71 thoughts on “Live With Talat – 12 March 2009

  1. Great job Talat. Few of the PMLN supporters may not like hard ball but as long as you do this accross the board you will be fine. I have seen Talat’s equally tough interviews with Mushraaf and PPPP so full marks to him. I don’t see anyother anchor giving him this kind of tough time.

  2. if there will be a survey about anchors after long march , i am 100 % sure that Talat will not retain his 1st position this time…he is unnecessary harsh with lawyers, NS , IK and JI..Talat I always write in favour of you and you are very honest person but from last few days , your attitude is very strange..Talat you said by your self that “agar aap Rape aur Rapist Ko aik Hi tarazoo mein Tol Dein tu yeh Insaf Ka Qatal ho Ga”…now you are backing out from your own statement..i feel sorry but you are “putting Rape and rapist in one category”

  3. Talat is also not angel or not a god.

    He has habbit of getting carried away some times and then result is jsut bongian.
    may be overconfidecne??
    but he hud not forget shahid masood example?
    people are zombies to follow any anchor person blindly and this mut be understood by all media anchors and journalists.

    recent example of a BONGI by Talat is the episode on Naval chief statement regarding Mmbai issue that seemd contrary to Reman Malik. Talat tried to be oversmart and preferred it over the current political discussion.

    Next day Naval Cheif denied his statements and Talat could not have moral courage to apologise or show some embarrasement.

    Siana Kawa hamesha Gandgi per girta hay. this is lesson for all anchors.

  4. where is my comments admin ? Should tolerate to every body point of views.Other wise just write on your webside it is the side for PML( N Panjab Party ) or Imran khan party. or in other words it is the side 4 panjab not other province.

  5. we must give favor to anchors if they put hard questions to our favorite leaders. Talat is talented, energetic, and put analytical questions to his guests. We must change our flip-flop attitude towards anchors. If they put hard questions and push our opponents we feel happy and if they give tough time to our favorite leader then we start criticism on them. I think we should leave this attitude.
    Questions asked by Talat was very good and well-timed and everyone want to know the stance of Mian sb regarding Q forward block, sudden hyper in movement and “disobedience statements”. I think these question were very well stated and I appreciate that Mian sb answered very well and in effective way.

  6. Charter of democracy says that “In future no judge should take oath under PCO, if so then these judges will be sacked” This doesn’t apply to judges before 2005……..

    I do not understand why Talat is saying that Ch. Iftikhar should not be restored as he took oath under PCO…………

    I would not hesitate to say that Nawaz Sharif is also dumb, could not even defend few points about charter of democracy which are dead easy if he has ever read COD.

  7. Talat is very very independent and I know next week he will have Pakistan army chief in place of Nawaz Sharif and will ask him all kind of questions about defence budget and army’s support of all the military dictators.

  8. very explosive and very brilliant interview. Talat very rightly asked all pertinent questions to this two time PM of Pakistan. He will be asked all such question if he is thinking of becoming of PM of Pakistan again.
    He needs to put on record all his views about Pakitan US relation and his views on FATA and PATA.

    He needs to show his vision to all the problems that Pakistan is facing and will face in future.

    He lacks certain traits to become PM of Pakitan is my view. But better than what we have right now running the show.

  9. It was a very good interview but I believe Talat was asking stupid questions. As far as PML-N is concerned they have always backed Lawyers movement, where as the punjab government is concerned people of punjab gave the mandidate to PML-N not PPP and definatley not to PML-Q. Talat asked NS will he accept PML-Q and PPP government in pakistan ??????wht a foolish question . Nobody will accept this government in punjab. As far as the federation is concerned Zardari ka time khatam aur mein PPP key workers say durkhowast kerta hoon key apni leader BB key khoon ki khatir pakistan ko zardari jaisi lanat sey bacha lein.

    Zardari Murdabad……..we all hate u ……..

    Pakistan Zindabad

  10. @conscious

    totally agree with you. He cant speak on FATA, war on terror and swat to save his life. A paanwaala has better views on these issues.

    Its no secret where the court decision was going. Have we ever stopped to think where he would have been if the decision had been in their favour?

    This dumba$$ is now our next hope. Allah have mercy on us!

  11. talat is waywardly going wrong in his bid to stay neutral, he’s asking nawaz sherif redundant questions, instead of pressing forward in finding out how he’s going to achieve what he wants (nawaz shefir), he’s coming off as if he’s trying to persuade sherif to reconsider his stance..

  12. I think it was a very good interview. Talat asks tough questions because it is needed in order for people to understand accountability. No matter what an anchor believes personally, he should always ask questions from a neutral standpoint, looking at everything as critically as possible.

  13. mediocre questions from talat at best, i could’nt figure out his bit about the long march on 16th, and nawaz’s own long march? … i think he’s tired and trying to improve his ratings. :S

  14. talat is a first achor who asked tough questions.nawaz sheerf should tell why he confronted with all the democratic governments.

  15. NAWAZ SHARIF WHAT A END….nawaz sharif very nice end ….nice answers…………Very good …………mian sahib

  16. talat is generally pretty good, i agree with that. but today was nt one of his best days, since he kept on asking redundant questions to which everyone knows the answers to, in that sense it did not reveal anything new.

    if nawaz sharif declared he does nt recognize the courts back in middle of last year, and has held that line, then that question was relevant then, not now.

    it’s like talat trying to find weaknesses with sharif, but in fact coming off as a pushover, since most everyone knows sharif is commanding a high moral ground — not because he’s a charismatic leader — but because of goof ups and the fanstastic incompetence of the PPP.

    Memo to Talat: the problem is not with PML-N, its with PPP. I am not just saying that just because i support the lawyers.

  17. I’m glad someone held Nawaz Sharif’s feet to the fire for a change. Better Talat’s “bongian” (in reference to some comments in this thread) than the craven fellation offered by Javed Chodhry a`la “acha to mian sab, zara yeh batain keh app per kia kia ZULLUMM huay?” ….

    Though some of Talat’s questions smell of “ppp favoritism” but I think he is right to question Nawaz Sharif “suddenly finding religion” after the na-ahli decision.

    Personally, I think both NS and Zardari were cynically playing each other. NS and SS knew Zardari was bullshitting (ref: SS/NS statement about “95% of it being lies”) but they kept playing the fools so that they could make him “look bad” and maybe make a push for a mid-term upheaval.

    What irks me is that SS got screwed because of NS’s brilliant “usooli politics”. He was doing SOME good work and NS should have at least tried to separate Punjab’s politics from the National politics he is doing … but SS got screwed for no reason and Punjab is back in the hands of the Choudhries.


    I’m really afraid the long march and the promised “toofaan” (by NS) is not going to materialize and Punjab’s people are going to be left without a good Chief Minister who really could have made a difference.

    I’m glad Talat gave him a spanking! Good job Talat!

  18. @texasboy: If he doesn’t recognize the courts, then he should have not recognized the decision of the court either and Shehbaz Sharif should have kept working as if nothing happened. But they didn’t. They didn’t recognize the courts, but SS exited the CM house on the first sign of a negative decision.

    I’m still wondering why SS didn’t give a statement saying he doesn’t recognize the court decision as they are PCO courts. I think it is because of NS’s politics…. SS always gets screwed because of NS! its not even funny anymore!

    I think NS is trying to have his cake and eat it too. And Zardari is too much of a ba$turd to let that happen.

    Personally, I don’t want such a “maassoom” leader who gets screwed so many times, and then whines about it. NS has been pretty much sidelined and looks like he’s been out-witted and out-smarted and the level of street mobilization that he would need just isn’t there….

    And if he gets JI to do the street power thing, then it’s not gonna be a pretty picture either. I feel very pessimisstic about the whole thing right now.

  19. So is the point that Talat’s making is – carry on for another 2 maybe 4 years & let the current government continue to make & break promises; break governments in an attempt to establish their own? So does Talat think that the interests of Pakistan will be served by that ?
    Weird; it’s apparent to EVERYONE that Nawaz Sharif was pushed against a corner & the Long March was the only alternative left to the people of Pakistan who can not go along with Zardari & Co.

  20. @ lahoria
    your id shows that how much racist u r . Becareful if u finger out and ok i got it,this side is not neutral.

    @ Kashif
    Thanks brother.

  21. NS is not ideal for the leadership of the country but far better then pee pee pee. I like his willingness to improve by learning from the blounders he made in 90s. But, the fundamental delima still lies with the specific class which gets elected every time by manipulating emotions or through buying votes of jahil awaan. So the cure for all the problems is strickly independent judiaciary.

  22. You can’t associate the thinking/rationale behind every question to what Talat would prefer in an ideal world himself. He is doing an interview. The only time you can say ‘Talat thinks this and Talat thinks that’ is when he actually says ‘hamaray khial mein’ and he says that when he is doing one of his analyses shows.

    I don’t know if anybody noticed but Hamid Mir also did a NS interview the other day but NS bhai botched it although the questions asked were softball (typical Hamir BS). It seems like NS saw his performance and improved upon it. NS bhai was also quick on his feet giving answers with examples and taking his stand where needed….

  23. @Angad Singh

    I agree with you. One can also wait and we should wait for the next 3 -4 years but what is the gaurantee that next elections will be free and fair. In addition to current PCO judges, PPP recruited 30 judges recently in Sindh and Punjab. Most of these judges are ex-PPP partry ticket holder, what the hell is this.

    If there is no independent judiciary then it leeds to all the evils e.g. civilian dictatorship, corruption, destruction of institutions which can take decades to rectify.

  24. صدر نے اسلام آباد، سندھ ہائیکورٹ میں مزید ججز تعینات کر دئے

    Updated at 1145 PST
    اسلام آباد . . . صدر آصف زرداری نے اسلام آباد ہائیکورٹ میں 4ایڈیشنل ججز تعینات کر دئے ہیں جبکہ سندھ ہائی کورٹ میں3مستقل ججز تعینات کر دئے ہیں۔ ان ججز کی تعیناتی کے حوالے سے باقاعدہ نو ٹی فکیشن جاری کر دیا گیا ہے۔


  25. It was more of interrogation then interview I never thought that he would be so biased and would do that so openly!!!!. First NJ and now Talat too, time to give kamaran khan a try. 🙂

  26. i like talat but as i am not pro nawaz still i think he was not neutral and some how kept pushing punjab in it why thats so unfair please we are pakisrani don’t underestimate the IQ of people in punjab if someone like nawaz sharif was even to discriminate on this stupid stance then he cannot be popular in panjab too and lets not forget the percentage of votes in punjab for ppp has also been more then sind so at the end i beleive talat was way out of line in this interveiw.

  27. Talat asked the same ghesay pitay questions. Looks like he has finally decided to take sides. I don’t remember the last time he grilled a pipliya.

  28. To answer Talat question that why NS went toward street agitation instead parliament, even someone like me know parliament is the most useless institute in current setup, how could intellectuals like TH doesn’t know it. Here is another explanation of NS anger, I wish Talat could read this.

    ‘ زرداری سائیکل پر ایوانِ صدر جا رہے تھے۔ راستے میں نواز شریف نے انہیں روک کر کہا۔۔۔سائیں آپ کو بی بی کی شہادت کے طفیل سب کچھ مل گیا۔ ہمیں بھی کچھ دے دیں۔ زرداری نے کہا میرے پیچھے بیٹھو۔ ایک اور چکر دیتا ہوں ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔’

    اور نواز شریف کو غصہ آنے کی آخری وجہ ان کا سیاسی سانس روکنے میں مصروف لوگوں کا یہ شکوہ ہے کہ صاحب! کیسا زمانہ آ گیا ہے۔ جس کا گلا دباؤ وہی آنکھیں نکالتا ہے۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔


  29. Yeah it seemed that talat has just switched his side… few days before he was raising doubts about PML N sitting in dharna… now he wants more time for gilani? What the hell.. is media ko na aisay chain hai na waisay chain hai?

  30. Reliable Source has learned that Aaj TV’s owner, Mr. Zuberi, got a huge softener from Zardari. No wonder three stooges of Aaj News, Talat, Nusrat and Mushtaq have suddenly changed their Qibla. (An old story in Pak Broadcasting market is that Aaj News Qibla is toward Latitude: 32° 26′ N)

    Soon Aaj News will break all records of Sky News of UK and Fox News of USA with regard to bias, prejudice and hidden agendas.


  31. Talat you grew your career during Mush regime, the parliament still has to validate the activities of Mush, how can we go forward without validation… do you have any sense at all.
    This fake system has to go back to its original shape
    What are you talking about

  32. its the mission which is important not the personalty.Talat got only respect when he stood brave and boldly exposed crooks..

    ok if he does not want respect anymore, it is upto him

    Jusitice in Pakistan is the aim of movement, anyone who will dupport it will get respect ..and anyone who has his own agenda will loss his respect..if Talat does not change his behavious then the day is not too far when his programe will be kicked out from this site ..like Kallaamm Kaaal is out due to nonsense of abbas ather

    so now its upto Talat he want himself to be seen with those who want a positive change in pakistan or with corrupt crooks

  33. Its courageous of Nawaz Shareef to come on live TV and answer tricky questions…………..and he was honest……..very much unlike PPP people….this is a good interview in difficult circumstances………

  34. Nice interview. I can see why this interview seemed one sided to a lot of people; however i would like to point out that it was also a “clarification process” for those who were partially not quite satisfied/justified by the Long March and Dharna process.
    Hats off to Talat for the unbiased and hard questions and Hats off to NS as well for giving the appropriate answers.

    We don’t know the niat of anyone. NS or Zardari. We gave Zardari the chance and he didn’t perform…its time to roll the dice to Nawaz Sharif. We as a nation should stand together for just causes and not some party or personality or race. The wise leader ones will know this and act accordingly.

  35. According to reports in today’s Jang US and UK have drafted a peace deal between Zardari and opposition. They will be using PM’s office to convince Zardari. Salman Taseer could be biggest casulty. I hope there is some truth in it. Like BB’s 18 Oct arrival I am afraid long march could be bloody. BB’s loss resulted Zardari at the helm if God forbid some thing happens to Sahrifs Pakistan will have very serious leadership crisis. Alqaeda/Taliban have a history to exploit such soft spots (Ahmed Shah Masood and BB are just few examples)…

  36. 09:45 Nice comment Talat! 🙂 “PML(n) ka frw block banta hay tu 50 karoor istemal hotay hain PML(q) ka banta hay tu sirf asool istemal hotay hain ;)”

  37. I haven’t seen the program, but I dont think so that talat is any bikaoo maal, and he has proved it again and again. I juts want to say to ppl who are bashing talat for asking hard questions should think about the fact that perhaps they are not used to put their leaders in lime light and ask them to state clearly their policies. If this is the case and somebody belive that whatever nawaz sharif will do would be always in the best interest of pakistan , then I should stop talking further. If Nawaz sharif is heading the right way then he would easily be able to answer the hard or harder questions, but if hes not heading right way (juts like PPP) then none of their minsters or themselves would be able to answer even single question.
    so Nawaz sharif is a good leader and may allah bless him and SS for his efforts but may allah give him courage to always stand for the ppl of pakistan but asking hard question to an honest and sincere leader doesnot mean that you are opposing that person.
    isnt this right?

  38. Some of Talat’s questions were stupid at best and some were very good:

    Stupid Questions
    1- Give them space and time?
    What the hell was the problem for one whole year!!

    2- Why are you attacking Zardari?
    Zardari kuttay ne satyanas kar dya mulk ka aur usay criticize bhi na karein

    3- Aap ne sabar kya ek saal to aap 3 saal aur sabar karein?
    Yaani satyanas karnay dein mulk ka. Chor lafangon ko judges lagnay dein

    4- Aap ka agenda punjab tak mehdood hai?
    Didn’t Shehbaz Sharif give extra wheat to Sindh and didn’t Shahbaz Sharif gave a billion rupees to Balochistan and gave a free cardiac hospital to Balochistan. Did NS not go to NWFP.

    5- Aap PPP ko 5 saal dein
    Does that mean that if someone or some party is elected in office for 5 years it has the right to do anything in those 5 years.

    6- Aap sirf Punjab ki party hein
    What the hell is this argument. They contested and they lost. After all only one person will win the election. Does that mean nobody has any right over any other province.

    7- Judges street pe thay aap kyon manay sirf apni hakoomat ke liye?
    PML(N) has never accepted judges

    Good Questions:
    1- You have been too consumed by Punjab politics
    2- State 1,2,3 what practical steps be taken to defuse and resolve

  39. @freemason
    “3- Aap ne sabar kya ek saal to aap 3 saal aur sabar karein?”
    was Talat making NS an offer from Zardari? I think he also said “3 saal aur sabar karain” and as you said, wait for 4 more years. How long do you want him to wait, Talat?

    BTW: I would also include “State 1,2,3 what practical steps be taken to defuse and resolve” in the stupid category as it is very clear what needs to be done to “defuse and resolve” the tensions/issues:

    1: Restore Nov 2 judiciary
    2: Restore Punjab to Feb 25

    (P.S. I have heard every anchor ask this stupid question over and over agian, and not just Talat)

  40. Nawaz Sharif won the match.. I am surprised that how NS tackled this man.. Well done. My perception abt NS speaking power / communication skill in interviews has been totally changed now.. Thanks to Talat Hussain. Before this interview, I suppose that NS is a champoo .. But during this interview he played very well all shots hit by TH. He was cool and composed and very smartly replied in fluent way during the entire conversation. Talat did wrong with not NS but himself. I always regard Talat Hussain being a professional person, but I don’t know why he could not play a neutral journalist role. He was asking all questions which were supporting ppp govt policies and philosophy, even he was indirectly highlighting Punjab Sindh conflict element. Which is very bad and our political scenario can not afford this argues. Media should avoid these argues and harmful logics and should not to be a part of this issue (in spreading all over the Pakistan). I am surprised that why did not Talat ask any neutral question during this interview. It seems that his objective was only to highlight negative elements and wrongdoings of PML-N.. This could be right but he must ask all questions on neutral grounds not from the ppp front. Look his face expression during the interview.. How harshly and annoyingly he was staring Mr NS? Looking like personal enemy. Anyways now I accept NS ability of communication..

  41. this is the condition of us Pakistanis. such a historic moment is taking place in Pakistan, the Long March and a struggle is taking place against a civilian dictator but PkPolitics.com is busy trying to make money off of it by restricting programs for 24-48hrs even in this hour when every news program coming out of Pakistan should be made available to those Pakistanis who are concerned but do not have means to follow up. Quite unfortunate.

  42. After listening to this interview all I have to say is this:

    Talat per La,anat Beshumar

    Zardari Kutta Murdabad
    Zardari’s supporters Murdabad

    Jeevay Jeevay Nawaz Sharif
    Jeevay Jeevay Imran Khan
    Jeevay Jeevay Lawyers Movement.

    Admin Please dont censor my comments
    Talat deserves it. He is crossing all limits. All pro demcracy people please give Thumbs down to Talat.

  43. Although, I have always liked Talat and am a bid fan of his, the Interview with Nawaz Sharif seemed totally biased and hats off to to NS for coming out so well.

    Seems TH wants NS to back out and was behaving as if the long march was about NS & SS disqualification or is restricted to Punjab. Its totally out of line as the long march call was given by the lawyers and much before the disqualification. The disqualification actually came as a result of the long march call to minimize the impact of the long march.

    Also, now the PPP is saying that we can sit down and negotiate to find a solution. Wow! what exactly were the doing for the past one year. Nothing happened on the 17th amendment, judges disqualification, farah hameed dogar issue, new judges appointment, charter of democracy (all ppp jiyalas), and most importantly the newly appointed Islamabad High Court Chief Justice (of Mainu note vikha mera mood banay, night with dubai prostitute and the diamond set for his daughters wedding from the underworld fame).

    All these thing are so shameful from a so called democratic govt that it pisses one off. By the way all this is thanks to Chacha musharraf.

  44. Well done Talat!

    Today you showed the true intellect of Nawaz shariff. Though I respect him for his efforts but his intellect is terrible. I know many of the PML N supporters are offended by your harsh questions, Now where is pluralism gone guys ? Isn’t it the freedom of speech now when it comes to PML N or imran khan ? Talat take same kind of interview of a Mullah or MQM DON some day and I will like appreciate even more.

    Hats off!

  45. well done Talal!!!!
    u asked every thing in yout magic hat!!

    but i will love talat to ask some of those hard question to Altaf Hussain,Zardari,Fazuloo Diesel ,Asfandyar etc

    BRAVO Nawaz u proved your National spirit!!
    same Talat had a interview with mush bastard but he was not that harsh!

  46. Excellent interview by Talat. He is truly unbiased and ask logical and critical question who ever the interviewee is (Zardari, Musharaf or Nawaz). This approach can only change Pakistan. Everyone should evaluate oneself first.

  47. Mujay aik bat ki samaj nahi lagi aik taraf Tallat force ker raha hai kah PPPP or PML N aik ho jain. on other hand woh Nawaz Sharif ko Past yad kerwa raha hai.

  48. Yeah, you guys just realized this now. But I said the following well back:

    Talat is to this face of he establishment wha Zaid Hamid was to the previous face of the very same establishment.

    Both can come out with logic and guns blazing when need be.

    Although talat has shown that he really delve into an issue and researc it well to support his point of view. Again it is impotant to stress upon “when need be.” While Zaid Hamid douchbag dun need nuffin.

    How about doing an expose on this rogue proxy puppet regime of Pakistan talat? nah….didn’t think so.

    Every one has biases, but journalism is a calling not just a any other profession. Hamid Mir has gone the extra miles on occasions in my opinion.
    28 November 2008 at 7:58 pm

    People like Talat, are unfortunately hypocrites, because for all their verbosity, they are inconsistent and much like the polemicists such as Hannity and Limbaugh, dumbfvcks like him fail to ask the right questions in quadrants where they are most needed. “Journalists” like Talat are exactly the willing and conscious tools of Governmentality.

    Such deceptive showmen wouldn’t show any hesitation to collectivism and be tacit partners in mass murders and subjugation.

  49. Talalt Hussain was playing devil’s advocate and played that role well by asking tough questions. Wello done to him.

    Nawaz Sharif coped very well and remained calm and composed. Well done to him also.

  50. excellent interview well done talat.

    I dont know why people are against if he ask tough questions to opposition. I am PTI member but i wont get angry if he asks bold/tough questions to Imran.

    These are all question should be asked to NS.

    well done.

    please bare in mind politicians talk like angles when they are in opposition.

  51. go see on youtube it is free there. Here it will not come free b’coz it is exposing NS. It is unfair. U upload anything against AZ PPP but not NS or SS.

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