Army Sides with Zardari – Plans to Deploy 111 Brigade

Pakistan Military RulesDespite repetitive statements by army officials that they will not involve themselves or take side of any political group in ongoing political battle, it is now being reported that Army will support Zardari against the Movement for Rule of Law. The Interior Ministry has decided to deploy the infamous Triple One Brigade in Islamabad during the Long March and Sit-in. This is in addition to the deployment of Rangers in Islamabad and all over Punjab, which is also headed by Army.

Zardari Regime has also decided to arrest politicians and lawyers in attempt to crush the Long March for Rule of Law.

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119 thoughts on “Army Sides with Zardari – Plans to Deploy 111 Brigade

  1. Honestly I never expected Army to do anything which favors Pakistan, our masters are ghulam ibne-ghulam ibne-ghulam….., they are not siding Zardari but wagging the tail for same masters.

  2. If the situation goes out of control then same 111 brigade will march towards zardari house. what the hell they are doing. zardari is planning to bring army face to face with people of pakistan. one military dictator started killing its own people in NWFP and now civlian dictator is starting it in Islamabad to encourage civilian disobediance.
    Zardari is planning to break Pakistan.
    Hence proved Democracy is the best revenge.
    But he should remeber
    Jeena ho ga Marna ho go
    Dharna ho ga Dharna ho ga

  3. Kiyani will defend Zardari , bcoz he was the one along with Tariq Aziz who brokered NRO. from his face he looks like a BONGA, but he has already got his share.

  4. Zardari is a friend and pal of Musharaf. The army still considers Musharaf as their spiritual commander. It is only natural for them to come to the rescue of status co. They know very well that they have no place in the new system under rule of law.

    Remember this is the same army, 400 of which can be kidnapped by 16 lightly armed taliban. Imagine what will happen when it tries to taken on 160 million (though unarmed) peaceful civilians.

  5. this is a perfect example of the phrase by army ” Aa bail mari mar”. Or “urta teer laina” or “kari lakri laina”.
    They are not only blind but retarded.

  6. Army will definately help to Zardari, because it was the basic condition in NRO between Mushi and Dentonic that they will be protect each other and it is in the benefit of their Lord Izat Maab, USA.

    Secondly, why Army will support people who want to close the doors of Government to Army forever, they dislike these bloody civilians and how they can accept these bloody people ruling PAK army.

    But they must not forget that Allah is still almighty and watching every thing, he knows best who is wrong and who is right, the time will tell the drop scene of this Gadaris, Armi and Wakeel Dhoor.

  7. I honestly can not expect from General Kayani to bring army out in favor of Zardari and against the civil society, advocates and even ex-army persons. One should not forget that Zardari himself had promised a number of times to restore judiciary. Civil society is going to Islamabad only to give a reminder to Zardari about his own signatured agreements and promises, about whom Zardari thinks that they are not the words of Quran.
    There is no doubt that General Kayani was a part of the notorious NRO deal but after that as a Army chief he has been playing a very balanced role, which every one must appreciate.
    On this defining moment in the history of Pakistan my emotional request to General kayani is to stay away in favoring to one person whose name is Zardari.

  8. there is a lot of frustration and anger in the people and all the legal outlets for venting this frustrations are being blocked by the NRO alliance. Thing are not headed in the right direction

  9. The conclusion is that of all the parties, the most corrupt is the Pakistan Army. Has anybody ever heard of any Army in the world who carries out anarchy in their own country? Loot their own country’s wealth and kills their own people to satisfy the need of another nation. What is scary that in case of a war, these damn corrupt generals will simply run away and the people will have to fight exactly as the Generals of Saddam sold themselves and the Iraqi people had to keep fighting”
    High time that all those Pakistan Army’s general must be eliminated. In future none of the Army personals should be sent to any foreign country for any sort of training because all they learn is to be their spokesman and follower. They are brain washed and later become puppet of other country.
    To avoid a mutiny in the army and a civil war, the entire group of the corp. commanders must be forced to resign immediately, else the smell of further division of Pakistan is on the air.

  10. The original purpose of the 111 brigade is to defend the Federal Capital from invasion and in dire, warlike situations. However, it has always been misused to steal the democratic rights of the People of Pakistan.

    Even now, Army is doing what it has been doing since 1954. They are following the orders of their foreign masters, the Americans. The difference this time maybe (MAY.BE.) that a CIA Asset is the “president” of the country (just like a CIA Asset was “president” of Soviet Union before it broke up — Gorbachev) who gets orders directly from the American Proconsul, aka the US Ambassador. The only problem may be that this “asset” has now become a liability. This has been indicated by the media mouthpiece of the US establishment. Obama is also shopping for a right of center candidate who would have more credibility with the talibs, and who would have his ‘non liberal fascist’ credentials… Nawaz Sharif fills the bill perfectly.

    So, the fix for our humiliation is in. This is also the trump card for the ARmy because if things DO come to a head, 111 would already be in place. We must not forget that if such a big crowd is going to be there for an indefinite period of time, it must be giving the GHQ nightmares because if that crowd gets out of control, a real revolution could come.

    AFter all, in Iran, only the mobilization of Tehran caused the whole country’s US supported oppressi ‘royal’ order to collapse!

    Another thought: Could this be a repeat of the “color” revolutions of the post-soviet states?

    Could the Army use the presence of the crowd to extract a resignation from Zardari who is quickly becoming a liability ? This is a real possiblity. This way, the army will avoid fingerpointing and accusations that they directly interfered in the removal of a democratically elected president.

    If this is the thinking then one sign of it will be that “The Army” will instruct Rehman Malik to NOT put roadblocks and to allow the people to come into the capital peacefully.

    Rehman Malik’s announcement will be the litmus test of my conjecture.

    They may tell Zardari that they need to “protect” installations and therefore 111 is being deployed. When the mob is there for 3 days and refuses to leave and moves towards the parliament, they might tell zardari to give resignation and we’ll all be made to feel better.

    Keep in mind, Obama is already saying that Taliban talks are fine. So, Nawaz Sharif who is in thrall of the Saudi’s who are abject slaves of the Americans is just as good. In fact, he has more right-wing street cred than zardari despite zardari abject and craven c-ck sucking of the American AGenda.

    As a matter of fact, if nawaz doesn’t do something utterly stupid like Zardaro was made to do, he could rule for a good 4 years! He should stay in his pajamas and don’t do stupid sh!t like the last time around.

    So, I’d say, keep your panties on folks! It’s business as usual, and quite possibly, it means Zardari is on his way out.

    Oh the humanity! the Democratic forces are going to lose their commander in chief! boo hoo!

  11. I don’t think this story is true. This Raang March is nothing but a bubble of expectations. Sharifs just want some blood on streets to get some political gain in their blind confrontation. I hope government will deal with the situation very tactfully and without any bloodshed. The best way to deal with the situation is to handle it at root level. Sharifs asked their MP’s to bring 2 bus loads each. I think govrnment will handle this march in a same way Sharifs handled similar march by Imran/Qazi mafia to pave way for Mush takeover. I think there will be some detentions and a smal drama in Lahore and Muree Road. Few Bus tires will be punctured. Sharifs, Imran and Qazi will watch TV and nation will enjoy a free day off. Boys will play cricket on empty roads.

    Zardari may even puncture the whole movement by restoring Iftikhar on March 15. Now PPP and alies have 2/3 in both houses and a constitutional amendment will eliminate any possiblity of ‘political activism’ of judges. That will solve the problem once for all.

    Those who think that somehow Zia will ressurecate from Jabra Chowk and ‘golden days’ of 1977-88 will come back are living in fool’s paradise.

  12. Honestly i am just taken aback by this news. How authentic this news is, a mystery.
    Either the person who has reported this was not in his right mind or the institute mentioned.
    May be this time army wants to give this govt enough time to deliver.

    Or may be this news is just a way to check people’s response.
    But whatever it is, army should stay away from this mess unless the people of pakistan are mentally ready to accept them which is quite unlikely.

    I think army has made all sort of mistakes, experiments and adventures but if they are going to get entangled in a new one then this one will prove to be the last one

  13. Pakistan needs a ” khooni ” Revolution.. Be ready to sacrifrice your lives. This is the time to crush every corrupt politician like Zardari.

  14. No surprise….

    Remember Army is the real establishemnt and establishment is siding with PPP since 1992, it all started with General Asif Nawaz meeting BB. After 1988 elections Benazir realized that she cannot win majority votes from now on and after 1990 elections she was convinced that only way to go up is to get connected with establishment. In 1993 Army played a prominent role in first getting rid of Nawaz Sharif and then again in the elections when PMLN emerged as the majority party with around 100 NA seats, establishement under General Kakar changed the results of more than 25 seats and PPP was made the majority party after changing results late night.

    In 2008 elections again, PMLN was winning majority in Punjab. A look at the earlier voting when more then 50 percent results were already in, almost 100 seats were going to PMLN but again a quota for Q-league was created and they were awarded with 46 seats late late night.

    One thing we have to remember that it was under current Chief of Army Staff that more then 500 people went missing. Many of them were handed over to their partners for a hefty amount and most of them were killed. General Kiani was responsible for all the killings being the Chief of ISI. He will never allowed Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry to come back and open cases of missing persons.

  15. @morningstar
    I absolutely agree with you, I don’t think that the Army is going to support
    Mr 10%.
    I think that our army still have some moral values, they’ll respect the desires of the whole pakistani nation.
    From where r u getting these kind of news?
    I can’t see this news and the one about the PPP & Q deal, on the Geo at least.

  16. what a nation.when army booted out nawaz shreef,that time this nation distributed sweets,not a single man came out to protest but when voluntarely army given rule to civilian people when army pulling out of politics,people are admonishing them.wah wah wah,,,,,,,kuro apney hi mulk ko tabah

  17. Why are we jumping to conclusions without solid information and evidence? First no statement has been issued by any department of the government in this regard. Second the Interior ministry has no authority over 111 Brigade and therefore any clue by any interior ministry official is baseless as nothing in this regard can be done unless a formal requisition is sent to the Ministry of Defense. Therefore the statement that has been put on this website The Interior Ministry has decided to deploy the infamous Triple One Brigade in Islamabad during the Long March and Sit-in” is utterly incorrect and blown out of proportions. Can the admin only put verified solid information on the website rather than speculations. Also, we should be more sane in our analysis and reaction. The whole forum immediately gets filled up by slogans of “inqilaab” “beghairat army” etc etc. without any solid reason. We just entertain ourselves and merry after raising such slogans. Think for a moment and then respond.
    Besides, why blame the army for it. If the civilian government orders it to do so then it is bound to obey orders. Calling military obedience a decision by army to side with Zardari is callous at best. What the hell should khakis do under such circumstances “civil hakoomat ki baat mano to gaalian khao aur na mano to bhi gaalian khao”. Stop bashing against institutions just to entertain yourselves and prove that you’re progressive thinkers for a show. Be mild and objective in your assessment and analysis.

  18. Can some one disclose the email addresses of COAS Kianni, Chief of Air, army and navy, 4 star generals and core commanders, so we can send them emails and show them the concerns of public.

    I am seeing lots of blood-shed on streets of capital. Blood of innocent civilians. and another Marshal-Law coming.

  19. O mere Allah!! Yeh din bhi dekhna tha….

    WAT da HECK is going on in our PAKISTAN??

    How would 1 believe that Amry has thought and decided to support such a STUPID step of Zardari (kutta). I mean we knew that our army officers drink and are fond of all sorts of nonsense but I had never expected them to lower them so much.

    1ce I had tried in ISSB for becoming an Army officer but I wud now say FORTUNATELY I cudn’t succeed coz they r at the verge of break Pakistan apart as per the plan of American (Jewish) bastards.

    BUT I still believe that this country was not made for such a disgrace and our army has not degraded herself upto this extent that they wud put Pakistan’s sovereignty secondary and Zardari a real pure son of a bitch on their priority. Pakistanis hav always supported our army no matter wat were the circumstances but let me TELL u PAK ARMY we and our fore-fathers din’t got themselves cut, mothers din’t let their beloved sons to get martered, we din’t let you enjoy Pakistan’s resources and 70% of budget for 60 years because we wanted to see this day that we r hearing abt now. NOOO NOOO NEVERRR

    C’mon Wake up now, it’s enough now, let me inform u if something happened to our beloved Pakistan, DON’T u think that u or ur families will be safe anywhere else in the world….NO NOO, we won’t let u live peacefully inshAllah coz enough is enough…. and again I wud say


  20. Some related(?) news:
    Rao Qamar Suleman appointed new air chiefby Zardari

    (What is curious is the current air chief met Taseer a day or two ago)

    Master plan with President, he shows only trailer: Sh Rasheed
    Shaikh Rasheed Ahmed has said that no mid-term elections wre going to beheld but politics is about to enter into a decisive stage in the next 15 days…Shaikh Rasheed said that this is for the first time that a Punjabi faces a ‘patka’ from a Sindhi.

    Tehreek-e-Insaf central secretariat attacked
    ISLAMABAD: Unknown persons attacked the central secretariat of Tehreek-e-Insaf and tortured local leaders of the party here on Sunday.

  21. Here is a sample email I sent to ISPR:

    Army must not defend the criminal and illegal activities of Asif Zardari, who is “obstructing justice” by not reinstating Iftikhar Chaudhry. Iftikhar Chaudhry is the constitutional CJ of Pakistan. Army must not obstruct people rallying for his restoration.

    Barring people from the long march will only widen the gulf between the masses and the army.

  22. This piece of news does not make sense. The army would have to be COMPLETELY out of its mind to ‘side with zardari’ at this juncture –

    I am sensing things more in line with @GTK’s analysis @1.42 above. Actions to the contrary by the army will set fire to the country, and neither the army itself, nor the regional/western powers want that at this point.

    In trying to assess this rumour, even minimal application of logic and cognizance of the ground realities (Zardari’s severely plummeting popularity at home, and fast ebbing confidence in him abroad) should indicate that no army will prop a figure who has ALREADY become/perceived as a liability.

    The only development not sitting comfortably with the above analysis is the Chaudhris decision to team up with the PPP. I can’t think of a rational enough explanation for that (having rejected out of hand the ‘army siding…’ scenario).

    Aaaaaaah….maybe…jab geedar ki maut aati hai to woh sheher ki taraf rukh karta hai…..???

  23. PML-Q sides with PPP on forming govt in Punjab

    haudhry Shujaat finally gives his nod to Governor Salman Taseer to install a PPP-PML-Q govt in Punjab. Long live Democracy

    If PMLN fails to proves its majority then it should accept results and moves on with the system while continuing there struggle for movement of justice. ( A greater cause for Pakistan)

  24. @Gul
    “The only development not sitting comfortably with the above analysis is the Chaudhris decision to team up with the PPP.”

    Add to that the fact that Zardari has already started making key postings in the armed forces as posted above (see “Rao Qamar Suleman appointed new air chief” posted above) Million dollar question is: is it done by Zardari or Kiyani?? (Also keep in mind the last two pieces by Shaheed Sehbai in this regard.)

  25. @ savage/ataraxis6.
    I for one, would not ever trust any boss of the army, whether he being Kayani or any other goon, who with all his mental faculties in place, kept supporting SOB Mush for all his wrong policies, from the day one.

    You, or others maybe very correct in your thinking that one can expect anything from the present or future bosses, because of the the ‘green turf’ or an ‘easy ride’ that their past bosses had in ruling this ‘Khudad-i-Pakistan’ for over donkey years.

    One can rightly assume that ‘En Kay Mun Ko Khun Laga Hua Hay’ or ‘their mouths HAVE (ALREADY) HAD a taste of blood.’ I, like other Pakistanis,can only pray, that May Allah bring about a savior, who can save this ALLAH’s gifted-country, from the clutches of those ‘vultures.’

  26. Read it as AMERICA decides to crush the LONG MARCH by using the tools that they very much own!

  27. Madagascar troops ‘stage mutiny’

    ….”We no longer take orders from our hierarchy, we are following our hearts. We were trained to protect property and citizens, not to fire at people. We are with the people,” one of them told the AFP news agency…..

    expecting any good from beghairat napak army generals is asking for too much, but do the common soldiers have it in them to pull out such a stunt? why cant they refuse to follow orders and side with the people for once? i think the only way out is revolution, and its going to be bloody. i just hope Nawaz Sharif doesnt back out even one inch.

    inqilaab zindabad

  28. 1- Musharaf given guard of honour meant “don’t mess with uncle Sam’.

    2- American terrorists get Pakistan’s civilian awards meant ‘don’t mess with uncle Sam’
    3- Kiyani in America gets awards and his pictures are installed on the wall of the hall of fame meant’don’t mess with uncle Sam’…
    The moral of the story is ——‘NEVER MESS WITH UNCLE SAM’

    My naive countrymen how did someone expect our ever pompous army to be ‘democratic’?
    Chor chori sey jaey hera pheri sey na jaey……

  29. @Traffic
    “…”We no longer take orders from our hierarchy, we are following our hearts. We were trained to protect property and citizens, not to fire at people. We are with the people…”

    If only…. BTW: How do I move to Madagascar? 🙂

  30. Army should also realise that Pakistan and Pakistanis are not the same anymore…People have changed, we are not the same stupid people who would sit and quietly watch the Generals usurp and dictate their terms…. I have a very strong feeling that if ever faujis try to take control of Pakistan unka hashar Musharaf sey bhi badtar ho ga….. Gaurd of Honour given to Mushy by another General may be honourable to pamper Fauji Ego but did not impress us in fact it has added more fuel to our hatred for the political generals….. Lanut.

  31. @ nota

    yeah i guess i was expecting too much from these American mercenaries. not once in 60 years have they ever rebelled against illegal orders, why should we expect anything from them now? lets pray for a revolution in the coming weeks and months.

  32. Whether it makes sense or not, the most important pointer is the source of this news. In the recent past, DAILY EXPRESS has posted news about governor Raj in Punjab which amazingly turned out be true. This newspaper is run under the supervision of editor-in-Chief Abbas Athar. This person is getting news and instructions directly from Zardari’s bed. Although there is room for arguments that it may be a bluff or threat from Rehman Malik, I tend to believe in this story.

    Observing the sincerity and dealing of general Pakistan public with their brothers or with their neighbor, I do not believe this movement is going anywhere. Only people with strong character or conviction can bring a change toward good.

  33. More deatails about the PPP/PML-Q deal:
    PML-Q decides to form Punjab govt with PPP

    LAHORE: The PPP and the PML-Q have finally decided to join hands in forming a coalition government in the Punjab with either Salmaan Taseer or Qasim Zia as the new chief minister of the province, The News has learnt.

    Both the parties evolved this political strategy in a meeting on Sunday held at the residence of the Chaudhrys between Governor Salmaan Taseer and Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain, Pervaiz Elahi and Moonis Elahi.

    Sources said that under the power-sharing formula set for the new expected coalition government in Punjab, the portfolio of senior ministership would go to the PML-Q with Moonis Elahi as the new senior minister. There is also a possibility that the PPP may offer slot of CM to the PML-Q while keeping major share in the ministries but the final decision would be taken after the PML-Q leaders meeting with President Asif Zardari after his return from Iran.

    The PML-Q, which has earlier demanded the chairmanship of Senate in lieu of its alliance with the PPP in Punjab, may have its adjustment with the PPP after meeting Zardari, who has so far nominated Federal Law Minister Farooq Naek for the slot.

    The sources further added that Water and Power Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, who categorically ruled out any further reconciliation bid with the PML-N Sunday, did so after getting a go-ahead from his party high-ups due to political consensus developed between the two parties….

  34. @iEscape

    The news of governer rule coming direct from Zardari to Abbas Athar makes sense. But it’s going a bit too far to expect that either Zardari knows which way the army will tilt, or that he’s gained the army’s confidence and is now flaunting it.

    The ‘bluff or threat’ story is far more plausible. Apparently Zardari did this in the past, when he was preparing to grab the presidential office, he started to circulate false rumors that the ‘establishment’ i.e., army, does not want IMC restored. Apparently no such stance had been communicated to him by any ranked officers…





  36. @Gul
    Speaking of things making sense, how about these?
    PPP names Naek as Senate chairman
    (BTW: Does Rabbani’s resignation mean he is upset or just gladly taking another one between the legs as it doesn’t hurt there anyways?)

    Undoing Shahbaz’s good work?
    ISLAMABAD: The inspector general of the Punjab Police, under Governor Salmaan Taseer, has offered postings to 32 DSPs, most of whom were made OSDs (awaiting posting) by the Shahbaz Sharif administration after being found extremely controversial by the ISI and other intelligence agencies because of their reputation and performance.

    Adding insult to the injury, all these police officials have been assigned jobs in the Special Branch allegedly to use their muscles in the present political wheeling-dealing so that the PPP could form government in the Punjab.

    Sources say the decision of Salmaan Taseer has raised many eyebrows and even left a few in the ISI frowning as this elite intelligence of the country has placed these DSPs on the negative list due to adverse reports about their efficiency and integrity.

    The sources say the Punjab government is now considering offering jobs to even 82 SHOs and 800 revenue officials, who too were made OSDs by the Shahbaz government due to their controversial reputation and on the basis of a detailed exercise conducted to identify the most controversial officials in the police and revenue departments….

    No governor’s rule in Punjab, says [Governor Rule Imposer] Taseer

  37. Ms Gul,

    My apologies, I thought Zardari’s bed was a clear clue. What I was alluding to that army is in bed with Zardari now a days. Mr. percentage knows the art of wheeling jurnails with appropriate percentage.

  38. New PAF Chief Rao Qamar is kin to Rao Sikandar of Okara (Musharaf’s buddy). The three Air Marshalls who were supposed to be considered were Hifazat Ullah, Khalid Ch, and Shahid Latif were the top professional officers, are superseded now. Rao Qamar’s name was not even in the panel. He is a “Ludhar” of the highest degree, a paper tiger.
    New CJ Rangeela of Islamabad High Court is Zardari’s party boy, they had good time in Dubai always, drinking and F*******.
    Which country in the world needs free Judiciary more than this poor Pakistan?
    People need to wake up, this is there last chance. Pakistan has always been short of the “Real Men”. Justice Iftikhar Ch. is our last hope. It took 60 years for this country to give birth to a brave man like him. Hope this country finally makes it. Otherwise, it will take another 60 years to get one like him and 40% of us won’t be in this world to see it.
    Pakistan Zindabad.

  39. @nota
    Raza is extremely upset that is why he has resigned but I guess it is just a show off becuase if it were for principles then he would have resigned from his not so great ministry too. Raza was soooooooo sure of his nomination as chairman senate that he told his close friends that he would resign if Zardari changes his mind.. he had to save his ego so he has resigned though I doubt if he has any after hearing what Zardari said to him, the impotency remark. My gut feel tells me that Raza will take Law ministry after all we all have seen how Makhdoom Amin Fahim surrendered.. The ground reality is that BB is not there anymore so it suits the vultures to accept the rule of a bigger vulture.

  40. @pak.nukes
    Re: New PAF Chief Rao Qamar
    Here’s the story from The News. Interesting thing to note is they describe him as “considered to be the best choice given his experience in the force”. Basing it on “experience” AND stating “he is 4th” on the seniority list” I don’t understand how News can state “best choice given his experience” with a straight face. Shame on you Jang!

  41. @iEscape

    I totally disagree: for the reasons I gave originally, I do not see the army supporting Zardari at this time. I will stand by this.

    After Kiyani leaves (in about a year’s time? I don’t remember when he retires), and Zardari, if he somehow survives till then, manages to appoint the next army chief, it will be a different story. But not now.

    There have been many shifts: Kiyani is not Musharraf, Obama is not Bush, Zardari has failed miserably to deliver on ANY front. The media and civil society remain unbridled. Zardari, the Governor rule, CJ’s removal, Sharif Brothers’ disqualification are all unpopular across party lines, across ethnic lines, across provincial lines, across the urban-rural divide, across the class divide. This makes for a very different cocktail from the time when BB was given preference over Nawaz Sharif.

    This piece of news is nothing but a huffing puffing attempt at a bluff (in my opinion).

    Apologies, I did not open the links, the gist being clear. That is, Zardari/Taseer axis is doing everything they can imagine to consolidate their hold on power. Fine. That still does not predict that the army will take it forever if it continues to intensify instability in the country.

  42. I am surprized at naive pak politics & Daily Express.

    SS says Rehman Malik is IG of liars, which is very true.

    Now before long march he will issue all kind of rumors to depress the mood of Marchers.
    Army haters wasted no time to pitch in with their share of hate.

    Army would not move a muscle if 1 mil people shows up at long march
    And make no mistake Kiyani is no adventurist.

  43. Has anyone ever “seen” (correction in above comment) any general saluting Zardari in any video or TV footage?? 😉 Tells a lot!!

  44. @nota
    Luckily, I have the honour to serve with Hifazat Ullah and Khalid Ch when they were Wing Comds. And even at that rank they had the grace and personalities to be the top Comd. But the choice of Rao Qamar has clearly proved that these politicians not only want their politics to stay within the family but also in the top military and civil positions. Imagine the disappoint to the deserving ones.
    The News/Jang need to be ashamed of releasing the news, the way PID wanted to run this selection. Shame on them. Jang/News are “Khussi” newspapers anyway, look at the way they cover MQM’s Gaindda. They cover even his stomach growling.
    Zardari and group think that the people of Pakistan are “Khussies”, I won’t blame him, as there is no response by the people for whatever he does.

  45. @Justice4All
    “But the choice of Rao Qamar has clearly proved that these politicians not only want their politics to stay within the family but also in the top military and civil positions.”

    What upsets me is that guys like Rao Qamar do make it up the ranks and are not sifted out during their “careers”. How come they do make it so far as to be the 4th most senior person for the post? And I will not believe Kiyani’s approval was not asked for (and given), so I won’t blame politicians alone.

  46. @Gul
    “Apologies, I did not open the links, the gist being clear. That is, Zardari/Taseer axis is doing everything they can imagine to consolidate their hold on power. Fine. That still does not predict that the army will take it forever if it continues to intensify instability in the country.”

    Links were just provided for completeness, nothing more. My point was expecting sense from people who are making such lousy decision is expecting a bit too much. Regarding the army and how it will act, I am glad all we have to do is wait a week 🙂

  47. Let me tell you about a dream I have. Army imposes Martial Law. After all that’s the only thing they are good at!!. They throw Zardari on the streets with no exit allowed to Dubai. Chief Justice is restored through executive order. Shariff brothers are pardoned under NRO. Punjab Governor is hanged. And wait for this one, folks, they call new election on 15 April.

    I guess I better go and sleep now. Dream! dream! dream!

  48. It’s a good news. It brings natural allies together … corrupt, incapable, dacoit, capable of breaking constitution anytime… etc etc etc…

    Army will never let someone like NS or IK come to power (I am no fan of NS but his current stance means trouble for our establishment).. People like Zar-dari suits them.. both sides take equal %age and long live our Pak-land!!

  49. I am glad Kurd clearly stated yesterday that sit-in will continue in Islamabad unless all deposed judges are reinstated, including the deposed chief justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and to get the judiciary restored to the position of November 2, 2007. He stated Ch. Iftikhar is a symbol but only his restoration certainly is not the only aim of the lawyers. He added that current judicial system was corrupt which would be back on track once the independent judges were restored.

  50. Yahya Hussaini in The News goes after Nawaz:
    Is the pot calling the kettle black?
    The spectacle of Nawaz Sharif playing the role of champion of democracy and an independent judiciary would be great comedy if it weren’t so tragic. A businessman transformed into a politician on the knee of the bloody dictator Ziaul Haq who proclaimed at the despot’s gravesite “I will fulfill your mission Shaheed General Sahib,” suddenly now is trying to convince everyone that he is hope of Pakistan. Is he still fulfilling Zia’s Machiavellian mission of amassing total power while pretending to be principled and Islamic? Just as Zia played on hatred for Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, is Nawaz Sharif creating hatred of Asif Zardari to capitalize on it to become Amir ul Momineen?…

    Also in The News Babar Sattar writes:
    “Plunder of justice” (Part II)
    “…Instead of concocting a witches’ brew in the law ministry and the attorney general’s office, institutional reform of the judiciary is what PPP’s legal eagles should attend to. The recent High Court appointments have been even more shocking in this regard. There can be no bigger sin than stuffing chambers of justice with incompetent political appointees who will continue to torment this country and its jurisprudence for the next two decades. Zardari-led PPP has made no attempt to follow the transparent and consensual process for judicial appointments proposed and agreed upon in the Charter of Democracy, a compromised version of which was also included in PPP’s draft Constitutional Amendment Bill. Even if such process is not yet a mandatory legal requirement, nothing prevented the ruling party from following it as a matter of policy. Worse still in appointing new High Court judges, even the mandatory consultation with the chief minister under our existing constitutional framework was not undertaken, at least in the Punjab….”

  51. @nota
    As for criticism on NS. Does it mean that if one person does something wrong today he should never be given an opportunity to correct his wrongdoing and choose the right path just because once in the past he was on the wrong side. Stop beating the bush and the old stories. Nothing good is coming out of them. Ponder over the present and plan for the future.

  52. If Zardari is not doing any thing good for Pakistan, than I believe Sharif is also not doing anything for Pakistan. If we see the history of Pakistan…none of the politicians have done good for Pakistan.
    The million dollar question is …who is good for Pakistan? from where we can get that person? what is the gurantee that the person who will be next PM or P will be sincere for Pakistan?
    if we have to follow the footstep of USA than i dont see any kind of person is sincere with Pakistan..we need revolution….a strong revolution…to kill all the corrupted person, and start again from the scratch.
    New blood has to come in politics…but who?

  53. US administration has given the green light for Iftikhar Chaudhry’s reinstatement – Nawaiwaqt

    Anne Paterson meets Yusuf Raza Gillani – Geo TV.

    I am opposed to the governor rule and I support a peaceful long march – Gillani says in the Senate after meeting with Anne Paterson.

    I don’t know what to make of the first news item above. If that is true , where does it leave Asif Zardari?

  54. @freemason
    “Stop beating the bush and the old stories.”

    Stop assuming things. That is not my story and is from today’s paper. Think you missed the “Yahya Hussaini in The News goes after Nawaz” bit. Was just giving an example of how the other side is playing, just like I gave an example an of another view in the same comment.

  55. This is ‘shola’ from express ….and pk polititics providing fuel for the shola! i havnt even bothered reading the article but seems like written by a lifafa journalist to gain some popularity

    i very much doubt that Pak Army will go against the wishes of the people… they have been trying to reverse the image of Army tarnished by Mush?

    if anything it could be the other way round……….111 being alert so if anything goes out of control on 16 March then using back channels they ask Zaradro to resign, reinstate CJP and Gilani holds fresh elections within 90 days…..

    …….at the same time Mush’s recent statements in favour of Zardari….could be linked….i.e just like Z, Mush is a very vindictive person and he may be trying to bring Z down by giving statements in his favour?

  56. @tharapolitics,i agree with u.u raised some interesting pionts.we should struggle for our rights and for our demands with out making any harm to our political system and our country.

  57. @Malek
    “Mush is a very vindictive person and he may be trying to bring Z down by giving statements in his favour?”

    But with that I will also keep in mind the fact that Zardari’s spokesperson Sherry Rehman confirmed those very statements (“Governor rule imposed on advice of Mush”, “Taseer recommended by Mush”)

  58. @ Bhai thara

    dont put too much pressure on your brain………..its not good for health! or are you trying to raise contrioversial points just like the writer of this article to gain popularity?? as until yesterday you were talking like a ‘chief architect’ of dharana!

    anyway i thought of some of these points as well……but

    1. [It is their duty to obey govt and that is what we wanted in “Past”] ……Thats not correct ….I believe in the “Past” we wanted the army to stay within ‘constitutional limits’ and stick to their prime responsibilty of defending the borders

    2. [Dharna siasat…….]……Again you are wrong here as Mian bratharan are not leading the dharna! ….it is led by Lawyers movement (as stated by Kurd that political parties will be not 1 step but ‘2’ steps behind lawyers in the march)

    3. [Mian Sahiban are criticizing zardari having no graduation degree, NRO’s]………a very valid point………. but are you suggesting that they should not critisice now??

  59. @nota
    ‘Rehman confirmed those very statements’

    are you suggesting that Sherry ‘is with’ Mush…..or that she is more with Mush than with Zardari!

    i was thinking there could be a link with Mush’s most recent statements in India, about becoming Pres again if reqd etc etc ……..when his ‘pal’ Z is at his lowest?

  60. American’s are testing Pakistani nation strength, Musharaf is sleeping partner of Zardari’s ‘Loot Maar’ Pakistani’s will catch all sold generals and they will hang them under Shariah Law. –Khooni Inqalab Zaindabad–

  61. I don’t believe the army is going to make any such stup!d move. They are still licking their wounds after the last army adventure by Moshe.

    On the other hand we are dealing with a mercenary army and then it is question about how much is at stake for them i.e. how much does the master lay on the table for their “services”. We will be wiser in that regard in a few days time, but off course I hope these opportunists don’t choose to do more harm to the Pakistan and democracy!

  62. @Kruman

    “Please write to ISPR”

    Good suggestion. IMO we should let them know about our feelings if the army choose to interfere in civilian matters!


  63. In case dharna is successful
    First thing Zardari would do is to restore CJ but then it would be to little to ask.
    Lawyers should not give in unless Kiyani is involved with Brigade111 & President Zardari is sacked with consultation with CJ.
    Justice Wajih is appointed as interim President to hold the new elections within 90 days as required by law and all the appointments in courts by Zardari are nullified.

  64. freinds duwa karo, hamari army harami hay, they killed more than 2000 small girls and chiled in Lal Masjid. and burnt more than 30000 Holy books and Quraan Sharriff and other items on one order of their boss.
    presently their boss is gaddari cenema ticket seller in black at Bambino cinema, Saddar, Karachi where his father was a director ( than bankrupt for only Rs,12000).
    Who say our army is loyal with country. They need jobs and good facility with Plots and stars.

  65. y difficult for army people to go in public in their uniform, out of fear of receiving beatings from angry citizens. In any social gatherings, they will receive taunts and abuses. All this was very much the case in the days after Nov 3.

  66. * The first sentense in the above should read, why make it difficult for army people to go in public in their uniform, out of fear of receiving beatings from angry citizens?

  67. Its time for a bloody revolution against all those who looted Pakistan, including the generals. Now people of Pakistan will have to take charge.
    ANP got 1 MPA killed by Taliban, next day they were begging for peace in Swat.
    I think even if a single person got injured by army , it will be complete disaster.

  68. @ MalangBaba @ MalangBaba @ MalangBaba

    I totally disagree with your drawn assumptions above. I regret to say that your calculations are totally incorrect according to may and yes in your view I could be wrong. I would like to kindly bring to your attention a few things:

    (a) What benefit would PMLN get if Justice IC & Co. are restored?
    (Nothing, IC couldn’t get his verdict obliged when he ordered Sharif brothers to return. There is no NRO on PMLN, JI, PTI, ANP & Others)

    (b) What would be the outcome for President Mr A Zardari if he restores Justice IC & Co.?
    (NRO will get declared illegal. Gen. (R) P Musharraf’s legislation would be overruled and constitution will be re-instated to 1971. Enquiry would be held on (late) Mrs B Bhutto’s assasination. Gov. Sindh Mr I Ibaad and other MQM members would be questioned on 12th Oct and KHI revenue office which was smartly set alight in broad day light.)

    (c) One year and a month or so is more than enough to fulfil promises and oblige them or are they not?
    (Misaaq-e-Jamhuriyat was signed within hours, Degree condition was abolished within minutes, NRO was passed within minutes, PM was announced in 4 weeks, Presdient election was arranged and rigged within weeks, Oaths were taken and cabinet was formed within days, restoration of judges pact was done in 2 weeks, another deadline was offered, then again, statements changed, PPP declared they won elections on ”Roti Kapra or Makaan” slogan not judges, Gov. Mr S Taseer was appointed without consulting leading party in Punjab and No. 2 in National & 3rd in NWFP. Remember (late) Mr Z A Bhutto’s shimla agreement? took week to implement it, Remember Nuclear tests in 1998, took 21 days to happen… One whole year and now statments have changed? Quran is being rejected, statements are not hadith is being said, differences between political statement and truth is being defined etc…)(Ask yoursewlf 1 year and plus, think as a Pakistani not as a PPP member or pro-Army or pro-provincial)

    (d) Has any of PPP ministers resigned from their luxury seats on any issues related to Pakistan? PMLN did in the history of Pakistan…
    (PMLN memberes were given majority of exclusive positions including treasury to Mr I Dar, but PMLN refused all those executive positions only because of 3 issues and we all know that. OK! Lets say it was a drama… What did they achieve by doing this drama? They lost Punjab government, MQM came into cabinet, PMLQ resseructed, old culprits returned and PMLN leaders even lost their eligibilty… WOW a great political advantage right? No sir… Think positively)

    (e) What is the progress of Punjab in comparison to Sindh & NWFP?
    (Province of Punjab was doing far better than any province in Pakistan. I am from NWFP but still being neutral I saw it myself the progress of Punjab in these recessed days of economic crisis around the world and in our country Pakistan. Punjab’s then-CM resolved Baluchistan’s concerns, allotted double wheat to Sindh & was teh first assembly to pass resolution on stopping drone attacks in NWFP. Cheaper roti was on offer, even if 10% of the poor nation got cheaper roti, I still think thats an achievement. Motorways, no unnecessary promotions were on offer and less people got restored on their sacked jobs in Punjab than any other province. PPP restored all sacked emplyees which is good but think logically those same people returned to their jobs after 10 years… on same positions without any updated training??? Redundancies are taking place in econimical giant countries and in pakistan we are restoring friends again, however I think at least this move done some better to those who were in need. Sril Lankan team was attacked since Governor rule was imposed, Lahore is now totally unsafe .. compare it as a Pakistani not as a pro-Army, pro-provincial, pro-Party worker.)

    (f) Who promised enquiry about (late) Mrs B Bhutto?
    (President Asif Zardari ordered to crack down on those who martyred Mrs Benazir Bhutto, his excellency also promised UN enquiry… we will soon be approaching (late) Mrs B Bhutto’s 2nd anniversary and yet still no sogns of any enquiry. No actions taken against firebrigades who washed out the incident. No real case or action been taken. What keeps him so busy?)

    (g) Qatil League said Zardari… MQM are murderers said Mrs Sherry Rehman (12th oct)… How come they are friends now?
    (PPP since winning elections have changed statements on regular basis. Before winning elections they called Q-League Qatils, Mr Taseer is from Qatil league but his punishment was to become governor of Punjab, Mr Wattoo’s punishment was to become Minister in cabinet, Governor Ishrat Ibaad’s punishment was to remain Sindh’s Governor. Maulan Fazlur-Rehman is now best friends with President despite F Kareem Kundi (Dept Speaker NA) defeating Maulana F Rehman in NA elections and in rallies opposed him and often referred Mr F Rehman as ”diesel’ ‘lota’ etc. People vote on agenda’s and PPP have cheated and changed their agenda after winning, thats not cleverness thats ”munafiqat’. Mrs B Bhutto never met Mr Altaf Hussein, so how could President Zardari say that his visit to None-Zero KHI was Mrs Bhutto’s wish? No part would form coalition with MQM and Q-league was the pact between PMLN & PPP. PMLN supported main candidates of PPP in Punjab and decided not to run in Sindh purely to enable PPP win where they can easily and support them where they need it i.e. Gujrat)

    (h) 17th Ammendment is on PPP’s agenda since day 1… Who is still observing 17th Ammendment?
    (Why can’t President A Zardari get rid of 58-2b & 17th Ammendment? Obviously because he will loose power and he knows if he looses power PPP members might revolt against him. Right now if PPP members revolt he can easily dissolve parliament and arranged rigged mid-term elections. (late) Mrs Bhutto was always against presidential law but her wishes are being so easily forgotten and ignored. Oh no lets still support Mr democracy, good knock some sense in you head)

    (i) PPP & PMLN and all other parties have had dark past – no doubt! The question is who has learned their lesson? Who is being positive?
    (Isn’t PMLN and coalition are announcing what majority of Pakistanis demand? Yes, according you they could be doing this to win elections, but why do they need to do that when they could have enjoyed luxurious ministries with the current government like MQM and others are enjoying it? President A Zardari is causing excuse to break Pakistan like his superiors did. PMLN would have enjoyed great comfort if they had voiced with PPP & Allies and supported President A Zardari. They chose not to and if they are still doing this for winning elections then after they prove this that they are dodgy too, just dont vote them again – simple! Pakistan like other successful nations need independent proven free judiciary, We oppose against pro-Zardari judiciary.)

    (j) What advantage will PMLN get if there is bloodshed on road? President A Zardari holds the power wether bloodshed or anything he will not dissolve the parliament… So where is the advantage?
    Bloodshed will only cause arrests, locking up of MNA’s and other leaders, riots etc. Parliament will not dissolve, pro-rally people would get targeted by so-called terrorists, assasination can happen, a terror plot could be arranged by government. Who will benefit? No one but President A Zardari)

    (k) How could you be so biased and still not learn?
    Maths error: PPP do not have 2/3 majority in main house which is lower house of the parliament. PPP have not get technically 2/3 majority. If forward block supports PMLN in Punjab then we may expect few forward block members siding PMLN in NA. PPP have now even selected another perfect liar culprit Mr F Naik who belongs to PPP too… So other coalitions partners would now think President from PPP, PM from PPP, Chairman Senate PPP, Gov. Punjab PPP, Gov NWFP PPP… PPP have just won 124 seats and hold majority in just one province of Pakistan which is the 2nd largest province of Pakistan in terms of population. They are No. 2 in Punjab, NWFP & Baluchistan. PPP are experts in Horse-trading so now doubt they might win in that case.

    Now what do do you say about PMLN and coalition members who support Pakistan’s revolution against unfair, zionist, corrupt current regime? Are they still doing this for benefits? Then again what benefits?

    Nothing personal no hard feelings…

    ”Jeena Hoga, Marna Hoga…. Dharna Hoga Dharna Hoga”
    Pakistan Zindabad…

  69. I agree with A K Afridi. Also, 111 brigade can not go against Zardari regime as both of them are working for American interests along with Pak army. As Pak army can kill their own people in NWFP and Waziristan so they can kill people of Punjab and Islamabad too.

  70. @ Riddle 792

    Unfortunately, Pak Army’s bad deeds have overshadowed their good work.
    Pak army’s dark chapters are:

    1) Defeat in Siachen; Siachin was our land on which India resides now
    2) Kargil defeat
    3) Bangladesh; remember it was Pakistan once, 1971
    4) MQM, Lashkerai Taaiba, Laskheri Jhangvi
    5) NRO
    6) Loss in Swat
    7) FATA debacle
    8) Corrupt Generals = Weapon commission, housing schemes etc etc
    9) Current Judicial crisis

    Only way Pak army can gain respect among Pakistanis is to stay away from Politics and concentrate on borders.

  71. kuch dost jo is action per army par tanqeed kertay hain
    wo bay waqoof hain …. fooj govt ki nahin sunay gi to kiski sunay
    they should be their only for protecting peace

    I Think Army should accept govt order as it is their resposibility to listen to govt order

    i think friends on this form should not criticise this decision of army

    but for the army it is good if they only take action against those people in LONG March who are making trouble ,,,
    they should not take any action against those people who are making a peaceful protest

    rahi baat PPP our Ghaddari ki to yeh gator kay lal baig hay …. jinko haram HALLAL or ACHAY Buray ki tameez nahin

  72. @Riddle 792

    It is unfortunate that your comment disappeared from this thread before my response. I donot know what will happen to this one. You are right this is a shitty website of shameless, ill-bred people. But, would you like to ask proud people of beautiful Sawat if this army was able to make them “safe” from bunch of rag tags?

    Probably your jurnails were all drunk during their ill-fated adventure in Kargil. Off course they were in their deep sleep when India took over “grass less” Siachin. And do mention it to East Pakistanis and Bangladesh. Oh yah, suck all the blood of Baluchis for your luxury. No need to talk about the current mess.

    Truth is that these jurnails want to be above the law. They can only beat the asses of unarmed public. Not jurnails but some bunch of bloody civilians finally offset the Indian threat.

    Considering the unwritten gag order on all the institutions on uttering a word of displeasure against these criminals, this is the only place where we can remind our Pak Fauj of their deeds and their duties.

  73. while the heat is turned ON

    and the rope is tightened around Zardari’s neck

    Zaradri decides to run away? mystery???
    there could be something fishy in AZ to arrange the overseas trip while the political battle is getting out of control and lawyers march is only days away…… he planning getting his political opponents m@rder=d while he is out of the country? ususal tactics of waderas???

    Rehman Dec@it…the ‘paaltu kutta’ of Zaradri b@rks loudly at the lawyers…….and thre@t@ns them openly?

    PTI office attacked and IK terms it ‘bontra jana’ (bewlidered) of the PPP govt!

  74. Yosufzai Sb.

    Solute to army if it protects people life. But it is killing innocent people in frontier and killed thousands in Swat just for $$$$$$ from America. Pak army sells their own people to America for dollars. How you can say this army is protecting innocent lives? This is the only army in the world who is selling innocent pakistanis to america (army itself claims, read Mush’s book, shameless army). They can not protect Pakistani borders as we lost east Pakistan and Kargil just because of the army who is destabilizing the country on America’s will. Now they are creating same situation in frontier.

  75. Latest news i came to know that Army warned zardari to settle political mess otherwise army will step in….

    He will not support zardari but he will support Pakistan!

    Zardari must really think about it!

  76. abey in sab cheezon ke bagair long march ka maza thodhi ayega bahraaal ek lawyer ne pakistan banaya tha aur ab ye lwayers is rule of law dengay

  77. Ex Sec Gen of Lahore Bar Association, Latif Sara is a black sheep.
    Lawyers should watch him out & his activities during long march.

  78. Now the game plan is becoming more and more clear.
    You know Kayani, is also afraid of restoration of CJP Iftekhar Muhammad Choudhry? Remember he was ISI chief then.

    Besdies he brokered the deal betweeen PPP and dictator who happens to be master.

    He plays bridge and does what ever Allah Knows in the nights in Army House (which he is proving he does not deserve) where the dictator is hiding. Besdies he has recently been to USA where he must have received his orders.

    But if army tries to fiddle in the peoples movement then it would be a very sad day for the nation. Yet the movement will go on. No one can stop it noe Insha Allah.

    After all US Drones cannot operate from Pak soil without the consent and approval of the army who is being headed by Kayani.

    We hope sense prevails in the army command and they do not do any thing silly ( very unlikely though). Else what will happen may make the entire country a war zone.

  79. Come guys, COAS is not stupid. He may not intervene but may indirectly ask Chordari to negotiate.

    Even Bhutto was 1000% sure that Army is with him until he was overthrown.

    Even the Americans know that People’s opinion is hard to resist. They know from their experience from Iran.

    So it will be interesting to see what happens.

  80. @ sadaat

    I agree with you. Army cannot oppose the opinion of the public. This is not 1977 or 1999.

  81. Admin & PK Politics Friends,

    It is 9 March today and I hope PK Politics can run a page on the NO of the Chief. I have been feeling nostalgic today and have written a post, please see it below:

    Feimanallah Chief Justice Saab


  82. The best solution for whole crisis that Pubjab power base should be divided in 5 provinces to curb the blackmailing for any party. This is our problem, and most people do not pay attention to this area.
    ZABhutto used Punjab support on the street to breakaway East Pakistan, in similar manner as Nawaz and Shahbaz are doing.
    If we love our country and for the sake of unity, we all should support and write on this issue. We are all because of Pakistan, irrespective of our origin and if some thing happen to Pakistan, we all would be sorry.

  83. yaar admin plz upload the jalsa of mian sahib which was held in jhelum…… that was a huge gathering………..around 20,000-30,000 people were present :S

  84. @syed1508
    “The best solution for whole crisis that Pubjab power base should be divided in 5 provinces to curb the blackmailing for any party. This is our problem, and most people do not pay attention to this area.
    ZABhutto used Punjab support on the street to breakaway East Pakistan, in similar manner as Nawaz and Shahbaz are doing…”

    Why not we divide karachi into 10 pieces because concentration of power by bhatta mafia and borry band killers is more dangerous than in punjab due to the peculiar financial hub nature of the city. Also we should also divide army in 10 pieces due to a similar reason and what about river indus. And last but not least what about PPP, because here too there is a concentration of power in one hand.

  85. I think if army is deployed upon the instruction of interior ministry, it is good sign at least army obeys civil government though I don’t like present set-up. Blessing in disguise……….

  86. Considering that no other newspaper has published this news, I am not sure how credible this news is and whether to believe it or not.

  87. – It would a grave mistake by Army if it tried to move against the will of the people! I hope and pray that top officials of Army are loyal to the country/people and not to USA and Co! Quite recently they visited USA, and don’t know what they were taught there, it must not be any lesson in favor of Pakistan! USA has never been faithful to Pakistan although they claim opposite!

    – It is double standard of our nation that so many Pakistanis are ready to take visa/nationality of USA at any cost but expect that our Army must be pure and must not bend in front of them! People! if we are not sincere and ready to sacrifice for our land then how could Army be so? So first thing is that we must be faithful to our selves and to our country, and we should get rid of inferiority complex of USA and Co!

    – We have provided our blood to our Army for last sixty years, we gave them all respect and all what they needed, we starved but fed Army so if it will try to cheat Pakistani nation at this critical juncture of our history then no one in this Universe will be able to save them. Not only we, people of Pakistan, will crush them but Allah Almighty will also tear them apart(INSHALLAH)! Who is their Boss? The Creator, Controller and Sustainer of everything(i.e. Allah Almighty) or false and empty super power of this temporary world i.e. USA? The common soldiers of Pak Army are very pure and even if top officials will sell their loyalties, those low rank soldier of Army, in critical situation will only fight for Islam and Pakistan! So soldiers of Pakistan will never give up even top officials might sell their faiths! Those soldiers will be indigestible for world if Pakistan got destabilized!!! My humble request to Army is, for God sake don’t be scared of false gods, show courage and faith. Life and death, benefit and loss are not in control of anyone except Allah Almighty alone!!!

    – It is no surprise that Zardari and Co are amazingly close to their external masters and they so far have not done any good to Pakistan and Pakistanis! He is so openly repeating the tactics of Musharraf and doing corruption and stupid acts! He and his loyals are not able to defend themselves in discussions and people of Pakistan are able to judge their lies so easily! Chauhdaries of Gujrat have joined hands with Zardari and this combination suits to both! Last time when Zardari visited China, government of PMLN in Punjab was toppled and now he is gonna visit Iran, what might be expected this time? This person will run away the day he felt that his game is over! I am quite sure that Army is fully aware of his ill doings, but Army just want him and his cronies to dig their graves deeper! We must however stay prepared for the worst and must not develop childish and unrealistic expectations, we have to believe in Allah Almighty and ourselves!

    – Lawyers movement is the biggest threat for the enemies of Pakistan, because it is against their plans and control! But i don’t think that this movement could be stopped, every opposition to it will result in more strength and unity of people ! People of Pakistan can’t be played with so easily now, any politician who will try to cheat us, we would press his/her throat! So politicians must check their loyalties! Only worries for Pakistan, are the internal divides and traitors, no one from outside can dare to attack us!

    – Preparations for the final round against Pakistan are being made but plans of Allah Almighty, no one knows!!! Afghanistan always proved a grave for invaders and it is repeating its tradition this time too. Afghanis will slaughter their enemies and those who would be able to escape and enter Pakistan, we will see them well, INSHALLAH. We have to show faith, courage and unity at this stage! Tomorrow belongs to us, INSHALLAH.

    my views.

  88. It is humbly requested that you may say anything to those individuals (generals) because they have politicised themselves, but please do not have a malice against the organization, you should know that it is only due to this institution that the country is still surviving, otherwise the enemies (both internal and external) will jump on you like hungry wolves. Please be very clear on this becasue it is very damaging with far reaching effects.
    God Bless you all.

  89. Just a point about Kargil; That operation was called off when NS buckled under pressure, you know from where, he called his kithcen cabinet in London, called back home and ordered army to pull back from very important strategic position. As for East Pakistan, it is not exactly what goes around, the real story is quite different, I do not understand why our previous governments have never taken the courage to explain the whole thing to the public, infact there has not been a proper govt in place, it was either a martial law or “lungry looly” democracy. The tragedy is that we never had(in the past and present) the leader worth his salt who can lead this unfortunate country and its unfrotunate people.
    Let us all pray that God Almighty protect and preserve this wonderful gift of God bestowed upon us on The Night of Power(Lailatul Qadr), Ameen.
    God Bless you all.

  90. @ Vision
    You are living in dreams. Kargil operation was a fiasco. Army lost 1965, 1971, Siachin Glacier and Kargil. Army Generals have turned Army into Military Inc. Pakistani Army is responsible for Bangladesh and is bent on dividing it into 1000 pieces. These Generals have sold Pakistani Citizens for $$ and don’t forget the Drones are flying from within Pakistan…
    Bravo Pakistani Army.. Beghariatssssssssssssssss

  91. You must a son of some General and there may be some buttmen working in your home but the fact remains that Pakistnai Army is very unprfessional and ill equipped. They are helping Talibans in disguise and then uses Drones for $$$.
    What basters they are…

  92. Dear Fikarmand, I am not a son of any general, I am a commoner like any aother Pakistani, not very happy with whatever that has happened and is happening in the country, all this saddens me as much as it does to any sincere Pakistani even though I do not live in Pakistan, I am an extreme opponent of martial law. I have no political leaning whatsoever. I am a student of history and feel that, you are saying all what you have said, is because you do not have much of the facts at hand. We should realize that army is a society within a society, hence it cannot be very different from the overall social environment; good or bad, one individual is in the army, his brother is a business man, one a lawyer or doctor or in any other profession and so on. What I want to point at is that, we should not get carried away with our emotions, our opinion must be based on factual data input and not on hear- say, or on a write up of a ‘column navees’, who just write because they must write something, and in our country unfortunately there is no mechanism to check or challenge them, similar to the ones in some of the countries we seem very keen to copy in everything.
    Having said that, I will add that you are welcome to have an opinion and I respect that, only thing I want to emphasize is that countires are built on institutions which are hardly left in the country, this is the only one left, may not be ideal or what it should be, but as I said, the only one left. I am glad you are pointing out the shortcomings, and I hope these are conveyed to the chief of army so that he can look into it, but if we all start saying what you said, you know who will benefit from it.
    God Bless you.

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