62 thoughts on “Bolta Pakistan – 7 November 2008

  1. Focking goddamned illiterates RETARDS!. Forget Tahirl-ul-Qadri, you can’t say anything about that Brasstacks DOUCHEBAG because a hundred F*CKTARDS will come out and try to burn your house down in that IDIOT’s defense.

    Every chooran merchant in pakistan has got an army of morons willing to kill themselves for sh!t they don’t understand.

  2. @TK,

    These worshipers will not listen to any argument, even if you tell them that their guy is partner of guy who claims himself to be a new prophet.


    I was talking to a Jewish guy in office about these blind fanatics and he was telling me not to worry, as every religion has these kind of fanatics and Jewish fanatics are in no way behind Muslims.

    The only difference is that our beloved Musharraf / leaders try to portray our own people as terrorists and extremists, where as other countries try not to expose the Christian, Jewish or Hindu fanatics.

  3. what a joke these people are and claim they are representing millions of people, i don’t think so. well done two both anchors for keeping themselves composed.

  4. All these Mental Health Institution escapee are on ISI payroll. Barring few, rest of the country desperately needs mental health rehabilitation.

    Check out this study by Pakistan Mental health study,

    • Every other house in Karachi has one or more persons taking tranquillizers
    • Every fifth house has a psychosomatic/ psychiatric problem disturbing family members/ neighborhood or the society in general
    • Every tenth house has a psychiatric patient needing medical attention (depression, psychosis, psychosomatic disorders, obsessions, mental retardation, and epilepsy or drug dependence).
    • In Pakistan there are 1.5 crore people who are mentally disturbed.
    • In Karachi there are 15 lakh people suffering from mental, emotional, intellectual and/ or social adjustment disorders. Amongst them, at least four lakh are those who need
    • Psychiatric/Psychological attention. They are likely to become a permanent burden on society if not taken care of.



    This may perhaps explain the out-of-control population of idiots and born retards.

  5. i understand all this started because MM/NJ said something like ‘maulana to show-biz key admi hein’….in return these badmaaash gunda maulvis can do this!!

    does anyone know or have access to the judgement by lahore high court against maulvi (q)Padri back around 1990’s?? i believe Dr Basit presented the case against Padri?

    my recollection of that judgememnt is that LHC stated that ‘Qadri has falsified degrees, he is a liar, a cheat and a very dishonest person………it was very damning and was published in more or less all newspapers….

    it will be useful to put this up somewhere to see what this Padri is capable of!!

  6. Let me play devil’s(as per bolta pakistan) advocate here:

    1. It was in bad taste to call Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri a show biz man. If some one has listened to him in detail ,he is one of few sane voices among religious scholars in Pakistan. Moreover he has a very deep understanding of islamic sciences and he has written many books both in urdu and arabic. He is one of very few from Pakistan who can be called scholar of Islam.Minhaj-ul-Quran is involved in many social works like building schools etc.find rest on http://www.minhaj.org. Yes, he has this tendency to bost about his written work etc but overall his movement is not doing bad. No one is complete(kaamil). His politics years were the worst but now he is purely doing research on Islamic issues since 5 years or so and has written marvelous books in this era.

    2. Response of tehreek minhaj workers was very immature. These threats and demonstration was all non-sense and they should have complained in some other proper way. Still putting blame of all threats and abuses on Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri (as done by Nusrat javed) is not right in my opinion. Every tehreek has some emotional jeyalas and they are out of control. Not all who like him follow what he preaches. I think both went too far in criticizing him today. Comparing him to aalam-online guy, calling him madari and some other accusations were just showing that both anchors lost their temper as well.Any accusation on a person should be supported by proper evidence.

    Lastly, I must say that I like both of these anchors and they are doing a great job but sometime Nusrat’s tongue slips and he looses control over what he is saying.

  7. @amajidmalik

    – ‘he is one of few sane voices among religious scholars in Pakistan’…..do u know he said in his speecehes that Prophet Muhammad SAW came and talked to him in his dreams and directed him to set up tehreek?…is this sane??

    – ‘he has a very deep understanding of islamic sciences’……do you know all his scholar colleagues of earlier years left his tehreek after he started blatant lies like above in public and started minting money

    – ‘he has written many books both in urdu and arabic’ as NJ/MM said that no 2 books can be compared for consistency??

    – ‘few from Pakistan who can be called scholar of Islam’….the judgement passed by LHC reference my earlier comment, clarified this in much detail…yes it talked specifically about his ‘scholar degrees’… it may be useful to read that judgement

    – ‘Minhaj-ul-Quran is involved in many social works’….he collected millions of Dollars particularly from Denmark in late 1990’s in the name of creating ‘Asia’s biggest slaughter house’…..playing with emotions of pakistanies living in europe….and for slaughter house it was a small underconstruction building in Model Town Lahore where he collected qurbani and sadaqah khalain!!

    – ‘overall his movement is not doing bad’……certainly not bad considering 150/200 gundas went over within/close to red zone in islamabad threatening vi@lence within hours of MM/NJ referring to him as a show-biz person??…this was after stoning the presenter’s house and threatening with vi@lence after midnight when perhaps they were asleep with their children??

    Most important would be too get judgement by LHC on Maulvi Padri….i dont know if @dmin can use his contacts as this will be very useful for Aaj too

  8. i think both MM/NJ went too far by calling tahir ul qadri all these dumb things but i must say tahir ul qadri supporters went too too far by threating to kill the anchors. it all started when MM/NJ were discussing IK as obama, and MM said how about “tahir ul qadri” i think it was an excellent ?. one of the biggest reason for obama’s sucess was his voice and speech, which i think Tahir ul qadri has too. Malek why are you talking about his degrees?? if they are fake than its a problem, but what proof do you have??? just by you saying that doesnt mean it happened, bring proof than i might believe these dumb statments.

  9. I always liked these guys nusrat and mushtaq but this last episode really made me think if they really deserve our high praises.. Ist of all i hate all kinds of illeterate mullahs n i dont even know this tahir ul qadiri but how can u make fun of a person, any ordinary person ,so for least if he is revered by so many , even for wteva reason.
    Just becoz Nusrat Javed is an anchor n has the capacity to speak on television duznt give him any right to speak ill against sumone. Had he been here in u.k he wud ave been sued as per defamation law n would have got rid of tht money frm which he buys those aweful suits(btw the dressing sense of both these bolta dua is condole worthy)
    Yet they were comparing it to speaking against Musharraf. they stressed tht they dint get scared of mushy so tahir ul qadiri is no big deal . but dear me mushy ws a dictator he ws directly influencing da life of a common man . this mulla iz living his own life n one day they start speaking against him n start to make fun of him live on tv program seen by millions . thts no way appreciatable.
    i realy wish these guys give nusrat javed atleast a good phaintee 😀 lolzzzz he deserves it . he is a bit of hollow bag .. i like him but he needs a bit of spanking so his feet shud touch da ground.

  10. today I have even more respect for the Bolta Pakistan co-anchors than I did before. way to go guys! you have my full support.

    bring down all these fake peers and faqeers.

  11. I condemn threats to Nusrat Javaid, he is definitely a balance head person.
    I think some time it’s so happen that you say some thing you mean some thing else.
    As far as comparing Imran with Obama is concerned , it is useless discussion.
    Obama has a history of struggle and en devour in politics. He has charisma, vision and a plan. He went through a tiring two years campaign and came out victorious.
    Imran Khan’s party doesn’t qualify on standards of political party. He has no vision, as i only saw him criticizing others with out having any program of his own.
    above all Imran Khan has no popularity amongst poor mases ( he never try to reach out to them).
    I give full marks to Imran Khan for coming on TV screens every other day and criticize others, but thats all he could do.
    He has been using Iftikhar Ch and judicial crises (that has almost over though) for his political gains.
    Yes i agree he was a wonderful cricketer and a successful social worker, i respect him for both of his talents.

  12. Imran Khan got a great chance when he was jailed by Musharaf ( thanks to Jamiat) but he waisted it. Instead of remaining in jail to prove he was sincear to judicial independence he went on hunger strike for his own release.
    unfortunately in Subcontinents politics going behind the bars is part of the game.
    Imran Khan is playing in the hands of those who do politics against the politicians , civilian rule since 1950’s.
    Those people set up the stage for military rule.

  13. In Pakistan unless someone bring the change in the corridors of power one can’t write out IK. Just coz of the hunger to succeed. hes hungry for success & he will succeed one day too just like us. We succeed when we are hungry for success, same goes for everyone. Hes there for success not for less 🙂

  14. Qadri is a big time crook. Unfortunately he got quite a size able fan crowd – especially in northern Europe, but after cheating people (as explained by Malek) the fan crowd has diminished considerably.

    IMO we need to take the bull by the horns and make fact programs on such FAKE mullahs. The TRUTH about them MUST be exposed in PUBLIC!

  15. I see the all kind of jackass posting here.
    Thair Qadri never claim he is peer–people respect him for his character & knowledge.
    As I learned now–he was called a show biz man–That I call uncalled for provocation.
    Why people can not understand a simple rule–Do not bother & do not be bothered.
    We never see Tahir Qadri giving fatwa against NJ for drinking.
    I disagree with nota for trivializing “show biz” remarks.
    Show biz a business of gays,actors, actresses,fashion designers, singers etc etc–Thats the place where moral & ethical values are not followed–Tahir Qadri is a pious & a saint if compared against these show biz people–its a great insult to him–he is not molana diesel.
    I see people calling him fraud without proving a single incidence of fraud.
    Some posters are under compulsion to write fraud because they can spell fraud & they have a forum where they can write it.
    One of the poster I think rasheed who is writing vehemently against TQ must be a hard core wahabi.
    All of these slanderers could not have found an iota of wrong against TQ thats why they are forced to slander & pak politics has become a Master Fora for these slanders

  16. @jazoo
    “I disagree with nota for trivializing “show biz” remarks.”

    Yes I did do that intentionally. For me if he has a “show” on tv then either he is paying the station or the station is paying him i.e. some “biz” is taking place for the “show”, hence it is not to far a stretch to say “Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri is a showbiz man.”

    Sorry but I have NEVER watched his show. The little I have come across channel-surfing, his style reminded me too much of TV evangelists back in the states like Jim and Tammy Fae Baker, Jimmy Swaggart, Jerry Falwell, Ted Haggard, etc. So I avoid them like the plague…

  17. @nota
    Show Biz is not his primary job–His primary job is preaching & that he conduct with his character as well.
    “Show Biz” is not just what it meant for–its a slang also & NJ must be well aware of that.
    In Pakistan it specifically stands for Business of entertainment.
    I do not see any similarity between Jimm swaggart, Jerry Falwell etc. etc. & TQ.
    Their primary goal is to make money through show biz & TQ is using show biz to achieve his goal of preaching.
    TQ represent most non violent religious group in Pakistan & he has shown strength of his character as well.
    You remember recently we were talking about what we can do to do good for pkistan–I think least we can do is to appreciate people of characters in Pakistan

  18. Last November I was in Pakistan and I had a chance to listen to this guy Tahir ul Qadri, he had a book in his hande and telling people that I wrote this being, no book like this has been written for the last 10 centureis……… It was my first ever chance to listen such a jokar….

  19. I have seen both the programmes of Bolta Pakistan and, therefore, have sent the following e-mail to aaj tv.

    “I would like to draw your kind attention to your programme Bolta Pakistan dated 06/11/08 and 07/11/08 and request to investigate the matter immediately. Although it has nothing to do with me directly but being a Pakistani and Muslim who strongly believes in freedom of expression for everyone (but without insulting any individual or a group), I truly feel that your respectable presenters of this programme have, intentionally or unintentionally, crossed the boundaries. Being a human being it is our responsibility to be fair with everyone and not to target someone on the basis of our own personal views or agenda, especially, in the respectable field of journalism.

    I, therefore, would like to record my protest on these unacceptable and highly offensive & insulting comments by your presenters in the following words.

    1: I don’t belong to any political or religious party but truly feel that independent and freedom for journalism does not mean that one has got a certificate to insult any individual like this, especially, in his/her absence or, at least, giving them a fair chance to reply.

    2: I see the comments in Bolta Pakistan on 6th of November with regard to Mr Qadri extremely insulting, unnecessary and ridicusly unreasonable. Even the body expression while saying those insulting words was and is unacceptable by any standards. Not only this, even, any impartial individual can not find any link, connection, reason or justification for the comments with regards to Mr Qadri, from what was aired or telecast in this program. I request you to review this programme that may help you to understand my point.

    3: Now, if some people from his party have protested, they have got right to protest as long as they remain peaceful. However, your channel was making headlines and claiming that they were ‘surronding’ your offices. But the tv footage on your own channel was clearly exposing your lies and exaggeration in this regard and one can see these protesters were standing peacefully in lines, holding cardboards with demands and chanting slogans.

    4: If you truly believe in freedom of expression, you should be happy with their peaceful protest and should have reacted positively to listen to their complaint or demands that, unfortunately, you clearly failed to demonstrate at this occasion. If you want freedom for yourself to say whatever you want to say or criticise, even, to use insulting language for anyone, why you are not willing and ready to accept others right to make complaint or protest peacefully against what they feel is not right.

    5: Your presenters comments in 7th November’s Bolta Pakistan in reaction to so called ‘life threatening’ and insulting phone calls, texts and protests etc were, even, dangerously provoking. It only shows your personal hatred for that man (Mr Qadri) for some reason and did not serve any purpose. I am sure, any impartial inquiry can very easily identify these offensive, insulting words and comments.

    6: Despite all above, if some individuals (from Mr Qadri’s Party or from Agencies) are threatening the presenters or the tv administration, again, this is unacceptable behaviour and I condemn it. However, I, also, condemn your presenters senseless initial comments (on 06/11/08) and then, again, intentionally repeating these highly provoking & insulting comments (on 07/11/08) against our fellow pakistani (Mr Qadri).

    7: I believe that neither Mr Qadri nor your presenters or anyone from us all are angels and, therefore, can commit mistakes any time or might have done so in the past. However, this does not mean that anyone of us, on the name of journalism or anything else, has got a liscence to intentionally use highly insulting & offensive language, especially, in the absence of the other party or, at least, giving them a fair chance to reply or clarify their position.

    Now, the fair and best way out of this controversy is to accept the mistake and sincerely take steps to rectify the mistake and make sure these don’t happen again. As the initiator of this issue:

    A: I expect Ajj tv’s presenters and the administration to start the heeling process by a fair and impartial investigation of this matter, identify the responsible and make them accountable, if necessary.

    B: Secondly, you should contact Mr Qadri and give him a fair chance to respond to your accusations and any other issues/question for which you or your presenters need clarification/answer.

    I hope you will consider all the above with an open mind and will do your best to satisfy me and many of your viewers in the next few days.”

  20. I strongly agree with everything written above.
    but the problem with these so called “brave” tv hosts and channels is that the make issue and they show there bravery against the peacefull protestors cos they know that these protestors cannot harm them.
    when it comes to zardari and his party they behave like rats.
    The problem with this nation is that who eva speaks about islam , this nation always go against that person without listening to him or knowing his point of view as u can clearly see whats happening in this forum.
    why do u think pakistan is in trouble? and it is ruled by a crook like zardari.
    I know for sure unless this nation will not love the teachings of Quran and the teachings of our Holy Prophet(saw) it can never prosper.

  21. Nusrat javed you are gone mad, you are just rubbish and sick man.you are jsut piece of shi**t. how dare can you talk about AALAM E DEEN. Professor Tahir ul Qadri.

    You keep licking the feet of zardari. Sharam karoo ayya karo dont try to misguide peoples.

    Mushtaq sb pls you dont go in this matter, leave this stupi*d Nusrat talking rubish.

    You are garbish NUSRAT…..

  22. if we think imran khan is pakistan obama
    then why didnt we vote for his party in last 3 elections.

    when we will be able to wake up this dead nation believe you will find 100 obamas problem is not with leaders it is with people of pakistan.

    Obamas of this world only survive where you have nation like USA.


  23. Don’t compare Obama to Imran Khan. No intelligent Muslim will endorse Obama – the Jew lover and anti-Muslim.

    Obama will be run by the Jews. Obama picks ex-Israeli soldier as chief of staff. Described in Israeli media as “Our man in the White House”

    His father is Jerusalem-born Benjamin M. Emanuel who was the member of terrorist organization Irgun.

  24. I just can’t understand, that if media ppl are there to stop the corrupt or government ppl, then whoz gonna stop these media corrupts, if they turn out to be the same?
    I mean, what was a single point to mention and then stretch TQ thing that much, when the man is just outta politics?
    Look at Dr. Shahid, Talat, Kashif, NJ and bla bla, acting lke GOD, speaking like what ever they say is fate, whoz there to stop’em?
    I am neither in favour or against TQ, but the later program shows that all of’em are of the very same ilk, if these two were of that high caliber then why dint they show patience?
    When a moron chants ‘ in keerhay makorho’n ki baat & madaari stuff bla bla’ one thinks, that is this man trying to say that a bloke who has written scores of books, is just an idiot and this moustachy ass hole is the father of the nation?
    I do not belong to the sect TQ preaches, but I ask U all, that do U ppl not know the meaning of the common phrase “Show biz ppl” used, and then U use it for a person who is dipped in Quran and Sunnah?

    Ask that NJ, the pious saint of all times to utter the same stance for Zardari as well, so that we can realise his balls.
    Dont U ppl remember when two journalism geezers were sitting infront of Shahbaz sh and saying nothing like they say in their bolta pakistan hole?

    Whoz gonna make a check on media OR do U ppl believe that its angels working in there?

  25. I am from karachi do you think i can vote for imran khan i would be dead my personal experience when i was voting they put the ballot box near window they were watching and when my friend went to vote in other town karachi polling agent said just tell us who you want to vote for we ll stamp for u now you tell me in this type of situation can a pakistani like me vote for obama…

  26. nouman

    if somebody abusing you outside home aur threatening u on phone whole night this how you would also react.

    man read ur comment TQ u defending TQ double agent
    mj and mushtaq minhas are very brave please accept my red salam

  27. Wasalaam Bruv!
    I have watched that AAj news clip and unfortunately the reply of that as well. If the guys were sent by TQ, then it’s something else, but otherwise U just can’t turn your frustration towards anyone.
    Well I can’t swear by GOD, for the sake of your understanding. But if someone does the very same with Shia, deobandi or what so ever scholar, then even it’s the same level bull shit.
    These big mouths should have some limit as well, shouldn’t they?
    O yes, I have seen then in fron of Shahbaz shareef, when the same person was doing big TC of him.
    Search on Youtube, you’ll get it easily.

  28. IJay Says:I am from karachi do you think i can vote for Imran Khan…………..Yes you are right on YOUTUBE the Karachietes’ party MQM has been exposed the various vedio clips just type & watch their vedio clips of STAMPING in constant manner.

  29. I Think What Nusrat Javed said about Tahir ul Qadri is just criticism nothing offensive. When everybody else is supposed to be critized then why not Tahir ul Qadri. He should take it easy.
    Nusrat did not abuse him personally.
    Tahir ul Qadri is not a prophet, sahabi or walliallah.. Nauzbillah.

  30. Tahir ul Qadri is not a prophet, sahabi or walliallah.. but he is a religious figure and we know very well how much religious we are, so atleast we should try to respect our religious scholors.


    Despite the fact that your letter failed to hide your ‘impartiality’, I would say you have lot of time to spare writing in defense of such people who do not deserve any sympathy.

    This group is a cult ( if you dont believe this goto youtube and search for ‘Qadri dance’ and see what type of rituals are being promoted) that does not have tolerance and hence a candidate for your wise advice not Aaj Tv who have not been any insulting as you are complaining.

    Qadri followers do this kind of aggressive actions (as they are showing towards Aaj tv) everywhere in the world and bring bad name not to our country but to our religion as well.

    If you dont believe in what is said here I would encourage you to spend little bit of your time and go see this link and search for ‘Qadri’ on the page where you will find their brutal action in Canada with picture of another Canadian journalist who was injured and threatened for life.

    Hope you find it ‘enlightening’


  32. Javed K, Ali, Alam and Kamal.

    Well, I just dont understand, Y U ppl support NJ that much, the only point is, “”that there was no such need to drah TQ’s name from out of the blues, and give such statement, when TQ is not a political man.””
    As far as, his saying that TQ used to pay money for his programs, then tell me, what else should he had done? Would aaj news entertain every Islamic program request with an affirmation? So he just bought an air time, if some other sect Scholar wants to do so, good for him and his struggle for Islam. But just tell me, who gave this NJ a right to point finger on everyone?
    My point is not TQ, my point is NJ outta control, as is a famous urdu saying “Izzat her banday ko raas nai aati” when more over he says, “Kidher in keerhay makorho’n ka ziker ker rahay hein”. How the hell, he could dare to call any other Pakistani, a keerha makorha? Is he fuckin insane? One should better ask him “Ullu k patHay, tu farishta hai, TQ ho ya Israr Ahmed, apnay apnay view se logon ko Quran he parhHatay hein, aik banday ka syaasat se ta’luq he nahin hai, to tu kaun hota hai maaama banenay waala ” and in today’s episode, these two have proven their cheap caliber even explicitly.

    Just Pathetic!
    And please brothers, dont just put ya legs in front because U belong to some other sect of Islam.

  33. SKamal

    U could be right and wrong as well, but did U see the explanation given by a formal person of the minhaj organization whatever?
    After that U just can’t say that its them.
    I mean, excuse me, if there is some chauvinism going on in here. I am just talking on just bases.


  34. This is for ‘Dara’ who thinks a discussion On Imran Khan vs Obama is waste.

    Dara what association and political Wisdom you are influenced of, let me guess, Altaf bhai, or Zardari, Benazir,Nawaz or Mushraf. If not by Imran Khan.
    Do you know there is a thing which is called honesty, integrity, self esteem, and courage, a politician without is nothing but a crook. A politician who rise above ordinary and stands to his principle values, his vision has a potential for real leadership. My free advice to you even if it is too late, never under estimate the wonders an honest leader can bring to his people. It is just a matter of having faith in goodness of things.

  35. again for “Dara” talking of Obama…. ….Deewani Shadi mein Abdullah Dewana…

    Obam is a product of mature political culture. Is he honest? yet to know. Is he man of integrity? yet to know. Will he prove himself a man of change. Doesn’t seem he is in control. He is smart and intelligent and has carisma as you say, but does he have balls to go against those big fishes who put him there..

  36. If you watch Tahir ul Qadri ‘s various speeches and programs- YOUTUBE.COM.

    then it is quite obvious that he is a clone of the preachers of the Evangelical Churches and the black churches of the USA.
    He wears different costumes and he is in fact an actor giving a performance each time he is on the stage.
    I am not a great fan of Nusrat Javed but I think he is correct in labeling him as part of SHOW Business because that is what he is- even though his dialigues are about religion which is even worse than if he was simply telling dirty jokes.

  37. @ nota

    lol did u check out those clowns in the video? i mean i cant believe this joker calls himself an Islamic scholar and has a musical birthday bash complete with bhangra-style dancing by his ignorant followers.

  38. and who the fock invites singers to his birthday to sing songs in praises of HIM, and has hundreds of people dance to those songs? certainly not a scholar or “shaykhul islam” as the joker likes to call himself. i didnt see anything Islamic about tahirul padri or his birthday bash. did you?

  39. i guess all the chanda and sadqas of people go towards the birthday bashes of the self-titled “shaykhul Islam”. shame on those ppl here defending this fake imposter.

  40. My point is not to support TQ, but to condemn this focking moustachy ass NJ for saying anything just abruptly.

    “There MUST BE a check on media as well”
    and NJ is not an angel. Period.

  41. For all NJ and MM lovers, clearly the guilty party is NJ and MM!! Waisay some Pakistani’s are so naive that they now consider pakistani media as a beacon of light and hope for millions.
    How can this be true in a society where majority is dishonest and incompetent. Dishonesty is the main problem.. Accept it or not we are all guilty of dihonesty one way or another in our lives.

  42. I second U Jamil.
    Every one is so stupidly and blindly and following media that U are just astonished that this very same nation first followed some corrupts blindly and so r they doing now for media. And more interestingly, look at the media ppl blushing and shushing this naive flock with so arrogance.

    “I feel sorry fo’em”

  43. For SKamal only

    I am sorry to note that you feel I have ‘failed to hide my impartiality’.

    Firstly, I don’t need any kind of certificat from you or any body else to prove my impartiality. Neither did I claim that anywhere in my letter. In my view. One can not be importial in such a situation and should stand on one side or the other. After watching both the programmes myself, I very clearly feel that the language used by both the presenters was not the right one by any standards. If you don’t mind that kind of language for yourself or for your elders then I can’t help you.

    We Muslims and especially, Pakistanies are already sufferings for that kind of mentality and are not ready to accept the truth and facts. I request you to review this programme , especially, the first one dated 06/11/08, and try to do this with an open mind, I am sure you will change your views. However, if you still feel that what
    these presenters said about Mr Qadri was not insulting and that they have got a liscence to do so with any body then I must
    say that you have a problem that, only, you yourself can address.

    Secondly, thankyou for recommending some links with regards to Mr Qadri. However, I
    would like to inform you, again, that I don’t believe Mr Qadri is an angel as you may wish him to be. Also, I don’t like to find & spread things against people for the sake of pleasure as most of us Muslims & Pakistanies do. The best thing is if you have seen any thing wrong in those links, you should contact them directly to seek clarification or make your point.

    I hope you don’t mind all above and sincerely pray that May Allah make us all to digest others point of view without giving our own judgements, for which we will have to give answers.

  44. i second Nauman Ghauri and NGHAHMED. n a few others ..
    I expected NJ to apologize on 7th NOv’s B.P in gud humour but his attitude instead, ws quite appalling and ludicrous. He further ridiculed tht mullah and even called him keera somthing. NJ ,though is a nice gentleman but on occasions he sounds like a complete wet blanket. Wheneva he tries to act very kewl (example when he tries to show his hot bloodedness on some caller by saying he cant take it) his face expressions go so pathetic and same happened on 7th when he ws sayin he is so brave n noone can harm him n tht rhetoric n blah blahh.
    Regardless of if that mullah is an evil or a saint, duznt give NJ any right 2 poke fun at him or 2 ridicule him and in the end pose as a daring brave victimized fella.
    I admired and liked these guys but after this whole episode , I have lost respect for bolta duo .

  45. @traffic
    Thanks for the link.
    I have almost forgot Tahir ul Qadri, but these events brought him back in business.

    I am really happy to see tahir ul qadri dancing as this shows at leas Mullah has heart and soul.
    Those who think music and dance is not allowed in islam may be want us to be stones or animals.

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