Long March – 15 March 2009 [Live]

shahbaz-sharifTime of Showdown approaches as the Long March moves from Lahore to Islamabad. All major cities have been sealed for first time in History of Pakistan, Highways are Blocked, Educational Institutes Closed and Gas Stations Shutdown. Trucks & Containers carrying goods that were hijacked by Police in attempt to block roads have caused damage of more than $2.25 Billion.
Updates: [PST]
-09:21pm Dinner for Long March participants will be served in Jehlum
-09:20pm Ten buses of lawyers left GPO chowk for long march
-09:15pm Nawaz Sharif Caravan has crossed Ravi Bridge
-08:00pm Aerial firing heard in different areas of Rawalpindi
-07:55pm Hurdles removed from Gujranwala GT Road
-07:45pm Nawaz peaceful entrance in Islamabad will be welcome: Rehman Malik
-07:25pm Long March caravan crossing Ravi Bridge
-07:22pm Pkpolitics.com number of comments on a post, 1000, historic high.
-07:00pm Nawaz Sharif caravan reached Minar-e-Pakistan
-06:45pm We are going to Islamabad directly : Nawaz Sharif
-06:25pm High level meeting underway in chair of President
-06:20pm Courts of Rawalpindi will remain close on Monday : CJ LHC
-06:17pm Nawaz to head directly Islamabad after Data Darbar
-06:12pm Nawaz Sharif changed his route, going to DATA DARBAR
-05:45pm DIG investigation Mushtaq Sukhaira also resigned – AAJ TV
-05:21pm Ali Ahmad Kurd’s flight once again cancelled
-05:20pm DIG Lahore Amjad Saleemi resigned
-05:10pm Nawaz Sharif at Litton Road – ARY ONE WORLD
-05:00pm Aitzaz Ahsan broke his dentention, moving towards LHC
-04:58pm Deputy Attorney General of Punjab has resigned
-04:30pm Protest Rally at Aabpara Chowk, Islamabad
-04:30pm Nawaz Sharif caravan reached Mandar Chowk
-04:25pm Shahbaz Sharif on Geo News
-04:20pm Resigned DCO Lahore Sajjad Bhutta joined Protest Rally
-04:16pm SAMAA TV Transmission suspended in Rawalpindi
-04:15pm DCO Lahore Resigned : SAMAA
-04:05pm Rawalpindi Police refused to arrest Shahbaz Sharif – AAJ TV
-03:46pm DHARNA and JALSA will be on GPO chowk: Nawaz
-03:45pm Aerial firing heard in some areas of Rawalpindi
-03:30pm Media Banned in Red Zone Area of Islamabad
-03:26 Lahore: Fire erupted in Liberty Plaze
-03:25pm Rangers has been called in Lahore
-03:20pm Ali Ahmad Kurd banned in Punjab
-03:15pm Removal of containers from GT road started
-03:10pm Nawaz Sharif caravan in Ichra Now
-03:00pm Nawaz Sharif caravan reached Canal road.
-02:30pm Thousands with Nawaz Sharif Caravan on Kalma Chowk
-02:15pm Police retreats at GPO Chowk Mall Road after severe clashes with protestors.
-02:15pm Nawaz Sharif reached Kalma Chowk
-02:00pm TV channels reporting Aerial firing in Lahore
01:55pm Shelling on Nawaz Sharif Caravan on Ferozpur Road – ARY
-01:46pm Nawaz Sharif caraavan on ferozepur road now after breaking hurdles
-01:45pm Nawaz Sharif leaving his Model Town Residence
-01:38pm AAJ TV transmission suspended
-01:40pm Javed Hashmi arrested from Islamabad High Court Bar Building
-01:15pm Directives to halt SMS services in Twin Cities for two days
-01:10pm Mobile services in Islamabad has been suspended
-01:10pm Nawaz Sharif addressing from his Model Town Residence
-12:50pm Batton Charges in Mansoora, Lahore
-12:45pm Police reached Islamabad Bar Building to arrest Javed Hashmi
-12:30pm Nawaz Sharif detention order bound us not to leave him from his house: Police
-12:20pm Nawaz Sharif is expected to come in GPO chowk in short while
-11:58am Aasma Jahangir and Iqbal Haider reached LHC, Lahore
-11:45am JI Activists rally at Litton Road, Lahore
-11:16am: Aitzaz Ahsan arrested
-11:15am Deployment of Police at Ch. Tanveer House in RWP
-11:10am House arrest orders issued for JI leader Liaqut Baloch
-11:06am House arrest orders issued for JI leader Qazi Hussain
-11:05am Ahsan Iqbal and Khawaja Saad under house arrest – orders issued
-11:00am Geo: Rawalpindi: Shahbaz Sharif dotched authorities and disappeared
-10:45am Lahore is in drastic look. No vehicle on road
-10:30am Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif under house arrest for three days- Geo
-05:15am Police starts arresting PMLN workers outside Nawaz Sharif residence in Model Town.

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  1. I think there are 7 houses (NS father and his 6 brothers) and all are interlinked. It is not sure yet if NS is inside his model town residence.

  2. nation is moving in positive direction…. due to this people of pakistan start beleiving themselves……

  3. Teeth maestro has some reservations surrounding the free movement allowed to Sharif brothers.

    He speculates further that the backdoor channel is intact and there are some under the table deals being finalized. For more read his article

  4. Pakistan on edge as Zardari arouses rebellion

    Zardari has spurred dissent in the ruling Pakistan People’s party (PPP) with his dictatorial handling of the crisis, which began last month when Nawaz Sharif, the opposition leader, was banned from holding public office and direct rule was imposed on his political heartland, Punjab, the country’s largest state.

    Political analysts say Zardari, who came to power last year on a sympathy vote after the assassination of his wife Benazir Bhutto, has further alienated voters with his heavy-handed clampdown on a nationwide protest by lawyers demanding the reinstatement of senior judges sacked in 2007.

    Also, please vote on this news item on Reddit to give it more coverage:

    Reddit news item about this article

  5. Zardari’s Party in complete panic……………hours before he is finished

    -As many as 100 lawyers were arrested as police raided on the Rawalpindi District Bar (RDB) building on early Sunday and charged lawyers with baton meanwhile, the Pindi District Bar building has been completely sealed, sources said.

  6. Nawaz Sharif needs to say again a few words about the restoration of judiciary otherwise it may have taken as if they have made a deal with Govt under hand because of international pressure. Imran khan and Qazi may again feel mistrust if Nawaz Sharif will not speak about restoration.

  7. As many as 100 lawyers were arrested as police raided on the Rawalpindi District Bar (RDB) building on early Sunday and charged lawyers with baton meanwhile, the Pindi District Bar building has been completely sealed.

  8. all hype is in the media,nothing will happen.most of the roads are open.i myself traveled from lahore to faisalabad.

  9. NS doesnt need to say anything again…..

    he is the soul and heart of lawyers movement………….he is also the most sincere politician (far more than the likes of IK and Ji ) towards restoration of judiciary to Nov 2 position

  10. @democrate
    You sound like Salman Taseer’s son, and if you are, you should be ashamed of yourself, Like Father, Like Son. Your dad is famous for spreading news like you are giving. You probably travelled in your dad’s car with Police Escort from Lahore to Faisalabad, while drinking wine and eating pork chops.

  11. @Malek
    I am a fan of NS more than IK and Qazi but you must think why he did not say a word about restoration of judiciary in his last speech.

  12. democrate sathya gya hay … apnay bapoo zardari kay ghar ko lahore faisalabad road kah raha hay…

  13. PML – N part workers in showdown with police. police and workers in scuffle PML -N workers getting arrested at NS residence. – Geo

  14. Police hasn’t entered NS residence yet they have entered in temp residence opposite to NS residence where PML-N workers were staying. Workers are in full confrontation.

  15. I have read all the articles in The News today and yesterday in all the papers. Initially I was wondering why Zardari is taking a foolhardy stand against Gen Kiyani in not listening to him and why was he so confident.

    I believe he knows that he is finished but before that he wants that he should be thrown out and with that he would not only achieve a martyr status in eyes of Sindhis but also would turn the hatred against Pakistan Army more which is the real agenda of Zardari PP and MQM and their foreign masters.

    Zardari is actually provoking Gen Kiyani to act against him so that if Gen Kiyani falls into that trap he would immediately say that a Punjab politician conspired against him and a Punjabi army with a Punjabi general acted against him and didnt like that a Sindhi should be in President House. He would be supported by MQM who has their own agenda to grind as they want to separate Karachi from Pakistan.

    So General Kiyani should be very very careful in handling this mess but at the same time he cannot let this mad bull in china shop for any longer otherwise Zardari could play havoc with this country (in fact he already has)

    As for his commitments this time to NS and others he is just buying time. If he was that sincere why would we then let this crisis come in open in the first place and why did he let Supreme Court pass a judgement against NS and SS – this was all pre-planned but things have gone out of control

    The army should make its own move and create a Benazir group within PPP and throw Zardari out.

  16. Police says the home minister of Punjab has ordered to stop NS and rally as it might create law and order situation.

  17. More than 150 lawyers in the guise of ‘Baratis’ made it to reach the District Courts Rawalpindi on Saturday.

    The clever lawyers of Phalia Tehsil conned police as lawyers Amir Shahzad Gondal and Yasmeen Tahir faked as bridegroom and bride respectively and the rest became their ‘Baratis’.

  18. @Jamhooriat
    many thanks for your updates.

    @c hussain said:
    You got a valid point.Pakistan needs to get rid of this MAD BULL but then do it tactfully as u mentioned.Lets REAL ppp clean this mess.

  19. @c hussain

    I am urdu speaking borned and raised in sukkur, sindh. This stupidity of blaming Punjab has to be stopped. Its not Punjab’s fault when will sindhi wake up and realize how they have been betrayed by thier own leaders over and over. Why should Punjab always provide national charater certificate. Its time for Sindh, NWFP and Bluchistan should stand up against the establishment and back NS and lawyers movement.

  20. More police backups arrived and area has been sealed around NS residence. Police saying they have orders to stop NS to lead any rally.

  21. dozens of PML – N workers have been arrested b4 workers woke up and now they are resisting and have made thier intent clear that no more arrests and police wouldn’t be allowed to enter in NS residence.

  22. @ataraxis6 said:

    More than 150 lawyers in the guise of ‘Baratis’ made it to reach the District Courts Rawalpindi on Saturday.

    The clever lawyers of Phalia Tehsil conned police as lawyers Amir Shahzad Gondal and Yasmeen Tahir faked as bridegroom and bride respectively and the rest became their ‘Baratis’.

    I cant stop laughing.LAWYERS OF PAKISTAN are cheetay.They can easily outwit retards of pakistani police.

  23. @All please completely ignore jiyala idiots. These MF are beyound the pale.

    BTW can someone tell me MF R Malik “kochwan” loves speaking English. The SOB cant even speak Urdu and yet insists on “negotiating them”. For f**k sake dont these MFs have anyone to advise them.

  24. Hillary Clintin has brokered a deal between NS and Zardari. I think in the next few weeks this is going to happen.

    1) NS and SS will get punjab back
    2) NS will soften stance on restoration of CJ Chaudhary
    3) COD committes will be formeed just to drag time and issue
    4) Lawyer’s movement will be left alone, yet again.

  25. lol at the barati lawyers. wukla zindabad… with such spirit and resourcefulness, how can they ever be defeated?

    I sincerely hope for PML’s own sake that they don’t ditch the lawyers and the CJ. if they do, they will pay far more than Zardari and his ZPP.

  26. @


    well let us see..but i know that as soon as N get punjab Nack..everything will be fine for them..ishaq dar welcomes that move of Govt. to appeal in the court..howver at the moment N is using name of Iftikhar Ch. to get punjab back

  27. people stop supporting any agreements brokered by army or america, its time to scarifice for real independence.

  28. teethmaestros theory is interesting, but this is not the time to indulge in such speculation. I am willing to give the sharifs benefit of doubt. lets deal with one evil at a time..

  29. GEO:
    Police has backed off from arresting PML – N workers, who are doing dharna and are in ful confrontational mode. more backups of police arriving so seems like when they fully ready they will attack again. More party workers are managing to arrive at NS residence.

  30. @codefreaq
    exactly, once we deal with zardari morons, then we will give chance to NS n SS nad they screw up same will happen 2 them til we can have an honest leadership.

  31. Geo:
    NS havent woken up yet, as police keep asking but been told NS is sleeping:p yeah right with all the ruckus lolz

  32. I wish someone could take the pictures of the containers on the Benazir Road (Muree Rd.) to reflect on the irony of this situation.

    There are some really inspiring stories that are bound to become part of the political folklore in the days and years to come. Please request the admin to compile stories of undying faith in this cause for posterity. I have one that has made me feel so proud as a Pakistani.

    Lawyers swim across the River Chinab to reach Lahore. AAJ

  33. PML -N – Sadeeq-ul-farooq 16th march is not end, the movement si to restore judiciary till that acheived long march will continue, as it is long march and dharna successful as govt has shut down pak by themselves. lol
    translation: even if u stop us today who cares we will keep doing it over and over again.

  34. @ fanaticmulla

    Exactly, NS has now nothing to lose as he has gained everything from this hovac.
    Ishaq Dar’s statement is the highlight of the day as he has welcomed Zardari’s move.

    So NS will leave lawyer’s to fight alone and I’m afraid both NS and Zardari have a tie in this long march; Zardari remains in Center and NS/SS will get pujab.
    Army again missed the opportunity to redefine Pakistan as they are corrupt and fear CJ Chaudhary more then PPP (Z)

  35. Geo reporting:
    Orders have been given to put NS under house arrest.
    sadeeq-ul-farooq said if Govt does this we will spread the protest all over the country instead of concentrating on isb

  36. @Guys,

    PMLN is not going to stop on any lollipop like Punjab Government unless CJ is restored.

    Even if PMLN government is restored, it can be taken away anytime again by Kanjars like Salman Khanzeers in absence of the Chief Justice and Sharif brothers are not going to settle anything less than CJ.

    All previous BS against PMLN has been proven wrong by everyone, specially by PTI Nappy Group.

  37. @fanaticmulla,
    I do not believe that NS is that stupid that he is going to fall for the trap and strike a deal with the government just to get Punjab back. Remember, if CJ IMC is restored, it would mean that not only Sharif brothers’ disqualification would be striken out because it makes no sense but NRO would also be thrown out. In addition to that, the BA degree requirement would also be restored. This would all mean the end of snake Zardari. PML-N would also loose its credibility if he took the deal.

  38. Gar Baazi Ishq Ki Baazi Hai
    Jo Chaaho Laga Do Dar Kaisa

    Gar Jeet Gai To Kiya Kahna
    Haaray Bhi To Baazi Maat Nahi

    – Faiz Ahmad Faiz

  39. I agree with Amir Hameed 100%

    Also, does anyone has raised the point that the last 2-years that CJ has been out of the office by force MUST be compensated? I haven’t seen any such demand from any lawyer or political leader. Is it really true that no one has raised this point or is it just me???

  40. The critical point would come in a few hours from now when NS will try to ;ead the rally from Lahore to ISB.

    Would they arrest NS then?

    Would the workers let police arrest NS?


  41. The Govt offer is worthless. I don’t think there is any thing in the offer for NS. PPP can’t come to power in Punjab ever. So even if one was to take a sceptic view of NS intentions towards Lawyer’s movement he has nothing to gain from this offer.

    My biggest worry is that Gardari may be planning according to c hussain’s analysis. I was talking to a sindhi friend of mine and I was pleasently surprised that the feeling in sindh might not be different than rest of the country

  42. TO all those casting doubts on NS commitment of FREE JUDICIARY.
    Despite being an IK fan i really believe that NS stands for FREE JUDICIARY.He could have saved his punjab govt by making a BUSSINESS DEAL with MADARI.
    So lesson of the story is, DONT need to doubt NS because he cant commit a POLITICAL SUICIDE anyway.

  43. – we have to stay ready for maximum and most difficult, i feel there will many hard times still in the way of Pakistani nation but we will, INSHALLAH, win ultimately. This is a long and hard fight, so should be fought bravely but intelligently.

    – I don’t understand that why we give chance to USA and Co. to play positive roles etc for us, why do they call PM, Army chief, Zardari and others? In fact they talk to different people to know the situation and plans and then they plan conspiracies and further traps against us accordingly! So we either must not share our position and plans with them or we should tell them different! In reality they in hidden are supporting different groups and making them fight with one an other! This is what happens when one shares secrets of home with others!!!

    – If something happens to Pakistan then our Prime Minister will be highly responsible for that since he is the person who can do most! So far he is not as smart and confident as he should have been! I think he does not know where is he sitting and what his post demands him to do! Come on Mr. Gilanni don’t act like scared goat!

    – In the name of dialog, cooperation and supremacy of parliament now there would be further play, delay and games. Everybody knows the people sitting in parliament! how good and brave they are? Had they been so brave and sincere then CJ could have been restored much earlier!

    – Mr. Zardari is doing his best to create the max chaos inside Pakistan! He is definitely following some hidden traps, agenda and tricks, so we need to stay alert and prepared for any act of him. He is trying hard to bring Army and people in confrontation, i think!

    – There should not be differences among Pakistanis especially between people and army. We need to stand together and strong!

    – We should pray regularly from Allah Almighty for help, as only He can help everyone!

  44. I smell something fishy about the attitude of NS & SS & PML(N). Their workers are being arrested, without much resistance.
    Zardari and NS might have stuch a deal, in which Zardari will say that this long march has failed, & NS will give the excuse that many of our leaders and workers were arrested, thats why we couldt reach Islamabad.

  45. @

    amir hameed and others

    well i do not know but atleast there are twp versions or ideas in PML (N)..one is Javed Hashmi version which is very straight and clear then there are some people like Ishaq dar and to some extent kh.aasif who somehow wants power back…it is the same Ishaq dar whose proposal to retain PCO judges created some doubts about N stance and then N ministers has to clarify it on every forum..i do not know why Isahq dar gave some statements which craetes doubts..in off the record talat also mentioned that “statement of ishaq dar is far away from the stance of Abid sher ali” actually sher ali was sitting next to talat and was speaking in another tone….

    well i do not know why ishaq dar always willing to accept even pco judges and always in a hurry for a deal to get back in power and he is also very keen to get back his finance ministry

  46. @pakwatan12,

    Lawyers, PTI, JI and others have also been arrested without little resistance 🙂


    Maut ke farishte president house pohanch chuke hain… zardari has locked himself in the lu.

  48. @pakwatan12 ,15 March 2009 at 2:52 am
    How much you get paid for it to spread such rumors?or you a blind, dead worshiping JIYALA?
    BTW , SS has already reached pindi.

  49. Police is preparing to use teargas at NS residence, Salman Taseer personally controlling the operation and giving instructions.
    Just out of military exchange by a telephone operator, COAS is busy in consulting with all Corps Comds, the army out to help Zardari may play a role totally unexpected by anyone. Zardari will be taken in extreme security to Airport, if need be, Jet is on stand by.

  50. BTW Jitni Gaaliyaan NS & SS nay PCO judges ko dee hain, no one had balls to do it.

    Latest News: SS has been surrounded by police and rangers near Islamabad.

  51. Is it possible that kayani has been misunderstood by everyone. Why is he giving so much support to zardari when he could have declined involving army in the crackdown. I have a bad feeling that when zardaris departure becomes inevitable instead of CJ restoration we will quickly see a meray aziz hamwatno, I hope I am wrong

  52. SS still trying to get to Rawalpindi may be will try to use another route to get into Rawalpindi

  53. @justice4all

    I am not a stupid jiyala. I am a strong supporter of IK. I am worried about him, that he and lawyers might be left alone.
    I just have the feeling that it might happen.
    I will pray for the success of long march.

  54. @ pakwatan12
    We respect your affiliation but please stop spreading the rumors the are very discouraging for all of us.

  55. people gathering at the spot where SS tried to enter Rawalpindi. I hope people will mobilise to remove the obstructions

  56. @ Kruman.
    Thanks for drawing attention to the fresh column by Irshad Haqqani. Not only the whole nation but outsiders as well, are Now EXACTLY having the same thoughts & fears as aptly described in the said article. No doubt it is very unfortunate that such freaks of nature such as this ‘Ghaddari’ get a taste of power once in a life-time, but then they do not have the capacity to retain it.
    Thus what happens next is, but natural or a ‘law of nature’ takes it’s natural course; that such guys have a ‘terrible’ fall, never to recover again. The nation will soon see him ‘fall flat on his face. Please ‘ just ‘wait & see.’

  57. Army top brass decides to start actions, keeping PM at front. PM asked to address the nation within next 6-10 hours, make a few announcements including removal of Governor Raj and issuing an exective order for CJ.
    “Kiyani orders an ambulance to take a case of “Mineral Water Bottles” to “prime ” PM’s “Dry Balls”, Orders issued to take extra precautionery measures while dispensing this water to his balls through his “Butthole” avoiding damage to his prostate. Also to make sure that only “needed” water is supplied to his balls as “Extra Water” may create problems for military later.

  58. I can see footage of containers blocking major roads. And yet some SOB Jiyala MF will deny this. These MFs should be lined up and shot.

  59. @justiceforall

    the ambulance carrying mineral water for gilanis balls has just been turned back without taking any water out. sources are claiming this is due to the fact the PM was not born with any balls thus confirming the suspicion general public has had since the beginning

  60. ‘codefreaq LOL That is why I said the other day that it seems the only one with balls in ZPP was Sherry Rehman

  61. is geo news accessible on the internet ???? doesn’t seem to be working at the moment.

  62. Please text your friends in Lahore to mobilise them. This is a unique opportunity in our lifetime to contibute something while not being a in Pakistan

  63. Royal TV has been blocked in Pakistan.

    Though little known, but I have found it to be perhaps the most outspoken channel against both musharraf regime and now zardari regime. It was repeatedly put off air during mush mis-rule also.

    Royal Tv is also available online:


  64. @Ghost Of TK,15 March 2009 at 3:20 am
    Well , we pakistani are not that lucky,he might end up sharing a room with mushi in ARMY HOUSE.

  65. manusra totally blocked off, JI workers getting ready to confront. Police will arrest if they try to move on the long march.

  66. No JI leadership in mansura and JI has asked workers not to worry abt march and dun offer arrests but to try 2 reach lhr by any means

  67. leadership has been raeched now need workers there, good plan dun worry abt march just get to the target

  68. @Ghost Of TK
    ur 2 confused lolz take a chill pill, even if they arrest everyone and no one does dharna the govt has paralyzed whole country by itself. Apney paoon par khud kulharee mar li.

    2 weeks baad phir dharna;) lolz dude govt lost they have been hurt bad.

  69. Zardari govt. has reached “peace accord” with a chowkidar of the Nato Terminal. They couldn’t find the armed talibs but the PPP representatives gave a good a$$-kissing to the chowkidar.

    Un kaa kehna thaa keh jis kay paas DaNda hai, usko ham, hamaray aaQaa Jurnail, aur hamaray vizir Apna Sagaa BAAP mantay haiN.

    Baaqi khabraiN Baad meN.

    P.S. Hore Choopo!

  70. @afzaalkhan: O Paiii yehi to maiN bhi Aakh raha hooN… itna to shayad vakeel bhi payya jaam na kar saktay jitna in bay-vaQoofooN nay Khud kar dia hai! :-s

  71. Good morning everyone
    I was happy to see zardari sitting with his parliamentry chamchas last night. His bateesi was inside his mouth for a change. Reminds me of mushy’s last days.

  72. @pak.nukes

    Soon the bateesi you mention will also be found in the middle of some desert. Hmmm, reminescent of another bateesi/jabRa….

  73. so whats this cover it live thing below the comments for? I don’t see any long march updates on it

  74. This is the time for NWFP, Sind and Baluchistan to show thier commitment to Pak, why should Punjab be always sacrificing

  75. @ rasheed and@pakwatan12,

    I think you guys have never participated in any protest. What kinda agitation do you want from public against police?

    Do you want them resist like Talibans or Molana FazlUllah?

    People of Pakistan want justice through peaceful means. I pray that time never come when people pick weapons and start agitation.

  76. sorry IK and qazi are in ISb now, and IntMinistry after failing to stop them now threeatening we know where ur if u break 144 we will arrest u , wat a bunch of retards

  77. Aitezaz announces that from now an it is an INDEFINITE LONG MARCH.

    Wherever caravans are stopped, they will restart their journey towards Islamabad as soon the barricades are removed, whether it is on 16th, 17th, 18, 19th or 20th.

    Lawyers will not stop before Constitution Avenue.

  78. @ Arif Waheed.
    1. Please allow me to appreciate your rendering of Faiz A. Faiz’s couplet from his poem;which is very apt to the present occasion. I feel that Nawaz Shareef & his colleuges, as well as Aitezaz Ahsan & co-lawyers will definitely get further encouraged to take the ‘plunge’ if somebody repeats it to them, if at all, they are not presently aware of it.
    2. Will somebody please state their e-mail addresses/mobile fone numbers, so they may be be sent such messages of encouragement & which DO MATTER in such situations?
    3. I remember that in the 40’s, my late father mailed one of his prized possessions to the Qaid-i-Azam, M.A.Jinnah, an orignal book on ‘prophesy the famous British Seer & Astrologist ‘ Cheiro,’ ( & when photo-copiers were probably not invented;) in which the author had prophesied that ‘soon the Indian sub-continent will be DIVIDED between the Hindus & Muslims.’
    5.In order to stress upon the Qaid, what ‘Chiero’ had prophesied about ‘Pakistan coming into being in the THEN ‘FUTURE’ my father had under-lined & marked the passages, before it’s actual dispatch.
    4. It was ONLY meant to encourage the Qaid to demand a separate state of Pakistan for the million of Mulims of the Indian sub-continent, (a few days before the Qaid actually proceeded to attend the Round Table Conference in London.)
    5.Though, it is another story, that my father never again heard of his ‘prized possession’ till a friend of mine informed me in the 80’s, about it’s whereabouts; only after my father’s death earlier in 1974, (at the age of 74.)

    6. The friend described having personally THEN seeing, that particular book in the archives of Cadet College Petaro, & which was said to have been ‘gifted’ by one of the Qaid’s leutenants. (Despite my best efforts, I never heard of it any further.)

  79. @Ghost Of TK

    RM said that we won’t stop any one from taking part in the march.

    YRG said they are not afraid of the march and it will proceed.

    And yet all leaders have been place under arrest. All roads have been blocked. So In effect the long march has succeeded long before it started.

  80. long march has beeen successful, this was the last thing govt could do now they have done it, even after all this dun matter wat the number but if dharna happens govt should resign , sharam se he lol

  81. 7 yr old gal died cuz of patang dooree near lhr airport, i hope all that wanted basant and wanteed thier cultture are happy now.

  82. Nabeel gabool such a moron the blocking on 12th may was wrong but today is right cuz wee doiung it. lol

  83. @ Gul
    on geo when reporter asked u guys were protesting on 12th may nad calleed it wrong thats wat he said lolz

  84. GOD they soo stupid I mean now PML-N can say we could have a crowd but our workers have beeen arrested, even if they didnt how govt gonna respond to that, wat morons

  85. a huge number of lawyers and PML – N workers already on GPO chowk

    NS will come out at 11am whereupon he will lead rally toward GPO chowk, Police has informed press that they have been ytold to make no arrests till anyone tries to leave. Seems like confrontation likely.

    So far whole lahore was sealed buit salam to all persons who have still manageed to reach GPO chowk and model town. wow

  86. correction: mostly lawyers on GPO chowk most political workers been arrested right b4 GPO chowk

  87. @justice4all
    Ary 1 and now Geo reporting some sources claim that SS has escaped ch, tanvir house and police just standing there

    Gov. Punjab salmaan bawaseer said we didnt house arrest or arrest any political leader

    he tyhen added “if am lyin am dyin” lol

  88. Geo reporting (all my updates from geo)

    Saad rafique: we r peaceful and want to stay peaceful upto govt to keep us peaceful, remove the barricaddes and let us proceed, but if govt presists we will remove themourselves then the law and order responsiblity reesides with govt.

    NS in consultatuon with leaddership of PML – N. and will come out wheen ready,

  89. An Essay On
    My Country (2015)

    I Love My Country Very Much
    My Country Name Is Karachi
    It Has 4 Provinces N.Nazimabad,Johar,Malir & F.B.Area

    The Capital Of Karachi Is 90
    Asif Ali Zardari The Founder Of Our Nation
    Now He Is The President Of Zardaristan I.E Ex-Pakistan
    Altaf Hussain Is Our President N Farooq Sattar Is Our Prime Minister
    Our Forefathers N Gr8 Leader Fought Against Talibiization Gave Us Independent Nation
    Our National Game Is Fighting
    Our National Cricket Team Is MQM
    Our National Anthem Is “Sathee.. Mazlumo Ka “Sathee” Hai”

  90. KASH!….

    Jis tarah aaj Pakistan k tamam rastay band hain

    Isi tarah

    Zardari K Dunia Main Anay KaRasta 2 Ghantay K liay

    Band Hota


  91. Oh God this govt has lost its mind the whole country now sealed off dude thesemorons have done the job of opposition lol

  92. @afzaalkhan
    SS must have played a lot of CHUPAN CHUPAI (hide and seek) in the childhood thats why every time he successfully a JUL.

  93. @justice4all

    you’ll soon hear “army marches to the president house. The prez was dragged out of the lu and taken to an unknown destination.”

  94. doesnt seem likely that NS will be able to break through that blockade unless a huge mob of PMLN workers show up and descend on the police there…

  95. afzaalkhan said:

    Gov. Punjab salmaan bawaseer said we didnt house arrest or arrest any political leader

    he tyhen added “if am lyin am dyin” lol

    Ameen Sumameen! ‘marhoom shaitan ko pyare ho gaye” LOL

  96. @codefreaq
    dun matter even the attempt will be played big on tv and will further kill ppp and allies,
    IK and qazi arriveed in isb isi baat par sharam se mar jaey govt qazi sahib ko nahi rook pai he is 80 yr old for crying out loud imran i understrand cricket khail kar rami hogaya hai but qazi sahib comeon lol

  97. Taseer sharabi has guts man…he is still saying that no political activist has been arrested in Punjab. I hope nota is ok .
    I couldn’t reach Lahore, flight got cancelled….

  98. SS not even in ch. tanvir;s house was gone b4 police arrived lolz hai kia intelligence.

    Udru daily from lhr editor arrested (not given nameof dailies)

    Geo has been restored in most parts but on last cahnnel but still not transmitting in some parts as per sadar zardari:p

  99. @pak.nukes

    take care of urself and hope u stay out of trouble, IA nota will be ok

    One dun need guts to lie , u just need to have no concience and no khauf-e-khuda lol

  100. 11.am Geo news, Apparantly SS with few others escaped Tanvirs house. But Police are still surronding the house. Gujranwala blocked by the police. Rawalpindi GT road blocked and closed.

  101. it’s funny that so many people were very suspicious of Zardari based on his past record. but through some of his games pre and post elections, I think at least some people were swayed. I’m ashamed to say that I was one of them. but I guess the real face of Zardari has come to the fore again. once a snake, always a snake.

    on an another note, zaalmoon, mazloomoon kee sathi Hina Rabbani Khar aa rahee hay. bhaag zaalim bhaag.

    I’m surprised that my Hina has made no statement supporting the lawyers and condemning the crackdown yet. maybe it’s because the media hasn’t reached out to her yet? hmm…

  102. Thousands of lawyers inside Lahore High Courts. They breifly came out but then they went back inside. Apparantly they are waiting for instructions.

  103. Govt has failed in stopping long march and dharna, it already has happened any moron who claims it hass failed should be send to mental hospital to have his brain check
    oh wait they dun have any brains lol

  104. lol wow helicopters doing recon above model town, zardari should bring out the f 16s and tanks too thats the only thing left. he really crapped his pants worrying about a little march

  105. Sorry folks. Geo has gone back to routine program, Mera Mutabiq, which has been repeated 100 times today.

  106. Presidnet Asif Ali Zardari Saturday said taking to the streets is against the democratic norms because Parliament is present for resolving the issues, source said
    “In democracy issues are resolved by sitting together,” President Asif Ali Zardari said.

    yeah but we dun trust u na untle why dun u kill urself if u love pak so much we promise gto make a museleum 4 u:p

  107. AH on geo:
    dun matter if they arreest me, im gone vice prez will take over he gets arreesteed his asst will take over and it will carry on

    wherever they stop us we will do dharna, whenever trhey removee barricadde we will start march again to const,ave

  108. AA challenging RM how long u can stop us we will see how many marches u can stop eventually we will reach the cont ave and there is nothing u can do to stopit

  109. AA long march now indefinite, keep blocking us wil do dhrana at that spot, when u remove barricade we will start matrch again lol

  110. AA: we have noted every officers name and rank one day they will be prosecuted, they have all been follwoing illegal orders, they have arrested me but this insp and sub inspwill be prosecuted as they have not shown legal cuase.

  111. @codefreaq
    Yes nota was going to attend the rally and if we believe Taseer sharabi, nota should be ok but who believes him anyway? hehehe..24/7 tun governor punjab going to be ex-soon…
    I am perfectly fine and sitting in front of the TV, enjoying my steaming americano and taseer sharabi’s statement.

  112. AA : COD has no mention of restoration of democracy it mentions fresh appointments, so we dun care abt wat PM saying, the political mess is created by govt. Zardari, who is my leader, has done agreements, there is no need to discuss, as when agreeements are there there is nothing to discuss only to implement the existing agreements.

  113. this long march is a flop so far….but yeah they have managed to put brakes to the livelihood of many people for the sake of one individual….good going…keep going!

  114. Aitzaz Ahsan is our hero and a saint for this nation but unfortunatley our nation faield to recongnize such persons who sacrifies there lifes for them.

    We should pay tribute to him and award him with higest country medals.

  115. i still cant get over qazi sahib reached isb abay qazi sahib is geriatric man u cant even stop him lol

  116. Geo now making fun of goivt, saying beside all the barricades,, even after chaapey and even after all the intelligence and blockade the lawyesr have reached GPO lol

  117. Democracy is the best revenge…hahaha
    aaj BB ki rooh bhi khoon kay aansoo ro rahi ho gi.
    When BB led a long march in 1993, she was in the 8th month of her pregnancy but she faced the lathis and tear gasing, I was in that long march so I know what had happened, her party stalwarts ran away from there but she stayed there with her loyals like Naheed, Safdar, Ibne Rizvi and a few others who are not on the scene now BTW it was NS’s government and the march was stopped just like it is being stopped today BUT Shairfs have learned their lessons and I am glad that they have realized that AWAM is the real strength. PMLN and PPP have swapped their roles. Sad for Pakistan and sad for those PPP people who have struggled all their lives.

  118. layweers have broken the high court lhr gate and now have reached GPO chowk. layton Rd JI protetsing and rallying

  119. Lhr Police has locked Ch, Tanvir house from outside and noone allowed to come out even media locked inside

  120. at Liton road lhr Liquat baloch talking to GEO , he i smoving to >GPO Chock with his hundrads of party workers

  121. @paknukes:

    the 1993 clampdown may have been as severe but the roads were not blocked the way they have been now, exim were not affected, hostels were not vacated, petrol pumps were not forcibly closed…this govt is worse than dictatorship…and playing the Sindh card,nauseating to say the least but by doing that Zardari wants to project himself as a hero to Sindhis and go in a blaze of glory..

  122. In my mind, once AZ is kicked out, AA should become the President with Ali Kurd as the attorney General.

    I am totally baffled what AZ is waiting for? He must resign right now OR may be he wants to go to jail for another 8 years…..

  123. Kurd blassting govt on Geo, they lving in dream if they think they can stop us, this govt is in power due to us. Protest is our democratic right and govt cant stop us, govt has lost its mind the tactics are embarrasing that they used against me on airport denying me boarding cards

  124. @Peshawar Gunner
    I agree that this clampdown is horrible..
    Sindhis hate Zardari, you cannot imagine the resentment in Sindh. People hate him and know that he killed BB..come and see it yourself. He is hated to bits in Sindh. Trust me.

  125. I am trying hard to stop my tears looking at Israr Shah. The look on his face is killing me from the inside. Can’t his leader see this?

  126. @paknukes
    Yah, at least that’s the version in Dubai that AAZ killed BB… BTW do u know if one of the daughters(bakhtawar/asifa) really slashed her wrists in Dubai last year…or is it just a rumour…

  127. @pak.nukes

    I am sorry u mioght be right but sindhis have to come out, they have not been coming out like Punjab has been coming out. Sindhis leaders have to come out and public has to come out they can’t have both ways.

  128. people are fast & jumpy in accusing NS & AA

    One of the funniest argument was PMLN workers did not resist the night raid at his Model Town residence.
    No 200 workers will mess with fully geared 1000 policemen & sada libas police.

    We have to look at their (NS & AA) overall long stand not a secluded event.

    These two gentlemen are true to their cause and they have prove their sincerety with their long stand & sacrifices.

    In this regard I am also disappointed with well respected @nota.

  129. @pak.nukes
    any info on whats the army’s strategy is? how long are they gonna wait before doing a quick march to the prez house? some sources claimed gillani has been ordered to address the nation in the next 6 hours.

  130. @afzaalkhan
    I am not Sindhi but I think Sindhis have come on roads more than anyone else in Pakistan and I am certain that they will come out again against this dictator called Zard—–Aari…. rusted aari.

  131. @ Arif Waheed

    ” I am totally baffled what AZ is waiting for? He must resign right now OR may be he wants to go to jail for another 8 years ”

    This time, in his last address to the nation, he will confess his all blunders and his involvement in the the killing of his wife BB and then he will commit SUICIDE in front of the tv cameras.

  132. @true_blue_pakistani
    I have no idea what army is planning to do but I know that Zardari has decided to fight.
    He knows he is losing so he wants to give it a shot to become shaheed-e-establishment.
    Bid time loser.

  133. @pak.nukes

    Time has come now 2 come out and ppp (true ppp)) has to come out not hide behind safrdar abbassi and naheed they have to come out and demand ther party stop this. This is getting crazier by the minute.

    this wont be good if military has to intervene then we gonna have same BS that sindhi prez thrown out by punjabi military and zardari will agian become hero. Soo no military PPP and sindhis have to come out and come out now

  134. @paknukes

    did u just say zardari wants to die….

    oh no, we can do without another shaheed,plz and the last thing we all want is even the name Shaheed Asif Ali Zardari Shaheed.


  135. AZ is playing a very dangerous game… RAW and MOSSADS game by playing ‘the Sindh Card”..this was started by his najayez bhai Altaf Hussain kutta and now everyone is trying to exploit it…We must NOT get into Punjabi/Sindhi stuff. We are one, we are Pakistanis and we will not let this happen to our unity… All of you say YES to this please.

  136. police and workers in front of NS house getting ready 4 confrontation, police has puut more barb wiire and workers and police moving into position

  137. @pak.nukes

    I am a son of sindh born and raised in sukkur, but its time 4 action when AZ and ppp sections using sindh card why sindhis not coming out and denouncing it? I agree we all have to think 1st as pakistani and thats the way it should be but as u mentioned urself kaliya altaaf and PPP always had used sindh card and successfully b4 even BB used that, how is that BB allowed PSF all over pak and SindhPSF in sindh

    anyho NS out of the house

  138. I’ll reiterate yet again, Zardari is defying Kiyani. Rather than give in, he would like to see Martial Law imposed in the spirit of: “Na khedaaN gay, no kheduN deyaaN gay”.

    However, Kiyani is likely to just take Zardari out, rather than impose full scale martial law.

  139. @Peshawar Gunner
    No he does not want to die, he wants to become ‘mazloom’ for future propaganda and yes the wrist slashing story is true though I don’t know the reason. The story came out through a servant and AZ changed most Pakistani servants after that. He has Indians there now and his favourite Sita who had the controversial ‘Will’ in custody.
    This happened when AZ and NS were due to meet but AZ suddenly went to Dubai without telling NS. This was the reason he had to rush to Dubai.

  140. Also, Kiyani will give Zardari enough rope to hang himself before he makes the move. Kiyani will move once it’s proven beyond any doubt that Zardari has done all in his power to destroy what is left of the country.

    Just wait a little while longer.

  141. JI is the first one beside lawyers to reach GPO chowk. Really the non-controllable force. Now its test of nawaz sharif and co.

  142. Kiyani is not interested in imposing Marshal Law, AZ knows this so thinks he is strong. Army wants to save the assemblies but this a–hole is being stubborn. He is like ‘hum tau doobay hain sanam tum ko bhi ley doobain gey’… Sick man.

  143. @afzaalkhan

    army would not(hopefully) impose a martial law but they’ll ask him to either resolve the issues or resign. he ‘s a goon and he won’t budge from his stance otherwise. he has made a mess of the whole country. Sindhis hate him as pak.nukes has mentioned.they won’t buy his stories.

  144. PML – N leader told police to stay out of thier way NS coming out in 10mins and we will go LHC no mattter wat

  145. pak.nukes

    100% agree. and the sanam is NS. but kiyani will just take out zardari, not impose martial law

  146. police and JI with PML – N worlers in tussle in GPO chowk, police doing pathrao on mostly JI workers

  147. @pak.nukes

    which Will? the real one by BB or the fake one that zardaari came up with ?

  148. The lawyers’ movement has challenged the feudal mindset expressing itself anywhere in the power structures of Islamabad, Lahore adn Karachi. Pervez Musharraf with the help of MQM managed to kill people in Karachi on 12th May, and he intended to kill more during the long march in his era. Now Zardari has once again tried to kill long march by kidnapping many lawyers in Karachi with the help of MQM goons, and now he wants to dilute the long march in Punjab with the help of state terrorism, but he forgets that he may be a big thug in Nawab Shah, but this is a different ballgame altogether.

  149. @GUL
    This is excatly what had been decided between the foreign brokers and our establishment, minus one formula. What are they waiting for? dead bodies? They should implement it as soon as possible.

  150. thats insane!! why start hungama!!!

    but for ansoon shell….. they should carry water buckets with them…. like they did in thailand!! as soon as the shell drops they put it in the water!!!

    akhir kitna pheke gaye shells bhi!!

  151. JI fighting with nothing but from Police there is tear gas, danday, firing. f..k you zardari.
    JI Lahore Ameer , Ameer Ul Azeem stands with workers , confronting police at LHC.
    Shabash JI workers. you have emotions , caliber and qualities to confront bastards police.

  152. JI workers should try to not provoke the police. This is supposed to be a non-voilent march and these tactics would give a bad name to the movement.

  153. @smssr84

    \it was bound tyo happen someone willloose cool in mob its the nature of mob man, JI wonmt run away trust me i know JI lol

    shelling on crowd in GPO fromall sides and they back combating again lol told u they wont run

  154. I think Sharif Birdiran are looking for another Martial Law and ISI take over of Pakistan, where they will again take a very heavy mandate of Pakistani Awam. IJI was the creation of Establishment and they are looking for the same.
    This time there will be no Army takeover and no Fauju Raj….
    PPP is better representitive of Pakistani Awam…rather than MUSAM LEAGUE

  155. @pak.nukes

    Army intervention of any kind is not generally welcome. Therefore, Kiyani must wait, and let Zardari demonstrate with his own actions/decisions, that Kiyani’s move was justified, and in public good, supportive of democracy.

    (Though I’m not sure it was a decided formula by foreign powers)..

  156. @Amir Hameed

    U cant blame JI 4 that they trying to reach chow and police stopped them, as they were joined by PML-N workers, ofcoz there gonna be combat. mrey bhi aur roney bhi na day hud hai yar

  157. @Amir Hameed said:
    Police is stopping, arresting, tear gas and you are expecting that people will give flower. o bhai sb, this zardari f..kers tola will just treat by this way.

  158. @Fikarmand

    a proud jiyala finally out wellcome see watur demorctic givt doing bravoo good work continue

  159. @pak.nukes
    of course. Considering that nobody except for zardari knew about her will, it definitely looks fake. If BB had written any such will she would have made it public before her death. But it’s strange nobody from her family i.e. her sister sanam filed a case against zardari.

  160. Nawaz Sharif is trying exactly he was a decade ago. He confine himself only to Punjab, talks to only Qazi and Fazloo type people and wants the status quo aligned with Army Raj. Let PPP govern Pakistan for next 4 years and deal with thse monster Talibans….

  161. @ amir hameed

    i dont even think NS is there!!! how can he be sleeping and resting when there is police outside the home!!!

    my dad is so sure that he has escaped!

  162. @true_blue_pakistani
    sanam never interferes in politics.

    PPP ke logoon if u true PPP ke log come out now if u want a bhutto symbol u can use fatima bhutto

  163. Liaqat Baloch is saying few lawyers leaders to come on stage , and on stage you can see zardari funeral clearly.
    Baloch asking protesters to be peaceful……………

  164. Huge gathering of PML and JI on Mall Road (GPO) in Lahore …. getting even bigger …. 🙂 I dont think polics can handle it anymore…. !!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  165. There was only one leader that Pakistan ever produced and his name was ZA Bhutto. He was murdered by Army Raj. JI and JUI is a cancer to Pakistan and togather with Talibans these criminals must be wiped out. So we need a strong PPP government to acomplish this mess created by ISI and MUSAM LEAGUE…

  166. Huge crwods gathhering near GPO and moving slowly toward mall road the numbers keep increasing

  167. @afzaalkhan

    fatima bhutto seems to be a real threat to zardari’s throne. No wonder he tried to malign her reputation recently.

  168. @Fikarmand

    Ur a cancer gimme ur address will send some talibaan to do some “tableegh”to u lol

    BTW bhutto was killed by judiciary not army so keep stupid judiciary and that will happen again n again. Pak has only one greate leader that was quaid-e-azam rest r just crap and that means any leader

  169. @fikarmand

    JI and JUI ko Allah mare ga InshaaAllah!!! so dont be that fikarmand!!! Allah ki lathi beawaz hoti hai!!!

    btw jin keh aap fan hain….. they all want to seperate their provinces!!! so u might want to look over at ur options!!

  170. The icing on the cake will be when Sherry Rehman, Raza Rabbani etc. join the long march…

    Nothing is impossible….

  171. @afzaalkhan
    you appears to belong to Lalookait. Beheave yourself or go and do some kidhmat for Qazi and Fazloo…

  172. @all
    pls dont reply @fikarmand . he is just detracting discussion. so dont reply this jiyala

    Mian Nawaz is talking with media and coming out from home.

  173. People should stop maligning the pakistan army for political mileage. Just because a few generals misled us doesn’t mean you can hold the whole army responsible for their acts. If it weren’t for our army, our politicians would have sold us to our enemies.

  174. @Fikarmand

    apnui auqaat mat dikhaooo and make me behave atleast im not zardari chamcha, quaid-e-azam was the only leader if u cant udnerstand that kill urself and meet ur dad bhutto

  175. The most corrupt parties are JI , JUI and MUSAM LEAGUE
    Musam league alway want Iqtadar.
    Tomrrow if LALOO Parsad become PM, MUSAM LEAGUE will becomes PML Laloo group. These British Paid Batta khoor are criminals with Some Army Generals…

  176. NS on geo:
    I reject house arreest and all these are illegal actions, these coiurts are illegal unconst so are thier verdicts.

  177. Hamid Mir will Interview Imran Khan from undisclosed location starting anytime now on Geo……

  178. NS on geo:

    Demanding that all barricades be remoived and govt 144 has turned country in jail.

  179. @afzaalkhan
    You looks like a GAY to me. Shaheed ZA Bhutto was the only leader Pakistan ever produced.

  180. @afzalkhan
    hahahahh. great

    Mian sb is speaking with full enthusiam. great. keep mian sb your struggle continue.

  181. @afzaalkhan
    If you are in your bloom then go to Talibans, they will take care of you. You do not have a clue what a messs Pakistan is in.
    Only PPP can take it out of this MESS, and no one else. Kiyyanni is alos a Gay like yourself…

  182. I will add Zardari to be the second only leader Pakistan had produced.
    Having said that I am awarded to be the biggerst lier in the history of world

  183. jeh haijrey edher type hi kur saktey hasin ,oodher police waaley gunja brothren ki dhulai kur rehay hain.

  184. @Fikarmand
    the way you write English or urdu is the way a common Indian write …..


    leave the stupid’s alone man, you worth way more than him.

  185. Whenever some one speaks the truth he is either Indian Agent or Anti Pakistani
    No wonder the seperation of East Pakistna is not debated in national media. The creation of Bangladesh was, is and never will be debated in Pakistan…
    Because truth is harsh and it pinches, that s right.
    Fuck Indians, I ‘m a patriotic Pakistani and its my motherland…

  186. @afzaal

    to the gr8 leader category I would add Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy, the only man who truly deserved to be Paksitani PM

  187. The spirit of Shaheed ZA Bhutto is still alive, and InshALLAH we ill fulfill his mission and make Pakistan a democratic state and clear it from ZIA Biaqiaatss
    Ling Live PPP

  188. sms service blocked in isb, parts of lhr no electricity, parts of NWFP no cable

    this govt has to go

  189. @Fkermand

    why are u harping on an anti Indian tone…who needs enemies when we have Zardari and co.

  190. @Peshawar Gunner
    agreed, raja sahab mehmoodabad they guy gave away everything for pak and wat we did he died living on welfare in london pak main osko aany tak nahi diya:(

  191. Message from PTI

    Dear All,

    As you all know that Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaaf got brutal treatment by the Government–Even dictators had ”a no cross limit”’, but Today Pakistan under Zadari is ”Gen Musharraf PLUS” .First Raid was carried out by uniformed FC + Police at PTI’s central office-where they beat up Islamabad chapter members with sticks and Rifle butts. Sec Gen Awais + 5 members got injured. Second Raid by police was carried by police at mid night and all paid staff was arrested.

    Third raid was carried out by Police again and they took equipment/flags/banners/flyers/stickers etc worth millions of Rupees. Chairman Imran khan’s house is totally under police siege…””he is safe and in high spirits ..and so is PTI ..we are with him upholding our cause..every action by state ”add up to our strength–because there will be A New tomorrow [Insha’Allah] Let me assure all of you -nothing ”has” or ”will ”undermine our determination to fight for the right cause.. These are defining moments of our country..We all can collectively “CHANGE” Pakistan …Giving in means oppression and slavery…Iam sure even PPP has sensible people and we all know real PPP is Zulfiqar ali Bhutto/Benazir—& not Zardari…..Let us collectively stand together to make Pakistan what Quaid-e-Azam wanted it to be/.. . A Pakistan –as was Allama Iqbal’s dream—-Let us side with the RIGHT and FIGHT the wrong — after all it is ”OURS”–YOURS”’ and”’ future generation’s PAKISTAN “Making Pakistan a welfare state, is via justice and independent judiciary….we all need justice and equal opportunities, this is only possible with collective efforts…LETS DO IT

    Best regards and prayers
    Sardar Azhar Tariq Khan
    [Central sec Finance/President Federal capital territory]…

  192. Secretary General PTI, Dr. Arif Alvi has managed to reach Islamabad. The airport was blocked by containers all around. He walked a long distance and saw that every road, roundabout and crossing is blocked by containers.

    “Please keep hopes high. This is another small skirmisdh in the long battle for Insaf in Pakistan and no power on earth can stop this brave country from breaking the shackles of zulm. I believe that we are hammering down the last few nails in the coffin of the feudal, corrupt, looters of Pakistan.”

  193. @Peshawar Gunner
    Its very frustrating that all those who are MUNIFIQS, liars and deceits are patriotic but all those who speak the truth and wants equality for all are Indian Agents or Anti Pakistani….
    In the same tone muslims in India are dubbed as ISI agents…

  194. At GPO chowk, leaders from PML-N Zaeem Qadri, Rana Tanveer and other MNA’s, JI leaders Liaqat Baloch, Ameer ul Azeem , Hafiz Salman Butt and PTI lahore president Mian mehmood ur rashid are at truck and leading participants. keep continue struggle.

  195. @democrate

    ofcourse you are typing here too hyjaray ….. yes that twat police can just beat armless innocent people, women and children…. when talking about catching terrorist they wet their pents like your Zardari … p!ss off

  196. govt sources: reconcilatuion couldnt be happen cuz of nawaz zid. lolz wat a buch of morons its called principles

  197. whole Pakistan seems like Karbala and Yazeed is sitting in President house, general Kayani is definitely filling the shoes of Shimre. 🙂

  198. Fikarmand is some indian idiot. pakistan army butchered them in kargil . seems he still can’t get over the humilitaion LOL

  199. @true_blue_pakistani
    You forgot the 90,000 Army in Bangladesh and Niazi signing of the surrender decelaration.
    Your Generals takes their breakfast in Pantagon and your establishment takes dictation from IMF LOL

  200. NS is ready to leave Model Town for GPO chowk and leading long march. but i request PML-N workers to give security Mian sb as much as possible. zardari tola can anything against Shareef Bradran.
    Allah SWT bless on all participants, all leaders, protect them from any harm.

  201. to all zardari supporter listen no need to fight here u think we wrong and all this is crap and since ur givt is right and democratic hwo abt u all come out and counter protest show us all that nation with u, hell u have police and govt behind u are u scared:p

  202. ohhh idian baiwaqoof jao yeh mat dekhoo baccha kaheen dhotee gili na ho jaey yeh mardoon ka khail hai indians hijroon ka nahi lol

  203. @afzaalkhan
    You looks like KAMMI of Mia Shahib…lol
    Long live Pakistan and long live PPP-Pakistan

  204. Anyone supporting Zardari can NOT be a jayala…….
    Zardari Goonda hai hai….He has hijacked Bhutto’s party……Zardari soor hai hai.

  205. Doesn’t what is gonna happen till 16.03 or even after 16.03.09 but one thing is and very sure and definate that in all cases the looser will be the gov’t and zardari party. They won’t find any place to hide their faces.

    Truth and Justice will be the WINNER at last.

  206. @ fikrmand and @democrate

    What are you doing here? You should go to Mardari Maybe he want to go Bathroom. Today he is alone and “Bacha kahin dar na jaye” .

  207. @fkermand

    ” I am establishment”

    Rehman Malik ,Pakistan Interior Minister to Dr Shahid Masood, talk show host 2007

  208. @fikrmand
    Shame on you guys on supporting the crook. If you guys are real BB and Bhutto lovers then you should hate him for killing BB and hijacking your real PPP or else both of you would be considered AZ’s jail kay sathi….CRIMINALS.

  209. @kmn,zerdari is brave heart.11 years of jail could,nt take away his smile,look ur coward leader who can only destable democratic governments.

  210. Javed Hashmi got arrested from Rawalpindi Bar, he said ” Govt is imposing dictatorship labeling it as democracy”.

  211. police ran away after PMLN workers attacked them in model town and NS is continuing his journey towards gpo chowk

  212. @Fikarmand

    gandhi was gay

    nehru was gay

    indian men are hijras condoms too small for indian men

    indian generals are scared of pakistan army. no wonder they’ve to stage 26/11 and kill unarmed people to fight against us LOL. they know they can never win against us in the battlefield.

  213. Muslim Leaguee matwalay are at full peaks and breaking hurdles on the way from model town to GPO chowk. Police is not arresting and confronting to rally workers. Thats a great thing that league workers are now maturing politically day by day and prove that anti-establishment parties can only save pakistan. two major party grouping is:
    Pro-establishment parties:
    Anti-establishment parties
    PML-N, JI, Nationalist parties from Balochistan, and Sinds, PTI, Mehmood Khan Achakzai and above all lawyers.

  214. yaar indians ko choro ISI he kafi hai inke liye maroo saloon ko ISI ka naam sunteey he inkey naitaoon ki dhotee gili hojaytee hai lol

  215. women are also agitating against police on LHC gate. women are side by side with other participants. great.
    Allah S.W.T protect you all.!!!!!!!!!!

  216. @democrate
    His smile is just irritating. His smile is showing that his mental level is not OK. And he is proving all these thing by his actions.

  217. JI, PML-N, and PTI workers confronting police , their tear gas and laathi charge. Shame on you zardari that you put hurdles on each and every road of country. Shame zardarooo party…….shame.

  218. cant nawaz shreef wait for 4 more years,win election and then can do what ever he wants.why dherna,

  219. Allah iss mulk per reham keray…..yeh emotional log nahi jantay that they are playing into the hands of zia ki baqiaat….no will be a winner out of this….but pakistan will for sure be a loser!

  220. Air firing is starting from Police to threaten participants. shame on you zardai tola. you are torturing participants nakedly and use each and every tactics to push people back.

  221. Smaa TV report that Raisani CM Balochistan is called on SOS basis by Faqir-e-Azam Gellani and zardari

  222. If police really believes that they are always used for political purpose then they should just back off and be by-standers.

  223. participants are lions and models for us. we proud you all. We proud, we salute you all.

  224. GEO TV: Baluchistan CM will meet PM and AZ first and then NS……

    NS must refuse to meet him now…..time for any negotiations and agreements have long gone….NS must refuse bluntly…….

    AZ, you must go NOW and then CJ must be restored right away

  225. ALL these police officers should be prosecuted, lot of ppl injured, Liaqut balooch son among injured.

  226. NS is ready to give AAZ 4 more years ; the problem is AAZ is not ready to rule for 4; he is cutting the branch on which he has been lodged

  227. Taqat sey kisi movement ko tareekh main koi nahi dubba saka yeh manhoos muchaar kiya dubayey ga apnay pimp taseer sharabi key sath.

  228. @arif

    do u think CM bal will come to the lion’s den (GPO chowk)to meet NS..
    not in his wildest dreams..methinks

  229. I salute all party workers and lawyers that they put stone in their “pallo of qamees” and confronting police. I admired , i proud , i salute you all. your emotions can not defeated by any dictator, either zardari or mushi.
    We proud you all. you are our heros.

  230. no more 4 yrs this govt has done wat ever they could in any democratic govt they woudl ahve resigned, so this givt must go.

  231. @Peshawar Gunner

    I agree with you 100%…and that is exactly why I can not understand why PM and AZ have called CM; besides NS must not negotiate to anyone anymore now…..


  232. ary just mentioned that NS caravan is growing and now thousands of people are en-route to gpo chowk

  233. There are four police busses deployed at the Kalema Chown and the SSP Lahore is there in person to stop NS. I believe that four busses is not enough force to stop hundreds of workers.

  234. Listen to Imran Khan’s interview from undisclosed location on GEO TV at 4:00PM Pakistan time…just announced on Geo TV….

  235. I think the question is not if but when?

    I think Govt will collapse before the Lawyers and Politicians even reach Constitution Avenue….

  236. NS has thousands of ppl with him on kalma chowk run over the plice man if NS reach GPO chowk say bye bye to salman taseer

  237. if zerdari go,do u think sindh will let nawaz to rule.
    dont destroy ur own country with ur own hands.

  238. Najam Sethi bakwasoofying on Dunya TV..the RAW d0g has joined Dunya TV so we know who is prompting him. TASEER SHARABI.

  239. Geo reporting that people are joining NS on the way …. !!!!! Great News ……

    We all should pray for Nawaz Sharif ….. may Allah protect him …. government has withdrawn all sercurity from him.

  240. by the way, where the hell Salman Taseer is right now….I am 99% sure he would be in hell….the remaining 1% will be taken care of once the CJ will be restored!

  241. @Arif Waheed said:
    Khinzeer probably taking Voodka as much as possible. he will be with many haseenas and dhuttttttttt in governor house toilet.

  242. Army should not intervene and let the snake Zardari to try and tackle the situation on his own.

  243. DUNYA TV: PML workers have rounded-off police at Maal Road…….Geetay Raho Gavano…God bless you all

  244. @ Arif Waheed ….

    I think all Pee Pee Pee must be hiding in President house or Army house right now ….. !!!! These are the only two “relatively” safe places right now …. But InshAllah even these wont be far away from the hands of people of Pakistan.

  245. naraz sharif needs to be chucked out of pakistan and sent to jeddah….thats where he belongs to…..he is not suited for democracy

  246. It seems that at the Kalema Chown, busses were smashed by owrkers and the caravan is now moving towards GPO through Qaddafi Stadium.

  247. Geo reporting that buses at kalma chawk has been removed from the way by the plmn workers, CCPO who was there to stop NS is now being protected by police ( couldn’t be better), procession is on its way to GPO.

  248. govt getting stay order to restore punjab assembly,,,ary..lolzz

    the aim is not punjab govt but ICM, buffoons and independent judiciary

  249. yaar rizwan nay geo down kar diya dun like dawn and dunya

    anyway beautiful pic puls being protected lolz

    hey lahoria747 why dun u come out and try to throw NS out lolz

  250. And God is the best Planner.

    Bravo- PML-N, Lawyers, JI, Civil Society and everyone in the Lahore procession. The End Game is afoot.

  251. To all zardari and current govt supporters since u think ur govt democratic and since u think all of us r enemies of state why dun u allcome out and show support 4 govt, comeon u can protest in police protection we dun neeed it lol

  252. @ shah
    voh apni chalain chal rahey thai aur ALLAH apni chalain, aur beshak ALLAH he beshtreen mansoobey saaz hai (paraphrasing AL-Quran)

  253. the ppl in GPO comes out in small groups and thrwo stones and they are met by police shelling as soon as police advance they disperse and another group comes out and engage police. lolz aankh macholi at its best.

    Police so far controlling GPO chowk wait till NS reach at GPO chowk

  254. @democrate

    Go to hell you and your sindhi blackmail bullshit

    Sick minded people like you exist in Sindh as well as Punjab but thats fine

    All Pakistanis want justice and thats final

  255. folks, looks like this drama will continue for quite a while. I am feeling sleepy (02:45AM in california) and will be going to bed although my heart says stay and watch the history in making or we should call it a once in a life time chance to watch. enjoy and good night/morning/day/afternoon 😉

  256. Surah Tariq – 86 (versus 15 to 17)

    Indeed, they are planning a plan,

    But I am planning a plan.

    So allow time for the disbelievers. Leave them awhile.

  257. hum dekhaingain lazim hai ke hum bhi dekhaingain

    faiz yelling PPP kai sun rahey ho
    faraz ki rooh ro rahee hai kia tum sun rahey ho

  258. LOL – RM called us to have a meeting in LHR and now they wont let us come to lhr hwo we to negotiate ? lol

  259. rehman malik ek tarf muazakaraat ka dawa dete hain aur doosri taraf saare raaste band karte hain- justce(r) tarid mehmood

  260. ehtijaji railiyaan awami zindagio ko mutasir karteen hain — info min kaira

    abay tujhey oswaqt yeh baat yaad nahi thee jab tum kar rahey thai, and u disturpeed the life by virtuallay turning the country in jail

    zardari kutta hai hai

  261. @afzalkhan
    What are you talking about?
    Stop this sindh punjab rubbish….
    Please save Pakistan. FOR GOD SAKE STOP IT.

  262. zarrorat hoi to sadar tv par qaum se khitab karain gain — info minister kaira
    he then addedd abhi we cant get him out of bathrooom and excuse me i have to run too lol

  263. @bechari awam

    givin up already lol? its 5:46 am here I dont plan to sleep


    he was just explaining the sindh card to smssr

  264. @pak.nukes

    jazbatee larki lolz i forgert to add @user, guy was asking wat sindh card was explaining him

    u need a coke stay away from coffee lolz

  265. @afzzalkhan

    Correction: People of Pakistan want rule of law and they havent demanded Zardari’s removal but only reinstating the Chief Justice

  266. @afzaalkhan
    LOL….thats funny……hilarious…..

    Please try to find out where the hell Taseer is right now…in the bathroom???…LOL

  267. adliya bahali ke liye independent commission bananey ke liye tayyar hai — kaira

    yeah i gotta commission 4 u human rights violation hw abt u show up on that meanwhile bring zadari he is under investigation for mir murtaza and bb murder

  268. @afzaalkhan
    Lolz. I thought you were probably too sleepy or have become demented like our manhoos president.

  269. @afzaalkhan
    BTW coke and coffee both have a common dangerous ingredient, caffeine….not much difference .

  270. @ afzaal khan

    It is Zardari who want to remove himself and he is proving by his actions, such a crap and foolish person no one ever experience in the history of pakistan. I m happy that he is creating such condition that he will be finally removed which will be in best interest of Pakistan. Please Be pakistani and think like Pakistani, We all are Muslim and pakistani first so PLEASE DONT USE SINDH CARD HERE OR BE A PAKISTANI

  271. @pak.nukes

    yeah but u were overheating so thandak of coke na lolz baqi u need to stay up, dun sleep warna zardari aajaey ga nightmares.com lolz

  272. Kaira telling jokes, we want political solutions, yeah buddy wat u doing with police on lhr and arreesting everyone lolz

  273. If violence is thrust upon the people of Pakistan through the illegal orders of Zardari then the people are entitled to return in the same way. This is a defining moment for a new beginning and we need to stay firm on our principles!

  274. @pak.nukes
    miss karachi 🙁

    javed hashmi ka kakh nahi kar saktey mushy nay 5 saal zor laga liya

    Pres;Javed hashmi

  275. dammm m sleepy man … 6 am .. but cant leave this n sleep .. may Allah bless our country n may truth prevail … cant wait for the special imran khan interview done by hamid mir (from a secret location) to be aired on Geo at 4 pm PST ….. meanwhile NS closing in on mall road … luv my lahori mates n all Pakis for standing up

  276. PML-N workers are out in the streets and their numbers are increasing! I don’t believe the police can stand the pressure for long. They must let the people make a manifestation for a new beginning!

  277. @rasheed

    I have a better place in mind for dharna but ;ladies here lets just say on RM where sun dun shine lol
    but wait it dun really explain the exact location kyunke sala oppar se lay kar neechey tak sun dun shine on him lol

  278. Ferozewala(GT Road), people removed containers , clashes with police.

    Dama dam mast qalandar to start in evening on all GT Road.

  279. @everyone
    Whoever is in America, please go to sleep as this saga will continue all day and night long. Rest for a few hours and come back after 5/6 hours. Good night.

  280. ‘aaj ka din lahore ka hai .. kal rawal-pindi aur islamabad ki bari hai’ khwaja asif ….. damm well planned by all parties


  282. ROCK ON …………………. ROCK ON ………………..

    Nawaz Qadam Barhaoooo .. Awan Tumharay saaathhh hai …

    Salute 2 Nawaz . Shahbaz .. Qazi Hussain …….. Imran Khan ………

  283. thank god…finally march is gaining momentum in lahore….i hope it goes on like this……..lets bring the house down………Revolution

  284. abt posting pics can’t u just cipy paste? pak,nukes must know

    i think she is jack of all trades

    usa ka khayal canada ka nahi dil tor diya:p

  285. May allah protect all ppl who are on Pak street for the sake of Pakistan.

    I am sure we all who are not in Pak r very concerned and will be praying for all the courageous bro, sis and elder of our socity.

    Dama dhum mast galandar!

    Pakistan zindabad.

    We will beat them inshallah.

  286. ARY reporting that the “juloos” is HUGE. NS has shown his force. That’s great. Stay firm NS/SS. You have the full backing of your voters!

  287. @afzaalkhan
    You flatter me..thank you for believing in me..:)
    I am jack of some trades and master of none.

  288. Yaar please yeh Absar Alam ko kiya ho gaya hai? Sheeda Tulli is so annoying…please stop his baaja.

  289. @power2rule,

    You can use standard HTML to embed images here. But I recommend you to upload images anywhere else like tinypic.com and just paste the link here, since embedding here will slow the loading of page for users today.

  290. Lahore zindabad, salute to Lahories:D

    May Allah help all these ppl, and inshallah WE will have same momentum all over Punjab and other big cities. like Karachi and Quetta also.

  291. its 6:18 AM here. I would never miss these moments. I just wish i was there. Tea and cigarettes zindabad

  292. @pak.nukes
    mera kaam poora banda jeeta he isliye he ka haseenoon ko flatter karey

    *looks at jamhooriyaat*
    except u tum mujhey mushkook lagtey ho:p

    Kurd left from quetta

  293. @ Every one

    In case of the success of this movement IC will be restored and obviously judiciary will be functional but i have few more thoughts for every one

    1. Will Pakistan nation will get rid of corrupt political system and leaders

    2. What about the system, will it change

    3. Will the new era be started??? Do you think so?

    Right now every one is very enthusiastic to support NS coz he is supporting Judiciary but every one knows that we have selected him twice and results were not fruitful. Don’t we need a true leader who represents Pakistan? I personally believe we should continue our struggle until and unless we put Pakistan on right path. This corrupt millionaire will again start looting and corruption after the issue become settled down.
    We need sincere and honest people from our own class this richest and corrupt class should not allow to govern on us. All Pakistan can be united on the name of Islam and Pakistan. Its time to unite and forget the racial division among us.

  294. current crisis will “eat up” the government – Sheikh Rasheed on Dunya TV…..

    there you go sheeda tilli…..this is the same crisis that ate up Musharraf and Sheeda Tilli’s government….

  295. for image use the following tag

    whr url is= complete path of pic … “C:\myFoler\abc.jpg”

    hope it helps

  296. “Govt vastly underestimated the public response. Govt has lost it. This will destroy the economy.

    Govt. callously expelled children from hostel, including girls.

    Hawks destroy every govt. Govt has not learnt anything from our mistakes.”

    Tariq Azeem talking a lot of sense on Saama TV.

  297. ‘dekho dekho kon aaya … shair aaya shair aaya” ….. wot is govt thinking right now … dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  298. judges ki bahali ke liye azad commission ke huq main hai — babur ghori

    wat crap wat independent commissiion yeah by all means for new judges after nov 2 1st restore nov2 then will talk

  299. @Omar
    Babar Ghauri alias Zakoota Jinn….terrorist aman ki baatain ker rahay hain…wah wah wah. Mogembo khush hua.

  300. This is unthinkable and unbelieveable … !!!! there are probably 100 times more people with Nawaz Sharif than anyone anticipated …. !!!!!

    Mian Sahab Cha gain hein … !!!! Salman Tasee and Zardari and Co must have peed in their pants … !!!!

    This is revolution …….. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nawaz Sharif Zindabad … !!!!!

  301. just instead of “url” use the path of the file …. so something like this ..

    but i agree wid admin post tat upload to the website n use a link coz it wud make loading of page slow for ppl

  302. @tariq
    khwaja asif said they are in islamabad but the last report from the media was that he is in pindi coz thats where the islamabad long march gonna start so it seems logical

  303. Lahore My city … YOU MAKE ME PROUD. I am proud to be one of “Lahories”. I wish whole Nation understands that its time to make sacrifices and march towards Islamabad. Dont let anyone hijack this very precious movement in country’s history. March and Install institutions that protect peoples rights not few generals or bureacrates or politicians’ rights.

  304. @bring-change

    the idea is not to support individuals but ideas. The new generation of Pakistanis are wise enough i hope and have learned their lessons looking at the current enthusiasm for a cause and an idea rather than hard and fast loyalties. Appreciating someone for supporting the right cause and associating unquestioned committment are not going to stand in the coming days. Atleast thats the greatest hope this movement has given me.

  305. i’ve never been so proud to be a son of lahore before
    no wonder it is called the heart of lahore
    long live lahore
    long live pakistan




  307. @true_blue_pakistani
    no need to call a doc
    just show him a pic of NS
    i am sure he will be shitting all over the presidency

  308. مجھ کو پھانسی چڑھا دو مٹا دو مجھے
    قتل گاہوں میں زندہ جلا دو مجھے
    میں ہوں منصور سولی چڑھا دو مجھے
    اس سے بڑھ کر بھی ہے تو سزا دو مجھے

    ہاں میں غدار ہوں ایسے جمہور کا
    غم کے منشور کا کالے دستور کا

    پتھروں کی طرح کیسے زندہ رہوں
    ظلم سہتا رہوں منہ سے کچھ نہ کہوں
    قتل انسان کی بات کیسے کروں
    ایسے دستور کے ساتھ کیسے چلوں

    ہاں میں غدار ہوں ایسے جمہور کا
    غم کے منشور کا کالے دستور کا

    مجھ کو مارا گیا مجھ کو پیٹا گیا
    مجھ کو سڑکوں پہ جبرا گھسیٹا گیا
    کیا خطا تھی میری کب یہ پوچھا

  309. geo reporting wsherevere NS caravan passes he is joined by more ppl but the crowd has gotten so big that 5 mins way has become hr n half and still hasnt reached GPO

  310. A frined in islamabad sent me an email saying all sms services in isloo are blocked. 🙁 Can any body confirm this?

  311. Lahore Lahore Hei …….. As Nawaz Sharif stated before leaving his home …. it is just like Pakistan movement …. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nawaz Sharif and Lahori awam zindabad … !!!! Pakistan Paindabad …. !!!!!

  312. @Omer
    How long are you planning to stay awake? I am been planning to go to sleep for the past two hours lol . Do not want to miss moments of history being written

  313. kurd reached quetta airport says he rejeects the order denying him entry in punjab and says he will go to ISB

  314. ARY reporting that it will be an impossible task to stop the masses now. People are no longer enjoying Basant but rather following the proceedings from the rooftops and sending flowers towards the participants 🙂

  315. If police will try to stop this rally it will ofcourse go voilent … Police can not stop this any oppression will eradicate police then and there …

  316. Ottawa here

    @ power2rule

    just go to this website http://tinypic.com … thrz a form thr .. upload the pic by browsing .. it wud giv u a link for ur pic .. paste tat link here .. easy for u n easy 4 us 2 see

  317. I wish NS, SS, Ali Kurd and IK get together in Pindi if not in Islamabad…..Then I will see AZ, RM aur Taseer k Tatt_n mein kitni jaan hai…..

  318. Poeple of Lahore slapped the Basant on the face of Salman taseer, Rahman malik and Zardari … and stuffed all the kites in Salman taseer a$4

  319. I bet AZ, RM aur Taseer k Tatt_y NS, SS, IK aur Ali Kurd k Pindi punchnay say pehli hi bust out ho gaa-engay

  320. @ziawaraich

    Imran Khan’s interview from some unknown location is going to on air at around 30 minutes.
    So can’t help myself.

  321. @hasan24

    when i post that tag IT JUST DISAPPEARS for some strange reason.

    it doesnt show the image .. not even the tag text =/ it just disappears.

  322. Zardari lovers

    run cowards run …. save yourself, nation will otherwise put u on donkey black faced

  323. yeah waiting for imran’s interview in 13 mins …

    @ power2rule

    i see the pic dude .. its some place in lahore . but not of long march dudeeee

  324. adliya ki bahalee ka road map tayyar kar liya hai — kaira

    man they have really lost it 1 hr main he has given so many conflicting statements. abay humain kai bata raha hai implement the agreeement and calll offf ur dogs

  325. @power2rule,

    Please share links for now as the slow loading of pics will become inconvenient for people today.

  326. Imran Khan in special interview with hamid mir on Geo from un-known location in about 5 mins … meanwhile NS passed from ichra towards GPO

  327. People beating the crap out of a policeman near GPO chowk. Some people desperately trying to save the poor chap. Police unable to come to his rescue.

    Saama TV

  328. Nawaz Sharif’s gathering is getting bigger and bigger ……. !!!!!!!! This is unbelievable !!!!! By the time it reaches High Court and if it continues to increase like this …. it would turn into a million march !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  329. Kaira on Geo TV right now…interviewed by Kamran Khan…get ready for some world class Bull-Shit

  330. I feel sad for the poor santries of Lahore. These poor fellas have not learned anything but to beat the sh!t out of people on orders from their criminal masters. I would prefer to scare them and let them escape the scene. Anyone who stays back must be held responsible for the criminal activities of dandlu team.

  331. “Adliya ki bahali kay liyay ROADMAP tayyar kia gaya” — Qamruzzaman Kaira

    “hamara Roadmap For Peach FotoCopy kiya hai! chore kahin kay” — Ariel Sharon ki Sektree

  332. Qaira
    Kaein Kaein!!!!!!!!!!
    Kaein Kaein!!!!!!!!!!

    Kaein Kaein!!!!!!!!!!
    Kaein Kaein!!!!!!!!!!

    Kaein Kaein!!!!!!!!!!
    Kaein Kaein!!!!!!!!!!

  333. GPO Govt Building under control of Jamat Islami Activists! Jamaati’as in control of the GPO chowk after severe stone throwing on the police..

    JI flag flying on GPO chowk.

    Zaalmo! Qaazi Aa rahaa hai! lol

  334. Kaira now talking abt NS agreement with mushy, who cares talk with NS we want nov 2 judiciary so delivere it or resign

  335. Lahore has waken up whole country …… Congratulations Nawaz Sharif … Congratulations Muslim League ……. Congratulations Lahore ……… Congratulations Lawyers ……… Congratulations Pakistan

  336. kaira admmitted that they made the deal with mushy to save thier govt otherwise mushy would have dismissed thier govt. ohh u cowards BB ka khoon itna sasta

  337. apni offers apnay pass rakh looo kaira ……….

    ab tu tum sab ki waaaat lagnay wali hay ……..

    Karmran khan screwing to kaira

  338. Gul said: ” I’ll reiterate yet again, Zardari is defying Kiyani.”

    I think Zardari “the irritant” is being played and he is being egged on by parts of the ‘kleptablishment’ to go to the point of no return, and then he will be pushed off the brink …

    maybe wishful thinking.

    I wonder if we even have suitable replacement candidates for President? Who could it be?

    Aitezaz Ahsan? or NS ??

    Obviously there is no 3 term limit for presidency… lol

  339. @Arif Waheed said:

    Qazi Hussain is in Islamabad among other leaders including Mian Shahbaz, Imran Khan, Syed Munawar Hassan to participate and lead march and dharna tomorrow.

  340. Kaira we did the deal with mushy and we said politically we will restire judges
    kamran khan asked if thats the case why we should believe u now
    kaira — or everyone track record is bad

    get a life looser

  341. kamran khan playing the “good a$$hole” today… attacking kaira … or so it seems…

    kaira namak halaali ki koshish kar rahah hai…

    GPO furniture being burnt on mall road. Way to go Salman Taaseer!

  342. kaira we saying they want to protest and do dharna we can talk then

    kamran khan should ask him thats how u allow protest and dharna

  343. Kamran Khan is asking how can you (PeePeePee) be trusted again since you have repeatedly being back tracking on agreements? 🙂

    Qaira’s answer was as the usual…..keiN, keiN…. 🙁

  344. Ayub khan was right….pakistan is not suited for democracy…..where were all these people and where was naraz sharif when musharraf was in power….lattoon kay bhoot baatoon say nahi maantay…..bhutto was stupid….he should have gone to exile and returned as a leader again…..zardari was stupid too….he thought his 11 years of jail will bring democracy to pakistan ……what did they know that the people of pak are so stupid!!…..kal kay bhagoray ajj kay leader ban gayay hain….ek din jail reh nahi saktay…..aur baatein qurbani ki…..the people of pakistan have no value for sacrifices!

  345. KAIRA R4PPED BY Kamran Khan … he is begging please save me from nation they will do it again and again with me ….

  346. @GTK
    I think there is 3 term limit for president’s office too. I will have to check the bl@@dy 17th amendment though.

  347. Khinzeer Madari—tum sab ki shamat ayeee
    Jhooton ka IG Malik Dacoit and Kanjroon ka IG Khinzeer beghairat are looking safe place for their exit.
    Zia did nothing against PPP in 10 years but zardari madari did it in 10 months. Congrates all jiyalay

  348. Kamran Khan is screwing Kaira big time…

    Kaira’s tone not only showing but proving that he can see what’s coming and coming soon….

    sorry Kaira…you have had your chances but you didn’t heed when you should had….

  349. man this kaira is full of shit
    same old bullshit
    but kamran khan really gave him a tough time
    they have lost the plot completely
    one min they say one thing and then in the next argument they deny it
    bunch of looooooosers
    congratulation all pee pee pee supporters for giving us these bullshiters

  350. @lahoria

    “Ayub khan was right….pakistan is not suited for democracy”

    I think you don’t deserve to be called a Pakistani!

  351. Kamran Khan should tell Qaira, “Your mandate has expired. Your popularity is less than 10%, You have no right to stay in power. People have rejected Zardari league.”

  352. And don’t call yourself Lahoria. The people of Lahore are showing that they can fight for a noble cause.

  353. kaira we want to reduce tension and talk — nothing to talk baby implement nov 2 position warna dharna hoga dhartna hoga

  354. any guess, how many hours away we are from the change??…I think between now and the next 36 hours…

  355. @Arif Waheed

    We should not count hours. Just keep on building the momentum and you will se that Zardari will stumble soon, inshallah!

  356. riyasat ki duty, i will show u riyasat ki duty kal tum bhi oppo main hogay and trust me u will pay for this

  357. Kamran Khan should have just asked Kaira whether PM is reinstating the November 2 judiciary by an ORDER, and is he going to advise the President for lifting the Governor Rule. If answer is still negotiations or NO, then he should warn him then he should start packing up fast.

  358. If it is not the Army trying to kick zardari out, what could be the worst case scenario?

    It seems to me that Zardari/Kayani may be moving towards declaring emergency in the WHOLE COUNTRY.

    All the pieces are in place. I just hope NS’s security detail doesn’t let anyone get near him.

    They may have severely brutalized a peaceful protest to get the effect we are seeing on the screens.

  359. nawaz has finally proved that the crowd is with him..he has proved that he wont accept any freaking deal until Cj gets restored

  360. @Shirukh
    What about PTV? there is a technique for dubbing the videos. Even with big mob and good camera man, you can say that a few protestants are miscreating the situation. Have you ever seen a camera work during the MQM rally, I don’t have words to appreciate the camera man, whereas you know that is also support of PPP and Jamaat e Islami there.

  361. SS on Geo: kaira lying abt mushy pact, we didnt trap ppp we asked 1st restoration of judiciary then will dealwith mushy

  362. @democrate

    lo ek aur retard wapis, abhi ek gaya tha dosra aagaya barish ka mausam nahi tum keerey makoorey kahan se nikal aatey ho lol

  363. man ppl beating the shit out of poor chillars lol
    i can’t stop laughing they must be wondering how the hell these sheeps got the courage to beat the police

  364. bhaiyo, GEO kahan aa raha hai, I had three sites but ot stops every 3 minutes and now completely off.

  365. hey democrate u happy 3 died a 7 yr old gal and 10 so far injured cuz of basant kites thread on thier neck. I hope u love all these deaths happy that ur culture is saveed dun matter how many innocent ppl died.

  366. Wonder if the Army comes rolling in particularly in light of how desperate things are becoming. Also, I just hope that NS doesn’t (or hasn’t already) strike any deals with this thug AZ, as otherwise it would be a real pity that our politicians are merely there for power and don’t give a damn about all these mis-fortunate pakistanis.

  367. @democrate
    Tumharay muh main khak.
    Duffa ho jao aur yeh baat ja ker apnay chachay zardaray ko samjhao…

  368. We are already in Pindi/Islamabad.
    Today is Lahore’s day and tomorrow its going to be Pindi/Islamabad’s day.

    Khawaja Asif.

  369. y is kamran khan putting pressure on SS to step down and start doing ‘mofahimat’ wid gournment again …. damm he is making me angry … and as hulk said ‘u dont wana make me angry’

  370. well this is a slap on the face of each and everyone who used to say that NS has no street power.
    and a slap on that bawaseer’s face who must be celebrating basant in the toilet.

  371. Qazi sahib: dun want to remove govt not in favor or army interventuion just want juudicary restoratuion

  372. Geo :police has spent all the stock of tear gas in GPO but protestors didnt run away so polkice has to move out in GPO and its now under control of protestors, laweysr children woman ppl are having a festival lol

  373. after withdrawl of police , some 10 or more police officers joined protestors and start doing naarey abzi calling adliya zindabad and NS zindabad

  374. hahahaha geo reporter:

    uniformed police raising slogans:

    “Adlia zinda baad, Nawaz Sharif zinda baad”


  375. Is this a Revolution? My “gunah gar” eyes have seen so many false dawns. Let us pray that our leaders don’t dissappoint us again. I pray to Allah to show them the way. I pray to Allah to grant them the vision. I pray to Allah that he grants us the “ARROJ” that this nation deserves.

  376. hey zardari faithfuls and mqm ke chamchoon how abt a jalsa like that in lhr:p karachi main saley bandooq ke zor par aao na aisa karoo jalsa lolz, i guess urs is now jalsee:p

  377. when nawaz shreef will come in to power.i bet it,with in a year, the people will be in streets,demanding his resigneation.our nation gets bored very soon with democratic governments.

  378. @Tauqeer Akbar

    ameen sum ameen, nhumain hidayat day, hum par reham karey, humain sirat-e-msutaqeem par rakh, humain taqat day, humain baseerat day. Pak ki hifazat karey hum par apni rehmatoon ka sayaa rakh — ameen

  379. @afzaalkhan
    I live in Karachi and I am Urdu speaking. I HATE MQM GANGSTERS. BHUTTA KHOR KAMINAY GOONDAY>>

  380. dammmmm .. m sleepin guyz .. keep up da gud work n don u guyz screw it up … wake me wen Imran’s interview comes … nitty nite

  381. @ pak,nukes

    we should talk more me too urdu speaking
    baqool faiz
    khoob guzrey gee jo mil baithaingain deewaney do