Gojra Incident was Planned by Sipah-e-Sahabah

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan found that the incident of Gojra between religious communities was engineered by Sipah-e-Sahabah.

Last week’s attacks on the Christian community in Gojra were not a spontaneous reaction to allegations of blasphemy but planned in advance, a fact-finding mission of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) said on Tuesday.

The mission’s report said announcements made from mosques in Gojra on July 31 urged Muslims to gather and “make mincemeat of the Christians” over allegation of desecration of the Holy Quran a week earlier. Witnesses told HRCP that when they informed the police about the announcements, the police officials also confirmed hearing the announcements.

On August 1, around 1,000 people gathered in the area and marched towards Christian Colony the HRCP said, adding that a police contingent present in the neighborhood did not try to stop the mob, which included a number of masked men.

Witnesses said the attackers appeared trained for rioting and arson, the commission reported.

The protesters carried inflammable substances and torched more than 40 houses of Christian families in less than half an hour, with many houses looted before being set on fire.

They claimed that a number of attackers belonged to the banned Sipah-e-Sahaba and other extremist organizations.

The regional police officer told HRCP that many of the attackers had come from outside the district, possibly Jhang.

It said the local administration’s inaction was intriguing, adding that the tragic incidents were a “comprehensive failure” by the government to protect minorities.

Amid the assaults, the commission also noted that some Muslims in the neighbourhood provided shelter to Christian women fleeing the violence.

It is important to note that a few weeks earlier, on similar patern, a train was set on fire by a mob during protests against Electricty Load Shedding. It was confirmed by local MNA that announcements were made from mosques under Sipah e Sahabah control and these were planned riots by an extremist group than a normal protest by citizens.

148 thoughts on “Gojra Incident was Planned by Sipah-e-Sahabah

  1. It is as if people are always ready to burn, loot, destroy property and kill. All they need is an precipitating factor, and they are ready to raise hell.

    No body has the courage to point out that killing other people is the worst way to desecrate principals of Islam.

  2. 1. In the ‘heat’ of this type ‘hot & burning’ news it is very easy to blame & claim that such & such GROUP is responsible.
    2. What are the credentials of the governing body of HRCP or/& What are their names?
    3. Whether it is another ‘claim’ or was it also ‘ said’ that the local police/administration was ‘caught napping’ is also a part of this story.
    3. Finally your story further says :- It is also ‘noted’ that ‘some Muslims in the neighborhood provided shelter to christian women flleing the violence.’
    4. Were those ‘Muslims’ actually ‘Christians’ in the GARB OF MUSLIMS?
    5. Only time will tell whether it was orchestrated by Western Intelligence Agencies or what?

  3. Taliban chief Mehsud may be dead: US T.V, officials

    Updated at: 0619 PST, Friday, August 07, 2009

    WASHINGTON: The Pakistani Taliban chief Baitullah Mehsud may be dead after a reported drone strike, a US official said on Thursday.

    If confirmed, the death of Mehsud would be a coup for Washington, which has placed a five-million-dollar bounty on his head and branded him “a key Al-Qaeda facilitator” in Pakistan’s tribal belt.

    “There is some reason to believe Mehsud may be dead but it cannot be confirmed at this time for certain,” the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told media.

    Pakistani officials on Wednesday had said Mehsud’s wife had been killed in an attack from an unmanned US aircraft, which regularly target Al-Qaeda and Taliban militants in Pakistan.

    A senior Pakistani security official had told media that the target of the strike was the warlord Mehsud.

    US television quoted unnamed US officials saying there was no physical evidence but there were “indicators” that Mehsud had been killed.

    The officials said they hoped to secure DNA tests, US television reported.

    Pakistan on Sunday offered a 615,000-dollar reward for information leading to the capture, dead or alive, of Mehsud.

    The burly Al-Qaeda-linked warlord, blamed for the deaths of hundreds of people in terror attacks over two years, has amassed influence from his fiefdom in the treacherous peaks of South Waziristan.

    After an early education from a religious school in Miranshah in North Waziristan, Mehsud traveled to Afghanistan in the mid 1990s to fight alongside the Taliban movement as they battled for control of the war-torn country.

    Upon his return, the Taliban in Pakistan were commanded by one-legged former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Abdullah Mehsud, who was killed when troops raided his hideout in southwestern Baluchistan province in July 2007.

    Although relatively unknown at the time, Baitullah Mehsud — now in his late 30s — swiftly took his place and that same year he formed an umbrella organization of tribal militants named Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan.

    Despite a string of peace deals with the government, Mehsud set up training camps for recruits, and extended his influence into the districts of North Waziristan and Bajaur and nearby cities of Tank and Dera Ismail Khan.

    Taliban influence also spread from the long-troubled tribal belt stringing Afghanistan to the picturesque Swat valley to the northwest, which had been a peaceful holiday spot popular with foreigners and Pakistanis.

    A wave of attacks linked to Islamist militants has killed 1,995 people around Pakistan since government forces fought gunmen holed up in the radical Islamabad Red Mosque in July 2007, sparking militant retaliation.

    The government has blamed nearly 80 percent of the attacks on the Pakistan Taliban, including the December 2007 killing of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

    Infuriated after the Swat Taliban advanced to within 100 kilometers (60 miles) of Islamabad in early April, the Pakistani military launched an offensive to dislodge militants from three northwest districts.

  4. Malik says collecting proofs about Baitullah’s killing

    Updated at: 1103 PST, Friday, August 07, 2009

    ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Rehman Malik said Baitullah Mehsud’ wife, brother and seven guards were killed in drone attack in South Waiziristan on Wednesday.

    Talking to Geo News, Malik said initial reports and evidences state that Baitullah Mehsud has also been killed in the attack; however, government is investigating about the reports of Mehsud killings.

    Seven guards of Baitullah Mehsud were also killed in missile attack in Zangar area of South Waziristan. The confirmed reports said attack was carried out exactly at the same place where Baitullah Mehsud was supposedly present. His arms equipped vehicle was also destroyed in the attack. Rehman urged the aides of Mehsud to lay down their weapons and started thinking for country’s and Islam betterment.

  5. It is not true, did this HRCP told you how a muslim lady was killed in german court due to her scarf, no! Then why they did made this speedy report about this issue? Could someone explain? As for as the christians are concened, they are humans , and should be tereated like humans.

  6. Well its the role of Mullah to present the true image of Islam rather to destroy the image of Islam. Very sad & should be condemed

  7. Killin of Marwa in Germany is indeed extremely deplorable, but that has nothing to do with what happened in gojra.

    However, HRCP issued its report with an amazing speed. It is not conceivable that a thorough investigation can be undertaken in such a short time.

    Furthermore, HRCP has not given refernce of any eye witnesses to back up its primary contentions. it has also failed to talk with the other side. Even today there was a procession of women in Gojra who were raising slogans that desecration of Quran did take place and the culprits should be caught. They were also complaining that police was indiscriminately raiding houses, arresting even children and elderly and torturing them.

    They were also protesting that nobody is talking about the 16 people who were critically injured by firing of christians, the incident which led to rioting.

    HRCP should also listen to this side of the story and then issue its report after thorough investigation and analyzing the two conflicting view points.

    Police should also be careful and should ensure that it catches actual criminals instead of doing mass random arrests under political pressure.

  8. HRCP’s efficiency on this case is amazing, I wonder where were they in other cases -especially when students were ruthlessly massacred in a mosque in Islamabad.

  9. We strongly comdemn the sad incidences of intolerance wherever it took place. But HRCP should not have biased approach and should be vocal on every incident.

  10. @Adonis

    “They were also protesting that nobody is talking about the 16 people who were critically injured by firing of christians, the incident which led to rioting.”

    I agree with you, we should not consider whether the problem makers were muslims or Chrisitians, they are Pakistani, and every one should be brought to justice.

    Our coward rulers will use this issue to get favour of west instead of telling them that this is our internal issue, we will solve it through justice. Look at Nonsense Chief Minister, “Mera naam Shehbaz Nahin”, they both brothers are Firauns by nature, they try to do everything by themselves, while it is not possible to insure law n order without mobilizing govt. machinery, without proper system.

  11. Another intriguing issue is that while there has surely been an increase in prominence of a certain hardliner sect among muslims in many areas, another development that has gone virtually unnoticed is the increasing influence of hardline evangelical christians in Pakistan.

    Traditionally, Pakistani christians have been primarily catholic with significant pockets of protestants. They have historically lived in peace and harmony with Muslims and there has been no history of violence or even tension between them.

    However, in 1990s, American evangelical missionories started targeting Pakistan and there activities have risen manifold in the last ten years. Evangelicals are extremely hardwing christians and believe in very active prosleytization. Extremist nutcase Pat Robertson’s Christian Coalition has been very active in Pakistan and now many well known american evangelists routinely come to Pakistan and address missionary sessions and mega “healing” events. They always stress on the need of actively converting muslims.

    The increasing influence of these christian foreign extremists coincided with the corresponding increase of extremism in Muslims and the result is what we are seeing in Gojra now.


  13. Pkp JI Pultoon,

    You guys are jumping on HRCP as if they blamed JI for gogra incident. JI mullahs here defends Taliban, alaqeda, LeT and now SSP. Why don’t you announce 3 days of mourning in honour of your mujhaid Baitullah Masud who was probably killed in drone attack along with his 2nd wife, brother and 7 body guards?

  14. @Qamar Raza

    What the killing of Muslim Lady in a German Court has to do with criminal act of Gojra incident?
    Or you want to say that Gojra incident was the reaction of killing Muslim lady in German Court?
    You seem to be biased against non-Muslims or you are favouring criminal SS.

  15. All this occured because of malafide intentions and stupidity. In any civilized country if there was a report of such a desecration (although such laws are unknown over there, except the stupid law of “Holocaust Denial”), then it was merely the job of the police to investigate and arrest the perpetrator and present him in a court of law. Why citizens need to protest at all..and why the violence.

  16. shabaz shrief does not know, how to run the govt. Police needs permission from CM to register the case, launch an investigation or to arrest any high profile person.

    We need to develop a system that works and provide justice to every one without the interference of politicians, generals and influential people.

    A system that does not need CM interference in every single cases and local authority and police reactions should be spontaneous to every incident. Police should work for public instead of working for individuals

    same thing goes for PPP

  17. @bebus

    Sir gee! please read my post promptly, we are not here to make numbers, but to enhance understanding of issues. I didn’t say christians were at fault, or muslims were, but I tried to point out biased role of so called HR organisations.

  18. AOA

    Gojra incedent kaise howa? Kisi ke pass koi chashmdeed gwa hai jis se ap sepah-e-sahaba ka naam lga skein.
    Christians aik shadi ke moka pr sharab pi kr shor macha rehe they muslims ne in ko shor machne se mana kia to unho ne quran ki parchia bana kr urrai
    aur un ko pairo ke niche ronda.
    Jis pr muslamno ki aik majid ke imam ne logo ko ikhta kia aur Christian ki basti ke tarf gey christians ne chatoo se in pr fire kr 8-10 bando ko zakhmi kia aur is ke baad Jhang se Sepah-e-Sahaba harkat mein aai aur ye sab kuch huwa jo k nhi hona chaye tha. lekin agr ye na b hota to kia hokomat christians ke khilaf koi action leti mera khaiyal he nahi.
    Porey Pakistan me christians log Sharab, Chars aur dosri kism ki manshiyat frokht krtey hien. Faiasalabad mien Gujar Basti, Waris Pura wagaira jesi jaghoo pr sare christian community yhi kaam karti hai. In ka har dosra banda kisi na kisi NGO ke saath attach hai aur Bahir se lakho ki immdad hasil karta hai.
    90% manshiyat ka karobar christian log karte hien. Lakin in ke khilaf koi action nahi hota. Koi k jin ka dia hakomat khati hay cristian ke khilaf kisi kaam pr wo Fori Danda b daitey hien.

  19. @Adonis

    HRCP may be fast but Mulla announcing from Masjid to attack Christian was reported well before HRCP report.
    Mincemeating the christians may be the graphic detail missing in earlier reports by Pakistani media.
    I also disagree with you that Christians first started shooting…if its true then they must have started shooting on omnious looking torch bearing dangerous rioters.

    Its not only sad but very painful.

  20. @bebus wrote

    “What the killing of Muslim Lady in a German Court has to do with criminal act of Gojra incident?”

    I think nothing in common but definitely HRCP speed to report this incident and not reporting German Court incident is worth noted.

  21. @jazoo

    I don’t think that the investigation by HRCP needed a longer time.
    It is pity that instead of trying to find our own drawbacks, we start blaming others. It is general tendency with we Pakistanis.

  22. The past history of Sipah Sahaba. They were earlier deadly against Aih Lay Tashih Now fresh Front has been Opened with Christian Community, no end of opening of Brutal Fronts.

    Therefore, No one know where this will be stopped as there is No Justice no Rule of Law existing, rich & poor are being treated in different manner, so this would happen in natural way.

  23. @bebus

    I am greatly thankful that you call “We Pakistanis”

    Probably significance of your ID is you are helpless(bebus) as “We Pakistanis”

  24. Being a Muslim We all should be ashamed of what happened in Gojra in the name of Islam. Do we find anything similar in the life of our beloved Prophet PBUH? He had non muslims all around him even when he conquered Makkah, yet he ordered not to harm any non muslim including his worst enemies.

    This Gojra case is a true case of “Misuse of religious liberty” by the ppl living in Pakistan. This goes true not only for muslims but also to christians involved as mentioned by some other ppl on this site. Some elements are undoubtedly trying to ignite fighting not only among different muslim sections but also among muslims & minorities. This is a tough time for our nation and we must handle the problems properly.

    Time and again I have highlighted on these forums that we need to properly define our religious liberty. It MUST not mean that anybody can do anything in the name of religion. Control of Mosques is the most important thing (construction as well as appointment of Mulah. I a society like ours where there is no fear of labeling “fatwas of kufr” on other fellow muslims, who do not agree to your understanding of Islam, incidents like this cannot stop. Such things can be seen to increase in coming years if we do not ACT NOW. We have shaped ourselves into an extremist society, of which taliban is only a start.

    For moving in the correct direction, there should be an open discussion on TV inviting all the leading Ulamas (from all sections). This should be properly advertised so that most of the ppl MUST see which should be a thorough and knowledge based discussion over all the conflicting issues (withing the Muslims as well as with other religions). Target of this debate should be to get unity among muslims as well as with minorities. The debate should not end until we are able to decide our religious future (there should be no timeline). Yet this will be only a first step towards our long journey if we are to show the world what is the true face of Islam. This is a collective responsibility of our society and we cannot survive if we do not act properly.

    May Allah Help us.

  25. بھائی لوگوں نے اچھا طریقہ نکالا ہے بحث کرنے کا – اگر میری بات نہیں مانو گے تو’احمق’ جیسے پیار بھرے لقب سے لیکر ‘طالبان’ کی اصطلاح – بس یھی ہے تمام تر منطق – لعنت ہے ہمارے تعلیم یافتہ طبقے پر

  26. Admin: Your site is being recognized well now, therefore it is requested at least paste the picture at any Title of Story which may pls. seem appropriate which rightly reflects an event.

    The picture your technical pasted here-at above i.e. covered & suitable for any Northern Area Site not for Gojra Based Story.

    Therefore, if you may think so fit necessary pls. Kindly check it out & for your necessary action ASAP.

  27. well the govt. is working hard for the sake of Christians which is good gesture i think the main reason is foriegn pressure.
    Will the govt always work under the foreign pressure.

    the killing of Muslims is also being done under the foreign pressure.

    Well Sahme on the political Govt and espacially Mr.Yousaf RAza Gillani came in the parliment with the votes of Mureeds with religious votes

    where were these so-called leaders when muslims are being killed.

    the fact is that PPPP is always pro-western Govt. The reality is PPPP never dare to say a single word against the cartoonist of denmark and norway. not even by B. Bhutto

  28. My previous comment was regarding long term solution to this problem.
    For short term, we must identify the culprits and bring them to justice. Minorities in our country must feel secured and thier rights must be given to them according to the true teachings of Islam.

    Religious liberty should be given to ppl for individual actions and not for collective damage to Islam and society. Whenever society as a whole is affected by some ppl’s wrong doings, then the rules must be strict & such ppl should be dealt with no mercy.

  29. Two wrongs will not make a right. if christians did the descration of the Holy Quran,,they must be punished by the state. peoples must launche FIR against them and government must take action . But by taking law in hand and doing violence is also condemable.we must condem the act of SS and inocent muslims(traped by Mulla of mosque for violence). Sipah-i-Sihaba is a terroist orgnisation .they believe on violence .we condem both actions,,, done by some chirstians and by some muslims.Majority of muslims and christians believe on hormany.

  30. Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @Blackhawk12: Who needs BaitULLAH Mehsud, when US/Nato are expanding their embassy in Islamabad and building another in Peshawar in which they will drop their soldiers, military personel, spies, mercenaries directly inside our borders?

    P.S. BaitULLAH’s was discovered as an enemy agent by Pakistan govt. and people of Pakistan. His death is still not confirmed though

    Dua go,

  31. Friends if you remember HASB-HAAL last week, AZIZI’s mukhbari was that in the month of AUGUST, government will launch full scale CRACK DOWN against RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS.

    things are going in that way! i cant say wether its planned or …..being unlucky

  32. i do beleive that HRCP is a RAW + MOSSAD +CIA supported organization who is absolutely baseless in their comments. We all know that these roits and communal violence has been setup by CIA + RAW agents sitting in US embassy in Islamabad.

    If ARMY Cheif has any guts he must orde immediately removal of Ghadari and and Expel US diplomats from Pakistan, since Americans and Indians are an axil of evil and if Pak Nation dont wake up and defend itself we will ultimately break pakistan.

    Pakistan Sarzemeen
    Zindabaad – Pindabaad

  33. it is really sad and I am sure that the authorities investigating this incidence will take this into account. However, I must say that no law in any circumstances allows killings of ppl and burning their houses ………………….

    Taking law into hands is never a good thing as done by both the parties in this case. We as Muslims have greater responsibility to avoid such incidents as we all know that there is a media war also going on against Muslims throughout the world.

  34. I cannot say who is involved JI or SS… but that is for sure the incident was organised… Police never did any thing to stop the mass gathering ready for roits …

  35. Where are my comments that I sent this morning on this subject? My position was #2 in forwarding them. Can any reader help me in confirming the same, please? I think the guys in/charge of this website are hell-bent or resolute in ERASING my comments?

    If ‘pejamistri’ is reading these comments of mine, will he then help? Coz’ according to his own statement, he is the REAL OWNER of this website?
    Where are you Mr/Miss ‘pejamistri’?

  36. I am not used to ‘playing’ games as those in/charge of this website may wish to do so !پجابی میں کہتے ہیں ‘ اساں نہ خہید ان گے ن خیّد نے دیا گے ‘

  37. I don’t think so it was planned. This shows the nature and inclination towards religious extremism of our society. You just have to charge anyone for sacrilege and see how these bl*ody fools antagonise and turn into beasts. Why coz them sh!ting creature thinks it’s the shortest way to go to jannat and will get 70 virgins and everything they cant dream here. They trying to deceive God as well they cant fulfil their religious obligations and trying to finds out ways to be remain bl*ody Rind and not letting the jannat out of hand as well. They are looser a complete waste of lives. These are the people who made salman rushdie a great writer it wasn’t Queen of England it was these sh!t people who made him knighthood. These people turned Jyllands-Posten an ordinary newspaper into a world renowned publishing. People writes a lot blasphemous things about other religions they comes to books stores and goes off shelves and back to stockroom in days nobody bothers some buys them some don’t they die their on their own without being noticed.. But we Muslims made every stinking writer a worldwid hit. If you want to be famous just write anything blasphemous about Islam you will be an instant hit.
    These Muslims lacks the abilities to progress they cannot compete with the ever increasing developing world so they try to find out the ways to disturb them. They are envious of the developed world.

  38. @adil

    I fully agree with you and your comments are worthy of attention for those who living in Stone Age. Muslim world is behind all the nations in education and science & technology. Too much involvement of religion into State affairs has casued massive damage to development of Muslim world. If Muslims want to progree ahead they MUST separate religion from State affairs.

  39. This is the false propaganda of Zardari Group. They just want to gain the sympathy of Ammericans that these are Islamist Extremists. These poeple from Jhang were hired By Zardari and Salman Taseer. Only poor Chrstians (which are mostly cleaners and road sweepers) suffered very badly in the hands of these hired militants.
    Christian population every where in Pakistan are very peace loving. We always degrade them by calling them ‘choora’. This terminology should now be forbidden in Pakistan.
    We all know what a double face b@st*rd Salman Taseer is and how slack his security was when Sri Lankan team was in Lahore.
    All those Christians who have lost life and lost property should be properly compensated.
    I repeat again this was done by Zardari hired people. And Rehman Malik was again giving statement in pink silky tie with pink hanky sticking out of his coat’s pocket……رحمان ملک پورا مراثی لگ رھا تھا
    There are news cirlulating that possibly Baitullah Mahsuud has been killed, I also wish if there was a drone attack on the President House when Zardari was meeting Asfandayar Wali – at least all three enemies of Pakistan would have gone in one day.

  40. I fully support the views of Javed Khan above that Chritians particulary in our rural areas ahould not be called ‘choora’ or ‘bhangi’ any more. These are very insulting titles – we should only call them our Christian Bhai or Christian Pakistani’s.
    I too feel that this whole Gojra incident is the mischief of Zardari’s Govt…… why adequate Security is not present around Churches, Imam Bara’s, Temples etc. I don’t know when the Parliament is going to throw out Zardari – but this may not be possible so long as we got ch*tia friendly opposition of Nawaz Sharif —-> who is nursing the mysterious illness of his wife in the comfort of London and when she will return, Nawaz Sharif will take her (like last time) straight to Zardari for dinner and possibly get her f*cked afterwards.

  41. @JavedKhan

    Its good to know you are willing to support drone as long as they let you drop the GPS chip at desired location 🙂

    BTW what was Zardari and RM’s motive from gogra attack?

  42. @javed khan

    ماشا الله you have in depth knowledge and information of the incidence.

    الله آپ کی معلومات اور صلاحیتوں میں اضافہ فرماے اور ہمیں ان سے بہر مند ہونے کی توفیق دے. امین

  43. if true very sad… but given the credibility of our government it seems another west appeasing stunt… dhaikho hum tumharay religion ko bhi protect ker rahe hain… please aik million dollar ki our bheek de dain.

  44. @Patriot

    West doesn’t care for the religion as we do.

    It is we Pakistanis who see every thing through the goggles of religion. USA protected Muslims’ genocide in Bosnia on humanitarian grounds. Generally speaking, for them humanity is prime, for us religion is prime. You may like it or not, but it is the fact.

  45. The Gojra incident was sad & very unfortunate.
    This made our Pakistani image ,which already malign by the western media , more tarnish .
    My humble suggestion to the sitting government is that it should Repeal all the Biased & anti humane amendments & laws from our 1973 constitution & this is the only way out to a True Islamic Image which we utmost need today .
    If someone has an open mind to analyze what is happening today in the name of religion & from where this all started ? we come to know that the first time an amendment made in the name of religion to declare Ahmedies/Qadiyanis/lahories …NON MUSLIM by the Parliament in 1974 & this Open a door of extremism , fundamentalism & religious fanaticism in a moderate Society of Pakistan .Gen.Zia came & he put fuel to fire & line up different sects as Arm Groups & also established political Hooligans like MqM & Punjabi Paktoons to dismantle strong holds of PPP , JI in urban Sindh.
    The Dictators made our Home Land a hell & we remained Silent Spectators ……..
    Unity as Pakistanis is the only way to survive in this World of Opportunists …
    If we are true Muslims we have to Amend our Constitution & Repeal all such Biased amendments ..Calling one sect “Kafir ” means ,we have SHUT DOWN our minds & now it will be a way to MULLAHIYAT that in turn cause always disastrous result …….. we have Experienced it in recent Past & we should not let it happen for our coming Generations …
    Allah Bless our Homeland
    Allah Bless our People
    Allah Bless our ………………….PAKISTANI NATION ….ameen
    plz.note that Minds are Like Parachutes …Work only if OPEN ………… so, Open your Parachutes otherwise !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. @majidkhan

    You have grudge against Islam, you wanted to say some thing against Islam but you spared it…….. thanks. Dear all this mess is becuase of poor governance, its actually duty of state to stop n eliminate these kind of issues, but they are not doing it so we should expect this. If you know Islam better than the people you are cursing, then what you did to preach or introduce that? Dont blame eigther muslims or christians for this mess, you are not sure about the facts.

  47. @bebus

    “West doesn’t care for the religion as we do.

    It is we Pakistanis who see every thing through the goggles of religion. USA protected Muslims’ genocide in Bosnia on humanitarian grounds. Generally speaking, for them humanity is prime, for us religion is prime. You may like it or not, but it is the fact.”

    For them humanity is prime, hmmmmmm!
    Sir gee this is not your topic! Very simple


    What did I say that you felt is bad and took personally …

    I just said in context to the issue, that I cannot say who is behind the Gojra event but what I can say that police did nothing to stop the mob and what ever happened looks planned.

    Isn’t that in context of the issue?

  49. @anna

    Calling one sect kafir is truly a problem but with due respect Qadiyanis or Ahmedis never were a sect in Islam…They were made by British Empire to damage Islam from inside Islam.

    ZA Bhutto was a great leader and very secular non sectarian Muslim….Trust me if he agrees they are not Muslim than be assured they are not muslim.

    Declaring Qadiyanis non muslim was not a source of problems in Pakistan…Their creation was a problem and accepting them as muslim was a bigger problem.

  50. @bebus

    I am greatly thankful that you call “We Pakistanis”

    Probably significance of your ID is you are helpless(bebus) as “We Pakistanis”

  51. @anna

    Spot on. I fully endorse your views. Introducing the definition of Muslim in 1973’s constitution to appease mullahs to get their signatures on constitution was a mistake by ZA Bhutto. Zia built on that by introducing hadood and blasphemy laws. Discrimination in the name of religion is intergral part of our society. The present wave of violence be it a suicide attacks on public places or mobs attacking minorities is tied to intollerance that these discriminatory laws have groomed. We need to rebuild our country as secular where minorities and different sects are equal in the eye of law. Mullahs and religious right have made secularism evil trait. In my view secularism is the only way people from different faiths can live in harmony and practice their beliefs peacefully. Look at countries like US, Canada and western europe they all are secular and people from all kind of faiths live peacefully. We need to follow that model. Pakistan can not survive with Taliban and Saudi style theocracy.

  52. The killing of B Mehsud at this time when the BB murdure investigation through UN is underway means real killer of BB will never be exposed

  53. HANG ALL THE LEADERSHIP WITH FAZLOO DIESEL OF THIS JAHIL SIPA IN THE CHOOK OF GOJRA. These monstors are group of munaqeens and are more dangerious than kufaars. This is the time to take actions and send all these mufaqeens to hell.


  54. @zam1112
    I do not understand what are you so excited about. Why do you want to kill Maulvi Diesel???
    Are you not aware the Presidentship of Zardai solelydepends on the support of Maulvi Diesel and Altaf Bhatta Khor (MQM)
    Both MQM, Maulvi Diesel and ANP are claiming very high price from Zardari for their Support.
    And yesterday if I had the remote control of the Drone Plane, I would have knocked out the President House first where Zardari was meeting Asfandyar Wali, then I would have kncked out Salman Taseer and Rehman Malik……and Baitullhah Mehsud would have been last on my list.
    Enemy No 1 of Pakistan is Bhutto Family. Yes Bhutto family is enemy No: 1
    Enemy No 2 of Pakistan is India.
    Enemy No 3 of Pakistan is Baitullah Mehasud (simply becaue he was funded by India)
    Please remember Baitullah Mehsud also trained Murtaza Bhutto and Shahnawaz Bhutto to set-up Al-Zulfiqar Terror Group who carried out bombing in Pakistan during Gen Zia era.

  55. @Kashif Re: anna / Posting-8.10pm,

    ‘………to appease Mullah’s to get their signatures on Constitution was a mistake by ZA Bhutto
    Let me tell you something Gen Zia DID NOT make a mistake by hanging ZA Bhutto.
    Gen Zia should have hanged Bhutto 100 times. Bhutto was enemy no: 1 of Pakistan. Bhutto broke East Pakistan for his lust of Power. Gen Zia was a very brave leader (not like the NRO comandoooooooooo Musharraf hiding in London). Gen Zia should have hanged Murtaza and Shahnawaz Bhutto as well.

    You also said…
    ‘…….We need to build our country as Secular where minorities and other sects are equal in the eyes of Law………….

    Why do you want to make the State as ‘Secular’. There is already enough protection for our Minorities in the contitution.

    In view of your unstable head, I therefore nominate you for the BB Shaheeeeeeeeeeeeeed NRO Memorial Award.

  56. @JavedKhan
    History says all…
    These days only Ejaz Ul Haq praises his father and your are the second.
    Evene NS does hesitate to call Zia name in the public because he knows the consequences.
    Now August 17 is coming and ask NS to go to Faisal mosque and do a speach by saying “I will complete Zia’s mission”.
    Zia mission was what we are facing today…..

  57. Sipah-e-sahabah should change its name to SIPAH-E-SHAITAN.Also congratulations to all the decent people on the happy demise of Shaitan Baitulah Mehsud.

  58. @block

    Janab you are replacing Sahabah with SHAIT**, while you can’t prove it was done by SS, please think b4 you deliver. Please consider my request.

  59. @ Adonis

    You are right evangelic is the extremist form of christianity same as whabism maybe more then that , evangel roots are in judism, the hardline christians don’t use printed books for teaching evangelicism because they want to keep it secret . one of the important lesson of evangelic is ‘ Jews are the chosen people and Israel is a promised Land’. The network of evangelic schools ( evangels Madrasa’s) is all over America, Europe , central/west Africa and in philipine. If they are realy working in Pakistan then we will have a big trouble in the future. Bush studied in evangelical school. US attack on Afghan and drone attack on Pakistan is part of Project Promised Land.

  60. @Saeed Afzal

    Your views are sick and you should be ashamed of yourself. In this forum we are discussing death of a monster not other irrelevant matters which you are tyring to drag here to distract attention.

  61. Correction for my last comments
    I meant discussing death of several innocent Pakistanis who were burnt by some criminals in the name of Islam. Unfortunately there is a massive misuse and abuse of word islam in our country and opportunists exploit it.

  62. @iamsowise

    Drones are killing our enemies which we are not able to do, so pls let them kill and dont worry about jews and christians ,Nobody is working against Pakistan.OUR own madasahas and leaders are enough to destroy this country.

  63. We need persons like BLOCK so that this country can progress.

    We need persons like Javed khan so tharwe can go back to the stone age.

  64. We all here mourn the death of innocent Pakistanis due to drone attacks. But it is due to the fact that the treacherous Taliban killers are hiding with in the innocent Pakistani population and using them as human shield. However, if the drone attacks are conducted on specifically calculated targets, general public will welcome them, though they may not say so publically.

  65. @JanuJerman Khan

    Save your country its going to the dogs.As much I sympathize with those who are being killed I also know that these people should not give shelter to these animals who are planning attack on innocent Pakistani sitting out there.If you have a better solution you are most welcome to contribute.

  66. @block

    Are you saying Pakistan isn’t in the hands of dogs?

    So the solution is just bomb the heck out of people? What do you say about fair trial or you also believe just like those militants in indiscriminate killing? You are using same argument/logic as the other side, I say what is the difference?

  67. @JanuJerman Khan

    We are just copying what Israeli’s do in Gaza and West Bank, collective punishment is not acceptable morally by anyone’s standards and is not aacceptable under even under Western Made International Law and is classed as a War Crime not that Yanks or the Pak army give a damn about civilians, going by they past actions.

  68. aftab,

    Drones, good or bad is separate question, but here we don’t have a choice. Whether we like it or not they will continue their operation based on policy devised in pentagon.

    But it is amazing to see the lot that is “shah say ziada shah kay wafadar” who instead of defending a sovereign country, praise the foreign illegal cross border missile strikes.

    But what amuses me is that this “coconut” lot gets same treatment regardless of what they have in their brain in the west as rest of the people.

    They get SSSS on bording passes, they get especial interviews from homeland, they get watched etc etc no matter how much these poor coconuts try but still are put in same category as rest of us 😀

  69. @ iamsowise

    You are absolutely right. Evangelist christians and wahabis are two sides of the same coin. I know for a fact that american evangelist missionaries have become very active in Pakistan because I have myself seen their gatherings. By the way, these events are not any secret or anything. They are well publicized and muslims are encouraged to participate. The fervour with which these evangelists operate and their passion for converting every muslim to christianity is in sharp contrast to the soft attitude of traditional christian denominations historically present in Pakistan. This is indeed giving rise to extremist elements among Pakistani christians.

    While condemning the wahabi extremism among Muslims, we cannot condone similar forms of extremism in other religions.

    As for the HRCP report on Gojra incident, it is baffling that the incident happened on August 1, HRCP sent its team to Gojra on August 3 and HRCP report was issued on August 4. This undue haste brings into question the credibility of the report itself. Furthermore, the HRCP team did not talk to any of those people who were claiming (and are still claiming) that desecration of Quran did take place. It did not contact any of those who were injured due to firing of christians. This is totally absurd.

    The timing of the HRCP report seems to be intended to become media highlight while the issue is still hot, so that it can help secure further foreign funding for HRCP.

  70. @Adonis

    You are few of the wise voices on this website…sometimes I doubt your credibility as well.

    Suppose desecration of Quran took place but then WHAT?
    Does it mean to burn them alive with kidz and women.

    Those who did this heinous act establish they have a respect for Quran but no respect for what this Holy Book says.

    Respecting Quran means follow what It says not to burn alive in the name of this Book.

    I also doubt your concerns that Evangelists have entered Pakistan….This Zionist setup has difficulty in setting its foots in USA where they are born with rich financing….Its hard to imagine they can enter hostile atmosphere in Pakistan.

  71. Thousands of Shia Muslims have been killed including doctors and intellectuals in large numbers. They are still being killed (Parachinar) as we speak or write.

    President down to IG and SHO are showing outrage and on a high profile star studded pilgrimage to Gojra. Why those who believe in the highest regard for the family of the prophet SAW and in the same Allah SWT as the rest of all the Muslims, when killed, do not get any such sympathy?

  72. In my personal opinion pkpolitics now became gutter of pakistan.No integrity and honor left in this website.Its now became a tool of propaganda used by ani pakistan forces who letting any single opportunity drag islam and pakistan
    in thier issues and defame pakistan and people of pakistan.

    In think as loyal pakistan i have no other choice but leave this site! who listening and allowing every christian ,hidu sikh but not listening to cries of muslims of pakiistan.


  73. I repeat again, only Zardari is involved in the Gojra Attacks, and he did this just to gain sympathy from Americans to say that this is the job of Talibans and Islamic Extremists. Zardari is a very cruel and a ruthless man and he will go to any lenngths to protect his post.
    The policies of Zardari is the main threat to Pakistan, compared to a Baitullah Mehsuud who I think is (or was) a smaller threat.
    We now need another Gen Zia to sort out Peoples Party, and the way Zardari is behaving, it appears there will be another Gen Zia very soon.
    So, Mr Zardari have your bags packed and ready if you don’t want to be hanged.

  74. @ Saeed Afzal

    Where did you get that from that Zardari is behind Gojra incident, when on the main page of this very website pkpolitics.com it is clearly stated that

    “”Gojra Incident was Planned by Sipah-e-Sahabah””

    Now if you really want to link Zardari up with the Gojra incident then you have to prove his links with Sipah-e-Sahaba and you will find quite a few links that Muslim League Nawaz might have with Sipah-e-Sahaba but you will not find a single link that Zardari might have with Sipah-e-Sahaba.

    Sipah-e-Sahaba is a deobandi organisation and Zardari and his PPP government are backing the army operation against deobandi militants in the tribal areas.

    So my advice to you is that go and get your head checked up by a good doctor coz I think you might not even have rocks in your head, coz it will be empty, I can bet you that much.

  75. @ block

    I’m not worry about christians and jews my point is that extremists evangelist actions against muslims are stimulating uneducated muslims. Afia Sadiqui , Marwa kiling, Iraqi women raped by US marine, Indian gujrat muslim masacre with US support we have so many examples, i dont support killing of any innocnt but i think you should give some discount to the Gojra muslim mob.

  76. @Saeed Afzal

    It is a good diplomatic move by you to protect dirty mullas and killer Taliban by blaming Zardari for killing of Christians in Gojra. Terrorist mullas are solely responsible for this heinous crime of terrorism on poor Christians.

    Having said that, I agree with you to the extent that Zardari is a very cruel and a ruthless man and he will go to any lengths to protect his post.


    Thanks for compliments and same to you.The difference between people like me and you is that I can see the realty on the ground.I dont beleive in consipiracy theories.I dont blame Christian ,Jews or West for our shortcomings.I dont blame other people nations for the problems we have created ourselves.Pls let me know what does CHASKA mean.

  78. Sad that we have become so intolerant.
    Sadder that ppl on this website want to blame others (West, Afghanistan, India) for our hatred and intolerance.
    Why would HRCP comment on Muslim woman killed in Germany – They are not called HRCG (Germany).

    From Dawn newspaper:

    “‘Dear Irfan,

    Somebody sent me your email. Working as I was in villages, I hardly read newspapers. However, at this time I am based in Bangkok working as regional coordinator of Caritas Asia. It is part of the whole global Caritas Internationalis with its headquarters in the Vatican….

    ‘You must have heard of all that has happened in Gojra…. At a Christian village in Korian Chak 362 JB, Gojra tehsil, district Toba Tek Singh (places I have worked for a long time), kids got hold of some social studies and Urdu textbooks and cut pages to throw in welcome to the groom coming to the village. News spread that an Arabic text was also cut up. Talib Masih, father of one of the boys, was called before the baraderi. He explained everything and how illiterate children had done it to welcome the party. He apologised. The matter ended there.

    ‘Rumours still were spreading and some armed groups came and attacked the two chapels in the village, torched them and burnt the Christian houses. That was bad enough. Federal and provincial ministers came. Only one Muslim officer came to assess the damage. That was all. He too did not condole for the loss. Instead he asked others who came to leave for security risks. They answered: we will die with our people.

    ‘Two or three days later, a mob came and attacked the Christians in the town of Gojra. Seven died. They used whatever they had to defend themselves, including rifles used for hunting. They ran out of ammunition. Houses were gutted.

    ‘The police would not register the FIR.

    ‘Funerals could not be held. People said first register the FIR, the police wanted to dilute the case and then register the FIR without the names of those identified by the Christians.

    ‘The funerals could not be held. Pressure kept growing. The people took the coffins and kept them on the rail track. Rail tracks were blocked. People sat on the railway lines. In the end the FIR was registered. The funeral was done by Bishop Joseph Coutts at 9.30 pm on Sunday.

    ‘People wanted Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to come. He was busy giving awards to students. They were given Rs300,000 each. The victims only Rs500,000 each. Life is cheap, it seems.

    ‘The sad part is that the police were warned and allowed this to happen.

    ‘Thank you for your continual support.

    Fr Bonnie Mendes’

  79. @dakterpk

    Mine and thousands of people like me have sympathies with you. We wish that the tragic incident of Gojra was the last incident of its kind in our country Pakistan. I, being Muslim, really feel ashamed on what happened at Gojra.

  80. @IJay

    Pls dont blame this website or some people to go against Pakistan or Islam.I assure you Hindu,Christians and Jews are very busy doing things which can improve their lives.People have right to express their opinion and we should listen to them and then look at us if there is anything we can improve.Trust me my friend keep an open mind and you will find many areas of improvement.If you still dont understand then read this SHAIR from Allama Iqbal:

    Khudi ko kar buland itna ke har taqder se pehle
    Khuda bande se ye poche bata teri raza kia hai

  81. @Ijay

    Islam does not permit killing of innocent people. These people are our fellow Pakistanis.
    Please realize that a just society is one where minorities are protected and are allowed to practice their religion. Only such a society can survive and prosper.

  82. Congratulations to all the decent people,two more talbans shaitans Hakeemullah Mehsud and Waliur Rehman have died and gone to hell.

  83. @ijaz
    اگر میرے طرح آپ کا بھی ذہنی توازن بیت اللہ مسود کی شہادت سے بگاڑ گیا ہئے تو لال چقندر کا جوس پیئں سار پئے برف کا تقوڑ کریں اور سارا دن منور حسسیں صاحب کی تقریر کا کورس کریں شام کو گھر سے نقل کر مذہبی منافرت والی وال چلکنگھ محلے کی دیواروں کو کریں اور ہو سکے تو کیسے چرچ پئے اینٹیں برسائیں آپ بوھت جلد افاقہ محسوس کریں گیں صبر سے کام لیں اور ایک دو دن تآک اپنے اردگرد عورتوں اور بچوں کو پیٹنے سے پرہیز کریں

  84. Dear All—

    here is a fact which reveals the true logic behind all these sad and criminal acts of violence.

    کسی نے ایک درویش سے پوچھا آج کل کے مولوی بے ایمان کیوں ہو گیے ہیں تو جواب ملا کھ مولوی بے ایمان نہیں ہوے بلکھ
    بے ایمانو ں نے داڑھیاں رکھہ لیں ہیں

    Please watch the latest program of Dunya TV Investigation cell on Gojra Incident, which says it all that how land grabbing mafia turned this whole issue into communal riots for its own vested interests.

    Lets hope that Pakistan gets a true and sincere leadership to get out of this mess–Aameen

  85. @Ijay

    You said you are not ashamed.
    You must be a mulla as they never get ashamed even when they slit throats of fellow Muslims or commit Badfaili with young children (often reported in newspapers)

  86. it is a very shameful incident what is the difference between us muslims in pakistan and those hindus who have killed muslims in indian gujrat killing the minority and even if one of them did some thing disrespectul to quran it gives no rights to the mob to kill thier families and burn loot thier property they are the citizens of pakistan and even i would have been there i would have done the same thing by giving them a hiding place and even would have shot them by y own hands if any member of the mob would have come to my house wether he was a muslim or anybody

  87. Saeed Afzal said:

    I repeat again, only Zardari is involved in the Gojra Attacks, and he did this just to gain sympathy from Americans to say that this is the job of Talibans and Islamic Extremists. Zardari is a very cruel and a ruthless man and he will go to any lenngths to protect his post.
    The policies of Zardari is the main threat to Pakistan, compared to a Baitullah Mehsuud who I think is (or was) a smaller threat.
    We now need another Gen Zia to sort out Peoples Party, and the way Zardari is behaving, it appears there will be another Gen Zia very soon.
    So, Mr Zardari have your bags packed and ready if you don’t want to be hanged.


  88. Javed Khan said,

    Enemy No 3 of Pakistan is Baitullah Mehasud (simply becaue he was funded by India)
    Please remember Baitullah Mehsud also trained Murtaza Bhutto and Shahnawaz Bhutto to set-up Al-Zulfiqar Terror Group who carried out bombing in Pakistan during Gen Zia era.

    Javed Khan,

    Baitull Mehsud was born in 1974 and was five years old when according to you he was training Murtaza and Shahnawaz.

    You are absolutely blinded by Bhutto Dushmani.

  89. Separate religion from the state and things will be alright or incidents like that will happen again and again and again according to Zia-ul-Haq design which NS promised to fulfill the mission of Zia ul Haq.

  90. noorul,
    Saeed Afzal,
    Javed Khan,
    Asim Sattar,

    What is JI official response on Baitullah Mehsud’s murder and on Gojra’s incident.

  91. tahir mahmood

    But isn’t religion already separated from the state?

    Which rules of business (provincial & federal) are emanating from shariat?

    For example did you ever compare Pakistan Penal Code and Indian Penal Code?

    Grand father (Act of 1935) is same for both children

  92. These incidents are rare since state is somehow separate from the religion. But Zia ul Haq introduced some “ISLAMIC” laws that confuse the public like PLS accounts, toheen-i-risalat, hadood ordinance etc. Looks like you have not been studying these changes in Pakistan penal code.

  93. @JanuJerman Khan

    If religion is seperate from state what is role of objetive resolution in our constitution? Why name is not a secular state? Why are we islamic republic of Pakistan? Thank God we don’t have nizam e salat that Zia tried to introduce on one of the 14th August. But we still have many discriminatory laws against minorities that promote gogra kind of incident.

    BTW do you also think Baitullah Mehsud is Saheed or killed?

  94. Americans have hide Baitullah Mehsud OR made him redendunt (Killed him) while Rahman Malik/Gadari has accepted Baitullah’s (CIA +RAW agent) death so as to support american agenda to continue drone attacks.

    So our Puppet government is working as per the script to break Pakistan… ALAS our country never has any true leader…who can give a bloody nose to these americans…

  95. Kashif,

    Yes, religion is totally separated from the affairs of the state, no mixing at all at any level!

    You would be surprised to see many rules of business & acts dating back to 1800s!!! Some were modified a little but most continuing same as before british raj!!

    Islamic republic of Pakistan is given name because population is Muslim with strong emotional adherence to Islam, not because the legislature/rules of business are emanating from shariat!

    All laws enacted in Pakistan are man made and are flawed which lead to injustice!!

    Minorities in Islam have more protection & rights than common Muslim in an Islamic society. That is why if you study the history jews and other minorities of the world use to seek protection under Muslim rulers!

  96. JanuJermanKhan,

    Why are these rules providing justice in UK and not providing justice in Pakistan. Muslims have n emotional adherence to Islam, if they had no one would be lying under oath, no one would be taking and giving bribes, there would not be an Qabza Groups. This is all your make belief that ppl. are attached to Islam.

    Please when you quote examples, please quote from recent times and not 600 years back.

  97. @javed khan,,,,make some sence while commenting.your comments shows your brain level and your level shows your values. Be serious while posting comment and try to speak truth.

  98. Kashif,

    JI and IK have a meeting in Mansura to have an official response either to say him Shaheed or Killed and also about Gojra Incident whether to support it or condemn it. JJK and his fellows are confused and waiting for that response.

  99. tahir mahmood

    Rules are rules irrespective of their source they work when implemented with letter & spirit. How do you demand result while there is mis-implementation?

    Back then (I mean during british raj) sarkari employees thought it was ok to cheat the sarkar and give benefit to Muslims, but then sarkar got changed but habits continue to deteriorate!

    Not sure what you meant by 600 years back, but what you need to study is government’s (provincial & federal) rules of business, Penal Code, criminal & civilian procedures etc to know what is implemented in Pakistan in day to day affairs of the people.

    Got to go now.

  100. JJK you have responded, there are no flaws in the rules, it is the implementation that provides justice or injustice. There is nothing wrong with Penal code designed by British, it is our judiciary and civil government that is corrupt and even with sharia laws if these guys are the implementers, sharia would also lead to injustice.
    You have not yet answered Kashif’s question?

  101. Kashif

    Oh so actually your BTW was key question! 😯

    Allah swt knows the best who is shaheed and who isn’t, why do you want me to pass judgement on a person?

  102. Looks like Javed Khan is still trying to find birth certificate of Bait ullah Mehsud so that he could connect that to Alzulfiqar.

  103. @JanuJerman Khan

    Ofcourse Allah will not rely on you or JI to classify his death. Your classification only shows where do you or JI stands on this issue? Pakistan’s number one enemy was killed by drone attack – its the worst nightmare for JI/JUI/PTI.

    Na khuda he mila na wesal e sanam
    Na idher ke rahe na udhar ke hum

  104. And i was wonderin the other day! Why on earth we are lacking so far behind as a country!
    The answer is quite obvious; everyone of us wants to put up some distinctive view and none of us will ever come to a point of consensus.


  105. @ b2pk

    You wondered:
    ……Why on earth we are lacking so far behind as a country……

    I think the basic reason is that we have amalgamated Religion with the Politics. This has resulted in undue interference of mullas in to the affairs of the country and created problems. Once we agree on the point that the Religion should be kept in its domain, I hope a breakthrouh will be achieved.

    Sigh of Relief ! ! !

  106. @tahir mahmood

    “its the worst nightmare for JI/JUI/PTI”.

    I agree with you guys, but Pe Pe Pe and Ameer ul Momineen’s Party is still there, how to get rid of these so called public servants? Please comment !

  107. گوجرہ فسادات سوچی سمجھی سازش ہے ،چوہدری شجاعت حسین:

    گوجرہ (اُردو پوائنٹ اخبار تازہ ترین۔9اگست۔2009ء) پاکستان مسلم لیگ کے صدر چوہدری شجاعت حسین نے کہا ہے کہ پنجاب حکومت ووٹوں کیلئے انسانیت کا قتل نہ کرے اور گوجرہ واقعے میں حکومتی رکن ملوث ہے تو اس کی پردہ پوشی نہ کی جائے ۔گوجرہ میں مسیحی برادری کے اجتماع سے خطاب میں انہوں نے کہا کہ گوجرہ فسادات ایک سوچی سمجھی سازش ہے اس میں ملوث افراد کر سزا ملنی چاہئے ۔ان کا کہنا تھا کہ حکومت کی غفلت کی باعث بے قصور لوگوں مارے گئے ۔انہوں نے کہا کہ مسیحی برادری کو عدم تحفظ کا شکار نہیں ہونے دیں گے ۔چوہدری شجاعت حسین کا کہنا تھا کہ مسلم لیگ ق دوتہائی اقلیتی نشستیں مسیحی برادری کیلئے مختص کرنے کیلئے سینیٹ میں بل پیش کریگی ۔

  108. Kashif

    lol, you asked status of a person as a litmus test to apply one of your three little toy labels, that shows how narrow minded mush lover you are -but with recent change of heart 😉

    I was discussing government’s secularism status and you intruded your irrelevant question with BTW and later termed it as your key question.

    Dear Mushy lover, you are a confused person of punjabi back ground but with growth in Urdu speaking region. Now you are mixed bread neither a punjabi nor Urdu speaking (adhar teetar adha batair)

    MQM treats you as punjabi, but punjabi treats you as MQM -adha teetar adha batair- mushy lover- why did you dump him -man- ? ?

  109. Interesting points raised;

    یہ بات سمجھ سے بالاتر ہے کہ پاکستان میں ایسے واقعات میں اضافہ کیونکر ہوگیا ہے جن میں کمزور لوگوں نے اسلام، پیغمبر اسلام اور قرآن کی توہین کرنا اچانک شروع کردی ہے؟

    وہ میڈیا جو انسانی حقوق اور عدلیہ کی آزادی کے عظیم الشان مقصد سے کم کوئی بات نہیں کرتا اس کو مسیحی پاکستانیوں اور توہین مذہب کے نام پر سڑکوں اور گلیوں پر دوڑا دوڑا کر مارے جانے والوں کے انسانی حقوق کیوں نظر نہیں آتے؟


  110. from Dawn:

    The intensity of communal clashes in Gojra left a reporter fearing for his life.

    ‘I’ve never seen such mindboggling violence in my life,’ says Tariq Saeed, Dawn’s reporter from Toba Tek Singh. He was referring to the incident in Gojra, where several people were killed and scores were injured over the alleged desecration of the Quran earlier this month.

    There has been considerable debate in the media about whether to describe the incident as a ‘riot’ between the Muslim majority and Christian minority communities. But Saeed clearly saw large groups of people out on the streets, thirsty for revenge and retribution.

    ‘When I reached Gojra on the night the incident took place, I found smoke billowing from several houses of the Christian community, though the fire had been put out in most places by then. There weren’t any Christian families in any of the houses as almost all of them had run away to nearby towns to stay with their friends and relatives,’ Saeed remembers.

    ‘But I did come across a large group of Muslim men, around 500 in number, who insisted, angrily I may add, that the desecration [of the holy Quran] did take place and that they had not made up the incident. They alleged that some members of the Christian community had torn pages and thrown them on the ground during a mehndi ceremony. They even showed copies of such pages to me which were indeed covered in mud. But when I suggested that these pages could also have been planted by a third person to stoke tension between the two communities, they reacted as if I had offended them and rudely asked me what kind of questions I was asking. In fact, at one point, their sentiments were so volatile that I felt threatened and feared that they might physically harm me if I continued with my probing questions.’

    This was all very surprising to Saeed since he had been to Gojra several times before and had never felt unsafe there. In fact, it was also strange to him that there was strife between the two communities, when in the past they had lived peacefully side by side. ‘I’ve been to Gojra several times before this incident took place and never did I see such hostility between the Muslims and Christians living there.’ What was even more alarming to him was that the group of men he came across were not typical ‘mullah types,’ which one might expect given their extreme views. They were mostly clean-shaven young men between the ages of 15 and 35.

    Despite the longstanding communal harmony in Gojra, Saeed acknowledges that the violent flare-up there was not entirely unexpected. Gojra has some of the most beautiful and historic churches in Pakistan with around 10,000 to 20,000 Christian inhabitants in the area. The importance of the town for the Christian community can be gauged from the fact that a bishop is also in residence. But, Saeed points out, Gojra has also always had a strong presence of the banned militant group, the Sipah-i-Sahaba, in the area. Indeed, one of the group’s leaders, Maulana Ahmed Ludhwani, hails from Toba Tek Singh.

    The SS is suspected of being involved in the attack and is accused of instigating the local people against the Christian population. ‘Police sources say that members of the group had thrown chemicals on houses to spread the fire,’ says Saeed, adding that one of the local leaders, Qari Abdul Khaliq, has been held by authorities and reportedly tortured.

    Saeed adds that the situation in Gojra is returning to normalcy, with both communities looking towards reconciliation. But for a reporter who has spent much time in this historic time, something has changed forever in the wake of violence. ‘The situation could deteriorate any time if the authorities don’t take appropriate steps to prevent such an occurrence in the future,’ he says.

  111. Response on blog site on Dawn:

    “What can I say about my community of 1.2 BILLION self absorbed, self centered, self aggrandizing, inward looking, outward hating, self contained selfish Muslims — where ever we live we cannot get along with any other community — except our own — and even that is a big question mark.

    In Buddhist land we are in conflict with the Buddhist — in Hindu lands we are in conflict with the Hindus — in Christian lands we are in conflict with the Christians — what to talk about any other communities — we cannot get along with the various sects of our OWN community.

    If we are in majority we must treat the minority as unequal, inferior — make them practically disappear from the canvas of the country’s movers and shakers’ list. They cannot become presidents or prime ministers army chiefs or defense ministers or Chief Justices. At best they can become minister of infrastructure because in our moronic view the INFRASTRUCTURE is our least of the least priorities.

    If we are in majority we MUST Torment and Torture the Minority through such fascistic crime against humanity laws like Blasphemy ‘laws’ – or Hadood laws against the women minority — in fact we are rapidly becoming the worst torturers and tormentors of minorities in the entire world.

    If we are in minority — we must ghettoize ourselves or live as scattered bands of militant bandits with chips of religious persecution on our shoulders.

    Wherever we live — We never care to know other communities, study their cultures — their history — their religions — care to understand their concerns — share their pains — ask about their trials and tribulation — or extend our hands to HELP them.


    Our peace-loving Prophet who named the religion as PEACE – insisted that he be treated as an ‘ordinary’ human being – and not as an object of worship after his death – prohibited drawing his face lest he is worshiped – also insisted Muslim to acquire education and knowledge – go to faraway places – mix with people of other lands study their science their arts their cultures their religions – translate, analyze imbibe and match theirs against ours – import theirs and impart ours in a multiethnic, multicultural composite world of the time.

    NOT burn their embassies when citizens of other countries draw an imaginary figure of the prophet – out of malice or out of curiosity — or out of pure bigotry — certainly not for ‘WORSHIP’.

    So why get SO upset at what OTHERS do in their illiterate ignorant ways?

    Similarly Qoran is a BOOK – to be READ for Spiritual Solace and for religious guidance — NOT for strictly prescribed proper ‘HANDLING’ – whose ALLEGED improper handling should deserve innocent children men an and women to be burnt ALIVE. Why?

    So what is WRONG with us Muslims. This is not rational – this is a MENTAL DISEASE that SOME individuals of our community are suffering from. A mental disease of totally skewed irrational INTERPRETATION of HOLINESS vs UNHOLINESS.

    We MUSLIMS have gone bankrupt on LOGIC — on DEBATE — on ARGUMENT — “Monazra” has long been dead for us – it appears that VIOLENCE is our new and ONLY weapon to answer each and every rational or IRRATIONAL argument against us.

    THIS IS NOT RIGHT. There is something VERY WRONG with our thinking process — that we must get rid of in the EQUALITY seeking compassionate modern rational world.”

  112. PMLN member Quadir Awan is on the run with warrants for his arrest. He is being identified as inciting the Gojra killings. It would be good to hear senior most leaders of PMLN state their position on this horrible incident and what PMLN’s stand is on minorities and this crime. Do PMLN members have links with SSP or other sectarian groups? Pakistanis deserve answers.

  113. Parvez Rashid confirming local PMLN President Qadeer Awan involved…

    Sectarian violence hits Pakistani town

    By Aleem Maqbool
    BBC News, Gojra, Pakistan
    On a street in the small Punjabi town of Gojra, house after house stands gutted and looted.

    One home in particular is the focus of attention. The windows and doors are gone, what is left of the furniture lies gnarled inside, and some of the ceilings have collapsed. People are peering into a small bedroom at the back of the building.

    It is from here that the charred bodies of six members of the Hameed family, from Pakistan’s minority Christian community, were recovered. The youngest of the dead was four-year-old Mousa.

    We found his father, Almass Hameed, 49, in a crowded hospital ward nearby.

    ‘Shocked and crying’

    “He was such a bright boy. His teachers complained that he was cheeky at times, but nobody could doubt how clever he was. But now he’s gone,” Mr Hameed said, breaking down.

    “ It was like the most horrific movie. They destroyed our lives ”
    Almass Hameed
    He described how an angry Muslim mob came through the area, known here as the Christian Colony.

    “I think there were thousands,” he said. “My elderly father went out to see what was happening and they shot and killed him. We were all shocked and crying. Before we knew it, they were breaking into the house.”

    Mr Hameed explained how he and nine other members of the family hid in the bedroom as the house was over-run.

    “We could hear them smashing everything and dividing our belongings amongst themselves,” he said. “Then they started beating on the door saying they would teach us a lesson and burn us alive.”

    Soon after, a fire was raging through his house.

    “We just couldn’t breathe,” he said. “I grabbed my eldest son and managed to get out of the room through the flames, my brother came out with one of my daughters, but the rest were stuck and we had no way of rescuing them.”

    As well as his father and Mousa, Mr Hameed lost his 11 year-old daughter, his wife, a brother, a sister-in-law and her mother.

    “It was like the most horrific movie. They destroyed our lives.”

    ‘Fired shots’

    Tensions had risen after allegations that Christians in the nearby village of Korrian had torn up and burnt pages of the Koran at a wedding a few days earlier.

    “They started it,” 19-year-old Omar Ali Raza said in Gojra’s marketplace.

    “We Muslims are the victims. We gathered to protest about what they did to the Koran in Korrian and just wanted to walk through their area, but they threw stones at us and fired shots.”

    “Of course it is bad that Christians died,” he added. “But they provoked the Muslims here. I don’t understand why everyone is on their side.”

    But an elderly Muslim man passing by interrupts. “The responsibility is with the one who actually burns the Koran, not all Christians,” he said. “Here, we live together, and there were no problems before this.”

    As it happens, a local police chief, Ahmed Javaid, said he believed the claim that Christians desecrated the Koran was not true in the first place.

    “Yes, pieces of paper had been cut up to look like money at a Christian wedding, but they were not pages of the Koran,” he said.

    “However, the rumour spread and the issue became politicised.”

    Very soon after the allegations from Korrian surfaced, politicians from several parties held large rallies denouncing Christians in the area, calling for action. These were not just politicians from expressly right-wing Islamist parties.

    PML-N leaders have visited Gojra in recent days, expressing solidarity with minority communities. But Christians here say they are sceptical.

    They accuse the party and others of having previously taken advantage of anti-Christian feelings rather than helping to calm things down.

    ‘Rare’ violence

    Senator Pervaiz Rashid, at the headquarters of the Nawaz party, told me it was very serious in its commitment to minority rights.

    “We acknowledge there were problems in Gojra, and it is an embarrassment,” he said. “However, it was an isolated incident and the local president, Qadeer Awan, has now had his party membership suspended.”

    “I do not believe that there are any other local politicians in our party involved in such activities.”

    Violence of this scale against Pakistan’s estimated three million strong Christian community may be rare (this is the worst such incident in seven years), but complaints of discrimination are certainly commonplace.

    The government says it has opened an inquiry into what happened in Gojra, but Asma Jahangir, the chairperson of the Human Rights Commission, is not expecting the type of change she thinks is needed.

    “For too long the Pakistani state has protected people with extremist views,” she said.

    “It is not just political parties. There are radicalised individuals, and supporters of militant groups within the judiciary, the education system, the bureaucracy and police as well.”

    This was not the vision of Pakistan held by its founder, Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

    “Minorities, to whichever community they may belong, will be safeguarded. Their religion or faith or beliefs will be secure,” he said just weeks before Pakistan’s creation in 1947.

    “They will be, in all respects, the citizens of Pakistan without any distinction of caste or creed.”

    But as Pakistan prepares to mark its independence day, many of its citizens do not see any cause for celebration.

    Story from BBC NEWS:

    Published: 2009/08/12 00:57:55 GMT

    © BBC MMIX

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  114. @JanuJerman Khan

    I was never dumped by Punjabis. As a matter of fact I was never linked to MQM except by few bloggers here who when can not defend JI/PTI or Taliban come back and brand me as MQM loyalists. My question is still unanswered … Was Baitullah killed or shaheed. I am not surprised you are running away from question, so did your gurus Qazi, Munawar Hassan, IK etc ever since he was droned.

    @Allah ka Banda said:

    “I agree with you guys, but Pe Pe Pe and Ameer ul Momineen’s Party is still there, how to get rid of these so called public servants? Please comment !”

    So simple man! vote them out. Ask your guru IK not to just appear on talk shows to defend militants. Dump JI and organize his party at grass to challenge PMLN and PPP on electoral map. The only other short cut is to sneak in to power thru GHQ’s back door like JI has been doing for decades.

  115. ‘Sadder that ppl on this website want to blame others (West, Afghanistan, India) for our hatred and intolerance.’

    Dakter saab World is a global village, we are living in fiber optical and sattelite age, if any thing happend 10000 miles away we can see it live, and it does effect on humen psychic , terrorists attack on new york twin towers shocked whole world . because every one watched it on TV, this is just an excuse that some thing happening cross the border and we are using that for violence against minority,
    we are watching US bombs , Drone attack and invassions on TV it does effect every one even countries leaders and especialy uneducated people , if it is 9/11 attack or baghdad/ Kabul bumbardment ,it create more violence.

  116. Islam, no doubt is a mercy on mankind yet it seems Muslims such as the Gojra murderers and their like are fast becoming a curse on mankind.

  117. It is easy to pin this on a terrorist organization like Sipah-e-Sahabah, or any other org.

    Gojra/Mureedkay same kinde of situation,who are backing this situation in pakistan,
    Maybee aik aam banda dont know them but our present gov/authorities know very well,who they are.
    as long as our elites are elites thing will not change.

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