9 thoughts on “Chief Justice Speech – 14 May 2009

  1. Actions are Louder than speech. Pls. no more speech kindly let us know what is your OUT PUT regarding the followings:

    Missing Persons
    Karo-Kari (treatment with women)
    Dr.Afia Siddiqui
    Droned Attacks
    Women Alive Buried at Baluchistan (The PPP Senator’s Involvement)
    Police & Other Law Enforcement Agencies – High handedness.

    & above all Living Style of our Bureaucracy & Ministers.

  2. Yeh,

    What is your output!

    You have not yet taken any Souo Moto action against NRO.
    You haven’t yet sacked the already fragile govt.
    NS is still not PM

    You have as of now so much disappointed some ppl. that if they knew what you gonna do after restoration, they would not have been so hyper. You have really turned them down. Now be prepared for bashing from IK very soon.

  3. Loot sale of govt lands – CJ puts his foot down
    ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has issued orders that survey of land held by the Evacuee Trust be conducted and its current price be fixed, and a report in this connection be presented in the court on the next hearing.

    The CJ issued these orders while presiding over a 3-member bench of the SC during the course of hearing of a suo moto notice on the sale of 240-acre land of the Evacuee Trust.

    The CJ also granted exemption to the Chairman of the Board, Syed Asif Hashmi, from attending the next hearing of the case besides issuing notice to the Sindh advocate general to clarify their legal position with respect to this land. The city government of Karachi should inform the court how much land was in its possession, he further directed.

    The CJ remarked that loot sale was going on in three departments, including the Railways, the Evacuee Trust and the CDA. “We will not allow any one to embezzle even a penny of the nation. We will set up a commission to conduct investigation into sale of the government land at throwaway prices,” he further remarked.

    Some Background:
    ETPB unfazed over losing Karachi land worth billions
    May 08, 2009 by Ansar Abbasi
    Over 2,300 acres of state land grabbed by mafias in Karachi
    May 10, 2009 by Ansar Abbasi

  4. CJ has lost all his respect, he became the rubber stamp judge like some many others. He disappointed the Nation. Forget about international issues, he is not even taking any notice of KESC about which many people know that Zardari has his major shares in it.

  5. CJ is no Captain plannet……..dun put everything on CJ after electing reckless amateures as ur executives…….CJ is working hard for the change in judiciary and that change wud surely come but slowly…………Taking too many executive type actions wud definately jeopardise his postition and 2 yrs long lawyers movement.

  6. He did not disappoint the nation. He disappoint only those who were thinking that the first thing CJ would do will be challenging the NRO. He has actually Disappointed PML(N), JI, IK, Ifran Siddique, Haroon Rasheed, Dr Safdar, Ata-ul-Haq Qasmi some new comers to politics who were dreaming that PPP could be ousted if not through the vote through CJ. Actually some people are feeling now that CJ has used them for his restoration. How innocent these people are? I had the opinion that restoration of judiciary movement after PPP govt. was formed was actually politically motivated it was not just for restoration of Judges. I am so glad that there is atleast one individual (CJ) who has actually USED NS and PML(N).

    If you are so sure that AZ has major shares in KESC deal, why don’t you file a formal law suite against AZ and if you do not have any evidence in this particular case please look for some other thing. You can call Saifurrehman, he may fabricated some UNDENIABLE evidence by now. If he does not help you can still complaint about SURRAY Palace or Swiss case.

  7. I don’t understand why the bunch of idiots keep standing behind any speaker, whether he is a politician or CJ or any other so called leaders ?

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