Off The Record – 17 March 2009

Kashif Abbasi discusses the restoration of the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Chaudry and other deposed judges to their Nov 3, 2007 positions after a two year long struggle which ends on a good note. With guests, Syed Naveed Qamar (PPP) and Imran Khan (PTI).

Kashif plays clips of contradictory statements and white lies of politicians before and after March 16th, 2009

30 thoughts on “Off The Record – 17 March 2009

  1. Admin, can you please put the song “Jeet Hamara Mustaqbil Hai” on the front page. It was written by Aitizaz Ahsan and aired on Geo.

    Also guys, this is just the beginning there is a long way to go in the Pursuit of Justice. Now, people must understand that their future is in their hands and they can direct it as they want. What has happened over the past week is the proof. People must not accept injustice as fate. They must organize and fight for justice and hold everyone accountable. The real test of the Judges will begin soon.

    Also, my friends, I want you to know that Sindh and the people of Karachi have been on the forefront of this battle in the worst position compared to the rest of the country. MQM is again actively floating extremely dangerous ideas and the people of Sindh will never let their ideas materialize. They are the worst stain on the people of Karachi. They are restricted to their zone where they rule with violence. MQM should realize what its doing. I don’t understand why they inject poison to every good thing that might happen to Pakistan. One thing that must be mentioned though, is the role of Ishrat-ul-Ibad (leaving his past aside for a moment). The man has acted professionally throughout his tenure as Gov. Sindh. The man must be applauded. His conduct as Governor Sindh has been exceptional (now that we have shameless Salman Taseer as a comparison).

    Please recognize the contribution of the people of Karachi and rest of Sindh. We must work toward national solidarity. Nawaz Sharif must expand towards Sindh so he can take the country towards true national solidarity. Believe me friends, we have been wishing for a CM like Shahbaz Sharif every single day.

    Also we must remember Benazir Bhutto who made the current (de facto) leadership of PPP drown in shame. Her last messages of wisdom tore through the current (fake) PPP’s leadership. They should be ashamed of themselves.

    Lets do whats best for the country. My vote in the next election is for PML-N.

    They must expand in Sindh also, and do whats best for the whole country.

    Also, we should send our thanks to the PPP heroes. Namely, Raza Rabbani, Aitizaz Ahsan, Safdar Abbasi, Naheed Khan and (didn’t expect it) Sherry Rehman. Thanks to everyone in PPP who fought for this and stayed true to their convictions.

    Congratulations to everyone. These are moments of celebration. But we must work hard to pave the road ahead for the best of Pakistan.

  2. too good……was waiting for such a programme….was laughing throughout at poor qamar….lol….somebody has to slap ppp and embarass them…………wish he had qahira or fauzia though….would love to see their embarassed faces…..

  3. @srau

    “wish he had qahira or fauzia though….would love to see their embarassed faces…..”

    I am afraid they know NOT such thing as embarrassment. Remember IK’s frontal attack on Barber Hewan. IK told that he gives dars-e-Quran and is still a big time liar. Lanat on Barber Hewan and his companions! Nobody trusts them.

  4. People on all forums especially PKpolitics, started to show their concerns about Dogar, NRO, 12 May , Lal Masjid, the moment it was decided to restore chief justice.
    IK , PML(N), JI , are showing their reservations after two days. This means people are now thinking one step ahead of the politicians.

  5. Nawaz Sharif could have Qazi and IK with him like Atizaz Ahsan when he was leading the long march from Lahore. Shahbaz Sharif in one of his speech on March 5th said that CJ will be restored before long march will cross Jhelum. The sudden end of long march and IMC’s restoration wasn’t total surprise. Khurshid Shah is right Nawaz Sharif politically hijacked movement at the 11th hour. CJ was restored bcaz of numbers and PMLN provided numbers. JI and PTI did their best when they announced bycott of elections but their best wasn’t good enough then and apparently on THE MOMENT they were sidelined again. Though IK tried to sell this as his signature issue for two years but Nawaz Sharif seems to be biggest political beneficary of this victory, so far.

  6. @ pakwatan12

    People on all forums especially PKpolitics, started to show their concerns …….

    Another aspect can be that media and leadership may be getting their input right from this and other forums?

  7. Just wondering, why is the description for Off the record always this long?

    The rest are like ”so and so are today’s guests.”

    OTR’s description just keeps going on and on…

  8. Its nice program.

    pee pee pee and their under-wear friends will now be preparing counter strategy to get rid of some thing like “justice” for their colorful journey. Lanat on all those black sheeps!

    I think first step of IMC should be kick out all jiyalay’s from the prestigous courts. After this step , I don’t see any hurdle to fill prisons with Daku Lovers Ltd including their master mushee.

  9. Credentials of all the sitting and restored judges should be re-examined by a high level commission constituted by world jurey. After screening all of these judges, they should be appointed as fresh.

  10. As Naveed Qamar’s discomfort clearly shows, the PPP wants no accountability for politicians. Instead of working for a better system that will also bring generals under accountability, their effort is directed at securing an above-the-law status for themselves

  11. naveed qamar is sitting on the hootest seat ever… i wish it was fauzia wahab here. PPP is already feeling the heat after IMC. u can see the fear on their faces already. I wont be surprised if they’d be trying to finalise a deal with IMC in these 5 days… and this tenure as CJ would be a stern test of IMC as well. whole of Pakistan would be looking upto him to take to task at least pervez musharaf…

    lets see… the fun has just begun… 16 march might be just a lil step towards a ‘true revolution’ or it might just be another disappointment like always…

  12. Can any one ask Kashif abbasi to call two crowns in the programme. Just want to knbow who the hell they are why they want to destroy peace.

  13. whatever khan sahab said I am 100% agree with him but with due respect I have a question general musharaf broke the constitution and after 1999 khan sahab supported musharaf so if you want case against musharaf and zerdari why not against you as a supporter of a person who broke the constitution , so that khan sahab should also be put under trial under the articel of 6 of the constitution of pakistan.

  14. Let me tell every body that chaudhries of Gujrat are the most hypocrates of this century. They have a dream to rule Punjab which won’t happen . If they think like this then i don’t have any nice words to explain.


  15. Assalam-o-Alaikum,

    Naveed Qamar cant handle Tiger Imran Khan. The bottom line is, people of pakistan wants justice ………. from Aiwan-e-Sadr, Prime Minister House, Parliament House and Superior Courts……. but reality is PPP does not want to provide justice on their door step.

    Time has changed, general public has more awareness and they are more demanding with the federal government and need some fair solutions during the cource of action. I feel Kashif Abbasi a very talented tv anchor who have a technical awareness of this kind of the solution.

  16. IK .. u r rock.. Naveed Qamar was speechless.
    Kashif must invite Fozia Wahab .. now she is upgraded .. Sec. Information PPPP..


    plz share some extract of interview … if u watched it..

    plz try to upload this interview… thanks in advance

  17. some genuine arguments by imran. i am waiting for those days when imran and qazi will resume the rain of legal and long awaited petitions and proceedings.
    it was qazi and imran who first filed the Nro and other demanded designations.

  18. Public has been changed but not PPP. PPP thinks that the public is idiot but actually they are idiots they should shame themself. Well done Kashiff showing the old comments of PPP’s!

    You can’t demand with force respect from the people. You have to earn it!
    You can’t demand credit for an issue. You have to stanf for it!

    Imran Khan is the true leader working for the Justice and supporting all the time truth!!

    GO Zardari GO

  19. hmmmm…good program…ppp will be govt for 5 yrs.. n then ppl will…dump them… then pml(n) will face the media n since they r also no good after 5 yr ppl will dump them too…. so now we have 3 cycles ofthese two stoopid parties amngst many other stoopid parties… ab uskey baad PPP dobara ayeee to paksitan ka Allah hi hafiz hai.. warna i see good signs after 10 yrs…. new proper democratic non family based political party…

  20. Mr. Naveed Qamar has now clear answers to questions? How come he is a minister? Fuck these kind of politicians. They are non-sense.

    Imran Khan Zindabad
    Kashif Abbasi Zindabad

  21. in loogoo nay bilawal ke marzi say ya kya hayyy shame on ppp longe live pakistan long live nation of pakistan long live ik and chaudray iftakhar

  22. Thumbsup for kashif abbasi..guess u shud do same kind of programmes in future also..showing ur respected guests wats the end of lies..enjoyed it very much..KEEP IT UP! all ppp ministers r liars n biggest liar is the chairman..


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