65 thoughts on “Target Killing of 11 MQM Haqiqi, 2 MQM Altaf, 1 PPP and 1 JI Workers in Karachi

  1. Was on the cards once MQM Haqiqi looked to roam the streets of Karachi again.

    Pehlay maaro, phir rona shuroo kar do kay yay hamaray khilaaf saazish hai…

    Might be an old trick but still works wonders for Altaf bhai and his followers.

    Karachi Altaf bhai ka hi hai….Maan lia!

  2. Acording to daily Ummat… MQM haqiqui is about to be active agian.. whihc is probably pissing Muttahida off… in yesterdays newspaper there was a report saying that Muttahida is trying to get some cases opened against Afaq Ahmed and Amir Khan to keep them inside the jail…

    It would definitely not like to open a new front in the form of Haqiqui…

  3. It is a well known fact that MQM Haqiqi was made by ISI as revealed by Khalid Khawaja the former ISI employee and very famous for missing persons.

    The creation of Haqiqi pushed Karachi into blood and violence.

    Now a days Haqiqi is further divided into Afaq and Amir Khan Group, Most of the people killed belong from Haqiqi Amir Khan Group which is more tilted towards Altaf Hussain MQM.
    Takbeer publish the story that Amir Khan is basically working for Altaf Hussain.


    It means most of the people killed belong to MQM Altaf and if this is not stopped then Karachi would be sent back into 90’s.

    I ask Army where are allegations of jinnah pur ?if they don’t have any why they did the operation and if they have proofs about MQM making jinnah pur then it would be present in front of Iftikhar Chaudhry.

  4. @ AGRANA

    i hope another operation will incite the same sentiments in mohajirs like the sentiments Balochs have now a days.

    and i strongly believe Army can not do any operation against MQM now as MQM has strong links in Washington unlike 1992.


    An Ordinary telephone operator like Mustafa Kamal was given Status and Protocol of Head of the State when he went to USA.

    Recently the Group of US Senators meets Zardari and NAwaz also meets Mustafa Kamal, the way MQM Nazim built Karachi sent a message to world and in US that now PPP and PML N are not worthy of ruling Pakistan and they need a new party and i guess MQM will become more and more strong in coming days.

  5. Hamain Taliban ki zaroorat he nahe Karachi mein khon kharaba machanay k leay, MQM hay na,Bhai ki mojodgi mein kisi ki kia zaroorat

  6. @ Najam Syed

    I posted the facts the newspapers are filled with all these news.

    I am confused that Why Richard Boucher went to london and meet Altaf Hussain ?

    Why US Ambassador N W Petterson also went to meet Altaf Hussain?


    According to news MQM is getting stronger and stronger in interior sindh.

    MQM made sindhis MPA’s MNA’s and Senators even Punjabies are Senators and MNA on MQM ticket,

    all these gestures are to attract International powers and to portray that MQM is liberal and non ethnic party who can rule Pakistan.

    Its high time for all of us to stop just cursing MQM and try to find out what MQM and Altaf Hussain is doing silently. by just cursing MQM we are not getting anything, i have been told that 2 Punjabies are in MQM rabita committe one is Iftikhar Randhawa and other one name is not known,

    Why MQM need to make 2 Punjabies Rabita Committee members ?

    This development also made my point stronger.

  7. @ghalib

    Seems like you have never lived in khi or you are not from khi and if you are then pity on you

    Not all the newspapers are filled in with what you are saying. If MQM has 2 Punjabis then so what….all the other parties have people from all over the country……..i would still have the same views about MQM even if they have 50 Punjabis in their party…..because all of us know MQM is and has been a facist party

    Look at the leader does he ever talks sense…the most detailed appearance from him recently was the press conference with Rehman Malik….didnt you hear what crap was he saying…..I am pretty sure Bilawal Zardari can speak better than him

    Also the street crime in khi was first started by MQM….I have been mugged several times myself and i can easily recognise if the criminal is an MQM activist or a pathan…..all the time I have been mugged is by MQM…..i know other communities have also been involved but MQM people are the ones who do the most because they have the hold all over khi, they have got the govt in khi and sindh…..and whatever I am saying is not against Urdu speaking people but against MQM which was never a party of Pakistan neither khi….these some urdu speaking people have caused dis respect to rest of the Urdu speaking community and are continuing to do so…..do I need to remind what MQM has done in the past….I can name the killers who killed dozens of innocent people with press releases and evidences issued by rangers, police and army

    What if they are showing a different approach these days i.e. political approach….they are still the same from inside….y did they ask for change of CCPO and IG Sindh….this is because they suggested ghar ghar talashi in the violence affected areas to clear it with illegal weapons and obviously MQM was afraid of it….Who killed all the top leadership of Sunni Tehreek???Did Sunni Tehreek retaliate, No…It was MQMs govt at that time as well…y didnt they make an effort to catch the culprits because they didnt want to jail their own people….what if this happens to MQM leadership….they would make karachi hell….no other community would be able to breath as result of the violence they would errupt and still some creepy weirdos support MQM and falsely say MQM is growing…..I think i should re phrase what ghalib said…”MQM is not growing at all but is trying their level best to grow the hearts of people, however they have been very disappointed at the response of the people coz people can never forgive what they did to khi in late 80s and 90s”…..and if someone says thay get all the votes then i dont want to explain that dumbo that how do they get votes

    This is the time for the people of khi to realise what is right and wrong…they are suffering for a long time and they cant suffer anymore for the sake of Altaf Hussain who doesnt even live here….y follow a party or a fake leader who is afraid himself….examples are created by leaders…but i know altaf hussain is just a brain child of foreign elements who can never become a leader….look at benazir, despite death threats she came to khi and then went to pindi…..look at Imran Khan despite death threats he came to khi and y is MQM afraid of Imran Khan, i dont get it….probably due to his rising support in khi…..and pursuing of the cases against Altaf Hussain

    So as someone said above…MQM supporters stop day dreaming pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssseeeeeee

    God Bless Pakistan

  8. @ The Resistance

    “look at Imran Khan despite death threats he came to khi and y is MQM afraid of Imran Khan, i dont get it….probably due to his rising support in khi”

    Are you in your senses or you dont belong to khi? and its a big joke of the day once you say above.

    Imran khan will never get any popularity in khi in his life, pls run the refrendum for this in khi and you will realize that. fist he needs to become politically matured. just make a 1000 ppls get together in defence area is not a big deal. all other parties are afarid of popularity of MQM coz mqm is working for thier voters sake. I belong to khi but personally I dont like Altaf hussain but I do like MQM and they work they have been doing.

    KHUDA Hafiz.

    Areez Ahmed.

  9. @The Resistance

    “i can easily recognise if the criminal is an MQM activist or a pathan”

    I wonder how do you differentiate between MQM activist and pathan.

    Do you mean “Mohajir or patahn” ? or MQM walay ke chehray pur koi stamp laga hota he? ( may be you are accepting that all mohajirs are in MQM)

    btw did u get the chance to look at the videos on youtube regarding ATM robbery in karachi? can you tell me about those guyz who were they MQM? punjabi or pathan?

  10. @BechariAwam
    Come on any Pakistani can differentiate b/w a pathan, punjabi mohajir etc….u can tell by the accent, colour etc…ab pathan kala tu ho ga nahin aur us ki urdu bhi khi wali tu ho gi nahin….no matter for how long hes been in khi….my father got mugged once and he said they were pathans…..my brother and his three mates got mugged….one of his mates brother is in MQM….that MQM guy when to three units and found the fones and wallets in the third unit (MQM unit) and brought everything back….i can give u countless real time examples

    I dont care whether you people like it or not but when u get mugged u’ll find out….otherwise keep living in negligence n one day u’ll b the victim……or probably u are one of the culprits….

    Oh so if Imran will never get popularity in khi then y did MQM didnt let him come for 2 years…..pretty stupid of you….as far as MQM is concerned its only coz of Mustafa Kamal….he has enable MQM for the first time to gain popularity but dont forget the foundation was laid by Jamat-eIslami when Naimatullah Khan came with the vision to revive karachi….it was MQM at that time who were creating hurdles for him but he still carried on….reason y he didnt get elected was coz every one knows was MQM does when election take place….n please dont say in response that Mustafa Kamal is world second best Mayor…that was all untrue….dont believe me then go check foreign policy magazine and their statement regarding this issue….coz of MQM and their celebrations they had to issue an statement which also says that pakistanis cannot understand simple english…it wasnt any kind of ranking and was just a list of emerging mayors in the world….woh kehtai hain naan…”one can be educated but still be illiterate”…..rest of the MQM is the same as it was b4 but Mustafa Kamal has given them the chance to improve the image but i believe kai kuttai ki dum teri ki teri hi rehti hai

  11. @ The Resistance

    either u acept it or not, mqm is a reality and the foundation is so strong and its not running by mustafa Kamal actually he bacame nazim after writing so many exams inside mqm and elected by majority. he is not relative to any mqm’s leader. truth is always bitter.
    take care.

  12. Regardless of its Mafia like setup MQM has brought peace and prosperity to Karachi.
    It was MQM not PPP, who is responsible for relief in load shedding, they pressurized the Federal Govt to take action against KESC and threaten to nationalize KESC if they don’t behave.
    Kesc suppose to provide services, if they can not they have no business to stay in monopolized and very important public utility sector.

    The few things I mentioned counts, if not someone should tell me what else counts.

  13. @ The Resistance

    Dear i was talking about 2 Punjabies on the Top decision making setup of MQM that is the Rabita Committee.

    As far as crimes and other things are concern they are in all over the country so i guess MQM is responsible for street crimes in Lahore and Peshawar as well.

    I was trying to point out towards something that is over looked by us and start cursing MQM with out realizing that by doing that we are giving the WHOLE world a message that MQM is so strong in Karachi that when ever and what ever they like they can do it in Karachi, the International players would talk with MQM as we made MQM the Biggest Party of Karachi either calling it terrorists or anything else, the world only talks with them.

    The Army Operation only made MQM more strong, what i know most of the MQM hardcore militia members survived and still alive and roaming freely in karachi and the people killed were mostly innocent people, The Operation united MQM and Urdu Speaks more then ever.

    I don’t understand why you people over looked the simple fact that now MQM is more powerful then 1992 ?

    and WE are responsible for that, From 1992 to 1999 we were beating the drum of Jinnah Pur, Now MQM is terrorist and blah blah blah. We actually ourselves give MQM so much importance that they world now know that there is something like MQM.

    In my above comments i posted links that Boucher and US Ambassador went to Britain to meet Altaf Hussain, Mustafa Kamal when went to USA was given Protocol of Head of the State , so the drum of Terrorism and Jinnah Pur failed as the world is talking to MQM for Karachi Matters.

    Can we stop it? NO We can’t nor we can do anythign about it, Jamat e Islami and Imran Khan are deemed to supporters of Talibans so the world automatically tilt towards MQM for the control of Pakistan Major City and Economic Hub.

    The earlier we realize that by cursing we are giving more and more attention and highlighting MQM to the world the better we can counter MQM.

    Otherwise every one is free to abuse MQM but it will only make MQM more and more stronger and will be highlighted on world scene.

  14. @ Resistance

    As far as Naimatullah and Jamat e Islami are concern they got 4 years but they missed the Bus they just laid foundations and the rest is done by MQM,

    It means the tactical Boycott of local bodies elections by MQM in 2001 was the far sightedness of MQM leadership and they trap not only Jamat and other parties of Karachi as well ? The fact also showed that MQM is run by people with brains who not only have political far sightedness but also can wait for the right time to strike on target?

    now an ordinary citizen of Pakistan living in Karachi with out any doubt can say Karachi is Built by Mustafa Kamal not Naimatullah and this is the fact that i have to accept even i don’t like MQM.

  15. What happened to the letter sent to Gordon Brown by Imran Khan, and what about the case against altaf? can we have any updates on it by any Imran khan supporters here?

  16. @ Areeza

    In my opinion Imran Khan was just used by hard core Jamat e Islami people who are part of PTI and members of PTI Central Committee..

    Imran Khan failed to even admit the case against Altaf Hussain in Britain and now Imran Khan and PTI both knows they can’t do anything against MQM or Altaf Hussain so they are no just sitting back and not talking about it.

    As Far As Gordon Brown Letter, he received hundred of such letters so the letter from Imran Khan meet the same fate .. Dust Bin

  17. For your information as far as the case is concerned its still on……i think people shouldnot say anything if they dont have enough knowledge…..”little knowledge is a dangerous thing”……anyways Scotland Yard (in England) wants to check the records and further investigate in Pakistan according to their own standards and satisfaction (they carry this out for any international investigation)….To do this they need permission and cooperation from Pakistan govt…..last time it was Musharraf who didnt allow and this time its PPP….its because MQM was in coalition with both govts and they are not allowing the govt to allow Scotland Yard to investigate in Pakistan…..obviously MQM will create hurdles because they know they are guilty but PTI is working to sort out these kind of hurdles as well…..so just b patient and see what PTI does…it would not be less than a miracle….cant share all the details so no matter what you say all i can do is wait for the day when we gna show the world what miracle we are going to do…………………….

  18. “MQM Nazim built Karachi sent a message to world and in US that now PPP and PML N are not worthy of ruling Pakistan and they need a new party and i guess MQM will become more and more strong in coming days.”

    Good jokes keep em coming

    Q, BBC World Service: You must have heard, Pakistan People’s Party and Muslim League Nawaz both alleged yesterday that there was huge rigging in Karachi city and all areas by MQM, would you comment on it?

    CO Michael Gahler: Well as I said, we referred to a non existing level playing field in favour of the former ruling parties and that includes the party that you just mentioned. I think its now up to those who will assess it after the elections and they can fortify their complaints.

    The MQM has a reputation for strong control, sometimes including the use of force, violence and intimidation.


    Have we forgotten 12 may

  19. In NA 241 (Karachi III) Sindh, in 44 polling stations (out of 170) the winning candidate received more than 1,000 votes while the second candidate received 20 or less. In all 44 polling stations the winner was the MQM candidate.

    Average turnout of these 44 PSs was 85.12% while the overall constituency turnout (including these 44) was only 54.85%. The margin of victory between the
    successful (MQM) candidate and the runner-up (ANP) was 57,381 votes.


    WoW have you ever seen this kind of turn out any where in the world. Only gun can bring these many people at the polling station or ………

    The margin of victory between the successful (MQM) candidate and the runner-up (PPPP) was 30,522 votes.

  20. Sure Imran Khan has to adopt MQM gunda gardi tactics to come in to Power.

    here are some highlights

    Created and grown in ziaul haq era .
    Also known as illegitimate baby of military dictator
    Always supported dictators
    hundreds of murder case are pending In Pakistani courts
    Supported By India and west to achieve there own dirty goals in Pakistan
    Use of force and intimation is common tactics of MQM

    So the point is that Imran khan has to do all these kind of things coza thats the only way to keep Karachi under control

  21. It is not a secret that bhai is working on some foreign agenda..hamid mir mentioned in his article that when musharaf was COAS he invited few journalist (including hamid mir)..musharaf told them that establisment of military courts in karachi is very need of the hour as he(musharaf) have solid proofs of bhai & his movement involvement in anti-state activities and this must be tried in military courts..hamid mir reply was that it should be brought into civil courts..

    this was proved years after when bhai visited india and expressed what he really wanted to say all these years..so supporting bhai means supporting anti pakistan forces..

  22. Karachi: Target killing toll rises to 22

    KARACHI ( 2009-06-08 10:06:22 ) :Twenty two people have been died and five injured in target killing incidents in Karachi during last 24 hours, Aaj TV reported.

    According to the channel, Ajmal was killed in Shah Faisal Colony. Shakeel and Muhammad Farooq were killed in Sindhi Hotel and Landhi respectively. Nadeem alias Pappu was killed after abduction in Landhi area.

    Saleem was gunned down in Jamshed Quarters while his wife and daughter sustained serious injuries in the incident. Jamil and time keeper of bus stand were gunned down in Khokhrapar and Madina Colony respectively. While, a dead body of Waseem alias tiger was found in Azeempura graveyard.

    Two people were sitting outside their home in old Haji Camp area when some unknown assailants opened fire on them. Both of them lost their lives on the spot. One person was killed in Mehran Town. A man and his wife were killed in Jinnah Square area of Malir.

    Noman Baig was killed in Gulshan-e-Qadri, while his father and brother sustained serious injuries. Talking to the channel, CCPO Karachi, Waseem Ahmed said that some suspected people have been taken into custody after target killing incidents in Karachi. He further said that the Sindh Home Minister Zulfiqar Mirza has summoned a high level meeting on Monday to review the law and order situation of the city.


  23. @ Resistance

    You are right little knowledge is quite Dangerous but lies are more dangerous.

    Scotland yard don’t have need to investigate anything nor they have asked for it its just lies spread by Mr Imran Khan and PTI.

    About 12 May why CJP is not taking notice of it ?

    It was a free fall brawl and everyone was out to show its strength and MQM proved they are more brutal and powerful and have more street power then others and thats itched many like me.

    We are like in a state of Khasyani Billi Khamba Noochay .

    NA 241 divided into Pathan Mohajirs Population and the main bone of contention that is Qasba Aligerh Colony, where a large scale massacre of urdu speaking people were occurred in 1986 atleast 400 urdu speaks were killed in one night so automatically it is MQM Strong Hold so what you expect ?

    If MQM got that much of votes its logical in the same NA 241 in Pathan Majority areas MQM didn’t got votes so it was 2 way traffic .

    We are living in fools world i am again and again saying by just cursing MQM we can’t get anything nor we have or Political Parties have any road map to counter MQM.

    And i again want you peopple to just use your brains and think why Mustafa Kamal was given HEAD OF THE STATE PROTOCOL IN US and why Boucher and Petterson went to London to meet Altaf Hussain ?

    It means world just brush aside the allegations against MQM and they are ready to work with MQM so basically we are failed.

  24. @Ghalib

    Again little knowledge is a bit dangerous………..Altaf Hussain is a british National/citizen and lives there…this is y the case has been launched in british courts…..so two things citizen and the case is been filed in british courts thats y scotland yard needs to investigate it

    At the time when Imran Khan filed the case we had dogar courts and no one knows if Altaf Hussain still has the Pakistani Passport……The latest i know is that Altaf Hussain travelled to India couple of years ago and he travelled on British Passport.

    All I have said is not lies but truth…so only reply back when you have done ur research….i m sure u’ll find out all this in ur research….Thats the problem with out people they just argue for the sake of argument and dont look into the reality

  25. @ghalibs

    “MQM Nazim built Karachi sent a message to world and in US that now PPP and PML N are not worthy of ruling Pakistan and they need a new party and i guess MQM will become more and more strong in coming days.”

    They may be supported by west because they are hitmen (remember 12th may), no matter for whom they are working be it army in case of 12th may or west in future. But one meeting with a third class us officer would not make them darling of Pakistan, in fact MQM is even more hated than Taliban.

    @admin could you please have a survey on this.

  26. @savage

    I agree that MQM is not gonna get support from outside their current territory. But yes they have a vital role in future in this region and that’s why US is giving importance to them.

    It doesn’t really matter people from Punjab or other provinces hate MQM. In fact the more they get the hatred from them the stronger they will become and that hatred is really gonna play major role in this politics.

    People of urban Sind have no other option and they must support MQM …Nawaz Ganjoo ..Taliban Khan or even Zardari is not gonna bring any good to urban Sind.

  27. @BechariAwam

    I lived my good part of life in Karachi in 90s and most of the urdu speaking do realize what MQM is, Qatil bhata khores, karachi destroyers and I used to asked them why do you vote for them and reply from the most educated class in our country always shocked me “keya karain apnay to hain”.
    Just like JI/Taliban Khan’s slogan “apnay log”

  28. ple of urban Sind have no other option and they must support MQM …Nawaz Ganjoo ..Taliban Khan or even Zardari is not gonna bring any good to urba.


  29. @Blackhawk12

    “NAWAZ SHERIF IS LEADER OF PAKISTAN ” >>>> If you think Pakistan=Punjab, then no doubt Nawaz Sharif is a national leader 🙂

    “MQM IS GROUP OF THUGS WHO ONLY KNOW HOW TO TAKE BHAATA FROM KARACHI CITIZENS ” >>>> I’m a Punjabi myself but living inKarachi’s Federal B Area for over thirty years and so far I have not given a single penny to MQM guys !
    I’m not an MQM supporter but I give credit to MQM for cleaning Jamaatis from Urban Sind !
    For me MQM is lesser evil comparing it with JI !


  31. @ abdullaharqam

    If you want to make Karachi another Balochistan then kindly ask for an other operation against MQM as MQM survived the operation from 1992 – 99.

    Most of the people here are actually don’t belong from karachi nor they live in karachi so it is really great to see how people run their mouth sitting outside.

    As far as your Tohmat on me that i am MQM Bhatakhor,

    I pray to Allah to give you the punishment of putting a tohmat of Bhatakhor on me.

    Allah you know about me give justice to me.

  32. @ Savage

    if you closely watch the videos of 12 May you can clearly see how MQM people were ducking to save them from the firing of other side.

    12 May was free for all and every single Political party was out with ARMS unfortunately MQM won.

    I appeal to Chief Justice Pakistan to inquire about 12 May.

    Also Give MQM a free chance in the court so that everything will be settle plain and square.

  33. @ savage
    yeah nice idea an open and unbiased survey on the streets of Karachi will give a clear picture.

    I saw a report about Talibans in Karachi by Duniya TV and the people of Karachi on streets shares the same MQM like concerns.

    here is the report

  34. @ghalibs

    Who started it!!!!! it started in rashid minhas, shara-e-faisal bridge? and then shaheed-e-millat bridge and expanded like fire. ( I know you would have another version). And yes when it broke everyone got involved in this, next day I saw picture of guy running with a pistol and same guy was standing on front row of JI jinaza.
    But honors goes to MQM, I saw live siege of Aaj TV by MQM and Rangers/Police watching them like they are walking in a park. ( I never hated army more than that day). I also saw a 18-20 years old ANP worker with bullet in his neck dying under Shaheed-e-Millat bridge. No matter what you say MQM worked as Moshe hitman that day, and came out as the biggest loser.

    “I appeal to Chief Justice Pakistan to inquire about 12 May.”

    We saw that too, Justice Sabeeh’s house sieged by MQM workers when he tried to inquire.

    They burn poor lawyers alive, how low someone could go!!!! but for some people no low is too low.

  35. @ Savage
    all was started from Airport not from Shahra e faisal bridge
    Hamid Mir in his article(Chief Justice ka Asli Dushman) blamed People inside Intelligence agencies for all this.

    I don’t know about siege of Justice Sabih house plz share the news link in support of your commentary.

    MQM also released pictures and Videos showing ANP, PPP, PML N and PPI workers firing on MQM rallies so don’t jump on to the conclusion, i again urge CJP to take notice of 12 May and inquire about it, give every one a fair chance in the court and then decide who is responsible.

    in my opinion every single party including MQM, ANP, PPP, PML N PPI etc were responsible for 12 may i just can’t blame only MQM as i also saw videos of ANP people killing MQM workers on streets and firing on MQM rallies.

    it was a free brawl on that day and everyone was part of it.

  36. ‘it was a free brawl on that day and everyone was part of it’
    we are in medieval days????

    ………….and the police under MQM bhatakhors and rangers under the orders of mush were siding with MQM in barbaric killings of innocent civilians and making the country a sad and sorry state.

    dont worry about action from CJ……….i am sure one day the real culprits (whether leaving in London or elsewhere) will be brought to justice

  37. courtesy @AAM

    Dalil Ki Jagah Dhooka Aur Asool ki Jagah Tashadud Ka Istimal

    Yeh Sirf MQM or Altaf Chooran Wali sarkar Ka hai Husan e Jamal.

  38. @ Malek

    The facts remains the facts
    It was a free brawl and every one was part of it.

    >Newspapers in Karachi published the pictures of various political parties activists with arms.

    Not only that Karachi has a history of ethnic and sectarian violence the wrong policy of running karachi from Islamabad lead to all this.

    MQM would get stronger and stronger until and unless people would show support to Urdu Speaking people as they are the real power of MQM.

    Operation against MQM on baseless allegations of Jinnah Pur and making of Haqiqi further strengthen the MQM, The people who didn’t want to accept that Agencies played dirty games now openly curse agencies and Establishment sitting in Lahore and Islamabad for mayhem and bloodshed in Karachi.

    Sense of 3 rd citizens prevails in urdu speaking people after the imposing of Quota system and repeated Massacres of Urdu speaking population before the creation of MQM.

    If we really want to sideline MQM we must ask for permanent abolition of Quota System, ask inquiries of all the murders and Massacres occurred in Karachi including 12 May and 15 Dec 1986 Qasba Aligerh where more then 400 were killed in one night.

    I lived in Karachi all my life all my friends are urdu speaks and all of them are educated and from noble families and the mood in karachi is simple.

    They said MQM works for urdu speaking people and we are with MQM.

    SO please people sitting outside by just writing against MQM and labelling allegations you people are just making the lives difficult for non urdu speaks in Karachi as the ethnic tension in karachi is present from the day this country comes into existence.

  39. In 1857 the British decided to leave India. Then a wise guy suggested to raise the Army from the locals who can be pitched against their own people. The Gurkhas, the Sikh and the PM ( Punjabi Moslem) Regiments were raised. They were so faithful to their masters that they killed their own people and won the battle for the British Raj and the British ruled for another 90 years.
    We know very well who are the damn traitors in Pakistan. The Indians have full control on their Army. No damn Defense Society for them or any lucrative jobs. Unfortunately for Pakistan, Punjab is the largest province and the supplier of the most corrupt, unfaithful and coward Army of the world. They were responsible for the fall of East Pakistan and will be responsible for further division of Pakistan. They are the damn most corrupt organization in Pakistan. What they do not realize that if Pakistan is divided then Punjab will be another Afghanistan?
    India is waiting for the opportunity.

  40. @ghalib

    Your blind love for would not make other blind.

    See the Asian human right report.
    According to the information received, one ruling party of the Sindh Province, the Mutehda Qoumi Movement (MQM) has threatened Mr. Justice Sabih uddin Ahmed, the Chief Justice of Sindh High Court on taking cases of members and office bearers of various Bar Associations.


    here is another cracker for you.

    those pigs rangers were backing up MQM guys and see the flags.

    From wikipedia.

    According to a later press release from Aaj TV Spokesperson, Arshad Zuberi, the building came under fire from MQM supporters who wanted the airing of live footage of the unrest in the city stopped.[3] Its parking was set ablaze with uncontrolled fires while similar infernos raged throughout the city.[2][4]


  41. The writ of the government must be effectively established- Swat- Karachi or wherever it is not there. Taking law into their hands, clinsing on the basis of language, race, party affiliation- all are happening in Karachi for decades. Citizen of other minority ethnic groups have a terrible life there for ages. This ages old problem should have been addressed before going for operation elsewhere. There would have few problems in Karachi if mohajirs would have scatterred all over the country rather than conccentrated in one place. The government should think settling down a few million IDPs amongst the Karachi mohajirs to address this problem in the log run.

  42. Salam Pakistan !

    I live in karachi
    I have some views to share with u people

    MQM is the third biggest party of Pakistan…why people do not accept this?
    Are They not Pakistani?
    MQM is not a organize party?
    Why all of the pedagouges and fuedal defaming MQM?

    Remember……. do not repeat story of Bangla desh… People did not accept mandate of
    Seikh Mujeeb ur Rehman ………then……?????????????

    MQM is only one in Pakistan who has middle class people specially young educated
    Altaf Husain can gather million of people an hour He has command and control in
    karachi and other cities of Sindh………………………….such as Nawaz sharif in punjab
    ANP in NWFP…..
    Zardari in interior Sindh

    Why target MQM…….?
    every one come to TV and defaming MQM Altaf Hussain……
    Why top leader visit to nine zero?
    If they r terriorst……..why they come and meet, address good words for MQM and
    Altaf hussain….

    Zaban par mohar lagana to koi bat nahi……..Badal sko to badal do meray khayalo ko

  43. @Kamran_78

    “Why all of the pedagouges and fuedal defaming MQM?”

    You mean same feudal class which Mr. Altaf Hussain of London endorsed by nominating Mr. 10% as president? (If my memory serves correctly, he was the first person, even before PPP ball suckers to call for zardari to be president)

    “He has command and control inkarachi and other cities of Sindh”
    I totally agree with that, the way they banned CJ entry in Karachi and latter Imran Khan.

    “Why top leader visit to nine zero?”
    Agree with that too, why in all govt MQM is there, be it dictator, supported by mother of all evils (MQM name them as agencies or establishment. ; ) ) or Feudal like Zardari.

  44. @ Kamran_78

    I agree with you, big parties dont want to see mqm control in karachi and the popularity. I live in karachi also my family used to be jamat-e-islami supporterbut now they love to give votes to mqm.

  45. I strongly diasagree with ” control and comand phrase” of a particular areaby any group or party be it shareef , zardari, asfand or altaf.

    IF sharef has majority in punjab that does not mean he has bought that area and no one dare say some thing agianst him or he is a god. Same goes ofr Altaf hussain.
    People of any area are not the subjects to any individual——

    Yes no denying many peopele like them in respective areas.

  46. We like every one..every one can work..so many parties work in karachi….but some parties involve in murder of MQM workers there r so many eye witness for that …so how can we forgive them……..we will not allow those who murdered our workers………
    MQM haqiqi murdered so many thousand of mohajirs…….

    We will not allow them
    rest of all parties working come and see

  47. MQM never promote terriorism MQM beleives live and let live……
    But every one defaming MQM……….
    R we not pakistani?

    Who robbed Pakistan……..?
    Who transfered lot of money out of Pakistan?
    Who has innumerous money………. countless money

    Saying and doing
    saying and seeing is different….
    All of you guys from all Pakistan….Hate Mohajirs
    You people never accepted us….you alwys narrow minded for us
    Every one ………………nobody admitted us as son of soil……..WHY?

    Did our forefather not made Pakistan?
    Did we not scrifice millions of people during migration?

    R we not loyal?

    Indeed we r cream of the crop…..but………. pedagougs and feudalist never wish to see prosperity and calm….they do not want to see straighten Pakistan…….They will not bear a farmer will take participate in election …..nobody can fight with this feudal afreet
    ………every one is deaf and dumb here……there are only jangle’s law in Pakistan
    If you have power you will servive otherwise they will engulf you such as fire engulf wood…..

    We made Pakistan
    We will sve Pakistan

    All pakistan have seen that only MQM took step against Talibaan from first day…….
    Its on record…MQM did not accept Nizam adal in national assembly…………….

    Ibtadiyee ishq hai rota hai kiaaaaa
    Agay agay dekhyeee hota hai kiaa

    Allah hamaray Pakistan ki kher farma(Ameen)

  48. Criticizing MQM has nothing to do with criticizing Urdu Speaking people. We all are Muslims and Pakistani. We need to show harmony and brotherhood. Otherwise ALLAH will not forgive us. We should not hate each other for leaders who don’t even live in Pakistan.

    We all need to say

    Pakistan zindabad

    Instead of

    Punjabi zindabad
    Muhajir zindabad
    Baloochi zindabad
    Pathan zindabad
    Sindhee zindabad

  49. @ waw

    Ummat publish such stories as it is run by Hameed Gul right hand man Rafiq Afghan who killed Editor Takbeer.

    @ Savage

    You are right karachi is only 10 % then the ruling Punjabi establishment only take 10 % from karachi in revenue collection which actually give 68 % to Pakistan Federation.

    If Karachi give 68 % and run this country then Karachi has the right to ask for the share of 68% in every aspect of life including Bureaucracy and in government.

  50. Thank God Sarfaraz Naimi is not killed in karachi, otherwise this suicide attack would also be put on MQM like Nishtar Park.

    No security was provided to him evern he was getting death threats from talibans, Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz + Punjab Government is responsible for Naimi Death.

  51. @ghalib

    Dr Sarfaraz Naeemi was killed in a blast, he wasnt target killed…..however MQM is the killer of so many innocent Pakistanis and as you seem like a devote worker of MQM would you like to tell me when are Ashfaq Mangi and Nisar Panhor coming back so that they can be arrested…..for your information they are outside the country…..so y did they leave all of a sudden(m nt saying this on the basis of ummat story, they are outside the country, ask ur altaf bhai)….i m laughing at the moment coz i know they wont be coming back…..no one comes back unless they become the governor like Ishrat ul Ibad…..even if someone is Altaf Hussain(the wona b DON) they dont come to Pakistan…..and if you look at ishrat ul Ibads record in England he used to claim benefits from the British govt…….a lot of asian people in Britain do that but you have to be very clever to decieve the govt which Mr Ibad is……..


    Altaf Husain sai pehlai kaho wapas tu aain phir mulk ki taqdeer banain gai naan…..likin aap ko nahin pata kai aap kai Altaf bhai ko pata hai kai agar woh mulk wapis gai tu maut hi unka taqdeer banai gi aur kuch nahin

  52. @Resistance
    I don’t believe on Ummat Newspaper as it is run by Rafiq Afghan close aid of Hameed Gul and Killer of Salahuddin Editor Takbeer for his wealth.

    Secondly i always told you people that MQM is getting stronger and stronger day by day the propaganda that it is Anti Pukhtoon Anti Punjabi and other communities failed, The people here mostly not citizens of Karachi, unaware of the facts on the ground.

    Kindly Watch what Asfandyar Wali said About MQM and Pukhtoons, Is this revelation is quite disturbing and reveals why ANP is so disturbed in karachi?

    Now i again ask you people to stop just cursing MQM and start a discussion how to stop the march of MQM.

    Resistance you called me MQM worker but i guess you are MQM worker just criticsing MQM and trying to give a picture here that every one hates MQM but the reality is far from what you post here.

    You are trying to give an impression that everyone hates MQM and on ground MQM is losing but what Asfandyar Wali said on Live TV is a shock for you and other people who don’t belong from karachi, don’t know what is going on in karachi and curse MQM.

    Plz give suggestions how to stop MQM march by criticizing MQM and Altaf hussain that his is sitting in London we are not getting anything.

  53. @ghalib

    awwwwwww ghlaib u are so innocent….person who is saying stop criticizing MQM doesnt accepts he is a MQM worker and the person(me) who is criticizing MQM is the worker(wow ghalib)…….Allah mujhai bachai……main Pagal bhi ho jaaon naan kabhi tu main MQM kai baraai main soch nahin sakta…..Ghalib tunharai kehnai sai koi MQM ko criticize kerna nahin choray ga……what a sweet way to say stop criticizing MQM huh…….chutiya samjha hai…..aur koi support nahin barh rahi MQM ki…..i just feel sick when people say that……but its expected from an MQM worker…..i would say PML-Q is more famous than MQM so stop day dreaming MQM weirdos……only the next election will tell who is famous…..and if its getting famous then y doesnt MQM contests in upcoming NA-55 and NA-123 bi elections……all the parties are competing then y not MQM….where is there candidate….this is because there bandooq culture and handful of their supporters are only in khi, hyd and some other parts of sind……accept the reality weirdos and get a life beyond MQM

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