Suggestions to Improve ‘Thana’ Culture

Dear Visitors,

Government of Punjab has requested to get input from PkPolitics visitors in their campaign to get suggestions for the issue of ‘Nigraan Committees’ as discussed below. It has been advertised in all main Newspapers as well.

Government of Punjab has decided to trasnform THANA culture for resolving problems and ensuring safety of life and property of citizens as per Policy to eliminate corruption and injustice from Police Stations/Thana.

For this, “Nigraan Committees” are being formed throughout the province at Thana Level.

Step forward to contribute to the setting up of these committees through your solid and meaningful proposals on these issues:

– Eligibility for the membership of the committees.
– The method of selection of members.
– How to make these committees proactive and useful.
– Suitable and meaningful title of the committees.

PKP will forward your proposals and suggestion to Government of Punjab. You can share your opinion till 16th May 2009, or you can email to

Note: Irrelevant comments will be deleted immediately.

108 thoughts on “Suggestions to Improve ‘Thana’ Culture

  1. Significant increase in their wages with maximum benefits, increase the street patrolling and update the system with latest technology. Keep in check all the officers. Apply the law on every single person without making any exception.

  2. First of all it is very very important who should be member of “Nigraan Committess”
    1.Lady member
    3.Headmaster of high school
    Above people should be members of every Nigraan Committi.
    This is only way to engage people from all society and by making a such committi there is no chance for corruption.
    And people from whole soceity will get self confidence.

  3. ONE BIG SUGGEStion.

    1. Hidden camera ( geo news or other when they take rishwat).

    2. unexpected visit .

    3. Fake cases.. and see how they act…

  4. You can have the best plan in the world, but the real rub is when these things are implemented. I suggest that if they really want this system to work, then there is one solution.

    The Nigraan committee members should have direct access to the CM of punjab and shud regularly report irregularities and the typical “badmashi” of policemen. Moreover, the CM should have a comprehensive mechanism to ensure that the recommendations of these committees are acted upon and that the committee members are compensated monetarily and provided protection since the SHOs of the thana would not be pleased if they write them up.

    – There should be special investigating units in each police station who should be trained to carry out investigations competently. I am talking about detective work, which is non-existent in our police. The teams should be given office space, performance based salaries, equipment and training.

    – There should be some benchmarks for the performance of police. Some key factors include Response time to reach an incident. If the delay is more than 5 minutes within a locality, the SHO and SP should be suspended and investigation launched. Secondly, the ratio of solved cases to unsolves ones is another important factor.

    – To prevent the nigraan committee from becoming accomplices or being intimidated into copperating illegally with the police, there should be 2-3 secret nigraan members who keep check on the nigraan committee and the police.

    Best of luck to Shahbaz Shareef, we are proud of you.

  5. An yes cameras at important places and a mechanism to monitor the videos captured should be put in place. For cameras, I suggest the following:

    Solar powered Wireless Routers with cameras can be put at multiple places and a software used so that these cameras send the video to some centralized location. These routers do not need any wiring, nor power sources if solar powered routers are used. So, a cheap and durable solution. Or they can use dedicated power to routers. I am emphasizing on routes because, they can be literally put at any place without extensive wiring requirements. I am sure, there are lots of firms specializing in stuff like that. Its money well spent.

    One more thing, we should have something like 911 which works very efficiently.

    Finally, some secret members of the nigraan committes should go undercover to thanas from time to time and report to CM how things are. The policemen should be paid well, but the smallest corruption should results in immediate removal from office. You just need to make a couple of examples before everyone gets in line.

  6. Hi

    I am so surprised to see all the comments, I always thought that this website’s visitors give strong and meaningful input.

    guys, may be your critique is right but here the focus is on 4 key questions, it will be really helpful if all of you specifically answer them.

    I will post my suggestions in my next comment


  7. Hire the people especially the officers based on series of tests ( that include entry test, his previous grades from the school and college, a job interview by an honest CSS officer along with psychologist), salary and benefits should be equal to army officers.

  8. what i have read about the Thana culture before Partition was working perfectly.
    Govt of Punjab can ask for help from the British Police department for best guidance and it will be great if some service Police officer or a
    retired british officers can come to help in makeing a effective system and basic training and idea. Bcoz british Police system is one of the best in world.

    If they can give training to our armed forces then why not the Police.

  9. The Thana Culture is one the major problems in the Police departments of Pakistan. I would suggest, that a whole new system is introduced in the Police Stations. The following suggesttions can be made.

    1- Reforming of the infrastructure of Police Stations. By this I mean, that a more approachable structure should be adopted where normal citizen feel free and comfortable to report their issues to the Police.

    2- Police Stations should be equipped with modern and latest equipments.

    3- Police officers should be offered higl levels of income to work efficiently and effectively. A good example would be Motorway Police. The standard of Police force should be brought to the level of Army. Most people in Pakistan, view police officers as poor people because of their incomes. This view have to be changed and the only way is to do by increasing the life standards of the Police officers.

    4- For ‘Nigraan Commitee’ I would say that, first of camers have to installed in all police departments and even on the vehicles of the Police. There should be a ‘Mystery Visit’ every month in all police departments. A report should be published with video recordings of how police behaved. This report can be presented to CM Punjab about the enviroment of Police stations.

    Finally I would say that an example can be taken from ‘Metropolitan Police’ in the UK. People of Punjab will support the work of CM Punjab and they will be looking a better Police force in Pakistan.


  10. Thana, WAPDA, Patwari, Army, hospital, judiciary etc all are run by people like you and me, a cross section of our society. We all want to reform our institutions but dont want to reform ourselves, we want others to get the bloody act right. No policy or committee or law will ever change our Thana or gana or anything else if I am not willing to do my bit because surely you cant police everything.
    In my filed of work I see people coming, reading newspaper, sipping tea, never realizing that there is a crowd of people waiting for their attention and the funny thing is that while reading newspaper people constantly go on and on and on about how we are failing as a society, how dishonest our culture is and how PEOPLE should do the right thing. Then they look at the watch and walk away, wondering what the hell is wrong with our nation.
    My humble suggestion is that lets do our bit , dosesnt matter how small it may look.

  11. I am sure other than some senior “axe”- Pakistani citizens, no one has a first hand experience in a police station (thana). At least, I myself who lived in Pakistan for 25 years, do not know anything about thana. Yes, I have encountered quite a few traffic cops.

    May I request the visitors to share their experiences about thana (if there are any). Point us to works done by journalist and think tanks. Most of the people on this forum will make suggestion from a far away “thana” perspective, which they may have seen in Hollywood movies. Even if someone has worked in a European or American “thana”, any or all of his/her suggestion will have a known ending, “ O Jee…. Yeh mashwaray aap amreeka meiN hee rahkkaiN, yahaN toh …………..” [Keep these sophisticated ideas to yourself. These will not work in Bhati Gate Thana]

  12. I guess an important thing to do is to elevate the status of police. In most of the world, police department is very prestigious and somewhat heroic. In Pakistan it is more of comic character. It is importnt to build in pride and responsibility in their training .

    One of the checks on the police stations should be the no. of cases registered every day (or week or month, whatever frquency is apprpriate) and the response time taken on those cases. There should be Key Performace Indicators defined for the jobs and efficiency (based on the above) should be one of them. Police personel should have yearly appraisals and their salary increment should depend on the appraisal ranking they get (just like in corporte culture). Moreover, the ranking should be based on 360 degree feedback and that is where the input from Nigraan committtee would come in. However, the members of the Nigraan committees should keep on changing at a cetain frequency so that no “partners in crime” can develop with the police.

  13. First of all the very important thing to be done is either to demolish all the old “Draconian”Thana buildings where an ordinary citizen gets terrified as they are such a bad trade mark of our thana culture and they should be replaced by the modren look office like buildings.

    Secondly members of “Nagran Committees” should be people of high calibre ,honest and of good character whether they are professional lawers, Doctors,Teachers,or businessmen.These committees must have women members too who should also be from checkable background.

    In UK all the police forces are closely monitored by “Independent Police Complaints Commission” The IPCC’s job is to make sure that complaints against the police are dealt with effectively.
    They set standards for the way the police handle complaints and, when something has gone wrong, They help the police learn lessons and improve the way they work.

    Please visit this link for more information on that :

    I agree to the suggestion by Seyed Fakhir to some extent getting training from British Police no doubt they are best when it comes to policing but I disagree with the fact that we sould have retired English police officers because policing in UK got changed a lot in recent years so retired officers would only know the old methods of investigation .What Govt. of Punjab can do as Cheif Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif spent some time in London and he should either hire the British Born Pakistanies who are in the UK Police Forces to train the Punjab Police as they will be multi lingual and woud speak urdu and punjabi too or Mian Shahbaz Sharif could request the British Govt. for a formal contract.

    Finally the very important thing our police laggs behind with they dont have latest forensic technology,latest equipment e.g. computers instead of those bundles of files and IT departments ,weapons and latest fully eqipped vehicles .

    p.s. do not forget the new uniform with a cool look


  14. @iEscape

    Its not about how many times one has been in a thana, its more like a brain storming phase in which the govt wants good and practical ideas. About your comment that people who are abroad do not understand the thana culture and the problems in pakistan, I strongly disagree, we sitting outside can view the situation from a broader perspective and plus, we know the systems working here, so we are in a better position to contrast the system from pakistan and see why things work here and why not there. After all, it was a british system under which, we slaves, worked so well.

    Kudos to Shahbaz Shareef, atleast he is trying to change the thana culture.

  15. for those praising uk’s police
    uk’s police is corupt and racist. officers from manchester were bnp’s member, media heard them passing racist remarks about pakistanis. they are taking bribe on highest possible level(guardian). some of them have been convicted of involment in drugs(british tabloids). on hilsbrough incident they were only one to get compensation for pshychiatric harm while relatives of dead and injured got nothing.
    call 999 and wait for atleast half an hour to see cops on your door step.
    having saill all that i believe uk’s police is better than pakistan why?
    to start with they have got money to spend on technologies, salaries, equipment etc.
    then they got educated civilized law abiding citizen.
    why can’t we spend money on salaries, technologies n etc? because we are developing country with less resources as compare to developed country.
    why can’t we educate everyone and civilize them? well it is possible to educate everyone but, next to impossible to civilze them why? because civilization is again a very lenghty process which could take several decades. but there is quick fix to get civilize guess what? change the way you live your life priortize things on basis of humanity rather than religion, culture or ethnicty. teach your kids to be good human being not good choudry or gujjar.teach them to love pakistan thing will change for better.

  16. salam,

    I don’t know why we make committees for every problem in our society. What we need is amendments to the current police system itself. The system that is already corrupt will not run unless the police are well paid and well equipped. If we make the committees too powerful, we open another door for bribery, the police officers will bribe the committees to keep their mouth shut or turn their opinions in their favor. On the contrary, if we don’t give them enough power, it makes them pointless.

    Here is what I think we should do.

    * Installing cameras is a good idea. We need to have cameras installed inside the thanas and connected to a central office. In addition to this I would like cameras to be installed on the police vehicles so we record their every move.

    * The police officers should be paid adequately and rewarded handsomely if they achieve something.

    * I think its also important to hire police recruits from the same locality where they will be serving, rather than importing. This is very true in Karachi, where most of the police officers are outsiders who don’t really care about the city, all they care about are their pockets.

  17. @

    first of all govt has asked every ones suggestions and unfortunately you are trying to impose your agenda for argument’s sake. you just got off the subject and let me answer you about your question if you live in UK put your hand on heart and tell have you ever felt any fear from UK police ?OK the arrest of Pakistani students was really bad incident and they have got lot of condemination by the public here and the case will go to the court so if you believe in British Justice then those responsible will be held accountable.
    If you read my suggestions carefully I have mentioned to get the Pakistani British Cops and you have answered your own question this is your wording.
    >>>having said all that i believe uk’s police is better than pakistan why?<<<
    I dont believe that police will come in half hour if you called to 999 .


  18. This is great
    Hard to believe that this Provincial Government is going to address the most important issue
    This is all about the kind of society,country we want to build, where life and property of all individuals is safe against the criminals and all other nefarious elements i.e Qubza groups,land grabbing mafias ‘Rashi ufser’and their supporters in the Police,bureaucracy and the Politicians themselves.
    Police has to be absolutely free of corruption. When those who are given the task of upholding the laws and making sure the laws of the land are followed , themselves become corrupt and break the same laws they are supposed to uphold, that city,province or country is bound to become an ungovernable ,dog eat dog society where actually nothing exists but the law of the jungle, where no one is safe. No prosperity comes to that kind of society. No business can prosper in that kind of atmosphere. When Sifarish takes over Talent, those societies can not develop, as we know from our country’s 60 odd years old history

    . Hire only the Graduates – actual B.A pass -unlike our president-
    For God’s sake hire the educated people for once. That will give some respectability to the education itself and give parents more incentive to send their kids to school.
    Right now the most illeterate paindoo is given the job of a Policeman, why? because he is from the same Pind as of the Politicians or the Jurnail who is in power. This is how we hire Police. If you don’t know how to hire a Policeman , hiring all the thiefs and ‘Ilaqa Badmaash and using them against your adversaries, this is what our police is for right now.
    They don’t know why they have this job and what this job entails. Neither do those who hire them.

    Call them Police Officers.Take the Lathi away from their hands. Lathi Angrez nay 100 saal pehlay pukrai thee, us ko to khutum karo, if you have dearth of ideas , look at other modern police departments, what they use and do and how?
    Malashia ki shirt aur Khaki pant ko Khuda kay liyay budlo. what a symbol of incompetence and corruption.’aik aur Angrez ka Tohfa.They have changed it,we can’t. This is the difference, we never seem to make it better,improve, we are where we were left at 100 years ago.

    Investigating a crime, forget it. ‘Innocent say mar mar kay munwa lo ‘ this is how our police culture works. This is what has to change. Others are doing it. They investigate crimes and catch the actual criminals. If our Army can go to Sandhurt and also to U.S military colleges, why not send Police officers to train in with some more advanced countries.

    Justice System and Policing go hand in hand together. When Police knows citizens can go to court and can get speedy justice , where laws are actually applied by an impartial Judiciary and nobody powerful or from the Police itself is above the law, there you have a chance of becoming a just society that will truly prosper and give us the kind of life that we all deserve.

  19. hi
    guys i m really happy with this step of punjab givt here are a few suggestations
    1.first of all we have to make selection system pure like army for that immediatly govt should establish a police examination board and procedure of his selection should be as under
    for every vaccancy PEB(police examination board) should announce publically in all most every newspaper and should terminate imediatly old selection method in wich a DPO or local officer a free in selection
    after a pure selection system like army their sould be proper training of these cadits in higly civilized way because at the present the standard of police traning schools is miserable
    2.there should be a police promotion board(PPB) BECAUSE if presently we look on promition system of police we will be shocked there is no regular courses system in police
    and due to this bad promotion system we are unable to terminte coruption in police

    i will post ma next suggestations in next post
    thanks may GOD help pakistan

  20. I think someone has already talked about uniform , i also suggest that the uniform of police should be replaces with something impressive, this action will change the perception and impression of the force in a positive manner. People will stop calling police “Black sheep”

  21. Let us first identify the problems-

    1. No credibility-( meaning none trusts the police.)

    2. Corruption-( bribes, laziness, abuse etc)

    3. Compensation-( low salary etc)

    4. Lack of status -( lack of respect).

    Now in the current situation- the solutions have to be radical and fundamental-

    1. You cannot reform the current lot of policemen who are part and parcel of the problem. So you have two choices-

    1. Like the Motor Way Police – get new educated police officers with a new work ETHIC and good salary or

    2. Remove the current officer class completely, keep the lower level policemen. Recruit New well paid educated honest officers through a transparent and fair recruting procedures. Then hold them ACCOUNTABLE for their area of operation.

    The authority of the police officer should be moral but also legal- meaning that if a traffic policeman GIVES A TICKET TO NAWAZ SHAREEF himself- then Nawaz Shareef should obey no matter who he is.
    In our society the ONLY way you are going to make things happen is to make the punishment so severe that NO ONE will think about committing crimes of any sort.

    And finally there should be neighborhood police stations- which are accountable to their Mohala people.

    Sher Shah Suri ruled from Assam to Kabul and enforced law through a very simple method. He held the area governer responsible and accountable for any and every crime that was committed in his area. We can use that principle by using each MOHALA as a police UNIT area.

    And reward honest and hard working policemen.

    But I have a question_ who is going to prevent the corrupt politicians from continuing to abuse the poor policemen to full fill their needs ?

  22. Take video of police in “action” using camera phones. Upload them on YouTube. Create a website. Host it outside Pakistan. Allow the person who took the videos to describe it. The more videos of the same policeman/thana the better.

  23. @shimatoree
    Like you stated, I think all the problems you identified stem from the abuse of the system by the “corrupt politicians.” And having a corrupt police is what serves the politicians well. Expecting them to change it (for the better) is out of the question.

  24. @shimatoree

    Removal of current officers won’t work.
    These policemen are very nice people, system make them monster.

    System can never be changed from bottom, it has to be top like Quide Azam.

    One changing tool on top (CJ) has been implanted, I believe he is working with proper speed, we do not have to rush him for results.

    If Kiyani is sincere with Pakistan he should take over without imposing Martial Law with current CJ intact and Justice Wajih be made interim President of Pakistan for two years.
    I guarantee those two years would change the fate of Pakistan.

  25. Most of suggestions given here are very valid & informative, which MUST BE incorporated by ANY FUTURE committee, before implementing them.

    By description of certain user names in these columns, like Jarral, etc; I feel they maybe from ex-armed forces?

    I am pleased to know via comments of ‘iEscape’ as above, when he admits that the experience of his seniors/mentors DO COUNT, who constantly lived within this country, since 1947.

    In this context, I refer to the hard work done by the late Lt:Gen: Abubakar Usman Mitha, the founder & the first Commander of the SSG, who was tasked to submit a report on police reforms, & WHO DID submit detailed recommendations to the (then) govt of probably of Zia-ul-Haq(?) but it never saw the light of the day.

    I personally think that immediately,i.e; ALL THE POLICE FORCE, right from their INSPECTOR GENERAL, down to their lowest Sepoy, BE PLACED under the PAKISTAN ARMY ACT & they should be tried for, any of their acts of COMMISSION OR OMISSION, by MPML ( or by the, MANUAL OF PAKISTAN MILITARY LAW.)

    The former British rulers left ‘good governance’ rules behind as far as the army is concerned, which if implemented in the civil Police force, will bring IMMEDIATE/DESIRED results.

    Other SOLID recommendations, on the same lines as suggested by the above visitors, HAVE ALREADY BEEN suggested in the said Police report of late Lt: Gen: A.U.Mittha, except the modern electronic gadgets of today.

  26. @ Government of Punjab

    1. All members must have education of at least graduation. Moreover if professional qualification is required that is very fruitful like MBBS, CA, LLB etc because such people have more knowledge of governmental rules and they can better solve community problems. Secondly such persons should be selected who do not have any cases filed in police stations at joining time so that they may not abuse their authorities. Most important thing is that these members should not be honorary but paid by the government because who will fight free of cost for problems not relating to themselves. And one other important thing is that members selected should present all communities of society like women, students, molvis, labor etc.
    2. Method of selection should be to invite applications from the people by announcing through newspapers specifying their roles and responsibilities and salaries and benefits to which they will be entitled. Then applications should be short listed and interviews be conducted by muhtesib-alla department and then persons be selected for a committee. Further persons should not be of equal rank. There should be chairman, vice chairman, members. I do not favor the selection of members through just pick up persons that is selecting persons from what is suggested by counslers or others because it will involve politics and corruption and favoritism.
    3. For making committees more effective and efficient the most important thing to do is giving them proper authority. They must have some rank or scale than can define their authority and power. With out this nothing is going to happen what ever the government is willing to do. Then committees should conduct audits of FIR to check when they were lodged, when culprits were caught if caught, where is the case at current now, what is the reasons for delay in catching suspected persons, what are the opinions of persons who have lodged FIR. Then an other important thing is to write contact number of all committee members at police stations that if any person is dissatisfied with police behavior then he can contact members. Then members should be given proper salary, other benefits and security so that they can work fear lessly. Then a monthly report is prepared on monthly basis and forwarded to higher authorities which should be established for controlling these committees. Further six monthly audit should be conducted and make a report there on and present in front of public showing the number of cases lodged, culprits caught and presented in front in court, culprits not still caught along with reasons of the same. Number of crimes committed in the area during period of the report should also form part of the report. This report should be accessible to public so that thana culture should be changed into khidmat culture.
    4. The name of committees should be like “KHIDMAT COMMITTEE” OR “DOSTANA COMMITTEE”.

    @ ADMIN
    Please let me know whether suggestions have been forwarded to chief minister punjab

  27. I have given suggestions above against all concerned points. now as a general discussion I suggest that
    Thana culture can not be cahnged un till and unless political favortism is not stopped from police stations. when a single politician is caught and sent to imprisonment for his crime, whole public will assume that thana culture is really changed into khidmat culture.

  28. The name of POLICE FORCE should be changed to PEACE SERVICE. Because their primary job is to Protect and Serve the population not to Rule and Terreris them. in the US the Police is most often called PEACE OFFICERS.

    in regardes to the administrating the police, I beleive it shoud be put under the judiciary not under the political adminstration.

    political administration uses the police for their personal purposes, however, judiciary will definetly use the police under the rule for the service of the poeple.

    it will also enable the judiciary to call the political leader to courts to ansewr for their actions and their will be no room for the NAB kind of institutions.

  29. Displaying picture is surely representing the current face of our Police.It needs a total “surgical treatment”.

    1. Each member should go through an assessment test before he or she will be given the responsibility. CM himself should assess them

    2. Make sure that no current politician should be a member of the committee. Best possible persons are 1. Judge of the high court, 2. retd. I.G with perfect track record, 3. An Aalim-e-din, 4. CCPO, 5. Nazim of each union council, 6. Leader of Lahore based Student unions

    It will have the complete representation of the each member of the society.

    • The committee first of all should focus on the inside condition of the “Thana” as how the police men are living inside. Because I personally have the experience of going into the Police stations couple of times and believe me the condition is very much painful which I can’t even describe here. It looks as if I was into the Thana of late 50’s. No chairs or broken chairs, no beds or broken “charapyis”, really smelly atmosphere where you would only see the ash of cigarette and smell of cigarette smoke, broken walls you name it. This is the first challenge of the committee. I think if you will give them the perfect atmosphere then they would really perform for you. No one ever focused on that I am afraid.

    • Change the color of the uniform is another good suggestion given here by someone; it will definitely help to change the mindset of the common person. It will surely be a right step towards the revival of our police force.

    • Patrolling of police men in civil clothes should be amplified. They should merge into the civil population.

    • More hiring in police deptt is the urgent requirement. Only qualified and patriotic people should be given the jobs. Who only love the cause of Pakistan not their pockets.

    4. Lastly, title is nothing; if they would perform according to the people’s will then I am sure the people himself would give them the best possible title.


  30. Suggestions will remain suggestions unless there is a fundemental change in the national mindset of people who police these “Thana Thug” cum torture chambers. What the goverment of Punjab is seaking is a makeover to the image of these institutions of pain and grievience rather then a change inside those dark misrable walls. Places where a phone call to the DSP or SP from a notable is enough to make an arrested persons life unbearable or comfortable.For the life of me I cant see this happening in an idiot nation like Pakistan any time soon.

  31. @ all
    These threads clearly show the mental approach of our entire nation. We just start talking and thinking without knowing the problem or question. Here the moderator asking the question for the eligibility process of nigran comeete not police reforms.
    Every one replies for the reform of police itself which is not required here.

    You all requested please read the question carefully and then reply.
    Inshallah I will reply soon for the process need to adopt for the member selection of these committees and what minimum role and authority should given to them.

  32. – Eligibility for the membership of the committees.

    a) Pakistani (b) local resident (c) 40+ in age (d) educated (e) committed & availabe ? [i know its not measurable]

    In my opinion best committee would consist of representative (nominated) of each political party.

    – The method of selection of members.

    nomination by each political parties chaired by MNA and/or MPA of area. It has to be a honorary position without any perks or pay. So that only committed people come forward.

    – How to make these committees proactive and useful.

    Committee should (themselves) determine the performance parameters for police station and monitor the performance. I think 1st working draft of performance parameter can be prepared within 1st month. (MNAs/MPAs can take these to assembly and come up with some quality legislation)

    Committee should ensure that each & every complaint/FIR is recorded in the police station. It is acted upon within a stipulated timeframe.

    Committee must convene weekly to oversee the performance of police station. Should make recommendation to Chief Minister and/or competent authorityto take corrective actions. Committee should not be given any implementation authority to keep corruption out of the committees. Only competent authority in existing or reformed system should have the executive authority to implement changes. Competent authority should implement the recommendations of committee within predefined timeframe in normal circumstances. If recommendations are not implemented then competent authority must explain the reasons in writing with complete responsibility.

    Details of each and every committees’ proceedings must be available to everyone. possibly thru internet.

    Committees must take a feedback from the complainants, not only about the performance but also about the behavious and record these comments in the police officers ACRs.

    Committee should act as an alternate forum to register the complaints

    Committee can check police station records. Order installation of video cameras in problematic police stations. Order enquiries (using other agencies) against corrupt. Can make suprise visits. Participate in the selection procedure of police officers and ranks.

    Committee should have the power of suspending the police office in certain well documented unambiguous situations and refer the case to court for further investigation. (not really sure about this one)

    – Suitable and meaningful title of the committees.

  33. @Najam Syed

    I think you should keep police away from the politics.Police is corrupt because of some dishonest political personalities.other than that eligibility criteria which you have given is totally baseless.The committee member should be qualified and knows about the provincial structure,But the things which you described are elgibility of a teacher of any school.
    come up with some good i deas mate.


  34. Let me start with the saying of Wasif Ali Wasif “KISSI DOOSRAY KEY KHAAMEE AAP KEY KHOOBEE NAHI BUN SAKTI”—-meaning thereby we have to be honest before doubting anybody else’s honesty–These NIGRAAN committees will work fine if they start with a strong belief that they are accountable to someone–someone higher that all–The NIGRAAN-I-AALA—I am sure that just constituting committees and putting couple of culprits to task, will change the whole scenario–CM should categorically announce that no one will be above law–the recent case of an MNA is a fantastic example of accountability–the time is not far when we have a society where a woman wearing jewellary can walk alone in the streets without the fear—Inshallah–
    1. Select these members by secret ballots from the same Mohalla / Community
    2. Give them some sort of powers and make them answerable to someone as well
    3.There meeting should take place in a mosque under oath to avoid any personal grudges
    4.The performance report of these committees be published weekly in Print & Electronic media
    5. Proactive media be involved at all stages
    6. Survaillance system, like monitoring cameras, planting under cover agents, shoud be put in place
    7. Last but not the least, WILL to implement reforms should be there, otherwise it is all waste of time & money


  35. Asalam o Alaikum,

    Dear countrymen,

    I am not in favor of such committees because of some reasons.

    1. We will need another committee on this committee tomorrow.
    2. Find out real worth able people on such a huge level is not possible.
    3. Criteria and find out process of members of such committee is not a joke.
    4. Who will take care of these members financially? Now a day each noble man has to work hard for day to day earnings, so really worthy people will not have much time.
    5. Policemen would have to keep happy and satisfied these members, who can be misguided and even, can have personal agenda.
    6. We can not elect right people by pooling for MPAs, MNAs, Nazims and even counselors. How can we select such members?
    7. A real worthy person hardly come and say, ok I will do these corrections. You know our caliphs never wanted rule and responsibilities.

    I have some suggestions to improve our police culture, because the idea is not to make committee rather to improve system.

    1. Give policemen respect at each level.
    2. Don’t let them stand up on Eid and other holidays just for so called VVIP movement.
    3. Give them better infrastructure.
    4. Give better and free education and health to their families.
    5. Select IG and DIGs who are really valuable and have characteristics attitude, responsible, capability, honesty and ownership. Believe me to find out such 20 people is far easy and less risky than to find out thousands of members for such committees.
    6. Give 2 year time to these IG and DIGs with no interruption from any one but court. I know government will not do it because it never suite herself.
    7. Appoint judges who never fought a case for any liar at any level and have clean history. Give those judges same or even better facilities than policemen. Same should be the case to lawyers fighting for cases from police.
    8. A chief justice and IG should kept an open eye on these DIGs and junior judges and lawyers.
    9. This team of judges and head of police can bring policies and implement to grass root level.

    Story does not close here, now we have to do most difficult thing and that is to look at ourselves. I think we have to seriously work on following points which we are lacking as a nation in each sphere of life and department.

    1. Don’t consider yourself a superman, rather before taking any decision at any level take advices, do discussion and be flexible to adopt the suggestion against yours.
    2. Always take care about goal not the way you like just because of ego, be honest to yourself and others.
    3. Never think that you knows every thing and never claim it.
    4. Take care of rights of your neighbors, classmates, colleges, subordinates and family members.
    5. Respect others.
    6. Sacrifice your rights to provide satisfaction to people around you they are yours eventually.

    It is my personal opinion, I might be wrong. But we need results. Allah may help us.

  36. @ nota

    your point is right on target. This type of pretending to get recommendations for improvements is in my view a political exercise. I am quite sure everyone does know and understand what needs to be done. But how can a bunch of CROOKS stay on top and everything else below them is hunky dory !

  37. Some of my suggestions are very easy to implement as there is hardly any cost involved in doing so.

    1. A medium size badge with a statement “I hate Corruption” in bold followed by a subscript ” Riswat lana wala aur dana wala donu jahami han” should be made compulsory of the uniform each policeman, displayed well at the top right side.

    2. Each police station, every vehicle and police choki must be decorated with a banner with the above mentioned statements.

    This can have a moral and religious effect on the policeman whereas there is no substantial cost involved in doing so.

  38. PML-Q had set up PUBLIC SAFETY COMMITEES at district level. The CHAIRMAN was appointed probably by the Chief Minister. The chairman for GUJRAT, the home district of the Chief Minister was the BIGGEST BADMUAASH of the district. Those were all political appointments and so will be the appointments by this government. What can you expect from these monkeys who publicacaly say that “ON MAY 16 THEY WILL FLOOD THE SWAT REFUGEE CAMPS WITH MINERAL WATER, AS SOON AS SHAHBAZ SHARIF RETURNS FROM IRAN TRIP”. The HEAD MONKEY “HANIF RAJA”, so-called REFUGEE COMMISSIONER, appointed by Nawaz Sharif said on Naseem Zehra’s show.
    Same thing will happen with these “NAGRAN COMMITTEES”. Those will be flooded by
    PML-N and PPP workers and the Mr. Joe Public will be left wondering what hit them!!!!!
    Folks don’t keep your hopes high. Nothing good should be expected from these goons.

  39. For Nigram committee i think following should be done

    1. Committee should be constituted as the level of each Thanna

    2. Different short courses should be organized for the committee members biannually to keep them aware of their responsibilities and updated laws and regulation concerned and other relevant skills.

    3. Special power of registartion of FIR should be given to the members of committe if 1/2 or 2/3 members of committee agrees on an some matter that police is not considering.

    4. No member less than graduation should be a part of this committee

    5. The members of committee must consists of among others

    * A retired army officer
    * A retired educationists (Principle/Head master/Head mistress)
    * A lawyer
    * A member nominated by MPA to facilitate the Govt. side
    *A member nominated by a person secured 2nd highest votes in constituency
    * A religious scholar ( Must be masters in Islamic studies/Proper Dars-e- nizami degree holder)

  40. @hooked or crooked
    If you don’t have faith in your people and their political system then what’s the point of having democracy and political leaders.
    Committee is a small unit operating in a small locality by locals people and for local problem. Do u understand what I am saying. By having reps of all parties it will be neutral and collaborative. And no executive authority means little chance of corruption.

  41. @Shaz said:
    “A medium size badge with a statement “I hate Corruption” in bold followed by a subscript ” Riswat lana wala aur dana wala donu jahami han” ”
    Hisool-e-Rizq-e-halal ebadat hai on every currency note. What happened? NOTHING
    Then you said
    “Each police station, every vehicle and police choki must be decorated with a banner with the above mentioned statements.”
    Mujrimon kelye azamaish gah…sharifoon kelye sakoon gah (if I am not wrong) written on main enterance of every police station in Punjab. What the change you observed? NOTHING

    In my opinon, there is only one solution, HANG TILL DEATH to corrupt police officers. Just set one example…. “saray banday dae puttar ban jan gae”

  42. anyway I am not here to convince ppl. I wanted to share my opinion and thats all.

    You are most welcome to present your suggestions. That’s how different ideas are generated and a best option evolves in debate.

  43. @ zahidbinmustafa

    I am not saying that this will bring a revolutionary change overnight but i think this is a step which can be done without spending a huge amount of money. Moreover i have seen this practice in some other countries as well…..

  44. More suggestion…

    1. Every FIR registered at the police stations must be made online within 24 hrs of its registration and must be accessable to the general public through website.

    2. All the police stations must be centrally linked to each other and a regular update of the case is listed as it proceeds.

    3. Once in a two weeks time, CM should himself select police a police station to visit and conduct an open Kachari.

    4. All the renowned media outlets must be given the special rights to enter and record any of the event inside police station including interviewing of in lock prisoner, checking of daily log reports etc.

  45. Good move PML-N !
    I think instead of jumping directly to my suggestions, I would like to bring your attention towards the reasons as to why these uniform personnels in black are compelled to be so. And I am sure you will be able to pick up any necessary suggestions yourself which are applicable on police.
    In this regard I would like to compare the two of the uniforms i-e army and police. I know that specially after the regime of Musharraf and in particular after Laal-Masjid and the ongoing operations etc, army has been become very unpopular among all of us. But lets be fair and compare the “sipaahi” of both institutions.
    An army sipaahi or junior ranked officer does not (or least) engages into bribery specially because of :
    >He is paid good.
    >His children are given admission in schools and colleges on very low fee structure. Or whereever he is transferred in Pakistan be it desert or a coastal area he would have an army public school for his kid.
    >His travelling is mostly free or very cheap, (railway/airway)
    >His daily life needs food and household stuff etc are available at very cheap rates on CSD (a special discounted shops) in every residential unit of army.
    >At the time of retirement, not only does he get the typical lum sum amount to be able to carry out his needs but he also gets plots worth crores for Major and above and in lakhs for sipaahi. (Defence Housing Authority etc)

    >Where ever he is posted and if given a task to take unpopular steps against any culpable group or political party to help bring peace or law and order, he is not transferred/suspended as he is under the direct command of GHQ and no political party can influence the transfer of any sipaahi.
    > he is rather given a full back up from his army unit command and he is well owned by them.
    whereas a policeman is just an ordinary person like us and among us. Its just like one family has many sons each one in different proffessions, armyman, policeman, lawyer, doctor, journalist and politician etc.
    But yes even a newly recruited honest policeman is bound to a typical Pakistani policeman because:
    > of all those things that i mentioned above which are given to an army sipaahi are not given to him.
    >even if he does something brave and honest but if against any political party or influencial group, he is easily suspended aor transferred.
    >every/most SHO’s are given targets of huge amount of money to be given to his respective SP/senior officers etc every week or month which he collects from his area by bhatta-khori or takes bribery by allowing unfair/illegal works. and if doesnt please his superiors he will remain on the same rank all his life or will transferred to different places.


    2- Fire(from job) all the Policemen having education less than BA

    3- Increase wages according to education level so that we can eliminate BRIBE

    4- Give them Army Training and also tell them how to use a gun and when to use a gun

    5- Be very strict to the defined laws

    6- Law Must be equal for all the persons even FOR ASIF ZARDARI

    7- Make Pulse(cartoon) THE POLICE MAN(A Professional)

    8- If someone caught in taking or giving bribe, he MUST BE FIRED FROM THE POLICE SERVICES

    Brothers, I have seen a police system and Thana culture of Saudi Arabia and observed that eveyone fears from police men, Actually people do not fear from the policemen they the fear from STRICT LAWS… THE STRICT LAW




    Muhammad Naveed Khan

  47. Making the police free from political interference is extremely important. It should not be possible for the local MNA or MPA to get the local police officers transfered for not obliging them on their illegitimate requests. The police should also not come under the Nazims for the same reasons. So protecting the district police officer from political pressure, giving him full charge for all law and order in the district, and holding him accountable for his performance.

    The police structure should be redesigned on lines similar to the military. Instead of the CSS exam, there should be a process similar to the ISSB for entry into the police academy for officers. They should undergo at least 2-3 years of training which should focus on investigative techniques. After graduation from the academy, a police officer should first start from a very juniour investigative position, and then gradualy rise in the ranks based on his performance. It should take several years of good performance in the field as an investigator before one becomes an ASP. Just like the army has a comprehensive structure that includes engineers and doctors, the police needs to have separate professional tracks for specialized disciplines like forensic sciences. Investigating cyber crime should also be a part of the academy’s training.

    With regards to the nigran committees, the police reforms announced in 2002 in fact had provisions about setting up distric public safety commissions, but police order 2002 was never properly implemented. These safety commissions were supposed to have an equal number of nominees from the govt and the opposition to make them politically neutral. There were also seats for other public representatives on these commissions. To protect the police officers from undue political pressure, it was also decided that police transfers would not be possible without the approval of these safety commissions. If Mr. Shahbaz Sharif is serious, he needs to constitute the nigran committees on these same principles.

  48. The members of committee must consists of among others (updated)

    * A retired army officer
    * A retired educationists (Principle/Head master/Head mistress)
    * A lawyer (probably an official of tehsil bar council)
    * A member nominated by MPA to facilitate the Govt. side
    *A member nominated by a person secured 2nd highest votes in constituency
    * A religious scholar ( Must be masters in Islamic studies/Proper Dars-e- nizami degree holder)
    * A local media person having atleast 10 yrs of experience in active journalism and official or member of local press club.

    These members should hold one meeting atleast once a month and their head should be appointed through secret voting. Head should have a power to call in meeting at any time upon receiving a serious complaint against police.

  49. salam to every one.
    pls dont make any nigraan commette…..
    Govt should make them (police)obidient to law.
    if the govt does not make police guy decipline ,what ever they do it goes wrong..
    .there should be 8 hour duty,if overtime then then they should get overtime
    .critieria for police should be strickt after graduation only …

    any way if they wanna make guardian they should be

    1 .non political background
    2.non currupt ba

    janab kia kia suggestion doon ke pak ki police ka aawa ka aawa hi bigra howa hai.

    take care

  50. I have a question for all those suggesting to have one army office (retd) on the committee, why do you think army is the solution of every problem? In my opinion we should let those retd people rest and allow political workers to take charge.

    On the same note few more questions

    On political interests interfering with committee and police functioning, What about the political affiliation of the civilian members? Will they not be allowed to have liking or dislike for political parties? Will they not favor their favorite party?

    If committee is given executive authority then who will be “Nigran” on the “committee”?

    If selection is by some mohtehsib-e-aala who is going to ensure government is not interfering with the process?

    Any political rep not performing on committee will surely cost dearly to the party in elections and good performance will win votes for the party.

  51. My suggestions are as follows
    Nigran Committee not gonna help let me tell you because they will also become part of the system.
    What Government can do in Police Stations is as follows and it not gonna cost a lot.

    1. Update the Thana with latest Computers so there should be a record of every citizen in that THANA
    2. Install Hidden Cameras
    3. Give the policeman the islamic education regularly
    4. Law Must be equal for all the persons
    5. Catch few elders and bring them to justice if they violate the law

    I will be happy to help providing the computers in my THANA
    WANIKAY TARAR, Tehsil and Dist. Hafizabad Punjab pakistan

  52. Its not rocket science that we need doctors and phds and school teachers and headmaster and what not. We just need sincere people who can follow a system developed by collective wisdom i.e. by the paraiment on suggestions from the committees.

    Political parties have an incentive in the system and having all parties in committee ensures that it will be neutral.

  53. Asslam o Alaikum,

    – Eligibility for the membership of the committees:
    1. Teachers from Local Colleges or University
    2. Human Right Activists
    3. Retired Lawyers
    4. Local Imams
    5. Representative from Local University Social Science Deptt
    6. People from Political Background must not be allowed
    7. Local Welfare Society Senior Members
    8. Human Right Activist
    9. Retired Army Officer

    – The method of selection of members:
    Secret voting in repected areas

    – How to make these committees proactive and useful:
    1. Support it byProvincial Bill in Provincial Assembly
    2. Visits without notice
    3. Online Complaint logging system to CM house
    4. Even Complain against commity members can be logged by local people with evidence

    – Suitable and meaningful title of the committees:
    “Mujlise e Muhasabah”

  54. Hello

    I would suggest that they should immediately revoke the right to register FIR or kacha parcha from Head Mohrar, induct a new educated people and intruduce a new computerized system to register FIR at the DSP office level. The case then could be referred to related local THANA and must be monitored from DSP office time to time. All existing police forces are good for providing security to VIPs and helping in digging out the investigation.

    The new online FIR system should further be linked to High court as well. All the processing should be transparent so all parties are satisfied with the progress. We as a responsible citizen also need to change our attitude towards getting justice not only focus on winning the cases.

    The new transparent system will bring a revolution in the THANA and Judicial culture.

    Also one of the friend suggested to install Cameras in the THANA, they should also be linked to DSP office so they could monitor the progress of the local THANA, that should immediately be implemented in the urban areas.


  55. well I understand that all these checks and camera’s and watchful eyes are needed..but we should also be thinking towards encouraging discipline, promoting trust between people and the police and also respect that the policemen should have in a society.

    Root of the issue really is that there is no trust that people have in Police…which is why even an honest policeman is also put in the same bucket as the rest of the corrupt one’s.

    I think Gov’t should try to improve the existing system and get some encouraging results before introducing reforms at once.. This way will somewhat reshape the public opinion and then slowly try to reform the system.

    An overnight reform is not a proper way to solve issues. Change is difficult for people to accept…therefore having so many checks and balance at once will cause a distaste and hesitation among police force.

  56. change the bloody uniform …where in the world they wear black shirt with khaki trousers…..if u can change colour of railway engines and compartments for changing image of railways why not change uniform for improving the image of thana to begin with.

  57. bhaiyoo…before throwing away so many ideas….do you even think, how is the gov’t going to budget for all this……. ?

    Creating network of computer and cameras, detective force, uniforms…lets work with-in the our limits……..

    “Chadar dekh k pao’oon philao”

    I think the first and foremost thing is the creation of committees at local levels to monitor and report progress of local precinct “thana”. This is cheaper to do and relatively quick to put together…

    I think the above mentioned suggestions about the kind of people is good, but I will like to add the we need to give a common man and seat on this committee. Its important that we do this, because brunt of Police Brutality is faced by a common man, not many doctors, lawyers, headmasters, businessman, Molvi’s etc etc face this…….. its the common man.

    Common man is a laborer, clerk, daily wage earner, and since its in punjab and a Kisaan.

    1) Establish local committees based on the above mentioned suggestions and include a rotating seat for a common local man.

    2) District Commissioner Office should supervise the budgeting for all the committees in his district

    3) Should they be paid or volunteer is debatable (depends on the gov’t’s budget)

    4) Protection to the committee members in relation to their work on the committee should be guaranteed

    5) Committee’s should reconvene as per they deem necessary, but atleast once a week

    6) Local SHO office should provide a list of cases registered and updated during a week for a review

    7) Committee should construct a MIS (report) based on the performance and submit

    8) Local public should be allowed to come before the committee and registered any complaints about the local thana

    9) Committee should investigate the complaints and escalate the findings in their reports

    10) All the reports should be submitted to a central committee headed by individual appointed by CM.

    11) All the reports should be collated and an overall MIS should be presented to the CM, cabinet and Police Management

    12) Central/supervising committee should ensure that recommendations and issues raised by the sub-committee are being action by the police management

    Feel free to add and change…

  58. My 2 paisas…

    I suggest the Nigraan committee should be an elected body. They should be picked by the people of each Mahallah whose life is directly impacted by it. Qualificaiton should be as follows:
    1) minimum BA/BS degree
    2) good character standing with the community they live in
    3) should be living in the Mahallah for more than 3 years
    4) no Masjid Imam should be in it
    5) no political party candidate should be in it
    6) just simple people from the Mahallah
    It is required to do away with Commisioners and deputy commisioners. This was put in by British Raj to rule British India. They had less than 1000 British officer rulling over 500 million people for so many years by using Mr. Indian Brown.
    Most/Majority of Commisioners and Deputy Commissiners look after their career and not look after the vested interest of the local people. These position should also be elected like what it is in the US.

  59. I think , apart from Nigran Committee, some basic problems in the Police Deptt.need to be attended.
    1. Emphasis should be stressed on training, training and re-training of Police constables and upward. Training manuals, videos, cds should be revised frequently to meet the current developments. The training should also include motivation aspects. Proper training should also be given to the members of Nigran committees.
    2. Apart from normal police functions, emphasis should be on intelligence gathering and c.i.d. work in plain clothes. Instead of taking action after the incidents, police should foresee trends in society, new dangers such as terrorism, sectarian differences, etc and
    devise plans to meet such eventualities.

  60. My Suggessions are very prectical. I been living in Spain last 30years. And what I like best is their Security system based on 3 forces










  61. Police transfers must not be allowed without any proper reasoning. Police officers use their rights to transfer thier subordinates illegelly to make money. Police transfer is just like business transactions which they make money.

  62. Intelligent people are detailing different formations.
    Lazy and less intelligent like myself avoid the tedious job of working out details.

    For me talking about philosophy of the things is much easier than getting into details.
    Bribe in different forms is root cause of every social disease.
    I think there should be capitol punishments for bribes ranging with the amount of bribe e.g. starting from Traffic constable one week imprisonment for every Rs.50 worth of bribe and facing the firing squad corruption worth Rs.100 mil.
    Thana culture would be fixed when DIG, IG and Secretary level are fixed.

  63. @JAZZEE

    You think its practical 😉

    We cant afford any other experiment. Better approach is to suggest something in low budget and existing system. We cant change the people overnight, cant scrap existing police force and dont have ample resources to spend only on police. I think govt. has already done a lot, believe me a fresh engineer gets less than a police constable after a more than double pay rise in the salaries of police. Be pragmatic and practical!

  64. First of all, we need to reform the police recruitment system because without adressing the root cause of problem, it could not be solved.

    For insepectar, minimum education should be Masters, then there whould be a psycho analysis of all the candidates, because in most of the cases people join police force in order to have power and authority and not to serve people. So, there should be rigorous psychological and social test to observe their general attitude towards society. To do this, an ISSB type examination could be put in place. Inspectar should be a gazetted officer.

    As I know (may be my information is not correct), police officials are given training only once in their entire career, they should be trained (with new detective techniques) and psychoanalyzed every 5 years.

    During their training strong emphasis should be on the civil rights and people’s liberties, and they should be carefully taught about how to use their authorities without intervening into the civil liberties.

    During their training, there should be lectures by renowned scholars describing the importance of life, property and self respect in our religion and that how strongly God curses the people who commit harm to these indispensible rights of people.

    FIR registeration system should be automatic and not on the discretion of particular police officer.

    Police should have internal autonomy so that no MNA or MPA could influence any police personnel. Biggest trouble is the political intervention in police department.

    There should be an annual survey in the union council of that particular thana about their performance every single individual should have the opportuinity to take part. And this should determine the professional progress of the concerned personnels. This should be confidential.

    There should be a ‘reported cases to solved cases’ ratio scale, and anyone declining a perticular threshold level, should be first demoted and if doesnot improve his performance should be fired immediately.

    I liked this proposal of installing cameras everywhere.

    These nigraan comitees should include only educated lot and not just an extension of feudal power. So they should represent evey class in that union council, these should be headed by headmaster of the largest school in that area, if that headmaster lives in that union council.

    These comitees should convene monthly ‘khuli kucheries’.

    There should be an annual function where police and common public could interact in candid and open environment. This could help reduce the distance between the two.

    Last but not least, a special subject of basic human rights and rights incurred in pakistan’s law to teh citizens should be included in matric syllabus with special emphasis on what authorities the police have and what not. I believe public awareness about their rights would be pivotal.

  65. One more thing, These comitee members should be selected and not elected, elections would introduce politics and political figures of that area would influence this. However by selection I dont mean someone should have ‘divine’ powers to select some people but there should be expilicit and well defined critaria about this selection. For example, as I mentioned that head of the comitee should be headmaster of the largest school of the area. This is an automatic selection system and rules out any possibilty of ‘divine selection’.

  66. @ Qamar Saeed

    You suggestion is good but by involving a govt. person is not a wise idea as that can easily be influenced by the state machinery and is always working under pressure. People only part of civil society should be inside the committee. I think role of media can be pivotal in making this constitutional check a success along with relatively educated people.

  67. If the Chief Minister enacts a law whereby any elected official or government can be fired summarily for misuse of his position, police (and even government) working will improve.

  68. Eligibility for the membership of the committees
    Have Knowledge of deen
    Have Fear of Allah swt.
    Have Belief on day of judgement
    No Criminal History
    No affiliation with any political party, neither any close relative of anyone in govt and police

    (all of us will disqualify, including myself.. its sad but its true)

    The method of selection of members
    CM should NOT elect on anyone
    Chief justice high court
    One Aalim-e-Deen – someone like of Dr Israr’s calibre
    Should not be any mega-rich person (industrialist)
    NO NGO representative

    How to make these committees proactive and useful.
    should not be interfering in their work

    Suitable and meaningful title of the committees.
    Public Committee for Police Reforms – Punjab

    General Suggestions to reform police dept
    1. Unpoliticize the police
    2. All the transfers and appointments should be on merit, not on personal likeness or dislikeness of CM or his brother or family
    3. Educate them – moral and academic
    4. Make Police an autonomous body – should not be under provincial govt. it should have its own body on center and on provincial level. IG of Pakistan Police should appoint IG Punjab with the consultation of CM – you can add more flavour to it
    5. Last by not least respect them


  69. Understanding the Thana Culture of Rural Punjab

    My brother had a thanaydar (Police Officer) friend in the ruler area of Punjab. My brother once pointed out to his thanaydar friends that his heavy-handed dealing with the people of his jurisdiction was grossly unnecessary. The thanaydar friend replied that the harsh treatment was a part of the culture of thanaydari in MamooNkanjan.

    “Any new thanaydar calls all the “dignitaries” and basta-bay badmaash (a category-B criminal) of the area to his police station”, the thanaydar friend said as he was explaining the history of the culture. “If the new thanaydar just performs his civilized customary introduction, treat his guests with tea and soda and let them go. The ‘dignitaries’ go back to their villages and pass comments such as the new thanaydar is just a jhudoo (a term used for a tamed husband)”, the thanaydar friend said that resulted in an elevation of crime rate.

    “On the other hand if the new thanaydar treats his guests with boots and batons, the ‘notables’ get very impressed from the thanaydar’s performance. They go back to the villages and toot that the new thanaydar is a real man (nia thanaydar bada dahda ay, sher ay). That keeps the crime rate under control and that makes me and my boss happy”, very proudly said the thanaydar friend.

  70. Let us first identify a department or institution which works “normally” and by the book. I mean where system runs as it should run without hurdles and problems. Is there any institution which is generally free of the problems like bribery, incompetence etc. The answer is NO. Be it Police, education, health, army, judiciary, civil services, customs, income tax or even anti-corruption, it is not free of these problems. In such an environment you just can not create a police force which is efficient and honest. It is simply impossible and against law of nature.
    The solution is simple but very difficult. We have laws which just need to be implemented. Law should be same for everyone, irrespective of your status and connections. Without “Social Justice” all efforts will fail.
    Nigraan committee system at best will be impotent/incompetent and at worst may actually become part of the problem by becoming an agency to bribe police officials!!!!

  71. Dear Ashrafi
    I see where you are coming from, but if it is true then crime rate should not be a problem at all because almost all “Thanedaars” are like the above described. WHy then the crime rate is so high??

  72. The only way we can fix the corrupt thana system is to shoot all the corrput officers… I think that’s too harsh.. let’s fire all of them and confiscate all their illegit wealth.. and then hire all the unemployed educated youth that are disappointed and frustrated, train them properly and give them the latest equipment. Spend the money on the infrastructure rather than on Asif Zardari’s US trip and please do not confine these practices to Punjab only.. spread it in every corner of Pakistan.

  73. pakistanimunda said:
    The only way we can fix the corrupt thana system is to shoot all the corrput officers… I think that’s too harsh.. let’s fire all of them and confiscate all their illegit wealth.. and then hire all the unemployed educated youth that are disappointed and frustrated, train them properly and give them the latest equipment. Spend the money on the infrastructure rather than on Asif Zardari’s US trip and please do not confine these practices to Punjab only.. spread it in every corner of Pakistan.

    Give them 6 month to fix the problems,After that if they are not ready for the change then fire all of them and confiscate all their illegit wealth,and there would no pension or any other thing to facilitate them,and replace them with newly trained badge.

  74. salam
    yesterday i posted 2 somesuggestations now i want to add some more stop corruption there shouls be a police colony in almost every district to provide the resident facilities to the cops and their families and on retairment time govt should alot them a house because i think police has more tough deuty than army although no dought army is defending the borders but that is occoianly and even if we look at present time police is being targeted a lot more than army but unfortunatily at the present time about 75 precent of budget is for army and wat about police
    4. civil police should be activated in alomst every area of the country and police petroling should increase in urban and rural areas and that is possible by increasing the number of policemens and increasing police chekposts and thanas because at present unfortunatily one THANA is controling more than 100 villages that is scaring , every check post has maximum 10 to 15 policemen so their number should must increase.

    inshallah i will post more on next time

  75. They have already raised their salaries, now they need to raise their mental capabilities and that is only possible through mandatory education from top to bottom. Even IG police needs refreshers.


  76. Hi all,
    very nice comments by all and the frequency of response show that still we people have some expectation from this corrupt system and politician.actualy the problem is that they (politicians) always make us foolish through such type of slogan,abt which my experience says that they spend more on the publicity of that work instead of actual work.
    i don’t think that our elite class(ruling class and burocracy) is willing to bring any change bcoz in that they will have to sacify their power which they don’t want.
    now coming to the questions,if they realy want to improve police cluture,they will need to do some drastic dceisions,a major overhauling of the system.
    1.give them salaries and benifits which are given to motorway police.
    2.linke their promotion with their honesty not with performance bcoz surely we have talent but what we need is honesty and sincerity.
    3.all the politician must stop from intering into police work.
    4.stop bringing officer through css,promote the constable up to last rank on basis of their departmental exams.

    in my opinion what we need is only sincerity and only sincerity with this country.

    pakistan zinda abad.

  77. ******************* I HAVE A QUESTION FOR ALL OF YOU *******************

    How many of you posting their comments here have not ever given a bribe to a policemen?????
    This is a serious job guys,dont make foolish comments here which has no relevance with facts.The condition of inside Thana is “must change” thing. How many of you wants to join Police in these circumstances when police stations is blasted here and there??? I still want to serve as a patriot & want to join Police for the sake of Peace….

    Cheap Comments are easy to give but we need precious ones.


  78. ALSO ASK A POLICEMAN. Nobody among the suggestion-givers, here, has also informed the readers here whether he/she is a REALLY a policeman or a policewoman, too. Does not anybody feel that some suggestions should also come from the ‘horses mouths’ like some CONFIRMED & GENUINE police guys, as to what is their opinion in the matter?

  79. @Hooked Or Crooked

    Your logic may be less cheap but very funni

    Because we have given bribe once so we should not talk against bribe.
    Without making a cheap comment, I would say
    Society should not change because its overloaded with corruption and people who are part of corrupt society have no right to talk against corruption.
    Now some cheap talk
    What about inviting Americans to fix our society, they are less corrupt.

  80. @winter & all other who made camera suggestion….people we are not talking london eye….I will give these camera, routers & other hardware one week tops before they show up in the chore bazaars, on the peoples houses. I can almost picture some cops, screw drivers in hand taking possession… LOL

    the best thing government can do is not to do anything….seriously…. I mean make the police truly independent…Courts are the correct overseeing authority… if the govt steps in , i will create more corruption as they cops will now have to obey the illegal and unlawful requests of the nigran committee…and while we are at it , may be they should re-name these committee they sound so much like the “N” word, Barak Obama may take offense.

  81. 1) Elegibility
    The person who have minimum Master Degree or LLB with great personality and well repute in the premises of relavent police station and the persons of the commitee, is the friend of public not the police.
    They give suitable suggestion to public who come in police station.

    2)Selection of the person
    By using the union nazim who reccommed some name of the honorable personalites of his union and take a verification visit of the union and ask the peoples about this person such as bank verification officer worked.

    3) Efficiency
    For this, very low compention is annouced and eliminate the all things which create charm in this post only social workers is needed. They enjoy to meet the people not hide. They present him self 24/7 for public or people of his police station premises.

    4) Name of the commitee

    “Friends of Public and Police”
    and the punch line is “WE SERVE THE PEOPLE NOT POLICE”

    In the end, give special instruction to higher authorities and media channels to look the performence of this commitee time to time and use media for the permotion of these commitee and its work and now our honorable Cheif Minister increase the salary of Police its a good step. so, its the time police serve the public as a servent.

  82. @jazoo

    Good comments are always welcome.First you will have to make a promise to yourself not to do it again then you should point your finger to corrupt police men.Because people like us are also responsible of corruption in Police.
    Well! dont everyone think that we should ask policemen about what kind of change they want??How they want the committees should act??All they have done in previous years in respect of Corruption.They should be on the recieving end this time.Perfect scruitinies of the police stations whould be the first point of the long agenda.Every Thana should be computerized where you can have what you want on your finger tips.We have to get along with the World if we want our law enforcement institutions on the rise………


  83. @Hooked Or Crooked

    Recently I had to sell a property in Karachi.
    I had to pay Rs.35000/- to Registrar & his office for smooth transaction.
    Registrar was on Umrah trip on sarkari kharcha(sorry I have to call it trip) and his hefty share on his behalf was collected by Deputy Registrar.

    If I do not pay this money then I have to go to KBCA and other relevant authorities for their NOC, probably I may end up paying a lot more than Rs.35000/- with lot more time and alot of headache.

    I love to play tiger but not when I could be eaten alive by ants.

  84. I have never been a pro PML(N) and neither I am from Punjab but I really appreciate the Punjab Government to at least take this most important issue in to consideration and getting feedback from general public, the result and it is out put will be another discussion, but I think considering the Police and thana Dhari and thana dhar as an issue is very appreciable. untill and unless you raise the question it is hard to find a conclusive answer. As this department is directly connected with norms of society, their attitude, behavior and performance effect each and every individual, They are responsible when a minor issue not tackle effectively can turn to a bigger one. So I feel first of all, all the police man must be equipt ethically that is whether a person travel on car or on bike are all equal, any suspect must not be treated as a criminal, because it is been said that if a gentle man once been visited to their cells then he will be no more remain a gentle man, I think the police department must be considered as an ethical institute; a department who are not just responsible to ensure law and order implementation but who educate the people to make the law and order implemented. And this concept and culture must be abolished that if a family member of anybody belongs to this department he is free to break the law any time, and a police constable tone changes with references heard from such an offender.
    Secondly responsibility, that who they are where they stands in and for society, why they have been paid ……. every police man from top to bottom must clearly known about his responsibilty and their must be no negotiation in performing them…. and their must be accountability for each and every act performed by them.

    The concept of Nigran Committees will be effective if they are also monitered.

  85. @jazoo

    It was really sad to hear from you.Unfortunately these tragic stories are in our daily routine now.Many of us are against the bribe but still we have to go through this hell.That is why there should be a complete “Rah-e-Haq operation” in Police as well before we say that we have now two Strong institutions,

    1. Army
    2. Police.


  86. @hooked or crooked

    I am unable to find any reasonable logic in your suggestions. There are no shortcuts here. Nation has to go thru process of evolution. Only solution is to empower the common citizen.

    Any amount of mohasba and monitoring and operation clean-up wont work. Atleast thats what history tells us… What good has come out of Balochistan operation, Karachi operation yielded more violence.

    You need to have a look at the systems in modern world. Americans take Aamil Kansi from Balochistan but they dont shoot him right away. They follow the legal procedure to put him down… What does that tell you. Shortcuts can not be taken here.

    another instituion or committee on top of any other institution can not improve the situation. Dont you remember Mush experiment of having Army officers in civil departments to root out corruption? Just addition of another layer of corruption.

    Politics is essential part of human societies and that a way of empowering the citizens. You need to spend some time in Democratic Society and learn functioning of its elements to actually broaden narrow horizon of your intellect.

    Anyway can you tell me what and how often a justice of high court would be available to listen to complaints of a common peasant in remote village of D.I Khan???

    May be you can realise the shallowness of your suggestions now. Although I have my doubts 🙂

  87. Transparency is most important, I think.

    1. Every person should be made aware of his rights, a booklet of rights of a citizen must be introduced , and before any charge no matter how little, the citizen (or even criminal or alleged person) must be told what are his rights to defend himself.
    2. Every person should have access to information.


    Eligibility for the membership of the committees.

    a. NO active worker of any political party
    b. NO person of profession who may have direct benifit from the police cases, like Lawyer, Patwari etc.
    c. BEST SUITED are the headmasters of schools and colleges, Imams of mosques and a local mediaperson (agreed upon by local journalists).

    – The method of selection of members.

    MUST be free from influence of the local chaudary,politician, waderas.
    Group of headmasters, groups of imams, and groups of journalists alongwith technical (only) assistance of local lawyers and ex-policemen.

    – How to make these committees proactive and useful.

    MUST have a defined domain, a booklet containing exact responsibilities and authorities.
    Should have a database/list of cases for a counter check/transparency.

    – Suitable and meaningful title of the committees.

    may be like..

    “Muashra Dost Committe” or “Awam-Police Dosti Committe”

  88. My Respected Fellows,

    Since Paksitan came into being Pakistan never paid attention to build up institutes, instead relied on committe systems.This never worked northis gona work,it comes and goes with the change of Govt.

    Please be sure and do not support rise in pay etc ,ll help us to build up a better policing.if a force is not better trained morally and ethically,its not going to be change.

    166000 personnel of Punjab police got a payrise to its 100% rise.I wish at this time when world is under the influence of a hard recession how atonce a CM decided to gave a 100% rise.On the other hand in Pakistan which always in recession where unemployement is always to its high,what if 166000 new graduates should be taken into force.majorty of them should be working as an undercover officers,and absolutely can cut the crime rate .I am not saying just,Look how UAE is being managed.Almost 90% of total population are forigners.But country employess a huge number of officers as undercover officer.

    would you beieve i stayed once in a youth hostelin dubai,and one under cover offier was staying in my room,Though he was not for me 🙂 just to check activities of the wholesome forigners.

    The companyi worked for in UK offered me a 2.50% rise in the year 2009 and than 2.75% year 2010.which i was unhappy with.Problems of life are same everywhere,Can any one please Make me satsify how a force which have not a poor but very poor track record deserves a 100% rise.

    Please read the following suggestion to Chief Minister and comment if you think it can work or why if not. Thank you.

    Therfore i have already sent my suggestions to Chief Minister copy of which is being posted hereby

    Dear Mr Chief Minister

    I am writting to you with refrence to your advertismet in the daily express today dated 9thmay 2009 regarding your proposal to establish care take committies at the Police stations levels.

    At the very start i shall say Please don,t do it.While paying a lot of attention this system is not going to work out.our police system is already under a lot of government influence.By doing this there going to be a very close non professional committee system of no use as having not such power to be effective that much.Even if you do so as you are well aware of it, these systems lost as long the govt lost and goes a story of the past therafter.

    I here by sending you two new ideas,i did tried to see you in London during your last visit but wasn,t able to access ,I thought i shall deliver to you a short presention.But if my suggestion gets access to your table,I ,ll be even happy no matter can,t deliver it to you personally.

    As you know the developed countries have one commone quality and thats their establish institutes.A chief Minister can not keep an eye on every single matter.and there is no gurantee that every CM is going to be equally Keen for Public Matters.Therefore we need to establish new institutes for the well being of the people of the Punjab and Pakistan.Why not should this be initiated by you .Regarding the very curren committies issue,Please look on the following two options.

    Punjab Independent Police Commissionar

    An office to investigate the errors and complaints made against the Police.An office with such strong powers to dismiss any of the police rank untill the enquiry is completed in against.

    The office should be free from politicial dictation and is made of honest peopel f most of which not from Ex Police ranks.

    The Idea of Matheer Muhammad can be taken into practice by bringing few of Pakistani,s to work for, such like The 2nd highest rank in Metropolitian Police London Mr Tariq Ghafoor who resigned last year from the force .

    Punjab Criminal Recor Bureau

    Along with check and balance its equally important to discourage the crimes within the society.People should have a fear that how one crime can destroy their future.Only a punishment for few months and years Jail sentence and fines isn,t enough for most people.

    One of the Prominent Institute of the Punjab Govt Punjab Criminal Record Beaure ,ll not need that bigger set up to get establish.all courts in Punjab ,ll be liable to send of a copy of the dicission to PCRU,which ,ll put update the crime on the system.

    This ,ll make easy for the employers and other govt institutes to know the track record of the person they are beong envolved.PCRU Can also make a money by charging a reasoble amount from the Person or Isntitutes asking for a CRB(criminial record bureau check)Thus along with discourging the crimes in Punjab,it ,ll be making a money to cover some or may be all of its expenses.

    I Hope all we Pay our best to make Pakistan a Place of Iqbal and Jinnaha,s dreams.

    your Sincerely

    kamran M Bhatti
    MA Political Science

  89. Alright jumping directly to suggestions:

    1: Establishing a central database, where FIRs are registered. Every Thana should feed FIR directly into that central repository and the concept of ‘katchi FIR and Pakki FIR” should be abolished right away. When an FIR is registered, the e-mail copies automatically should be sent to the relevant DCO, Commissioner, Home Secertary and Chief Minister itself. A database can be designed which will track the FIRs launched and any updates made on that particular case. Another piece of software should monitor the progress and if some FIR is not pushed for x number of days or no update is made, an e-mail with ‘critical’ status should directly be sent to CM house. A committee should be formed who would then need to persue that particular case. This will stop a lot of malfunctioning and abuse of the system. Essentially the underlying concept is the vigilance on invigilator. There is no harm if critical reports may also be forwarded to registrar of Supreme Court who might isse sue moto notcie on the pending and critcal cases on the direction of CJ of Supreme Court or you may scale it down to the High Court.

    2: The Intervention of political parties, persons, workers in the appointment, termination and transfers of the police SHO and senior official should be banned right away. The person who can do this should only be IGP. And in case he faces pressures, there should be an automatic SOS call should originate and he may seek justice from superior judiciary. If some political party worker, opposition or government, minister or MPA, found guilty of this act, should be disqualified from holding any public office.

    3: In remote areas of the province, the sheriff policing system, as found in US, should be adopted. The residents of the local Thana should elect their SHO and the peson should be from the same area, which will benefit the system immesly as he might be aware of the local shurfa, thugs, criminals and negative personlities. A whole system can be devised to stop the abuse of power by the individual elected as SHO. The duration of such post should not exceed 2 years.

    4: Even in ‘not so remote’ areas, I am of the view that local policeman should be incharge of the Thana, if not within same Thana, they should not be appointed outside their immidiate district.

    More suggestions to follow … 🙂

  90. 1. people of committee should have a knowledge of law
    2. they should preferably have a background of social work
    3. there could be some volunteers as well
    4.few retired police officers
    5.some victims of thana culture

    there should also be a place where people could complain against police and i would be one of the person to of my friend was slapped hard at face by a police man at saddar rawalpindi because his motorbike punctured at murree road at 2am at night and when he became tired of dragging it he sat on the footpath to take rest, a police van suddenly stopped near him and police came out and asked him why are you sitting here? before he could reply one of the policeman slapped on his face and then the police went away, and he was probably superintendent police in civil dress who slapped the guy and he is still thinking why was he slapped by police which is supposed to be made for his security?? people in our country dont feel secure with police..

  91. people of committee should have a knowledge of law
    2. they should preferably have a background of social work
    3. there could be some volunteers as well
    4.few retired police officers
    5.some victims of thana culture

  92. —Discovering Thana Culture – What kind of respect police has?—

    A teacher calls the father of an obnoxious student to school. “Aap ka beta haram ki bateiN karta hey. Us ko samjhaey. [Your son bullies other students and is involved in matters, which will lead him to troubled life].” The teacher informed the father of the student.

    The father replied, “Koi baat naheiN. Ham nay bhi toh us ko police mien bharti karwana hey” [Does not matter. He will be an excellent candidate as a police man/ officer].

    ——– Why Prize Bonds are for a Police Officer Only? ——-

    Our neighbor was a Superintend of Police (SP), a high-ranking officer. My sister used to go to neighbor’s house to play with the daughters of SP. My sister always came home with a question, “Why Fauzia’s dad is so lucky. He wins a prize bond (a form of a lottery in Pakistan) every month and we have never won anything”?

    ——– The Law, Justice and Police of Land Mafia ———

    My family bought a piece of agricultural land in the industrial hub of Punjab during the eighty’s. A bigwig of the area, a PPP jiyala and a member of Al-Zulfikar – a terrorist organization during the era of dictator Zia, encroached the land through coercive means. We originally bought this land with the intention of setting up a high-tech industry.

    The lawful owners of the land were surprised to know that the encroacher had filed a law suite against them of illegally documenting the land on their name. By 2006 the land had appreciated to multi-million valuations. Being everyone abroad, our friends in Pakistan advised us that instead of getting into pkjustice, just sell the land to a cartel at a garage sale price. The cartel told us that we do not have to worry about the law suite, occupation of the land and other matters. The buying land mafia will take care of it.

    You know, who were the proprietors of this land mafia; An SSP, A Judge and a mutual friend of them.

  93. First of all if the Punjab Government has really requested this exercise then I applaud them. I think this is a very big change in our governence. So far they think they know everything and have refused to recognize that we are now in the 21st century and the world has moved on while we are still in the year 1948, to be kind to them.
    Secondly, admin and the contributors of this forum should thus be congratulated that their efforts are being recognized and therefore we to should open a new chapter in actively and consciously contribute towards the very problems that we criticize day in and day out. After all it seems that there is someone important who is reading our comments and views.
    Let’s move on to the subject. We should completely review the structure of our police department. Whilst everyone has generously contributed many many good ideas I will endeavor to give mine in short points because what should be done will take six months to write in detail.
    1. Revise and bring our standard procedural training manuals to modern era. The training of our policemen should be done by men of exceptional qualities. The most important being discipline and honesty. Changing one aspect of the police force will not solve the problem.
    2. Entry level should be raised to minimum of BA for officers and Matric for foot soldiers.
    3. They should be all taught basic law. All of them from foot soldiers to officers. Right now most of them do not understand the basic rules of everyday law be that if it is driving, investigating burglaries, law and order. How can they possibly pick up others when they do not understand rules themselves?
    4. It should be a minimum of 2 years to become a foot soldier and 4 years to become a officer
    5. Recruit more women police personals, both officers and foot soldiers especially in villages and small towns. We really must begin to give more rights to our women.
    6. Patrol the streets in pairs specially the shopping areas.
    7. Send more officers abroad to learn. When western government gives us aid we should ask them to train our people.
    8. Give everyone 100% pay increase. Before people say I am crazy, let me tell you there is no shortage of money in Pakistan. We have over 50 Federal Ministers. Have you ever thought where the money is coming from to pay them and their self created ministries?
    9. Ask USA to provide Punjab Government with 100,000 police cars and 200,000 motorbikes. Believe me all this will cast under 50 million dollars. They are anxious to give us economic aid. So ask them. Cameras should be installed on all Police cars
    10. Ask USA to provide communication system whereby each policeman is equipped with state of the art microphones to communicate with headquarters.
    11. Install computers to keep all records of each and every vehicle, each and every motorcycle, each and every convict etc.
    12. GUNS SHOULD BE BANNED FROM KARACHI TO FATA. Those who need it for hunting and protection of property or personals should be licensed.
    13. Launch TV ads informing people of their fundamental rights and inform them what to do if they are abused.
    14. Create complaint committees which should be made up of lawyers.
    15. Create state of the art laboratories where they can conduct DNA tests band other forensics tests.
    16. And finally people should be encouraged to use their cell phones to record acceptance of bribery, violent crime, breakdown of law and order. Record those cars with number plates that cross the red lights.
    There are those amongst us who think that we cannot do this. That we are to corrupt. Well two things, if we can make a nuclear bomb then we can do it and if we don’t then who will.
    POWER TO THE PEOPLE. Make your start here. By the way I think many of my colleagues have also recommended very good ideas. I believe I must end here.

    @Admin, if the Punjab government is serious then I will be very happy to help them draft such a policy. In fact I would dearly help in any form as long as they want to get serious

  94. Suggestions and Proposal for Quality Culture in Punjab police:

    With reference to ad in news paper dated 12-05-2009 related to “Change in Thana Culture”, we would like to give you some suggestions as well as a new idea to have a revolutionary change in Thana Culture.

    We would like to start with Quality, Quality is defined as “fitness for purpose” or “Degree of Excellence a Service provides”

    Quality culture means a culture in which every work is done or a service is provided according to the highest degree of Excellence. As the police are very important service to public in which the public is the customer, so customer (public) satisfaction would be the ultimate objective of Police or Thana, and to achieve customer satisfaction we should adopt some quality systems and standards like many other service organizations which are doing their business at the highest level of performance.

    Total quality management is a proven technique to guarantee survival in world class competition. Only by changing the actions of management the culture and actions of an entire organization will be transformed. TQM is the art of managing the whole to achieve excellence. By adopting and implementing TQM principles and Techniques in Punjab police we can achieve the highest level of performance as well as customer (public) satisfaction, the main stake holder for this service.

    Almost 5 years back a development in Education sector in Pakistan was made by introducing a new concept of Quality in Education. Higher education Commission (HEC) Pakistan highly appreciated that concept. Now almost every University in Pakistan has established or is going to establish a Quality Enhancement Cell within the University. The main purpose of QEC is to achieve the highest level of performance in Education.
    Institute of Quality & Technology Management, University of The Punjab, Lahore has organized two International conferences on “Quality in Higher Education”. Almost 20 countries representatives, including USA, UK & Canada, participated in that conferences and presented their research papers on that issue. We also participated as well as organized these conferences. The introduction of this concept of Quality in education has made many positive effects on the education sector in Pakistan.
    On the similar basis as in Education Sector in Pakistan (which is also a very important service to public) we can adopt and implement the Quality concept in Punjab police.

    So being system Engineers we think it is useless to have “Nigraan Committees” until unless we change the system, we have to positively change the Personnel sitting inside Thana because they are who deal with the Public (customer). Nigraan committees will promote feudalism, favoritism and monopoly, monopoly of chaudhry from a village, monopoly of political worker belonging to a political party; the poor will be suppressed again. Formation of Nigraan Committee is same as “you hire a servant to clean the dust from your table every day and you do not think to remove the cause of Dust”. Now we think it is the time to remove the cause. If we really want to change Thana Culture we have to change the mind set and attitude of the personnel sitting inside Thana. This can be done by providing them Quality Education and Training, by having a Quality system in Thana, by setting Quality Standards for Thana and police department. So to have a change we have to change the system. We have to convert this current system to a Quality System, where there is a Quality Culture. Only what we need is Commitment, Resources & Professional skills
    We have discussed this issue with our teachers as well as our fellows and after having discussion We think it is possible to have a Quality System and Quality Culture in Thana or Punjab police only if the top Management is committed to change, as
    “Quality is the Ultimate responsibility of the Top Management”

    Our Proposal to have a Quality Culture/System in Thana is as follows

    1) Name:

    Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) in Punjab Police

    2) Eligibility:

    Competence level, Professionals with Strong Educational background, should have deep understanding of Quality systems and standards, understanding of change management, Experience in Quality control and Quality Assurance,

    3) Selection:

    · Should be hired by the govt.
    · should fulfill a certain criterion like CSS exams

    4) Functions And Effectiveness:

    · Establishment & Implementation of Quality systems & standards
    · Education & Training
    · Documentation
    · To set a proper Communication channel
    · Performance measurement and appraisal
    · Monitoring and Evaluation
    · Professional development of personnel

    Here we have given you only an idea we can present you a detailed proposal for the implementation of quality system and standard in Punjab Police.

    Our fellows, our department and we are highly motivated to provide you our services. Feel free for any further detail, discussion and detailed proposal


    For contact:

    Industrial Engineering & Management
    (System Engineer)
    Institute of Quality & Technology Management
    University of the Punjab, Lahore
    Cell # 03455756589

    Industrial Engineering & Management
    (System Engineer)
    Institute of Quality & Technology Management
    University of the Punjab, Lahore
    Cell #03334376189

    Mudasser Ijaz
    Industrial Engineering & Management (System Engineer)
    Institute of Quality & Technology Management
    University of the Punjab, Lahore
    Cell # 03334075476

  95. Yes, that’s a good idea.We should go further and look at the society that gives rise to the thana culture. We have widespread illiteracy, a dual educational system and a creaking judicial system. An absence of adequate education results in low esteem for both the thana staff and the people they mostly have to deal with.

    The crazy educational system that we have leads to a wanton destruction of our intellectual resources. The most natural way in which one can express one’s God-given intelligence is through the medium of the national language but the false criterion that we use in Pakistan fails to recognise intelligence unless it is expressed in a foreign language that the slavish elite of the country has managed to impose on our national life. This perpetuates class distinctions and smothers the potential of gifted individuals among the poor, who are unable to receive an English education.

    The “thana culture” is largely irrelevant where the rich and the powerful are concerned. By and large, a lot of these people are cast in the image of their colonial masters of over 60 years ago – but, alas, they have only picked up the arrogance and the vices from the long departed British. The poor constable from the local thana is easily silenced by these modern imitators of the Americans and the British, who have only to utter a few choice expletives in English. The thana staff is left to take out its frustrations on the ill educated populace.

    A rapid spread of education in the national language, and a progressive replacement of English by Urdu in national life, is essential for the creation of a stable and harmonious society. Thus, for example, if the reports of the Nigraan Committees are to be useful at all, they need to be written in Urdu and not in second rate English which few will understand.

    Ever wondered why China and Korea have joined the ranks of developed nations while we are still a developing country? It is because we make use of, at most, 10% of our intellectual resources while China and Korea are able to utilise all the God-given talent they have available. They are proud of their language and culture and they do not suffer from the frightening inferiority complex that has destroyed the psyche of the Pakistani nation.

  96. No doubt ‘Nigraan Committee’ seems like a good idea. It looks it will consist of citizens of that area and they will keep an eye on Police actions. A body that will address issues concerning Police and the concerned public.

    But this will not improve how Policing is done in our country-or Punjab-. Thana Culture will not change alone by formation of these so called Committees. This must be kept in mind.

    Thana Culture can only change if all the above suggestions and the experts input is utilised and there is a Political will to do what is right.

    Otherwise you will have to put another Nigraan Commitee in place to keep an eye on this Nigraan committee and so on and so forth.

    Or perhaps the Provincial Government has some better ideas that we are not aware of?

  97. Pakistan’s corrupt politians Parliamentarians will never bring justice to Pakistan. Looters like Mr 10% running the government and they have the audacity to ask people how to bring justice.

    Pakistan needs a revolution.

  98. Masjid tu bana lee shabb bhar main eeman ki hararat waloon nay
    mann apna purana papee tha barsoon main namazee ban na saka

    Letus see how they gona do it.

  99. Some simple things that we can do to improve the thana culture.
    First we have to look into what we have given the(police) and what we are expecting form them?
    1: The ratio of police man and citizens.
    2: The resources, and training of police.
    3: The biggest and very important factor that is eating up every where army, police, civil is gap between solder and an officer. Salary gap, living standard, attitude of officers to normal police man and attitude of over all police to general public.
    1: Try to introduce new technology. Every police man when on job should have audio recoding device. That should be on every time or at lest when talking to his colleges or public that he can show in case of allegation of abusive language or misconduct.
    2: Before going for any activity every personal mush wearer life saving jacket (not only the officer) audio, video camera and proper system of communicating with each other (not fifty year old hand held waki talki).
    3. When every a member of general public came across police in any circumstances police must take his/or contact details that detail (ph, email) should be use by independent body that contact the victim about his experience with police, that report should effect the police man’s service record.
    Because if police man is not good with public then he is not P O L I C E.
    More over police will get a feeling that there is some one watching them after Allah.
    4: Along with audio video their must be chip that could prove the police man location during his job. So cant not be in his bed and on job at the same time.
    At last i would say before implementing any thing please make sure the resources and training, because or our police never ever look professional it means there are laps in training, officers must consider the walking police man as human being like himself. No abusive language no insulting attitude.
    Make every one bound to system, so with changing of govt or transfer of IG should not effect any thing.
    5: If some one caught of misconduct he should be make example for rest, not only suspension for few days.

    Many Thanks.

  100. The Punishment for Police officers involved in Corruption must be Death.
    IF not death then they must be kicked out from their jobs permanently and must be sent to jail according to LAWS.
    All corruption is happening only because of soft corners and support for them from the Politicians.
    Politics interfering Police work and duties must be smashed out.
    These are the few points from my side.Thanks

  101. Technology need to be used for bringing transparency. There should be software for lodging FIR and its monitoring later on.

  102. Best way to improve thana culture is on the way of Lahore traffice Police.Only locals should serves the local thanas.In Lahore only people with Lahore domicile can serve.It improved a lot the attitude of the traffice police cause most them are now young and educated and are performing very good.I have admired them personally.The same thing should be done with black-police.The paindas from illiterate,undereducated background are appointed in Lahore and other cities solely on the basis of political attachments.Rather whole police department is like a political wing for different political parties.That should end.Educated officers should be brought and hired locally.Traffice police is a clear example in front of us.

  103. SHAHBAZ SHARIF if u will be able to do this, you will be best politician in PAKISTA, now coming to the issue my suggestion for improving the systeme are:

    – give same budget to interieur ministry as defence.
    -Increase number of personnels
    – do a scrunty of all policemen, and judge them on their perfommance trainning and check their record of corruption, those who will be eligble would remain in police otther can be given to RANGER or something like this or could be sent in any other departement where corruption is not possible.
    – recrute new policemen, or take already trained ranger officers.
    -make 3 departement in every police station
    – CID ( for investigation) all kind of criminelle investigation.
    -SB (for intelligence gathring and montring )
    – uniformed police with new uniforme may be same to MOTORWAYPOLICE (for petrolling in street), every policestation should be headed by SP level officer and every departement in police station (CID SB AND NORMAL POLICE) should be headed by DSP level officiers.

    – check and balance on police , their should be a POLICE OF POLICE, departement intelligence baised police, they should only keep any eye on police collecte public complains and investigate them, check policemen background, their assests and all, to prevent corruption and other abuses, they should also be a seprate cell for policemen complains against any citizen or for any haressement …………..

    – free police departement of political presseur, give all the powers to a commitee like CORP COMMANDER conference of ARMY, to decide about police. only IG of police should be appointed by CM or PM, all other appointements must be done by A POWER FULL POLICE DEPARTEMENT commitee.

    – high level police officers should have power’s and even CM to dismiss any police officer for any problem but finial desicion should be done by a commitee like COURT MARCHAL systeme in ARMY, and all the investigation and preuve gathring must be done by POLICE OF POLICE DEPARTEMENT, as suggested above by me.

    – Increase number of policestation

    – computrize all police stations and interlink them, also it should be linked by SP OFFICE DPOS and like that.

    – the software must be prepared in theses basises :
    – their should be a time frame given to CID for investigation and after that time the software should hightlight those cases to SP or any other official automatically and then the officer in charge of case should be asked and cases should be given to FIA (remeber that i have a complete plan for FIA alsot that i m not mentionning here). or any other higlevel team to resolve and the policy should that no case can be closed till the resolution of case ,,,

    – SB (special branhc) , should be given the target to keep an eye on citizen , they must be provided all the equipement to record calls and all to check and keep secour their part of city.

    – their should be regular trainning courses for every officer , and this should be must for everyone, and polices officers must be bounded to be fit and their weight should be controlled.

    – all police officers should be given normal pistols , and a special force may be ELITE FORCE should be expanded and given the name of quick RESPONCE FORCE , thery should be equiped with latest guns, helicopter and other transport facilties to inervine in case of need, and when called by normal police.

    – NAZIM, DCO AND SESSION JUGE sould be asked to write a report on over all perfommance of the police in the district and these report should be given to CM and then gov will see three reportes and decide on what to do in district.

    – Police should be assured for medical facilities , eduation for their childs free.

    – Hight pay scale

    – independant and strict recrutement policy and systeme.

    i can give

  104. a detail report to CM if i m assured that he will see it and will pick good points, all what i wrote here is only a sample of my vision and thinking about police syseme

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