Dr. Sarfraz Naeemi Martyred in Lahore Blast

Dr. Sarfraz NaeemiAt least four people including Jamia Naeemia principal Dr Sarfraz Naeemi were martyred and several others injured in a suicide blast at Jamia Naeemia situated in Garhi Shahu area of Lahore, Geo News reported Friday.

The blast occurred after the Friday prayers when the people were making their way out of the mosque after offering the Friday prayers.

Jamia Naeemia principal Dr Sarfraz Naeemi was present at his office at the Jamia Naeemia at the time of blast, the eyewitnesses said.

The blast was so powerful that the outer walls of the Jamia Naeemia Masjid collapsed. The nearby buildings were harmed in the blast. The blast occurred when a lot of people were present in the mosque.

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218 thoughts on “Dr. Sarfraz Naeemi Martyred in Lahore Blast

  1. Shame on bas**tard so called taliban, this shabaz sharief should be sacked ASAP, when DR.SB has a threat why security was not provided to dr.sb , he was against these monistors talibans.

    Our brave army cleane all these kafar and munafiq talibans from our country and these SIPA SAHEBA, LASHAR JHANGVI all bulshi**ters should be killed asap, shame on BADMAZHABOO PAR.


  2. Taliban exposing themselves-Are they are fighting for Islam? NO – In fact they are fighting for their cult to takeover Pakistan and impose their savage interpretation of Islam. This is a war of survival for us, as if they prevail we will be sure in stone age.

  3. This is failure of goverment. The security protections were pathetic and the police is untrained to handle this challange. The federal and provincial govt has some real idiots running this show causing security lapses and loss of life. At some point the govt needs to ban any political organization that supports these terriosts and keep the members in jail for the duration of the operation. The govt and army has been too soft during this operation. Time to punish the bad kids is right now.

  4. @lota6177
    “This is failure of goverment. The security protections were pathetic and the police is untrained to handle this challange.”

    Do you think suicide attacks are stoppable, no they are not even army found it very difficult to stop them. One really lives in fools paradise that there will be no backlash from them that too after the swat operation. They will retaliate and where that they gonna decide.

  5. Seriously condemn the actions of Taliban/Alqaeda, whether its Pakistan or abroad. However, I am amazed at the biased attitude of the website and the moderator. There has been a blast everyday in NWFP in the last week, top of all in PC Peshawar. However, this website didn’t cover any of the blasts in NWFP. Yet the first blast in Lahore gets the top slot on the webpage.

    Thank you “PunjabPolitics.com” and its moderators.

  6. pak_78626 said:
    “Our brave army cleane all these kafar and munafiq talibans from our country”

    Is not they have been doing since 2004? and the latest is swat operation.. its been more then one month and according to ISPR the daily causality rate of militants is more then 100 militants per day? How much time will army take to finish them all? According to their figures they should have been finished well before.

  7. considering the late Dr Sarfraz had a beard and was a principal of islamic college (“madrassa”)……….is this a matter of ‘Taliban’ killing ‘Taliban’???

    May his soul rest in peace

  8. @aimalkhan

    If you browse through articles you will find lots of articles related to IDPs,Swat, and NWFP.

    Some of them are
    -Discuss: Support Internally Displaced Persons
    -Inside News from Swat
    -Poem-For Swat Children

    Dr. Sarfraz Naeemi was one of the famous religious figures who got martyrdom in this sad incident so it requires special coverage.

  9. @aimalkhan

    Brother I feel your pain. I think the administration team of PkPolitics must be stretched to its limit. Innocents are dying everywhere and they are all Pakistani. The innocents in Peshawar may have spoken Pashto when alive and the innocents in Lahore may have spoken Punjabi when alive. Now they are dead and shall speak no more. We, who are alive, must speak for all.

    For the victims of Taliban monsters everywhere in Pakistan, a re-post of Abbas Athar’s recent series of columns is most appropriate.

    This is an abridged version of “Dhanak”/”Hotel Mohenjodaro” by Ghulam Abbas.

  10. @mbokhari –thanks, you posted a masterpiece, a strong reminder that things did not changed even after 42 years. The nation should understand now before it’s too late. NO to theocracy.

  11. @naughtypakistani

    Religion and politics is a lethal combination. Turkey did the right thing by bottling up these murderous zombies. These guys burnt whole markets and shops in Pakistan after the Danish cartoons because they ‘defamed Islam’. How does suicide bombings in mosques on Fridays glorify Islam?

    The Hindus destroyed only one Babri Masjid. These new Hindu Taliban have destroyed hundreds in Pakistan. And on Friday prayers.

    These merchants of death, these maut ke saudagars need to be eliminated wherever they are. Baitullah’s infrastructure in South Waziristan needs to be leveled. People who want to ‘separate’ the good Taliban from the ‘bad’ Taliban, who say this is not our war, people like Imran Khan and JI, are the real problem.

    The only good Taliban are the dead Taliban. The numbers of such good Taliban need to be increased dramatically.

  12. Dr Mufti Sarfraz Naeemi was one reputed Scholar,and Its huge loss.The barbaric act of extremist forces show that they aint flexible to tolerate any thought/opinion which opposes them.I truly condemn this heinous act by so called Talibans,this is time that we as nation unite againt the evils of extremism and religious fantacism.

    If Dr SN has received any threats then where were CM SB to provide him proper security????
    ???What action SB is taking to save the innocent lives and control growing extremist attacks in LHR (The cultural capital of Pakistan)???Chaudher Nisar and Saad Rafiq always denounce Military operation and find execuses for Taliabns.PMLN should revise decisions in the interest of Pakistan and stop giving silence support to Talibans. They should openly state their policies against these extremists.

  13. Punjab government should resign.

    If they can’t give security to people like Naimi who is their family friend then how could they give security to people of Punjab.

    Punjab Government is a failed government.

    PML N is supporters of Talibans like Jamat e Islami, JUI and other Deobandi Clerics who never give fatwa against Suicide Bombings.

    Chaudhry Nisar on Assebmbly floor said.

    If some body thinks i am TALIBAN then i am TALIBAN.

    Till there is a support in Establishment for these Talibans such things will happen to continue.

  14. @ghalibs,

    I second your opinion and even on many shows and interviews,Ch.Nisar,saad rafiq and other PMLN stalwarts have openly supported Taliban stance and they keep very soft corner for talibans and they reject any military operations against them.

    PMLN even gave senate ticket to one of ultra right orthodox leader,in this way,they are patronizing ultra right orthodox vote bank.Their statements against Taliban are only a LIP SERVICE.No real action or strategy is at ground,there are so many attacks in our cultural capital of Pakistan .Though it is very difficult job to stop completely such heinous actions yet Punjab govt has failed to make any viable strategy to stop or minimize it.Where is efficient administration of SB which can not save killing of innocent people??

  15. My heart feel pain tear in my eyes but sorry to say:Today incident is not new incident for nation because we are useto of above circumstances we are responsible because we are proud to we are alley of War against terror, we are front line alley of nato and other forces our country are battle field for world and they are enjoyed because we are BHEEK MANGEY NATION, WE ARE SENSELESS NATION, WE ARE SICK NATION, WE ARE UNEDUCATED NATION, WE are sorry to our ELDER MEN AD WOMEN and also very sorry to our YOUNGER , we can not do for them except MATTAM, because our mistake we Elect or Select bad POLITICIAN , ZAGIRDAR, BUROCRATES, ARMY and other NAKHUDA for Nation, GOD FORGIVEN US AND BLESS OTHERWISE ???????????????????????????????????????

  16. @ ARJ,

    U said: “because our mistake we Elect or Select bad POLITICIAN , ZAGIRDAR, BUROCRATES, ARMY and other NAKHUDA for Nation”.

    In Punjab,PMLN is in power and Lhr is home city of NS/SS.LHR is facing constant extremist attacks but what are they doing……..lip service and silence support to extremist forces.But in ur above statement,you are blaming all but not PMLN.You should ask the QUESTION to PMLN first…Being in power in Punjab, WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO MINIMIZE OR STOP SUCH ACTIONS ??When they start talking openly against extremist forces.

  17. @ARJ said:

    I read your post and then stopped mid-sentence to do a double take.

    , we can not do for them except MATTAM, because our mistake we Elect or Select bad POLITICIAN , ZAGIRDAR,

    You wouldn’t be Indian, now, would you?

    Repeat after me:

    Indian Jaraseem is Zameen ki Jaroon me bethenay ki koshish kartay hain. Hindustan mein Zaroori hai ke in Jaraseem ko Jar se ukhar phainka Jaye. Saath saath apki tarah ki gandi Jurabon ko shamshaan ghat par Jala dena chahiye ta ke maZeed Jaraseem na phail saken.

    Dhanyawad, Shukriya,
    Zor se!

    J = NOT EQUAL to = Z

  18. @aimalkhan

    Seriously condemn the actions of Taliban/Alqaeda, whether its Pakistan or abroad. However, I am amazed at the biased attitude of the website and the moderator. There has been a blast everyday in NWFP in the last week, top of all in PC Peshawar. However, this website didn’t cover any of the blasts in NWFP. Yet the first blast in Lahore gets the top slot on the webpage.

    Thank you “PunjabPolitics.com” and its moderators.

    I fully agree with you, that is exactly what I feel every time when I see any blast, any issue any thing related to panjab there on top but any thing no matter how important it is either just goes down or it is not there at all.

    May be Pakhtunkhwa is not important enough for the @dmin pkpoltics or may be they already assumed that it is no more the part of the Pakistan….

    When I saw the news of Dr. Naeemi’s shahadat, I got extremely hurt but the policy of pkpoltics is restraining me to shed tears for him………If the @dmin here thinks that it is only panjabi blood that is important then I must save my tears for the bleeding Godforsaken Pakhtunkhwa……..

    ….and ya please don’t give me the example of Swat having coverage here. Pakistan army is fighting a war in there and it is the army who is getting the (due) coverage not Swatis..

  19. The path to progressive and welfare Pakistan goes through democracy and by rejecting extremism.Only strong army or heavy defence budgets cant save the nation or cant help in nation building.If it has been true then powerful USSR never have broken.Important is that we all should also push respective government to put more share in Budget for EDUCATION and HEALTH.These two imp sectors always get poor share in Budget,majority goes to Defence and debts.The first President of USA once said that “For me,it is more important to safeguard the right of educating the masses than to help rich people to safeguard their money.” and second President of USA said “Only knowledge rules the world and uneducated may live in slavery”.

    Military operation is solution in short term basis but for long term,we need to bring changes in education system.We should push Govt to expend more in Education,health and development sector.

  20. @dildar and aimal khan,

    I agree you on ur views but I want to add here that pkpolitics is very informative forum but again,every forum needs improvement to be more effective from time to time.I think,its not for just Pukhtoon kahva but same treatment is given to all smaller provinces (Sindh and Baluchistan as well).

    I think, there is dire need to improve the pkpolitics policies in order to give not only the space to the issues of all provinces on equal basis but highlight positive sides of each province,so that we all ppl can learn more about each other.It is forum for all pakistanis and thats why it should represent whole Pakistan.

    Pkpoilitics for all Pakistan…pkpolitics for Progressivsm and democracy!!

  21. Jamiat-e-Ulma-e-Hind ( a Deobandi Jamaat) opposed the creation of Pakistan and it was this very jamaat that used to call Quaid-e-Azam, Kafir-e-Azam. Now that Pakistan has been created Deobandi ideology is doing its best to destroy Pakistan.

    Let nobody fool you by saying that it’s Taliban’s anger against America that they are taking out on us. Let it be very clear that even before the creation of Pakistan the relationship between Deobandi ideology and Ahle-Sunnat ideology were very bitter.

    Even if there was no war by America against the muslim world, still these Deobandi people would massacre people from other muslim sects because they think all of non-deobandi sects are deviants and apostates and hence killing them is lawful.

  22. Could someone make me understand what this st^p!d guy is yelling about? I would not be surprised if he blames umreeka for his children birth too.

    جماعت اسلامی کے امیر سید منور حسن نے اس ہلاکت کو ایک بڑا سانحہ قرار دیتے ہوئے اس کی وجہ ہمسایہ ملک میں موجود امریکی افواج کی موجودگی کو قرار دیا۔ ان کا کہنا تھا کہ حکومت اپنی حفاظت نہیں کرسکتی تو مذہبی رہنماؤں اور عام شہریوں کے کیا حفاظت کرے گی۔

  23. @junaid

    It is not the Deobandi idealogy but the Takfiri idealogy from Saudi Arab. It is Saudi Arab who is exporting all kinds of terrorism to Pakistan. All these arabs are the ugliest creatures on the face of earth. It is them who destroye our ideology of tolerance, our culture of sufi-ism, every thing.

    We really need to throw away all these womanizer arabs from Pakistan.

  24. Dear Mir Munsif/mbukhari:

    I blame to all political parties not a single party and also for your kind information CM, Punjab and IG punjab must resgined and accept responsability of current situation of law and order throughout punjab, sorry to say not a single political party seriour or sincere for nation only statement and only BAKWAS no more.

  25. @dildar said:

    May be Pakhtunkhwa is not important enough for the @dmin pkpoltics or may be they already assumed that it is no more the part of the Pakistan….

    When I saw the news of Dr. Naeemi’s shahadat, I got extremely hurt but the policy of pkpoltics is restraining me to shed tears for him………If the @dmin here thinks that it is only panjabi blood that is important then I must save my tears for the bleeding Godforsaken Pakhtunkhwa…….. ”

    I felt that too, @admin wake up and treat all Pakistan equally!!! Pakistan doesn’t not start from Attak and ends at Rahimyar khan.

  26. It snot possible for gov to provide security to common man .

    There are atleast 50 to 60 securiy men for President and prime minister each.
    For every ministers and state minister there are atleast 6 to 7.
    For chief ministers: 15 to 25.
    For every MNA and MPA atleast 3 each.
    For some important personalities like NS, 15 to 20.
    For each high rank police offices 10 to 15.
    and the list goes on……

    Either they have to save themselves or the common people.

  27. Unfortunately, “the Pakistani government is no longer willing to entertain a political settlement to the disputes of the tribesmen that make up the bulk of the groups” because it is clinging desperately to the belief that a military victory will solve the problem.

    It will not and cannot.

    At the end of the day, if people believe that they really are going to get a shot at a better life, a better chance to be heard politically, and a better standard of living for themselves and the people they love, they are not going to become radicalized.

    If a government fails to recognize and act on this understanding, that government is, ultimately, doomed to collapse.

    And here’s something to chew on; with the US military straining to the breaking point, even with some 230,000 contract mercenaries floating around Iraq and Afghanistan, if the US makes the decision to actually send troops into Pakistan, don’t bet against Obama re-instituting the draft.

    Do you think those who lost everything in those areas have any means to live, note they have culture of revenge. We must blame our so called scholars for their impotence on solving any issue, instead passing Fatwa which serve no propose in current situation in Ummah.

    We must demand action from so called scholars to form a council (on emergency basis) which address the issues. If they fear Allah and they should know they will be asked for there impotence on every aspect Ummah faces today.

    These so called scholars forgot how prosperous Islam was in every field of science and technology, those days real scholars of Islam never fight over so called “Red Topi” “Green Topi”.

  28. for those who are making this a NWFP/Sindhi/Punjabi issue………….

    Dr Sarfraz was a renowned Pakistani (living in Punjab) and his death at the hands of terrorists deserves to be a headline news on pkpolitics……..just like most of the national newspapers are reporting it ………………..i am sure when another known personality eg Fazlu (from NWFP) and Altaf Kalia (from Sindh) are kill@d in similar manner they will make headline news too on pkpolitics!

  29. Now there will be routine bayanat… ‘5 lakh check for the dead’ ‘ahani hath’ ‘investigation committee’.. but the shameless govt wont change anything… As a start SS and NS give up their enormous security and the security provided to PM

  30. @malik

    …. i am sure when another known personality eg Fazlu (from NWFP) and Altaf Kalia (from Sindh) are kill@d in similar manner they will make headline news too on pkpolitics!

    For God sake don’t compare Dr.Naeemi with fazluu or Kalia, issue here is not Dr. Naeemi but the policy of pkpolitics.

    Please tell me honestlt that whatever happened in Peshawar (PC blast) if happened in Lahore would it make a headline here or not?

  31. @runaway.

    very well said.


    Its not about Dr Naeemi,he was one of reputed figure.He should be given due coverage on this forum,no one has problem but as some friends outline the fact and statistics then its clear that IF PKPOLITICS REPRESENT WHOLE PAKISTAN,then simple is every province should be given due coverage and in this way,we can share more abt each other.Lets build a Pakistan,where every one feel equal stake.

    Dont take it negative as you tried to portray.

  32. I demand “Army Operation” in Lahore. There are too many talibans hiding there and some are even in government.

  33. @ savage

    Your comment:

    … ‘I would not be surprised if he blames umreeka for his children birth too…’

    It is lovely one. I am sure he DOES. Very often he gives stupid statements.

    Pakistan is atrange country where people like him are able to get top slot in the party. But now peple of Pakistan must awake. They should use their collective force to eliminate those who do politics on religious grounds.

  34. @bebus,

    I join you in wishing the same ..what u said “now peple of Pakistan must awake.” but I think,it is a wishful thinking.What we need is to educate or people,bring some economical stability so that life style of millions living under poverty level should change and they can also contribute.Unfortunately the Education and health are poor sectors in pakistan.In such scenarios,we wish that people get awake and or they can not follow extremist idealogies..is bit tricky or wishful thinking.

  35. pUNJAB GOVT has the reponsibility, which they must take.
    Yes shahbaz should take courage and say this was negligence.

    But i cant undestand things like army operation in lahore.
    Can some one explain agaisnt whom.

    Tragic thing is a real scholar who denounce these animals was kileed and we are playing politics. shameful behavouir.

    bY the way the maulana sahib was a close friends to shareefs.

    I dont know why has ti become MQM vs PMLn On this forum.

    Why are we becoming slaves of party lines, provincial and ethnic lines.
    I agree all regions should be equally covered on this website.

    By the way a d min has off late given all shades of programs with different point of view. Even mubashir lucman is here , which i may not like but i listen to his point of view.

  36. @Dildar @Mir Munsif

    well you have made it about Dr Naeemi because you have raised the objection in the news item which was posted to pay tribute to him………..the regional issues could have been raised either under news and views and/or infact 2 days ago when NWFP PC bl@st happened…….or perhaps made your points under the topic posted few days ago about constitution of pkpolitics.

    i strongly believe that pkpolitics represents whole of Pakistan and i always see due coverage or infact more than due coverage is given to provinces other than Punjab

  37. Nawaz terms Dr. Naeemi’s assassination ‘national tragedy’


    Chief of Pakistan Muslim League-N Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Friday described the killing of Dr. Sarfaraz Naeemi in a suicide attack as a great national tragedy.

    After seeing the body of Dr. Naeemi in the dead house here, Nawaz Sharif said the martyrdom of the principal of Jamia Naeemia is has caused profound grief to Sharif family.

    “Dr. Naeemi’s martyrdom has deprived me of a sincere and sympathetic brother,” he said.

    The PML-N Chief said the assassins of Mufti Sarfaraz Naeemi have proved their enmity with Islam, mankind and Pakistan.

    He said Dr. Naeemi dedicated his entire life for spreading the message of Islam. “He was great teacher and source of enlightenment,” he added.

  38. @Malek,

    Its a good joke…what u said 🙂

    “i always see due coverage or infact more than due coverage is given to provinces other than Punjab”.

    But dont take suggestions negatively.Its not about Punjab or Dr.Naeemi,it is about policies of this forum.Friends are giving some suggestions and if you dont agree to the facts then its your choice.anyways,I think,we should move ahead from this topic.

    The important thing is that outside NWFP, Lhr has been main target of Extremist forces.The constant brutal attacks and target killings in LHR are shocking and in this time,we all people of Pakistan unanimously voice against the extremist forces and share our sympathies with grieved families.

  39. A great tragedy and we lost one the most respected ALLIM. We all have to work to stop these massacre of innocent people. So many lives have been lost and still our Govt is unable to control the situation.
    These suicide bombers are trained in the Madarsaas and all these kind of Madarsaas should be closed and these Mullahs who brain wash young boys should be punished.
    Now it is time that we should become one nation to counter these murderer.

  40. @Mir Munsif

    although i had no intention of making any jokes using a news item dedicated to someone’s death in a very tragic manner!

  41. No doubt muder of Dr Sarafraz Naeemi is a barbaric act. He was a moderate Barelvi sect scholar and equally respected by other sects scholars.
    I would like to highlight the goverment foolishness in this issue..

    People remember that after this recent uprise of Taliban and army operation against them government arranged few meetings and conventions of Barelvi ulema. Goverment funded them to organize an “ittehad” of barelvi ulema against Taliban who are deobandi. Dr sarfraz naeemi was nominated as the leader of this group. Goverment people are the most idiot fu**g morons who didnt try to think that it would start a civil and sectarian war among Barelvi and Deobandi sects. both sects have almost equal number of people in Pakistan. Instead of asking and supporting moderate Deobandi people against Taliban, agencies added fuel to fire by supporting barelvi people….I fear with our short sighted officials and agencies we are going to jump into a civil war…

  42. @Mir Munsif said:


    Its a good joke…what u said 🙂

    “i always see due coverage or infact more than due coverage is given to provinces other than Punjab”.

    Did Peshawar PC blast was posted on front page?

  43. Guys ad min should get the message. And i think he is improving.

    We have all kinds of comments here from all shades of people.
    Every type of programs is on the web site. THIS IS PROGRESS.

    If we keep debating and trying to convince , i have no doubt in my mind we will reach there.

    Yes aa dd man need to put other provinces on the top od discussion. No doubt should remain in any min. Ads mmmin
    go for it. This willt ake your web site to new heights.

    These extreme crisis has a silver lining. We are talking to each other, listening and complaining which is good.

    I am not in talking about talib animals because they dont deserve any argument.

  44. @Savage,

    I agree u and thats what I was discussing with bro malek.Anyways,we have registered our concern and now ball is in their court.

  45. @ Mir Munsif, savage and others

    I guess this is nt issue of Punjab or Lahore. Issue is of importance and impact. Although every single human life is precious and we feel the same pain for them, but this particular blast is not just a blast. It can give a new dynamics to to this mess. It is target killing of a prominent bralvi scholar who is political prominent as well (due to link with sharif family).
    it can trigger sectarian violence in Punjab and Sindh.
    So although this incident is in lahore but its impact is countrywide.

    Already one person killed and 6 injured in karachi in protests after this incident and strike call has been given in many cities.

    also to let you people know, Sarfraz naeemi family is urdu speaking and Punjabi.

    @ Ghayyur

    I think Deobandi and Bralvis are not in equal % in Pakistan.

    Deobandis are around 20%. bralvis are more than 50 %.


  46. @Muhammad Usman.

    I agree u on ur comments ..”These extreme crisis has a silver lining. We are talking to each other, listening and complaining which is good.I am not in talking about talib animals because they dont deserve any argument.”

    It is true and this is beauty of discussion that every issue can be resolved amicably with dialogues and discussions,if we are willing to respect the difference of opinion and find common ground for us within limits of respect and I read ur comments often and I appreciate your support for progressive and democratic Pakistan.

  47. @daani

    I totally agree with you that this could be tide turning incident but we have see that way more less important issues than PC blast reaching on front page.

  48. There are tons of ulemas in every sect who promote sectarianism.
    There are only few in every sect who work as bridge.
    My question is why only those Ulema are targeted who bridge the gap.

    I don’t buy what mbokhari is selling by posting a lengthy Dhanak article about sectarianism just to prove problem lies within Islam-ic sects and then declaring Turkey style secular democracy in 96% Muslim country is the solution.

    mbokhari and Dhanak would have been right if sectarian mullas were being killed from all the three big sides.

    Theres no doubt hardcore sectarian Taliban is behind such attacks but unfortunately Taliban belong to one sect they do not represent that sect.

    It would be criminal to say America and India are not behind these attacks using ignorant Taliban as stooges…Both of these countries have a purpose here with destabilized Pakistan.

    Its hard to understand why Pak Afghan Border is not sealed yet, whoever is behind keeping the borders porous must have a strong motive to destabilize Pakistan.

  49. @ghayoor wrote

    “Goverment funded them to organize an “ittehad” of barelvi ulema against Taliban who are deobandi.”

    Its hard to understand what ghayoor sahib trying to say…whats the significance of itehad and what he meant by ” itehad of brelvi ulema” and theres another puzzle i.e. “against deobandi Taliban”
    Whence all the brelvi ulema were united as per ghayoor sahib what was their action against Taliban, were they delivering speeches or distributing sweets.

    I also agree with @savage or whoever deobandi and brelvi are 20% to 50%.

  50. @daani:
    Most of the people among us even dont know the difference between the Deobandis and Barelvis. Same is the case with common people who just follow the traditions and customs already prevailed in the society.

    I was actually talking about the people who are hardliners in both sects and which are almost equal in number.

    Any how I am extremely disappointed by the so called “educated” people of this forum who are taking this news on pkpolitics as biased towards Punjab or Lahore. Instead of discussing and analyzing the reasons and after affects of such incident we are fighting for the publishing of this news on pkpolitics.

    Killing of Dr sarfraz is a different incident than blast at PC peshawar because Sarfraz Naeemi was a well renown cleric of a typical sect and his death would have a great impact on harmony between sects. It doesnt matter where did the blast carried out but the afteraffects of this attack.

    @savage,@Dildar @Mir Munsif:

    For God sake, limit such short sighted and narrow minded thinking to yourself. I always thought people discussing on this forum are educated and sensible but ……..

  51. !!!MISSING!!!

    Suicide bomb blast in Lahore. And @duaGoh is missing. Coincidence? Oye I think NAWT !!!

    Has he sipped from the cup of shahadat after driving that white Honda truck?

  52. This is another great loss for the nation which is losing true scholars responsible for spreading Real (peaceful) message of Islam and Love of prophet (salleh allahu walaihe waalihe wasalam).
    we as a nation are unfortunate for not been able to protect those who dedicated their lives for us and for a served the idealogy of Pakistan. During 1947 partition one group of Religious scholors was in favour of creation of Pakistan ( Dr Naeemi ‘s party belonged to that group) which axed themselves from Jamiat Ulmae Hind while “others” were against Pakistan creation and called Quaid e Azam Kafi e Azam.

    A specific school of thought is now aggressively under attack from last 20 month and those involved in recieveing “external fundings” in last 22 years since Zia- Ul haq’s marshal law time ( and onward) are trying to cover this up sending mixed signals to the nation. The massive amount of weapons were transfered to swat during their regime in NWFP for 5 years in recent past (huge explosives were not piled up in a day)

    May Allah save this nation and guide us to true path (Ameen)

  53. ghayoor,

    Down play every dissenting voice. That’s they way you will suppress them. That’s how 71s happen. That’s how balochistan burn.

    I know the frends complaining of lack of coverage for Pakhtunkhwa have their observations based on their experience here for some time and not on this single incident. This is what i have observed here as well. So don’t ignore these voices, listen to them otherwise after some time they may not feel like complaining here and you will hear of some pakhtunpolitics.com. That not something desirable, is it ?

  54. Assalam-o-Alaikum ALL,

    I am in no position to offer an analysis. No murder/killing of any of the “Ulema-e-deen” has taken place in the last 10-20 years.

    However, I will say this much, there has been a steady stream of killings of “Ulema-e-deen” in Pakistan, since the last decade or two.

    “Ulema-e-deen” are like a torch lighting up the path to good. This is a way of keeping Muslims, us, from making progress. Muslims depend on “Ulema-e-deen” to put them on the right path.

    If there are no “Ulema-e-deen”, there’s no way the ordinary man can differentiate between right and wrong in the present era.

    Dua goh,

  55. Correction for:

    I am in no position to offer an analysis. No murder/killing of any of the “Ulema-e-deen” has taken place in the last 10-20 years.


    I am in no position to offer an analysis. No investigation has been done for murder/killing of any of the “Ulema-e-deen” in the last 10-20 years.

  56. now taliban supporters, what you have in your minds to defend this act of barbarism. junaid said it right about deobandis. that is the reason why JI, Fazlu and IK and Gull sahib dont criticise taliban. same maslik. they should get out of this maslik baazi. killing done by anyone is kiling.
    taliban are barbarians, simple is that.

  57. JI’s Munawwar Hassan says “This is all because of Amreeka’s presence in Afghanistan”
    IK only offers his condolences.
    @dauh goh is in no position to offer an analysis.

    Should I laugh or should I bang my head against a wall. Shame on them. Why can’t they realize that the murderous thugs Taliban are a problem. Is it so hard to offer a word of criticism against these barbarians?? The crime of these Taliban supporters and confusion diffusers is bigger than that of Taliban. Wake up PTI & JI members and get your act in place before this fire reaches your house (God forbid).

  58. I am sick and tired of all these racist idiots who cannot see anything beyond their ow racial biases even at the time of such tragedy.

    If we have such ethnic problems in this country and if such racist idiots are really in a majority, then there is no future for us as a country. Lets first have four separate countries. Then punjab will be further divided among independent Saraikistan, punjab and pothohar. Sindh will be divided among baloch, sindhi and urdu states. Baluchistan will disintegrate into baluch, pakhtoon and barahvis republics. NWFP will give birth to Hindkoland, Chitral and Pakhtoonkhwa (which will join Afghanistan to create an example of and prosperity for the rest of the world). All ethnicities living outside their “own countries” will have to return to their “motherlands” .

    Then we can all live happily in our own Bhutan like small penniless banana republics which would be at the mercy of bigger neighbouring countries. But at least we will not have anyone else to blame for our misery then.

  59. Another dimension to terrorism is our judiciary.

    They are releasing the terrorist like Lal masjid Maulvi and Hafiz Saeed on the basis of insufficient evidence.

    In addition many other guys were released by the judiciary who were later caught again on some other charges.

    We are trying to have a first class judiciary in a banana republic.

    I believe judges are also afraid of Talibans as they do not have the guts to give proper judgements.

    Vice versa in Iran they hanged the perpetrators of the suicide bombing in a mosque within 3 days.

  60. May he rest in peace.

    These turdbag Mullahs of JUI, Jamat Islami and Pakistan Tehreek-i Insaf Islami need to be exposed for their Munafiqana behaviour.

    They NEVER (even in words) condemn these henious attacks on Pakistani’s, but every time one of their beloved beheaders from Chehcniya, Uzbekistan or Yahoodi-Arabia is given the arse kicking he rightly deserve, they start their chorus of “apnay hi aadmi hai… apnoon ko mar rahay hai…”

    The murder of Molana Sarfraz shows that these Takfiri-Wahabi death cultists have only the Saudi and American/Mossad agenda. They want to subdue Pakistan and turn it into a slave state (Islamic in name) for the sake of America, a-la “Saudi Arabia”.

    The useful idiots like Imran Khan and the sneaky budmash mullah’s like Munnawar and Qazi need to realize that the Pakistani Nation is wising up to their BS game of Using Islam for violence and furthering foreigner’s agenda (Saudi/Gulfi Wahabi Salafi are also foreigners … In case you weren’t paying attention).

    All the so called arm-chair pk-Mujahideen and pkTaliban and pkQaeda should take a bow right now. Your craven support of the Talib animals made this day of death and destruction possible.

    Let Imran Khan and that Neo-Talib Munnawwar Hasan show some moral courage and condemn this act instead of mincing words!


    Pakistani Nation will NEVER FORGIVE YOU!

    Imran Khan! We will never forgive you!
    Qazi Hussain Ahmed! We Will never forgive you!
    Munnawar Hasan! We will never forgive you!

    Stand Up! Speak for Pakistan and be counted!

    Or support these animals maligning the name of Islam, weakening the only Islamic Nuclear state in the name of some Effed-Up Jihad that only consists of killing Muslims who oppose your point of view — and be thrown in the dust bin of history!

    Be Loyal to Pakistan. You pseudo religious nitwits!

  61. Assalam-o-Alaikum ALL,

    @waqartaurus: @freemason: You guys are jumping the gun.

    No investigation has taken place to date. No evidence has been found. Nothing has been established at this time.

    It is counter-productive to lay blame for a crime on one party based on speculation.

    Control! .. yourselves guys

    Dua goh,

  62. Yeah … and in Iran they had arrested these “perpetrators” even before the blast. So they were actually in jail at the time of blast. Still they were hanged as being responsible for that.

    So thanks but no thanks. I’ll take Pakistani judiciary over Iranian one any time any day.

  63. @Adonis

    “I am sick and tired of all these racist idiots who cannot see anything beyond their ow racial biases even at the time of such tragedy.”

    So questioning why PC Blast news was not put on front page makes us idiots!!!!!

    wow!!! Kaakay you are so smart.

  64. “Theres no doubt hardcore sectarian Taliban is behind such attacks but unfortunately Taliban belong to one sect they do not represent that sect.”

    Unfortunately we don’t get a lot of condemnation of Taliban from that sect. That’s where the problem lies. Seems there is tacit approval of Taliban’s acts form the elder of that sect.

  65. @ Mir Munsif

    You are right as well. But an effort to awaken the people against the barbarism of Taliban and duties of general public in this respect needs to be started immediately. No dout it is a huge task.

  66. Imran Khan and PTI should be ashamed of themselves for their support for these beasts.

    I won’t ask Haris Baddua Khan, Qazi Bakwaasi, Munawwar munafiq or any other JI hypocrite to feel shame because they don’t have any…

  67. @dildar
    @aimal khan
    and other pakhton brothers I am from NWFP and I fully agree with what you said and share you pain and concerns. I agree people should not ignore the concerns about the coverage given to plight of pakhtoons.
    But can I request you and rest of the community to please dont let this ruin the much needed unity at this critical time.
    I am not trying to downplay your concerns , I am just saying that we have registered our protest and lets not make it an issue which could divide us. And I also hope and request a d m in to give his response about this issue.

  68. I dont know what is wrong in our culture. Why we feel shame in accepting mistakes. Will it make some one lesser person.

    This advice is for PTI followers, not for JI apoligists like duago, saeed , noorl.

    JI should worry people of lahore are making a lashkar which is going to destroy all sympathizers as well.

    Daro zalimo lashkar aa raha ha. Kitna sabr azmao ge.

  69. The killing of innocent people have to be stopped. It is true if local people take gun and stand against these criminals, the job will be easy. Most of the poeple in NWFP and FATA have arms and ammunation and they should stand behind the army and police. Without the help of local people this war can not be win. These people have to help themselves first and the whole nation would be with them. They should denounce and fight against these people.

  70. PTI press released about this tragic incident.

    And now JI’s Ameer-e-Munafiqoon

    جماعت اسلامی کے امیر سید منور حسن نے اس ہلاکت کو ایک بڑا سانحہ قرار دیتے ہوئے اس کی وجہ ہمسایہ ملک میں موجود امریکی افواج کی موجودگی کو قرار دیا۔ ان کا کہنا تھا کہ حکومت اپنی حفاظت نہیں کرسکتی تو مذہبی رہنماؤں اور عام شہریوں کے کیا حفاظت کرے گی۔

    I’m just amazed how much common JI and PTI statements are, are they written by same guy?

  71. Utmankhel1:
    Fully non sense talks by you and other people who are trying to twist this incident towards racism…

    Tell me one thing, if the attack at PC peshawar was against Pakhtoons and the attack against Jamia Naeemia was against Punjabis?

    Quote me other examples where this forum was biased against pakhtoons..
    In fact , even we are so called educated and Muslims but our minds are still filled with filth of racism and prejudice. We analyze every thing in the light of our cast and color.

    Even after sixty year of independence we are still arguing and fighting over such minor things. After reading comments like you people, I wonder what is the heck about Taliban then. when we have educated Taliban like you, then why we are complaining about the Tribal alibans.

    You people should come out of surface level thinking . I bet this incident would have greater impact than the blast at Peshawar. Liberal Fascist like you are not realizing the after affects of this so called army operation which we started and jumped into a war without any thinking. Our country soon becoming to be worst than Iraq and Afghanistan. Allah Kher karay…

  72. The bomber is also said to be 18-20 year old from southern punjab. From the News:

    Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan claim responsibility of attacks

    Updated at: 2200 PST, Friday, June 12, 2009
    PESHAWAR: Banned Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan has claimed responsibility of the blasts in Lahore, Nowshehra and Hangu.

    Commander Tehreek-i-Taliban Orakzai Agency, Hafiz Saeed claimed the responsibility by telephoning journalists.

    He said warned of more such attacks in case the ongoing operation in Malakand is not discontinued.

  73. enough is enough.pakistan must use all resorces to eliminate taliban beasts.as america is using her friendly countries to counter taliban,the same way pakistan should seek american help to hunt down taliban animals.

  74. The deceased was getting death threats by the Taliban for speaking out still there was no security provided to him. Even at the rescue 15 blast the Punjab govt had correspondence from the interior dept requesting additional security. You see in the Peshawar pc blast that a guy on a bicycle comes through the barrier, than a white car and the pickup followed it. In all three instances the lack of security is criminal. Why have the police and rangers if we are not going to use them. The Taliban are hitting targets at will and the federal and provincial govt are failing miserably to combat them. If they can’t seem to take the steps necessary than they should step down and someone else needs to come through and take charge who is capable in dealing with terrorism. There needs to be a crackdown and anyone who even dreams about supporting these terrorists needs to go to jail for a very long time. The total value of the drug crop in Afghanistan is estimated at 4 billion us dollars per year. The Taliban get a percentage of the drug trade in Afghanistan which generates good money for them. They also have side businesses like extortion, kidnapping, killing for hire etc. They are funding there movement through drug trade and badmashi. They are using this money to keep themselves supplied and are armed to teeth. The higher ups in the afghan and Pakistan govt all get a piece of this action for facilitating this drug trade. All the parties that are coming out of the woodworks to protest against the operation are recipients of good amount of that drug money given in thanks for services rendered. If Hosni Mubarak or Saadam Hussein was ruling Pakistan we wouldn’t have a terrorism problem right now. It is the job of the government to provide security and if they don’t have the skills to provide security they should step away and need to make room for someone who can.

  75. Just when you thought things could not go any worse….

    As expressed in some of the views here, this menace is going to add ethnic and sectarian dimensions in no time and then Pakhtun nationalism will hold sway. My take is to prepare for the worst since I don’t see much sensitivity on the part of the non-Pakhtuns and increasing anger among the Pakhtuns who feel on the rough end of a “collective punishment” from domestic and international establishment.

    Remarks such as @syed1508, “These people have to help themselves first and the whole nation would be with them. They should denounce and fight against these people”, speak of the disconnect and lack of concern for the Pakhtuns. Words like “these”, “they” in explaining a national problem are indicative of a growing apathy and disdain.

    If the Pakhtuns were to fight the war on their own, why let an impotent state that has failed to provide them security rule them? Are the Pakhtuns supposed to leave their jobs and businesses and indulge in a war that requires a fulltime commitment?

    Couple this sort of thinking with the perceived ‘relative’ lack of sensitivity in the media and civil society about the plight of civilian losses in FATA and NWFP and you get a disaster of monumental proportions in the making. The clamp down on media to ‘independently’ report and investigate the military’s claims in Malakand and FATA only take the level of helplessness and rage a few notches up. I am not even mentioning the issue of not letting the refugees into Sindh and Punjab or the mismanagement of the IDPs issue.

    The wounds are way deeper than most of us can realize and the scars will be there for a long long time to come. I could only suggest to avoid the language of us and them with reference to an ethnic entity as we all are helpless beyond expression of our sorrow and anger.

  76. This killing of such a prominent cleric is just a tip of iceberg; unfortunately more has yet to come by these Taliban animals. I have been sensing danger for long time that Taliban animals will attack after Army action.

    The biggest problem we have is the existence of 50,000 thousands madarssa in Pakistan and all these suicide bombers (hardly 16 years old) are graduate of these so-called madarssas. We must fix up our madarssa system with a Govt approved syallabus and madarssa teachers should be closely monitored.

    IK and JI will bring a story tomorrow that this death could have been avoided had Afghansitan was not invaded by USA or had Israel given autonomy to Palestenians or had India resolved Kasmir issue or had Chechnia was not attacked by Russians.

    When will our nation rise against Talibans?
    When our Army kill all Taliban animals?
    When will we see long-awaited and much needed madarssa reforms in Pakistan?
    When will we see end to suicide killings?

    I am sensing aanother danger here and that danger is Taliban’s new target- Lahore. They are attacking this city with ease and our Police is unable to catch them.

    May God save people of this country from Taliban kafirs.
    Death to Talibans (and their supporters) and Long Live Pakistan

  77. @Adonis and ghayoor,

    This is not time to fuel this topic,we need unity but seeing your constant attacks and 3rd langauges…I also want to share my views…

    What a smart tactis by you..one who shares concern,you start labelling them racist bla bla so that he or she doesnt not put up concerns and you ppl only promote own interests.

    Point 1. Their concern is even not addresses and this forum does what it suits but inspite of injustices,if any one shares his/her concern,you start shouting and abusing.

    Grow up,Pakistan is not just one province or one issue and if any one from smaller provinces rises a genuine point,it should be heard or responded with factual details,not the langauge you both are using.Your langauge shows that Actually in the disguse of Pakistanism/patriotism,you both are true RACIST and close minded persons.

  78. We need a big action agaisnt Taliban animals wherever they are operating. Now they are targeting Lahore after destroying NWFP and FATA.
    Supporting Talibans should be a crime by anybody in this country but hang on what will happen to IK and JI. How will do they their politics? It doesnt matter what they do we MUST make it a Law that supporters of Taliban will go to jail.

  79. May Allah grant Dr Naeemi and all others (all muslims, Pathan, baluchi, sindhi, mohajir, punjabi, and all those I donot remember) Jannat.

  80. Ghayoor,

    Mind your language.

    I had made this point quite a while ago when i had to search for the news of around 15o killed and more than 200 injured in a suicide attack on jirga in orakzai. Being a pukhtoon myself i could understand the grief of the people of orakzai who had lost their elders, the wise of the society.
    And so far as i remember no idiot by the name of ghayoor existed on this site then.

  81. Another unfortunate incident….

    I really feel that there has to be more to this debate.

    What’s really been bothering me is how the filthy rich arabs have not given a penny for the IDPs? A$$holes ruined our country through their funding of militant organisations – and when we need them they dont have the nerve to conjure up some sort of sympathy.

    U.S. has turned out to be our greatest ally in this effed up trail of events.

  82. @ALi Q,

    Very well said.

    In this crisis,not much support from those arab countries.re one who nurtured extremists and financed extremist madrsahs and brought ultra orthodox color to our culture.

  83. Madrsah reform is most required thing and they should be registered and monitored.Even in KSA,the Imam of mosque follow govt approved addresses.No free hand to those madrsahs who begets hate and secterinsim

  84. We have lost a lot of time. Those who openly opposed these barbarians, in the start, were/are being made nehsaan-e-ebrat while these barbarians kept on expanding the scope, rate and intensity of their barbaric acts. The brave ones are laying down their lives for us and we ………….. still confused, undecided and scared.
    Offcourse, these barbarians are finding breathing spaces in our confusions created by their sympathesizers JPTI and Hamid Ghuls (this ‘h’ makes lot of sense here). Let us tell them unequivocally that we reject their non-sense (India, amreeeeeeka, israel ) propaganda.

  85. Even now mr 10% and co are arming they political workers with ak47 to even it up in Karachi with mr hussain’s crew.

    In the long term we have to start the process for de-weaponisation and something has to be done about sealing the western border in its entirety.

  86. @All who call us racist

    Coverage given to the issues in Pakistan by pkplotics

    1. Dr. Sarfraz Naeemi Martyred in Lahore Blast
    2. Current Affairs Programs Ratings – Q2 2009 2 days
    3. Discuss: Constitution of PKPolitics 4 days
    4. Journalist Corruption Scandal – Mohammad Malick 3 days
    5. Southern Punjab and Talibanization 0.5 days
    6. Obama’s Magic 2 days
    7. Militant Groups Operating in FATA 1 day
    8. Over 200 Hurt in Lahore Blast 3 days
    9. How Pakistan Lost Its Sovereignty 0.5 days
    10. Sharif Brothers Declared Fit for Elections 0.5 days
    11. Tolerance in Political Debates 1 days
    12. Poll: Favorite Current Affairs Programs – Q2 2009 3 days
    13. Time is Running Out 5 days

    14. Suggestions to Improve ‘Thana’ Culture 4 days
    This article came at a time when millions of people were displacing from Swat and Bunir and full fledge army operation had started in those areas but for the @dmin of pkpolitics the most important issue was the “improvement in thana culture in Panjab”.

    15. IRI Survey Results – 11 May 2009 1 day
    16. Discuss: Support Internally Displaced Persons 2 days
    17. How to Put Out a Fire – A Techno Political Aspect 1 day
    18. Imran Khan’s Letter to Gordon Brown 1 day
    19. Zardari Accused Saudis For Benazir’s Assassination? 1 day
    20. Language of Cowardice (May 5) 2 days

    Blasts in Peshawar in the time frame of (May 5- June 10)

    13 people killed May 16, 2009

    Car Bomb Blast in Peshawar Kills 11, injured 67 May 22, 2009

    Multiple blasts kill 13, hurt over 90 in NWFP May 29, 2009

    49 killed in Pak mosque attack in Dir Jun 05, 2009

    Bomb Blast Hits Peshawar Pearl Continental June 9, 2009)

  87. @all

    Any one shed the light that how many truck loads of explosive were blasted recently …. most of them were carrying 500kg + of explosive … where that stuff is coming from ? I can say most of us would say though Afghanistan …. ok .. how many US drones have destroyed such trucks carrying explosive stuff to Pakistan ? None? which country or countries could be providing Taliban’s all this stuff … Egypt, Iran, Russia, india, israel, USA, KSA?

    Anyone please?

  88. Taliban were and still are Barbarians, they were slaughtering Afghans and nobody cared , ow the fire has reached to our towns and villages and amazingly there are still some idiots who are busy debating the good and the bad Taliban issue.
    There is no such thing as good Taliban, they are beasts , animals and barbarians they are mad dogs of our society and should be killed wherever found or seen. To those who still see them a custodians of Islam, and to those who want to talk to them I would say that wait till you lose a dear one in an attack by a Mother f k **r on his way to Jannat and then I will ask you if you still want to sleep with them,
    IK Qazi and Munawr hassans are idiots , salves to their egos, they dont have the courage to accept the fact that they are wrong.

  89. If we want to save Pakistan, we must stop fighting American crusaders war against Muslims

    and Islam,

    Enemies of Pakistan and muslims are desperately trying to divide Pakistan, so that they can

    achieve their nefarious designs.

    Sarfaraz Naimi was killed by CIA and indian agents, so that Brelvi, deobandi, shia , sunni

    differences should be highlighted and America can get support for its war against Islam

  90. supercreature,

    I can give you name of a person who knows all about this. He lives in Shergarh, Mardan. He used to be member of JI and still have sympathies with JI. He was commisssioner Malakand just a while back. He used to pray behind Fazlullah of Swat. Given his good relations with Animals i think he is better placed to answer your query. Why not ask Qazi how did he manage to supply weapons to the young fighters who would enter Kashmir and Afghanistan and take on the might of USSR and India ?

  91. @dildar
    I agree with you , this is not racist and those who are calling us racists probably dont even know what racist means. There is a big and visible difference in coverage given to problems in NWFP and Punjab and this is not fair,
    Having said that I would appeal to you and other Pkahtoons ( and non pakhtoon) brothers to kindly remain united, God knows we need unity.

  92. @javid khan
    Keep singing the same old song , quite liked by Qazi and his gnag, CIA, India, Israel, Kutta, ghorra, kachwa, dadha, but NEVER mother F cker Taliban

  93. @Utmankhel1

    Perhaps in emotions you are missing my point .. it is not in capacity of JI or Commissionor Malakand to provide such Amno and in such quantity … there is ofcourse countries behind this … JI or Commissionor Malakand may get you ak47’s but not tons of tons of explosive and state of art weapons and communication systems….

    Ofcourse our government and Agencies should be in position to name the sources behind and should protest at large like all other countries do

  94. We see these events everyday and we keep getting angry over them but we don’t try to analyse the underlying issues and tackle the ideologies that brought us to this situation.

    Please read this well researched article to get an idea of what is going on;

    Maududi’s Children

    How the intellectuality of Political Islam turned into the brutality of faithful fascism: Nadeem F. Paracha

    In Pakistan even the traditional Muslim practice of reasoning in matters of religion – originally introduced by the 9th century Mutazilites – is at times treated like some kind of an abomination to be feared, discouraged and repressed.

    It is easy to accuse the proverbial mullah for this. And it is equally easy to blame him for being anti-intellectual and regressive.

    However, over the years the conventional mullah has already lost a lot of face and respect. But this seemingly anti-mullah trend didn’t always mean the opening up of society to a more enlightening and pluralistic alternative.

    On the contrary, the gap created by the conventional mullah’s gradual downfall was filled by religious scholars who only seemed to have intellectualized, modernized and politicized obscurantism.


  95. @dildar

    Excellent data analysis and presentation to make our point more clear. Some guy @Adonis went so far to call us “idiots”. Whole Pakistan is ours, be it remote parts of Baluchistan, FATA or be it bustling Karachi, Lahore or Peshawar, and I want every problem and suffering of my people to be highlighted and discussed equally.

  96. supercreature,

    am fed-up with amreeeka, india, israel ………………… don’t want to hear that again.

    Afghanistan has been receiving tons of tons of explosives for more than thirty years now.
    I think it must have got sufficient explosives to last for quite some time. Just for your information, it was not only the AK47s which Gulbadin and Taliban were using to defeat USSR and afghan govt forces. Tanks from the gulf, and stinger from USA were brought to defeat afghan govt and soviet forces, what to talk about explosives. Remanants of those are in abundance, i have heared………….

  97. @Javed Khan

    “Sarfaraz Naimi was killed by CIA and indian agents, so that Brelvi, deobandi, shia , sunni differences should be highlighted and America can get support for its war against Islam”

    After 9/11 whole American nation stood together chanting “United we stand”, there were no excuse presented by any part of the nation, they stood behind govt (right or wrong), even at one point city mayor Giuliani on national TV didn’t accept 10Million dollars check from a Saudi prince when prince tried to explain it happened because of American pro-Israel policy, Giuliani made his point loud and clear that 9/11 act was not justifiable at all.

    That’s the spirit of alive nation and we saw united they made, atleast their country safe, now we have people like you and JI/PTI who don’t get tired putting eloquent excuses for Pakistan’s enemies and confusing nation. As a nation this is our biggest problem, we are like termites eating Pakistan inside out.

    “war against Islam”

    By the way I’m getting tired of miss-use of word “Islam”, even if a barber ruins someone hairs, JI/PTI would see it as conspiracy of Americans against Islam and Pakistan.

  98. ابن انشاء سے معزرت کے ساتھ

    بمع ترامیم ہائے پیچیدہ و رنجیدہ بقلم فدوی حظرت مخدوم سیدی م-البخاری بعنوان بے غیرتیء کبیر کردہ بدست جماعت اسلامی و امیرسابق ھذا جماعت بہ اسم قاضی ضالمو

    یہ باتیں جھوٹی باتیں ہیں، یہ لوگوں نے پھیلائی ہیں
    تم قاضی جی کا نام نہ لو، کیا قاضی جی کوئی نائی ہیں ؟

    ہیں لاکھوں روگ زمانے میں، کیوں طالبان ہے رُسوا بیچارا
    ہیں اور بھی وجہیں دھشت کی، پاکستان کو رکھتیں دکھیارا
    ہاں بے کل بے کل رہتا ہے، جو ظالموں سے ھو الیکشن ہارا
    پر شام سے لے کر صبح تلک، یوں کون پھرے گا آوارہ؟
    یہ باتیں جھوٹی باتیں ہیں، یہ لوگوں نے پھیلائی ہیں
    تم قاضی جی کا نام نہ لو، کیا قاضی جی سودائی ہیں ؟

    یہ بات عجیب سناتے ہو، وہ عقل سے ستیا ناس ہوئے
    خبریں دیکھیں اور غش کھایا، اک ذکر پہ آپ اُداس ہوئے
    منافقت میں ابن ابی سُنے، عمران خان کی ساس ہوئے
    ستر برس کے ہوتے ہیں، ھر مارشل لاء بے لباس ہوئے
    یہ باتیں جھوٹی باتیں ہیں، یہ لوگوں نے پھیلائی ہیں
    تم قاضی جی کا نام نہ لو، کیا قاضی جی کوئی نائی ہیں ؟

    گر عشق کیا ہے تب کیا ہے، کیوں شاد نہیں، آباد نہیں
    جو جان لیے بنِ ٹل نہ سکے، یہ ایسا بھی جہاد نہیں
    یہ بات تو تم بھی مانو گے، وہ نکمے ھیں ، نا مراد نہیں
    منافقت کرنا مشکل ہے ؟ امریکہ کے نسخے یاد نہیں؟
    یہ باتیں جھوٹی باتیں ہیں ، یہ لوگوں نے پھیلائی ہیں
    تم قاضی جی کا نام نہ لو، کیا قاضی جی سودائی ہیں

    وہ قصائی اچھا قصائی ہے، تم نام نہ لو، ہم جان گئے
    جسکی بھوت جیسی داڑھی ہے، پہچان گئے، پہچان گئے
    ہاں ساتھ ہمارے قاضی بھی اُس گھر میں تھے مہمان گئے
    بیت اللہ سے تو کچھ بات نہ کی، انجان رہے، انجان گئے
    یہ باتیں جھوٹی باتیں ہیں، یہ لوگوں نے پھیلائی ہیں
    تم قاضی جی کا نام نہ لو، کیا قاضی جی کوئی نائی ہیں؟

    جو ہم سے کہو، ہم کرتے ہیں، کیا قاضی کو سمجھانا ہے؟
    قصائی سے بھی کہہ لیں گے، گو اب کچھ اور زمانا ہے
    ڈرون کے لگا کر نعرے پھر ،آج مسجد کو جلانا ہے؟
    یہ کیسا گورکھ دھندا ہے، یہ کیسا تانا بانا ہے؟
    یہ باتیں کیسی باتیں ہیں، جو لوگوں نے پھیلائی ہیں
    تم قاضی جی کا نام نہ لو، کیا قاضی جی سودائی ہیں؟

  99. Everyday almost 100s of Pakistanis are dying in this game. Innoccent muslims are killed in Mosques,markets,homes and everywhere. We must stand united to fight against these enemies and their supporters as well. My country is messed up with dirty international games.
    God Bless Pakistan.

  100. For those few, who like me, take refuge from trauma in poetry, Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi comes to the rescue:

    خدا کرے


    مداوا حبس کا ھونے لگا

    (For a treat, see Habib Jalib bum a Dunhill cigarette from Ahmad Faraz at 01:16. What a mushaira that must have been….)

    Arigato! 🙂

  101. The first thing people of lahore can do is to protest and seige centre of evil in mansoora.
    This fasadi party ji opposed creation of pak and now become so called ideologicla defender.

    These ff f ff f ccckkkkkkkkkkkk should be brought to gallows for supporting wicked and evil ideology.

    May be first step is to expel all IJT leaders from universites.

  102. @Muhammad Usman

    I just so wish to see someone throwing rotten eggs on JI Ameer “bandar” and PTI’s Taliban Khan.

  103. Dear Paki people ,

    madrasas’ reformation is must ,
    what do u think about the educational institues who blessed us with people ________ like Zardari , sha mehmood qureshi , irshaad haqqani, and so on and on ……….. just have a look at pakistan’s history and check which school(s) have produced more pakistan killers.

  104. I am not PTI nor JI worker, but the way government is conducting this operation , it has started never ending war. We are the worst nation which has brought some one’s war inside own country.. Instead of avoiding this war and tackle it wisely and politically our idiot leaders have jumped into a hell fire.

    The people who are abusing JI and PTI would one day repent over their attitute like we did in 1971 when all the nation was celebrating army victory and this day every one is admitting that our army messed up the whole thing.

    Wat so ever the thing Taliban are doing is hateful but at the same time we cannot just leave it as by condemnation but we will have to solve this issue by going into root cause.. Many people were claiming that once we start operation the suicide attacks would be ended but we see taliban has spreaded this war with more intensity due to our foolishness…. On one side we admit that there are foreign forces who are behind them and on the other side we are blindly fighting a war against the people who are already filled with revenge and fire. they are ready to die and our army barbaric operation is providing manpower to them…

    I bet, our idiot leadership and the so called educated people who are supporting this operation would definitely break our Pakistan or at least handover it to extremists.

  105. Reacting to events has never helped find a solution. We have all played puzzles and games which are specifically designed to trap the player who makes moves in reaction, trying to find the smallest route to exit. You can never un-entangle a “patang ki door” if you just stretch it with force.

    I do not agree with JI’s political behavior; have never liked their handling, from their Dharna’s during 90’s rules, to MMA coalition, to handling Lal Masjid and this current operation. They do not ever give a solution. Their analysis is only based on “ilm-i-ghaib”, i.e., the intentions of people and hidden dynamics, and amreeka is shaytan (whereas, there is a shaytaan in each one of us, unless we get control over it.) I do not agree with Imran Khan’s stance either.

    JI is not taliban or at the same point as these militants, but has sympathies, and has never rejected their atrocities clearly. (JUI – Fazal stands even closer to support politically, I think.) IK is a bit away from the JI stand-point. He rejects the atrocities, and recognizes the problem, BUT has not supported the operation. Thus he is away from the point of the view of the majority (of the nation?).

    However, suggestions like go fire these JI and IK is pure intolerance. These guys may differ from us (me included) on one stance, but they are not the enemy. Our reactionary behavior will be the same as the millitants, who are no blinded by this revenge … and are clearly wrong.

    No rotten eggs, or shoe-throwing as it cannot win anyone anything. It may lose the other person dignity, but only if he was not already devoid of it. We should use the political forums to overwhelm the elements like IK and JI. Let us not call them ‘bad guys’ for ever. Nobody is perfect. Also, nobody is always wrong.

    We should use the parliament to act for us. For that, we first need to get a parliament that represents people like these on this forum (and others too). For that, we should start believing in the processes, than personalities. We should rip apart the political parties in the local and national seats, when they violate the basic ethics and justice. Because what we lack as a nation is trust in the institutions. That’s why perhaps we never build them. Be it poor governance, corruption, terrorism or issues like NRO, lal masjid, or economy, we should not react with anger or fear. The solution only becomes harder this way.

  106. @Utmankhel1:
    There were no Taliban at the time of war against Russia. They were created in 1994-5 by PPP and USA . I am laughing at your information. Can you name the tank which was brought from Gulf to Afghanistan and what was the route? Which country was manufacturing those tanks.?
    In gorilla war no tank is used..only the regular army use them. mind it..

  107. @hidden_pearl

    Ask it from yourself, did the school taught them to be corrupt???? but we all know some maddaris do preach hatred to that extent that disciple don’t want to see others alive, even if they have to blow themselves.

    People who same approach like you already blowing shools, wonder who are those?? 😉

  108. 1. A very sad incident indeed, & aptly described as a ‘national tragedy.’ I think the ‘Taliban’ of Afghanistan never wrought any such destruction in that particular country? Or did they?
    2. Isn’t it that it has been only our country which has been facing so much destruction at the hands of these so-called ‘Taliban 0f Pakistan’ who have no connection what-so-ever with those in Afghanistan? Please correct me if my opinion is wrong?
    3. Day-in & day-out our national media has been pointing out that these militants have been recruited to carry out such activities by foreign agencies, with the sole purpose to defame the name of the real ‘Taliban’s of Afghanistan.’
    4.Shouldn’t we then NOT blame any sect/school of thought of Pakistan? Becuse if we did so then wouldn’t those persons achieve their purpose, who sent these guys into Pakistan to create suc a havoc & also to create a ‘DISCORD’ amongst us?
    5. Coz’ if we cotinued to do so, then our national situation would not be at all any different to the past ‘in-fighting’ between the Christians & Muslims of Lebnaon?

  109. For the people who have memory loss problems..

    1- USA initiated war on terror in 2001 , with more than 150,000 army, highly sophisticated weapon systems, full fledge air strikes and local support of northern alliance animals.

    2- After fighting of 8 years Taliban are still holding 72% of the afghanistan..


    3- Pakistan jumped into this war on terror, in 2004 in Wana.
    4- After 5 year of war , watch how much area is under the influence of Taliban..

    5- And look after 1 month of full fledge operation and successive claims of success, Taliban are claiming to take control of Peshawar.


    Are you people still in the state of denial that you cannot win this war by barbaric operations ..I know at the end either this war would be ended by negotiations or Taliban will take control of at least NWFP if not whole pakistan.

  110. With these senseless acts of terrorism, these Talibans are loosing support among the majority of Pakistanis, which is moderate. So, all those who were glorifying Talibans as some clever and shrewed specie ought to be disappointed by their tactics.

    If there were copies of Holy Quran destroyted in this blast then the governent should make every effort to tell it to the entire country as it may help in changing the minds of those who are still living in denial.

  111. @ savage

    if shcools didnt taught them to be corupt, then unfortunately failed to teach them “not to be corrupt”.

    people who r blowing schools, about them i condemn in first sentence and so wrote “madrasas’ reformation is must “.

    Madrasas reformation cannot be done in its true means till we have our todays’s leaders (from almost all parties). Their approach is not to save pakistan but to kill pakistan. thats y they can never be sincere on this issue. so all pakistan killers (taliban & political leaders) belong to same school of thought and therefore all have same common “friend”-USA.
    We must consider the whole chain of our enemies.

  112. Ik is suppose to meet hillar clinton in ny. It is a secret meeting and it has been arranged last month. Pti junoon group be ready for the shockwave.

  113. Are you people still in the state of denial that you cannot win this war by barbaric operations ..I know at the end either this war would be ended by negotiations or Taliban will take control of at least NWFP if not whole pakistan.

    i can turn around and say:

    i think pakistan was very slow to react and form a policy against the taliban post 9/11.

    musharraf failed as a dictator, forget failing as a leader.

    he could have sent the army to the tribal region in 2002, and they could have been waiting there for the militants to flow in from afghanistan.

    instead he didnt send them in till 2004! when they had bloody well settled in, recruited men locally and werent going anywhere.

  114. @ ALL

    Really shocked on the Shahadat of Dr.Naeemi. He was a wonderful person,down to earth human being.I am fortunate enough to meet him personally and he was such a humble and polite Alim-e-din i have ever saw.I dont even have the words of condolence to his family members and students…..

    The person who martyred him is not a human being.i am really sad on his Shahdat & we should combat these criminals by hook or crook.


  115. @Ali Q:
    About 200,000 highly equiped army cannot control Taliban in afghanistan and they are putting all the blames on pakistan tribal areas where they claim that few thousand people are actualy the source of problem. It is highly unbeleiveable for me…
    Can you tell me the motivation of recrutiment or become a part of Taliban faction. Why they are ready to die ? Few days ago Rehamn Malik was saying that suicide bombers are paid few lakhs ruppess. Can he show any example ? If any of the pkpolitics visitors would like to die for just few lakh ruppess…?

    Until we are unable to find these answers , we cannot end this war.. We are stupid people, indulging ourselves more n more in this war..

    The more the action you would take, more the reaction we will get and more number of innocents people would die. ..Lets stop and think where the hell we are leading to our country..

  116. Bohat afsoos ki baat hai aise jayyad ulama-e-karam jinho ne apne clear views diye aur Islam ko naam le kar islam ko badnaaam karne walo ko benaqab kiya aaj un ki jaan bhi mehfooz nahi, yaha security sirft siyasi leaders, MNA, minister, PM, President ya un logo ko milti ho jo apna leader par hamla hone ki soorat me poora city ko band karwa sakte hain aur bank jala sakte hain, public properties ko nuqsan pohcha sakte hain, lekin ahl-e-haq jo in sab chizo ko na-jaiz samajhte hain unko security nahi milti kiyo ko wo log pur aman hain. ALLAH ZALIM HUKMURANO AUR TALIBAN SE NIJAT ATA FARMAI. AMEEN

  117. @mbokhari
    great job I am sure Insha ji wont mind,
    People should keep rotten eggs and tamatar ready in case they come across Qazi and Qazi and IK associates company ( very limited) . As suggested by one friend , protest aand dharna at Mansoora is not a bad idea and Sunni tahreek and hamkhayals should consider this.
    This Grohe munafaqeen hiding behind Islam and beards has already had enough undue respect in the name of religion and this is high time that they should be dragged on the streets. Seventy or seventeen years old doesnt matter if someone i damaging our nation, killing our people, an there are some lunatics supporting them , they should both be punished.

  118. @all
    It is really a tragic incident and my deepest condolences for the family and the whole country on the shahadat of Mufti Naeemi. But now we have to look beyond this incident and being muslims we have utmost believe in Allah and that whatever happens, it happens according to the will of Allah and for some good reason. Mufti Naeemi died as a shaheed and Inshallah will enter in paradise. We have to use our limited mental capacity to analyze the good coming out of this mess we are facing now-a-days. I guess Allah is teaching us a lesson to wake up from our sleep of being indifferent since the birth of the country. We opened our eyes a bit during lawyers movement but it looks like a big jolt is coming which will completely wake us all up a big time. As a first response, people of Pakistan are going to dump every one who will give a slightest hint of justifying this act or blaming the victims (people of pakistan) instead of aggressors (talibanimals). JI/PTI had no following before anyway and now they are gone for good no matter what their ap0logist say on this forum. PMLN has to come up clean and purge the elements from within who show sympathy with talibans like chaudhary nisar, saad rafique and likes otherwise it will see the consequences in next election. Now its about time, that talibans are officially declared trait0rs and whoever supports them will see the same fate considering them gu!lty by association. I have full belief that when this tough time will pass, we will emerge as a stronger nation and led by a genuine leadership out of our m!sery and rest assure it will not be IK.

  119. @Ghayoor
    We are trying to move on, as @dildar said this is about recording our protest which is justified. But you seem to love this topicand keep dragging it back on the forum . I wish you stop doing this. The concerns raised by Pakhtoons on this forum are genuine and dont you think they a right to record their protest ?
    But as I said, we need unity and are trying to move on but you are making it hard by bringing up this topic again.

  120. Dear All:

    These words from Wasif Ali Wasif are the prefect reflection of our behaviour as antion:


    We should not blame any cult for any reasons, except that we are ourselves not competent enough to steer the beautiful Pakistan out of these encircled dangers. I agree that the fourm is giving us an unbiased chance to spell out our feelings–everybody contributing here has one thing in common, and that is sincerity to the country–which is the most important element to believe in the bright future of this sick politicians ridden country—There is no doubt that Pakistan is created to be here and Inshallah it will remain on the face of this earth for ever—but our motto should be:


    Pakistan Zindabad

  121. @Bhola,

    Good response to Ghayoor.The coverage to the issues related to all provinces either Punjab,NWFP,Sindh or baluchistan should be well balanced.and thats what we put forward our concern but unfortunately some friends started using blames and unethical language.If you list of prg,you wont find countable no of issues on Sindh and baluchistan as well.And with very decent note,we all just highlighted this difference to admin pkpolitics.Thats it and I think,its nothing to do with racism etc.as Ghayoor and adonis used very “civilized and moral” words.

  122. Imran Khan himself is a great person and doing great effort but the reason why his party is so close to JI will be understood if you try exploring the facts below.

    There are ex jamaat Islami members sitting in top notch positions of PTI- people dont see them often but there feedback influneces iMran Khan views , who trusts them a lot

    PTI General Secreatry is Dr Arif who is also from JI sitting in CEC
    PTI South Punjab prseident Ejaz Choudary is Ex JI sitting in CEC
    PTI Lahore president Mian Mehmood Rasheed from Ex-JI ( very close fellow of Liaqat Balooch and company)
    and many others

    Imran Khan’s family is very close to Jamaat e Islami also- which influneces him
    he will never be able to see that one school of thought is under attack- he will always say ” yeah Bahir kay logoon ki saazish hay” which is very true –
    but those who get support from Suadi in form of resources are only in wahabi/deobandi group alway
    Mulana Moodudi’s Quran transaltion used to come in printed form from US who was bearing all there costs in spreading the message ( as JI was close ally with them) – All Lashkar teeba, Sipah e sahaba’ etc were getting funding from “Bahir kay log” – but those who are ” Andar kay log” and closely tieing it up, Imran will ignore them –
    He can speak against MQM, PML (N) , PPP etc ( which is great ) but he will NOT ever speak against Jamaat Islami strongly who was responsible for seeding this problem in pakistan, and destroying even culture of Pakistani Universities ( Imran is close ally of JI) this is what hurts everyone
    May be someone here from PTI should give him feedback that Pakistani people love him but his biased attitude towards JI is not doing good for our cause.
    His party could have been asset of Pakistan otherwise and poeople would have even more openly joined it if he could address these issues- as there is always a dangour that Ex JI school of though can take over PTI when Imran departs

  123. Assalamoualaikum , I am very shocked by the Death of Ustad ul ulemah Hazrat Maulana Sarfaraz Naimi.

    It is really a tragical incident that happened and my deepest condolences for the family and the whole country on the shahadat of Maulana Dr Sarfaraz Naimi. May Allah bless him.

    He was a principal of islamic college and a wonderful human being.I am fortunate enough to meet him personally as he was our teacher and he was as a father for all students he was such a humble and polite Alim-e-din I have ever saw.

    Dr Sarfaraz Naeemi died as a shaheed and Insha Allah he will enter in paradise.


  124. @Maulana Shamim Saheb
    We share the pain and grief of the family , friends and the students of Maulana Naeemi Saheb. I hope and I am sure that this tragedy will not stop the Ulma to come forward and speak up against the Barbarians who are a curse on our society.

  125. One of the ardent supporter of the military operation in the Malakand Agency, and one of the most argumentative and sane religiouis figure against the suicide attacks and the terrorism describes the great man Dr Sarfaraz Naeemi, who was martyred in a suicide attack in his office in Jamia Naeemia in Lahore after the Juma prayer.

    Dr. Sarfaraz Naeemi was the head of the Tahafuzz-e-Namoos-e-Rasalat Movement and secretary-general of the Tanzimat Madaris Deeniya. Dr Sarfraz had also give a Fatwa against the suicide attacks in 2005 and he wasn’t liked by the extremists.

    The loss of Dr Naeemi has created a huge vacuum which would be difficult to fill in the years to come. We need to carry on his message that terrorists are the enemies of Islam and Pakistan and we need to support our army in it’s pursuit to eliminate terrorism. We must not be deter by the cowardice of terrorism.

  126. @Utmankhel1

    Your lousy information wow, how many stingers were fired since US invasion to Afghanistan by taliban’s??? do you want to say that taliban’s are growing the crops of TONS of explosive at home??? your knowledge is so limited … you have no idea how much money and continues feed of weapon supply is needed to combat against trained Army ..ofcourse in your case Might of India and USSR … why people like you are pro india ? india is just so innocent… they have no hand in ?Bloachistan? no one from india was captured in lahore after the blast?

  127. @Utmankhel1

    Pakistan itself has no money to provide weapons of that scale to Taliban’s plus Afghan was never was 30 years … plus all the weapons and money were given by USA first of all and its friend KSA to Taliban’s … direct or indirect doesnt matter. Taliban’s are against pakistan interest so as many of our hostile neigbhours … when 2 enemies have common goals they becomes friend … no wonder there is more unrest in Pakistan now than Afghanistan … perhaps its just a music in front of a cow for me to open up your vision.

  128. It’s about time people like Imran Khan declare openly if they are with Deobandi and Ahle-hadith (jamat-e-islami) elements or with the moderate majority of Ahle-sunnat.

    Imran Khan murda baad

  129. @mbokhari
    Thx for Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi. I think i might still be banned from this forum, but if this post is posted, gratitude shall be conveyed.

  130. @junaid

    I dont like IK but we should not promote sectarianism either.
    We all have to learn to live with each other,respect each other religons and find peace with each other

  131. @mbokhari
    good job
    i am impressed
    i am a fan of insha ji and always have enjoyed his poetry and now enjoyed even more

  132. Kabhi Kabhi meray dil mein khayal aata hai!
    Kabhi Kabhi meray dil mein khayal aata hai!

    Keh Nawaz Sharif jab prime minister tha to uss ka president Rafiq Tarar aik deobandi thaa.

    Kabhi kabhi meray dil mein khayal aata hai!
    Kabhi kabhi meray dil mein khayal aata hai!

    Kay PML (Q) kay Chaudhry Parvez Elahi or Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain, jo kay dono kay dono Deobandi hain, Nawaz Sharif kay right hand man thay.

    Kabhi kabhi meray dil mein khayal aata hai!
    Kabhi Kabhi meray dil mein khayal aata hai!

    Kay Chaudhry Nisar or Khwaja Saad Rafique kyun baar baar Taliban ki himayat kartay hain or military operation ki mukhalfat kartay hain.

    Koi hai jo mujhe samjha sakay?

  133. @zeeshan72
    IK has s spiritual teacher in a punjab.His teachings are very different from JIs,actually you can say his teachings are just the opposite of JI.

  134. @ justice

    Imran Khan ki Mother Shaukat Khanum (Allah unn ko apni jannat main aala makaam ata farmaye) wo Waziristan say theen or deobandi maslak say theen.

    Imran khan nay to TV par aa kar baar baar kaha hai kay wo apni walday say bohot pyar karta hai.

    Matlab saaf zahir hai kay Imran khan bhi deobandi hai issi liye zahir hai wo JI say alug hai kyun keh JI to Ahle-hadis hai.

    Aik baat main clear kar doon kay main Imran Khan ki mother ka bohot ehtraam karta hoon or mayain sab ki saanjhi hoti hain. Lekin main sirf Imran Khan ki Deobandi soch ka maakhuz bata raha hoon.

  135. @ junaid sheikh
    Imran is also a big fan of iqbal and he has expressed on multiple occasions.
    Iqbal did not belong to deobandi or barelvi school of thought even though he had great respect for mehar ali shah and jamaat ali shah
    At the same time IK, has met few mystics himself including the one in lahore.

  136. @ Junaid sheikh

    I am not deobandi but stop this non sense of deobandi, bralevi.

    Are you mad . You have every right to diagree with IK , NS, BUT for godsake stop using sectarian comments .

  137. A long time back I had lunch with a SHIA AIATULLAH. I expressed my dislike of this factionalism in present Muslims. I was very impressed with his answer and explanation of the situation. He said that DEEN ISLAM WAS LIKE A TREE AND ALL THESE FACTIONS WERE LIKE FLOWERS OF VARIOUS DIFFERENT COLORS. AND ALL THOSE FLOWERS WERE IRREPLACEABLE. I totally agreed with his assertion.

  138. @Sefasne,

    Good analysis by you.I think,if we consider religion as one’s individual business and dont interfere into other’s faith related issues negatively.This is not good to have feeling of one sect having supremacy over other or one is less islamic than others.

    Religion brings spiritual peace and self satisfaction.If one feels more peace and contact with God by having certain ideology then to me it is enough for him.No one has right to impose his/her ideology upon others.Let every one decide their own fate as per their spiritual requirements.Do respect other’s faith so that your faith should also be respected in return.

    In Pakistan,more than 4 Million non Muslims (3 Million Hindus,and.5 million Christian etc) live and they are also Pakistan and we should also encourage them with our behavior so that they also feel proud to be Pakistani.I also suggest that even on this forum,one should avoid using words against Hindus and Christians as well,because there are many non muslim Pakistanis,so that they don’t feel attacked or less privileged.

    Finally,Lets move with unity,peace and tolerance.Lets build new progressive and liberal Pakistan.

  139. @hidden_pearl

    So you are saying our schools teach hatred and extremism and that is why we have Zardari and journalist Irshad Haqqani. I have not seen anything in our school syllabus which promotes extremism. We all have been to schools. Your logic is rubbish and pro-Taliban and you also do not want any madarsa reforms in this current volatile political environment in today’s Pakistan.

    I believe Madarsa Reforms MUST be started sooner throughout the country to stop rising tidal wave of extremism. No one knows how many madarsas are in Pakistan. I have a very effective suggestion:
    Shut down all madarsas and replace them with public schools and an extra 1 hour period for learning Quran but teacher must be a Govt approved teacher and properly monitored.

    God bless Paksitan

  140. @ junaid sheikh
    Mashallah, what a brilliant logic you came up with. Deciding that Imran is deobandi because his mother was deobandi. As if all his life, Imran was so strictly following all the articles of islam, carefully adhering to deobandi. Someone who is nearly 60 years of age, has gone through so many phases of life… and you link it with the sectarian tendencies. His mom also asked him not to marry a western girl, but he did.

    Very nice attempt to start a sectarian fire, if you are smart. And if you are not, please stop doing this brelvi, deobandi issue. Did not you see scholars/ulema from all different parties in the “scholars convention” which Naeemi Sb recently went to?

    If anyone still has any confusion, or this issue seems minor, look at what they did in Iraq in 2004 bringing up this shia-sunni violence. Today, at one hand the boundaries between muslims and non-muslims are blurring, because of the practices and cultures both are getting into. And we want to bring up these groups within the mainstream Islam? wow!!

  141. Imran Khan in jail got a chance to read Ali Shariyati and Murtaza Mutahari.
    He is inspired by these two great scholars.
    Both of them are taught in many American Universities in the subject of Philosophy.
    Murtaza Mutahari is the one who wrote constitution of Islamic Republic of Iran.
    I think IK is above sectarian level.

    Salman Nadvi was hardcore sectarian deobandi and a fervorous opponent of Quide Azam and creation of Pakistan.
    After creation of Pakistan he had many followers in Pakistan who are strongly sectarians….They mix with other deobandi setups without having a name of their own.
    When deobandi Taliban were founded and given strength by Pakistani ISI and US dollars, Nadavians took this as an opportunity to strike back at blasphemous creation of Pakistan by blasphemous shia Quide Azam.
    Imran Khan and other deobandis are living in same confusion as many sunni do that Mauwia was alright but his support for Yazid was not alright.

    So they think these hardcore anti Pakistan Taliban(nadavians) are alright but their suicide attacks are not alright.

  142. The same way I also don’t believe being specified as hanafi, shafie, hanbali or maliki (brelvi, deobandi, ahle hadith are further divisions in hanafi). All madhabs in sunni sect were based on the sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh) and whoever we follow should be ok. I know some people (mostly tablighi), used to object on me praying Asr early with arabs mostly belonging to shafie madhab. I have found that hanafi fiqh is the most strict and least open for ijtihad among all fiqh but fortunately only practiced in the sub-continent and turkey.

  143. supercreature,

    Afghan war is not 30 years old ? why are you commenting here, go back to school and read from Mutalea-Pa…………… or ……………….why not watch another show of Zaid Tracker, who is currently planning for a move over of Pakis to Moon ?

    How old is Afghan war ?

    The information should be lousy, i am not as resourceful as zaid tracker ………….. neither do i want to contribute to yet another conspiracy theory, which often the theorists of the likes of zaid tracker, hamid ghul and coala bear-daktar masood , have to sh8ve up their as*es later on ………….. and yea by their followers as well………….

    Talibans are not enemies of Pakistan (they are, but not perceived to be . … ); they are bloody strategic assets, just ask Hamid Ghul. Ask Shuja Pasha how idiot one has to become to justify talibans brutalities as their right under ‘freedom of expression’. And if you got chance, ask them how hard was it to remove the stamps of ‘wah factory’ off the bullets been sent to Afghanistan for strategically deep fu.king war. And you know the route, don’t you ? From wah to Karachi port to Afghanistan ………… it was such a fun ……………..
    And yeah i did not keep count of the stingers. I am sure it won’t be easy a decision to make , to ALLOW firing of any stinger left in Afghanistan.

  144. ‘ Imran Khan in jail ‘, he was on hunger strike, wasn’t he ? on hunger strike for so few days and reading philosophy ………….

  145. I heard that the management of Jamia Naeemia has filed a case against Baitullah Masood…..Why?

    Zardari is directly responsible for the murder of Mufti Naeemi, and I would have filed case against Zardari, just the way Ahamed Raza Qasuri filed the case against ZA Bhutto in 1974, and Bhutto was correctly hanged.

    Zardari is also responsible for the murder of Murtaza Bhutto and the (NRO wali) Benazir.

  146. supercreature,

    i had asked this question earlier, but no one replied, so let me repeat it.

    Why do Qazi’s and Fazlu’s as*es burn from this operation ? if these militants are amreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekan sponsored ?

  147. Lolz @ Saeed Afzal

    Yesterday there was an armed robbery in your neighbourhood but don’t worry I have filed a case on your behalf against Zardari.

    It’s all Zardari’s fault.

    Saeed Afzal, yaar aap jaisay log ab Pakistaniyo ko bay wakoof nahin bana saktay!

  148. @Saeed Afzal
    I know you hate Zardari and I am no fan either. But come to your senses , ” Zardari is DRIECTLY? responsible for the murder of Mufti Naeemi? ”
    Sorry but I have to say what nonsense. Besides the family and near and dear ones of Mufti Saheb has every right to nominate their man in FIR. Do you want to take away their right and tell them what they should be doing?

  149. @Utmankhel1
    I can answer your question. I mentioned this in another thread. Fazlu opposes this operation on media and in public meetings to save his ugly fat A $ S from Taliboos. You know his family mention is within the reach of Taliboo animals from South Waziristan, His brother Lutfu who acts as his dalall for selling Gov jobs and running his business lives in their Sheesh mahal there. So whatever Fazlu says ( barks) is based upon his own safety plan, he is least bothered about people and their safety. I am sure there must be some fact in rumors that in closed door meetings he supports the operation or at least doent oppose it.
    As for Qazi, he is a lunatic and an idiot!!!!!!

  150. First of all thanks to Admin PK politics for allowing a frank and open discussion on this Forum. My comments are not intended to spread racial hatred but I portray correct picture of the current situation. Believe me there is NO TV Channel or Print Channel in Pakistan where you can now criticise the Govt.

    Why the hell PM Yusuf Gilani, just on one phone call from Zardari and without getting approval from NA asked the Army to start Action in Swat. The Govt deliberately asked the Media to spread rumours that Taliban are about to capture Islamabad and they will capture other cities in Pakistan. Only this PK Forum did not spread any rumours, whereas every body in the country including Maulvi Diesel were saying that Taliban have reached Margala Hills.

    Imran Khan and JI have rihtly been saying that that this Army Action was started in haste. Have you all forgotten East Pakistan when we were all saying that Kill Bengalis. Are we going to lose Swat and are we going to see another Bangala Desh in the form of Pukhtunistan. I have said this many times on this Forum that it is the responsibility of our Shian community, NOT to give block votes to PPP.
    Every member and minister of PPP is the most corrupt person. Zardari is responsible for all this bloody situation. I am very confused that Taliban can get into Bannu Cantonment and yesterday in Nowshera Cantonment and yet they can’t enter President House in Islamabad to sort out Zardari.

  151. @Saeed Afzal
    There is a hell lot of a difference between East Pakistan and Swat.
    How many women did the Bangalis flog publicly ( O yeah that was a fake video and fake beheadings and fake blah blha blha. Qazi and IK have been giving the impression and you are supporting them,that Taliboos and Swatis are one and the same thing, to your surprise, they are not. So the fight against the Animals is not a fight against Swatis or Pkhtoons.
    Now coming to the timing of the operation I agree that the timing wasnt quite right not because it was too soon but because it was too late. We are all paying the price of a delay in the operation. An early operation would have saved the poor IDPs from their miseries.

  152. @Bhola,

    U are right on spot bro.

    @Saeed Afzal, u said ” am very confused that Taliban can get into Bannu Cantonment and yesterday in Nowshera Cantonment and yet they can’t enter President House in Islamabad to sort out Zardari.”

    It means you dont condemen the taliban attacks in Nowhshra and bannu contonments and you are feeling proud that your fellow talibans are already there and killing innocent ppls.Its really pity that in ur hate against President AZ,you are ready to welcome extremist forces or in other terms,I would say ” You are against President AZ,because he has launched a full fledged operation against extremist forces and that makes you shout and cry”.

    Dont see you the continuous heinous attacks by these extremists in various cities of Pakistan.Dont you condemn the killing of innocent ppl.What does Islam teach you??? Dont u know that killing of one innocent is like killing of whole humanity??If you are sensible enuff,condemn the brutal acts of Taliban.

  153. Lolz @ Saeed Afzal

    Sab say pehlay to aap nay kaha kay koi bhi aisa channel nahin hai jis main Government par tankeed ki jaa sakay – Chalo! yeh maan bhi leta hoon – lekin meray bhai aap Government par tankeed kar rahay ho ya sirf Zardari par?

    Agar aap government par tanqeed kar rahay ho, to uss ki wajah bata saktay ho? Kya aap mehengai ki wajah say government par tanqeed kar rahay ho ya sirf military operation ki mukhalfat karnay kay liye tanqeed kar rahay ho?

    Agar aap military operation karnay ki wajah say government par tankeed kar rahay ho to aap yeh jaan lo kay Pakistan ki awaam bhi iss operation kay huk main hai, kya aap Pakistan ki awaam par bhi tankeed karo gay?

    Meray bay khabar bhai aap ko itna nahin maloom kay jab Bangladesh main army nay operation start kiya to Yahya Khan ki hakoomat thee or wo aik dictator tha, Army general tha. Aap nay kaha kay hum (pakistani awaam) nay uss operation ki himayat ki thee. Bay khabar ho aap! Uss operation ki taieed kabhi bhi Pakistani awaam nay nahin ki thee. 1971 main kitnay gharo main TV thay, kitnay channels thay pakistan main? Kon reporting kar raha tha kay Bangladesh main kya ho raha hai?

    Or agar aaj Pakistani awaam support kar rahi hai military operation ko to aap yeh bhi socho kay pehlay yehi aam awaam military operation ki mukhalfat kar rahi thee.

    Sochnay ki baat hai kay awaam kyun support kar rahi hain military operation ko ? Iss liye naa kyun keh pehlay media himayat karta tha Taliban ki to lihaza awaam bhi himayat karti thee. Lekin aaj wohi media Taliban kay khilaaf ho gaya hai to awaam bhi khilaaf ho gai hai.

    Kya Pakistan ka media bhi America ka agent hai?

    Haroon Rasheed jaisay imaan daar sahafi nay bhi Taliban kay khilaaf military operation ki himayat ki hai, or yeh bhi kaha hai kay Imran Khan or Jamaat-e-Islami ko aik helicopter main bitha kar Swat main drop kar dena chahiye jahan yeh khud Taliban kay zulm bhi dekh lain or unn say muzaakrat bhi kar kay dekh lain.

    Kya Haroon Raseed jaisay sahaafi bhi America kay agent bun gaye hain?

    Pakistan ki awaam ko koi bay wakoof nahin bana sakta.

    Talibaan Murdabaad!

    Pakistan Zindabaad!

  154. @bhola

    i don’t know how old are you but I remember every moment of March 1971, there is absolutely no difference between East Pakistan and Swat.

    How many women did the Bengali flog publicly?
    Ans: None

    But hundreds of Bengali women were raped by Pakistani Soldiers, which is true and this aspect was widely publicised against Pak Army at that time. As I said earlier I remember each and every moment of 1971 so please take my word the situation is far more worse than East Pakistan. And if you are Shia or Qadiani, than I can’t convince you.
    Also Jamaat e Islami was also against the Army Action. I wish if that Bhutto and Yahya had listened to JI.

    @Mir Munsif

    Don’t twist my words to suit your argument. I don’t support terrorist acts and by no means I have ever suggested to kill innocent people. Mufti Naeemi was a great Scholar, May Allah bless his soul.
    We need to look at the root cause. And the root cause is Zardari – because unless we don’t get rid of each and every member of Bhutto family, our misery will continue. The most sad aspect of this whole situation is that whatever Bhutto family does, they always get the full support of Shia and Qadiani community. The last election were null and void because all right wing parties did not take part in that election. Zardari has to go by hook or by crook.
    Zardari blood has no value and is totally worthless.

  155. @junaid sheikh

    …aap jaisay log ab Pakistaniyu ko bewakoof nahin bana saktey…..

    I agree !!!!!

    But Zardari is making us fool very successfully and he knows that he got the full support of Shia and Qadiani community. So he can afford the luxury of making us fool. You are genius Zardari.

  156. plz cool down …
    i said ‘madrasas’ reformation is must’ and u r saying “Your logic is rubbish and pro-Taliban and you also do not want any madarsa reforms in this current volatile political environment in today’s Pakistan.” …

    dont want to comment on rest of ur words ,but honestly speaking i agree with your idea: –
    “Shut down all madarsas and replace them with public schools and an extra 1 hour period for learning Quran but teacher must be a Govt approved teacher and properly monitored”.

    mee too think, there must be only 1 education system in all over Pakistan- same syllabus for all. a student of madrasa also ahve a right to have high quality education and a student of any private or english medium school also have a right to learn deen.

    anyways, not gonna reply to anyone anymore … maybe some PPP people were hurt with my comment .. sorry to u all.

  157. Many PPP people asking for Punjab govt to take responsibility and resign … I fully agree with them and demand CM Punjab to step down claiming he could not do his job like MQM did on 12 May when 100+ were killed by MQM goons recorded by all TV channels …. CM Punjab resign and be ashamed because we have example like PPP Sindh govt who and his ally’ MQM goon killed over 3 dozens people this month in Target Killings …. CM Punjab please resign because PPP Rehman Malik says its not possible to stop suicide bomber ….

  158. The hidden message in this massacre is to be noted and understood–it is not one “FIRQA” against another “FIRQA”–no sectarianism–it is a conspiracy against Pakistan–the killings of innocent people is such a barbaric act–no Muslim can think of doing that–then who are these people–the facts must be brought to light–spies from our enemies–planted agents–paid mercenaries–criminals equalling their own scores–and on and on–there are stories around that some of the people captured are not even circumsized–what does that mean? Wake up call for all of us–this is war of our survival but every one should be on board to effectively fight and uproot this evil–UNITY is the need of the day–What is done cannot be undone–IDP’s are to be honourably returned to their sweet homes as they are the ones paying heavily the price and suffering to save us—I salute them for their patriotism–We should just pray to God that our country remains safe from the evil designs of our enemies–Aameen

    May Muftee’s soul rests in peace–Aameen

    Pakistan Zindabad

  159. @Utmankhel1

    Man over and over again you cant understand my question, do you poses a pea size brain or what? I condemn Fazulu and JI company at large … perhaps you didnt see how I confront with hariskhan (JI) on this forum….

    Where did I say that Taliban and American are same???? no where, do you really know English? as I can see you can not understand

    The question is every one knows that baitullah mashod, fazalullah and molvi hussain is behind these suicide bombing … right? ok no US drone ever killed any of the leadership used responsible for suicide bombing events in Pakistan … but dozons of drones attack still happen every day … the targets are different …

    what more … tons of explosive material, latest communication system …. untracable …. is used by taliban’s… supply is never ending for Taliban’s where they are getting it from … I am just raising this question and you started telling me 30 years of USSR war … major of that armor was gone in Ojhari Camp incident … I see you ovoided my questions and jumped into my question without any knowledge … and started saving US, Indian bs arses …

  160. @ aimalkhan said:
    ‘Seriously condemn the actions of Taliban/Alqaeda, whether its Pakistan or abroad. However, I am amazed at the biased attitude of the website and the moderator. There has been a blast everyday in NWFP in the last week, top of all in PC Peshawar. However, this website didn’t cover any of the blasts in NWFP. Yet the first blast in Lahore gets the top slot on the webpage.
    Thank you “PunjabPolitics.com” and its moderators.’

    I am totaly agree with you. Today we are facing insurgency in Blouchistan this is the result of the policy ‘ Chad Yaar A Ta Khan Yee’ . Most of Punjabi’s think that Terroists from NWFP are attacking in Punjab. But we ignored that Army destroyed Pakistan’s only natural beauty Swat. fighters jet and Apachi helicopters are bombing on pushtons civilians poplation areas. over 2.5 million people displaced but Army killed only hunderd terrorists and most of them manage to escaped to other cities, What a Joke.

  161. Lolz @ Saeed Afzal

    Jamia Naeemia kay principal Dr Sarfraz Naeemi par khud kush hamlay ki zimmay daari to Taliban nay kabool ki hai, jo aik deobandi jamaat hai.

    Iss main shia ya Qadiyani ka chakkar ghuma phira kar kahan say daal diya tum nay?

    Molana Fazl-ul-Rehman jaisay bay zameer Mullah jo pooray pakistan main apni izzat kho chuka hai wo bhi Deobandi hai or debandi jamaat ka “leader” hai.

    Taliban Murdabad

    Imran Khan Murdabad

    Pakistan Zindabad

  162. I personally believe that there exist some agreement between USA and Pakisan governments which provide soverign right to the US to make policies for Pakistan.

    My guess suggests that these policies or agreements were decided during the Liaquat Ali Khan visit to Washington. This right of US has protected us during the era of cold war as both our neighbours i.e. India and Afghanistan were playing in the lap of USSR.

    The formal Nod of US is must in terms of political setup in the country, appointment of top military generals, their training and courses in US and even the appointment of top Bureaucrats settlement in the US after their retirement.

    No Government in Pakistan has a right to abandon this agreement and even they don’t have a right to disclose the contents for general public interest.

    US I think has the same treaties with Middle Eastern countries.

    Can somebody please comment on my perception?

  163. Assalam-o-Alaikum ALL,

    @bebus: There are multiple words for ‘goh’ or ‘go’. Some with “paish”, some without it.

    However, the word ‘goh’ does not mean, what you mentioned.

    Yes, you are right, the word I want to use is ‘go’


  164. Assalam-o-Alaikum ALL,

    @Shah30: I don’t see any such provision in constitution of Pakistan.

    I do however know that 23 of the laws in constitution of Pakistan do not obey Islam.


  165. Assalam-o-Alaikum ALL,

    @Shah30: That was a shocker for me.

    We must adjust those laws to fall within the bounds of Islamic principals, ASAP.

    Source of info on this news; Prof. Ibrahim (JI)


  166. @ Shah30

    You are absloutly right But this agreement was not signed by Liaqat Ali because he was a true nationalist leader . This agreement silently signed by our country corrupt , greedy and hypocrite few elite families, who owned several landcruisers, several Toyota Surf , unlimited land property, Diamonds and jewllery, Ujrati killers ghunday badmash. ordinary Pakistani citizen scare to stand for a election because they know they will be killed by these bstrd families. Hina Rabani was part of the Musharaf govt, she anounced 2007 budget, badly failed but again she is now in PPP anouncing 2009 bugdet. Forget about Taliban , CIA and Raw. Today we are suffring just because of our own corrupt politicians bstrds.

  167. @ Shah30

    As you invited comments, I will say, “weham ka koi ilaj naheen”.

    But it remains the fact that weaker people HAD to listen to stronger people. Be it a servant in the home or villagers in front of the Choudhry or a common man in front of an administrator or a weaker unit of a federation in a country or weak nation vs strong nation.

    Thus if we want that we should not be dictated, then we must be strong before we make such a wish. Beggers can never be chosers.

  168. To fight and eliminate ongoing wave of extremism in Pakistan we MUST do Madarsa reforms urgently. Our current madarsa system is producing brainwashed graduates prepared to wear suicide belts. There are fundamental and dangerous errors with current madarsa system and further delay in reforms will continue to de-stabilise Pakistan. unfortunately due to unchecked growth of madarsa system, we have produced a generation of intolerant trigger-happy gradutes. I hope this tragic death of Sarfaraz Naeemi doesn’t go in vain.

  169. To all those that continuously mention the issue of BRAIN WASHING and the dire need for reforms in Madrassahs-

    Mr. Musharraf- the great Champion of secularism and enlightened moderation talked about and did try to do the same reforms in the madrassahs-( for 9 years I might add).

    And now there are suggestions that this GANG that cannot SHOOT straight is somehow going to come up with the silver bullet-(“GEEDER SINGHI”) and just because there are people on a BLOG wanting the NEW reforms done URGENTLY !

    My advice is very simple. It takes two sides to every story.

    Buy some mirrors and see what brain washing has done to YOU.

  170. By seeing the budget for 2009-10, I beleive the biggest Talibans are the present ruling elite. Carbon Tax, IDp Tax, 1% of GDP on Health and Education. What these goons are trying to do?

    To create another lot of Taliban barbarians?

    Illiterate masses with no education and no clear path of life will again fold in Taliban turbans.

    Not a good situation at all.

  171. supercreature,

    Are you kidding ? can’t you see i am replying . And i can see you are saving Paki Army’s asses. Can’t you see i am not hinting but am implicating Paki Army in this ? I won’t say you can’t understand English, because i know you understand english, it’s that you are saving someone else ass by whipping Maulvi’s, why not talk about the real culprits, GHQ ?

    Your questions are those i have heared from the mouth-numa hole on that bloody face of Zaid tracker, he operates from chaklala ……………….. about you ……… anyways …

    Who told you those equipments are untrackable ? You were unfortunate enough to miss out that infamous audio conversation between Baitullah and some other maulvi congragulating each other on death of BB ? where were you that day ? oh dear ………….

    and was it a typo or did you intentionally wrote Fazlullah in the same line with Baitullah and co., with regards to drones, to add weight to your argument. So far as in my knowledge there hasn’t been a single drone attack in Swat, so Fazlullah is out of that, that would shed some weight of your argument …………… Oh and i forgot to mention, Fazlullah’s brother has already been killed by Americans …………. u can confirm it ………..

    But i remember, Fazlullah’s location had been provided to Paki Army by provicial govt THRICE and they did not act, can i ask why ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? there was no calrification of that claim of prov. govt by ISPR ………………….. u remember don’t you ? ? ? ? ?

    Now let’s come to Baitullah …………….. i thought drones act on human intelligence, supposedly should be provided by Paki Army …………. they haven’t yet done that and they won’t do it till Uncle Sam is enraged enough …………….. BUT the suicide bombers know of locations of Americans in our country and have successfully targetted them in Marriot and in PC Peshawar ……………… now that is something worth wondering ………….. yeah and i have heared the attackers on FIA building in Lahore also had very specific information about that target …………………… so who is the insider ? who is helping ‘strategic assets’ ?

  172. Immediately after the blast in which mufti sb died, Dr Amir Liaqut was on geo,he condemned this horrendous and awful attack and paid rich tributes to mufti sb but like i had said earlier clarified that mufti sb wasn’t anti taliban and was against American occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. As i have said earlier Tehrik Taliban Pakistan(TTP) which is working inside pakistan is nothing but a bunch of greedy hardcore criminals funded by our enemies sitting in Afghanistan(Americans/Indians) to give a bad name to Islam,destabilize Pakistan and defame the actual anti american Taliban freedom fighters operating inside Afghanistan.

    An hour after Amir Liaqut had been on air on GEO, MQM’s pir hiding in London Altaf bai was on air on several channels in his typical demonic voice commented on this blast. He indirectly without actually taking Amir Liaqut’s name criticized him that some ‘so called news analysts’ even now are not criticizing Talibans and are instead criticizing Americans(being a western agent he obviously felt offended). Amir Liaqat in this programme have indirectly with taking Altaf’s name have responded to his comments as well.(3:57) (meray liye kaha ja raha hai kay mein rukh mor raha houn,rukh mein naheen mor raha, mur tou aap gaye hain.)

    Mufti Sarfraz Naeemi was definitely among most prudent,non controversial and well respected even with other school of thoughts as well.

    May allah bless his soul.


    http://tinyurl.com/AlimOnline12June2009download (198 mb)

  173. Reforms of Madarassas is not an important issue. What are Taliban doing or what is Baitullah Masood doing is not the issue. If someone says that Taliban are carrying out these attacks then Salman Taseer has admitted that the attack on Sri Lankan Cricket Team was carried out at the orders of Zardari. And don’t forget for 10 years Murtaza Bhutto and Shahnawaz Bhutto hired Baitullah Masood to carry out attacks against Gen Zia and we all suffered very badly when both sons of ZA Bhutto were carrying out these attacks from Kabul.
    These Madrassas are the homes of thousands and thousands of poor orphan children where they get home, food and proper educatio.
    Zardari’s children can live in Dubai and London but these orphans have no home to go anywhere.
    What needs reforms is the brain of Sindhi voters and few other communities in Pakistan that they should not vote for PPP in any election. Taliban are not the issue and I do not support that any innocent person should be killed……It is Zardari who is the main root cause of all problems.
    To talk about reforms of madrassas is just like protecting Zardari and diverting the attention.

  174. Lolz @ d0ct0r

    To all patriotic Pakistanis – get this straight – there is no such thing as good Taliban and bad Taliban (Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan). Both Afghani Taliban and Pakistani Taliban are one and the same thing, both are deobandi and remember that Baitullah Mehsud was made the head of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan by Mullah Umar, who is the head of Afghani Taliban.

    So let it be crystal clear that TTP and Taliban of Afghanistan are one and the same thing.

    Actually TTP and Taliban of Afghanistan want to unite Pakistan and Afghanistan into a single deobandi state – where wahabism of the deobandi variety would be declared the state religion, pretty much like Saudi Arabia, which was a Sunni country but the Wahabis there massacred sunnis and made Wahabism the state religion of Saudi Arabia.

    Basically, after uniting Afghanistan and Pakistan into a single deobandi wahabi country, these Taliban amalgamate Centra Asian countries i.e. Tajikistan, Turmenistan, etc to make this Deobandi state even bigger. And then this deobandi state would be pitted against all non-muslim countries and cultures.

    In other words, there would be a new Deobandi-wahabi world order. All other sects of Islam would be given 2 choices i.e. either become a wahabi or embrace death.

    Allama Iqbal’s couplet sums it all up for me

    Na samjho gay to mit jao gay ae Pakistan waalo
    Tumhari daastan tak bhi na ho gi daastaano mein

    Agar kisi kay seenay main insaaniyat ki zara si bhi ramak hai to mil kar bolo keh:

    “”We don’t want deobandi shariyat in Pakistan!””

    Taliban Murdabad!

    Pakistan Zindabad!

  175. @Utmankhail

    OOpps here we go Army is getting killed all the way and you are putting all rubbish on Army who is currently doing all the clean up … that was made by generals of our country … common #Army person and general … you put them all in one bucket … GREAT…

    About Zaid tracker … I saw him many month back may be 6 months back on youtube once … I hated him so never went to listen his view … how could I be Zaid tracker any way?

    Swat or FATA … drones when are inside pakistan they are inside pakistan ,… doesnt matter where they hit .. so your argument has no weight …

    why US has to give location 3 times instead of strike …. they know that we do not have drones ourself and capacity for swift strike …. we can not be sure of location if person has left that place meanwhile… why US didnt do the operation …

    Army follow the government instructions and specially in PPP govt the current Army has been following all commands ….

    This is not rocket science that US and other countries people go or stay in marriot… how many hotel are in Islamabad?

    FIA building /15 rescue / manawan training center … they all are not hidden .. every one know who live in lahore … what are you trying to build up here …

    My question was where the equipment Taliban’s are getting from … ofcourse I dont need you and you weakest of knowledge to get the answer .. I got it from your Rehman Malik …. “As he said every bullet to rocket Taliban’s have they are getting from Afghanistan” now in Afghanistan either there is NATO, or US or India or Afghan Alliance govt …

    Source today Jang: http://jang.com.pk/jang/jun2009-daily/15-06-2009/main.htm

    Secondly about the money I mentioned in my initial posts that its not possible for this scale of war for any organization like JI and JUI to create funds for this thing …. countries need to put behind the money …. According to CM NWFP 80 billion rupee is being spent on Taliban’s per year on 15k people that is not possible with Charity … may be you know how much 80 billion is …. Source: http://jang.com.pk/jang/jun2009-daily/14-06-2009/update.htm#87

    Remember no personal qoute from me like you just do … try not to give your answer now because I can see either you blame me being Brastrack or Army just lame arguments , while I already got my answers from current govt people in the news … TA,DA

  176. @Utmankhel1

    Regarding your Drones and Human intelligence … drone are controlled by many means … but to avoid large scale demage human intelligence is required…. how come US has human intelligence for dozen’s of drone attacks in pakistan but not in few other situations … man you are just funny…. plus do you know there is some thing called satellite?

  177. We all talk about US influence on Pakistan. We should be more worried about Saudi influence on Pakistan.. taliban brand mudrassah are funded by Saudis….now they are killing “Brewelwis”……because they see them as a threat to their form of Islam……

    Death to Taliban

    BTW–what is wrong with IK. He is condemning the operation…does not provide us with an alternative…his biggest and perhaps only supporter Haroon Rasheed is unhappy with him and has written two columns in Jang…..softly stating “What the f*** is wrong is IK”……IK hosh karoo…this nation will not forgive you for supporting Taliban….

  178. @ HarrisKhan for the information/education of this forum could you please list those 23 laws that you don’t believe that are n0t in line with Islam…and reason why…..so that we can have a candid discussion about this issue….

  179. First of all the majority of pakistani muslim like whole umma believes in sufism not on deobandi/brelvi. Secondly taliban has killed a deobandi aalim molana hassan on giving fatwa against kudkush attack. So, now we have seen that brelvi ulama has gathered against taliban now it is the responsibility of deobandi ulama to give fatawa against pakistani tlibans because they considered belong to the deobandi sect. Here Silence here will be considered as there support .
    Another point, i don’t think IK belong to deobando sect . As his deep relation with scholor professor ahmed rafique akhtar who is a symbol of sufism in Pakistan and dont believe in farqabazi.

  180. FINALLY……………………………Operation against Baitullah ordered


    ‘NWFP Governor Owais Ahmad Ghani Sunday said the government had finally decided to go all out against the chief of banned Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) Baitullah Mehsud and his cronies and in this connection Army and other law-enforcement agencies were given free hand’

    -………….but i thought we were in the full state of war for past 4/6 weeks (and infact 2/3 years ordered by Mush in Waziristan!)…….so did that not mean they were given ‘free hand’ until today???

    -………….also did they forgot order to get the main terror!st mehshud until today????

  181. Rs50m reward on Baitullah Mehsud’s arrest live/dead announced

    Updated at: 1015 PST, Sunday, June 28, 2009

    ISLAMABAD: Announcing rewards running into crores of rupees on the arrests of Baitullah Mehsud and his accomplices live or dead, eleven more most-wanted persons’ ad has been released.

    The ads published in the newspapers announcing rewards on the arrests of most-wanted persons live or dead included three from South Waziristan, another three from Bajaur, two from Mohmand, two from Darra Adamkhel and one from Kurram Agency.

    A reward of Rs50 million has been announced for the arrest (dead or alive) of Baitullah Mehsud, according to the ad, while among others Bajaur’s Molvi Faqir’s head money has been fixed at Rs15 million besides the head money of Rs10 million each on the arrests (live or dead) of Abdul Wali of Mohmand Agency, Qari Shakeel of Mohmand Agency, Commander Tariq of darra Adamkhel, Hakimullah Mehsud and Qari Hussain of South Waziristan. Qari Ziaur Rahman of Bajaur, Fazal Saeed Utezai of Kurram Agency, Mufti Ilyas of Darra Adamkhel and Waliur Rahman of Bajaur’s arrests would be rewarded Rs5 million each.

    The government has released exclusive telephone numbers also for passing on information leading the arrests of most-wanted persons dead or alive.

  182. B Mehsud deserves a ” KUTTAY KI MAUT”.
    He has killed alot of Pakistanis on the name of Islam. He is a bad name to our religion Islam. This kind of people are defaming our country and Islam. I wish him to be hanged by our courts.

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