Gilani Schedules the Restoration of Chief Justice

GilaniPrime Minister of Pakistan has announced the restoration of Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry on 21st March 2009, when illegal CJ DOGar retires.

After Gilanis’ address to the nation, the leadership of lawyers movement and political parties called off the Long March peacefully and declared victory. The deposed judges who have now been restored also expressed great happiness with the decision. PM also announced release of all political prisoners and removal of section 144 from all over Pakistan.

The text of the speech is attached in the post. Click to enlarge the text.

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556 thoughts on “Gilani Schedules the Restoration of Chief Justice

  1. I am skeptical about buying this statement from Gillani/Zardari since AZ is such a perpetual liar. In the speech, no mention by Gillani of removal of Gov Rule, and will the judges be reinstated with Nov 2 status?

  2. At-hur Minallah basically accepting the decision formally on behalf of the CJ.

    So. GAME OVER!

    Class Conflict goes on. Sharif Brothers will regain their fiefdom.

    Will we ever see a judicial reform movement?

    Will we see an inquiry commission against the draconian measures taken by Rehman Malik, Zardari and Taseer?

    Will we see Rehman Malik resign for turning into fvcking hitler????

  3. A total dividing strategy………

    More likely NS will accept it, AH and IK will not,

    Divide and rule……………., Zardari is going to rule, no IMC restoration.

  4. Just for the record:

    Isn’t this what I said a while back as the problem with a one point agenda?

    That they would restore CJ on the 15th and everyone will be left with the system intact????

  5. there is something fishy about it…must be some sort of give and take deal between zardari and opposition

  6. Yes there is apprehension.

    Yes one still can’t fully trust the government as it has virtually zero credibility and no shame.


    This is a HISTORIC Day, Pakistanis coming together and standing up in the face of an oppressive regime to demand the reinstatement of these brave judges. This is about the Civil Society in Pakistan sticking together for a cause and not for a personality and in the process over-powering the oppressors.

    Yes, Today is a Good Day…..It is by no means an end but a start a positive start….a very positive start…… YES WE CAN!!

    God Bless Pakistan!

  7. Now you know why Justice Tariq met CJ for 20 minutes before heading out.

    CJ has accepted his re-instatement.

    Let us now focus on Reform of the Judiciary and Reform of the Political Parties.

    Pliss!! Pipple! Plisssss! We need to stop more Zardari’s barging into positions of power.

  8. Gilani speech is another fraud with the nation.
    Nov 3rd juduciary will not be restored.
    This is just another trap to stop long march.

  9. the judiciary is restored, but 3rd nov 2007 things are not reverted back.
    which cannot be done in one day, I think judiciary can resolve these thing by themselves.

    Pakistan Zindabad.

  10. Its amazing how Gillani says “once I realized that Dogar retires on 21st, I took it upon myself to remind AZ that it was time to reinstate Chaudhry”.

    I’m sure if the dharna hadn’t taken place, this billi would not have remembered this critical detail.

    Its amazing how these people all of a sudden take full credit of a decision that the nation forced them to make. And why the hell is he thanking Billawal when that diapered kid has done nothing whatsoever.

  11. NS is for sure ‘NA IHEL’

    he deserves this, Now I am sure that he is more inept than billi, He is just accepting every thing, either he is getting in the trap or he is already in some deal with AZ

  12. The dharna should stay in ISB till March 21st. If NS stops the march (@Dar) then hes the stupidest most gullible person in Pak. Lets wait to see what AA and IK say.

  13. This does not mean dharna interrupts or impedes day to day life, but not to leave so as not to give AZ a second life.

  14. NS hasn’t announced anything, but don’t expect the poor guy to look a gift horse in the mouth.


    Change will come through constant struggle. Don’t give up now bicchizz! The work is just starting!

  15. Long March finished after consultation with Lawyers.

    Tariq Mahmood, Ather Minallah, Munir Malik have already expressed their agreement with the decision.

    No reason for Nawaz to continue it anymore.

  16. Khawaja Shareef was also very happy with the decision and just told Kamran Khan that he has congratulated Chief Justice Iftikhar too.

    Now if PTI Nappy Group want to come out of hiding and continue their Dharna against the wishes of Lawyers and Judges, they are most welcome to continue.

  17. as salamu `alaykum

    The situation is very confusing. But it certainly seems that the lawyers are calling it quits, and hence NS is also calling it quits.

    Quite honestly, munh mein badmazgi aa gaye. Rang mein bhang daal diya.


  18. They should’ve gone all the way to islamabad to confirm the deceptive government that they will do everything that pm said in his speech.

  19. i congratulate nawaz shreef for accepting government decision.both ppp and n league should work together.zerdari also should show sincerety and stop being too smart.

  20. @shandana,

    PTI NG, please tell Imran Khan to come to Rawalpindi High Court Bar at 10am to start Long March (you still have 3 more hours). The only loser in this Long March has been only IK who has been hiding underground.

    IK and his NG are most welcome to go and conduct Dharna as no one stopped you.

    Sher Sher he hota hay and Nawaz Sharif has proved it in public, starting from beating police outside his residence at Model Town and then getting Lahoris on the road to leading to Islamabad.

  21. Zardari won it seems becoz the jiyala judges are still there!! He again outwitted the entire nation. Bastard. Anyhow brothers, the struggle will continue in one form or the other till these morons are wiped off of our beloved sacred land.

  22. The CJ and nov2 back, all new appointments implemented by zardari are now in limbo till they get aopproved by parliment under COD .. ALLAH HO AKBAR

  23. The point which noone is paying any attention to and should be answered before calling off the long march is what will happen to the LHC CJ? When Khawaja Sharif is restored will he become the LHC CJ or will the current CJ remain in that role.

  24. as salamu `alaykum

    Yes. Before badmouthing NS, consider the fact that the decision to stop Long March was mushtarikah.

    It should not have stopped. There’s something fishy, extremely fishy.

    One thing that is extremely uncomfortable is the ‘delay’ of the restoration to Dogar’s retirement day.

    I wonder much lootmaar is going to happen between today and the 21st.


  25. Whoa hold on fellas, lets not get disheartened quite just yet. Know this, if AZ pulls a fast one on March 21st, he can expect another civil disobedience protest because now the nations expectations are very high. If he backtracks, the mob will go for his throat.

    Regarding NS, we all know he is stupid, gullible and slow whilst SS has all the brains. Yet the people follow NS more. I wonder why?

    Remember, if it wasn’t for this protest, even this decision from Gillani/Zardari would not have occurred.

    All things considered, a mission well executed, but we are nowhere near done.

    Pakistan Zindabad.

  26. @shandana

    Take it easy bro, I’m sure NS consulted with the lawyers before stopping. I am a big fan of IK but I have to say he should have been there with NS in Lahore he has gained nothing by hiding underground in Pindi.

    Btw lets get one thing clear this movement is for the lawyers not NS or IK and no one should forget that.

  27. @ rasheed

    The dumb ganja can never compete the elegance, the intellect and intelligence of Imran Khan. Nawaz Sharif to itna stupid hai keh Zardari ne usse 3 dafa chuna laga diya tha, what about that ? And for your information, thousands of PTI workers participated in the long march in all parts of Pakistan. Meanwhile your ganja master Nawaz Sharif has accepted a munafiqana deal once again and only time will tell. I am sure that they won’t be getting their govt back and they probably will remain na-ahel always. Though I would be sad for Shahbaz Sharif as he is the real bloodline of PML-N and is the best administrator in Pakistan.

    But no one compares to the dedication and sincerity of Imran Khan. Nawaz has been tried twice by our nation already and he proved a miserable failure. Its time for Imran Khan!!

  28. Nawaz Sharif has proved his Historic Street Power and no Zardari would dare to break his promises again. This was failure of entire establishment with their best performance of blocking entire Pakistan.

    Chah Gaya Nawaz Sharif and God Bless PMLN and all others who made this successful.

  29. Come on guys notificatuion has been issued.

    1 – Nov 2 position 2 be restored.

    2 – all appointments made by zardari meanwhile has to be riverted to parliment and will go through parliment approval as per COD.

    these were our struggle, IK NS QAZI Sahib, all lawyers leaders have agreed and accepted it, dun believe NS atleast believe lawyeres and IK they stood steadfast they must have read the orders they are satisfied.

    We won ALLAH ho akbar

  30. Kurd saying that he is satisfied with the decision on ARY right now and he announce finishing the Long March.

    PTI Nappy Group can continue doing whatever they want.

  31. as salamu `alaykum

    For anti-NSers: GEO Ticker confirms mushtarikah faislah between Aitzaz & NS to call it a day.


  32. 3rd November 2007 actions will be put up in Supreme Court and the CJ Iftikhar Cahudhry will take good care of it.

    And knowing that entire nation is behind Chief Justice, he will take any decision without any fear except God and all garbage will be cleaned by the Supreme Court.

  33. Next Step Repeal 17th amendment.. Zardari will become Fazal Ilahi Inshallah! Shahbaz will be out CM Inshallah!

  34. @afzaalkhan

    have you actully seen the wording of notification?
    does it categorically states what Gilani said in his speech?

    How can u be so sure that notification says all of the above.

    No restored judge has actually received the notification.

    With Zardari even if it is written on paper would you actually believe it will happent that way.

    As far as 17th Amendment is concerned forget that it will ever come in CJ Court.

  35. @rasheed

    he dun have to do that the order is already there calling Nov.3 actuions illegal and only way to anything is by parliment. aab bhool jao Nov 3 returning in ths parliment lol.

    IA 17th amen repellation and salman taseer ko jotey lol

  36. I think the whole deal was done before the long march. Why would US just sit aside and just let a country it needs for the war on terror , go to hell like that. Why would a greedy chamcha general of musharraf who arranged NRO between zardari and musharraf sit quietly and not take advantage of the situation?

    I think teethmaestros conspiracy theory was right. The deal had been arranged by hillary clinton and her assistant kayani. NS was caught up in judicial crisis and he couldn’t abondon lawyers without inflicting a lot of political damage to himself. It was arranged that dramaybazi will go on for the entertainment of pakistani public, then judges will be restored with compromises. IK and qazi will be sent to Islamabad to wait for NS who will steal the spotlight and his potential opponents in punjab will just appear to be his sidekicks.

    In the coming days sharifs should get punjab back (or zardari will backtrack from his deal, he is a suicidal maniac anything can be expected from him.)

    anyway this is a constant struggle for us and democracy is a slow process and a victory is a victory,small or big. the good things that come out of this are a self aware pressure group of citizens, media and lawyers. also PTI workers learned the fine techniques of throwing back tear gas shells from Jamatis, which I have a feeling they will need and put to good use in the future.

  37. B**** Ch**** Samaa TV cut off Kurd just as he was highlighting the issue of thousands of Baluch political prisoners languishing in agency jails!

    WTF! I thought this was a new pakistan?

    I want ma money back beatch!

  38. @geelemitti

    brother it says on Geo, and thatw as the specific qts asked by Kamran Khan and he confirmed its not only CJ its nov 2nd and notification has been issued. Also he confirmed the new appointee by zardari had to go back to parliment.

  39. Personally, I would have loved for the long march to reach Constitutional Avenue and bring down the zardari regime. But perhaps that also ran the risk of another martial law.

    But given that the lawyers themselves are announcing their satisfaction, it was not possible for Nawaz Sharif to continue the long march.

    The statement of Muneer A Malik clarifies a lot of things. He has said that if the notification mentions “restoration”, that would effectively mean a return to pre Nov. 03 judiciary. The reason being that in Al-Jihad trust case, the supreme court had set the principle that any appointments to supreme court or high courts can only be done by the advice of respective constitutional chief justices. The term constitutional chief justice excludes “defacto” CJ, which dogar would be considered if the notification says “restoration”.

    Given that all appointments to supreme court, as well as Lahore and sindh high court were done with the advice of “defacto” chief justices, these would be annuled in line with Al-Jihad trust case.

    That would effectively restore pre-Nov 03 position.

  40. @Ghost Of TK

    el din main sab sahi nahi hota, geo abhi bhi ban hai gov raaj bhi laga hoa hai lolz

    sabar ka phal meetha ppray and steadfast

  41. There are reservations and concerns. A long way to go still….

    The most important fact is that history was made today: it’s the first time in history that judges who didn’t take oath on pco were re-instated. The fact that a real a leader was born in front of our eyes, he demonstrated what people power is, and proved he could change destiny of millions of people is what is crucial.

    Having said this, mountains of work remains: on institutions, judicial reforms, etc….

  42. @true_blue_pakistani
    mubarak ho dost. WE won. 🙂

    u r absolutely right and with mqm anp part of ppp and jui talking abt sindh card and punjavb card this could have turn ugly. IA will acheive more we must stay steadfast and dun fals for leaders but keep holding thier feets to fire.

  43. Hey Guys!!!!!
    Waite Waite do u still believe on this snake AZ wat if he just say agian that Promises are not the words of Quran and Ahadees? Wat if he says being a patient of Short Term Memory he doesnt even remember wat he said or did?????
    Still if let’s say all is good how is HE gona face the nation? howz Rahman Malik and Salman T gona face the Nation?????
    Come on lets send them to where thy belong………………….:)

  44. BREAKING!!!

    Altaf Hussain Thook kay ChaaT rahay haiN… Ai’ay dekhtay haiN!

    mooooooooooooooooo lick lick lick mooooooooooooooooooooooooo lick lick lick “Iftikhar Choudhry ki bahaali kaa khair maqdam kartay haiN”… slurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrppp!!!


  45. PM Gillanui : BB has promisd to restore CJ Iftikhar.

    kahan hai zardari ke chamchey who were saing no she didnt promise lol

  46. @ adnois

    excellent analysis of situation… agreed

    pakistanis should enjoy the first victory and keep the struggle alive,… they know how much power they have and they can bend their rulers

  47. @Ghost Of TK

    kaliya then added
    damn i can never come back to pak again and asked his 12th may murderes 2 go on lame

  48. @codefreaq,

    Few problems in the theory:

    Was Kurd, Aitzaz, Ather, Munir and even Khawja Sharif was also in bed with USA and Nawaz Sharif? Why are they happy now?

    Secondly, PPP tried everything today at GPO chowk and when they lost the battle and after seeing the 5 miles long convoy of Nawaz Sharif, they changed the decision.

    PPP has backtracked so many times so if they knew that Nawaz Sharif could not lead the Long March and confined to his home only 24 hours back, they would have made a different bargained decision by keeping their upper hand.

  49. Athar Minaallah has already said koi budniyyati ki to phir long march,. govt cant go back now the would be destroyed.

  50. @Gul

    notofication poora aaey ga to dekhaingain, PM has announced on tv dude trust me when NS had told USA and Army that he wont back down then showed his power they had no choice, any punga now will mean who establishment gone.

  51. Munir A Malik:

    If the notification has word Restoration will agree if it has reappointment then we have a problem.

  52. The Movement for Justice should continue.This is the first step.

    I hated when Billani meowed meowed ‘sadr zardari nay wada kiya tha’

    We’ll know how much ‘waada shyar’ he is. The most corrupt person in the history of Pakistan.

    Nawaz Sharif chaa gaya!

  53. look guys dun be disheartened. PM has announced NOv 2 restoration that effectively means we won, any punga by govt now would again take the situation back to dharna and long march. we dun loose anything but establishment will be finsihed.

  54. @afzaalkhan

    Well my experience says there is ALWAYS a lot of difference between what is SAID and what is DONE in Pakistani politics. I still think it was a grave mistake to stop the long march before reading and analyzing the actuall notification and bringing it in the public.

    I hope this really is what it seems, and not another of Zardari’s lie.

    I still cannot believe US and ARMY ( They both require each other) can let people of this country get away with this without securing their “Assets”, if that is the case blood of thousands of my brothers in FATA and other areas have gone to waste.

  55. @true_blue_pakistani

    we need stability mate, awwam confidence is high, but we must not sit on our laurels, this is just 1st step. We must keep our leade3rs accountable struiggle will continue till we get rid of black sheeps like fazla kaliya altaf

  56. @codefreaq at 2.33

    There’s too much conspiracy theory in that. You need to start believing in yourself – that the power of the people. Even there is wheeling and dealing, it HAS to take into account what people want….that is if the people have stood up in a visible way.

    As long as you keep believing that our destiny is written by the US, you will remain slave of it. The day you believe that you make your own destiny, as the people of Pakistan did today and yesterday, they start to win.

  57. Here’s the deal:

    1. Govt would get NS/SS case reviewed and would get a decision in favor of them through current SC CJ before arrival of NS/SS.
    2. NS declared the end because he got his share.
    3. He didn’t ask for 3rd Nov. position right now, because he was told by establishment:
    ‘You equally were responsible in Kargil Crisis, if you get Musharraf dragged into this, you would be dragged into Kargil issue, and would be sidelined for the rest of your life from politics’.

    Hence the terms….’Don’t drag Musharraf we won’t drag you into this!’!
    4. NS/SS gets Punjab government!

    The only thing which remains uncertain is you never know when NS would again drag himself into Musharraf Nov 3 controversy again!!!

  58. If there’s still confusion in the minds of people who think why Establishment couldn’t or didn’t throw Zardari out of office, here lies the answer:

    Establishment to NS: as said in my previous post!
    Zardari to Establishment: If Musharraf can be given cover why should I be removed?
    Establishment to Zardari: Yes you continue (No Review On –> NRO) , but don’t get smart enough to act like Musharaf. Better restrict it to one presidential term.

    Finally, everyone is happy!

  59. @geelemitti

    I agree with u on the point its alays diff btween wat is said and wrotten, this dharna would have meant govt had to go, cj would hae to go amnd all ooppo. That was only thing left and army woudl have taken over. None of us want that.

    Lets say they cheat us so wat we have been cheated b4, phir long march and this time they would have no place to hide.

    ALLAH par bharoosa rakho we have to stay with dialogue. We trusted lawyres, IK and NS eaened our trust. So if they satisfied give them a chance:)

  60. @afzaalkhan

    kaalia has taken a he won’t dare enter pakistan now. though videos of his ‘besuri singing’ need to be confiscated.

  61. @ establuishment

    yesterday i was listening some talk show cant remember the point they raised, fine noone has stopped CJ to take missing perso cases theyc an be produced but who says culprits have to brought to justice;) get me meaning tumhara kaam bhi hogaya humara bhi

  62. dude Gillani does any ramipun u think zardari lost credibility that will finish off PPP completly. If they go back after PM anouncing on tv restoration.

  63. I think kiyani ‘s meeting with zanadari last night was the turning point. Before that zardari was issuing negative statements. right after the meeting, all the major developments took place.

  64. People should have to look the things in a realistic way. Pakistan is a country who is almost 100% dependent on US, not only for the aid but US is our biggest trade partner. Apart from direct trade with US, he can influence other countries and IMF to stop dealing with us.

    Once you understand the above concept, things will be easy tom understand for people. At the end, people like Nawaz, Aitazaz, Imran Khan, who are hoping to get some posts in future cannot mess or go against the wishes of US. They had to make some compromise at some point and this is what they did. They have already humiliated Zardari, Gimmani, Altaf, Fazlu and at the end not only they were able to restore the judges but defeat the opponents with big punches ( not the knock out!!).

    In order to save the integrity of the Pakistan, they had to keep the opponents on their feet instead of throwing the knock out punches. At at the end, this result was the best possible result.

  65. @aadie,

    BS Theory, as the Judges and the Lawyers in the movement have accepted the decision and Kurd has himself announced the end of Long March.

  66. Remember the French said after 911 – “We are all Americans Now”. All people who believe in the rule of law will now say “We are all Pakistanis Now”

  67. guys dont be sarcastic… its a day of victory and lets celebrate it!!!!

    for those who thinks that this may be zardari’s chaal…. well it may be but listen its an official PM announcement and he said that the notification has been issued… wo whats fishy?

    and lets for the sake of argument there is something fishy then i am telling you it will be the last of the pppp in the government… havent you guys seen that today people of pakistan have found the power and they now know their strgenth… so if anything like this ever happened again from the zardari camp then this will be the end of their game… trust me…

    therefore in the light of my above thoughts i think NZ, laywers and all other political partied decision is spot on… lets see whats on zardari’s mind

  68. hum pakistanis have become too pessimistic enjoy yaar kal koi rami pun karaingian hmarey saath then inki baja daingain.

    One thing everyone should understand the scoiety way of thinking has changed, there is a fundamental change now in Pak society the way we view things. This in itself is big achievment./

    Either way u look at it its huge defeat for establishment and that include army and usa.

  69. @rasheed

    I am not saying I know this for a fact but just that its a theory which seems plausible to me. the people you name are not politicians and they are against heavyweights who have been playing this game for decades, part of deal could have been for NS to convince the lawyers this is the most they will be able to get out of govt. without risking a martial law. athar minallah is not happy with the decision but he accepted it as better then nothing.

    the resistance of PPP at GPO chowk was mostly against lawyers and jamaits and was a political theater according to me. N league workers were already hiding on the route of NS caravan from his house in model town to GPO and came out as soon as he came out of his house, it was made to look like a sea of public is coming to support their superhero.

    the biggest thing is why was the US suddenly quiet after days of talks and negotiations? the said our new policy is to not interfere in paks internal affairs..yeah right. why did kayani not try a coup?

    zardari gets to stay as prez, sharifs get punjab and become heroes of lawyers movement, US gets a stable political environment to continue their work. kayani gets his picture hung in pentagons hall of fame.

  70. @mya

    absolutely, pppl have tasted power and trust me they will not sut back and let anyone take it back. Aur voh dun gaey when a govt can open fire and supress any oppo, with todays media they will shame the western givt i.e thier backers and see wat happened to mushy lol

  71. @rasheed:

    I’m in support of restoration of judiciary. But we should admit what is happening behind the closed doors. You missed one thing, from objective point of view NS also announced the end of March & btw definitely all the stakeholders must have communicated before declaring the end. Hence everyone got their share, including the Govt/Establishment/Opposition/Lawyers!

    Now the only thing you will see next would be dragging the 3rd Nov. issue and killing time! This thing won’t ever settle, everything else can – My word!

  72. @codefreaq

    why its so hard 4 u to accpet that beside all thier plans they saw 2 yrs of struggle and how stupid zardari is and decided thier best bet is strategic retreat instead of alineating even the liberal sectionn of Pak>?

  73. No one can stand in front of People power, not usa not AZ not Army.

    NS has shown his street power today. I am proud to be a Pakistani today.

  74. @afzaalkhan

    you are asking me to believe that NS did not march on const. ave despite having no assurances that he will get punjab back in the PMs khutba?

    I am sorry but a politician is a politician even if he has lived in mecca for 8 years he is in the game for power. he didn’t march on const. ave. because he is sure the guarantors of the deal will bring punjab to him on a tray in the next few days.

  75. I congrats all of my comrades at this forum. I congrats the administration of this forum and i trufuly congrats the lawyers, political workers, civil society and media. I congrats general Ashfaq Pervez Kiani for melting down this situation.We have proved that this nation has awaken.
    Allah hum sab ka hami-o-Nasir ho.

  76. @ gost of TK
    “Samaa TV cut off Kurd just as he was highlighting the issue of thousands of Baluch political prisoners languishing in agency jails!”

    This is it, Punjabi don’t care about baluch or sindhis or even Pakhtoons,.
    Iftikhar Ch was thrown out by a Army wala supported by all Army wala including Gen Kiani.
    No body will dare ask those Army wala Or take them to court, any punjabi would ever dare?
    no you will never, you could only bulldoze a sindhi president even though he is elected.

  77. @dara: there is a problem indeed, but don’t generalize. A Baloch leader (Kurd) gave the call, and a million punjabi’s called off the march. There are severe problems but not all punjabi’s are as you paint them though punjab has done a lot of damage to the rights of the other nations in this country. (just my opinion).

  78. @dara
    dude! how come the sindhi punjabi thing came into the situation?? Only two parties mentioned about this bullshit and well, you know, we better know the track record, domain and WORKERS of these party. We are Pakistani. Get some logic buddy.

  79. @codefreaq

    even if he did so wat dude, he has to be stupid not to get guarantee for that i woudl have beaten him up. Any politician worth his salt had to use this position. Point meri jaan is
    we all know establishment (army, usa and our so called choor leaders) didnt want judges and we did it. This was worst crack down and we blew it. Thats wat counts thats wat im saying.

    They might have strategically retreated, and will come bakc to screw iwth us, might find new plan to sabiotage it. Let them,. but lets all enjoy and savor this moment.

    If they come back we will fight back we have shown that we wont take it lying down. And i dun trust NS blindly either sala ek number ka rami hai bholey shah banta hai so will stay vigilant. BUt mean while i will enjoy and savor. Cuz today my awwam my poor awwam has shown a big finger to establishment and has come out unscathed. lol

  80. @dara

    Y should he open it? its not his job, its govt job to bring cases dun ask SC to do govt job, CJ wasnt that innocent either, so time to fix the situation. Govt do ur job and SC do ur job.

  81. One of the earlier posts posted lot earlier than the long march…..

    A prediction, with all my apprehensions.

    The Dogar tenure is ending on March 21, and lawyers planing to get to Islamabad on March 16. I am expecting a “Dharna” for couple of days and then Zardari will do his Madari and will promise to reinstate Chief Justice Iftikhar after March 21, retiring of Dogar the Dungar. After the snake Zardari gives his words then the lawyers and dharna will be forced to disperse. And as usual PPP and zardari put a “Fitna” between Lawyers, (probably) by using their trump card Atezaz.
    Once the Dharna and lawyers are dispersed, Zardari the vampire will do another somersault and will show his blood drooping canines to the nation with a loud, HOHO-HAHAHAHA.

    And Allah knows the best.

    Lets hope this to be wrong to its core. Ameen

  82. @codefreaq

    well no one knows whats in someone mind and what are they doing for what. but the thing is we have to seek our interest (that is the common people of pakistan’s interest) and to me the the long march was/is in the favour of common people of pakistan and thats what matter most.

    on the other notes, i think if you are a political party then seeking a power is not a sin or crime…. in fact if politicians seek power by coinciding their interests with the interest of people then thats splendid… isnt it? to me NZ, lawyers, IK, JI was on right side and in my own eys theres no harm in seeking power this way

  83. @dara
    and i dare him to open 12 may, 10th April and well the target killings and mass killing of leaders of ST, MQMH, PPP, PMLN. You and your UK citizen Bhai are using the race cards from 80s. Our nation has got use to it.

  84. @codefreaq,

    This is the time to give credit to Nawaz Sharif, the only Muslim leader on this planet who can mobilize millions of people on his call. I don’t think even Nawaz had an idea how effectively his call would be listened to.

    Despite life threats, he conducted almost daily Jalsas for last 2-3 weeks where hundreds of thousands of people joined and called the PCO judges as “Fraud Judges and 2 Number Judges”, something that no one could dare until recently.

    He charged the public in every single Jalsa and called for Dharna and Long March for just Pakistan and no one can dare to disagree on his sincerity with that cause. Entire nation was glued to TV channels to listen to NS speeches that made the atmosphere and created the motivation of Long March.

    Speaking about deal with Americans is plain stupid. If you think the Khawja Sharif and the other judges are happy because Nawaz Convinced them, then there is something seriously wrong with you.

    The nation trust the lawyers, ex-deposed judges and Nawaz Sharif, and your arguments are just goat’s shit in milk.

  85. @mya afzaal Gul

    only thing I am saying is don’t be fooled by any of these politicians. the only way common man can get their work done by them is by understanding how they work and then making them fight with each other like dogs.naively don’t set too high hopes in NS you will be disappointed tommorow when he gets in power and says the same things zardari is now

  86. @taq

    All I can say is HA!. You need to have backbone to make ultimatums and then stick to them. Knowing what MQM is , I again say Ha!

  87. @codefreaq

    he himself said on TV that even if i do such sort of acts then people should not obey my orders… 🙂 now what?

  88. @codefreaq

    we understand baba, but ur being to pessimistic. we dun trust politicians but with all due respect u saying bakree nay doodh diya voh bhi maingniyoon bhara.

    Plz try to understand we havent heard good news 4 so long, there is a time to argue and and point all the deficiency and there is a point to let ppl rejoice give them confidence let them savor thier victory.

    If u think we should start talking abt wat will happen adn who to trust then u have no trust and too pessmistic. I urge u to enjoy and savor today, kal will see wat bring adn will deal acordingly.

  89. I feel like I am the heartless person trying to tell kids santa clause doesn’t exist so I’ll let you guys enjoy the victory. off to bed

  90. @codefreaq

    we kniow there is no santa clause but if u wana do something when someone do good job u say well done so thiert moral gets boosted., Simple management 101, let ppl enjoy and savor the fruit of labor, this is just the beginning not the end who knows wat tom brings. BUt this was right decision adn was done dude to awwam and steadfastness of laweyer so hell yeah will enjoy today/

    Tom NS ki shamat he better deliever lol


    Congratulation to all my Pakistani brothers and sisters.

    Allah Pakistan ka namm ooncha karey. Ameen

  92. @ To All Pakitanis.
    CONGRATULATIONS, AT LEAST, for only those portions announced SO FAR. ‘Saathio, Abb Saara Watan Jaag Gia Hae,(aur abb-bhi, JAAG Raha, hae). . . . Jee Haan, Aye Saathio !
    As somebody noted above, niether end of Governor’s rule seeems to have been mentioned nor cancellation of 17th amendment?
    Has any Tv channel given any reactions of Maulana ‘Diesel’ or of Qaz Hussain Ahmad to the speech, so far? Or have they decided to keep MUM, till a next & future date?

  93. @taq
    These are their old tactics of T.C. and flattering the establishment. This is 2009 my good sire. these fags have used sindhi vs punjabi card, punjabi vs pashtun card, sindhi vs muhajir card, muhajir vs muhajir card. The only card has left for them is boarding card so that they all can take the flight and fly to their so called QUAID-A-TEHREEK’s country that is UK.

    Its not about sindh, balochistan, punjab, frontier. Its all about Pakistan

  94. well guys there is always someone who’s gonna be on the right side of an issue it could be NS, IK, JI or anyone else so all the people have to do is support the one who is on the right side and even if politicains keep trying to play the power politics we will still get our objectives. And i don’t think its very wise to try to solve everything in one go. As they say”SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE”.


  96. I agree with wiqi, let all pakistanis be shown the true face of this MQM – so that in the next election people of karachi should be clear who these MQM people are.
    MQM for sale – offers welcome – may the next bidder will win

  97. Salaam Pakistan…

    Alhamdu lillah we finally achieved something as a unit. People please try not to look too much into the following proceedings. Please remember Mr. Nawaz Sharif’s PMLN’s main issue was restoration of Chief Hustice Iftikhar Chaudhry, same as lawyers & other political allies i.e. PTI, JI etc. PMLN never made Government of Punjab as an issue & disgraced current PPP leadership did what exactly people of Pakistan and PMLN demanded – restored the judges. Therefore, we achieved our target. Obviously PPP had to show their anger so they never lifted Governor rule in Punjab. I guess their way of taking revenge from Punjab lol. Dont worry now sorting out PCO jusges and other defacto judges is now up to parliament and Justice Chandhry.

    Mr Nawaz Sharif called of long march & dharna after discussing with Imran Khan, Qazi Sahib & Ali Kurd. So, be patient and enjoy. We could not stall our capital for too long. Dharna would have been the last option. Allah ka shukar hai, things got sorted without dharna.

    Please read teh following link from Jang News.


  99. The decision to stop the long march was taken after due consultation with all parties involved so i am HAPPY and the reason is i trust LAWYERS and i trust IK.

  100. For all those Pakistani fellows who are writing their concerns on other issue like removal of Governor rule in Punjab, abolishing 17th Ammendment, 58-2b etc.

    Please remember Long March was purely on one issue:

    Restoring Chief Justice Iftikhar & Co.

    No way Mr N Sharif launched this campaign for his benefit. He is happy, Wakeel’s are happy, Pakistan is happy so what else do we need?

    As far as 17th Ammendment, 58-2b, Governor rule etc is concerned then all these are political battles. If parliament wants to get rid of 58-2b then then will pass a simple resolution. Governor rule can be challenged in front of restored honest judges, eligibilty of Sharif brothers can also be presented in front of restored courts… So fikr makawa (worry not)…

    Allah pa kha kae (Allah khair karay ga)

  101. @Arif Waheed. No i am looking for the one which is written by Aitzaz Hassa. they played all day today on Geo..i don’t know the lyrics but it says “jeet hamara mustaqbil hai.” if you or any one have it please post the link..i am dying to listen to it:)

  102. Congratulations to all of u

    Salam to all Lawyers, civil society, media, political workers and those who laid their lives in this movement … and members… who were supporter of this movement.

    I am glad that for the first time Punjab stood against the establishment and led a movement supported by the public.

    At this momentous day we should not forget those who are not amongst us now but they were a part of this movement played their role in this struggle and finally laid their lives… Shaheed of 12 May, April 9 and the other days… Salam to all of u… we will remember u and ur sacrifices for justice and independence judiciary. Live Long Pakistan

  103. @ winter
    @ winter

    You obviously lack some serious political knowledge. I hate people who use stupid words when talking about politicians leaders countrymen etc.

    Firstly, what part of politics dont you understand? Why does this simple thing does not get into your brain that Mr N Sharif is a very patient politician. You dislike Zardari, your like minded like President Asif Zardari but he is like it or not a constitutional president of Pakistan, and no one can deny that. People like you make way for blood sucking dictators.

    In politics you have to prove someone wrong. Everyone knows President Asif Zardari has bad reputation, but has it ever been proved in any court? NO Sir…

    Therefore, to prove it to a nation you must give them a chance, full fledge chance… Mr N Sharif gave President Asif Zardari full fledge chance , not once, not twice but thrice… Now, if Mr Nawaz Sharif had gone straight away on long march call after President Asif Zardari broke his 30-day pact, I guarantee you he would have never managed such a big crowd. He showed it to the whole Pakistan who is in wrong. No one can stand up and say Mr Nawaz Sharif was in wrong and showed no sign of compromise. Everone can see his call for taking part in long march was fully justified. Now if he had gone on long march straight away he’d have got no response like he did yesterday nor this successful.

    Mr Nawaz Sharif is a very simple looking but a creative politician. He showed the whole Pakistan President Asif Zardari’s true colours, PPP’s reality, unproved corruption minded PPP MQM JUI-F, ANP, PML-Q all exposed. Now thats true democracy and way of exposing your opponents. Mr Nawaz Sharif had one stance agends from day 1 whereas his opponents changed statements again & again. Who lost out? Obvious opponents.

    PTI leader Imran Khan no doubt is a good leader but no way has teh support Mr Nawaz Sharif has and even he knows it no wonder they asked Mr N Sharif to lead the long march qafila. So many attempts of long marches took place like this before but were they successful? No. Obviously team work was good and N-league’s support was very much needed for this great cause for the nation of Pakistan.

    Mr. Ali A Kurd, Mr A Ahsan, Mr Minullah, Mr M Malik, Qazi sahib, Mr Imran Khan all of them agreed and allowed Mr Nawaz Sharif to call of sharna and long march. Now, what is so hard to understand in this simple equation?

    People like you just want an issue at all times. How the judiciary would be restored and what will happen to PCO judges is the matter of parliament and Justice Iftikhar. A revolution took place and we finally got something.

    Keep hating and disliking every good thing. Keep being negative.

    May Allah knock some political sense in you.

    Pakistan Zindabad

  104. It seems the only people not happy here are the fan club guys. They were trying to build rome in one day. Pakistanis today have achieved something which in the history books will be regarded as one of the best movement for the cause of independent judiciary any where in the world. I am guessing this event will be taught in law schools around the world and in political science classes how to achieve your democratic goals with people’s power against all odds. Guys don’t take it as a normal event. This has the capability to change the course of the history because from now on, no ruler at least in Pakistan could defy the public logic and the power of independent media. At last we have achieved a watch-dog which will guarantee that our public institutions are now accountable in the eyes of the people. Now police and administration knows that they only have to accept legal and moral orders from the government because a precedence has set. If some govt in future gives them illegal orders, they can always go to media and tell their side of the story. This will Inshaallah bring a big change in their attitude.


    I have read most of the comments here and needless to say that I share some of the scepticismwith regard to the clarity in the statement. For the rest, I have some observations to share:

    1. No revolution, no matter how bloody has achieved all its objectives in one event. The best thing about the one we have is the relative peace with which objectives were achieved.

    2. The establishment regardless of time and space is status-quo oriented. It is not the end of struggle for the rights of the people and must not be taken as one. A vigilant civil society is a basic ingredient for any society in its progress.

    3. We need to remember not only those who have gained our praise but also the characters who have shown their ability to cross every limit to prevent any change from happening. PLEASE REMEMBER THE ROLE OF FAZLU, MQM, ANP and SOME MEMBERS OF PPP for trying to give rise to PROVINCIAL AND ETHNIC HATRED. Such tactics must be condemned by all so no one uses these in the future.

    4. Please remember that no matter what you may think of the outcome, nothing that happened would have come about without the masses who came out to register their approval for the cause.

  106. Any Body Know where is MULLANA DESIL NOW????????

    he shooted some days a go about this fight is only for punjab Govt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Any way i am not satisfy for this might be we will see some DRAMA in coming days


    Zerdari have even no feets where he is standing

  107. @Amaan Khan Afridi

    I got harsh because Mr. Rasheed said some nasty things against Imran Khan. However, I agree that the words I used for Nawaz are not appropriate and polite, so apologies for that. Bye the way, I have always liked PML-N more or less, and I’m quite impressed with Ch. Nisar, Khwaja Asif and Shahbaz Sharif in PML-N. But the problem is that if someone says nasty things against Imran, then please bare the backlash.

    What really makes me angry that as long as long march was going on, all people like Mr. Rasheed who obviously belongs to PML-N were supporting Imran. But as soon as its over, they are showing their true colors which reflects very badly on their party.

    Finally, keeping in mind the other very bad options we have, I would definitely say that PML-N + Imran Khan would be the eventual rulers in Pakistan.

    I also want both sharif brothers back in politics as atleast they have pro-education and pro-science policies and Shahbaz is an excellent administrator, but the ufortunate thing is that we will see punjab becoming a problem in the coming weeks as ppp would try to wrestle away the control and things can get bad.

    In any case, please bear in mind that if anyone curses Imran and that too without a concrete logic, then prepare for a backlash from the people who love and support Imran Khan.

  108. Congrats to all bloggers and many thanks to the PK politics team!

    It will be great to have the video of NS’ vehicle driving through the police tents.

  109. @winter,

    I apologize if I hurt your feelings and I am a big fan of Imran Khan myself.

    PTI fans made me upset when they started putting comments against NS and accused him of prematurely ending the Long March, whereas lawyers had already declared to end it.

    Apologies again!

  110. Logo mujhay pompous president ka face dekhna hai with his crushed ego….Plz koi mujhay uski manhoos shakal dikha dey….. I hope he commits suicide with sharam…
    Losers are trying to take the credit..Lanut Lanut Lanut.

  111. @ Rasheed

    If someone said bad things against NS then they are probably not PTI workers, but either MQM or PPP who are trying to create differences between PTI and PML-N the only two decent parties in Pakistan quite frankly.

    Secondly, I totally agree with you that no matter even if PTI had some reservations, they SHOULD respect the decision of NS and lawyers as this was a collective cause. Besides, quite frankly, I have to admit that NS made a huge contribution in the success of this movement and one has to admit that NS stood on his stand from day one. Though I may have a few reservations about the acceptance of the latest decision, but I’d prefer PML-N a thousand times over any other party (except PTI of course 🙂 )

    Finally PTI supporters and PML-N supporters you are all on the same side and probably in the future an alliance, so please don’t create differences and stay united. Our cause is the same. Bravo to NS and bravo to Imran Khan.

  112. @ @ winter

    Thanks fo ryour reply. Just because someone offends a leader doesnt mean you have to drop down on their standards and do the same thing. I think Mr Rasheed apologised so why not on a happy day we must unit and learn to forgive and be more tolerant and patient.

    Mr Imran Khan, Mr Nawaz Sharif are both on the same platform. So, if you swear on one, then it obviously means you are swearing at the others cause. So be happy and enjoy this glorious moment.

    Pakistan Zindabad

  113. @winter
    What are you guys talking about? Why would someone pretend to be PTI to create difference between PTI and PMLN…. Grow up guys and celebrate victory.
    Imran Khan tau apnay pigeon hole sey bahar hi nahi aya kul .

  114. @ pak

    Yaar ye ajeeb museebat hai… agar Imran bahir aa jaata aur arrest ho jaata to aap log kehte keh dekha woh to araam se arrest ho gaya. I guess Imran really thought that he would be needed on 16th when it really mattered. Its great that things were resolved before.
    In any case, Imran and NS are on the same side and thats all that matters.

  115. CONGRATS to everybody….first time in my life i hav seen the power of ppl on street…no doubt our lawyers r great….they were the who stick with one point…we really salute them…n one thing i dont lik about all this…that we …hav to tolerate …bloody worm zardari n his mafia…he is the promise breaker…he shud b piunished…n so embarissing …for all those journalists politicians lawyers news channels …who were with zardari….today is a black day for them ….shame on them…

  116. @ pak.nukes

    It was part of a gameplan, a collective gameplan arranged by Kh. Saad Raffique and approved by all pro-judiciary coalition partners including Mr. Nawaz Sharif & Mr. Imran Khan.

    This is how you do successful Long March. The only person who was out was Mr. Nawaz Sharif the rest were hiding and thats best. This was purely to avoid being caught by police. Great tactic, above all it worked 🙂

    Mubarak ho Pakistan

  117. Whats the problem guys, lets enjoy the victory. For IK,Qazi and Shahbaz Shareef to lead the rally was 16th but Government surrendered well before that day and no body has any idea of it. We should rather happy thats things are diffused without any big disaster. Its the victory of Justice that we all are looking for.

  118. I feel so sorry for the poor people and lawyers and political workers who got the high handed behavior of our “pulas”. I think this should be the first case that CJ should address.

  119. This is one historic step towards the reformation of this corrupt system.
    Now Mr MADARI hope stop MADARI PAN and behave like a head of state.
    Here is a song for president MADARI,exchange the word MUNDIAN with LAWYERS and enjoy.

  120. @pak.nukes

    Sharam ghairat walon ko hoti ay, be-ghairaton ko nahi.

    Every time PPP came in to power they have never had full majority except ZAB. Yet Benazir’s two terms and the current government wanted to rule the whole country with absolute hand. The very simple thing is that you need absolute majority to do whatever you want. If you don’t have it then don’t try stupid things.

    BTW I love the way the PPP baigharats in this forums are claiming victory, rule of democracy etc. Yet these same baigharats were supporting government’s previous stance at 100%. Come on people show some backbone.

    Just accept it that Pakistani awam have spoken and its against PPP’s stance. I have never heard any dissent from PPP jeiyalas.

  121. @winter,
    Dont worry about IK buddy,it was a team work and he played his role.We all know that for IK is different class.HE is the future.When time come he will show his metal,we have a long way to go and i can see IK leading us there.
    cheer up.

  122. IK did the right thing by not coming out, his workers fought along with JI, PML – N in GPO chowk and did admirably. The point was dharna n not long march they were needed in ISB, by same token SS didn’t come out of his pigeon hole either. Please try to understand opposition strategy which has been now proven efffective., and stop calling ppl cowards

  123. @sok

    could u kindly not call PPP names, we should admire PM Gillani who has finally shown PPP their wrong ways. In the end they heeded the public demand and good for them.

    I am totally against changing of govt, PPP has mandate and they should govern and in the end ppl will decide how they did. Eeverytime govt is dismissed they claim victimization, time to protest in democratic parameters and govt if doing wrong should be forced through democratic means to change the behavior like the long march did. Changing givt is not the answer we have to get use to of change through elections. We demand our leaders to show honesty and integrity,. we should also grow up and show political maturity..

  124. @ afzaalkhan

    i strongly agree with u!!! it was all well planned…. Imran Khan and others didn’t come out just because they were the backup leaders…… so if they would have arrested NS, AA or Kurd…. they have a qaulity back up!! agar saab jail main ja kar beht jate tu we would not have seen what we saw today!!!

    it was well organized!!! and they did achieve part of what they wanted to!!

  125. btw all best abt political maturity are off wehn it comes to mullah disel and mqm specially altaf kaloiya by all means blow them away lol

  126. Attny gen. Lateef Khoosa again doing same punga lolz, nahi sudhrey ga
    Geo to attny gen: u said judged cant be restoired with executive orders and yet ur govt just diud that
    Atny gen lateef khoosa: yehi to democracy ki khoobsoorteee hia

    sorry kehtey hoey jaan nikaltee hia

  127. @afzaalkhan

    Attny gen. Lateef Khoosa again doing same punga lolz, nahi sudhrey ga
    Geo to attny gen: u said judged cant be restoired with executive orders and yet ur govt just diud that
    Atny gen lateef khoosa: yehi to democracy ki khoobsoorteee hia

    sorry kehtey hoey jaan nikaltee hia

    Shukar karo os nay BB ke qurbani ko beach main nahi laya.

  128. but whats the reason of keeping doger kutta for few more days if he was unconstitutionally imposed….i wonder if they want CJ back with a new oath..and i am more than sure if cj will adore this new oath..never

  129. No new oath, period. If its a new oath, the whole thing is a scam. I am sure our CJP would never do that and no one will or shud accept that. Compromise on giving dogar a few more days is fine considering the fact that its a political settlement rather than a result of bloody revolution but taking an oath will be the death of the whole premise of the movement. I am sure AA, AAK, would never have agreed. Munir A Malik has already made it clear as well.

  130. sindh int ministry: all cases against lawyers will be taken back lol

    RM doob mar he wanted to file antiterrorismcase lol

  131. @Shah

    athar minallah already said and so has kurd and lawyers movement they wil wait and see if notification has restoration they will accept warna long march again lol

  132. What a funny thing, the people who are bringing this peace deal (between NS & AZ) are the same who brought NRO previously, neither the NRO was in the interest of our nation nor is this peace deal. Where peace deal should be applied, it is not applied honetly so far. It is like treating cancer by anti-boitics, to subside the disease, whereas it is needed to cut and throw away the cancer (getting rid of corroupt people in the government, not deals) part of the body, otherwise it is no good at all, it will keep eating the body and one day whole body will die. If NS accepts less than restoring the CJ as nation expects, same nation will not forgive him. Now about CJ, onec he is restored and doesn’t operate justly, as he did in the last era of Musharraf (under pressure of the people who are working to apply peace deal) nation will not forgive even CJ. It is very hard for CJ to compromise on national interests, whereas for others it is very hard to accept CJ’s decisions such as rejecting NRO and keeping cases alive against AZ (which will obiviously send AZ to jail) and the decision given by CJ in the last era of Musharraf. Doubt very much that CJ will be restored, and will be free to work, as he wants. Problems between NS & AZ is not very difficult to work out, but CJ’s problem is very very big, because what the decisions he has given lastly it is no way acceptable for others.

  133. Is is reinstatement of judges only or restoration of Judiciary as well???

    There must be some deal behind the scene. And I think SS and NS will again be decalared as non-eligible and hence they will be out from the scene.

    May be I am wrong. But I am expecting this thing from Zardari…

  134. @pak.nukes
    u disappeareed main smajha so gain, i was up till noon my time tehn had to crash was up 16 hrs lol

  135. People its time to celebrate our victory.Please don’t fight over petty differences. Whereas Imran Khan is concerned he’s a national hero. Compared to other politicians he has far more credibility. There’s not even a single allegation of financial corruption against him. He’s an upright and honest person and not a ‘dogla’. The government was threatened by him that’s why he had to go into hiding.

    NS has shown tremendous qualities of leadership especially after this long march. He has emerged as a strong national leader. I think he has learnt from his past mistakes. After Benazir Bhutto, he’s the person who can lead Pakistan. Even in his previous tenures as PM he did a lot more development work for Pakistan compared to PPP.

    As far as PPP is concerned, it’s future is bleak.It’s defying the very principles it stood for which is very sad. I used to be a big PPP supporter before the crook zardari took over. The only way to save the party is replace Mr 10% and his gang of crooks with genuine politicians. I think if Aitezaz Ahsan takes charge, it can once again reemerge as a popular party.But at the moment it’s at the bottom and rightly so.

  136. i was watching day b4 yesterdayt that stupid sabir shah saying ppp ghareeboon ki party hai
    he then added
    abay ghareeb nahi hongain to party kahan jaey geee so we must have ghareeb inni si baat samjh nahi atee lol

  137. @afzaalkhan
    I was up the whole night but did not have the energy to be on my laptop though I did read comments on my iphone. Gillani manhoos took so long and before him all channels read out his speech. Losers will stay losers..always….Zardara must be banging his head against Mardana Raja’s head in frustration. Mogembo phir sey khush hua.

  138. I don’t know why you guys cannot see think beyond?
    Is there nobody who can see.what has happened?
    Sharifs and qazi were given free space to roam around,their houses and party offices were not raided they were doing jalsas press confrences ,It was only 15 when their orders were issued for house arrest
    where as Imran Khan’s house have been raided four times?Why
    Why only Imran khan was not given any free space?why cammando action took place on his residance .
    It was Imran Khan who raised this issue of indepedance of judiciary thirteen years back when sharif could not even think about it,IK is leading not only the educated youth of this country but he has lead opponents also
    His pressure on the govt was more than any one’s.
    His efforts can never ever be ignored.

  139. @true_blue_pakistani
    Hi I missed you too. I am up for the past more than 48 hours and there is no chance I can sleep before midnight:( poor me…..

  140. qazi sahib will be retiring soon wonder who will be new ameeer of JI, ek aur ehad gaya, qazi sahib led the prayers of namaz-e-janaza of my dad always have soft spot for him. Though have to say his politics really hurt JI

  141. Mardana was a choori of sialkot before zardari ‘spotted’ her. shodia wahab aur mardana raja donon sialkot ki choorian theen.

  142. Aakhir Gillani nay aisa kiya kaha keh qazi bhi Mutmain hai.
    I am waiting for Maulvi Iqbal for filing petition against this decision otherwise it will appear bad for the country.

  143. @pak,nukes

    tumko flirt par aitraz hai ya sodia wahab par

    flirts ki waja se he to dunya qaimhai plz flirts ko kuch mat kahoo me such a flirt lol

  144. Mubarakan, satta mubarak to all.
    We won, people won, Pakistan won.
    Two milestones people achieved by judiciary movement
    No gun, no barood, no suicide, no beheading. Only way is Peaceful movement.

  145. @pak.nukes
    She is a big flirt even at this age.

    good for zardari 🙂 . though fozo has passed her expiry date.

  146. @pak.nukes

    where’s nusrat bhutto?does she live with sanam? I heard bhutto’s first wife looks after her.

  147. @afzaalkhan
    I think it’s again a new CHANGE in Pakistani politics in current history that a president of a party is leaving heading position of his Party in his life. 🙂 . Thats a good sign and WE HOPE OTHER PARTIES SPECIALLY PPP, PML-N AND PTI WILL LEAVE PARTY AS “FAMILY FORTUNE” STRATEGY AND BRING DEMOCRACY IN THEIR PARTIES.

  148. @true_blue_pakistani
    Zardari likes budhis….he is very fond of antiques….remember he sent boxes full of antiques to his Surrey palace?

  149. ok enough celebration how abt some politics, PPP took a big hit politicall while nawaz gained

    The way I see it for PPP to rise again is get PML – N in goivt get rid of all mqm JUI crap and bring back PML – N in restore punjab givt and they can reeally gain popularity and keep PML – N in check wat u guys gthink?

  150. can some one reply please?

    i am still confused, will judiciary be restored at November 2, 2007 position????? or is it only restoration of CJ and rest of Jiayals remain also judges????????????????????
    what is the real position…

    please reply

  151. @fanaticmulla

    1 – Nov2 judiciary to be restoired
    2 – all new appointees by zardari will be sent to parliment and will be discussed under COD.

    These r the announcement and we all waiting 4 notiofication 2 confirm, if notificatuion main change hoa to phir long march

  152. @true_blue_pakistani
    Your info is 100% wrong. NB lives or rather kept in Dubai, she has alzhiemer disease in last stages and is bedridden. She is like a dead body since long and did not even recgnz her daughter. Zardari is not letting anyone take her bcz he would need another deadbody to get exposure and publicity. Bhutto’s first wife Ameer Begum died long time back and was much older than NB.

  153. “Ezhar e Tashakkur” rally in Karachi and celebrating different parties workers including labor party, JI, PML-N, PTI and Sindh Nationalist parties.
    What a change Pakistan is experiencing today, Peaceful, prosperous Pakistan soon.


  154. @pak.nukes
    I know she has alzheimer and that she was in dubai when BB was alive. but surprised to know she’s still in dubai and not living with sanam. but who’s zardari to not let anybody take her? I feel very bad for NB. Three of her children got murdered and her husband got hanged. She’s very unlucky.

  155. @true_blue_pakistani
    Zardari is DON..everyone is scared of him…Sanam is toooooooooo scared of him, she doesnt say a word becz she knows that the moment she goes against him he would not only stop her contact with bb’s children but also make life difficult for her in all possible ways.

  156. Guys I am going out for 45 minutes…hang in there, wait for me……Don’t go away I will be right back…miltay hain break kay baad.

  157. Former MQM goon, current JAHIL ONLINE is also celebrating success of judiciary movement. WTF
    What will Thakur Bauriii say today? How will he BARK today?

  158. farzana raja not bad its soda wahab and mad cow aiwan that really makees me mad together with jehangeer bandar lol

  159. @pak.nukes

    kutta hai kutta. I think the only person who could teach him a lesson was murtaza bhutto thats why he got him killed. I wonder why didn’t BB divorce him after he got her brother killed?

    BB ke bache innocent lagtey hain..but zardari’s company is not good for them. he might get his daughters married off in the family , just to keep his property safe…he’s sick.

  160. @pak.nukes
    who looks after NB in dubai since she’s sick? You just told she lives with zardari but I don’t think zardari would look after her. he would rather want her to die.

  161. @true_blue_pakistani

    BB didn’t divorce hium cuz she never wanted murtaza bhuto in pak, he would ahve bene the chairman and would have led PPP. Remember NS when went against her, whole 11 yrs of zia bhutto;s barsee par kabhi polioce nay kuch nahi kia but in PPP givt police opened fire on garhee khuda bakhsh sanam bhutto had to come out waving the white handkerchief surrendring. BB then kicked her out of chairmanship.

  162. @afzaalkhan
    jahangir bander is still learning to talk…he should be called ‘yabliyan badar’ LOL

  163. Punjab int miistry says they have taken back the ban on ahmeed kurd entry – geo

    haan aab to yehi hjoga lolz

  164. @fanaticmulla
    “i am still confused, will judiciary be restored at November 2, 2007 position?????”

    Would it be correct to say: The deposed judges only are restored to Nov 2, 2007 (as opposed to the judiciary being restored to Nov 2, 2007). The rest (added since then) are staying till kicked out?

    Also remember Islamabad High Court stays as well… 🙁

    (I think Qazi’s statement (“What will IMC do surrounded by jiyalas”) has to do with this current scenario)

  165. @nota
    wb , were worried abt u good to see u back safe and sound

    The speech says that CJ and judges will be restoreed to nov 2 meaning everything goees back gto NOv 2, even oif we leave isb court stay the new appointees made by zardari had to go back to parliment and has to go through COD

    Layers said they agree but will wait for notification, if it has word restire then all good if reappointment then problem

  166. @true_blue_pakistani

    ask that from fatima bhutto and her mom. Fatime and her mom knws and mumtaz bhutto knows BB might not have ordered but she accepted and thus was as complicit as the original murderes

  167. ok it is like that:

    3-4 Judges will be restored Plus Jiyala group remain in Judiciary……which was appointed in recent days…

  168. @fanaticmulla

    oh nahi na untle kitni dafa samjhain nov 2 back and new appointees dun matter they have to go too parliment

  169. Hamid Mir is raising valid questions on GEO:
    1- What will happen about 3rd November illegal emergency act taken by Mushi
    2- Will zardari tola act sincerely on COS?
    3- Will judiciary reinstate on 2nd November position or IMC stay with “junge” of “JIYALA JUDGES” ?

  170. Can somebody explain me this puzzle that suppose if CJ is restored by Zardari, CJ is now on his seat and Z ardari remains in the Pakistan, what CJ will do first? Obiviously he will cancel NRO and will send Zardari into jail, isn’t this sound illogical? That how come someone can sign his own death warrant? Plus CJ’s those delivered decisions, which he gave in SC before he was sent home by Musharraf, because those decisions will not be acceptable for some other parties. So in above situation. In which following situation, he will be restored?
    (1) He will give up his honesty and principils like PMLQ or other politicians? Or (2) he will stead fast with hiss honesty and principils.

  171. @afzaalkhan
    Thanks! I just loved the smell of tear gas in the morning (and thru the afternoon) 🙂

    BTW: Hope you are right. Just that I have become a skeptic on this and will wait till i see the change….

  172. @altf_0011

    NRO is over SC cant do nething it has beeen expired. now someone would have to file in the court again, beside Judicial activism has to be moderated.CJ iftikhar has no right to call IG sindh to explian traffic jams in karachi, SC should stay out of provicinal matter.

  173. @afzaalkhan said:


    oh nahi na untle kitni dafa samjhain nov 2 back and new appointees dun matter they have to go too parliment”



    where are jiyalayyyy like democrate , no comments from them. i am sure they are in “MATAM”!!!!!!!!

  174. ofcoz nawaz is politician and he had political motives yet he took a principled stand and we should apppreicate it he showed prinicpal stand cuz he asked votes on that basis. How can u denounce that?

  175. dude how abt looking it thois way we have won a battle have not won the war, but its a big war and we shouild be proud now no judge can go and be a baigharat like b4 they know ppl wont take it

  176. i am laughing at all the comments put here. you ppl are so simple minded.
    dont you know who is behind all of this? have you forgotton?
    the grand master is a the USA your father and mother and the lord who decides what will happen to your country.
    the one who is laughing his heart out at all of this is a USA: they got what they wanted.
    the rest is not important. all your happiness and cheering and conratulating is a passing phase.
    The USA rules and we are only small pawns. Pls stop laughing at yourselves you look stupid.

  177. @afzaalkhan
    And I would like to suggest a case against Taseer on behalf of the transporters holding him personally responsible for losses due to confiscation of containers.

    Another one should be on behalf of victims of Basant.

    Hope the resulting fines are high enough to make a pauper out of him…

  178. @afzaalkhan,
    Do you think only Mush didn’t like CJ and sent him home?? Or you accept that there were other players were involved too, than how come you expect that other players will accept CJ now, whose nature they know, and CJ will be persistently obsticle in their ways and in the ways of the Zardari. If CJ is still on his principils and honesty. Is this restoration of CJ is logically possible? Unless he compromises his principils like PMLQ and others?

  179. @nota
    How have you been? we were really worried about you and missed you loads. Did you stay there all day long?

  180. People who were blaming kiyani for siding with zardari need to get their facts right. Zardari had asked kiyani to send 111 brigade to stop the marchers but kiyani refused stating he won’t use army against his own people and that he would rather impose martial law if zardaro was unable to control the situation. Then gillani convinced zardari to restore the CJ otherwise their government would go. Zadari wasn’t willing to restore the CJ even at the last moment.

  181. What ever done by NS was in the bes interests of Nation.Those who r callin for the continuation of long march should realize the impac of such a move.If croud of thousands drag Zardai ou of his house what will happen in SINDH??????

    If NS topples gov PPP will start its own proests in SINDH…..Pakistan in such a critical situation cant afford any more protests and unrest ..Have we forgotten that even today on a Happy day when Naion is celebrating DRONE STRIKE IN BANNU HAVE KILLED 5.

    NS decision was in best interest of Pakistan keeping n mind economic situation,drone attacks,threat to Pakistan from Afghanistan,Baluchistan,FATA .

    Now PPP will not be able to back stab as ARMY CHIEF might b actin as guarenter and more lngmarches can come.

    So hope for t best

  182. What ever done by NS was in the bes interests of Nation.Those who r callin for the continuation of long march should realize the impac of such a move.If croud of thousands drag Zardai ou of his house what will happen in SINDH??????

    If NS topples gov PPP will start its own proests in SINDH…..Pakistan in such a critical situation cant afford any more protests and unrest ..Have we forgotten that even today on a Happy day when Naion is celebrating DRONE STRIKE IN BANNU HAVE KILLED 5.

    NS decision was in best interest of Pakistan keeping n mind economic situation,drone attacks,threat to Pakistan from Afghanistan,Baluchistan,FATA .

    Now PPP will not be able to back stab as ARMY CHIEF might b actin as guarenter and more lngmarches can come.

    So hope for t best

  183. ok too many qts

    1st thing 1st guys lets be realistic this is the best we could hope at this juncture as long as notification says reisntatement I amhappy with it.

    Appoited after nov 3rd can only be removed through judicial council do we really wana see that drama again?

    Point of CJ reinstatementa n the nov 2 was establish a fact that nov 3rd was wroing. and we ha\ve proven it

    retard judges will eb carefulin the future and next judges coming through COD so hopefully we will have better judgees.

    Most imp, ppl have understood the concept that givt is accountable and they will hold accountable the givt and every leader this si wat we needed as basic. So ppl follow idea instead of leaders.

    Will judges swcrew up hell yes, wil;l politicians sell us out hell yes, will beaurocrates screw it us yes,. but now we wont take it lying down. Nothing gonna get fixed in one day or with one guy the popint was to establuish a priniciplaed base which we did.

    Now the youth of pak who wil be leaders have to take it from here oldioees like me did our job. If politicians sells we know we have Imran khan so work hard sttruggle is not over.

  184. Did Zardari’s party restored the judiciary or they want to reoppoint the judges? any way great risk taken by NS. Satan Malik (USA) warns NS several times ‘ if you dont sit at home we will kill you’.

  185. CJ will be more powerful than ever before because he has survived 2 dictators and their cronies. Even after 2 years, his fans are as active as the first day.

    Zardari/Gillani cant go back on their word this time. Nawaz has shown them that he can muster enough support to kick Zardari’s a$$ anytime he wants now if he makes another blunder. PPP knows if the next long march comes, they will lose their gov this time.

    Plus we will have three non pco chief justices in high courts, all except Baluchistan.

    ZPP might try to cut short his tenure through constitutional amendment, which can be thwarted if PML-N and Q join hands.

  186. @MOSABJA

    agreed mate the situation would have gotten out of control. This is the best solution under circumstances as long as govt stick with it.

    next stop repellation of 17th amend

  187. Indian Airlines slogan: A warm experience & motherly treatment… warm b’coz AC doesn’t work & motherly because Air hostesses are above 50

  188. What a manifestation, but brothers & sisters please be careful. We must not rest on the newly won laurels. We have just started the journey towards a better Pakistan. There are several good outcomes of the current battle against the evil forces.

    Foremost anyone with a little brain capacity will realise that we have “doodh ka doodh aur pani ka pani” situation in the Pakistani political mess. On the noble side we have parties like PTI; PML-N, JI and several other parties, who stood their ground in situations that mattered most. The stood in the middle of the storm and still demanding what was right. This is a very significant achievement on behalf the noble parties mentioned above. What is most satisfying for me personally is that the biggest party among them also vigorously fought the noble cause. We know the history of all parties and most of them have had a habit of making dubious deals with a give and take. This time around there was NO give and take in the same old fashioned manner. Full credit to the parties and especially PML-N who gathered the required HUGE numbers to make this epic battle a SUCCESS!

    BUT – dear friends – we need to stay vigilant. Apparently the lawyers have reached their target in spite of I would like to see it happen before I believe fully. I have no faith in Piplyas. They have a habit of making 180 degree turnarounds without blinking and without feeling any shame. It is only a new beginning BUT Zardari is still there with all his draconian powers. He is r@t whose aim is to spread plague in Pakistan. To fulfil the evil design he has several helpers in MQM, JUI-F, ANP and his foreign masters. We need to get rid of him and his fellow conspirators. That’s why I have doubts in my mind about the Long march maybe ended prematurely. The lawyers could have gone home, but the political workers should have stayed on course and ensured that Zardari give up his dictatorial powers. In other words I fear that the job is only half done and since Zardari has the draconian powers then he can use his “magics” to zero his concessions.

    My plea to all the nobles is to stay alert!

  189. @pak.nukes
    Thanks! Survived without getting hit a lathi. Of course there was no escape from the teargas 🙂

    “Did you stay there all day long?”

    All day and all night 🙂

    So I need to get some sleep soon. Will writeup my account and post the pics (and some very short videos) I got with my not so good cellphone…

  190. @true_blue_pakistani said:
    bawaseer should be prosecuted for all his illegal acts ..including import of pig meat”

    He might escape that one, for like I said, the pork might all be local 😉

  191. تو نشان عزم عالیشان ارض پاکستان، مرکز یقین شادباد۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ پاکستان زندہ باد

    Long live Pakistan………… We must thank to Almighty Allah………….

    and should hope for best……..

    and we should pray that we see that change for what we all have struggled…………

  192. first of all congrats…we as a nation r feeling ourselves very powerful….we can bring change …we can do it..we can remove our corrupt rulers either…..really we all r very happy….now i think …CJ should remove NRO beneficiaries…n took bold steps…its so shameful for zardari mafia…that it is clear to everyone…that this so called deocratic under thumb of USA ….zardari chor cannot say NO to USA … he ia bloody worm…he dont deserve the president post…he is under gradauate..shame on him….n now imagine…those journalists news channels politicians n lawyers…who were against CJ …what they will b thinking??? that idiot lucman show…n abbas ather …imtiaz alam…hassan nisar …sh rasheed…newsone channel …sama news channel…n so on….i alwaz use to think on the analysis of hassan nisar n sh rasheed…that we r not a nation …we r a crowd…we pakistanis r stupid n emotional ppl…anyone can fool us…i think they hav to ..think n change their analysis…these kind of journalists …only spread ..frustration …in nation…they talk bout allama iqbal…but dont follow him…i think crack down shud b …started on these journalists…we dont want to watch them n read them…we shud remove these black sheep …from journalist community

  193. Intresting 🙂

    مال روڈ پر جماعت اسلامی کے تربیت یافتہ کارکنوں سے جان چھڑا کر پولیس فورس نے اس گورنر ہاؤس کے سامنے سکھ کا سانس لیاجس کے اندر سلمان تاثیر بیٹھے ان حالات کا جائزہ لے رہے تھے۔

  194. @nota
    firstly many many congratulations on your successful March…….and safe return

    -“Thanks! Survived without getting hit a lathi”
    but the real question is ….did you DO a lathi charge on the obstructors disguised as police perhaps just until morning!

    look forward to your ‘personal experience’ write up along with pics ………perhaps in a form of an artical for to post on pkpolitiks – although i know you are not @madar! so may not be so honoured by @dmin !!!

  195. @ shaz
    lol yeah really gotta give it JI guys who starteed that combat with police and GPO and that set the stage that public ant scared

  196. @Shaz
    مال روڈ پر جماعت اسلامی کے تربیت یافتہ کارکنوں سے جان چھڑا کر پولیس فورس نے اس گورنر ہاؤس کے سامنے سکھ کا سانس لیاجس کے اندر سلمان تاثیر بیٹھے ان حالات کا جائزہ لے رہے تھے۔

    Yes, Kudos to JI I must say. They were there in the greatest numbers (at the High Court, I mean) and they were there even before I got there. And they stayed there and held the fort. Second biggest presence was by Sunni Tehrik(ST). PTI amd PML-N showed up much later but could only overshadow ST.

    I must say: Great job, JI 🙂

  197. @Malek

    Will do, after i get some sleep. Regarding “other” stuff, let me just say my 5 year old son called me and asked: “Dad, why are you fighting with the police?” (He saw me on Channel One).

    BTW: I got me half of a police protective jacket for a souvenir 🙂

  198. WTF

    I am also skeptical?

    Can anyone tell me if the judiciary is completely going to pre-November 3 ? if not, there is no point of simply restoring Iftikhar Chaudary since current supreme court is packed up with PPP jialas

  199. @yhdil
    “Can anyone tell me if the judiciary is completely going to pre-November 3”

    Frankly? No. But let’s see how it turns up in the coming few days. It will be if CJ says enoforce our Nov 3 decision 🙂

  200. man this si shame salam on amna janjoa she is a role model for all of us. 4 God sake just tell the relatives wat happened.Even if they dead atleast let them know mara hoa dekh kar sabar aajata ahi

  201. @nota

    “BTW: I got me half of a police protective jacket for a souvenir ”

    Well done. It means you are fit for a fight when required. Good to see you are back safe and sound 🙂

  202. @nota

    will be very intetresting if SC takes and enforce nov 3 position, problem is someone has to call 4 it and he needs political cover, will NS stay in for long fight is the qts

  203. @Shirkuh
    Thanks! The bastards pissed me off when they started the teargas shelling for no reason. And I wasn’t the only one. I saw Asma Jehangir go grab a brick too 🙂

  204. To all, do you think now the Supereme court bench will announce the pending decision regarding Mush’s presidential election?

    Moreover, do you think all the political parties for the time being, particularly PML-N, have left 17 ammendment for the future politics?

  205. @nota

    “Thanks! The bastards pissed me off when they started the teargas shelling for no reason. And I wasn’t the only one. I saw Asma Jehangir go grab a brick too”

    I would have done that too. I saw the scenes on TV and being a cricketer I could maybe have a few throws too 🙂

  206. @afzaalkhan
    That certainly would be most interesting indeed. Regarding the second part, I don’t think so.

    Also let’s see if they try to cut IMC’s term or do they give him lost time???

  207. next logical step is 17th amend

    but NS and JI wit PTI can go back to APDM and make like hell for PPP and thier alliance

    this time use the law to beat theese morons. Like nota said just enforcing nov 3 decision by SC would make the life miserable. But does NS has it and most imp does Pak awwam wants another confrontation.Pak can’t afford more political deadlock.

  208. @nota
    i would say a well earned souvenier!!

    get some sleep mate….cant wait to read the ‘Day’s Note from Nota’

  209. @ yhdil

    Dont worry about pre Nov 2 position. After Dogars retirement, there will be 13 pco vs. 13 non pco judges in the Supreme Court.

    Above that, CJ can always get judges like Bhagwandas and Falak Sher appointed as adhoc judges, to augment his position, i believe.

  210. my whole point is though its not perfect ampretty sure koi haath zarror dikhaya jaey ga
    we have established 3 things.

    1 – ppower resides with ppl and if they want and a honest comitted leadership is shown they will rise above ethnica and political division.

    2 – Pak wants improvement and someone better delievers it.

    3 – Screw usa army and anyone who comes against us we cna kick ur ass lol

  211. @nota

    any info on how nawaz managed to escape from model town despite so many barricades? I have heard some investigation is being done on this particular issue.

  212. three cheers to ansar abbassi for exposing pee manhoos-ul-haq mazhar , fuzla, kaalia, and zakoota jinn… they tried to play sindh card on the directions of zardari.

  213. Rana aftaab ppp prez punjab — all credits go to zardari and gillani and we never said CJ iftikhar has become controversial

    jjhoot boley kawwa kateey kaley kaweey (altaf se ) daryo lol

  214. ISLAMABAD: Attorney General Latif Khosa said another chief justice will take the office after departure of first one.

    maney ga nahi saley ko ulta latka ke maroo

  215. Guys I agree with ansar abbasi, this is moral boosting victory, Pak qaum has shown after all the crap they can do it whenever and whatever they want. and anyone who ever alled pak a afailed state watch it we r not dead we have lot of problems but we alive and kicking

    hum koi tar niwala nahi dimagh phirta hai na to sab ki baja daingain lol

  216. Aatish bawaseer’s book should be published all over pakistan. geo should telecast discussions on every chapter of that book.

  217. ansara abbassi shukar karain molvi sahib ki baat nahi ho rahee agar awwam sun laitey to aaj movi sahib ki ho gai thee lol

  218. :D:D:D:D… zardari has done it again..awaam ko khush kerdyaa..modus operandi nahee bataya for restoreation…his appnted new judges will remain there…..punjab govt uskee hojaygeee ab….he continues to impress..what a cunning clever guy…..n elected by pure democracy….im havng my doubts over democracy now…atleast in paksitan

  219. yaar poor march 15th ka kashif abbasi, live with talat and capital talk dekhna hai just to sit back and laugh at govt as poor guys didnt know in 24 hrs kia se kia hojaey ga lolz

  220. I just talked with a lawyer leader in Lahore and he confirmed that till now it is clear that IMC will be reinstated on 21 March without any condition and that decision taken without AMMREEKAN influence and pressure. USA, UK and establishment are not happy on emerging of anti-establishment block (PML-N, JI, PTI, Nationalists parties of SINDH, Sarhad, and Balochistan, Civil society and above all LAWYERS) therefore establishment with help of zardari can again play negative role on reinstatement of IMC or create hurdles during his job tenure or 3 year cut in his job tenure. The other major two issue which IMC face are:
    -How will he tackle JIyala judges
    -How will he proceed missing person case as US and army involve in it

    So still battle is going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  221. what the heck is IMC?

    look we have a collision to defeat anyone who comes against us, JI and PML – N together have enuff street power to kill anyone who comesin thier way, we have PTI who has youth votees, combined that with national parties who hate PPP, Ns can write his own ticket.

    All am saying is the announcement by PM had made it neceessary to abandon dharna that was logical ste, abandoning dharna din mean that givt can do watever they want if they screw up will be back with vengence.

  222. Pak Army played unique role: Hameed Gul
    Updated at: 1548 PST, Monday, March 16, 2009
    ISLAMABAD: The former chief of Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) Lft.Gen(r) Hameed Gul said Pakistan Army played a unique role in the present crisis and US has been defeated.

    Talking to media at Chaudhry Iftikhar’s residence, Gul said decision of restoration of judges is a defeat of US and now Pakistan’s parliament should be strengthened. He said after resolution of judiciary issue, economic and social issues should be addressed.

  223. Will Zardari resigns as Co-Chairman, as everyone is calling him only president and no more co-chairman in their speeches.

  224. ay Pak watan tujay mera Khda u hi shaad rakhain
    abad rakhain

    ager adlia azad chaly to pakistan 22 khandano si nikal ker awam ka hath main jaye ga jo is mitthi kiay waris hain

  225. I became really worried when the “soobaiuyat” started happening…..and the Mafaad parast anasir started to poison this movement with the Soobaiyat a sa last resort…..

    But I am very happy now

    These idiots exposed themselves… Remember them and expose them during the next election…

    This is the dawn of a new era……..

    But we shud remember the lessons….

    We shud remember the traitors of this land…

    And let Justice rule our country….



    Long live pakistan… May Allah protects it..

  226. Lessons to be learned from Long March

    Pakistan is no arab country where people take every kick from rulers lying down.
    Justice requires public commitment, leaving it to parties and government makes it disappear.
    Media and Institutions are our friends better than political parties.
    New blood in politics eg PTI is better than old tried and tested family politicians.
    Finally seeking ideal is better than seeking expediency.

  227. I had already said that this was a lollypop and atrap.If CJP has been accepted as the actual CJ then why the De-Facto CJ (I am sorry to call him as one) DOGar is still accepted as a ligitimate judge.Then Why they even need a notification for the induction of CJP.He was always a legal and constitutional CJP.Next is a more serious question,Justice Khwaja Sharif is the serious senior most in LHC,he deserves to be the Chief Justice of Lahore High Court.Will he be given his right.Will Jstc Ramday and Javed Iqbal be handed with the seniority above Justice Raza Khan,Will the PCO judges face the court of constitution as those dogs have committed the contempt of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and I dont think that any where in the world such a person can be even accepted as a judge.

  228. in 1977 PPP election sign was sword back in days election camps use to be front of each other and ppp jiyalas had opposite them JI’s camp. It was customary 2 have verbal duels

    PPP start taunting by reading louder n louder iqbal shair

    aa tujhko bataoon taqdeer-e-umam kia hia
    shamsheer-o-sana awwal taoos-o-rabab aakhir

    JI tolerated for a while then came back with iqbal’s

    kafir hai to shamsheer par karta hai bharoosa
    momin hai to bai_taigh bhi larta hai sipahiii


  229. the restoration of CJ is a mile stone —may be a compromised mile stone but still its importance can not be undermined. The western world have gained the social justise after years and years of struggle . For us this is a big achievement . There are many lessons to learn.
    If some one stands for a just cause people of Pakistan will support . It also reflects the political maturity of our society. The flood of people in the streets of Lahore reflects that we are a vibrant nation. No matter what the World say about our corruption and being dominated by Americans , we have proved that we have the will power and ability to do our descions.
    I think the politics now will be of the principles. There are personalities like Maulana Fazul-ur -rehman and MQM , CH Pervaiz Ilahee but media is exposing these culprits very well and if the political process is kept on I can bet in coming years they will be eliminated.
    I am optimist and I think we should thank God that we have some thing to be proud off . If you look at the major news paper today, Washington post , The Hindu, Daily telegraph , Gaurdia etc— This event is a head line with a praise for Pakistani nation . This is a unique movement in the world and reflects that we as a nation have a political intelect.
    Edit/Delete Message

  230. @ feeneebi

    This is not a trap, though what ZPP+establishment would do after CJ is restored will have to be seen.

    Justice Khawaja Sharif will surely be made cj lhc. In case they dont reinstate any judge like javed iqbal, then i am sure iftikhar chaudhry will take notice himself.

    Ramday is junior to Sardar Raza.

  231. One of the several face saving statements from ZPP:

    ISLAMABAD: Attorney General Latif Khosa said another chief justice will take the office after departure of first one.

    Talking to Geo News in Supreme Court building, attorney general said difference of opinion is a beauty of democracy. We always said that another chief justice will take the office after departure of first one.

    Replying to a question about filing of review petition against disqualification of Sharifs, Khosa said appeal will be filed after reviewing the detail decision.

    But one thing is for sure, people have shown that they do not trust ZPP.

  232. Someone should tell this idtio Latif Khota that there is a huge difference b/w difference of opinion and criminal act and what ZPP had been engaged with from day one was criminal act.

  233. I see indian in full force on usa blogs shitting abt pakistan, just say ISI coming and watch them run. Remember this is due to USA and thier slaves like MQM, ANP and NRO madarai. Never forget this.

  234. Well the writing is on the wall, Just Google Nawaz Sahrif and you will what the World media is saying.

    NS has now become the leader in Pakistan with whom the west can deal with. They have seen his street power. A man who can lead Pakistan with dignity.
    From Canadian papers to Washinton post to Al Jazeera all singing praise about NS.

    NS is back.

  235. There were many loop holes in the PM speech, as it is very general. Lets see how the announcement will be implemented in real and what changes will that actually bring in the system.

    The changes in judicial system according to the true spirit of announcement were mentioned by Ansar Abbasi very well in a interview with Hamid Mir…. The PCO judges should be dealth with… the new appointments in High Courts those are clearly political should be nullifed by CJ Iftikhar once he is back to work…. The law for new judges should be passed based on COD.

    This issue should be finished once for all…. fully and with sincerity …. Our nation is not fool and they they what they are fighting for …

  236. @asif65

    now u want a dharna for this as well??…..let the elected democrartic government decide what it wants to do….and you can accept and reject their policy after 4 more yrs!…be patient…

  237. I would like to request every one who knows emails of these anchors to mount pressure on them. We should now start asking politicians that they should follow party menifesto. These anchors should start asking questions to ANY ruling party that what they are doing to fulfill their promises. After their terms then they/we should show them mirror….
    Secondly, I am really worried about PPP. For any country its quite dangerous to have a single party system. Though, there is no doubt that PPP is a popular party but there should come people like Saad Rafeque, Javid Hashmi, Ahsen iqbal and Shahbaz Shareef. But unfortunately, they are even getting rid of such people lile Ahtzaz Ahsen, Rubbani etc. They should start thinking beyond landlords….Otherwise it will also create difficulties for a democratic system to be rule by a single party. ….There are examples with in pakistan…
    PMLN has done most of the things right and they should keep it up. I am really happy that its second time they kept the pressure away….They have already done it once when we answered Indians Joheri madness …. about MQM I am extreamly disappointed by my karachi fellows……come on Roshnion ka sheher ka Basio…..Qaum ki nazerain tum per han……Rahman , Taseer shd go now…..Sherry welcome back…….
    NS khush kita ha……..Lahorian da ser fakher nal bland kita ha……..Pakistan Zindabad

  238. This looks like a case of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. The jialas recently appointed in the judiciary are not being kicked out, and everyone
    is celebrating only the restoration of Iftikhar Chaudhry. He has been restored but the judiciary’s independence has been given away on the negotiating
    table, when there was a clear opportunity to get the irregular appointments made after Nov 3 reversed.
    This is a cosmetic restoration, because Iftikhar Chaudhry has been restored without restoring the independence of the judiciary. It won’t even be possible
    for him to sit in a bench deciding cases on the PPP now, and there will be limits on what he can do. Zardari might even try to reduce his powers, which are already going to be diluted due to those jiala judges recently packed in the courts

  239. I must congrats all the nation for the peaceful demonstration of huge huge crowd… except police oppression we all have witness the harmony, welcoming, warming and disciplined people.

    They were like having party out there knowing that the power of people can not be stopped by Government.

  240. @anticorruption @Everyone

    Rightly said …. I agree and I mentioned the following points that will kick start judicial independence:

    1. The PCO judges should be dealth with… As they took OATH from illigel CJ Dogar, automatically they becomes illigal. Reason is after reinstation of CJ iftikhar CJ Dogar appointment automatically is nullified. Due to this CJ is by law the only CJ since he was diposed.

    2. the new appointments in High Courts those are clearly political should be nullifed by CJ Iftikhar once he is back to work…. . The new high courts appointments (according to law of appointments) are temporary for 1 year. All the appointments require Approval of CJ before they will be made permanent. This way these jiyala judges can be p”ss off…

    3.The law for new judges should be passed based on COD. IMO this is the very good way to get new unbaised judges…..

    The question is how the current government will now interpret the laws again .. as we can not expect any thing good from Evil Farooq Naik. I will expect the Media and lawyers keep the check on PPP to achieve the 3 ponits I have mentioned.

    I expect every one to comment on this !!

  241. Guys we should also contact tv anchors, tv channels and columnists about MQM yesterday drama. Sindh – Punjab card, was a very dangerous move by MQM and it could have very bad consequences. Anchors should ask hard questions from MQM, this was the time when we needed solidarity and MQM was doing dirty politics by dividing us. Also Fazlu said it is the problem of Punjab only, what a shame. Hell angels would be waiting for him desperately. By the way I am from Pukhtunkhawa……………

  242. This is a welcome news for all the Pakistanies. And at the same time few people emerged
    with their clear black intentions, one of those is the Corrupt, Harami Mulla Diesel. That bastard tried to create rift between the provinces. He an agent of RAW a bastard fazloo.

  243. @supercreature

    all this needs parliment not SC, if CJ does that then u will hear complaints from everyone that he doing vendetta.

    Wats needs to be done is solely in the shoulders of NS, he has backing of Public 1st step remove 17th amend,.

    Lets use SC to dispense justice not fix system. Lets use parliment to fix system.

    Here are my points.

    1 – call on session of parliment and demand that Nov. 3 acts be declared unconst.

    2 – Repeal 17th amend.

    3 – NS should move swiftly to sindh and start doing zig zag through baluchuistan and sindh and some extent NWFP.

    All these will take time, we should be patient but firm, But dun put it on the shoulders of CJ let huim deal with missing person and corruption cases, and let parliment deal with const problems.

  244. I sincerely hope once the judicial system is corrected we can have following systems corrected … I hope we may not need another mass movement on these…

    1. Educational system at village level
    2. Health care system, more hospitals are required urgently
    3. The disaster managment system and (we need emergency ambulance network with trained staff)
    4. Police system needs BIG reforms … the process of recruitment, training and process and procedure need big changes… The need independence too… they need to have people who are independent and recruited on marit who do not care about political influence. They need to put processes in place for response time service level agreements in any area of city and/ villages.

  245. @super

    I think your fourth point shd be firt one. As you cant have justice with implimentation. These two pillars judiciary and poilice go side by side as one orders and other impliments. They should be free from any influence from political hunters!

  246. @afzaalkhan

    Right but few things like approval of appointments are done by CJ, once their grace period will be over … I know and understand that the process of hiring them should be corrected at first and CJ should be relieved from such mess a little, although the powers should remain with him too. COD has this solution described in detail. Parliment has to get that as a law ASAP.

    I agree with all other points you said… it will take time, but we know all that how PPP (Zardari league) buys time… their hearts are dirty and they have shown many times they are hypocrate…. we need to stay put and keep them in check

  247. To all the pessimists!!!!

    1) Real CJ restored
    2) All appointees are temporary and are from lower courts and its upto CJ to make em permanent or kick dem bak to der slums.
    3) Now most of the permanent judges will be the ones who were among the 60 sacked judges including those who gave verdict that 3-nov-07 actions were illegal.
    4) If CJ wants to sack the traitor judges, he simply needs to form the bench of same judges who gave verdict and sack the traitors.
    5) Fresh jiyalay judges have not been regularised yet and wud need confirmation from CJ.
    6) Ch nisar and Gillani have agreed to immediately form a committe acording to COD for the appointment of fresh judges.

    We win!!!! just celebrate it!!!!! with the notification of CJ issued, any further chawli from gov wont b accepted and dis tym CJ wud simply go into the court room 1 and take charge.

    Kaira has confirmed dat CJ iftikhar wont b taking any oath, hed simply resume his office work.

  248. @true

    dig deeep please from hearts….I still know some karachi guys made for him……Educatue them…its best revenge in present times….

  249. @supercreature

    Most CJ can do is sent the cases of these appointments to judcial council and guess who is sitting there, plus once he sent the cases there since all these jiyalas they will start blaming see he is doing vendetta against us. Thats why i said 1st thing 1st get Nov 3rd nullified in parliment, that will automatically make thier appoint,ent illegal then u go to SC if govt doing punga and ask for SC to verify, By doing that u dun need to make the appointments go to judicial councel and govt will have no choice but to appoint through COD,

    additiional benefit NS and oppo can call on political goodwill and bang givt head over this issue that see we tryong to follow cod they again fucking with us. lol

  250. Most CJ can do is sent the cases of these appointments to judcial council and guess who is sitting there, plus once he sent the cases there since all these jiyalas they will start blaming see he is doing vendetta against us. Thats why i said 1st thing 1st get Nov 3rd nullified in parliment, that will automatically make thier appoint,ent illegal then u go to SC if govt doing punga and ask for SC to verify, By doing that u dun need to make the appointments go to judicial councel and govt will have no choice but to appoint through COD,

    additiional benefit NS and oppo can call on political goodwill and bang givt head over this issue that see we tryong to follow cod they again dun want and r messig with us. lol

  251. @calklien

    any further chavlie from govt wont be accepted……….

    but dude they are famous for that …..we have just witnessed

  252. PK Politics Friends,

    Its not dharna time its BHANGRA TIME Let us smile today, hug your loved ones as this is a victory for Pakistan. We are witnessing the dawn of a new Pakistan, let us celebrate together as we have had too many bad days, too many tragedies.

    Let us stand tall again as one and rise to our challenges as one, let us build a new Pakistan as one. See Other Pakistan to help achieve this dream:


  253. There are still 4 days left and those PPP are famous for deception! I’m still not convinced that they decided to do this.

  254. jang reporting Prez considering babar aiwan or masood kausar 4 wazarat-e-qanoon, post emptied by Farooq Naik.

    Masood kausar, bro of famous poet Ahmed Faraz, is not an elected member and thus would cause uproar in political circles who already pissed at unelected members running imp depts. Furthermore, Farooq Nail is keen on masood kausar as he advised zardari that he needs a person like masood kausar who will be a showpiece and farooq can actually run the show from behind.

    PPP ko aqal aaey gee ya nahi?

  255. @true….

    Yaar, MQM is like a disease. We cant get rid of these germs only by washing the outer face. They have trapped people and we should throw them out of their hearts as well so that we never have it again…..dig deep……

  256. man its so much fun now to watch day old talk shows to see PPP doing bharkain without realizing less then 12 hrs they will be crying lol

  257. Cheif aur Judges bahal ho gai,

    Mubarak ho.

    Ab insaf ka bol baala ho ga,

    Judge bikna band ho jain gai,

    ghraeeb ko insaaf milay ga,

    zalim zulum o jaber na kerske ga,

    corruption, mehngai aur bhook khatam ho jai gi,

    aur phir
    , phir App ki ankh khul jai gi.


  258. MQM withdraws decision of separation from govt
    Updated at: 1901 PST, Monday, March 16, 2009
    MQM withdraws decision of separation from govt KARACHI: Muttehadda Qaumi Movement (MQM) has taken back its decision to be separated from the provincial and federal government.

    This has been said in the statement issued from the MQM that this decision has been taken in view of the present situation and progress in the national reconciliation process.

    The MQM had made the decision to quit the government after slogans raised against Sindh.

    Saley iqtiodar ke kutttey laat kha ke wapis lol

  259. @#
    afzaalkhan said:

    good job kiyani u have make us once again grdugingly like army. Still lot to do sir so carry on.
    16 March 2009 at 10:27 am

    why showering praise on COAS?if it was not for these local handlers of american d0gs , pakistanis would have thrown ALI BABA 40 CHORE along wid their corrupt judges into arabian sea.

  260. @justice4all

    2 yrs later the stupid mases would then been singing zardari tere jaan_nisar baishumar baishmar, this way we wil finsih him off completly lolz

    Jang – Sharif bros called PM to congratulate him on his decisons.

  261. Main aim is achieved Without a single casualty. This is a true success!
    Mubarek to all pakistanis.

    Now there will be domino effect.

    The Best Senario!!!

    -> Zardari with his ZPP would leave.
    -> The real PPP would form a Govt with PMLN.
    -> Imran Khan would be chosen as president.
    -> …..

    GO Zardari GO

  262. @Afzaalkhan

    “PPP ko aqal aaey gee ya nahi”

    HaN, Jab opposition meiN jai gee, to unko bhi akal ajaye gee. Phir sab theek bateiN karna shuroo ho jaeiN ge.

    At best PeePeePee has a behavior of a munafiq!….just like MQM, ANP and JUI-F.

  263. @afzaalkan
    Hi I am back.
    Can you please ignore the losers of kalia party MQM?
    Remember he himself resigned for a couple of hours and then workers kay purzor israr per wapis lay liya gaya.
    Manhoos drama log goonday bhuta khor.
    Shameless dogs. Beta tumhara Sind card nahi chala ub Hindustan card dikhao.

  264. @asif65

    “Imran Khan would be chosen as president.”

    Ha.ha.haa. Do you really think they would do anything like that after what he did to them 🙂

  265. @afzaalkhan
    Kahan yaar kabhi phone bujta hai kabhi darwaza so I decided to leave home and go to ciao cafe and have some nice minestrone with lemonade woh bhi thunda thunda…..what a combo,hot soup chilled lemonade.

  266. Wellcome back CJ Iftekhar.
    Now he has to fullfil his prmises to clean the judiciary system and prove the people of Pakistan that he stands for his commitments MADE before restoration and do the best for the Pakistan.
    If CJ is really shows impartiality and help poor people of Pakistan, than he will be hero.
    But if he stucks in revenge tactic than nothing can be achieved.
    He has to forget HIS PAST and OTHERS PAST and look forward for future of Pakistan.

  267. Geo not showing Justice Ghulam Rabbani’s name in restored SC judges. He’s a judge from Sindh. Any body know why?

  268. Struggle to continue till removal of politically appointed judges: Rizvi
    Updated at: 1931 PST, Monday, March 16, 2009
    Struggle to continue till removal of politically appointed judges: Rizvi KARACHI: President Sindh High Court Bar Association (SHCBA) Rashid A. Rizvi said on Monday that lawyers were not fully satisfied with the restoration of deposed judges and the struggle would continue unless politically appointed judges were not removed.

    This he said while speaking at the General Body’s meeting of Sindh Bar here.

    Rizvi also strongly condemned the arrests of lawyers and political workers made during long march.

    Two restored judges, Justice Mushir Alam and Justice Maqbool Baqir, also spoke on this occasion. Justice Mushir said that it was not the last day of this historic struggle, but it was the first day of heavy responsibilities.

    The cheering lawyers distributed sweets to celebrate the restoration of deposed judges.

  269. @ wiqi.
    My hats off to you, when you most correctly observed as above, ( at 3.41 pm) that the only card left for them, (& added further by me. . .) ‘is a boarding card to HELL & to where they may all take a flight together,’ i.e; TO HELL, so that they never come back to this land/world of Allah, where they NEVER EVER learned to live properly.

  270. Got it, ghulam rabbani was adhoc judge, so retired during emergency. Wish Iftikhar Chaudhry gets him reappointed because he didnt take oath on pco.

  271. The victory also belongs to Pk Politics and all those who blog on this site – dont underestimate the power of your influence – you are a true pressure group. I give you an example. When the phone numbers of Sherry Rehman was posted on this site – the results were quick and there would have been hundreds of texts on her phone and that would have influenced her to take a decision.

    I would request admin to post the phone numbers, email address and mobile phone numbers of all the parliamentarians and also of MQM and Falzu so that people can let them know where they stand. This would be a great service to the nation.

    I would like to congratulate all those who blogged on this site and the victory also surely belong to you all as you have made your contribution also. Remember every one counts.

    Dont worry Goverment would never ever dare to do any hanky panky because this time if they do they would be physicially dragged out of their palaces and thrown out.

  272. All new appointments not be made by parliament but a committee headed by a Cheif Justice who has never taken oath under PCO
    So that leave a countable number of Justices like Justice Wajih& few more.

  273. Even by Pakistan’s standards, where violence has routinely scarred the landscape, the scenes were startling. For several hours on Sunday, the heart of this eastern city was witness to street battles as baton-wielding police mounted a fierce but ultimately failed attempt to crush a gathering of antigovernment lawyers and political activists. – Times

  274. Yousuf Raza palyed it smart right at the end.

    Yah awam jub Islamabad jatee toe pher Islamabad kaa kaam tamaamker dati.

    Inqalaab anay wala hai.

    Next time hee sahee.

  275. The tense scene was interrupted for a moment when a short and rotund policeman slipped and fell on his backside after hurling a large rock, triggering laughs from onlookers. – Times

  276. My prediction about PPP turned 100% Correct

    Every single Pee Pee Pee member is now standing by the decision and also taking credit of restoring the true Chief Justice of Pakistan.

    Gilani has put a slap on the entire Sindh Assembly that passed a resolution saying that even Zardari cannot reinstate the Judiciary due to constitutional limitations.

    My old comment shared 2 months ago:

    PMLN/IK/JI is standing exactly where they were since 9th March 2007.

    The fact is that f*cking Pee Pee Pee used Iftikhar as a football since 9th March 2007 until 8th August 2008 for their political games. They promised multiple times even after elections to restore him, but when their GODs America and Army gave a big arm in Zardari’s A$$, every single Pee Pee Pee poodle changed his stance with Zardari Kutta. If today Zardari Kutta says that he will restore CJ and he did a mistake, PPP poodles will still hang their tongues outside their mouths and will shake heads vertically.

  277. After Karar dar Paksitan, March22-24 1940 in Lahore. In 7 years we got Pakistan.

    This is the start of second revolution started again herein Lahore. March 15 2009.

    The next revolution will come form here as well.

    Salute to Lahore and people of Lahore.

    Pakistan Zindabad!!! Lahoris Zindabad!!

    Yah samander awam kaa, tum hoe tum hoe!!!!

  278. The first word Aitzaz Ahsan learned was a catchphrase of political protest. He was an infant in 1946, when his mother was among a group of political activists imprisoned for opposing a British-appointed administrator in what was then colonial India. In defiance of their jailers, the prisoners kept up their call-and-response sloganeering. Somebody would shout out, “Khizr wazirat” (“Minister Khizr’s rule”). The rest would respond, “Tordo!” (“Break it!”). Soon little Ahsan was joining in with the chorus. Long after the independence of Pakistan and India in 1947, Ahsan’s quavering “Tordo!” echoed through the family home, a parlor trick guaranteed to amuse the guests.

  279. Mian sb, Lawyers, Media and civil society of Pakistan proved that we do can change the destiny of any country if we have true cause and firm destination ahead of us.
    and message for MQM guys!
    Stop fucking around the karachi and sindh. We better know who you people really are. Dont ruin nation’s good mood and federation of Pakistan.
    Khuda Meray watan ko sada qayam o dayam rakhay (Ameen)

  280. Bewaqoof (NS) Gujranwala Payee khanay ruk gaya. There are too many hotels on Gujranwala GT road. He couldnot resist the smell. Next time driver should take bypass and not enter city. He should have realize that he is on a mission more important than eating Chirray & Payee.
    The next long march will be soon as Zardari will not restore Judges. Dont know why NS dont learn from his mistakes. Now atleast his driver should learn and take Gujranwala bypass next time .

  281. Let’s not forget that the Army has as much to fear from CJ Iftikhar as does Zardari. So how is it that the Army has agreed to this restoration? I think this 6-day delay is key, Zardari has another trick up his sleeve. Kayani probably threatened martial law if the Long March wasn’t halted, thus prompting Zardari to let Gillani make the statement and Nawaz Sharif, Lawyers et. al. to accept it.

  282. I don’t understandwhy people say NS is a good leader. Yes he led a procession from Lahore to ISB, yes he has street power, but that does not qualify him as a leader of a nation. He has had his turn twice and we should now look for someone new. Id even say SS fits the bill well. I agree with the amendment Mush made that one can only run for PM twice, no more. This stupid nonsense of president for life, or PPP chairperson for life needs to end.

    We have high caliber people other than NS, just look beyond the end of your nose. To put things into perpective, Manmohan Singh is a PhD in Finance and was a proven reformer for the Indian financial system. AZ is FA fail with reforms in lootmaar. See where Indian economy is vs Pak.

    IK as PM or President? Get real. As much as I like the guy, his party is not in parliament.

  283. @shandana

    Really those human rats is a worst form human action I could see… Totally inhuman, those who do this should be hanged …

  284. @Umar

    Dear I am afraid if they would have continued till Islamabad and changed there point of view for resignation of AZ. It would give birth to another mess. Sobaiat. It has already started when Fazlur rehman and MQM starts stating it only Punjabs trumph loudly on Geo. Things will get quite complicated if they try to take streets purly against AZ. Then it will give a very good reasion for similar rallies in Sindh. Therefore, all is well that ends well. I am sure AZ is capable of making mess out of normal situations he will divulge himself very soon into a chatastrophic situation…..

  285. @ Owais
    please let a long run of 60 odd yrs of democracy, I bet you will also get a PhD PM, president etc…….Not a hide and seek of army, what we are witnessing here in pakistan since independance

  286. Politics is not a game where you play with emotions…..It’s a game of Patience…..lots of it.

    This was known and understood that the CJ will be restored…in time….based on public demand….and to cool people down and bring their faith BACK in not only PPP but PML-N too.

    As someone earlier suggested, this was MOST LIKELY all Engineered and Staged.

    No matter what you say about US, Pakistan NEEDS US to survive, we need their Dollars, we need their aid or you won’t have anything to even eat.

    US focus becomes Pakistan’s focus – they’re your masters….both your army and your politicians know that.

    Unless and until you find a way to break that chain, this dramaybazi would continue and pakistan would never prosper as an independent nation.

  287. Oh and Imran Khan should learn that, soon! That in politics you 1) CANNOT survive alone (he needs more people who can represent him at national level, he cannot appear on every goddamn channel by himself) 2) CANNOT survive and prosper with emotions only….(unless you’re doing hate mongering 🙂

  288. ResidentEvil,

    Thank you very much for putting nice words and validating my views which I have shared earlier in this thread.

    It seems like educated Pakistanis who post on different forums live in Lalala land and seems quite idealistic instead of realistic. Lets face it, our army, our leaders and our country cannot survive without US support. We cannot go against the wishes of our masters. Majority of the people who post in this forum are also beneficiary of US ( Direct or indirect, current or in the past).

    So please learn to accept the fact and move on!!

  289. I was thinking the same, this most likely was engineered. I don’t think nawaz could’ve given a DHARNA…lol…that’s why in his and SS speeches they claimed that ‘march will end before jhelum’, kind of odd to predict such an event. Now if you listen to PPP’s tone, it’s totally different than what was yesterday, why in the freaking hell didn’t they just do this on the first day, they kind of knew that people will retaliate then why delaying it?

  290. Everybody have some doubts on this fishy ending of long march, BUT, I guess it would’nt be right if we point fingers this early’ because, PM of the country told whole nation live on TV that all the deposed judege are resotred, note that he used the word” BAHAL” in urdu which is “restore” or “reinstate” in english. In urdu you never use the world “bahal” for re-appointment but use “taqararee” for the appointment or re-appointment.
    I have my fingers crossed becuase of the track record of these bastrad corrupt politicians but same time I am optimist too. Lets hope and pray for the best, and no doubt, there is a long way to thre real rule of law, this is just a beginning in right direction.


  292. @Dar
    I think the government and Army underestimated the crowds and Nawaz Sharif’s ability at attracting them. Only when the real magnitude of the march was seen did the pressure from Kayani and the consequent announcement arrive. But I still think the nation is in for another surprise. CJ Iftikhar, at least in his activist form, is unacceptable to both Zardari and the Army.

  293. I am not ready to accept that US is our master…

    Men nahin manta… The hell with US….


    we cant survive without aid……… Yes we can….

    all we need to do is to cut down our expanses and start managing our resourses… human and material….

    This thinking “we cant survive without US” is not only unacceptable but also slavish……….. and we need to get rid of it as soon as possible…

    Long live Pakistan… witout US support

  294. And I forgot to mention…

    It is the US which has lead us to almost a dead and and we will have to wiggle out of this situation……..

    Either its 1971 or its First Afgan war orthe present one…

    We are in much trouble beacuse of our so called “masters” or I would say “those bas…..”

    Its just like

    Hue tum dost jiskay dishman uska asmaan kion ho!!!!!!!!!

  295. Why the fan club is upset?

    If lawyers are happy, what is their problem.
    No lawyer is talking about a deal, why Mr KHAN is.

    I think IK need to do a lot of work.

    Let us move on.

    I am impressed by hashmis speech and also NS gujrawala.
    Both praised govt and AZ. Which ois good fpr democracy.

    FAN CLUB goew up now.

  296. and yet … If Nawaz Sharif would have listen to that Hillary Clinton… we would have been mourning the fate of Wukalaa Tehreek instead of celebrating today!

    Know your enemy… recognize him… it is important for your survival

  297. Come on people, do you really think NS would’ve given a DHARNA??? No paaye or food for hours and hours? Get off his BANDWAGON now and look at the bigger picture!

  298. MQM ne asteefe daine ki dhamkee wapas lay lee hai.
    Lolz… once again licking the dust… they were thinking that perhaps the govt would change, so they playing a double-edged game. They tried the Sindh card to create pressure on lawyers movement and at the same time created some space for themselves that in the case if the govt. changes, they would have options to move on. I think they are more afraid about the NRO cases on hundreds of their leaders.

    Lolz… it was embarassing to see them “hawaas baakhtaa” and now shamelessly retracking what they alleged (without any proof btw).

  299. So who was in the car? HIs ghost….

    Let s not forget if he wouldnt have decided to carry out the nuclear explosions the Lahorians and others would have been staging resistance against Indian army rather than Pakistani Police yesterday..

  300. The greatest fear of the Government/Army/Americans was a massive, popular Long March into the Capital. That has been averted. Whether that means a point for them or the Lawyers/PML-N/ARD/etc. remains to be seen.

  301. Yeah nuclear explosions…that’s past, lets look at the present.

    I was disappointed when he, all of a sudden, stopped the march. That only shows that he was either tired or starving. Lets see what happens in coming days.

  302. that was a sane thing to do… backing up from his pledge will expose PPP and AZ even more… and the present scenario has already exposed MQM, ANP and Fazlu the traitor….

    and lets not forget that even the Adlia of 2 november and before was sa star on our was also a miserable system… . the whole system needs to be changed… we need consistancy… you cant make a system out of a long march..

  303. HR,

    Don’t be so naive, if CJ Iftikhar was unacceptable for both Zardari and Army, he would NEVER be reinstated no matter how many friggin’ long or short marches you did.

    And people please, we should not forget Nawaz Sharif and his party’s past….

    I just hope that democracy, good or bad, continue prospering in pakistan….be it PPP or PML-N.

  304. @ResidentEvil

    All I am saying that we should not be celebrating until CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry and his fellow judges are sitting in the court room and picking up exactly where they left off.

    Secondly, you cannot deny that CJ Iftikhar is unacceptable to Zardari and the Army, because if was not, then he would have been reinstated a long time ago. The fact is that he, at least in his activist form, is a thorn in the both their sides.

  305. AZ played very well. 2nd Nov 2007 judges were not restored and actions after 2nd Nov 2007 have been validated by appointing Iftekhar Chowdhry as CJ after retirement of Hamid Dogar. All these were well planned executed properly.
    Let us hope that CJ Iftekhar Chowdhry honour his words and clean the judiciary system.

  306. Resident Evil

    If you talk about past.. Nobody has a clean Past “NOBODY”

    What we should know, is to recognize that people learn……….and change…

  307. Yes, we should not forget the past when NS did a deal with Mush and ran out for 8 long years to Saudi and London. Talk about a LEADER, who ran away to get INDEMNITY, at that time he didn’t know what justice was. And now you people call him a ‘brave’ leader. Give me a break! We shouldn’t forgot that this mess was created by this guy..he was the one who appointed Mush in the first place.

  308. Tell me another option!

    You have to chose from the lot you have… or you are thinking of importing some leaders.. just like Shokat Aziz?

  309. @admin
    Pl post these comments at this sequence or do not post them at all

    I have learned that Qazi & IK are played with.

    Everything happened was well planned SS was all this time in Islamabad & negotiating.
    Can you imagine SS leave Lahore last night & he made his journey all the way to Islamabad when route to Islamabad were sealed, he could not have done that without Govt permission.
    And escape of AA from police custody was also a drama.

    I am also told that CJ had given some assurances including NRO–Kiyani the real blacksheep was the monitor of this deal with the blessings of MASA.

    Holding NS in his Model Town residence was also a drama, when PTI & JI workers with Liaquat Baloch were taking the beating at GPO.

    Probably NS had given in on many key issues just to save his face on election promise to restore CJ–Although this all is treacherous but still not too bad as it would be hard to control CJ now, as per my infos he had given promises not to touch Mush & NRO but hopefully rest is open field & good thing is that CJ is reinstated with full power of CJ which Zardari fear the most.
    I have also learned some technical details that confirmation of jiyala judges has to be decided by a committee headed by CJ, Committee will recomend but as a head CJ will have final authority to follow the recomendations or reverse it.
    Now one thing for sure that Zardari will have no free hand to fvck this country anymore.

    CJ is the best in character among all the players of this conspiracy & weshould be watching CJ closely in coming days–Hopefully CJ has not given any promise not to investigate Benazir murder,thats where he can nab Mush, he can summon secretary interior to explain the washing of murder site.

    I must say the best & the worst character of this ordeal is NS–His weakness is Army intervention, he is scared of Army–He would rather have Zardari ride him than Kiyani.
    Zardari played with his weakness and NS gave in on his demand to denounce the PCO of Nov 3rd,2007 and he allowed Dogar to stay till march 21st to complete his tenure, technically he agreed that Dogar is lawful current CJ of pakistan.

    The worst & sneaky part of NS is his return from Gujranwala, he did not allow IK & Qazi to show their strength in Pindi which they have been planning for long time.
    Infact I am told that main party which organized the show in Lahore was JI with their 10000 dedicated workers, who are expert for such demontrations with the help of Tehrik-e-Insaf but the drop scene was looted by NS with his dramatic emergence from his Model Town Residence,the sneaky partis it was all planned with the help of Govt. only workers of JI & TI who were taking the beating, did not know about it.

    If someone ask me whom I will cat my next vote, without hesitation I would say TI becausewe need character not potential, we have had enough of potential.

  310. @ResidentEvil

    I disagree with your assertion that Zardari and Army could have resisted the reinstatement of CJ in face of massive march to the centre. I remember almost similar episode in 1977 or about that time when , I think Bhutto asked military on Lahore and Faugi Jawan refused to man handle, fire on the crowd. Your assertion could only be true if and only if we accept that Pakistani army would not revolt under their generals when confronting this kind of problem which is very naive and wrong.

    It is a fact that people are THE power and only mean that any external or internal force can rule unjustly on the people is either through treachary or terror. Fortunately terror could not be implemented in Pakistan because of fierce nature of resistance that could arrise from this act( Pakistan can never be Rawanda and there could not be an IDI Amin in Pakistan Army). Thus the only way is treachery and we, people of Pakistan, are very passionate and very predictable when comes to emotions so could easily be played by these traitors. BUT only for certain time. When people realize what is wrong , espacially us, we make that person OUR enemy and he remains there for his generations to come.


  312. Its not easy for Zardari to make a sole descision… He has got enough deiscredit to himself… and Above all Media is there to rip him apart…if he does that…

  313. Pakistan is not surviving with USAID.

    Nawaz Shareef is now an old solid experienced politician and so is Mr Zardari and company.

    Pakistan is too big as a country , as far as population is concerned. We are basically an agriculture country and we should be proud of it. We are not goining anywhere we are happy where we are. We have enough food water and natural resources and super manpower.

    We can be what we want.

    We have a true economy not an dollar based US or western economy.

    We are much better of than many many western countries.

    We need to get a bit more organized and that will do the trick.

    the problem is these people who thinks western economies and countries are better off indeed they are Not.

    Nawaz sharif played it well.
    All accomplished without a blood shed.

    Nawaz is playing safe and smart. He is a true leader of Pakistan even better than BB in many ways, professionaly.

    You dont need to be a Phd to be a leader, loosers!!!
    To be a professor/teacher you need to be a Phd.


  315. @sagaciouscorpion

    ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan says that country has witnessed a silent revolution in the form of restoration of judiciary.

    Speaking to Geo News here on Monday, he said that people would not accept this decision if it was taken as a result of any deal.

    PTI chief said that the real goal of the lawyers’ movement would go waste if illegal steps of Nov 3 were not undone.

    To a question, he said that if restoration of deposed judges was result of any kind of deal Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) should expose it.

    I never had any intention to topple the government, he said and added that there was no agenda for the mid-term polls also.

  317. Guys lets not spoil the spirit of the hour… and thank Allah SWT that by his mercy govt retreated…

    @pakistan ko pak keren

    Yar who is going to believe this BS after what we saw on the streets… and shame on these PP idiots who are trying to take away all the credit… as if they were dying to restore judiciary… bloody liars…

    The best thing is “Pakistan is awake now… and nobody can make a fool out of Awam”

  318. It is funny that some of us are so naive that they think that an ideal society can emerge from just one long march. No doubt it was a historic long march and March 16 was a historic day. The aim of the whole movement was to restore the judiciary at its pre-Nov 03, 2007 period and that has been apparently achieved.

    For those who think that every thing would be hunky dory now should not forget that the judicial situation before Nov. 03 was not ideal either. But it was still a big improvement given its predecessors. So now we would Inshallah go back to better times, but the situation will not exactly be ideal. We have to understand that just like everybody else, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry is also a human being and he may make mistakes. We must not be disillusioned by this because the people of Pakistan have been able to establish a principle that no dictator can trample constitution anymore.

    The process of improvement is a slow and gradual process. We are on the right track now and we must not relax. It is time for jubilations and it is also time to renew our resolve that Inshallah we will keep trying to make Pakistan true to the dream of its founding fathers. Whatever our political affiliations maybe and whoever our leaders maybe, nobody is more important that Pakistan.


    P.S: I would also like to congratulate PML-N for fulfilling its electoral pledge of restoring all judges. It has set a fine example and I hope in future other parties will also try to treat their
    electoral promises as sacred pacts with the people and fulfil these.

  319. Its still not the complete victory. But the first step towards our goials . I believe , the next challenges for CJ and this movement are

    1- Judges appointed by Zardari.
    2- Musharraf crimes
    3- Missing persons
    4- NRO
    5- MQM crimes

    Until then, we shouldnt say that our movement has succeeded. Our goal was not to restore someone,s job but to put national criminals on trial. so lets warm our muscles for the next phase.

    I think, if COD is implemented , at least in future we will not have problem of politicised appointments for judges and election commission.

    We all know that, zardari & co bastards are not happy over restoration of judiciary. so we should be ready for any negative move from them.

  320. @Adonis

    I agree..

    A new system cant emerge out of a long march…it is a gradual process…

    At least we are on the right direction path moving in the right direction….

    and this was a milestone… not the destination…


  322. People are getting over joyous, Wait and see what NS and AA has “negotiated”. Is it good or bad? We will have a clear picture in a few days!


  324. Congrats to the Nation and all of you. We have witnessed a revolution and rebirth of the nation.

    Excellent planning and crisis management by Nawaz Shareef, Qazi Hussain Ahmad and Imran Khan. They layed the foundation for the revolution by their strategy. LET US TODAY FOR ONCE GIVE CREDIT TO THESE GREAT LEADERS. Please allow me to recognise the efforts of others , Gillani, Kiyani and I am sure so many others, yes even Sherry Rehman!

    For those who think that the Long March should have continued, I have to admit that I was of the same opinion but then let me tell you of a golden rule of politics NEVER USE YOUR TRUMP CARD!

    I have in the past critisised Nawaz Shareef for allowing himself into traps but I think he played a very intelligent game. He succeeded in isolating Zardari the Snake. And above all today he did not go for the kill! Yes it was within his reach. Jiyalas can burry their heads but that would not change facts.

    @NOTA congartulations on your Souvenir! Please post a picture of it.

    Finally let us celebrate this new beginning and give credit to all those who deserve with an open mind.

  325. Pakistan ko pak keren..

    I think we are in a transiton phase of change… people are now aware what is going around themselves…. and next elections Inshallah … will get rid of these idiots like Maulana Fazlurrehman…..

  326. sagaciouscorpion

    I totally agree with you but we cannot wait 4 years for a true change like we waited under Mush and Q-league government for 5 years. And whatever we are facing today actually happened in those 5 years of Mush. What is even worse will happen in the next 4 years. I understand that this is a democratically elected government. Zardari is utilizing democracy for his own aims and he will keep on doing it for the next 4 years.

  327. Agar yah govt pachay naa hatee toe yah awam , jaa ker National assembly plus presdidential house plus PM house koe torch ker datee.

    Na rahay bas na bajay basree.

    aur Fauj aur awam lartee aur fauj may bagawat honi thee.

    Kiya kiyani aur kiya Musharaff yah PPP ya PM.

    Apni jaan bachaii GHQ nay aur PPP nay.

    they had no other option.

    NS is a strong leader with strong support.

    Pakistan Zindabad

  328. What I think is….It wont be easy for him to sell his ideas to public and even his party after all the disgust he has managed to gather…

    and the politically elected governmetn must go on… if we force to quit zardari…

    by non-democratic means.. this will be a blow… waht is the need of this hour… it is our duty to expose these idiots like Fazlu, ANP and MQM… and dont let those Zardari cronies to take all the credit… and dont let them create confusion in the masses… these people are trying to divide the nation

  329. What I think is important….

    It would not be easy for him to sell his ideas to public and even his party after all the disgust he has managed to gather…

    and the politically elected governmetn must go on… if we force to quit zardari…

    by non-democratic means.. this will be a blow… waht is the need of this hour… it is our duty to expose these idiots like Fazlu, ANP and MQM… and dont let those Zardari cronies to take all the credit… and dont let them create confusion in the masses… these people are trying to divide the nation

  330. I think Zardari the Snake and Rehman Malik urf Kochwan are the biggest loosers. 4 Man Show making fun of Zardari’s counting ability (Sky 792 “Prime TV”)

  331. @jazoo,

    Very interesting establishment BS. The people of Pakistan can imagine what kind of stomach ache and loose motions the losing establishment (the armed Mafia) is currently having against the nation who have finally stood up.

    Every minute of historic events were televised live on TV and establishment is still trying fool nation on BS theories without first changing their pants with stinky dark spots from yesterday’s events.

    I have googled jazoos comments and he seems to be one of that A$$hole who supports every single politician and he is also against the same politicians and changes his stance every single day, a typical establishment mole who hates the people of Pakistan and thinks that they were born to enslave the nation.

    Hey jazoo, please pass this message to your boss:

    – You will be hanged to death for kidnapping and selling Dr. Aafia
    – You will be hanged to death for kidnapping and selling thousands of other citizens of Pakistan
    – You will be hanged to death for imprisoning and raping Balochi women in army houses
    – You will be hanged to death for robbing the wealth of entire nation and raping the will of people (constitution) again and again.

  332. nawaz sharif has created history, hats off to IK n the lawyers n civil society but if u exclude NS, it wudve been no march at all, for the first time ppl of punjab n especially lahore showed ‘gherat’ n saved the country for the first time, normally this job was left to our brothers frm sindh, baloch, pakhtunkhwa n kashmir
    nawaz sharif zindabad!!!!!!!!

  333. Restoring CJ is just one step to towards solving our nation’s problems, now most important thing is, when CJ will become the permanent obsticle in the ways (those against the interest of Pakistan) of Zardari and outsiders, will they dijest CJ???

  334. Live with Talat very nice today..this is like real talat hussain..Talat really tear apart this Munafik idiot nice to hear our Baloch brothers also and sindhi nationalists like Palejo..

    Talat in a very smart way invited people from smaller provinces and they spanked PPP so called democrartic party..

    Talat please continue this trend of inviting Baloch nationalists and Sindhi should convey their message to people to abolosh those confusion which establishment have created against smaller provinces

    I was listening to Ali Ahmed Kurd and he said that his next target is to raise the voice for missing baloch persons including woman and children,,Kurd please go ahead we are with you and Talat please invite Kurd some day and talk about missing baloch persons and expose those evils of agencies who have kidnapped woman

    there are many rightist mullas to raise the voice for Dr.Aafia but why nobody talk about missing baloch persons

    I expect from Ali Ahmed Kurd to please highlight this issue and use the fame which he has due to Lawyers movement to highlight missing baloch person`case

    Could you believe that our agencies has also kidnapped some Baloch woman as well??????

    Ab yeh Zulam Nahi Chalay ga..mazaq banaya hua hay agencion nay ….ab tumhein awam ki taqat kay samnay haar manani paray gi…

  335. @Sheeda BudZuban,
    “You will be hanged to death for kidnapping and selling Dr. Aafia”
    Afia’s story has many holes. No clear proof that she was handedover to US by Pakistan. Recently her husband and other family members talked about her leaving to work for Al-Qaida. She even divorced her husband when he refused to allow her. Her husband even took her to Mufti Taqi Usmani who also failed to convince her not to go to terrorism. Anyway she is alive and will soon return home.

    But there is one confirm case. U remember Aimal Kansi who was kidnaped and handedover to US by Sharifs just to please Clinton? Aimal was later got killed in US prison. Who will hang Sharifs?

  336. @ Bilal ….. You are very right. Part of Nawaz Sharif is history now and will be written in golden letters.

    Also Punjab for the first time has risen against establishment and again hats off to NS. I am very hopeful that if Punjab plays positive role like this it wont bring all provinces together but also make us stronger and decrease chances of Army intervention.

    There is a lesson to learn for beghairat Chs. of Gujrat who have been still living in 70s and 80s and ready to lick army boots.

  337. There is no doubt about PM. He is a thorough gentleman.But CJ must enhance his qualification. simple degree of BA LLB and that is too in 3rd division from a unknown university does not suit to a high profile appointment. Government of Pakistan should make it mandatary that minimum qualification for a judge for supreme court should be Bar-at-law.
    Iftikhar choudhry has won the battle, now he must vacate the seat for more qualified person.
    In the openion of 16 crore PAKISTANI AWAM, Choudhry AITIZAZ AHSAN is the right person for this seat.
    We should avoid rankers for upgradation.

  338. @fanaticmulla,
    Why you are only concerned about people missing in your province, what about all over Pakistan, the way you talk, it seems to me that you are working for Pakistan’s enemy’s agencies. Plus you didn’t express any happiness about CJ restoration, a honest person, because of him all the Pakistanis are happy that they will start getting justice, you don’t believe in solving the problems of Pakistan. Let me tell you, Balochistan is facing same problem is faced by common people of NWFP, Punjab and even in Karachi (I am a minority of Pakistan) I feel. Go to any indian site and say anthing against the india the people of india will chew your A$$ (although there are 12 separatist moments are going on). So work with other Pakistanis help them and get help from them to get justice for all Pakistanis. “Moj hay derya may, behrun-e-durya chuch nahi”. Interesting thing is, that the countries, who are working together to break Pakistan (thr0ugh their agents in Pakistan) they don’t allow to break their own countries.

  339. @Dar

    Can you please explain what Nawaz Sharif has done to you?

    Why are showing your illogical hatred for him?

    It was mutual decision to stay at Gujranwala and wait for PM’s speech. Even it was a mutual decision of Lawyers and PML-N to call off Long March.

    They might not have consulted you in this decision.

  340. first of all I am really happy with CJ restoration..second i do not need any certificate from anybody about my Patriotism..even though i am not baloch ..but i will raise my voice for misssing baloch woman..these missing baloch woman are as honourable as Dr.Aafia..all rightist including hamid gul and other establishment criminals make protests for Dr.Aafia but why not someone talk about missing baloch persons

    and lastly i piss on agencies who are criminals and their agents in media and in pk politics start giving lecture of partiotism when someone expose evil face of criminal agencies

    Long Live Pakistan and people of Pakistan
    down with agencies and establishment

  341. @georgebillo,
    Let me explain you, people don’t win the hearts of others because of their qualifications in 1st division or 3rd division. There would be many judges, who are more qualified in good divisions in LLB or in foriegn degrees, why they didn’t win the hearts of the people like CJ did. The reason which made him “her dil aziz” was his decisions, which he delivered in the last era of Musharraf. He delivered those decisions (knowingly that Mush wouldn’t like it, but were in the interest of the nation and he resisted) when he was enjoying CJ seat, tell me who in Pakistan, leaves the seat at “Joban” of the seat, people don’t leave the government pion “chaprasi” seat by not entertaining his boss’s will, here we are talking about CJ of SC seat.

  342. @MalangBaba,

    Thanks for taking your clothes off and telling everyone that you (PPP) have been sleeping with every MF Jarnail starting with Ayub to Musharraf and involved in raping and breaking our motherland.

  343. @fanaticmulla

    Other ethnicities living in Balochistan and other provinces were supportive of the miseries of balochs previously. But the way that balochs have butchered innocent punjabis and hazaras in balochistan through help from india, the support for the balochs has significantly decreased and instead a growing hatred is getting in place.

  344. @fanaticmulla

    I agree that no one should teach patriotism to others. Every one has equal right on country and every one is equally patriotic. We all can sacrifice every thing for our dear homeland and we will never listen to any one spreading any kinda hatred among us especially the way, Fazlur Rehman, MQM, Zahid Khan-ANP and Pir mazhar Ul haq-PPP tried.

    Every missing person should be released as every one is a citizen of Pakistan.

    The agencies should stop picking people and should work for Pakistan only. Their role has been disgusting during Musharraf time.

    Finally bro. you are as patriotic as any other Pakistani is and I am sure you will always try for a strong and prosperous Pakistan.

    Keep smiling and congrats on the restoration of all the deposed judges including CJ iftikhar.

  345. @Fanaticmulla
    First of all, we have relationship and common interest here is Pakistan. Now about women picked up in Balochistan, don’t think I appreciate the aductions of women anywhere. What about these Sardars, Waderas,Chaudries and Maliks who have their private jails , where these “insaaniyat sey ghirey huey log” keep men, women and children of their own villages in their private jails (for not obeying these Bstd) for indefinate period. Now my question is that why you are making women a issue only, what men don’t feel pain by torturing, what in jail they enjoy like they are on picnic? Both are sufferers, you should raise the voice for both sexs and all kind of injustices. That is why we are eager to see CJ on his seat for just decision, and deliverance against all kind of injustices in Pakistan, not for one person or one group, but for all Pakistanis.

  346. @ Sheeda BudZuban,
    “Thanks for taking your clothes off and telling everyone that you (PPP) have been sleeping with every MF Jarnail starting with Ayub to Musharraf and involved in raping and breaking our motherland.”

    Instead of answering my point U r changing the subject that too with absolute and complete lies. PPP never shared power with any MF general since its inception in 1967. rather PPP removed all dictators from power.

    Who led the agitation against Ayub?
    Who removed Yahya when Jamaat and Muslim league were conducting massacres for him in East Pakistan?
    Who struggled against Zia’s dark brutal and absolute inhuman 11 years when Sharifs and Jamaat Islami were his partners in crime?
    Who fought against Mush for all his tenure when Sharifs begged pardon from him and Jamaat Islami shared power with him? and who showed him the door?

    If you have a memory of goldfish then remember it was PPP. It was PPP that started lawyers movement and it was PPP that gave most sacrifices. Can U tell me a single lawyer killed or injured other than PPP lawyers?Can U tell me a single PML_N, Jamaat or IK worker killed or injured in the whole movement?

    U hate PPP just because of preceived class interests nothing else.

  347. The notification for restoration has not been issued yet. I am afraid Zardari will again renegade from his commitment.

  348. @MalangBaba,

    First of all, did I start saying anything against PPP?

    When I reminded that Army (not PPP) was selling Pakistani citizens, your inner love with Army woke up and started defending Army. Shame on you.

    I have already answered all questions previously to you, but for Musharraf, let me remind you the following:

    1- Benazir & PPP welcomed the Martial Law of 1999 by Musharraf.

    2- Benazir had secret multiple meetings with General Musharraf in Uniform and brokered a power sharing

  349. @MalangBaba

    It was ur PPP govt that handed amil kansi get ur facts right.

    Bhutto shared power with yahya breifly and PPP parlimanterian did with mushy with full blessing of BB

    The reason bhutto didnt share power with Generals is cuz he himslef declared martial law, send militart and slaughtered ppl in baluchistan, Dalai camp and shahi qila were turned in tortire camps, Javed Hashmi is alive to witness how gals were kidnapped and taken to CM house so they can be raped and how they rescued some. 1973 lassani fasadat were conducted by PPP in sindh.

    BB govt helped india crush sikh movement and kashmir movement.

    Ohh plz is hammam main sab nangey hain lol

  350. @MalangBaba
    Lesson for all, whoever killed Pakistanis in mass:
    The top players of Bangladesh creation were (1) Mujib (2) Indira Ghandhi of india and (3) Z.A. Bhutto, also include Yahya Khan.
    See (1) Mujib’s & Family: Mujib and his sons were killed by their own Bangladesh Army, when mujib was about to sign a deal with india to give them rights of Bangladesh exports handling and re-exporting to the world, Banladesh army killed indian government officials who came in in a helicopter and they also killed their father of the nation and his sons.
    (2) Indira Ghandhi and sons also didn’t died nuturally, all of them were killed by their own indians, I don’t need to tell their death stories you all know.
    (3) Bhutto was killed by his own army by the orders of………………and his one son died in Paris by poisonning, and Murtaza Bhutto was killed in his own sister’s governmentthat is Banazir government, when Zardari was in her government, all they were killed un-nutural death. Funny thing is Zardari knows who killed Banazir, but still wants to spend millions of dollars of this poor nation, to find out from UNO that who killed Banazir. If he knows he should come out of his hiddings and say who killed her, it is his biggest duty to save this country from unnecessary expenses, if he is patriotic Pakistani.

  351. @MalangBaba
    Lesson for all, whoever killed Pakistanis in mass:
    The top players of Bangladesh creation were (1) Mujib (2) Indira Ghandhi of india and (3) Z.A. Bhutto, also include Yahya Khan.
    See (1) Mujib’