341 thoughts on “Justice in Swat – 3 April 2009

  1. Horrendous!
    These thugs haven’t got slightest of clue what Islam is all about. I bet they never even read the whole Quran, let alone understanding it.

    I was stunned to see this happening to a poor little GIRL. Allah in logon ko hidyat de. Ameen

  2. BTW she is adult by the standard of Pakistan law too. She is not a child even by Pakistan law standards and if she has committed a crime then she should be punished.

    What is wrong here?

    If he is hanged by a Pakistani court then it will be okay? But she could not be punished by Islamic Law.

  3. where are the supporter of Taliban who say they are the ‘friends’ of Pakistan while US/INDIA are the enemies of Pakistan.

    come on
    Hail my Friends.

    one day you me or one on us will be in the place of that girl being lashed.
    its reminds me of Zia Ul Haq’s era.

  4. @SomeOne

    my dear Taliban Bhai.
    you have read a Full Kuran

    tell me one thing

    does People have a right to implement these punishments on their own.
    or is it the state who can implement these punishments?

  5. In india, as of today in most of the villages, according to hindu tradition (saati), they force widow (woman), to commit die (sucide) alongwith her husband dead body and become “saati”, why western media didn’t progogate this?

  6. whats wrong?

    wrong here is people of a group of people DNT have any RIGHT to implement any thing on any one else.

    if they think someone has done something wrong they need to get an FIR in POLICE.

    we live in a scoiety not in A JUNGLE

  7. I think we dont have enough information to judge if the person had commited adultary or was raped, though it says illicit relationships it is not illogical to conclude that she could have been raped. There lots of these cases in Pakistan , ( i would not considered swat region of Pakistan any more) of such nature.

    In it’s current state i dont think islamic law , at least sharia law in Pakistan, gives any benifit of doubt to the woman as i believe in the case of rape it is woman who has to produce 4 witnesses to prove her innosence which is completely illogical . The burden of proof should be on the person accusing not the person accused in this case.

    I am not against the islamic law and the punishments it prescribe but i am against the implementation of these laws in current social and political conditions. We try to follow that golden period of Islam in letter and spirit ONLY when and where it suites our political agenda and that is what is happening in Swat and what was happening in Afghanistan.

    Unless and untill society is pure enough to have the spirit of that time, i dont think that any muslim government has right to implement these punishments.

  8. Its only the state who can Punish someone.

    no one else have a right to Implement punishments of crimes.
    [even if state doesnt do that]

    because if we agree to the principle that any one [or a group] can implement punishment that it is catastrophic.

  9. @aly

    I think people have right to implement law. I wish each district have what their local likes. This is the way in your ideal USA too. I believe most in Swat want Islamic law as I have talked with some locals.

    I will personally prefer Islamic law 100 time over these YACKY English law we follow in Pakistan.

  10. where is our Favourite CJP why is he not taking SUOMOTTO action.

    because its not gonna give him a Good ‘publicity’

  11. I condemn all form of brutality, anywhere in the world, including, india or committed by our landlords, waidera and sardars in their private jails with women and childrens (minister jhakrani confirmed, it is the norm of the day) karo kari, and MQM torture cells in Karachi, and above all terrorist is given citizenship!!! Why western media and indian media is quite here?

  12. SomeOne

    no you are wrong

    people dnt have a RIGHT to implement Law for that we have Law ENFOIRCEMENT agencies.

    People have a right to FOLLOW a Law.

    need to be very clear on that.

  13. Today I feel pakpolitics as bad as Times of India. They are showing this video today and Pakpolitics too.

    Western use women to show that how curl Islamic law is. That always amuse me as in Islam mostly punishment are same for women and men. Why they show women to be punished under Islamic law and not men (which are also punished same way)? You can guess!

    pakpolitics has also done same Yacky Western deed. Shame on you pkpolitics.

  14. @SomeOne

    what Islamic Law.

    What i have known is that all law in Pakistan are in accordance with Kuran and Sunah.

    what Islamic law you are talking about.
    you Mean talabani Islamic law?
    is that.

  15. @aly.
    For your information still saati is practiced in indian villages not in cities, because it is hindus believe and you know how backward people of villages are rigid about their custom and religion sometimes due to the mass’s trend government has to ignore otherwise they affraid their might be revolt.

  16. @aly

    No people have the right to choose. If majority of an area want Islamic Law for them then center should fulfill their demands. However, unfortunately we even does not have province level freedom of choose, how can we have district level freedom.

    We are slaved by few people leading in Islamabad. Those poeple are slave of West. Hence we can never have Islamic law otherwise they will start showing those video.

  17. @SomeOne

    now as PkPolitics has shown the real face of these barbaric now you label Pkpolitics as Indian/Isreali Agent.

    call them Anti-Pakistan
    call them Yahoodi kay Agent.
    But dnt say a Single word of condemnation against these Barbaric.

  18. @aly

    Quran teach me to not feel sorry for someone who has guilty of crime. I will follow that.

    I am sorry as I cannot fulfill your desire. However, if she is innocent then I will stand by her for sure.

  19. altf_0011
    who told you that Pakistan’s law’s are islamic?

    tell me whats Unislamic in it?

    is Banned on Alcohol Unislamic, or Bann on Pork, Un Islamic?

    tell me whats Un Islamic in Pakistani law.?

  20. @Someone

    Can you please tell this ignornant person the requirements to prove the guilt of someone in this offense?

    Also it would be nice if you could enlighten me how you equate coming out of your own house with someone who is not your husband (neighbour? friend? distant cousin? guest?) with adultary?

    I would be very grateful as it would really improve my hitherto incomplete and apparently faulty understanding of Islam.

  21. @SOMEONE
    This is a fetish islamic punishment and most PAkistanis donot want this kind of Islam.
    Your question that what was wrong with the punishment is that even criminals have human rights. Showing someone’s booty to a mob and making her smell your ba lls, and canniing her like this to satisfy your muslim animal is unacceptable in any soceity of 21st century.

    Only one video from Vitenam made millions of Americans march on the street and stopped the war.I hoped that this video will make us stand against talibans. We want Dr Afia to be released but before that we have to explain to others why do we not stand up against this? because it is tagged to something called religion.
    If Americans can stand against that why cannot we. Oh may be they are a humans and we are scavangers. Bano Qudsia writes in “Raja Gidh” that whatever we eat, starts showing up in our persona. We have been getting alms from west (Haram, sood khanay walee kome) and now that is showing up. We cannot even differentiate right from wrong. They even came out in millions day before yesterday,on the streets of London for bhookay nungay like you. \it is your turn to show that you are humans.
    stop supporting Talibans and asking whats wrong with these laws?This very question shows the brutal mentality of many of us.

  22. @SomeOne

    please dnt bring Kuran into all this.

    tell me where doesnt Kuran says [Quran teach me to not feel sorry for someone who has guilty of crime]

    come on show some common sense.

    in presence of a Judge no one has a right to Punish others except the Judge.

  23. @aly
    I think you are not from Pakistan, you are totally unaware of Pakistan, tell me where is islamic law in Pakistan in practice? Does islamic law tells judges to take bribe and reverse the decision? and tell rulers to betray you country, and steal from the nation?

  24. The mullah said she had been living with her father in law instead of her husband for the past THREE years which means she was under age ( 13 or 14 years) at the time he took her in. The man should be tried in a court of law and all these animals with him.

    The chief justice should take some action and the incompetent, impotent government should resign as the first duty of the government is to protect its citizens and they are innocent until proven guilty.

    How can the americans support a government which lets such heinous abuse of human rights happen to the most vulnerable members of the soceity.

    Shame on us! Shame on us! How can we live with ourselves? How can we bear to look at ourselves in the mirror?

    “Our lives begin to end the day we brcome silent about the things that matter.” Dr.Martin Luther King

  25. @aly

    Mostly laws in Pakistan are Unislamic. Here is some of them.

    1) Do we cut hand of a thief?
    No. It is mentioned in Quran clearly.

    2) Do we take Rida/Interest?
    Yes. It is a state crime according to Quran tafsirs and one should war against one taking Rida.

    3) Do we deal our take Jazya from non-Muslims?
    No. It is mentioned in Quran.

    4) Can I pardon someone who killed my brother/son?
    No. It is mentioned in Quran.

    5) Can our president pardon someone who killed my brother/son?
    Yes. It is against Quran.

    The list is very lengthy….
    basically most of Pakistanies laws are near to English law and are far aways from Quranic laws.

    Quranic say “Assume good faith” that means everyone is innocent until proven guilty. We even does not follow it properly in Pakistan.

  26. Pakistani law doesn’t allow anyone to take Bribe
    if you can prove that then you are welcome that person will be punished.

    this is totally Islamic.
    you cannot punish some one with a prof and a Trial in a court.

  27. @aly
    Remember if you, point one fingure toward others, three of your fingures pointing towards you. and same is true about western media, who couldn’t wait to broadcast this video, like rest of the world is angel!!!.

  28. Nobody is perfect in this world, you tell me who is perfect, I guess you never went out of Pakistan or india!!! that is why you don’t know about the craps in other parts of the world.

  29. @SomeOne

    1) Do we cut hand of a thief?
    its not necessary
    Hazrat Omer refused to do that in his time

    2) Do we take Rida/Interest?
    its not allowed that is lots of difference of opinion between whats rribba and whats interest.

    3) Do we deal our take Jazya from non-Muslims?
    beacuse state can ‘pardon’ them from Jazia thats totally islamic.

    4) Can I pardon someone who killed my brother/son?
    yes you can.
    Prophet did that In Last Ceremony in Kabbah

    5) Can our president pardon someone who killed my brother/son?
    yes. its according to Kuran and sunnah. Head of state can pardon people for state benefit.

    These are you interpretations not the othes

    there is no LAW in Pakistan which is agains the teaching of kuran and Sunnah.
    people can have difference of opinions but majority agreed to it.

  30. Even if this was acceptable 1500 years back, why should it be implemented now. hat was a savage society. Ok why dont you guies start travelling on camels, start living in mud houses,and start marrying a woman every other month.
    Because things have changed and this is not compatible and possible(in certain socities) to do that.
    So let your religion evolve with time. If you cannot follow a sunnat by travelling on a camel, or eating dates all the year, etc etc, why do we al have to follow only this justice system. It is frozen in time and needs to be revisted by yourselves or by others(????).

  31. @altf_0011

    we are not talking about Craps of others we are talking about Craps of our people./

    i am still waiting that you tell me what Laws in Pakistan are UN ISLAMIC.

  32. someone,
    I guess Aly is young person, who has no experience of life and world, it is not his fault I was also impatient and too much sentimental when I was of his age. I would advise him to learn the world patiently.

  33. i find that so amuzing
    is this islam you want in Pakistan

    In Saudi Arabia, when a person has been killed or caused to die by another, the prescribed blood money rates are as follows

    100,000 riyals if the victim is a Muslim man
    50,000 riyals if a Muslim woman
    50,000 riyals if a Christian man
    25,000 riyals if a Christian woman
    6,666 riyals if a Hindu man
    3,333 riyals if a Hindu woman.

  34. why dont you all condemn this thing.categorically… we are all muslims and respect women the most… These as* h*les are becoming guardian of our religion, causing all possible damages to islam..

  35. @aly
    When you are going to get raise the question on western media and human right activistes about women and children kept (brutalized)in wadera’s private prisons? This is accepted by the Jhakarani minister that this is the norm of the day.

  36. @altf_0011

    i would request you to read my reply as well.

    and i would bring something to you attention, its very fascinating as a slogan to have a Islamic State with Sharia law, but matter of fact is all law in Pakistan [mostly] are in Accordance with Shariya. no its the laws but the society which need to be changed.

    and you cannot change a society with flogging them or Punishing them, history of the world is evidence to it no one in the world has ever changed a society which ‘fear and dictatorial law’ because all these are temporary measure and once you lift them. everything goes back.

    That’s what in Afghanistan.
    Taliban Forced men to grow Beard and every men in Afghanistan was having bear ed during their but as soon as their GOVT left, there who huge rush at Barbers shops and people got rid of their beard.

  37. what a shame.. don’t believe this.. these bastards r lashing this gal. what they wanna show islam is superior or they r superior..even if that gal commited any crime as a human we wud think several times to lash her in front of people..she cud be sister n daughter of someone imagine if she wrere ur sister..there is somethin we call inhumane these bastards fullfill the criteria ov inhumane n insane n whoever supports them is double standard hypocrate who wud bang gal n have a pint but will find reason to lash gal on the name of izzat..
    shame on them..

  38. @ price aly
    I am right that you don’t have any knowledge about Pakistan, that what law is prevailing in Pakistan, I also know which sect. you belong too? I belong to same, Our sect has very limited knowledge.

  39. @ aly
    You tell me who is angel, I will show you how much they are angel? Confucious said, when you point out one fingure toward others your three fingures pointing towards you that you are three time worst than first person.

  40. guys build a pressure group in pakistan which can protect women’s right in pakistan..there r so called human rights activist but most ov em r women n as we know that in man dominant socitey it’s hard for women to raise the issues, they need support from us we shud stand for their rights n shud give them equal rights in every aspect ov life..

  41. did you see any wadayra flogging a women in public and then saying that they are ‘following islam’.

    if yes tell me the name?

  42. What about those several unknown poor people who were hanged to death on false charges by our corrupt judges sitting in civil courts . Isn’t inhuman?

    Poor poeple who have been locked in jails for years and no body think about them. What about them!! Where are the liberal human right activists in this regard. Busy in doing ceminars in rich coridores of five stars hotel, where they dicuss the plight of poor women/childern!

  43. @ aly
    Brutality is brutality whether you do in abu garib jail or waidera,s jail or open. waderas is not good because he does everything behind closed doors.

  44. @jojo

    that’s why i always believe that there should be no Capital Punishment in Pakistan {because its only the Poor who gets it]

  45. What brutality towards men is acceptable? Everybody knows how much brutality is done in Pakistani jails behind close doors is that acceptable to human rights? They don’t live alone women in jails you know that.

  46. @altf_0011

    its will be so helpful to all of us if you post a video of a Vadayra flogging a women in Public sphere.

    but i must say i am against all the crime to women children and anyone who is innocent.

  47. وَاللَّاتِي يَأْتِينَ الْفَاحِشَةَ مِنْ نِسَائِكُمْ فَاسْتَشْهِدُوا عَلَيْهِنَّ أَرْبَعَةً مِنْكُمْ فَإِنْ شَهِدُوا فَأَمْسِكُوهُنَّ فِي الْبُيُوتِ حَتَّى يَتَوَفَّاهُنَّ الْمَوْتُ أَوْ يَجْعَلَ اللَّهُ لَهُنَّ سَبِيلًا (15:4)ه

    And upon those of your women who commit fornication, call in as witnesses5 four people among yourselves to testify over them; if they testify [to their ill-ways], confine them to their homes till death overtakes them or God formulates another way for them. (4:15)

    nothing to mention them as fogging in Public

  48. even if you prove their crime even then you cannot Flog them in Public.
    Its the Judge who will decide not few people or a group of people of a Tehrik.

  49. A Austrian men locked his daughter in home for 24 years. Got 7 childern outof her. In the end a “liberal” court gave him a life time imprisonment. That bast*rd was looking healthy on tv screens on the day of court decsion. I couldn’t see any shame on his face. What kind of these liberal laws are? Disgusting!

  50. @aly
    Sir, Minister Jhakrani has accepted that it happens in Pakistan everyday that these landlords throw girls in front of dogs, you think wadera’s are stupid that they will take you to their private jails to take the videos? But you have Abu Grab vidoes online?

  51. Protest rally against Swat incident @4.30 sharp at GPO chowk Lahore. All requested to join in. Led by Human rights activist Asma Jahangir. Please come.

  52. If cnn look into other’s country we have right too to looking to india, saati tradition. brutality towards women, what indian women are not beaten everyday?

  53. @jojo

    you need to understand its easy for someone to be hanged. Pain only lasts for seconds and that it.

    but ‘Life sentence’ you suffer everyday.
    you regret, reflect every day, day in day out, years and years with out any end.
    its a bigger Punishment.

  54. To all the fanatics in this forum!!!!

    1 If Taliban desire shariah law and there is one in swat, do mullah umer, baitullah mehsud, sufi Mohammed and other Taliban surrender themselves to the “shariah courts” just like Hazrat Umer did when he was summoned?

    2 Do those men who were holding that girl and flogging her surrender themselves to shariah law in which touching a na-mehram is a sin? and 2ndly was this girl offered a fair tril before punishment?

    3 Do Taliban surrender themselves to shariah courts when they capture and destroy others property, be it property of a Muslim, non-muslim/”bad-muslim” ?

    The answer is NO! and the reason is that Taliban is a fascist mafia that has hijacked Islam and use Islam as a motivational tool. The locals there might be supporting Taliban, thinking they would bring the equity that we heard bout in Hazrat umer’s era but that is never to come from a criminal mafia and I’d say if locals supported Taliban that much then they should experience them and shouldn’t complain now.

  55. @calklien

    my dear brother
    this ‘shariyat’ of Tliban is for ‘gunehgar’ people like you , me and others,
    they are ‘pious’ ‘deeendar’ ‘elh emaaan’ they are free in their religon.

  56. why is that a horrible video??

    Have you people even read Quran??

    The surah noor says:
    “The woman and the man guilty of adultery or fornication― flog each of them with a hundred stripes: let not compassion move you in their case, in a matter prescribed by Allah, if ye believe in Allah and the Last Day: and let a party of the Believers witness their punishment. (2) Let no man guilty of adultery or fornication marry any but a woman similarly guilty”..

    If that girl was trialed and four witness were presented, then this punishment is according to the shariah… and those who condemn it, shame on you….

    But if the witnesses were not presented or she wasn’t even trialed, then this is what the Quran has to say:

    Surah noor:
    “And those who accuse chaste women of adultery and produce not four witnesses, flog them with eighty stripes.”

    I hope you people heard ansar abbasi on geo, it is a shame how muslims are labeling islamic punishments as barbaric…

  57. @calklien

    You rightly said every thing,

    No education no awareness, no nothing… people are right there in most stone aged era .. It is obvious from video the act is unislamic …

  58. @ ALY……..well stop assuming job of Allah by judging ppl!!! you dont even know me and you have straight away come to the conclusion that Im a gunehgaar and u r a momin. Its this fanatical, extremely biggoted and opinionated mindset which is the real sin. Where did u get ur award of being the momin and knowing islam more that any1 else???

    U still havent answered my three points and started being judgemental!!!!

    Isnt touching na-mehram a sin?
    Isnt destroying and capturing houses of ppl sin?
    Isnt destroying state assets sin?
    Do all those taliban mafia surrender themself to shariah courts?

  59. http://www.pakistan.gov.pk/Quaid/speech03.htm
    The first President of Constitutional Assembly (11th Aug 1947)
    I cannot emphasize it too much. We should begin to work in that spirit and in course of time all these angularities of the majority and minority communities, the Hindu community and the Muslim community –because even as regards Muslims you have Pathans, Punjabis, Shias, Sunnis and so on and among the Hindus you have Brahmins, Vashnavas, Khatris, also Bengalis, Madrasis, and so on –will vanish. Indeed, if you ask me this has been the biggest hindrance in the way of India to attain the freedom and independence for this we would have been free people a long long ago. No power can hold another nation, and specially a nation of 400 million souls in subjection; nobody could have conquered you, and even if it had happened, nobody could have continued its hold on you for any length of time but for this. Therefore, we must learn a lesson from this. You are free; you are free to go to your temples. You are free to go to your mosques or to any other places of worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any region or caste or creed –that has nothing to do with the business of the State. As you know, history shows that in England conditions, some time ago, were much worse than those prevailing in India today. The Roman Catholics and the Protestants persecuted each other. Even now there are some States in existence where there are discriminations made and bars imposed against a particular class. Thank God, we are not starting in those days. We are starting in the days when there is no discrimination, no distinction between one community and another, no discrimination between one caste or creed and another. We are starting with this fundamental principle that we are all citizens and equal citizens of one State. The people of England in course of time had to face the realities of the situation and had to discharge the responsibilities and burdens placed upon them by the government of their country and they went through that fire step by step. Today, you might say with justice that Roman Catholics and Protestants do not exist; what exists now is that every man is a citizen, an equal citizen of Great Britain and they are all members of the Nation.

    Now, I think we should keep that in front of us as our ideal and you will find that in course of time Hindus would cease to be Hindus and Muslims would cease to be Muslims, not in the religious sense, because that is the personal faith of each individual but in the political sense as citizens of the state.

  60. at all:

    despicable@nota said in Capital Talk 1 April regarding same video:

    nota said:

    “I just watched the beginning of the show and maybe she made some sense later but Samar Minallah’s opening comments were totally ridiculous. In claiming there was no peace in Swat, the only example she could come up with was a “16 or 17 year old girl being flogged publicly”.

    Would this great defender of Human Rights to tell me how many 16 year old (and younger) girls was blown up to bits before this current (and about to go to hell just as per wishes of Ms Minallah) peace deal? How many were left without limbs? How many were left orphans? How many are left to suffer the life of refugee camps? How many of them have since been raped there? How many of them have to sell their bodies to survive? But that somehow none of that is Human Rights violation. That one public flogging is all hat matters. And so kind of her to have made a video and put it on YouTube for the world to see the “horror of a public flogging”. Of course she has no videos of the dead and maimed from the time before. How nice of her.

    Her dishonesty was is displayed by the fact that she did not inform us as to WHY the girl was being flogged. I am sure she was accused of something (no matter how silly) but we are not supposed to care about that but focus on “barbaric” act of public flogging.

    Shame on you Ms Minallah!

    (Now the baboos can let it rip 😛 )”
    2 April 2009 at 6:12 am

    This depraved maniac @nota seems to think people “accused” of something should be flogged like this in public.

    This is his next post on that thread together with some pictures:

    nota said:

    “@notawould you like to share the noble reason why this girl was flogged 50 times by men in public. ”

    Like I said I did not watch the whole show so I don’t know which exact lashing you are talking about. But here is one that I have watched, courtesy of CNN:

    (Note: Just saw the screen shot @axis0110 linked to so I believe it is the same)

    Taliban justice in Swat Valley

    The girl in this one is being lashed for adultery, as stated. Straight forward really 🙂

    Is it right? I won’t say 🙂 But do listen to the school headmaster Zardini Susri in the clip. I am certain you will disagree with him. And I am certain you think this is OK:

    And you think this is “cool”:


    (Case you don’t know, much worst butt-whipping happens at every thana of this country. We will never hear the likes of you describe it as “barbaric” or say “I am astonished this is happening in 2009″ )

    BTW: Is the following “barbaric”?””

  61. this @nota is truly sick, and sickening. never has he been straight in answering a single question. always, diverts to crimes perpetrated by west/zionists as answer.

    you sick person, the crimes of taliban against innocents is not the answer to crimes by west/jews/hindus also against innocents.

    yet you harp, on and on. your depravity is beyond the pale

    I will add, all those who ‘argue’ like @nota are depraved, sick, sickening, inhuman cockroaches.

  62. adamamin

    pls take my comment off moderation. it has nothing but a cut and paste quote from another thread on the site…

  63. To all those who are passing judements here?

    Can anyone come up with the name / location / people etc involved in this act. You are just passing judgements based on mobile video. None of us has any clue of actual incident. Like insar abbasi said, Untill and unless we get the clear picture, we can’t say this is barbaric or justified.

    At admin.
    If your level has gone down to a level that you are going to post mobile MMS scandals on your website (like Geo) than next thing you should do is to post Net cafe scandal videos.

    You answered your questions as “NO”. Do you have any proof that answer to your question is NO?. How are you so sure that Soofi Muhammad doesn’t surrender himself to court or that these men were not Her mehrams (maybe one is her husband and other is her brother)

  64. @urazzaq12

    The same Islam aslo tells you obey the law of the land. Aren’t they breaking it?
    Do they have the jurisdiction to indict anyone?
    Was she given a fair trial?
    Was it even proven?

    “She came out of her house with another guy who was not her husband, so we must punish her. There are boundaries you cannot cross,” Taliban spokesman Muslim Khan said.


    Bloody Hell. Who are they to punish her? How did they assume it? Buncha goons!

    Will you have your family member treated this way?

  65. its a same LAL MASJID ideology preached by Most Madrissas in Pakistan that all women are corrupt until prove otherwise.

    dnt you remember Aunty Shamim Incident.

    Zilllay huma {q League MPA] who was killed By Maulvi SERWER Just because she didnt wear Burqah.

  66. This is what ‘nota’ said in Capital talk of 1 April regarding this video:

    I just watched the beginning of the show and maybe she made some sense later but Samar Minallah’s opening comments were totally ridiculous. In claiming there was no peace in Swat, the only example she could come up with was a “16 or 17 year old girl being flogged publicly”.

    Would this great defender of Human Rights to tell me how many 16 year old (and younger) girls was blown up to bits before this current (and about to go to hell just as per wishes of Ms Minallah) peace deal? How many were left without limbs? How many were left orphans? How many are left to suffer the life of refugee camps? How many of them have since been raped there? How many of them have to sell their bodies to survive? But that somehow none of that is Human Rights violation. That one public flogging is all hat matters. And so kind of her to have made a video and put it on YouTube for the world to see the “horror of a public flogging”. Of course she has no videos of the dead and maimed from the time before. How nice of her.

    Her dishonesty was is displayed by the fact that she did not inform us as to WHY the girl was being flogged. I am sure she was accused of something (no matter how silly) but we are not supposed to care about that but focus on “barbaric” act of public flogging.

    Shame on you Ms Minallah!

    (Now the baboos can let it rip 😛 )

  67. @ally etc

    please go to Capital Talk of 1 April, and see comments posted by @nota on that thread. my comment of cut and paste of his comments from there is being moderated…

  68. *****BREAKING NEW****

    CJ has initiated a suo moto notice of this flogging case. So you people like ALY ranting on forum can now shut up.

    Thanks CJ

  69. @ msohail83

    “Was she given a fair trial?
    Was it even proven?”

    But if the witnesses were not presented or she wasn’t even trialed, then this is what the Quran has to say:

    Surah noor:
    “And those who accuse chaste women of adultery and produce not four witnesses, flog them with eighty stripes.”


    “Local people said that this 17 year married woman was punished for flesh trade and this incident had taken place six months ago in Kabal area.”

    “Sources said that the man pressing her head down the floor was her younger brother.”

  70. @aly

    CJ started and finished many sensible things in the past … I hope he will continue going to his maximum for providing people justice …

  71. So walking with a namahram will make u eligible for flogging in your views? What if you have some enemies? Their words will be taken too?

  72. @supercreature

    lets see.
    although i differ with your other statement.
    i fear he will try to put all blame on IG, Attorney general and Government rather than Taliban

  73. @ aly

    Its regarding flogging publically – surah noor: verse no. 2.

    One must question the if due process was carried out but the punishment for this crime is clearly stated in the Quran.

    As usual what makes this ‘justice’ dubious is the fact that only one ‘partner in crime’ is punished.

  74. @fgkhan
    i hope you know the prerequisite to prove that crime.
    and then a whole Legal process.

    you cannot publicly Flog someone because few people think they are involved in Adultery.

    how many women in total in 63 years of Prophets life were flogged?
    its a maximum Punishment which can be given in exception circumstances with lot of other prerequisites.

  75. Good God. The devil Rehman Malik has cast doubt on the authenticity of the video…all over mulim khan, other taliban have admitted it, giving varying timelines and explanations. The Taliban have realised this video exposes them very badly, and are slowly begininng to disociate themselves from it. But their first reaction was to admit and justify.

    Now Rehman Malik has the temerity to even cast doubt on it. Those responsible for guaranteeing rights, start to deny any rights are being violated. No wonder this country is where it is today.

  76. This is a six months old video, and I think this is now made public because zardari doesn’t want to sign the peace treaty of swat… Sufi Muhammad’s spokesman said that this kind of incident hasn’t happened after the agreement…

    So now the screwed Human rights activists will oppose the swat deal more aggressively and then even the media will join in, and the swat agreement will be all over with, on the wishes of USA…

    This is why qazi courts are established there now, so that the talibans don’t take justice in their own hands…And if the people of swat want qazi courts, why F*** should we have any problem with that…

    And why don’t these f”ed up human rights activists stage a protest against drone attacks and army operation in Baluchistan…

  77. What I find most disturbing is that this video has been aired on television and the people are not out raged. Not one of the dozen or so MF’s standing around her in the video, had the courage to stop the flogging.

    Nobody in the current govt. has the courage to take action against people who did this. Don’t know why the world consider this government as their ally in fight against terror.

    Only the CJ seem to have the courage to take notice, but unfortunately there isn’t much he can do here since he doesn’t control the administration.

  78. @aly


    lets see.
    although i differ with your other statement.
    i fear he will try to put all blame on IG, Attorney general and Government rather than Taliban”

    You dont get the point, dont you … Read Quran, its responsibility of the state to punish Taliban. Taliban did what they did … now CJ want to see what government will do to punish those Taliban… ITS THE RESPONSIBILITY of GOVERNMENT get my words and sleep with them.

  79. Samar Minallah: “No spnking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spanking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spanking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spanking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spnking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spnking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spnking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spnking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spnking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spnking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spnking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spnking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spnking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spnking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spnking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spnking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spnking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spnking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spnking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spnking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spnking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spnking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    (I know none of these picture are from Swat (most are from Afghanistan and a couple from Iraq) BUT if our media and the so called HR Activists like ms Ms Minallah had been doing their job, I am sure they would look something like this. )

    BTW: Ever wonder why Ms Minallah never raised a voice against what happened at Lal Masjid? Is it because she was too busy shouting “Kill ’em! kill ’em all!!”???

    Shame on you and shame on all who think that spanking is the only HR violation that has happened in Swat.

  80. @SomeOne (you and the taliban) have NO RIGHT to impose your will and your brand of justice upon the rest of us. If you believe in this type of punishment, then you should self impose it on yourself, when you commit a crime. But please do equate barbarity and savagery with Islam.

    Even if she had done, what they say she did, it was unjust to treat her like this.

  81. @ nota

    Yeah right and maybe these HR activists are on dope, when muslims are/were killed in palestine, kashmir, afghanistan, lal masjid, swat, balochistan.

    And I’m not sure if the drones cast down aloo cholay on the people of North Waziristan…

  82. @urazzaq12

    you are absoluty right blame of evrything Lies with ZARDARI.
    He is respocible for everything He asked TALIBAN to do that so that he can work more for US.

  83. @nota

    one crime Just Justify an other crime.

    this whole theory of Justifying a crime with an other crime is WRONG.

  84. @nota

    These images are appalling, but how can you use these to justify what happened to the girl in this video. If you desire this kind of punishment for yourself, I don’t have an issue with that. Please don’t justify it for the rest of us.

  85. @you sick cockroach ‘nota’

    your pictures are not justification for what happened to Chaand. what is depicted in those pictures is condemned as vociferously by all here. what is it with you? You sick depraved travesty on the name of humanity.

    you are just a sickening taliban, delighting in these atrocities…

  86. @death_wave
    Whatever has happened and whenever, if it is criminal, it should be punished even after 2 decades … Islam was based on justice, how can you call people to islam when you do not show any justice … who will come to Islam by watching such examples where people are given such a justice….

    secondly if Tabiban disown this and if they are sincere they should handoever to government who ever were involved in that act ….

  87. death_wave

    because it come to media attention NOW.

    let suppose even it happen in Jan last Year, it doesn’t make it less painful.

  88. @urazzaq12

    “@you sick cockroach ‘nota’
    your pictures are not justification for what happened to Chaand. what is depicted in those pictures is condemned as vociferously by all here. what is it with you? You sick depraved travesty on the name of humanity.

    you are just a sickening taliban, delighting in these atrocities…”

    Ouch. Truth sure is hard to swallow.
    BTW: Thank you for proving my point about you champions of HR 😉 Much appreciated 🙂

  89. i m in no way saying its justified…but releasing it now when theres relative peace in swat seems preplanned

  90. @ataraxis6
    These images are appalling, but how can you use these to justify what happened to the girl in this video.”

    Tell me when i say “shame on all who think that spanking is the only HR violation that has happened in Swat”, exactly WHERE am I justifying it?

    I am just putting things in perspective and asking WHY and WHEN did lashing become the biggest/the only abuse of HR.

    I am offering no justification.

    Again, I am offering no justification.

  91. @Aly
    its not the matter of Taliban Islam or Pakistan Islam,,What is this?Islam is Islam.wheni saw this footage i cant control my tears and i was going against taliban,,what they r doing?
    but when i heard the views of Mr Ansar Abbasi with the reffrance of Surrah Al-Noor.so i 100% agree with him.and spokesman of Sufi Muhammad also said that they are not involved in this inccident.and knw let see our govt and judiciary what take decision againt this isuee.Who are actual responsible?may b its hapnd by foriegn hands.america shows same footage before Afghan war in which taliban was beating a women in market,,so they take action for human rights and attak afghanistan.So think about it…
    i will again appricate the comments of Ansar Abbasi who educate us in right way at right time.(Jazaqallah ho khair)

  92. @death_wave
    “this happened in january…why released now?”

    Exactly. Maybe Ms Minallah can explain that.

    SHE shot the video in Jan
    SHE sat on it for nearly 3 months

    BTW: This also means it happened BEFORE THE SWAT PEACE DEAL but she is USING IT TO KNOCK THE PEACE DEAL

    She wants dead people!!!!!

  93. infact GEO correspondent saying this happened 6months back. i dont buy this logic that it came to media attention now…this is bullshit…this has been released now just to disturb the fragile peace in swat…this is not islam and shariah…this is fasaad fi sabilillah…shariah punishments can only be implemented by a qazi/judge appointed by state…

  94. Dear All,
    This is an atempt to defame Islam. These so called Talibans are sponsored byIsrael and India. They are not representing true Islam. As a true muslim ,Islam shoud be in our hearts.
    I have worked in some of Taliban held areas, and found that many of them even dont know 2nd Kalma or Dua-e-kanoot.
    We all are educated enough to understand Islam. Follow the teachings of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH). Listen to Islamic schloars like Dr Zakir Niak & Dr Israr Ahmad.

  95. Guys sincerely … do thing if she was not guilty and that act is done on her … before or after the peace deals and blah blah … when she will ask for Allah’s justice on judgement day these Tabliban’s or government people will say … we could not give her justice because we had done this peace deal ??? Allah’s justice will be swift and righteous …

    Tabiban if they admit it is not fair what happened to that girl then assist government to handover the criminals, otherwise ofcourse they are helpers of them … mindset does not change … does not matter if the video is 2 months or 6 months old

  96. Hahahaha we r a bagarat qoom as pakistanies , we forget every thing , we even forget the few girls were burried alive in Balouchistan and a Minister from the national assembly favour it, and we will forget this video too.

    WE r KHASSI as a nation, wo or he muslims thay jab Muhammed Bin Qasim ik Larki ke pukar per Hindustaan per hamla kernay aa gaya tha, we deserve to be treated like dogs by the world.
    we derserve it wt is happenign with us.
    + look how many amoung us who r ignorant fool r yelling in favour of this and talk of the Shaerya law, which starts after a country become a FALAHI reyasat , where govt is responsible for every one and no one just steal due to need but just to steal. we r dam ass holes .

  97. savages… animals… this is barbaric.

    where is the court? where is the due process of law? is Pakistan even a state any more?

  98. @savage
    ‘@aly Now tell me where is your favorite beemari govt?

    either in Dubai or US…….or drunk lying in pres/governor house!!

  99. Now that this video has got all the attention that it deserves. I hope Imran Khan will come out and condem this as forcefully as he condems drone attacks.

  100. Insaf hoo ga agar PTI ko time milla tu! warna ye hi hoo ga, Chootroo per paray gi! is liye kehta hoon PTI main aajaoo Pathan Pathan hi ko qaboo kar sakta hai!

    jiye apna Imran pathan!

  101. whats wrong with you guys..now due to this video you have so much dictrubed..Talibans have literally slaugheterd people and hang their dead bodies with towers in Swat , where were you then??? few days ago when Gul Bukhari written against Taliban mafia then you were also supporting JI hooligans in attacking Gul Bukhari..now all of the sudden your views changed

    by the way head of JI hooligans is again Justifying this act by showing pictures of american victims, what he means that Taliban should do everything what american did and we should not speak against them..

    Please for God Sake realize now that these Talibans are barabric , criminals and killers , they are using name of Islam and Shariat and Shariat Aadltein just to maintain their occupation of those areas..If we do not unite against terrorists then that day is not too far when these scenes will be repeated in every city of Pakistan by Taliban..and by the way Taliban spokesman say that we give these punishment behind doors normally..so he is not denying that

    talk anyone from Swat and he will tell you stories of hanging dead bodies in squares but yes our media was afraid to show those .

    Open your eyes and decide that you want to see that happeneing in rest of Pakistan or we need to unite against these Barbarian criminals called Talibans

  102. @Kashif

    “Now that this video has got all the attention that it deserves. I hope Imran Khan will come out and condem this as forcefully as he condems drone attacks.”

    This is my test for Imran Khan. If he spends 3 minutes condemning this act and explains as to how he will solve the problem of Swat, i might listen to him.

    If he does his usual, “ofcourse i condemn it, everybody does, but Hamid, Amerika, ghulaam, India, becharay, Pakistan, adlia, Army, long-term….” then i don’t think he is thinkling straight. The guy’s gotta really think before he talks…

  103. I wish, really wish that all those who are sitting in Islamabad/Lahore /Karachi, enjoying all benefits of life and in love with these barbaric Taliban must face the brutality of these animals.

  104. look at Ansar Abbasi how he is justifying this act..now one can easily see where these media person stands ..shame on him

  105. @ someone

    I appreciate your fondness for Islamic laws in Pakistan but you should really review your understanding…. there are four different departments with in a state among some other…

    Law (Sharia /Constitution)
    Governing body (Khilafa/ Govt)
    Judiciary (Qazi/ Judges)
    AWAM (Ra´aiya)

    Now where comes Taliban ……nowhere in the picture. You cant implement punishments without going to the court or Qazi. who gave them this authority? It’s a crime in its own my friend. If Awam starts taking decisions at its own or start giving decisions on crimes then you end up in a BANANA state. Jis ka kam usi ko sajhe neither I can take position of Qazi nor you unless you are qualified for that……There are rules defined in any system how to change laws or Govts. There is no space of Taliban in this system. They have accepted numerous suicidal attacks. What I know is that killing one innocent/person is like killing all human being. Unfortunately That’s what not many poor people (having soft corner for them) or follower of Taliban understand.

  106. @nota cockroach, and others of your ilk

    you and your self satisfied questions about where was minallah when other things were happening……

    tell me, anything you have accomplished, except sit in front of computer ALL DAY LONG and posting poisonous material

    you don’t have a job, do you? your frustration with your own life comes out on any people trying to do any good.

    i have noticed that you are all over the place on pkpolitics, at all odd hours, on every thread, on every video, on every article.

    you have nothing better to do, except talk against everyone and anyone that you can


  107. @

    i think i told you before in another thread about JI media team comprised of some hooligans….

    so he has a job and what he is doing is his job…

  108. @


    if you do not have time for moderation then lift this moderation thing..Talibans are allowed to post whatever they want and for others you have this moderation

  109. when ever i say something admins put it on hold 4 moderation..strange!. anywayz

    injustice anywhere is threat to justice everywhere.martin luther king..i am not here to decide was it lawfull or not all i can say is wait n c these ppl cumin to rest ov pak to implement their so called sharia law…how can be sum1 that inhumane to lash young gal in public..as i said earlier she is sum1’s sis n daughter..imagine if she were ur sis..and those who support this insane act bangs galz at earliest oppurtunity gets pissed n watch n laugh on these acts coz woman is a piece ov pleasure 4 them nuthin more than that…they shud b ashamed ov theirself..

  110. @bho

    don’t hold your breath for imran khan. your hopes are too high if you are still waiting for him to condemn these animals unequivocably…..the man has a crinkly black beard as long as the ‘aant of shaitan’ in his stomach.

    plus, he’s a hypocrite…..sorry to disappoint

  111. Nuke these sick motherfuckers man !! They are the scum on the name of Islam…What qualification and authority they got in order to punish anyone…

  112. @Shandana:

    “I wish, really wish that all those who are sitting in Islamabad/Lahore /Karachi, enjoying all benefits of life and in love with these barbaric Taliban must face the brutality of these animals.”

    I very much agree with your sentiments. those savages who support these animals should move to and live in Swat.

  113. @czar

    Do not be angry on the comments being f2ltered. Reason is that this forum ofcourse will have some keywords to check in every message being posted. I it does find those keywords they are passed to moderator for being reviewed. It doesnt mean that your comments will not appear, … they may once they are read by moderator.

  114. Good part about our society is that faith is very strong in the hearts, and anything could be sold sugar coated with Islam no matter how bitter it is even current bands of khuwarjies. But the sad part of the story is it is without understanding of Islam and I literally mean it, we are people who would fight in mosques if someone is praying without cap, I have first hand experience when people said to someone he can’t pray in pant shirt. We emphasize more on symbols than substance, that is only reason lots of support for these khuwarjies. Don’t they look like our local masjid’s “Imam” who knows everything but in fact nothing and we just follow him believing how could an imam be wrong.

  115. @savage
    well done! u r right as a socitey we tend to think on outer lay rather than usin our brain whats inside..

  116. I must condemn this act of barbarity in this day and age of mass communication and awareness. How the hell these men are punishing a Muslim girl in front of cameras, crowed of men and two strangers holding the girl and flogging on her backside to bring the honor back to Islam? This is the most dishonorable act done to a women let alone a Muslim woman. These people are either not Muslims or are misguided and misused by Muslim haters or enemies of the religion Islam.

    Now I must comment on the conversation between “SomeOne” and the fly, “SomeOne is using and citing Islamic law and punishments from the 14th century and demanding and acting like that they must be applied this day and age. Please study the punishments handed out by the Christens, Hindus and other religious groups at that time, they were all primitive and barbaric compare to the modern days.

    SomeOne, go back to your cave of bigotry and deceit towards Islam, you do not represent the majority tolerant Muslims. Saudi Arabia is not a good example of Islam, it is run by a monarchy which is Brest fed by the West and are dung beetles of the enemies of Islam. Saudi Arabia means “the Land of the Saudi family”, hence it does not mean a land of the Muslims.

  117. Talibans are worst than animals. This is just the tip of the iceberg; worst is yet to come. This video did not surprise me as Talibans treat women as full of sins and unholy. Supporters of Talibans and their system of goonda gardi justice should move to Swat with their family and kids. God knows what is happening in Swat and how will we stop terrible injustices and oppression of Talibans in this beautiful part of our country. I salute CJ for taking notice of such illegal and immoral punishments. Culprits should be brought to justice and I would reiterate my previous determination of waging a Long March against Talibans so we could get rid of them once and for all.

  118. Pakistani Girl Thrown to Dogs in Khairpur in Sindh. Were they also Taliban?
    We must differentiate that Pashtoon culture is not Islam or Islam is not Pashtoon culture. If more worst incident happened in Sindh, pujnab, or balochistan we consider it “vadiara shahi” culture but if the “some thing” happen in NWFP we immediately put label of Islam on it and start to criticize Islam.
    Why not we explore and consider this issue as local “vadaira or malik or khan” culture and then start to correct it rather to blaming some “specific” and neglecting “remaining all”.
    In Khairpur, Sindh case, girl was pragnent and people or jirga under sindhi vadaira put her before dog , so which incident is wrost? So ignorance is ignorance, it couldn’t be differentiated as NWFP or Pathan ignorance or Sindh/punjab /vadaira ignorance.

  119. @ zahidbinmustafa

    this horrendous act was done in the name of shariah and islam…this is wats most disturbing.

  120. @NOTA and other taliban supporters.
    We cannot justify these crimes of so called ISLAMIC MILITANTS by comparing them to the atrocities committed by WEST/ISRAEL.Because these militants claims to be our friends and protecting us against west and their puppet govts.
    I do understand you dont have any problem even if taliban take over LAHORE because YOU ppl will be calling shots even then.But please take some mercy on the poor people of swat/nwfp/fata who has got no clue WHERE to go.
    If you could understand the mere language these guys speaking you would never have used these tactics of mixing things up.
    In reply to your claim that this happened before the PEACE DEAL look at this bbc link,
    These shameful acts by these so called DEFENDERS OF FAITH needs to be condemned by everyone.It has nothing to do with islam and is against the local traditions.

  121. This is so sickening to begin with. Who the hell gave Taliban the right to implement their twisted ideology? Being a Muslim I am for Shariah but there are some set rules in Shariah. There has to be a due deligence plus a proper verdict from the court to have these kind of punishment to be carried out. Not every common man in the society has the right to become a judge. These stupid Taliban is a curse on Pakistan and on Islam. May Allah give us courage to fight these hater of Islam. They are damaging the basis of Islam.

    Taliban should know that Islam is not only about long beared, living in caves, killing and abusing people in the name of Shariah, or blowing up schools and CD shops and barber shop. Had this been Islam, there wouldn’t have been 1,6 billion Muslims right now in this world.

  122. NOTA:

    Please note that two wrongs does not make it rght. If Muslims are butchered in Israel what we are doing to ourselves in Afghanistan and Pakistan? Taliban and the rest of Militants are killing their own people in the name of Islam. All fanatics will go to hell for sure!

  123. for all of them who think this act is about the implementation of islamic rules….

    when you do not have a islamic environment in your territory and you are not willing to give people their rights then no one has the right to just imlement islamic punishment.

    besides that before implementing the islamic punishment you have to go through the back ground of that crime, if there are reasons that the person is forced to do that crime, u cannot implement the full punishment, in that case reasons to do that crime should be addressed, problems should be solved and other forces should be punished too not just the criminal alone.

    Its not actually the implementation of islam and islamic rules but its about to scare people so that u can do whatever u want to without finding anyone who could told you that what is right and what is worng.

    it is a long debate that what islam says, what is its true spirit and what it means in depth when it says something So plz do not use Islam as a reason of all these types of act.

  124. All,
    can we just wait and see what investigation report comes out, i read the bbc article last nite and they said that Fazalullah didnt allow public flogging of women, so this is not some who represent the Taliban of swat, but whatever the case is now the Chief Justice has taken the suo-moto action, lets wait and see.

    we need to know the truth before we pass judgments. If a women commits adultery then there is an Islamic punishment, same for the man and no difference, lets not pass the judgments based just on the video.

    I am not taking any side just trying to see what comes out of the suo-moto action. so please don’t start accusing me of being a Taliban lover or anti-Islamic.

  125. Let me first clearly say i don’t have much knowledge of Islam if i offend anyone it was not intentional.

    I condemn this. Men can’t touch women like this, if she has to be punished for something that she has done wrong it surely must be done in private and by a female.

  126. @
    zahidbinmustafa said:3 April 2009 at 6:00 pm

    We must differentiate that Pashtoon culture is not Islam or Islam is not Pashtoon culture.Ignorance is ignorance, it couldn’t be differentiated as NWFP or Pathan ignorance or Sindh/punjab /vadaira ignorance.
    Shame on the people like you who twisting facts to prove their point.This incident has nothing to do with PASHTOON CULTURE.A pashtoon cannot even think of disrespecting women folks of his worst enemy.Women are free to move with out any fear no matter whats happening between two families/clan.This is the ulitmate insult for a Pashtoon.
    Please refrain from maligning PASHTOONS while defending your friends taliban.
    I hope and wish these taliban will be knocking at your doors in due time.Only then you will experience first hand what CULTURE and SHARIA they are following.
    best wishes

  127. What’s the problem people, this is according to sharia, and besides, the fault is not with those doing the deed , the fault is with those filming or crying about it. It has something to do with barbarity perpetrated against MUTHLIM UMMMMIIIAAH!!!

    What? you don’t want two gun-weilding mushtanda’s to grab YOUR SISTER by her ASS and beat her ass down … all to uphold the glorius name of Islam of course! Well, in that case you ought to be beheaded!

    Leave Taliban Alone!!!!

    Oh, and… FUCK , yes FUCK ANSAR ABBASI!!! , Ansar Abbasi can SUCK MY DICK ANY TIME!

    This fucking a$$hole has the nerve to justify this goddamned bullshit in the name of “islam” or revenge or whatever the fvck his stunted brain can come up with.


  128. @nota: Why don’t you, for once take a fvcking stand and SAY THIS IS WRONG! Instead of pussy footing around the issue, offering lame conspiracy theories and offering lame excused for these MOTHER FUCKING KUNTS!!!

    Stop fvcking apologising for shit just because they “claim” they’re doing it for Islam.

    Samar Minallah “wants people dead” ??? WTF kind of reasoning is that? She took this video? is it true? was she there taking this video? or are you just making this shit up as you go along?

  129. @all apologising for Talib Faggots:

    Taliban IS NOT Islam

    What the FUCK is wrong with you DIPSHITS!!!

    Any fucking lawrence of arabia that shows up in your midsts, reciting a few verses, talking about JEEEHAAWWD, you sick lazy fuvcks are ready to follow him to your own destruction. Only to wake up 20 years after the fact crying foul.

  130. @mengal

    “Here is your beemari Govt….Now satisfied???”

    No I’m not, are these our rulers or just tape recorders, which can only play “muzzammat” record after all atrocities to the people, state is by law bound to protect its objects, not just to issue some “muzammati kamalimat”. Inquiries, committees, hollow statements is that all people gave them power for?

  131. @
    Ghost Of TK said:3 April 2009 at 7:01 pm

    @all apologising for Talib Faggots:

    Taliban IS NOT Islam

    What the FUCK is wrong with you DIPSHITS!!!

    Any fucking lawrence of arabia that shows up in your midsts, reciting a few verses, talking about JEEEHAAWWD, you sick lazy fuvcks are ready to follow him to your own destruction. Only to wake up 20 years after the fact crying foul.

    Look at some hypocrites on this link.

  132. So the news is not six month old, as most of the supporter saying.


    عینی شاہدین اور لڑکے کے رشتہ داروں کا کہنا ہے کہ یہ واقعہ صوبائی حکومت اور طالبان کے درمیان ہونے والے معاہدے کے بعد یعنی آج سے تقریباً بیس دن قبل تحصیل کبل کے کالا کلی گاؤں میں پیش آیا ہے
    انہوں نے مزید کہا کہ دراصل واقعہ یہ تھا کہ لڑکی کا گھر لڑکے کے پڑوس میں واقع ہے اور لڑکا پیشے کے لحاظ سے الیکٹریشن ہے۔ ان کے مطابق لڑکی کے خاندان والوں نے اس سے گھر کی بجلی ٹھیک کر انے کے لیے بلایا تھا کہ اس دوران راستے سےگزرنے والے ایک طالب نے اس سے گھر میں داخل ہوتے دیکھ کر طالبان کو مطلع کر دیا۔

    ن کے بقول یہ بنگلہ ایک مقامی خان کا ہے جنکا نام عنایت اللہ خان ہے اور طالبان کی خوف سے علاقے چھوڑنے کے بعد طالبان نے ان کے مکان پر قبضہ کرلیا ہے جہاں اب بھی وہ بڑی تعداد میں رہائش پذیر ہیں۔
    لڑکے کے ایک اور رشتہ دارنے بی بی سی کو بتایا کہ اس واقعہ اور زبردستی شادی کے بعد لڑکا ایک قسم کا ذہنی مریض بن چکا ہے اور واقعہ کے پیش آنے کے بعد سے وہ پریشانی اور شرم کے مارے گھر سے نہیں نکلا ہے

  133. @justice4ALL: Talking about hypocrites:

    جماعت اسلامی کے نو منتخب امیر منور حسن نے ایک نجی ٹی وی چینل پر اس بارے میں سوال پوچھے جانے کے باوجود انہوں نے اس واقعہ کی مذمت نہیں کی اور بات گول کرتے رہے۔

    Now the attitude of the JI media cell makes more sense. When you can’t really defend the crimes of those you secretly admire and defend, just post a bunch of maimed dead bodies from the Palestinian and Iraqi conflict and call it a day.

    Ironically, the same technique is used by the CIA to rile up the US masses for attacks on Muslim populations. When someone questions Israel, they show mass graves and the “ovens”. When someone cries foul about Abu Gharib and Gitmo, they show you the victims of Saddam’s chemical weapons (that they supplied!)…

    Why do Alqaeda & JI media tactics resemble so much with the CIA media tactics?

    Why indeed.

  134. @justice4all,
    I think that you are being hard on @nota, he is not condoning the barbaric act, he is just trying to analyses it with the situation in hand, the motive and timing of this barrage of bad press for Pakistan and the Islam. I distinct you from the Pac of @nota hatters, you are more balanced in your views….……

  135. @GoTK, thank you for expressing so eloquently the outrage that I feel but haven’t been able to convey.

    apart from the obvious lack of humanity on part of these animals (and their apologists on this site), this is a resounding slap on the face of the state of Pakistan. these animals MUST be taken to task.

  136. This is horrible, and shocking. The involved individuals are unleashed “DOGS” and the y must be leashed. These dogs and swine must be apprehended without any delay and be brought to justice. They need flogging in the public for their heinous crimes and barbaric action against this innocent girl. She is our doughter and needs to be taken into protection immediately.

    I am glad that CJ of supreme court has already taken a notice of this horrible incidence and he has ordered the law authorties to bring the girl in the court on April, 6.

  137. We even do politics on dead bodies, this was just a girl.

    جماعت اسلامی کے نو منتخب امیر منور حسن نے ایک نجی ٹی وی چینل پر اس بارے میں سوال پوچھے جانے کے باوجود انہوں نے اس واقعہ کی مذمت نہیں کی اور بات گول کرتے رہے۔

  138. muslim khan saying that the person coming out of house was father-in-law and a senior religious person saying father-in-law is mehram and NOT gher merham, watching this on geo.

  139. @savage: from the second link you posted, it seems that Muslim Khan, Tarjuman Tehreek Kanjaran-e Pakistan is a lying son of a whore! He claimed in an inteerview that the men holding the woman down were “her mehram” …

    لڑکی کے بارے میں بتایا گیا ہے کہ اسکی عمر تقریباً سولہ سال ہے اور اسکے والد فوت ہوگئے ہیں اور اسکے دو بھائی ہیں جن میں سے ایک سعودی عرب میں محنت مزدوری کرتا ہے۔

    Her father is dead, she has two brothers and one is in Saudi arabia. So, unless he came back especially to hold her down (AND stare at her ASS while this was happening) at least one of the men was NOT MEHRAM. The point isn’t about mehram/na-mehram.

    Point is that this so called “tarjuman” is a lying KUNT WH()RE! And those who support these motherfuvckers Secretly or Openly are even bigger KUNT WH()RE MORONS!

  140. @Ghost of TK
    You are exactly right,I am not going to believe these b@$terd$ anymore.I wish this Non-muslim khan get a hell fire missile ryt in his @$$ h0le.

  141. who the fk cares if the people holding her down were “mehrem” or not. who gives a sht. trust the beardos to miss the whole bloody point. even if these dogs were mehrem, it still remains a barbaric act.

    Ansar abbasi is a total idiot for trying to defend this act. he should apologize.

    I am now convinced that religion and beards cause irreparable damage to people’s ability to think rationally.

  142. @justice4all

    It is very good link and worth giving attention. We should seek help from anywhere to get rid of taliban animals. We need international assistance may be a UNO force because this Taliban problem is getting out of control. We should call any Army from any country even if ther is an Army in other planets to help us clean this terrible mess of talibans. If we can do a long march to restore judges; why not one long march to get rid of talibans.

  143. let the time come – and if these bastards known as Taliban and their promoters keep one feet on my mother land – I’ll make sure they get what they really deserve.

  144. ‘عورت نے جنم ديا مردوں کو، مردوں نے اُسے بازار ديا
    جب جی چاہا مسلا کچلا، جب جی چاہا دھتکار ديا

    تُلتی ہے کہيں ديناروں ميں، بِکتی ہے کہيں بازاروں ميں
    ننگی نچوائی جاتی ہے عياشوں کے درباروں ميں
    يہ وہ بےعزت چيز ہے جو بِٹ جاتی ہے عزت داروں ميں
    عورت نے جنم ديا مردوں کو، مردوں نے اُسے بازار ديا

    مردوں کے ہر ظلم روا، عورت کے ليۓ رونا بھی خطا
    مردوں کے ليۓ ہر عيش کا حق، عورت کے ليۓ جينا بھی سزا
    مردوں کے ليۓ لاکھوں سيجيں، عورت کے ليۓ بس ايک چِتا
    عورت نے جنم ديا مردوں کو، مردوں نے اُسے بازار ديا

    جن سينوں نے ان کو دودھ ديا، ان سينوں کا بيوپار کيا
    جس کوکھ ميں ان کا جسم ڈھلا، اس کوکھ کا کاروبار کيا
    جس تن سے اُگے کونپل بن کر، اس تن کو ذليل وخوار کيا
    عورت نے جنم ديا مردوں کو، مردوں نے اُسے بازار ديا

    سنسار کی ہر اک بےشرمي، غربت کی گود ميں پلتی ہے
    چکلوں ہی ميں آ کر رکتی ہے، فاقوں سے جو راہ نکلتی ہے
    مردوں کی ہوس ہے جو اکثر عورت کے پاپ ميں ڈھلتی ہے
    عورت نے جنم ديا مردوں کو، مردوں نے اُسے بازار ديا

    عورت سنسار کی قسمت ہے پھر بھی تقدير کی ہيٹی ہے
    اوتار پيمبر جنتی ہے پھر بھی شيطان کی بيٹی ہے
    يہ وہ بدقسمت ماں ہے جو بيٹوں کی سيج پہ ليٹی ہے
    عورت نے جنم ديا مردوں کو، مردوں نے اُسے بازار ديا’

  145. Extremely distressed to see this. Some things I want to say:
    It is extremely important that educated people at this point in time to develop an understanding of true Islam. There are no hudood in Islam that are not preceded by rights. Islam has been implemented from rights and then ended up with hudood at its culmination when society reached that stage. Where are the rights at this point in time in the so called “nafaz-e-shariat” area? Is there economic prosperity? Are women being provided for enough so that they need not go out of their homes? Are their menfolk providing them with all that they have the right to? Is there also punishment for “qazaf” (punishment for wrongly accusing a woman of adultry)? In Hazrat Umar’s time, once when the poverty level in society increased after a no of wars, he temporarily suspended the punishment of cutting of hands. The pre-requisite of that “hadd” was not being met.

    Secondly, what about the witnesses in this case. Who were the witnesses? Are the saviours of religion not aware of the strict conditions of testimony and those for witnesses themselves? If you were to follow those conditions, it is next ot impossible to prove adultery. And don’t we remember the case of woman who committed sdultery and came to the prophet for confession. His approach and behavious says lot about the whole issue. The truth is, this incident is nothing but exploitation at the hands of a band of illiterate, narrow minded, bandits.

    Enough of the cospiracy theories please. Who says the other acts that you refer to are not bad? They are bad but tTHIS is also bad. For once, we should accept responsiblity for our acts. To me this is a real shame on us Pakistanis and on Islam.

    There is enough ugliness and filth in the world going on already without your having to add some more with your flowery language please.

  146. Just saw the program Bolta Paksitan. Mushtaq Minhas had lost it. He sometimes can be so thick skinned. Nusrat is another extreme. I fail to understand why do we have to be on the extremes. The truth is somewhere in between.

  147. Hi everybody,
    As CJ has taken suo moto notice, big question is which side is going to be
    Imran khan like people are going to be. This is test for his two policy agenda
    1:Rule of law OR
    2:Support of Taliban
    I think it is going to expose a lot of ‘doghlee’ principles.

  148. Can anybody explain why it is haram for a girl to go out with a namehrem
    but halal to get lashed on her a……s in front of jaloos of namehrems.

  149. in my humble opinion, i think Pakistan needs to start its use of Drones and take care of more issues accordingly, the problem is that the areas like of Taliban occupied are very hard for our Army to handle, we cant let Americans come and take care of it so we need to adopt better ways.

    It is time to have a volunteer army that is willing to go into FATA and find and take care of Talibans.

    I am sure most of the guys on this forum would sign up right away to do that. I am not being sarcastic but being serious on this one. The Manawaan attack was the last straw that should have made clear to most of the Pro-Taliban elements that they are our enemy or enemy of Pakistan

  150. i had some respect for Ansar Abbasi but some weeks ago i saw him defending Taliban on TV channels and now today once again he is defending this act , now i have no respect for him whatsoever,,why these media persons cant realize the fact that soon they will be the victims of Talibans as well..Taliban represents a sick minded group and they consider media particulary electronic media as haram

    these media persons are helping taliban at the moment but Taliban are against even TV and cable networks and if somehow Taliban take control of Islamabad or other cities they will spank all media anchors for “earning from a haram source” TV ..even before Ansar Abbasi appaeraed i predicted in my other posts that he will be the first to defend that..then there is another guy without beard host of famous Geo TV talk show (I cant write his name due to moderation thing and if i write his name my post will not be allowed) who will also defend this act because he is also a great supporter of Taliban….

    I challenge that as soon as taliban will take over other cities, these so called media supporter of talibans will be first to run away from pakistan ..they have earned million in last years and have sufficient money to live anywhere in world but they want shariat for other poor people by supporting Taliban..this is hypocricy at its best

  151. @nota
    So Mullahs are flogging teenage girls in swat because they are really pissed
    off by american foreign policy.

  152. @all,

    Two wrongs does not make one right. Period. The problem is that its the people bearing the brunt from two extremisms, the imperialist extremism and the ignorant criminals that you see in these videos.

    Both the threats to the life and dignity of the unfortunate people of this country in general and the pukhtun people in particular are more grave then one would acknowledge.
    THESE ARE NOT INDIVIDUAL ACTS, and we must not be in denial. The entire social fabric has been tearing from the seams under pressure from both the sides to this conflict.

    I just wish that the media show both the threats to the people of this country with all its implications, i.e. the brutality of the taliban as well as the aftermath of US and Pak army attacks and the incurring “collateral damage”.

  153. Next big battle coming
    which side people are going to be
    with CJ OF Pakistan summoning MAULVI Fazal ullah, Sufi Muhammad
    and Muslim Khan (THough MY wish list also include imran khan and Nota,SORRY, for Their so much ENCOURAGEMENT of these Mullahs)



  154. @aneeza
    being woman is being powerfull, if u have to say that, u r not..margret thatcher…time will cum when we will c woman getting paid equally n treated fairly in paksitan…god save them from these so called champion ov islam..they never treated woman’s fairly always used them as piece ov pleasure n baby producin machin..insane islamists ov pak..

  155. @Shah

    But do you know what

    people like


    do not understand “period(middle point)”

    they just took ext ream positions, which will never take you on any solution…

    and start representing us, by using name of islam ,, or unislam …

  156. I just saw Bolta Pakistan. It looks like right’s best defence on this is to present Iraq, Afghanistan, drone, Palestine etc etc. Mushtaq Minhas terms this as a grave conspiracy against Islam and Pakistan. I am wondering who conspired here the lead characters of the video, Talibans, an unknown camera person or distributors.

    On one hand they say Taliban doesn’t represent Islam or Pakistan on the other hand they say showing negative side of Taliban is a conspiracy against Pakistan and Islam. I can understand this as a conspiracy against Taliban but against Islam and Pakistan… I simply don’t get it.

  157. @aneeza

    every male is not like that .. we do respect female .. due to some wrong people please every one is not same …

    yes majority may be like this

    but this is not a issue of male or female .. this is issue of behavior of people of pakistan

  158. @ fu@ki@g bastards, and their supporters on this fourm….@nota the cockroach, @americanpakwhatever……

    @GTK first time in my life, i have apprecited bad language from you……these b@st@rds deserve nothing better…..

    @fanaticmulla, i couldn’t agree with you more

    f@ck off alll you talibaaaaans

  159. Ansar Abbasi is the worst media person I have ever seen on TV. He is such an idiot and probably the biggest supporter of Talibans.

    Long March against Taliban Zindabad

  160. @GTK

    while my above comment awaits moderation, i really appreciate you language and the content of its message

    i couldn’t agree wiht your post above

    cockroach ‘nota’ and his ilk

  161. @AClarionCall

    I am trying to find a program where Ansar Abbasi tried to defend/explain this video. Do you have a link?

  162. Mustaq Minhas is out of his mind and he thinks that this is a conspiracy agaisnt Taliban/ Islam. If he like s Talibans so much why doesnt he move to Swat with his family/kids. Shame on him.

  163. @aclarioncall

    always remember there is sumfin we call intrest..these anchors shows there support to get popularity on tele why? army is fightin in nwfp anchors try to present that army is wrong for being in nwfp which mean they will have to show some1 is rite, thats why they present mullaha n islamist as right..got it?

  164. @ Someone said

    I think only coward men who dont have guts to face the world and earn a decent living for their family do such horrible acts. Tell me honestly – can you say upon oath on Allah and Quran that you have never done any crime or sin in your life. And if you done then do you have the guts to go up to the police or judge and yourself acknowledge that you have done a sin and you should get punishment.

    No one has any right to award that punishment to this girl. Do the three men who are beating her – can they claim that they are the most pious men on this earth and have never committed a sin. I am sure that if any of these men ever get a chance to f@@k a girl they would never miss it. Plus I want to ask they gharat mand pathans who are so eager to impose shairaih in Swat – there are so many men who abuse sexually boys – do they have the guts to punish them.

    It all comes to simple – because you cannot get hold of any one who is more powerful or stronger than you – the only vulnerable people like woman and children are the ones you can impose your shariah on.

    How many of these men demanded the goverment to give justice to people of Pakistan. For them shariah begins from blowing up women schools and end up beating these woman in the name of Islam.

    Honestly tell me all those guys on this forum – who support Taliban – do you want these mad guys to eventually come to your homes one day and order your woman folk the way they are ordering them in Swat. This is not shariat. This is abuse and this is against Islam and it would make people turn away from Islam.

    If you want to implement Islam why dont you demand the goverment to close the brotherls and even before that why dont you try to create an alternative means of earning of livelihood for those women who are forced to sell their flesh.

    If Taliban are not crushed tomorrow they would be imposing their methods on us and all this is because they are able to exploit people in the name of providing instance justice.

  165. @AllPeople

    whom supporting this act need to move to swat with there families …

    if the are right than do it and let us know … please

  166. kill all the fU**ING taliban
    learn from Sri Lanka if we have to fight this war against the animals for decades its worth fighting

  167. @GTK

    why are you asking @nota to for once say this is wrong? if you are familiar with his history of posts on this site, you will definitely know the cockroach is a fascist, has a fascination for gruesome atrocities, and never gives a straight answer, always implying the worst, and then later saying “when did i say that…..”

    c’mon, GTK, you are an intelligent man. don’t tell me you never recognised @cockroach?

  168. @czar
    I think yu might have realized that @nota is the resident ‘poster in chief’ or ‘blogger in chief’ of PkPolitics.com. He posts so much crap on this website that if a normal person looks at this site, she/he would think that is some sort of broiler plate consipiracy theory web-site.

    I always thought that PkPolitics is here to promote real-life, fact based political issues that effect the daily life of people. @nota seems to be some demented individual sitting somewhere in Tooting Broadway in front of her/his (i have a strong feeling it’s a he) computer all day posting the crappy news from Antartica.

  169. Now that we have bashed eachother, shall we get to start discussing what are the solutions?

    Here is what I see shall be done in order to tackle the double threats to the poor people of Pakistan in general and Pukhtuns in particular.

    1. Pakistan Govt. espouse the policy of non-interference in its affairs from any side. Shut down the US bases in Pakistan. Reject the US sugar-coated poisonous aid which never reaches the people anyway.

    2. Having done that, ask the people to be ready for sacrifices for the independence of the country against all threats with a promise to overhaul the state services, particularly the justice system.

    3. A Truth Commission televised on media where all the generals, politicians and bureaucrats acknowledge and expose their wrong doings. Until the powerful are taken to task, the general masses would never believe in the reorientation of the state in favour of its people.

    4. Put on ultimatum all the groups challenging the authority of the state. Disarm in a specified time and get general amnesty. All those elements still standing shall be taken to task. No ifs and buts.

    5. A media campaign, based on the true understanding of religion as well as politics. Ignorance shall not pass for religion and deception for politics.

    6. Prioritizing the development of civil services and infrsatructure in FATA, PATA and Balochistan.

  170. @c hussain said: ,3 April 2009 at 8:56 pm

    I want to ask they gharat mand pathans who are so eager to impose shairaih in Swat – there are so many men who abuse sexually boys

    Please dont equate taliban with pashtoons.

  171. @TK

    There are lots of contradictions in this story, the other person accused is an electrician as per BBC and was asked by her house member to fix something in her house, if family member knew why he went to their house then why his brother was holding her while poor girl was beaten.

  172. and people like ansar abbasi they lost all their respect ;one side he is fro democracy and other side he is for these barbarian things

  173. imran khan shouldcondem this act before the taliban get there hands on jamima khan. They can flog her 50 times for getting cozy with hugh grant and other lesbian activites pictured in newspapers while being married to imran. It would than be to late for him to say it is a personal matter and people should just focus on his politics.

  174. trouble is we r mixin pathans with talibans..they both r different..pathan is ethnicity while taliban is just a bunch ov coc* suc*kerz.thwy r pathetic basta*ds who wud watch mujra n shag prostitutes but will kill her sister on name ov izzat..shame on them.they always attack on vulnerable member ov our socitey..gay bastar*s

  175. Ansar Abbasi lost all the respect I had for him when he tried to justify this viciousness and humiliation to a young lady in Swat. If he is so stringent following Islam then he should advise any one suffering with diabetes in his family or friends not to use Insulin as it have pork products. Also Mr. Abbasi should be happy that Talibanization is moving into his city, once that happens I hope he enjoy it.
    Spectator and enforcer who were punishing the women seem to enjoy her screams and her posture lying face down on the ground. This incident is certainly barbaric, draconian and unIslamic.
    I hope some one tells this lady to apply for asylum to Canada; by all means I will help her to move to a humane country.

  176. @lota6177

    lota6177 said:
    imran khan shouldcondem this act before the taliban get there hands on jamima khan. They can flog her 50 times for getting cozy with hugh grant and other lesbian activites pictured in newspapers while being married to imran. It would than be to late for him to say it is a personal matter and people should just focus on his politics.

    The way you have put your comments is like you are enjoying the show. Imran and Jimama has divorced many years back, and he is no more answerable for what Jimima do. Better focus on constructive talks here not like you are doing

  177. @all

    nota represents here media team of JI ..he has a job and he is doing his job well..my opinion is that he is get paid for this stuff and even if he is a volunteer then i am also not surprised because there are many Facsist in JI who are totally brainwashed

  178. @Ventiuno2008 aka left T of Altaf

    Firstly, DONT write in all Caps.

    Secondly, when u r done with with telefonic khitab of Altaf kalia, then try to listen to and read news of other people.

    NS already condemned this act calling it barbaric and a crime against humanity and also asked to bring the criminals to justice.

  179. if this beardo Ansar Abbasi is such a great muslim then he should not appear on TV anymore..TV is haram according to Taliban Shariat and he is appearing on TV time and again..hypocrite

  180. @bho

    I am pretty sure @nota taliban is all day on computer, has no job, don’t know whether he’s in tooting broadway or not, but man, is he a cockroach or is he a cockroach

    by the way, pkpolitics, i think intends well….it just doesn’t have an editorial policy, so cockroaches, and ‘Dr’s of all manner feel free to post ….

    why is the cockroach a chosen one?

    i know he posts a lot, and the guys who run the site do not check him…..but that’s because he’s so prolific and virulent i think, not because the site is pro cockroaches. from what i can guess, pkpolitics resources are limited…pity, but that is what it seems like…

    @aftab, @bhola, @GTK, @mjkk86, @c hussain, @Aclarioncall, @bhola, @zufi, @kashif, @aneeza, @fanaticmulla, @Abid, @Mutazalazzuzaman Tarar (can you have a shorter nick), @savage, @ataraxis6, @so many other like minded:

    you have given me much needed succour. initially the poor guy @ally was all alone up against all these animals…

    united we stand against all cockroaches, skunks, rats, vermin, amoeba, ….

  181. Some dim-wits would never even try to know the reason for which she was punished and will keep spreading their filthy arguments…

    The punishment itself is not un-islamic, but IF she was not fairly tried in any court, this is what is wrong, and that is what should be condemned, so stop labelling the act of lashing a adulteress unislamic, but the way they were holding her is wrong… Read surah noor if you know nothing about islam…

    And if the proof that she committed adultery is not produced, then those talibans should be lashed 80times according to Quran…

    This is not worse then the scenario when people themselves took justice in their hands and burned the thieves, because I don’t think the punishment for theft in islam is to kill them. But I didn’t see people shouting over that and HR activists staging a protest against it, Infact the police gave awards to people for doing that..

    Islam teaches us to submit completely and whole-heartedly. “O you who believe! Enter into Islam completely, whole-heartedly…” (Quran 2:208)

    The so called liberalism and secularism can go to hell… This is Islamic republic of pakistan, if you got problems with Islamic punishments, feel free to get the Fk outta here..

    And to those people who are criticizing ansar abbasi, you would understand what he was trying to say, if you don’t have a shariah phobia..

    This video is publicised after six months just to sabotage the peace agreement to appease the moronic US gov…

  182. the so called peace deal in Swat is a great deception, Its very naive of the NWFP Gov and rest of Tliban huggers to think that whatever happened in Swat is only because ‘ PEOPLE’ of Swat want Islamic Law. And once we have provided them with Qazis ( which needs approval from Taliban btw) the problem is solved.
    It never was for the implementation of any law, islamic or otherwise. Talks and negotiations may be a solution to all the problems of this world and after world to many on this forum but they tend to ignore an important fact that how pathetic are the conditions of this peace deal. Allowing the animals to run a parallel Gov is not going to make anything any better. People are arguing that this video is meant to destroy the fragile peace in Swat, yes I agree that the peace is fragile in Swat but not because of airing such videos, its fragile because its based in naive assumptions and quick fixes.
    Its written in the wall that Swat with descend in chaos very soon mainly because thugs and grave diggers are allowed to do whatever they want to.

  183. i m just one man who feel pain for his country .in what people believe .i hope one day they will understand humanity

  184. The essence of being a sovereign is to act like one. Our nation and our state needs to stand up to the challenge. A national agenda on the basic understanding needs to be evolved with concerned sections of the society starting with the elite showing their concern and love for the country first.

    The state structure and orientation needs to change. It will not survive in its present form whether someone likes it or not. A representative and accountable state structure is the only way out.

    Failure to realize the gravity of the double-headed threat, i.e. ignorance from the inside and imperial designs from outside, will tear this nation apart. If the comments in this thread are any indication of what to expect in the society at large, one does not need much intelligence to foresee the devastation staring us in the face. As the thinking and educated section of our society, I plead with you all to start thinking about the solution to our problems. Agree on some fundamentals and carry it on from there. Don’t underestimate the power of your ideas and your sincerity.

  185. even she was guilty but nobody can treat her like this .its against humanity.and please dont give excuse of islam for this

  186. may be its true that this video is released for disturb peace deal but of course no any normal human will accept this deal where it will be these type of laws

  187. @urazzaq12
    nobody can question what punishment Islam suggests for any crime, but the problem is you are presenting Taliban as the implementors of such islamic law and you suggest that we should condemn ‘ the way they were holding her’
    and thats it!!!!!
    My friend I dare not challenge anything Quran suggests but please stop presenting a bunch of thugs as custodians of Islam and Quran. I mean for God sake who are they to punish people. Burning of thieves by by standers was wrong but that will never make this punishment right. you are not alone on this forum I am surprised there are some more like you who keep coming with example of other wrongs to justify this act for example NOTA thinks that since Americans and Israelis are killing Muslims, Taliban are mad at them and are lashing the young girl as a result

  188. @fanaticmulla
    exactly that was my point they all r hypocrite..they thinks talkin shit abt govt policies will give them gud name but, they got this one wrong this is clearly insane act no justification needed..if u beat a young helpless gal in front ov public (even if she is guilty) is totaly unacceptable..we r the one to blame 4, we made woman’s in our socitey helpless….alot need to be done to give them their rights n freedom..

  189. @urazzaq12
    “This video is publicised after six months just to sabotage the peace agreement to appease the moronic US gov…”

    As per BBC

    عینی شاہدین اور لڑکے کے رشتہ داروں کا کہنا ہے کہ یہ واقعہ صوبائی حکومت اور طالبان کے درمیان ہونے والے معاہدے کے بعد یعنی آج سے تقریباً بیس دن قبل تحصیل کبل کے کالا کلی گاؤں میں پیش آیا ہے۔

  190. this is just unbelievable! absolutely outrageous! While reading some of the above comments I was so incensed that I was wondering where TK was as someone needed to sort the fundis on this website. I cant imagine how anyone can defend or justify this act!It is downright shameful to treat ANYONE like this especially a woman whose only sin is that she refused to get married to one of the Taliban. This is not Islam..I cannot believe that it is!Thankyou TK ..I fully agree with you. I normally dont condone bad language but today you are allowed..

  191. @shandana
    This is a pathetic argument to start with,I mean this BEFORE and AFTER the peace deal shit
    lets say it happened before the peace deal, will that make it right? and shall we assume that Allah told these ‘ Custodians of Islam’ that there is a peace deal now so stop implementing Islamic law? and now they are not doing it anymore. How i wish that one day one of these Talaiban huggers see themselves with their as* exposed in-front of dozens of people , receiving the punishment without any trail.

  192. i am horrified to see people here justifying this. This poor girl was only accused of being in love with a boy. We all know the strict culture in Swat where it is impossible for lovers to meet let alone do something unislamic. Let me ask everyone supporting this, wht if this brand of islam comes to our cities and ours neighbourhoods ?

  193. @urazzak12

    People are shouting because of the following:

    I, personally, do not question Islamic system. I am all for it. BUT not a selective Islamic system, not the one that gives rights to the haves (in this case Taliban sickos) and no rights to have nots. The Islam that I believe in is an Islam of the Prophet where his wives argued with him on issues like why only men are addressed in Quran (after which btw the way a verse with specific address to women came…. but I’m rambling… back to the topic), where his wives were an active part of his public life. I know the Islam where a woman could stand up and argue with Hazrat Umar when he tried to stop women from taking part in the war that who was he to deny them the rights which ALlah and His Prophet has given. And the Islam where women were surgeons (Hazrat Asma who learned from her father and treated men ALONE with permission of the Prophet). And the Islam where Hazrat Zainab sought divorce from Hazrat Zaid bin Haris just because she was not attracted to him. Do you see this Islam in Swat? THIS is the Islamic society and in this society you then implement Islamic hudood. First the rights, then the hudood!!

    Secondly, this event is under discussion MORE (as you suggest) because this is after the socalled peace accord. Hence the fears, concerns, apprehensions of people as to what does this accord mean. Will it bring a change or will it further strenghten the sickos.

    Thirdly, Islam puts a lot of emphasis on following the leader. So in essence Islam does not encourage taking law in one’s own hands. Of course, peopel have right to disagree, debate, ptotest etc but they are not to take law in their own hands. Don’t you remember that hadeeth which said to follow the leader even if he is not doing right in your opinion? Islam, then, believes in system. Personally, I may want the Islamic system to be there in Pakistan but that does not mean I beome a gun wielding fanatic, thrashing people left, right and centre. No, stick to the rules, bring a change through the system.

  194. Assalam o alaikum guys,

    I agree that Quran mentions the method and type of punsihment but I think we need to involve Fiqah Jurists and Islamic Scholars (PhD level) to define the following nitty gritty details about how a sin is proven to be a sin:

    #1: Its mentioned that the party who is accusing a woman of adultery needs to bring in 4-5 witnesses so the question would be about the neutrality and morality of those witnesses

    #2: The accused party can also bring in wtinesses to justify his/her innocence – again the neutrality and morality of those witnesses ?

    #3: Remember too that the Qazi/judge presiding over all such cases needs to be a man of very high morality and his knowledge base on islam should be on a very high level – I doubt (looking at the ppl in video) that they had any person that justifies being a true judge/Qazi.

    Some level of Ijtehad is required on these finer details before we can go about implementing this as a law

    Currently, I see this as a defiance of the laws of state and its not projecting a correct image of the true spirit of Islam to the rest of world

  195. how can u defeat some1 who has a brain under his legs..they r sick basta*ds.. educate them first then expect them to cum with sumthing which make sense u cannot change them this is what they r.what u think raisin issue condemnin this act will stop them doin this in future?ofcourse no..we can talk to human but need some special education 2 address animals.now u watch animal planet

  196. Ansar Abbasi should be ashamed of himself for defending this barbarism. so sad because he did some good work in the past… but how can any sane, educated man defend this violence and depravity?

  197. @aneeza
    “Extremely distressed to see this. Some things I want to say:
    It is extremely important that educated people at this point in time to develop an understanding of true Islam. There are no hudood in Islam that are not preceded by rights. Islam has been implemented from rights and then ended up with hudood at its culmination when society reached that stage. Where are the rights at this point in time in the so called “nafaz-e-shariat” area? Is there economic prosperity? Are women being provided for enough so that they need not go out of their homes? Are their menfolk providing them with all that they have the right to? Is there also punishment for “qazaf” (punishment for wrongly accusing a woman of adultry)? In Hazrat Umar’s time, once when the poverty level in society increased after a no of wars, he temporarily suspended the punishment of cutting of hands. The pre-requisite of that “hadd” was not being met.”

    The only sensible comment out of 100s of em0tion-ridden cr@p. Islamic laws can only be applied in an Islamic state and there is no such entity in the world at this time or as a matter of fact since the $hahdah of $yedna Ali. Why $yedna Umar suspended the h@dd because pre-requisites were not there anymore, as you mentioned.

    anyone trying to find an excuse for this he!nous cr!me, should have their s!ster or d@ughter sent to swat for a day or two for an educational trip and I can guarantee, their comments afterward will outclass @GOTK’s ones by a big margin.

  198. @ Aneeza

    I completely agree with you that Islam and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), elevated the status of women and saw the girl child as a gift given of Allah. There is no disagreement on this. And I don’t approve or support the interpretation of islam of talibans, but the people here are just claiming that the punishment of lashes for adultery is un-islamic, and that’s where they are wrong. If she wasn’t fairly tried this is where the wrong happened.

    The examples you quoted are abosultey right, but the Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) also said: “Even If Fatima- my daughter – did steal, I would cut her hand.”

    But now we have so called seculars who label this punishment as barbaric..

    And people here are confusing things, just because some people are trying to enforce shariah through bullet, doesn’t mean the shariah is wrong, it’s their way of enforcing it is wrong.

    There are two extremes here, one is trying to enforce shariah through bullet and one is completetly against the shariah..

    I don’t really have good communication skills, but I hope I’ve made myself understandable…

  199. BTW during the course of last two days, many people are exposed.

    go zara see baat par barsoan kay yaraanay gayey
    par itna to howa kay kuch loag pehchanay gaye

  200. BTW during the course of last two days, many people are being exposed.

    go zara see baat par barsoan kay yaraanay gayey
    par itna to howa kay kuch loag pehchanay gaye

  201. @bechari-awam
    photoshoping away a woman from a photo than beating the hell out of her in a public square. You are absloutely wrong it is not the same.

  202. @supercreature
    i have seen imran khan claim that his personal life is private. He should be judged on his work. If his personal life and wife is off limit than he should not be standing up for people beating women in public squares.

  203. @bechari-awam
    sorry about the typos in earlier post. Photoshoping away a woman from a photo is not the same as beating the hell out of her in a public square. It is not the same act.

  204. Guys we just need to answer a simple question: Do you want the same Sharia in Pakistan where somebody will measure your beard evrey time you go out of the house? Girls are not allowed to go to school, and people are flogged in public for having an electrician in their house?
    This is NOT about the Western media projecting a particular story, this is about our survival as a modern nation. We have only two choices: be vocal against this barbarianism or let these people impose a similar system on the rest of the country.
    I don’t know about you but I certainly won’t be pushed back into the dark ages.

  205. @lota6177

    First of all his personal life IS not off limit .. perhaps was off limit. It has been a decade he has divorced … use the past here please. Socondly I do not need to name politicians who’s personal life are off limit … were off limit and will be off limit, why dont you point them here too … why here on … just him. thirdly he has done many good deeds too, his hospital and college is still running and perhaps if you can give me any other example of politician who has done the same??

  206. Of all the people I have heard on the issue so far, regardless of some reservations about Ghamdi (softcorner for Dictatorship), I think he hit the nail on the head. We can’t kill all the so-called taliban (not everyone is a student in this movement) and we can’t afford to have our society torn apart.

    In expanding my earlier point regarding a sustained effort at all levels, primarily the media, ignorance must be stopped from passing as religion. Lets join hands and demand bringing the half-baked alims of the so-called taliban tehrik and learned scholars face to face to debate their point of views on national media. I am sure the ignorance of these ppl will be exposed and even if they themselves don’t budge the rest of the society could see through the fascade.

    This is important not only to start making amends to the image of Islam as these guys portray, but also help isolate the criminal and ignorant from the society at large. Sympathy and hope for an Islamic system among sections of the population must not be allowed to act as a blank cheque for ignorance.

  207. @supercreature
    i am not disputing imran khans status as a national hero or his accomplishments and his charity work. What i am pointing out is that he and his party workers in nwfp and tribal areas have been supporters of these barbaric animals in the video. If you go by these taliban standards imrans wife who was married with him at the time had pictures published in the newspapers with hugh grant. That is a way more serious offense that what this girl was punished for. I beleive they would kill jamima by stoning since she was a married woman. I beleive imran knows better since he still shows respect to his ex wife and that is they way it should be. Now any other politican who supports these animals please point them out. I dont know of any.

  208. @TK
    “@nota: Why don’t you, for once take a fvcking stand and SAY THIS IS WRONG!”

    I think I already did. When I ask “WHEN did lashing become the biggest/the only abuse of HR”, does it not follow: “lashing = abuse of HR”

    When I ask “WHEN did lashing become the biggest/the only abuse of HR”, does it not follow: “lashing = abuse of HR”

    How can I be any clearer?

    Or should I really spell it out for you?

  209. Dear All,

    Please read Dr Ayesha Siddiqa’s latest article in dawn http://www.dawn.com/wps/wcm/connect/dawn-content-library/dawn/the-newspaper/columnists/many-readings-of-sharia

    I am really shocked and this event is one black dot in once Peaceful SWAT Valley.I dont have words to utter my grief and pain on this heinous incident and wht made me more disturbing are comments here in support of Taliban and extremist forces inspite of their barbaric action.

    I am really ashmed on such a ppl who use name Allah and Islam for such acts.As a support,I have contacted and emailed many International Human rights Organisations to highlight this issue in order to build pressure on Extremist forces and Pro-extremist forces …indeed ZIASISTs.

  210. BFD my father beat me worst then that, in so called secular karachi worst happens to gals and has nothing to do with sharia.

    Just check Mustafa Kamal – Mayor karachi beating women with belt on youtube. MQM sure ant sharai party lol

  211. @TK
    BTW: So much for the so called “conspiracy theory”…
    NWFP govt, Taliban term video release conspiracy
    Saturday, April 04, 2009
    By Essa Khankhel & Daud Khattak

    MINGORA/PESHAWAR: Both the NWFP government and the Swat-based Taliban termed the video showing a 17-year-old girl being flogged by militants a conspiracy to sabotage the February 16 peace deal.

    The gory incident occured in Kala Killay area of the Kabal Tehsil where the Taliban publicly lashed a girl for stepping out of house with a man, who was not her relative.

    The girl’s name was said to be Chand while the accused was mentioned by locals as Adalat Khan, son of Muslim Khan. Speaking at an emergency news conference in Mingora on Friday, NWFP Minister for Information Mian Iftikhar Hussain termed the release of the video to the electronic and print media a conspiracy against the peace deal in Malakand.

    He insisted that the incident happened before the provincial government’s peace agreement with the Tanzim Nifaz Shariat-i-Muhammadi (TNSM) in the Malakand division. He argued that some elements were presenting it as a fresh incident to sabotage the peace deal.

    The minister said the video was released by a non-governmental organisation (NGO), which is against the peace agreement. He said the incident took place on January 3 while the peace agreement with the TNSM was signed on February 16.

    [I guess the NWFP govt agrees with my “Minallah wants dead people” claim as well]
    “These are the people who don’t want to put a halt to bloodshed in Swat, stop subjecting people to lashes or dig out bodies from graves and hang them in public,” said the minister. He said their party believed in non-violence and this was why they inked the peace agreement with the Taliban to ensure peace in the Swat Valley. He said the Shariah draft law had been sent to President Zardari and the recent incident was a conspiracy to create hurdles in signing of the draft Nizam-e-Adl Regulation.

    Mian Iftikhar said the ANP government was fighting on the frontline and those sitting in drawing rooms should come out and see what was happening in this area. He said his government was ready for any sacrifice, but would not compromise on peace.

    “People hatching conspiracies to derail the Swat peace process must understand that any failure this time will have serious repercussions and those people will be responsible for any bloodshed in future,” he warned. He said peace and the government writ had been restored in more than 80 per cent areas of the Swat district.

    To a question, he hoped President Zardari would soon sign the Nizam-e-Adl Regulation. [Don’t worry guys — he won’t sign it and Ms Minallah will get her wish for more bloodshed. Of course you won’t see any videos of that] Talking to journalists over the telephone, spokesman for Swat Taliban Muslim Khan also said that the girl was flogged before the signing of the peace agreement. “I don’t know what purpose some elements want to achieve by releasing the video at this moment,” he questioned.

    Muslim Khan said the incident happened nine months ago. At the same time, he defended the Taliban decision of lashing the girl, saying she was punished for living for three years with her father-in-law instead of her husband.[Could this be true? (Hold your horses. I am not asking if this justifies what happened)]

    Khan defended the Taliban for punishing the girl, but objected to the public lashing and said inquiry would be conducted into the incident as to why the girl was brought before the public for punishment instead of awarding the sentence inside a room.

    Muslim Khan claimed the two men, who gripped the hands and legs of the girl while being lashed by a bearded and turbaned Talib, were her relatives. He said the local Taliban awarded the punishment of 40 lashes to the girl after getting verdict from a Mufti, or religious scholar, at a time when the military operation was being conducted in Swat and Qazi courts hadn’t been set up.

    He said the actual punishment for adultery was stoning to death. However, as there were no Qazis at that time, the girl was awarded punishment of 40 lashes, he argued. Without condemning the incident, Muslim Khan said both the man and girl had confessed their ‘crime’. He said the accused man had also been awarded the same punishment. “Why that video was not released to the media when the one about the girl was shown,” he objected.

    Khan said they had accepted the draft law for the Malakand division presented to Maulana Sufi Muhammad and those creating hurdles in the implementation of the Regulation were not doing any good to the area and the people.

    Online adds: The head of Tanzim Nifaz Shariat-i-Muhammadi, Maulana Sufi Muhammad, also termed the release of the video a bid to sabotage the Swat peace process. While talking to Online news agency, he denounced the inhuman incident of lashing a 17-year-old girl in public and reiterated to investigate the incident along with the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). Sufi said the video footage was aimed at maligning the Taliban, as it was not necessary that any man with beard could be a Talib.

    [But of course in your wisdom and being enlightened, none of you will give the other side the benefit of doubt. Even if proven that the video was shot Jan 3 or earlier, you will continue with your fundamentalist tirade. And you and the Honorable CJ IMC knows that and much worst stuff happens in every thana in Pakistan but of course none of you will feel any outrage at that. ]

  212. Sadly Islam has come in the hands of taliban, (tailban means students).Its just like monkey has a razer in hands.I will suggest not to comment too much on this incident, because we are not well educated on this issue, Except we know better than these stupid talibans.
    Somebody commented earlier that where is Chief Justice, for the information sake i want to tell my friend that CJ already took action.

  213. Let me ask to mr or mrs nota what is your identification or can i say Mr.LOTA ,
    please do not take out the filth from your mind.

  214. @mansoor chaudry
    if you uneducated than spend your energy on getting educated. It is not that hard read books. That is all there is to it. With proper guidance even horses and monkeys recognize words. Your intellect is much higher dont doubt yourself.

  215. We are in denial for years and best we can do put blame on US, thats what we have been doing years and in process, we blamed Musharaf and US but not ourselves, our Media didn’t spend one day exposing these animals.. who actually are Pakistanis…
    The Local are supporting these animals and thats how Talibans are becoming stronger… Baitullah Mehsud is not Foreigner, he is Pakistani and groomed by Jamaat-e-Islami in thier student wing Islami Jamiate-e-Talaba…. Why our Media is not spekaing on this aspects… 90% of Jamaat supporters in NWFP are Taliban or their supporters… Don’t close your eyes in wishfull thinking that devil will go away. that is the problem of Pakistani peoples and they are in denial for 5 years about their darkness.. we blamed everyone but except Talibans/terrorists… Why people of Islamabad/Pindi/Lahore and other cities supports terrorists of Red Mosque ? not because they know about them/ because our Media was describing them as innocent Pakistanis killed by Musharaf/Dictator in mushsraf phobia allover the place…
    Now otu democractic govt totally handed over Swat to these terrorists to let them run thier savage and disgusting criminal acts, videos which use to see from Afghanistan will come from Pakistan in copy cat actions of Taliban… they have already have provided statistics and sensational news headlines.
    1. 400 schools bombed away by Talibans
    2. Police force sitting at home – Talibans controlling streets
    3. Judiciary is told that you are NOT needed anyomre
    4. Women stay home and can’t go alone outside and can’t work.
    5. Girls are allowed only grade 5 max education
    6. women walking with family member will be whiped by Taliabans like they did here.

    All elements requied for US in 1-2 years after they are done with financial crises to deal with Pakistan like Iraq and Afghanistan and that time will be perfect before Obama’s re-election campaign….

  216. Talk about getting ridiculous 🙂 🙂
    The story is getting. New scenes added

    In the print edition of Jang, the another version is even more ridiculous. The person having made the video claims the girl had refused to marry this guy so he joined the Taliban (really!!!!) and had her punished under a false claim thus carrying our his revenge. Go figure 🙂

    (What I specially don’t understand is he could have made is false claim without joining the Taliban so why go through the trouble??)

    In other news:
    13 killed in US drone attack in Miranshah
    Of course no condemnation from Ms Minallah as once again no spanking was involved 😉

  217. All right wing supporters of Taliban in this forum, media and in Pakistan should celebrate beating of a poor girl as wonderful governance and efforts of Taliban administration are working in Swat. Talibans are achieving great results (as expected from them) by giving barbaric punishments and enforcing their system in city squares. Other cities should expect the same if Talibanisation did not stop. This is just the tip of the iceberg; people of Swat are suffering at the hands of Talibans for long time and there is no Govt writ or powers to save them from Stone Age animals. We are collectively responsible for this or many other similar incidences as we as a nation have failed to stop Talibanisation of our society. Hypocrite people send their kids to expensive English schools (some kids go to Cambridge system as well) but they shamelessly side Talibans for their way of life and system.

    I have advised many people to move to Swat and live under Talibans. We need a solution like Sri Lankan has brought on Tamil terrorists. We need a Long March against Talibans. I thank US for their efforts to fight Talibans but US Army have been weak and lenient in fighting war against terrorism; we need decisive and strong response from US to help us get rid of these Taliban bastards. We should also get strategic advice from Sri Lankan Army for getting rid of these savage animals.

  218. @ Mr Nota,

    If are trying to support come out openly – Talibans ae proven CRIMINALS and ANIMALS, we have seen what they done in AFGHANISTAN which invited world wide condemenation after they exposed thier criminal behvaiors in the name of Islam…

    You will say they are not criminals – so tell everyone, where they get money for Those trucks and petrol money and the weapons and money to buy them… we heard again and again from the terrorist supporting politicains from that region that there is no development and these poepls are poor…. My foot poor.. No education and no skills takes you nowhere, they are still living in 14th century time…

    I know like you (mr. Nota) there are lots of memebr of Jamaat-e-Islami are also on this blog passively and mildly supporting AssHoleSufi of Swat and his criminal gang….

    I was always against US attacks and intrusion into Pakistan, but if now if US decides to send 17,000 troops to Pakistan instead of Afghanistan and finish off these scumbag Talibans, I think majiority of Pakistan will benefit from it… except few peoples like Imran Khan and Jamaat will whinning about it on Shahid Masood program… I say to US f**k them also with Taliban so Pakistan can goback to moderate time.

    What is Pak Army Chief (Traitor/Coward) thinks about it… new Leadership fo Pakistan Army has made it impotent… He caouldnt finish the jonb and surrendered.. How Nation can trust him for defending country if we are attacked by India…

    Pakistan has nukes for Hindu India, Taliban are worst then Hindu – NUKE TALIBANS and made whole world happy…. non-Talibans will alos die but who cares whole NWFP is supporter of Taliban anyway

  219. @AClarionCall

    You have pointed out in very articualtive manner which I have tried in more with my anger and emotionnal feelings about these hidden Taliban/Supporters in this forum.. I dont expect my commenst will be made posted, if moderator himself is pro-Taliban…

    I am not in Pakistan so I am not afraid to speakout about Talibans, but peoples and our media are on constant mute about Talibans and I am talking about Hamid Mir and Shahid Masood and other huffing and ouffing anchors on other channels.

    Pakistan is ONE Country, Pakistan should have ONE Law for everyone doesn’t matter where people live Karachi/Lahore/FATA /Quetta or in any part of NWFP.

    Will CJ call President team and asked them how they can handover law/order to these criminal Talibans?

    Law ONLY can be change by amendment in constitution not by executive order from President.

  220. @Brampton

    FATA and tribal belt under constitution donot come under pakistani law. That was the deal done by Pak govt so they can join Pakistan. That was ratified in 1973 constitution. So with all due respect when you talk about law and order and constitution, state of Pakistan cannot unilaterally declare that they be part of Pakistani law against which they have been protection and the reason they joined. I understand ur concept but by ur own logic the law should be applied fairly. If they are to be under Pakistani law the lets have referendum with them to either join us or go join Afghanistan or India as they choose. U can’t have both ways.

  221. I heard that kidnapping for ransom in Pakistan is doen by Taliban for funding thier criminal and terrorist activties.. and have heard peoples travel FATA to pay ransom and hostage is returned in the city where they live after ransom money is paid…

    Peoples who knows about it or have been victim of kidnapping for ransom, if you or in this forum please share your experience if this is true? Dont worry, Taliban on this forum wouldn’t be able to hurt you again.

    Q U E S T I O N : How Taliban’s long war in Pakistan is being funded?
    Is it:
    RAW and wealthy Indians Drug Mafia as mentined by Advani few days ago.
    Black moles in Pak Army and ISI stealing from govt and providing to Talibans?
    Religious Parties in Pakistan..
    Dubai govt like they do for BNL in Baluchistan for sabotaging Gawadar Port?

  222. @Brampton

    You have correctly analysed the worsening situation in Pakistan and especially in areas where Talibans have their forceful enforcement of gun-waving Shariat. Any criminal organisation will go to any extent to fund their activities; whether it is kidnapping for ransom or selling drugs. Talibans are also a hard core criminal group and using Islam to justify their crimes. Unfortunately our nation is over-sensitive when they hear the term “Islam”. Majority of people believe that if a person has a beard or wearing a turban should be respected and no matter if he is misusing Islam for his own vested interests. Too much media freedom is being highly misused by these so-called right wing anchor media personalities. Hamid Mir, Ansar Abbasi and Mushtaq Minhas or Irfan Siddiqui and many others are presenting a twisted picture and promoting Talibanisation in this country.

    Tribal areas use Pakistani food, water, electricity, currency, and passport and enjoy other benefits from Pakistan. I do not understand why Law of Pakistan is not enforced in FATA. What is happening is Swat is highly dangerous game as Govt is signing pacts with gun-waving terrorists. One is living in a fool’s paradise if he believes fire burning in the neighbourhood will not reach to his home. This fire of extremism is fast spreading to the rest of the country and head in the sand approach will not work.

  223. Message for ansaar abaasi geo

    You just told us what is written in quran but I can’st see a man being punished . when you clearly said that both the law is the same for men and women. I am so disgusted that I honestly feel like taking my head cover off but then I know this is not Islam. If I had any power I would have punished these people. It’s only uneducated people who are useless and feel worthless try to feel important by showing that they can suppress women. If they are Muslims they should punish that man who she went out with as well. If you have any decency you should mention this on TV aswell.

  224. Ansaar abbasi should know what Pakistani men are like. I myself know a large no of Pakistani men including some of the politicians who commit adultery but they are never punished. BECAUSE THESE TALIBANS CAN ONLY DO IT TO A 17 YEAR OLD GIRL. IT IS DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!! IF THIS IS ISLAM DO IT TO POWERFUL PEOPLE FIRST.

  225. Tehreek-e-Taliban’s spokesman Haji Muslim Khan has claimed that the swat video was not a Taliban’s video. He presented 4 kids to media who in another incident lashed a woman.
    According to him according to “Shariah” if that girl was guilty then she should have been lashed by a “NABALIGH” (Not Adult) in a private place and not in a public gathering.
    He also said that it’s an attempt to destabilise swat’s peace process.
    In an another press release, Tehreek nifaze Shariah Muhammad’s spokesman Ameer Izzat khan said that Moulana Sufi Muhammad has formed a committee to investigate the incident in swat.

    In my view, These Talibaan are lying and are trying to cool down the national and international reaction against swat incidence. The only positive thing I can see now is that in order to save their reputation, they will now be careful in the future. I have few questions in my mind which I would like to ask the respected scholars on this forum.

    1. What is the punishment of adultery in Islam?
    2. If a person is proved to be an adulterer then would you favour this punishment?
    3. If the govt and people who supports the implementation of “Shariah” agreed a deal with swat’s Talibaan then how come we criticise a Shariah decision these Talibaan?
    4. If these people move out of swat and capture Punjab and eventually all Pakistan, would you live under their rule with their description of Islam? If not then how did you agree with Swat’s Deal?

    Its amazing that when these Taliban were taking over Pukhtoonistan, there was no voice from any part of pakistan specially, from our political leaders but now they are quick to respond to get media points! In actual fact they simply don’t care! Why Nawaz, Zardari, Asfandyar, Altaf, Maulana Diesel, Imran doesn’t go to Swat ? Why did the rest of Pakistan disowned Pashtuns? Are you waiting for this fire to reach your door step before you will do something about it?

  226. Some people have hypocratical double standard, everybody should condemn brutality no matter where happened or happening, we are living in global village. Hindus have religious “Saati’s” tradition, in which a widow is forced to burn alive with her dead husband, condemn this and all kind of Brutalities and tortures, taking place or took place in open or close places, whether in the name of religion or otherwise, whether it is taking place in MQM torture cells or in Wadera’s private jails, and in secret jails all over the world.

  227. @altf_0011

    So you are trying to say that we do not condemn other forms of torture and maltreatment; answer is No! Talibans are causing irreparable damage to Pakistani society and defaming Islam all over the world. Talibans send suicide bombers to kill innocent people and burn schools in Swat. What message are they giving to the world? Why hundreds and thousands of people are migrating from Swat? Would you or other right wing people like to move to Swat with your family and kids and live under Talibans? What is more important is to call spade a spade. We must admit Taliban’s forced gun-waving Shariat is not acceptable to the people of Pakistan.

  228. @

    brother u are just wasting your time in arguing with right wingers .You know what is the slogan of right wingers these days

    “Kionkay Pakistan Islam kay Naam par Banaya Tha aur is mein HUmari Marzi Ka Islam Nahi Hay, is liye is ko Islam kay naam par hi torein Gay”

    they have another plans and interestingly in 1947 majority of Mullas were against creation of Pakistan

  229. @AClarionCall,
    We all know one thing very well that we never had any problem prior to 2001. Why after 2001, we are in tremendous amount of the problem? You will not understand, and don’t want to understand what I am saying.

  230. In islam, if some one commit crime, he should be punished in public so as to make an example. If some one is involved in adultery, he/she should be punished openly. I am unable to understand the people who are condemning it. If she was punished with out any proofs , then definitely the people who are punishing her should be brought before justice. Otherwise for the human right activist who are taking it as the biggest crime….there are some fact, which u should answer

    1- Thousands of children and women died in palestine, did you launch any protest ?..

    2- Daily we see many childrens and women are died in drone attacks. Did you launch any protest?

    3- These were human right activists who launched protests against lal masjid students because they punished a whore; Musharraf got the courage due to these NGO and killed Lal masjid students and ater that ouir pakistan became Bagdhad. Swat turned into a slaughter house.. Why shouldnt I call these western funded NGOs the biggest threat to our nation..

  231. This is not about comparing medeival versions of Islam and Hinduism. Satti is a brutal tradition which is very publicly condemned by the overwhelming majority of hindus.
    As a muslim I condemn this act of barbarity by the Taliban. As a Pakistani I also reject imposition of the outmoded Shariah laws in my country. Shariah law needs to be modified and improved before trying to impose it as a working legal order. For instance Shariah does not clearly distinguish between rape and other unlawful sexual intercourse. It does not distinguish between premeditated killing, manslaughter, accidental death and self defense. It does not codify where interest becomes riba. It can be interpreted to ban blood transfusions because blood is haram. It can be used to stop delivering a live baby by caesarian from the womb of a dead mother because mutiliation of a dead body is haram, etcetera, etcetera.
    The danger that shariah (common arab law prevailing in the 14th century) will lead to greater injustice is overwhelming. I feel that Shariah law in its present form is not even consonant with Islam.

  232. I am no admirer of Gen Musharraf but the mullahs of Lal Masjid were cowardly, vicious men who used the children and women in their guardianship as human shields.

  233. @ Da Chamkani Pukhtton

    Mr. Phktoon and Mr. Not and many other like you guys are the rotting smell of Taliban who made their way to these Forum…
    Dont try to justify and defend peoples who are doing thier war AGAINST the state and these peoples are called TRAITOR and death is only punishment… To save ANP in NWFP, ANP worked hard to get this deal and many ANP supporters which are 99% pukhtoon in this forum will try to defend scumbags like Sufi and Talibans… Do your work as to your wisdom but sadly it is rotten and sticnkylike hell…

    Talibans are providing tool for international interference and operation in Pakistan
    Talibans have become International humiliation for Pakistan and pakistani living abroad.

    The only option we have is our PAK ARMY take thier jets and bomb these scumbags like Tora Bora… Before Pakistan become Afghanistan before US attack and before US start doing on its own for which they are planning…

    How these Talibans get funding for Imported trucks and thier gas/petrol and ammunitions,
    obviously either they are doing all criminal activities in Pakistan or Mr Advani suggested Indian and Afghan Mafia money in Swiss banks is used?

  234. Shariah don’t allow any body to rule over and give punishments by their own. there are very strong and clear conditions for such punishments. This is not Islam. these are all takfeeres.

  235. @ Brampton

    The greatest military and economic power with full exercise of it’s military and technological might for 8 years has failed to do what is your wish.

    Now you are asking a 3rd world army which has 3rd world capability to eliminate those that call themselves Talibaan.
    And if they do not succeed like the Americans- then what solution do you have to offer other than using foul language .

    I am quite willing to concede to your wish that destroy all the Talibs- but tell us HOW. Keep in mind about a few FACTS of recent history-

    The Americans have failed. And in case you are thinking of Adolph Hitler and his solutions for the ” scum ” of the earth- he failed too.

  236. We need the help of religious scholars and politicians recognized by the Talibs and potential talibs to show them the error of there ways which are against there very religion.
    We also need to implement our nations justice system effectively.
    Our present system is cumbersome and unfair which has left a vacuum. Self styled Jirgas, Panchayats, Nyans, Munsifs, Qazi courts, Military Courts, Speedy justice courts are all there because of the weakness of the State in providing quick and fair resolutions to conflicts.

  237. what does the video of police excess in the USA have to do with the price of eggs? Our discussion is about the problem people have with the Taliban style “law” and its misapplication? Also about misguided souls supporting Taliban style (in)justice.

    Let the USA deal with its own criminals but let us deal with our own problems without getting side tracked by silly distractions.

  238. @agnivansh,

    This video is to provoke the forum members into thinking on their own and not relying on the “idea of their ideals” which is so evident in most of the posts. Once we realize that exploitation is there in each system, we can seriously start thinking within the context of the socio-cultural framework of the land. Only homegrown thinking is the way to understand and solve the problem.

  239. i watching the responce of taliban correspondence in swat about the incident of that 17 years girl vipping. The taliban correspondent Muslim khan said this punishment was right but only wronge thing was that the execution of this punishment in front of people was not right.

    So he accept that this vedio was not fake, it actually happened. then as a muslim i under stand that if the decesion of execution of this punishment was wronge then i want MUSLIM KHAN to give punishment to that QAZI OR AMEER who ever ordered it. In islam it is equality for man and woamn.

    QAZI OR AMEER who ever give orders to do that shamfull act of vipping a girl in front of whole village should be VIPPED TOO and vipper should be that girl not anybody else.

    if MUSLIM KHAN do that then this is i think true islam, where nobody is above law. even if QAZI OR AMEER do or give out wronge decesions should be punished. i remember the incident of cutting hands of a woman who did stealing and people ask Prophet Muhammad ( pbuh) to forgive her but Prophet said even if my beloved daughter Hazrat Fatima did that stealing , i will ask to cut her hands. this is what true islam is where daughter of prophet( pbuh) is also not above the islamic law.



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