11 thoughts on “Nawaz Sharif in Gujranwala – 16 March 2009

  1. I am proud to be a Pakistani…
    We are not like Egyptians or Libyans…
    we stand up for our rights and send the dictators home
    Zardari boria bistra band karo

  2. NS is no longer the old person what he used to be back in the 90s
    He is the new ZAB of Pakistan… mark my words

  3. Long live ppl of Lahore, ppl of Punjab and ppl of Pakistan………..we love u all. Its such an emotional day and Im in the office (croydon, UK :'( ) I wudav luvd to b wid my family in Pak 🙂

    Jaag utha Punjab k Pakistan chala 🙂

  4. Bewaqoof (NS) Gujranwala Payee khanay ruk gaya. There are too many hotels on Gujranwala GT road. He couldnot resist the smell. Next time driver should take bypass and not enter city. He should have realize that he is on a mission more important than eating Chirray & Payee.
    The next long march will be soon as Zardari will not restore Judges. Dont know why NS dont learn from his mistakes. Now atleast his driver should learn and take Gujranwala bypass next time .


    Well, he had two choices, either continue the march and be called a man who is taking country to confrontation or believe the PM of the country along with 160 billion country men who were listening him on live TV.
    I think he made the best choice among available at that particular time, and if zardaree still retreats again then it will be even better, because then one point agenda would be to remove main culprit, i.e., zardaari

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