana ??? Qadri would be so pissed to come to Aaj Office to protest “Bolta Pakistan” and threaten the hosts? This was happening during today’s Live with Talat and Talat also mentioned the campaign against some channels by the likes of Sethi and the government…

  23. @farian

    Imran supported Sami right to the end . Every one was against sami but Imran always believed in him . Sami is from karachi.Ask Rashid latif and Mansoor Akhtar.

    Your argument is childish . Get some of the facts right for ure own sake as u are making fool of ureself.

  24. @Nota

    AJ TV is showing around 200 people outside AJ Islamabad office. They are angry over some comments made by nusrat and Mushtaq on NOV 6 bolta pakistan. they want an opology but AJ TV administration told them to end this Badmashi infront of the office.

    I lived in islamabad and now that there are many Schools/Maddrasas which are run by Tahir-ul-qadri . I guess these people are from these schools which are funded by Mr.Qadri. Most of them are Young students.

  25. @Nota and @taimoor

    They are not suppose to make false comments against any one. Its not right. These so called anchors like Nusrat have always bad comments about religious people other than Shias which is not good.
    I blve there should be code of conduct or proof before making any comments against any one ‘s character

  26. @Paki123

    I agree with u that there should be some code of conduct for the media people . No one has the right to humiliate or defame a person without proof.

    However, the way Molana Tahir -ul-Qadri responded was not right. He should have regestired a formal complain or could have gone to court. instead he opted to send his Gundas to AJ office.

  27. I just want to add few more things what IK did recently.
    1- Sasta Tandoor for whom… Yes for poor people. VERY BIG THING
    2- No corruption charges. Running a hospital with 100% charity funds and no one can say he is corrupted as other politician.
    3- No personal bank a/c outside Pakistan or any assets that means he is Pakistani and will die for Pakistan compare with the current politicians.
    And last still standing behind CJ because his hands are clean so wants Azad Adila.
    May Allah gives him Ultimate Fathah that is eventually Pakistan’s Fathah Inshallah.
    And i agree that we should have to write even a single line to Bolta Paksitan team to so that they can know the minds and hearts of us and it reflects in there policies.

  28. One thing i forgot to mention. He is only leader who step up after 12th May 2007 incident in karachi and challange Mr. Altaf, i want to say somthing else for him……zip my mouth. And inshallah he will success in london case as he was successfully won the case against Ian Botham.

  29. Hope is the new world order & thats the say of young generation of 21st century

    In pakistan too future belongs to hope not to fear, to unity not to division. this is the new world order when youth rejected fear over hope.
    Pragmatism failed to meet the challanges of 21st century & youth decided to go back & sided by dreams. Lets welcome to the dreams of the youth around the globe, three hurrahas for the youth of america.

  30. My brothers are true, we badly need a leader like IMRAN KHAN. Say no to ZARDARI and NAWAZ, PML(Q) and ofcourse Agent of India ALTAF BAHAN.


  32. @ AsifMalik26

    First of all DO NOT use all caps as it is in violation of the rules of the forum.

    Also, would u like to explain why u used the word ‘NRO sharif’ when they have not opted to be benfited from NRO.

  33. Dear Taimoor,
    I want to inform you about the comment you wrote on November 7 referring on Shaykh-ul-islam Tahir-ul-Qadri. Shaykh-ul-islam Tahir-ul-Qadri is a very peaceful Islamic leader. When Shaykh-ul-islam Tahir-ul-Qadri heard about the Mushtaq Minhas & Nusrat Javed criticizing himself, he immediately ordered his people to stay calm, peace and in their own houses. He never ordered his people to go to AAJ office. They went their on there own decision and did a peaceful protest outside the building.

    Kind Regards


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