Off The Record – 15 March 2009

Kashif Abbasi discusses today’s unexpectedly huge PMLN turnout for the long march, defying most predictions. Today everyone is talking about the street strength of PMLN and the events as they unfolded all day on the streets, with guests, Raja Pervez Ashraf (PPP), Athar Minaallah (Spokesperon CJ) and Imran Khan (on Phone). (Video_Normalized)

9 thoughts on “Off The Record – 15 March 2009

  1. As off writing these lines, restoration of Judiciary, is just few hours away….

    But what about those who let Pakistan go in this chaos.
    What about those who played their role in the most sinister possible way.
    What about those culprits who served in their own best interests.

    Are we going to let them walk away as we let Musharraf and his associates.
    Can we afford another such adventure by politicians.

    Has not the time come that we start thinking with bit more responsibility and seriousness.

  2. @ Siyana!

    NRO’s magic wand will show its wonders again. I think the deal includes CJ to overlook NRO and endorse Zardari in return of his re-reinstatement.

    Thats what Hillary Clinton’s one phone call can do. I wonder why she she took so long to call. I think the timing here is of utmost importance and does send alot of signals.

  3. @ Muhammad Pervaz

    I have to agree with you weather i like it or not. that is why I have always said we need a change, in this whole lot of politicians, any hopes are more of a self deception.

  4. I live abroad orignally from Islamabad. Its really hard for me to beleive that people of Sindh have support and respect for MQM, obviously apart from support extended on gun point by the MQM terrorists.

    Most of us, actually all of us, think of MQM as a terrorist party, whose politics revolve around force and corceion. Most of us see them as a pack of oppurtunists who have always exploited the oppurtunity with their racist coments and Sindh card, have access to funds through organised rounds of ”bhatas” and least to mention Raw – indian intelligence.

    Irony is that Musharraf offered full support in his time for all the notorious reasons.

    Why Sindh and people of Sindh are hostage to these crimnals – Any Sindhi Bhai who could answer

  5. @ Muhammed Pervaz!

    If the whole nation has stood by CJ, have fought for him for more than a year, than we should be optimistic enough to rest our trusts in him, however, history is witness, we know our leaders are full of surprises.

    God forbid if we are let down this time. what hope we will have then !!!!!

  6. raja tusee never was the gali kocha siyasatdaan
    it was only hanif abasi
    naray naray hanif abasi
    jiye jiye jiye hanif abasi

  7. whole one world ko

    Geo ko…

    Aaj Ko

    Mubarak ho

    No doubt aap (Kashif, Dr Shahid, Hamid, Talat) sab nai bohat zabardast shows keye!

    Good work

  8. RPA almost a week ago I had directly warned you, don’t talk in a high pitched see what happened your own Zardari is ready to settle down the Deposed Judges. Why your type of people do not believe the following, mind you most of people in the entire world rather at the extent of keeping blind faith!



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