13 thoughts on “Nawaz Sharif Address – 17 March 2009

  1. No doubt NS personality improved whole alot and he emerged as real national leader whose priority is only Pakistan first and then party. Hope he will continue this right approach.
    I can see a very bright and prosperous future for this great nation, we just need to continue our struggle for rule of law. Pakistan Zindabad

  2. nawaz sharif he is realy share re share bebar share he put his life on danger and take big
    risk on life he come out on road for pakistan we prayer lot for his life while he was on long march God BLESS ON HIM AND HIS LIFE FOR PAKISTAN ZINDA BAD NAWAZ SHARIF.

  3. The workers of PML(n) are not well organized they should listen what NS and SS want to say. I think party leaders should work hard for party workers not only in punjab also NWFP also in Sindh and Blstn.

  4. Nawaz Sharif… You simply rock! Please now do us another favor…. Kick this Zaradari asshole out of the Presidency. Pakistan desperately needs sincere leadership at this point in time and cannot afford further mishaps.

  5. Aoa guys

    Can any body tell where Nawaz Sharif’s speech gone the one he delivered in front of his Model town residence on 15th of March.

    That was actually turning point of this long march, situation wud be diff. if Nawaz sharif back out or stay home. I was listening news only audio but I remember a anchor of Geo news saying that I hv serious doubts NS can’t break security or police shell around it may be possible but can’t get through the KALMA square any ways. The strength he got tht time only 3 to 4 hundred peoples.

    I just can’t find the firing 8 mints speech by NS??????????

  6. My Dear friends !!!!! (PakCan,infonix,Maximillian ,shahbazmontreal )!! i dont know what u actually want. This sharif sahab is the same who struck a deal with musharraf and ran away to saudia so that he can live in a seven star palace insead of facing jail;

    secondly he kept on lying of signing any deal, and when came here, just said that it was for seven years!!

    do u call this type pf liar a hero!! wow!! what a good understanding of politics~!

    could u tell me how did he setup a massive ittefaq group!! steel mills, textile mill, chemical firms, etc.. ab aap logon ka mu band hojaiga..

    BUT!! donot take me as a stupid PPP supporter… they all belong to the same group…. both are lotairaaaaass!! but just dont be biased!! that is what i wanted to say…

    Imran khan is the only guy whom i say to be a man of priniciples!! i am confident that if given a chance my any miracle ( becoz PPP and PML Nawaz wont let him come at front) he would being a big change..!!


  7. Everyone knows NS’s father was a self made man and his father had already built a financial empire even before NS stepped into Politics. I don’t think any one of us is calling NS a angel but he is lesser of the two evils. NS has shown that he is a changed man and his stance hasn’t changed since the day he came back to Pakistan so for now I believe him. Futhermore most of the trash in his party i.e the choudharies have been wiped out and the current team surrounding NS is by far the best in the country.

    Democracy doesn’t mean perfection it merely gives a choice.

  8. @ sulemanmemon …………. man i like ur jokes …. so NS struck a deal with Musharraf …….. ???????????

    There has been no deal with Musharraf. NS never denied having agreement with Saudi family and the “deal” you are referring too was with Saudi government not Musharraf.

    and btw he signed this only to avoid Bhutto’s fate and come back later as even stronger. Time is showing us that he was 100% right and it was a great decision.

  9. lolzzz @ usman ,,,,, kia baat hay aap ki toh… deal chahay musharrafsay karay ya saudia say… hua kia tha akhir main… bhaag toh gaya he tha na… to b more specific… bahi mairay deal definitely saudia say hi karni thi na jab musharraf issay muu laganay koh tiyaar hi nahin tha.!!!

    secondly, taking chaudharies out of PML N doesnt make them a good party… saray he barabar hain woh.. i dont know y u ppl are biased..!! first u were against musharraf… and now u dont want to see PPP, and then when they go.. u will start uttering the same words against this sharif,,, u just wana play with everyone.. I CAN BET THAT U WOULD SAY THE SAME THINGS ABOUT SHARIFSS!!!
    and u would probably be saying that time that Imran khan we need u, sharif should be ousted from politics etc…

    i feel very sorry for u guys!! sir m studying politics sice 14 years… can ans any question u like..!! in short what i meant to say is that both PML N and PPP should be kicked out!( Which is impossible) and ppl like IK should be brought in!

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