An Open Letter From Imran Khan To US President Obama

Imran Khan

Dear President Obama,

Your extraordinary ascent to the U.S. Presidency is, to a large part, a reflection of your remarkable ability to mobilize society, particularly the youth, with the message of “change.” Indeed, change is what the world is yearning for after eight long and almost endless years of carnage let loose by a group of neo-cons that occupied the White House.

Understandably, your overarching policy focus would be the security and welfare of all U.S. citizens and so it should be. Similarly, our first and foremost concern is the protection of Pakistani lives and the prosperity of our society. We may have different social and cultural values, but we share the fundamental values of peace, harmony, justice and equality before law.

No people desire change more than the people of Pakistan, as we have suffered the most since 9/11, despite the fact that none of the perpetrators of the acts of terrorism unleashed on the U.S. on Sept. 11, 2001, were Pakistani. Our entire social, political and economic fabric is in a state of meltdown. Our sovereignty, dignity and self-respect have been trampled upon. The previous U.S. administration invested in dictators and corrupt politicians by providing them power crutches in return for total compliance to pursue its misconceived war on terror.

There are many threats confronting our society today, including the threat of extremism. In a society where the majority is without fundamental rights, without education, without economic opportunities, without health care, the use of sheer force and loss of innocent lives continues to expand the extremist fringe and contract the space for the moderate majority.

Without peace and internal security, the notion of investing in development in the war zones is a pipe dream, as the anticipated benefits would never reach the people. So the first and foremost policy objective should be to restore the peace. This can only be achieved through a serious and sustained dialogue with the militants and mitigation of their genuine grievances under the ambit of our constitution and law. Since Pakistan’s founding leader signed a treaty in 1948 with the people of the country’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas and withdrew Pakistani troops, they had remained the most peaceful and trouble-free part of Pakistan up until the post-9/11 situation, when we were asked to deploy our troops in FATA.

Even a cursory knowledge of Pushtun history shows that for reasons of religious, cultural and social affinity, the Pushtuns on both sides of the Durand Line (which marks the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan) cannot remain indifferent to the suffering of their brethren on either side. The Pushtuns are proud of their history of resisting every invader from Alexander onwards, to the Persians, Moghuls, British and the Russians (all superpowers of their times) who were all bogged down in the Pushtun quagmire. So, no government, Pakistani or foreign, will ever be able to stop Pushtuns crossing over the 1,500-kilometer border to support their brethren in distress on either side, even if it means fighting the modern-day superpower in Afghanistan. Recent history shows how the mighty Soviet Union had to retreat from Afghanistan with its army defeated even though it had killed over a million Afghans.
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To an average Pushtun, notwithstanding the U.N. Security Council sanction, the U.S. is an occupying power in Afghanistan that must be resisted. It is as simple as that. Therefore, the greatest challenge confronting U.S. policy in Afghanistan is how to change its status from an occupier to a partner. The new U.S. administration should have no doubt that there is no military solution in Afghanistan. As more innocent Pushtuns are killed, more space is created for new Taliban and even Al-Qaida recruits–revenge being an integral part of the Pushtun character. So, as with Iraq, the U.S. should give a time table for withdrawal from Afghanistan and replace NATO and U.S. forces with U.N. troops during the interim period.

The Pushtuns then should be involved in a dialogue process where they should be given a stake in the peace. As the majority’s stake in peace grows, proportionately the breeding ground for extremists shrinks.

The crucial lesson the U.S. needs to learn–and learn quickly–is that you can only win against terrorists if the majority in a community considers them terrorists. Once they become freedom fighters and heroes amongst their people, history tells us that the battle is lost.

Terrorism worldwide is an age-old phenomenon and cannot be eliminated by rampaging armies, no matter how powerful. It can only be contained by a strategy of building democratic societies and addressing the root causes of political conflicts. The democratization part of this strategy demands a strategic partnership between the West and the people of the Islamic world, who are basically demanding dignity, self-respect and the same fundamental rights as the ordinary citizen in the West enjoys. However, this partnership can only be forged if the U.S. and its close Western allies are prepared to accept and coexist with credible democratic governments in the Islamic world that may not support all U.S. policies as wholeheartedly as dictators and discredited politicians do in order to remain in power.

The roots of terror and violence lie in politics–and so does the solution. We urge the new administration to conduct a major strategic review of the U.S.-led war on terror, including the nature and kind of support that should realistically be expected of Pakistan keeping in mind its internal security interests. Linking economic assistance to sealing of its western frontier will only force the hand of a shaky and unstable government in Pakistan to use more indiscriminate force in FATA, a perfect recipe for disaster.

The stability of the region hinges on a stable Pakistan. Any assistance to improve governance and social indicators must not be conditional. For the simple reason that any improvement in the overall quality of life of ordinary citizens and more effective writ of the state would only make mainstream society less susceptible to extremism. However, if the new U.S. administration continues the Bush administration’s mantra of “do more,” to which our inept leadership is likely to respond to by using more force, Pakistan could become even more accessible to forces of extremism leading to further instability that would spread across the region, especially into India, which already faces problems of extremism and secessionist movements. Such a scenario would benefit no one–certainly not Pakistan and certainly not the U.S. That is why your message of meaningful change, Mr. President, must guide your policies in this region also.

Imran Khan is chairman and founder of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (Movement for Justice), and served as an elected member of Pakistan’s parliament from 2002-08. The captain of the Pakistan team that won the cricket World Cup in 1992, he founded the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Center, the biggest charitable institution in Pakistan. He is chancellor of the University of Bradford, in the U.K.

The Article first appeared on Forbes.

127 thoughts on “An Open Letter From Imran Khan To US President Obama

  1. It’s a good initiative to inform Obama about the sentiments of the vast majority of Pakistanis and the history of the region.

    Obviously Americans are used to deal with only people with a slave like mentality. At least now they cannot claim to be ignorant about the issues. But still, I doubt it will have a significant impact on Obama since our leadership is duty bound to act like good slaves. We will only be taken seriously if we show determination and a will power to stop the aggression – otherwise we will keep on being bombed.

  2. It is good to let the new administration about the fata.
    We need the real change in the country and that change can only come through the people of Pakistan.
    We don’t have have any institution functioning in the right direction.
    lets take the example of police department. if a police man has to give bribe of about 5 -6 lakhs then how would you expect him to do his duty honestly.
    In order to make institutions strong we need to to follow the merit system.
    In the current govt. we don’t see merit system at all. we have science and technology minister who is the brother of maulana diesel. we have a 1st secretary in an european country because she is the daughter of amin fahim.this is the merit system in the current govt. and the previous govts. as well.
    Look at the the list of our previous PMs and Presidents and decide in future what kind of leadership we need.

    My choice is Imran Khan
    Pakistan zindabad

  3. he can change pakistan bec he is clean man with dream to make pakistan and pakistani people live with respcet

  4. Thats as simple as it is… isn’t it? Thats as much as it takes for a sensible person to show in a formal manner to any unfightable Super-Power that we dont share your point of view.

    I BET THIS ON MY ASS… No so-called big political personality can dare to bang out a letter like that to ANY U.S leader..

    Not B.Coz they are ignorant of the Language But B.coz they dont have the BALLS to do it.

    Imran you’re the man! I See you Coming soon as a Head of State of Pakistan. Inshallah

  5. Why Imran Khan is bothering with BHO. Why IK is writing to Obama.
    Mir kya saada hain ke bimaar hue jis ke sabab

    Usi attar ke londay se dawa laitay hain

    What Obama can give to Pakistan or people of Pakistan ?.

    Apni Dunya aap paida kar gar zindoon main hai

    Paani paani kar gai qalander ki ye mujh ko baat
    tu juka jab ghair ke aage na man tera na tan

  6. Mr Imran Khan is the only person who have the brains and skills to lead Pakistan. He should be the Next Obama for Pakistan. IK can bring change in Pakistan.

  7. Imran Khan is the only Pakistani leader who has vision and true understanding of problems of Pakistan.

    This is high time for us to rethink about our political assocaiation with any party.

    Blind faith in other parties has delivered us nothing rather we reached at point where very existance of country in real immediate danger.

    Slave thinking of our leaders will sunk us from where we would never be able to rise.

    I beg to all visitors to this website please take out some time to rethink about political association.

    Pakistan Painda Bad

    Imran khan Zinda Baad

  8. While he obviously has his flaws, IK is the only one who obviously has the vision to lead.

    In all honesty, the time may never come but if he ever comes into power, it will be the people who would have done it and not the intelligence agencies and good ol’ US. Then we will have self esteem and will be able to make our own decisions.


  9. Assalam-o-Alaikum,

    I appreciate the efforts of Imran Khan to approach President Barack Hussain Obama and convey the sentiments of Pakistani 17 Crore people through his letter.

    The whole world is waiting for ” CHANGE ” from the new President of America. Its upto the new management to deliver the right meaning of ” HOPE “.

    President Barack Hussain Obama, need to make peace and harmony inbetween Jews, Christians and Muslims etc.,living all over the world by his political vision and strong will power he showed during in his presidential campaign.

    Imran Khan, is the best option who could represent Pakistani people while visiting United States and brief the new American Administration and provide them good tips of peaceful and heart winning solutions of Afghan and Pakistani tribal people.

    The two main slogans “Hope” and “Change” need real attention of U.S.Administration in coming days to come, it can bring the major shift in the international economy as well as peace and security of the world.

  10. Thumbs up for this initiative even if Obama will throw this letter away in garbage, Imran Khan has taken an action to convey the message unlike musharraf and zardari who bow down and sell their soul and country.

  11. Its a nice letter written in nice words. Its a write time too to address Obama govt because it is busy in formulating its policy. Good work IK

  12. WELDONE my dear LEADER IK, you are to good, infact I was thinking to write a letter to MR. BARAK HUSSAIN OBAMA, to resolve pakistan problems.

    Sir IK you are on right path, I WILL REQUEST EVERY ONE ON this site pls pls write similar letter and email to MR.PRESIDENT BARAK HUSSAIN OBAMA.

    We should request MR.PRESIDENT BARAK HUSSAIN OBAMA, pls dont support this ZARDARI and co, chuck him out from the government. PLS support sincere brave and capable leader in PAKISTAN, and that is only one we have our BRAVE, SINCERE CAPABLE IMRAN KHAN.

    PLEASE start to write a letter and email to MR.PRESIDENT BARAK HUSSAIN OBAMA.


  13. Following paragraph is worth reproducing, which sums up the essence of the whole letter:

    “The roots of terror and violence lie in politics–and so does the solution. We urge the new administration to conduct a major strategic review of the U.S.-led war on terror, including the nature and kind of support that should realistically be expected of Pakistan keeping in mind its internal security interests. Linking economic assistance to sealing of its western frontier will only force the hand of a shaky and unstable government in Pakistan to use more indiscriminate force in FATA, a perfect recipe for disaster.”

    …..One can only wish if these can be read and taken up for action by some wise folks in Washington in general and in While House in particular.


  14. @R.Alamsha Karnan


    Friends!, there is no harm in a bit of optimism but to expect that a black American President will be any better than the white Bush is foolish. American presidents are nothing but a puppet. The real power behind them is the establishment and various lobbies.

    The American establishment will not change its policies. Obama will prove to be the worse American president ever, as far as Pakistan is concerned.

    So let’s not start considering him our savior just yet.

    As far as IK’s letter, it’s worth a try but I doubt any letter would every change the mind of this American president.

  15. i am 100% with Imran khan. at least, he is competent to convey our feeling in a befitting manner.
    Shbilgrami USA

  16. hey frns
    americans think atleast 50 years ahead and dey r well versed wid history as well.
    think tanks r responsible ppl 2 fprmulate the policies nt wt u guys think americans dnt knw history and stuff dey do guys surely dey do.
    just the purpose is to destabilize Pakistan in any way and strengthen their feet to put even a close eye on china iran and activities in this region.
    so, imran is ma man but sry to say dis letter been written xpectionaly wel bt i reckon it would be in vain.

    jus last thing
    v as ppl has to pledge if v want change da no matter wt v as community and system will change and dat will make the quaids pakistan.
    God bless alllll

  17. Hats-off to Imran Khan. The standard of the letter from IK is NOT a surprise as we all know about his capability and sincerity. These are the two fundamental elements required for a great leader and Imran is the only “HOPE” among the leaders of Pakistan.

    This type of initiative should continue reasonably till the outcome has achieved.

  18. Escellent and valiant effort. Makes us feel proud that our “mitti” is still producing such brave and brilliant leaders and who are now coming into mainstream pakistan’s politics. I am sure our great country must have produced so many other Imran Khan but due to their good nameavoided coming thus far into the muddy politics. Imran Khan has shown that the time has come for all these kinds of great leaders to enter into politics otherwise we will only restrict our role of blaming our elites and the West (rightly so) but Pakistan is screaming more from us…. The youth.. the future leaders of Pakistan.

    InshaAllah the day will come when Imran Khan is the Prime Minister of Pakistan…we just need to decideif we want to be part of this great change coming in pakistan or not.

    The change in Pakistan will not be a mere change, instead it will be “The great Change” in the leadership of imran Khan….. InshaAllah.

    Love to all my Pakistani brothers and sisters.

  19. This aticle of IK is not for consumption of Obama but for few ‘urdu’ readers to ask them ‘Don’t dump me for Nawaz Sharif’.

    I don’t think anyone who matters in USA will even know what he wrote.

    This is a first round of Sharif-Imran Malakhra.

  20. Sounds like a great leader. A polite advise which also includes a warning.
    he was a tiger in cricket world & now he is an only tiger between pakistani politicians.May Allah give him a chance to prove himself (Ameen)

    @ Faarigh Jazbati
    Zyada Jazbati na bano he wan not begging like ZR & NS. this letter can be treated a warning for US.

  21. Dump all these retarded mental midgets like Zaradari Nawaz Sharif Iltaf and other tested politicians who are no more than a blood sucking insects. Pick some-one like Imran khan who is courageous, bright and eligant to change Pakistan.

  22. Good job by Imran Khan……
    This shows his courage and capability to represent Pakistan in better manner and tried always to bring good name for the country and its people. But unfortunately when we will get rid of these thieves. Anyhow, Salam to great Imran Khan and its supporters.
    Pakistan Zindabad

  23. Although Inoocent, but the geezer talks ‘on the level’.
    We want friends, Not Masters = At least a doubt on Prince charles being a pakhtun.
    A good one.

  24. Folks, if this is a genuine letter then it should be recognized and promoted throughout Pakistan. It is a good start. This message is not just for Obama, but for our own politicians many of whome are intelectually bankrupt to put it politeley. Clearly, these are the comments of someone who has weighed both sides of the equation. We should all give this letter importance considering our PM is a walking talking disgrace and our President remains as he has throughout his adulthood a corrupt and a liar indivdual which of course his not surprising considering he never went to school.

    It is also important to promote that PPP is no longer a party represented by anyone of importance or vision which we so badly need. They had there their days of glory under ZB and BB. The appointment of Zaradari as President is a proof of the calibre of PPP members or the lack thereof!

    Imran Khan should be supported. We should all encourage people to support him. We should also try more young blood to enter into our public lives so that we get rid of the same “dead” minds that has ruled us.

    Well done Imran.

  25. Whenever the next elections are held, we need to give Imran Khan and his party “Tehreek-e-Insaf” a landslide victory. We cannot afford to give Nawaz Sharif, Pee Pee Pee, JUI, MQM, and rest of the other crap even a single vote. I don’t want to see Imran Khan in power when he is too old, or when his hair turns white. He is aging quickly, and we need him power. He is only popular on the internet, and that is not good enough.

  26. NO WAY. NO-son-of-a-Negro or a WHITE GUY will ever listen to any our GREAT OR A LESSER LEADER. IT is no doubt a a great & a sincere effort on the part of Imran Khan to have done so; which is good for ‘public relations.’
    But the whole world knows, that a U.S President is just a ‘FRONT MAN’ for the JEWISH conspirators, who since long, have been SUCCESSFULLY CONTROLLING the world’s governments, whether those are monarchies, military / civilian dictators, or else.
    That it is the ‘INVISIBLE HAND’ which WILL DO IN FUTURE, what it has been doing to the world, since hundreds of years. Let us not be like the proverbial pigeon, who, while sitting with his eyes closed before a hungry cat, fears that if he opens his eyes, the cat will readily pounnce upon him.
    We all, MOST OF US, may have read, MANY TIMES BEFORE, many of the conspiracy theories, one for example, such,like a book, ‘The Invisible Government’ by David Wise & Thomas B.Ross, which aptly describes the JEWISH CONSPIRACY against the whole world. But we still like to CLOSE OUR EYES like that proverbial cat.

  27. Obama was lucky that his team got to the voters all throughout the US. Unfortunately for Imran and Pakistan, one will have to come up with great ideas how to reach and convince the voters at the grass root level. The corrupt politicians, the Army, the justice system with the help of the law enforcement agencies will not let that happen.

    The only way in Pakistan is that the 160 million coward sheep will have to wake up one day and attack just like they did in Iran. Shah with his Law enforcement agencies was more powerful than these piggy politicians and the Army, but the Iranian sheep woke up and immediately the sheep became the tiger and converted the tigers to sheep.
    God helped them because they helped themselves.
    As long as these shameless sheep are divided in supporting these corrupt politicaians and the Army, no Imran can come to power.
    If someone thinks that a march by a few hundred thousands will change? Sorry ! No WAY! Get out in millions and see how these corrupt politicians will run for their life.

  28. I agree 100% with MalangBaba. This letter is just a point scoring for Pakistani politics. Imran knows very well that US president is not more than a puppet and has to pursue the policy of think tanks institution.

    I do not agree with most of what Imran Khan has said. I would rather ask Imran! What are you doing to stop the bloodshed of Pushtuns, especially in Bajaur and Swat?

    We’ve seen you and your family members leading the Lawyers movement, and even for Gaza. Why don’t we see the same energies for those suffering in Swat? Please stop portraying the pushtuns as warmongers, and differentiate between those who are getting funding and support from agencies (drug money) and those who are suffering.

    I would say about the situation in Swat. An honest operation, lasting only two weeks can restore peace n calm to the region. But if our army is only killing innocent civilians, and letting the militants roam freely, then they cannot restore peace in a 1000 years (already almost 17 months of the operation).

    There is no need to have talks with those who slaughter people in front of children, who destroy the very signs of civilization and who push a whole generation to the dark ages (destroying schools). There is only one solution: STOP funding them, and start killing them (not innocent women and children).

    I do agree with him that US should change its role from an occupier to a partner and same thing should be applied in Pakistan as well.

  29. Absolutely correct advice to Obama regarding
    Pakistan. Daring, honest, well judged !

    Yet my humble request to our leader IK is not to look outwards for help; but to depend and focus on, like Mao, on our main national resource – the genius of our own people.

    While most of the Western World is aging and diminishing fast, demographically, we in Pakistan have a large youthful population.

    IK has already shown us the most admirable leadership in resolving our health, education and political problems. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO !

    And the only kind of leadership that we in Pakistan need.

    Behal Must

  30. We all talk here. But how many of us support Imran Khan???? spead his word. Imran Khan’s supporter he said he is looking for monthly members to pay 10 an month so PTI can open a office in every district of pakistan. PTI is trying to get into the grass root level. So far we have about 450. Our goal is to get 5000. PLEASE HELP IMRAN KHAN OUT. ONE LESS BURGER FOR A MONTH IS ALL U HAVE TO PAY!

    Go to INSAF.PK to become a member.

  31. He is performing the the role of Government. Hope and pray that he should be the Prime Minister of this poor nation.

  32. Many Senators & Congreemen were threatened–There will bw Martial Law in USA if they do not vote to suppor Banks.

    Thanks to Hollywood we know what drug cartels, prostitution rings, and illegal gambling look like as it manifests in everyday life. However, what does it look like when a criminal banking cartel usurps your entire financial structure ? This usually manifests as a mass transference of wealth, the last one being during the great depression, the bankers devalue the currency and then buy back anything of value at dirt cheap prices once everyone is broke

  33. Well done Imran!You are a man of vision and integrity and happened to be a Pushtun, Pakistan desperately needs a leader like your stature and courage…….

  34. @amirtai

    “I do not agree with most of what Imran Khan has said.”

    Isn’t too easy to say that? Please share with us what you disagree on (about the letter).

    “I would rather ask Imran! What are you doing to stop the bloodshed of Pushtuns, especially in Bajaur and Swat?”

    What do you expect him to do? Isn’t it the government/GHQ of Pakistan which should stop the bloodshed of Pushtuns?

  35. @Malangbaba

    “This is a first round of Sharif-Imran Malakhra”

    I don’t believe so. I believe there is consensus between PTI and PML-N on this issue and a conflict between what PTI wants and what PPP DOES and hence the fight is between PTI and PPP rather than PTI and PML-N. The result might be that PTI gets far more votes from former PPP voters than former PML-N voters.

  36. While i can understand their critique, i dont see what else IK would have done here? They say the US president is a puppet and all so what do you expect him to do? Address it to the zionist conspirators?

    Look its no secret that Clinton showed relatively much more restraint than Bush Snr before his time and Bush Jnr after him.
    Bush apparently was egged on by the likes of the Project for the New American Century which largely involved the republicans. There’s no harm is wishful thinking and we can hope that the democrate party viewpoint will be a factor in formulating future policies.

    The endgame is the same, whoever is at the helm, its the procedure which differs.

    Lets hope sense prevails for once.

  37. Imran LALA
    its a good letter but ITS NOT GOING TO WORK.
    IF 90% say yes to one thing and 5% say no then in a democracy the 95% group is supposed to be the winner. BUT that is not the case wuth the GATA nad nwfp guys. The 5% will never agree and a blood bath will start.

    We have an attitude problem in Pakistan. The only way to resolve it is thru education, education and more education.

    We can write a thousand open letters but it will not help.

    I bet obama/bush/ and the reat of the world has already seen a thousand letters
    like this one. The only thing they do with it is wipe their bums and flush it.
    sorry but thats the truth.

    anyway its a nive try.

  38. Its a good attempt and initiative. I am sure this letter will get attention from all those who matter. As far as bringing about any change in the policy of the US is concerned, its tough to comment on this. I just want to remind all those who ridicule the letter by saying that its useless because there will be no change, remember Obama opposed Iraq war when all were supporting it in the US even Hillary clinton in 2003. But later it turned out that obama was right and actually in the initial days of his campaign this was his best plus point as compared to other democrats presidential candidates. Making your point registered at a time when its appropriate is always good and it will be realised one day or the other, sooner or later. I am sure that in the years to come this letter will be remembered as a document. This is a testimony that only leader in Pakistan who spoke the truth in Jan 2009 was Imran Khan. He opposes what Obama and Bush policy is right now, when most are advocating this in the west and the US. Later Imran may prove right. This is the vision. A true leader must be able to see beyond.

  39. Alhamdulillah we have a leader who is having courage and pain for the nation and good understanding what to do. May Allah for give this nation and give right direction and right leader to rule this country. ameen

  40. IK as it is seem & sound, you are die hard patriotic & at certain extent feels terrible pain of MUSLIM UMMAH, this is mine sincere advise & religious duty once again as met before last year at Students Gathering,

    So Bro. IK— NEVER EVER keep any hope for GOOD/BETTERMENT from Non-Muslims. Moreover in present circumstances/consequences even do not see at them, rather you’re writing a letter, being an Advocate just advise in simple words,

    Aam Loug Gadhay ko Baap Banatay Hein Tum So-Arr ko bhi sirf Muskara kur Mil Lo
    Wo Bhi Agar Bahalat e Majboori Milna Pur Jai Tou

    And Just Mobilize to Youth of Muslim Ummah. i.e. PIVOTAL FOCUS.

    Thereafter wait patiently what will their LINE of ACTION & under the light of the same just CALCULATE what would be the best for PAKISTANIs & then rest of the MUSLIM UMMAH. As Actions are Louder Speech/Writing.

  41. By Typographic mistake the following was pasted at earlier at not pertaining article:

    IK as it is seem & sound, you are die hard patriotic & at certain extent feels terrible pain of MUSLIM UMMAH, this is mine sincere advise & religious duty once again as met before last year at Students Gathering,

    So Bro. IK— NEVER EVER keep any hope for GOOD/BETTERMENT from Non-Muslims. Moreover in present circumstances/consequences even do not see at them, rather you’re writing a letter, being an Advocate just advise in simple words,

    Aam Loug Gadhay ko Baap Banatay Hein Tum So-Arr ko bhi sirf Muskara kur Mil Lo
    Wo Bhi Agar Bahalat e Majboori Milna Pur Jai Tou

    And Just Mobilize to Youth of Muslim Ummah. i.e. PIVOTAL FOCUS.

    Thereafter wait patiently what will their LINE of ACTION & under the light of the same just CALCULATE what would be the best for PAKISTANIs & then rest of the MUSLIM UMMAH. As Actions are Louder Speech/Writing.

  42. @Shirkuh
    My dear “Long March” is the dress rehearsal of the bigger drama soon to be staged on a larger level and in front of a wider audience. PTI and PMLN are both basically right wing, conservative, urban, middle class parties vying for voters from Indian Punjab/Jammu Kashmir ancestry who have mostly settled down in North central Punjab. Before 1977 pakistani politics was predominantly based on ideologies but Zia mardood in an attempt to break the national federal character of politics encouraged regional, linguistic biradari based politics; Nawaz Sharif and MQM are Gen “Zulmat’s” gift to the national politics in an attempt to break the dominance of PPP in Punjab and Sind. It is a sad and direct result of this strategy that someone like Imran Khan could only gather around five thousand votes from Islamabad and Lahore and he too has to resort to the politics of biradari/tribe to contest elections from rural Mianwali to reach national assembly. Frankly I don’t think Imran would get a landslide victory in the near future; if he can win even ten natonal assembly seats in the next election I would consider him to be well on the road to success.

  43. Imran Khan is brave man and I never had any
    doubt on his abilities if Nawaz is loyal to
    the country, after coming election he should
    support Imran Khan for PM.

  44. @Qditpp

    “Frankly I don’t think Imran would get a landslide victory in the near future; if he can win even ten natonal assembly seats in the next election I would consider him to be well on the road to success.”

    Hard to predict about the future. My own assessment is similar to yours. I think he can maybe win a few seats in Punjab and I think he will dominate NWFP, but that will still be app. 20 seats and far from enough to be in charge. What I think he can do with 20 seats is to show how good governance is. Sadly most people have not witnessed such a thing. The election after that will be interesting to follow (if he succeeds).

    Btw: Your comment on the biraderi structure is true to a wide extent and unfortunate for Pakistan 🙁

    MQM: “Mohajir”…What? Are they still mohajir?

    PPP: A Sindhi party (at least in the future)

    PML-N: A Punjabi party (at least in this scenario) and heavily dominated by our Kashmiri brothers.

    ANP: Pakhtoons?

    PML-Q: At least this party is not biraderi based, but instead they are always for sale to highest bidder 🙁

  45. In my point of, currently in Pakistan! Mr. Imran Khan is the only person who has intelligence, abilities and talent to lead Pakistan. People of Pakistan think him the Obama for Pakistan. Imran Khan is able to bring the change in Pakistan because a very large number of internal (citizens) and external (overseas) Pakistani like and want Imran to be their leader. In my point of view if US government and US President Mr. Obama is sincere to bring peace and wants to increase the popularity and reputation of their country in this reign, they need to support and talk with Mr. Imran Khan.

  46. Some analyst on this forum preoccupied with right & left wing politics of 70s & 80s showing generousity to IK.
    Musharaf has done biggest damage to Pakistan at the same time he has given new parameter to Pakistani politics i.e. Right vs Wrong NOT Right vs Left.
    Musharaf himself was neither rightest nor leftist he was wrongist.
    IK may win landslide not because he is leftist or rightist he may win because he is honest & fair–Peaople of Pakistan have learned hard way but laerned good–They do not need Potential they need Character.

  47. Imran can talk all he wants, but the REAL Pukhtun warriors and heroes are people like Afzal lala from Swat who are standing firm against the traitor pukhtuns and ISI agents from Punjab.

    We are proud of you Afzal lala! A thousand more will join you and defeat ISI terrorism.

    The spirit of Bacha Khan is still alive with some of us.\30\story_30-1-2009_pg7_23

    Veteran Pashtun leader defies Swat Taliban

    * Three-time attack survivor Afzal Khan on top of Taliban’s most-wanted list
    * Favours military action, says government has to regain control

    ISLAMABAD: Veteran ethnic Pashtun politician Muhammad Afzal Khan has refused to leave home in Swat, even though the Taliban have repeatedly tried to kill him, and says the people should stand up to the militants.

    Swat was, until recently, one of Pakistan’s top tourist destinations, but the Taliban have all but taken over the scenic mountain valley, imposing their severe interpretation of Islamic law and slaughtering opponents with impunity.

    Many families have fled, while residents say many policemen have either deserted or simply refuse to act against the Taliban, who have shot, blown up or beheaded numerous officers.

    But Khan, an 82-year-old former cabinet minister known as Afzal Lala, or Afzal the Elder, has chosen to stay on to try to rally resistance to the Taliban.

    “I’m from this soil. It’s my home. My tribe is here,” Khan told Reuters in a telephone interview. “I want to live among my people. I won’t run away.”

    The Taliban’s grip on the valley, just 130km northwest of Islamabad and away from the lawless Afghan border, highlights Pakistan’s deteriorating security.

    The government has vowed to regain control of the valley by talking to the Taliban who lay down their arms. But there’s no sign of that.

    Top target: The Taliban have tried to kill Khan three times and have placed him on top of a list of politicians and prominent residents they have demanded appear before their ‘courts’. Residents refer to the list as a ‘hit list’.

    Khan blames the government for failing to provide proper security, leading to the exodus of fearful people from the valley, and says people have to stand their ground. “I ask my friends and the people of Swat to return to their homes. It’s our land. It’s our problem, we have to sort it out.”

    As well as attacking the security forces, the Taliban have banned girls from classes and destroyed about 180 schools while broadcasting edicts and threats over their illegal FM radio. They have threatened to throw acid on men who do not grow beards and recently killed a woman singer and left her body in a square in the valley’s main town.

    Military action: Khan is a member of the Pashtun nationalist Awami National Party that rules the North West Frontier Province and is part of the ruling federal government coalition.

    The party opposes the Taliban, many of whom are also Pashtun, and several of its members have been killed by the militants and its leaders have been targeted by suicide bombers. Most party leaders have fled from Swat.

    Khan is in favour of military action against the Taliban, saying the government had to regain control. “If the government fails, if your last option is exhausted, then this region will fall into their hands,” he said, adding that talks should only start “if militants laid down their arms”.

    The Taliban, led by rebel cleric Fazlullah, are trying to set up their own administration, including their ‘Islamic courts’, but Khan said no one took that seriously. “I don’t accept it, the people don’t accept it,” he said. But many people failed to understand why the military had not gone after the Taliban, he said. The military launched a big offensive in the valley in late 2007. The Taliban withdrew to the remote side valleys to avoid government artillery and slipped back later.

    Khan, who lives in a well-guarded house surrounded by fruit trees, said he had faith. “Being a Muslim, I have faith in Allah. Nothing can happen to me no matter if Fazlullah puts my name on his list or not.” reuters

  48. Imran Khan is “karack” but he has good points. He will only win his own seat. Barely. IKLO (Imran Khan Lovers Organization) will disagree.

    IKLO Cholo Rey!
    IKLO Cholo Rey!

    NOTE: To all those douche-wits who seriously believe I’m really a “hindu” agent, consider this; There is a user named “Blackhawk12” on this forum. Now, this user is not really a ‘black colored bird of prey (hawk) with number 12 written on it.’ now IS IT?????

    What is wrong with you people?

  49. @FahadAfridi

    “Khan is in favour of military action against the Taliban, saying the government had to regain control. “If the government fails, if your last option is exhausted, then this region will fall into their hands,” he said, adding that talks should only start “if militants laid down their arms”.”

    You call Army bad names and you are praising the guy who is in favour of what Army is doing in Swat. Contradiction ….

  50. If anyone had any doubt that IK is a spokesman of militants/extremists it should be resolved now. All his proposed solutions are providing them safe havens.

  51. Great. Allah o akbar. I forwarded to
    Please send the links to popular political site that you know of.

    Thanks a lot admin.

  52. I guess the point was to put him in his place and to teach him a lesson he’d never forget. Since then, it seems our “Saviour” has developed a severe case of “Stockholm Syndrome” and doesn’t tire of speaking of the virtues of Qazi and the “Isliaami Niziaam”

    Not to mention he hasn’t dared to set foot on UofP campus and thrown PTI student activists to the criminal thugs posing as Pro-Islam Activists of “Islami” Jamiat.

  53. Supercreature,

    Yes we demand Pakistan Army to do action because Swat is part of Pakistan unfortunately. If Pakistan Army can’t do this, then they should leave us alone. Yes let us make international agreements, let us ask for international assistance. Though the situation seems to be heading a way when the people of Swat will themselves throw this Army into river indus at attock their luggage wrapped in that Flag of Pakistan. That day Swat will be independent.

  54. As always (almost), Imran Khan is the voice of reason. Too bad he has more supporters on discussion forums than on streets of Pakistan.

    But it is really hilarious to see that the name of Imran Khan has become an anathema for secular psychos.

  55. I was sad that day, but now i realise he probably deserved that. While talking of terrorists and sitting beside Qazi, he does not remember it is this same Qazi who has created these monsters. What the hell of a munafiq is this man. Always talking of Law and Justice, doesn’t he think Qazi should be tried for his role in creation of Terrorists for Hizb-e-Islami and Lashkare-animals …

  56. I still can’t believe how ANY Pakistani can be so disrespectful towards the Great Khan to the point of physically hurting him. I’m not a PTI member. and forget about Imran’s cricket as well. but no one can deny the man’s social work and his patriotism.

    I always thought that Imran was one of the most (if not THE most) beloved and respected (forget about politics for a sec) Pakistani. and it makes my blood boil seeing him being treated this way by these beardo bashtards.

    Kaash Saray na sahi AIK ya DU bhi aisay politician aur hotay tu aaj shaid ham kisi si minitain karnay par majboor na hotain…..
    Sari zindagi politics main barbad karnay walo ku ye par kar sharm ani chahain……….

    I think THe frist quality for a politician should be his VISION and ability to enforce the others for a DEBATE (on an open forum) on an issue…..and IK is the only person who has both these qualities……IK ….You are the ture leader at least currently and you deserve it………Long Live IK

  58. I dont agree with people who says Our Obama is IMRAN KHAN…. i think IK is much better than Obama…… We have such leaders in muslim world like Turkish PM who have recently done a great job which i have posted on my blog here: I have also requested admin to put this story of Boycott of Turkish PM Ardogan from World Economic Forum Due to ISrael on the top of the site.

  59. Just one disagreement. Why is he asking for unconditional assistance. We don’t want no assistance. Conditional unconditional.

  60. @amirtai
    “There is no need to have talks with those who slaughter people in front of children, who destroy the very signs of civilization and who push a whole generation to the dark ages (destroying schools). There is only one solution: STOP funding them, and start killing them (not innocent women and children).”

    I agree with U completely. I think the root cause of militancy in NWFP is the ‘pleasing policy’ of past and present government. These Jahil fanatics don’t understand the language of peace. The only solution is ruthless military operation. The problem is that militants are hiding among civilians and use them as human shield. Killing of innocents is difficult to avoid in these circumstances but military must use caution and better intelligence to stop flow of funds and arms and also to minimize civilian casualities.

    I think Pakistani media is not playing a +ve role and unduely glorifying Talban. That must be controlled. We need to completely support Army in their difficult operation against insurgency or else Pakistan will be another Afghanistan or Somalia.

  61. @parrot pakistani
    “I dont agree with people who says Our Obama is IMRAN KHAN…. i think IK is much better than Obama……”

    Obama Ka Baap Hay.

    It is possible that Imran’s Jewish sons from Jamima or Christian daughter (tarion) become UK PM or US president of future. Who knows?

    BTW: IK’s children r being raised by their mothers as per their way of life. All know that Jewish ancessotry runs from mother.

  62. @Shahrukh,
    “I don’t believe so. I believe there is consensus between PTI and PML-N”

    Did I ask U to believe? I just gave my point of view. I see nothing common between IK and NS. They dislike each other and both r using Iftikhar for their political purpose.

  63. to all pakistanis our hope is long march and we should stay islamabad like thai people stayed at bangkok airport i.e complete stand off. and remmemeber

    agar bb zinda hotian to zardari kahan hota
    sadar na hota sirf 10% say zara ooper hota

  64. and @mbaba It is possible that Imran’s Jewish sons from Jamima or Christian daughter (tarion) become UK PM or US president of future. Who knows?

    my friend grow up who knows your fore father were sikh or hindus or…. so your race is today known as……. always give reosanable view so dont attack like the way you do

  65. @supercreature

    “You call Army bad names and you are praising the guy who is in favour of what Army is doing in Swat. Contradiction ….”

    Are you joking? We have no choice but to call army for help again and again. Is it not strange that a region that is supposed to be part of Pakistan has to BEG for help from it’s own supposed army and then instead that army continues to support the opposing the side against those people? What kind of sick ISI world do you belong to sir?

    And then you have the nerve to question us when we point out the hypocrisy and brutality of ISI trained terrorists?

  66. @FahadAfridi,

    So you dont mind the killing of your people by Army along with Taleban… you have one killer and you BEG for another to kill you…. and that local Moolvi sahib they support fully what ever Army is doing. Please also do not try to make ISI and Army separate, ISI is a wing of Army. I am not questioning on whether Army is doing good or bad there. I know Army and ISI is not clean and my feeling is previous government specially Musharraf has used Army to show western world that we have terrorist and we need money to finish them. What they did they kill innocent people which creates more extrements.

    Any foreign element in Swat must be wiped out but local has to sit with the civil government to talk about peace. What stopping you for Zardari and ANP to stop it now. People have already so much anger against army and they can not take a chance against present government orders.

  67. @FahadAfridi

    and perhaps you are didnt read my old posts, I do not support Army action right from the start in the civilian areas. Swat had no place for Army.

  68. i think pakistani politicians and leaders should not be encouraging by asking/expecting foreign forces particularly US to intervene in our problems.

    IK may have written this letter with good intent but US or president of US cannot provide any solution to problems in Pakistan, Swat or FATA….it is our own leaders and our own awam that can provide solutions

    please stop looking at Obama for any solutions and stop encouraging US to play an ‘important’ role in our internal affairs

  69. @Adonis

    “But it is really hilarious to see that the name of Imran Khan has become an anathema for secular psychos.”


    I don’t know why they are so afraid of him -always ready to link him with JI and asking him to be here and there and ALWAYS be so politically CORRECT 🙂 What about those people they support. They have been coalition partners in politics. Why don’t they EVER raise this issue? Selective memory, eh?

    Most probably we will have no result from this letter. IMO what he has done with this letter is to show that one can speak to the Americans and have demands/dialogue instead of lying flat on the ground worshipping the PPP/GHQ “god”…..a beggars “god”.

  70. @MalangKaka

    “Sharukh”…Thank you 🙂

    You PPP scoundrels are already out to defame IK through a character assassination. Your bosses have said:

    “If Imran Khan doesn’t shut his mouth we will bring forward his scandals”

    Full story here:

    Your PPP is steadily becoming like their brothers from MQM. Maybe they are consulting with MQM on how to make “art” on the walls….wall chalking. Is it a custom to do like that when you run out of arguments?

    Do you ever get ashamed of lying?

  71. Very well written article – reflects good sentiments. Unfortunately, it very obvious that Imran Khan’s sentiments are for pashtuns only. Did he ever thinks that why the citizens of karachi behave the way they behaved in May last year,or before that. Why do they support MQM so much – which in his mind is a criminal org. He doesn’t relaize their sufferings because of quota system and other biases against people of karachi. Thus it seems the same rhetoric when Bush says he is fighting for the freedom of America while ignoring the plight of others by supporting dictators – military or civilian, including Nawaz Sharif, and Zardari both. In today’s Pakistan, fair elections are not possible – we are so entrenched in our tribal system, be that based on region or language. How can you expect fair election in an area when you know that the landlord is going to kidnap my daughters and kill my sons if he loses elections? How can you expect a fair election when a dacoit who embezzeled millions from the national treasury and spends on his constituency forcing people to vote for him? Musharraf had the right approach until politicians bogged him down into useless politics. Educate the masses first, develop the country economically first, give a poor peasant and factory worker independence to vote with him his own concience, then you can have a fair election. Democracy, in Pakistan is a novel idea with no practical application. Look at our current “Democratically” elected govt. Our politicians, even before elections say that if the elections will be fiar, they will win it. Hown can you have fair electitons with parties like that. We have to fix our own house first before asking others to do anything for us.

  72. @Ozman

    “He doesn’t relaize their sufferings because of quota system and other biases against people of karachi.”

    Why don’t you ask elected MQM people to deliver? They are collaborating with anyone, who cares for their leadership (and pockets) – be it GHQ or PPP. You, the MQM people are a part of the ruling elite, then it is your damn duty to work for the betterment of those who vote for you!

    Grow up and stop playing the victims role on behalf of the citizens of KHI. The victims are every poor citizen of Pakistan – be it a Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi or someone from NWFP.

  73. An excellent effort. Makes me proud of coming from his country. Will it make any difference ? It already has ! He connected with so many of us who feel what he feels for Pakistan. This is one of the initial but most critical steps in bringing about a change. Thinking about the right thing to do. Dreams lead to changes.

    Has he written this letter simply to Obama hoping he will listen ? I think not. Is Obama supposed to listen to one voice coming from Pakistan ? No . This letter should be a mean to motivate us to listen to what Imran Khan has to say . To see if we agree with him . Then to support him all the way . Hopefuuly then it will be a loud and strong voice coming out of Pakistan and Washington will have to listen.

    He has intelligence , vision , persistence , charisma , leading abilities and courage.

    I bet no other politician can think or write like this. Not because they lack intelligence or knowledge. They simply do not have what it takes to think like this man does i.e sincerity, integrity , compassion , empathy and motivation.

    Will he ever succeed ? He is certainly doing what he has to do . Are we ?

  74. What this drama is , cheap publicity? has this letter been sent over to White house or this is only for Pakistanis to read?
    First of all Obama doesn’t know Imran Khan , and secondly even if he did, why he listen to a so called leader who doesn’t have any popularity in masses., who boycotted the democratic process ( elections) and who supported a Gen when he was in uniform and at his peak ( referendum).
    Imran needs to establish him self as leader of this country, needs to challenge real establishment to break the status quo, then if he writes a letter will have some meanings.

  75. @dara

    my friend, all you have to do is look at what irfi wrote to get your answers.

    and secondly, you write he supported him when he was ‘at his peak’.

    He did withdraw his support when he was ‘at his peak’, didnt he? Doing so three months before the election took some doing brother! All you have to do is look at Leghari’s Millat Party and gauge how many seats PTI could have gotten had he not done that.

    and about your last comment, this is exactly what he is trying to do. Admittedly enough, he has taken the long route and probably will never make it but if he does, be rest assured that self esteem will be at the forefront as he wouldnt owe it to the the intelligence agencies and the US and we may be able to make our own decisions for once.

  76. imran cheetah hai. but he is a little confused. last week in urdu university he was saying there is nothing wrong with “sharai nizam” and then a few sentences later he said it is wrong to use “deen” for politics. imran i know you mean well but we want rule of law not “sharai nizaam” whatever the heck that means 🙂

  77. My friend Shirkuh:

    First of all,not from Karachi at all or even Sindh for that matter.

    Second, that was the first example that came to my mind and the most recent one for IK’s double standards.

    Not against IK either – just don’t agree with his or our current politicians’ approach.

    Come on Shirukh, we have “democracy” in Pak now – are conditions better than when Mushrraf was there? What we have in Pak is a “mob rule.” What can you expect when the chief justice – who is the top guy responsible for upholding the law – gets her daughter in medical school by getting her better results after she failed to get admission. Can you expect that in India/Bangladesh or anyother country (don’t start thinking that I’m an Indian).

    Before we can talk about democracy, we have to educate our masses and give them jobs and independence from landlords and other crooks. Otherwise you will never have free and fair elections – and that is the bottomline.

  78. @haneef.gujar

    yaara imran is not cheeta he is more like a choota, he is often found weighing the tesicals of jamatiya mafia so its better not to waste time talking about this

  79. @Ozman

    “Before we can talk about democracy, we have to educate our masses and give them jobs and independence from landlords and other crooks.”

    I agree, but how should we have access to education. As far as I know there is NO government (including the current government), which has done a significant job on this issue. The quality of education for the masses has been declining consistently for many decades.

    Aren’t we caught in a vicious circle? Don’t we need a fresh breath – in other words a new leadership!

  80. This letter to Obama should be posted at the Obama’s blo site.

    Anybody can post a blog on this site. I reqest all our Muslim brothers and sisters to capitalise on this opportunity to express our sufferings, pain, injustice and what not. Kindly refer this to as many Muslims as possible worldwide to write their opinion and solutions for the Muslim world.

    We are around 600 million Muslims in India+Pakistan+Bangaladesh. Atleast 1 million of us have access to internet and can read and write English. Is there a better place to make our voice heard?.

    My suggestion is let us not preach Islam to Obama because it will have negative impact. Let us express our pain and anguish which is the need of the hour.

    Let us do something, in our own small way.

  81. Dear All Brothers,
    imran khan really made me feel proud and hopeful and i would like to bring your attention as one of the main reasons why i feel him as lion.


    Living in UK away from family, seeing heart-breaking news every day on TV about the gloomy situation in pakistan in economic & political sense in particular, only hurts from that far away.
    Being born and raised in karachi and having seen all the brutal attrocities of MQM from killing of innocents to bhatta-khori of Altaf’s team, from murders of harmless great assets of pakistan be it political or social worker etc like Late-Hakeem-Saeed or many others even good politicians from MQM itself, from exploitation of already agrieved(quota-sytem) urdu speaking(mohajir-people) who voted him in early 90’s cuz that was the only common platform available for them to raise their voices for rights being the most educated community of pakistan, from changing its abbreviation to Mutahiddah-Qaumi-Movement to further exploit some of the political gains like clearing the blame of it being ethinic party to national party, from forceful collection of qurbaani ki khaalein on every eid-ul-azha to the forceful chanda collection of muharam-haleems, from introduction of political violence in educational institutes to the introduction of arms in them specially colleges/universities, from forceful induction of students into their unions to allocation of good grades to them (by putting pistol on teachers head), from making them feel boastful of powers to the misteriously killing them after use, from chalking on the walls “jo quaid ka ghadaar..maut kaa haq-daar” to the dirtiest “imran-khan zaani..” , from attrocities of 12 oct to putting ban on imran khan from entering karachi etc … etc etc
    from the bending and bowing of most powerful men of their times like musharraf and zardari infront of Altaf hussain in london/9-zero for their political gains to the cautious and timid tone of so called unbiased media/print in saying anything bad/critical of altaf-hussain e.g geo-program “hum sab umeed se hain” never seen them making caricatures of altaf hussain in that programme and if they could put his telephonic(dramay-waalay) as part of daily news or his farman on daily issues and if they think him so important political figure why dont they send iftikhar host of jawab-deh to london to take his interview in typical acrimonious tone, the way he does with other BIG people, like the way he did with shahid masood who he thought betrayed with his profession and geo(although everyone should be forgiven if feels bad or regretful for committing bad)… and apart from AAJ-TV and talat hussain’s team who were trying to tell truths about MQM’s attrocities on that unfortunate day for which they had to pay price eventually. etc etcc
    I am abit disappointed on the role of media in this regard, if they are sachay pakistanis i have only one question, if you all have seen that address of altaf hussain in india, and if media people have some imaan ki rathi there should be a critical analysis of that taqreer of him in every talk show of all channels and consensus should be established whether or not altaf hussain should be allowed to head any political party in pakistan rather whether or not he should still be given any part/previliges of pakistani nationality.
    inshort seeing everybody bending infront of devil like altaf hussain even our powerful media, i found only one person who spoke logically and sensibly against his evil acts despite altaf hussains worst(ghattiya) campaign against him to curb and stop him by sending his cheap leaders like babar-ghauri on talk shows to raise cheap questions and even showing pictures of that girl on tv and saying “yeh dekhein shakal bhi milti hai iss bachi ki” cant be worst and cheapster.. should have been sued for(belittling) for saying anything on media which had not been poven in court by then with or without the help of medical technology.
    well this was just MQM aspect of imran khan(apart from his leadership and intellectual abilities), and his composure against those frightening and evil team of altaf.
    he is my hero he is lion heart, i know its long way for him and for us (since traditionally our politics as is said “shareef insaan kay bass ki baat nahein”), all i want to say is that yes everybody is praising him and have our hopes in him, but the best way to bring change in through out right of vote..
    all the best imran khan, cuz surely seem to be the last hope for my beloved pakistan


  82. Allah_kay_banday Says:February 1st, 2009 at 8:58 …………………



  83. To All Pakistani people,

    I am very surprised when I think about the politicians of Pakistan they are those people who don’t have any faith or believe.
    They are so corrupt that a common person would not believe on it, its really shocking in 21st century a country is leading by the world most incapable leadership , neither they are qualified and nor they are near to honesty and ability.
    Country is suffering from a good leadership in world eyes who we are …this is the question that every person can realise who is living abroad either in Europe or in America, even the Arab countries how they perceive us and how they treat us in their countries just because of the selfishness of our politicians that it has given us that image.
    Pakistani people the most talented people of the world being living in Europe I can understand and realise this but unfortunately we have the world worst leadership in the world ,incapable, dishonest, fully corrupt, robbers ,bribers and so on and all the ill behaviours that one can find in a human, will be in our worst politicians.
    According to one article in Urdu BBC which one of the American has written,, there is no leadership in Pakistan and even does not seem any slight sign of it,,

    I can say this hand on hearth or in the witness of Allah that I would not hesitate to die for the sake of development of Pakistan, being a pure pushtoon tribal I would not even think a moment about my life safety if I get a chance in Pakistan politics just for the development of the country.
    I would love to work with Imran Khan in future as I have determined it years ago, the way he speaks shows purity and sincerity but unfortunately people like him can’t come forward to be leaders, because of highly involvement of national and international selfish powers.

    Let’s come forward! I do appeal to the every youth of Pakistan lets forget about our personal interests, and forget Sindi, Punjabi, Balochi ,and Pushtoon slogans the only one slogan should be raised ,,,long live Pakistan ,let’s bring peace and harmony in Pakistan.
    Oh God gives us privilege and an opportunity to lead this country in a way in order to restore the respect, integrity that we have been lost it away because of incompetent leadership.

    Coutry well wisher, Saifullah Khan belongs to Kurram Agency currently living in UK

  84. @AFRIDI

    It is utterly disgusting to see a Traitor ghaddar, Mir Jafir, Mir Saddiq like Bacha Khan like Bacha Khan to be liked. I hate Bacha Khan as much as I hate MQM (Altaf Hussain). Everyone should remember Bacha Khan and his supporters ANP are people who were against the great Jinnah and voted against the making of Pakistan. IF u are with ANP and Bacha Khan than u are against Jinnah. U are against Jinnah than u are against Jinnah. I know this is irrelevant but very frustrated to see a ghaddar like Bacha Khan having a supporter here.

  85. ” Everyone should remember Bacha Khan and his supporters ANP are people who were against the great Jinnah and voted against the making of Pakistan. ”

    So did the religious extremists like Jamaat Islami, Ahrar, Khaksar, Jamiat Ulma Hind (current JUI). Many of these extremists now dictates us their Nazria as ‘Nazria Pakistan’. Bacha Khan was a very honorable man and Jinnah respected him very much. I am a Punjabi but I consider Bacha Khan a great person. At least he was not a hypocrite.

  86. “According to one article in Urdu BBC which one of the American has written,, there is no leadership in Pakistan and even does not seem any slight sign of it”

    Leaders are not born out of vaccum. They r the product of time and circumstances. Unfortunately we got some great leaders like Jinnah, Suharwardi, Bhutto and BB but we killed them. Now we are left with Zardaries, Sharifs and IKs. They are not natural leaders. Real leaders are fearless, lead by example, give hope, trigger change, and above all connect themselves with people. I agree Pakistan lacks leadership at this point.

    “I would love to work with Imran Khan ……the way he speaks shows purity and sincerity but unfortunately people like him can’t come forward to be leaders, because of highly involvement of national and international selfish powers.”

    The biggest problem with IK are thrre:
    1. he does not walk his talk
    2. he fails to connect with masses
    3. he is an aristocrate from heart

    Real leaders don’t need media to glorify themselves. Bhutto, BB, Arafat, Nasir, Chavez, Khomeini, Ghandhi, Mandala, Nikroma and countless other leaders were never favoured by media. Media by nature protects ‘status quo’ and interests of ‘upper classes’.

    This is the reason IK can never win the hearts of masses. Zardari is much better than him at least he is fearless and no coward.

  87. @ImranKhanforpm,

    Bacha Khan was the greatest Pakhtun leader in last 100 years and an honorable leader who who struggled for freedom against the British and Indic/Pakistani colonists till his last breath. Jinnah did not even spend 1 day in jail for freedom but was assigned Pakistan by the British as part of divide and rule policies.

    Why does it give you heartburn that Pukhtuns want to unite with other Pukhtuns and do not like to be killed by your Taliban and Army cabal?

    “I have been a Pashtun for six thousand years, a Muslim for thirteen hundred years, and a Pakistani for twenty-five.” – Bacha Khan

  88. Fahadafridi

    Your argument is flawed regarding union of puktuns.

    Is afghanistan a pakhtun country , no sir it is not.

    Afghanistan is third rate country, which is law less for many centuries, ruled by warriors.

    Some time in histrory inviting communists to rule and now capitalism to rule.

    What ashame.

    Did any one from paksitan invited russians to inavade afghanistan. What should pakistan do to stop russians advance into its territory.

    Sorry sir you are fundamentally wrong.

    I can agree with you on PUKTONKWA, AUTONOMY,

    But not on this union stuff.

  89. Any way what ever you say about JINNAH sahab, his status in history will remain what he was.

    He was man of integrety, honour.

    He was not the person showing his vote on television.

  90. I don’t want to talk about Jinnah, as i don’t want to listen about Bacha Khan. Both are dead, God give them eternal peace. You know what u respect Jinnah for, and we know why we keep Bacha Khan in esteem.

    Imran Khan has lost everything. After Shaukat Khanum and cricket, he did not deserve to go down in history as 2nd in command to a crook like Qazi. If extremism is what Imran stands for then he is already a loser as that space is pre-occupied by many whom Imran will struggle to match in meanness, like Qazi,Masood Azha, Baitullah Mehsood, Muslim Khan etc ………. though one would be dishonest not to appreciate the pace at which this man is going down

    This letter is a testimony to his cheap tactics of getting sympathies of the religious right. And most importantly, by twisiting facts to match his idiotic ideas, he is loosing credibility in the eyes of people who have even a slight knowledge of the history and current situation of the region.

    Pukhtuns will not spare him especially, as this man is bent upon labelling them terrorists.

    Evey child knows where the afghan jihad was planned and where the movement of taliban started but imran khan does not know. By talking of terrorists he just does not remember to mention GHQ RAWALPINDI, where everything has been planned. An evidence of the meanness of this person is that despite knowing that America/Obama is well aware of every double game that pakistan has played but still he is writing to them in ‘Open Letter’, which shows the letter is not meant for policy makers in Washington but for the sheeple of pakistan.

    In the end, on a positive note, dear Pakhtun brothers, we need not worry, because Obama does not make policies on the letters of Qazi Imran Khan, he knows history of Soviet War Jihadis and Taliban creation in GHQ Rawalpindi, and he knows everything about the double game pakistan is and has been playing in Afghanistan, FATA and Swat.

    So, Imran Khan we know you what you want to get, and Obama knows well where to hit………..

  91. Well my pukhtun friends , how conviemtly u forget this jihad was planned by fathers in amreeca.

    They are not our friends either.
    I am not all fan of imran, what i am saying is it was not pak/ghq who invited russians and certainly not pak who is inviting new colonial masters.
    Forget about imran think about who the enemy is.

  92. I cannot understand the personal bias against Imran Khan apprently by some knowledgeable persons on this blog. Either they are too inclined to te other side of the river or they are taking some benefits from the ruling elite. Some term him as Taliban friend, Qazi Hussain Ahmad’ friend, the rightest and even terrorist irrespective of the fact that time and again he clarified that he only do ideological and issue based politices. For detail you can watch him in Jawabdeh dated 01-2-2009. He has clarity in his vision.

    Regarding praising Taliban on some issues there is no doubt that they have done some good things in the War hit Afghanistan therefore there is nothing wrong to praise their acts and if they have done something wrong he also criticised them too i.e. their treatment against women and minorities. If JI is supporting the movement for resoration of judiciary and Rule of Law we should support their act and if they are doing the facshist politics we should criticize their act. The matter is not the personalities but the is the issues. But one thing is clear that one should not compromise on the issue of Rule of Law and Indepndence of Judiciary which are the most important fundamentals for the democracy.

    If democracy is the name of elections only we should not forget that elections are regularly held under Saddam, Husni Mubarak and Mogabe and tell me are their countries be called democratic states.

    Regarding the allegation of not going into the masses. Tell me who is the politician in our country which is the most travelled one. Its IK not Zardari and N.S etc.

    So please repair your allegations machine.

  93. Dear Admin,

    Could you please convey my and many others’ very serious observation and the BIG question to all the major TV-news channels(especially the great-GEO)

    1-Why dont they have the courage to do constructive criticism, caricatures and jawab-dehi(e.g in jawab-deh)(accountability of “ALTAF HUSSAIN”, if they care to give his day to day sermons on main NEWS, which I concieve as their acknowledging him as a political leader of Pakistan.

    2-Being a Pakistani citizens I would like to hear an explanation of Altaf hussain’s address in India.


    Pakistan Zindabad

  94. @Allah_kay_banday

    Your views are fine, but I don’t think @dmin or Geo TV can make a big difference on this matter.

    I think the media (including Pkpolitics) is taking their share of the risks by exposing some of the culprits, but you cannot expect them of not thinking about their own and their family member’s lives. You know very well that we have gun culture in Pakistan, which is effectuated as soon as people/parties run out of arguments. You have seen how MQM and PPP are threatening IK and you have seen how the previous government was intimidating everyone who went against them. And also note that the media watched/read buy the masses are much more vulnerable than f. ex. People like Ansar Abbasi, Kashif Abbasi, the lawyers in general are all taking extremely difficult decisions to go against the rulers. I salute them all!

    What is essential is that the government (it is PPP for those who have not discovered change of government) provide security to all Pakistanis and especially the media and judiciary. Without a free media and judiciary we will be stuck in the same place for ages and criminals will keep on intimidating peace loving people.

  95. How many rallies did imran organize against the double game of ISI in Swat and FATA, or does he want us to believe that ISI is not playing it? I am told today that 200-300 pukhtuns participated in a protest in LONDON against ISI=TALIBAN yesterday, the pictures and videos will be out soon in media. Read the playcards carefully. Every body knows it only that Qazi Imran khan does not know.

    And if not for lack of media projection, i don’t think the people of Swat would gauge Imran with a donkey nominated by Afzal Khan Lala against Imran.

    Regarding criticism on America and invitation of colonial powers, only one sentence, ” why be slave of a slave”, better colony of America than colony of Pakistan. America is building schools while pakistan destroyed them. easy choice …

  96. I dont understand some people

    In late 70 early 80s THEY were praising russians. When actually they invaded the pukhton land, Arguing friendship, when russians were at pakistani borders.
    At that time they were cursing amreecis. the main sponsors of so called FASAD.
    Now after taking new mantra now praising the same power, which they were cursing.

    What an irony?

    Mere renaming of airports, schools and colleges will not do any favour to any common pukhtoon. This is like changing names of severly sick child , but not curing the disease.

    Some people are trying to manipulate the situation for ulterior motives.
    Do some thing for common man, rather than crying fowl every time.
    My humble advice to you is dont try to explain every problem in the light of narrow mind.

  97. That does not make Qazi Imran Khan a pious. He is a criminal and he will be a criminal.
    I am trying to get some more coverage of that event so as to remind you what the pukhtoons think of ISI, Taliban and Qazi Imran Khan.

  98. By the way, The russian Invasion of Afghanistan started in 1978 while pakistan invaded it in 1974 through Rabbani and Hekmatyar.

  99. Below are some nice comments posted on


    Would Imran Khan like to impose shariat on his past (Sita White for example) as well as on his present (the fact that his own sons are being raised by a woman who was once a Jew, then converted to Islam, then converted to God knows what;who dates freely with men such as Hugh Grant, Guy Ritchie etc. Jemima made headlines over the past three years for her high profile relationship with actor Hugh Grant, although the latest reports indicate the couple called it quits after three years together, and Ritchie is the new man).

    So, save a little bit of shariat for your own sons, Mr. Imran Khan.


    Itni naa chaer paki-e-damaan ki hikaayat
    Daman ko zara dekh, zara band-e-qaba dekh

  100. Yeah as per the taliban shariah which Qazi Imran Khan admires a lot, offcourse, i am talking of THOSE TALIBAN in Afghansitan, Qazi Imran Khan should be publically lashed for his previous deeds.

    For refreshing of the memories of the readers, it was THOSE TALIBANS who had hanged the multilated bodies of Dr.Najeeb after killing him. I would love to see THAT JUSTICE applied to Qazi Imran …………. boot licker of ISI …..


  102. Imran Khan is not JI. He would be well advised to stay the secular course. Learn a lesson from the Turks. Can we get out of the orbit of JTI of the Punjab University and act more discretely ?

    It will be better for all of us to walk the path Jinnah trod for us. The
    secular path.

    Behal Must

  103. AN OPEN LETTER TO Imran Khan

    imi bhai mama obama jee kay pass aap ki letter bazi ka jawab denay ka time nahi hay, waisay bhi he is not looking towards you these days, believe me it would be the last thing on his mind, apni counry ka satiya naas hay pakisan ki kis ko pari hay, pakistan ko tou pakistani nahi pooch rahay hain bhai, meherbani kerain mama obama ko rehnay dain aap kisi kuri shuri ko open love letter likh dain it would be more productive, kuri nahi milti tou qazi saab is always ready…….

    yaar obama shubama ko rehnay do aur Allah ki taraf rujoo kero obama mama hou saka hay mager khuda nahi,

    baki yahaan sab khairiyat hay aap ki khairiyat jamatiyoon say bacha ker naik matloob darkaar hay,

    Allah hafiz

    ps fellow pakistani

  104. @Reasoner

    Why do you have to discuss people’s personal life? Shall we then discuss your great Hero, Altaf Hussain Kaalia’s Life too?
    This is a discussion forum and not a filth forum about peoples personal life.

    SHAME ON YOU and EVERYONE who wants to show their background and upbringing by showing their trur colors behind a PC.

  105. I appeal to all patriotic pakistani’s please help Imran Khan movement to make pakistan a better place for every one. I am proud of Imran Khan who thinks the way he thinks. This is a quality of a leader who can run pakistan as a leader in future. Please support him any way people can finanially, morally. He is the only person who can save with the help of young youth of pakistan.

    Please help before its too late….

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