Sexual Harassment of Female Journalist

A female correspondent of Dunya News, Maheen Usmani has recently resigned on protest of Sexual Harassment by Managing Director Yousuf Baig Mirza. Attached is her resignation letter address to the HR department.


June 15, 2009

Dear Director Human Resources,

It was with great expectations and high hopes that I became part of Dunya’s launch team in November 2008, and I took great pride in being part of Dunya ‘family’ as it climbed the ladder of success and gave tough competition to leading channels. Seven months later, it is with great regret that I have decided to tender my resignation as the circumstances have forced me to leave this organization due to the continued harassment, coercion and highly unethical conduct of the top management of Dunya News.

Now it has become unbearable to work here as the situation has increasingly turned out to be insecure, rather punishing, for professional female journalists who want to work, as well as, protect their self-respect. I have waited with patience since May 11, 2009 that the Managing Director of Dunya News, Yousaf Beg Mirza, would stop abusing his official position and put an end to his ugly tactics of harassing a senior female journalist working here. I, however, was totally disappointed with this organization when I realized that Mr Mirza’s employer, CEO and the owner of this news channel, is not interested in protecting the female employees from the advances of the MD but is in connivance with him.

It was shocking to know that Mr Mirza is being shielded by the CEO of the organization, Mian Amer Mahmood, who was told about Mr Mirza’s indecent advances but he did not stop the MD from abusing his authority. Once it was brought to his notice, Mr Mahmood had given the assurances that no such harassment would take place but not only that this harassment continued, the CEO instead of empowering the Director News or respective Bureau Chiefs, gave the MD more powers to interact directly with the reporters who already felt harassed by him.

This all started on May 11th, 2009 at 10:01 p.m., when I received a call from one of the staff members of the Managing Director, Yousaf Beg Mirza, aka YBM, to confirm my cell number. This was followed by another call at 10:07 p.m., made by the MD. During that phone call, which continued for few minutes, his suggestive talk was loathed with innuendoes, and offers as he counted the expected benefits that a less-important, bureau-reporter can get in return for keeping a direct “contact” with the Managing Director on his “personal number.”

I was shocked to hear the “friendly” MD, who had been denying the contractual rights of male staff members all these months despite repeated reminders, going out of his way to oblige a female staff member. I have worked with country’s best media organizations during my career and never faced such an ugly situation.

Finding the whole monologue, which continued for few minutes, detestable, I immediately brought the matter to the notice of Director News because he was the one who had hired us assuring that our rights will be protected in this organization, which had developed an unsavory standing in the media industry and we also had our reservations about the reputation of the MD before joining it.

I had decided to resign then but the DN asked me to withhold it and let him talk to the MD first. The DN took up this issue with the MD who apologized with the DN over this incident and said he would seek apology from me as well in the presence of the DN.

The DN assured me that such an incident would not happen again and the MD would make an apology to me as well.

However, with the sudden departure of the DN, the situation took the worst turn and the MD found an opportunity to revenge, and hence re-launched his harassment campaign. This was going to happen despite CEO, Mian Amer Mahmood’s, assurances and promises to the outgoing DN that no member of his team would either be thrown out or be harassed by the MD.

Since the CEO was informed of MD’s harassing tactics, Mr Mahmood repeatedly reassured the former DN that no female employee would be harassed by YBM. “Humaray employees hamaray bachon ki tarah hain. Hum un ko protect kartain hain,” were the words which the former DN quoted me as the CEO had told him. Hearing these lofty words, I took a sigh of relief that my life and respect would be protected in this organization but what I forgot was that I was not their own daughter.

What they forgot was that despite their discriminatory tactics, before Allah all daughters are equal. Ayat 195 of Sura Aal-Imran says: “I never let go waste the labor of anyone that works among you, whether male or female, for in my sight all of you are alike.”

Instead of reining in the MD, the CEO gave him an open hand and the MD immediately embarked on a campaign to place obstacles in my path. He insisted on personally scrutinizing a special assignment report of mine in Islamabad instead of previewing it in Lahore. After previewing the report, and throwing his weight around in the Islamabad office, he ordered to withhold it on frivolous grounds.

I did not comply, because the changes were devoid of logic and reason. I had done extensive research for my project and the MD had been unaware of the historical context of Sri Lankan conflict which was not surprising since he is not a journalist, and reasons of his survival in Pakistani media, particularly during former military dictator Musharraf’s era, were other than professional. The bottom line is that the package has been dumped in Lahore, because of the MD’s intransigence and my refusal to “contact” him.

I have been associated for a long time with ‘Meri Dharti Meri Dunya,’ a weekly landmark program of Dunya, which has proved its popularity by garnering commercials, and a wide viewership. On the rating chart the program has been going from strength to strength and at times it registered a much higher rating than any other Current Affairs program of Dunya News and that too without any extra investment of the company.

Due to this huge success, the program got commercials and sponsorship of multinational companies which had also asked for increase in the frequency of the program and to be made it twice-weekly.

Unfortunately, my association with ‘Meri Dharti Meri Dunyai’ has proved to be its death knell, because the MD has set out to destroy this program to teach me a lesson. What he forgot, however, is that he was trying to mess with a credible senior journalist and not one of those female opportunists, who are masquerading as journalists and are being heavily promoted for the last few days on Dunya News.

On 18th May, 2009 I was symbolically put in charge of the program’s production in Islamabad just to streamline the links, their quality and better coordination with the head office. Consequently, we had tried to introduce some innovation in the production and script which got us excellent feedback. However, on 1st June, 2009 the MD forced all concerned working under him to issue another notification and remove me as Production Incharge. But no reason was given for the abrupt and irrational change.

In the next few days, Meri Dharti Meri Dunya’s repeat slot was repeatedly taken away and given to Current Affairs programs which have their own fixed slots as well. On June 1st, Meri Dharti Meri Dunya’s producers were suddenly told at 5:30 p.m., by the Transmission Incharge that the program would not be aired that day at its scheduled and publicized time slot of 7:05 p.m., and it was being replaced by a ‘documentary’. When the producer protested at the sudden axing of the program, he was told that the orders had come directly from the CEO. When the ‘documentary’ aired, we were shocked to see the program ‘One 2 One’ which has its own time slot. Again no reason was given for this unexpected change in schedule.

We were informed that this episode of Meri Dharti Meri Dunya would air next Monday. Two days later, on Wednesday, June 3rd, the Transmission Incharge informed Meri Dharti Meri Dunya’s producers at 6:30 p.m., that the program would be going on air in 30 minutes at 7:00 p.m., instead of the scheduled sports program. The producers protested at this arbitrary and unfair treatment being meted out to Meri Dharti Meri Dunya once again, but were told that the MD had issued the orders.

This was being done despite the fact that a day earlier an announcement was made that President Zardari, Richard Holbrooke and Shah Mahmood Qureshi would address a press conference which would go live at the same time.

Having no choice in the matter, the puzzled producers readied the program and it went on air at 7:05 p.m. Barely 15 minutes later, the program was trashed to live broadcast the scheduled press conference. Instead of spoiling their sports program or airing a 10 minutes bulletin as a filler as is the norm, Meri Dharti Meri Dunya was selected as the sacrificial goat once again.

On 5th June, the CEO, Mian Amer Mahmood, held a meeting with the Islamabad Bureau and when his attention was drawn to the unfair and discriminatory treatment being meted out to Dunya News’ most popular program he was unable to provide any justification for such unprofessional behavior. He did concede that Meri Dharti Meri Dunya had extremely good ratings, and said that the program’s timing was being changed ‘to improve its production value.’

Is the CEO not aware that such distortion of the program has a negative impact on the channel’s credibility, not to mention its marketing value? Despite the Islamabad meeting of June 5th chaired by the CEO, nothing improved for Meri Dharti Meri Dunya and it continued to suffer the wrath of the top management.

On June 10th, the most popular program of Dunya News was once again used as a filler when it was aired at 4:05 a.m. This time it was used to fill Ayla Malik’s program’s repeat slot as the management preferred to withhold her show due to the bomb blast in PC Peshawar earlier in the night of June 9. It was surprising as Meri Dharti Meri Dunya was not repeated during its scheduled time-slot on June 9.

Same day on June 10th, Meri Dharti Meri Dunya was chopped to 20/25 minutes duration and was once again aired, without any prior announcement, at 2:20 p.m.—again as a filler in place of Ms Malik’s show. Feeling disturbed over the situation, I separated myself from the program and told the producers last week that I will not be available for the next episode.

My colleagues are perplexed and keep asking me why a successful program is being systematically destroyed to the detriment of the channel. I owe them the truth and they must know why it is happening.

The reason is self evident—a personal vendetta of the MD against me for not “contacting” him, and which is being aided and abetted by the CEO. The very same CEO, who starts every meeting with a recitation from the Holy Quran and who keeps instructing us to speak the truth and not be corrupt, has given the MD his blessings and sanction to harass a female employee just because she won’t compromise on her principles.

I advise the CEO to refer to Ayat 124 of Sura Al-Nisa: “And those who do good deeds, whether men or women, provided that they are believers, will enter into paradise and they will not be deprived in the least of their rightful rewards.”

When I was hesitant to face an elderly employee at Dunya News who had spoken to me in a vulgar manner a few months ago, Director Current Affairs, Nasim Zehra, had advised me to be brave and “look him in the eye.” Because, Ms Zehra said, he was the one who had stepped out of line. She asked why female employees were so reluctant to speak out and adhered to a conspiracy of silence when in fact there should be a policy of zero tolerance against such creeps. She said that “our” silence encouraged such sleazy elements to continue their sexual harassment.

Her advice made sense to me then and now it gives me the motivation and courage to look the senior management in the eye and ask them: Does this policy of zero tolerance not apply to them?

Journalists fight for the rights of others, but how can we do that when our own rights are not protected and are trampled upon at will by sleazy characters? As a professional journalist, I am shocked at the unethical conduct of these people and their ability to stoop so low. How can they preach to viewers and their employees to speak the truth and behave according to the Quran and Sunnah when they themselves are mired in dubious practices and sleazy behavior in clear violation of the Quranic injunctions?

To them I can only quote the punch line of a promo being aired by Dunya News: “Khuda Sey Daro.” What you sow for others’ daughters, you will reap yourself one day.

During the last few days, I have been thinking a lot on this issue and have ultimately decided not to fall prey to this conspiracy of silence and should take a public stand to expose such shady individuals plaguing the media. This will also put Nasim Zehra’s words to test. I will wait for her to stand up in this cause with me and support a fellow female journalist in exposing such elements and help protect the collective respect of working women.

Under the influence of his desire and powerful position, the MD completely ignored the fact that such an insidious campaign would only destroy the image of the organization, and it would force those seasoned journalists to leave who value their noble professional ethics much more than anything else.

In an effort to improve the legislation to protect women at work places and create awareness about malpractices in Pakistan’s media industry, I am forwarding this resignation to few powerful women of Pakistan such as Speaker National Assembly Dr Fehmida Mirza, former Minister of Information Sherry Rehman, President’s Adviser/spokesperson Farahnaz Isphani, Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, national, international media and rights organizations, Chairman PEMRA Mushtaque Malik, Minister for Information Qamruzzaman Kaira, Secretary Information Ashfaque Gondal, and other relevant civil and military institutions dealing with the media.

I am also reporting this to Lord Khalid Hameed, Member House of Lords, British Parliament, Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar, Member House of Commons, British Parliament, Asma Jehangir, Special Rapporteur of the UN Commission for Human Rights, Renate Schroeder, Director International Federation of Journalists, Brussels, and I. A. Rehman, Chairman Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.

I would like to express my appreciation for my colleagues, the Assignment Desk, the cameramen, and the NLEs who I have had the privilege of working with and knowing during my association with Dunya News. I will miss all of you and our camaraderie, but I would rather be jobless than to continue working for a channel headed by such morally corrupt media barons who treat women in such a cheap manner which is repugnant for any self respecting female. It’s time to root out such people, because they give the media a bad name due to their disgusting and lewd behavior.

Maheen Usmani
Dunya News

81 thoughts on “Sexual Harassment of Female Journalist

  1. This is an impeccable character, Maheen, and congratulations on an excellent letter. That is a great bold step, and inshaAllah these vultures will meet their fate.

  2. I agree that every man and woman should be allowed to work without any fear.
    I watch Dunya TV regularly, and their stance is clearly in favour of PPP. The news of Peopleas Party gets prominence and that’s why Dunya TV gets more than fair share of advertisements.
    Under PPP Govt do you people think that Rehman Malik can bring any systeim where the MD of Dunya TV can be questioned very sincerely. Of course not……
    Maheen Usmani only stands a chance if she takes this letter personally to the Supreme Court.
    Otherwise Maheen Usmani. just forget it. We talk about Taliban…..believe me women are equally worst in Sind. I am saying this authority.

  3. I suggest Maheen Usmani should contact Javed Chaudhry (because he unveiled the drama of Haji Pervaiz who asked his cousin to sit in the exam on his behalf and the dropscene of this drama is that Haji Pervaiz had to resign) or She should contact Talat Hussain. Rest has no balls to take a stand on any issue while Zardari is President. Sexual harrassment should not happen under any circumstances. I wish if some Taliban can lash out this idiot MD- Yousuf Baid Mirza.

  4. This person Yusuf Baig Mirza has a history and I am not surprised with his actions. He got the slot of M.D PTV by the same means. I am not sure about Mian Amir Mehmood, but he was the part of the thugs of PML-Q so we can expect anything from him. We r with you sister and hope you will not lose heart.

  5. I m impressed by the stance which you have shown maheen.Even a male like myself is proud on it.You have expressed your view point greatly,now leave the rest on ALLAH.
    YBM is a sleazy person,One of my friends in PTV have told me about his wicked stories a lot when he was MD PTV.He is such a repulsive person, i cant understand how you survive 7 months in Dunya.As far as Amir Mahmood is conerned,dont expect any miracle from him.
    He is also a lewd man. Just pray for ALLAH of your good deeds.


  6. You are a woman of strong character and personality, please expose the dirty black sheep like these. We are with you.

  7. It is time to take such events very seriously and immediately. Imagine , what would be the trainning of a family whose head is Mirza Baig?. Certainly a reflection baiG.
    I appreciate Maheen sahiba for raising her voice against such a ….NIJUS MAN…baiG and I am sure he is going to meet his fate soon.
    Forwarding her case to many organizations is a good step and we shall ceratinly hear the fate of this…NIJUS baiG. God damn you baiG.
    And what do you expect from Amer…yet another filthy personality.
    There is a day for such people and that day is comming closer…vaery fast.

  8. Dear Maheen,

    No doubt you did a brave thing. There are two ways to see this

    1. Bad News: Over a course of 60 years, we have developed a system in which the top always gets occupied by dumb idiots whether it be business, finance, governance, politics or whatever. The mind-set of the 60s has left little oxygen for change to creep in. Whatever enterprise that you see in Pakistan is due to the “great compromise” the white collar has struck. Leadership has cornered itself to micro-management and pulling the right strings at the right time. Policy, direction, enforcement, ethics and ownership are virtues almost absent.

    “Har shakh per ullo baitha hey
    Anjam-e-gulistan kia ho ga”

    You should remain ready to face more intimidation and discrimination. You will even face this when you will apply for jobs in the competition. There will be managers who will fear hiring you.

    2. Good News: Now that you have stood up, you have got the opportunity to change the world, speak for women rights, form a non-profit and fight to curb the gender bias existing at all levels in the society. Never fell a pray to after 11 cofee-bar gossip with folks depressing you that how big a show you are missing by sitting on the spectator bench.

    May Allah bless you and your family,

  9. @Javed Khan,

    Brother! I humbly disagree with your stance of asking Taliban lashing out YBM. Violence can never counter violence. If Taliban are doing something bad and we do the same in return, that puts us in the similar bracket.


  10. Very well written resignation. I had to go through it twice actually to reconfirm the circumstances which led to Maheen’s resignation.

    Frankly speaking, I dont think taking this case to any court of law can prove anything in favor of Maheen since she only got one phone call and our laws unfortunately, require more evidence than that. I have worked for an organization which was a part of the alliance against sexual harassment and clearly know what the laws and regulations are.
    The whole scenario Maheen presents does not even fall in the sexual harassment category as a matter of fact.

    Rest she knows.

  11. The moral bankrupcy has ruined the country and such characters are responsible for that–it is high time that we should get rid of these elements. We need an immedaite, honest and above board accountability process to wipe all such social evils. well done Maheen–but only patting will not be sufficient–my beloved Lawyers community should initiate a solid compaign, without any hidden agenda and fight such cases legally–Public is ready to donate genrously–for example honourable Justice Bhagwan can be the head of this move–we have to revive our honour, prestige and pride and get rid of these nuts who are having the reins of our country or who are keeping an eye to have in future–no one is sincere–As according to Wasif Ali Wasif “QAEDEEN KEY BUHTAAT NAY QIADAT KA FUQDAN PAID KAR DIYA HAI”

    We are with you Maheen and you will receive justice Inshallah

  12. WEL DONE Sister, We all have to put our share just as you did to bring this society on the right track. May ALMIGHTY ALLAH bless you and bestow you with the more courage to protect your self respect in the life ahead too.

  13. maheen usmani ummmmmmmmm? isnt she the one who use to work for geo and she resigned 4 absar aalam? heloooo is absar there?

  14. Being an Advocate of YBM this is an Ugly tactics of my Competitor Private Tv Channel Shameful Activity —this lady namely Maheen Usmani has strong connections with them or if I had been in position of YBM I would file the Petition against her i.e. =Defamation Case/Sue= which would be comprised minimum approximately 7 to 10 Crore Rupees.

    As Believe on this saying: ===Toup/Canon Maango Gaay Tou Choti See Pistol Milay Gi.===

    Simultaneously this would be firm stand with my full effort to create the hype & promulgate against that particular TV Channel whatsoever is the Declared Competitor (Professional Jealous with YBM & Co.) thus -Two kill two birds with One Stone-

    Besides, it is supposed if I had been the Advocate of Ms.MU I would collect the evidences & also in form of physical witnesses then I shall be able to prove something in solid undeniable form otherwise to put the charge simply to some one in writing, this is not sufficient for rest of others. Specially for Wukla Baradari.

  15. seeing it impartially, i think the advocate above is right. she has written a long emotional letter that duznt prove much. i think she had been too emotional n dramatic without realizing that if she is sued for defamation case, she might have to pay for the sins she hasnt even committed. Good luck maheen

  16. Maria said: seeing it impartially, i think the advocate above is right. ===xxx=== Thanks to see eye to eye with the same, although it sounds you are from =FEMALE BehanChara= but you endorsed me, In this Jazbati Scty., Ya Herat!!!!!!!! Once again thanks.

  17. It is not about proving or convincing other to believe her story.We all know those kinds of things happens in our society. We all witness this .

    If you cannot prove there is no God does mean there is NO God. Facts remain the fact .

    At least I know of one case exactly similar to that where the culprit was above all laws what so ever and was provided with the fullest support and the girl had to leave eventually in few months.

    I myself was involved in the investigation in a similar situation (gambled my career) but nothing happened. The girl was forced to leave within three moths(used tricks to get rid of her).This is exactly what has happened in her case.

    If you don’t follow those kind of people they make your life/work miserable using tactics and all sorts of game.

    We need to figure it out ,how can we stop this from happening again?

    Those who say not to raise the voices or concerns in such cases, Would they follow the same path if some thing happens similar to this to their own daughter?

    Why not get rid of these people? Why not clean up the whole mess from our society. Why to remain silent and make them stronger and encourage them to do it to your own daughter next time.

    Mate it is to speak up and shout about the foul play. This is every individuals moral responsibility and that gir’s right. So I must say good work.

    I believe she is not into dirty game of trapping, that’s why she expressed very clearly and plainly without going into proof game, otherwise she could do so very easily.

    BTW nothing will happen even after getting proof as well, some politician will come and will force her to forgive (happily),otherwise some one will be killed. This thing happened not long ago. That “MNA” is living a happy life after…,although he was supposed to be behind bars by now.

  18. Maheen,
    That is really a bold step. Congratulations to be the first person against the vultures like this impeccable character. In my opinion, you should raise the issue at every forum and before the Supreme Court of Pakistan so the clowns like him shall meet their fate. We cannot allow the persons like YBM to play dirty games. It is our moral and national duty that the justice should be done to ever citizen of this country in very transparent manner. May ALMIGHTY ALLAH bless you and bestow His blessings.

  19. EXCUSE my ignorance…..but will someone from teh moderators’ or management of the forum please tell me what is the relevance of this story to be posted on Pkpolitics?

    I am sure me and many others like me visit this site because we want to stay updated about the NEWS and politics. just because an important name of the drawing room politicsi s involved, you have posted this story on the main page? Do you not realize that Pakistan is facing way bigger issues than this? Thousands of women get raped every year….. all these sleazy politicians make money by using women and kids and dont we all know what happens in the Havelis of these feudals to the women suppressed and kept there.

    Anyways….my point is, if this issue has to be discussed, this certainly not the place since its got nothing to do with politics or pakistan. my apologies to maheen and her long letter but this is a political forum remember.

    I hope the management pays heed to my complaint.

  20. Friends, she has the full right to do what ever she wants(make your dirty mind clear now),if she is interested in anyone ,very fine ,her personal matter ,Nothing to do with us!She has full right to enjoy her life the way she wants ,both personal and professional life.

    But it doesnot automatically give right to 16+ million people of Pakistan to harras her at work place. This is as simple as abc.

    No one can impose on her anything against her will.

    Saying goes treat other as you would like to be treated.So treat other’s sister the same way you like your own sister to be treated .

  21. From what i can read and understand what she writes in her letter that the innuendos were what she was concerned about and harassment. We all know that such incidents do happen all the time and in almost every corner of any corporation or company. She claims that she is a senior journalist but i m sorry to say that her act seems more like a simple graduate girl who doesnt know the rules of the game in the sexual harassment proof is the key.

    A few weeks earlier there was a posting by A JOURNALIST who had taped the voice of a Senior Journalist the key word here is TAPED.

    She is shouting harassment in hopes that MD’s previous track record shall come to light but did she forget that her own background will come to light.

    She should have recorded those innuendos and harassing events. like a journalist does on instinct whether it is relevant or not.

    She does act like one so cant claim to be one.

    IF the MD is creep she should have acted to get the creep in act. pure and simple just by simply shouting that the wolf is coming doesnt cut the chase. It also doesnt mean that the wolf isnt lurking she should have taken steps to get the wolf after all she claims to be educated and smart and a senior journalist but acts a emotional teenage girl who isnt satisfied cos her boyfriend didnt complete the job.

    More Proof would have been more appreciated from a Journalist than an emo rant.

  22. Dear ……. from Australia.

    I endorseb all what you stated. But the people here will not be able to understand you as they live in a closed ended society marred by taboos. Women are treated as second class citizens.

  23. This mirza should be brought into the court of justice. Maheen is like oursister. Imagine if someone does with your sisters then what will you do?????????????

  24. @farid
    Yes Mirza and also this woman called maheen and her boyfriend.doodh ka doodh or pani ka pani ho jaeey ga ussi waqt.

  25. @ AAm
    you will sue her for defamation and will try to get 7 to 10 crore for damages.hahahaha you makes me laugh more than anyone else on this forum.doubted if maheen got that amount better know that defamation card is not for every one a very small number of people on this planet can play this card because most us are not lucky enough.
    i am not here to defend any one all i can say is couple of phone calls are not enough to prove someone guilty.
    i do believe woman’s in our socitey have been sexually harrased and they are still not strong enough to stand against culturaly superior employers who treats them as their property to justify their attchment towards womans. it’s more likely to do with mindset of males in our socitey than anything else.
    sexuall harrasment is very common all over the world. you can stop it by taking strict measure to ensure safe working environment.
    sexuall harasment will lessen the number of female employes in return our domiant will have to work hard to fill the gap of work force now choice is yours which way you wantto go about it.

  26. NNL said:From what i can read and understand…………………… Very Right Said so in this Jazbati/Sensitive Scty. where every one is ready to shower his/her sympathies just for nothing the major point to ponder is ONE & Only i.e. Proof whether in Verbal or in Black & White thats all nothing else.

    From Australia said: If you cannot prove there is no God does mean there is NO God. Facts remain the fact .=This is the Height of Stupidity= whether you believe me or not this is the most easiest Job in every single person life to find the Allah(Jj). Neyat tou Karo Allah(Jj) ko Talash Kurnay ki Rahien Uz Khud Khul Jaien Gee.

    Facts always remained in =Acceptable Form= with established undeniable Proofs. e.g. If you want to Search Allah(Jj) read the Holy Quran & Sunnah you do not know Arabic does not make any difference Read Translation in that particular language therein you see the Dreams. Only for you Almighty Allah(Jj) directly approach-able, do not believe – Azmaish Shurt Hay.

  27. mjkk86 said:@ AAm you will sue her for defamation and will try to get 7 to 10 crore for damages.hahahaha you makes me laugh more than anyone else………………………………….===xxx===First of all Try to understand comprehensively from every angle what was incorporated e.g. simultaneously try to drag that particular TV Channel whatsoever does have some or on large scale existing “Competition of Professional Jealousy” then there is a Corporate Crime Cell, Anti Corruption, FIA Lodged the FIR or even directly at H/C or S/C file a suit against her on her behalf that particular TV Channel would be liable to Pay Off the Defamation Case Amount mean it is to say after applying some good efforts of an advocate turn into Corporate Crime, from Individual Faujdari Muqadma – Then apply to Kill Two Birds with One Stone.

    By the way “Toup Mango Gay tou Choti See Pistol Milay Gee…….” its mean in simple words if the Compromised Deed is prepared if supposed it is settled at initial stage out side the Court or this complicated Case is settled down up-to or even within a million amount that is sufficient for YBM i.e. may be his one month salary/income.

    OK Fine Toum Bhi Khush Mein Bhi Khush – Agar Khatoon Jhooti Hein tou UnKo Jhoot Bolnay Ki Saza Milgai – Aapnay Upnay Competitor ko 10 lacs ka Khara Khara Nuqsan Phunchadia:

    Allah Allah Khair Salah.

    Anyway these are very Technical Terminologies and your or may be my own IQ level not at that particular stage where our Frequencies are being Matched.

    Understand Mr. hee hee hoo hoo haa haa. — For Mr. Hee Hee Hoo Haa Haa Eyes ONLY – Aadmi Aadmi Saay Milta Hai Pur Zehan Kisy Kisy Saay Milta Hai!?

    Akhri Baat Agar Aap Brai Meharbani Yaad Rakh Sakien:

    Khuda Tou Phir Khuda Hai – Maaf Kur Dai Ga Bhaut Mushkil Hai Aadmi Ka Aadmi Ko Maaf Kurna.

  28. As always, when we have a sensitive matter like this one, we see a lot of barsati ma1ndak appearing from no where and commenting in favor of a presumed culpr1t just like we have people supporting tal1ban on this website.

    I guess @d-min have removed your previous outburst against this poor lady in which you claimed to be in the r0om of speaker of national assembly the other day and saw the “b0y friend” asking for a big favor from her. Can you please explain what business you had in the chamber of NA speaker. If it was a media interview then M1r sahab 😉 , you are not supposed to talk against your former colleague just because it will haunt you in future exactly the same way when you tried to d1scredit Dr. SM and he was taken back in your network afterward.

    lawyer sir ji, have you read your contract in which there must be a clause not to 1ndulge in discussion on your client case at any other forum except inside the court. I know, being a young lawyer you wanted to show off your big cl1entele but it may not go very well in front of an independent judiciary for which you fought very hard just recently.

    @NNL (aka barsati-ma1ndak)
    “..IF the MD is cree p she should have acted to get the cre ep in act. pure and simple just by simply sh0uting that the w0lf is coming doesnt cut the chase…”

    so you are saying she should have allowed the guy to fully abuse her and make records of the proceedings and then come out in public to disclose how bad that guy is. Man! you are the best.

  29. We are proud of u maheen and it was a very well written resignation.You should talk about these filthy culprits more openly via holding press conferences so that people who does not have access to these forums may be updated aswell

  30. @aam
    well i like your way of answering the question, i am not being sarcasti but this does’nt work in court rooms obviously you cannot satisfy judge by your poetry you will have to satisfy him by legal you my mind think about these possibilities aswell but she is woman and living in males only country of males dominant world so i will have to give her benefit of doubt. sexuall harasment is nothing new and am not going with flow either now choice is yours what your lordship thinks about it is not irrelevent but, it’s dicrimanatory in a sense it starts from biased opinion rather than ethcical theory of going about it neutraly without being prejudice.

  31. @bechari-awam

    You are an intellectual so why don’t you join a tv channel as an anchor?
    I can go to NA whenever I like to. Would you like me to get you an entry pass too?

  32. @bechari awam
    yes you are rite social issues attracts my attention more than political one.we make the socitey we make the law and we make the politicisn so it’s justifiable for us to have a say about matter concerning us, specialy matters related to vulnerable of our socitey. it’s not about barsati mandak it’s about what touches you and what makes you fool hardy.

  33. ok so if she has a boyfriend 9 regardless of what my personal opinion is about having girlfriends and boyfriends ) it doesnt turn her into a public property and let people do whatever they want to do to her. Why this dark democray guy is insisting to bring her boyfriend to the court ? have nots ? didnt have a the pleasure of the forbidden fruit my friend?
    jealous ? what? or just sick?

  34. @bhola
    you are right it should’nt make any difference even if she has a boyfriend. having boyfriend does’nt exempt employer’s to fullfill their liabilty.having BF is her personel matter wrong or rite we have no right to say anything she made a choice to have one let her face the music when time comes but, she needs protection and you cannot deny it on basis of her personel life.

  35. @adnan ahmad mansoori
    lota6177 Sir, why are so much Jazbati/Sensitive? Huzoor-Kabhi light Mood mein Bhi Baat Kurliya Karien!

    apnie sister ki baat howie tu jazbati/senstive ka label laga diya. Dusroun ka opar light mood maie jokes or tubsarie. KIya yiee khula tuzad nahie. Is it so hard for you to treat other’s sister the same way you like your own sister to be treated . Itnie see values to app naie ghar maie sikhiee houn ghiee kabhie un ko use kar liya karian. Kabhie app swat maie larkie ko gutian parwha detain hain kahi kisee ho phone paie harass karwa kar libel ka case bena detaie hain or kise ko ksa maie rape karwa kar 9 mahine jail maie rukh kar wapas bijwa detain hain. Apki ki sarie lawyrie ultaie kamoun per chaltie hain kabhie koie insanoun wala kaam bhie kar liya karian. Agar app insan nahie bun suktaie to jungle ka koie acha saa janwar chooz karlain or us ki qualities apna lein. Wo bhiee thora bohat standard dakaie ja. Aap bie koshish karian takaie humaie pata chal jaie kaie akhir app cheez kiya hain or app ko us hasa saie light mood maie treat karain.

  36. Lota: Ok Now you’ll teach me what is wrong & what is Right for me. Ok Janab:

    Lota — Parhi Wakalat tou Tehray Shaitaan Ki Aulad
    Meinnay aur Shaitan Nay Janat Ka Laina Chaha Jou Suaaad
    Deikha Jou Jhank Kur Janat Ki Deewar Saay Laikin Namurad
    Agaay Agaay Sehmee Hoi Hoorien Pehchay LOTA Shadd Shadd

  37. Maheen go for it my friend I hope you can teach this pig a lesson. I bet he has a wife and kids and still he would like some action on the side. I hope he dies a dogs death.

    @mansoori – I have written this many times before regarding other issues on which you decided to “air” you opinion – you are a moron sir – plain and simple. Look up moron in the dictionary I bet they have your picture.

  38. Yusaf Khan said:……………..I hope he dies a dogs death………………………

    ……… are a moron sir – plain and simple. Look up moron in the dictionary I bet they have your picture………..


    Oye Doosray Jazbati Aadmi Ka Izafa!!!???? Chalo Insaay Bhi Kuch Sikhtay Hein: Yes Sir,

    Logoun Ka Kiya hai Unhonay Tou Pegambaroun Aur Allah(Jj) ki Zaat ko Nahi Chora Tou Mein Kis Ginti Mein.

    === However whether I’m Moron or Not all I know – Mera Paigham Hai Suchi aur Seedhi Baat Kurna Jou Meray Dil Ki Pehli Awaz Ho – Kiyoun Kay Mani Hoi Baat Hai Wohi Sachi Baat Hoti Hai.===

  39. @bechari-awam/posting 9pm
    … always we see lot of barsati maindak…….
    Do you own this web-site??????? This forum is free and open for every one so long as you comply with the rules.

    However there are only two things in this World who don’t obey any Rules, and they are
    1) Peoples Party
    2) You – the so-called stupid bechari-awam

  40. @Adnan Arshad Mansoori
    Agar taliban or ji kise tarah pakistan paie kabza kar lain tu app is job kaie liya apply karian. Allah aap ki emmie ki dawain kabool farmaie or app taraqi karain. Hum bhiee fakhar saie logoun ko batian karian kaie hum app ko jantain. Is this your twin brother?

  41. You are lucky Ms Maheen Usmani- that the harasser is not an Army officer- like a major of the army who tortured Shazia in Baluchistan. You are lucky as there are so many comments in your support and against the harrassment. And those who spoke against the army on Shazia’s behalf were later killed like the patriotic leader of the nation- Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti.

  42. I personally feel that there is an element of harassment on behalf of the MD Mr. Baig but Ms. Maheen has gone into unnecessary detail which gives an impression that she has taken a personal affront to the Owner along with the MD. The Owner should have intervened by bringing both parties face to face and sort it out in the interest of commercial success of the channel. I have personally watched Dunnya and consider it at par with other high ranked channels. Bias is obviously towards the Government in Power. It was the primary duty of the CEO Mr. Amer Mahmood to sort out such issues and keep the dirty linen from being washed in public like the letter of Ms. Maheen.

  43. Lol…

    Jazbatiat ka level kuch high hota ja rha hai….Im sure taliban are liking it WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to much now.

    But i agree…like someone here just said….this is all a bechari awam can do.
    and by the wayy…… will taliban even let the women work openly in the society in first place? arent they against women being public anyway?
    lets not drag taliban into it or else maheen will also be a culprit in their eyes

  44. i must appriciate ur brave move i think every one must working under such coersive circumstances should take courge and follow u to show the true face of such ……. i hope readers would fill in the blank spot with proper words.

  45. lota6177 — Yeh Kiya tha? Iss mein Aap Janab aur Dosray AapKay Rufqa Na tou Koi Arabs Ko aur Na Hee Pakistani Taliban ko=Maghlozaat= Inyat Kursaktay hein!!!

    This was covered with only =African Starvation= Lota totally Out of Context.

    Lota Itni LaParwahi, Hudd Hee Hogaee?

    Mujhay Shuk hai Bhola ki Inayat kurda Apnay Dawai Waqt pur Nahi Lee. Suchi Muchi Batlien—Hein Na?

  46. To all those who say that what if your sister was in her place.

    A) First of all my sister wouldnt stuck in a sticky mess like this Alhamduillah. Though she has seen gender discrimination but she has successfully avoided herself from such situations

    B) If it were my sister i did ask once before she published this letter. Did she really graduate from a school or College. After all the education she claims to have she cant get proof of such behaviour. Didnt her education teach and worldly experience teach her that if she is going for sexual harassment she will have to come up with the burden of proof in our very very male dominated society. If anything her education and profession should have taught her more than enuf to get more proof as the burden of proof lies with her in any form of court or jirgah. one telephone call taped or conversation recorded. She is a journalistic for crying out loud not some girl coming from a very uneducated background.

    I m sorry to say even if it were my sister she did have to tell me more than she is making advances towards me and i would have told get me some visual or audio proof we can take this guy down for good. Right now its her word against his and both their backgrounds be checked.

    After all that education if this is what this lady is only capable of coming up with ” an emo rant ” then i m sorry she has wasted the space in the College and Uni after all cos she acts more like bahu on vendetta.

    Moi 2 bits of worth.

  47. lota @adnanarshadmansoori After watching your wedding video i feel obligated to be nice to you Oh Yes I remember You were annoyed & getting mad As usual very JAZBATI on such wedding day because you were deadly against the same after all this was your real sister matter.

    Admin: If Lota ko Mirchi Lagay Gee Tou Mein Kiya Karoon?

    LOL babloo bura muna giya or teri maa or teri bhain reply dena shoru ho giya. I have heard this replies from changars and jamadarnies but never a taliban supporter before. First time for everything. rou maat beeta himat karo.

  48. @adnan arshad Mansori
    The thing i like about you is you talk with arguments and dont make it personal. Thats why i love you so much.

  49. I am living abroad hence I am not aware of Dunya News channel. I am only aware of Geo, ARY. Though two three other Pakistan channels comes on cable but I thing Dunya is not available at least at my place. Since I am not much lover of TV hence I am not aware of Meri Duniya Meri Dharti programme nor to Maheen Usmani. I have heard this name for the first time but I am sure as the article suggest she must be a senior journalist of caliber and her weekly programme a popular one like Capital Talk etc.

    Being a housewife myself I have full sympathies with Mahen. However her story I think should not have surprised any one not it is a unique one. It is a common story about female working class whether it is Pakistan or highly developed West. I am in hand with her and I pray ALLAH the great keep her and are her other colleagues as well as all our daughters, sisters who go home to use their educational and God given potential (Ameen).

    The MD of Dunya News as alleged might be of no good character as the resignation of Maheen wishes us the readers to believe and some other reader has commented but nevertheless I must express my honest and judicious view which of course could be wrong that at least Maheen has exaggerated the things and it is an attempt to tarnish the MD. Had she really been truly honest, she would had at this initial stage simply submitted her resignation to the channel and let it be accepted. Circulating copies here and there definitely have some other motives too.

    These are the journalists when others do or wish to do anything eg. If Zardari says UNO should investigation Benazir’s murder, these journalists start crying this is against nation’s respect, investigation should be within the country, it tantamount to having no confidence on national investigation agencies etc. There are many other such examples. But same journalist sends copy her resignation to Member House of Lords British Parliament, Member House of Common British Parliament, UN Commission for Human Rights etc. Who are they” Are they “Mamoon” of Maheen or ours?

    She has also sent copies to some politicians/ministers/member parliament. If one reads attentively names of those it will be found recently names of some appears in the press what they did in USA night clubs during last month visit. Contacting Maheen such character people does not leave any good impression about Maheen. I am sure soon she will be appearing on another TV channel with bigger salary. I however wish her success and continued success and again pray ALLAH keep all our working daughters sisters safe from hands of teasers. Those who have full of self character daughters, sisters in their own homes they it is my belief never tease on roads or harass at work places daughters and sisters of others.

  50. Lota You are also a Declared Extremist at one end you called names to me Like Moulvi, Taliban & Failed Wakeel now you are claiming you loved my style of arguments really do not understandable, is there any limit of Manipulation & Twisting like your PPP Jiyalays.

  51. Lota You are also a Declared Extremist at one end you called names to me Like Moulvi, Taliban & Failed Wakeel now you are claiming you loved my style of arguments really do not understandable, is there any limit of Manipulation & Twisting like your PPP Jiyalays.
    The thing i love is that you show so much class and stick to arguments. You dont do personal attacks and that is very classy.

  52. lota: The thing i love is that you show so much class………..Anyway Thanks, But be careful I’ve also learned comprehensively from all aspects =Hur Sair Ko Sawa Sair Hai.=

  53. Ms Maheen a Saint or Satan
    A fair lady treated unfairly,

    The plot of this long heroinic “Epic of Innocence” well woven by Ms Maheen Usmani, a former member of Dunya Team revolves around one allegation “Contact” a few minutes monologue. She has very skillfully and intelligently magnified the magnitude of this allegation “Contact” and fabricated it as much as she can to write a Tragedy.

    If we carefully analyze the choice of words(“Insidious campaign”, “sleazy elements”, “lewd activities”), use of proper diction, order of the story, Ms Maheen seems a “spokeswoman of an ill-will gang” who is working behind the glittering face of a “this Yellow Journalist” to prepare a “cunning thesis” with a purpose.

    In this “Epic of Innocence” this gang attempted to attain the rank of “evil genius’ with sole motive; using cheap tactic to ride the “ladder of fame” overnight as heroines like Reema, Meera etc soled our their grace to gain fame.

    The word “Contact” came as Assault on her prestige, innocence, grace, morality, principles that ignited mighty rage dwelling in her heart. Remember guys, winning lips lie a lot.

    The heoine of this Epic drafted this tearful story (Chrocodile) to tear away the long established repute of a media giant. In fact, she has used her “allegations as weapons ” beautifully in this Epic to safeguard her “innocence” “chastity”, “purity”, “grace” which she referred was better preserved under the dear DN.

    The Character of the Mr X DN,”X” is a well-defined Prefix for The Dearest DN of Ms. Maheen Usmani. I hope that Honorable MD of Dunya TV is not responsible for the Divorce of Ms. Maheen Usmani and I hope that MD of Dunya TV didn’t Force Ms Maheen Usmani to have X relations with Mr X DN.Y Yes of course if it would had happened this would had also fallen in the category of harassment for having for full relation with X DN. For here every thing is fair Maheen Usmani, whosE poor Husband has seen all that and got rid of this red handed women.

    The exit of the dearest DN Of Maheen Usmani is considered sex maniac and was caught red handed in Lahore, which caused his shameful exit from Dunya News.
    Ms Maheen Usmani hahaha great story you said you don’t care about the financial problems by quitting from Dunya TV. Well The DN has Enough Money after hired on his lifetime big job (fluke) to share it with his x friend who didn’t care for her self-respect and propagate her self in such a way.

    As For Mr DN this was the cheapest of his acts to use Ms. Maheen Usmani for this Act. And of course for Maheen Usmani: yar kay liyey jan bhi hazir izzat kiya Cheez hai” khair izzat ho to phir parwa hotee hai”.

    Anyways, she in her letter said that MD Dunya TV took revenge after the Exit of Mr X DN, hahaha how funny you sound Ms. Maheen, He was the MD he could have fired you at anytime with one single call even in the Presence of your Beloved DN. Which itself is enough to prove that the story you knitted is FAKE.

    She has shown wounds to us and charms to some one else. Guys, why this “Fair Lady” raised noise after the “Honorable Exit” of DN.

    As we know this fact that innocents show silence and silence is always rewarded in good ways. While Ms Maheen has outspoken very well and will be rewarded too sooner or later by her ill-wishers. The louder words have less depth and effect.

    She claims to be “Victim of Conspiracy of silence” but her story depicts her beast not a priest.

    In this hour of allegations which are being used a weapon by “ill will gang” to weaken the aspirations of Dunya Team to rule the media domain for long time, I would request Dunya Team to be active and united to counter such “Soft propaganda Machines”.

    The brilliance, commitment, dedication, strength and potential of the leadership of Dunya Team has been acknowledged by the public that’s why the Channel is winning the second best ranking in the race of media.

    What dire offence from am’rous causes springs,
    What mighty contests rise from trivial things, (Alexander Pope)

    And for the MD and CEO of Dunya TV, we are standing united with loyalty and commitment, energy and skills to support, empower you to go ahead, fly high, rule the media domain of Pakistan and Enshine the Dunya. Leave these petty pets out.

  54. @ Teamdunya OR Team-mirza

    First of all you sound biased.How could a girl put her respect on the line for no reason??
    I have couple of friends in PTV who knows mirza from their days when he was MD PTV.They told me about his indecent stories.What would you say about them??Was they also hired by DN??? Ridiculous………Infact your credibility is iffy also.

    If you think we should believe on you then you should comeup with something else like take a sign of each and every employee of your organization and take them into your confidence about this issue. Scan that signed document and send it to this very site pkpolitics so that others can watch it too.If you cant do that then it bye bye and dont waste our precious time…


  55. We all need to applaud Ms Maheen Usmani’s brave stance to stand up for all the female journalists in Pakistan. The alleged perpetrators of such harassment need to be investigated and potentially face civil and criminal penalties. I urge the CEO of Dunya News, Mian Amer Mahmood, to launch an investigation into the charges against YBM and show us that Pakistan has entered a new enlightened era of respect for womens’ rights in the workplace.

  56. well friends forget everything new news @ samaa mr Aamir jahangir caught by his ceo on lower desk job with anchor called marium arif by his ceo zafar siddiqi

  57. Its good to break the silence and let know other, it brave thing
    but all the power holders and senior breau people they dont cares a dame
    however, i hope miss maheen get all support and this issue is now at high level
    so hopefully in future someone will not let happen such incidents in office.
    but dont keep your hopes high!

    more views i came across at below sites!

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