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  1. Since justice hamid Doggar has been declaired illegal chief justice, all the oaths administered by him, Musharraf and other PCO judges were illegal. Therefore, Chief justice Iftikhar should arrange to readminister oaths to Prime minister gilani, president Zardari and many other officials.

    New dawn has ushered in the history of Pakistan. Our judiciary is on a fast track to achieve independence. For the first time in my life I am very optimistic about the bright future of Pakistan. It’s only the beginning. Lots of work has to be done. Many hurdles have be removed.Those perpetrators responsible for the destruction of our institutions, judiciary in particular, need to be made accountable for their wrong doing and alleged crimes.

    Conratulation to 14 honorable judges for their courage to make a wright decion.
    Congaratulation to Wakulaw brathery, journalist, media and members of civil society as well. This is the result of their long struggle and personal sacrifices.

  2. Watch the following 3 giant size West Based News Agencies Presentation How the West Specially America & Brits are Not Happy with Supreme Court Nullifies Musharraf’s PCO where they put what is the size of Importance?

    Imagine How the West is Un-happy with the Happiness of Common Man of Islamic Republic of Pakistan?

    Specially this Fox News where did they provide the space for this news?




    Muslaman Hukamran Kub aur Kis Din West ko Sahih Tourr Pehchanay Gaa

    Hai Uss Khass Din Ka Shidat Say Intizar – Qabal Iss Kay Mera Dum Nikal Jai Gaa.

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