9 thoughts on “Chief Justice Speech in Lahore Bar

  1. Iftikhar Chaudhry has been an abysmal failure since his reinstatement. He has failed to take notice of RPPs, land scams, purchase of 300 acres at throwaway prices by Zardari and Bilawal, Steel mills corruption etc.

    He has given a free hand to dakoodari.

  2. CJ where are your famous suo moto actions?
    Why poor Amina Masood Janjua still standing outside Supreme Court Building?
    Why noone got punished for Nov.3 actions?
    Why No suo moto against foreign interventions in Islamabad streets?
    We want the old CJ Ch.Iftikhar of Pakistan back not the one we are seeing these days who is helpless like anyother Pakistani.

  3. Iftikhar Chaudhry has to take some swift actions and bold decisions
    not only for his credibility and reputation But also to strengthen the
    System and aligned the course the future of our country.
    And God forbid if does not come up with real solution soon our country
    may fall into big crisis for a very long time .Public does not want do any
    thing by themselves and counting on him as if he is a Masiha.
    A heavy responsibility is on his shoulders we will how he is going to
    response the call.
    The prices of food and consumer products jumped nearly 600%
    in past 11 years.The corruption grew in general public politician
    Army government and we are Morality corrupt nation and under the
    current circumstances If he fail to deliver then God bless our Nation.

  4. Zardari and Co is not sincere, otherwise Justice Iftikhar would have sorted out every thing by now. Although Justice Iftikhar was removed by Gen Musharraf but Zardari was not interested equally in not reinstaing him. Remember the statements of Sherry Rehman, Babar Awan, Jehangir Badr etc that, Justice Iftikhar has been politcised and has become controversial. Chief Justice was only restored by the dunda of Long March.

    Please remember the job of the Supreme Court is to give orders and the job of the Govt is to implement it. But the situation here is that if (any time) now Supreme Court issues the Orders for the arrest of Rehman Malik ……then who is going to arrest him. Some people are making a laugh of this and this is very dangerous. It is now the responsibility of Gen Kiyan to ensure that the Orders of Supreme Courts are carried out.
    I would say the Arrest Warrant for Rehman Malik should go directly to GHQ and then let us see how they are not implemented. Zardari just go to hell…and for God sake let us mend the Pakistan.
    Zardari was already an insane person and his body language these days also proves this.
    The latest rumour which has come out of Dubai Talks is that Rehman Malik has asked MQM fo help him avoiding arrest and allow Rehman Malik to take shleter in nine Zero Office in Karachi. Because all other beneficiaries of NRO certainly don’t want that Zardari to enjoy immunity and others once again have to pack bags and leave for London.
    Jusice Chaudhry Saheb, if you are reading these lines, then just be patient for few more days all these NRO wali and NRO wallaas will be behind the bars. The Awam is ready to distribute sweets once again. Bhutto’s love to shoot in their own foot.

  5. Good points JK.

    The judiciary only has as much power as is given to it. If the state does not implement its orders, nothing will happen.

    Didn’t Mush send NS back? What could the CJP do then – nothing!

    The Chief has made valiant efforts and a lot of time was needed to weed out the bad elements.

    The CJP also has to deal with conspiracies against him every second day. Not exactly the best environment to make progress.

    And we expect very quick justice but I’m afraid the justice system in no developed country works all that fast. It takes time.

  6. CJ of Pakistan supreme court Mr. Iftikhar Chaudhry is the hope of our nation.

    He stood fast in the eyes of Dictator who destroyed every institution in Pakistan. Who called himself, unafraid, honest and prove to be opposite to that.

    I pray for him every second. He is the last hope under the current circumstances. You guys learn to behave. You did not have the guts to say the same to the dictator. Take some time and have a deep breath and think what you guys are saying.

  7. i was told by one of senior politician that afra my son

    judiciary is not free now , its just cj who is free , jab tak nizam nahi badle ga tab tak judiciary nahi azad hu ge,

    GOD help this nation

  8. پی پی کو موجودہ حکومت اور اس کے تمام اتحادی بے نقاب ہوچکے ہیں۔اب اس بات میں کوئی شک نہیں رہا کہ یہ سب حکومت نہیں امریکہ کی ملازمت کرنے آتے ہیں۔اور امریکہ کے ایجنڈے کو آگے بڑھا رہے ہیں۔
    عوام خوش تھی کہ ۱ سال بعد ان سے نجات مل جائے گی لیکن یہ ق لیگ اور دیگر امریکی پتلوں کے ذریعے پھر اپنی تمام تر نحوست کے ساتھ اس ملک پر مسلط ہونا چاہتے ہیں۔ ہمیں اگر اس ملک کو ان کی سیاہ کاریوں سے بچانا ہے تو ضرور کچھ نہ کچھ کرنا ہوگا ۔ میںنے فیس بک پر ایک پیج بنایا ہے میں ان تمام لوگوں سے گزارش کرتا ہوں جو اس ملک کا زرا سا بھی درد رکھتے ہیں کہ اس بیچ پر آئیں تاکہ ذیادہ سے ذیادہ لوگ ایک پلیٹ فارم پر جمع ہو کر اپنی اواز بلند کریں۔
    ایڈریس یہ ہے

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