NRO List Shows 34 Politicians Out of 8000

A majority of the NRO beneficiaries have been bureaucrats and government officials as a list, released by the government on Saturday, contained names of only 34 politicians out of a total of 8,000.

According to the list, almost 97 per cent of the beneficiaries are from Sindh. The ordinance will lapse on Nov 28 in the light of the Supreme Court’s July 31 verdict in the PCO judges case.

The list shows that a total of 8,041 people — 7,793 from Sindh — have benefited from the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO), promulgated by former president Pervez Musharraf on Oct 5, 2007.

These people have got withdrawn 3,478 cases (3,320 in Sindh) registered against them on charges of corruption, financial bungling, misuse of authority and criminal charges.

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38 thoughts on “NRO List Shows 34 Politicians Out of 8000

  1. 7,793 from Sindh, this does not mean that sindhis are corrupt.
    Ghulam Agmad Bloor from ANP said on a TV show that 99% corruptionwas done in Punjab through loans written off ,by a specific part in punjab, and they built from sugar to terxtile industry.
    These corrupt military, civil bureaucrats and government officials should be brought to justice.

  2. How accurate are the cases against those on the list? NAB after all was run through Musharraf’s orders and the history of judiciary is well known.

  3. The above list is half of the looters. The list – which consists the gangsters from Sind- was prepared by the looters from Punjab when they (Nawaz and his team) were in government. Now the looters from Sind (Zardari and party) are in government and they are in process of preparing another list of gangsters who belong to Punjab. All these consist of one group- the looters of the nation. Now Nawaz Sharif is protecting them- Then Zardari will be protecting Nawaz. You can say two teams of looters – the lahori group and the larkana group- looting the country for the last 65 years.

  4. the issue is that, if the cases against the politicians and bureacrates were fake, then where is the money looted…?

    Our goverments and judiciary usually dont investigate and go after the looted money but only try to prove the link between the illegal money and the personals.

  5. @Vaxinated:
    This list is only for the “idiot” politicians who instead of buying judiciary and other related officials , preffered to get rid of the cases through NRO. There are many shrewd and clever politicians who foresaw long time ago that such ordinances had no long term validity and effect. They “managed” to get clear themselves through the judicary and NAB. Now, question is that no body investigating the “CRIME” even if some got acquittal from the courts, it looks some angels came down to earth and looted the money ands thats all.

  6. This is golden opportunity to clean up the mess. All of them should be tried. Those who are clean can go home. Those who are dirty should go to Attock. After this lets get a list of all those who have not repaid there loans. Try them in court. One by one get them. It does not matter which party or institution they belong to. Try them all, there wives, there children, there relatives just clean them all up including the generals. Lets remove the doubt once and for all.

  7. Now we have the first drop of rain. Saeed Mehdi just resigned from his post as an adviser to CM, Punjab, claiming that he is innocent and will only rejoin the cabinet if he is able to clear his name through courts. At least he has shown some morality. Do we have a couple more??

  8. Many of us MAY BE familiar with a fact that especially when an officer from the army reaches the rank of a ‘Brigadier’ he (& now a ‘she’ also) is LITERALLY ‘OFFERED’ ON A SILVER PLATTER, a prized piece of land in any military cantonment & MAY BE, then or (sometimes earlier or later,) when he reaches the rank of a Major:/Lt:General, he is THEN AGAIN ‘OFFERED’ the best ‘PIECES’ of STUD FARMS/AGRICULTURAL LANDS; that he MAY HAVE NEVER DREAMED-OFF?
    A major question is then normally asked by majority of lower rank officers, sitting within or outside GHQ that ‘WHY THEM & NOT US?
    What is called a ‘rat-race’ is THUS INITIATED by senior military officers with the backing & greediness of their spouses.
    Consequently, there is a lot of ‘heart-burning’ amongst the lower ranks, whether themselves officers, or other ranks (comprising of Jco’s, Nco’s & men.) Is there any JUSTIFICATION for such a dole-out or ‘charity, whatever you may call it?
    In order to ‘lessen’ the so-called ‘heart-burning’ among junior officers of the rank of Lt:Colonels & Majors, it was THUS decided about 15/20 years back, to ‘DULY REWARD’ them too, by the ‘CHARITABLE ENDOWMENT’ organization called the GHQ.
    This legacy of ‘buying-off’ the LOYALTIES of the officers-lot was left behind by our ‘clever & intelligent’ Britishers, who ‘devastated’ every facet of life, during their, over 200 years rule,) NOT AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE, BUT AT OURS!
    Will ever any army officer voluntarily, (whether TODAY or TOMORROW,) return back to GHQ, the PRIZED land ( worth billions in Pak Rs) , house or a residential flat, ( worth millions?)
    Your own answer, NOT SURPRISINGLY would be a big, NO !

  9. It took me a while to write about this interesting tragedy for the propaganda machine to make this issue of NRO full of “enlivenments” and try to change the fact that the majority of the people running the current government has their top leadership involved and still involve as we speak, in the multi billion dollar frauds, money laundering, illegal gains, loot of the treasure of the collectively extremely poor people, mass murders, target killings, sabotage, terrorist activities, human sacrifice which included, burning people alive, treason and you name it and they have done it.

    They are changing the subject or trying to undermine the fact by saying that only 34 politicians are involve, and 8,000 others. Now the other 8,000 people must have political linkage or protection or involvement or silent partnerships hasn’t been discussed or mentioned.

    Now to define current majority Pakistani politicians one has to dig deep in the roots of the English language, trhe Latin.

    “Politics: “Poli” a Latin word meaning “many”; and “tics” meaning “bloodsucking creatures”.”

    Now by watching the TV talk show it looks like that we have less than 34 politicians in Pakistan, lets say that they are the small sample of large group. Still the number 34 is a large number, considering that at least two of them are the leaders of one of the the largest and the fourth largest political parties in Pakistan, PPPP and MQM.

    Now many of family, religious and ethnic or combination of the three political mafia parties have been working as “many bloodsucking creatures” for past 60 years, we need to crush at least 34 of these creatures to put a fear amongst the others of accountability and fear of prosecution by the peoples of Pakistan.

    NRO, could be the fuse to ignite the public and judicial outrage and than start with Bank frauds and other crimes and flush out these shameless subhuman’s who are stealing from the poor and deserving and spending on their demonic offspring’s like royal princes and princesses, like Bilawal Zardari(Chor ka Bucha Chor).

    Let’s start the party, the justice party, the accountability party, flushing out the political crooks party, taking the money of the poor back party and a party for the new beginnings of rule of Law in Pakistan.

  10. The NRO list of Beneficiaries is not as big of an issue as the fight against terrorism. The media can help us unite to raise voice against terrorism. We are Pakistanis and we can do this.

  11. Whatever OTHER BENEFITS that a serving or a retired military officer obtains during his service with the civil govt, ( especially during past martial years of Ayub, Zia or any other, such era; they are usually ‘OVER & ABOVE’ what he gets from GHQ, either during his ‘pre’ or ‘post’ retirement period of service in the military.
    I seriously think that the Ministry of Defense should also release a similar LIST, showing the names of beneficiaries of the three services, i.e; Pak Army Navy & Air Force, ‘who had their cake & ate it’ too & also ‘burned both ends of their candles’!
    MAY BE, there will be so much of pressure by retired military officers upon the incumbent Service Chiefs,that such a list will NEVER see the light of the day.
    MAYBE, (I AGAIN repeat MAYBE,) it could result in a ‘swift, short & quick’ move by the military, to SAVE IT” s HOLY COWS , TOO, FROM PUBLIC EXPOSURE?

  12. Given the backdrop of all the propaganda and the virile hatred that many ignorant and gullible Pakistanis keep expressing about politicians, this list of NRO beneficiaries is an eye opener.

    It is time for us to realize that our politicians are not the source of our problems, rather it is the corrupt civil and military bureaucracy.

    Politicians are accountable to the people and in every elections they have to defend their deeds. If the political system is not derailed by power-hungry generals, the relatively few corrupt politicians can easily be purged by the democratic process.

  13. I think the government should be more motivated in potraying the image of Pakistan as a peace loving country rather then issues such as this. The image of Pakistan lately has been damaged. I think the silent majority that is peace loving in Pakistan needs to speak up. Especially the youth needs to use the media as a sourse and debate on this issue so that it helps Pakistan and the future.

  14. Shame on people who say that other people did “chori” too, to justify their stealing, does it mean that they didn’t do any “chori” at all? “aik ghandgi ka qatra kaafi hey saarey jisum ko ghandha ker ney kay liya” instead of correcting, shamefully presenting excuss for wrong doing. It doesn’t make a single person, innocent who are involved in looting of Pakistan?

  15. @Adonis

    With due respect
    Civil servants and Bureaucrats are not in driving seats…their job is to please their Military or Civil Masters.
    Blame goes to ruling elite not the tools which are used for corruption.
    Shrewd politicians are careful to use escape goat.
    Zardari,s multi billion project in Karachi with Malik Riaz soon would be made public known as “ICON”…in this project Zardari interest is shared by Dinsha Uncle Saria.
    Any corruption in this project would be owned by Malik Riyaz and Dinsha.

    You never know how much wealth of Rehman Malik, indirectly owned by BB and Zardari.
    Heres a typical case of where beneficiary is other than General and politician but these two are active player behind this single shot of 38 billion corruption reported by Rauf Klasra.

  16. Politicians are always talking about corruption of militatry dictators when in power but when they come in to power they seem impotent against corruption or are knowingly abetting corruption, if they commence the process of accountability for all politicians this will give them a moral standing to take on the corrupt civil and military bureaucracies.

  17. Whether The NRO-ized or Non NRO persons,who ever has done corruption,killing and anti state activties brought to book.

    Out of 34 Politicians,four are Sindhi,14 from Punjab etc,I would like clarify thedifference that 90 percent cases are not related to SIndhis but to Sindh.Where a Majority of cases of MQM are withdrawn,which includes not only corruption but murder,anti state activities,maafia role etc.

    Moreover,Miltary Economic Umpire has enjoyed extra ordinary authority and control over state,they plundered our national assets without any check and balance,no accountability and so far their profile is PURE..cleanest.Even Transparecny International’s all reports and Neutral fact finding missions have commented the major corruption is done by Military Economic Umpire.The Biggest Crime is not corruption but to breach constitution by means of Guns,de-railing democractic constitutional system.What is role of Military and alliance (Agencies+Certain media+ Bureaucrats +Mullas+Pseduo Politicians)

    The Solution is TRUE and JUST accountability of every citizen of Pakistan,(Because Majority of our nation is scumbed to corruption activities).

  18. Its an eye opener for media mafia that only 34 politicians are list in NRO. Media mafia does not miss a single chance to castigate politicians. I am pretty sure that 99% of these cases must be political motivated by Saif ur Rehman.
    Now its time for the nation to stand for their political system and stop media mafia for bring any bad name to politics.




  20. Prime Minster SaaB Ap bi Zara Ikhlaqi Juraat ka Muzahira Karain plz I hope K ap apni biwi ko bachaney k liye koi asa kam nain karain gay jis se logoon ki umeed par 1 dafa phirpani phir jay

  21. Have you seen/heard today on Tv, Ahsan Iqbal of PML(N) saying there are reports of burning/destruction of records of the wrong doing by culprits of NRO?
    If such news is correct then do you think those involved can escape punishment?
    Do you not think that such misguided actions on the part of perpetrators of their own wrongdoing can land them in more trouble & can substantiate the charge of their wrong doings?

  22. can anyone tell me why this government hasn’t been able to get the NRO passed through current parliament?

    I mean it’s the same parliament that elected Asif Zardari as president … what happened to them this time?

    the only thing that comes to mind that may be they needed simple majority for Zardari but now they need 2/3 majority for NRO … is that the case?

    even then … they can still bribe 20 – 30 politicians … shouldn’t be a big deal … !!!

  23. MQM is making hue and cry that there is no corruption cases overe there members, but as far as my opinion is concerned “BHATTA” or extortion which is done even today in Karachi by MQM is a form of corruption. Furthermore crimnal charges are more serious than corruption charges.
    MQM must stop fooling around and misleading the nation. The whole country knows that MQM is the biggest beneficiary of NRO and the only fascist party of Pakistan who has unleashed a reign of teror in Karachi since last 20 years

  24. PPP leadership and it’s workers are victims of political witch hunt for over a decade. The past governments spent millions of dollars to pursue political agenda to eliminate popular leaders of Pakistan Peoples Party and were not able to achieve their hidden agenda. NRO is being taken out of context by few instead of moving forward in a positive way to deal with growing extremism, suicide bombing, economic, law and order and other issue. Pakistan is facing many challenges which are deep rooted and unity is the only way forward to save Pakistan and democracy. The continue in fighting in political circles in Pakistan will weaken the country at large and allow enemies of Pakistan to succeed.


  25. So the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) beneficiaries list comes out. The media is happy that those persons who enjoyed taking advantage of the NRO have light casted upon them, while the government is trying to push forward the argument of how they have respected the Supreme Court’s judgment and have publicized the list. It seems to be a win-win situation for all parties. But is it really? Calls for the resignation of ministries and portfolios have echoed from all corners. How has this zero-sum game turned into a finger-pointing-name-calling battle?

  26. a successful operation being carried out by the Pakistan army on one side. The other side politicians still try to rob our tax cuts. The media has to come in over here and unfold many mysteries. Moderate and liberal elements should be given space so that they occupy the minds of the majority which are peace loving people and this message should be conveyed on International level.

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