Governor Raaj – MPAs Arrested


Breaking News- Law Enforcement Agencies have started arresting Members of Punjab Assembly (PML N). Election Commission declared Shahbaz Sharif Bhakar seat as vacant. Rangers has been called in Lahore, Rawalpindi and other cities of Punjab. Traffic thin in cities of Punjab Province.

President Asif Ali Zardari has imposed Governor Raaj in Punjab. Aaj TV news reports that the spokesperson of President of Pakistan, Mr. Farhat Ullah Babar has notified them that the President has ordered a governor rule in Punjab under article 234 of the Constitution. This order will stay in effect for a period of two months.

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– Telephonic contact between Pervez Elahi and President Zardari- Geo News
– Ch. Shujaat will have a meeting with President Zardari tonight in Presidency – ARY ONE WORLD
More details coming soon.
– Najeebullah Malik has been designated as Cheif Secretary Punjab – Geo News

150 thoughts on “Governor Raaj – MPAs Arrested

  1. Now we are gonna see our brutal police force in action for long march. It will be reminiscent of Musharraf era when baton charge was an everyday thing because he considered himself almighty. It resulted in his downfall. Zardari is digging his grave….good luck!

  2. lanat on pee pee…

    And zardari supporters should kill themselves if they have any shame or self-respect!

    F*** ur qurbanian!!

  3. The more brutality PPP uses the more they are going to suffer given that the people are ready to stay on course..and on the streets towards Islamabad……………………LOOOOONG MARCH!!!!!!!

  4. i told you zardari wants to make it a one party state like egypt and wants to be the new “hosni mubarak” ….

    He wants to give this little kingdom to that zuljanah aka DulDul of PZP .. ie Bilawal BHUTTO zardari.

    Get ready for his version of the Reichstag Fire.

  5. @urazzaq12 said:
    “And zardari supporters should kill themselves if they have any shame or self-respect!”

    Sorry but that is impossible. “zardari supporters” can not possibly have “any shame or self-respect”. The two are mutually exclusive.

  6. Salman Taseer aur Haram Khanzeer mey ek qadar mushtarik hey:

    Donon gund kurtey hein.

    Yey sara BB shaheed kee qurbaneon kee waja sey howa hey.

  7. They are buying time to win over Q league and others. There will be intense bidding for ‘lotas’. Price tag will prolly be pretty high. Time for them to cash it big time 😉

  8. This retard is making the whole system collapse to get his way. I am amazed at the average intelligence and tribal mindset of this character. Whats wrong with sounded minded people in PPP. Why is human brain so stuck on familiar things when discretion ought to be applied in choosing between right and wrong.

    It is mental sickness, literally. I guess constitution does provide what to do with a deranged president.

  9. The best option for NS/SS is not to buy for sale PML-Qatils. In the long run he will gain more to keep these untrustworthy “politicians” or rather traders outside his party, and on top of that he can save his money. May I suggest that he builds an education centre for these money.

  10. @msohail83
    “Price tag will prolly be pretty high.”

    Indeed. To get an idea how high, I read that for a Senate seat, people were paying MPAs upto Rs. 5 crore for their vote…

  11. @shirkuh
    now that PPP is playing dirty i think NS/SS should do anything ….including buying for sale Qatil Leagies…..

    its not about short term or long term goals for NS/SS but more for security of Pakistan which is as important in short term as in long term

  12. His masters (GHQ/Yankees) are forcing Zardari to make such moves. After all he is enjoying the “fruits” of NRO. Like an obedient d0g he will continue acting like that. The aim is maybe to show the “foolish” awaam in Pakistan that the true “patriots” are only those from the army. BS….We will never accept any GHQ vulture to rule us!

  13. Where are pee pee pee supporters? If they have left sharam in their eyes they should come out and apologise from pkpolitics visitors. Atleast ppp voters should aplogise for supporting the shaeitaan.

    Now PPP voters should pay Kaffara by standing against this son of bitch.

    Abhe ishaq ke imtahaan aur bhi hein.

    Just getting ready to fight with another dictator of worst kind.

  14. Stupid Zardari, does not he understand that result of these actions mean:

    1. Towards end of PPP Govt
    2. Division of PPP into two parties.
    a) party with ppp’s original philosophy
    b) party with Zardari’s NRO based philosophy

    Lanat ho

  15. @Malek

    No doubt that PPP is playing dirty. In fact they have been full of dirt since day one. It was NS/SS who gave them a chance to prove something, and off course they proved only one thing,…..PPP CANNOT deliver!

    I fear that NS/SS will opt for the “solution” you have described, and I am afraid that we will have exactly the same situation again in a short period of time. It is like p!issing in the pants to keep the body warm. This is a bad solution in a cold weather. PML-Q is NO different from PPP. We have to take the bulls by the horn and eliminate all these vultures.

  16. I persoanlly did not use to like NS, but with his clear stance he is defeinitely becoming a hero now.

    Thats right,

    Yeh sab bb shaheed ki qurbanion ka nateeja hay :))))))))))

  17. Surely this is the beginning of the End of Zardari. They are underestimating the force of the nation that will be much more mobilized now & join the Lawyers movement.

    Change is unstoppable now. PPP should prepare its political will now. Its history.

  18. Welcome to the era of another martial law.

    This is all done to disliquidate the lawyers long march.

    Good news however is that this actions assure the suscide of ZPP, sooner.

  19. Kutta zardari…behchod taseer punjab chalaye ga…kuttay ki aulaad se worldcall to chala nhi punjab chalaye ga…

  20. Government of Pakistan nah bohat barah action liyah hai. Mera nahi khayal Army in cases mai involve ho gi kion kah Army ki pahlay hi bohat ho gayi hai. Yar Iktidar ki bandar bant ho rahi thi, 93 ministers or advisors thay. is Pakistan ka pata nahi kiyah ho gah. Ab PPPP nah jo kiyah hai is kah against jo bi ho gah us kah liyah PPPP ready rahay. Yar aik sa jan choti Musharraf sa Aik or aa gaya. Sharif brothers eligible nahi mujay batao kiyah Asif Zardari Eligible hai. Yar jis ki lathi us ki bhains wala mamla hai. Asif zardari NRO ki waja sa kiyah pavitar ho gaya. Shaikh Rasheed ko hum abuse kertay hain laikin us kah words thay kah PPPP sa jan churwani bohat mushkil ho jay gi. Benazir ki death hoi loogon nah PPPP ko vote diyah kisi nah aik bar bi socha Benazir nah two times kiyah kiya. Pakistan ki Nation ko us ki kartooton ki saza mil rahi hai. hum aik corrupt society hain. dil rota hai yar Pakistan kah halat dekh ker. Allah Pakistan per raham karay.

  21. relax people…..the war has just begun…..musharaff nahin bacha tow yeh zardari kia cheez hai…..he has dug his own grave……ab maza aayay ga…..qazi imran nawaz sab aik saath …aur doosri taraf zardari with his sherry and rehman and the ever loota mqm…..the war is not judged by who wins the first battle but who wins the war itself…..ab phir loog roodoon pay hoingay…..lets all teach the NRO gaddari a lesson….this is the last time anyone should dare to play with the fate of this country………………………………………………

  22. Hello Everyone,

    I don’t understand what’s wrong with disqualifing NS/SS. Didn’t NS treated Zardari worst? I think NS needs more trainings like this to get mature. Disqualifing NS/SS is a storm in a tea cup. There won’t be much impact on the streets of Paksitan as PML(N) never organized their root structure. Though, the had the whole year after elections.
    In my view NS / SS wanted to be disqualified. I won’t be surprised if NS/SS, along with Imran and Qazi, are even arrested before the long march. Isn’t this what the mature politicians do? Have the Lawyers do the dirty work of getting beaten up.
    NS and SS are playing their cards very well. It’s poor Zardari in hot waters, who has to answer for every problem in Pakistan. For all you guys bashing Zardari and PPP, I will advise you … take it easy, Sharif brothers will be back after every thing comes back to Normal. Sharif brothers are simply businessmen adn they know the monetry worth of every situation.

  23. In the presence of Punjab assembly this decision is worst possible and a proof that PMLN has majority and Zardari is buying time to reduce that.

    I dont know why people like Najir Naji are on tv everywhere …. !!!!!! These are worst than the worst possible animals.

  24. Article 234 of the Constitution:

    Power to issue Proclamation in case of failure of constitutional machinery in a Province.

    (1) If the President, on receipt of a report from the Governor of a Province or otherwise, is satisfied that a situation has arisen in which the Government of the Province cannot be carried on in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, the President may, or if a resolution in this behalf is passed at a joint sitting shall, by Proclamation,
    (a) assume to himself, or direct the Governor of the Province to assume on behalf of the President, all or any of the functions of the Government of the Province, and all or any of the powers vested in, or exercisable by, any body or authority in the Province, other than the Provincial Assembly;
    (b) declare that the powers of the Provincial Assembly shall be exercisable by, or under the authority of, [250] [Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament)]; and
    (c) make such incidental and consequential provisions as appear to the President to be necessary or desirable for giving effect to the objects of the Proclamation, including provisions for suspending in whole or in part the operation of any provisions of the Constitution relating to any body or authority in the Province:
    Provided that nothing in this Article shall authorize the President to assume to himself, or direct the Governor of the Province to assume on his behalf, any of the powers vested in, or exercisable by, a High Court, or to suspend either in whole or in part the operation of any provisions of the Constitution relating to High Courts.

    (2) The Provisions of Article 105 shall not apply to the discharge by the Governor of his functions under clause (1).

    (3) A Proclamation issued under this Article shall be laid before a joint sitting and shall cease to be in force at the expiration of two months, unless before the expiration of that period it has been approved by resolution of the joint sitting and may by like resolution be extended for a further period not exceeding two months at a time; but no such Proclamation shall in any case remain in force for more than six months.

    (4) Notwithstanding anything contained in clause (3), if the National Assembly stands dissolved at the time when a Proclamation is issued under this Article, the Proclamation shall continue in force for a period of three months but, if a general election to the Assembly is not held before the expiration or that period, it shall cease to be in force at the expiration of that period unless it has earlier been approved by a resolution of the Senate.
    (5) Where by a Proclamation issued under this Article it has been declared that the powers of the Provincial Assembly shall be exercisable by or under the authority of [250] [Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament)], it shall be competent-
    (a) to [250] [Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament)] in joint sitting to confer on the President the power to make laws with respect to any matter within the legislative competence of the Provincial Assembly;
    (b) to [250] [Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament)] in joint sitting, or the President, when he is empowered under paragraph (a), to make laws conferring powers and imposing duties, or authorizing the conferring of powers and the imposition of duties, upon the Federation, or officers and authorities thereof;
    (c) to the President, when [250] [Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament)] is not in session, to authorize expenditure from the Provincial Consolidated Fund, whether the expenditure is charged by the Constitution upon that fund or not, pending the sanction of such expenditure by [250] [Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament)] in joint sitting; and
    (d) to [250] [Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament)] in joint sitting by resolution to sanction expenditure authorized by the President under paragraph (c).

    (6) Any law made by [250] [Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament)] or the President which [250] [Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament)] or the President would not, but for the issue of a Proclamation under this Article, have been competent to make, shall, to the extent of the incompetency, cease to have affect on the expiration of a period of six months after the Proclamation under this Article has ceased to be in force, except as to things done or omitted to be done before the expiration of the said period.

  25. Lanut Zardari and Cronies…. Zardari has played a gamble in which he will either have everything or nothing…. i would like to see him lose everything…Gangster ki aulaad.

  26. hahahha zardari gone out of his mind.

    bas jee BB shaheed ki kurbanio ka nitaja hein .

    Pakistan Khaapeee lol rofl

  27. Toning down today’s first half emotions, and say, playing devil’s advocate for a moment, I think anyone in Zardari’s shoes would have done what he has done. Azad adlia means death to AZ, as was the case with Mush; and since NS was steadfast in his stance, AZ was’nt left with any other option. Infact, 90’s era has’nt left any major political player who has nothing to fear from judiciary.

    Point to ponder is, my friends, what next?

    One thing is for sure: No justice, no peace. We are going to be stuck in this vicious loop of history, with one mush-dari after another; unless we find cure to our terminally ill judiciary.

    In fact, I would go to the extent of saying we can live without democracy; but without justice, ibratnaak demise is just a matter of time. God forbid.

  28. Zardari kamanay dont play with pakistan. This is our country not ur fucking polo ground. I am surprised why the authorities are quite and why their lips are seeled.

    This sick man is playing with pakistan, shut up you bast**arad zardari get lost from our country.

    I dont support sharief brothers but they are 1000 percent sincere to our country, and this sick mind person is traitor.

  29. @shamsheer

    i think you have the principle wrong……if I was in AZ shoes i wouldnt have done the same…simple reason being the country comes first and myself or any other individual much after Paksitan

    i also disagree….i dont think we can live without democracy….and it is as imporant as j@stice….or infact both are part of the same structure…which is a ‘free and honourable Nation’

  30. Guys and Gals,

    Lets give democracy a chance. Let Zardari do stupid things and let’s wait for next elections so that our awam could throw PPP (Z), PML (Q) and Molana Fazli aka Dakku out of this country.

    If establishment again take advantage of this black day of our political system then it will give another life to PPP (Z)!

    Long live Pak…

  31. So much for our “PCO INDEPENDANT JUSTICES” They cannot understand convictions under a military dictator is “no conviction” They are political convictions. Our nation has once again been been robbed of a democratic step. If nothing else the Sharif brothers were keeping the government under check.

    I have said it before I will say it again. No need for all of us to attack AAZ. We should think and talk of ways to throw this PPP government out (peacefully) 5 years is to long to bear further damage to our nation.

  32. lagta hay mian bradraan kay balloon kay sath sath aqal bhi agai hay
    wo chahtay to compromise kar kay faisla apnay haq main karwa saktay thay
    but i hope and wish they are ready to Sacrifice anything for pakistan now
    i salute ur courage
    well done Nawaz and Shahbaz
    ab inhain chahiay kay PMLQ ko accept kar kay apnay aap ko ganda na karin
    balkay midterm election ki tayari karain

    MID TERM election is a part of Democracy

    PPP ka nazriyat worker bhi PMLN ko support karay ga

  33. The verbal threat of an act that Mr Wasi Zafar once gave to Mr Ansar Abbasi during an interview with VOA Urdu. “The Long Hand Of The Law”. Mr Zardari today have practically performed this act on the whole PPPP and Jiyalaas.

  34. To the MoFo snake Zardari, well done you low life SOB. After all you stayed on course and did not disappoint those who knew what is in your gene.

  35. I must admit that Zardari used pmln like tissue paper mainly because NS after mushi episode trusted pppp for the sake of basic rules, and rule of law so its more shame for pppp. pppp need to understand hypocrate politics, lies and deceives will not keep them power, but only a dog’s death …

  36. There is a famous saying in Urdu about which many readers/members may be well conversant & which is something like follows:- Jab allah kisi qom ke barbaadi laatain hain, to sub se pehlay oos qom mein buray reh-noma (leaders) paida kartay hain, jo ke ( yaani wo rah-noma ) oos qom ko barbaadi ke taraf dekhel-tay chalay jatay hein ! Tau kon hua aiysa ‘Burra leader? Koi plz oos ka naam bataa deh?

  37. مسلم لیگ (ن) نے حلقہ این اے 123سے بیگم کلثوم نواز کو ٹکٹ دینے کا فیصلہ دیدیا:
    لاہور (اُردو پوائنٹ اخبار تازہ ترین۔25فروری۔2009ء) مسلم لیگ (ن) نے حلقہ این اے 123لاہور سے بیگم کلثوم نواز شریف کو ٹکٹ دینے کا فی الفور فیصلہ دیدیا ہے اور بیگم کلثوم نواز شریف حلقہ این اے 123لاہور سے آئندہ قومی الیکشن میں انتخاب لڑیں گی۔ نجی ٹی وی کے مطابق مسلم لیگ نواز نے موجودہ شریف برادران نااہلیت کیس کے فیصلہ اور حالات کے پیش نظر فی الوقت بیگم کلثوم نواز شریف کو ٹکٹ دینے کا اعلان کر دیا ہے اور آئندہ انتخابات میں وہ بھرپور حصہ لیں گی اور انہیں بھاری اکثریت سے کامیابی سے ہمکنار کروانے کے سلسلہ میں ہمہ وقت جدوجہد جاری رکھیں گے۔ واضح رہے کہ پاکستان مسلم لیگ (ن) کے قائد ‘ سابق وزیر اعظم میاں محمد نواز شریف حلقہ این اے 123لاہور سے انتخاب لڑا کرتے تھے جو کہ سپریم کورٹ کے مجوزہ فیصلہ نااہل آنے پر آئندہ قومی الیکشن میں حصہ نہ لے سکیں گے۔

  38. Move on, NS is history now who was anyway a dumb and corrupt person. Give other people a chance, Javed Hashmi would make a good CM of Punjab, CM ship of Punjab should not be a prerogative of Sharifs only.

  39. @vatanparast
    ok ok NS is history
    Let us drown the Zardari and few other bunch of looters around him then we all shall move on … will you be with us ? 🙂

  40. @supercreature

    The morally corrupt, treacherous, mega rich politicians like NS and Zardari have no concern for us poor people of Pakistan whatsoever, no need to shed tears over their political demise. I will prefer if these blood suckers themselves throw each other in a deep quagmire.

  41. dont u think in this way that will be invitation to third power, ofcourse non political to rule??? plus nwfp crisis will spill all over country and our country would become butcher house….?

  42. Zardari teri chalakion ko salam……………..4 Firaoon qattel ho gaye they jab to paida hoa tha ::)

    zardari= 4 Firaoon

  43. does anybody in pakistan can give update about the real situation of law and order in pakistan and specially punjab after this decision

  44. @supercreature

    It’s very unlikely that our “proud warriors” will do anything stupid at this time. But nothing can be said with certainty, everything is possible in this country.

  45. Nusrat Javed in today’s Bolta is spot on!

    Yousef Raza Gillani should resign! He played this game and now he’s doing the “gawaachi gaaN” routine again.

    YRG is also to blame for this.! He played his part to keep the victims off balance!

  46. @TK,
    YRG never had any powers and everyone knows it. His strings were in the hands of the MoFo snake Zardari from the get go. The similarily between this action and the one that Moshe took on November 2007 is that both of these wh0res showed that they “owned” the sitting judiciary and were wetting their clothes just by the mere idea of an idependent judiciary taking over the courts. This decison should now turn into a nail in the coffin for the wh0re Zardari.

  47. Nusrat Javed has lost his neutrality as a journalist, he will never utter a single word against Zardari no matter how big is his blunder. Say a word against Zardari and he immediately goes berserk.

  48. Can anyone even understand what the idiot (YRG) even says. Remeber Bush’s winck! He is a moron. But I am really mad at NS. How the F+++ could he trust Zardari the snake. I could see through his Dentonic smile sitting several thousand miles away how the F++++ could Bhola not see it up close!

    Anyway this brings us to the next chapter! THE REVOLUTION! Pakistan ZINDABAD

  49. The Governor House should be surrounded and if PPP supporters turn up then let the worst happen. There will be blood spilt in this revolution regrettably.

  50. At this point I would change the date of long march and announce the long march with few days. I doubt it that any of the political leader ( Imran, Nawaz, Qazi, Aitazaz,..) would be out on the street. They will all be jailed by Salman and Zardari in next few weeks.

    I would also predict that media members will also be threatened, so this is not going to be the same what we have seen during the Musharaf era.

    PMLN should take the note from MQM propaganda machine and spread out in all Punjab and use all the media source and play the victim game and become aggressive instead of sitting in Raiwind farm house and do the press conference.

    My 2 cents!!

  51. i feel sorry for the supporters of nawaz shreef but some blame go to nawaz shreef too.nawa z confronted zerdari,army,america and judicery same time,jeh to hona hi tha.

  52. No Police force or any force can stop, if the coward and the useless 180 million sheep wake up and participate in the long march. Zardari will leave his boots and run for his life and so will be his supporters.

  53. @democrate
    The most funny part of ZPP responses is the one given by a couple of ministers and some unknown first-timers on this blog that sharifs should accept this decision as a legitimate one and shouldn’t complain because the ZPP has also accepted all court decisions before. I guess, from now on no zilala should complain about bhutto hanging because it was also an independent decision by a similar kind of a court. in other words, bhutto was a criminal and shouldn’t be called a shaheed from now on.

  54. @bechari-awam

    well the same point i told over past few months to this democrate bahi abou bhutto… but logics are not digestable for jiyala’s. The vomit as soon as they see logic going anywhere in there brain.

  55. Zardari at his best:

    At a meeting in mid-January, Mr. Zardari taunted Sen. Raza Rabbani, Pakistan’s provincial coordination minister, calling him “impotent” after the two disagreed on how to approach allied political parties about running certain candidates in upcoming Senate elections. “You always say no, and that is a reason why you don’t have children,” the president told the 55-year-old senator, according to multiple witnesses.

    In previous meetings, Mr. Zardari has called a senior cabinet minister a “witch” on many occasions. He has told others to “shut up” or mocked their personal foibles, divorces, affairs. “This is what you come to expect at the presidency. You go there and you are insulted,” said another senator who was at the mid-January meeting. .

  56. Another SAD episode of Pakistan political history.

    Zardari has lost all his directions,he doesn’t know what he is doing with the nation,opponents and Pakistan.
    Though i have no any affiliations with PML or PPP but still i am concern about NS disqualification,which is totally wrong and might give birth to undemocratic forces.
    Zardari should know that it is not a matter of NS but 10 millions voters who is behind him.
    This immature act of Zardari and partial Supreme court decision can jeopardize Pakistan Federation.
    Now it seems that long March would end up with Zardari regime,the reason is that PML would participate enthusiastically not only for restoration of judiciary but for himself……………………………

  57. @Ghost Of TK
    “Nusrat Javed in today’s Bolta is spot on!
    Yousef Raza Gillani should resign! He played this game and now he’s doing the “gawaachi gaaN” routine again.”

    Man, what you smoking? Isn’t that Zardari’s game plan anyways: He screws PML-N and Gillani gets all the blame???

  58. @Jamhooriat
    “Lateef Khota, Malik Kuttayum went to DOG-ar residence for celebrations. Sweets distributed.”

    What I don’t understand is PML-N still talking “mufahimat” with these guys.

  59. nawaz shreef did,nt go to court why he is crying now.i must say he is very short sighted leader,who confronted with zerdari,army.america and judiciary.

  60. Nawaz Sharif is Gen Zia Biaqiat and has never changed his mind. He only talks against Musharraf but never talks about Army and ISI who runs the country for the last 5o years. He only meets with Fazloo and Qazi from NWFP who are on the corrupt establishment Payroll. I don’t know when will he learn politics. He never spoke against Talibans but rather call them Mujhadeen ….

  61. @aawan

    Mate what a joke. If PPP people had any sharam we wouldn’t be seeing this day.

    Al they have and talk about is qurbanian, jailain etc. Good for them. What I don’t understand is how qurbanian and jailain is going to help our country.

    What people like Zardari, Naik and his cronies don’t realize is that life is very short. If you do good deeds people remember you in a good way. With what they are doing, everyone will be cursing them even when they are long gone.

  62. MAIN HON DON…..
    Governer Rule or Gangster Rule?
    Goonda Raj…
    Benazir Key bachoon ka baby sitter aaj hum sub ka baap bun gaya hai…
    I am lamenting the loss of Benazir Bhutto in true sense today.

  63. Man, I don’t understand this Supreme Court of Pakistan, No one has F***ed this nation “Legally” more than these idiots. Their “Manhood” has always been at the service of “D**Kless” dictators, may it be Sikandar Mirza, Ayub Khan, Zial ul Haq or Musharraf. We need to get rid off this “Janjal Pura”.

  64. @Democrate
    Please change your nick now…It should be ‘dictator’ or Hitler…..Zardari supporters have no shame and on top of it they are ready to defend the bast@rd with whom Benazir did not even share her bedroom…. Shame shame shame.

  65. @Justice4all
    But let’s not blame just the SC. Remember the lawyers deserve some blame as well. Although they have started speaking against judges, I still haven’t heard a bad word from lawyers against people from their bradari like Latif Khota, Sharifuddin and the other Haramzada, Malik Quttaum, Black Face Kasuri, Naek, SM Zafar, Babar Haiwan, etc. In fact they are still described by them as “brothers” and “dear colleagues.” That I just don’t understand.

  66. Believe it or not but PPP is the only democratic party with mass support. Z A Bhutto was the only leader produced by Ghareeb Awam. NZ and Choudry biradran are Zia biaqiat and PML party is always a king party…… PPP now has a chance to raise this nation. NWFP will become Pukhtwankhawa, Baluchistan will get its due share and Sind will take its due share from Karachi Revenue. Pakistan must be freed from thser Musam league and Army loterasssssssssss….
    Also Paki Generals needs to be audited too. Most of the properties in Dubai belongs to Paki Generals, what a shame……
    Mr Zardari will wash all his sins, if he could get rid of this Napak Faujaaaaaaaaaaa

  67. Please Answer:
    (1) Why an incoming dictator repeats the same mistake like his predecessor?
    (2) Keeping Mr. Zardari in mind, what else does he need in his life? Got all the money and power but still.
    I am watching Punjab Assembly on Geo Tv , Man , Zardari’s fate will be worst than all of his predecessors. Allah had given him enough, its time to pay back now.

  68. @Fikarmand
    Read some of the history man (o well you are jayala right?), I don’t know what are they smoking these days, they are nothing but zombies.
    Political Career.
    Bhutto became the youngest Pakistani cabinet minister when he was given charge of the energy ministry by President Muhammad Ayub Khan, who had seized power and declared martial law. He was subsequently promoted to head the ministries of commerce, information and industries. Bhutto became a close and trusted advisor to Ayub, rising in influence and power despite his youth and relative inexperience in politics. Bhutto aided Ayub in negotiating the Indus Water Treaty with India in 1960. In 1961, Bhutto negotiated an oil exploration agreement with the Soviet Union, which also agreed to provide economic and technical aid to Pakistan.”

  69. If PMLN is unable to respond in the most agitated way against this murder of Punjabi mandate given to them by Awam then they dont deserve to rule here. Now is the time to show PPP and MQM that we are the wining party in this province and we can fight back for our rights.

    They should protest in each village, each city and and on every road in punjb. GT road should have been blocked by now.

    Sindh is no longer needed to rule on Punjab. Punjab is biggest province and should be given the so called respect.

    This is an attack of a Sindhi Lutaira on Punjabi kissan and mazdoor.
    Fight back Punjabi. It is now or never.

  70. Even a bigoted, supremacist Winston Churchill could get it right sometimes. The former British Prime Minister was worried that an Independent India would be governed by gangsters, goondas and thugs someday. Opposing the zeal of Attlee in expediting the transfer of power, he is reported to have said:

    “Power will go into the hands of rascals, rogues and freebooters …Not a bottle of water or a loaf of bread will escape taxation. Only the air will be free and the blood of these hungry millions will be on the head of Attlee. These are men of straw of whom no trace will be found after a few years. They will fight among themselves and India will be lost in political squabbles.”

    It is hideously annoying to cite Churchill, but sometimes quotes that one hears so often come to mind, especially when they strike a raw nerve: a near admission of how out-of-place our elites are. The way Isloo-barons (and I include all those who wield and exercise power) have transferred their money into the soulless climes of Dubai says a lot about who these people are and what their real attachment to Pakistan is. As long as the fiefdom will deliver, we will get hollow patriotic speeches across Islamabad.

    From Raza Rumi

  71. The most hatered personalities in PPP are

    1. Zardari mardari
    2. Fauzia zer-e-Aab
    3. Dacu Babar Hewan
    4. Lateef Khoosa
    5. Farooq Nai

    All of these are the bullshits. I hate them at extreme.

    • shutter down strike in Lahore, SArgodha, Mandi Bhauddin and many other cities of Punjab.

      Rangers called in Lahore.

      • AAJ TV reporting that NS and SS will be kept under house arrest at RAiwind.

        NS has plan to go to Sheikhupura to address a public meeting and he will go there by road from Lahore.

    • Rangers being depolyed at Punjab ASeembly, Governor House and other parts of Lahore.
      Police preparing lists for arresting PMLN workers.


  73. nawaz shreef was given panjab government and ministeries in federal government by his worst victim but still he keep doing confrontational policies.

  74. The best way to get even with Zardari is to beat him on his own game.

    What we should do is to tell everyone that never again vote for anyone who is associated with PPP. Punjabi’s have in particular been guilty of doing this too many times. That means if we loose few good people then, so be it.

    We should also get hold of these three judges and publicly flog them. That should not be difficult considering the present security conditions. We should do it so that all future judges realize the power of people.

    Dogar similiarily should be made to pay for it. His pants have already fallen once. This time we should do it publicly for him and then flog him. Hey whilst we are doing that, why not do the same to Mushraff. After all they have all asked for it. Courtsey of “the power of people”

  75. @Jamhooriat
    “AAJ TV reporting that NS and SS will be kept under house arrest at RAiwind.”

    I didn’t know “failing to qualify for elections” was an arrestable offense 🙂

  76. @Jamhooriat
    “AAJ TV reporting that NS and SS will be kept under house arrest at RAiwind.”

    u must be kidding…….. ???

    how the hell Taseer & PPP can house arrest the sharif bros in lahore… which is their power house………..???

    but again…….. lets hope PMLN shows some street power…… cz PMLN workers r no jilays……….. so far onlt two parties have shown die hard street power……. i.e PPP & JI …. plus MQM which has more like gunda gardi……. !

  77. Continuuing my wondering on what might be America’s next plan for us:

    I think Uncle Sam is contemplating another martial law for us. Democratic govt. in Pakistan is just what America can’t afford for long, if it were to carry on its offensive within Pakistan and Afghanistan. For that very reason, Gn. Kiyani is their new blue-eyed boy, who has just been honored by USA for his services (which he is now expected to perform).

    That, and this new chaos in the country has done the ground-breaking for the scheme.

  78. Nizam nahee badla,
    sirf cherey badal gayey hein

    Q-leage, MQM, JUI rail key dubbey hein, jahan engine dektey hein, chimut jamtey hein.

    Dimagh sey areee
    Akhlaq sey areee
    usool sey areee

  79. Well politically speaking, zardari has finished off Sharif bros, they can’t be PM or CM again, till constitutional amendment happens. As it stands this is what PPP gained.

    1 – No sharif bros in asssembly.
    2 – Solidified thier position in Punjab with civil beuracracy and Nazims.
    3 – With MQM they have made sindh in thier corner, With PML – Q they have Baluchistanm With ANP and Mullah Diesel they have NWFP, add new deal with sofi Mohammad they have FATA.
    4 – In Punjab PPP has a core support, albeit not majority but sizable that will stay with PPP, couple with minority core support of PML-Q that hates Sharif bro;s and Mushy era remannt i.e establishment they can have minority govt and can hold status co.
    5 – Backing of USA, India and other foriegn govt who never wanteed Nawaz in.
    6 – Awwam would protest only in Punjab for a while then inflation and law and order situation couple with strong handed techniques will eventually bring things to mangeable level.
    7 – Lawyer movement will eventually be defeated due to same above reasons i.e inflation, law and order and strong hand techniques.
    8 – Media is next.

    Until unless whole Pakistan stands up all this will happen.

  80. Gillani giving press conference right now but GEO not showing it. The only showed one question (“What AG did in court yesterday, was it with your knowledge and a change in policy of PPP?”) but they CENSORED the answer and went back to studio

  81. Geelani is looking much under stress. He is looking upset and i think he is pushed by zardari to appear before media. I think he is unwilling to appear before media.
    He admitted that attorney general did not consult with him before changing stance in Dog’s SC.
    If there will be more questions, may be he will start weeping 😉

  82. Press conference of PM is disappeared from Dunya TV also. What rubbish. lanti sadar is acting like mushiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..

  83. Dunya TV is showing press conference of IG frontier core from Quetta.
    So IG of Frontier Core is more important than Prime Minister of country.
    FOOL THE NATION::RULE THE NATION !! formula of zeepeepee and LOOSI zardari

  84. UZMA Bukhari, MPA from Punjab is more important than PRIME MINISTER OF COUNTRY. He appears on Dunya tv while dunya tv is not broadcasting press conference of PM.
    This is the democracy of ZEEPEE and ZARDARI!!!

  85. Geelani admitted that attorney general did not consult with him before changing stance in Dog’s SC.
    Geelani disclose WHO is behind the DOG’s SC ‘s verdict against Shareef Bradran. He almost give postive gesture to shareef bradran , and give clear cut message to nation and establishment that he is not behind this rubbish decision.
    I think last moment for YRG as premier is comming and soon we will see Zardari as PM and Fryal Talpur as President OR Dr. Babar Awan as PM. 😉

  86. Who is Colonel Sadatullah?

    India today accused Pakistan army officer of training mumbai bombers. Shouldnt we be spotting and punishing these criminal faujis trying to mess with our neighbours by undertaking Kargil like misadventures and hence jeopardising the whole nation.

  87. Interesting!!!!!!!!!
    Maulana Fazal appeared in press conference with Imtiaz Alam (piece of
    Comic movie of cinema owner loosi zardari is going on!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. The problem with Gillani is that he realizes this is wrong and doesn’t like what Zardari is doing, but he needs a supply of vi@gra to take a stand. Can he manage to do so?

  89. Here’s a quick update from The News:
    Gilani sad over SC ruling on Sharifs’ case
    ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has expressed his sadness over the Supreme Court verdict in Sharif brothers’ eligibility case.

    Talking to journalists here on Thursday, Gilani said he was following the path of political reconciliation which was envisaged by Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. The prime minister said the Governor-rule has been imposed to fill constitutional vacuum in Punjab.

    Gilani said he immediately phoned Shahbaz Sharif to express his sadness after the Supreme Court disqualified Sharif brothers from contesting polls. He said the third party could exploit the situation if reconciliation efforts did not succeed.

  90. the lawyers and apdm parties should consider the possibility of moving up the date for the long march 1.

    march one…march all
    zardaro you and yours will fall
    ppp will soon be free
    we will see…we will see

    jiyay bhutto!

  91. Why are protestors in Pindi targetting lal haveli? What’s Shiekh Rasheed got to do with it?
    Why not protest outside a PPP office or the residence of some PPP representative?

  92. @antuicorruption
    “Why are protestors in Pindi targetting lal haveli? What’s Shiekh Rasheed got to do with it?”

    Maybe because they see no difference beteen the two??

  93. @nota

    Well thats true, but right now the main target should be the ppp. Are there any worldcall and chamcha times offices in pindi? I would go there.

  94. haa haa haa
    A TV anchor asks shiekh rasheed why his lal haveli is the target and he says “yeh awam kay masail kay hal ka markaz hai. yeh awam ka leningrad hai”

  95. Marriot Hotel catch fire.
    Another tactic of zeepeepee, loosi zardari and malik docoit to DIVERT the attention of local and international media from Shareef Bradaran’ case and current demonstration by people against zeepeepee’s govt.
    This is first trailer, let’s see how many will come till March 16.

  96. its not a governor rule its a “mohammad shah Renjeela Rule”. i morally corrupt man and mentelly sick person has been apointed the ruler of this province.

  97. Zardari & his deputed Judges played their dirty game & awarded decree ineligibility of that CM or PM who has already enjoyed the same Portfolio in the past, what a rubbish decision of SC.

    The FINAL & DECISIVE STAGE has come:It is subject to unrest in this beloved country will remain continue just because of PM Gillani will act nothing & to maintain FALSE STATUS which is comprised to remain keep quiet moreover just keep busy himself to improve his delivering style of English Speaking & not ready to leave the part time hobby i.e. just to select his own the most expensive fabric suits, shirts, shoes & ties thereafter again try to impress rest of others his ability to Speak English with fluency.

    What a BAD LUCK for this poor nation!?

  98. @hadi26

    “Makes me wonder- Musharraff was removed from the office, why?”

    It’s very easy to answer. It was done to make a fool of the whole nation, but I believe NS himself choose to become a fool in the hands of Zardari. How could he trust him? Not once but several times? Was he waiting for some kind of acceptance of PML-N rule in Punjab or was he waiting for consolidating his powers so he could fight another day?

  99. “I don’t blame the PPP for unfulfilled promises: Nawaz Shariff (Dawn News)”

    Excellent…. smart move on the part of PML-N. Their whole strategy should be to single out Zardari (and his die hard supporters) and not direct their anger towards PPP. Kudos to Nawaz Shariff for praising Gilani.

    PML-N’s struggle should revolve around the following key points;

    1) Stress the fact that Zardari and PPP are two distinct and separate entities
    2) It is not PPP whome the struggle is against but Zardari and his cronies
    3) Zardari, at the expense of PPP, is continuing with Musharaff era policies and is a dictator not an elected representative.

  100. @Shirkuh

    Mian saab may have come across as being gullible and exploited at the hands of Zardari but the thing is its not easy taking on the likes of Zardari, he will drag you down to his level and then beat you at the game he is so good at. The point being that a man with no integrity principes and shame can virtually stoop to any level and if you stoop to his level to engage in tit-for-tat you have already lost 🙂

  101. @ Shirukh

    Come on man, when zardari was acting on benazirs death, everyone had expected something good from him, and even I did…

    It’s not NS was fault…

    Had NS not given Z-doggy the time, than he would have been blamed for all this mess…

  102. @hadi26

    “he point being that a man with no integrity principes and shame can virtually stoop to any level and if you stoop to his level to engage in tit-for-tat you have already lost ”

    AZ being such an obvious low life character, then NS should have parted ways with him a looooong time ago. AZ is a type of “human” who probably will never understand how to behave.

  103. @urrazaq12

    “Had NS not given Z-doggy the time, than he would have been blamed for all this mess…”

    Maybe it was a plausible reason, but only if NS stays committed to oppose Zardari in the future. One cannot make deals with AZ as long as it isn’t “quran or hadith….whatever it means”. As such I think it’s a sensible move from NS to speak differently on PPP in general and attack Zardari and his cronies, and that too quite harshly!

  104. They got “lambay hi pilaanzes” !!

    Let’s see who comes out on top. Seriously, I have little faith in current “leadership” of either party. NS dithered for so long that whatever he may do now maybe too little too late.

    I think zardari is planning to put both the sharif brothers in jail under various “police muqabala” cases. I can already see Fouzia wahab yelping about how Bhutto was hanged for something that happened during his rule, so why can’t SS be hanged for killings during his rule.

    Looks like they want to take revenge for the whole “Nanno Goraya” and the “Pride of the PCO judges” incident as well.

  105. Rauf Klasra reports: How PM consented to governor’s rule: the inside story

    ISLAMABAD: As the high political drama in the power corridors of Islamabad continues to unfold at a fast pace, it has been revealed that Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani was ignored in the decision-making process at the Presidency and Asif Ali Zardari took the decision to impose governor’s rule in the Punjab much before meeting his handpicked prime minister, who after finding no way out, quietly decided to fall in line instead of defiance.

    The only laughable achievement of PM Gilani was that he successfully “convinced” President Zardari that he should not appoint Kamran Lashari as the new chief secretary Punjab, who otherwise was given clearance for this new assignment in the Punjab.

    Gilani was said to be very happy with this single “achievement” as he was taking credit that he had made a determined president change his decision – an extraordinary milestone for many who know that Mr Zardari was not in the habit of changing his decisions.

    Earlier, Gilani was said to be only informed about the sweeping decision to impose governor’s rule in the Punjab without allowing him to give a long lecture to the president on the importance of allowing the PML-N to bring a chief minister of their choice in line with the democratic traditions.

    But he was told at the presidency that the Sharif brothers were not disqualified to allow them to bring someone else, and this was a God-sent opportunity to capture the Punjab with the power of the police and District Coordination Officers at the district level, who would now be assigned to make the MPs of the assembly fall in line or face the stick with Governor Salman Taseer closely monitoring the operation.

    Meanwhile, some inside sources have confirmed that top political leaders of the opposition parties might also be arrested in a major crackdown in a bid to bring the violence under control, which was fast spreading in the Punjab. One source also claimed that some prominent journalists and media groups also might face strict action along with the opposition politicians. But this could not be confirmed from independent sources….

    But Gilani did not know that before meeting him in the Presidency, Mr Zardari had already started a meeting with some of the powerful ministers of his cabinet without inviting him and they all had taken a decision to topple PML-N government. The sources said PM Gilani kept on reminding himself the “points” and “notes” which he had planned to raise before President Zardari to make him respect the mandate of PML-N.

    But when he reached the Presidency in the evening, he was surprised to know that all the important decisions had been taken and his sermon on respecting the mandate of PML-N was no more required at all.

    Sources said a straight-faced Gilani and a firm Zardari met alone but soon they were joined by ministers like Rehman Malik, Farooq Naek and a few others and the meeting went on very late.

    The sources said this was actually the idea of President Zardari himself that Gilani should be made part of the whole game plan so as he could not go outside the Presidency and at some later stage could not claim that he was innocent and had nothing to do with the decision of his president to impose emergency in the Punjab….

  106. The Lawyers often present ONE particular IDIOM in their respective Court Appearance i.e. JUB ZULM HUD SAY BARH JATA HAI TOU MIT JATA HAI — therefore that stage almost come.




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