Nazir Naji Abusing Journalist


I am doing a story regarding illegal allotment of plots to some journalists by the federal government. For this I called Nazir Naji yesterday (Friday – 17th April 2009) to take his version. Afterwards he called me back two times and abused and threatened me in the words I never heard in my life. plz see his real face

Attached are the three audio recordings.

1st is my call to senior columnist Nazir for taking his version on illegal plot allotement to him in Islamabad despite the fact he already got plots in Lahore.

2nd and 3rd are the audio recordings in which Nazir Naji called me and threatened and abused in a languge I never heard through out my life (credit papadopoulos). Please hear this and tell your viewers about the real face of these “intellectuals”.


Ahmad Noorani

Nazir Naji Audio – 1:

Nazir Naji Audio – 2:

Nazir Naji Audio – 3:

Download Audio Files: Audio 1 | Audio 2 | Audio 3

587 thoughts on “Nazir Naji Abusing Journalist

    • I saw with my own eyes, in april 1974 nazir naji sitting with a radio artist, drinking,
      in my friends room. the girl and the bottle was provided by a radio producer who want some favor from him because he was very close to maulana kauser niazi then inf. minister

  1. Nazir Naji: ‘baday araam say meri ma ch*dn@y ki koshish ki thi na meri’
    noorani dude you have patience, very well behaved. very very well behaved.

  2. @Ahmad Noorani,
    You should try to air this audio recording in every channel.
    At least this Najir Naji should face what the fuc**n abused language he used.
    He is really a bastard. Atleast GEO and Jang group shouldnt invite this bastard again.

  3. boy i tell you this self declared intellectual’s really screwed him self with his own ‘L***’… hahaha
    iss hi leeyay sharaab mana hai.

  4. Nazir Naji is king of yellow Journalasim, please send this audio everywhere, send to Anar Abbasi, Shami and on every channel. AAJ tv, GEO to every channel, Put on youtube. Give us Nazir Naji phone number. Kuta

  5. lanat lanat nazir naji tujh pe lanat he should be sacked from jang group as soon as possible and well done to journalist who brought nazir naji’s true face infront of the nation.

  6. i think after naji’s dirty, filthy and shameful face has been exposed all TV channels should bring him on TV and grill him on this, after that he should be banned from appearing on any TV channel.

    ahmad noorani i respect you for your patience and showing respect to this filthy shameless old b*stard because of his age, even though he didnt deserve it.


    i think the title should be changed to “nazir naji showing his filthy face” or something like that.

  7. naji loser and coward had to get drunk in order to shout and swear at a fellow jounalist, listen to his tone in the first audio, what a loser this bikaao maal is.

  8. Rashid
    Ahmad Noorani regularly write in’The New’ his reportings are always comprehensive and well researched. His reporting style sometime seems like that of ‘Ansar Abbasi (AA)’; probably AA is his mentor.
    But well done Mr. Noorani, you didn’t lost temper and let Nazi spit all the venom. Enough material for atleast a week for all media kind of media. Serious and comedy.
    Finally, Nazir Naji is obviously drunk. Slur in his voice, repeatation and anger usually come after a couple shots. Obviously Naji will regret it when he will wake up next morning.

  9. wow… unbelievable. always disliked this man who is the embodiment of yellow journalism. knew he had no character or conscience. but didn’t expect even him to stoop this low. wow… can’t believe that Ahmed Noorani put up with this kind of abuse. I would have hung up on this piece of crap. unbelievable…

    this should be aired on all TV channels. this Naji retard should be exposed once for all and this should be the final nail in his yellow “journalistic” career…

  10. Million times laanat ho Mr Naaji per the way he was behaving and the language he was using during the conversation. He is symbol of lota, laffa and yellow journalism. I know him very well sincw 1985 due his bloody son. He belongs to some ”KAMEENA” family.
    He should select and get some place in some gave yard at this age rather than getting plot in Islamabad.
    Dont be afaraid Mr Noorani we stand with you. Can you send me his mobile No please .
    Muhammad Ashraf
    Dublin Ireland

  11. Naji should be dropped by all newspapers and publications. he should be banned. he should be banned from TV. his articles should not be published.

    any media organization that patronizes this heinous character from now on should be boycotted… imho…

  12. ahmed noorani you rock…..expose these b——-
    bloody yellow journalists…….
    mujeeb ur rehman shami also got a plot…..hahhhaha….naji did a wonderful job exposing others too
    they write about martay hoay awam and enjoy aik nahin do do plots from gov
    shame shame shame

  13. request to admin, please post the telephone number of nazir naji so the people of this country can call him and let him know what they think about him.thanks

  14. @ admin
    i want to send this to bolta pakistan and other tv programmes. but i m unable to download these files…

  15. It was a really shame ful story of abusing like that to junior journalists by senior journalist Nazir Naji. I was kowing that most of the journalist leaving exception want to take favour of plot like that, but today it was proved it is happening in my country since long.

    Jr journalist well done keep it up. Good job done to relay his abuses.


  16. you know no wonder there was a story in jang yesterday that ansar abbasi has returned his plot by punjab govt…..i hate to think he also is yellow but maybe he had an inkling abt this story…..who was he saying owns 4 karror ka ghar in the last audio?

  17. This naji is MQM’s man and he knows MQM will save him.
    Lanat is kuttay naji per.
    He wrote the most expensive speach for NS when he was PM. He and Hasan Nisar always calls taffoo as the best lader because they need goons to save them
    The only solutions is that some sincere people come up and finish these dirty people who are sucking our blood.

  18. very good, I appreciate all the comments about King of Yellow Journalism. Please spread it to every where and insist all media houses to air this audio. I call geo tv and they said their newsroom will open at 10 am. So I will call again. Please dont let this bastard go easity. In mu 37 year of age, I have seen 100 faces of this Kameena person. He changes his face with each government, he started praising MQM after visiin Altaf Hussain in UK. Obviously he go heavey Lafafa from him. He used to praise Chaudris a lot and called Monis Elah (King of Punjab Qabza Group) future of Pakista. Just go to archives and read his articles in Q league government and compare with today’s columns. He tried to get closer to Nawaz Sharif again but he is keeping him at arm’s lenght now. NS is now wise. Nazir Naji was one of the major contributor to the NS ousted in 1999. Get him from his collar and throw him in graveyard for animals.

  19. hes big bikao journalist. nazeer naji ws big supporter of nawaz sharif before and den choudries. nw with ppp. lol always with govt, he has jaira jitay us day nal

  20. srau ansar abbasi planned to return that plot for a long time. I saw it about a month or two ago on azfar mani show

  21. Send this link to all newspapers especially journalists.50 years of selling couldn’t change naji kutta a bit. Ansar Abbassi expose him.
    Does someone have noorani’s email?

  22. someone please find out naji’s phone number and post it here. i want to tell this piece of sh!t what i think about him after this shameful episode.

  23. In democracy Journalists are very powerful. Over 90% of them use their power to improve their economic conditions. Nazir Naji is not alone most of the top tier journalists are in this boat. Ansar Abbasi and Nazir Naji both work at Jang/The News. Its a shame they brought their professional rivalry on street like this. I don’t think any body will be trialed here for corruption. Jang group of industries may take some sort of disciplinary action though. Its just below the belt language that will make this audio popular. But frankly most of us if not all of us use same tone when they loose their temprament. What surprised me Nazir Naji couldn’t control his temper even though he knew he was being recorded. Its page 3 spicy story. If we were going through normal times it could have been huge but in these tough times it will be ignored. Electronic and print media can not relay it. Language is very explicit. I am not offended I am amused. We all know private conversations of every tier are like this.

  24. I just want to say Ahmad Noorani that he is a hero behinde the scene.
    Poeple like Saleh Zafar,Ansar Abbasi,Ahmad Noorani and Rauf Kalasra are doing great investigative reporting work that’s why lifafa journalists call them junoon group.

  25. guys and gals, the whole thing is rigged in this state. Not tht anyone had any doubts about ppl like naji, but what it reflects is how deep the corrupt mafia runs. We can lament the tribal talibans as much as we want, but tell me if the ppl are not frustrated for a reason?

    tell me if the frustration among the masses is misplaced and not ripe for anyone who talks abt bringing this system down, rightly or wrongly. what is the present system promising the people? corruption and plunder for the highups and misery for the rest.

    The state structure is crumbing and no one wants to see why? Taliban are just the symptom of the disillusion. would there be taliban if the state was working better? if justice was cheap and services provided to the majority? I leave that for everyone to think about while u enjoy the filth from a leading ‘journalist’.

  26. Geo should air this verbal flogging by Khanzeer Naji as they did with flogging video from Swat (Geo telecasted the said video 8~ 9 times continuously so they must maintain their repute).

  27. You will see more reality as media is evolving now.I think these things should be
    exposed to people.I endorse whoever did record it.Good work..Its not some thing personal.Our nation take guidance from these journalists,Therefore,their integrity
    should be in front of us…No man is perfect but this thing is unjustifiable…
    This cleansing process and exposure to reality should continue.Slowly we will
    develop into better society.

  28. Noorani
    Do you have his phone number so I can respond since you are obliged because of your job/career and have so much cool temper as I dont eat dhania everyday. My head is even more hotter than him, pls do do do do leave his number on my email

  29. @agrana75

    r u a retard?

    audio files are already in the above post, available for download.

    does this mean u never bothered to go through the post and just jumped to start commenting?

  30. @ Kashif

    Why do think is professional rivalary between abbassi and naji
    Ansar is quite popular, editor news, sought after. why should he worry about a rotten egg like naji.
    So your point is not well thought out.
    I think no one is sacred cow. If ansar abbasi does some thing wrong we have a right to know.

    I have already raised my times about this PAJI.

  31. well done Ahmad Noorani…

    Nazir Naji is immature thief….responding in such a manner shows his calibre…. I know people plundering billions of public money and still smiling n negating such allegations in interviews….furthermore…. every third person in Pakistan is worthy to be killed… we cann ot amend them n if someone tries to awake their concious then result is same as u beared…. stop burning ur heart n wait for Day of Judgement… or if u can kill them u r our hero….

  32. Illegal allotment of plots by Federal Government …

    This evidence exposed both the federal goverment and this wh@re Nazir Nazi.

    Well done Ahmed Noorani … we are proud of U.

  33. Corruption, Corruption where ever you see in Pakistan. We have to get rid of these people by exposing them. Great job Sir. Keep it up.

  34. As disgusting this audio is and the person in whose voice is equally disgusting-

    PLEASE keep in mind that this audio expresses the MINDSET that the common man has to deal with every moment of every hour of every day in Pakistan.
    If you are small or just starting your career – you are subjected to this sort of abuse.
    If you are a labourer then your supervisor subjects you to this sort of abuse.

    What is the reason- arrogance which is cultivated at every level in our society where the perpetrator of the abuse considers themselves to be superior and behaves in this fashion.
    The Sahib Loge do that to their servants . And if I might add- it is the same attitude by the Westernized Elite towards those that are the downtrodden and poor.

    We have also seen quite a bit of this sort of language on this web site in comments on various topics but Esp : when the topic is the Suicide Bombers and Talibaan.

    Civility or the lack of it is not only the personal trait of Nazir Naji who represents everyday behavior of those that rule this unfortunate nation.

    Just ask any traffic policeman who tries to stop an OFFICER or a HIGHER UP.

  35. @Jamhooriat

    Instead you didnt read all the comments. Read this above

    khawajamehran said:

    @ admin
    i want to send this to bolta pakistan and other tv programmes. but i m unable to download these files…

    So, I offer to the people who are unable to download from this website.

  36. Ahmad Noorani What a wonderfull behavior you are just great.
    N.Najji ko Allha ne expose kar dia hai.Sari zindgi ka kia dahra sub mitti main mil gia is shaitan ka.
    Ansar abasi Zindabad

  37. @Muhammad Usman

    Nazir Naji was constantly absuing Ansar Abbasi. If AA had nothing to do with it why NN accused him.

  38. @Kashif,

    Because Ansar Abbasi is the one who previously exposed other plot scandals too.

    Maulana Fazl called him yahoodi agent when his scandal was exposed by Ansar Abbasi.

  39. @ Kashif

    you are a devil who loves every evil and hates every good. why are you dragging ansar abbasi into this? naji was targeting abbasi because abbasi publicly said that journalists should not take plots from govt. you on the other hand are trying to justify this filthy language used by this filthy p!g by saying its everyday routine language. maybe you are used to having people speak to you like this, thats why you are “amused” that this time someone else is at the recieving end, but everybody else- as you can see from the comments- all decent people are highly offended by it.

  40. Assalam-o-Alaikum,

    Thanks pkpolitics for showing us Nazir Naji’s real face. It is surprising audio for all the viewers …… especially the way he used durty language for other prominent journalists. I dont know why he spoke so roughly with Ahmed Noorani, he was talking very nicely.

    I hope CJSC Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry could hear this audio and take necessary action against him ……. and teach him proper lesson on using abusive language for many junior journalists as well as prominent journalists like Mujeeb-Ur-Rehman Shami, Ansaar Abbasi, Zia Shahid.

    Nazir Naji, is history from now onward …….. he has to pay the price what he said for other journalists in this audio. He himself and his family members should be shame of them selves after his telephonic conversation get on air through pkpolitics.

  41. @rasheed

    OK. Thanks for clarifying. But as I said I won’t be surprised if over 90% of journalists that we see everyday are behind running behind plots and other economic benefits. I will be disappointed if Talat Hussein is not in 10%.

  42. @democrate
    lanut tujh per aur terey naji per…zardari kay bikaoo chamchay agar sharam baqi hai tau doob maro…you are not only p@gal but also a rabied dog…disgusting mental state with sick ideas. No wonder. Naji and company are alike.

  43. Bravo Ahmad Noorani!! Great job!!
    FU Nazir Naji

    Iss rundi (sorry to his mom) kay bachchay sey pichlay 50 saal kaa hisaab lena hei..
    Look at this MF… day in and day out these MF pointing fingers and exposing others corruptions but when it comes to their own corruption they don’t have courage to talk about it.
    Just imagine if he has been doing this for last 50 years how much he would have poisoned and corrupted the journalism.

  44. Wasi Zafar also said “Big Arm” to Ansar Abbasi and now Nazir Naji will also meet the same fate.

    There was a video somewhere on TV with a cute kid saying … “Jo Kehta Hay .. Wohee Hota Hay”

  45. @kashif
    There surely are a few names who can safely be included in those 10%
    Talat Hussain, Kashif Abbassi, Absar Alam, Ansar Abbassi for sure rest I can’t comment.

  46. @Maullana Traffic

    I am surprised why everrybody is reacting like that. Pehla pathar woh mare jis ne kabhi guna na keya ho.

  47. SUE him man… take him to the Courts.

    I know you will get justice. We can now rely on our Courts and Judicial System.

    (Feeling so great while saying the “Rely” thing… sometimes feels like a dream)

  48. @ Kashif

    i am surprised because, as Noorani has also written, i have never been talked to like this ever. you on the other hand it seems, are pretty used to this kind of abuse from people. thats why you are so shameless and beghairat.

  49. All News chanels specially GEO,ARY,EXPRESS must ban this low life Nazir Naji .And Jang and The News must ban this guy.bad influence on students,minors,and young generation.


  51. @Traffic

    I am sure if I call you and record your converstion you can match Nazir Naji. Not just that if @admin doesn’t moderate you you can beat him on this blog.

  52. I cant believe this Nazir Naji is such a voulgar son of bit*h.

    And even bigger bastar*d is this government which is bribing all these journalists.

    Both the briber and the bribe seeker will burn in hell.

  53. “Siraf aik plat ki khatir” Naji showed what he is made of!

    Like lot of politicians some journalist are living in the past where even the information was not free. They will soon be history.

    Ahmed Noorani,
    I am amazed to hear you kept your cool while hearing such abusive language.
    Your parents must be proud of you.

  54. Nazir Naji has one father in Lahore one father in Karachi one in Islamabad. Thankyou Noorani for exposing one filthy face.
    This is an open FIR for this shameless journalist . I am sure some judge must be listening this audio i again repeat ” this is an open FIR action must be taken against him.”

  55. Gr8 job although Khanzeer Naji should be trialed but we need to see he is like small dot on big black board…. about Babar Ghouri who has taken over the whole of karachi just to name one…..

    I guess it is a first step in right direction but need to be top down and capture big fishes

  56. @pak.nukes,whats the differience between u and fake naji in audio.u r even worst than one side u r abusing nazir naji and on the other side u r supporting taliban who are worst than animals.

  57. For those who know Naji very well, it is not surprising. From daily Musawat to boot licking of Sharifs, then Chaurdhris and now Zardari, he is a shameless, characterless, immoral, corrupt, dreadful, wicked man. Just think of any bad word in dictionary and it will fit on his personality. Actually calling him man is a shame for humanity. Former Governor of Punjab, Lt. General Khalid Maqbool, who was sending regular LIFAFAS to Naji once told his friends, “If you like to publish an article against any one in the world, just throw a lifafa at Naji, he will grab it like a dog and next morning you will find a scintillating article against that person whether he knows him or not”.

    Many journalists are branded for their definite opinions which they always spread and their likings and disliking are well known. We can differ with those people but definitely they have credibility. But this scum on earth can change in minutes. His lust and evil desires have exposed him many times but the greed of his inner nature cannot be satisfied. He says he is in print media for 50 years, what a waste those 50 years as a columnist, he would have done a great job to the nation utilizing those years in any other field instead of using pen to defame this noble profession. Spending 50 years as a dacoit, smuggler, paid-killer or same professions which suits him, would have been much much beneficial for this poor nation.

  58. Thanks Mr. Noorani for exposing this asshole. I am sure tomorrow he is going to say that this was not him and someone else called and tried to frame him. Oh ya this is pakistan, you can do anything and than just say it has never happened. Remember Pervez Elahi? When his recorded conversation was released he just said that it is not him…..

  59. @covertblack.

    It is worst than that.. the taliban just flogged a girl. This “paaji” is threatning to “fuck” Noorani mother and sister. He is using all the bad words. The liberal fascist should shame on their hero.

  60. can someone in pkpolitics team with access to IP addresses of this websites users try to figure out “democrate”s real identity. I bet its some corrupt personality high up in zardaris whore brigade

  61. I just uploaded on you tube as well, in 3 parts.
    PK politics is also given there.
    I have already one video (picture) on you tube about a MQM counsler who was beating opposition women by his belt . I dont know when Altaf Kalia shouts about flogging of a girl in swat, he forgets his own party actions and why media doesnt reveal such truth.

  62. @safshan

    MQM was’n’t founded yet when he started career, so he could not find any job like “Decait”, “Killer” or “Smuggler”.

  63. i am totally against Naji but i am sorry to say this is faked call he is not Naji becuase if you pay attention from 1st and 2nd there is big diffrence ……this is not a good effort ….. i dont like this .i am sure Naji is more crupt than this effort but i am sorry he is not Naji . there is Naji in 1st call but not in 2nd 3rd one

  64. @inam ul haq,

    When a man is in angerness, his voice looks little bit different. But even then voice is very clear and same. I think, your ear stopped working when you were listening second Audio…lolz

  65. After listening to the fury and anger of Nazir Naji, I can imagine a four star Jurnail of Pakistan Army if asked about his plots and the plots he doled away to his buddies. What would be that Jurnail’s response? Yes, the questioner will certainly become a MISSING PERSON.

    This food stamping of plots was started by Pak Fauj primarily not as a retirement dwelling but a guaranteed economic superiority for the officers of Pak Fauj. Later on this disease spread to the rest of bureaucractic apparatus of Pak government.

    YAWT – Yet another Weapon for Taliban.

  66. LOL Nazir Paji unplugged lolz..

    Oh I see the retards out in full force calling it Taliban conspiracy lol, get a life lol

  67. Do families and children of 27 poor security person and so died yesterday or before, in suicide attacks deserve the plots or these Lafifa journalists? What a Pakistan we have?

    None of the politician either from PPP, PML(N), etc is not sincere to poor people. I recently came to know that how considered principled politician Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif (PML(N)) have shattered the merit in the induction of Educators in Govt. schools in Pujnab. I have undeniable proof that how thier MNAs and MPAs distributed jobs within their people forgetting the merit system. Anyone want to make a big story, can contact to me.

  68. I think it is naji in the first clip and someone else talking with Ahmed noorani, whover he is, in the last two clips.

    But If it really is naji, than I am not surprised, because we have already seen the other journalist of his class “Imtiaz alam” bark on live tv, so if he uses such language in private, it’s no biggy.

    And even if Mujeeb ur rahman got a plot from government, it’s not a problem, cuz he’s a lot better journalist than this naji and alam tola. And yes, Ansar Abbasi did also get a plot, but he has already returned it.

  69. @inam ul haq

    Well for a moment, we can think its not Naji, but we the voice of guy “Noorani” is same in all three video clips. Since there is lot of abuse in 2nd and 3rd clip, involving the name of number of people. Now Noorani has to prove that he is Naji, otherwise he is in trouble.

  70. @ Quwat Khan Sunny

    “Pakistani Scandal, Sexy Words, a Pakistani Muslim Intelectual on Phone: Nazir Naji..”

    If you uploaded that video, than by mentioning a Pakistani “Muslim” Intelectual on Phone, are you implying that this is his behavior just because he is a Muslim?

  71. Thanks Ahmed Noorani for exposing this b*stard naji. Noorani kept your cool and behaved in a civilized manner.Naji was acting like a frustrated loser. he was caught lying and all he could do was abuse in desperation .naji tried his level best to infuriate him but he failed. He’s a piece of shit an anti-pakistan element that should be thrown out of our country. a greedy lecherous old man. he has no credibility whatsoever a bloody sell-out bootlicker of the sharifs. His son was a mirasi and his language proves he belongs to the same class. bloody p*mp.

    Ansar Abbasi is a patriotic pakistani with unblemished character. Naji is not even worthy of being his shoe polisher.

  72. @urazza12

    Dear I did not upload it. I am forwarding this video. I know it should not be like that. It should have different title.

  73. Government allotting plots to a select class is a shameful act. Issey kehtey hain sarkaari rishwat. laanat hai gillani aur zardari pe…kutt*t ke bache

  74. Good job Ahmad Noorani …

    @everyone ….the simple reason that AN was so calm was he knew he is recording the call 🙂
    and he didn’t reply in NN’s language otherwise anyone could go wild after that kind of language …..I would have hanged up the phone 🙂

  75. Its a pity that the land of a whole city Islamabad is banned to poor, lower middle or even average middle class. You can find all the politicians, Generals, Journalists, bureaucrats, Judges in every street of Islamabad. They all distribute plots among themselves. The situation in Balocistan, Swat, FATA is because of these idiots. What is the stake of a common balochi, swati, paktun… whose life is only limited to this village or house. For him going to Islamabad is just like traveling to another country. We still want them to be part of Pakistan. I will never regret if Balocistan gets separate or Taliban take over whole NWFP or even Pakistan. What we have offered to those people in this country. Our education system can not produce a single Engineer, Doctor from the Govt degree colleges annually, where some of the lower middle class manages to reach.

  76. Tauba tauba! The arrogance of the guy! I just cant believe it. Khud hi expose hua…in logoon ko Khuda ka khauf nahin hai!

  77. Well I know this (naji) is a characterless creature, but, do you think this creature is that foolish to do this kind of Bakwaas on telephone?… so, maybe something is fishy here!!

  78. I sympathize with Ahmed Noorani and he should feel proud of having Ansar Abbasi as his mentor. Ansar is a delligent investigative journo who is honest and loyal to his job. No favortism.

    It was appaling to see Naji patronizing you just cuz of you are a junior journo. Naji’s seniority doesn’t mean he’s exempted from any accountiblity. He changes his loyalties faster than a chameleon can change its color. His credibility is well known in Pakistan.

    Please don’t be disappointed. You showed extreme patience which is commendable. I tell you I wouldn’t have been able to put up with such swearing coming at me. I have a short temper.

    This is commendable effort. There will be difficulties in throughout your career but don’t let it discourage you from doing your job honestly. I admire you!

    Keep up the good work. Thanks

  79. Why is everybody only denouncing the filthy language by Naji which is hateful in itself. Shouldn’t we also condemn the allotment of plots to the journalists. Shouldn’t we all also demand from the government a list of all those journalists who have been allotted plots? All those journalists who have been playing with information through their positions by getting favors from the government should be exposed and should be exposed fully no matter who he/she is. And please do not forget that Ansar Abbasi has recently returned an additional plot that he had only to create this story against Naji. He wanted to clean his dirty hands before he started this war with his colleague. Let us not stop at condemning the abusive language used by this Naji. Let us begin by condemning all these journalist czars. They own the powerful publishing and media houses but they can’t own the internet. We should use this medium fully to expose their evil faces too along with those of generals and politicians.

  80. @rasheed:
    But according to the above writeup, Noorani only made first call, second and third calls were made by Naji… so your point that Noraani knew that Naji was drunk, doesnt seem to be valid.

  81. Admin,

    Startup some signature campaign or something else where we can convey our strong message to the Govt. and army against the allotment of plots/lands to army Generals, politicians. bureaucrats, judges. What the heck these people deserve these extras where they are heavily paid monthly along with other perks. The allotment of land should be fore homeless, landless, army and police martyers and other deserved people.

    Everybody please convey this message to everybody as this is as important as a free judiciary or media etc.

  82. fake tape………….

    note the difference between voice of nazir naji in 1st tape and 2nd/3rd tape……

    seems that its a forged tape………. fraud one………….

    any how………… u can expect anything from corrupt naji!!!!!!!!!


  84. @rasheed
    I am not saying with certainty that this is a fake call… but my point is that is this shameless creature so fool to do this bullshit over phone…
    In fact, we should wait for a couple of days unless this creature says something about this.

  85. @abuzarghafari

    In blogosphere world it is considered rude to type in capital letters. Please turn your caps lock off. thanks

  86. Lahore mein plat iss liyay lea ke mera seher hei
    Islamabad mein is lea lia ki panjabi hoon
    Karachi mein altaf bhai dainge
    Queita and Peshawar mein be mujhe milna chaiye mein ………… hoon

  87. “zafar” aadmi osko na janiye ga chahey kitna he ho sahib-e-fehm-o-zee
    jisey aish main yaad-e-Khuda na rahee, jisey taish main Khauf-e-Khuda na raha

    Bahadur shah zafar

  88. I am so proud of this young journalist who has conducted himself with such grace. All journalists should take encouragement from him and use his example to expose this “goondas” who have polluted our society for such a long time.

    We should boycott all those who publishes anything written by this animal. Someone should put all these comments together and send it to him

    Well done Ahmed Noorani. Next time make a video of these corrupt ass’s and put them up on you tube.

  89. Can a guy be more courteous and polite than Mr. Ahmad Noorani? After all the abusive Nazir Naji hurled at him, he still kept calling him ‘Sir’!

    I believe Nazir Naji has proved he is not qualified to be a journalist. I admire Noorani for having the courage to go public with this. I think he picked the right forum for this purpose.

  90. Captain Hamad ( who once raped a daughter of this country) , might be a major or Brigadier by now would have got plots, and thousands of others who do nothing but lay down arms in front of enemies weather it was India or Talibans get plots. we as nation have no sense of judgment.
    I don’t like Nazir Naji’s stands in different times in past, but what ever he has written in last two years has been very true, may be truth is coming out from not very honest person but really he has been writing truth. May be this is the reason of such a campaign against him?

  91. freemason may be right about
    scheming Ansar Abbasi to clean his hands just to incriminate this lowlife more.
    Nothing is fair in this country

    Regardless of what Ansar Abbasi intentions were, he did a good and noble job.

  92. hats off to mr Noorani good job these lafafa journalist naji should be exposed at the higher level .he sounded like a drunk bastard he was sitting on musharaf laps before and now he is polishing mr presidents nuts he is a hypocreate, he should be brought in front of media for this act.

  93. woow … nice work done….. yes this guy is like WASI ZAFAR former law minister (one scratching balls on live show ‘capital talk’ , also known for BIG ARM … issue with ansar abbasi).


  95. @democrata
    Taliban deal tau terey baap zardari ney sign ki hai aur supporter hum ho gaye? But I tell you if Zardari or Taliban are the only choices I will choose the latter. Samjhay ya electric shock kay baghair nahi samjho gey?

  96. ha ha ha ha Awesome 🙂

    Great work Ahmed Noorani…

    Galian kisi ne bardasht keen aur zaleel koi aur hua 🙂

    Good stuff

  97. @Awaam
    The plots are given to all the journalists who have accreditation. If I write names our dear @dmin will delete my post and send me a threatening mail privately….We must start a movement against this allotment. Ansar Abbassi has returned his plot perhaps he can lead the campaign.

  98. I have gone through the audios again.. I think NN was drunk when he called him in 2nd and 3rd audio. He must have been thinking about this all day long and after ‘mujh ko yaaro maaf kerna’ he crossed limits. He writes obscene things about many people. Calling Hussain Haqqani loser a ‘patriot’ is obscenity, praising zardari si vulgarity at its best. NN can stoop to any level possible without any inhibitions. The change of tone is due to his mental and physical state. He will remain a kutta…once a kutta always a zardari..

  99. The above post suggests if it is sent by Ahmed Noorani himself. If this is the case then i dont think it can be fake. @dmin must have checked before putting it here…Credibility of @dmin is also at stake if any of the audio clip is fake. He labeled the whole post as a letter from AN.

  100. Did anyone listen this?
    “Shaukat Aziz ne deny kia, sheikh rashid ne deny kia Bhan C**d ne” …..:D

  101. @Dara

    Dara i would really say, SHAME on you that you still defend Naji after listening to all this. A true person would not get bribe (plots) for his truth.

    Well done Ahmad Noorani we are proud of you.

  102. this tape is clearly first tape naji is very reasonable but second and third audio he is very abusive.this tape is floated just to make the piont that flogging tape is fake.

  103. @codefreaq,man u r dead my whole life i was never member of ppp and i never met zerdari .u will be shocked to hear that my favourite personality is imran khan.but unfortunately i differ many of his veiws but still i respect him.i only support zerdari bc he is a legal president of pakistan,in this difficult times he needs public support.i do nt like him and i dont hate him.

  104. All of you people are so funny – you find his language shocking (rightly). But everyday, many on this forum write language which is very similar to Nazir Naji’s, especially @nota and @SnrCtzn. There is no condemnation. In fact, in a comment above @SnrCtzn is ‘very sad’ at NN’s language. Presumably his own use of the same terminology doesn’t make him ‘sad’. Same goes for @nota and his ilk.

  105. pressure needs to be put on the media to highlight and openly this issue of plots for journalists, the conflict of interest it creates, and the way it is used by governments to bribe corrupt journalists. our journalists love to criticize everyone except members of their community. this can only change if we send editors, talk show hosts, and journalists lots of e-mails demanding that they also expose and talk about corruption among journalists

  106. @all

    People living in glass houses. First ask your own a d m i n to ban the people who use abusive language on this forum, then demand banning of nazir naji from media outlets.

  107. Well done Noorani, well done and thanks ” MAJJAH AA GAYA”

  108. Drunk son of …… he should be sacked from every newspaper and never should be taken as jounalist …… Any newspaper who will take him on board should be boycott. He is a some very mentally retard person … who think he is a God in journalist

  109. @czar
    Here, we are talking about a journalist, not tom dick and harry!!a journalist is not an ordinary person he have should have credibility in public, though, this Naji (yellow journalist, everybody knows) don’t have one, he is on same side of (few) people, where you, Kashif and Democrazy belong to (pro Zardari). When you were talking about flogging and other humanity stuff (you people go to extreme in your way like taliban does, and try to prove that this humanity crisis only occurs in Pakistan by one party only, whereas rest of the world people are angels and they don’t live in glass house, their humaniterean records are worst than taliban for decades. Why this double standard?

  110. Hey I have Naji’s No everyone 0092-42-5292877 !!!!!

    I got it ages ago for a column response from jang
    I tried calling today and someone (I think it was him) picked up and said Naji wasn’t around. He doesn’t have a mobile but I got his home no.
    Try for yourselves:

    Naji’s home no: 0092-42-5292877

    Let the bombardment of calls begin 🙂

  111. Nazir Naji is victim of complex, he is so insecure and mentally retard. In any any any Normal country such people will be sacked and never be considered safe to work. Its open political giving where he and his brother has given a second plot …. and he has no shame to go for other plots…and shame on government who didnt stop these jounalists to get second plot once they have already one plot.

    I hope NNaji died with Heart failure during this call…. when he stop speaking

    shame on your democrate …. defending some sickest person… you sick

  112. altaf

    This has nothing to do with being pro this or pro that. I know we are talking about a journalist. Are you less than him as a human being? Why does everyone use bad language around here and condemn others? Do you feel absolutely no shame reading the language used on this forum by some people? Does being a private citizen (or not being a ‘journalist’) justify language of the gutter?

    This is the height of hypocracy. Don’t drag a very simple point down any rat holes by mixing up (and incorrectly at that) who supports what. Think clearly for a change. We are talking about abusive and vulgar language only.

  113. Naji would be enjoying sarkaari “sharab” (sent by Zardari sarkaar, alongwith fat envope) at that time, sharab aur wo bi muft ki sir cher ker bolti hey, iss may Naji ka kia qasoor? Sharif Aadmi.

  114. @abuzar

    Forget about ‘blogs’. People have the piety to condemn naji’s language on pkpolitics and you should see some of the language on this very forum. I couldn’t agree with you more.

  115. @craz
    I will say don’t use abusive language, but condemnation of this guy is not wrong. Like teacher has respect and credibility, it doesn’t mean that the parents of students are low class, same way is credibity of a journalist is, I guess now you understood my point. We are not only talking about vulgar language, we are also talking here about the living in glass houses etc (your comments, plus see above democrazy’s comments) No double standard please and hypocracy of followers (beneficaries of PPP) of Zardari & Co. and his followers. Some of the people here are angry that we might ask them how many plots you got from PPP for washing and cleaning after them.

  116. If I post Naji’s cell number here @dmin will get mad at me and call me Kashif Abbassi….Sorry guys I can’t. Try your luck somewhere else.

  117. to all nnazir paji’s defenders lemme try to explain since u all really low on IQ, point is not that he used vulgar language, yes we all do, point is he is hyporcite and has been shown as a corrupt journalist, The vulgarity of language he used on another journalist just show what low life human being he is.

  118. @razakhan
    Hi Raza!Good to see you. Yes you are right…this lota rabied dog must be exposed to the world. He is a pros-titute….always ready to sleep with whoever pays a better price.

  119. Guys

    Stop abusing nazir naji. He has proven that he is a bastard. What we need to do is to write to all the Jang high ups, like Mir Khalil ur Rehaman, etc.

    Pls publish the email addresses of all the big wigs of Jang and lets give them a piece of our minds. Appreciate if any one can posts these email addresses here.


  120. Shameless Nazir Naji !

    this is your real face. You so called “experienced” journalist only know how to threat people. Haram khane ki aadat parhi hui he.

    Don’t say that you have done this for Pakistan….. You are never sincere to Pakistan but for yourself only.

  121. @czar
    well said piety..lols
    o yaro phele pata to kara lo oh sorry audio is fake or not..becoz in 4 man news n hum sab ummed se hain..guys ..copy voices of politicians etc very well..aisa na ho ..NN become a nightmare for all on this blog ..lols

  122. Here is Great Saafi (Sahafi) Nazir Naji Sahib ka Phone No. 0092 42 5292877
    Aap log call kar ke bol sakte hain keh ye no aap ke dost (AB DOST NAHEE HOON) jo UK Birmingham main rehtey hain RAWAL ne dia hey

  123. I think this Noorani guy is actually Ansar Abbasi himself because his voice and style of speech was very much alike AA. Since Ansar Abbasi himself is investigative journalist there is a chance that he made a call himself and introduced himself as Noorani.
    But Naji is really exposed and this audio should be aired on all television channels and naji should be barred from attending any talk shows.

  124. Absolutely disgusting. I

    Agar journalist (Like all who do live programme ie Asma sherazi, Hamid mir, Talat Hussain, Bolta Pakistan, Nadeem Malik, Javed Ch etc) should bycott this Bastar*. They should not take his comments live on the phone.

  125. Well done Noorani, you are a “COOL DUDE”

    How low a person can become. Bazaari mentality of Naji


  126. @abuzarghafari
    Dear main ne abhi call ki keh aap ne ek sahaafi ki haisiat sey jo ek nowjawan se baat kar ke galian deen woh acha nahee kia tu janab ne jo kaha woh koi mukhtalif nahee tha
    aap khud fon kar key maloom kar lain main ne fon no de dia hey

  127. Can I make a request that atleast everybody who visit this site, should take a small headache to make a protest to jang group.

    Has somebody the email of Jang Publications?

  128. i wanna say shame on every such tv host and/or organization who takes him as a journalist and tries to make us read or listen to him…

    shame on all of you…

    You guys, taliban, politicians and coward army generals are all the same insects crawling in same sh!t…

  129. DEAR,Ahmad Noorani excellent job,being a patient with so called journalist Naji and making him mad,now i know it, why he was best friend of Mushraf and he likes MQM too because MQM is also a land and chor mafia,lots are the best bribe to journalist like naji,Ansar Abbasi told this lot story in an interview he did not get mad he got lots too and he thinks this is a bribe from govt.i did not know he learned bad gali glooch in journalism, dear Noorani give me his phone or e.mail i show him on phone how to abuse others?

  130. Suggesttion….start online petition to declare that Nazir Naji is corrupt…try to take maximum sign on that and then forward that to TV Channels and New Papers….

  131. yaaar nn ki baat bhi sahi hay baki kisi ki recording kahan han aur yaaar kisi ke ghar par baar baar call karke tang karn aur 50 years ka experience hay bande ka aise to bohat log han yaar jinhon ne mahal banaye hue woh kahan han ye sab shaikh sahab se panga lenay ki baat hay ye connected hay shaikh aur inke phaddde se

  132. hello guys,nice job from part of Ahmad Noorani.IF Nazir Naji wants to learn more galian,he needs to go someone has this website in pakistan,i do not know this website is allowed in pakistani meadia too bad?govt. need to stop this kind of abusive sites.

  133. It was quite entertaining to see naji barking like a dog….

    @all who think this audio is fake…

    I dont think it is…

    1. The difference of quality can be explained i think by the fact that Naji seems to be drunk in the second and the third audio…

    2. He is in extreme anuish in the second and third audios, which affects voice…

    3. Ahmed Noorani would have been the biggest fool if he would make up a fake audio against Naji and name himself so clearly, allowing the world to screw him later…he would abviously loose his career if he is proved to be lying so blatently…

    While the proof… I hope “the news ” telephone apparatus may be equipped with CLI if it is with recording facility..

    Good work Noorani… you people make us proud…

    While my sympathies with him on getting brutal verbal flogs by naji…..


  134. Did you get Nazir Naji’s permission before recording? This may be illegal in certain countries. Consult with a lawyer just to be sure.

  135. Nazir Naji works for Jang group and I am sure the owners did not let it go in print thats why Noorani posted it here else the news would have carried it before it was posted here.

  136. @yahya

    You are funny, media in countries abroad publish even sensitive documents …. recordings, emails and blah balh without permissions ….

  137. Hey guys,

    It would be unfair to claim that Nazir Naji was under the influence in the latter calls. It seems that the first call was made on a landline telephone. That is why the voice quality was better. I think NN was in his office as the call was initially picked up from a speakerphone.

    The second and third call might have been made from a mobile phone. Ahmad Noorani should validate this observation. Such quality of voice on mobile phone is a well-known phenomenon in the cellular industry. The choppy and latent voice is due to a combination of bad signal, excessive packet loss and selection of a high compression algorithm. Funny, it is called “drunken sailor syndrome”. Mr Noorani, do not call NN on his mobile phone next time.

    Although Nazir Naji gave his oral consent for the recording of his call [listen to 2nd call], recording of a telephonic voice is illegal in certain territories. But in many jurisdictions it is perfectly ok to record as long as the person who is recording is also in the conversation and the telephone connection belongs to him. Anyway, who says there are laws in the tribal land of new “Jurnailism” and within the territory of FATA, Islamabad?

    Now a days many reporters record their interview material for reviewing and support purposes. However, Ahmed Noorani was disingenuous or careless in saying that he was not recording the conversation.


    well the article talks abt jamming of radio but in it what I find fascinating was the following gem:

    “The push takes the administration deeper into “psychological operations,” which attempt to influence how people see the U.S., its allies and its enemies. Officials involved with the new program argue that psychological operations are a necessary part of reversing the deterioration of stability in both Afghanistan and Pakistan.”

    lol Naji defenders or US paid touts lol

  139. ahmed Noorani bhai MAY ALLAH PROTECT YOU AND UR FAMILY.

    WELDONE, we all know this kanjar naji, now he is totaly expossed, now ur honest journalists looby should support you, and fu**ck this bas**tard naji till the grave, this shit naji must have many powerful gunday journalists with him.

    This is the time for true journalists to join u and support u and kick on his balls.

    this ku***ta is lotting country for 50 years and so many others tooo

  140. Utterly Utterly shocked but not surprise in the least. People in the close circles of NN knows and describes an awful lot of other stories about this self proclaimed intellectual and compare to them this story is just the tip of the iceberg. The only difference is that this story get surfaced and people come to know about it.
    Thanks to the Admin of PKpolitics and thumps up for the courage and patience of Ahmed Noorani although I am extremely concerned about his career and security. In Pakistani journalism where for many journalists getting these sorts of favours in the form of allocation of plots and permits seems to be a norm, there aren’t too many around like Ahmed Noorani and Ansar Abbasi. My utmost respect to him and I wish him all the best in his career and life.

  141. @ Ashrafi
    Dear ye koi matter nahee keh ke law kia hey magar ek buzurg or woh bhi ek muhtram showbe se taaluk rakhta ho us ko koi media person fon kare or woh bhi ek aisey masley ki taraf keh lakhoon rupee tankhuah leyne walain hon or karooron rupees ka plot hazaroon main lain woh bhi qistoon main tu hamarey jaisa mulk jahan 90% loog ghurbat ki lakeer se bhi neechey zindagi guzaar rahey hoon wahan es tarah ka karoor pati ba ezat bazurg galian de afsoos

  142. Excellent work brother. You will be our next Ansar Abbasi God Willing. These hypocrites should be revealed!

    OMG I cant believe this so called “intellectual” has used such language. He is million times worse than Wasi Zafar. You guys have to listen to this, but keep it away from children.

  143. @ to every one

    Ahmed noorani is on a pay roll of raw and isreal. Nazir Naji is the most honest and brave journalist in pakistan. He is patriotic and this baseless propaganda would fail.

    Journalist like ahmen norani, talat hussain, irfan sidiqui and ansar abbasi are a threat to pakistan and should be wiped off from planet earth.

    Nazir Naji… are a star and plz carry on ur struggle against corrupt and abusive journalist like ansar abbasi and ahmen norani. This is real jihad which u r doing.PLZ dont stop…….160 million pakistanis are counting on u ….PAKISTAN NEEDS BRAVE AND HONEST JOURNALIST LIKE YOU WHO WILL NOT SUURRENDER THEMSELVES TO CORRUPT IFTIKHAR CHAUDARY……..carry on and inshalah together we will ged rid of imran khan ,iftikhar chaudary and ansar abbasi……..160 millions pakistanis are with IZAT MAB NAZIR NAJI…..and we pray for u all day long


    Nazir naji is the most patriotic person we have after quaid-e-azam

  144. @Usman Sheikh…

    U forgot

    Let me complete..


  145. I would suggest the following since a lot of energy is being spent here on thisthread- which might as well be used for good cause –

    Let everyone become an investigative reporter with the aim of bringing to light as to why a certain person-( journalist or NGO operative etc) adopts a point of view.

    For example I would like to know the following-

    Farzana Bari heads a human rights NGO. OK. But who pays her or her husband ? Does the money come from donations and if so from where ? The same for all the NGO’s operating in Pakistan .

    Where is the money coming from when each indivisual is being paid 10,000 ruppees a month amongst the various groups in Khyber and Orakzai agency ? From any stance that is big money. Is it coming from Saudi Arabia or the Gulf Arabs or India or who ?

    Who pays Altaf Hussain in London so he can live like a LORD and have those long distance high tech political rallys in Karachi.

    If we followed the money- then we can easily understand as to reasons behind the stands taken by the people in question.
    I know this would not be exciting thing to do but sort of tedious work but if done well- Like Noorani’s work here it would be dynamite !

  146. Now these clips should be all over the pakistani media…. yeah samosa bechney wala nazir naji hey ya journalist

  147. @ usman sheikh

    go and get treatment from some hospital, i think usman run away from some mental hospital, we should inform the doctors their patient is here. Nazir is abusing the noorani and he represent the Yellow journalism.

    Usman do u have brain i guess not :):)

  148. @msohail

    If ur not inetelligent enough to know how great nazir naji is then may be u shouldnt blog mate……………i bet ur iq level is good but problem with u and scagious scorpion is that u two think from ur ass………..plz use ur bain not ur ass…..thats the whole point of having a brain …………that is only if u have one which i really doubt mate

  149. @bring change
    i was in PTI for some time…it really was a mental hospitals with so many mental retards like urself….so glad i ran away but i can see ur still there mate……

  150. I dont think its Nazir Naji in 2nd or 3rd call.

    Though i hate NN probably more than anyone because of his yellow journalism and boot licking of everyone in power. And you can expect any bad thing from him. But it doesnt sound like NN in second and third call.

    Voice quality of 3rd call is good and is still sounds like a different person as compared to the one in 1st call.


    thank you for the comic relief…

    you’re a Muttahida Qaatil Movement web thug, aren’t you? say my Salam to Altaf Terrorist Hussain… and ask him to get off the UK welfare system and get a job. maybe he should start driving his cab again…


    Let’s see Usman….Out of hundred or so that commented here, there’s only a couple of dunderheads like urself who subscribe to your views.

    atay mein namak mein barabar!

    If u had brains you wouldn’t have commented back here. I pity you mate! Have a good sleep in Naji’s lap now 😉


    Why do MQM thugs feel so insecured that they always start with telling us how they used to be part of PTI? This clearly exposes you guys even more.

    I know common sense is not that common these day. lol

  154. @tarar
    i bet u belong to tanga party mate……

    the reason why there r not so many comments against my views is that u guyz get paid to write these comments and i dont……..

    u also have a nice sleep and dream abt pti in power….coz PTI can only come in power in ur dreams

    mqm is a terrorist org….plz mate…u on drugs….??????why dont u might as well start a lecture on how great taliban is


    Can you give one example of Nazir Naji greatness… may may I think I can give a clue who you are … arent you Usman who is brother of Altaf kalia’s last wife? and son of Naji? I bet I recognised you well


    You can crack some good jokes. We all get paid to write comments here. hahahahahha

    I think you subconciously let the cat out of the bag 😉

    Do you get paid in PRS or USD?

  157. @msohail83

    USMAN SHEIKH get paid in GBP … his former brother in law still kept em on his payroll…. terrorist facist sick

  158. I wish to see names of all journalists who received free plots worth millions from provincial or federal Governments in last one year.

  159. @Msohail

    mate mate mate….why cant just comprehend the fact that people of pakistan rejected u……..they rejected PTI….no one gives vote to PTI….thats why they r called tanga party….u have never won more than one seat…..and if u had fought election u would had lost that too and that why coward imran khan chickened out……people of pakistan chose mqm not pti….they chose ppp not pmln……stop living in dream land dude……

    this is a public forum and im not cheap like u so i wouldn respond to u…..why dont u speak in a civalised way ……on one hand ur sayin nazir naji is wrong and on other hand u use same language as him…….dude ur a hypocrite

  160. @supercreature

    Ohh right! The bhatta collected in Karachi gets converted into GBP before its remitted to London to pay for the supermo’s expenses.

    Now, that’s like a true Patriot!!!!!!

    I have a hard time calling home for few minutes everyday working full time where as jobless patriotic Altaf addressing the Juma bazaar of thugs for hours everyday from London.

    Subhan Allah


    This is a pulic forum this is what you need to realise… you daddy Naji has no clue that how to talk… you have reason to defend your daddy but no one can comprehend why … give any example please … please please enlighten all of us… please please enlighten about your bro in law Altaf kalia killer Don…. come out man, you just critise tanga party and PTI but have to foot to defend your dad and bro?

  162. @ALL. I hate naji but i cant digest why noorani was recording the call. i have a lot of respect for ansar abbasi but i also was surprised when he told that he was recording dogar secretly.
    DOGAR was an insult to the nation,but i think noorani and ansar should not record their calls. noorani was not aware that naji will abuse him,but he was recording the call.why?

    NAJI is a sick mind lota,no argument but recording telephone call is shocking as well.
    suppose i call ansar or noorani and tell them my problem in confidence ,will they be recording my call and then post it on a website or share it with others.

    can admin ask noorani,OK naji is SATAN but why were u recording this call? NOORANI was calm and disiplined bc he was aware that the call is being recored by himself.

    NAJI is bad but it lead to a bad taste for ansar and noorani.

    another surprise here is that some of the visiters on the plateform are condemning NAJI bc
    he abused noorani in dirty language , by using dirty language themselves.

    Aren’t we hypocrate.

  163. @msohail83

    People like this sheikh and naji are mentally sick and retards…. perhaps we just need to ignore them … like we do the street d0gs … their tail can not be straight even you put in pipe for 100 years,

  164. @ALL. I hate naji but i cant digest why noorani was recording the call. i have a lot of respect for ansar abbasi but i also was surprised when he told that he was recording dogar secretly.
    DOGAR was an insult to the nation,but i think noorani and ansar should not record their calls. noorani was not aware that naji will abuse him,but he was recording the call.why?

    NAJI is a sick mind lota,no argument but recording telephone call is shocking as well.
    suppose i call ansar or noorani and tell them my problem in confidence ,will they be recording my call and then post it on a website or share it with others.

    can we ask noorani,OK naji is SATAN but why were u recording this call? NOORANI was calm and disiplined bc he was aware that the call is being recored by himself.

    NAJI is bad but it lead to a bad taste for ansar and noorani.

    another surprise here is that some of the visiters on the plateform are condemning NAJI bc
    he abused noorani in dirty language , by using dirty language themselves.

    Aren’t we hypocrate


    Here you go … Naji’s spokeman in Naji’s langauge … high five this is what I wanted to see how easily your blood is provokable …

  166. I personally dont know whats the big deal about this issue. An unknown person like Ahmad Noorani called nazir naji and recorded his response so conveniently, and now everyone knows who Ahmad Noorani is. Another typical attempt for claim to fame. Get recognition and step into the spot light by instigating a controversy which usually involves a well known figure. Whatever language nazir naji used is typically used in punjab. I have many friends from punjab who use the same language very normally with each other. Go to a market there and ull come across many people using the same language in a normal conversation. Even many people in this forum use the same language but in English (maybe to them there is a difference and they project themselves to be more civilized by swearing in English).
    When everyone is the same, why blame a journalist like nazir naji. After all he is not the only one being allocated plots in Islamabad. Army has a big share, there is the judiciary, politicians and now the journalists.
    Probably those Mullahs in the masjid who DONT HAVE ANY POLITICAL AFFILIATION have a little bit of manners left and they dont swear at any one but then they have been labelled as terrorists even if they have no agenda.
    We have serious problems not only as a nation but on individual basis as well. We are ready to point fingers at others and when it comes to gossip, it spreads faster than anything else. When was the last time that we have been constructive in doing something. Everybody talks about issues, everyone is ready to cast aspersions, everyone wants to belittle others. Do we talk of solutions or are we unable to come up with some creativity and undertaking some pragmatic steps in making things better.
    Is it of any use to defame others, constantly attacking other people and only criticizing?

  167. @imran25

    Do you not know its a norm in journalism to record conversations, especially when you’r part of investigative journalism?

    It’s not a violation of any sort. A very common practice even in the western world. Lots of people try to retract from their statements after realse so journalist use it as a proof to back up their claims.

  168. @msohail83

    “Do you not know its a norm in journalism to record conversations, especially when you’r part of investigative journalism?”

    You are right, In england Police chief resigned after his secret documents were photographed outside 10 downing… paparazzi’s didnt asked em before taking the photo’s 🙂

  169. @msohail83

    ur wasting time, they won’t listen.

    And all who talking abt western journalism some great journalistic integrity shown by western media in built up to IRaq war, how abt talking abt gaza war, or how abt recent arrests of Pakistani students in UK, and the list goes ion n on. lol

  170. @imran25
    This is very common in recording of call while working on investigative report so did in the case of Naji also. Ansar, Naji and Noorani are working in same group and know each other’s nature so Noorani might be aware that such type of “incident” can be happen and after filing report he would have some proof of conversation. So “Sting” operation is very common in investigative reporting.
    Here is best example

    Naji you are just piece of sh#ttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!


  172. Definitely, Unthinkable in Pakistan.
    Ex-Nfld. cabinet minister jailed in spending scandal

    Apr 17, 2009 11:06 AM
    Be the first to comment on this article…

    ST. JOHN’S, Nfld. – A former high-ranking Newfoundland and Labrador cabinet minister has been sentenced to two years less a day in jail for defrauding taxpayers of nearly $118,000.
    Earlier this year, Ed Byrne pleaded guilty to fraud over $5,000 and influence peddling for his role in the province’s constituency allowance spending scandal.
    According to an agreed statement of facts, Byrne submitted falsified and forged expense claims from 1998 to 2004.
    The documents say he also paid a former provincial legislature official $18,000 in personal cheques in exchange for a benefit during that time.
    The Crown has asked provincial court Judge Mark Pike to impose a jail sentence of less than two years, arguing that the 45-year-old former politician had violated his position as an elected official.
    But Byrne’s defence lawyer argued his client should be spared jail because he has lost his family, his career and his public reputation.

  173. @creature and all Anti Mqm and Pro PTI

    yes i live in edgware road….and despite our differences let me tell u some thing since we r both pakistanis…and let me tell u one thing…….Altaf hussain will be in power soon coz they have got loyal members like myself….There are only few mqm supporters like myself but more than 50 percent are pti supporters but i bet me along with few mqm supporters donate more than all pti supporters put together……u guyz only talk but in practical u do nothin…..i dont know which party u support…….but how much do u donate to the party u support and what abt u msohail… much do u donate to ur party…..i bet u dont donate and people like me do donate………im willing to stand up for what i believe in…..i believe mqm is a right party to lead pakistan and despite the fact i dont earn much , i still donate coz i love pakistan and want pakistan to be a developed country…..

    IM NOT SAYING MQM IS PERFECT…….but lets look at ground reality…..can any one deny the fact that since karachi is under mqm, karachi had developed so much…..why is it that people in karachi always vote for mqm…coz they have done so much constructive work…….


    i have got a friend who donate half of his income to mqm but most of my work mates support pti but when i ask them….if u support pti and want pti to come in power , why dont u donate ur own money to pti then they just stand there and give no answer and just laugh…………………..we can argue which party is right but that fact i donate money to mwm proves im loyal to pakistan and i love pakistan….wheni donate money to mqm, i dont look for personal reward…i get nothin by donating mqm and i never will gwt nothin by donating my money but karachi will develop and thats why i donate……BUT THE BOTTOM LINE IS I WILL SACRIFICE EVERYTHING FOR WHAT I BELIEVE IN AND U GUYZ WONT

  174. @zahidbinmustafa

    agree but do they record all confidential calls .
    thats a little scary for me. may be its neccesary for their job.

    i will be very careful in calling any media guy in my life.

  175. I can surely say that the first audio conversation is of Nazir Naji … but the second/thrid ones are NOT … So, its a shameful effort to degrade Nazir Naji, although I am not his fan … but we should condemn such efforts … and respect the views of others ..

  176. @Safdar Ali

    please respect naji only bc he is a old man.

    his ideology? few people in this world never get respect,he is one of them. its not that i dislike or oppose his ideology.
    its only bc he has no ideology.

  177. @ usman sheikh

    I am realy unable to understand the MQM politics, whenever it comes to judges issue they oppose it and after restoration they support it. Now they are against the agreement in NWFP province, ok you r against and u recoreded ur voice but why making it a big issue, it has nothing to do with karachi or mqm. as far as Naji is concern yes he abuse the Noorani and you guys are supporting him why? why not u stand for right thing. I m not the supporter of PTI yes i do like imran khan due to his charity work and his potential as a leaders. I m not against MQM as i saw the developement work in karachi which realy improved it a lot and i realy like mustafa kamal due to his hard work and efforts but my point is that why MQM always oppose every thing which seems better for pakistan.

  178. I have no doubt that Ahmad Norani’s motive was to expose Nazi Naji. It was all planned and that is why he did not loose his temper. It is also true that Ansar Abassi is behind all this because NJ heavily criticized Ansar Abbassi’s Marriot bomb story and Ansar once himself said in the TV program that he has “mamol” people to expose yellow journalists.

    NJ is a yellow journalist and he quickly takes U-turn in the favor of politician who as he sees coming in power. I also remember when a story came out many years ago that he gave “SALAMI” on his son’s marriage from govt money because at that time he was director of a govt organization (i do not remember govt organization name, somebody can confirm that here).

    NJ many times raised the point that Ahmad Norani is a junior and he can not ask question from him is a silly point, Then how a journalist can ask any question from any high-ranked person like president, prime minister or COA.

  179. @Usman Sheikh

    If Altaf was getting enough in donation from loyal folks like yourself then he’d not be collecting bhatta. On the other hand, I’d advise you to look at the figures of donations that Imran recieves for his Hosopital. You’d be surprised.

    It’s the honesty of the man who doesn’t loot the money from those funds to spend it on politics. I bet you all the money if it was Altaf he’d have spent it all in holding rallies across Karachi.

    You have no idea what it takes to build trust and some credibilty dear.

  180. @Jang group and GEO

    you should take notice of this,as all the three guys belong to your same group. and kick naji out if he really abused a junior from your own group.

  181. please dont compare pti with mqm , pti never got power but deliver hospital,uni and justice

    movement, on the other hand mqm is in power for last 20 years but cannot solve milk

    and gutters problem ( dont want mention law and order because they are themselve part

    of problem) mqm have backing of pple like na g so what else i can say plot kabja group

    all the way

  182. @Msohial
    yes people donate money to cancer hospotal but they donate to PTI…..u seem like a supporter of PTI but do u donate…..i bet u dont…..thats that my whole argument was based on…..just look at urself….ur sayin that people donate money to PTI ….why dont u talk abt urself…do u donate?????i cant speak for other mqm workers but i donate money to mqm

    @bring chage
    u asked why mqm is against evry thing which is good for pakistan….if i find out then i would let u know……but i dont know that either……the reason i support mqm is coz how they have transformed karachi…..people in sindh were not so patriotic before 1980 coz punjab was exploiting them…..And altaf hussain gave them the voice and coz of his efforts sindh is geeting the rescources they deserve and as a result they now love pakistan….thats y i love mqm……balochis will also love pakistan if we do justice with balochis

  183. @raja ahmed
    u support Pti ????do u donate…….im tired of arguing with fake pti supporters….if u were supporter of pti, then u would donate….the fact u dont donate…..u have no right to call urself supporter of pti………………may be u hate mqm and on the basis of ur enemy enemy is ur friend, ur defending pti

  184. truth will come out with in few days.i still believe this is a fake audio.he is a mature he can be so careless when he knows audio recording is so common.nature of three audios is very differient.first one he is very polite.he did,nt utter a single abuse but in second and third,abuse sky rockted.first audeo is real,second and third is fake,a differient man immitated nazir naji.even if he abused so what every body abuse at this forum exept me.i dont see any differience between nazir naji and and participants of this forum.

  185. @democrate,

    I believe there is a medical reason behind this. If you listen to second audio, Nazir Naji had 100% same voice in the beginning.

    Nazir Naji politely asked Noorani keh “mera L U N * putto”. After that event took place, Mr. Nazir Naji automatically become “Khusra” and his voice changed.

  186. it is hilarious also, it it was Naji then he sounded drunk and then accused noorani of calling him names.

    It it is Naji then he is a pile of crap and we shouldn’t care about him. Lets see who runs this story first, there will be some inner issues within Jang Group now.

    Maybe if this is Naji then he will take a U Turn soon and apologize to the “4 saal wala jounalist” as compared to his 50 years.” and try to save his neck (he has always been the one who just flows with whatever works).

    Naji -> Moon Kala Karana hoo tu aisay karaoo

  187. If Quaid-e-Azam was alive today, he would say “Well Done Mr. Noorani” !!!

    really you are Brave and a TRUE Journalist, today you made me Proud of being a Pakistani, I congratulate you with all my Heart.

  188. I believe the recording is of Naji. BTW it is accepted practice for Journalists to record all conversation. If you don’t want something recorded the onus is on you to ask for all that conversation to be OFF THE RECORD.

    The character in the second and third recording has the mannerism of Naji. I have heard him getting mad on TV and he sounds just like that.

    “@amirkhan said:
    Aik sala plat insan ko hijra bana daita hey”

    Very well put.

    Second Shimetro’s proposal on exposing all coruption. Welcome to the “new world order”. This is the people’s revolution.

    @Usman Sheikh; Man I thought you were joking but looks like you could not help expose yourself

  189. nazir naji is realy bastard journalist in pakistan.we alraedy knows about his real face is came out.i appriciate mr ahmed noorani who shows profesional behave and tolerance.\ But naji ? i think this is a punishment from GOD to naji .its mean naji s trial is begun.
    thanks noorani sab
    mangolvi uk

  190. @Usman Sheikh, if you love Pakistan I will invite you to please look more carefully at who you support. I admire your love for Pakistan from your comment at 4:51 pm . So please don’t take this as a jest.





    Should I email you my bank statement to prove whether I donate or not? I know after I say yes, next you’ll be asking me how much? You’re very stupid!


    HOW PROFESSIONAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOOK HOW HE IS TALKING???????????????????????







  194. @listen
    i was also supporting Everton 🙂 as I am supporting Noorani and Ansar Abbasi. 😉
    MANU was not lucky as last year at UEFA final in penalty kicks 🙂 so Naji enjoyed lot in his life and now he deserve strong kicks from “new” and young journalists

  195. Musharraf is the last hope of pakistan….i hope kiani takes over, impose martial law and becomes president ….and musharraf should be prime minister…….and together they can kick terrorist imran khan, iftikhar chaudary, nawaz sharif,ansar abbasi, noorani out of pakistan……….these people r fascist and needs to be eliminated

  196. @MSOHAIL

    lolzzzzzzzzzzz………….i think its abt time that i put u all out of ur misery……u must be wondering how on earth can some sane person come up with these illogical arguments……

    basically im a PTI supporter..but i was bored and in argumentative vote… just wanted to argue with some one and wanted to piss off some members and boil their blood…

    YOY GUYZ GAVE ME A REALLY TOUGH TIME… i know why mqm and ppp often wet their pants infront of talat and hamid mir… wonder they got rif of kashif abbasi

  197. @Usman Sheikh
    Beta agar himmat hai tau apna asli address butta phir tujhay aattay daal ka bhao butatay hain….tum mujhay kisi major ka peon lug raha hai…

  198. @Usman Sheikh
    You are a retard….What a sense of humour you have man…..everyone must be laughing….nahi? !diot no 1.

  199. This is a propaganda against him,

    last 2 audios are not belong to him, in last 2 audios voice is different from first one,

    He is a true Pakistani,

    Audio Up loader is against Pakistan.


    Thanks for conceding defeat in the end, although ignominiously! Have a good sleep now. Pay more bhatta to peer saheb next time. 😉

  201. @mosohail
    i lost…how explain dude……..i kicked ur ass in the arguments…….u had a head start coz u were supporting PTI …its hard to support mqm but i did well….coz im a genius


    I donate imran regularly and have participated in his charity campaigns as well. We are not fake, otherwise who has build his hospital and university.

    I think you should go and visit them yourself. thousads of people coming everyday.

  203. To All those who wants Nazir Naji address. I give below his address and e-mail and All fools and sympathisers of PPP can also be contacted at this address.

    Nazir Naji
    President House

    NazirNaji@stupidmail .com

  204. If only you stop using the word’SIR’ then maybe I can hear the point you are trying to make.

    ‘SIR’ should be banned from our dictionary or whatever…

    This is making me more sick.

  205. I think you are missing the Point

    Question is how can an elected official ‘Wazir-e-Ala Punjab’ -although I respect him for the work he is doing in Punjab and his ‘abilities’ – can give away Public land in this manner?
    Giving it to the Journalists ? Is not it a form of Bribery? for future favours?

    Blame clearly lies with the Cheif Minister. Abolish this practice in every department.
    Armed Forces ‘Pak Afwaaj’ are the master of this scam. How many Generals and officers get plots in various cantonements? Have you ever thought about it?

    Muster up enough courage and call up a General next time. please don’t call them ‘Sir’
    That ‘ll make me puke.

  206. 7 Journalists discussed here are :

    Nazir Naji
    Muhmmad Malik

    both were given this plot bribe bypassing watever the rules are

    Rauf Klasra
    Amir Mateen
    Khaleeq Kiyani
    Shaukat Javed Piracha (AAJ)
    Javed Chaudhry

    these 5 were given plots after decision of Court, again they at least followed the rules, how incorrect and objectionable the rules and laws might be.

    Plus most these and many journalists including our hero anchors are in lists and of many receiving multiple plots and Flats.

  207. Nazir Nai is a loser

    I support PPP, but would like the help of lies of this paji. He is no ones. He is like adog looking for bones.

    I agrree there should not be no plots for politicians , jurnails, jurnalists.
    What govt can do is give plots to journalists who loose life in action or svere dibility.

    By the way NOORANI is aregular cntributor to the News

    lagta hey nazir naji sahib khud apni itni izat afzai dekh kar usman sheikh ban kar aa gae hain warna galin tu naji ne deen or noraani ne tu sir sir keh kar baat ki
    USMAN JI lagta hey aap ki paidaish main kafi logon ki mehnat hoi hey

  209. i really want to see this issue over channels like Geo, Ajj, Ary and e.t.c.
    i want to see how these journalist community bring into account their own community ppl, they are quite rhetoric while bringing the facts and arguing others, no matter who they are, it would be a real test for them whether they highlight the real face of Nazir naji or not.
    if they dont, then i would believe that 99% are blackmailer.

    one question i have here for Ahmad Noorani as well, throughout the conversation i have observed that Ahmed nooarni was trying to prolong the conversation, by giving a statement again n again like “Sir app bilwaja naraz hoo rahain hai” he was not trying to talk on solid grounds n arguments, what was his real motive??
    Is he working for someone to target few journalist by exposing them,??His real intention is really to expose bad journalist or just few for some reason……???
    i have skepticism in my mind about his real intention, he n God Knows better…
    if intentions were good then i would say…………..
    Well done Ahmad Noorani
    otherwise Ahmad Noorani u r another yellow journalist…..

  210. Jerra Nana Wala, Cha Giya ay.

    I called on his cell but no response. Guyz this country has been looted by Journalists and Generals.
    jo bach giya woh Politicians ney kha mara.

    Khappy Khappy pakistan Khappy,
    Pakistan to waqiee khap ee giya hey.

    Bheeeek mangney wala bana diya hey.

    Modern Bribery = Donner Conference.

    @LOL “” tum ney aram aram sey meri Maa C#*%^ey ki koshish ki hey”” lolz lolz lolz

  211. @rashidniz
    Ahmed Noorani set a trap for Nazir Naji and got him right in middle.

    There is no question about yellow journalism.

    Its a shameful act but by tomorrow a race will be to prove him innocent and put everything under the carpet.

    Welcome to Democratic Pakistan.

  212. woah…. eye opener…. hes obviously drunk…. n he doesn’t knw wht hes talking about…..may be he doesnt have an idea how information technology can spread this audio like a wildfire……. but im not surprised by this.. there must be thousands like this …. n may be worse…
    magar is age mein is becharey kee izzat to gayeeee…. he must be cursing that drink of glass he took before he called him and blew it…

    i think they should send this audio for complete verification and stamp it as authentic…

  213. Guys please use common sense 🙁

    Najir Naji is one of the worst journalists in Pakistan and leader of yellow journalism. But for God’s sake, its not closely possible that he is stupid like this.

    First this Ahmad Noorani is calling from same newspaper (Jang group), do you think NN is so stupid to call him back and scold like this ?

    Second there is a clear voice difference between First and remaining calls. Its definitely him in first call but its someone different in others.

    @ editor Please dont publish something like this unless it is confirmed. I have no doubt its fake. Today it is NN (and im somewhat happy to see this happening with him 🙂 ) but it could be some good guy tomorrow.

  214. AA,

    No wise man, but I always thought NN was the LOWEST of the low.

    Now friends, let’s make sure he never appears on any show and if he does – lets speak against that and boycott the show, if present, throw your shows on him.
    50 Minutes, be warned, you alwyas invite him as a ‘danish-wer’. Today he exhibited his danish, talking with this great journalis, Noorani.

    Pak Media will save Pakistan from these lows. Pak Media Ziadabaad.

  215. @pak.nukes

    Thanks mate for the clarification. My mistake. Somehow I always assosciate Jang with Mir Khalil ur Rehman and Nawai Waqt with Majeed nizami :).

    Anyway i wanted to request for the emails of Jang group directors, editors etc.

  216. i just listen nazir naji on off the record,now i m convinced,some one played a serious easily he made every one ulu and exposed the level of participants of this forum.we dont use brain,we are sick with hate.

  217. whoever is trying to defend this son of a bitch naji is saying diff in voices, cant realize that in the first audio, he is behaving normal, in the 2nd he is obviously drunk, so difference in quality of voice and in the 3rd he is angry but not drunk….
    does it come like a surprise the way he behaved? Son of a bitch is the biggest lifafa journalist. Once ijaz ul haq mentioned about his plots on a talk show and naji burst in anger at that time too.
    If ansar abbassi would have not exposed him then the same people would have said that he would not expose his own bradari…come on guys, support ansar abbasi’s efforts.

  218. @Democrate

    Dont try to put your face in the sand like an Ostrich.
    This is Nazir Naji.
    Admin would not put this audio here without proper proof. it can be easily proven by CLI.

    Shame on people who defend such a person. I know you love Naji but you can not hide the fact.

  219. Masha Allah, he is matric pass. What else you expect from a matric pass journalist. His tape was stuck on 50 years…but what is the real contribution in these wasteful 50 years. In this era of hopelessness, we expatriate Pakistani see two candles across the tunnel: independent judiciary and tough journalism from Talat, Hamid Mir, Kashif (who is off the scene now), Ansar Abbasi, now Ahmed Noorani, and Haroon-ur-Rashid.

  220. Nazir Naji is a piece of shit every one know that, he has been with almost every power house in the past. Now a days he is MQM Kutta and has been taking making money from Altaf hussain. He think he can make Paksitani people stupid for long time. Every one know he is a piece of shit.

  221. Mr. Ahmed Noorani,

    You actually deserve a medal for this exposure.

    All the respect to you sir. Please keep up the good work.

  222. @Ahemd

    I’m really really sorry you had to deal with that filth of the earth, he sells his mother of the money, what should one expect for this gutter. He is right you are journalist for only 4 years and he has 50 years service to…. well whoever pays him more.

  223. At first glance, it looks like a conspiracy for a common person. But I know big b—-. The poor guy was mimiking in front of him. Either he was deliberatley doing it or scared of big b—. If that senior so called sahafi is that impatient and tha abusive then I think what is happening in Pakistan is right. Poor guy zinda baad. You have a chance now and people will solute you if you are right. Good luck. When I was listening the audios I thought that this senior big b— will have a heart attack if he has some moraality other wise he will ruin the life of the poor guy.
    What the fu—- senior sahafi my foot

  224. I tried to talk to this Naji at 0092-300-8456827 and asked him about the factual position of the conversation. He said it is up to me to consider it if it is a fact or not. This mean he is guilty of this. I have no confusion in my mind that it is him talking on the phone. Main stream media should dig into it and expose this khanzir Naji. More important is that main stream media should launch a compaign against this plot politics regardless whoever is the beneficiary..

  225. dear mirza thank you to publish phone number this son gun and dear host donot invite this mother fuc—k

  226. Our country is about to dis mental and disintegrate but we are waisting time in discussions on two corrupt journalists, Naji and Ansar Abbassi. Ansar Abbassi works for agencies who are supporting Talibinization of Pakistan and Naji was mostly remained closed to rulers.
    It is true that Naji by in large better journalist then Ansar Abbasi who after every sentence says ” Allah Ki Kassam” like typical lier.

  227. @All
    I am surprised at those who still think that Naji’s audio is fake. Why would anyone want to malign a man like Naji when everyone knows his past and reputation? He can stoop to lowest possible level all of us can imagine. Naji himself is not denying the audio recording but his chumchas in this forum are. Defending Naji is like cleaning cow dung and I am sure all his defenders here are either his sons or he himself. He is taking English classes from Hussain Haqqani I have heard remember his article about Sheikh Rasheed and Haqqani?…Taleem-e-Balighan….hehehe.

  228. @dara
    Please don’t compare Naji and Ansar Abbassi. Ansar is a credible name whereas Naji is only a lifafa journo. Being religious or namazi does not mean you work for a certain agency or group. Even if Ansar does, tell me one thing, working or spying for the ISI is better or spying for CIA/Mossad/RAW is what you prefer? Who would you rather like to get lost from Pakistan…American army or Taliban, if these are the only choices?
    Please think about it rationally and don’t be just a trotter.

  229. @#
    dara said:20 April 2009 at 5:11 am

    Our country is about to dis mental and disintegrate but we are waisting time in discussions on two corrupt journalists,

    The biggest reason for whats happening to our country ryt now is that we will turn a blind eye to corruption in different walks of life.

    Naji and Ansar Abbassi. Ansar Abbassi works for agencies who are supporting Talibinization of Pakistan and Naji was mostly remained closed to rulers.
    It is true that Naji by in large better journalist then Ansar Abbasi who after every sentence says ” Allah Ki Kassam” like typical lier.

    ITs far better to stick to an ideology no matter good or bad than to worship the rising sun.Naji is one son of a b!tch and it takes to be a different breed like you to defend him.


  230. i pretty sure this ahmed noorani is ansar abbasi….i think its his voice on the phone…anyways well done…..just a suggestion..another corrupt journalist is Hasan Nasar who i hope is exposed one day

  231. I have n,t heard of MAIN STREAM media discussing this,how we can pressurize them to discuss it and ban this filthy character for life.
    Please dont let him lecture us again through his columns and talk shows.

  232. @democrate
    I don’t mind people like Naji and you….I am quite patient with mentally deranged and demented mareez.
    P@gal khana tumharay baghair soona hai wapis chaley jao tumhay kuch nahi kaha jaey ga….No more electric shocks….

  233. Whoever thinks that the audio is fake must be an idiot. Ahmad Noorani won’t put something on which is fake. If it turns out to be fake Ahmad Noorani’s credibility will be gone.

    Nobody will be so stupid to put a fake audio on any site and then put their own name to it.

    So whoever is saying that the audio is fake, need to wake up.

  234. Could someone please shed a light on the last name (Naji)of this “propaganda for sale” soulless, greedy, self proclaimed “expert”, dung beetle of the highest paying beast. Also, why this man is used as an expert on so many talk shows, without any credibility and changing views as the wind changes. Does Naji has Hindu or Jewish origin? Or it is , Nazi in Urdu? I just found out , it is an Arabic name, meaning “to be safe”?

    Naji Language of origin: Arabic Gender: male Meaning/translation: safe Words: naji=safe Variants: Naji Arabic Najee English (#925 in US popularity)

  235. Last name origins & meanings:

    1-Muslim: variant of Arabic Naji, from an Arabic word meaning ‘close friend’. Najiullah ‘friend of Allah’ is an epithet of the Prophet Muhammad.

    2-Indian (Panjab): Hindu and Sikh name based on the name of a subgroup of the Tank goldsmiths of the Panjab, from Sanskrit nāgī ‘one with serpents’, which is an epithet of the god Shiva.

    “one with serpents’” The man has lots of serpents in his bag of tricks, I would defiantly go with the “Sanskrit nāgī”……….

    Now we should do a vote on it…….Is he a “Sanskrit nāgī”or an Arabic Naji?

  236. Dear All:

    I am sure that the first audio belongs to Nazir Naji but the 2nd and 3rd audio seems fake. there is a hell of difference in the tone, shrill and hearings of the three audios.

    In first audio NN responded all questions politely… But suddenly he turns bull shit. I doubt the credibility of the 2nd and 3rd audio and i insist.

    Lastly…. I have no doubt that NN has got millions and he is known for that. It shows his charachter BUT can I question that why the reporter intentionally started recordings from the very first call. For me there must be something wrong with regard to intentions of the correspondent… may be or may not be some personal issues. But i have the right to doubt and analyse with the facts rater than believing everything that is provided.

  237. @democrate

    From yesterday you are defending Naji, why? The people who posted it here, know the consequences of it, if it is fake. Media is full of black sheeps like Naji, so why they would attend it, they are here to make money not to loose except a few people. Give them another flogging video, they will play because will get special funds for that, what they will get for playing this audio?

  238. ان جیسے لوگوں نے ہی صحافت کا نام بدنام کر رکھا ہے ‘ یہی لوگ چڑھتے سورج کی پجاری ہوتے ہیں اور ہر دور میں یہی لوگ فائدے لیتے رہے ہیں

  239. This is really a sad affair. First of all, Ahmad Noorani you deserve a standing ovation for shedding light on corruption and deceit. Up until now I thought perhaps journalism is one of the only sacred professions in Pakistan that are somewhat free of corruption (as I come from a family of highly reputable journalists myself). But you proved me wrong by exposing this ignorant scum, Naji.

    If this is how our most senior journalists are behaving and conducting themselves, we are doomed. On the flip side, I am proud of younger, more educated, generation of journalists who want whats best for Pakistan.

    Jang needs to kick Naji out. The government interests should be ashamed. May God protect Pakistan from people like him and our corrupt politicians.

  240. @khawar khan

    100 din chor k 1 din saad ka naji pakra gya ab shoor na kar bardasht kar aur Islamabad ghar bna DALAY;


  241. Nazeer Naji is one of the most notorious people ever lived in this country. He is the one who has always been writing speeches for the dictators and polishing their shoes. Who on earth is innocent enough rather moron not to know that people like this only and the Army officers can get valuable pleots in Islamabad or where ever they are situated. I am astonished if in my life time will see this country ruled by some country lover ans sain person.

  242. I only dream that someone in this country can tell me that why on earth someone is allocating these precious lands and the country’s wealth like his inherited property and no one takes SuoMoto action against them…
    These people are a group of Looters that will even not be fare in their graves and will try to cheat Malaika also

  243. “In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful”

    Asalamo Alykum,

    Definitely, it should be investigated if it is really the voice of Nazir Naji, though it does sound like him from what I have heard of Nazir Naji on talk-shows.

    But most importantly, it should not be a surprise to us that he could use such language. What should we expect of a person who says that it is okay for our President Zardari to hug Sarah Palin, and any women objecting to it is infact jealous. Yuck!

    Imagine if The Prophet SAW was living amongst us today, what sort of an Ummah would he look on to?

    Umme Muhammed.

  244. @Democrate you need to stay out of this NN’s mess,you need to comment only once not over and over because we know who you are and what you stand for,i tell you whose side you are?here is a list of your buddies or best friends Mushraf,Zardari,rehman malik,latif khossa,babar awan, farooq naik,haqqani and of course Altaf your bai.

  245. bloody hell,what has happened to nation.onee side people are praising killers and defending them and other side,very same people are abusing one old man for abusing a young cheater.

  246. I have great respect for Ansar Abbasi and Ahmad Noorani for their investigative reporting. We are proud of you Ansar Abbasi Sahib, you are our real hero. Now we should know how our country has survived so far. It is only because of people like Ansar Abbasi who are real patriotic people and love Pakistan.
    I am Proud of you Brother Ansar Abbasi and Ahmad Noorani.

    Everyone is to to die and face Allah one day. I think people like naji have forgotten this.

    Shame on you Naji.
    Shame Shame Shame
    Shame Shame Shame
    Shame Shame Shame
    ” Kya karein Sharam in ko magar naheen aati”

  247. @Democrate i was just checking if you online 24 hours or not,it looks like you are there all the time, do not do that talaban may looking for you, you need to hide,because you can not run?they will still look for you???????????????

  248. @Mahmud
    I try to be patient with Democrate because he is suffering from some mental illness so ignoring his bakwaas is perhaps best.
    I have my sympathies for this mentally deranged man/woman who doesn’t know what he is talking about, he just has to go against majority else he would die….

  249. @ all if this tape is not real than zardari is also fake bee bee was also fake so than

    boo toe was also fake , what a country sharminda kohi hota hee nahi

  250. mahmud,ager main adress bi dai doon phir bi taliban ka baap bi nahi puhch sakta.woh geedher kai buchey caves main chup kur hi lur saktey hain
    u know what taliban surrender kabul with out firing a single bullet.

  251. yar, I cant believe. so abusive….bastered
    i agree with guys, he was drunk
    ahmed norani deserve a prize keeping his cool.
    nazir naji’s corruption is not something new, if we go back we can see how he managed to get a job for his son as custom inspector, anyway leave it

    if anyone can please air his number, so few of us can respond on Mr. Norani’s behalf.

    we must also record our concern to jang, so they can kick him out from their paper.

    any way guys

    God bless Pakistan.

  252. @pak.nukes i am 100% aggree with you,it is just wasting time it will be no good to make him understand what is good for country and is bad for the country?he likes Naji too.

  253. @pak.nukes,only a stupid and insane man can support taliban.u r insane or u r traitor.i m also ignoring u,better fix urself.

  254. in hingo arm fores never went there even british did not go there,democrate your former boss mushraf had army operation there and your favorite zardari did same thing what musharaf did in trible areas,after 18th feb.2008 election it seemed to be everthing was quite and peace but your zardari did not like this so he started all over,you know what zardari’s name mean,it means money?tribles have there own culture more than religion they want leave us alone we leave you alone.just think about policy who makes it breakes it and repair it?whose created this whole situation.

  255. are you guys serious? a word to all those who are stuck here calling nazir naji drunk and all, get out of the world of a blog and say that where everyone would hear you. stop hiding behind screen names, people. get a life, get some guts, and get off the man’s case..!

  256. i read someone’s post saying that he’s affiliated with a politcal party and they have his back, that is why he gets away with crap. that is the most absurd argument someone could have used! how old are you, yaar? what, you think the party has nothing better to do than to play lawyer or protective shield for a journalist? tell your brain to grow up, man. it’s sad to read such immature arguments.

  257. @mahmud,i dont follow any leader why should i.i respect most of our politicians but i dont hate any one except altaf.u failed to tell me a single thing how taliban are good for pakistan.they nearly destroyed pakistan,still we are supporting them,i cannt understand that.

  258. Our country is facing bigger problems. We should all think of solutions to get Pakistan out of the mess it is in.

    I think Mr Naji is a fine journalist. I fail to understand why Pakistanis become so abusive and emotional about such petty things. We should try to be more civil.

    I agree with Achilles, that Ansar Abbasi’s pro-taliban work is worth discussing. People like him need to be taken to task and interrogated for information regarding their links with the Taliban.

  259. did someone even listen to the reporter? when nazir naji is practically daring him to bloody print the piece, why doesn’t he say something like, “fine, i shall!” or “yea, bitch, you wait for your morning paper!” …? i mean seriously, he’s playing it all safe like a little lamb so that he can without guilt pretend to be all meek and shiz and lean on shoulders and probably manipulate the situation.

    i question everything by nature. what if there is a clip that is missing? what if there was another call between 1 and 2..??? thought about that or were you all enjoying the convo?

  260. and dude, you guys are whining over the swearing and abuses as if it’s a monumental sin or something? where do you live? in a nunnery? have you heard the kind of shit people use in the convos? dude, swearing and abuses (and admit it) are used like frikking punctuations!

    stop being so sensitive.

    and yea, whoever updated the page on wikipedia: a big “bwaahahahaha” in your face! wikipedia? a place where george bush’s picture can easily be put replaced with a dog’s? i so hope you’re not into journalism.

  261. Ansar Abbasi is using his agents like Noorani etc to hide his guilt. Ansar Abbasi filed a case through Athar Minhalla to get a plot in the posh sector of islamabad and the same petition was dismissed by the courts.

    Its just another tactic by Ansar Abbasi to blackmail the government.

    Moreover, Ansar Abbasi submitted a false affidavit to the ministry of information that e does not own any house or plot in islamabad where as he owns two, one in G-14 and the other in I-8 which he transferred in the name of his brother and now living with his brother as a tenent.
    And if anyone goes through the audio clearly, the person taking the high moral ground , Noorani is a liar and while recording the conversation he tells a lie that he is not doing so.
    Its a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.

  262. @mohammad ahmad,lets see.if taliban justice system give punishment to those who burned schools and those who killed innocent people,i will be the first to say taliban are good for pakistan.

  263. Nazi Naji is speaking the language of power. The language which comes from the mouths of the rulars. As he is the ally of every master he should speak in this way.But the dillema is that our reader class expect from these people a mature delievery.
    How can these people deliever a sound conclusions when they are themselves abnormal mentally. Naji sahib has lost his temper..He is now friends of LONDON walas so he must have thought that Iam above the reach of any body. A weak man like Ahmed Noorani can be so bold by just remaining calm is really nice to hear.Naji sahib is drunken surely.these people try to guide the nation. the people who should not be allowed to drive a truck are trying to drive the whole nation through their WISDOM.
    May Allah protect the nation from them and from their masters.


  264. The most reliable GEO and Jang group should be ashamed of being patronising such people with such a charackter.
    shame on jang group
    shame on geo
    shame on agents of imperialism

  265. I think there is an obvious difference between the first and the second and third tape, which tells you that this tape is fony. Ahmed Noorani has been Ansar Abbasi’s man for a long time and he is capable of propaganda of this sort. These tapes should be cross verified thoroughly before jumping to any conclusions. Lets not be extremist or biased and should analyse the situation logically. Do you guys really think Nazir Naji has the time to call people for this long, Ofcourse NOT. I think this guy is looking for quick cheap publicity.
    Taha Khan

  266. Its full of such foul and vulgar language that I had to stop it because children were around.

    Obviously, he is disturbed over getting his true face exposed.

  267. Ooyee Najeeray! kam pia karo…Thenu bola tha yeh sahafi thenu bhee kha jawaingay, meray tharah. jardari..aank marnay wala.

  268. Is Jang Group is going to kick out this bastard or keep in in the office? If they decide to keep him, shame on Geo and Jang group.

  269. Assalam o alikum All

    Let see the actual probelm first.Than I ,ll take Mr Naji on board.

    (1)The first question is Why? Why the Plots should be given to journalist or to any one.Why we are doing all this.Have you ever heard this type of generiousty even in modern countries.

    (2)Mr Naji argument is that he have a 50 years experiance,and even if there is a small number of opportunist,he is still on merit.I don,t support all this,But if we can,t stop this hell going on,a person should be nominated by the group(jang) he is working with,in this way as Naji has got one in Lahore,he should be looking forward a life in Islamabad on his own expense.I guess he is living in Lahore,this poor country has paid to him for what the country wasn,t suppose to be.(a Plot).

    (3) you must have heard this phrase that when a snake is due to die,it comes into some one,s way and gets killed.Exactly what that happend with Ahmad and Naji,Ahmad called him ask question and there we go.But surprisingly he got a call back with full of non sense.The Holy prophet said that a real person comes out when in anger,that whats we have seen by this notgentleman(gentleman not for him).

    (4)I always feel good for jang group,due to their services and most of all due to its owner down to earth behaviour,The family is less known in public comaparative to few other groups divides everything among them.I strongly emphasie jang groupd to step up and show their code of ethics by sacking Mr Nagi from jang group colouminst Panel.The Charges should be taken in account can be following.

    (A)An out of character of behaviour(Journalist and Politicians should be of a good character as they are the people makes public opinion,if we don,t feel good for them how can they influence us.

    (B)A non professional attitute,How Mr Naji Justifies his 50 years experiance as an excuse to abuse Ahmed,4 year experiance.if the length of years makes some one good and professional than how an 11 years old boy from NWFP has been selected as Microsoft Middle east co-ordinator.If this is Naji,s Lenght of years than probably some one with MCS or PHD should have that status,And How A young man from Congested Area of Rawalpindi (Bakra Mandi ) Passed 23 A levels.Majorty of Youth in UK hardly pass 2 A levels which can take them to Univerity for Degree.I believe Naji,s realising to Ahmad of little experiance is a Miltray style dictator ship,where Boss is Always right,even if it takes them to hell.

    (5) Mr Naji,s word for Ansar Bhai are ridiculous.There isn,t anything to be satired if Ansar Bahi is a son of a Peon,I am assure The son of Peon ,ll be having a most satisfied life than him.But Naji should know that at time he was arrested with Nawaz Shariff from PM House in 1999,He was with a man whose dad and grand dad were mill workers,But why shouldn,t he looked upon cause ,PM was PM for Naji untill he was not arrested.The Army Chief is a Son of Non commissioned doesn,t matte who you belong to the matter is who you are ?

    (6)Ansar Abbasi Bahi,now to you,Tough i can read your innocence from your face,But you have been blamed by Naji,on having a Rs 40 Million house.Can you please clear yourself for your readers that you haven,t and if you do, How ?

    (7)A Request from PkPolitics team to put a petition online,we all your viewrs can sign it and than you can send it to The Jang Group against Naji, for breaking the Codes of ethics.

    Thanks for Your Time and Patiance all

    Kamran Bhatti

  270. Bravo… “Coolness of Mr. Ahmad Noorani”. I hope tapes are genuine (anything is possible in our lawless country). I applause the courage of Mr. Ahmad and commend his professionalism in bringing a true face of one of the nation’s ranked journalists. We need such personality if we really need to save the nation of power hunger and greedy.

    I suggest Mr. Ahmed to launch full inquiry on it and do file FIR just in case this so called “Intellect” tries to hurt him. May almighty Allah protect you and keep the good work up.

    We expat Pakistani proud of you and pray to bless this country with such courageous people.

  271. Does anyone has any news that this issue has been raised at any other forum yet. Kind of surprising……………isn’t it.
    I did not find this story other than Pkpolitics.

  272. Mr. Noorani,

    May Allah keep you safe and protected. I salute you and other journalist like you. You are showing light at the end of the tunnel. We still have hope to live the dream of our founding fathers. God bless you

    Azim Tirmizi
    Dallas, Tx

  273. It was sad to listen such language from a journalist who claims be in field for 50 years. As many posts and comments have mentioned Naji is not known as noble and respectable journalist. Even so it is high time that Mr Naji himself distances from this audio and sends his person explaination to Mr Noorani and editors of the News. Unless that happens soon, it is responsibity of Jang Group to react to such a man who boasts to be a big gun because he gets oppurtunity to get published in Daily Jang. His abusive language is also a challange to all anchor persons who have used Naji as commentator and valued his opinions. It is in best interest of Nazir Naji and journalists of Pakistan that this issue be resolved in civilised manner. It is no secret that Pakistani press has lots of black sheeps and if this abuse goes unchallanged, I will like many other Pakistanis around the world will doubt that Pakistani media is really free and without prejuidices and influence.

  274. That is why a common man cannot differentiate between a devil and an angel. Those who look and write like angels are actually devils(like Naji), and those who are not really devils are projected as devils by these so called “double-faced angels.”

    Ahmad Shah

  275. The people who are defending Nazir Naji, can they prove it by making a similar recording. Na they can not. no-one would call himself with such bad names.

    It is genuine recording, we are proud of Ansar Abbassi.
    well done Admin.
    Keep this recording at top of your website for atleast one month.

  276. After reading most of the comments about the subject matter.
    I came to the conclusion that, whosoever started this mayhem must have known that this will spark some controversy and will create a platform where every one can take out their frustration.
    One thing I must bring to every ones attention that they person or the Journalist giving interview is no less of a character than all the others who have used almost the same degrading language as he has used.
    I can not and will not play the Judge or the Jewry your own words are saying what your character is.
    Are these all journalists who are using this abusive language, is this what you teach your Kids and the generations to come, in 60 years where we are we are we doing justice to this land where we all were born, where this Nation is heading to we all can see, aren’t we ?

  277. well done ahmed noorani proud of you for exposing the king of yellow journalism khanzeer naji.not only jang group but all the tv channels should ban this corrupt thug to appear in papers or in tv talk shows.he is truly disgrace to the profession .i salute both ahmed noorani and ansar abbassi for their true efforts to expose corrupt elements in our society,be it politicians.journalists,so called moulanas,judges,generals or burocrats etc.

  278. Naji apologises for his outburts.

    Now the question of authenticity is settled. However, the main issue is the alottment of plots which need to be pursued.

    Plus, you will be happy to note than among others, his highness Sen. Waqar is using official bulletproof Merc so the nation’s beloved leader is safe from God knows whom. Go bak to sleep Pakistanis, everything is taken care of.

  279. @Shah , Thanks for the link. I wonder where “DUMB-O-CRATE” stands now. I strongly suggest that he should join Taliban and become a suicide bomber on behalf of all criminals of Pakistan starting with Zardari the Snake, Rehman Malik the kochwan, Naji the vulgar moron and off course TTP the rabid dogs who don’t know their friend from foe.

  280. @democrate and all claiming the audio was fake.

    Now what do you have to say. Got any guts then accept your mistake and put so in your message.

    What amazes me is the language of Nazir Naji. Now the whole world knows about it. His children, grand children etc. If it was me and this thing was publicized I would have committed suicide.

    When the tehreek was going on against Presidet Ayub, he came home and heard his little grandson say “Ayub Kuta, Ayub Kuta”. When Ayub asked him if where has he learnt that from, his answer was everyone on the streets is saying that.

    That was when Ayub decided to step down.

  281. Once again Ansar Abassi “the son of a peon” has proven the achievement earned through hard work and honest dedication to one’s duty.

    Yes there is hope in Pakistan. If a son of a peon could achieve the level that Ansar Abassi has then there is hope in the future of Pakistan.

    Let me salute the man who gave my nation a well deserved Hero (Ansar Abassi). May Allah reward him.

  282. @sok “dumb-o-crate” has no shame. This is not the first time the moron has behaved in this manner. On the long march day he could not see hundreds of thousands of people on the street. Nota has catalouged his “achievements”. That is why I have nicknamed him “dumb-o-carte”

  283. “He told Klasra that he was a blood pressure patient and when he got a call from the reporter, he might have felt provoked and said certain things which he believed now should have not been said at all.

    “Nazir Naji did not mean to say what he said to Noorani, as he felt that he should have kept his temper under control while talking to the reporter. The famous columnist said it was an unfortunate thing to happen and for this he was ready to say sorry to Noorani,” Klasra reported. Until Monday night, Nazir Naji had not called Noorani.”

    Well now it is confirmed that this really was naji, so now he’s fawkd forever..

    jang should kick him out like they did throw that mf imtiaz alam out..

    Abbas athar tou vii baaz aaja hunn….nai tay!!

  284. now you have 392 comments on this forum i am sure it will go well over 500 then Democrate guy will be stun and surprise that he is left alone on this forum,most voices are against i can tell Democrate hun choopoo.

  285. @admin
    plzzzz admin sab change the topic..there r so many other issues in pak to discuss..pak is filled with filthy ppl lik hell with them…in short we shud boycott such ppl simply.

  286. @Tauqeer Akbar

    Definitely looks like you are right. Democrate ki bolti bund ho gaey hai.

    Guys, this Nazir Naji has no shame. He has put in a column in Today’s Jang. Looks like the editors of Jang have no shame as well.

    I suggest we email/sms the editors/incharge of Jang and tell them off.


  288. Today Naji IS full of praise for Sharif junior , some time back he was labelling sharif as pro talib.

    No looking at changing winds, he has changed his qibla.

    This looser has thick skin and no shame

  289. Here’s one email that I found

    And here’s my email to them.

    Dear Sir

    I am astonished that after the recent outburst of Nazir Naji, Jang is still publishing his article. Naji has used foul language that no sane person will use. Everyone knows that he is a lifafa journalist. It would give Jang group a very bad name to be associated with the likes of Naji.

    I am sure you will look into this matter and put Naji out of Jang. At the same time I would like to congratulate both Ansar Abbassi & Ahmad Noorani. Jang should be proud of these journalists, I know that we Pakistani are.


  290. @ Muhammad Usman

    After his qaseeda’s for Zardari and hussain haqqani, he is now just trying to present himself as a unbiased, neutral journalist.

    But people have now seen his true face, he should stop writing articles now, and if he doesn’t, jang should refuse to publish them, as it is the people of jang group who have exposed him…

  291. Ahmad Noorani is good. Job well done.

    Nazir Naji is trash as many many undeserved trash lotas of Pakistan are and many many fauji as well.

  292. Well done Mr Noorani keeping ur temper cool, It was unbelieveable but I will not say fake like some other ppl are. Few other ppl on this blog are vene criticising you for playing safe whihc shows their mentality. “Khali panda bohta kherkda aye” mean An empty pot makes more noise, I am sure all punjabi known ppl must have heared this. Thats what naji proved here.Whne you will ask a question from a corrupt person his answers will not be different. Argument that he lost temper becuase he is BP patient is fake like naji itself. Becuse he did not lose his temper when journalist originally called him. naji was clearly showing how powerful he is or at least he thinks he is.

    shame to naji and many others like him in any deptt of life in the whole world in general and especially in pakistan.

  293. @SOK
    I want democrate to come and defend or deny the news story. Naji admitted using foul language….Mental case democrate where are you?
    He should be exposed too.

  294. @pak.nukes,

    democrack seems stupid, but he makes everyone fool here.

    His objective is always to divert the focused anger of all visitors from Zardari, Naji etc to “unknown democrate”, so that visitors get diverted and start fighting between themselves and loose the focus of the topic.

  295. @rasheed

    We are not fighting among ourselves. The collective agreement of this forum is that “democrate”, “Khanzeer Naji” & Ghadari are all scums.

  296. @rasheed
    But hats off to democrate for his shamelessness and dheetai.
    I had declared him mentally deranged long time back and I reiterate that he is a confirmed p@gal.
    He should be sent to Swat and stoned to death.

  297. @pak.nukes,u are as much beast and crazy as taliban are.what i did wrong that i should be stoned to death.i just defended one old man thats u decide urself,are u pagal or me.

  298. EVERYONE:
    Please call Khanzir Naji at his cell 300-8456827 and condmn him for his obsurt language. Try calling him in the night.

  299. @pak.nukes,

    It depends how you think on internet.

    If you think that abusing your id “pak.nukes” is actually abusing you and you take it personally (like most people do), then some crazy people will exploit it.

    Some people have disconnected their personalities from their “nicks” in their minds and they consider abuse of their nicks as only abuse of their nicks, not otherwise. Difficult and begarat thing to do, but this is what these guys do.

  300. majority of this nation is on earth some sane person can support taliban who killed people,bombed funeral gatherings,digged out graves,hanged corpses on poles,lashed innocest girl publically,destroy schools.then these insane people destroyed their country with their own hands and still claim,whole world is wrong and they are right.these people chase one old man,abuse him for abusing one guy who provoked him.all world is trying to save this nation but this nation is determined to destroy itself.if this nation is not sick then why we are so behind,lowest per capita income,one amercan company production is more than whole pakistans gdp.

  301. @democrate
    Come to your chacha Naji, we are not discussing your thick head Talibans…What is the difference between you and Talibans? both are thick head jahils…now get lost and go back to your p@gal khana.

  302. pak.nukes,u are sadist.the people who abuse they ask for abuse.i wont abuse u,ask some one tumhaarey elawa tumhaary gher waloon ko bi ragra dai.

  303. @democrate its not a matter of defending an old man. Its a matter of right
    & wrong. Since you have proven wrong, wouldn’t it be the right thing to accept it.

  304. Very Sad Mr. Naji

    50 years of professionalism has taught you how to behave with juniors,you have set an example of high quality professionalism for which Govt. has awarded you the Plot.

    But the strangest thing is that it is almost third day since this event and no News Channel and News Paper has reported this,at least i ve not seen.

    This has been the problem in Pakistan,All of Pillers of democracy are highly corrupted, i mean parliament,Judiciary and Journalism.

    Parliament and Judiciary are highlited by media and things are getting better,now who is going to highlight the Media.

    Mr. Noorani has made a brave effort, now its duty of rest of the Media…….plz take part to highlight these Blacksheeps.

  305. Nazir Naji should be jailed not for having two plots but for using abusive language with a junior journalist.

    Lets set up an example for all senior Generals, Jouranlist and Bureaucrats to treat all humans as equal and as they would like others to treat them.

  306. I accept Naji explanation
    When provoked BP patient can lose control
    I feel sorry for him and sorry for this nation which is lacking classy Journalists.

    I also feel sorry for him that he wasted 50 years of his and this nation
    I feel sorry for him that in 50 years he earned only 2 plots , other much junior Journalists like Hussain Huqqani made a fortune.

  307. corroupt kattay ka putar i hate him. i wonder, who reads him colums? journalist my ass. Grade 10 kay baad school sai bhag gia tha.

  308. @imrn_rza:

    You are very right that the media is downplaying this. Our journalists usually try to protect each other and avoid exposing the blacksheeps in their own community. We need to send lots of letters to the media (especially the jang group) to demand that this gets highlighted and action gets taken against Naji

  309. there are two points

    Mr Naji is a well know yellow journalist. he used every government to get benefits, he used sharif brothers to get jobs for his sons and many other benefits. he favored mushraf for the same purpose. But

    Sorry to say, Mr Abbasi is also not a angel, he is also a blackmailer in his own way. he used his investigations to take benefits of all kinds. i know one of his close relative who worked with me , he used his influence to got him promoted in illegal way.

    So we should focus on all people like that…. however good practice and i appreciate Mr Noorani patience ……

  310. Hi,

    This guy is not capable even to TALK. he should be kick out from his position. its discusting the way he is talking. Its shame to say he is a Goverment Employee. If the Goverment does’t take a proper and Legal action aginst this then its really SHAME to say we are a Pakistani. Please stand out all together and get rid of these rubbish and narrow approach people. I appreciate and special thank to Ahmad Noorani who bring the real face of our journalists.

    From London

  311. This long debate should also lead now to names of all those who got plots. Please publish names of all journalists who were alloted plots in Islamabad by Zardari, and for the sake of transparency names of those who were given plots by Musharraf.

  312. Nazir Naji is a true face and an example of the media blackmailers. My question is that why GEO and other channels are not talking on this issue. Nazir Naji is not only a culprits there are lot of other faces which need to reveal on innocent Pakistanis. I have another question that why media like GEO etc is doing the job which the state department should do ?

  313. ohooooo my all dear friends…buss…leav this old nazir naji…sunna he ziyada ummar ho jaye…to brain stops working….its too much…kiya museebat galey daal lee NN ney…toba hey…may Allah save all of us from humility…it can happen any time….no doubt Allah he izzat date hain aur wohi zaleel bhi karte plzzzz syop this topic

  314. It is sad to see that our president and PM give so much importance to these 3rd class journalists and these people go along with them to important foreign tours.

    There is so much talent in our country and there are so many bright young college graduate, who could represent the country much better way and should come forward and take the lead instead of these old farts.

  315. For the last 40 years, Nazir Harami is fucking the nation. He should be handed over to Mulla Umar or his case should be referred to Swat Maulvi for 40 “Kore” on his BUND. 40 years BASTARD Journalist. KLINK KA TIKA ON JOURNALIST COMMUNITY. NAZIR HARAMI; confirm from your mother either you are from your actual father or not? Those judges should be punished who gave him plot on their orders. These all bastards are fucking Pakistani poor nation.

  316. Noorani did a brave thing to bring this out… other wise this naji would n have been exposed…

    Bravo Noorani

  317. sagaciouscorpion said:
    Noorani did a brave thing to bring this out… other wise this naji would n have been exposed…

    Dear do above and plz tell us his cell number, i’ll also want to call “drunk man”

  318. @pak_nukes i like your comments about DEMOCRATE GUY i am 100% agree with you, you should let him know and tel Democrate get a life?????

  319. I am seeing nazir Naji since the time he was editor of a cheap/3rd rate lollywood film magzine, Mussawir. He is not a columnist, but a 5th columnist. He is not a journalist but General-ist.

  320. This is really intolerable. I appreciate Mr. Noorani for his patience. Naji was angry because he got the plot illegally.

  321. Hi

    Well Nazir Naji is a reall tautto of all Govts. he always talk in favour of the current govt. and criticizes previous govts. These kind of people always take advantages from govts and blackmail them they are the real bastards of Pakistan.

    Well Mr. Noorani whenever you face these kind of people in future just say one thing loudly.




  322. @Democrate
    you have lost your credibility. your comments on this page proves that you are typical PPP jiyala who defends anything related to PPP including this Naji.

  323. یہ سارے پیو پتر ایک جیسے ہیں
    سارے کی سارے
    چڑھتے سورج کی پجاری
    ہر حکومت سے فائدے حاصل کرنا اور پرانی حکومت اور اپوزیشن پر لکھنا اس بندے کا شیوہ ہے
    لیکن شاباش ہے احمد نورانی پر
    اپنے پیشے کے تقدس کا دامن ہاتھ سے نہیں چھوڑا اس نے
    اور مہربانی اس کی
    کہان چیزوں کی عام لوگوں تک رسائی ممکن بنائی

  324. Our society is corrupt to infinity.We should expose them and there evil deeds should be narrated to all.We should target the big,politicians,generals,judges,media and beauracacy .The corrupt are all interelated.We should also appreciate the few good ones like Mr Noorani.Its our duty to give some lead to them for investigating the corrupt mafia.The current president of APNS Mr Mujib ur Rehman Shami got in political bribe a closed government newspaper assets in Lahore at negligible price from UNITED BANK LIMITED on instruction of the then government in power in 1990s.Now this corrupt journislt is leading his baradri and NAJI is one of them.We should use this forum to speak the truth and its never late.We should expose them and corner them.Our problem is corruption only.All evils of society is from corruption.ALLAH SAVE PAKISTAN>

  325. Thanks, to musharraf who made media free, which ultimately created lots of opportunities in the media sector. These young journalists are the requirement of current era. Hats off for you Noorani, keep the good work up.

    Lets wait for the Nawaz Sharif Govt to come, and his reaction towards media, the Jang was the main victim of nawaz sharif during late 90s when the 12 pager reduced to 1 page..

  326. Good job Noorani. but poor guy naji he is drunk. what can he do..LOL
    Another one exposed…After the famous Zafar…
    Now instead of calling him names lets write email and tell him in a civilized way how you really feel about this.
    Write to jang and let them know how you feel about this hypocrate and so called intellectual.

    Jang Group of Newspapers
    Printing House,
    I.I. Chundrigar Road,

    Then write to His Excellency the intellect with 50 years wasted Mr Nazir Naji

    Let us email while I find his cell phone..
    Make your voices heard.
    If you haven’t noticed the rest of black sheep in the mainstream didn’t even mention the issue like nothing happened.Yes, there are other important issues at hand but this is nothing less.
    Long live Pakistan.

  327. noorani awesome….
    man you r coooool as a cucumber
    very deftly handeled a difficult escalating and provocative situation with highest standards of gentleman like composure


    Naji…proved himself a scumbag…NFA for him

  328. Nazir Naji should be jailed not for having two plots but for using abusive language with a junior journalist.

    Lets set up an example for all senior Generals, Jouranlist and Bureaucrats to treat all humans as equal and as they would like others to treat them.

  329. naji is 100% non sense. He was promoted by Nawaz. The kind of language he has used and his reference to Supreme Court; put SC on target. If SC or CJ does not take any action, then Mr. Noorani should file lawsuite against him for bring Supreme Court reference whixh may be irrelevent. I do not understand why media, specially GEO bring this man on air. I am shocked at his use of abuses, specifically mother/sister filthy language. He should be permanently barred from papers and media. Mr. Noorani: Go to court against him. What kind of model this feudal like behavior he is producing for coming generations. Send CJ this audio and let see if he takes any action?


  330. I am surprised of the hypocracy of media that so far no body condemned Nazir Naji . There is silence on this issue, may be they want to cover up their BRADRI or PETI BHRA.

    Nazir Naji was arogant he knew that discussion is being recorded but he thinks of himself as a sacred cow.

  331. @mabsoor chaudhry all pakistani media got plots from govt.why they have to say anything
    they do not want to loose their own plots?you know what i am talking about?

  332. I second to Mansoor Chaudhry. This mute from the journalism community of Pakistan is not acceptable. I can expect such an abusive language and vulgar profanity from a Jurnail of our army but not from a senior sahafi whom the media presents as an intellectual. As a minimum the media’s job is to report. The criticism and correction is the job of the rest of the intelligentsia. There has been some cryptic noise from Azfar Mani youth show but nothing from the main stream media outlets.

    If our media does not report its own anomaly, other opinion makers will not be able to take the issue to next steps. Can we assume that this silence is a self reflection of the media itself, unwilling disrespect to a pathetic patriarch, the fear of unforeseen reprisal or it is just a buddy covering a buddy? If it is so, you will soon be just another beast like Jurnails and politicians.

  333. Guys

    We should write to all Pakistani journalists and ask them to condemn Naji otherwise people are not going to support them any more

  334. Great job Mr Noorani u r brave man: I think soon Mr naji will resign from Jang or jang group will do kick him. Coz if naji continue job for jang then jang will loss his…../ we are extremely waiting for more update from noorani and naji arguments.



    I Gujjar

  335. Aslam-o-Alekum.

    @Jamhooriat. u have rightly said he is really a……. khanzir naji.

    @Ahmad Noorani. you have done a good job by diclosing the true face of such “intellectuals”. For this u deserve salute. You have remind us of Ibn-e-Insha and Faiz who were never reluctant to speak truth. Habib Jalib says,

    yeh loog plot nahi laitay balkay hakumatoon say rishwat laitay hain. Yeh inki wafadarioon k inamat hain. yeh Sahafi nahi balkay Pappi hain.
    inhoon nay awam ki rehnmayee kya karnii jo aap hirz o hawas main ddubay huay hain


    @all viewers

    Khuda Hafiz

  336. Nazir Naji must immediately transfer this Islamabad plot to EDHI TRUST and do TOBA and his Baradri must do the same as the media is the most important and sacred pillars of any country.Corruption leads to all evils in society.

  337. i would like to solute Ahmad Norani…and i would like to condemn also to all journalists community who rise a huge noise on a little scandal of Taliban or Politicians and now they r entirely sielent bc they can loose their own plots if govt takes any step…
    but what is wrong with u Ansar Abaasi sb …u r not a coward man , u always condemned issues like this…pls sustain ur neatralization and i would like to request all journalist that u all must condemn the the ill behavior of NNAji and took them in court as u demand for Musharaf and other politicains..if u will remain sielent then u r guilty.


    zafar iqbal imroze

  338. Ahmed Noorani, my compliment sfor your poise and cool. You have done a great job exposing this ” Biggest Prostitute of Journalism in Pakistan” This man is the biggest politician and always remains on the side of the Rulers. He got 27 CNG/ LPG stations sanctioned from Nawaz Sharif, he was with Hasan Nawaz writing Nawaz Sharif’s speech on 12th Oct, 1999 when Army reached PM House…. then switched to writing speeches for Musharraf and most of the time declined cash rewards but received in kind eg. valuable propeties etc. He defended Musharraf to the last and immediately thereafter started complaining against Musharraf’s cruelty on him and started paying tributes to Zardari and now as Zardari’s stocks plunged, he started to pay tributes to Nawaz Sharif.
    A debauch, alcoholic and a womeniser at large. His only aim in life is to enrich himself and remain in lime light. He is the Sharifuddin Pirzada and malik Qayyum of Journalism combined.
    Bastard son of a bitch Naji.

  339. It is indeed a matter of great shame and concern that we have people like Nazir Naji who are thriving in Pakistan on the basis of yellow journalism and have gain so much power and money over time by shady dealings. I hope the management of Jang and GEO will take an appropriate investigative action and this popular institution (Jang Group) will disassociate itself from journalists like Nazir Naji.

    Its shameful to listen to the converstation from a person who claims 5o years of experience and acts like an utterly uncivilsed beast. He should have atleast considered the noble institution of Journalism which he was claiming to be an ambassador of. Shame on you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always thought that journalist are the best learned persons and most groomed ones, because I hold Dr. Shahid Masood, Kamran Khan and Hamid Mir in my highest esteem. Probably these people will salvage the reputation damage done to Jang Group in particular and to Journalism in general.

    Shame on you as someone said ‘Khinzir Naji’.

  340. Ahmed Noorani, my compliments for your poise and cool. You have done a great job exposing this ” Biggest Prostitute of Journalism in Pakistan” This man is the biggest politician and always remains on the side of the Rulers. He got 27 CNG/ LPG stations sanctioned from Nawaz Sharif, he was with Hasan Nawaz writing Nawaz Sharif’s speech on 12th Oct, 1999 when Army reached PM House…. then switched to writing speeches for Musharraf and most of the time declined cash rewards but received in kind eg. valuable propeties etc. He defended Musharraf to the last and immediately thereafter started complaining against Musharraf’s cruelty on him and started paying tributes to Zardari and now as Zardari’s stocks plunged, he started to pay tributes to Nawaz Sharif.
    A debauch, alcoholic and a womeniser at large. His only aim in life is to enrich himself and remain in lime light. He is the Sharifuddin Pirzada and malik Qayyum of Journalism combined.
    A disgrace to Journalism.

  341. kia rawani aur balaghat hai. Kassam say ghalib ko b peechay chdr dia. Abb patha chala app ki breathing kyun disrapt hoti hai aur app kyun zardari ko maseeah liktay hain.Dil kush kar dia app nay Naji sb. Kabi izat affzai ka moqa dain.

    Noorani Sb kyal rakana 50 sal bad app ka b issa e hal na ho.

    Pakistan zinda bad.

    Pa khair raglay.


  343. @

    All these audios are real. All Pakistani newspapers are writing about it. Nawaiwaqt. Jang. express . all news channel have talked about it

  344. Being a Pakistani we have to understand the situtation there is not one Naji is corrupt, the every person who became a hero in media, he always use his popularity with there high rates. there are so many examples has been admitted on different kind of sources that according to the current situtation no one thinking for the best future of pakistan, every person wants to become hero on dialague instead of there keen interest on hard working with sincerely. Unfortunately we have not a good leader who handle our critical crises which are rising step by step.
    Allah help us and give us the great leader to handle the crises.
    shahid Gujar

  345. @Hastnagar

    Mate what a marvelous analysis. Where have you been all this while?. You should start working for CIA. I am sure they can benefit a lot from you. Keep it up.

  346. It’s a new alarm for the general citizens like me; so far we have witnessed the arrogances of CSP officers, Army officers and police. Now journalist are also on board, it is not that they were known as humble people in past but it was a general view of public that only bingers and small level journalist have such attitude.

  347. it seems that 1st audio file is genuine but the last two are fake …..any body can noticed that the actor who is making his voice lost in between..any way mr NOorani and Ansaar abbasi must do investigative jouranlism on talibanisation which is the real threat thesee days……….Mr nazir naaji only fault is that he have difference of opinion on variuos issues from right wing jouranlist like ansaar shami ,mushtaq minhaas so on and so forth who r the bigger supporter MrNawaz Shareef,Imran khan & talibans.

  348. How can one be certain that the person on the other side of the phone is really Nazir Naji? Could it be part of a defamation campaign after he spoke openly in favor of a minority on a TV show?

    Notable is the fact that he quoted Dr. Salam and that his Nobel prize winning theory was in fact sourced from Holy Quran…!!

  349. I am sure Ahmed Noorani had abused Naji even more then double Naji abused him, but after shutting down the recording. I am sure it was a pre planned. 90% of Genralists are on the same Track in Pakistan. Everybody has his own objectives.

  350. Pacific trecker

    I agree with you issue , but Naji is such alow level creature.
    Naji was very much attached to sharif, when later was trying to become amerul ul momineen
    I f he was not guilty, why did he apologized to shaheen sehbahai.

    One cannot defend undefendebale

    @ samiiqbl

    Dude if noorani abused him, he could have taped.

    Naji fanclub , you cannot defend this

  351. What an ill-fated nation we are, out of 60 years of Independence we have to tolerate a journalist of Nazir Naji’s caliber for 50 years. What a pity.

    In fact that’s the whole story of our checquered history.

    Unfortunately he is judged as an EXPERT and is invited for his comments in news reports and talk shows on a regular basis.

    Sadly this is not confined to Naji only who is employed by the largest media group of Pakistan, if we look around we will be seeing same incompetence in all fields of life. Corrupt, inept, dishonest and criminal person, likes of Naji, will be occupying the post, meant for able, competent and honest individual. And it all is happening in the land of great Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the most incorruptible, principled and upright person we can imagine.

    People are surprised why lunatic and foolish group like Talibans are gaining support and making advances? The answer lies in this audiotape. When we see people like the capacity of Naji spreading their virulent messages regularly and occupying the position meant for able populace then the answer will be the Talibanisation of the society.

  352. I think listening to the audiotape and the language used by Naji, many people here think that it is impossible for a media person to use such a foul language and it might be a fake one. But having been in print media myself for couple of years I have no doubt that it is Naji. Everyone journalist know that Naji can go even lower to that. He is a shameless character. His real face and character is much much more horible.

  353. @miybutt brother, it’s not a surprise actually. Naji these days is very close to Presidency and that’s why his tone was threatening all the time. There was not much printed by Jang group against him and only program aired was on Aag tv, where Mani and his friend interviewed both Noorani and Ansar Abbasi. Naji knows all the tricks of wheeling and dealing, that’s why he was talking in such a tone. Moreover he is always under the influence of alcohols all the night.

    Naji infact makes a perfect buddy with Asif Zardari, both are corrupt to the core, wrong people at the very important place, alcoholics and never bother that they can harm the country with their actions and writings respectively.

  354. Hi Ahmad Noorani

    nice work, through this recording these BLACK FACES were un-velied, by their BULL SHITS on the talk shows & on their columns they are the just killing us by their patriotism!!!!
    Its look that none of them has sympathy to the nation more than them.

    Do talk with other journalist, & post there………look what other HEROES respond.
    take care

  355. there were couple of mqm bstrds who were abusing other including me too while trying to protect khanzeer naji … die in shame now as this story has been authenticated by many sources even by Ansar, Mani and many other jounalist.

  356. Well done,thanks this man is exposed,he always talked like a saint,but there was something doggy about him,
    Well done again,in exposing MR NAZIR NAGI

  357. – although i dont agree with naji’s opinions, it is hard to believe it is naji…such foul language
    – can noori approach court for complain of insult?
    – noori should have mentioned that naji is being recorded. otherwise he may be violating personal privacy and these recordings may not hold much weight in court
    – if 2nd and 3rd recording are proven to be of naji (forensics can do that), naji should be disgracefully discharged of his journalistic duties

  358. nazir naji ney jatni galiayan di hain us say us ki oqat ka pata chal gaya hai…..gali ka kutta newspaper may articles likh k logun ko bewaquf banata hai…

    m requesting all newspapers to plz stop publishing his articles

  359. I really respected the man as a journalist but unfortunately who ever you trust turns out like wrotten egg. I wish if he realise how many people heard this and believe it was him. I can recognise his voice trust me.
    I wish Mr Noorani brings him to court.

  360. Dear fellows
    Has Mr Noorani any right to make a private conversation public?
    Noorani is an investigative reporter, can he investigate assests of Jang and the News groups plus GEO?
    What about illegal assests of Ansar Abbasi, Kamran Khan and other blackmailers?
    I am not a great fan of Naji or any other pakistani journalists because everyone wants to control the politics, religion and every aspect of your life.
    But Noorani needs to investigate about another News reporter based in Peshawar. His name is Rahimullah Yousafzai and he lives in 4 Kanal Palace in Peshawar Hayatabad. Its illegal to build a house in Hayatabad more than one Kanal he Rahimullah combined 4 plots for his Palace.
    So Mr Investigator reporter, can you work on it?

  361. @afisadi

    Someone has to start it. And kudos to Noorani for doing it. If we go along your theory then nothing will be done.

    Problem is that you have to have all the proof before you can file a story otherwise you loose your credibility.

    If more & more investigative work happens and get reported, everyone will thing twice before doing something stupid.

  362. I was really surprised that the behaviour of the journalist in Pakistan, the way which Mr.Ahmed Noorani started the conversation and the recording the telefone was illegal and he has to face the consequences and the way mr noorani investigated the plot scandal which was leading to the that proved He was well paid by the Taliban or Mr sharif to black mail the powerfull writer Mr Nazir Naji. I have been reading Mr Naji colums since last thirty years and I knew his loyallity with PPP and Nawaz Shareef, because He thought that Mr Shareef might be the alternate of Bhutto, but Shareef wanted to be Khaliffa. Taliban and America wanted to destory Pakistan and they are spending lot of money to buy new weapons like mr ahmad noorani, new journalist beacuse they could be bought easily and cheap. the issue is not a plot, the issue is they tried to insult the senior journalist who can defend the pakistan and their words not in the favour of the Taliban and Ansar Abbassi and Mr Abbassi is the well paid active member of the Taliban and American CIA agent.

  363. In the first call he was not drunk. He became abusive after he got drunk. It is Naji in the second and third clip , there is no dought about it. Human voice changes after he gets drunk. I know him personally , he is an alcoholic and more abusive then this. He is basically a GHUDAAR. He got these plots for licking bolls of corrupt politicians.

  364. Dear fellow citizens, the story why mr noorani and ansar abbassi published because they did not get any plots from the central government. Mr Abbassi and Noorani owed three guests houses in Islamabad/Rawalpindi. you imagine what is happenings in these geusts houses. prostitution been happening and the thekedar of Islam runs these kinds of businesses. They follower of Talibans and they only needs their business to runs while other keeps silence.

  365. There should be some ethics for investigative reporting. If Naji gets a plot then why Noorani called him for interview? Did he call other people who took plots? Looks like Naji is the only target of Noorani.
    What about Zia Shahid? Let me tell you something. In 1998, the Khabrain groups assests were close to Rs two billion. By that time the same group bought more than 10 million commercial plot in peshawar close to city railway station.
    From where all this money come from?
    What about Shami’s assests?
    In Paksitani journalism, corruption is very common either in the shape of plots, loans, overseas tours etc.
    How many journalists have plots in Islamabad and other parts of the country. My logic is very simple. Why Naji only? Noorani needs to tell us how many other journalists get plots, inclusing his buddies in The News and Jang.

  366. @All

    Looks like Jang hasn’t given a damn to people’s wishes as Khanzeer naji keeps on writing in Jang.

    Can you please do a poll, like What should Jang Do About Nazeer naji?

    1) Fire him. Don’t publish any of his columns anymore.
    2) Make him the Group Managing Director.

    Anyone else who likes this suggestion?. Please reply so that the admin will know if people want this poll or not.

  367. Jang group has essentially suppressed the issue. Larger population, in Pakistan, is neither aware of it nor ever will be. Hence Jang has ignored it.

    I like the idea of the poll but I doubt it will make any difference at all.

  368. This is sad face of reality in Pakistan. Mr. Naji was Editor of Sung-e-Meel that was Pro PPP and Pro Bhutto Paper till 1977. He quickly became opposed to depose Prime Minister Bhutto and started praising for a dictator Zia. He never stopped to join the camps of ruling party. He was so close to former ruling party Muslin League Q but gradually shifted becoming closer to Zardari regimen as well as MQM. He also does not miss the opportunity to stay positive for Nawaz Sharif. In summary he is a characterless yellow journalist who is spoiling the trust of the people in new found voice and independence of Media. We must condemn such turncoats and selfish people who brought Pakistan to its knees. I wish and pray fro Mr. Noorani for his patience. It must not be easy but he showed his strength and earned my utmost respect.

  369. Friends i am happy today , The first voice against Naji came today yes and it is Dr.Shahid Masood.
    Thankyou Dr. sahib.

  370. Brothers and Sisters,

    I have heard, watched and read alot Mr. Naji. Thank You very much for exposing his true face to me and the rest of the BRAVE PAKISTANI NATION. I am shocked too not because he has lust for more but that during his such a long tenure he did not learn how to behave.

    And thankx for Dr.Shahid Masood for his steps mentioned in today’s article: WEL DONE Brother.

  371. Great work Ahmad. I am really pleased with your effort not only because you pluck the mask from a black sheep with your patience but the actual pleasure is that youth starts to cultivate the dream of Pakistan actual Pakistan. we always think what we can do, where we can start, it is impossible to make a change in it, but i think now we young peoples have to start cleaning and making it according to Islam and the dreams of Iqbal and Quaid, and it starts with reveling what is under the cover.

    Nice effort brother keep it up

    Shahzad Ahmed

  372. Dear Fellows,

    It’s really shame for all of us. Nazir Naji is one from the lot of the patriotic, well-educated, thoughtful and well respected bastard and son of bitch who can sell their mother for a piece of plot.

    I remember he was the favorite dog of Nawaz Sharif and used to bark in favor of him.

    His son (Aneeq Naji) another pig is also following the same track. I don’t know what is the criteria of becoming a journalist in Pakistan. He is also presenting couple of programs on Geo Tv. Either Geo TV should ban both of them from their tv and new paper or at least all of the overseas Pakistanis must boycott this tch channel.

    I do appreciate Ansar Abbasi, Mr. Noorani and team for doing this great job and successfully exposing this cult to the entire nation.

    In fact this is the point of time where we should pledge to eliminate these black sheep from our society.
    Another big name and fame is Hasan Nisar and I am pretty sure that he is also another barking dog of politician people

    May GOD Bless Pakistan.
    Keep up the good work Team!

  373. Well Done Ahmad Nurani Well Done, You have successfully ripped him off with patience.He is more than SHITT.What he has cotributed to Pakistan.Only Matriculate.Recruited his 1st son(B.A.only) as Traffic Inspetor who made a lot of money.2nd Thesildar and third in TV through Nawaz Sharif(Sher e Pakistan) actually Bhghiar e Pkistan. I appeal to CJ of Pakistan to take action his two sons should be removed from the services of Pakistan and atleast Jang Group should Ban its Chumchageeri on TV &News Paper. Kash I cou’d Slash 100 CHITTER on his naked Hip.

    Now i have just one question to my dearest and honorable journalists that where are they?
    Those who are always ready to write columns and give us a new vision and doing a program for brain washing?
    Why they keep quite?
    Now the matter of their community?
    Now they have to write something about their senior?
    Now they have to write something for their teacher?
    Now they have to conduct a program?
    Where are they now?
    Where are Mr Nusrat Javid and Br Mustaq Minhas (BOLTA PAKISTAN)? Would they do a program? R just read a Bullah Sha ?
    Where is Br Tallet? Would he investigate it?
    Where is Br Hamid Mir?
    Would he call him A Capital Talk?
    Where is Kamran khan?
    Would he spend 1 day for this in his 25 year service?
    Where is Hassan Nisar? Would he say his ideology in this meter?
    Where is Irfan Siddique?
    Would he have time to write it?
    Where is Haroon Shab?
    Would he write his history for it?
    Wher is Br Javed Choudery?
    Would he remember some incidents related to this?
    Where is Column Kar?
    Would he Compleat 4 people for it to perform a program?
    Is Dr. Shaid ready to talk about UN KE MUTABIK?

  375. Sawere Sawere Danish Frooshi ka Karubar Karnay Wale se ooor kia Ummeeed Rakhi Ja Sakti Hai. Infect Naji jese libril extremist logo ne is Mulk ko Barbad kia hai….. Yahi Log Hain Jo Hukmranoooo K Har GHalat Kam ko Theeek Sabit Karnay ki KOshish kartay hai. Laikin Is k Zimma dar wo Idare B hai ( Like Jang Group) Jo in Jese Bad Qumashooo ko Danishwer Banaker Paish Karte hai.

  376. I realy can,t belive that this selfish & Corrupt person can use this type of cheap lenguage also,i got shock when i liston his wordings,i am also realy very happy that nation can see his real face. read his all articals, actual he is working for some agencies(not pakistani).
    Second, please read his all articals, i am sure you will also find out that he is best partner of Mr, 10 percent(its old) now i think its 100 percent %.

    Thanks for this website & thanks for specialy Dr.Shahid masood

  377. To my knowledge there are just a few of them whom you can trust, and Ardeshir Cowasjee is one of them. He sounds quite honest and realistic when writing about something, though sometimes he gets a bit sarcastic, or pessimistic, but one can’t doubt his honesty. I have serious doubts about Kalasara, and the rest of the company. But exposing these crooks would be great favor to this nation and country.

  378. JUNG GROUP, belong Mr nazeer naji from a long time thanks god he descovered by jung group now at the end of pakistan, after listning of audios, i hope next colum of nazeer naji shuold be not print in jung news paper,is it possibel, and also tv channals should not invite him for comment, when i was listning him i think he was drunk a full bottel of BALACK LABEL whisky,,, as a jurnalist he always support ALTAF HUSSAIN OF MQM, his voice when he was taking mr ahmed noorani was same to ALTAF HUSSIAN WHE HE ADRRESS TELEPHNIC speach,,, ALLOW THEM OR STOP THEN TO LOOTING PAKISTAN,,,,

  379. Here is Nazir Naji email address I request all friends to email him shmaing him and also one email to Mir Shakil ur Rehman and cc the available email addresses of programms like capital talk, kamran khan shoe, bolta pakista asking them to fire this King of Journalism. I am surprised that what his family must be thinking. SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU NAZIR NAJI



  382. Not even jounalists, but every walk of our life is full of these types of black sheeps. What about the politicians? The most corrupt person in the history of pakistan is our president. What a pitty? What more you want? I know the persons like Mr. Nazir Naji always think that they are right. But who else is there who listens to others(Except few). We as a whole nation are corrupt and that’s why the persons like Mr. Naji exist in our society. They are in majority in Pakistan and you can’t do anything about them because they are so poweful and now they have got their father as the president of this country with full power in his hands just like a monkey with a club in his hand.
    We just need to pray from God and wait. I hope the persons like Mr. Ansar Abbasi, Doctor Shahid Masood, Javed Chaudhry and many others like them dominate the print media in Pakistan.

    God bless our Pakistan.
    Saadat from Kuwait.

  383. This recording has surely exposed nazir (or Kahnzir) Naji.
    No doubt Ahmad Noorani done a good job with patience. i will request the admn to please publish Niji’s phone number on this site and i gaurantee you that within few days he will not be able to show his face in public any more.
    i request all to please send him emails on his address:

  384. iss hamam main sab nangay hain rauf klasra bra writer banta hai wo b plot lainay waloon main hai. ye kameenay log pakistan ko kha jaen gey. Cheif Justice should come forward to take notice of this unnjustice,

  385. I am against Naji for his ever changing stances regarding Pakistani leadership for money and perks and privileges but I also support him for his stance against extremism.
    As for the 2nd and 3rd Audio tapes are concerned, I do not think they are original because voice is felt totally changed from first video.
    If these tapes are genuine than I would request Mr. Noorani to file a petition in Supreme Court for abusing and threatening him. I think he(and hence many others will be benefited) will get justice by CJ Mr. Chuadhry.
    Please do not abuse me as this is my observation and may be wrong or false.

  386. Dont forget to write to Mr. Senior Journalist in the language he understand, and tell him how much you appreciate his comments.

    write to JANG, NEWS, DAWN and all tv channels to BAN him

    this man doesnt deserve any respect, till he publicaly apologise and take all his words back and call himself “bhen#$%$%^” and admit his wrongdoings.

  387. I like the name “Khanzeer Naji” what an apt name. This is the matric pass SOB who is the king of yellow journalists and always blackmaild ruling parties
    Hats off to Ahmed Noorani for exposing such a filthy, stinking a** hole. Can anyone pass on his phone number, I want to s**it in his ears.

  388. Nazir Naji Sahib in support of his wrong doing has claimed that he has 50 years standing in journalism on his credit.

    Is say sabit hota hay keh “ Agar GADHA bhurha ho jaey to is say ye na samajh len ke wo akalmand bhi ho gaya ho ga”.

    Kia Nazir Naji Sahib bata saktay hain keh apnay 50 sala sahafti career main unhon nay kitni dolat ikathi ki hay ( aisho ishrat kay ilawa – is recording main bhi wo puri tarah DRUNK hain) aur kin zaraey say (apni mehdood salary kay ilawa).

  389. His column named SAWERAY SAWERAY should be named as ANDHERAY ANDHERAY coz he proved himself to be the master of matter which are to be dealt in ANDHERAY ANDHERAY….

    He should be kicked off from JANG……

    50 saal ho gaye haiN is kameenay ko sahaafat meiN …. aisay shakhs ko to goli maar deni chahiye jo khud ko sahaafat ka khuda samajhta hai ….


  390. It is clear from the call of nazir naji, that he is an imposter(munafiq) kiyonkeh yeh aik hadis bhi hai keh munafiq ki aik nishanni hai keh jab woh baat karta hai to jhoot bolta hai aur ghussay main galiyaan nikalta hai, I request jang group to please ban him from writing in jang. Thank you very much.

  391. It breaks my heart when some people call me Khanzeer Naji or Bawaseer Naji.

    I am a peeler of Pakistani gernalism. If you would like to verify this, please contact me.

    And of course, I forgot:

    b*nch*d, 10 saal se internet aya hai aur baatain kartay ho…150 saal ki meri gernalism ki service hai…..maa bap kay kassay gintay ho? me tumhari maa ki jaga hoon.

    Eminent Asian Scholar, Philosopher, Thinker, Fashion Model, & Writer

    Ph; 92-42-5292877
    Cell: 92-300-8456827

  392. Very simple solution to this problem.
    All media should boycott Mr. Naji specially Jang group & geo.
    Govt of Pakistan should immediately cancel allottment of plot to Mr. Naji to prove that it is not using media persons in its favour.

    I think our problem as a nation (at all levels) is that we are very critical of others but don’t have the courage to see our own faults. This goes true for 99.9% of our society. We will give very strong arguments against other’s mistakes but when we get a slightest benefit out of the way, we never have the courage to refuse this. Our religion tells us what to do but we never follow our religion except showing to others that we offer prayers. Our Molvi’s have never tried to practice true teachings of Islam. They have made it look like a very limited religion. If you ask me none has ever damaged Islam except our “Ill knowledged” molvis. Someone truly said that previously we worked hard to convert ppl to Islam but now we work even harder to exclude ppl from Islam by giving fatwas of Kufr. I think all of us know which religious group is responsible for this since last many years. Sad thing is that our govt as well as other Islamic countries were and are still supporting them.

    I have received an email from someone which says GEO is funded by US govt. There are many other issues raised in this email regarding geo anchors. I would like geo to clarify to the nation on this issue.

  393. Thanks to Mr.Noorani, who bring out these black sheep in front of this poor nation, which always try to say welcome all leaders just because of, they want to live in peace and they want a better future for their children and their country. But these black sheep know that how much our nation are innocent and how they can twist mind of this poor nation for their benefits through column, through talk shows.
    (Bundar kaay Haat matchis aii uss nay jungal koo agg laga dee) is this called Media who demoralize the nation?

    I think now it is the duty of our Civil society and our senior Journalists to boycott these type of black sheep and ALLAH kay Wastay abb iss qoom per Raham Karin. How much more they will suck blood of us, and our children

  394. Mr. Noorani, first of all I’d appreciate your patience and morals you demonstrated against such a wicked person.

    Do you think news media will take any action against him? NEVER! Because who can take action are already involved in the dirty game. There will be bit noise, bla bla.. and after a while everything will be forgotten. He will remain in and awam of short memory will keep reading and hearing him.

    I was surprised to know how filthy rich and influencial Hasan Nisar is.

  395. @ Nazir Naji

    lol man…

    so hilarious, it brought tears in my eyes laughing at your last post. Keep it up, you are catching fast with real nazir naji. lol

  396. I did not expect this from Nazir Naji. Even very illiterate and uncivilized people can’t talk such language which he spoke. What a shame for you Nazir Naji. You have earned true reward for your 50 years black mailing. You would have thought, whoever will know whats and how much stinking filth you have inside. Truly you proved that you have a great reservoir of garbage which you spitted out on Mr. Noorani.

    Mr. Noorani, Congratulations to you and your family for showing this much calm and temperament and congratulations to your family for your such elegant and dignified upbringing (no offense to Naji’s family).

    In broader terms the conversation shows the two sides of Pakistani society. Virtue and vice, good and bad, bright and dark, education and illiteracy of 150 years, content and greed of 150 years, work and black mailing of 150 years, wisdom and stupidity of Mr. Naji. Indeed we live in extremes!

    Finally, Naji Sahib, if you have left with even a drop of sharam(shame), than:

    “Chillo bharr paani mein doob maro”

  397. Look at this man, he was once chairman of ‘Pakistan Academy of letter’. Can you believe it! What can we expect from a common man if one of our former Chairman of Academy of letters can talk like this?

  398. @all
    naji knows that the whole world has listened this audio. how is he facing his children and family? how is he moving out of his house and meeting friends?? no sharam at all? not a column to say sorry to anyone?

  399. @ ALL

    Blame everything on Talibans . Ba-zameer Naji do not have beard and donot wear turban. He is a liberal Journalist so thats why he is ok.

    I just wonder about media’s reaction if the same thing or even a closer thing have done by some Taliban looking guy. Showed / Aired 100 times a day by all the channels including the foreign channels with English subtitles.

    Ak say Bahar kar ak . I feel like cursing him but I should not put myself at his very low level.


  400. here is contact info of all people you should write to to register your complain. Please send your feed back to following links.

    Jang feed back
    AAJ feed back
    Duniya Feed Back
    Express news feed back
    Geo feed back
    Bolta Pakistan
    Capital Talk

  401. Dear Ahmed Noorani,


    Your patience did the magic and unleashed the true shaitan. And the worst things is that this bastard is still trying to justify his actions in his daily colmns.

    If he would have an iota of shame, he should kill himself. What’a disgrace for our journalism and in particualr for Jang group.


  402. Barha hee KHOTAY KA BACHCHA hai ye Khanzir Naji.
    Today he has written a column in Jang. Read it and check how KHANNAAS he is. Still he don’t think himself as guilty.

  403. Naji’s today’s column is an attempt to save himself from important journalists by praising them and he has praised Sharif brothers also in order to save his skin.

    He always did this whenever he felt endangered. Remember Wasi Zafar and Ansar Abbasi affair. How the matter was taken by media and how it was publicized on electronic media and now everyone numb and quite! Is it not a open double standard!

  404. After this hugge load of comments, someone should post list of those journalists who were allotted plots in Islamabad. Nazir Naji issue cropped up coz zardari gave him plot in the jurisdiction of capital development authority.
    there were few others who were given plots. please post their names.

  405. Bribery and flattering has many farms and especially in Pakistan, we come across everyday with a new way of these tools to get the hidden an open objectives of civilized miscreants.

    Nazeer Naji Mafia gives sermons in talk shows and spread his evil thinking through some of the well renowned newspapers and media channels.

    While listening his intellectual conversation with , one can well imagine is mental level and the black face behind the media face.

    Today he wrote another column in daily Jang

    and tried to bribe and flattered chief minister Shahbaz Sharif to protect his plot, I am not optimistic about Shabaz Sharif , as they are also involve in these evils, as most of the politicians use these “ Bakao “ journalist as a tools.

    We have to appreciate few fair journalist like Ansar Abassi, Mr. Abbasi please keep it regardless of any influence from any source

  406. It is an eye opner for all the youth, should be taken rather more seriously. When Ansar Abbasi withdraw his right to plot, i thought it will serve as a first drop of rain and many of the Journilists will follow but in presence of such teachers, I wonder any student will follow!

  407. Well done Jamhooriat, loved your comment because you have fully described this guy in a simple sentence, he is really KhaNZEER Naji. I remember he was very close to Nawaz Shareef when the later was prime minister of Pakistan. On the day of military coup he was writing speech for the PM for his supposed address to the nation and when the army took over he with others was ordered to leave the place and he ran bare feet from the prime minister house. Few days later he was in pro mushi camp and it was then Nawaz shareef commented about KHANZEER NAJI; “a dog would be more loyal than Nazeer Naji”

    Now i am wondering either we should call him a dog or Khanzeer but i reckon Khanzeer fits him well. Last but not the least if a journalist uses such a language then i would hate him and i request all of you to avoid reading columns of Khanzeer naji atleast i don’t read him.

    May ALLAH help Pakistan and keep her away from khanzeers.

  408. First of all i wud like to appreciate this gr effort yours Mr.Ahmad Noorani. you did a fantastic job. By being cool and calm despite all the vulgar language used by this stupid moron nazir naji you did a great job uncovering him.

    Shame on you Naji.

  409. We must start a campaign to show the real face of this bastard Naji to the lay man. His character should be highlighted in blogs. Further we can boycott the news channel he is invited and tell our friends to boycott all those products that give advertisement to the newspapers and TV channels which airs his comments and publish article. Action and unity is the key to achieve any goal and all the patriotic people should participate in it.

  410. i think this is very very bad and blundrous thing mr. noorani has committed. he first emotianally stimulated a very very senior journalist and then recoded his conservation and most evil thing he did is to air it online. In any civilized country this will always be considered as shameful, sinful,unethical and ofcoursr illegal. And I m most shocked after reading the comments. not a single person, not even a single person pointed out the diabolic and evil motivation behind this move. I feel ashamed.

  411. @ ammad1

    your friend Naji was abusive and threatening. Being abusive is enough to air such comments. I think his threatening language should be reported to the police (sadly, he did not phone from a civilised country so this may not amount to any action!)

    Pkpolitics is based in a civilised country (UK). It is perfectly legal to record and expose anything that is based on:

    1. Truth &

    2. Exposing this is in the interest of public (i.e. it is not about any ordinary citizen. It is about someone that public should know about: eg leader, artists, columnst. In other word any public figure).

    You are shocked by sinful and ‘ofcoursr’ illegal action by Noorani but you are not shocked by the language of Naji. Just imagine Naji asks you:

    Naji (on phone to Imad1): “Tum wohi ho na jo apne Walidayn ke ‘Kusse’ Ginte ho!!”

  412. What a miserable person Nazir Kutta Naji is…
    but there is only good thing he said when he said

    Sheikh Rashid Behen**od….
    That is cool.

  413. @safshan

    I 100% agree with you. This Bastard Naji has got a reward from this government. He slways flow where the water is flowing. He is real “Harami”. We should boycott the TV cahnnels, who are calling him and ask him his views on important issues, as you said.

  414. ammad1 brother can you please justify the language of Naji on any part of this planet civilized or uncivilized????? Forget about who is wrong and who is right for a second and just judge the conversation, can a person belonging to such a noble profession can use an abusive language like this???

  415. A postive thinking and thoughtful reaction is the need of the day–At least we should be happy with the idea that someone’s true face has been exposed and we should try not to imitate him / her. After going through all the learned friends comments on the incident, I came to one conclusion that Oridinary minds cannot produce extraordinary thoughts–Nazir Naji is just an ordinary man, with oridinary thoughts, with oridinary background, but definitely with EXTRAORDINARY luck–which brought him fame and honour that he enjoyed, but could not live upto the expectations as is clear by his filthy conversation. If he has proved below the morality standards, it does not mean that others are proven above board–we are answerable for our deeds. All of us must remember the saying of Wasif Ali Wasif, who rightly said “KISSI DOOSARY KEY KHAMI AAP KEY KHOOBI NAHIN BAN SAKTI”

  416. @ gam

    Naji is not ordinary, has has passed FULL eight classes!! If he had done 10, he would have been direct hawaldaar, lol

  417. I am Mirza Babur Naveed Baig, Chief Editor of Daily “Views on News” from federal Capital. I started publishing of your cpmmints in print media “AS IT IS”. It is my request that kindly send your commints directly me also at to fix this article writer.

  418. @ChiefEditor
    Welcome to pkpol.
    I suggest you copy the comments from different threads of pkpolitics to get more variety.

  419. Salam to Ahmad Noorani, we need more like Ahmad Noorani and more media attention on these kinds of stories. If media will self criticize, we can have a free press.

  420. Naji was writing in favour of Musharraf. Now Naji blames Musharraf for everything. He has gone so far in praising NS and Zardari that he has lost all his sense. A couple of days ago, he wrote about NS helping the thousands of poor people so secretly that even his sons do not know. He wrote that NS sold Qalsum Nawaz’s golden Zever (ornaments – bangles etc) to help the poor. He has such a low mentality that he cannot think above selling wife’s gold! He doesn’t know that his TC is more of an insult for a gentleman!!!!!!!

  421. Nawaz Sharif’s last speech was written by Nazir Naji. Khawaja Asif wrote a detailed column on Naji’s actions. When Nawaz was in jail, Naji changed his sides again. He became pro Musharraf and pro Chaudharis. According to Hamid Mir in his column, everybody cursed Naji for writing against Nawaz after all those favours thats why Naji turned his guns against Shabaz Sharif only afterwards.

    Musharraf has mentioned his name in his book as ‘speech writer’. Musharraf says that when he was approached to write speech of Nawaz sharif to sack Musharraf, Naji got scared. He said to Hussain Nawaz: ‘I write better when I dictate and someone else writes’. Hussain Nawaz did not understand and started writing what Nazir Naji was dictating. Later Nazir Naji said that it was not his hand writing and that it was Hussain who wrote everything.

  422. Great work by Ahmed noorani. How I wished someone could expose these journalists involved in yellow journalism. Around 6 months earlier on this blog I wrote about this issue. I sent an email also to bolta Pakistan with no reply. The question I asked was why there had never been any criticism on the journalists in this country. The people involved in criticizing the corruption of Generals and politicians are the journalists. The politicians go to jails, get exile, get hanged, get abused by the public in public and finally criticized in the papers by so called journalists as well. But never ever anyone criticizes these bad guys among them. There is always an excuse from the journalists (including mushtaq and nusrat) that they could not criticize them coz they were their colleagues. Why spare them. Thanks God someone has started this. We need to expose all the bad guys in all the fields.
    We have to appreciate that in the modern times its the media which is taking the lead in almost all the good deeds. They have done their job again. Its also done partly by the judges (under leadership of CJ but again with the help of media). No doubt the media in Pakistan is one of the best in the world. Now is the turn of politicians and the generals. Some good politicians need to expose the bad ones, some good generals must expose the bad ones. Being part of the same community is not the excuse. A bill passed by the assembly for corruption of politicians so that they can avoid going to the courts is an attempt to save their skins. Someone like ahmed noorani has to come forward from all the groups.
    There are so many other names in journalism who need to be exposed. Nazir naji is just one of them. This is a mafia. Now Najam sethi has started coming on tv to be continue his yellow journalism. Najam sethi (and his junior version Mubashar), mujeeb shami, zia shahid and the likes have been toppling the govts in the past through their editorials and the newspapers. Now they have been replaced by relatively honest younger generation but on electronic media. They cant compete them through papers only. So they are trying to do very boring programs on various tv channels. No body watches them. They cant be fool the nation for long. Najam sethi calls the anchors media terrorists in his daily times editorial. Look at his face (uncle sargam) and u can see a terrorist in him (liberal terrorist). I see much better liberalism and sufiism and islam in writings of Iqbal than these so called self declared liberals as well as sufis and maulvis. I hate them and many others but I dont want to name all of them coz time will expose all.

  423. @

    forget who is right and who is wrong. just answer one question

    Can you listen to this conversation sitting with your family????

  424. utterly unbelieveable
    i used 2 read his coulmns
    but now well what can i say
    i hope he is exposed to the nations

    need his number yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar

  425. I think Imad1 is Naji himself or one of his sons.

    One of his son (Aneeq Naji) was in government college. He had no talent but still was in PTV plays (you know his father’s TC talents). One day I saw him being very rude to an old bearded man. I never understood why he used that abusive language to a guy who was same age as his grandfather (there was no reason. He was trying to be ‘smart’/arrogant in front of his buddies).

    Now I know this rudeness runs in the family. Maybe we should tell Naji: ‘You maybe used to this kind of language in your family, please understand this language is not acceptable in decent and educated families’.

  426. Gents – In my responce to these audios, I have sent the below email toa Nazir Naji and a number of Jang group people 🙂


    Nazir Naji Plot Master Saab,

    Ager apko ek junior talented journalist ka sirf sawal pochna itna bura lag gaya toa iska matlab DAAL MEIN ZAROOR KUCH KALA HAY, 50 SAAL KI SERVICE WALI R**DI

    Mujhe bhe Islamabad mein ek plot chahyae, baatein apna zameer mujhe kis hadh tak baichna paray gaa ek plot lay nay kay liye? socha apki expert opinion lay loon?


    Shoaib Sid
    Computer Engineer
    MSc, Cisco Certified.
    Birmingham, UK

  427. Ahmed Noorani ! salute to you for your patiance, chadhtay sooraj ka yeh pujari CIA ka agent to hai, no doubt, magar yeh itna ghaleez aor ghatya bhee ho gaa un blieveable…..”apnay maan baap kay dhakkay yeh khud ginta raha ho ga jabhi Ahmed Noorani say yeh sawal kia is nay ……laa’nat ho tujh par aay boodhay aadmee…apni zaeefi kaa bhi khayal naheen kia….potay ki umar kay bachcay say aisi batain?….phir gila kartay hain k naojawan hamari izzat naheen kartay, thu hai thu…..hamara mulk kaisay kaisay logon ko paal raha hai…… Pakistan ka khuda hi hafiz……………..