Journalist Corruption Scandal – Rauf Klasra

Rauf Klasra’s standard gripe with Pakistani political class is its inability to learn from mistakes. Writing in the Urdu edition of Jang, in column after column, Klasra is at pains to point out the disparity between word and deed exhibited by Pakistani politicians depending upon their geographic presence at the time. According to Klasra, while located in Western capitals like London or Washington, Pakistani politicians convincingly play at being democrats, reformers and revolutionaries but once back in Pakistan, they reveal their true colors. Klasra likes to lament the unwillingness of our politicians to learn from the moral superiority of Western political classes. Needless to say, his emotional and loaded articles strike a chord with the common Pakistani who is sick of the decadence and lack of sensitivity displayed by his MNA and Nazim.

What comes as a surprise though is evidence of the same moral failing in Klasra himself, the self-anointed gadfly of the upper classes. Evidence that is presented below reveals the ironic and tragic dissonance between words and deeds of Rauf Klasra. has investigated his case and has discovered that he has used his influence to amass wealth and has never relinquished any opportunity to use his connections in the power circles of Islamabad to receive undue favors and patronage, not least with Prime Minister Gillani himself. The tragedy of the whole thing is that Rauf Klasra, the “morally upright” journalist and “exposer” of fraud everywhere, has been continuously parroting his theme song about corruption, looking up and whistling innocently, while doing exactly the opposite with his hands. A truly classic case of Ram Ram japna, praya maal apna, if there ever was one.

The eternal question remains: Is the Faustian bargain with the devil worth it? All the plot allotments, flats, land, houses and illegal appointments of his relatives worth it? For it profits a man nothing to lose his very soul for all the riches of the world, but to lose it for worthless patches of dirt in Islamabad? Klasra has sold his soul cheap, even though he thinks he made a profit.

But one should always be thankful for small mercies. Looking at Klasra’s countless karnaamay, we should thank the gods he is not in a position of power. He would have left even Zardari biting the dust if the priestly columnist of Jang who writes with the tagline: “Aakhir Kyon?” had been our president. With all his corrupt habits, Klasra has not risen to the pinnacles of political power and seems to ask complainingly: “Aakhir Kyon”?

Rauf Kalasra

Dearest Klasra, it’s because Pakistan still has a small store of luck.

Here are a few examples that show the difference between what he preaches and what he has actually been up to. The Tareeqa-e-Wardaat of such black sheep in the media has always been to create vast networks of PR and patronage for reciprocal back scratching with corrupt politicians and blackmailing anyone who stands in their way.

Plot in G-14 Islamabad

The execrable practice of using plot allotments to journalists is a tried and tested method of buying loyalties and hiring those willing to prostitute themselves for their words. The story of Muhammad Malick is a case in point. It goes without saying that in a misruled country with a long history of abuse of power, such practices should cease immediately. Now having said that, even this ethical minefield of a system has a few rules and regulations that purport to uphold a quota-system to ensure transparency and equality. It must take a man completely bereft of decency and a sense of fair play to try to game this system which is unjust and unfair to begin with.

The G-14 plots drama has many other wily and unsavory characters (who are going to be exposed at PKPolitics when their turn comes). The sheer complexity of the drama requires that the background and rules and regulations for allotments be explained thoroughly:

1- The present PPP government has made eight (8) plot allotments to journalists recently. These were all illegal and were made secretly unlike in the past when the process was more transparent. The rules of procedure, followed in the past, call for advertisements, allotments to be made under a devised policy and the final list being posted on the website of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. All of these standard procedures were not followed in the 8 cases recently. It is important to point out that these 8 illegal plot allotments to journalists were made in the last ONE year alone. Last allotment was made to Zardari’s close friend Sohaib Bhutta. Zardari’s Lahori friend Nazir Naji was also given a plot in the same way.

2- Allotments were made to federal government employees and journalists in 2004-05 in Phase-IV of Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation (FGEHF) in sector G-14. According to the brochure of this scheme [Download Brochure PDF 3.8MB] 3 % quota was fixed for the journalists. Applications were invited from the Islamabad/Rawalpindi based journalists through an advertisement followed by another advertisement for some changes in criteria etc. [Download Advertisements PDF 4.9MB]. A total 168 journalists were allotted plots in five different categories as defined in the advertisement of Feb 2nd and Feb 21st 2004 [Download Allotments List PDF 0.1MB] and this list is also available on the link of official website of ministry of information and broadcasting. After allotment to these 168 journalists, some journalists who had also applied, failed to get a plot because the 3% quota fixed for journalists in sector G-14 had been filled. As a result, according to devised policy (Devised Policy- Which was completely and clearly announced and given in the advertisement published in national newspapers on Feb 2nd and Feb 21st 2004 – copies already attached) a waiting list was issued with category-I as NIL, according to seniority based on the date of birth from all the five categories [Download Waiting List PDF 2.7MB]. It is also important to mention here that, even at that time, three or four journalists managed to get a plot allotted despite that the fact that they were in the Waiting List until even 2005.

3- Five journalists who were in the waiting list are:
1- Rauf Klasra, Cat-II, Seniority Number-29
2- Amir Mateen, Cat-II, Seniority Number-14
3- Kiani Khaleeq Ahmad Khan, Cat-II, Seniority Number-25
4- Javed Chaudhry, Cat-II, Seniority Number-20
5- Shaukat Mehmood Paracha, Cat-III, Seniority No-18 (Mr. Paracha clarified that he did not avail this offer of Plot and we highly appreciate this action).

These journalists jointly filed a petition with the Lahore High Court’s Rawalpindi Bench and challenged the process of allotment on purely technical grounds [Download Petition 0.4MB] . The petition was disposed off in March 2006 with no order [Download Court Decision PDF 6.2MB] and the court directed the Housing Foundation to dispose of grievances within fifteen days of their being raised. In fact, court never authorized any public institution to allot plots to these or any other journalists as a result of the rejected petition.

4- After the present government took charge in Feb 2008, it was well-known in Islamabad that Rauf Klasra is a close friend of PM Gilani. Both of them not only come from the same area but have been close friends even before Gilani became Prime Minister. Rauf Klasra has even alluded to the fact in some of his columns for the Daily Jang. Credible sources claim that Klasra had raised the issue of his not getting a plot allotted in 2005 with the Prime Minister who had promised to look into allotting Klasra the plot. Things moved quickly, however, after Imran Gardezi, the present Press Secretary to the PM took the charge of his office in December 2008. Suddenly, the Housing Ministry was asked to allot a plot to Rauf Klasra immediately. The ministry directed the Director General of FGEHF, the notorious Sher Afzal to accommodate Klasra. Sher Afzal wrote in response to the Housing Ministry that a recommendation from the Ministry of Information is mandatory for allotment to journalists [Download FGEHF Letter PDF 0.4MB]. Rauf Klasra was apprised of the new situation. The DG-FGEHF, Sher Afzal, received the recommendation letter from the Ministry of Information within two days [Download Information Ministry Letter PDF 0.2MB]. The recommendation letter asked the FGEHF to allot Rauf Klasra a category-I plot, which was allotted to him subsequently in sector G-14.

5- After the category-I plot allotment to Rauf Klasra, the other original petitioner journalists like Kiani Khaleeq found out that the allotment had been carried out by mentioning the LHC petition (dismissed in March 2006), they approached Secretary Information Ashfaq Gondal and DG-FGEHF Sher Afzal seeking a review of their own cases.

The four remaining petitioner journalists then plotted with the disgraced DG-FGEHF, Sher Afzal, who happens to be close friends to some of these journalists. They decided that instead of seeking the Ministry of Information’s recommendation directly, DG-FGEHF, Sher Afzal would write to the Minstry of Information on their behalf and demand recommendation letters for the remaining four petitioner journalists. This letter by Sher Afzal was illegal to begin with as the DG-FGEHF does not have such powers and functions in his job description. In any case, the Information Ministry sent the recommendation letters to FGEHF in blatant violation of its own waiting list and the defined category. According to the previously devised policy, the category was to be assigned as it existed on the day of applying. This policy was obviously violated.

Today, Rauf Klasra and the other journalists (Amir Mateen, Khaleeq Kiyani and Javed Chaudhry) claim that they were alloted plots as the result of a judgment by Lahore High Cour’s Rawalpindi bench. This judgment was delivered in March 2006 while the plots were allotted in 2009. Klasra’s case was not a matter of devised policy and there was no scheme or program under which plots could be given to other journalists.

The actual situation is that only Rauf Klasra was allotted plots in compliance with Prime Minister’s orders by Sher Afzal, DG FGEHF, on January22, 2009. On February 6th 2009, a story with the title ‘Judges get plots of their choice’ was published in daily The News and daily Jang by Ansar Abbasi, in which an illegal allotment of plot to a journalist was mentioned. This story is available on in the link ‘Back Issues’ in the date February 6th 2009. At this point of time, Rauf in his attempt to cover up his illegal allotment, in connivance with Sher Afzal conspired to have plots allotted to his co-petitioners i.e. Amir Mateen, Khaleeq Kiyani and Javed Chaudhry. So, on February 14, Sher Afzal wrote a letter to information ministry recommending allotment to rest of the petitioners in the same petition on the basis of which Rauf was recommended for a plot.Rauf Klasra in his column published in Daily Jang Islamabad Edition May 28th 2009 [Download Column PDF 1.4MB] wrote that it was Sher Afzal’s interpretation that he and his co-petitioners could be given plots.

This could mean only two things: either Rauf Klasra and Sher Afzal were being economical with the truth (lying through their teeth) or were exceedingly naïve (and bhola). The reality is, there were a total of 6 petitions who were taken care of through the same order. A petition No 2149 filed by seven journalists were decided before Rauf’s petition with the same order. It is mentioned in the court orders of Rauf’s petition that his petition is being disposed off on the grounds as were given in the decision of petition No 2149.

This is indeed a great mystery. We suspect Mr. Klasra will soon come up with a ‘filmi’ column, beginning with some anecdote, a chance meeting with some politician, whose integrity stands naked and exposed after Mr. Rauf Klasra, the murderously honest journalist, dissects the said politician’s life with his mighty pen.

Perhaps Mr. Klasra, instead of writing one of his Lollywood columns, should answer honestly to straight questions like this: Why was Rauf Klasra, the extremely honest journalist, the only one to be rewarded? Other journalists who had moved the original petition before Klasra, and had gotten the same judgment as Klasra, were not allotted the plots. Why was Sher Afzal’s “interpretation” only applicable to Klasra, the viciously and brutally honest journalist, and not to other petitioner journalists?

The point to be noticed here is that according to legal experts, even if LHC would have given its judgment in favor of petitioner journalists (which it did not), the following would have been necessary:

a. They could be given plots only when some new sector of FGEHF opened and in accordance with the policy and quota as would be defined for the new sector. In case of sector G-14, 3 % quota was fixed for journalists. According to reports three new sectors would soon be opened by CDA and FGEHF.

b. In this case plots were created in G-14 by elimination of green belts and children’s parks. Now according to legal experts, even if these plots were created, the FGEHF and Information Ministry were supposed to properly announce it and allot plots in accordance with the seniority-based waiting list. According to the waiting list, Rauf Klasra, falling in category-II had a seniority number of 29, Amir Mateen, in category-II was on seniority number 14, Khaleeq Kiyani, in category-II was on seniority number 25, Shaukat Mehmood Paracha in category-III was on seniority number 18 (Paracha did not avail this offer), and Javed Chaudhry in category-II was on seniority number 18. So, even if allotments had to be made, they should have been made according to the seniority numbers. But the way it actually happened, Rauf Klasra and others usurped the rights of senior journalists who, according to the seniority list, had a better claim.

c. The technical grounds on which these journalists challenged the court judgment was that the original 3% plot allotment had unfairly favored print media journalists from government corporations (PTV, APP), and these five journalists, being primarily in the print-media, had been discriminated against. The court, however, DISMISSED this petition. It never directed the FGEHF to allot plots to these journalists, and that too by violating the seniority list.


Flats and Houses in Islamabad

1- Rauf Klasra’s wife Shahwar Faryal, now APS to Chairman Senate (BPS-17) had been allotted Quarter No. 10-C, Block-72, Gulshan-e-Jinnah, F-5/1 some eight years back when she was a contract employee in some other government organization [Download Allotment Letter PDF 0.5MB]. Since the current government took office, she has been allotted a G-Type house, which is meant only for grade-19 government employees, in sector G-6/3 (House-103-G, F-6/3) in violation of all rules and regulations [Download Rules PDF 0.7MB]. The allotment was in blatant violation of rules and complete breach of ethics because according to the rules, the category could be skipped by only one step and even that only in cases of severe need and unavailability.

2- Later on, this G-Type house was alloted to some other officer and Klasra’s wife was instead allotted House # 6, Street # 9, F-6/3. This was an I-Type government house and was in use of Dr. Zawar Zaidi, who was chairman Pakistan Papers. I-Type houses are only for federal secretaries and additional secretaries level officers in either grade-21 or 22. The house was forcibly vacated from Dr. Zaidi and subsequently, the 81 year old Dr Zaidi, who had to leave for Lahore in shock and disbelief, died after three months. This house was allotted to Klasra’s wife, Shahwar Faryal, but was vacated when the issue of illegal and non-entitled allotment was taken up by the media and comprehensively discussed in famous AAJ TV program Bolta Pakistan by Mushtaq Minhas and Nusrat Javed of 15th December 2008. After Aaj TV highlighted this scam, within one night the house was allotted to the wife of another influential journalist Saleh Zafir of Jang Group (by coincidence ???) and Shahwar Faryal was allotted yet another government house. For all these allotments, the Prime Minister Secretariat wrote three different letters letters to the housing ministry, two of them bearing signatures of Nargis Sethi, present acting principal secretary to the Prime Minister.

Daily Times Monitor

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

LAHORE: Quaid-e-Azam Papers Project chief Dr Zawar Hussain Zaidi passed away in Lahore of a cardiac arrest on Tuesday, a private TV channel reported.

According to the channel, 81-year-old Zawar was also the chairman of the Quaid-e-Azam Academy. He authored 20 books; 13 in English; six in Urdu; and one in Persian; on the Quaid’s sayings. The channel said his funeral would be held at 4pm today (Wednesday) in Model Town. He was an excellent teacher and research scholar. He also served as the History Department head in the FC College.

President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif expressed their grief on his demise and termed it an irreparable loss for the country.

3- The original home allotted to Shahwar Faryal (No. 10-C, Block-72, Gulshan-e-Jinnah, F-5/1) was not given to anyone else but was immediately and coincidentally allotted to “Khyzer Klasra”, younger brother of Rauf Klasra.

It is important to mention here that these government flats at prime locations of Gulshan-e-Jinnah (next to Marriott Islamabad) have been given to journalists on throw-away prices (RS 4000 to RS 4500 per month) because of their influence and without any entitlement. The government needs to get these houses evacuated to allot them to deserving government employees due to a shortfall of residential facilities in the capital. As it is, the government has to pay large amounts as house rent from the public exchequer to thousands of government employees.

If this wasn’t enough, some more lifafa journalists have managed to allot themselves these prime location houses in addition to the almost free-of-cost flats in their wives’ names. This subterfuge of using their wives’ names for cheap rental flats is employed to hide their identities as journalists after their activities have been probed and brought to light by the media. Recently, a Senate committee has also taken notice of these allotments to journalists and other influential people who are not entitled to such flats/houses. Names of these journalists will be revealed in coming stories on PKPolitics.

4- Rauf Klasra has also got some rooms and family suite in his possession in the federal government lodges. One of the Federal Lodges family suites is “Family Suite # 17, Federal Lodges # 1”, and has been allotted in the name of Samia Naureen, who is a close relative of Rauf Klasra, however, the actual allottee didn’t live there and it is in use of Klasra and his guests according to the staff looking after these government residences.

Interestingly, one of the senior government officers was allotted the same family suite in the Federal lodge, but to his shock, he was denied entry to the property by the staff and was told to talk to Rauf Klasra instead.

Knowing Klasra’s reputation for blackmail and revenge, the officer silently backed off and asked the security staff never to mention his name to Klasra. This shows the troubling emergence of a small clique of journalists, acting as a feudal mafia, peddling influence and patronage through selling their ethics for land, flats and houses.

Sources in the National Assembly (NA) secretariat also reveal that Rauf Klasra, the allotment Magarmach, has taken control of yet another lodge in the old assembly lodges and is not willing to vacate the premises despite repeated requests from the NA secretariat.

گزشتہ سے پیوستہ

نکلنا خلد سے آدم کا سنتے آئے ہیں لیکن
بڑے بے آبرو ہو کر تیرے کوچے سے ہم نکلے

Episode 1: Nazir Naji
Episode 2: Muhammad Malik
Episode 3: Rauf Klasra

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  1. Oh well! Another one bites the dust. Have to admit, i really took a liking to some of his pieces especially when he wrote columns like Bundu Khan (yesterday’s jang). The way things are going, we should now have a breaking story about a journalist who HASNT taken any favours from the rulers.

    I guess he can take solace from looking at guys like Naji and Malick. It will be a talking point for a while and will die its own death soon enough.

    Yehi kahani hai idhar ki bhai!

  2. i understood a long time ago what sort of person he is and what he was intending to do, since the evolution of media there are some journalist who got richer and richer, a lot of them are paid and getting special benefits from govt and forces out side the country, they speared hopelessness, write columns as if they are morally the highest person but internally they themselves are worse then the politicians or generals.

  3. Main soch raha tha ke daal main kuch kala hai per yeh pata nahin tha ke sari daal hi kali hai. I was sucpicious of Mr. Klasra attitude in his columns. But he is from the same lot. So confusion is clear now. Hope these documents are factual one.

    “Kise Wakeel karain kis se musfafi chahain”

  4. wow

    …Kalasra would have left even Zardari biting the dust if the priestly columnist of Jang who writes with the tagline: “Aakhir Kyon?” had been our president…

  5. Where Opposition is ready to sit in the Lap of AMERICA with Ruling Elite moreover the cost of SALE any member of NA is just Rs.2 Crore against Levy Surcharge on Petrol of even PML(N) then there is no any Astonishing News among the Black Sheep of Journalist Community.

    =Why= The Ruling Elite, Fauji Generals & Wealthy People are above the Prevailing Law in this Country but ever ready to Blame to those who want Justice for All from Top to Bottom.

  6. admin

    His name is misspelled it is Klasra not Kalasra

    I figured this from his e-mail given in above image

  7. Really shocking news for me if people like kalasra are also corrupt then there are some loopholes in our system. The only solution is to change the system otherwise we will find that more than 50% people are corrupt and 45%haven’t got the chance and may be 5% good people are really worried about the future of our country.
    There should be an accountability from start todate or NRO for everyone todate and if someone does corruption there should be death sentance for those corrupt regardless of class.

  8. what if all this is not true??. Klasra sahib can sue PKpolitics. At least we should wait for klasra sahib response. I did not know pkpolitics also investigates….lolz.

  9. What a respect we have for KALASRA, but reading above I am very surprissed what should I say. KALASRA SB aap bhi ganga main haath naih dhoo rahee infact nah rahay hain.

    kalasra sb AKHAIR KIYON????

  10. Wow @dmin you guys really do pull these out of the bag. Thats another person i am not going to listen to when they come on talk shows. I can’t believe JC and Saleh Zafar are also guilty.

  11. Everyone is naked in this bathroom. What happened to Nazir naji? he is still writing columns in daily jang without any break. This Jang group has always blackmailed politician, Generals, mullah in the begining with the help of newspaper and later with the help of channels. If you compare the educational qualification of these socalled anchors with a PHD we can easily say that BLACK MAILOR has better prospect. We took this new country as a land of corruption and there is not improvement in the status. Our society supports stronger and powefull corrupt element of the society and hate weeker ones. I believe that our own people would like to extract all the egss without waiting any single day. Our law only protects Hijackers, Money Laundere, Blackmailor, Drug Dealers

  12. Thinking this guy to be an ‘upright & an enlightened’ journalist, I phoned him once or twice, sometime back to offer him my advice, purely free of charge, along with certain information relevant to his job as a journalist, but he never took me seriously, thinking me to be a retired person, being of no use to him, & thus ‘having burnt all his boats.’ What else can I say? Good for me, I think now after reading so much against him?

  13. I remember this lair fascist journalist saying about fake video of lashing girl who after lashed gets up and walked

    what he wrote about her

    bechari abi tak coma me hai.

  14. I remember Haroon Rashid defending in his column the same officer Sher Afzal after chief justice pointed him out.

  15. Once a man sees scorpions moving in a line and asks his friend, which one of these is the most poisonous? The man replies put your finger on ANYONE—thats the state of affairs–whom should we trust and upon whom should we rely? Pakistan is a country where DISHONESTY even is not done HONESTLY—as we have removed the word HONESTY from our dictionaries–what a pity that an upright man (al least I thought it that way) is exposed like that–I wish that Rauf should come up with some solid reasons to negate these facts, if he wishes to keep some repect amongst all readers and participants of this esteemed forum–otherwise we are justified in asking him “AAKHIR KYUN?” As rightly said by Wasif Ali Wasif” Hum loag Firaun key zindagi chahatay hain aur MOOSA (AHS) key aaqibat” and thats our tragedy—

  16. Shame on you Klasra!

    I was a big fan of your stance for the rule of law, equality and the women’s rights. I know most of the journalists use their influence and powers to get favors but I had an opposite impression about you…
    It seems everyone is Nanga in the Hamaam…

    What’s abt Javed Chaudhry?

  17. I am surprised to see this article, and I hope that before its publication here ADMN must have scrutinized about its sanctity. Anyway this is IRONIC that some of our ANCHORS (Main) are being exposed to us in this fashion but more IRONIC is this thing that nothing has happend to anyone of them either it is Nazir Naji, Malik etc.

  18. @rahmed

    Everyone is naked in this bathroom. What happened to Nazir naji? he is still writing columns in daily jang without any break

    جہاں میں‌اہل ایماں صورتِ خورشید جیتے ہیں
    ادھر ڈوبے، ادھر نکلے، ادھر ڈوبے، ادھر نکلے

    Obviously it means that Nazeer Naji and Malick were innocent and so is Klasra.

    PkPolitics and its investigative journalism?Lies!
    The uploaded documents, recommendation letters? All lies!

    Why is it that this Sultan Rahi of Urdu journalism, with murderous, homicidal and draconian levels of honesty, has to go through a most shameful media trial like this? Why can’t we leave the savagely honest Klasra alone with his vicious, putrid and brutal honesty? Why can’t we just enjoy his filmi, Lollywood columns without asking uncomfortable questions? Why, oh, why is everyone so cruel to Klasra, the dhaKosla?

    Aakhir KyooOOoon?

  19. Iss hamam me sab nangey heyn

    In short everyone is corrupt and those who are not actually did not get the chance to get corrupt. Shame on our nation; there are millions of examples of corruption in our country. From a chaprasi to chief executive all are corrupt even the public is corrupt and this culture of corruption is rife and increasingly accepted. I have met with people in a party where a person who was opposing corruption was ridiculed and people openly shared their skills of taking bribes and engaging in corruption.

  20. one thing to note… klasra wrote a lot against musharraf… but recently he wrote n spoke against the dissolution of nazims and aganst shahbaz sharif.. n this comes up on pkpolitics… i dnt knw the truth.. but pkpolitics shud be changed to pml(N)

  21. won’t make any difference. like someone else mentioned, naji is still going strong.

    there is absolutely no need for plots for these media fat cats. Do these people NEED free plots when poor have hard time finding a shelter. Javed Chaudry spends his summers in Paris but still wants a free plot. Why can’t these people simply withdraw their names.

  22. In a country, headed by the most corrupt person,what do u expect?I am not in faviour of hypocrites like klasra,but what we are giving to these hardworking journalists?Even in nawai-waqt and jang,nothing paid to the countrywide correspondents and they are asked to bring heavy amount as security?Excluding these few influential journalista like Ansar Abbassi and Rauf klasra,usually reporters are paid an average amount of eight thousand per month.If we consider this amount,the poor journalist is hardly to afford petrol for his motorbike and bills for his cell phone.then what would u expect from him?Few months ago,abbassi politicise the matter of returning his plot recieved in journalist housing project.Yes big guns like hamid meer,shahid masood,kamran khan,malick,naji,klasra,javed ch ect are not needy and they can approach even the prime minister for underhand allotment but why thaey want to snach the rights of poor journalista.
    Klasra is not alone,there is a group of black sheep in islamabad which is misusing their position.i have also some details of ”gentle” journalists which i would share to u later.

  23. Kalasra Yaad Rakhoo ! Hasaab kataaab ka aik din Mukarar hia aur tum jise ,,,,,,,

    Welldown Mr. Ansar Abaasi ,,,,, (Thanks Allot) to expose every kali bair and cont……

  24. i would love to see if any of these reknown tv hosts carry out any shows on their own professional brothers and expose them than we will call spade a spade but i dont think they would do that as their 0nly real job is to expose others i.e:judges,politicians,generals and many others but if any thing comes to one of them,they just stay muted and can’t be either bothered or feels like they all are a family in journalism.

    i wonder where the transparency is,,,,also as far as the argument about these journalists dont get paid enough doesn’t allow them to misuse their pens to do corruption as matter of fact they picked this profession voluntarily,they weren’t forced to pick journalism.

    lets see when these so-called self righteous guys of journalism will start taking the blame that they do have some black sheeps in them…….we are waiting.

  25. @Adhanan Ashraf Manzoori

    Dear friend,

    After reading your comments dated 20 July 11:04 AM, I am compelled to tell you the following short story, following the foot steps of Javed Chowdhry as he too is fond of telling stories:

    A friend of mine got a strange disease for which doctors had no medicine. He asked for my help. As the person was very good friend of mine, I thought that I should use internet to know what disease my friend has and what is its cure.

    With the help of symptoms that were shown by my ailing friend, I browsed the internet and was able to find out that it was the disease of America-Phobia for which no cure is presently available. However, some improvement can be made if the patient stop remaining too long in the laps of Taliban. I told about this to my friend but he flately refused to be out of Taliban lap, even for one second, and then wildly started shouting,”AKHIR KIOOON, AAKHIR KIOOOOOOON ?”

    Please forgive me to tell you a Mangharat story, but I believe that more than 95% of the stories that we listen to or we tell are stories of same kind.

  26. Javed Ch likes to write stories. Recently i read his story about Micheal Jackson in which he accused Micheal Jackson of being suffering from inferiority complex and going through plastic surgery to get his skin white. He didnt care to check the facts because just a few days back and this can be seen on You Tube that in one concert rehearsal his hair had caught fire and he had suffered from facial burns and as he was in showbiz so he had to undergo plastic surgery.

    In another part Javed Chaudhry accused Micheal Jackson for not liking his family due to his inferiority complex and ditched them and went solo. He however failed to mention that Micheal Jackson’s father used to beat him like anything and only due to his constant physical and mental abuse Micheal decided to go separate. That is also the reason why Micheal excluded his father from his will.

    Javed Chaudhry story about the DMG officer appointed as Ambassador to France also was written in favour of this DMG officer – that official appointment has been cancelled today by the Prime Minister Gilani after the DMG officer was told to resign from his DMG service and only then he would be appointed Ambassador to which he refused. This guy was recommended by Zardari.

    By the way guys you must have seen Hasan Nisar programme Chauraha. Have you see the way he sits there – with gold watch and gold rings and a very snobbish attitude. This guy made millions and has been a lifafa journalist since the time of Zia ul Haq. I dont know why Geo and Jang are still tolerating him.

    The print media and electronic media should realise that once the moral authority of these journalists are eroded there is no use in employing them because no one even reads their columns and they dont trust them. But who cares – these so called yellow journalists and black sheep of media are making money. Money makes the mare go.

  27. hi admin i saw a guy named minhas asking you to call, and then MM written at the bottem. Was it Mushtaque minhas? I see it nomore here now. Why did u delete it?
    Anyway its good that there are brave enough people to talk against journalists at last.

  28. @c hussain

    … that once the moral authority of these journalists are eroded there is no use in employing them because no one even reads their columns and they dont trust them.

    I wish this were true. The problem in Pakistan is that the ‘moral authority never gets eroded. Take for instance politicians, bureaucrats, army etc.

    Have you ever seen anyone who has been involved with any scandal, gracefully accept their responsibility and disappear from the limelight.

  29. Jaise keh akhbar mein parha tha keh maulana sahib ne army se lambi chori zameen allot karwa li hai, tou inn halat mein agar sahafi bhi 2, 4 plot allot karwa laite hain to kia ho gaya. Kia mulla loag masjid aur madrisson ke naam per sarkari aur private zameeno par qabiz nahee ho jate? Mera tou buss nahee chalta warna mein bhi aisa hee karta bulkeh ham sub aisa hee karte.

  30. one word


    if you will keepup this good work of exposing this mafia which we feel is kind of representing our emotions to another creature called POLITICIANS, who are not from among us, you people at pkpolitics will gather so many good wishes from desperate and despondent pakistanis like us.
    We were depended on these F-Journalists asking tough question on their TV programs. Rauf Kalasra for some reason was never trustable, my instincts told me he is corrupt. and now three years later i am proven right.

    I have the same feeling about Hamid Mir, but he is corrupt in different sense. Ansar Abbasi I feel is good person, but he has some very good links in FBI and FIA and ISI, these are the places he gets his stories from. Same goes to Kamran Khan at one time he was blue eyed favorite boy of some on in above mentioned organizations, same has been replaced by Ansar ABbasi.
    Rauf Klasra recently writing against Musarraf only shows some one in government feeding him al these lines, because he is not investigative journalist like Ansar Abbasi.

    So you decide?

  31. We hope that our system will florish. As I can see the huge changes in COMMONS awareness. At the time we have Journalists like Shaheen and Ansar Abbassi. And media (even with all its blundrous acts). The tower of light is CJ Iftikhar Chaudhary. We pray for his long life, as the biggest threat to our nation is the life threat of CJ for the time being.

    Also we should compaign for politicians like Javed Hashmi to form a party and should take the lead.

    Best of luck, my dear countymen.

    God bless you.

  32. There is a clique of journalists who are nothing but blackmailers and thats how they have earned millions. The one who pioneered this trend was perhaps Zia Shahid of daily Khabrain. It is commonly said that whenever a reporter wants to get a job at Khabrain he is simply asked how much he can pay to the newsppaer every month. This means that these reporters are expected to earn money by blackmailing and give a share to the newspaper.

    Another guy who mastered this criminal trend is Khushnood Ali Khan.

    People like Rauf Klasra readily become a part of this mafia perhaps because they come from extremely humble (and dare I say lowly) background. When they come to big cities, they are mesmerized by the life style and this leads them to try to earn money by any means possible.

    Some of the more simple people get impressed by their pro-poor writings and views expressed on their TV programs and start believing them as towers of honesty when in fact these people are completely opposite.

    Another aspect is that such journalists are also an easy prey for foreign paymasters. Foreign elements always try to buy the loyalties of these “for sale” journalists. They give them scholarships for supposedly “academic” courses and provide them with frequesnt gifts and foreign tours. Incidentally, Klasra has also spent one year in UK on a “scholarship”.

    But I would say that it is definitely not the case of “iss hammam mein sab he nangay hain”. There are many journalists who are very honest and upright. There are many such people who live a life of poverty and destitution but do not indulge in such “haraam” deeds.

  33. Some one should expose these crooks in TV and Print media. Good job pkpolitics. Keep exposing these hyporites.

  34. ڈھنپا کفن نے داغ۔ عیوب۔ برھنگی
    میں ورنہ ھر لباس میں ننگے۔ وجود تھا

  35. good job PkP…. that’s 3 down! Now try to find real criminals in Electronic media.why not start with PTV’s Directors.

  36. “By the way guys you must have seen Hasan Nisar programme Chauraha. Have you see the way he sits there – with gold watch and gold rings and a very snobbish attitude. This guy made millions and has been a lifafa journalist since the time of Zia ul Haq. I dont know why Geo and Jang are still tolerating him.

    C Hussain,

    A very good observation!!

    Hasan Nisar suffering from a Narcissistic personality. The way he talk and his body language is so disgusting and I cant believe people like him and his style.

  37. Good job Pkpolitics! keep it up!

    Rauf Klasray! Akhir Kiyon Yar?

    Muna batain tu bohat cho**ta hai columns mein aur tv pay bhee! yar Akhir Kiyon?

    i bet your **s, you will now right a dramatic column full with conspiracy theories!

  38. Why don’t you expose Ansar Abbasi? In Pakistan, if you are a liberal, than you have to be a traitor according to this journalist. A country, where you have to wait for a fatwa on every issue can never progress.

  39. “Why don’t you expose Ansar Abbasi?”

    Instead of asking admin, why dont you do this “national service” yourself ? Afterall, every bearded person must be corrupt.

    BTW, I dont understand why every “tooti-baz” secular psycho likes to hide behind the word liberal, giving a bad name to all liberals….

  40. What one can say of those journalists who are too scared to talk of any structural reforms. Why do they not talk about it? Why do they refer to people who have embezzled money to the tune of billions as respected. Is the record of Nawaz Sharif and Zardari hidden from any one?

    And look how Kamran would be condescending to Benazir and Nawaz Sharif while being ever so harsh on the ex-president. They never talk of the role Nawaz Sharif played in the Plane Hijacking case. Simply ignore it. He was equally to be blamed. Be honest. They do not talk about how was his behaviour with Chief of the Army Staffs before Musharraf and his attack on the Jundiciary and The Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah.

    Now he becomes the champion of judiciary for his own political gains. See now he has gone scot-free. The struggle was never for judiciary but selfish ends. Did he not finance the lawyers (liers)? But the media is quite about it. Why? Are they paid to keep their mouth shut? Kamran Khan seems to be the classic case.

    He has axes to grind. He promotes some and demotes some. Honest journalists don’t do that. So is Hamid Mir. He pursues the Taliban agenda. They have their favourites. Good journalists never have favourites. They speak the truth without taking sides. It is just like Indian umpires and the team plays with 13 players till neutral umpires arrived.

  41. I dont know any good or bad about klasra ….but yes one thing i can say for sure ……dont say anything against PML(ganja) …..warna pkpolitics nahin choray ga….

  42. I became fan of Klasra through Haroon Rashid because this maulvi type freind of Imran Khan mentioned the name of Klasra many times in his columns with respect.Now i have lost respect for both of them but tell me one thing.

    What about the letter of Sheharyar Khan against Ansar Abbasi few weeks back.Ansar Abbasi applied for a plot in d-12 sector of Islamabad in 2004.He was refused.Why?

  43. @awaukha,

    Abbas Ather,Khushnud Ali Khan,Najam Sethi,Asadullah Ghalib,Mubashir Luqman and many others work in other papers but all these number 2 media people are united against poor people of Pakistan.

  44. I have a question for pkpolitics.

    pkpolitics exposed Muhammad Malik.It was a great story.

    Now our hero Ansar Abbasi is appearing in the show of Malik again and again.What do you think of Abbasi?

  45. @GOOGLE

    You suspected

    Hasan Nisar?
    Abbas Ather ?
    Asad Ullah Ghalib?
    Haroon Rashid?
    Irfan Sadiqi?

    Read story in Daily Kawish Hayderabad last week.Hasan Nisar is the media consultant of Chaudhry Pervez Elahi and getting 5 lack rupees salary.

    Abbas Ather is running a gambling den(cassino)in Lahore.Recently he had differences with his son Tauqeer Shah on money matters and police arrested his son.

    Haroon Rashid is very close to Klasra.A man knows by the company he keeps.

    Asadullah Ghalib is only famous for womenizing.Its no more a crime in modern age.

    Irfan sahib is on the pay role of Nawaz Sharif so he is also pak saaf.


  47. Lets have another point of view–we are all totally depressed and dejected by the present lot of Journalists / Politicians / Bureaucrates—-but then “UN KEY KHAAMEE HUMAREE KHOOBI TU NAHIN BUN SAKTI NA”—lets all unite together against this evil and fight hand-in-hand with this menace–I am sure that the lava which is being cooked just needs a push and our country will be on the road of prosperity Inshallah–we have Judiciary in place–we have majority of the honest media with us–we have the so called silent majority with us and we have all the REHMAT & BARKAT from Allah for this good cause–I am inviting suggestions / proposals / means / steps to mobilise this movement–believe me it will not be that difficult as it looks–A small sparrow will not allow anyone to destroy its AASHIANA–how can we 160-170 Millions allow this to happen to our motherland–come on guys and dolls–now or never is the slogan of the day–PKP is a beautiful forum available and we must utilise it to the best of our abilities—IQBAL key yeh mittee num ho chuki hai aur ab is ko saabat karna hai kay yeh waaqaee zarkhaiz hai–

    Pakistan Zindabad

  48. Dear all

    I respect the journalists who are the dawn of democratic values,public opinion and civil rights in the country.

    I appreciate this man hounourable Rauf Classra Sahib who is very outspoken personality in the country.

    I appreciate whatever he is doing in his efforts for local governments and freedom of the people of Pakistan.

    Actually,this is a part of propaganda launched against him by those who are being criticised by this very gentle man and he is a very public voice.

    Sir please continue to be a role model journalist in the country and your struggle for the rights of the people will bring a new dawn in the country.All my prayers are with you.

    Actually,critics want that journalists should be the poorest class of the country who could not live even a normal respectable life in the country,who could not support their families.

    People should see this ruling Junta has looted this whole country and nobody is ready to talk about,there is no sincere leadership at present in the country if there is, they must prove themselves.

    Our country is facing mismangement problem and only sincere leadership can save it to the right path,finally,I request the ruling Junta,please have mercy on this poor nation.

    Thanks and slam to all including Rauf Clssra Sahib.

  49. @ C Hussian

    Javaid Ch himself is suffering from inferiority complex .I recently met him in London.I asked him ‘Do you still teach in University?’ (For readers information he used to teach), he completely ignored my question, to me he looked ashamed to be called a teacher/lecturer.
    Then i mentioned him about recent poll of PKPolitics (@ admin please note) that his talk show is on number 5 and doing good in ranking, to my utter disappointment his reply was that his show is always number 1 along with Capital talk and he doesn’t agree with PKpolitics opinion poll.

  50. Who Hussain Haqani? What he did while sitting in USA. He is clear example of media pressure. I heard him condeming on National Public radio against Pak Army. Other Day Khushid Shah was blaming previous government for the shortage of electricity. I think that our whole media is composed of WANNA BEs without any struggle. Before the arrival of private channels there wasn’t a lot of attraction available in this field and there were Jang, AMN, and Nawaiwaqt newspaper were helping Governmnet, PPP and Right Wing respectively. In recent years when GEO has been attacked by previous governemnt and Supreme court Cheif justice was sacked then these Journalists[ Hamir mir, Shahid Masood, Rauf, and so on ] got $$$ from the opposition, foreign sources to hightlight those issues and paved the way to bring the NRO, HIJACKERs back to pakistan. The result is obvious who is enjoying and who is paying. if Cheif Justice believes in justice then he should start from himself and his colleagues and come down to Common men level and used that money to resolve the issues. This will be a good start and everybody should present himself for accountability … I know I am dreaming….


    Kamran Khan is an MQM anchor.He is also stock market broker.My cousin works in Karachi Stock Exchange.He told me that Kamran Khan is the front man od Aqeel Karim Daddy.

  52. @ Javed Ch = good journalists

    Karachi is burning… powercuts for four days
    well done nazim e Karachi Mustafa Kamal keep working like that i am sure after few years we will lost Karachi in the sea.

  53. Who is Farah Naz Isfahani the media adviser of Zardari Khapay, i never heard about her before. she sound like imported chick.

  54. I like Haroon Rashid analysis nowadays, could PKpolitics investigate his background and let us know if he is really what he preaches or he is also a victim of double personality like the rest. I am really disappointed at these people. Everyone who have some say in Pakistan is corrupt. What a shame for a nation that calls itself “Islamic Replublic of Pakistan”… yet stand in the top 10 list of most corrupt countries in the world. Shame on these people.

  55. iamsowise: Farah naz is an imported chick and her roots are from Iran. She is the wife of Hussain Haqqani. And was one of the sobbing face at the hospital footage when BB was in the hosiptal after she was pronounced dead. And Geo ran that clip like grizzilian times.

  56. Presence of isfahani chick justified because Iranian and American are working together aginst Taliban, Zardari khapay just dont care about Power cuts, rising rate of suicide because of Inflation , I think you people noticed that the most favourite topic for Zardari mafia is WAR ON TERORRISM.

  57. for sure Kamran Khan is the most rich person among all the F***g journalists on the air these days. He drove Mercedez Benz worth Rs 15 million and live in the most posh area in Karachi , i am sure he is not son of any Nawab who lost all his wealth in partition and later claim in Pakistan.

  58. aLL tHESE bas * ards belong to Jang group, so how we can expect action against them.

    Look its same attitude as govt. who do nothing after it finds someone from themselves guilty, but take no action, so morally Jang group is on same grounds morally then how dare they insult minister in shows while they do the same (they took no action against Naji, Malick and same would happen with Klasra case)

  59. Here is the first thing:

    We should first analyze any argument regardless of whoever is presenting it be Nazir Naji, Hasan Nisar, or Klasra. First analyze the argument. Whether it is logically structured, whether his or her conclusion makes sense, whether he cited credible sources.

    After that we may go to anlayze the personality of the author. My point is that if Klasra exposed some one, we should not dismiss his story just because it is exposed by Klasra. What it can at most tell us that on which side he is leaning at present.

    I don’t mind journalist of either side exposing politicians of either side. It is good foe we awam that there shouldn’t be unity in the corrupt class.

  60. What I am interested in knowing whether any of the story he published was false or not.

    If all of his stories at present is true then he is still a credible journalist in terms of exposing the corruption of politician, though may be corrupt himself.

  61. Regarding Haroon Rasheed, if there is any corruption scandal about him., it should be brought in as well.

    But saying that because he is a friend of corrupt man, therefore he is also corrupt is illogical, wrong, and childish.

    It is as if one of my friend take alcohol or do adultary, therefore so do I am. This is fallacious reasoning. It is known as ad hominem fallacy– immensely popular in politics.

    Anyone who is interested in this classical fallacy can read it at:

  62. To me only Haroon Rashid and Ansar Abbasi seem loyal to their profession.

    “we should thank the gods he is not in a position of power”

    Anyway @dm!n, I think you should correct this mistake, and I hope you didn’t write it intentionally.

  63. I am saying for long time this man KLASRA is alooser.
    He has inferiority complex. Always praising wilayat when he has just spent of couple of years on scholarship.

    He is biased, do number , munafiq sahafi

  64. @ madeel.
    Well done & thank you for quoting the ‘wikipedia’ reference for the ‘education’ of most of us, who MAYBE OR MAY, NOT BE, as well-read or as current & well-informed as presently, you are on this subject.
    We all TEND-TO or have an inclination, ‘to be counted’ among those replying here, just by reading our names in these columns, in print.
    Thus, most of us are also satisfied just by forwarding our comments, whether we have or not, a grasp on the subject under discussion.
    I think I may have driven my point home to a few persons like you, for instance, despite what others may say?

  65. @ iamsowise.
    I presume you may be knowing the lady in question, Farah Naz Isfahani is probably the real sister of Asif Ali Zardari? That’s what our media has been reporting, day-in & day-out?

  66. @ C Hussain.

    I have also a feeling that Javaid Ch is suffering from some ‘complex’ whether infriority or superoirity. The reason I think being, that most of us will suffer the same, if any of us is, all-of-a-sudden propelled to dizziying heights, from a position of being no-where or originating from oblivion?

  67. the rot has seeped deep into Pakistani society and there is hardly an institute or fraternity that can boast of bheing an honest, clean, ethical or morally correct entity…….true Kalasara’s wrongdoing has not been proven as yet but the hallmarks of a underhand deal are all there for everyone to see….the author of the article has done marvelous work to expose a self-proclaimed crusader of exposing wrondoers…….remember Kalasara himself has become a champion of digging holes for others on documents and trails that may not hold up in a court of law, still his powerful argument led majority of his readers believed the allegations he leveled against mighty and famous………..besides, we all know how successfully SOPHISTICATED our plunderers and looters have become….this is one arena where they left the world gasping and panting, such is the excellence of their achievements…….Zardari being the prime example and a living legend of our colorful history of proving as to how morally elevated and ethically conscience a nation we are, hasn’t NRO been touted as a good thing that ever happened to Pakistan? hmmmmmm well, you got the point!!!!!!

  68. @socratese…….I think you are just jealous of Kamran Khan…..lollll……..just try to prepare yourself for doing a one-hour jig on a live TV then only you will realize how much toil, elbow grease, donkey-work and efforts one has to satisfy million of his audiences……it looks so attractive when it comes off, but people tend to forget the hard work behind it…..if Kamran Khan is driving a mercedez he has earned every bit of it so let him enjoy….at least he is not flying high on tax payers money………..

  69. No real surprise for me.

    I have absolutely no doubt that “corruption” in its all forms is the real problem for Pakistan. Corruption not only in terms of cash, plots, presents, pressurizing etc, but I believe that if someone is not fulfilling his/her duties in the best possible manner is also a form of corruption. Sad thing is that corruption has lost its “curse” in our society. If you try to advise someone to leave corruption as Allah will punish you in akhirat, then the reply is “we will see that when we face akhirat. first we need to correct our life”. This is the height of beghairati and can be easily observed in our society. Then we say that Allah is not helping us as a nation???

    Thank God that He is not sending stones from the sky or other forms of His azaab. If you look at it sincerely, our society as a whole deserves something but it is Allah’s greatness and His promise with His Prophet that is keeping Him from sending azaab on us. Of course there is still a very little percentage of ppl in our society who can be labelled as comparatively fair but their number is fast decreasing.

    In the new era, media has been given a chance to prove its worth in the society & guide the nation. After getting disappointed from all other sections of society, ppl like me are looking at media & new judiciary as the only “hopes” left for the betterment of our society. Its time that media should get rid of corrupt ppl in its own ranks first no matter how powerful they are. Media ppl should consider themselves as doing “Jihad with their pen”. Jihad can only be done if your conscious is free of doubts & is ready to sacrifice himself for the truth. Cases like this & Naji case are wake up calls. Naji is still writing & so will Klasra do to continue…………… what has Jang group done to them??? Ppl will still read Jang even if there is no Naji column or Klasra column in it. But strict action must be taken in such cases, first from the organization & then from the other concerned departments. Justice must be seen if it is to prevail.

    As said earlier, these are the last two hopes for ppl like me. If we get any further disappointed then there will be no hope left. When there is no hope left then ……………………… well who knows!!!! . I am too frightened to think about that time…………………… May Allah Help This Nation.

  70. I think it is high time that media set up a forum of its own where corrupt journalists are tried, exposed and punished for their wrongdoings…….as media has been at the forefront of each and every forum demanding that justice not only be done but also be seen… be it with journalist fraternity………………

    Journalists from print, electronic, airwaves media should come forward and establish a forum wherein any allegation leveled against a journalist is looked at with utter honesty and due diligence…….once it is done, they will have the moral authority to demand from politicians, judiciary, police, army and other leaders to clean their houses and lead a pious life……check & balance should be for all and not selective, more so for those preaching it, or those who play the role of opinion makers in society…….

    Somehow i doubt this is going to happen any time soon, for finding fault with others is far more easy than self soul searching………

  71. @TruePaki & Sultanalikhan—

    No need to be despair and we must hope to have Allah’s blessings at all times–I can just quote one of my verses here:





    we have to correct ourselves and all will be corrected–the first stone is to be thrown on the sinner by the one who himself has not committed any sin—and then our country will be on the road of prosperity.

    Hope is the keyword and Inshallah you will see Pakistan progressing–A silent revolution has started in the form of an independent judiciary, which will lay the foundation stone for the future of Pakistan. Accountability within will show the right path.

    Pakistan Zindabad

  72. @gam

    Its good to be positive like you are but we must also be realistic & must not forget our responsibilities towards society.
    For last few centuries Muslims have been on downfall only due to their character specially the upper class & for the last 62 years we have slipped deeper into moral disgrace as a society.

    Our educational system, which is the nursery for a society has been converted into a wealth earning mechanism with no moral values. Our private institutions are running on “commission system” from books to uniforms etc. Govt educational system …… well there is none to be worth mentioning. Even teachers have lost their moral values.

    Our govt service departments are there to “rule” ppl & not “serve”. Everyone knows how difficult is a legal work to get done from govt offices without using illegal means. However an illegal work can easily be done from the same office.

    Electricity shortage is said to be due to “electricity thieves”. Can anyone argue that there can be no electricity theft without consent of line man, who claims to share the money to all others concerned in the dept. Same is true with gas, tax & all other revenue generation departments.

    Business class is also not free of corruption, from mafia’s to black marketing to high profits. Everyone is free to do “whatever you can get into your pocket by any means is good for your children”. Do we really believe that we can give good “tarbiat” our children by using unwanted means to earn money?

    So my dear, everyone is washing hands in this ganga. Whoever is not washing is because he is not getting a chance to do so.

    I agree that we have to correct ourselves first, as our rulers will be the same as we are. Do you really think we have got another 62 years to correct ourselves??

    No Sir, I dont think there is much time left for us to even survive if we do not URGENLY make basic corrections to our society……. thats why I believe media can play a basic role in it as everyone has access to it today. Media is creating awareness in the society at a fast rate & lots of ppl in media are successfully doing it. However, what will happen if someone who idealizes ppl like Klasra one day finds out that he is as corrupt as Mr. AZ??………………………. will there be any hope left for him to think positive? ………. please keep in mind that judiciary is already on its last chance ………………… thanks to ppl of Pakistan.

  73. ‘’Power Journalism’’

    Media empires will have to regulate themselves. Nazir Naji , M Malick and Rauf Klasra all are working for same media group. Every major newspaper has a news channel now, something which is not seen any where in the developed and developing world. All these news channels pick up columnists on there payroll with connections in higher ups and offer them anchorman ship. Loaded with double barrel (Column, TV anchor) these newly millionaires are becoming wheelers and dealers in the corridors of powers. Not a single live talk show is permanently hosted from Peshawar and Quetta. Is there no intellectual in Peshawar or Quetta or the power only flows through Islamabad? All you need to run a news channel is a studio, camera, decent table and chairs. Talk shows guest leave one studio and enter into another with another host. News channels are reluctant to take on more pressing issues like health, education, environment, inflation and social issues. No real hard work and research is put in to film documentaries or investigative reporting. Pakistani viewers deserve more then point scoring political game shows. We should now use a new term ‘’Power Journalism’’ which is equivalent to ‘’Power Politics’’.

  74. In this country every second person is corrupt, only very few hardly 10% of total population is really honest.Out of those corrupt few get the opportunity,while the remaining wait for their turn,So,there are so many R.K…. in this country.Only few get caught, but the majority is not.
    The reason for all this predicament lies in two things.First pertains to weak faith and other with the system of electorate in this country.
    Let me explain them as well,If a man have a strong faith in Allah his destiny and he who never forgets the day of judgment,will never indulge in any wrong doings. For whom a person does all this corruption, for his wife and his children,his family but why does he forget, that on the day of judgment they (wife,children,etc)even for that matter no one is going to even recognize him,what to talk of sharing his burden of sins.A day when,everyone will be worried for his own self.So the question is why do we earn, hell fire for them??
    The second issue pertains to the system of electorate in our country,I am not against democracy,but the existing system can work well in those countries,where literacy rate in almost 100%.In a country like Pakistan a vote of a scholar and an illiterate(drug addict) is equal,so either we raise the literacy level to 100% or change the existing system with some form of electoral college,in which only educated (minimum matriculate) people are allowed to vote,only then we will be able to bring change in this country,otherwise we will continue suffering.
    I wish we could change for better and have strong faith in Allah.

  75. AOA,

    Excellent job. That’s how u expose someone with proper documentation so that these harami thieves wont have any excuse but to hang themselves. Insha-Allah if you will continue to work like, it will be a great service to Paksitan.

    Next ones should be Hamid Mir and Javed Chaudhary… And yes investigate Ansar Abbasi as well (though I am confident that you will not find anything wrong against him as he is a genuine person), but at the least it will give hope to all that still there is some goodness left in this Gunda journalism.



  76. TO pseudointellectual:

    You are 100% right. Lack/absence of faith is the root cause for our moral decadence. No question about it!

  77. well seems good work done by PKP again. i think if we look at our society and check the level of corruption in it. i would say many of us here writing comments can find themselves guilty of doing somewhere something wrong. its our bad luck that in similar way our journalist exclude themselves from doing what they used to write. it is a common problem in our society that everyone wants to make others to be perfect free from faults instead of starting from himself. so if you look at our society you will find many such examples “the Mula who is preaching Islam to other is not following these preaching in his own life” “The journalists who always write against politicians are always being conflicting to their words in their personal interests. so there are many examples me, you, he i would say everyone is conflicting his own words so that is why when you will pick a brick you will find a controversy under it……… May ALLAH give us right path and courage to accept our faults and to start improving ourselves first.

  78. hello
    its shocking to see the unauthentic alegations against a devoted and sincere journalist mr rauf klasra.
    we have very few journalists lik him in pak…i think he hasnt done anything wrong. he is outspoken n hits politicians very hard. m not saying he is an angel.maybe he used his influence in few issues.but we all are humans .we all have needs.i think if a person had made one mistake.n has a long list of good deeds.we shud judge him from his good deeds.shud not point out his one or two mistakes.this is such a shameful situation for us .dat we pakistanis are good at only pulling legs of good people.n without confirming anything we just open our mouths n start using abusive language n humiliating ..innocent u guys are doin on this website. nothing has proven yet against mr rauf klasra ..n theses alegations seems to b fake n irrelevant.
    n mr admin u always warnd people not to use abusive language on this site..but there is no warning by u this time for anyone why????

  79. @abbas2

    It sounds like a fox news story. Not convincing at all. Here we call such a piece you link is tabloid junkie. It is so poorly written a piece that I don’t need to make any further comment.

  80. @pseudointellectual
    It was nice reading your comments, however your second argument is quite distracting for some people. Since
    1. Our education system is the most flawed one. Although we claim to have 40% literacy rate, but majority of them can only read and write, they haven’t got education to learn about life. It was meant just read letters, bills etc.
    2. Even for those living in modern cities, there exist so much diversity in the syllabus. Earlier we used to talk between O-Level and Matric only, but now it starts from play group.
    3. I think mainly because of our bureaucracy we were duped by the two highly educated prime ministers, Moeen Qureshi and Shaukat Aziz.
    4. Apparently there is no sign this diversity could be reduced. Earlier i thought it’s the Private School owners who created all this mess, but it proved to be the government who didn’t invest in education at the right time to react to the ongoing development all over the world. We don’t need just educated people (degree wala), we need useful people.

    Although good education for all would serve the purpose, but it’s your first point which is the most important and which will have the greatest impact. The fear of Tomorrow can make us do right things even in the worst circumstances.

  81. I never liked this third rated Klasra… I always suspected him and especially when he tried to defend Najir Nazi . These moroons are black spot to our nation. I am expecting next Episode for Haroon ur Rashid , who supported and wrote two complete columns in favor of this DG FEH Sher Afzal. He portrated him as the most honest person in our society and deserve to be continue his services in housing Authority.

    This third rated Klasra once reffered rating in his favor (being as 5th most liked columnist of pakistan). I think now he should also refer this investigation against him.


    Of recently, I have had an unexpected opportunity of reading quite a revealing story captioned, “Rauf Klasra corruption scandal” ; containing ‘starling’ details of corruption and discussing unflinching lust for plots, obtained in ‘flagrant violations’ of rules and regulations, of a leading investigative reporter of daily the news international– Mr. Rauf Klasra. My first impressions were shocking and disbelief. Although, the article is quite lengthy- containing a variety of information and the codicils. And, the fiery observations made by the harsh and indignant commentators at the end, successfully portray Mr. Klasra as an unfair and crooked opportunist who is void of any moral values; but the standpoint missed by almost all the commentators is its visible ONE-SIDEDNESS. After, reading it for more than once, as I was quite interested to know more about this outstanding investigative reporter of our country who has made quite a name with his hard work and his expose of most sacred high and mighty strata in the media is, in my opinion, a real job done. Hopefully, I would not be taken as a spokesman for Mr. Klasra as I want to discuss it in a dispassionate manner and wish for imposing self moral/ethical limits by our internet media.
    To start with, why I am interested to write a reply of this story? I have two reasons: first, Mr. Klasra is from Layyah and I have been married to a Layyah girl here in Lahore; my wife is the granddaughter of once renowned Layyahiite, Prof. Dr. Ghulam Mohammad Baloch- a British era King Edward alumnus who was appointed first Principal of Nishter Medical College, Multan in the early fifties but could not made it to it as he soon died of spinal cancer at an early age of about 42 years; and secondly, I am of the considered opinion that we need to decide the limits and bounds of freedom of internet media as lack of any proper government monitoring and control is fast making it a handy tool for the enemy bashing.
    While, it is also true that World Wide Web is a free and fast means of communication which provide gratis catharsis to everyone, but what’s more important is that we ought to decide about the legal, moral and social confines and bounds of this communication contrivance. And, ex-parte denigrations must be avoided.
    In my opinion, the basic drawback of the said story is its complete partiality and therefore, it gives an impression which the author wants to convey. Hopefully, the author would know about the norms of including opponent’s point of view as well in the news stories but it is regretted that she has willfully excluded it to give it a desired portrayal.
    As, I have spent a life time of 17 years in P.R. media, working as a media manager with numerous ministers and departments and therefore, I am, therefore, in a better position to mention that Mr. Klasra is an abstemious, hard working and gifted journalist who has earned niche with his innovative expose of ‘sacred cows’- I have had many kaleidoscopic chances to closely watch the journalism scene and the persons attached herewith. He enjoys good repute- both professionally and financially, in the media community.
    Originally belonging to a small village called ‘Klasra’ of a remote backward Layyah district of Punjab where his late father was a small farmer who died early of snake bite and then his mother worked hard as a grower to let her children live a humble life, Mr. Klasra has, since then, come a long way to emerge as an outstanding journalist. If he is so rich and affluent, then why does he need his wife to work as an APS and while different Pakistani governments doled out plots and other perks in the journalists to muster media support, we need to understand that governments treat media especially everywhere in the world, to have its support in policy issues. If we want just accountability, then rather targeting the fall guy, we have to hold across the board accountability of all the journalists and the other sections of the society as well. In my opinion, Klasra and Javed Ch. (who studied journalism with me in Islamia University, Bahawalpur from 1989 to 1991) are two role models for the youth who need to learn from their considerate hard work. After Jinnah and Dr. Qadeer, we need many other innovative young beau ideals for our nation of 170 million people. And it would be better that Mr. Klasra be left to do his original wok of investigative reporting as it is the people like him who have given paradigm shift to our national media scene.
    Furthermore, perhaps the author fails to understand that out of turn allotment of houses is not an exception in case of Mr. Klasra as in Islamabad; it’s a routine to allot houses on out of turn basis. So, why target Klasra only? What about Hamesh Khan, Shaukat Aziz or many others who went scot free with billions of rupees’ plundering. In Islamabad, government owns all land and it’s it which allots lands for houses’ construction or other purposes and 99 percent land is with the government. So, you have to contact the government for any plot. If Mr. Klasra fulfills all rules then it’s no harm in it that he is allotted plot or house for residence. I think it’s time that our media and the journalist community should revert to its original obligation and pursuing non issues should be done away with. We need a credible media to have our voice heard in the world.
    Internet media should also set right its priorities and larger issues like corruption, tuning to the billions of rupees, dictatorship, dithering of state institutions, poverty, joblessness and Talibanization should be prioritized and the nation be guided.
    To conclude, let me to say that one of the problems with the people is that we are not used to of putting up with the rise of the people with poor social back grounds. And, this seems to be the bigger stigma of Mr. Klasra!

  83. Burn in Hell u faggot. i liked his Column in Weekly Magazine so tht is how he Get’s all Information abt Scandal’s but Crooking

  84. There are many other black sheeps in media wearing a white, charming and honesty dress. Well done PKP for step by step unveiling their faces. Please let the nation know that the majority of the journalists are blackmailer and opotunistic. They devise stories according to their own personal interest.

    Mr Qudratullah, this a public website and if some material has been made on air then the website owners are responsibile for their consequences. You should, instead of writing such a long blog and wasting others time as well, advice your LAYYAIN brother to go to court of law against this if this is fake or wrong.

    I dont understand why people like u dont understand the importance of evidence and not able to see above your personal interests. You should be ashamed of yourselves while defending such cheap person. Every thief says he is innocent, it is always the evidence which proves and the whole article is full of proves.

    Its just like Shumaila Rana, she caught red handed and still claims that she is innocent and credit card belongs to her father while she herself signed as Zara Malik.

    Please grow up and write such baseless stories in such an important blog where majority of writers is highly educated. Please forgive us.

  85. Keeping in view the general unripe, erratic bursts with which the targeted fall guys are criticized here, I was quite expecting such personal, myopic remarks as we, as a nation, are yet to come off it; but kindly allow me to add that we must not overlook and forget the universally accepted norms and ethics of journalism which requires adding of opponent’s point of view in such stories. This is what this story is lacking and all the commentators have hit him below the belly. Such type of reporting can’t be termed as perfect journalism and we may need to learn from the established norms of writing and stop adding our personal bias in the journalism because it impinges on the people. I hope we would understand that personal bigotry should not be a part of our reporting.
    I hope further comments would be made after carefully reading my view point.

  86. Internet journalism gains prominence on issues where mainstream journalism becomes silent. Lifafa journalism and using journalistic credentials to mint money by black mailing have become common place. But the mainstream media has kept mum on that. The media which is always prepared to uncover all sorts of corruption, conveniently keeps lid on corruption of its own ilk. Internet journalism, in such situation, provides an outlet for those people who know about such issues but are unable to make their voices heard on mainstream media and are worried about their safety. The anonymity of the internet provides them with a safe outlet.

    It is true that ininvestigative journalism, views of all parties should be taken into account. But there might be situations when such attempt may lead to revealing someone’s identity thus threatening his safety. I would agree that such situation and internet’s anonymity has great potential of abuse and slander based on personal likes and dislikes. But the article above is not based on unverifiable hearsay but rather on evidence that can easily be verified.

    So there is ample opportunity for Rauf Klasra in this case to refute this evidence, either on internet or in his newspaper, if he is innocent.

  87. Mr. Qudratullah:

    After carefully reading both of your writings, it’s fair to conclude that you miserably failed to produce even a half decent response to a very genuine attempt to expose Mr. Klasra’s corruption. Your responses may help a grade 12 student to improve his vocabulary, but they do not meet any standards of a decent critical analysis that a person with 19 years of PR experience is expected to produce. To me and all Pakistani who can read and analyse, it appears as if you could not even comprehend the article, though you claimed that you had read it twice. I invite you to read your own responses and you will realize that you failed to construct a single reasonably convincing argument against the facts presented in the article. In response to a very well researched and heavily documented article, what you came up with: Mrs. Klasra’s govt. job as an acquittal for Mr. Klasara from all the charges presented against him in the article! WOW!! Then, probably feeling the frivolity of your argument, you also dared to present government-wide corruption as a justification for Mr. Klasra’s corruption. Bravo!

    Finally, you kept reiterating the same nonsense that “other party’s” point of view is absent from this article. I am not sure if you have read any serious investigative journalism. I challenge you to produce a single article where an individual’s corruption has been exposed to such an extent and then that individual’s response has also been included in the writing. Come on… if you can not appreciate someone’s genuine effort, do not unleash your immature and baseless opinion using poorly constructed arguments.

    The floor is open for your buddy Mr. Klasra to provide counter evidence. But I am sure he will never confront these evidences as he has nothing to defend except appearing in TV shows and keep bragging his nonsensical point of views about Pakistan’s affairs.

    I would not have commented on your responses as its really not worthy of anyone’s time, but your long and irrational fiction forced me to write a response so that in future you don’t waste reader’s time with your nonsensical writing.

  88. @Qudratullah………i have read your long reply and do appreciate the pain and time you have taken explaining your reasons for writing on the subject matter……but you are missing the point here……..people are furious and disgruntled with Klasara not because he is hailing from a humble family background, nah this is not the case………. they are fed up with him because they felt being cheated and taken for a ride……….true Mr. Klasara have produced many wonderful investigative pieces and because of that he has (or used to have) a big fans club (too difficult to say for others but i am out of his fans club) ….and if you are sitting on such a high pedestal and standing on such a lofty moral ground like Klasara and Co did then you ought to be extra careful in all your personal dealings……….despite legal blanket you might have acquried, you must also come clean thru moral, chaste and ethical prisms……..and you have to be crystal clear and rather than wrapping your personal gains in legal jargons or “according to rules” excuses….you got to be millions mile away from all those worldly gains you started out telling other public figures to avoid….such is the demand of decency and not legal bounds……hope you realize this??

    I agree that the version of accused should also be taken and published, but those who are caught red handed are always unavailable…however, Mr. Klasara can still publish a rebuttal if he has anything to say……seeing the documentary proofs that the author of the article has attached it would be a bit too difficult for Mr. Klasara to deny……..he might get away on legal grounds but it looks highly unlikely he will be morally clean too……….it is really a SHAME to see people like him biting the dust, the loss is not his alone but people of Pakistan, if one is to view this incident on a wider canvas………..

    @mxr721…….I agree totally with you……..yours is a comprehensive reply to Mr. Qudratullah’s……ole bravo!!!

  89. This is realy said that not single journalist had taken up this story.Now ,i have realised that why people say ‘sahafat eik muqadus pesha hey’.Because he will never be tried for his crimes.People will demand to try general ,civil servand and politician in court of law but never heard about lifafa journalist . Kasara ,who speaks urdu in such funny accent ,has been using entire capital city as his pastureland(chara gah ). This article only highlights housing, i wouldn’t be surprised if someone dig down and find out that his guest who are staying at federal lodges, are being transported by PIA ,FREE OF CHARGES.

  90. Dear all
    We should avoid launching personal attacks against the people differing from our judgment. We should give our opinion in a rational and balanced way and i only expressed my viewpoint about Klasra as I claim to know him personally more than anybody here. This forum must not act as a court of law as it is the job of a court to give verdict. The story is successful in creating a bad image of targeted Klasra in the eyes of the readers— and this is what the author wanted. Can we call it CYBER TALIBANIZATION ? I also request the worthy readers to try to check the rules and policy of house/plot allotment in the federal capital.

  91. wow what a justification rauf klasra has put it up that coz he is against the taliban so this is why a web site called “pkpolitics” targeting him…..

    afreen hai bhai…..after waiting for some while this is what he got in his defence….

    admin of pkpolitics supports taliban… what a justification…

    i was expecting some thing from klasra but this is all what he has got….i am dissappointed…what a cheap shot this guy is……

  92. I am also disappointed by the kind of justification rauf gave regarding his plot scandal. I think people don’t realise what they are doing when it comes to their own benifit. I have seen alot of people criticising the anyone on but at the same time those people are also doing the same may be at lower level and always say” in magar machoon ko pakro ge to baat bane gi main to samundar se balti pani le raha hoon kya faraq parta hail magar bhool jate hain nadan ke qatra qatra mil ke darya banta hai”.
    I still believe that rauf kalasra is far better than mazir naji type people.

  93. i think indirectly he is blaming ansar abbasi at the start of his column,coz ansar abbasi and 2 other journalists backed off from the plot application first and than this whole thing started………

    by writing this column klasra is in deep water now……………if he wudn’t had written this column generally ppl wud had thought that may be its a smear campaign from pkpolitics now after writing this column and giving some realy vague justifications he actually admitted that there is something fishy about this so-called noble journalist.

    gud work pkpolitics……….bring it on..

  94. @Qudratullah…….I agree with you that people should not indulge in personal attacks. By the same token, are you going to apologize for suggesting to call the effort of the author as a CYBER TALIBIZATION? I think you should!!!

    For your info: I read Mr. Klasara’s rebuttal and must admit he is suited more to writing emotional novels and fictions than facts. He feeds on emotional side of people and shies away from explaining his conduct of a moral and ethical journalist. “I am not alone who has done it” is not the line of argument he should insist on. But i thinks its useless to say anything further to him than people on this and other forums have already said to him.

  95. Copied from another thread

    Excerpts of Rauf Klasra’s Rebuttal

    1- Journalism is a continual test from jealous colleagues.

    2- One particular Web site, which was advertised by some columnist, seems in debted [to malign] anti Taliban journalists.

    3- Impressed with this propaganda, even a politician taunted me on the casual purported political corruption.

    4- Benefactors of these false scandals are pro martial-law forces while journalists are the defenders of politicians and judiciary.

    5- RK counters two of the allegations against him.

    6- RK tries to get the sympathy of his readers by describing his personal situation.

    7- [Pkpolitics] has given the impression as if I am the only Pakistani journalist who got a free plot [Plots:1 | Plots:2 | Plots:3 | Plots: ……….]

    8- Counter to the allegation by Pkpolitics that I grew out of a backward area of Layyah, I am proud of my background and the sacrifices my parents gave for me and for my siblings [empathy].

    9- The journalist owner of this Web site ( throwing his anger against me for not getting a plot for himself.


    Click here for many answers to the self evident lies

  96. I dont buy the agument that ansar abbai is ownwe rof this website. people have been blasting him on this website. This is by all means a anti taliban site.
    There is tilt towards shareef.

    Having said that klasra ie rebutttal is hollow.

    Where is the articel some one siad it is bad that he has come from layyah. ruther his suporter put lot of emphasis on his layyah background( qudrart).

    He himself promoted this website in his articles does this make hin talib lover.

    he is case of inferiority complex, talking about imaginary girlfriend, not talking about any wrong doing in hsi area buttalking about issues in interior balochistan and sindh.

    he is after politicla parties and revealed hisagenda in latest hamid mir program by saying

    in syasat dani ki harkatton ji wajaha se fauj ko ana parta ha. trying to justify fauji dictators.
    i would prefer worst politician over piousjurnail.

  97. Read just now ‘qudratulla’ .Shocked! In my opinion he seem to be sufi.If he did’nt draged qudratullah to court within week then every thing mentioned here will supposed to be correct.
    As far as Rauf Klasra is concerned ‘mujay pehlay hi shak tha bulkay yakintha.Alfaz khud boltain hain’ So I am not surprized.He never criticized Govt.Tere are many others like Rauf just read their articles(alfaz boltain hain) Leave NN I don’t want make this page dirty by writing his name.With the Excption of Ansar Abbassi,Hamid Mir,Arfan Siddiqui, and few mro Others are corrupt and Haramkhore.There is socalled Pirzada used to practice physical T.C of Mian Brothers.Never found any flaw or corruptin inthere regime.Hasan Nisar is also among the corrupts.Once I saw him in Choraha.Reshmi Shalwar Qamiz with Embroidry Golden Links,Rolex Watch.Stupid what he wants to show to the Public.His complex and Corruption.O.K My pota has enterd my room to distube.Pher sahi.Allah Hafiz

  98. There is something happening against pkpolitics.

    Haroon ur rasheed calls it ‘Karai ke log’ …

    Print journalists are becoming anti- pkpolitics. Isn’t it time that pkpolitics try to become more impartial?

    I have learnt a lot from this website and have been a great fan. I want the purpose behind this website to remain as it was (freedom of judiciary/democracy etc)

  99. @paksherazi
    well mr here in pak we are punjabis pathans sindhi saraiki etc…we all have different accents when we speak urdu…im pathan…n speak urdu with pushto accent….so what??? not a big deal….i hope u r not an illeterate guy…so try to comment in a sensible way…dont target useless things…it seems to me as u have nothing to say…but u r desperate for being added here on pkpol. lolz

  100. pls note one very important nd significant thing , i posted my comments abt haroon rashid yesterday , obviously at that time haroon rasheed didnt write this columnin favour of kalasra , but blve me i was 100% sure that only one man in the whole journalist community could come forward to save the skin of kalasra nd that is haroon rasheed, nd same thing happened today. ye sub ” mutaqee ” sahafi aik dusray ke bhai hain .

  101. Haroon Rasheed is a respectable journalalist. If he is saying some thing about this website then there must be some thing fishy. asif rizwan niazi

  102. It is not strange. We setting here in Karachi have been listening of Lifafa Sahafat in Islamabad and Lahore. PK politics has done a great job by exposing Lifafas so that the real journalist should not be held responsible.

  103. plz try to make some arangements to advertise this site on facebook and other mediums as well so that can ppl se the real face these bloody basrted haram khour salay !!!

  104. Kalasar sb jawad dein….

    ap ne daily jang 3 week ago aik story print karwai about “Clean Drinking Water for All” (CDWA)” Clean drinking Water Project – Fraud of Rs. 22 Billiion,
    magar ye sirf 5 percent publish howa tha us k bad koi followup awr baqi 95% nahi publish howa,

    Raoof kalsara sb kia main puch sakta hown k kitny rupy lay kar khamosh ho gey hain app?

    Mr. Salamat Ali the owner of awarded project ne kitny rupy day kar ap ko chup karwa dia?

    batain to bohat karty hain magar kabi apny greban mein be jhanka hay?

  105. rashida alvi wrote about professor, who actually was the victim of vandalism by klasra’s wife, the professor (zawar hussain) was actually working without pay and was invited by the govt. to do the work on quaid’s papers.

    unfortunately mr. zawar hussain died after that incident because for any respectable person, this incident was too much.

    klasra lied blatantly in his reply that the professor was living after retirement, the column by rashida alvi clearly tells the whole story. in his column klasra humiliated the very bright professor, who was doing a wonderful job for pakistan.

    shame on mr. klasra, shame on all these black-mailer journalist, who use the pen for their greed only.

    nange-adam nange-deen nangee-watan

  106. khalid masood khan is a wonderful poet and he introduced a mixture of urdu and punjabi shairi in a very humorous way, which is very popular in general. but he is a medicore columnist and he should not be there in the first place as a columnist. now even he consider himself to be a shining star of free media.

    all these so-called champions of democracy are claiming to be the saviors of country. the fact is that when musharraf violated the constitution in 1999, no one was there to challenge him, every one was writing against democracy and fearing a backlash by army no one dare to join the democratic voices. it was only after the NO by justice iftikhar chaudhry that the dictator came down falling from top to zenith of humiliation, committing one mistake and crime after another.

    strange that when the corruption of naji, maalik and now klasra is disclosed no one is writing about the facts and every one is there to save their buddy. it clearly shows that most of them are corrupt and only fear that one day their own misdeeds will be revealed. shame on all these partners-in crime.

  107. As said by KMK, “اگر ہم آج خاموش رہے تو کل کسی کی بھی عزت محفوظ نی رہے گی”

    It shows that they all are frightened.

  108. i think clasra is a good guy and these all things are wrong he is clear from all matters. this is my personal openion

  109. ….wow… Rauf Klasra claims to file a 100 million pounds lawsuit against p-k-p-o-l-i-t-c-s-.-c-o-m….? ?

    any light on this ??


  110. I just emailed this to Kala Sira (Klasra)

    You guys are the real culprits of Pakistan. Shame on you. Go to hell and enjoy

    Shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame

  111. What I fail to understand about Rauf Klasara’s action is as to why he is not taking the easy way out, that is, answer the allegations leveled against him and stop crying out in public. He is not doing that at all, in fact, he is not even discussing the allegations but jumping from one pole to another like a devilish monkey.

    Rather than being melodramatic and attempting to strike a sympathy chord in people heart, provide the damn evidence and to hell with allegations. Obviously it is not as simple as it seems. He has a dirty linen, and a cupboard full of skeletons. Hence he is trying to muscle his way out thru empty threats, bogus counter-allegations, and outright intimidations.

    Let us see how his latest threat of suing the The PkPolitics in the UK courts unfolds? My advice to him would be; if you are guilty as charged then accept your mistake, tender an apology to public and get on with your life. Milions have looted this country, we will add another name to it. End of story!!!!!

  112. PML(N) wants to do something good but again past catches with everybody in Pakistan. Anyway they are far better than PPP government

  113. If you see the assests declared by all the politicians of Pakistan, you will find that most of these people don’t have more than 3 to 5 lakhs in their bank accounts and only few of them have got their own homes but when they stand elections then they spends atleast 40 to 60 lakh rupees per election. How???????????

    Can anybody explain this to me? I won’t employ them as a clerk in my office who are enjoying ministries. They are all looters, decoits and criminals.

    Politicians are the most corrupt species in Pakistan

  114. Thanks admin for exposing this black sheep prominently on your website. KALA SIRA has no moral standing and he will loose big. Word has grab my ears that the real force behind all this drama against is nazir naji. He is getting big booty from president house these days and it was his advise and sources which prompted KALA SIRA to go to london and spend lavishly there. No one in london welcomed him for this stupid step he took, only present there were his 1000 girl friends (which exists only in his dreams and columns).

  115. @twin cities
    loz rauf and his 1000 girl friends in dreams. very good analysis. o yaar becharey ko bakhsh do. let court decide who is liar? i think political parties are involved in this game and klasra nad pkpolitics are fighting proxy war for them.

  116. @abuzarghafari…………. this is not proxy war between klasrah and pkpolitics… this is very streight matter of undue favour given to mr.RK by the authorties… as pk politics proved with all refrences and documents… now question is very simple… had mr rk got the plot or not?? if he got?? had he right to??? as per marit?? if yess ??? RK shud prove his marit… otherwise RK is at wrong

  117. @hafeez
    i have seen ppl getting personal with RK o yaar take it normally, RK isnt a very top journalist u ppl and pkpolitics have made him so popular. i dont know why are you giving him so importance? there are so many other big issues we should discuss them rather wasting our time on RK and his wrong deeds. he is just a chota reporter in the news, have given some breaking news and thats it. nothing special about him. and his many other journalists are getting benefits please mr admin expose them now leav RK bohat galian par gaye usay, now expose other journalists.

  118. The thing which is boggling my mind is how he can file for £100 million claim; while his total worth including his intellect was valued at “DO Takka” in a recent scrap auction.

  119. @inam
    well there are almost a big number of journalists i mean popular honest journalists who are attached lik leeches to politicians for benefits.
    i hope u ppl have seen the top journalists invited in president house last day on diff tv channels, my God how they were shaking their tales n showing their 32 teeth in front of zardari, well mostly were those anchor persons who use to degrade zardari daily on thier shows but in front of zardari all were trying to becom the most obedient poodles. shame on them.

  120. If government is giving plot for free then why a person should refuse ?If government would give me plot I will accept this ,Many journalist started from the political background and got “Job” in the newspapers becasue of their political belongings .

  121. @netengr…..well, you may go ahead and get that free plot from the govt and become a dot on the long list of greedy and self-serving individuals…….

    but when you will deliver sermon on morality and ethics after receiving that free plot you will sound only shallow but pathetic too …..and thats exactly whats wrong with Mr. RK, and thats why people are disgusted with him….

    @atruepakistani……….surely your definition of greatness can be found in the dictionary of great opportunists of all time…………lolllzzz…….get a life weirdo!!!

  122. When Jamaat Islami was in power the “thakay ” and jobs were givin to Jamaat islami workers ,but this was not consider as rishwat .

    “hadiya ” is used to have good relation ship and this is hapening every where ,Rishwat is if some one wants use the illigal way ,

    Gifts from the government were given to political groups ,Politicians ,journalists etc just to have good relationship

  123. The owner to this site is paid by opposition groups and i do not think this is wrong ,the same law should be apply for the government supporter journalist .

  124. @netengr
    Do you have any proof that owner of this website is paid by oppostion? Dont be fooled by the bluff written by klasra in his column. These so called journalists always write without any investigation. I know personally the guys, who are running this website. Their patriotism and commitment is out of question. They are not at all belonging to any opposition group, but they started this website during Justice movement. And to this day, every step taken by any political party towards better judicial system is supported by this website, whereas this Klasra, could you please quote any of his column where he wrote any single column in favor of Lawyer movement or condemn Zardari betrayl on judges issue?

  125. @agrana
    u r right klasra point of view on zardari is that he has spent 11 years in jail so one cannot blame him for NRO while nawaz did a deal and he and media isnt highlighting his deal while everybody is after NRO.
    @ imam
    i agree with you babar awan was making fool before coming to power but now he is making whole nation fool he is pakka chamcha of zardari a loyal bhai log of zardari maafia.

  126. LUMS’ response to Mr Rauf Klasra’s article about SNGPL’s donation

    Date Announced: 23 July, 2009

    July 23, 2009

    To The Editor
    The News
    PO Box 609

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    With reference to the report by Mr. Rauf Klasra in The News on July 20, 2009, I wish to clarify the position of the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). As a private and not-for-profit educational institution, LUMS relies on tuition fees and the generosity of its donors to provide a world class education to prepare the next generation of leaders in science, engineering, business, social sciences and law. Admission to the university is need-blind, and based purely on merit. The university has an extensive National Outreach Program (NOP) that reaches out to talented students across the country, and those who are admitted to LUMS receive full financial support for the duration of their stay at LUMS. This year alone, one in seven students will be admitted under the NOP program. These are not the hallmarks of an ‘elitist’ institution as Mr. Klasra likes to refer to LUMS but of an inclusive institution which is accessible to all talented students from all segments of society and from all across the country. The university makes no apologies for raising endowments and donations from private individuals and public and private corporations to be able to continue to provide world class education to the most talented of the youth of this country. The SNGPL donation will support the science and engineering infrastructure at LUMS and help in providing an internationally competitive science and engineering education within Pakistan. This will be a much more cost-effective alternative to sending a small number of students abroad. There is no secrecy about the donations that LUMS has received from SNGPL (as implied by Mr. Klasra) as there is none for the donations that the university receives from the corporate sector, from its alumni and from the many philanthropists and well wishers of LUMS.

    Mr. Klasra’s reporting is also replete with factual errors. He suggests that Higher Education Commission provides ‘enough’ funds for educational institutions and therefore LUMS should not seek other support from public institutions. Although LUMS has received some support from HEC from time to time, it does not receive any annual support from HEC as public universities do. In any case even HEC will not claim that the funds it provides to public universities are anywhere near ‘enough’. Another example of such loose reporting is when he suggests that LUMS is ‘owned’ by Syed Babar Ali. LUMS is not owned by Syed Babar Ali or for that matter by any one person. LUMS is a not-for-profit organization which has a Board of Trustees and a very transparent governance and financial structure. The founding trustees aspired to set up a world class teaching and research university in Pakistan, which began as a graduate business school, and now has grown into a full service university with schools of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law, the Suleman Dawood School of Business and the newly established School of Science and Engineering. Its well deserved academic prestige and reputation for meritocracy, both nationally and internationally, is a result of hard work and commitment to excellence of faculty, staff, and students. If there are any owners of LUMS, it is the faculty, staff, students and alumni.

    Ahmad J. Durrani
    Vice Chancellor, LUMS

    Press Clipping – LUMS’ Alumni response to Mr Rauf Klasra’s article about SNGPL’s donation

  127. Klsra sahib aap ko British institution may taleem HASIL karney PE SHARM NAHENN AARY RAHEY.

    what about imaginary girl friends of klasra.

  128. Customers bilked as SNGPL gives multimillion donations

    Tuesday, July 21, 2009
    By Rauf Klasra

    ISLAMABAD: The country’s premier gas company, the Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL), has “secretly” donated tens of millions of rupees to the elitist Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), it was learnt.

    What may be more scandalous, however, is that in the same period the auditors have discovered that the company over billed its customers to the tune of Rs 1.4 billion in 2007-2008. The top guns of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources also reportedly discussed these scandalous issues in a recent meeting to come up with any justification for the alleged actions of the MD SGNPL, Abdul Rashid Lone, in order to satisfy the queries of the auditor general of Pakistan.

    Talking to The News, Federal Secretary for Natural Gas and Petroleum Mahmood Saleem Mahmood confirmed that the SNGP had made a donation to LUMS in 2007-2008 but he disputed the figure of Rs 100 million and said only Rs10 million were paid. He also said, “We have already discussed this issue in our internal meeting on audit objections which I presided.”

    Earlier, sources said, the huge donation, of millions of rupees was said to have been given to LUMS in a clear violation of the government policy in the very same year (2007-2008), when the SNGPL management had indulged in sending inflated gas bills to the tune of Rs1.4 billion and even recovered these amounts from the unsuspecting 0public.

    The donation to a private elite institution like LUMS was said to have been made on the direction of SNGPL MD Abdul Rashid Lone. In an interesting linkage, in the past Rashid Lone had also remained in the employment of Packages Industries, owned by Syed Babar Ali, one of the most influential LUMS board members.

    Official documents available with The News also reveal that on one hand huge donations were being doled out to LUMS and on the other, the SNGPL was sending inflated bills to the consumers to generate more money. The papers show that the SNGPL had over billed and collected a huge amount of Rs1.4 billion. The papers say the 4,236 million cubic feet of gas by volume was over billed.

    Meanwhile, it has also been confirmed to The News that Rashid Lone has also given a job to his aging brother-in-law in SNGPL after his retirement from the same company in Lahore. He was given a job at a salary of of Rs348,750 per month in addition to other perks and privileges.

    Now an official summary has been moved to Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani to give an extension to Mr.Lone for another couple of years in the name of his services to the country. Rashid Lone is the only officer in the country who was retired in 2003, but till date is serving on the same top position after he was given regular extensions in his job, first by General Musharraf regime and now by the PPP government. Earlier, when a team of Auditor General of Pakistan started the commercial audit of the accounts of the SNGPL for the year 2008-2009, it was revealed that a donation of Rs100 million was made to LUMS which was not allowed under the laws. It was pointed out that the Higher Education Commission already provides enough funds to run educational institutions, so paying of any additional amount was a burden on the gas consumers.

    Now, it has been pointed out in the audit documents, currently being exchanged between office of the AGP and the SNGPL, that the payment of donation to LUMS was not justified, as it was neither related to SNGPL business nor promotes the same. The audit team pointed out this irregularity to the SNGPL through preliminary OM on March 3, 2009. But, the SNGPL preferred to ignore this official communication and is sitting on the serious allegations for the last five months.

    However, Petroleum Secretary Mahmood Saleem Mahmood has recently presided over a meeting in his ministry to make the SGNPL officials to give replies to these serious charges against them.

    The official documents also reveal that Rashid Lone issued a contract with his own signature on October 30, 2008, in the name of his brother in law Nadeem Shahryar (21-N, Model Town Extension, Lahore). He was appointed Head of Business Development Department. Ironically, this vacancy did not exist at all. He was given a job of Rs348,750 per month without any advertisement in the newspapers, interviews etc.

    According to this contract, Shahryar was entitled to travel by sleepers AC in Railway and club class by air. Actual boarding, lodging and meals in 5 stars hotels or Rs3,000 per day shall be paid if own arrangements are made.

    It may not be irrelevant to point out that Shahryar got retired from the SNGPL two years back and is getting other benefits he is entitled to as retired pensioner from the same company.

    Natural Gas and Petroleum Secretary Mahmood Saleem Mahmood also confirmed that he had heard that Rashid Lone had been working in one of the private companies owned by Syed Babar Ali, who owns the LUMS. Saleem also confirmed that he had heard that Rashid Lone had given a lucrative job to his brother in laws in the SNGPL. But, the federal secretary said, he had only heard about this contract job, as he did not see any official contract papers to the effect.

    When asked about the Rs1.4 billion over-billing in the same year when the donation was made to LUMS, Saleem expressed his complete ignorance about it.

    This correspondent made telephone calls to Abdul Rashid Lone, but he refused to give his version on the long list of allegations against him for misusing his authority as MD SNGPL. The News, on Saturday, also Contacted LUMS legal Advisor and spokesman, Dr.Pervaz Hassan who said that he was responsible for all the communication with SNGPL and other institutions for such purposes.

    He promised to give the version to the questions about the donation and promised to respond within twenty minutes after getting LUMS version. He never called back. Al subsequent calls made to his number went unanswered and much later one of his family members said that Mr.Hassan had gone out. Over twenty four hours later, Dr. Pervez has still not called back with his promised version.

  129. i don’t understand why the hell Jang group is still sticking with these disgraced journalists ie Naji, Klasra and Malik……
    Atleast the should ve banned the column of Naji after that abusing episode…..
    For Klasra: all we can say about his latest effort to confuse the whole issue is ” ZAAT DI KHOR KIRLI TE SHAHTERAN NU JHAPEY” (sorry its in Punjabi)
    you all should stop reading this hypocrates… this is least we can do.

  130. Haroon ur rashid the bearded journalist is a two dimensional personality. He quotes all the religious things about Daur a Khilafat e Rashida, this and that and also promotes hatred. These type of people of destroyed the country and to bring credence to what they say they always quote some thing with religious touch (God know even what he quotes is true or not) but this is typical of Pakistani criminal mentality. He tries to promote that he is probably the angel who has just been sent to the world and what ever he says is the real truth.
    Rauf Kalasra from his face appears criminal. Punjab is full of these criminals and they are stooges of chowdris and waderas and industrialists.

  131. Shame on such black sheep journalists…..

    Hassan nisar (the most ill mannaered ever born and the supporter of killer MQM).
    Nazir Naji (kaalia bangali)
    Hamid mir (CIA agent/chupa rustam)
    Nusrat javed (the most anti-islamic and doesnt listen 2 anyone in his programe)
    Najam Sethi (always half drunken and his face is like xtremist hindus if u have ever noticed)
    Mubasshir Luqman (lover of women and killer MQM)
    Abbas ather (uncleaned by birth and acts intermediary bw journslists 4 taking bribes 4m Gov)

  132. @ahmed

  133. Rauf Klasra is always seen admiring and justifying the corruption and actions of the PM and Zardari since the present Govt.came in power. I was skeptic to think , why RK is so much admirer of the rulers. Thanks to pkpolitics , it has exposed the so called honesty of Mr. RK and Javed Ch. They were not deserving in 2005 when they first applied but how they became eligible for deserving candidate in 2009. This is all with the good wishes of the Rulers that impossible has made possible of course with some bargain to paint the best picture of the Big Wigs in the News papers. Shame , Shame to all such magarmatch which are rampant in this Pakland. The Land is really Pak. but such like B Ghairat are making it impure for their own ends. May Allah bring Ghazab on these people and Pardon to the Naik log.

  134. To be a person of integerity, calls for a lot of self-denial which is a rare commodity in Pakistan. However such discussions as this one make people to keep in mind that no one can manage to keep his/ her misdoings hidden for long. In turn it can make truly conscientious-minded persons think twice before yielding to any kind of temptations.

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