22 thoughts on “Chief Justice Address – 8 May 2009

  1. Mr.CJ would you please keep apart your these sort of VISIT & Addresses at different time of period, the time has come to show your PREVIOUS PERFORMANCE i.e. only JUSTICE why your mouth is still shut on the burning issues of Ms.Amna Janjua, Ms.Afia Siddiqui & rest of other.

  2. Mr. CJ & rest of others who are very much ready to with your Glasses for those, this innocent nation has become “FED UP” with ===ZABANI JAMA KHARCH/VERBAL COMMITMENTS==== it is by mean the time has come to Result Oriented Out Put.

  3. Sorry for missing the Word.

    Mr. CJ & rest of others who are very much ready to SEE with your Glasses for those………..

  4. @AA Mansoori
    Sounds like a part of the deal brokered by the establishment.
    Khamosh rehney ki qeemat?
    I would hate to believe it though.

  5. @pak.nukes & AAM

    Maybe it is too early to demand action from the judiciary. Pakistan is in all kind of mess right now. We should have a little more patience (not years) and let the judiciary work (hopefully).

  6. Hey @Shirkuh
    You are right but my fear is based on CJ’s mild behaviour and actions.
    Hope I am wrong.
    ‘Don’t mess with uncle Sam’ is the moral of the story.

  7. @pak.nukes
    Stop seeking conspiracy theory out of everything. Well, come on! He is chief Justice of Pakistan not any Party leader or Sarbarah tehreek etc etc. Its very good to observe that Mr. Iftikhar CH never trespassed the boundaries of rationality, constitutional vision and human right protective attitude during his speech.

  8. its been almost a month and CJ hasnt initiated the missing persons cases. neither some has filed NRO. i would wait for one more month, if Cj will not hear the missing cases and wouldnt bring the ISI to court then certainly he would be out of my beloved list.

  9. @junaid
    I know one thing for sure, the NRO will not be touched. This was conveyed to CJ through Aitzaz Ahson by aunty Anne Paterson……

  10. Current Pakistan judiciary system is just like Pakistan in 1947. Like alone Quedi-Azam was not able to make significant difference after independence. Its the system we have to build & support first. All people want CJ alone go in confrontation with governmennt and also judiciary itself. Still 80% if judges who are either fresh oath or taken PCO. So please try to understatnd that judiciary system has to be rectified before going for those cases. Even CJ open those cases right away, he can not make decision himself alone. So I believe making judicial system functional seems me right approach. After all parliament should also do something.

  11. come on buddies,stop making conspiracy theories,be patient and in presence of huge mess,CJ doesnt have any magic stick to solve in seconds,give him time and support,dont be hasty in making new conspiracy theories.

  12. CJ has proved that he is useless person, he is no different than Zardari & Co., and others. and he doesn’t come near the level of shoes dust of Dr. Qadir.

  13. @Mir Munsif
    Open you eyes.
    CJ dont have a magic stick. Mate he done every thing with CIA/RAW funding to destabalize Pakistan. He took the NRO on request of Dr Mubashir Hussain but now he is busy in performing Umra and addressing the bar councils.

    With such a justice and political system how can we denounce Taliban? The truth is when I compare them with Taliban I feel Taliban is a librating force.

  14. It’s the high time to nullifies NRO so that we can get rid of Madari and co. Otherwise they are not clearing the mess CJ is a part of creating the mess.

    Why we need time to putting the things right?

  15. For justice you don’t need heavy accents or words, your action will prove it and people will know it. Most important is willingness, many laws are made in the world, but when justice is served or denied to common man, many people know it, if not today, tomorrow everybody will know it definately. Same thing is true about elite class ( rulers, generals,
    politicians and filthy rich peoples, who suck the blood of our poors and making billions of dollars), some know now and others are knowing due to free flow of information in today’s world.

  16. @Munna

    “With such a justice and political system how can we denounce Taliban? The truth is when I compare them with Taliban I feel Taliban is a librating force.”

    Do you think they will recover the missing persons. They left Afghanistan after Americans invaded. When NAR was enforced in Swat due extreme terror unleahed by the Talibans, they had every opportunity to make Swat a model for whole Pakistan, but they failed. On the other hand Chief Justice Iftikhar Choudhry, who was restored through a peaceful struggle is making every effort to fix Judiciary and end corruption, which is going to take some time.

  17. TV channels should stop covering CJ events now!
    let him do his job freely…how may CJ’s have we seen cutting live on every channel??

    We all have fought for him, with our way..now he’s back to his post

    Be him what he has, let him and his team take care of the business

  18. Mr. Justice Iftikhar Ch is on his way to make courts some how very speedy than it used to be. He is spanking the arse of bully bureaucracy and He is picking up momentum by the time. Missing persons case would be taken up in few days as Doger had frozen the case. Everything is going to be all right. All it would take is some time. We don’t want another Sajjad Ali Shah and later Zafar Ali shah incident happen again. We really don’t.

  19. @zia8925
    Hazaron Kawaish Asi Kay Har Kawaish Mein Dam Niklay
    It’s a mirage, I would advise you to listen Hotel California by Eagle.
    CJ mission was not to provide the justices to people his mission was to destabilize Mushi government, he done it very well and now he will only come in action when CIA will ask him to destabilize Zardari govt otherwise if Zardari’s masters are happy CJ will remain in hibernation because masters of both are the same.
    Reality face is missing persons will never be recovered neither he will call that case into court.
    Realization is going to be painful but sometime helps.

  20. @hussain rajab I agree with you.

    CJ is acting v. wisely . There is no need to take undue pangas. He is acting slow and steady and v. cautiously.
    The first and foremost that he needs to do is judicial reforms.

  21. pkpolitics admin,
    Are afraid to publish my comments about Chief Justice, unfortunately my comments were not in his favor but sorry i have to speak my mind.
    I admire your web site and I sincerely suggest that you let your viewer express their opinion freely, Chief Justice is not a prophet, he needs some criticizm too.
    Thank you,

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