Punjab Government Reinstated by Supreme Court

shahbaz-sharifThe Punjab Government has been instated by stay order of Supreme Court.

The News Reports:

Mian Shahbaz Sharif has been restored as Chief Minister of Punjab immediately following the issuance of the stay order.

The apex court bench, headed by Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jilani, heard Sharif brothers’ eligibility case. According to the verdict, Shahbaz Sharif’s government has been restored and he will continue serving as chief minister till the Supreme Court passes a final verdict into Sharif brothers’ eligibility case.

139 thoughts on “Punjab Government Reinstated by Supreme Court

  1. This was inevitable. Zardari thought he’d got his clever tactics working again. He knew SC ruling was gonna be in their favor so he decided to trap them by lifting the governor’s rule and allowing them to bring a new candidate for CM. This would have made it impossible for Shahbaz to be CM again cuz that would require him to take oath the third time.

    Good thing that Judges issued the stay order to avoid another controversy. Slap on Zardari’s face again!

  2. No Slap. Just a stay order. The case remains there. Congrats to Shahbaz Sharif and the PML N supporters. Stock market down 151 points at 3.25 pm.

  3. Congratz…. i hope PML-N will now work in accordance with charter of democracy and give right share to PPP members as well

  4. @IJay,

    As per COD, the largest party rules and PMLN already let PPP rule in Federal Government as per COD. I hope PPP also let the majority party rule in Province.

  5. Let’s hope SS can reinstate law and order. The situation can only get better, but off course we need more than that!It must be a high priority issue for SS after the vandalism by Zardari and Taseer!

  6. Taseer just opened a bottle of whisky and plans to mix it with desi thara ……gham ghalat kerney kay leay you know….LOLz.

  7. Big slap on the face of Zardari and Taseer…………the decision was unanimous by all 5 jud@es

    in a way its victory for PPP as they have been trying their best for gath jor with Qatil League particularly in the last 1 month..and they have got it now! but in the form of opposition!

  8. Ghaddari has a lot a morons to replace Governor Bawaseer.

    So Ghaddari kick him out …. and put some other PeePeePee Bandar.

  9. Zardari was expecting that. With this decision, he want to prove the infliction or biased attitude of Supreme court. Zardari always plays double game.

  10. @Witness

    “So Ghaddari kick him out …. and put some other PeePeePee Bandar.”

    Who?…Jahangir ba(n)dar?
    He will be as “good” as Taseer – especially when has got some liquids.

  11. – SS said that the people’s welfare agenda would be taken up again from where it was left and would endeavour to meet the expectations of the people.

    – He said: We are thankful to God on the judiciary decision, God has proved the truthfulness of our stand. He also thanked the people of Pakistan, N-League workers and other political parties, particularly PTI for their ‘very strong’ stance against the undemocratic decision of Zaradri and Taseer.


  12. I want to thank zard–Aari and Taseer for their hard work in making it possible for Pakistan. Restoration of judiciary and Shahbaz Sharif.
    Doob maro manhooso..

  13. having said everything i think PPP and PMLN should now work together in putting Pakistan back on track…………

    i know lots of people here will not like this comment……but for me Pakistan comes before my personal hatred for Zaradri, Taseer Malik party

  14. @Shirkuh
    as i had expected not everyone would like nmy comment but as i said before firstly ‘me Pakistan comes before my personal hatred for Zaradri, Taseer Malik party’

    and secondly the people have voted for PPP to be in power……and it is really their right that they can withdraw……..

    Shouldn’t the people take some resposibilty rather than blaming everything on Zardari? i dont think until ‘people’ change their attitude by voting that we can rise as a proud nation….no matter how many times we restore judici@ry or do other wonders

  15. @Shirkuh
    I agree with you on Malek’s post. Duriya kay do kinaray and moreover Zardari is a bad news for even a tehsil leave alone Pakistan. We should get rid of him ASAP.
    People voted for PPP of BB not Zardari. Zardari became president because BB’s PPP members became his feet licker and as a result the p!g became father of the nation. Haye humari qismat.

  16. SS has already issued notifications reappointing previous punjab buraucracy into diff depts…………this guy doesnt waste a day!

  17. Ok so the Governer Raj DRAMA was for to attack on Sri Lankan team and Manawan Police Academy. I dont see any role of Zardari or gilani in Govt but i feel Pakistan president is Rehman Malik and PM is Salman Taseer.

  18. @pak.nukes

    No. people voted for Zaradri who was the co chair of PPP along with his 18 year old son……..as the elections were held after BB was dead/killed??

    how do you intend to get rid of Zaradri? i only see 2 ways 2/3rd majority in NA or Martial law….clearly 2/3rd majority is IMPOSSIBLE considering MQuttaM and Mullah Fazlu along with PPP MNA’s are with Zardari…..that leaves Martial law? Was this the option you had in mind? or you just thought making a statement like ‘We should get rid of him ASAP’ is the easiest way to provide a solution??

  19. @Malek
    “He also thanked…particularly PTI for their ‘very strong’ stance against the undemocratic decision of Zaradri and Taseer.”

    Would you now admit your bashing IK/PTI was not fair?

    And you are right. I too don’t like your latest comment. To me it reads Zardari is not hurting Pakistan…

  20. @Malek
    We know on what conditions judiciary (stick & carrots) is restore? And how much they are “Azaad” that we figured out on Merey Mutabiq, when DR SM, interviewed Kurd and Minallah (lawyers), don’t need more evidence.

  21. @Malek

    The idea should not be that 2 parties should work together, The idea should be that no matter which party in power the core nationa issues should be same. If both partiees just backing each other then all they will be doing is scratching each other back. What we need is to define our national policy and settle down with some core issues and long term issues, then dun matter who is in power the policy on these issues should be same.

    I hope am making sense, i need coffee badly lol

  22. @pak.nukes
    ……….. then i wont stand in the way!

    but would that not create another shaheed….few more roads and hospitals by the name of Z and rona of shahdats of both parents by Bilawal on TV for subsequent years???

  23. Congratulate to Shehbaz Sharif and Punjab province and its people.

    An excellent and justiceful decision by SC. Haq ki fatah hoi.

    Now i wish that both PMLN and PPP should work together in the best interst of Pakistan

    and its Nation. Although PPP is not a reliable party ,but it will be good for Pakistani Nation

    and for them (PPP) as well. And it will be better that they should change the governer as

    well and not bother the Punjab govt and PMLN again as they should know that Public is

    always with the right party.

  24. @Malek
    And you might want to give him 4 more years under whatever excuse but for me it is simply not acceptable. And no, mid-term elections are NOT anti-democratic.

    And PLEASE don’t repeat the “People voted for Zardari” lie….

    BTW: What has happened to you and @Amir Hameed? First he come up with support for torture and now you with this? Is this the new PML-N party line?

  25. @afzaalkhan

    i wasnt talking about scratching backs etc…..read my post again it sates without any compromise ‘Paksitan FIRST’…… even before my personal wishes/hatred

  26. @Malek
    LOLZ .I like it.
    Yes we cannot afford another shaheed but trust me if we do, its not going to work for Bilawal because Bilawal is not Z.A.Bhutto’s son he is A.A.Zardari’s son..Benazir was Benazir because she was Bhutto’s daughter..Bilawal will always remain a ‘Zardari’.

  27. lets see what change shahbaz brings….thay all r same….playing politics and making money for themselves….nothing for common ppl….sick of SHER AYA….we know well the corrupt band of PML N …..ishaq dar ahsan iqbal ch nisar ….all r corruptt….whom shud we trust??? n why shud we celebrate the retoration of shahbaz??? what has he done for ppl of pak??? can anyone answer me???

  28. @nota
    as i said and have to repeat again i am putting my personal hatred before Paksitan….and may be my hatred for Z is more than you have

    as regards the mid term elections….how is that possible…i dont know the mechanics….may be there is a legal way BUT will it practical too or be seen/used again as ‘PPP ko hakumat nahin karne deey….Sindhi President ko chalne nahi dya’……….along with shahdat storiesetc etc etc

    I dont know what PMLN party line is but these are my personal views …..which i suppose are different to IK’s party stance to call for mid term elections because they made a bluder by not participating in last elections?

    We need to learn to move forward as well as a nation without personal preferences and unfortunatelty Zardari’s party getting people’s votes is a reality which awaam need to unturn at the next elections may those be mid term or at the end of the term

  29. @pak.nukes
    ‘its not going to work for Bilawal because Bilawal is not Z.A.Bhutto’s son he is A.A.Zardari’s son’

    i hate to disagree ……..but knowing the jyalas (kund) mind frame if they can accept Zardari as ZAB’s heir then they will have less problem accepting Bilawal Zaradri as ZAB/BB’s heir!

    remember BB was ‘estranged’ wife of Z and they were not even living together…….despite that Jyalas accepted Z as their baap (BB being their mother!) and consider him true heir of BB!!

  30. Next big news should be “Rehman Malik ke ghar pe namaloom afraad ka hamla. Unhein Barehna halat mein phenti lagai gai .Sab hamla awar faraar honey mein kamyab ho gaye. mazhabi tanzeemon nay is hamle ko khush aaind karaar detay huay kaha hai keh ye sab musalman par farz hai. issey adaa karney mein takheer naa kijiye.”

  31. @Malek
    I love to disagree. I know jiyalas more closely than any of you here on this forum. They sold their loyalties to Z. The ground reality was that BB was dead and no other Bhutto left to fill the gap therefore in their best personal interest they offered complete allegiance to Z.
    BTW most jiyalas in PPP think that BBs separation story was media created secondly its only the lota leadership who are with Z for as long as he is in power, you wait and watch when he comes out of his palace, he will know his auqaat.
    I bet if Sanam decides to take control of her father/sister’s party, all these lotas would run to her saying all sorts of things about Z. Power Politics is Pakistan’s politics rest is bullcrap.

  32. @pak.nukes

    But sanam bhuto is not interested in politics…I have heard her financial condition is very poor…lagta hia zardari saari property hazam kar gaya hai baghair dikaar ke.

  33. Rehman dacait ko kal namaloom afraad nay ghar say aghwa kar liya. tafseelaat ke mutabiq unhein charpaai samait dehshatgard utha le gaye aur namaloom jaga shift kar diya. jab woh subah uthay to apney aap ko chawburgi chowk mein paya. khufia zaraye ke mutabiq woh gadhay ki lidh say latpat thei. intelligence failure ki wajah say aisa hua hai. sab dehshatgard tanzeemon nay iski zimedari kushi say qabool ki hai.

  34. if zardari wanted, he would have lifted the rule on same day of speech to ban shahbaz sharif but he didnt, this is “mufahmat” between ppp n pml n. Shujaat is right. this is all noora kushti.

  35. hahahahahahahh LMAO
    PeePeePee wanted punjab, now they av lost Supreme DOGar court and Punjab both hahahahahah 😀 Now they dun even av 40% share in punjab 😛

    Now SS shud ask atleast 20 members of forward bloc to resign and re-elect as PMLN candidates, and then ask PPP to do the same in balochistan!!!!

  36. @sophia,
    I doubt very much that, anybody can bring the change in our country. Are we an “Azaad qoum” in making our decision for ourself like india, iran, russia and china is? You know the answer very well. Until then nobody can bring any change in Pakistan. Same Zardaris, Madaris and Ghaddars will come one after another.

  37. @calklien
    ‘Now SS shud ask atleast 20 members of forward bloc to resign and re-elect as PMLN candidates, and then ask PPP to do the same in balochistan!!!!’

    excellent point….i think they should do that!

  38. Now Zardari’s PM claims…..’We said it from day one that the parties mandate should be respected in each province’

    Taseer & Zardari have to drink to get drunk……….but their PM can do it without even drinking!

  39. Is SS having a dig at Zardari’s PM (Peon)…’I have congratulated the PM on restoration of Punjab Govt’

    which is likely to be without PPP now!.

  40. Video added with live news as it broke from Supreme Court, with interviews of Shahbaz Sharif, Khawja Saad Rafiq, Khawja Asif, Zafar Ali Shah with statements of Talat Hussain.

  41. he also states that if Govern@r takes positive steps we would reciprocate those!

    i doubt if dr@nk Guddi Baz Govern@r is capable of doing anything positive for country/province!

  42. The “unfication” block of PML-Q does not need to resign for supporting PML-N now. They are now in a majority in PML-Q so the new PML-Q parliamentary leader will be from this “unification” black.

    It means that Moonas Elahi will now have to give vote of confidence to Shahbaz Sharif as per the decision of his “new party leadership” otherwise he and any of his supporters will lose their seats.

    Gods’s justice works in mysterious ways !!!!!

  43. to be fair with ppp, they have done some work .

    1. 20 thousand tractors will be provided to farmers.
    2. benazir incom support progrm. if a family is poor and have 5 memebers, they can survive with this incom. No country in this world give as much money to its ppl as ppp is giving to ppl(even if they give money to jiyalas, they are also pakistani citizens)
    3. 20 lac apartments for mazdoors.
    4. zardari has good links with china. investnment by china in automotive industry.
    5. good links with usa. they are giving money for social sector.

    I we just stop spitting our own agenda and let these political parties solve our problems i think we have a good future. Having said that we need check and balance on these politicians especially zardari who does both good work and bad work together.

  44. @Adonis

    For that they need at least 51% of 84 PMLQ members i.e 43 atleast, and to my knowledge fwd bloc is of about 32-33 MPAs……….plus PMLQ is a blot and itd luk more dignified and respectful if fwd bloc goes for election under PMLN.

    PMLN can ride the moment and as they r very popular in punjab they can take this opportunity to set a precedent and then they can bombard PPP wid more legitimate criticism on balochistan fwd bloc that is supporting PPP.
    They can opt for the safer constituencies for re-election. Plus that wud mean no gov raaj in future as PMLN wud av simple majority. It must b noted that PMLN wud require simple majority regularly to pass resolutions and PMLQ fwd cud get into trbl shud they go against chodh-reez

  45. @ Malek

    If Nawazsharif give forward block their ticket, 95% chance is that they will win. this means no forward block is allowed. PLMQ can put petition in SC that balochistan govt is illegal coz of same rule and they can form the new govt there. PMLN make alliance with PMLQ, MQM(they always go where the wind blows) and MOLANA, PMLN can form a national govt.
    even if NS doesnt do that, he should forward some steps like “mofahmat” with MQM, MOLANA , ANP to put pressure on PPP.
    if PMLN stay as “Allah mian ki gaey” PPP will beat them again and again which they will do because they want to establish their party in punjab for next elections. and PMLN will be weeping again on media.

    How many times nawaz sharif has gone to sindh to organize his party there?? how many times he has spoken what sindhis want, pakhtons want, balochis want??
    Guys you will agree with me tht up till now NS have been doing work like a social worker not a politician. I support social work but to get votes you have to work like politicians. Get into power and solve ppl’s problems. zardari has done the ground work properly till now (disagree with what was done in punjab) balochias are on his side, alliance in nwfp no problem in establishing the party, giving benazir program money to ppl(this is khamosh inqlab, these ppl will vote to ppp in next elections to keep on getting money), giving so many jobs to ppl(these guys will vote to ppp to keep jobs otherwise NS will give sack them and give jobs to his own ppl) setting up votes internationally(that is where he will get many votes coz of librals), in punjab he keep PMLN busy in one issue or another and dont let them organize somewhere else.

    so on one side NS is ahead at the moment in terms of popularity but we know popularity changes every month but ground realities matter most. I hope NS will learn some politics as well and use it to solve ppl’s problems.

  46. Although I agree with the decision but the timing shows that courts are still not making decision by their own, yesterday Beemari lifted the governor rule and today court decided to restore PMLN govt. Where is independent judiciary we all wanted???

  47. I think the next thing to watch for is the complete disintegration of PML-Q. Apparently the forward block consists of over 51% i Punjab, which means they can elect their own leader of the house. Therefore they will become unification block. I also think the Chaudrys days are numbered. There will be a coup. Reunification of PML is inevitable

  48. @faria
    They sense that too, it seems so obvious by reading Chaudries bitter statements for PMNL & PPP, now the grapes are sour for them. Diesel, MQM, PPP, ANP and Q are big time losers in this game.

  49. @faria @savage
    For NS to survive, he must, absolutely must ask forward block to resign and contest electins. if he gets that in next 2 months, he wins.

    if you see chaudries statement yesterday, they talk about being representatives of neglected saraiki belt of punjab. The only chance left for them right now is to project themselves as regional leaders. remember they are not in govt now and take any issue they want and do politics on it. On the other hand NS will be defensive on “mufahmat” with PPP.

    PPP will oppose any elections right now. They will create opportunity in next 6 months to a year where they could feel some chance of winning. when right time comes voter will split between PMLN and PPP + PMLQ so PPP gets something out of nothing 😉
    PMLQ is looser in any case unless they try to get balochistan govt back.

  50. @nawazsharif123
    PMLN will not win 95% but i am sure 100%. As regards rest of the first para i fully disagree as under CoD the majority party should rule and NS coming out as a very mature and principled politician will not try to dislodge Zardari’s govt.

    Zardari has dismantled PPP completely and the day he steps out of President House he will become history of maybe Dubai or US. people are unlikely to vote for PPP despite the political backmailing of giving govt and taxpayers money in the name of BB Programme just like many PPP leaders and supporters came out in favour of long march and just like Qatil league leaders paid cash to voters before elections but they voted PMLN in elections.

    The popularity of PMLN will gain momentum as time passes partly because of continuing political blunders by Zaradri and his unelected gang like Naek, Malik and Taseer but also because of the exemplary work done by SS in Punjab .

    Blauchies have never supported PPP and they will move back into folds of PMLN as Qatil league fully disintegrates well before next elections. NWFP will be won again by coaltion of PMLN JI and PTI. As regards Sindh PMLN will emerge as a strong party in next elections and will be supported by the real heirs of ZAB and in Karachi PTI and JI will take over MQatilM by huge margins.

    may be my theory is flawed in some cases and uses too much imagination too but much less than yours!

  51. Shahbaz gotv. reinstatement – Done
    CJ and other Judges reinstatement – Done
    Repleaing 17th amendment – Hopefully in few months

    Above mentioned were major distractions .
    Let’s get into real business now. Lots of development projects need to get started on war footing. There will be huge inflow of AID/loans in next few years.

    IMF- $7 B
    Obama- $7.5 B He’s mulling additional $2.5 B
    WB – $500 M
    FoP Consortium – ?? B will be pledged
    Oil coming for pennies (deffered payments) and being sold for dollars – Swelling profits being made

    and many more ….

    That’s a lot of money to strengthen our beleagured economy. Hopefully these guys will get serious and start doing something for the people. Come on guys you all have enough money in your banks already. Let the common man breathe!

    Education, Energy, Securtiy, etc. require immediate attention! Please, I beg you guys…

  52. We can say now judiciary is free and independent.
    PLMN should make reconciliation with other parties in the centre and forget about charter of democracy. This is not a legal document nor it is part of constitution.
    If PLMN do accept PLMQ and MQM, they would be in a better position and would join the main stream, otherwise they would be a provincial party.

  53. @msohail83

    agree the unnecessary distractions like SS govt and j@diciary issue is resolved to awaam’s satisfaction.

    …………Time to move on to real issues facing our ‘very poor’ awam for a very long time now: particularly ‘Education, Energy, Securtiy, Jobs’

    In addition there are national issues which need addressing; 17th amendment, Swat/Fata, Drone attacks foreign policy aka Kashmir

  54. @msohail83:

    Looking at your figures for the money coming into Pakistan, and computing 10% of the total amount, Zardari seems well on his way to pocket another $1.5 b.

    It is for this reason that we should all be demanding an independent national accountability bureau so that it can investigate corruption cases regardless of who is in power.

  55. @Malek

    you sure are a big supporter of NS 😉
    your post is not a theory, it is combination of your wishes. if elections all over pakistan happen today, i agree what you have written. NS will win all over country.

    remember elections in USA?? 99% of media wanted obama to win but still he won with a little margin. every body hates bush but his party has vote bank. Whole nation was against musharraf in previous elections, MQM and PMLQ won considerable seats. you cannot write off PPP especially with zardari. have u seen BB’s mazar on tv?? People visit it like they visit a saint. These ppl will vote for PPP. Like it or not, accept it. They are also part of pakistan.
    you and me can agree on MQM being “terrorist” organization but its voters dont think so. its not as black and white as you portray in your post. how powerful media is right now? in aaj tv they interviewed school children from punjab and asked them simple questions to show their literacy, who made pakistan. Nobody could answer. one kid said. Allah. no kid knew national anthem of pakistan. These are realities. PTI have no existance in villages. Only an educated voter like u and me can vote for them in big cities. JI career is bleak. With whole nation against terrorists, they are unlikely to vote for extremists too. but still you know they have a vote bank and they will win seats but they have limitations.

    Finally when you say too much negative about PPP you assume NS is saint in terms of corruption and ruling. I dont think so. Have ppp and pmln workers in punjab have come from different countries?? is NS saint ?? so called jamhoriat in all over world revolves around “rich” whether it is henry clinton, zardari or NS. Both NS and zardari are two richest persons in whole pakistan.
    The only guy who looks sincere is imran khan. Rest of them all are hypocrites. But they all represent ppl of pakistan and they have qualities in them which ppl of pakistan have. Dont feel ashamed. thats reality bro.

  56. @anticorruption

    At federal level opposition is in charge of Public Account Commision (PAC). Chaudhry Nisar is the chairman. He needs to keep his eyes and ears open and let nobody get away with mass corruption as it happens in the corrupt elite.

    Giving their track record, prospects are not very bright unfortunately. I haven’t seen a single case so far against the previous govt. Whatever they did to $10B dollars they got from Bushy. I’ll still remain opmtimistic in a hope for some change.

  57. @ msohail

    Well I would say that Judiciary is FAR from done, we have just started on the right track it will take yearS to be any where near the finishing line. I would say we should also start with reforms such as

    Democratic institutions. These politicians are not elected to do foolish talks on TV shows. (90% politicians)
    Police: free from political influence
    Security reforms: (Get rid of RM & Co, Please) inner and outer threats!
    Massive educational reforms from the root level
    Infrastructure including …huge network of Dams and Canals . Its back bone for Agriculture.
    Health reforms

  58. @Msohail83
    Is this kinds of aid in the name of Pakistani public, didn’t we get several times in last 60years? How it was it was spent on public? It is not unknow to us, so what is different now? In fact these amounts are for our rulers and generals, and alway they get it.

  59. @altf_0011

    This is the first so called ‘decomcratic govt.” under media watch. Before they all got away with deception and manipulation through our fav. PTV. Hopefully, they’ll act as a pressure group and start some accountablity. These guys are not as free as they used to be with awam living in oblivion.

    Lets keep our fingures crossed.

  60. @msohail83:

    You’re right that the opposition is in charge of the public accounts committee, but its powers are limited, and it’s not a prosecution agency. Plus, the limitation of this system is that the PML-N is unlikely to bring cases of its own corruption forward. So while I do agree that the public accounts committee is useful, it is not a substitute for a constitutionally independent NAB. The role of this NAB should be to investigate corruption and it should have a full legal team for prosecuting those cases in the courts.

    In fact if you read the charter of democracy, it promises an independent NAB. Clause 13 d reads as follows:

    “(d) To replace politically motivated NAB with an independent accountability commission, whose chairman shall be nominated by the prime minister in consultation with the leader of opposition and confirmed by a joint parliamentary committee with 50 per cent members from treasury benches and remaining 50 per cent from opposition parties in same manner as appointment of judges through transparent public hearing. The confirmed nominee shall meet the standard of political impartiality, judicial propriety, moderate views expressed through his judgements and would have not dealt.”

  61. @Shariq

    I agree with your very valid point. We are nowhere near a perfect system. Strengthening of institutions doesn’t happen overnight. It requires the will to do it and will happen gradually. We’ve taken a good head start. Lets hope they will put their heads together and resolve all issues.

    Unfortunately, most politicians are very self centered and care less about the common man. This mentality needs to buried one and for all. Most dont even feel empowered to make the difference. They hold their meetings and in the end declare that they’ll be happy with whatever decision their leader makes! Goodness gracious, what kind of enslavement is this? (Go back to PPP’s CEC meetings, they always said this)

    First thesee parties need to get themselves organized then only they make the differnce.

  62. Who will do accountability of that time’s government? We had NAB etc., did they had balls to ask that time Mush government that where you put the nation’s money? Only NAB, did work was on political parties those were not in powe. For instance who will ask Zardari, for all these loans we got (and he spent) where and how he spent? And also for aid we will get from USA incoming months and years? Do we have an example, that our rulers gave accounts in the past?

  63. @anticorruption

    Good point. I think the bitter rivalry that exists b/w the two major parties could be a big positive. Opposition will forcefully initiate cases against the governing party for the sake of point scoring, but what if they are corrupt themselves? Then they’ll hesitate to do anything that can get them in trouble as well.

    Independent NAB is an awesome idea but will they really implement it? Prolly not!

    I have more faith in some of the journalists like Ansar and klasra and CJ is still there. I think for short term a few cases by CJ will create some kind of scare among these crooks, but CJ is not there forever. So, it all goes back to strentghening of institutions.

  64. A good move took place, just little ago to reduce police powers, we haven’t change police laws since partition, we still have same law, which British introduced to handle a slave nation. But unfortunately, that new law, due to some reasons, is not imposed yet and sitting in closets “almaris” don’t know for how long? In our corroupt “sarkaari” system, there is no one or two bad fishes, that you can suppress them, they are in thousands, they make few new commers (obiviously little by little they hire the people to handle the work softly) “majbor” to join and follow the bad fishes otherwise you can’t work their.

  65. @nawazsharif123

    A simple majority in NA requires 137 seats and Punjab including ISL has 150 seats so a dominating victory in Punjab will put PML (N) very close to simple majority. PML (Q) won 41 seats in 2008 and even if PML (Q) remains a party they will loose atleast half of their seats.

    Everyone knows that NS was not given a fair chance to select his candidates last election and his party had no organization in smaller provinces. There is no way PML (N) will be shut out of seats in Balochistan and Sindh in next elections.

    PTI might be the unkown factor and its popularity in big cities might be a problem for PML (N) but I doubt they will loose seats to PTI mostly because they are very hard to beat in big cities of Punjab.

    I don’t see a 2/3 majority for PML (N) but a simple majority is almost a certainity if elections are held in near future.

  66. @Malek

    … Time to move on to real issues facing our ‘very poor’ awam for a very long time now: particularly ‘Education, Energy, Securtiy, Jobs’…

    I totally agree with the above; but the problem is that we need competent people to handle these issues. For example, I have not seen an educational policy in decades. How on earth would we be able to compete with the other nations if we do not have a sound educational system? People who are responsible for the masses’ security, RM, are themselves thugs.

  67. @

    with some effort and may be an alliance with some other parties N can win seats in NWFP as well, non pushto speaking parts of NWFP, like hazara is always stronghold of N..if you look N has two times CM in NWFP, Pir Sabir Shah and Sardar Mehtab Abbasi. Kohat is another potential area for N.. Syed Iftikhar Gilani won two times from kohat on N ticket with big Margin , D.I Khan/Lakki Marwat is another city where N can take seats particulary if Saif Ullahs join N once again..

    Principally from Hazara, Kohat, D.I Khan , N should win seats …

    Punjab is already their stronghold…there is a chance to win couple of seats in Balochistan as well .one that of Sardar Yaqoob Khan Nasir and one from Quetta ..

    An alliance of N and APDM will certainly will 2/3 in NA in next elections and in three Provinces Punjab, NWFP and Balochistan there is a good chance that N and APDM alliance can rule…

  68. @Amir Hameed

    i agree but the reason it has not been done in last decade is because 1) we never had the system eg not able to elect and TEST our leaders and 2) more importantly we were looking at short fixes eg martial laws to sort our problems.

    perhaps we will get a ‘comprehensive’ policy in next decade …….If we:

    1) start stabisling the system which unfortunately means having to live with thugs like RM……..until the people who ‘vote’ them in end up voting them out…..and in the process themsleves learn who is right and who is thug

    2) stop looking at short cuts …….not invite military or other dictators for short term gains ….. so the system achieved is much more stable and strong to be reversed or ignored…..

    (i though hate to admit at times that i write things like ‘wait’ and ‘have to live with likes of RM’)

  69. @msohail
    I agree with you but just want to comment on the following sentence

    “Lets hope they will put their heads together and resolve all issues”.

    You know I’ve learned in my company’s, almost in every second management course, that HOPE is not a good strategy.

    We got to kick these politicians again and again and keep on doing it….We have to make our core institutions free from GENERAL politics.

    This comment is not to offence you at all but just to point it out ….

  70. @ nawazsharif123

    I think you are right. Nawaz should get them to contest. 100% guarantee they will win those seats.

    I think you have to see a challenge in Balouchistan by PML-Q or they won’t have a leg to stand on in court if the forward block make a move.

    Have you been watching any of the shows today? PML-Q are almost beside themselves. Their heads would explode if they didn’t have a PML-N ticket in their sights!

  71. @fanaticmulla

    I agree APDM could deliver a 2/3 majority but I think some of the parties in APDM are too rigid to be in an electoral alliance.

  72. @afzaalkhan
    You know Ahmad Qureshi is Mushy’s biggest chamcha ever..Mush is the one who created this mess with Am-Brit and Zard—aari is only carrying mushy’s ‘legacy’ with more passion..:)

  73. Well you guys are talking about new govt. too early. I think whatever unfolding these days is all happing with tacit approval of Nawaz Sharif. In my opnion Americans struck a deal with Sharif this time (his NRO) to allow Zardari to finish his term in exchange of Punjab govt.

    Now we’ll see some ‘noora kushti’. Nawaz has toned down his rhetoric big time already.

    That’s how I see it so far!

  74. @


    well seat adjustment is possible between N and APDM and particulary in Baluchistan you need nationalists like Achakzai, Mengals, Hai Baloch Party and others to form a Govt.

  75. Thanks ALLAH one of true leader is reinstated, MANY MANY CONGRATULATIONS.

    This was enough shame for zardari, but he is such BAIGHARAT, he will try again, and he will loss his government and then he will go to his native home( Adiala jail).

  76. Something not surprising. IK and JI bothof them till now have not welcomed the reinstatement of SS. I never heard any statement from these 2 parites whole day.
    Probably because they find their political careers getting bleaker.
    NS & SS what a game they have played, outsmarted ZARDARI. Before PPP used to shout the slogan ‘Aik Zardari Sab per Bhari’ now it will be ” Aik Zardari PPP per Bhari”. Aaj news showed that some people tore his pictures from the banners in Naudero for the Barsi of Zulfikar Bhutto.

  77. we hope that CM will try his best to find out who planed the attack on Police School and why out security failed to protect..

    Latest news Geo News Reporter Ameen Hafiez reports there is a link between Terrorist Who Attacked on srilankan team and those who attacked on Manawa
    becasue they were using the same biscutes …
    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what a clue ,,,
    i have another clue they are same terrorist as both were drinking water and both were men..and both were carring guns ???????????????????///
    Geo should not Telecas such rubbish ,,,, i think we should get to the depth and find the real culprits…

  78. its sure shabaz was restored under the deal.some people are dreaming,PMLN will win next elections.PMLN can win 60% seats in punjab but no way it can win majority in whole pakistan.the most importan thing is america.america will never want that right wing parties come in to power.

  79. @swat yosufzai

    ‘becasue they were using the same biscutes …
    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what a clue ,,,
    i have another clue they are same terrorist as both were drinking water and both were men..and both were carring guns ???????????????????///’

    I may have had a boring day today but I have to say the above statement gave me the best laugh of the day. However he may be on to something as they never caught anyone after the Sri Lankan debacle. From what I recall from the CCTV footage the terrorists went shopping before jumping on their bikes for a quick getaway.

  80. @democrate

    the most importan thing is america.america will never want that right wing parties come in to power.

    So you accept the fact that PPP was not elected by people of Pakistan but elected by your masters. Next time don’t boast about “largest” party.

  81. SS re instates SP Gujranwala Ather Waheed and Constable Naveed link below

    SP Gujranwala Ather Waheed and Constable Naveed late

  82. Shahbaz Sharif should again be dismissed.

    The ticker says: Hum roti do ki nahin ab Aik rupay ki faraham kareen gay-Shahbaz.

    Dismiss CT once more and the people of Punjab may start getting Roti for Free. 🙂

    Thanks to Commonor.

  83. Shahbaz to form commission for probe Manawan tragedy

    Updated at: 2330 PST, Tuesday, March 31, 2009

    LAHORE: Chief Minister Punjab Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that a commission will be formed to investigate into Manawan attack on police training center.

    He was addressing to PML-N activists that had gathered in CM camp office here to celebrate the restoration Shahbaz Sharif as Chief Minister of Punjab.

    Shahbaz said investigation agencies had informed the than Punjab government well in advance about the possibility of attacks on security agencies’ training centers and terrorists’ threats posed on the headquarters of police and other security forces but government paid no heed to warnings remaining blind to threats and turned deaf ears.

    Punjab CM vowed to bring the responsible authorizes to justice and announced the formation of a commission to investigate the incident.

    He was hopeful of introducing revolutionary packages for the poor people of Punjab including students, farmed, patients, and poor people in provices.


  84. @fanaticmulla@savage,sure people of pakistan elect thier represntatives but its america who decides who will form the government.now just look the recent past history, mushrraf left when america wanted him to leave.what u say about shokat aziz who he was.just look shabaz shreef restoration that is the result of the deal,sponcered by america.both nawaz shreef and zerdari are average type of leaders they are not capable to rule pakistan.zerdari is ruling so far its just because of america otherwise he must have been removed long time ago by miltary.

  85. huh.. again monarchy wins in pakistan.. bhayee beta damaad susar potee niece shohar these royals create paksitans democracy…. i think rename pakistan as islami monarchy pakistan….

  86. @

    is zaradro capable of ruling the country? he has three defeats in recent days and that proves that how incompetent he is ..yes he is ruling because of NRO but do not worry NRO is pending in the court , and for your information , it was challenged by Dr.Mubashir Hassan who himself was once part of PPP..even old PPP fellows are against NRO .zardaro cant survive too long his decline has already started any in year or so, he will be out

  87. @muhammad adnan,

    What about the other big democracies? Gandhi family in India for 60 years and Bush Senior + Junior both Presidents in the US.

  88. @democrate

    Not that it makes any difference to me but the west is very keen on NS joining the federal cabinet, read western newspapers before you make baseless claims. Zardari is being rejected allover the world.

  89. @swat yosufzai
    “Latest news Geo News Reporter Ameen Hafiez reports there is a link between Terrorist Who Attacked on srilankan team and those who attacked on Manawa
    becasue they were using the same biscutes …”

    I am glad you caught that bit of investigative brilliance too. RM now has competition.

    Remember folks, if you see anyone eating Bisconi biscuits, please call RM right away…. 🙂

  90. ’گورنرراج میں تبدیل افسروں کی بحالی‘
    پنجاب میں ان افسروں کو بحال کیا جارہا ہے جنہیں گورنر راج کے دوران تبدیل کردیا گیا تھا۔اس دور کے چند ایک افسروں نے ازخود چارج چھوڑ دیا ہے۔

    شہباز شریف کی حکومت کو پچیس فروری کو اس وقت ختم کردیا گیا تھا جب عدالت نے انہیں نااہل قرار دے دیا۔ اس کے بعد پیپلز پارٹی کی وفاقی حکومت نے صوبے میں گورنر راج لگادیا تھا۔

    چیف جسٹس افتخار محمد چودھری کی بحالی کے بعد بننے والے سپریم کورٹ کے پانچ رکنی بینچ نے پنجاب حکومت بحال کی تو ملک بھر میں مسلم لیگی کارکنوں نے خوشیاں منائیں۔ریل یاں نکلیں مٹھائی بانٹی گئی اور ڈھول پر بھنگڑے ڈالے گئے۔

    شہباز شریف کے وزیر اعلی بحالی کے ساتھ ہی ان کی کابینہ بھی بحال ہوگئی ہے پیپلز پارٹی کے وزراء بھی اس کابینہ میں شامل ہیں۔

    پیپلز پارٹی نے ابھی حکومت میں شامل ہونے یا کابینہ سے مستعفی ہونے کا فیصلہ نہیں کیا ہے۔ پیپلز پارٹی کے سنئیر وزیر راجہ ریاض نے پارٹی کے صوبائی وزراء کے اجلاس کے بعد میڈیا سے گفتگو کرتے ہوئے کہا کہ یہ فیصلہ صدر آصف زرداری کریں گے اورپیپلز پارٹی صوبے کی حکومت میں شامل ہونے یا اپوزیشن میں بیٹھنے کے لیے تیار ہے۔

    مبصرین کا کہا کہنا ہے کہ کابینہ کے پہلے اجلاس میں پیپلز پارٹی کے وزراء کی شمولیت یا غیر حاضری سے یہ واضح ہوجائے گا کہ وہ اپوزیشن میں بیٹھے گی یا مخلوط حکومت میں شامل رہے گی۔ پیپلزپارٹی کے میڈیا ایڈوائزر زکریا بٹ نے کہا کہ توقع ہے کہ بدھ کی سہہ پہر پیپلز پارٹی کے وزراء کے اجلاس میں اس بات کا اعلان کردیا جائے گا۔مسلم لیگ قاف کے صدر چودھری شجاعت حسین نے ایک مقامی ٹی وی چینل کو انٹرویو میں کہا ہے کہ پنجاب حکومت کی بحالی ایک ڈیل کا نتیجہ ہے تاہم انہوں نے کہا کہ دونوں پارٹیوں کے درمیان مفاہمت زیادہ دیر برقرار نہیں رہے گی۔

  91. @democrate

    Sorry I have to say this but I guess you live under a rock otherwise you would have heard about WSG, NY Post, Washington Post talking aobut the need to create a dalogue with Taleban and how US is looking towards NS to play an important role in it.

    Read todays The News and you will find Ansar Abbasi talking about foreign power asking for PML (N) to get into the govt so Pak govt can be credible.

    I don’t take any pride in these developments but just to show West has no problem dealing with a rightist as long as their agenda is going forward.

  92. @nota
    I bought some tiggy packs of Bisconi yesterday. I am now scared to death, hope RM doesnt know about it…:)

    • @pak.nukes
      I bought some tiggy packs of Bisconi yesterday. I am now scared to death, hope RM doesnt know about it…:) ”

      Now he knows, you dummy…Hide!

  93. @lahoria,yes west wants to include nawaz shreef in goverment bc west knows this power hungry man will not let to run zerdari government smoothly.

  94. MQM leader say Sindh is under threat people should wake up

    AH you love this country more than QA Jinnah….???

    How many times you condemn US drones attack /////…. never ….

    Remember this is Pakistan and the citizen are free to live any where in Pak land

    You are afraid as People Of Fata migrating to Karachi ,,, which will of course increase Pukhtoons population in the City … that is a threat to MQM …

  95. @

    Last night NJ was very disappointing..he is so angry on court decision and he declared it as Judicial NRO which is really disappointing from NJ..actully by using these words he wanna Justify real NRO from which his boss zordaro is a beneficiary..

    but NJ should be ready when this NRO will be cancelled by courts sooner or later but he has started crying with first independent decsion of SC after restoration of IMC

  96. @swat yosufzai,
    Altaf Husaain is foriegn agent like Zardari (it is quite visible they are un-patriotic), they wants us to fight each other (on their master’s instrutions) so we get weak and become easy target for their masters. We are minority of Pakistan, we are living in Karachi (150 years) proir to the partition, when we saw mohajirs migrating to Karachi from india in bulk, we never thought them a threat to us that, why all of them are only settling in Karachi, now pathans and others are migranting Karachi, they shouldn’t have any problem, like we accepted them 62 years ago, they should accept with big heart to the new comers. We hate Altaf Hussain and Zardari, because of their acts and statements (which are contrary to the interest of Pakistan). We are not against mohajirs or sindhis or any person from any province, we are all Pakistanis, and reserve rights to live anywhere in Pakistan. When people of Bangladesh learnt that Mujib (father of their nation) is foriegn agent (india) and trying to hand over their natural resouces to india they (Bangladesh army) killed their our father/founder of the nation mujib and indian counter part, who came in a helicopter to sign that deal.

  97. Zardari should bee f***** up .oh ho but he already is ..these damn liar …should no that jhoot bolne keh liay bhi aqal chayiye … aur yadashadt buhat achi honi chahyie takay yaad rakhien pehle kya bola tha .and that taseer i feel my insult abt talking / commneting on him .he is a play boy …….

  98. I am VERY surprised…our media especially Geo, Jang Group and so called “Objective”, “principled” columinists, anchors and experts are absolutely QUIET about the biggest horse trading happening in Punjab since Feb 2008 election. SS and NS and creating, fostering “lotacracy” and “fathers of change manga” are again doing it for months….for some FREAKING, SURPRISING Reason our dear website and self proclaimed investigators of truth like Ansar Abasi, Hamid Mir etc. are quiet…..and there is hush hush every where…..

    I wonder how much money is spent on this HUSH HUSH…SHHHHHH…pls. don’t comment on this post because all should be HUSH….HUSH…. it is done by angels like NS and SS. It is all KOSHER and HALAL…and it is in accordance with “COD”….am sure IMC would also not take suo motto notice and suspend these MPAs because it is constitutional only because it is done by PUNJABI MAFIA……..HUSH HUSH….

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