Long March – 13 March 2009 [Live]

Ali Ahmed KurdUpdates: [PST]
-06:56am Rumors from establishment; Zardari, Gilani or Kiyani cannot be trusted – Patron pkpolitics
-01:11am Information Minister Sherry Rehman Resigned. Farhatullah Babar denies such reports. Sherry’s staff confirms resignation – Geo News
-00:45am Zardari orders Geo transmission to shut down all over Pakistan.
-00:44am Rumors of possible restoration of CJ to dampen the March – Atizaz Ahsan
-00:41am Dunya News claiming with sources that Iftikhar Chaudhry will be restored very soon with constrained legal powers. According to Dunya News, formula has been finalized.
-00:40am Government plans to shutdown all Petrol and Gas Stations to block Long March.
-10:20pm Zardari: We will all out going for political war with PML N, no more talks.
-09:45pm Geo News Transmission shut down in all over Pakistan
-09:30pm AAJ TV transmission shutdown in some parts of the country as per AAJ TV claim.
-08:55pm GEO NEWS blocked in Rawalpindi, Lahore, Quetta, Gujranwala , Sheikhupura, Islamabad and some other areas
-08:50pm Meeting underway between US Ambassador and PM Gillani
-08:45pm All schools and Colleges will be closed on 14th and 16th March in Rawalpindi.
-08:15pm River Chenab Bridge at Lahore Sargodha Road also being closed by Containers.
-08:10pm River Satluj Bridge closed with Containers.Motorway Pindi Bhatian Interchange already closed.
-08:00pm No contact between government and PML N : Shahbaz Sharif
-07:05pm Uplift of Governor Raaj not on cards : Presidency
-07:00pm “No restoration of deposed CJ Iftikhar Ch on the cards: Presidency”
-06:55pm Containers are being set up infront of Parliament House
-06:51pm Three point PML N agenda sent to PM House – Dunya News
-06:25pm People should gather at GPO Chowk Lahore on 15 March for peaceful Long March : Nawaz Sharif
-06:25pm Government has lost political war in Long March : Mushahid Hussain
-06:20pm National Assembly Special Session on the cards
-06:15pm No contact between government and PML N: Ahsan Iqbal
-05:55pm Chances visible for Cheif Justice Restoration, Formula Finalized: Sources
-05:50pm Express News: Shahbaz Sharif invited in PM house at 7:00 PM : Source
-04:45pm Series of high level meetings are underway in Islamabad
-04:30pm Army Cheif meeting with PM Gillani
-03:40pm Raza Rabbani vacated his Senate Chamber
-03:35pm Government announced three day holiday [14-16 March] in all Schools/ Colleges of Islamabad/Rawalpindi
-03:30pm Army Cheif meeting with President Zardari
-03:20pm Islamabad: International NGOs will not work on Monday as precaution.
-03:00pm Private Schools in Islamabad will remain close till 23 March.
-02:30pm CJP must be reinstated: Nawaz Sharif
-10:20am Section 144 have imposed in Peshawar and Nowshera
-05:00am Police torture Geo T.V cameraman in Gawalmundi, Lahore

451 thoughts on “Long March – 13 March 2009 [Live]

  1. This long march is simply a fight between two selfish and power hungry individuals, Zardari and Nawaz Sharif hate each other and they will not come to an agreement.
    At the end one of them will be in power and the other one will go and live in their palaces in U.K, the real looser will be the poor public.

  2. “Tau Pheer umm kiya karay, khau Zardari Ka Bachcha khood beee beghairat hay aur umm ko beee beghairat bana diya, khana kharab ka bachcha”, “waisay beee ummm ko boht dar lagta hay, bumb phut-tee hay tau ummaree beee phut jaati hay, aur pheeer helicopter aanay tuk phuteee rehti hay”

  3. @ above, thats not funny at all, You sound like a karchi man…..Please focus on matters and causes not ethnics…..

  4. Frankly speaking, it is one & the same meaning, definition of the word POLITICS the world-over, & in whatever way/manner you express it. It amounts to stating something like follows:- That it is not ‘WHAT’ you achieve but ‘HOW’ you achieve a purpose; whether it is BY HOOK OR BY CROOK !
    I, for one am, CERTAINLY not surprised, whether it is Asfandyar Wali or anybody of his ‘ilk’ who shows little or more ‘BAE-GHAIRATI.’
    Thus he correctly & rightly fits into that definition.

  5. @TK,
    The problem with the snake Zardari is that he “thinks” that he is too smart for the others. Especially, after staying in jail for several years where nothing was “allegedly” proven against him, has given his “evil mentality” a big boost. He thought that by erecting a wall of “his” loyalists around him in a way where everyone would have a skin in the game, would keep him safe but one thing he should have remembered was the fall of Zia and Moshe, who both were smarter than him (at least on paper) but ended up in abyss.

    Zardari thought that by prompting junior officers to senior positions, he would be able to further consolidate the walls of his fort but once again he forgot that Bhutto did the same thing when he promoted Zia and so did NS when he promoted Moshe. So, long story short, Zardari did not learn anything from the others and I am really hoping that his days are numbered now and he should be kicked out of the presidency once and for all.

  6. @KMAJ007
    “Oye James Bhaaaand ka bachcha!!! Beghairat ko beghairat na bolay tau khana kharab kiya bolay?”

  7. @ Amir Hameed.
    Your wish of kicking out an undesirable person out of the Presidency once & for all MAY COME TRUE ( & you never know) SOONER THAN LATER !

  8. Is there any solution to this crisisi
    Is there any leader who can truley be called a leader
    NS NAE
    SS NAE
    IK NAE
    Qazi NAE
    Fazloo NAE
    Musam League NAE
    Army Generals NAE NAE NAE
    So who will lead the country??????

  9. Pakistani Generals go for there breadfast to DC..
    Establishment dance on IMF dictation..
    ISI Generals work for their foreign Masters…
    Qazi, Fazloo and MUSAM LEAGUE changes like English Wheather with the rise and fall of Islamanad…
    So I ‘m confused and Fikarmand, Who, WHO , WHO is the one we can follow and trust????????????????
    Nawaz Sharif was the biggest looter, Itafiq Foundries took billions written off by ZIA Shitan
    Army Generals are corrupt to the teeth and togather with MUSAM LEAGUE they claim to be the only PATRIOTS of PAKISTAN…
    ANP, MQM, Baluchistan NM and any nationalist party who demands justice for their people are anti Pakistanis….. Only Munifaqueen are called PATRIOTS…..
    I ‘, Fikarmand what is going to happen to PAKISTAN…the land of PURE..

  10. Piplees always claim that PPP has worked for national unity.

    ….. The fact is that PPP divided this country by creating bangladesh.

    The one who said “idhar hum udhar tum” was not a Muslim Leaguer but that rascal bhutto.

    These piplees will lie, cheat, steal and loot and when confronted, try to play sindh card and still have the nerve to call themselves party of federation as if federation did not exist beforfe PPP.

    For me one fact is decisive enought:

    Muslim League created Pakistan, PPP divided Pakistan.

  11. Today Talat grilled NS for not being begerat. Had NS and Lawyers adopted begerati, everyone would be singing their praise and maslehat pasandi.

  12. @Adonis
    PPP did not create Bangladesh. Bangladesh was a product of injustice inflected on Bengalies and Pakistani Army and Punjab was the main root cause for it. All of thier civil beaucrats were posted form Punjab and they were not recruited in Army becaue they won’t fit the formula..
    BanglaDesh was a natural phenomena, but have you ever heard from any Pakistani that what happened should not happen again. Have you ever seen any TV debate on the separation of East Pakistan. No NO NO and you know why becaue the story is very UGLY and no body want to talk about and accept responsibility. Simply putting it on Bhutto is 100% wrong.
    What is happening in Baluchistan. The whole Gawadar Post is distributed to Army Generals…. why? Was Pakistan Created for Army Generals??. The number 1 enemyt of Pakistan is ARMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  13. What is happening in baluchistan?

    It was that murderer and scoundrel Bhutto who dismissed the legally elected government of Baluchistan and started military action against Baluchs.

    It was the same double-tongued liar Bhutto who on start of military action in East Pakistan said, “Thanks God Pakistan has been saved”. He became the right hand of Yahya Khan just to stop the majority leader Sheikh Mujeeb from becoming prime minister.

    He was the one who famously said that he would prefer to be the chairman of municipal committee of larkana than being opposition leader in assembly, such was his lust for power.

    He and his progeny always worked against Pakistan and this is continuing even today. This clan forgot that you can fool all people for some time and some people for all time, but you cannot fool all people all the time.

    Piplees are the ones who have been made fool all the time but the nation is no more fool.

  14. Some ‘one-liners’ on political jokes:-
    1. Politics is supposed to be the 2nd oldest profession. I have come to realise that it bears a very close resemblance to the 1st. Ronald Reagan.
    2. I believe that people would be alive today if there were a death penalty. Nancy Reagan.
    3. The word ‘politics’ is derived from the word ‘poly’ meaning, ‘many’ & the word ‘ticks,’meaning’ blood sucking parasites.’ Larry Hardiman.
    4. Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build bridges, even where there are no rivers.

    Politician’s accident.
    A bus load of politicians were driving down a country road one afternoon, when all of a sudden, the bus ran off the road & crashed into a tree in an old farmer’s field.

    Seeing what happened, the old farmer went over to investigate. He then proceeded to dig a hole & bury the politicians.

    A few days later, the local Sherri f came out & saw the crashed bus, & asked the old farmer ‘ Were they all dead.’

    The old farmer replied ‘ Well some of them said they weren’t, but you know them, how these politicians lie’?

  15. @Fikarmand,
    What you have said about Army, hmmmmm , have you ever come across an army officer in your life, I mean a direct contact, if you did then how different was he from a civilian officer? please compare both with your personal experience not hearsay, after you post your personal experience then I will share mine with you all.

  16. Police torture Geo T.V cameraman
    LAHORE: Police officials tortured Geo T.V cameraman and seized his camera when he was shooting footages of police violence on lawyers amid long march, Geo News reported on Friday.

    According to correspondent, Geo News received reports on lawyers’ arrests and police violence in Gawalmandi area following which, Geo News team arrived on the place and started shooting footages. Meanwhile, SHO Gwalmandi police station Iftikhar Rasool and his private bodyguards tortured cameraman and seized his camera at gunpoint.

    SHO Iftikhar was transferred to Gwalmandi police station last night and has a bad record in past, he said adding, “He was transferred to Lahore as punishment.”

    Senior Superintendent Police Waseem Sial said the SHO Iftikhar has been dismissed on account of torturing Geo News cameraman but police have not registered case against him.

  17. @Fikarmand
    I agree with your analysis of Bangladesh tragedy…It was our pompous army and Punjabi establishment who were responsible for this division.I have read history and Allah has given us brains to analyse things based on facts and which we hardly use and try to interpret things our own way. When Bhutto said ‘ Idhar hum udhar tum’ he clearly meant that East and West Pakistan governments should be given to the majority parties. This sentence of Mr Bhutto has been exploited eversince the tragedy took place. People forget what happened afterwards and how the shameless army (PoW) was brought back after surrendering, by none other than Bhutto. We deserve leaders like Zardari.. comparatively better ones are either killed or threatened and we are left with no option but to accept the CIA stooges. Zardari zindabad because woh hum sub ko murda ker dey ga.

  18. I have rarely seen bigger cowards than these “liberal” pashtuns of ANP. All the time these morons were previously claiming with a bloated chest jee pathans ki ghairat…. jee pathans ki himmat…. agar himmat hai to apni constituencies main jaa ker dekhain.

    These ministers are are so nalaik that they can’t produce peace in their areas, can’t even go to visit their constituencies. But one thing they can surely do and that is bend over before their master Zardaree and crackdown on poor people and activists of long march.

  19. AsfandYar has common interest with zardari so why not be crackdown in NWFP. but the role of Aslam Raisani is much positive and trend setting.

  20. Yeah Aslam Raisani is setting a new trend as ethnicities like punjabis and hazaras are being killed on a daily basis in Quetta while Mr. Raisani has been given a free hand by the evil baloch Zardaree. However, Raisani and the hindu balochs shud remember that they have to give life to Allah in the end and not to zardaree.

  21. The ugliest face of Pakistani politics unmasks itself once again.

    Burning buildings, blocked roads and angry jiyalas.
    Welcome to Pakistani democracy.
    There is no plan for the economic crises & judicial crises.
    no plan for the security of the common man but for the crackdown.

    There may be an inflated cabinet in place and countless committees formed, but there is no policy for any issue we are facing on ground.
    With the newly begun wrestling match, things will only go from bad to worse.
    the real heroes and patriats are only common man of the country but there is no plan for them.
    really alarming that the common man is not beliving and having confidance in the leadership, they are now loosing hope about the future of pakistan. the leadership is unable to understand the attacks against the existance of the country.

  22. I am pretty sure that Zardari would order his stooges to create law and order problem so that he can blame it on the long march supporters. He is arresting Farid Toofan, PPP’s member for supporting the movement. Next are Naheed Khan and Safdar Abbassi who are going to address Rawalpindi District Bar today. They have supported the movement because thay have been part of this struggle. How many in PPP are still bazameer?

  23. High hopes on long march and layers. I don’t see government being able to stop or restraint them from a long march and dharna.
    Only thing I fear is a Unity among the long marchers.
    I hope and pray that they all remain safe from all internal conflicts and getting disintegrated.

  24. @All

    What will be the effect of Hallbroke’s diplomacy on long march ??????
    Is it losing game for the lawyers or zardari or Mian bros?????

  25. Deep jis ka sirf mehellaat hi main jalay,
    Chand logon ki khushyon ko lay ker chalay,
    Wo jo saye main har maslihat kay palay;
    Aisay dastoor ko,
    Subh e bay noor ko,
    Main naheen maanta,
    Main naheen jaanta.

    Main bhee kha’if naheen takhta e daar say,
    Main bhee Mansoor hoon, keh do aghyaar say,
    Kyun daraatay ho zindaan ki divar say,
    Zulm ki baat ko,
    Jehel ki raat ko,
    Main naheen maanta,
    Main naheen jaanta.

    Phool shaakhon pay khilnay lagay tum kaho,
    Jaam rindon ko milnay lagay tum kaho,
    Chak seenon kay silnay lagay tum kaho,
    Iss khulay jhoot ko,
    Zehan ki loot ko,
    Main naheen maanta,
    Main naheen jaanta.

    tum nay loota hai sadyon hamara sakoon,
    Ab na hum per chalay ga tumhara fasoon,
    Chara gar main tumhain kiss tara say kahoon?
    Tum naheen charaagar,
    Koi maanay magar,
    Main naheen maanta,
    Main naheen jaanta.

  26. I don’t understand what are all those newspapers writing about army pushing Gilani to assert himself to getrid of the this mess, nothing is changing on the ground, police is acting like mad dogs on all political and civil activists.

  27. I am wondering if this is in some way related the current political situation and a warning to the servants “You better follow orders or else…”

    Lawmakers introduce bill on US military aid to Pak
    “…The bill said the US military aid to Pakistan will be cut off in case Pakistan does not allow US investigation agencies access to Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan….

    Doubt it has anything to do with Dr. Qadeer and doubt it will go through.

  28. Yeah it will go through Benazir had already promised to him to foreign countries without even any conditions. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Zardari will have two benefits. First, getting money so that a couple billion more could be added to his filthy rich family and ministers and secondly to damage our country.

  29. This will surely charge the disgruntled workers of the PPP. Who knew better than these two what BB actually wanted. Lanut on Zardari party.

  30. @ Fikarmand

    Your question of who to follow is one that keeps coming back in always every discussion about the country’s politics. I fail to understand why should anyone follow a leader rather than ideas. Who needs a leader that one can follow in everything? are not most of the faults in the system because of blind following of leaders in this country?

    If I love this Lawyer’s struggle for one among many reasons, it is the fact that it has shown beyond any doubt that ideas stand taller than leaders. that ideas if conveyed to the people properly enough can create its own constituency that cuts across political, tribal, ethnic associations and personal gains. So, no leader or false god in politics, but ideas and actions that shall count.

  31. Now its Naheed Khan’s turn, and Rawalpinidi bar is echoing with “jaye Bhutto”. What a slap on beemari and his supporters like Malangbala and un-democrate.

  32. Safdar urges President to restore deposed judges
    Updated at: 1208 PST, Friday, March 13, 2009
    Safdar urges President to restore deposed judges RAWALPINDI: Pakistan People’s Party senior leader Safdar Abbasi has said the PPP workers would follow the vision and philosophy of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto in true letter and spirit.

    Addressing Rawalpindi Bar here on Friday, Abbasi said the history of judiciary was replete with verdicts that turned out to be harmful for the people and democracy, however, the nation realised on March 9, 2007 that the judiciary could still deliver.

    He said Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto did not acknowledge the PCO. Safdar Abbasi said the PPP workers support deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry. He urged President Asif Ali Zardari to honour his commitments and restore all the deposed judges.

    He said the restoration of judges would restore President’s credibility and steer the country out of present crises.

  33. @Shah

    I fully agree with what you said. Your comments are right on the money; highlighting a vital cause for our misery as a Nation.

    I guess the need to blindly follow a leader arises out of one’s inability to rely on one’s self and perhaps its also convenient to outsource the ‘thinking part’ to others.

    Our egotistical nature contributes to it by making politics a matter of personalities and a clash of egos of two opposing sides rather than a battle of ideas.

  34. You know that which language this Dalla Asfandyar understand, the language which Mulla Fazal speaks i.e Language of guns..Asfandyar is the biggest Dalla In NWFP ..NWFP police can only arrest unarmed peaceful political workers and when it comes to real militants then this DALLA asfandyar hide in his Kameen Gah and police`s pants are wet..

    Asfandyar you are DALLA and Baigharat

    Till now about 400 people have been arrested in NWFP..mainly from PTI and PML (N) ….

    Chief Ki Bahali Tak
    Dharna Ho Ga, Dharna Ho Ga

    Dallon Ki Barbadi Tak
    Dharna Ho Ga, Dharna Ho ga

    Asfandyar Dalla is establishing so called qazi courts for justice in Swat, because Mulla fazal FM has guns and when it comes to peaceful workers , he is showing that Dalla PAn

  35. Just a heads up for those joining the Long March:

    Better fill up your tanks as soon as possible as they will probably shut down supplies to petrol stations — or shut down all petrol stations — everywhere.

    It was just revealed on Jave Chaudhry show they have already stopped suppies to all petrol pumps along GT road.

  36. @nota
    lol u sure its milad not qul of the govt ROFL

    PM accepts Raza Rabbani’s resignation
    Updated at: 1327 PST, Friday, March 13, 2009
    PM accepts Raza Rabbani’s resignation ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani on Friday accepted the resignation of Senator Mian Raza Rabbani.

    According to sources, Raza Rabbani had resigned as PPP deputy secretary general, federal minister and the Leader of the House in Senate. He sent his resignation to the prime minister which was approved today.

  37. Mullen says Kayani not in favor of ‘coup’Mullen says Kayani not in favor of ‘coup’
    Updated at: 1331 PST, Friday, March 13, 2009

    WASHINGTON: US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Michael Mullen said like Pervaiz Musharraf, General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani not in favor of military coup.In an interview to US television, Mullen said General Kayani is stanch supporter of democracy and does not want military coup in the country.Admiral Mullen expressed concern over ongoing political crisis in Pakistan.

    chalo ji chutti

  38. @afzaalkhan
    “PM accepts Raza Rabbani’s resignation”

    Well, the news earlier was “PM trying to convince Raza Rabbani to take back his resignation.” Guess his charm didn’t work and Rabbani finally has reached his limit of being pissed on at.

    (I didn’t think it would work anyways as Gillani had said he would deal with it after the senate chairman elections. Now wasn’t that what the whole fight was about? What m@rons!!)

  39. (Now PTV is doing a show about some marathon with 10-12 year olds as guests)

    BTW: Ch Nisar press conf is still on but all stations have cut away due to hourly headlines…

  40. yaar i really wana see that gabool (gol gabba), abida lucchi, and nur (akhroot) blasting Tahira abdullah, but video not working anyone atleast know which show was that on?

  41. Geo is showing Fazlu:
    “So what if March 16 is coming. It’s not like the day of judgement is coming. Jaloos aa-ayga aur nikal ja-ay ga.”

    “Government is not using its full force to stop it so you media people shot stop saying that”

  42. Mullah diesel ka naam yahan to badnaam ho he gaya whole world knows wat theif and disco mullah he is IA akhraat main is se bhi bura anjaam

  43. @nota
    Raza was anti-zardari, I have personally witnessed this. He was persuaded by Safdar Abbassi to go and stay within AZ’s camp as it wasn’t in the party’s interest to let him do what he wanted to do. AZ unfortunately exactly did what he wanted and Raza became part of it. AZ from day one knew that Raza was BB loyal so he used him by offering him chairmanship of the senate. Raza was trapped and did whatever AZ wanted him to do so much so that he made Raza announce his candidature as president. Raza was stupid to get trapped. I would have been much happier if his resignation was for principles, it came because Raza was so sure of this seat that he promised his friends that he would resign if not nominated so his decision is based on this stupid promise, face saving kind of a thing not principles which is sad.

  44. I am appaled at level of journalism in Pakistan.
    I believe Talat is one of top few journalists in Pakistan.
    Todays with NS his level of question was shalow & incomprehensive.

    Just one example

    When those 60 judges were on street protesting,you were dealing with Zardari & forming govt in punjab.
    NS said what you think we get Punjab Govt in charity then Talat says no you were doing other works.
    NS got little smart & ask him
    what other works.

    Talat not only pose as a journalist but also a thinker.

    A thinker should understand protest being going on street does not stop NS to use another forum to fight for whats being fought on street.

    We are lacking intellectuals.

  45. According to Geo News Central Secretariat of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has been raided by Police and sealed.

    All Office equipment has been taken by police, goverment authorities.

    Thousands of Party Flags taken away by police.

    Imran Khan has said from an undisclosed location that these tactics of Dictator Zardari cannot stop the the people of Pakistan from bringing rule of law to Pakistan.

  46. So sad to see what is happening … we are in mess of these liars politicians and our country is going no where … the basic thing of society (the justice system, security and medical) all are missing. The blame is to our government … they are not even interested in that and denying this is what pakistan need. They are filthy p1gs.

  47. This all will lead us to bloody revolution … the rulers want people to take law in their hand and throw them out??? if not then why the oppression on people??

  48. We’re dealing with iblees-e-azam madari. The only language he understand is that of “danda”…laaton ka bhoot hai . he doesn’t bloody care about the country.Jab tak chitrol nahi pare gi baaz nahi ayega.

  49. @


    Anchors/Jounarlists are also part of this society, we have many incompetent people in all fields, even our best lot sometimes does not match with average lot in more developed countries..just think the system and institutes that we have here cant be rated as best , there are i million examples of incompetency in our country..

    so i do not wonder if even our best media guys also sometimes looks ordinary, i think our media is in learning state and with time it will improve to a certain extent but still lack in many areas unless we do not improve our competency as a whole nation..

  50. any news about long march that was stopped at Baluchistan Sindh border lead by Ali Ahmad Kurd. They are still there ? any development about them?


  51. I dun think USA, Army Generals wants NS, as such they see this as nerve battle if they can prolong it they are confident that PML-N could be finished off. There is now a clear division in Pakistan, one side all who only cares abt power and money i.e ANP, MQM, PPP, JUI and PML – Q along with any lota and independent they cna get. These forces are united and are backed by West as they will do watever is asked of them irregardless of how much harm it brings to Pak,
    On the other hand, who atleast care abt Pak (when I say atleast means at some level wants Pak to be good) PML-N, PTI, JI. Unfortunately they not united in long term goals and once acheive thier immediate goal they again go thier own ways.

    The longer Zardari can prolong this the better chance they have to finishing up PML – N. Only people power can do the reverse and finish off all the power elites. Can ppl come out?

  52. @afzaalkhan
    “I dun think USA, Army Generals wants NS”

    Because there is the “risk” he might| act “without prior approval”, as in the past. They just want someone who is guaranteed to always listen and thereason love scvm like Zardari and Mush.

  53. foriegn newsservice reporting zardari has agreed to some of the demands?requests?/points? (chand batain maan leen hain) of PM Geedrani

  54. @Jazoo @fanaticmulla

    I don’t know about the particular program, but I think one should be careful about labeling someone like Talat for being under par. Maybe his aim was to bring forward the lame excuses used by the counterparts and thus forcing NS to answer all questions i.e. both the nice ones and the nasty ones. I think we should let Talat have the benefit of doubt. After all he normally does a tremendous job. I have seen programs where he has ripped apart piplyas 🙂

  55. above and below all sources to Geo:

    Zardari agreed to some of opposition demands. I hope oppo tells him to shove it where sun dun shine, nothing except all or go to hell.

  56. Re: Talat and other anchors,

    when they ask tough qts they actually helping the person to emerge as a leader with vision and integrity. Just look how they treat idiots like fauzia wahab, nur alam, firdos aiwan etc, They are actually helping NS giving him chance to literrally take the pulpit and be clear and concise too bad NS not coming out with flying colors.

    Thats beside that media to stay neutral and should ask tough qts from everyone.

  57. Geo:
    Has been agreed to lift Gov Raj in Punjab and PML-N will be asked to take a vote of confidence. Dates to be decided.

  58. R. Malik, Zardari etc. will use each and every cheap trick to stop the Long march. They will also make concessions and written agreements, but we KNOW that these agreements CANNOT be trusted and thus the representatives of the people of Pakistan MUST demand immediate action and implementation of the agreement before calling off the Long March! Otherwise Zardari will just tell that it is not Quran or hadith and he need not to honor his agreements.

  59. @ Shirukh

    cant do that now, If he agrees and an agreement can be signed do it. This time if he goes back he will either die or will be in exile. Army and USA will be guaranteer so PPP will have no choice either loose all or fullfill it, If Zardari goes back then NS will have the best chance calling on change of govt and ppl will back that to hilt.

  60. Geo:
    On principle it has been agreed that CJ will be restored, the mechanism has to be negotiated. Salman Taseer will hard to keep his position so will be RM.

  61. Man i hope Lawyers and oppo should stay steadfast and say no to this judicial PPP solution, where doogar stays and CJ posted in supreme judicial panel. Nothing short of restoration of NOv 2 position and then judicial comission.

  62. Aitazaz on Geo:
    1 – Nothing to discuss agreements already in place just enforce them
    2 – There can’t be 2 supreme court justices and need a constitutional amend. COD has lot of things that need const. amend. Judicial panel can be implemented though.
    3 – All these const. amend r academic points and r hypothetical.
    4 – If PM announce a const amend package, that has to be taken under consideration but who will guarantee it wil be implemented and we dun follow PML-N or any other political parties.

  63. @afzaalkhan

    “cant do that now, If he agrees and an agreement can be signed do it.”

    I would say that he can do it, but as you also mentioned he will maybe not do it, because the Yankees and the mercenary forces of Pakistan will be the guarantor, but that depends on the true intentions of the the Yankees and GHQ. If the intention is like the last one then we will see it again.

    “This time if he goes back he will either die or will be in exile.”

    If this is going to be the outcome then in fact I hope he backs off again. We need to get rid of such cr@p.

    “….Zardari goes back then NS will have the best chance calling on change of govt and ppl will back that to hilt.”

    I think we have already reached that point i.e. we need urgently to get rid of these fifth columnists!

  64. Aitazaz on Geo:
    1 – Noone has invited me 4 anthing.
    2 – Dun ask me hypothetical qts if this happens will I agree or will not. Point is Zardari has signed an agreement and we want it to be fullfilled. A const. Amend is hypothetical qts.
    3 – Dharna will go on if March 16th, if govt is sincere 1st they should stop all these arrests and remove all barriers. WE have called on long march and dharna and has promised we cant break that promise, unless CJ is restored, how we can trust anything the govt says.
    4 – Const amend even if presented will take months, while our freinds and companions r in jail, being tortured what do u want us to do wait while they languish.
    5 – 1st release all persons, remove all barriers and then we will talk b4 that we wont talk.

  65. Aitazaz on Geo:
    1 – We r not bholey badshah, we have shed blood, we wont gonna just agree cuz some tom dick and harry says come lets talk.
    2 – we will do long march we dun care if anyone come or not, I dun think NS will move out of his commitment he will be with us.
    3 – If the restore judiciary then we will not only call it off but also say thanks.

  66. PML – N senator says that noting 2 tlk with zardari will see if PM calls. Dharna will go on if judiciary not restired

  67. NS and the lawyers should not trust zandari’s ‘guarantees’. he’ll go back on his words. zandari has to resign otherwise, we’ll have these crisis again and again.

  68. @
    afzaalkhan said:

    Pm met zardari, then Kiyani met zardari, then kiyani went to meet PM. Hmmz i wonder wth is going on.

    Well the writing is on the wall, This is people’s movement and the army will never support anyone going against the people.

    Inshallah CJ will be restored soon.

  69. we’re not going to have 2 chief justices! zandari should resign. he’s causing all the problems. his nro should be thrown into the gutter along with him.

  70. @ninetykman

    “Well the writing is on the wall, This is people’s movement and the army will never support anyone going against the people.”


    IMO it is exactly the army which has caused most of the evil in our society! Had they been so caring about the public will, then we would not have reached this (boiling) point.

  71. Royal TV is banned at many places in Punjab by Slaman Taseer.

    Royal TV shows the excerpts from the book of his illegetimate son Atish Taseer.
    Which says
    ST eat pork & drink alocohal & does not believe in praying namaz.

    After Atish was conceived out of wedlock & delivered probably in London, Slaman abandoned him & his mother & came to Pakistan & they went to India
    Two times since then he tried to meet him but papa refused to see him.

    Royal TV was penalized

  72. Mashallah’ Lawyer’s movement!!!

    Inshallah’ Rest of Pakistan vs. [Zardari + Fazlu + MQM+ANP+Qatil League] will win this war for Pakistan’s bright future. If this movement fails to acheive their objective then nothing will left for our beloved land.

  73. @ Shirkuh

    I agree but that was past in the past, this 2009 and not 1979, 1999. We have a free media and a very active civil society. No one can stop this flood.

    Gen. Kiyani knows this, he is trying to improve the image of the Army and not destroy it further.

  74. @true_blue_pakistani

    “if it weren’t for kiyani’s ‘danda’ zandari would have sold pakistan by now.”

    And if it wasn’t for Moshe’s “danda” we would not have a “leader” like Zardari. We should never lower our guards against anyone. Trust is good but control is better. We need strong institutions to control the society!

  75. @true_blue_pakistani :

    That won’t happen lets take thing realistically, if zardari is resigned then we gonna have another PPP qurbani which our grandkids will be listening. SO plz let him stay and make him another fazalilahi prez.

    1 – Restore judiciary to nov 2 position: NO compromise no delay no nothing on that. It has to be done and thats the least and 1st thing that should be done. If u do that all gov raaj and all PPP crap will be gone. Masley ki jar he yehi hai we finish that we back on track.
    2 – 17th Amend. repelled in 1st session of NA. as i mentioned judiciary will take care of Punjab raj and NS n SS naehli will also by repealing 17th amend make zardari inconsequential.

  76. Dr. Tahir Ameen analyst on Geo:
    west army and ppp & co dun want CJ restired wants to split NS from lawyers movement. BUt if they continue that and NS agree all will be gone.

  77. @afzaalkhan

    if zandari is reduced to fazalelahi like status , it would be a dream come true but can the NA repeal the 17th amendment ?

  78. According to GEO, a judicial comission will decide the fate of the judges. Means another one year:(, where Govt. in her “budneeyati” is trying to bag more time to dodge.

  79. Geo lay raha hai farooq naik ki sahi ki keep running ad exposing him , wioth song naik nahi khal naik hoon main lol

  80. Adonis said: The fact is that PPP divided this country by creating bangladesh
    Please get your fact straight. The bastard generals and establishment of Pakistan Army created this situation. I not not anti Army the Jawan is still good and loyal but the top brass is as corrupt (if not more) than the politician.

    Politicians do get jailed but have you ever seen a general being jailed. Musharraf Fu**ed usbig time time but is still enjoying his life in Bani gala Islamabad. He has so much security that the Srilankan team can only dream off. You can not go 150 meters (approx 500 yards)near his home.
    The real problem is the Army fix the army fix Pakistan

    For the record I do not like the PPP Zardari group because its not PPP they have just leased the logo

    Best wishes for Pakistan

  81. I agree, lifting governer rule wont solve anything. Specially since the govt is trying everything to buy MPAs

  82. 1. Remove Governer rule
    2. Kick out Taseer and appoint a neutral governet
    3. Restore CJ immediately
    4. Bill to rollback 17th amendment and Mush Kuttian’s nov 3rd steps
    5. Clip Zardari’s power through Parliament
    6. Sack Rehman Malik

    Anything less will be a defeat.

  83. @true_blue_pakistani:

    and thats why i want judiciary at nov 2 position. U do that PML-N get back punjab then push for 17th amend.

    I always felt CJ gave the worst decision when he initially came back and decided to let Mushy run in uniform as prez saying he can contest election will then decide if he is elgible or not. Should have right then and there issued a decision and we wouldnt have been in this position.

  84. ppp are playng delaying tactics and trying to buy time to break the force of long march … I hope they will eat their own sh`t.

  85. america , england donot want CJ restored because he’s going to pursue the missing persons’ cases. bumreeka and finglistan are the biggest munafiq.

  86. The stubborn mule that Zardari is, I don’t see him listening to reason. He must be ousted by parliament (and that meek PM) if PPP wants to have a future in politics.

  87. The ideal resolution of the issue has to come without involving army. A detant’e between government and opposition. Something that would restore judiciary at Nov. 02, 2007 position, ensures that new judges will be appointed only as per Charter of Democracy, paves the way for accountability of all characters responsible for Nov. 03 martial law and restores constititution, through an amendment, to its 12 October 1999 position.

    This solution will leave zardari as a president but he will be only a figure head without any real powers. As Ayaz Ameer has written recently, zardari is certainly an embarassment for Pakistan but maybe Paksitanis can tolerate this embarassment if it is cloaked in the shroud of merely a constitutional figure head.

  88. I see a deadlock again. the only way out is either PM breaks the assembly or issues executive orders to restore the judiciary.

  89. Is Zardari in Pakistan? i understand speaking to frinds in Pakistan that he is actually in Dubai??

    all statements are issued from Pres House? there was also a ‘conference’ call rather than meetinh with US ambassador in ISL yesterday which suggets he may not be? has any TV channel shown Zaradri in last few days that he is in Pakistan?

  90. @Malek
    according to geo kiyani met him in the president house today. he came back from tehran yesterday.

  91. @ Afzaalkhan

    One show where Tahira Abdullah was shouted upon (by Noor Alam Khan) was Capital Talk on March 11. But I would not call it abuse.

  92. @ adonis well accortding to her abida hussain and nur and gabool called her liar and shouted at her and mir said yes so was wondering. She also claimed that anchor had to interfered and tell them they lying.

  93. @revolution

    I jsut saw the clips of Naik … I think PPP guys like democrate, dara and another I missed the name should watch it again and again before die in shame…

  94. @Rashid

    they are showing a Naik video in which he was saying over and over again exactly the same what Lawyers say today and yesterday and then they show how he twisted to other side showing his shameless face with bulk of cow shit on his face and mouth….

  95. @Rashid

    they are showing a Naik video in which he was saying over and over again exactly the same what Lawyers say today and yesterday and then they show how he twisted to other side showing his shameless face with bulk of cow sh`t on his face and mouth….

  96. @Rashid

    They are showing his interviews before the PPP govt was formed. He was with the lawyers, saying CJ Chaudry is the real CJ, lawyers rock, etc etc.

    ANd when PPP took power, his tone suddenly changed.


    There was another one, Ma. I have no idea who named him Ma. But I tend to ignore these guys. I think you should do the same. The biggest problem with democracy is that idiots like them also have a say

    Believe me guys, I bet Naik is going through some female hormonal changes.

  97. altaf kaliya bhi kawwey ki tarah kain kain kar raha hai main appeal karta hoon mahaz arai na karain.
    Ok kaliye i can live with statusquo if u lemme kill u and all ur mqm lol

  98. Geo Transmission shut down in Islamabad and Pindi. While In Lahore the Worldcall Cable Network (Owned by Salman Taseer), Geo News was on Number 22. While right now they have alloted Geo News the Number 74.

  99. Geo has indeed been shut down in Islamabad and Pindi. Sherry Rehman said that she’d resign if media is clamped down. She is another liar just like her shreek Chairman Zardari.

  100. now choohi will come up with her usual excuse
    ‘mujhe pata nahi ke geo ko kisney shut down kiya’ – choohi

  101. zaradri murdabad
    zaradri murdabad
    zaradri murdabad
    zaradri murdabad
    zaradri murdabad

    Inqilaab Zindabad
    Inqilaab Zindabad
    Inqilaab Zindabad
    Inqilaab Zindabad
    Inqilaab Zindabad

  102. I can imagine choohi doing drama on capitol talk
    ‘dekhiye aap is tanzar mein dekhein us waqt afra tafri thi . ye ek conufison thi. mujhe jaise hi hamid nay bataya maine forun order kiya ke geo ki transmisison resume ki jaye.’

  103. Geo News blocked in different cities of country
    Updated at: 2032 PST, Friday, March 13, 2009

    ISLAMABAD: The transmission of Geo News has been blocked in some parts of the twin cities of Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Quetta, Multan, Rawlakot and Muzaffarabad.The concerned officials have directed the cable operators to place Geo News channel at the tail end, making it difficult for the viewers to watch the channel.

  104. if another minister comes up with pathetic excuse of we dun know i hope someone ask them to resign then if they dun even know wth is going on what they doing in govt

  105. It took Mushy 8 yrs to do wat ppp has done in less then a yr, wat a bunch of morons and they did it twice, last long march and this one.

  106. Guys be aware and stay objective at this point. There are conflicting signals from the establishment at this hour. On the one hand, they are blocking Geo, announcing closing of Motorway, has started crackdown in NWFP, more blockades on the highway bridges, fortification around key buildings in the capital etc. On the other hand, there are conflicting news about an agreement in the making. Please give your opinion on the subject and share more information if you know about it.

    My take on the situation is that what is going on is the huddle of the establishment in order to confuse, buy time, and working towards arm twisting of the lawyers’ leadership and NS. The diplomatic activity seen in conjunction with the frantic stuff by Army may well be a last ditch effort to get as much from the movement as possible before giving something in return to pacify the situation.

  107. kala jin babur ghori on geo MQM media ki azadi par yaqeen rakhtee hai, ghori i rememver how altaf kaliya asked us to bycott jang in 80’s . I was in MQM i know how media independence is savored in MQM lol

  108. ‘ye jo sherry rehman naam ki khatoon barri human rights media rights ki baatein karti hain ab kahan hai gaye inke media ki azaadi ke daaway’ – munawar hussain

  109. @ Shah

    Well said, I agree with you, If Gillani is so sincere why are containers blocking the roads and TV transmissions.

    Lets not get our hope so high, the Establishment will never give up power so easily.

  110. zanadari looked worried and unusually serious during his meeting with kiyani while kiyani looked very serious. there was no smile on zanadari’s face – geo analysis of their body language

  111. The most brutal police crack down in NWFP. It is horrific and repulsive and the ANP needs to be taken to task. Anyone who can contact the leading anchors shall go ahead and ask them to expose the ANP in the light of the high and mighty democratic talk of Asfandyar yesterday. I have friends in peshawar and mardan who say the beating was like the police was ordered to break bones and leave them incapacitated for months. please protest and highlight the significance of the brutality.

  112. This stubborn khota called Zard—aari will be picked by Brigade 111 and taken to an unknown destination. He is asking for trouble. Harna uski fitrat main nahi hai.

  113. may be fauzia wahab and firdous aiwan got jelous, how come geo have all these beautiful gals and we so ugly ban geo lol

  114. Dont expect anything from ANP. They are not faithful to Pakistan. First they were disciples of Gandhi, then they were sitting in the lap of Soviets and now they are slaves of Amrika Bahadur. They want Pakistan to be dismembered in order to make Pakhtoonistan.

  115. Guys, my friends in PML-N are saying that their leadership is being put under tremendous pressure from the domestic and international establishment. The central leadership is in touch with the lawyers movement and their lawyer leadership is not backing down. In fact, Aitzaz has gone public condemning the brutality and his lack of trust in AZ.

    Send in as many messages to anyone and everyone you know in PML-N and the Lawyers movement not to give in. The nerve game is on and every message you send means increased strength and support for those who are against backing down. Going down now will seriously harm this movement. The establishment would never give in unless they are sure about the resolve and the do or die commitment of the movement participants and leadership.

  116. After seeing NS interview I think PML(N) will never give in. If they do they will be finished.

    The whole nation is with the lawyers and PML(N) , I hope they succceed, Inshallah.

  117. I feel proud right now because two of my friends have been arrested for the cause. I just wish i was there. May their sacrifice bring the movement success. I pray and hope for their safety though. The crackdown is at its toughest in NWFP. The slimy, lying ANP must not get away with this brutality. I urge all anchors to take the sweet talking “Baghairats” of ANP to task.

  118. Hamid mir accusing gilani of blocking geo.. WTF man
    Gardari written all over this.. but mir sahib again trying to save gardari…

    Grow up pipli media…Pakistan is more important that PeePeePee

  119. Hamid mir rightly pointing and telling history that when the government is going to finish they start putting restiction and crack down on media ….

  120. Dear Comment writers, Assalamu Alaikum

    It seems that there are few who are enemy of Pakistan and thier comments are horrified to damage the image of Pakistan.
    There are lot of wishful thinking expressed by some individuals but we need to come out from the shell.
    Positive thinking and an honest opinion would bring people together.
    We should not go back to history when we lost larger part of Pakistan.

  121. ANP bastards and their president moron asfand are doing BEST for their boss zardari lotairs. This asfand moron is new molvi diesel version for detracting people, decieving them and treating participants more badly than qaimaaa shah and mqm tola in Karachi.
    f…ck you asfand and all tola who is with zardari….
    shame on ANP goons

  122. @ true_blue_pakistani

    This is the last resort, attack on media, See what happened to Musharraf after he attacked media. The PeePeePee has lost all its credibilty.

  123. I cant believe kiyani has any thing to do with restoration of chief justice… cause if he had told gardari or gilani then this would have been done by now.

    Remember gardari is a CROOK not a politician, he will immediately says yes dady to Kiyani.. unless US is playing a double game with Kiyani.. 😀

  124. all i got is audio, anyway Geo trasmission been banned in lot of other cities too, plz plz zardari ban geo and other media so they can all come out and join lawyers to kick ur @ss

  125. @ fahfbnc said:

    who is this friend and why is SS going there, Are they making another so that AZ can break it again ?

    PML(N) is making a big mistake if they make more deals.

  126. Dear Forum Members,

    Please pray for the wellbeing of all those out there on the streets. Its not just that my friends are now in custody that I am asking for your prayers, but also because the bravery of the people who are there on behalf of the whole nation that has made this movement possible. Also pray that PML-N stands firm for its a game of nerves now.

  127. I am surprised when some people repeatedly call Nusrat Javed, Hamid Mir and Kashif Abbasi supporters of Zardari / PPP. I have never found any evidence of that and on the contrary found all of them to be very critical of the present PPP set up and government strategies. Is this a conspiracy by some to create smoke and mirrors and create doubts in people’s minds by implying that these respectable and balanced TV journalists (IMO) are actually following some kind of hidden agenda ?
    I would appreciate serious responses to my coments.
    Best wishes for the justice movement!;and salam to all who are participating and supporting the movement!

  128. MQM demands restoration of Geo, HAHA, what a joke, Who attacked AAJ back in march 2007. All crocodile tears…

  129. Latest from PML-N sources:

    There is no invitation for negotiations with the government nor any negotiations are planned. Its just propaganda ploy by the government to damage the long march.

  130. Govt is real scared
    When they feel helpless they attack media.

    I am confident despite the crack down, build up in Multan on 14th, would be much bigger than our expectations.
    And huge gatherings are expected in Lahore on 15th, & in Pindi on 16th.

  131. @maverick

    They are supporters of PPP.. but PPP is not the same old PPP any more its ZPP..
    So they need to move on aswell. 😛

  132. hahahahaa
    Where is that BSD kamran khan 😀 where is his gilani and kiyani.
    he was just trying to confuse people with his crap.

  133. @Jamil

    Maybe they once were supporters, but I DON’T believe they are any longer. I have seen several programs where they put Piplyas in the line of fire.

  134. hi maverick

    i dont know how you put nusrat javed in the same group of neutral journalist like hamid mir and kashif abbasi.

    i think if you are closely following bolta pakistan you can clearly observe how Nusrat Javed try his best not to criticize Zardari government as well as stoping Mushtaq minhas or any caller to be critical of Zardari
    evidence speaks for themselves
    i hope next time you will watch Bolta Pakistan and your views will change


  135. also with the blocking of electronic media even after meetings between kiyani and Zardari. its clear kiyani has decided to side with Zardari rather than with the people of pakistan. otherwise we would have seen something different after these important meetings

  136. Motor cycle driving ban in lahore is only being reported by Dunya TV, which is not the most reliable channel.

    I’ll wait till other channels report that.

  137. BTW, hamari “Aanay waali naslaiN ” would be too clueless to bother about “muaaf nahin karengi”

    Remember, we are the uncouth Anay waali nasleN for the 71 crisis.

    ham nay muaf bhi kar dia, aur inko pakistani flag men dafan bhi kar dia.

    The Kleptocracy is counting on the ages old craven nature of this apathetic people!

  138. @Adonis

    AJJ TV has also reported Motorcycle driving ban in Lahore, till sunday evening.

    this is for Basant and was being in plans already.

  139. @Jamil: Jamil bhai kya haal hain, Mai aya tha greenpark app se mil but u were buzy in the lawyer movement. Its a gloomy day! jIMMY BHAI abhi rasta buhat Kathan hai. Judiciary ke baad police ko sudharna hai, police ke baad parliment ko sambhalna hai, parliment ke baad constitution theek kerna hai and the list goes On. I miss you.

  140. Geo reporting:
    Zardari called all out Political war against PML- N.
    CH. Nisar called its not politics its torture of citizens, no political decisons.

  141. @Shirkuh
    They seem to think that PPP is the only liberal(enlighten)party in pakistan, thats why they support it.. overtly or covertly.
    Have you noticed the way Talat interviewed NS, it was bullshit, even a kid in Pakistan knows that gardari is going to destroy every thing.. but they dont come hard on him or his cronies.. I wonder why?

  142. If anything believes that Zardari would compromise – I doubt it – he would rather get Pakistan destroyed than compromise. He has nothing to lose – because he can simply go to Dubai and sit there and enjoy rest of his life. He least cares about Pakistan.

    Pakistan Army is also playing double game and everyone is just trying to defuse the situation and take the steam out of the movement and then renege on their promises. Zardari would never ever fulfil his promise and like Chaudhries he would only do where he sees his benefit. I must say that in Pakistan we finally have a Hitler in making who also was elected by Germans and became a Chancellor. Zardari is a psychopath – and a remorseless psychopath who gets pleasure out of pain he is giving to Pakistan – that is his revenge.

  143. @aftab
    yeah thats all they do condemn then turn around and support all dictators and never hold thier govts accountable for that.

  144. PEMRA directs blocking of Geo News transmission
    Updated at: 2241 PST, Friday, March 13, 2009
    SARGODHA: Shafiq Dogar, a cable operator of Sargodha has said that a director of Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) directed him by phone to stop transmission of Geo News.

    Talking to Geo News, he said PEMRA issued the order on the phone and not in writing which, he added, is against the normal practices of the Authority.

  145. its good that every body realized that Kiyani Kuttay ka Puttar is with zardari, i do not know why some people think Fauj is with people..Napak Fauj is the biggest hurdle in revolution and they are protectors of this corrupt system..and now i think it is easy to realize that it is not as simple as we think to restore IMC..All kuttay KAy puttar Feudals, Army Jurnails does not want him ..

  146. Whoever thought the establishment was giving in? They will push to the very last to preserve their status in the system with the blessing of the international establishment. No one ever gave up their power to the people without a fight; a fight that consumes the establishment or threatens it mortally.

    The game is on, the chessboard laid out, and the one with stronger nerves and sense of purpose will prevail. I hope, the PML-N and the Lawyers’ Leadership have the shoulders to carry this fight closer to the doorstep of the establishment. Survival when at stake has been the only way the establishment gives up its previleges. The establishment is already down to their last weapons, banning of media; unprecedented crackdown was already in place.

    A lot will now depend on tomorrow’s show. A stronger show in Multan tomorrow and some flexing of muscles on the streets and roads of Lahore and Rawalpindi as a preview will seal the deal, almost. Tomorrow shall be the pressure day after a relatively mellow showing today.

  147. well if we have to succeed then get PML -Q in, as much as we can united PML – N & Q together with JI and PTI can hold the fort and bring change

  148. Out of the frying pan into the fire. AZ has a zero learning curve. Is Mush’s example not visible to him? Cannot ban the media today and get away with it. Govt will do everytimg to prevent CJ restoration and this fight is just starting. Fix the lota parliament and you fix this problem. A stupid bikki huwi parliament will always elect idiots. Despite his best efforts, AZ knows his time is up. What a danger and an embarrasment to Pak he is.

  149. @Shah said
    dun expect big show in Multan,
    1 – laywers were not interested in long march they more keen on dharna
    2 – multan has been cutt off. Police stopping all traffic since friday night from entering Multan.

    Only hope is dharna and strong support of PML-Q, PML -Q has a cahnce to redeem itself. Now is the time to join NS>

  150. @fanaticmulla

    well said.. I was telling every one that this kiyani and gilani cr@p is all bu115hit.
    Kiyani is the new guarantor b/w Chaudhries and G@rdari, and there is nothing more to this.
    IMC is the worst night mare for army and gardari.

  151. Hello,
    Seems like Zardari is on top of the game. Man! I appreciate Zardari for his political game. I don’t think this is Zardari own game plan, but he has some very learned and shrewed advisors, who know the game very well. One of them may be Zalmey Khalil, a very learned and capable guy.
    Anyways in simple words the game plan is that Nawaz is loosing every thing, including his underwear. Zardari is going to settle the lawyers problem and leave Nawaz grieving for his Punjab government. STAY TUNED IT WILL BE FUN TO WATCH NS’s REACTION.

  152. lanat meri qaum par they more interested in celebrating basant, thats wat they doing bhugtoo saley zardari ko phir

  153. @Naveedk

    The day it happened I will stop calling myself Pakistani and then I wont ever worry abt this country, cuz then if ppl take it like they take everything else they deserve watever comes toward them

  154. @Jamil: jamil bhai i remember your words “democracy is back in pakistan, and you will see its going to be better than mush!” Judge bahal hoonga… PPP is now a different party, ab aik nai fiza ayi hai politics ki pakistan mai.

  155. geo tv is coming very hard on zardari and claiming that their transmission is stopped on the direct order of zardari. And as always geo is defiant and showing its muscles.

  156. @afzaalKhan
    if you saw yesterdays program of Kamran khan then you shouldnt belive a single word from this m0nk3y boy.. I have never seen such a p@thetic level of journalism for more than 1 hour.

  157. So far I ahd only expected CJ to be restored as a result of the movement but it seems (from the way Gov is acting) that bigger and better things will be achieved Inshallh through the justice movement. Atleast all this has helped me to discard the hypothesis (from my mind atleast) that ARMY plays a role to destabilize civilian governments in Pakistan; Clearly, whatever is happening at the moment could only be attributed in ALL FAIRNESS and OBJECTIVITY, to the small group of PPP leadership (mainly unelected people with high profile posts including presidency) alone and their abject incompetence, stupidity and shortsightedness.
    I do believe now that instead of army it is the fudel mafia (gift of east india co & british raj) and their cronies who have held us back as a country. At any rate the big business owners cum politicians (PMLN etc) are by far a better choice (lesser evil doctorine) to run the country because atleast economy and living conditions would improve under their rule plus the fact that they understand and accept the “rule of law” to be good for them , for business and for the masses. A win win situation.
    So, brothers and sisters, in the current situation I have decided to support IK, NS, QH and other political figures who will support the rule of law.

  158. i am wrizing about this Kiyani, zaradri and USA..triangle of evil from last many months, it was easy to understand when Napak Fauj was sent to 40 cities to stop long march …but some media guys and Particularly some guys like Mushahid Ganja Lota were fooling people that Fauj is with people now

    Now you can Imagine that biggest B@ strd Shida Talli, aspokesman of Army , always say with confident that IMC will never be restored..he said forget about this issue….I have no respect for army whatsovere, it is time to take them head on

  159. ok someone confirm this did zardari said he is going for all out political war or only kamran untle reporyiing?

  160. Plan is ready to smash lawyers and others.. so media shut down is first logical step. So no one can see whats going on in the streets.

  161. @ Afzaal khan

    Kamran Khan reported that. Also Bolta Pakistan duo are alluding to the same thing.

    Furthermore, political parties sources are also saying this negotiations/formula rumor is just a government tactic, nothing more.

  162. listening to hamid mir and he was saying this will play into lawyers hands as people before just wanted to watch on tv but now will come out for long march to see what’s going on.

  163. The establishment is interested in buying time to dig in further. These are some of the moves I fear happening in the next hours.

    1. Harder crackdown, the likes of which was previewed in NWFP today.

    2. More pressure on PML-N and Lawyers leadership from all sides, especially from US and Britain.

    3. “Terrorist activity” to deflect the attention once the crackdown reaches its apex.

    4. Pushing the softer face to the fore all this time with Gillani talking tough for democracy and all in order to distract and keep a door open in the event of shit hitting the fan and salvaging some previleges for the establishment in a new dispensation.

    5. Life attempt on Sharif’s.. the last card when everything else fails.

  164. Sherry Rehman had promised multiple times that she will resign if there are any curbs on the Media. Today the PPP Establishment has blocked Geo News ALL ACROSS THE COUNTRY and AAJ in major cities of Pakistan. Everyone is asked to send an sms or email or call Information Minister Sherry Rehman on the following numbers demanding curbs on media to be lifted IMMEDIATELY or she MUST tender her resignation, as per promise.

    0300 5001420
    0307 822 3161

    Or Call the following numbers:
    051-2652876, (Islamabad)
    021-5834663 (Karachi)
    Please do email at these
    sherryrehman@mobilink.blackberry.com, ppp@comsats.net.pk ,sherryrehman@gmail.com, sherryrehman1@gmail.com, sherryrehman@hotmail.com

  165. Aitezaz is on Bolta Pakistan. He is saying that there is no truth in any negotiations rumours. He also said that he had just talked to Shahbaz Sharif who affirmed again that they are not concerned with Punjab government and will not stop till judiciary is restored.

  166. they need PML -Q , PML -Q as many as they can should show solidarity with NS, I am not talking abt merger but atleast solidarity taht they will stand with NS and lawyers against PPP. PML-Q has a chance to redeem itself, kick out ch bros and thier ilks and satnd 4 justice

  167. Geo News blocked on President Zardari’s orders: Sources
    Updated at: 2323 PST, Friday, March 13, 2009
    Geo News blocked on President Zardari’s orders: Sources ISLAMABAD: It has been learned that cable operators across the country blocked the transmission of Geo News on the directive of President Asif Ali Zardari.

    President Zardari has sent messages to Geo TV administration in which he has said that if Geo has recovered from the courts the losses incurred following the ban on the channel in former president Pervez Musharraf’s rule then it should stop forthwith the coverage of lawyers movement for the restoration of November 3, 2007 judiciary.

    The reason why President Asif Ali Zardari has taken the step is that Geo TV is reminding the President his past promises and commitments he had made to the nation and what Shaheed Benazir Bhutto had said about the freedom of expression, restoration of judiciary and Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry.

  168. Geo News blocked on President Zardari’s orders: Sources
    Updated at: 2323 PST, Friday, March 13, 2009
    Geo News blocked on President Zardari’s orders: Sources ISLAMABAD: It has been learned that cable operators across the country blocked the transmission of Geo News on the directive of President Asif Ali Zardari.

  169. If Zardari were not just street smart, I mean real smart, he would not have taken it to the hilt.

    More severe crack down means more serious is the situation.
    A less serious situation goes in favor of Zardari.
    Most serious situation means complete wash out of Zardari & his clowns

    In other words Inqilab

  170. President Zardari has sent messages to Geo TV administration in which he has said that if Geo has recovered from the courts the losses incurred following the ban on the channel in former president Pervez Musharraf’s rule then it should stop forthwith the coverage of lawyers movement for the restoration of November 3, 2007 judiciary.

  171. President Z@rdari has sent messages to Geo TV @dministration in which he has said that if Geo has recovered from the courts the losses incurred following the ban on the channel in former president Pervez Musharraf’s rule then it should stop forthwith the coverage of lawyers movement for the restoration of November 3, 2007 judiciary.

  172. I hope PMLN and the lawyers stay steadfast in their support. Just lsitening to AA saying that there are no negotiations with the govt.

    PMLN should come out with a similar statement. JH making his logical arguments against ZPP. Condeming Gardari!!

  173. Geo news appeared to be a paid agent for Nawaz Sharif and party, last few days this channel was inciting mutiny,riots and civil disobedience.
    Freedom of press or news media is a must but they have to stay neutral,fair and honest.

  174. JH saying there are no negotiations. The only thing PPP can do is implement previous agreement. Negotiations not possible.

    BTW all this Gillani talk is rubish or maybe just a distraction.

    Geo banned all over Pakistan on Zardari’s orders. They are just showing KAlnayek!!! Still possible to recieve the service overseas.

    Any IT experts please contact me if it is possible to provide an IT solution to make Geo Accessable in Pakistan. Will provide all hardware or ther resources. t8ukeer at yahoo.com

  175. cable operators defy orders from pemra to shut down geo and are being harrassed by punjab police and threatened that they equipment will be confiscated.

  176. Geo available on geo tv website in Pakistan. Also in most cities, Geo and Aaj Tv are available but have been shifted to the end of tuned channels list (between 70 and 80).

  177. Source: Stubborn Zardari Ready to Ride Storm

    President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari in his arrogance that American backing immunises him from any precipitate move by the army. That is why he didn’t pay much attention to the message conveyed by the chief of army staff Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani himself about the apprehension of the GHQ.

    Salman Taseer is here to say and there is no program of Zardari to lift the governor raj from Punjab or to replace the Salman Taseer. Though the establishment suggested the name of Jahangir Badar as the governor for 1 week before convening the Punjab Assembly session to elect new government, but now there is no chance of that as Zardari has decided to have head on collision with lawyers, opposition political parties, civil society and the media.

    For the D-Day of 16th March in Islamabad, planning has been completed by the Zardari regime. Police, FC and rangers have been deployed on all the entry/exit points of Islamabad. Islamabad is being sealed tightly. Inter-provincial borders have been closed down with the help of containers and police is searching every vehicle coming into the Punjab province from Sindh and NWFP. Arrests of political workers including Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party (PkMAP), Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (Nazrayati), Jamaat-e-Islami, Tehreek-e-Insaaf, National Party, trade union activists and civil society representatives, lawyers are going on throughout the country.

    Asif Ali Zardari has proved that he hasn’t got any foresight. History tells us that Americans pillars are very unreliable and very shaky for all the dictators.

  178. Dear “honourable” “information minister”,

    I am writing to protest the disgraceful manner in which a supposedly elected and “democratic” government of People’s Party has conducted itself. If we wanted our govt. to behave like a dictatorship, we would not have struggled so hard against Musharraf’s autocratic regime!!

    Dear Ms. Rehman, you MUST NOT FORGET that WE the PEOPLE are your real masters. You are here to serve us! You must either govern constitutionally and democratically, or you must RESIGN.

    We the citizens DEMAND that the draconian curbs from the media be lifted. NOW!!!

    If you and the geniuses in the “presidency” had any sense left whatsoever, you would have realized (after decades of struggle behind some of you) that THESE TACTICS DON’T WORK!!!

    Just imagine yourself, 2 years down the road, being treated like Durrani Ghalat Biyani by the People of Pakistan, humiliated on national media for the cynical croynism you are exhibiting by staying quiet as your “co-chariman” acts like a retarded mussolini! All this craven behaviour just to save your miserable ministership. You MUST RESIGN as per your promise, as you have obligations to the People of Pakistan!

    Shame on pretenders to democracy who act worse than the jackbooted dictators. You shall not last long with your boot on our necks! We the People of Pakistan shall prevail against lilliputians like your ‘co-chairman’ and his crony’s.

    Most Sincerely,

    A Common Citizen of Pakistan.

  179. @admin
    Pl post these comments

    Now I think strategy should be changed

    Instead of Long March, there should be dharna only & it should start on 15th altogether in all the cities.
    They have to cover just major cities like
    DG khan
    DI Khan
    Rahim Yar Khan

    I am confident Govt would run out of police to cover such a large area

  180. @ Naveedk said:

    IS this able adviser also advised Amrika Bahadur to go to Afghanistan and now all of a sudden Amirka Bahadur want to talk to the Taliban

    These reallu able advisers will run choordari into the ground…

  181. People should turn up outside Cable operators office to support them and to prevent Police from misbehaving

  182. @G oTK flash protests might not be possible in the west. Police needs to be informed before hand. On the other hand protests outside Pak Embassy over the weekend will be a viable option. Already taking place in several cities in the west.

  183. Fazlu saying CJ is not independent, saying there have not been any major arrests or use of power.

    OMG!!!! How besharam can someone be

  184. Can you imagine even dim wit Bandar Ke Moon (Ban Ke Moon) is commenting about the situation in Pakistan. Like some of the commentators have already said Gardari and co have a death wish. It took them les then a year to get to where Mush reached after 8 yrs of rule.

    Someone convey to NS and co that if they make any deals they will have themselves to blame when they get into trouble next time. And I will not be surprised if Gardari tries to kill NS

  185. LOL @ GEO ticker, that goes like.

    “Geo band hoa……Zardari Khush hoa”

    with a laughing picture of Zardari.

  186. Nusrat Javed is right, if at the end gov is restoring CJ why are they giving an impression that US, UK and Army decisively intervened? In this day and age we won’t find similar imperessions in India, US, UK or other democracies. Politicians haven’t learned their lessons. They themselves play in the hands of GHQ and Washington and then point fingers at each other. Todat Mushtaq Minhas was OK with US intervention as long as it restores CJ but few days back he was very upset when Zardari acknowledged Joe Biden’s role in reviving democracy in Pakistan.

  187. Permisstion for BASANT, and NO permission for MOTOR BIKES. Rather to protect people , f..ker, beghairat , ha..rami, m.. ch..d , mo..th.. f..kr KHINZEER protecting BASANT. So this is our country whom khinzeer making kanjar land.
    F..ck you beghairat taseer.
    KEep Judiciary movement on until and unless Pakistan would become WELFARE STATE.
    Admin pls, dont delete my comment. I am much frustrated from this kanjar type governance. Totally upset.

  188. @ Kashif said:

    We dont live on a island, and this foreign intervention is nothing new. Remember Pakistan Played a role in help US gain access to China in the early 70s. Its part of Politics. In our case the people should decide who the CJ will be and not foreign countries or their agents.

  189. @Ghost of TK, Don’t worry about support from the ex-pats. We will be organizing rallies here in UK, US etc in support of the movement & Inshallah many people will be turning up.

  190. @ninetykman

    How can you compare Chinese-US relationships with Zardari-Nawaz Sharif/IMC patch-up? Its like comparing apples with oranges – one is domestic issue and other is easily beyond boundaries, international. The later can be compared with Sonia-Advani or Obama-McCain duel. Politicians have differences every where but they don’t invite foreign powers or their military establishment as power brokers. I know its not new but it doesn’t need to be renewed in every major domestic political dispute.

    Its a shame our politicians derive power from GHQ and Washington and then blame them for all the ills. Apparently our administration can curb mass movement but they can’t with stand GHQ/Washington pressure. Thats where I think @Ghost Of TK’s urge for demonstrations in western cities becomes even more important.

  191. Now I am seriously concerned about the mental health of Mr. president. He doubled down on his “lain-dain” politics in offering Geo a “deal” involving payments for their silence. His rash and vulgar style of “business deals” shows this guy is beyond redemption. This “Beopari” does not belong in politics. The Bum shall be thrown out and sent to Alaska to join Sarah Palin who is looking for a son-in-law. Some guys are made to stay behind women.

  192. @ninetykman said:
    “GEO reporting:
    Govt agrees to lift governer rule and Judges will be restores according to COD.”

    Heads-up: Which is another rebranding of “minus-one/two” formula. JC stated the same and it means getting rid of ALL ‘PCO’ Judges

    Will lawyers buy it? I won’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  193. And do watch todays EXTENDED Kal Tak (about 2hr 15 min). Includes a over an hour long Royal Rumble between Aitzaz and Raja Pervaiz Ashraf.

    (Warning: be prepared to be seriously annoyed by that fat crowing cow Firdos Awan)

  194. @nota

    Do you have a link to that program, thanks in advance.

    Btw implementing the COD to the selection of future judges is just as important as reinstating IMC.

  195. @lahoria
    I watched it live but am sure it will appear here soon.

    “Btw implementing the COD to the selection of future judges is just as important as reinstating IMC.”

    Future? Sure. But they are not talking the future. They are talking “No Iftikhar Chaudhry” AND really going after anyone who stands in the way of that.

  196. Somebody tell this shit to Talat Hussain… yesterday he was asking NS to give one year to Yousuf Raza Gilani…

  197. She did what Atizaz is doing for a while now. Atizaz stood with lawyers and she is journalist by profession so she stood by her baraadree …

  198. Its proven now Zardari is suffering from a serious mental disorder so as couple of our forum members like democrate who loves Zardari…

  199. If she has resigned, its remarkable and deserves our applause for her standing up for principles rather than personal gains (Raza Rabbani episode). HATS OFF TO YOU SHERRY. May the other real political people follow her in standing up to this “lunatic asylum” absconder who is just beating every rational expectation and continues to open more fronts.

  200. common guys … do u really think AZ is that stupid. … its all a game .. did u notice .. all of a sudden all the attention in media is diverted from long march to the stoppage of Geo … its a bait AZ is giving to ppl to divert their attention n though i appretiate SR resignation – a step never taken in Pak- i would not b surprised if it comes out as a part of plan and later she is re-instated. so lets please not divert our attention from long march n save our country




  201. Well if she did I salute her but it looks to be a drama.

    She resigns, PM doest accept then majoboor ho kar she is back…

  202. oh god whats happening? sherry resigned…geo closed…what the f is going on? theres so much confusion…..what the f is this f zarfdari doingto the country….hes worse than musharaff seriously

  203. @PKPolitics Admin

    Can you please upload the Public message about Farooq Naik telecasted on Geo TV on the website… This will help exposing liars and hypocrates in our nations. I hope you will consider my request.

  204. @revolution @All

    Kindly all request Admin to upload the Geo public messages about Benazir and Farooq Naik.

  205. Is it only geo news down or all the geo network channels are also down, I mean geo tv, geo super and aag. somebody in Pakistan can tell us that.

  206. I don’t know how Fazlu sleeps at night. He is the real epitome of munafiqat, kameengi, and every other bad thing that one can think of. What a shame considering whose son he is. Fazlu is an ugly evil disgusting creature.

  207. I don’t trust Sherry. She might have just given up due to a sense of selfpreservation. BTW who is Abdul Qayyum Jatoi. I won’t be surprised the army takes over. Although that is not good. I don’t want another generation of Jiyalas screwing my brain with Shaeedon Ka Khoon shit! That is why I had suggested a testosteron injection for Gillani but he might be lacking balls altogether. May be I should have suggested testosteron injection for Sherry! Could not let go of the pun!

    @ G O TK Bro don’t despair. There are demonstations outside Pak embassy in London, Newyork. Now there is a demo in NYC against Geo ban. There was a demo in Dublin last week. Like there was on several occasions after Nov 2007 actions. We were joined by members of European Parliament along with other members of the society. I was however advised to help mobilise people in Pakistan including encouraging those who were already participating.

    I think it is more effective for us to mobilise people in Pakistan. Encourage people we know to participate in Dharna. We should also support them finacially. It might be more transparent if we provide this support to people we know and who fear Allah and will not misappropriate the funds.

    Another suggestion I have is that we contact political workers in different parties and enourage them to continue with a firm stance.

    Will be happy to support any ideas of practical support for participants of Dharna be they be from any walk of life.

  208. @Kruman said:
    Gillani must restore Iftikhar chaudhry asap . Else the next breaking news will be that AZ has dissolved parliament.

    That would depend on the level of truth in the so-called “finding-of-spine” by Gillani. However, I think its the age-old “good-cop, bad-cop”, strategy of mitigating conflicts and crisis. Zardari could not have gone this far if Gillani was not on board. I wish to be proved wrong but there is too much evidence that can not be dismissed in favour of Gillani being a man of his word. When he could not stand-up to RM over allowing the protestors their ” constitutional rights”, ——–

  209. Just listening to AA on rec Bolta Pakistan.

    I know of importers from europe and even Saudi Arabia who don’t want to import from Pakistan because of lack of reliability of the exporters and their ability to meet deadlines. This incompetent moron will cause a total melt down of the economy.

  210. Sherry resigned. This statement can not be in Qur’an or Hadiths. I only believe in Qur’an and Hadiths. Which Qur’an? That is an entirely different debate.

  211. was the news of sherry rehmans resignation on tv?

    Geonews is reporting both sides of the story. “Sherry Rehman resigned. She will present her resignation to PM today – Sources”. “Sherry Rehman did not resign – Farhat ullah Babar”

    — Admin

  212. Dont worry guyz, Pakistan came into being despite all odds and opposition from the power centers on 14th August 1947 and its people are going to win their independence no matter who wants other wise.
    long live LAWYER,s MOVEMENT.

  213. isnt it funny how well farhatullah babar has taken the position of rashid qureshi as the spokesperson of the president….always issuing denials….nobody used to believe qureshi and nobody believes farhatullah

  214. Man I am so glad zardari is acting like a fool… hes jus making the people more angry… he jus diggin a hole for himself a lot quicker thn musharraf… i can assure u now tht his days are limited inshallah…he should b tried in the court… n sentenced for wat he is doing…ameen


    Mullen has met with his Pakistani counterpart, Army Gen. Ashfaq Kiyani, 10 times since the chairman took office in October 2007.

    “He is committed to a civilian government; he is committed to the democracy that’s there,” Mullen told Rose. “And in my view, the last thing in the world he wants to do … is takeover as President Musharraf did.”


    US Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Mike Mullen on Thursday revealed that he stopped Pakistan Army Chief General Ashfaq Kayani from interfering in the country’s political deadlock, a private TV channel reported. Expressing serious concerns over the political chaos in nuclear-armed Pakistan, Mullen said that the US officials were keeping a close eye on opposition protests in the South Asian country.

  216. The time has come now that the coalition partner of ppp should quit from their partnership other wise they will also be held responsible and accountable for the CRIMES what are being done by ppp only. Till 25.02.09 they had only denied from their promises but since then they are on their way to break all the principle against whom they had always struggled.

    ider aa sitamgar hunar azmain
    tu teer azma ham jigar azmain

  217. How absurd can the news get? Well, it just touched another highest with news of Zardari calling the shots all on his againt the joint will of US, Army and his own PM, notwithstanding the pressure from opposition and Lawyers.


    Now we all know that he is a lunatic, but he is a Zardari too. That means, a guy who a few days before becoming the president went like a loyal puppy to the US embassy to meet the US ambassador is now showing them the middle one. What a joke!

    Just knowing the man and his spineless sleazy positioning on everything from foreign to economic policy, Mr. Zardari never had the balls to say no to any of these sections.

    WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENED IS THAT ALL OF THEM DECIDED TO GIVE HIS TACTICS OF CRUSHING THE MARCH A CHANCE AND SPARE EVERYONE THE HEADACHE OF DEALING WITH AN INDEPENDENT CHIEF JUSTICE, PROBLEMATIC AND ON STERIOD PML-N. Reconciliation is something that can be put in place anytime as a last resort. Any stupid having the basic knowledge about, power politics, the background on the actors in play and their strategic interests could figure it. Somehow, the trained journalists have failed to see beyond the flimsiest of this fascade. AMAZING, AIN’T IT.

  218. And while we are at it, please note the following.

    1. The decision on what is going to happen will be coming sometime tomorrow or early on 16th. All will depend on how things shape up and intelligence agencies report on the number of the people expected in Islamabad. Once the show is on its way with numbers in 6 figures, be my guests to see the Zardari baloon loosing some air at breakneck speed with the same actors “succeeding in persuading the president” to do the needful.

    I am awe-struck at the way the media seniors bought the whole official “leaks” about Zardari standing upto everyone and getting away with it. What a piece of sham. The audacity of even contemplating that Zardari has the gall or the bladder or the balls, call it what you may, to say no to the mly, US and UK while a movement of this level is knocking on his door. Poor job by the media indeed.

  219. Just for my brothers who have less practical experience of street politics. Please prepare yourself mentally about 16 th March.

    What I can evaluate keep in view the hurdles, arrests, use of torture by dogys (police) , baton charges etc…there there will be maximum around 5000-10000 people in Rawalpindi/Islamabad

    Reasons: N league leadership will be arrested in Lahore on Mall Road and by no means one can cross ravi river because of road blocks ..

    from Lahore to Rawalpindi ..Lawyers will try to come out but they will be arrested in their respective cities

    There is no real effort or so called B Plan (which i was emphasising from two weeks) from any political party…Maximum N MNAs are in Islamabad..Look at Javed Hashmi,which is most active, he is sitting in Islamabad instead of his own city Multan to motivate people for long march which will be started officially tomorrow from Multan..if this is the condition of Hashmi then you can imagine what other MNAs will do

    As i stated that Lahore will be a reasonable show but participants will be blocked to leave lahore..even if small numbers succeed to leave lahore, they will be stopped in next cities

    IK is hiding somewhere and on 15 as soon as he comes out and reach Rawalpindi, he will be arrested immediately and as he is a strong critic of zaradri, so there are special instruction to treat him badly from zaradri daku and Rehman P???g…PTI has some strength in NWFP , but there main group will be arrested in Peshawer and by no means they will reach islamabad

    Ali Ahmed Kurd after sitting 5 hours is back in Quetta.. and noone can imagine that how he reaches Islamabad

    JI will also not do anything special,,Even in Karachi which is perhaps strongest city for Jamat , they were not able to gather 1000 people for Long March, there Amirs, NAib Amirs will give arrests easily to remain in media..but there is no effort from them also

    Due to heavy police presence in twin cities no miracle is expected, Hanif Abbasi might gather some thousands , lawyers will not be allowed to even leave Court ..

    So total number of people which Lawyers, N, JI, PTI, Civil Society etc etc etc etc etc will produce will be around 5000-10000 MAXIMUM

    I have some personal experience of rallys and after watching the situation in lahore and Karachi , i can imagine about next 2-3 days

    There is absoluetly no so called Fvqing B plan from anyone….even important members of N who can gather crowd in their own cities are sitting comfortably in Isb. and on 16 they will come out and very willingly will give arrests to police and thats it…..

    Purpose of writing is that please do not expect any miracle or so called “Sumander of People” on 16th…No one has any B plan …and there is a good example that when Musharraf used brutal police force then in protests not more that 1000 people gathered in islamabad..

    I AGREE THAT NUMBERS ARE NOT IMPORTANT AND LONG MARCH IS ALREADY VICTOROUS DUE TO nonsense shown by Zardari Daku, but there is not going to be any “logon Ka sumander ” on 16th

  220. ZARDARI your days are counted.We will get rid of you as we did from MUSH.
    Nobody can stop the this FREEDOM MOVEMENT.

  221. @fanaticmulla

    can zardari keep the roads blocked for 4 years? like AA said even if they couldnt gather a lot of people on 16th after 15 days they will give call for another long march. maybe taseer should anounce basant for the next 4 years

  222. @

    ofcourse NO..zardaro daku cant do that ..my purpose of writing is to evaluate the situation and to indicate some points where improvement could be done…

  223. @fanaticmulla: good points, I agree with your sentiment. IMO, Zardari threw them a doosra and these guys just weren’t ready for it. Dawn is reporting that zardari is hunkering down for a drawn out battle. people will have to WALK to Islamabad otherwise they’re going to stop all other access.

    They’re stopping people on chenab bridge and checking each and everyone’s id cards etc. and then letting them in… all this talk of 28 hours and 48 hours is BS started by establishment.

    Establishment will NO WAY give in to this kind of hap-hazard march. They’re going to demonstrate that the opposition is impotent. The US, the ARMY and Zardari (quite possibly YRG, Najm SeThi and Kamran Khan ) are all on the same side! They are all creating confusion and at the same time extending their plans.

    They will try to CRUSH the long march. They are trying right now to CRUSH the long march. Tomorrow they will take Hanif Abbasi and other Pindi activists into custody because they’re the last line of defense for PML-N to raise a large number of people.

    Every single time, people are making the same mistake. They say: OOOOh HE’ll NEVER DO THAAAAAT!!!!!

    and Zardair does EXACTLY THAAAAAAAAAAAATT!! 😀

  224. the information minister Sherry Rehman has resigned from her designation and she has said that she cannot sustain Zardari anymore……………….lol

  225. yar stop posting establishment’s rumours as “updates” YRG is not going to address the nation and there WON”T be any package.. we need to get as many people as possible to the venue at this point.

    Nothing zardari or yrg or kiyani says can be trusted anymore. Their actions are fascist and undemocratic.

  226. Just woke up, good for sheery she was razia jo ghundoon main phans gai thee, educated ppl cant stay in this ppp.

  227. Just heard from a source in the ARMY-

    Minus one -( Zardari)- in place and will be implemented within 48 hours.

  228. lol @ gabool, if zardari banned Geo main muzammat karta hoon. And if he didnt u dun do muzzammat saley jahil ki aulad lol

  229. if Zardari and his govt falls, does that mean that my Hina Rabbani Khar will have to go too? if so, I request the lawyers to stop.

    I swear if anything happens to my Hina and her job as advisor, Hina and I will leave this world and retire to our own little corner – together.

  230. khan sahib, I like Marvi Mmmemon too but only as a backup. Hina is still my first choice.

    hai meri Hina… I love it when she throws around economic terms that she barely understands. so cute…

  231. Geo Reporting:
    Aijza durrani spokemen of Bilawal house said Zardari didnt order the ban on geo its the remanant of zia who has done it lolz.

    Agar govt ko he nahi pata to terrorism kaisey handle karey gee lol

  232. @Mutazalzaluzzaman Tarar

    khan sahib, I like Marvi Mmmemon too but only as a backup
    There is another deal published on PPP website, buy sherry rehaman and get firdaus jamal free, how about that. 🙂

  233. @ Savage
    nah voh tumhraey liye hai humara shtandardhh zhara wadda hai na lol n u can have fauzia wahan too 1 tkt 3 mazey lol

  234. @shimatoree said:
    Just heard from a source in the ARMY-
    Minus one -( Zardari)- in place and will be implemented within 48 hours.

    I had heard the same about two months back (but what I heard it would be really minus Zardari).

    Well, not to long to wait to see if that will indeed be the case….

  235. @afzaalkhan
    “yaar geo apna he rona macha raha hai lol”

    Aur rota hi jata hai….jasay dunya main aur koi maslaha hi nahiN…

    (It is SO annoying I want to request the government that if you do take the stupid step, pleeeeaaase do it properly/completely so we don’t get to see this rona dhona as well) 🙂

  236. @ Savage
    ewwwwwwww damn itna haseen naam main nay naam sun ke pic nikali dekhtey he dar gaya.

    haan yaar I mean aggay chalo ek he cheez ko ro raha hai waiting 4 hamid mir with PPP, and some plz give a choosni to kamran khan lol

  237. Yesterday on one of the talk shows someone mentioned that the following was the only demand of the ordinary PPP workers. I sort of like it:

    Na Roti, na Kapra, na Makan chahiyay
    Sirf Benazir kay katilooN ka nam chahiyay

    (BTW: When is Mr. Zardari going to reveal it?)

  238. “-06:56am Update: Rumors from establishment; Zardari, Gilani or Kiyani cannot be trusted – Patron pkpolitics”

    And I thought Zardari, Gilani and Kiyani were establishment’s b!tches…

  239. kutta kaira apni auqat par aagaya ke we not against media section of media against us and r partisan thus banned.

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