Nawaz Sharif Acquitted in Plane Hijacking Case

Poll: Should Musharraf be allowed into Pakistani politics without past accountability?

Nawaz Sharif in Jalsa
After almost 10 years, when General Musharraf overthrew Nawaz Sharif’s elected government on the basis of airline hijacking, a five member bench of Supreme Court unanimously acquitted Nawaz Sharif from airline hijacking.

The News reports that Supreme Court of Pakistan five-member bench unanimously acquitting Muslim League-N Quaid, Nawaz Sharif in about ten months old plane hijacking case has declared Sindh High Court (SHC)’s earlier decisions invalid.

Headed by Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jillani, the five-member SC bench consists of Justice Nasirul Mulk, Justice Ghulam Rabbani, Justice Mohammad Moosa K Leghari and Justice Sheikh Hakim Ali. Earlier on June 18, the same bench had reserved the verdict after the counsels for both sides had concluded their arguments.

Nawaz was sentenced to life imprisonment twice by the Karachi Anti-Terrorism Court (APC) in April 2000, after the APC found him guilty of refusing to allow a commercial aircraft – carrying Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf, the army chief at that time, along with 200 other passengers – to land at the Quaid-e-Azam International Airport, Karachi on October 12, 1999.

Nawaz Sharif did not hijack plane

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83 thoughts on “Nawaz Sharif Acquitted in Plane Hijacking Case

  1. I wonder why Supreme Court took a month to announce the verdict after the decision was made.

    Perhaps they knew that if Nawaz Sharif did not hijack the plane, it must be Army Generals that did it and did not want another coup by army just before the decision, like Mushie did on 3rd November 2007.

    Anyway, congrats to all democracy lovers. All others are expected to write that “This court is for Nawaz Sharif only” and will ignore the highest number of cases handled by courts in the history of Pakistan this month.


    1. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called President Asif Ali Zardari on phone here late on Thursday, Geo news reported.

    2. Supreme Court of Pakistan in a short order announced here acqitted Mian Nawaz Sharif in the plane hijacking case.

    3. Meeting between President Asif Ali Zardari and PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif, at latter’s Raiwind estate today, is being seen as an attempt at removing the prevalent mistrust between the two parties.

  3. congratulation to PML-N, Now nawaz sharif has cleared everything to step in to the national assemble, good news for democracy & for Pakistan.

    Now, i can predict by-election in NA-123 very soon.

  4. Congrats to NS & all the PMLN supporters.

    I hope all the formalities of justice are fulfilled. Some will no doubt say that NS has got the reward of supporting judges movement, but most of the ppl will be happy with this decision……………………. after a few years, well who knows?? such has been our history.

    Timing of this decision is however interesting as there was no known plan for this announcement & suddenly after the AZ & NS meeting is scheduled, we hear about plan to announce the decision………………… maybe to give upper hand to NS in the negotiations?……… he already had that I think…….

    I am sure there will be an election in NA-123 very soon & NS will be in assembly. Who knows what is planned to happen afterwards …………………..

    Something is surely going on behind the scenes as being felt for last few weeks.
    We should only hope that whatever happens is better for the country & nation is allowed to bear a sigh of relief “at least”.

  5. one hurdle removed to award him of his good obedience and now 17 amendment to go, if he behaves according to the agreement he is also going to get 17 amendment abrogated else he can forget about it 🙂

  6. Now many people would understand why it was necessary for a political leader like Nawaz Sharif to slip out of Pakistan by any means, back in 2000.

    If he hadn’t done that then, we would be mourning just as PPPP still does for Z A Bhutto’s judicial murdern.

    At least today, no matter what the opponents say, NS has proved that he didn’t do anything wrong. But just imagine even this decision would be useless, if NS was executed by army generals back in 2000, as they were trying to get his life in prison sentence into a death penelty.

  7. I am a diehard opponent of Zardari (not of BB ofcourse) but even I would say today that since Zardari came even though he was doing it willy nilly but looking back since Feb 08 elections – Musharraf is gone and is history, judiciary is fully restored, NS has been acquitted of all the cases, Shabaz Sharif is well in province in strong position, and army action has been finally been started against taliban and first case of swat – so its not too bad a performance by PPP government. A lesson for Imran Khan – never ever boycott election no matter what. I am surprised that he being a cricketer where there were many times biased umpiring but he never refused to play cricket but here when Musharraf was in power he refused on the advice of Jammat Islami and the irony is that the it was Islami Jamiat Tulba who had manhandled him in Punjab University and had been in league with Intelligence Agencies and got him arrested.

    Sometimes rather many times its Allah who gets good work done from even bad people. And the same case is here in case of Zardari. We should not try to trample the democractic setup at all rather we should wait for another 3 and a half years and let PPP complete its tenure and then come back and fight in elections. If PMLN manages to do that – that would be the biggest service to democracy.

    Congratulations to Mian Sahib and to all the PAKISTANI NATION – for this great verdict. We knew you were innoncent from day one. You couldnt have been that stupid to have taken a decision against the law.

    Now that it has been proved that plane conspiracy case was a farce – wouldnt that set up the stage for trail of Musharraf for instigating a coup on false premsis. If Mian Nawaz is innoncent then obviously taking over Karachi airport and making the plane land at his own will certainly makes Musharraf the culprit. Maybe it would take another nine years to bring him to court and charge him with high treason. Dont worry Musharraf – Pakistani nation can wait but they would not spare you.

  8. Congrats to all who support NS.

    This was indeed a good decision by SC. Justice is servered.

    Though i would not add this or any of the following to the performance of PPP as it is not onwed by PPP when they are forced to do it. PPP never did these acts willingly and had there been no opposition, these acts would not have been done at all.

    1:- Restoration of Judiciary.
    2:- Strong Position of SS.

    and lastly, though it could be argued that Musharraf let go of the presidency because of PPP it was done for all the wrong reasons , to put Zardari as democratically elect puppet, then to restore democracy.

    In addition to this list is the Murder of Benazir. We all know who is responsible and we all know they will never be tried as they are the government.

    current economical condition, putting IMF agents like Shoukat Tareen incharge of our economics and finances. Taking more loans from IMF ( Tareen said we need more 4 bln loan from IMF) and no government accountability.

    Allowing city states like Karachi to emerge and get out of control etc

    List is too long to ittirate here. There is no evidence to suggest that NS would have or would not have done the same but since he HAS NOT we cannot say that circumstances dictated these to PPP and any one would have done the same in their shoes.

  9. My feeling below, show that I am not a big fan of current Pakistani ethnic, personality and foreign affiliation based political Mafias”. But the question of logic and law is that if
    Nawaz Sharif was arrested on the basses of this case and his government was dissolved, by over turn of the case, he is the prime minister of Pakistan. So in my logical assumtion, opinion or belief, we have two Democratically elected prime ministers of the country.

    The legal system must decide how can the second election is justified, while a grate number of the political parties refused that election as illegal and PPPP made a deal with the Americans and foreign agents, which should be consider unethical and illegal act, and Muslim leagues political prostitutes and MQM foreign agents and ANP, a know separatist ethnic family run party, participated in the illegal and immoral elections.

    I am very concerned about the current state of affaires of Pakistan. Pakistan Muslim? League in all its mutations especially N league has become a political circus of powerful ruling elitist families, with the heads of families as the “leaders” of the party. They hire all the political prostitutes as their members and play the part of the “Madam”, the mother pimp. Nawaz Sharif, like most other party leaders is a dictator, who runs his party as an asset to his family and does not nominate anyone but himself for the leadership of the party and the country and his little brother for Punjab.

    No party has men with integrity to take stand own their own, they are almost all of them are personal servants or “junior associates”, of the multi billionaires land owners and business men, of one family or others, either grave worshiping the Bhutto dynasty and playing obedient “happy Jialays” to the “man”, in charge Asif Zardari and his henchmen foreign agents, Rehman malik and Husain Haqqani or bending over with fear and envy in front of British “serial killer”, Altaf a psychopath with the power of bringing millions of Urdu speaking women in awe of his voice and put them in spiritual ecstasies by his screaming and yelling through a telephonic medium and giving them “ethnic political experience”.

    A country where you can bring a third rate British citizen and put him in a position of the highest responsibility, knowing that he is incompetent and undereducated and absolutely not qualified. Rehman Malik, Suleman Tasir and Zardari are fit to run illegal money laundering or small criminal enterprises, not an Islamic country or even a small town. . This group of international criminals are imposed by the enemies of Pakistan because of their lack of integrity, lust for power and money and no scruples.

    ANP is another example for grand father, to father, to mother to son family political juggernaut. The political institutes are not important, because the persons are the institutes. Once the person dies , he or she must have a princess or princess in waiting. One has to be very cautious about this drama of rebirth of the Nawaz Sharif, who lived in Saudi Arabia as a “foreign agent” on the bases of deal made with a foreign country.

  10. In this country if you are in Power – Judges will become Impartial –

    If this NS & Co. would not be ruling in the Punjab then I would Recognized this Verdict as a Genuine Bona fide.

  11. its a very valid point
    Now that it has been proved that plane conspiracy case was fake, Mush along with his accomplices must be tried for tre@son…..including all those ‘wada muaaf gawah’

  12. hahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………………………HAHAHHAHAAAAAAAAA……………………SHAME SHAME SHAME………………..CJ(where is petrol tax matter gone…?justice sab)……………..SC……………………………SHAME SHAME SHAME……………THATS WHY CJ MOVEMENT HAS BEEN BACKED BY N LEAGUE…………………AGA AGA DEKHYA HOTA HA KYA…………………jis ki lathi us ki bhans……………… 2 fellows are meeting in lahore………………hahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……………….SHAME SAHME SHAME…………………………………….

  13. Congrats to all democracy lovers.

    @C Hussain,
    Great post! It shows that at least some PPP opponents in PK Politics are capable of revising their strong political opinions.

  14. zardari is playing like a mad bull and nawaz sharief is criminally quite, shame on all these darpooks, talibans are playing with nation and no hard actions on these monstors. THey should search all madrassas and catch all culpritis and should be hanged on the spot these black sheeps.

  15. Well done Iftekhar Chowdhry, you paid back you debt to Nawaz Sharif and now your account is balanced. Pakistanis will get justice at their door step under your leadership.
    In Pakistan only poor and ordinary people is guilty of all crimes and punished by these courts. Political leadership are pure and devout Muslim free from any corruption. It is only the people of Pakistan who are causing all the problems in Pakistan.

  16. @majidkhan
    Courts are not a power button that will do ON/OFF decisions … they need both parties ,, defendant and plaintiffs and they decide on merits … and they take some time … beside that they are not so quick like our foxy President who can pass Ordinance to raise the Patrol prices in the night … Our Courts do not work in the night ..

  17. Good decision now NS shold come in the parliament and become part of the system to make parliament independent but if NS and AZ keep doing all the decisions outside parliament it is not good for the nation because then it is useless to pay millions to parliamentarians if they can’t discuss and solve the major problems in the parliament. Parliament still have to prove its existance>>>>>>>>>>>>>>…………………

  18. @ dot … i think you are confusing NS news with what happened with you today 🙂 that something was definitely dark … i hope you are feeling well now.

  19. we should all the optimistic about the future. The disappointment phase we are going through currently is all because of the poor performance of this Govt. Had this been the PML-N Govt., things would have been much different.

  20. No question at all, this was a projected decision even for zardari who planned a meeting with Nawaz Sharif right after the expected decision.
    Nawaz Sharif and his party will have each and every court decision in their favor as a long as Iftikhar Choudhry is the Chief Justice. In Present political setting no judge in Pakistan will dare to give a decision against Nawaz Sharif.
    In this hijacking judgment involving Nawaz Sharif I like to see all the details of the case, court evidences including the agreement letter under which Nawaz Sharif was allowed to leave the country, this controversial decision should be made public. We all want to see the truth, after all Mr. Nawaz Sharif likes transparency.
    I guess the next court decision will be waiving the restrictions for becoming the Prime Minister third time.
    So much for independent judiciary in Pakistan, good luck.

  21. The morons who are blaming CJ for supporting NS should read the news item again. CJ was not even in this bench.

  22. Adonis@, smart guy, you forget the attack on the Supreme court and also the humiliations,threats and insults to judges who gave decisions against Sharif brothers not long time ago. C/J is not that stupid to sit on the bench but what judge in present enviornmnet will go against the wishes of C/J who is the most powerful authority in Pakistan. Have courage to say the truth.

  23. That is why NS and SS wanted so bad Justice IMC back in supreme court. If he was not involved in plane jacking, why did NS asked pardon from MUSH. for plane jacking. I do not understand why ppl. are comparing NS with ZAB. One was a leader and the other is just a trader,who can trade with anybody.

  24. I am sure Supreme courts will find Shumaila Rana not guilty of stealing somebody’s credit card and illegally using them since video tape is not enough evidence. Would Supreme Court be brave enough to take Sou-moto action against NS for conspiring with Justice Qayyum and Justice Rashid for having a verdict against BB and AZ.

  25. Of Course,

    SC cannot give a verdict against a Punjabi Leader. Had NS from Sindh, NWFP or Baluchistan, the verdict would be entirely different and may be exactly opposite.

  26. @Adonis
    ‘The morons who are blaming CJ for supporting NS should read the news item again. CJ was not even in this bench.’……………hahahhaha very well pointed out

    ‘In this hijacking judgment involving Nawaz Sharif I like to see all the details of the case, court evidences including …..’ You mean you want to act as the CJ of the larger bench of SC of Pakistan?????
    You need to have the courage to hail a judgement which is fair and given without any pressure (PS NS is not even a MNA let alone a PM or Pres). Even a layperson like me knows that a plane cannot be highjacked by someone who is not even on the plane!

    its not CJ but Pres is the most powerful authority in the country (after Boucher/Hollingbrook!) and he is NS’s bitter rival!

  27. Congrats to N league first of all.
    A copule of comments.

    1) Was it unexpected desicion? I think no ,everyone thought that this will be the verdict.
    2)Should’nt we review why previously he was awarded punishment 10 yrs ago? After all that desicion was also from the SC.Similarly 2 judges in this bench were there in the disqualification case who later on was the part of applellete bench who unanimously declred him eligibile……..No comments on this!!!!!!!!!

    3) Finally I think now the bye elections in NA 55 and 123 will be held. The pretext of post poning them was security situation but my thought was N league wanted to get NS acquitted before he contests election to avoid any more eligibility cases.

  28. another sad day.. judiciary was not independant in musharraf regime nor is now… n still politicians are shouting independet judiciary.. how can they over turn the decision so quickly.. without even calling nawaz sharif in teh court… another cycle has started.. now lets wait for zardari govt to be finshed ..n then nawaz.. govt will come in… then we wait again for his sure failure as both are total undemocratic n totally incompetent…. he wil be kciked out… andwe HOPEfully shud see some new man rising.. or if history repeats army again..

    simple cases take years n years n prvlged comlex cases are soo simple they r just decided without any one giving any evidence or calling the main accused to the court.. shame on teh courts.. yet again

  29. one thing i hold against general persident musharraf is he shudnt have kicked nawaz sharif out.. as after some years public would have done it n some proper person would come into power…. or paksitan would be doomed under him… n uprising would have resulted in a fresh setup.. we are standing again at the same position .. now wait again fr these 2 parties to fail…

  30. @majidkhan

    I can understand your frustration, zardari was forced to reinstate the judiciary while crunching his teeth up and down.

    Isn’t it interesting, the movement of judiciary was a legitimate one until the target was Musharrf. Once Zardari took over, it suddenly became a hijacking. Hmmm …… and then suddenly at 02:00 AM on 17th march 2009 it became the will/wish/wisdom of Zardari sb and Shaheed Bibi …hmmm.

    And now today, after this decision of NS, again it has become a hijacking… hmmm…

    Perhaps, take a couple of disprin pills and have good rest mate. It just ins’ t working as per the plan drafted in washington. Yeah, the NRO accord .!!!!!!!

  31. @Zil e ilahi rasheed sb

    Anyway, congrats to all democracy lovers. All others are expected to write that “This court is for Nawaz Sharif only” and will ignore the highest number of cases handled by courts in the history of Pakistan this month.

    “Moder@tion ki aman paoon to kuch arz karoon” 🙂

    اسے کہتے ہیں چور کی داڑھی میں تنکا

  32. One lesson we should learn from this episode….

    Never support or encourage a military dictatorship.
    But I am afraid we have a very short memory.

  33. @ JAG and those who have had a very dark day 🙂

    please download the pdf file from the following link:

    It has the complete details of the “biased” decision, and list of all the arguments and evidence produced, including all “pressure tactics” from NS, who is in control of EVERYTHING in pakistan, bcz he has some kind of superduper mind control computer system installed in Raiwind.

    Oh, and if you dont find anything “biased” and evidence of “pressure tactics by NS” then once and for all it will proven that NS also has a secret hacker group that hacked into the SC website and uploaded a “doctored” version of this file.

    NS is very bad man, pml N is the worst political party, Jeeay Rehman Malik the Great…. aur Jeay… Aali martabat jahan panah sadr-muqaddam jinab Asif Ali Zardari Sahab.

  34. SS@, Very dubious decision , no prosecutor, no witnesses and not even the accused was seen by the court and the decision was made. I wonder who wrote the decision, Ahsan iqbal, Zafar or Nawaz Sharif himself.
    Sorry for hurting your feelings.

  35. @JAG…

    you can call a cat, a fish, but it will not swim.

    You asked to see the details of the case, I just directed you to a place where you can find them. The link of the file is the official website of SC of Pakistan, and I assure you I am not a hacker. The official website has all the files for all cases filed in SC of Pakistan. Thats why I first posted the link to the website with list of all cases.

    Dont apologize for hurting my feelings. My feelings are perfectly fine. Just have some guts and grow a pair and read through the file, read the testimonies of all involved, read the arguements of prosecution. The whole trial is in that file, its just v long to read. After you have read the complete details of the case, then you can play the judge, and you can then talk to me and tell me why it was necessary for the accused to be in the court.

    But if you are not the type of person who likes to read and know the details before blurping out his brains, then I have an answer with similar logic for you … Is it not necessary for the hijacker to be in the plane in order to hijack it? and if NS was the mastermind of this hijacking operation and was controlling things from his superduper mind control system, then who is the person he was controlling to hijack the plane? why was HE/SHE not summoned to the court as well? The only person to enter the cockpit and talk to pilot was Musharraf.

  36. congratulate to nawaz shreef.i hope he will not adopt the confrontational policies any more.but i would like to mention one thing here,when justice qayyum and justice rasheed given verdect against zerdari and BB,nawaz shreef rejoiced,but on the other hand zerdari congratulate nawaz shreef.

  37. @SS and @JAG,

    NS Hijacking conviction by courts during Mush martial law, we don’t even need too many arguments to say that it was a wrong decision, just one is enough: why only NS was convicted and others (including khakan abbassi) were proven innocent. i can come up with only one logic : NS is a superman and he managed the hijacking all alone, although he was in Islamabad but through super natural powers he was controlling the Karachi airport and aircraft as well.

    If that decision by a martial law court was not right, what should have been the decision now? But as we are found of conspiracy theories, we are not happy even now. we were not happy then we are not happy now. just to prove its independence SC should hang either NS or SS or Hamza Shabaz or any other family member of NS. any case can be fabricated, that is not a problem for us. what do you say SS?any ideas?

    i have another suggestion as well : because honorable people like JAG feel that there is a nexus between NS and SC, SC should pass the following judgment (to prove its independence) :

    “Under section conspiracy theory subsection bullshit of conspiracitan (not a physical entity, an imaginary country in which 90% of us live) NS and his family and friends and supporters do not have any right to appear before any civilian court, all their cases should be presented before military courts”: Long live the Justice, Long live the Conspiracitan!

  38. The interesting thing is that all those who consider this decision as a biased one also take Justice dungar as a legitimate CJ too. If somebody thinks that NS’s Hijacking case, Bhutto’s murder case and even zahoor illahi’s bhains chori case were based on facts and not on mala fide reasons, then they also believe sharif-ud-deen har@mzada is a great lawyer too.

  39. It’s time for NRO to get trashed. BB made the biggest blunder of her political career by signing NRO. She is not in this world so let’s not get into it. But Musharaf should be brought infront of the court and pay the price of wasting nation’s 10 years of democratic system. Nawaz Sharif may not be the perfect leadership choice but I don’t see anyone else among our leaders to take his place.

    And in my opinion BB was a leader but not at all a savior for our nation. She would have done almost the same as what PPP current Gov is doing, had she not been killed i.e. blindly follow every word of the master.

    One request for NS… please don’t try to be ameer-ul-momaneen again coz that was your biggest blunder not to mention the second worst blunder which was freezing dollar accounts.

    NS is very close to getting back into power… and I advise him to don’t waste any further time sitting in lahore. Go out.. meet other people. Go to Baluchistan… go to NWFP… re organize your party in all 4 provinces. It’s time for you to take control. We have 3 years left before the next elections which is not at all sufficient for the task ahead of you.

  40. good news but are courts or is Cj doing anything for missing persons. the petition was on hearings. why dont wuqla talk about it anymore. when Cj was striving for justice; ali kurd was talking about some baloch women who was tortured by na pak fauj. what about her justice?

  41. I applaud C/J Iftikhar Choudhry, he remembers his friends and people who helped him at his crucial time and he is excellent in paying back.
    Thousands of people in Pakistani jails are sitting for years and waiting for the decisions, amazingly complicated case of Nawaz Sharif was decided in few days without summoning any witnesses or people involved, even the convicted person, surprise surprise.
    Every one is talking that Nawaz Sharif was not in the plane then how can he be charged for murder and hijacking, in US Mafia godfather Al-Capone did not kill any one himself, he ordered and his people did the murders for him.
    Just for information Nawaz sharif was not convicted by Military court, S/court find him guilty.
    I am surprised when I see people admiring corrupt leaders like Nawaz Sharif and Zardari, don’t they realize what have they done in the past. As per Forbes magazine Nawaz Sharif has 4.7 Billion dollars and Zardari is worth 7.4 Billions. If you look at their background then you will find Zadora’s father owned a cinema in Karachi and Nawaz Sharif’s father had a foundry where stolen railway tracks were melted. Z.Bhutto while studying in London could not afford to buy an apartment and now both families are Billionaires and have palaces abroad. This is all looted money from Pakistan.
    I am also surprised to see our nation is always going for these dead woods like Zardari, Nawaz Sharif and Altaf Hussain while we must have thousands from main stream who are lot more intelligent and patriotic then these clowns.


  42. @democrate

    Nawaz Sharif rejoiced because that was the correct decision
    Zardari congratulate Nawaz now, because he has no other option.

  43. @JAG
    you are selling old vine in old (deliberately used old) bottle, Zardari, Nawaz shrief have faced cases in last 10 years. Asif Zardari has been facing it since Oct 1997, have been evicted by courts. Those who have no knowledge of law think Zardari got any benefit from NRO, matter of fact is he has been evicted by courts. Nawaz Sharief has been convicted, jailed and then pardoned. I believe high jacking case was nothing but bundle of lies corporated in some military room around a very expensive ( all the furniture in military higher offices is very expensive) table.
    It is also interesting to observe that , military has lost it’s toughness by reaching Musharaf ( as we know our generals are very tough when it comes to crushing their civilian opponents). They baned all the politician through a ridicules law, then Zia had no other idea but to kill Bhutto, but Musharaf didn’t have balls to kill Nawaz Sharief. it was either Army had lost its usual thoughness or may be the other theory that Nawaz Sharief was a Punjabi?
    Any ways i welcome this decision and hope Nawaz Sharief try play a role and come out of this GT Road politics and think about the rest of Pakistan as well. I also could only wish his supporters should not leave him as they did in OCT 1999, i still remember the bitter taste in my mouth when i saw no reaction in Lahore in Oct 1999.

  44. Can some1 explain that Missing person case, NRO, Judges Case, all are senior to Nawaz Sharif case. Then why NS case is decided and the others are still pending??

  45. to all fools who r saying musharraf lied… please read the judgement…. what general pervaiz musharraf wrote in his book are all correct……. nawaz did order the plane to divert from pakisitan….

    the nawaz courts just said it was the need of time and thus lawfull.. jsut as musharraf court said it was th eneed of time when the validdated him.. shame on our courts.. shame on CJ to play with hearts of poor pakistanis…. shame on the courts yet again for rasing the issues of missing persons .. baloch women raped by army n when they r now in bench .. no one talks n all precedence is given to nawaz…. wonder how much maney he has given…n pity on our poor people….

    just read the judgement..

  46. a truth and reconciliation commision should be set up by the government.all the politicians,generals and judges should come forward voluntarily and confess thier wrong doings.

  47. @ J.A.G

    Al Capone was never convicted for any murder. He was convicted for tax evasion.

    NS was not convicted earlier by supreme court in hijacking case, it was an anti-terrorism court. This case had only come now to the supreme court.

    But of course musharraf supporters (which are an endagered species in Pakistan) do suffer from selective amnesia.

  48. Nawaz Sharif’s acquital doesn’t show judicary’s independence. This was a dummy case and NS is a rising star so Judicary essentially is flowing with the current. Their independence will be displayed if against GHQ’s wishes it gives death sentence to Genral Mushraaf under article 6 of constitution.

  49. @ Kashif…. I agree with you… you have said the right thing. NS case was very simple and even an idiot wud’ve known he was not guilty. However, that doesn’t automatically makes NS an angel nor SC a champion of independece. Nor will a few decisions regarding carbon tax etc make them heroes.

    They will only be heores if they sentence the traitors of Pakistan.

  50. very good decision and very easy decision but at the same time cj should not interfere in government affairs.i like nawaz shreef but one thing irritate me,he gets upset for very small things.the hate campaigne he started against zerdari,and the language he used made half the nation zerdari phobic.jab matlab nikal jaata hai phir zerdari kai saath mil kar mahfleen jamaata hai.on the other hand zerdari always respect nawaz shreef,not utter a single word against nawaz shreef.any way both should forget the past and work jointely for the future of pakistan.

  51. Congratulation Mr. N.S. But what about the masses why only ruling elite get priority in decision making. I think now the culprit should be taken to the task as well. For N.S please stop this play of Bhara Bhai / Chota Bhai (this remember me the movie Bare Mian Chote Mian). This country is in crises created by ruling elite. If you cannot change the system your and your Bhai r the two sides of one mirror. I am sure these people cannot change our fates because these fates are written by them.

  52. @Democrate i di not know why democrate everywhere tries cery hard to defend Zardari who do not have any moral,making promises then breaking same time and then he said these promises are not Quran and Hadit,come on man quit defending zardari?
    C:\Users\Nasir\Pictures\n591073544_1042346_8735.jpg IT

  53. Supreme Court should review all controversial judgements when Military Dictators were given relief through court as judges were so afraid of Army Generals that even the SC allowed them to introduce changes in the Constitution. All such dugements should be reviewed and CJ Chaudhry should admit even his own mistake when as part of a bench he allowed General Musharraf three years and empowered him to change the constitution after the Octover 12, 1999 coup.
    Show Courage folks to introduce and strengthen justice whithin the judicial system otherwise Nawaz Sharif or Zardari do not matter.
    What matters is our country where our future generation needs to have a fair system to spend their lives in a peaceful manner.

  54. Supreme Court should also made it mandatory for parliamentarians, generals (serving and retired), senior bureaucrats, all high court and supreme court judges and all other leading public office holders, like chairman CBR, heads of the banks, Governor of SBP, auditor general, President to announce in full details their assets and income statements.
    Such declarations with the amount they paid as taxes should be paid on a website.

  55. @democrate

    you like nawaz sharif ? Is this a joke ?
    you are a typical jiyala, who wants to keep his eyes closed and keepsshouting jiay bhutto

    but you can not change the opinion of 85% of people of pakistan who has seen the true face of Zardari. As your Zardari has only 15% popularity level, which will be below 10% in few days.

    Maybe we all (85%) are Bhutto Dushman or Zardari Hater or Taliban.

  56. My lord I am very thankful to you for this kind and speedy justice you and your colleagues have bestowed on me As you can see now it was all conspiracy against my government and de(vil)mocracy hatched by dictator in chief Gen pervaiz musharraf.
    As I was the Prime minister cum Amir ul momineen of the country this pervaiz musharaf with the help of his cronies put me in the attock fort aka attack qila my lord it wasn’t qila it was killa and I cant tell you how horrible it was u know I cant even stand against a mice and they use to terrify me with snakes and scorpions. It all made me feel about zulfiqar ali Bhutto how he would have stand against all these things it made me covetous of him but now I think he was a cretin he would have been alive today had he accepted the deal like I did. But he wasn’t a lion like me. I thank almighty Allah and kahdmain harmain shareefain all tarfain king fahad bin abdul aziz for his timely rescue mission otherwise this country would have lost his first khalifa and my lord wouldn’t have been in the chair of CJ. I also thank Mr Hariri for his mediation for my release. I was so excited about my release I couldn’t read the agreement whether it was for 10 years or 5 years but who cares at that time I even wanted to spend all my life under the shadow of khadimain harmain and the blessings of Makka and Madina. I was having a great time in suroor palace free from all those politics of conspiracies and His Highness was taking good care of everything when I heard the news of your lordship defying the dictator. First I thought you might meet the same fate as mine. But you stood against the dictator with courage and braveness which I failed. And people followed you and stood behind you that was the time when I waken up shahbaz and asked him to pack the time has come once again to serve the nation. Since my all political career is full of taking advantages of the situation and the people that was golden chance for me to once again try my luck as I was already so dejected about my political career. Once I saw your lordship popularity I thought I have one more chance to make this nation fool again by standing behind you. So I decided to come back but I was so disappointed when I landed in Islamabad there were not even as many people to receive me as I brought with me by paying their tickets. Musharaf sent me again to my host in Arabia. I repented again but you know Satan doesn’t leave good people alone but this time I was fortunate enough to have the blessings and boons of khadimain harimain and was safely out there. Since lawyer civil society media had already prepared the ground I just had to jump in and pinch the score and I did. As your lordship knows I am a staunch proponent of free judiciary and have always respected and obliged its decisions in my life my love for the free and impartial judiciary can be gauged by the fact that I even ordered my people to attack the supreme court to free it from an incompetent and biased CJ. When I landed at the land of pure your movement was at its peak so me and my great sister BB both tried to manipulated the situation in our favour unfortunately she lost her life and I lost my newly found great sister. After the death of my sister the entire scenario changed and Zardari my brother in law took the advantage of situation and he proved to be more cunning than I ever thought and to my surprise he became the president the seat I was having an eye on. but as shahbaz was very happy with his job as kahdim e ala I accepted zardari half heartedly and refrain from any confrontation you can gauge it from my backward stance on you movement on long march and dharna issue. Kudos to the wisdom of salman taser and co for having disqualify my brother from dogar court this single act of dogar court infuriated me and my brother a lot and I decided to play your card again thanks to lawyers media civil society this time it was banged on right way and you were reinstated. And now you are dispensing justice to people of Pakistan without delay. Since you have a lot of less important cases like nro missing person lal masjid etc in your court you choosed to provide me the justice at this crucial time of my political career I request you to please have a look on interesting letters being written by our altaf aka kalia bhai to you as well. I once again thank you for everything you have provided for which I will remain indebted by you for whole of my life. Without you and your movement I wouldn’t have been where I am standing now. Now all the surveys and opinion polls are showing I am on the top of fooling these people again I assure you I will change the destiny of this country and its people and will not have confrontation with judiciary and with the men’s at their best if I do so you can have my pre signed agreement of leaving this country for rest of my life this time. I end it with my famous quote
    ‘آپ دیکھیں گے نواز شریف اس ملک و قوم کی تقدیر بدل دے گا’
    کاش ابا جی آج زندہ ہوتے تو کتنا خوش
    خدا حافظ
    پاکستان زندہ باد

    دیکھو دیکھو کون آیا شیر آیا شیر آیا

  57. you scratch my back I’ll scratch your
    Chouhary Aitizaz been nominated by CJ for Law and Justice Commission member, Nawaz and his crony declare Justice is been served, no more long march, no stoning to Supreme court, now I am getting another chance to HELP THE PAAKISTAAANI AWAM as my other fellow politicians are doing,
    No No No there is no justice in Pakistan we have group the feudals who rule on us, and they look after each other’s interest.

  58. @ Adonis and Dara…, Please read the following Quotes:-

    – Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. …By George Santayana

    – Get all the fools on your side and you can be elected to anything. ….. By Frank Dane

  59. Is there really thing to be celebrated if Nawaz is acquitted by SC ? I think he is another corrupt politician as we are facing in the govt. Now the deal has done between Bhikari Sadar and Friendly Opposition, that will give free hand to current govt. This will lead to free hand to Nawaz Govt once he will be in power ….

    it looks like pakistan in dono ki jageer hai …

    pathetic !

  60. @ JAG
    Your first qoute is about history, well what i wrote earlier was about history, at least i guess i did.
    Frank Dane is not worth, calling people “fools” is not very smart any why. This shows either you do not believe in yourself that you could convince them or you think you are the most wise. People listen to you vote for you or follow you when they think you have better solutions then other. Those who have extreem idea’s or live in ideal world never able to get attention of public and mostly call people fool.
    Examples in Pakistani politics is Bhutto who gave respect to common man and got trust and support of them, Nawaz Sharief also been able to attract people, MQM is successful in Karachi because they have given chance to common people in their ranks. BB was most popular till she died because she followed her dad’s idea of giving people respect.
    Examples of other side are Jamat i Islami no matter how organized they are and how much support they got from establishment since Zia, were not able to get support of masses. They believe in a typical type person and always refer to idea that ” some good men should be allowed to vote” this idea contradicts with Islam , If only a few good men are privileged then there was no need of Prophets and message. Every human has equal and his opion matters.

  61. @ JAG
    further if i vote for PPP or N league or may be ANP that is because i believe in my decision, yes there have been disappointments in the past, but history has proved so far that military regime have been distructive, Ayub to Yaha ( have of the country was gone), Zia ( society destroyed with drugs, wapons, religious divisions, ethnic devisions , in tolerace and corruption ), Musharaf’s has added all that to what Zia did, also bad dealing of terrorism deliberatelyso that he could bounty in shape of money and prolonging his rule.
    Civilian rules , From Liaqat Ali to the time Ayub came in there was no corruption, they did exceptional ( civilian rulers) to face the earlier tough times when there was no pens in the offices to write. Bhutto gave Pakistan a constitution and respect to poor people like me ( who doesn’t have lands in village or estates / business in city). Nawaz Sharief gave a new hope to people specially middle classes and small traders, MQM gave same hope and gain respect from middle class urdu speaking community and gaining respect in other ethnic groupes, ANP has a historical political standings amogst Pakhtoons and have always shown batter political undertanding and position.
    yes corruption has always been a common denominator but it has sociopolitical as well as bureaucratic reasons to it.
    Hope starts with democracy otherwise it is pitch darkness.

  62. dont know if the plane was hijacked or not…
    but its pretty clear what has hijacked in thi fool’s paradise…

  63. Brilliant Mr Adil. Very well said in a light way.

    I think Mr. Democrate is Mr. Zardari himself or his paid representative who might have some 0.00001 % share from his 50%.

    What is the definition of democracy?

    Is there any democracy in our political parties?

    Are there attitude democratic?

    Are the decisions r taken in parliament (whichis compulsory for democracy)?
    If he is elected President and he has to complete his term at any cost how Mr. Mush was bad?

    Was not Mush elected ? If elections were held in 2008 what about the elections 2002?.

    Every ruler (who r the same with new masks) cried that Treasury is empty. They got bad plicies (and continue the same policies) of the previous governments but who is charged with this malpractices?

    So please do’t confuse things. And face the reality and the reality is people are exausted with this ruling elite. I am living in Lahore and express the grievances of common people they r even bashing their popular leader Nawaz Sharif. People need change and hope it will come in a positive manner, change is due but I do’t know who will be hanged during the process. I hope there is least or no bloodshed but these blood suckers rulers r not willing to empower people. People will not allow this brief case mafia to leave the country.

  64. I am not a gambler but I am willing to bet that every legal decision comming out of present Supreme Curt will be in favor of PML/N and their friends.
    I do not see any firm actions from S/Court regarding law and order in the country, missing persons, corrupt politicians, looted wealth from Pakistan and human rights. I am not surprized, it had happened in Pakistan before and it is happening now, it is sad.

  65. Sad news for Pakistan. Know this man can loot our country once again. All you PML-N lovers why are you against the army. General Zia was the one to put Mian Nawaz there where he is today, so he has nothing to do with so called democracy. People are stupid enogh to wote him on next election, so he`ll loot once more.

  66. +1 to rainbow22. 🙁 People here will never learn. The cycle repeats itself every few years, one looter to the next, and then the ibn-e or bint-e-looter pops his/her head up. And so on and so forth. Pity, really.

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