20 thoughts on “Notification Announced- 17 March 2009

  1. Our religion has told us for forgiveness. Lets forget the past and start with fresh start.

    Bringing the past will cause more problems and same old confrontation, so lets move on and make aware to everybody that from now on, there will be no more injustice.

  2. I am sure the pessimists will still call it a AZ trick. I guess it couldn’t be more clearer. The word is restoration and therefore no new oath, meaning all the actions after nov 3 till today are now under scrutiny and will be fixed one by one.

  3. Congratulations to the whole nation. After musharraf’s ouster, this is the second victory.

    Now its time for accountability.

    We may forgive, but we can not forget.

    Now we need something similar to the “Truth & Reconciliation Commission” of South Africa.
    Anyone accused of crimes against this nation must be presented in front of this commission and truth must be brought in open. Anyone confessing hi scrimes can be forgiven on the condition that he will not be allowed to participate in politics or get any public office.

  4. People anywhere in the world who believe in the rule of raw will be happy for the citizens of Pakistan today.

  5. @sic5770

    I do not agree with you… when it is for ghreeb awam, we should punish for what they did not done and when it’s for the real criminal a$$holes we should forget the past… I don’t think so… we should punish each and every one of them and make them an example for other a$$holes…

  6. @bechari-awam

    I think AZ tried every thing to deceive the nation but nation kicked his a$$ so hard that he was left with no other choice …

  7. All offiical now – Congratulations to our nation. Time ticking for black sheeps including AZ!

    New chapter in our country history

  8. if i am pessimist……….remember this is AZ’s signature which has no meaning as he has proved before!!

    CONGRATULATIONS to the whole Pakistani nation

  9. Congratulations to Stakeholders

    Civil society
    PML (N)
    artyChief of arty
    Prime minister
    Shame Shame Shame to Stakeholders

    Fozia wahab
    Babar awan
    DR Danish (ary)
    IJ Police punjab

  10. i think AZ must have learned the lesson, although the hard way.

    New Chief Election Commissioner is Justice (R) Hamid Ali Mirza, a judge who has served with Iftikhar and gave verdict in his favour on 20th July, 2007. I am happy by this action.

  11. Thanks to General Kiyani for taking a stand as per people’s will.

    Imagine, if he had sent the 111 brigade ,which AZ had asked for, the lawyers would have been in C.M.H by now.

    Pak Fauj Zindabaad
    Lawyers Movement Zindabaad
    Imran Khan Zindabaad
    Nawaz aur Shahbaz Sharif Zindabaad
    Chief Justice Zindabaad

    Asal khel ab start hoga… CJ’s first test is removing N.R.O and pharofying AZ by the neck!

  12. @sic5770 said:
    “Our religion has told us for forgiveness. Lets forget the past and start with fresh start.”
    I agree with u ,
    but a killer can only be forgiven by the legal heirs of the deceased. The state cannot give pardon him.

    Secondally forgiveness is for those who promise not no indulge themselves in such activities again. Do you expect this from Zardari & Altaf Hussain.?

  13. ALHAMDULILLAH no doubt this is the visctory of the whole Nation.

    CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry is not a revengeful person but very honest and humble person as i know him personally.

    And i know that he would never make it a personal issue which ghaddari did with him as he never personalize any thing against him but he always decide cases on merit and always goes with justice and truth.

  14. @supercreature
    “I think AZ tried every thing to deceive the nation but nation kicked his a$$ so hard that he was left with no other choice …”

    exactly my point. this time the stakes were too high for him to back-out. this would have simply meant putting a hanging rope willingly (or foolishly) over his head.

    “..New Chief Election Commissioner is Justice (R) Hamid Ali Mirza, ..”


  15. Its time for reconciliation but it doesnt mean that the affected people are not given Justice.

    NRO, Missing people and lal masjid case must be addressed and justice must done. Without it the restoration is just ceremonial.

    I am hopeful that the CJ will address this and he knows that the people are with him.

  16. 2.5 down (musharraf, cj, zardari half-way), 97.5 to go!

    Now we need to push three point agenda:

    1. Education for the masses by spending 10% of GDP by 2020, 5% by end of this YRG administration’s turn.
    2. Judicial Reforms Bill, ie; Finanacial and Actual Independence of the Judiciary from the executive.
    3. Independence of the Election Commission and Overhaul of the Party organizations. Parties MUST show that their leaderships are elected democratically from ALL levels of the organization.

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