17 thoughts on “Saad Rafiq After Victory – 16 March 2009

  1. Saad deserves a pat on the back.

    It was he who was the main brain behind PML-N’s Long March action plan and we saw how successful it was.

    Well done !!!

  2. Saad Rafiq & rest of NS & Co. Kindly do not get excited there are uncounted Obstacles are ahead just waiting for you, think as a logical person because Zardari & Co. restored the Judges HALF HEART-EDLY & whatever they will have OPPORTUNITY they will stand as an Opponent which will create bitter enmity.

    I am not a pessimistic but not ready to live in Paradise of Fools.

  3. @ Adonis.
    Saad Rafiq deserves not only a pat on the back from me, too, but all the ‘KUDOS’ or praise, commendation & congratulations (of this nation,) that go with it.

    It is really encouraging to know that our nation has such clear thinking & practical young men who can achieve such a daunting task, such as gathering together in such a short time, & more than a million people onto the streets, & that too for a noble task, from one end of the country to another end.

    Mind you, it is really not a small feat, a notable achievement or an exploit on his part. Since many years now, I was REALLY (& REALLY, again,) wondering who could do it; & this young man has not only done it, but has also achieved the REAL PURPOSE behind such a mammoth LONG MARCH, & that too, a night before the actual sit-in or the ‘Dharna’ due today in the capital city of Islamabad.

    Could YOU please, or any other kind visitor to this column provide Saad Rafiq’s e-mail address, so that his well wishers like you or me could post our word of congratulations directly to him?

  4. @Adnan Arshad Mansoori,
    I am agreed with you, no reason to be so much optimistic, because we don’t know yet what the hell PPP has accepted to allow CJ?? NS & SS government is not a big problem for Zardari’s and NRO witers, they will offer all kind of things to PMLN, which was never offered to them, but CJ is real and most important issue of Pakistan, because our justic system is mother of our 99% problesm, this CJ is thread to Zardari & Co. (If CJ still remains honest and don’t accept the pressure from peace deal writers) if CJ is restored (which is impossible 99%) means: NRO goes to scrap, Zardari goes to jail and what CJ gave the decisions (in the last era of the Musharraf’s government or little before CJ was sent home) in some very sensitive nation’s issues, will come in effect, which is not acceptable at all for Zardari & Co., and others.

  5. Did Zardari, took any decision in the favour of the nation, ever before? That we can expect that decision he has taken now is in the favour of the nation or he has become “sharif insaan”. I can only trust him once he brings his and BiBi’s wealth from outside to inside Pakistan and invests in fixed assets.

  6. One thing is quite obvious now:

    No bloody dictator or lota would try to mess with Pakistan’s judiciary now insha Allah

  7. This is victory guys!!!!!!!!! u no y???
    as all the 60 senior judges will b restored………the one after IMC is also one of the 60s
    All the new appointments will have to be regularised as all of them are temporary.

    So CJ IMC being the chief has the ryt to make em permanent or put them bak to the lower courts, as u all no very well that all the new appointees were lower court judges.

    We have done our bit, let the CJ clean the mess as hes got the power to do it legally. So we win!!!!

    Pakistan Zindabad!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Kudos to Kashif for confronting Saad Rafique with the “Internal Democracy” issue in PML-N … SR was caught off guard and his answer was kinda hokey! “Nawaz Sharif nay Tavakkul Kiya” boo hoo! Democracy is not about talking to “AsHab-ur-Rai” that is the Taliban system (which works to quite an extent, but we’ve come a long way baby!)

    Democracy is 1 man 1 vote. Central Working/Executive MUST VOTE on every issue. Or at least there should be a “free vote” on critical issues.

    that is far away, but at the very least our parties must organize themselves democratically based on their respective ideologies.

    Yesterday’s long march had the raw power of the people who were brought on by NS’ call, but the spearhead was the Lawyers (and to a large extent the JI worker). Both these groups are internally democratic and therefore the most resilient and most dynamically adaptable to changing situations.

    So, it was a victory for democracy. In more ways than one.

  9. Those who were building false expectations with IMC’s restoration should go under ground. IMC’s restoration will not bring peace in our society. This will not curb Talibanization. This will not restore confidence for foreign invetments. This will not stop drone attacks. This will not bring down inflation. It will only satisfy few egos and will open political doors for Sharif brothers. I don’t know how IMC will reward people like AA, IK or JI. All those who were saying IMC is not restored bcaz of NRO I ‘d like to see how IMC will target NRO beneficaries.


    We have cleared one big hurdle but there are many more to go. New chapter has been written in the very troble and turbulant histor of Pakistan. Our future generarions will be proud of us. We have shown to whole world in general, and colonialist in particular, that the proud Nation of 170 million Pakistanis are very resiliant, who will not tolerate any interefarance in our internal and external affairs. We have proved that we are the nation of
    RULE AND LAWS. Further more, We are democratic and united.

    On behalf of my my fellow citizens, I would like to congratulate Cief justice Ch. Mohammad Iftikhar, Justice Khalil ramaday and all the other honorable judges of SC of Pakistan, who were illegaly removed by the ” criminal dictator MUSHARRAH” for their reinstatement.

    Now the independent judiciary has been restored, It’s incubant upon Cief justice IMC and others to revamp the entire judiciary system. Those judges who are impartial, incompetent and corrupt, must be removed from the benches . We the people of Pakistan,demand Inependent judiciary of competent, honest and God fearing judges, and now is the time to reform the whole judicial system. There needs to special procedures and guide lines in place. for the selection of new judges.

    All the pending cases before Nov 3 must be addressed ASAP, including
    the illegal acts of Musharraf against the sitting judges.

  11. Its not complete victory. But the first step towards our desires “desires” . I believe , the next challenges for CJ are
    1- Judges appointed by Zardari.
    2- Musharraf crimes
    3- Missing persons
    4- NRO
    5- MQM crimes

    Until then, we shouldnt say that our movement has succeeded. Our goal was not to restore someone,s job but to put national criminals on trial.

    I think, if COD is implemented , at least in future we will not have problem of politicised appointments for judges and election commission.

    Secondly, i dont agree that CJ will be obliged to NS, in future. If you remember, CJ delivered some decisions against musharraf when he was in power.

    We all know that, zardari & co are not happy over restoration of judiciary. so we should be ready for any negaive move from him.

  12. Fan club

    Please stop hate and pessimistic opinions.

    Time to move on and learn.
    No one is perfect.
    Enough of BS

  13. CJP should work more towards judicial reforms and getting rid of these jiyala judges rather than get into confrontations and delving into the past.
    Time to move on and make sure weghave a strong parliament with a check on the politicians, and an independent judiciary.

  14. altf_0011 said:@Adnan Arshad Mansoori,I am agreed with you, no reason to be so much optimistic………………………Thanks as you duly stamped on my comments, Bro. altf_0011 this is a tiny matter to get, clear like crystal as too obvious to see the matter as the restoration of deposed Judges now has become the matter of Prestige, Integrity & honor for Zardari Camp this was positive side if they would restored the same at high time which was 7/8 months ago, but they couldn’t even Imagine they would do by force of Flood of Pakistani Nation whom wished usually they do keep on their toe as their master i.e. America never spoke in favor of these Deposed Judges. Anyway as their master America will never allow to recover the Missing Persons then again KICK UP A RAW, pls. kindly note the same I’m again predicting as sometime feel helpless with this my good or bad habit but after few weeks you will again stamp on my prediction, I assured you brother why as blind faith on the following:

    KHUDA tou Phir KHUDA hai Maaf Kur Daiy Gaa, Bhut Mushkil hai Aadmi ko Aadmi ko Maaf Kurna.

    In short Zardari Camp will take the same as PERSONAL INSULT/EMBARRASSMENT. Above all they will remain in the position of ever ready to pay back by hook or crook.

  15. @Adnan Arshad Mansoori,
    You will see very soon, as soon as CJ will become obsticle in the ways (which are against the interest of Pakistani nation) of Zardari and outsiders, will they dijest/accept CJ then ? Plus at present it was not ideal time for Zardari to fight with CJ, because PMLN (country’s big party) was 100% against the Zardari & Co., reason Zardari desolved PMLN government in Punjab, Zardari is a clever person, he went back two steps for the time being. Don’t trust him at all.

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