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  1. Shahid Masood U are loser……….
    you lost all what u earned in last 5/6 years…..now you cant have that respect and reputation whether you resign as MD PTV or Advisor to PM??????????

  2. Assalam-o-Alaikum,

    @ Admn.

    Kindly download the episode of Jawab Dey in which Dr. Shahid Masood is under fire of Iftikhar Ahmad as soon as possible for your viewers like us who are not the Premium Members.

    Thanking you in advance for your Kind cooperation just for this special event.

  3. One the biggest unfortunate thing happened to Pakistan after dhaka fall is Dr. Shahid’s Fall by all the rulers and corrupt Mafia.

    I don’t know why my heart says we should give him respect like before joining PTV. wen it comes to remove someone who comes on the way of these 2 number politicians and establishment they are together. All of them became united to disrespect Dr. Shahid.

    Dr Sahib you really didn’t know what you were for Pakistanis.

    He was more than a hero.It seems i lost someone my own.

    Be happy where ever you go.

    God bless Pakistan

  4. Really wanted to see the show, but it’s not working…I think Dr. SM is up to something…won’t be surprised if he has managed to sabotage it, the snake doctor that he is….

    You are one of the member of Musharraf whole Bloody Drama & current regime of Zardari Circle.Your hands are full of blood as your other mates.Simply, you play with innocent feelings.People Know that Army,Bureaucracy& politicians are Corrupt,even they VOTE for the same MAFIA with New Hope.
    But you gain the sympathies of poor nation through Media.So SAD.
    Why you put a mask on your face?, just for high profile Job, lavish life style.You were criticizing them, only because you were NOT having all these.You entered in the Media, just to get the Chance to Blackmail the Black Sheeps.You are successful in your attempt.But On What Costs? Just think over it? On the Costs of Poor peoples Blood.??
    In this episode of “Jawabdeh” when i saw your face, i was so sure from the first sight, why you were so reluctant on the telecasting of this interview.We heard that you and Govt.puppets try to stop the interview.As you were infront of a Man,who knows you better than others.and he was having all the evidences of your Hidden Agenda.
    I am sure, our CRAZY media again hire you.You will be again on TV Screen with Stolen Words & Speeches.You will again hypnotised the nation.But Your Magic is NOT for LONG TIME.People will realize you soon.
    Dr.Shahid.Look in the Mirror”Shame On You”

  6. Shahid Masood is the biggest looser.

    He will never get the respect he enjoyed earlier. He deceived all of the loving fans by accepting PK RS 7 Lacs Per month job as PTV MD.Good that he was kicked out due to internal politics.

    Now he is trying to come back in medis but Listen Dr Sahab:


  7. Dr. Shahid Masood started winning the hearts of patriot Pakistani but with his unmatched popularity he became proud, Once some times back in his program MERAY MUTABIQ I pointed out thru email that when requesting some one to comment he should not say (AAP BEYAN KAREIN) it sounds very rude instead he should or can say AAP FARMAYEYE. But unfortunately he did not pay any attention and never changed this sentence to a politer version. I was sure this proudness will make him zero one day. And today he is nowhere Just like a Dhobi Ka Kutta. This is science law that what ever goes up comes down eventually.

  8. There was some conflicts between the host Iftakhar and GEO management about airing this show. I wonder what were those?
    Is there any news whether this program is aired as it was or after some edits?

    Anyhow, Shahid Masood was the one huge disappointment. As it is with him that ……. but when character is lost everything is lost.

  9. In my openion pakistan has the law of jungle where only fittest can survive. Even if some one wants to stand for justice and against the establishment he can t . we vhad the example of our chief justice iftikhar chaudry and now shahid masood.
    when u r not a part of the system u ve got bit of freedom but when u actually become part of the sysytem ,high powers and esteblishment overcomes u and thats what happened to shahid masood.
    we need a revolution in this country.
    we need strong independent judiciary.
    we need an honest leader like Imran Khan.
    May Allah Almighty give us courage to change this system.
    God bless Pakistan.
    God bless Imran Khan.

  10. 22 November 2008


    Celebrated TV anchorperson Dr Shahid Masood has announced quitting the office of the special assistant to the prime minister.

    He was designated to the office with the rank of federal minister on resigning from the office of the chairman/managing-director of the PTV last month.

    Talking to Khaleej Times from Dubai, Dr Shahid said he could not adjust to his new assignment as adviser on political affairs. He said he would like to return to his original engagement as an anchor is considering some offers and options

    In a resignation letter Dr Shahid said “I don’t find myself proficient enough to take the burden of the robust task and hence allow me to relieve of the assignment.” Dr Shahid spent six months with the PTV as its chairman/managing-director and was very popular among the workers of the organisation.

  11. @ Darajee
    @ Omar

    i was reading your all opinions, and i agreed,our people still running behind these leaders, who dont care the public.and Media is also playing a double role at the same time.I doubt that Geo TV telecast the complete controversial interview of Dr.Shahid Masood.because there was a rumour that Dr.Shahid was trying to stop this interview.
    We are sending the emails to Geo Tv for the full interview telecast again without censor.
    Viewers can also send their comments on these address.



  12. Thank You Admin.

    Bravo Iftikhar Ahmed…best interviewer on TV…tough, researches the subject, sticks to facts and asks the questions that are everybody’s minds.

    Dr Shahid Masood has no moral grounds to stand on…deserves to be thrown in the rubbish bin…turned out to be a complete moron

  13. THAT’S IT.

  14. The guy is history, it doesn’t matter what he says now, he should’ve confronted whoever was threatening him if that was the reason he left.

  15. I think we make our opinion about others too quickly. One day we make a person hero and the other day zero.

    If Dr. Shahid was really a greedy person then instead of resigning from PTV & as Fed Minister, he should have done the same as other opportunists are doing.

    His confession that he couldn’t do what he used to preach tells me that he is an honest person.

    I still feel that in this environment where everything is covered with lies, he is still a better human being.
    And Allah knows the best.

  16. we must request Geo Tv to release the full interview of Dr.Shahid Masood.There was a Big jump in the interview.Iftikhar ahmed was grilling him on Dr.Shahid’s relations with secret agencies and think Tanks, but that part is censored i believed.Dr.Shahid is getting a lot of money from the americans to lobbying their agenda through his organisation named Dialogue.There are confirm reports that he is getting a lot of Funds from americans lobbyists.

  17. Surprised to know that he was part of PPP

    Dr. Shahid Masood played with people emotions and exploited there feeling to get the top position and betrayed the institution, which was shut for 90 days because of his self opinionated views. There is a regret and should be given one more chance after all how many people you see, who leave top positions like this.

    He exposed system through Ptv and resigned as special assistant with the status for Minister of state, now how many people do this…..think

    Having said all the good and bad things about him, one thing is for sure that he lost his respect and credibility and it will be hard to gain.

    remind me if you find a perfect human being or shout i say sinless person.

  18. I kind of agree with previous blogger, SM wasn’t too confident. Professional liars usually lie with a plain face. He was hesitating.

  19. Believing in truth, speak the truth, stand by the truth is very rare and very few people have done it. Dr. Shahid Masood was on the path where people like Habib Jalib and Faiz Ahmed had been going through out their lives. They certainly sacrificed a lot. Shahid Masood could not stead fast on that path. Of course this path is not comfortable as compared to the roads to plots and powers. So please don’t blame him. Shahid Masood is an ordinary person; an ordinary person cannot walk on the path of Faiz and Jalib.

  20. well 1st of all i congratulate geo tm and the host of jawab deh mr iftihar for hosting a un4getable episode of this programe.
    Dr shahid masood was wonderable in this episode.i think he didnt knew what has he done and he was double minded. sometimes he tried to defend himself and sometimes he admitted his mistake when he said that the ‘decison to join ptv was not the rite one’.
    wel i want to acknoledge the corage of shahid masood that he came and face the bullid like questions of the host.

  21. No comments ON Shahid Masood I just wana ask Hamid Meer that when he is gona sell himself ?!!!!!
    I dont have any soft or decent words to say here…

  22. @mian_ghous

    You are claiming from last 5 months that Hamid Mir will also become ambassador or MD PTV but your claim never came true.Hamid Mir is different from Shahid Masood.I read his column today in Jang which is very critical about Zardari,Gillani and also about General Kyani.Raed this column here


    I don’t think that Hamid Mir will join Zardari government.He is a die hard journalist and Dr.Shahid Masood was a sudden creation of 9/11.

    But i think Hamid Mir is too hard on Pakistan aRMY and ISI.I don’t like ISI but sometimes i feel that Hamid Mir will be killed soon by ISI and Geo will not name the culprits.Hamid Mir should be careful.

  23. Good show, great questions by Mr. Iftikhar and equally well responded by Mr. Shahid Masood.

    I never knew he said Musharraf (Bloody blooded dictator and killer of inoocent people of LAL MASJID) that “YOU ARE THE MEN”.

    Such a rascal and hypocrite.

  24. A person was near to die, He saw 3 things near to him.
    1.Maal 2.Ayyaal 3. Amaal

    He asked Maal, help me. Maal replied, “U enjoyed me in world life, I have nothing to do at this stage for you”.

    Then He asked help from Ayyaal, they replied, “We can limitatios, all we can do is funeral for you. We cannot go beyond”.

    Finaly, He asked help from his Amaal and Amaal replied, “Good or bad, you owned me and I am always with you. Lets go together”.

  25. @rough idea
    agree with you and in our days we can not make difernce between bad and good aamal everyone think that s he in the good street but no isn t 🙁 . we have one street (ALLAH and he s prophets street )so let s follow this street and we will be with faizine in this dunnia and akhira . for pakistan ooh pakistan 🙁 what i can say just allah with you

  26. Everybody has his own opinion and judgment…But wot I have observed in whole episode that Mr. Iftikhar’s tone was showing that he is not ready to listen him and wanna take some revange on part of his channel and his focus was to confirm that Dr. Shahid Masood’s reputation fall since he left Geo…
    I shocked when he compared Dr. Shahid’s Salary case from PTV with the Polition’s Loan from 1985 till 1999….Are these two example same????

    Why he did’nt asked for the causes and results of ThinkTank Conference held in China & Dubai….But he was repetedly asking for the audit…although Dr. Shahid has cleared that contributers were the organizers of that meeting…So there is a strong need for Mr. Iftikhar to improve his interview style….

    People have understand what happend with Dr. Shahid and how he sacrifice and I believe after that interview his reputation graph will go up more….He was and he is a sincer man…

  27. if he was a lier and opportunist then why he resigned he could have stayed there and engoyed the stylish life but as he was honest and a man of principles thats why he resigned
    i pray for him that he retain his status of respect again

  28. Dr. Shahid V still Love you and respect you same like before. The people even on this site write against you, dont know, it is easy to write comments and what problems occur in practical journelism. Dr done enough and if he decided to go PTV in past, then evry one have right for his good future. Dr. sab didn’t mention but all of us v know there were so pressure over Geo to to quite him. any way WE LOVE Dr. Sab

  29. Please everyone, its easy to comment on people. Why are we always interested in degrading others? so what if the man made some mistakes? at least he was not lying about it. He made some mistakes and he was not hiding it. The host was not letting him answer, Mr. Iftikhar had his own conclusions already which is not right. Asking questions as to why he saved DR. shazia? that shud not be related to any profession its related to humanity. Any body who can save a life should not be answerable instead be thanked for. Dr. Shahid Masood you definately made some huge mistakes that is making people point fingers at u but i see the sincerity in u, dont let ur mistakes wash out everything u might have been confused with the questions bombarded at u but i could see the truth in u and u were under tremendous pressure to open up completely. Ups and downs are a part of life. We as a nation still havnt learned how to cherish good people. Good luck with everything and Hope u make better decisions later in life. My prayers r with u.

  30. @Muhammad Kashif

    Dr Shahid is a looser, and looser pretend to be victims. and Kashif I think for you, even taking a post from Israelies or indians for doing conspiricy against Pakistan is nothing more than persuit for good future???

  31. Durring an interview you asked, AM I A VILIAN NOW?? ANS: yes you are, you betrayed whole nation, we pakistani know only two things LOVE AND HATE. We loved you but u bettrayed us now we hate u, hate u, hate, hate.

    You are chamcha of zardari, you are blackmailer, etc ect

  32. He has committed only one mistake and Allah will forgive him……..

    Millions still Love u DR Shahid….

    \great interview though by iftikhar

  33. Dr. sb I am sorry I written u sb u dont deserve this, the right word is chamch. Now you HAVE ONLY ONE PATH TO GET RESPECT, IF YOU JOIN IMRAN KHAN.

    If IMRAN KHAN TAKES YOU IN HIS PARTY. otherwise you are nothing now, we all know the fact that you was with a GHANDI party, your rottes were with biggest ghand. jahiloo ki party, chorro ki party. join imran khan.

  34. We just see one side of the mirror and make opinions.
    If you listen carefully to Dr. Shahid Masood, and read between the lines.
    Who are the defaulters of 6 bn ruppees of PTV?
    He pointed out ministers, federal secretaries. Why Sheikh Rasheed was replaced by Durrani?
    When Iftikhar asked him that musharaf and zardari are your friends, SM reluctantly said, “No, they are big people”.
    What is the role of Hussain Haqqani?
    People !! wake up! our country is hijacked by troika (ISI´-politicians-top beurucracy). the are all together in disguise. Everyone knows what others do and dont say anything in “Wasee tar Qaumi Mufaad”
    Why Hamid GUl knew about an attack in karachi on BB? who was killed in that attack?
    Iftikhar didnt ask about Dr. SM’s role in lal masjid. I remember, he was playing a role of a mediator between govt, and Rasheed Ghazi and then suddenly disappeared from the scene almost 1 hour before the drop seen.??? I remember he was taking a live call of Rasheed Ghazi and suddenly he took a break and then never showed up.
    Beleive me, we are always told a tiny peice of truth and rest is all “Qaumi Mufaad”.
    May Allah safe Pakistan- Ameen

  35. After watching this interview – I am left with a feeling of having watched 2 mediocre people who happen to be a position of ” power” as being on television.

    Iftikhar failed because he indulged in sensationalism and Dr. Masood failed because rather being direct and forthright-he acted more like a diplomate.

    But Iftikhar did make a very profound comment which seemed to have escaped Dr. Masood’s attention in this whole strange affair and that is the adulation that the viewers had of Dr. Shahid Masood was shattered and no matter what Hsahid Masood does from now on- he can NEVER regain THAT- but in this regards he hasa good company.

    Musharraf who wasa held in high regards by the people of Pakistan when he came to power and he turned out to be a complete disappointment;

    Zardari- about whom everyone had doubts and he has confirmed those doubts;

    And of course soon to join this company of no bodies – NAWAZ SHAREEF from whom people had great expectations and is turning out to be a disappointment.

    I suppose the word DISAPPOINTMENT should become the national slogan of Pakistan !

  36. shahid masood

    You are a looser.

    Your are trying to make fool again. yOU are not even a surgeon. what is primary frcs. YO u fool this is just part 1 eamination. How can you call even asurgeon. You have not passed final eamination.

    You have adubious character.
    All media groups should discard him

    shame on you.

  37. Oh Boy: Dr.S.M. you were trapped by PPP & what these jugglers of PPP present in their melodramatic speeches. Just wait & see patiently as the TRUTH IS REMAINED IN THE LAST. Therefore don’t be dishearted just speak the truth always & beleive strongly At Last JUSTICE MUST PREVAILED without any distinguished rich or poor.

    The left or right whatever comprised with Imran Khan, Nawaz Sharif, CJ Iftikhar & his team is very much alive ALONGWITH MANY OTHERS as common man I’m ready kicking and waiting to be thrown out of office as the current failed Prime Minister Gillani & President Zardari alongwith entire thier entire PPP high port-folios.

  38. Shahid masoodYou had no answer , no clue . What were you talking.You neeed to go through soul searching and catharsis.Feel shame and apoligize to people for your psudo image

  39. just feel so sad after watching this programme…..woh kia shair hai…sab nangay hain iss hamam main!dnt know who to trust…used to think the politicians are big liars but now it feels like away ka awa hi bigra hoa hai….kia politician,kia journalist aur kia govt servants…iss mulk nay kaisay chalna hai jab corruption is what this society thrives on…..jiss ko moqah milta hai paisay lotta hai aur jiss ko nahin milta honesty ka parchaar karta hai….yahan kuch nahin badlay ga…..this country needs revolution…nothing short can solve its problems……..

  40. Guys you should not be disappointed by Dr Shahid Masood, as he represnt our AAM AADMI circumstances… Our establishment have power to ruin anyone.
    Where were u guys when they kiked out Dr, from both chennals, no one stand for him or protest agaisnt YOUR SO CALLED HERO….

  41. I feel like crying after listening to this. I was really inspired by his guts and his patriotism. But now i realised that he is a chicken just like the rest, he cares about his own survival and not what is good for Pakistan. This bloddy guy does even realize the power of people and the amount of respect he had. he does not realize that “Sheer ki zindagi ka aik din geedar ki soo sala zindagi se behter hai”…if he would have died while living like a lion then he would have lived forever in people but now he has become a symbol of traitory, lies and cowardice.

    People like him are hollow from inside, but at the time of action, they are the first one to run away. I have to say that he is even worst than zardari.

  42. @shoaib aslam: What r u saying man, he did not even struggled for one full decade and then you expect people to stand for him. He has not sacrificed anything, but continue to gain something with each of his move. the leaders struggle through out their life and they get rewards, look at nelson mandela, Quaid-i-Azam, Gandhi, JFK, and all of our khulfa-e-rashdein. if people like khulfa-e-rashdein needed to struggle with their life on line then people like him have no value.


  44. beshak

    woo jese chahtai izat deta hai or jisi chahta hai zilat

    insan ka lia ik aur sabaq

    goodwork geo an d iftikhar to expose intruder

    now he is history

  45. lakin dr shahaid ka yeh chehra dekh ker bhut dukh ifsoos aur depression huwa hai

    lakin khushi bhe hai media can find the truth so fast

    bravo geo

  46. FAKE SURGEON ( He has no surgical specialization) How can he call himself surgeon.

    Stop fooling innocent viewrs


    By the way IFTIKHAR himdelf should be jawabdeh to nation. Tell nation why he was not banned, and tonned down during musharaf second maertial law.

    Iftikhar should have the guts to interview musharaf in the same manner, he subjected benazir to mental toerture during interview.

    Iftikhar can you do same with nazir naji, zia shahid,MIR sakeel ur rehman. Do you have baLLLS.

    I agree with the point that geo is so critical of people leaving,
    Did they thought , when they had haroon rasheed express irfan siddique nawe waqat.

    Leaving a job or joining new is not wrong.

    It is wrong if done for ulterior motive, or bribe

  47. Salam, we all just think for one moment i.e how deeply involment of our agencies are in every issue and how even one anchor get job according to them shame on them and shame on people like this Dr. who got 65 pond p/w in 2000 and now ……they do all games to get top job, play with our feelings

  48. Can Iftikhar and geo interview other journalists in the same way and make them answer questions about their background?
    Or is this treatment only reserved for Shahid Masood because he left geo TV?

    I’m not saying that Shahid Masood looks totally clean, but isn’t it strange that our journalists never expose the black sheep within their midst, but only Shahid Masood has been given this tough grilling?

  49. @ DEMOCRART 2007

    I agree with you.
    No defence for shahid masood.
    shahid masood was irritating iftikhar and his associates, because he took the fame , lime light, media presence.

    Come on iftikhar do an interview like this with mir shakeel ur rehman, arif nizami, zia shahid, nazir naji. najam sethi, salman taseer, haron rashed, hamid mir, talat hussain
    Do yu have guts,
    sorry iftikhar you dont

  50. I watched the hatched job done by Mr. Iftikhar Ahmad in which Shahid Masood was bloodied but survived. Dr Shahid admitted that he made a mistake, we all make mistakes and we learn from it. In my view he is a decent man who loves his country, so people do not be too judgmental. We have to and we must give him another chance.

  51. Assalam-o-Alaikum,

    First of all thanks @ admn. pkpolitics, to download this interesting program on the website for your regular viewers.

    Iftikhar Ahmed, done a good job interviewed with wounderful prepration and lots of personal and professional background knowledge collection of one of the most popular tv anchor ever produced by Pakistani electronic media.

    Dr.Shahid Masood’s was very helpless infront of Iftikhar Ahmed in Jawab Dey which is very normal because of his wrong doings he committed in last few months.

    Dr.Shahid Masood, failed to clear himself in so many issues raised by the host anchor and people need clarifications from him in some other shows.

    01. Being a refugee claimant in United Kingdom, how come he get permission to visit Iraq during the war time.

    02. Why British Government provided him travel document of U.K. which he was not entitled in any means by profession.

    03. Thousands of Pakistani families in all over world have obtain political asylum on different affiliations and its under standable in some sence, why Iftikhar Ahmed ask so many questions but did not establish any thing after that …. some thing was sencensored from that part of the show otherwise what was the use of that ???

    04. Telephone conversation with Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Sahiba regarding security threat is not clear, he was hiding some important thing which he afraid to tell.

    05. Perposely involving Gen.(Retd.)Hamid Gul in the assasination attempt / plot, need clarification in a tv program when they both sit infront of same anchor Iftikhar Ahmed.

    06. How come a same person, could be an acceptable middle man for all individuals on different ocassions. Benazir Bhutto, Pervez Musharraf, Nawaz Sharif, Establishment and lateron Asif Ali Zardari.

    07. I failed to understand his position, he was playing the tricky language to twist the real meanings …. I am very much doubtful on his professional capability which can demage the entire political setup if he get paid he asked for ….

    08. He loose the faith and credibility as far as I am conserned, even though I was a great great fan of Dr. Shahid Masood from the day he deliver a wounderful program for Mohsan-e- Pakistan Dr.Abdul Qadir Khan. For that one program in which he praised Dr.Qadir Khan I still can start respecting him same like before if he comes on the tv and speak truth with the people of Pakistan and say sorry to all his fans and start his new life from scratch.

    09. Millions of rupee and dollars are nothing if you have no respect from your viewers Dr. Shahid Masood, have you noticed where were you stand when you were a tv anchor and where you stand today when you are designated Advisor to Prime Minister.

    10. Please speakup, if you really know some thing about assasination of Benazir Bhutto.
    Never take so much time to speak the truth, some time a little error of time can take your life to keep you shut for ever.

    In the end, I may request all the viewers of pkpolitics to use soft words for Dr. Shahid Masood even though you show your anger you have for him…

  52. I know him from the medical college, he used to passed his exams through the pressure on medical professors without reading a book and he is telling people on the media that he is a surgeon from Royal college.

  53. heard there was something with regards to this interview on Kamaran Khan’s show tonight, some sort of a clarification, any one know about it?

  54. ^ yes I saw that as well on the web, but could not hear any thing……this is great I have to find Kamran’s show as well now

  55. there are questions still un answered but no doubt he has hurt alot of people he has betrayed people of pakistan. you can see the regrets he has now i dont know what to say about him i have seen his shows on very late nights and i used to crave for his show but i think he should have appologise to his viewers and then agar subah ka bhoolah raat ko wapis aa jai toh usey bhoola nahi kaya ja jata may God give hadayat and all of us aswell to see what is right and what is wrong

  56. well i will tend to disagree with most of the comments made above.

    In my view, Dr.Shahid is still among the handful journalists who are sincere with there profession and have contributed alot in giving birth to an era of hope.

    I myself feared that something is to happen now with this brave anchor after Gen.Jamsheed Gulzar kiyani’s interview was first telecasted. If you guys had followed up the developments in Pak after tht interview thn you would know that Gen. Gulzar kiyani was charged with the breech of Official Secret Act. And the ex Gen. was tough in critizing the trioca AKA Mushi, Washington and Delhi.

    Coming back to the topic, I still have loads of respect for Dr.Shahid Masood and believe he is still honest and sincere with his passion of journalism.

  57. @ billsqI wish he is sincere.What stopped him to answer tough questions.Why was he nervous uring interview.He  needs soul searching.

  58. @ Usman.

    well to be quite frank though I appreciate that some very nice questions were asked by Iftikhar but I would be critical here as well. When you ask a question, one should allow the other person to respond to it. When you start interuppting people and with it you add a flavour of agressively persuing accountability as well, then it is quite natural that it, to an extent, puzzles the other person who is responding. Still Dr.Shahid enjoys a great deal of respect given to him by Veterian Journalists like Ansar Abassi, Shaheen Sabhae and Syed Saleem Shehzad.

    And honestly i would love to watch him host a show sooner rather thn later.

    As Pakistan is at a crossroad and in this critical juncture we need anchors like him to raise the fundamental issues confronting Pakistan for instance WOT.

    But I will not be amazed if a certain segment of media wages a war against Dr.Shahid as the notorious Rehman Malik, who calls himself the establishment nowadays, will try his level best to avenge his old grude against Dr.Shahid.

    Do you guys remember Dr.Shahid’s programme in which he literally bombshelled Rehman Malik by exposing his very old and strong ties with FBI as disclosed by an american journalist in his book. That programme was literally awesome.

    And even Ansar Abassi wrote an article after 2 days of airing of this programme in which he made a mention of background of this programme. Ansar wrote that Dr.Shahid was called to Islamabad on friday night by Rehman Malik and Zardari and complained to him about his criticism of PPP. Rehman. according to Ansar Abassi, showed Dr.Shahid the puches and said I am the establishment of Pakistan and both Spying Agencies report to me and this is my last warning to you.

    And then on Saturday, Dr. Shahid did a sole programme on Rehman Malik. He did not discussed what happened with him last night but disclosed some key facts about Rehman.

  59. “Ansar wrote that Dr.Shahid was called to Islamabad on friday night by Rehman Malik and Zardari and complained to him about his criticism of PPP. Rehman. according to Ansar Abassi, showed Dr.Shahid the puches and said I am the establishment of Pakistan and both Spying Agencies report to me and this is my last warning to you.”

    According to my ” source”, Both Rehman Malik and Zardari called him and gave him an open threat to take the PTV job and stop doing these sensational program, otherwise in a country where BB can be killed and no one found the killers, your fate is not going to be different.

  60. @ above, When Rehman made those threats that I made a mention of, Zardari was present at the scene. So I will not be amazaed if Both these notorious personalities issued life threats to Dr.Shahid.

  61. he is used by ppp and AZ i think he had death threat on him he is not strong man like imran khan stand for what he belive

  62. Show me how to pick up a turd by its clean end and I will concede that Dr Shahid Masood is a victim in this whole drama.

    Millions of Pakistanis held Dr Shahid Masood to a higher standard because they thought he was different and would positively help the country to progress in a good direction.

    Unfortunately what we have learnt now is that is Dr Shahid only works for Dr Shahid. Let all the rest be damned.

    My friends that is what is sad and disappointing. He turned out to be just like all the others who have been screwing our beloved country.

  63. Shahid Massod with his strong political affiliation and active membership with PPP from his student days was in fact in violation as a journalist and TV host by becoming an advocate of PPP and critic of Mushruf regime. How his work would be considered an honest and neutral journalism, when at the same time as per he, had strong political affiliation and party connections with BB and Zardari… That is un-professional and against the code of conduct as journalist. He has used his position and profession which demanded neutral and honest reporting as a journalist and as a TV host for his party and own political interests which became obvious later on. So, all his work whether right or wrong based on facts or no facts becomes irrelevant and questionable and can not be worth trusting.

  64. I don’t buy the argument that he was trapped by PPP. Is he child? person u used to trap others how can be trapped?
    I never knew how did he started life in London and in asylum doing job and having benefits from council……..Iftikhar exposed him very well since his asylum case to MD PTV????????????




  66. Salam & Heartfull wishes to Dr. Shahid Masood

    He is a Hero of Pakistani People, We like him very very much he desuve for the best possition, he can make changes if some people give him support, but no body support him.
    He is a honest man, and we love him, hope he will do well whenever he will sit he will do his best.
    He joined PTV its not a big sin he proved himself and open fraud “Big Fishes” hope he will join Ministry and soon expose more.

    Thank to Dr. Shahid for his efforts to make PAKISTAN much batter.

  67. Mr. Iftikhar (Fitna) tried to issue an NRO for Dr. Shahid, I dont think Dr, Shahid would be able to gain same respect & admiration which he was enjoying, I am sure there was a stage when Dr.Shahid Could have won highest Office in Pakistani Politics thru a fair elction. He has ruined his immage thru his proudness & Sale ability and became a commodity for sale.

  68. so what if Dr shahid joined ptv-PAKISTAN television???? for god sake… what crime has he committed. you know i am pretty sure all this bad press is a result of piss off of GEO… GEO is becoming an arrogant,emotional, propogative organization.. I am afraid if it will loose its objectivity… dude Geo was one of his employer.. Dr, shahid quits and joins someone else… whats wrong with that?? I think it is patriotic to serve your national institutions.

  69. I slaute to Mr.Iftikhar on his efforts for doing such a good program and Geo…after watching this programe an urdu pharase comes in my mind but i don’t know if ppl on this forum would agree with me:

  70. I think SM is a good man. After watching this progamme he has raised his stature in my eyes. All of you criticising him should remember one line from the interview:

    ‘After Jamshed Gulzar Kiyani interview, what has media done since then?’

    Likes of HM etc. have sold out to Zardari completely ignoring lawyers movement and doing useless harmless programmes that nobody gives a 5hit about. The fact that not a single programme since then has hit hard on rulers speaks volume of SM.

    SM, we welcome you back with open heart as long as you realise your mistake and promise not to repeat it.

  71. IF
    Quaid e Azam joined Congress.

    Iftikhar Chaudary took oath once as PCO judge

    whats wrong if Shahid Masood joined PTV.

    MAY BE ,it was with GOOD INTENTIONS.


  72. If Dr.S.Masood join again any channel after having been attracted to Governmental post.
    SORRY DR.S.Masood you would be never the same again as you was used to be……The blunder which you have made,has already cost you yours career,reputation and future.

  73. SORRY to ALL who are STICKED with WORDS like SUCKS, Looser, Shame on You.

    WE ALL MADE MISTAKES but only FEW HAVE BALLS to accept it and LEAVE that path which is chosen by MISTAKE, or by pressure.

    If he is chamcha then HE must have been continuing with PTV with big salary and as Minister and Enjoy Behti GANGA.

    but he has the guts and to feel sorry and say sorry whatever he had done.
    Mr. Iftikhar knows THAT JUNG GROUP is also big beneficiary of CREDIT+ given by PTV to them.

    If u cannot ask something from YOUR CHOR + Mr 10% + WADA KHILAF + and Specially a Baighairat Dictator taking his party and Country in the same way as musharraf taken it THEN WHO THE HELL ARE ALL OF YOU BLAMING DR SM. Every day you heard NEWS after American Misile Attacks THAT HUM NAI BaZabita Ehtejaj KIA HAI (bullshit).
    and WHY GEO is MUM against MQM and why so MUCH NEWS and image building OF ALTAF (bhagora) only on GEO.

    So every one is enjoying part with his will or by pressure or by ZAATI MUFAAD. dont blame a single person while system is corrupt, Leaders are Corrupt + Billioners, Where Everyone is in hurry of taking benefit of situation even including myself and all of you giving bribes, stealing electricity, not giving taxes.

    so think once again before leaving stupid Comments

  74. “and WHY GEO is MUM against MQM and why so MUCH NEWS and image building OF ALTAF (bhagora) only on GEO.”

    And what Shahid Masood himself has done to briing MQM’s ghunda Gardee to public. He has brought people in his show to expose Musharaf, he was tough on Nawaz Sharif on his interview but appears bheegee billee in front of Benazir and Zardari, has anyone saw any show where he did any show against MQM or said anything against Altaf Hussain?

  75. Dr.Shahid aur Aik Maan ( Mother) ki Kahani”
    really it was an amazing interview by Iftikhar sahib.I like Jawab deyh programme, only because it gives us the opportunity to see the real faces of our corrupt leaders, politicians, army officers, establishment etc.But this time, it was an interesting episode of Jawabdeyh,As iftikhar ahmed invite a most famous anchor Shahid Masood,Whom i Know “VERY WELL”.
    During the whole interview i was just thinking of ALLAH, who gave a chance to a ordinary man to establish himself.and later everything Finished in One WRONG Step only.I know Him personally.He was nothing, but a failed Doctor in Karachi.Everyone knows, that how he did his MBBS in Karachi, and what was his role during the Student strike.A lot of fellow students were expelled from the college, as he Bargained with Professors to “save himself”.

    Importantly he is responsible for their DARK Future.But i am sure, he will NOT Admit his any SIN.
    Now come to His personal Life as maybe someone criticised it, why i am going to mention his Personal Life.But it is Very important, as he is NOT an Ordinary Man.He is a person, who gave BHASHANS everyday to people.:: ” Apna Aur Apnay Irrd Gird Kay Logon Ka Khayal Rakhiay””” But iftikhar ahmed Avoid to question him about His Wife.Who is “Crying day and Night” from the Last many Years.when he Kidnapped their Lovely daughter(she is Special Child, as she is “Disable Child”
    Just try to understand, How Cruel he is ?
    Everybody have differences in their personal lives, but For GOD Sake.try to understand,is it correct for a DOCTOR,”Maseeha”(Aik aisa maseeha jo aik maan say aulad ko door kar day, yeh dukh aur azaab sirf aik maan ka hi nahi, aik bachhi ka bhi hay)
    he traveled from karachi with innocent Child, and bring her into the UK.he applied for Asylum on Special grounds.Border and Immigration Authorities gave him the Asylum on special circumstances, as he pretend to be a Single Parent, and got the special allownces for the care of Child.He is lier.Uk immigration and asylum authorities gave him a 2 bed Room furnished house (rent 800£ per Month) and they allow 400 pounds for the care of child with Nurse facility.The people who lives in England, they can understand, how UK Govt.take care on Human rights and this kind of issues.He showed the documents to immigration authorities that, he is Not safe in Pakistan, because of threat from wife.On that grounds he got the asylum.But in his interview he was pretending that he was having threats from ethnic groups.
    Later he visited medical colleges of ireland.but he failed in PLAB Test, which is necessary for doctors.its a kind of professional language test for doctors in england and wales.later he tried to get admission in other colleges, but there is No Proof at all, that he did any Degree course in the UK.He is having only one masters degree in LIE, betray,hypocracy.

    Later he visited PPP office in london, and request for a office job.and they provided him a job with HQ permission.and at the same time, he wrote a letter to HQ against the same people who helped him.during the time in PPP office he got the WHOLE addresses,contact numbers of ppp high command.at the same time,after the death of Nazia Hassan,he approached ARY.and later he joined ARY, as they were planning to start transmission from UK.He was getting the salary from ARY, and UK Benefits Fraud department raided on ARY office, as they got the information, that he was getting the salary from ARY.he again betrayed the fraud office, but ARY decided to shift him to Dubai, as they were about to start transmission from Dubai.Dr.Shahid was a Bridge between ARY and Govt to release their passports and their names from Exit Control List.
    Dr.Shahid did that Job successfully.and still he is doing the same kind of Jobs n NRO.ARY PPP and Dr.Shahid they are triangle.they have their own targets.they damn care about any ethics or Moralality.they just use these words to innocent people.
    Nobody knows, how an asylum seeker ” Like ALTAF HUSSAIN” got a lavish life style in London and Dubai.Dr.Shahid Masood is still getting FUNDS from americans to run his firm “Dialogue”.Coming time will prove, how he will fulfill his revenge from innocent Paksitanis.
    we always try to forgive our politicians,establishment& Army.But this time,we forget, Dr.Shahid masood is a man, who plays with Words.JAADOGAR hay lafzon ka”
    “I AM A MOTHER,” aur aap sab jaantay hain, keh aik Maan aur aulad ka Rishta aur dard kaisa hota hay”
    Dr.Shahid marry to another woman in Dubai, whom he introduced in all functions, but No body knows, About POOR MOTHER “””HUMAIRA SHAHID”””

  76. Excellent, excellent work Iftikhar sahib…one of the best shows!

    SM should look into starring in the next Bond film maybe…

  77. If it is true what smiley has mentioned in the comment above about Dr.SM ‘s ugly side of inhumanity. He has no face to show to public on any channel except British channel.

  78. @smiley
    Thank you for filling in the blanks left by Jawab Deh. I think it is you who has “nailed” him (and not Iftikhar Ahmed).

    (note: Hope you folks are aware that ARY’s Mr Yaqoob was the only “private” individual who was included in the NRO…)

  79. OK that is enough bashing for Dr. Shahid masood, we Desi are so emotional and extremist in our views, when we Love some one we put him on the sky when we hate we want him to die. Come on Guys, let sensibility prevail on this. I was mad too when he join PTV. He is an excellent host and started a new trend in TV with blunt interviews and causal style interaction with politicians. Yes he made mistakes but just for a moment think that if was a corrupt man like other PTV chairman and PPP kerta dherta, he would have keep quiet and just make money. He wanted to change PTV that’s why he got kicked out. He may be fail doctor but he is a man with conscientious and he will again make his place in TV. He know very well how to do research about news and he present something that no body do that well. We all makes mistakes but remember again, he was offers a minister status and he refused, what does this tell you? I was mad at him but give him break and benefit of human being and for God sake don’t waste his talent. We have few Journalists in Pakistan who are capable to make a think tank and do lobbying.
    God Bless Pakistan

  80. I request some of the users on this forum to be rational instead of being emotional. Dr. Shahid was an employee of GEO, doing his job to earn his bread. If he felt that there are career growth opportunities in PTV and that he can contribute his knowledge to a national TV and he joined it, Is it a sin? Those who like GEO (mostly because of anchors like DR. Shahid) think that the GEO employees should stick with GEO till dooms day. What is wrong if he joined PTV,our national TV channel whose revenue goes to government treasury. Is there any single citizen of Pakistan who benefits from the revenue of GEO, ARY or AAJ? The answer is “NO” because all the money from the private channels is converted into dollars’ and kept either in Dubai or Uk. In just five months, Dr. Shahid Masood informed the Nation that the big fishes are the defaulters to PTV including the Media groups (Could be this private channel). We Pakistanis keep drumming that all the wazirs and politicians in our country are feudal lords. But when an ordinary person like Shahid Masood got opportunity to become a minister of State, by hook or by crook, then we start calling him failed student, intruder, jilt etc. we are like that psychologically sick child who first cries for mixing water and milk, once it is done he cries to separate the both. PTV is the mother of all the channels in Pakistan. People like Talat Hussain, Asma Shirazi, Kamran Khan, Javaid chaudry and even many actors were produced by PTV. I believe Dr. Shahid joined the PTV in good faith and the corrupt politicians and the true intruders forced him to exit. Iftikhar has a misconception that GEO has given Dr. Shahid Masood recognition and GEO did not make any dealing on him. It was the guts and talent of the person on which GEO made billions of dollars and the corporation needed to continue making money that’s why it did not make any deal on him. By the way, وتو ایزو من تشاھا وتوزیلو من تشاھا dignity and disgrace is given by God says Quran. I like iftikhar too and appreciate his journalist skills and experience but I feel sorry for Dr. Shahid that he resigned the job. I also appreciate the way you accepted your mistakes, did not blame any one unnecessarily and were optimistic about future endeavors. A user in this forum has tried to portray you a cruel husband and father with some information he has got from somewhere. I am sure he does not know your wife better than you. So again you are the only one who can take decision about second marriage if you cannot live up with the first one, although the claimant himself accepted that you were friendly, good and nice with your second wife and it proves that you are basically not a cruel husband, it might be the circumstances that opted you take tough decisions. The proof of a loving father is that you took your disabled daughter with you and arranged for her equitably.

  81. Shame on all who call Dr. Shahid Masood a looser.

    I still respect him. He did nothing wrong. He didn’t make a single penny out of all this.

    He tried to reform PTV he was pushed out bcoz of this.

    His shows were blocked by GEO as GEO was blocked by Dubai govt again after new goverment resulting from 18th feb elections.

    His shows were blocked he went to PTV he was not allowed to do as he wanted, he was pushed out.

    Now here is here. What’s wrong with all this?


  82. I listened Fauzia Wahab_ PPP MNA criticizing pkpolitics on SAMA NEWS CHANNEL which forced me to visit this website. After listening her critisim, one thing is very clear that PPP knows what is going on this website and don’t like it. There are doubts in my mind that PPP must have done something to counter the situation on this website for example PPP can activate intelligence agencies. After reading the comments about Dr Shahid Masood, my doubts turned into reality.
    It is very much established now that ISI, Establishment and political mafia (PPP, MQM etc.) don’t like DR SHAHID MASOOD.ISI forced ARY ONE management to kick him out.Establishment_Rehman Malik says himself the establishment nowadays has already
    threatened him.

    There are some questions for those who are criticizing Dr Shahid Masood.

    Is it a crime to join PTV?
    If yes,
    Then who will save and built our public institutions like PTV?

    We want honest PRESIDENT and PRIME MINSTER but we don’t like honest and well reputed people to join public institutions. Why?

    Why so much personal criticism?(failed doctor_ it was first coined by daily times)

    The main criticism is,
    He is greedy.
    He belongs to PPP in past.

    If he is greedy then
    Why he resigned from PTV where he can make more money( three hundred million fraud in audit report) ?
    Why Mushraf who offered one hundred million rupees to JUSTICE RAMDAY is unable to buy him?
    Intelligence agencies that have every kind of resources unable to buy him. why?

    He cannot be fair because he belongs to PPP in past if so,
    Can anyone tell me a single program from last five years in which he defended PPP polices?
    Can anyone quote a single comment in favor of present government polices as PTV MD?

    I have been listening him from last four to five years.I found him extremely honest to his work. Time will tell he is a professional who has his own opinion.
    My well wishes for Dr Shahid Masood. Keep fighting with status quo forces.

    Question by sic5770
    Has anyone saw any show where he did any show against MQM or said anything against Altaf Hussain?
    Yes I saw two to three shows of Dr Shahid Masood but all on ARYONE.The best one was a night before LOCAL BODIES ELECTION in which quest speakers were COWSAJEE_a dawn newspaper columnist, Ex District Nazim Namat Ullah etc.
    Due to this live show,

  83. Dr.shahid masood is lier.Everybody knows here in uk.i was not aware about the Jawabdeyh show on GeoTV with Dr.shahid masood.”Kaash”….. Mujhay pata hota, then i must call during the programme,now i will call him during his own show.Wait doctor

  84. Well i just completed watching this show. It is extremely unfair if we blame DR Shahid for what he did in the past. It should be motivation of all of us to serve for the country with honesty and sincerity in any situation. I think he did the same and he achieved a lot in doing so. Future will expose all those faces and the current GOVT by asking questions relevant to the big names involved in corruption etc.I found him extremely sincere in his intensions.
    Come on guys, do have a sense of justice in evaluating him by his past and present.

    Credit goes to Ifthkar for doing great show and Dr Shahid was also good in replying the questions.

  85. Assalam o alaikum

    I think Dr Shahid masood made a big mistake by going to PTV, and this was the real move by his opponents to degrade his credibility and he accepted that move, another thing which i am afraid of his political attachments with PSF, PPP, and then Ishrat ul ibad was his friend so these things can degrade his credibility and his application for assylum in UK and then not taking passport back and taking a new one from Pakistan while might be thinking he might get assylum as well….anyways he might be right when he was displaying others character and showing truth on media but when it comes to him he failed… so this shows bolna bohat asaan hota hai or kerna bohat mushkil but still i admire his efforts for uncovering truth….. here i would like to make one comment that we should not attach our sympathies to one person as we did in case of Dr Shahid Masoor….or many people might be attaching now with Zaid Zamman Hamid suspected to be sahabi of Yousaf kazab….. so i want to say is dont attach feelings with these persons just listen to them and only accept those things which you analyse as truth…and then believe in that truth not in these guys….they might have some agenda to put their own bias while saying the truth as Zaid Hammid looks like ISI mouth piece but i am not sure but while speaking truth he put his given agenda of promoting army, ISI, and demoting political leaders and judiciary so we should be aware of all these things. Keep it in mind never take everything for granted to be true if someone is saying some truth….. Allah humain such ko samajhnay or us per amal kernay ki taufeeq ata farmaya ameen…

    GOD Bless Pakistan
    GOD Bless Pakistanies

  86. Come on Friends…

    we all are angry with DR. because once we Liked him and we Liked him Because he was doing gr8 job.

    he AdMITTED his MISTAKE (isnt it a big thing) and then he REFUSED to join establishment again….

    tell me if any one of you … CHALLENGE ESTABLISMNET ..what will happenS to YOU?????

    Be FAIR…..atleast he tried…

    he could have stick if he didnt gone for AUDIT ????? ISNT IT?

  87. i didnt really had much reservations of SM joining PTV at the time…and kept giving him the benefit of doubt….for some time….but he never came out open in public (and to his listeners) of the reasons of his decision of joining PTV quite suddenly…and then the reasons for his ‘sacking’ from PTV …and then the reasons for his ‘joining PPP cabinet’ for few days?

    one doesnt expect this from a normal person leaving jobs….but SM was never an ordinary person changing jobs…he was a master of many (conspiracy) ‘theories’, anchor’s anchor, political insider & philosopher, religous scholar etc etc

    unfortunately its too late now to restore any confidence in SM….and any explanations provided now will be ‘mere excuses’

  88. Those who blame Dr Shahid for joining PTV, for them i have an argument….

    Do you know what is the reputation of our politicians?
    Inspite of that one can justify the entrance of Imran Khan into the politics for the sake of CHANGE!!!
    Nothing is bad in nature unless you are part of that!

  89. @Shaz Says:

    Imran khan didnot left politics… why SM left PTV he should stick to it and should remove all the badness in it.

  90. @fahad_guraya

    Imran khan didnot left politics… why SM left PTV he should stick to it and should remove all the badness in it.

    PTV is a state institution and he was doing job under Govt. rules. By your argument the one who do job under Govt. rule is…..Dr SM did his best to bring transparency in that institution, but was constantly hindered by the ruling party. I am sure if he would not have resigned the Govt. must have taken the resign forcefully or terminated him. MY point was he just went in for a change, which is reflected by his intension and direction in a small period he served. He proffered to exit by exposing the Govt. instead adopting the culture being part of that.

  91. Salute to Dr Shahid Masood !!!
    You did your job by doing Audit in PTV. We know, by joining PTV, you have not actually joined Government because it is an independent corporation such as Pakistan Steel and PIA. As far as salary is concerned, if a person has done his job in a good manner with honesty and professionalism, then why he should not be paid ???
    Although, Iftikhar has not given you a reasonable time to answer his questions, but still you have given very good answers. I am desperately waiting for you to see you in Meray Mutabiq again, InshaAllah

  92. wellllll done Dr.Shahid Masood.How many fake ID’s u have:; like your passports, names etc…..i must appreciate Iftkhar ahmed , who done his JOB very well.Now its Up to us, aur kitna baywaqoof ham khud ko bana saktay hain.

  93. Dr Shahid iz still a great person..He can do the same what he was doing b4 but chance shoud be given to him as v r giving our politision since after the Pakistan founded by Great Leader MUhammad Ali Jinnah.
    Ansar Abbasi, Dr Iftikhar, Hamid Mir, Kashif Abbasi and all those great persons who realy can make changes in the history of Pakistan but can any 1 sure k all these people are not like Dr Shahid..?

  94. Im glad he admited that he made wrong move to join PTV but some one like him should have used this oportunity to clerify things about him and country.i never knew he belongs to PPP or he was on benefits from british gov.

  95. Pehlay pakistani politicians army aur establishment badnaam thi, Shukar hay abb So Called Sahaafi bhi khushi khushi iss list mein Shamil ho rahay hain.sab par TAG lag gia hay.Dekhtay raheay “GEO NEWS kay Mutabik”

  96. hi All,

    Guys plz don’t forget the main reason behind his resignation mentioned by himself was PTV’s Audit Report which later on increased the pressure from government and other sources…We hope in the Near Future Dr.SM being a journalist would perform his duties and responsibilites(like Ansar Abbasi did) by unveiling those corrupt people who were involved in damaging PTV financially


  97. “SURPRISE”
    Dr.Shahid Masood,Duties,Responsibilities,
    strange words.He is simply a BROKER between the Parties.
    “Deal” theek kar laita hay.Chahay ARY(Haji Brothers)kay liay ho, ya Geo kay liay.Audit report Dr.Shahid Kay hath mein aik TALWAR hay.Abb woh Media Bosses say sirf Deal kar raha hay.There is “NO BENEFIT” 4 PUBLIC at all.
    Yes, Only Survival of his OWN Desires.
    “Abhi Film khatam nahi hoe meray dost.”
    Abhi tu doctor ki Patarri mein aur bahut say MASK hain.Public ko milay ge dekhnay ko film “Meray MUNAFIQQ”
    Abhi Dr.ki PIPE LINE mein bahut mansoobay hain.
    Dr.Shahid Masood ko kia Ch”””a samajh rakha hay, woh sab say pehla programme Chief Justice DOGar ki beti kay papers walay matter say shuru karay ga.ALLAH nay Dr.Ko yeh aisa MOKA dia hay, keh PUBLIC har aik scene par DAAAD day gee.
    (Lekin END mein hona kuch nahi.)
    Dr.public ka ANGER apnay sath lay kar aisay chalay ga, keh PUBLIC ko bhi pata nahi chalay ga keh MAAMLA kab khatam ho gia.aur Dr. itnay waqt mein dosray matter ki taraf public ki tawajah lay jaay ga.
    “Yeh Madaaari ka khel hay baboooooo”
    yahan NAZAR BANDIIII hoti hay,sab samajh mein aa jaay, tu Film ka maza kharab ho ga.
    Media needs NEWS, chahay jaisay millay, khabar banao, aur Baazi lay jao sab say,

  98. Dr Shahid Masood is an intelligent guy, but to be intelligent and non-selling is not common. He siold himself when he got a chance. Being a PPP Jiyala we can understand that, but the important factor we see rom the interview is that how deep and cruel is our system of Governanace.
    May God help Us.


  100. it is quite obviously from this interveiw that these tv hosts in different channels have their political parties and they bring forward and impose party agenda, they are not neutral, how can we trust these kind of people, how can we trust whatever Shahid said about Gen. Musharaf. Now we know that he was doing it on behalf of his party, and this is called boised.

  101. True independence of institutions or just a ‘job’ a short story of struggle for institutional rights in Pakistan By: Amjad Malik

    On 5th of May 2007 Lahore High Court Bar gathered a storm where deposed Chief Justice of Pakistan was facing trial on charges of misconduct, came to the city with a procession of lawyers and won the day. He won the hearts and minds of lay Pakistanis for just saying ‘No’ to the outgoing General. Ahsan Bhoon then President of Lahore High Court Bar was at forefront in the host committee organising that event. Since then he became a priority in the eyes of establishment and like Americans say ‘there is a price for everyone in Pakistan’ Mr. Bhoon proved that right by putting the price of his leadership of popular lawyer movement for the sake of becoming Mr. Justice Bhoon proving Sir Allama Iqbal right that Muslims bowed down when the time came to standstill in the battlefield. No offence to the judge, he did what all are doing around, he grabbed what he could.

    Another example of a fiery anchor Dr Shahid Masood who gained prominence from his popular ‘views on news’ programme at local TV channel later was prompted or rather demoted to ‘Merey Mutabiq.’ He successfully caused stir in the ranks of the blue eyed clan by touching the corny subjects. One TV channel nearly went bankrupt as these lots were adamant that these newly liberated channels can truly bring true independence of media in a society where military regimes have deep rooted stakes visible at every corner of the major cities and ingrained in every chapters of the national history of Pakistan. He hit the nail aright and after partly causing 3 of November emergency, caved in when newly installed Government found him to be their loyal subject ready to do a job under them other than the job of nailing them for their wrong doings. At last his fire, mighty claims of principles, and future aspirations seeing media on top, all went to ashes and he gave in and accepted the hiring & firing role of chairmanship of national television PTV, a job truly well suited for a managerial type man. In UK, Jeremy Paxman would never accept a job of management of a TV station when his mastery is an anchorship of BBC ‘Newsnight’ a popular daily current affair programme. However, the sacred struggle for a genuinely free media was sacrificed at the altar of pragmatism and after shaking all the conscience of the nation to be brave and steadfast against the General, he left all on the likes of Hamid Mir, Ansaar Abbassi and Rauf Klasra or at best for the younger generations to fight for the so called freedom in some other times. He must have thought that he has done enough and let’s give other a chance, can’t blame him, he did befittingly to the environment as who knows he may not have this opportunity again. Alas, the destination is far away but struggle is lost for a job.

    9th March initiated an era of constitutionalism in Pakistan and 20th of July 2007 could have been a beginning of a new era if the top judge understood it, however, we lost the opportunity to psychologically defeating the mind set which promotes dictatorship in our minds and attitudes. On 3rd of November General Musharraf once again imposed emergency curbing media freedom and sacking loyalist judges. Be Nazir was hunted down to save the western monopoly and despite all odds 18th February 2008 election results vetoed all the actions of the military man. Parliament came and went without declaring unlawfully confined judges as ‘restored’ instead they were merely freed by the Chief Executive who was yet to swear his oath. General Musharraf was resuscitated by the same clan who prayed 9 years for his ouster and if he survives another 6 months, critics strongly believe that he has the capacity to stay for another 5 years and all thanks to anti Musharraf forces who are wishy washy lacking unity of thought and action. Since taking his oath, PM so far, could not get time to enact the so called ‘Bhurban Declaration.’ Despite the fact that Mr. Gilani lost good 5 years of his life in jail on trumped up charges for the sake of parliament’s sovereignty, when the time came he happily handed over to the military commander the very powers and vested in him to exhibit fireworks in Fata at his sweet will. It begs the question what is the difference of Q league and the current administration, is it not just faces. Rule of law’ justice and constitutionalism became a slogan and a ball in the hands of politicians and My God, they played it well.

    Then came a call for a long march as mandate was being humiliated by rulers. Lawyers without meritoriously bringing ‘legal action committee’ into action to adjudicate the wisdom of Chief Justice’s visit to then under trial Zardari failed in bringing a close check on those responsible rather went ahead with the leadership of one man. Aitzaz with the slogan and style of Bhuttoos and with the aid of ‘habib jalab’s verses mesmerised most of the nation especially young dancing advocates. We thought for once, that he meant it. Negligent ignorance to leave Justice Wajeeh, Siddiqui and Fakhur uddin Ibrahim behind was spared too. Then came 14th of June when all was set and ready to rock and roll but Ali Ahmed Kurd was gone and here came a messiah of the nation who taught the lesson of pragmatism that leader of his party must have understood the underlying message of this million march. In his self belief he called it a day without taking any public statement in response to his million march, in fear of unrest without proper consultation leaving the nation in shock and lawyers in dejection. How will he ever gather 5 lakhs in future, only he knows?

    On top, people were humiliated by saying that Supreme Court Bar is short of funds and there was a fear of unrest. Alas, who will tell them that Quaid made Pakistan and 40 lakh people died at that time but no one blamed him for that onslaught. How come a few scoundrels in peaceful gathering could have created havoc in this march or sit in if the lawyers were determined? Young advocates cried and genuinely lawyers mourned with them and apologised to the nation. I must say, in the past even Clerk’s association have performed better in their negotiation skills to muster their minimum demands whilst staging a protest. He caved in meagrely, called off his moot and went to United States where all leaders go once they are tired.

    With him on that day the dream of rule of law, justice and constitutionalism for the time being was also washed away as it will take time to pick up pieces from the rubble of pragmatism. Constitutional package is yet to be tabled and I genuinely feel for those great judges who did what they could but in the end the issue became a shuttlecock. In these circumstances, how can we expect a successful drive of democracy when every one wishes to keep his feet in two boats keeping their options open? They are busy negotiating their future on one hand whilst shouting slogans of ‘Go Musharraf Go’ and ‘long live Iftikhar’ on the other. They consider receipt of judge’s salaries out of PM’s alimony fund as their partial success, funnily they cannot see the difference, as they see everything with their own eyes and read Jalab with their style without understanding him. I think they need to read Allama Iqbal more. Aitzaz is confronted with his own conscience his aspirations, party loyalty up are against the popular drive of restoration of 2nd November judiciary. He cannot escape from lawyer’s movement as that is his recognition but he cannot decide on 40 years association either so he himself is standing in between both. Jinnah left congress the day he knew it can’t go together. His lawyer’s move against his own party PPP is failing as his party knows how to lose one stalwart for the sake of party. But he is no different to other Pakistani folks who know that freedom will take time, and in his self belief he put all off till some other day when people will not be hungry and he will have money for food, and when General Musharraf is a little more aged. That’s why we have no independent judges as the very people who raise voice for them do not want them back due to fear of losing their jobs.

    This is the sorry state of play of the drive of civic rights in Pakistan where all stake holders keenly keep an eye on each other so that no one could rock the boat. It’s a land where heroes are ruined like Qadeer Khan, where judges are detained like Iftikhar Choudhary and Premiers are hanged, shot and exiled like Bhuttoo’s and Sharifs. Protest leaders eyes are stuck in their bellies. Public for once is confused whether all this is carried out in genuine sincerity or everything is done for a job. It’s a fittest to survive society and I fear the day when public who always back popular movements turn into a pragmatic nation and never come out when they call, then where will all these lots go and who will give them a job.

    2 July 2008

  102. Shahid Masood!!!i am sure you cunning enough but just in case u did not know, i will tell u somethin: Come back, whenever u want, come back,, u &%**#@& ,u come back through any channel,,,this stupid stupid people will accept u again,,,they will start following u again,,,,simple traumatised pakistanis are in search of a leader, they will follw damagogues like u..again and again.I promise they will….

  103. “””@Valiantpk”””
    article of Mr.Amjad Malik is informative, and generally its very difficult to deny.He is a learned person with strong commitment
    to human rights,Rule of law and fair judiciary.
    But i must say, there are some hidden and some very open forces in our politics,govt,establishment,and especially in “OUR DARLING MEDIA” etc.who time to time betray the public and work against the interests of common citizens.
    PPP,PML(N)leadership are top of the list.Who always try and successfully HIJACKED the Lawyes Movement.It was a lawyers movement, who put the strong pressure on Musharraf regime and on “LATER STAGE” our Media bosses use it through so called journalist Dr.Shahid Masood as a “Bargaining CHIP” But dont forget the reality, that today whatever the positions they are holding,its on the Costs of Lawyers Blood.
    If my Learned friend recalls, then he must realized that Lawyers movement was very successful and there was no intention to drop that struggle at islamabad.BUT it was Mian Nawaz Sharif, who discuss the whole issue with Aitzaz ahsan at rally satge, and after that “WHISPER” Mian SAAB left the RALLY, and Aitzaz Ahsan announced the next date.Mian SAAB played the role of BRUTUS to Lawyers movement.If you say, it was on the request of ZARDARI who requested Mian Nawaz Sharif to handle the situation.Then do not forget the character of ZARDARI, always lier.And at the same time, OUR media Darling DR.Shahid Masood was on the same date and time, was in CONTACT with ZARDARI PALACE for his New assignment.He was playing the role of mediator,BROKER,whatever suites him.Now he is again saying”IT WAS MY BAD DECISION” how softly? amazing.on one hand he was dealing with Musharraf & ZARDARI Party for his own Interests, and on other hand he was portraying GEO Ansar Abbasi and Shaheen sehbai, that you people PLEASE convince Zardari SAAB, that i am NOT Interested in the PTV.Its Long story, But one thing is very IMPORTANT, we as People of Pakistan VERY Innocent, anybody like Dr.shahid masood can sell our BLOOD, fate,whatever we have,but on the price of their OWN Interests.

  104. i am tottttallly agree with offstage.momin aik soraakh say aik baar dasa jata hay, lekin ham baar baar apna hath saanp kay bill mein daltay hain, aur shahid masood jaisay log dastay hain, ham phir yehi harkat kartay hain, aur apni zindagi kay sath tajarbaat kartay hain, yeh log hain, jo kisi bhi nation ko kabhi kisi theek track par nahi charhnay dain gay, yeh sirf soday baaz dalllal hain

  105. “Breaking News….Dr.shahid masood is back”
    aakhir gaddhay ko laut kar wapis tu ana tha,aur kahan jata.dhoobi ka kut**a ghar ka na ghaat ka, lekin sirf Geo kay sath ka

  106. Dr.Shahid Masood’s trial on Geo tv show “jawab Dehh” unveiled his true personality ….He couldnt defend himself properly against all allegations……..he is a political opportunist not a “mesiah” of this crushed nation that he used to pretend…….i am also unable to understand the policy of Geo tv in again giving him this show………what a dual role media is playing…….

  107. you are 100% right.Very strange policy.Basically,now Dr.shahid masood have another bargaining “CHIP”.That is KPMG audit report.which he is using to blackmail all channels,especially zardari and other politicians.Dr.type people, always successful in their brokerage.he is a shmeful dealer.

  108. well guys,
    i dont think he is a bad person, as we are all thinking.

    At least he ie human being, lets say he mad some mistake, but he came back,

    no one in pakistan can leave this kind of postion where he was (PTV).

    but he left, if he left for his own interest he would never leave it..

    i think he has contributed some good things for muslims ummah. and no doubt, a person he is a good person, and good muslim.

    Sham ka bhola agar gha a aj tu us ko bhola nahi kahna chahya………..

    hope you all understand…

    Over all interview was excellent

  109. Dear brother offstage,

    These politicians always sell our blood in the hands of kufar.
    10 and thousands of Muslims died in Afghan war,

    but who took the benefits.
    USA…….become a sole supper power.

    Muslims fought in Kashmir, in Middle East, in Chchenaya, bosnia.
    Who took the benefits. USA and other kufar…..

    All blood our muslims brother in Vain,

    Because of our these so called kufar puppet agents (our beloved politicians)
    They lose war on the tables.

    Forget Dr. shahid masood, nothing……at least he came back..from this kufar system.
    We are talking about lawyer blood, its nothing……..as compared to what Muslims have done in all over the world, especially in Afghanistan,

    But we lose all of this….

    Its our fault, we must understand that all of our politican and muslims rulers over the worlds are kufar agents, and they are just dancing on their fingers.

    We must reject all this kufar system and must bring back that glory of islam through Islamic system.

  110. about “DIALOGUE” of Dr.Shahid Masood:Dialogue is funded by american think tank Casidy and associate.During the Musharraf regime,Casidy and Associate got the contact as Lobbyist.The contaract was signed and now they are getting 1.2 Million US Dollar yearly.The “other” US based lobbyist firm is now only taking care of Pakistan Embassy day to day issues with Hussain Haqqani,as per agreed contract terms of 55000 US Dollars per Month.Cassidy and Associate got that contract only due to Ms.Robin L Rapheal(Former Assistant Secretary of States)She was taking care of Middle East Issues.She was wife of Mr.Rapheal ambassador who was died in the same C130 Plan of Gen.Zia Ul Haq.This lady is highly important in state department,as she arranged the meeting of Taliban’s in US.When she got the assignment as a lobbyist for Pakistani govt,she travel to Dubai,and at that time, Dr.Shahid Masood, who was appearing in ARY programme Views on News.One can understand, how this deal was brokered in Dubai during 2005,and can be understand, how lobbying firm arrange the funding for opening ceremony of Dialogue in five star hotels of Dubai.Many participants already confirmed that they got the tickets and accomodations through Tabani group.Ms.Robin L Rapheal is active “Member of ADVISORY” Boarb of DIALOGUE.Now its on readers to understand, how Dr.Shahid tactfully try to Clear himself as “DOODH KA DHULLA” During the Lal Masjid or Lawyers Movement everybody can understand, how he portray the Anger of Public, and later Cool Down the Situation.as this was the perfect role, which he was playing at that time, but he was EXPOSED during the last few month, when he proved member of the same Mush&Zardari TEAM.interview of Dr.Shahid Masood in Jawabdeh by Iftikhar Ahmed was a eye openning programme.But according to Dr.Shahid Masood feelings,public memory always weak sadly.many of the viewers still listening his BHASHANS.as he is again portraying himself INNOCENT.No body can understand him in FEW minutes Jawabdeh.which was stopped by Dr.shahid masood and other high profiles requests,as it was not in PUBLIC INTERESTS.Iftikhar ahmed resigned from Geo due to that issue,later he again joined Geo, public was only able to view the censored programme.Now Dr.shahid is using PTV audit report as a bargaining CHIP.(continue)

  111. I HAVE enormous respect for this man. Truth by its very nature stands out. Justice is the cornerstone of peace and every one who strives for peace is a hero. He spoke out against people that me or you would never dare raise a finger at. Human actions are not always black and white. Most of us live in a gray of our convenience. This man for years had the courage to stand up for what was right. He has many enemies perhaps many of which mascarade as friends. In these bleak times for Pakistan we need to learn to forgive. The perfection that we search for is built bit by bit .. piece by piece by ALL of us. We need to appreciate people who inspire us to speak the truth. He still inspires me. Our struggle is for equality and peace where the color of my skin and the language I speak don’t mean the difference between life and death. He spoke for me. He spoke for you. In these hard times I wish him good luck!

  112. It should not be a surpirse to anyone. This has happened many times before in our beloved country. Hope is good thing…. and I hope such people will get their due treament one day….. I hope and pray……

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