26 thoughts on “Capital Talk – 13 November 2008

  1. well said kashmilla . mujhay hi ragra kyun daiya jata hai ……kash ya kam hum bi kar saktay our ragra day sakatay ap ko kahsmilla tariq

  2. I am so desparate for a very long time to give “RAGRA” to Kashmala, but only in dreams. Now i am exhausted and i have no energy left in me. Still if she give me a chance I will do my best effort to satisfy her, even if I have to go to any limit.


  4. @ Nasir & Zulfiqar

    I failed to see how my comments are low level or uncivilized. There is nothing wrong with, what i said here. I urge you guyz to think positively and don’t bring Islam in every thing. Now, it only indicates that how narrow minded people are? and we need to reform our society. Change must come or we wont survive. Still if some one hurt with my remarks here so i apologize for that.

    News Alert
    Geo News : Aitzaz Ahsan said in London” there is a big difference between Zardari & Musharraf. only Punjabi are after Zardari for no reason”

    very disappointed to hear this

  5. Kashmala Tariq is very well educated and she deserve in good leadership position and she can be a future good leader of Pakistan.

  6. Blackhawk12 (what a name) & others:

    May I ask that the only thing that comes to your minds when you see a good looking woman is just that. Assume KT’s brother happens to read, can you imagine how hurt he would be, or you would if KT was your sister?

    Is this your idea of open-mindedness? Let me tell you that I was not thinking of Islam, something that apparently is not right in your thinking, I was just going by basic human decency. If you bring Islam in, then this is pretty good sin.


  7. @MA Yousafzai
    Enough already! I am sure those who wanted to sign your petition already have. Please stop posting the request over and over again and under every topic. It is getting very annoying!!!

  8. @Zulfiqar Ali
    “Assume KT’s brother happens to read, can you imagine how hurt he would be, or you would if KT was your sister?”

    I am sure if “KT” (now I could take offense at that, you not bothering to even type her full name. Isn’t that a bit offensive?) has a brother, he already knows a lot more about her personal life than us common folk and has heard it all before to even notice this bit. And that “if KT was your sister” bit is too old and too silly. She’s a big girl and very good at taking care of herself and admired for that (How many men you know who have the guts to take on the Chaudhrys of Gujrat head on?). Please don’t reduce her to a helpless dame walking down the street…

  9. Kamil Ali Agha did reveal an interesting thing her. He said Nelofer Bakhtiyar was removed only because Mush wanted his b!tch Sumaira Malik for the post (so that “hugging French guy” was used only as an excuse). And Sumaira Malik was gotten rid of ’cause Mush was no longer around. In other words, Sumaira’s only qualification was she was banging Mushy the boss.

  10. Hahahah… this whole thread is really funny.

    @ehsankhan, @inamulhaq,

    You guys you are really sheeda’s. Respect -:)

    I just hope that you guys are careful next time since girls do visit this site and may find these comments discouraging for their future Politcal aspirations. Plus, you should appreciate and criticize policies of politicians and not their pretty face, sexy body. General elections are not beauty peagents.

    It was a beauty peagent than Mahleej Sarkari ,and not Asif Zardari, would be the president.

  11. This is a very important program.Hamid Mir produced evidence that Mush is still doing politics while sitting in Army House.Kamil Ali Agha confessed that Musharraf gave him a lecture for one hour to remove Chaudhry Shujaat and bring Chattha.

    Hamid Mir exposed not only Musharraf but also Chattha and Shujaat.

    I don’t know why pkpolitics agmin have removed it from the main section.They have some problem with Hamid Mir.

  12. @nota,

    are you serious about SM ? Your only source is your own blog. While I would not expect this to be a front page headline but still some other source would help.

    It’s really sick if this actually happened. She is related to Nawab of Kalabagh and she is really sullying his name by doing this.

  13. @Jatt
    I am very serious. Yes I linked to my blog because no one else had published the story. And I stand by the story 100%. Most of the papers didn’t even report on Sehba’s sudden US trip (a reader sent me the newspaper scan months later and I don’t even which paper it is from to confirm such a trip did take place). Listen to what Agha has to say. Why do you think Mush was so interested in giving her a post? Also see one of my previous comments about her:

    It is also common knowledge she was involved with Shauki.

    Do you really expect papers like Jang, Nation, Daily Times would report it? They are too “civilized” to do so and their readers will put them on the state for showing the ugly reality of our ruling class.

  14. @nota,

    Man you have some connections in Isloo’s chattering classes. I wona ask that SOB Musharraf if this is not an exploitation of women.

    I am not shocked that this happening but the fact that she is the grand daughter of Nawab of Kalabagh.

    Nawab sahab was a man of high principals and never shook hand with women. Even when women was Queen of England. He was a really gutsy man.

    It saddens me. No wonder there is no hope for change in this country except lawyers.

  15. @jatt
    It is said indeed. But this is what our society has become. We still believe in one god but that god has become “Money”; show us a stack and all our principles/morals go out the door. Kashmala was almost right when she said something like “To make it in this town, you have to be a Leghari, Mazari, or Bazari”. She would have been more accurate had she said “To make it in this town, even Legharis, Mazaris have to become Bazaris” (SM is the niece of Farooq Leghari as well for those who don’t know).

    But what makes me even sadder is that these are the only people who are respected in our society, which says a lot; they are our reflection…

  16. @Jatt
    Just discovered another link about her. Seems The News covered it as “Her references to President Pervez Musharraf and to a lesser extent Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz are legion”. So now you know what that means 🙂

    Here is another link about Sumaira:
    Dawn of the tyrannical Police State in Pakistan. Part NINE

    Yes her sister is Ayela Malik, a divorcee who married Rind (but is now divorced from him as well). She, like Babar Awan, holds a fake degree. (Although Sumaira claims she has a MA in Political Science from University of Punjab, I doubt she ever went there.)

    Here is another link that might be of interest:
    Family affairs, Is hamam main sub nangay hain

  17. @nota

    The best news digger award goes to you. Just Kidding.

    So this lady was busy doing rounds btw Shauki and Mushy. More than any thing else I find her taste appauling. Do you know any thing about why her husbad had a recent spate with NS of Bolta PK ? Did he implied any of this on-air ?

    I have never been to Isloo and know nothing about the shenanigans of “Islam-was-abad”

    Keep up the good work. If I were ever to become a politician and get elected to assembly you will be on my hit list -:)

  18. @jatt
    I really don’t know much about Islamabad either and only had a three of four day trips in my life. But I do know there is a “cat house” in every sector and booze available everywhere. Got to keep the politicians occupied, I guess, so they don’t feel homesick. 🙂

    As to who’s “AM’s first pup ? and who is SM’s eunuch’s Hubby”, I haven’t a clue — too simple a question I guess. 🙂 But if you really want to know I can find out…

    P.S. I’m already on too many hit list 🙂

  19. @Jatt
    On a quick ask around, I am told Ayela’s first husband was some guy named “Zia” but don’t know much about him. She has two daughters from him. About Sumaira’s firat husband I still don’t know but her current one is some Awan who is in police.

  20. @nota

    Boy you got some quick turn around time. Thanks alot.

    I am glad I dont live in Islamabad our else I will be friends with Jatoi. I am sure Zardari hired him to bring some cats for him too. But the cats ( kitty Kashmala and SM ) know the game too well and don’t need a ‘cat catcher’ to bring them to PezDog House.

    If my memory serves me, Kitty Kashmala is involved with Humayun Billa. Hell I can even sense the chemistry btw them even in this show.

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