9 thoughts on “News at 5 (2) – 15 March 2009

  1. hahahaha! GhostOfTK KhuSh huaa!!! thousands hidden in the hills around Islamabad.

    Establishment’s Worst Nightmare.

    And The First Time the Tribals have come peacefully, the next time they come, it may be in a more violent way.

    I’m Sure Zardari has a winning strategy.

    Ek Zardari, Sab peh Bhaari! ROFLMAOMGWTFBBQ!!!

  2. admin please keep updating ! pkpolitics is our only connection to watch this history being made right now. Also can we see imran khan’s interview with hamid mir at 4:05 pm pst ??

  3. Awam ne ghaddari aur police ki le li. GPO chowk par awam ki success towards long march tu dekho inshallah long march kaamyaab ho ke rahe ga.

    zardari ka dafa hona ab zaida door nahi.

    Awam zindabad

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