195 thoughts on “Dr. Shahid Masood’s Meray Mutabiq Banned

  1. Yes, this is possible, as in the past week or so, Dr Shah-id was going nuts in cursing out Zardari…he was really really really going nuts.

    In private we were discussing this exact point, cause he openly said last week, to this effect, that” kuch loog kehtay hain keh pehle bhi hum ne chori ki to dekho humain sadar banaya gaya”, or ab hum pehle se bhi baray dakay marain gey to tum kiya kar lo gey!

    he was hinting at zardari gang……..

    but all of this is being done at the behest of ISPR….so repeat of the old saga…

    dr shahid masood has clear information that insider PPP and old PPP and ISPR and N-League all are mouting pressure on the removal of zardari regime….

    This pressure will boil down on Yusuf Gillani’s neck and he will be forced to fight it out.

    I think zardari will attack!


  2. allow me to rephrase my comments in a previous thread.

    Musharaf= putting Pakistan into the stone age era.
    Zardari= putting Pakistan into the “pre-stone age era”.

  3. This snake Zardaro is repeating same mistakes as Mush. Well I am sure his fate will be no different as his days are already numbered.
    Dr Sb you are our hero. You have been shouting Kalma Haq with your full voice with out any compromise. We Pakistani nation will do every thing to get you back online. I am personally ready to go to any level.

  4. I”m sure jack ass prime-minister is going to announce : I denounce this etc……
    Lets start counting the days of this Government now … same mistakes Mush dictator did and same is happening by NRO zada Govt. 🙂

  5. This is a good step.
    Shahid Masood has been the loyalest ghulam of establishment and working day and night to further their agenda.

    However, this also shows government days have been numbered.

  6. Is the UAE government spineless or what???

    I want mid-term elections. I want mid-term elections. I want mid-term elections.

    I appeal the Supreme Court to order this government to hold mid-term elections especially as this government cannot/does not want to prosecute criminals sitting in the cabinet.


    we see what you meant son!

  7. AoA dear participants; why don’t we do some Istakhara about Dr. Shahid Masood and than say something about the situation. Allah Dr. Shahid Masood kaiy shar saiy Pakistan Ko Bachaeiy. He is on a very serious Yahoodi Loby Agenda to make Pakistan politically damaged. He used to send emails to Mohterma Shaheed Benazir Bhutto from PPP London office and that was to promote himself in days. Then what happened, he was kicked out from their and same happened in PTV. Now this the best time that I should produce some more facts and open some secrets about him than you will come to know about this traitor.

    Allah is really Great. My Pakistan is really and You Guys are Great

  8. To be honest with you all. Pakistan has literally gone to the dogs! Whoever has the wherewhitals to leave the country, should do so as I don’t see this country surviving in the near future. For those like me who do not have the means to seek refuge in distant lands, brace yourselves for becoming the Palestinians of the 21st century. Frontier is almost gone, Sindh already in the hands of India (if you know what I mean), Baluchistan lost and a landlocked Punjab trapped. I pray I’m wrong but I see no light at the end of the tunnel thanks to an over ambitious and corrupt property dealing generals, bureaucrats, greedy mullahs, and last but not the least, us stupid and idiotic AWAM who cannot even elect a decent and patriotic individual as the leader of this country. Sad to say this but we are getting a taste of our own medicine and we absolutely and positively do not deserve Pakistan.

    My apologies if I hurt anyone’s feelings. The more we yearn for change, the more remains the same. We just can’t seem to get anything right.

  9. Dr. SM keep it up and do your program as usual, upload it on youtube, facebook, twitter and everywhere. we will make sure that it is watched by most number of people. we will see how can they stop you.

  10. I dont understand why is Shahid Masood even allowed to run this non-sense program. The other night in his show some ghairat-o-hummiat se bharpoor lawyer was accusing Zardari for accepting 50-80 crore as bribe for every secretary level posting in Islamabad. What is this non-sense? Does he have a proof of that? Did he solicit government’s response on this accusation? What kind of journalism is that??

    Every night he sets up this dokaan where he is trying to convince everyone that government is going in days and asking everyone about ways in which Zardari and PPP government can be ousted.

    Establishment is playing its old and sleazy game behind the slogan of ghairat-o-hummiat with people like Shahid Masood as their spokespersons and awam again buying into this non-sense.

  11. People who speaks against Dr SM, should note that his programme gets on average 150-200 comments compare to any programme any week around 10-20.

    That shows he is doing something right. I do not know who are the advisor of AZ or he himself make all decision…but fall of AZ is soon gonna happen….

  12. @ali2128

    U dont need to pray that u r wrong….U R DEFINITELY WRONG.

    Why are you looking at this from this negative view.
    For me we are improving day by day…….we are more learned than before…..we know more about our rights….
    Dont you see that NRO could not be presented in this assembly? Is it not positive.

    If you are unable to think of solutions to problem, please do not spread disappointment.

    Pakistan Zindabad

  13. It took 1.5 years for Asif Zardari to reach at same position where Musharaf took 9 years to reach,

    If we compare current situation with last few months of Musharaf, you can find many many similarities, and its signal that zardari has to go now……

    Hows about Qaira & Fauzia?? what they are saying now?

    If it’s true, then its real shame on current govt & pppp govt.

  14. @bsobaid

    – Surray Palace was first denied, later accepted by Zardari. Do you still need proofs after that acceptance ?… i mean what kind of proof that could satisfy your highness ?

    By proof did you mean the video footage of Zardari entering into banks or what ?…. if that’s the case i’m afraid we are living on two different planets.

    – The SWISS case… he was convicted by Swiss courts. It wasn’t any pakistani courts. So what kind of proof you need. The audio/video recordings of the court proceedings ?. I’m afraid in europe/UK that’s not given normally to anybody. So what’s the thing that could satisfy you ?

    – Oil for Food Programe,.. the proof documents were sent by UN to govt of pakistan. I mean tell me what proof do you want …. the Tankers … their colors…. Number Plates … on which the oil was loaded in ….or video footage of them whilst they are leaving Baghdad ?

    – Lastly…. check out the income tax return of both Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif. Both of them paid less tax then me …. i’m an IT professional and my life doesn’t involve too much of luxuries. Still my tax is larger than Zardar and Nawaz Sharif. Do you need video footage of Zaradri filing in wrong tax return or what ?

    I mean come on … make some sense

  15. Helllooo!!!

    I was talking about that particular accusation made in his show without any proof.

    Yes, whoever accused of corruption should clear himself before courts but you must realize WHO is throwing all these accusations???
    Establishment??? The same establishment whose army chief accepted 24 millionUS Dollay as kick backs in one arms deals for French submarines??
    2% commission is fixed for army chief for every arms deal. All arms deal are handled and negotiated by army with NO oversight by any public representative or parliament. The record is not made public for journalists to uncover the real corruption that goes in arms deals.

    CIA reportedly spends 1/3rd of its budged on ISI. Where does that money go???

    There is no denying of the fact that politicians are involved in corruption but we all must not dance on the tunes of establishment under the guise of Shahid Masood and likes. Democracy must continue and current setup must complete 5 years.

  16. @bsobaid

    I am sure your tactics of spreading disappointment will never work.

    Alhamdulillah Pakistan is heading in right direction since restoration of judiciary with the force of people of Pakistan. The reason for slow speed is the fact that Government is determined to go against the will and betterment of the country and people of Pakistan.

    Event already occurred that shows that Pakistan is heading in right direction

    – Restoration of Judicary
    – Unconstitutional judges thrown out of courts
    – November 3rd action declared unconstitutional and Zardaro could not provide indemnity to Nov 3rd action
    – NRO could not be ratified by Parliament

    Below events are destined to happen in future, its only matter of time.

    – NRO minister will have to resign
    – 17th amendment will be passed
    – Zardaro will be have to step down to face cases which will take him to jail again
    – Free and fair Mid term election that will bring the parties outside parliament including nationalist parties of Baluchistan that will help solving Balochistan issue
    – Musharraf will be brought to justice under article 6
    – New Government will divert to resolve the issue awaam and media will divert its attention to awaami issues of povery joblessnes etc.

    No matter what ever evil forces (PPPP, US etc) do, above events will definatley happen. They will only waste time of our nation.

    Pakistan Zindabad

  17. When we say all politicians are corrupt,w e are clearing the way for Musharrafs and Zias and Ayubs, who are ten times bigger chor and no one has the courage to accuse or even uncover their corruption.

    Pakistan’s biggest business deals are made in defence sectors. All those arms deals are handled by army with zero oversight of parliament or any other public institution. Do you have any idea how much money these generals make from these arms deals? politicians are nothing before them and yet these same biggest thieves manipulate awami emotions using Shahid Masoods.

    Do we really want army to take over again? They do far far far more corruption than politicians. We must not give them a chance to loot this country even more. Corruption can only be eradicated by alternative leadership and that can only emerge with the continuation of democracy. Removing democratic governments before their tenure make it impossible for alternative democratic powers to strengthen.

  18. well I think this was always on the cards…for last 6 months at least Dr SM was absolutely hellbent on sending zardari home…..I dont think he crossed the line though…whatever he said was actually difficult to prove wrong given the credibility and past record of present rulers…hence he prevailed despite extreme dislike from the govt….this suspension though is just the beginning though…beware of more suspensions to come including off the record, live with talat,capital talk and probably kal tak….this obviously means that this govt is weak on ground and wants to shut the mouths of its critics which obviously is a long ask…

    I am actually quite loving this golden era of this hyperactive free media which is driving the rulers absolutely insane…they surely are a power now in ever changing power dynamics of this unfortunate country

  19. @aawan

    Dream on!!!

    and I am not spreading any hopelessness and disappointments. The arguments you have made are made whenever there are conspiracies against democratic governments. The same arguments were made when BB was removed twice and when NS was removed twice and people like you danced on the streets and distributed sweets. No mid-term, no inquilaab and no drama can change any situation. Continuation of democracy and letting democratic governments complete their tenure is the ONLY way we will solve the corruption problems and which parties you are saying are out of parliament?? Imran Khan’s tanga party?? Jamat-e-islami?? You hold elections today and these two combined will not win more than 5 seats in the parliament.

  20. Everybody has right to freedom of speech, but to gag the media in todays day and age and say we gave big sacrifices for democracies stinks of hypocrisy, but this was expected from Mr 10% and Co and this is the reason people give sweets on the street when Fauji Boots take over.

  21. Salaam All

    closure of Mere Mutabiq from Dubai.

    wink wink 🙂 انعام ! اب تیرا کیا بنے گا کالیا

    To be frank, I dont see any problem in that. When we criticise Altaf Hussain that he is doing politics from abroad and he should be in Pakistan then why cant we apply same principle on Anchors and programmes.

    Dr SM thinks he is the most important person and as if without him pakistan will disappear in thin air . Dr Sb get real and welcome to real world. Its easy to throw stones from a bunker, come to pakistan and join the other journalist who are doing the real journalist work with all the pressure and threats to them. Dont be a cry baby and face the music and take it like a man. Dont be mummy’s boy


  22. @Alexbutt, but those media persons are individuals who are more prone to play in the hands of establishment. I’d rather have awami will or parliament manipulating government than these individuals becoming too powerful.

  23. senseless is a lil word for bsobaid,

    I wonder why you tryin to rescue zordari, no matter wat here no one is defending “generals” involved in corruption , he SM is someone who discuss so much in detail even about the problems this muslim ummah facing and the western attack on them through media or some other source.

    its not the point of being perfect ever program, everyone do mistakes but the point is how other anchors or programs are discussed in that detail the way he does?

    arnt you tired of listening to same crap eeveryday from these politicians we see on every next program , lying , givin wrong figures, facts, statements ? instead of listening to some analysts who can just give an overview picture of whats actually happening around us?

  24. Do we know that “Bees always sit on the Sh!t” and lots of people go to watch Mujra and sometimes very few people go to good places. So, that is not the case of more viewers or less but the fact of the matter is that He is following some Jewish Loby and others dangerous Agenda. You can see his body language about counting the days, hours, minutes and seconds for the fall of this democratic government.

    And just think about the historical facts or milestones have be achieved in this government like;

    1. Dr. Qadeer sahib is free 2. Molana Aziz sahib is free 3. CJ Ch. Mohammad Iftikhar sahib been reinstated 4. Sawat is ok 5. IDPs are back 6. Benazir Income Support Programme is doing well and some other social reforms related to BISP are doing well in Pakistan 7. 18th Amendment is about to come in the same manner like it happened to make 1973 Constitution in 1973 8. Balochistan constitutional package is about to come 9. Northern Area is not only been given a name “Gilgit-Baltistan” but has been empowered according to the demand of its people and inshallah we will win the war in North Wazirastan very soon

    I think this is ok for the time being but would bring some more achievements if need so.

    Pak Army Zinda Baad, Pak Police Zinda Baad, Pak Forces Zinda Baad

    Pakistani Zinda Baad, Pakistani Zinda Baad, Pakistani Zinda Baad

    Pakistan Khuppaiy, Pakistan Khuppaiy, Pakistan Khuppaiy

  25. Musharaf era revisted….

    This will not carry on…. This Government is its own enemy and time will tell how incompetent this Gov was.

    Having said that Shahid Massod sometime goes overboard with his allegations against the Gov. Like last weekend or two ago he was telling his viewers that Zardari days a numbered and it is the matter of a day or two… BUT that daako Zardari is still sitting where he was. So, Pakistani media should not become too emotionally attached with the events and must not spread rumors without any authencity.

  26. @manilala said no one is welcoming generals. Yes you are!! you dont know, but you are welcoming generals because you are buying into their propaganda. When you say all politicians are corrupt and incompetent, you give excuse to bigger chors, generals, to take over who then repeat this accusation in their meray azeez humwatnoo speech.

  27. @iqbaladnan

    I take back my words. But for the sake of argument, the reason I’m sounding negative is that we keep seeing these sort of things being repeated over and over again. Isn’t it time that this nation takes a break from this petty third rate leadership upon whom it has been bestowed by none other than ourselves? I mean this skunk is an elected leader but no different from his military predecessor. I agree that Dr. SM went overboard with his personal attack on AZ but then, knee jerk reaction is always a reflection of one’s weakness and AZ’s position stands exposed that his regime is running on fumes. Expect no change if, in the near future, PML-N takes charge of the country.

    we will won INSHALLAH
    we will make them alter their ferocious decision.

  29. While he should not have been banned as it impinges on his freedom of speech….

    I am not going to miss him because his show was about nothing about but: populist statements which may as well have come from our politicians, poetic sermons about our hukmaraan, speculations, fearmongering and gossip – all of which are of zero value to the nation.

    In an ideal world, his show would have dropped in ratings and been thrown out the door. However, Pakistan’s masses who are instilled with fear and increasingly despondent sitting at home were, unfortunately, susceptible to his views.

    Those pessimistic amongst us would point out his views are still better than the views of hardline islamists…true…

    On the flip side, given that he is assigned an important time slot on the most watched private television network in Pakistan, I think he could have performed his duty to the nation far better…

  30. @ali2128

    First of all, thankx for reconciliation. Now i come to the argument.

    In my opinion, democracy is not a “neelum-pari” which lands from heavens. It is a process which requires consistency of execution. If we give it ample time to run and repeat some good number of cycles. It has the potential to correct itself.

    Yes, we will have to bear with people as corrupt as AZ and NS, but their is no shortcut. Breaking it in the middle with abnormal methods, actually converts villains into heroes. Tell me honestly, how popular would have been NS or Benazir if allowed to complete 5 yrs of govt.

    I do not see any reason to be hopeless.

  31. Simple questions to understand/decode GEO+Establishment conspiracy.

    Q1/Dr SM masood prg airs on weekend not on rest of working days..why on monday,Geo admin cries that prg is not allowed/suspended??Wait till next week and if it doesnt not go on air,then cry??

    Q2/The credibility of Dr SM is not hidden and his dubious,treacherous role and lies are well proved and documented.I am not just firing in air without any proof.Please check it out these links and see his credibility..Hidden Truth of Jawab Deh.


    Q3/Since the day,he was fired from PTV chairmanship,he has turned not only anti PPP but also pro establishment darlling.

  32. @Ali Q

    I agree with you. I lost interest in his programs some times ago.
    However, this does not mean a valid excuse to stop him.

    There are other programs, which are repelling Dr. SM’s view constantly e..g., “Coloumn Kar” of express. Similarly there are many others with more balanced views.

  33. @Ali Q,

    Is it too early to consider it is banned,since,his prg airs on weekend,not on working days,its too early to cry tactic of Geo to tear crocidile tears.

    To know better Dr SM,one can see Dr SM’s Nobel statments full of Lies and back firing on Jawab Dah Prg on geo,check the link I mentioned above.

  34. @bsobaid

    I agree on ur comments ” you are welcoming generals because you are buying into their propaganda. ” The Military class will do their best to keep democratic forces under control by dividing them,supporting malicious compaign based on hate,lies and propganda against democratic forces.Thats a wkae up call for Democratic forces and supporters.

  35. I pray for Dr. masood’s safety and am proud of and envey is himmat, his courage for speaking the truth. You truly are a brave man and may Allah protect you.
    What he says in his shows is what we say in our living rooms but as a nation we are cowards as we collectively do not stand up to dogs like zardari. I have immense respect for this man, he stand makes me have hope in the pakistani nation, he tells me not every one is a dead and corrupt soul in Pakistan. If he is harmed, then he will be another Tipu and we will all be meer jaffers and meer sadiqs who will stand by and not do anything. Corrupt leaders like zardari know we are just sheep, sheep with dead souls. That is why they keep doing what they are doing. Dr. S. Masood inshallah allah will protect you and he has all the rewards for you for standing up against the wrong and speaking out what is right.

  36. mir munsaf you truly are a mir jaffer. Your argument that they are inviting they generals, then why the F**K zardari and co do the things they are doing? oh i forgot all this is a lie against them. Swiss banks convicted zardari but oh wait that is figment of my imagination? Actually the army planned it so that when zardari comes to power they can use these accusations. Mir Jaffer opps munsaf no jaffer The army planned for zardari to buy the land he did in Islamabad only so they could use it against Zardari, yes Mir Munsaf/Jaffer we trully are that stuphid as you and your master thinks because we have put up with criminals like zardari for two years, because he is the president of our nation, yes keep doing what you are doing no one is going to stop you.

  37. @mir munsif
    “..Is it too early to consider it is banned,since,his prg airs on weekend,not on working days,its too early to cry tactic of Geo to tear crocidile tears…”

    I guess you were too drunk when you got the news. Stop acting like a buf00n and don’t let hatred take over rational thinking.

    ps: do you know what day is today 😉

  38. @ savage
    bawa, at least for a while this show is over, you could get another assignment.

    بھائی میں تو شام غریباں سنوں گا. دو سال پہلے انہی دنوں ڈاکٹر صاحب سے نوحہ خوانی سنی تھی. بہت سوز ہے انکی آواز میں

  39. @bechari-awam,

    Why r u crying dude and am not drunk,it seems there is some problem in your rationality,where there is no place for reason rather hate and biased mind set.Need not an Einstein to understand wht I meant by statment.

    PS;You need to know SHow is not airing today any way 🙂

    Common sense is NOT common I guess 🙂

  40. Remember SM started monday program just before 2-3 months and the reason was obvious, To ovthrw government.
    Tje Jang Group is trying to be a fifth force in the country besides Army,Gov,Opposition and Justice.
    This should notbe allowed at all.
    So I Welcome the ban…

  41. ZARDARI LISTEN “”” JAB BANDAR KI MOUT AATI THO SHAIR KI TARAF BAGHTA HAI””” so zardari you are taking pangha with DR. SHAHID MASOOD, you know



  42. zam, you have no right to speak on behalf of whole Pakistan. you can only spe3ak on your behalf because I DO NOT respect or admire this establishment kaa bandarr, called Shahid Masood.

  43. Shame on the biggest corrupt government of Pakistan. We all should welcome Army in Pakistan now we dont want democracy. Dictatorship is 10000000 times better then this democracy. Dr Shahid they dont even dare to touch you dont worry come and do your programme from islamabad right infront of the Defacto Zardari house it would be a big slap on Peoples Party and His joker face. Allah Will help you Amin.

  44. @bsobaid
    Either the people supporting him in this page (more than 50) are wrong or you are wrong 🙂

    Point is it doesn’t matter who is the anchor. Point is idiots like Ghadari don’t realize that this is the age of information/internet. Backlash of this will be far greater than letting the program to air.

    We just need to wait a little while, Ghadari is digging a grave for PPP which is getting deeper daily.

    Jiye Bhutto, Jiye Bilawal, Jiye Ghadari, Jiye Gillani, Jiye Dacoit

    Democracy is INDEED the best revenge

  45. @mir munsif
    “Why r u crying dude and am not drunk,it seems there is some problem in your rationality,where there is no place for reason rather hate and biased mind set.Need not an Einstein to understand wht I meant by statment.

    PS;You need to know SHow is not airing today any way 🙂 …”

    ok I give up. Today was not Monday (a weekday) and there was no “meray mutabiq” show today. Now you can go ahead and tell your dad that Dr. SM only comes on weekends.

    ps #2: just reload the front page and don’t just look at the “gandi larki” shown on the ads 😉

  46. Though I don’t like SM since he has quit PTV and it is crystal clear that he is just ventillating his own frustration and grudge against current PPP led government. But PPP government should not ban anyone (even SM)! Now I don’t know whether he is really banned or its just a cheap tactic by GEO network to gain popularity! But in anyways Government shouls come clean.

    By the way I want to ask one question and would appreciate if some one could help me out here. All over media, different people are demanding the resignation from ministers whose names are given in the NRO List. They are arguing that since they are holding a public office, even if they are not yet convicted just accused, accusation is enough reason for them to voluntarily resign from Public office.

    Now I want to ask that why this “Moral principle” has only surfaced after Government has disclosed NRO list. Is there no case of corruption and other criminal activities against Nawaz sharif or Shahbaz Sharif? Is SS not holding Public office? If there are accusations against SS and other PMLN leader who are governing Punjab, then why no one has even hinted that they should resign!? When this hypocricy and double standards are going to end in Pakistan?

    I am of the opinion that morally who ever (I repeat Who ever) is accused of anything he should face the trial. And free and fair courts should decide to plead him guilty or otherwise.

  47. When will GEO learn. Remove your transmission from Dubai. These low, arrogant uneducated, self appointed “Prince” etc are no mare then “DICTATORS” If they had any sense they should confiscate Zardari’s palace in Dubai and hand it over to the courts in Pakistan.

  48. In my opinion, doc shahid was more personal with zardari. but to ban the program is not a good idea. dr. shahid should avoid personal conflicts with zardari in media and to show one sided picture.
    when doc support mqm then these forums curse him and geo but when zardari ban his program then ppl support him. i think we should respect everyone’s views but should avoid personal attacks.

  49. ………………………………* Lets Do an Audit *………………………………….

    In last 100 episodes of Mere Mutabiq, we have an average 100- 150 comments per episode (some people commented 4-5 times as well in one episode).

    about 50 people in favor ( which is reality and reality does bites )
    about 05 people against ( which is called democracy/alternate views)

    all other shows …even top rated have average comments 15-30…

    so there is no need to fight ..result is already there…….but i would appreciate constructive discussion that shows independent society with healthy brains..

    I hope you would not mind above audit..it is very small but if someone wants to do in detail they are all welcome….

  50. @bsboid
    i am sure you are zardari’s relative.
    it’s sad that meray mutabiq banned by ppp, whats the point of being politician when you can’t take the criticism. never thought that thieves, corupt, alcoholic, gambler, ill mannered are so strong in our country that they would’nt allow anyone to speak against them.
    if telling truth and showing the true face of our politician is crime then i am sure most of us would commit it. people listen to him because they know he is honest and speaks what we wanna listen to.
    democracy is a best revenge huh makes me laugh when looters comes with these statments. corupt politician of this country will win next election aswell, because those who votes them are so helpless that they cannot vote anyone else, 0bviously they gotta feed their family by working in farms owned by those who ask them to vote.

  51. This goverment is a continuation process of Musharaf even worst than musharaf, well their end time is about to reach. Insha-ALLAH

    Hum dekhain gay, lazim kay hum bhi dekhain gay, hum dekhain gay….



    Tell me why did you take punga with me? You really think you can wake up this nation? I mean come on of all the people you are a doctor you should know there is no pulse there, this nation is dead.
    Do you not see that despite all my scandals, despite the fact I was convicted in a Swiss court (I mean what more of a proof would someone need) these people accepted me as the president. Do you not see my PPP politicians sing my praises, the jiyalas of PPP defend me. Do you really think you will shake their conscious? They have none.
    Look you came to PTV and exposed the corruption through the audits you got done. We told you to stop but you wanted to do what was right? Well what did you get out of it? People do not care you exposed all the corruption and did real audits in PTV, instead they criticize you for having joined PTV, what a joke ha ha ha.
    Did you not notice that Peer Pagara said he will not support me and the next day he changed. Did you not see the same Ameen Fahim who used to say if not the PM he will not take any other position quietly joined me and took a state minister post. You should have realised that I have forces working for me behind the scene. With these forces covering my ass I am going to do what I am best at and that is loot the country.
    How many people have died since I became the president? Countless right? Many bombings, attacks, did I go and visit a single place? Did I even once show solidarity with the people? Did I shake hands with even one of the injured victims? You are right I did not. I do not care for them. But regardless of all this did you see people rise up against me? No they did not. Doctor your blame of me destroying this country is not justified, this country is already dead how can I destroy a nation that is already dead.
    Last I just want you to know all of you in the gherat brigade are members of a begharat society you will not find much support, no matter how hard you try.
    What do you say my Pakistani brothers and sisters Pakistan Khapay Pakistan Khapay Pakistan Khapay

  53. Things are moving in the right direction, just wait, we will be all fine. did anyone notice that there is no suicide attack or bomb blast for the last few days ? why? Rehman malik did not get time to arrange one. He is busy talking to his attorneys and planing to run out of country. till the time he is busy in saving his skin, our poor nation will not have any blast . The day he will be at ease you will see blast somewhere. My mind and heart says that i am true saying all of the above.

  54. I’m not a fan of Shahid Masood but i will defend his right to free speech.
    It is a show of intolerance by PPP administration.

  55. “Banning the Dr. Shahid is a small step for this cunning, deceiving, lying, scamming, plotting, international deal making for the personal interests, political and ethnic Mafia Boss”

    Now the NRO is in the hands of Pakistani family and ethnic Mafia’s subservient, shameless, moral less and with no “personal integrity” members in crimes, the party nominated beggars, or so called Pakistan cabinet member or the secretaries of the devil himself, Asif Ali Madari.

    The leader of the thieves is the chief commander-n -a thief of Pakistan Army, Asif Ali Madari, an international criminal, fraud, charged with felonies such as murders, money laundering, steeling the money from the poor, weak, helpless, charitable, old, young, sick and pregnant, hungry and naked, unsafe, bleeding, dying from violence and mentally tortured majority people of Pakistan.

    A person of this caliber of psychotic criminality will not resign from his post and will do any deal to get out of the country or use the ***“Sampson theory” ‘ banning the doctor is a small step for this cunning, deceiving, lying, scamming, plotting, international deal making for the personal interests.

    He is literally selling or pretty much handing out the integrity, dignity, self esteem, self respect and honor of 190 million people to the highest bidder or any country which will provide the legal shelter to this criminal and his offspring of present and future criminals.

    Asif Ali Madari, Mush-Haram, Altaf the serial killer, Shortcut Aziz the “rental plant” Prime Minister are all agents of the American war machine and trained and controlled by the British and American agencies and will get shelter or protection from either of these two countries or already are under the protection or promised in advance.

    That’s why we need midterm elections under the Prime Minster of Pakistan by the request of the Parliament, that will full fill the constitutional requirements of my dear friend @Bawa.

    ***(a brainchild of the Israeli government in case of nuclear war, they will take the Middle East and Europe or any other place in reach, a nuclear option)

  56. Zardari & Co,

    Couldnt sustianed the pressure of NRO,

    Out of Desperation & Depression They have to……………….

    Live with Talt,Off the Record could be next in process….

    Zardari & Co days have been numbered……..

    Few more mysteriuos stupid act from him couldnt be ruled out……..

    Zardari & Co Should pack their bags,

    In Matter of Fact “PARTY IS OVER”



    GUARD OF HONOUR………………………….

    CJ has Made History.i salute you

  57. I think that is exactly what Dr Sahib wanted. Also with Geo they wanted something to talk about, also it is known fact that Dubai have done that before so they will do that again why not air the program from UK. But I think it was all part of the plan and Zardari is too dumb to understand whole plan, he could be street smart but not that smart. But in the end Govt have no right to stop this program.


  59. Don’t they realize that this will not benefit them in long term. As now the other anchors will come hard at this bullshit government, and what will change about this program because of this ban is, its POPULARITY, because when this program returns people will be more anxious to watch it.

  60. Don’t they realize that this will not benefit them in long term. As now the other anchors will come hard at this bullsh!t government, and what will change about this program because of this ban is, its POPULARITY, because when this program returns people will be more anxious to watch it.

  61. @bsobaid
    Sheer Ignorance and divorce from reality is very clear from pearl of wisdom you wrote. You are so blind folded by your venom hatred you are losing commonsense…..
    Your accusation CIA giving 1/3 to ISI just shows your understanding of civilized democratic free societies…..but then again I am not surprised because cheerleaders for democracy in Pakistan don’t know Jack**** about what really civilized democratic societies are about……
    Pakistani society fundamentally is not democratic let alone dreaming of Jeffersonian democracy…..
    Mind set of Pakistani society is fundamentally totalitarian and dictatorial…..I don’t know when or ever we would get out of such mind set…..
    Calling current government democratic is an insult to the citizens of civilized societies…..

  62. @bawa

    بھائی میں تو شام غریباں سنوں گا. دو سال پہلے انہی دنوں ڈاکٹر صاحب سے نوحہ خوانی سنی تھی. بہت سوز ہے انکی آواز میں

    After knowing that people looted billions of dollars, they were not only given amnesty but also placed at the center of affairs. If we have any grain of shame we should also start mourning just Dr. SM but zombies like to do devil dance.

  63. This is unacceptable to 170 millions Pakistanis and all those who believe in freedom of speech. This is an attack on free speech and media by the current corrupted regime, and it must be resisted. Dr Shid Masoud has been bringing the facts before the Nation. He is a professional journalist and he must be allowed to continue his show, named ” Mery Mutabiq”.

  64. @ savage
    After knowing that people looted billions of dollars, they were not only given amnesty but also placed at the center of affairs. If we have any grain of shame we should also start mourning just Dr. SM but zombies like to do devil dance.

    ان چوروں لٹیروں ڈاکووں اور قاتلوں کو کس نے اقتدار کے ایوانوں تک پہنچایا تھا؟ یقینی طور پر ہماری پیاری عوام نے اور اپنے قیمتی ووٹ دیکر. ان چوروں لٹیروں ڈاکووں اور قاتلوں کو کس نے ایمنسٹی دی؟ یقینا ہماری پیاری فوج اور ہماری اسٹبلشمنٹ نے. اب آپ کس سے بھلائی کی توقع کر رہے ہیں؟ کیا کسی نے اپنے گناہوں کا اعتراف کیا ھے؟ کیا کسی نے اپنی غلطیوں سے کوئی سبق سیکھا ھے؟ عوام نے؟ فوج نے؟ اسٹبلشمنٹ نے؟ سیاسی پارٹیوں نے؟ یہ سارا گند عوام، فوج، اسٹبلشمنٹ اور سیاسی پارٹیوں کا ڈالا ہوا ھے اور وہی اسکو صاف کرنے کے زمہ دار ہیں

  65. @ibrarmir!
    as u are thinking about SM …if he is really Jewish Agenda then Never banned on His programme …for your Kind information …why you forget that Mr Zardari have some Mentalist Problem’s:)
    he said truthabout zardari we are agree with him…..
    We want Mid Term Election but i will give Vote to any body ….by dway recently Bristish private servay from pakistan Youth ..90% youth against this governament now you think what is right or wrong ….

  66. It is the beauty of democracy that the voices of dissent can be heard loud and clear.I’m afraid that can never happen in dictatorial khalifa rule just like in Iran.They would like to crush any opposition.

  67. @ Pak_Power
    Democracy breeds democracy and democratic behavior. Were rednecks ready for Jeffersonian democracy in 1800s ???

    Democratic behaviors are instilled in human nature. Continuation of democracy nurtures those tendencies. Same goes for Pakistani society. Democracy is not an after the fact phenomenon. Democracy strengthens itself.

  68. my requiset to all user :
    Please pray for Dr Shahid Masood & Family,

    my prayer is:
    ” May Allah protect you & give you courage to bear atrocities made against you”

  69. Even DR was keeping the Prog one sided but i still think injustice is being done here

    Here are some song lyrics for dr shahid mosod to sing while he is puting up with this corrupt govt.

    The Show must go on!
    Inside my heart is breaking,
    My make-up may be flaking,
    But my smile, still, stays on!

    Whatever happens, I’ll leave it all to chance.
    Another heartache – another failed romance.
    On and on!
    Does anybody know what we are living for?

    I guess I’m learning
    I must be warmer now..
    I’ll soon be turning round the corner now.
    Outside the dawn is breaking,
    But inside in the dark I’m aching to be free!

    The Show must go on!
    The Show must go on! Yeah!
    Ooh! Inside my heart is breaking!
    My make-up may be flaking!
    But my smile, still, stays on!
    Yeah! oh oh oh

    Queen- British singer

  70. The news for imposition of ban on airing of Geo News’ program ‘Meray Mutabiq’ from Dubai is condumnable and tantamount to targeting the freedom of expression.

  71. This act of Pak government must be condemned by all democracy lovers. We all struggled hard to get back this democracy on track but what we are getting in reply.

    No sugar.
    No electrics.
    No law & Order.
    Explosions in cities.
    No freedom of Expressions.
    Begging from others to overcome the budget loss.

    There is a list of issues which are becoming problems for the people of Pakistan, but what our politicians are doing? They are worried for their interests only.

  72. Good Job, this fake doctor was in a personal war since he came back to GEO. His subject matter was nothing but Zardari. Although, I firmly believe Zardari should be prosecuted as he has been indulging in many crupt activities. But what Dr. Masood was doing with Musharaf, the chief engineer of NRO, at Dinner in Karachi? Of course a good friend with a good friend!

    Why Dr. Shahid left GEO and join PTV? Of course a good friend for good friend

    All these people befooling the Jazbati Pakistanies like us. People die, fight with their brothers, risk their lives to cast their vote. But when the election is over. People like rise up to sweep the road for Establishment and Oposition to overthrow the government.

    Heshould be allowed to do the program from Pakistan so that he be able to bring in some different topic as well.

    I hate when he starts, ” Mulk mey bey Cheni hay” ” Mulk Nazuk Dawer say Guzar raha hay”

    Arey bhai ye bat to 20 sal pehley be kaha jata tha. Pakistan K Ravi ney kab chain hi chain likha hay.

    If there is 30% unrest in the country, Shahid Masood adds up 40%.

  73. @gugho ghora

    I was sure you must not be a a human being who thinks Zardari is the future?
    Those who do not belong to this land talk like that. Any way, I like your answer.

  74. Quwat Khan Sunny said:
    @gugho ghora

    I was sure you must not be a a human being who thinks Zardari is the future?

    @gugho ghora
    there are not many who can understand the humor ….

    @ Quwat Khan Sunny
    he is joking …. teasing people who support Zardari …

    khan321 said:
    i condum

    condum ?????????

  75. Balawal Bhutto Zardari ……zinda hay bhutto zinda hay….. They will keep coming at you but you stay steadfast. Zardari Sa’yin Sahib is doing the right thing by making sure that he has control over the affairs of running the country. You just can’t trust Gailani, whose wife is also corrupt(see Dawn yesterday’s edition). With Rehamn Malik,Babar Awan and Ahmad Mukhtar he has a competent team and I am sure we will be a different coutry in 5 years. Just give them a chance. Dr Sahib is an agent of the dark forces. Good to see his back. Death threats are deplorable though and I am sure Zardari id=s not involved. It must be MQM as they have murder charges on them in NRO.

  76. @Bechari awam,

    why are u getting personal dude,keep ur biased and narrow minded approach with you.If you want to follow the lines of propagandist and pro-establishment Hawkish approach,or you are here just abusing politicians or current democratic Govt or any one who supports them,then it would neither weaken the resolve of democratic forces nor it would bring any good for society.

  77. @Bechari awam

    current democratic government is democratic thats why it shall be considered a sin to talk against any minister or government .. so always say and talk and even think that Zardari is the most honest person on earth .. he didnt kill Murtaza bhutto … he didnt take heavy kick backs in armed and power projects and we are not paying that money back in electricity bills … and those power compnies are not black mailing this government now … and those kick backs have nothing to do with the load shedding today …
    always remember … Zardari si a brave man … he is always there when nation needs him he always meet commmon peaple of Pakistan he visit the homes of army shaheeds as their supreme leader .. he does not spend most of his time out of the country or president house .. you can find him solving problems of common people … although he does not possesses the major powers as president under 17th amendment .. he did not played sindh card in recent JSQM azadi rally …. he didnt receive the heavy kick backs in French submarine deal .. he was not interested in killing French engineers … he did not purchased land in islamabad for peanuts …. he is not the biggest and most corrupt politician in the history of this country and he is not selfish …
    remember if you speak against him or any kind of corruption … you are taliban .. pro establishment … anti bhutto anti PPP anti democracy anti Pakistan and many other antis and pros .. in short u are no good for this country … so get lost …

  78. @mujtaba-ali

    Bro,I am not against healthy criticism but yes I dont consider biased approach or personal hate mind set against Democratic forces will bring any better change.

    Coming back to your allegations.

    1. “he didnt kill Murtaza bhutto. ” Inspite of false accustaion,its not proved,every single person knows,it was Military agencies who had deep animosity against Murtaza Bhutto and by Killing Shaheed Murtaza Bhutto,they got two benefits, Dislodging PPP Govt +Old Revenge..By the way,earlier Shahnawaz was also killed by Agencies,the shame role of Military umpire against PPP is too big.
    2.Power kick backs and French Submarine + French Engineers killing.

    if PPP govt didnt bring private power companies,you ppl would be having No lite..Not a single WATT was added by Mush ten years,have u courage to ask Military Junta role??
    Abt French Submarine:Allegations are 95 percent Money went to Military personal,have you guts to ask to try them..AZ was in Jail in 2001/2002..How he managed to operate killing of French Engineers?? why a small percentage holder kill those ppl?Its again great game of Generals.Biggest Plunderers of national assets!!

    3.he did not played sindh card in recent JSQM azadi rally..

    Wht about current Sindhi Awami tahreek Million March (yesterday)??Was it again a sindh card for PPP??How much you know the Sindhi political dynamics??Sindhi ppl always voted Federal parties and waged struggles against Dictatorship. but Keep in mind,if you and your establishment will destablize the system or PPP,then what alternative do you have in Sindh.If you know political dynamics in Sindh,there are two strong camps, Sindhi Nationalist forces and PPP.Sindhi Nationalist History is very old and respected in every corner,they dont participate in Elections..They are like old silent volcano,who was in dormant state only bcoz of Bhuttos of PPP.I am sure,Sindh can become more radical or even more aggressive than Baluchistan,the day federal democratic forces are vanished on scene,giving Nationalist forces space to fill.

    Final Remarks: There is difference between alleged and convicted person.Establishment forces can malign democratic forces but with all their power and propganda,they never prove any thing in court of law not they succeeded erasing PPP from scene.and Remember,in utter hate against PPP,dont forget PPP is federal party which chains whole nation,it may have many weakness or faults but its essential for the survival of Federation.

    Do criticise but for the sake of betterment not just for personal despise and disdain.

  79. ہمارا مسلہ یہ ہے کہ ہم اپنی اپنی محبتوں اور نفرتوں کے غلام ہیں .. ہمارے خون میں اور ذہنوں میں … تعلیمی نظام میں .. اور معاشرتی نظام میں … لوگوں نے ملک کی محبت نکال کر اس کی جگہ اپنی محبت ڈال دی ہے … لوگ ملک سے محبت نہیں کرتے … اس سے کہیں زیادہ ہم بھٹو سے محبت کرتے ہیں نواز شریف سے محبت کرتے ہیں … زرداری سے الطاف سے محبت کرتے ہیں … اور اس سے بھی بڑھ کر انہی لوگوں سے نفرت کرتے ہیں … ہم اپنے اصل دشمنوں سے اتنی نفرت نہیں کرتے جتنی ان لوگوں سے کرتے ہیں .. ہم اپنی نفرتوں اور اپنی محبتوں کے غلام ہیں .. حقیقت میں ہم اپنی اندھی تقلید کے غلام ہیں اور اس تقلید میں ہم اصل موضوع یعنی پاکستان کو ہی بھول گئے ہیں … بھٹو جئے … ملک تباہ ہو جائے کوئی مسلہ نہیں …. الطاف بھایی کا نام عزت سے لو ..چاہے پاکستان کے خلاف کچھ بھی کہتے رہیں .. نواز شریف ہمارا ہیرو ہے چاہے وہ اپنی کرسی کی خاطر اداروں کو کس قدر تباہ کر دے .. زرداری کے خالف نہیں بولنا چاہے وہ دنیا کا سب سے بڑا چور ہے……. ہم اپنی اپنی نفرتوں کے اور اپنی اپنی محبتوں کے غلام ہیں اور سب سے بڑی اور تکلیف دہ بات یہ ہے کہ ہم اس ملک سے محبت میں بُہت پیچھے ہیں …

  80. @ mir munsif
    yes i agree he is an angel ……… thats what i wrote … you are right .. he never did any kind of corruption… you are right he never took kick backs from power companies and without giving kick backs to zardari power companies were not willing to come to pakistan … yes you are absolutely right sir .. … you are right .. that swiss banks case was fraud and it was not near to conviction … you are right he did no corruption and you are right surrey palace was not his property … you are absolutely right … i salute u sir ….

  81. @mujtaba-ali

    Tell me who else is Angel in pakistani politics,Military,Media,Bureacracy.From peon to up,every one has part of our crumbling corrupt society.Please reply me this simple question…then why only hit harder on PPP and leadership only while giving softer tones to others??? In ur own words near to conviction..while not a single case ever proved..Mind the difference between accused and convicted.When he will be convicted,nt like AZ was convicted by Justice Qayoom (Remember tape recording bw Lhr court judges and PMLN Leaders).

    Let me repeat,PPP is not all saints but my concern is that let democracy function,it may be slow,disappointing but its the only way ahead for better Pakistan.Through Democracy,we can filter out politicians with bad name,with time,ppl awareness increases which rejects any anti ppl drive,therefore,I support PPP led govt to complete their term,I am against any unconstitutional action or propaganda in order to derail political system.

  82. i m not against democracy … read my last post in urdu and try to please understand my senseless words ….
    ur points shoes that you didnt bother to read that or perhaps u also dont like to read and right urdu

  83. @ mir munsif

    i am one of the biggest supporter of completion of tenure for this government … i dont want to destablize country and government … i like Yousuf Raza gillani … i like PPP as a political party as it is the biggest federal party .. liked in all four provinces … but that does not never ever mean … that we support lie … false … corruption and start saying that they are not even corrupt … they are innocent rather most innocent … and they should not called corrupt …
    in other words we should not lie in the hate or in the love for any one …

  84. To all those who are supporting Zardari – can you answer few of the following questions

    1. Why did Zardari submit an affadavit in London High Court taking a plea that he suffers from dementia, depression and post=traumatic stress disorder because of what happened to him in Pakistan and that should be exonerated because of these special circumstances. If he did suffer from that then did he submit another report by a panel of psychiatrists to Election Commission of Pakistan when he submitted his papers for election of President of Pakistan because under the law a person cannot be President of Pakistan if he suffers from mental illness and dementia is a serious mental illness.

    2. If Zardari is really innoncent why in first place he wanted to take advantage of NRO at all. After all he could have said that he is ready to face the courts. Simple. AFter all for nearly 8 years nothing was proved against him and that can happen now more than ever because Courts are relatively free.

    3. Zardari did restore judiciary but he did it under pressure and after doing three agreements with Nawaz Sharif and backing out of that saying that Agreements are not Quran and Hadith.

    4. In an interview he clearly said that he did not speak or know Urdu at all before he was admitted in Cadet College Patero as he had studied in Karachi Grammar School. But in another programme of Hasb Haal there was a vidoe shown of his being a child actor of nearly 8 to 9 years of age in which he was speaking fluent Urdu. If a person can lie so blatently can he be trusted with the destiny ofa 180 crore nation.

    5. The issue is not what establishment has done – the issue is what he is doing because he is the President of Pakistan. So he cannot say that he cannot be a target of criticism because he did not give up the Chairmanship of Pakistan Peoples Party and as a result he is directly responsible what his party is doing at present.

    6. Why did he insist of NRO being passed through the assembly. After all everyone who claims that the cases against them were fabricated then they should be more than happy to face it in the courts and get relief from there.

    7. Is it not true that Zardari and his party had denied in 1996 in National Assembly – one can check the records – that they did not own Surrey Palace. Why did he accept later on that it was his.

    8. Why did he asked his Attorney General at that time Malik Qayum to withdraw the Swiss case against him if he knew that there was nothing in that and he is innoncent. Not only he got the case withdrawn but also he got millions of dollars released from his frozen accounts. Can I ask a simple question – taking into consideration his background that his father was a cinema owner and that his wife was not that filthy rich how come he got millions of dollars in Swiss accounts and why did he deposited that money there – why not in Pakistan.

    9. Why has he made Wajid Shamsul Hasan as Ambassador of Pakistan in UK when he has a British Passport because how can a personw ith a British passport look after the interests of Pakistan and having access to sensitive documents and correspondence going through diplomatic channels what is the surety that this guy has not been passing information to UK authorities. The same goes for Hussain Haqqani who has a American passport – how can that person protect the interests of Pakistan when they can clash with American interests.

    10 . Many of the above guys are saying that well we should not criticise Zardari because after all establishment has done the same also and people previous to him did also. I think what they are saying is just like that example where a woman is raped by someone and then others also raped her and when she protests they tell her why are you protesting after all u had been raped before so whats a big deal if we had done it. This woman is Pakistan.

    11. Some PPP jiyalas say that Bhutto was a great leader – oh really – his greatness was truly tested when he refused to endorse Mujeeb as rightful Prime Minister of Pakistan and save Pakistan from disintegration. Just Imagine if Bhutto in 1971 had said No – I want Mujeeb to be Prime Minister of Pakistan because he has won the majority – that one no would have changed the destiny of our country. But he was selfish and he made a deal with Yahya and actually endorse the army action and said that day that Pakistan has been been saved when in March 1970 army moved in East Pakistan. The next greatness was when he appointed Zial ul Haq as Chief of Army Staff over and above 7 generals. No doubt since that day merit has gone down the drain. If you look at the history of Pakistan whenever an Army general was appointed as Chief out of turn – he has always brought disaster and martial law in Pakistan – be it Ayub , Yayha, Zia and Musharraf.

    12. The biggest damage to Pakistan was done by elected members of assemblies when they elected a chor and a dakoit as President of Pakistan just because they had been bribed. History would never ever forgive these elected members and if a revolution is going to come tomorrow these members would be picked up and hanged on the streets.

  85. @All
    Dictator ship 1000000000000000 times better then this democracy in Pakistan comon guys and welcome our beloved army to take control of islamabad once again.

  86. @Admin,

    I have one suggestion that lets bring “Aghaaz e Hakook Baluchistan” Package and Baluchistan Issue on board for discussion,Please add tag like as u did last time,in order to introduce more rational and concrete discussion based on facts n data by every one rather than mere rhetorics.

    This is one of critical issue,lets learn from each other’s experiences by sharing input and discussing Baluchistan package and Provincial Autonomy.



  88. @ c hussain
    answer to all of ur questions
    because he is innocent …. he is most honest person on earth … and if you talk against him or his corruption or any of his corrupt friends that means u are a sinner … taliban or pro establishment tout or bot …….

    mir munsif said:

    Tell me who else is Angel in pakistani politics,Military,……
    Mir sab …. how dare u agree that Zardari is not an angel … tell me one sin or corruption he did … i challenge u .. u can not ell me even one sin or event of corruption he did …
    can u?

  89. is main kia masla hai dr. sb pakistan main a kar apna prog kar la baqi pakistani bhi tu rooz apni jaan hathli per la kar nikalta hai. itna he prog ka shouq hai tu pakistan anna se kuyun darta hai itn ahe dar lagta hai tu PTV main he rehta.

  90. @bsobaid
    Democracy …….Democracy….Democratic forces….I am sick n tired of hearing this abuse….

    Do you even know the definition of democracy and democratic society? Now let’s see point by point……and please STOP Insulting citizens of civilized democratic societies…

    Weather southerners were ready or not, is beside the point here US was is and hopefully always will be a democratic society fundamentally…….the arguments you are putting forward here are nonsense and show your ignorance of civilized democratic societies….. Just parroting words Democracy, democratic behaviour, democratic forces is an utter insult…..divorce from reality you don’t even understand the very definition of civilize democratic society…..
    FREEDOM AND EQUALITY are two very fundamental principals of civilized democratic society…..

    @ mir munsif

    Final Remarks: There is difference between alleged and convicted person.Establishment forces can malign democratic forces but with all their power and propganda,they never prove any thing in court of law not they succeeded erasing PPP from scene.and Remember,in utter hate against PPP,dont forget PPP is federal party which chains whole nation,it may have many weakness or faults but its essential for the survival of Federation…….

    Zardari and Benazir both were convicted in Switzerland…….here is something to referesh memories http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/3125277.stm
    facts are facts …….if survival of Pakistan’s Federation is depandent on an autocratic, totalatarian party then Federation of Pakistan Shall seize to exsits…..




  92. ایک شیخ اپنے طوطے کے ساتھ ہوائی جہاز میں سفر کر رہا تھا. طوطا بہت شریر تھا. ایئر ہوسٹس پاس سے گزری تو اس نے چھیڑ خانی کی. ائیر ہوسٹس نے نے مسکرا کر بات کو نظر انداز کر دیا. یہ دیکھکر شیخ کا بھی حوصلہ بڑھ گیا اور اس نے بھی پاس سے گزرتی ہوئی ایئر ہوسٹس سے چھیڑ خانی کر دی. ایئر ہوسٹس نے جا کر کپتان کو شکایت کی تو کپتان نے جہاز میں موجود سیکیورٹی گارڈز کو بلا کر حکم دیا کہ طوطے اور شیخ دونوں کو اٹھا کر جہاز سے باہر پھینک دو. سیکیورٹی گارڈز نے دونوں کو باہر پھینکنے کے لیے دروازہ کھولا تو شیخ صاحب کا رنگ پیلا ہو چکا تھا. طوطا شرارت سے بولا کہ شیخ صاحب کیا اڑنا آتا ھے تو شیخ بیچارگی سے بولا کہ نہیں. طوطا بولا تو پھر پنگا کیوں لیا تھا؟ دروازہ کھولا گیا تو طوطا ھوا میں اڑنے لگ گیا اور شیخ صاحب شام غریباں مناتے زمین کی طرف لڑھک گئے

  93. @mujtaba-ali
    iam sick n tired of this pathetic zardari i dont want to see his face for next 3 years on throne so i would like to support army to come in politics again because there is no other solution of this problem like nawaz sharif didnt want to destablise this pathetic mans government and Altaf hussain would never come to power because he is a coward man holding british passport and making people fool….imran khan too young for the system so you tell me how would we change this system?!

    Shahid Masud has crossed all limits and norms. Its looks like he is fighting personal war with Zardari and Co and using media as a tool. By profession, he is not a doctor actually he is a college drop off. No one supports Zardari, Nawaz or any other politicians but why we support media mafia? Let Shahid Masud fight his war with a Sindi Wadara Zardari. Lets evaluate Geo role, Hamid Mir, Kamran, Shahid and others have started a war against newly set up democratic govt. Why Geo and Jang group want to destabilize this system. Jang newspaper started in a small house in Karachi, now its assets are in billions. Is their any accountability for them. Is there any law to stop media mafia to destroy political system.
    No one likes this govt but let people decide not 5 journalists. I am sure that people will kick this govt in next elections. Journalists mafia wants to create more hatred and division in the country.

  95. @afisadi
    “By profession, he is not a doctor actually he is a college drop off. ”

    Bahi I think you have your personal ambitions against Shahid Masood.
    and you said…
    “Why Geo and Jang group want to destabilize this system”
    Isnt this all the PPP people says … do not touch NRO you are breaking country ? pethatic… scums

  96. ooor haan

    our beloved leader bhutto righly called them …. sooar kay bachaay… people who defend nro and who took nro …

    ordinary people die in courts and these people make deals … sooar kay bachaay as per ZA bhutto said

  97. If this program is closed then who will invite Taliban spokesmen Hameed Gul ,Munawer hasan ,Irfan Sidiqi ? bad news for pro talibanis

  98. Dr.Shahid Masood you are an opportunist.You and Hamid Mir were banned by Zardari last year in June just one day before the lawyers long march.Within few days you made a compromise and became MD PTV.You left Hamid Mir all alone.He was also offered ambassadorship but he refused.Then you opologized to traitor Musharraf in Karachi through the good offices of MQM.You were failed in PTV in just 6 months and then came back to Geo TV.I know that you are a frontman of Altaf Hussain.You are fighting MQM war against Zardari not the war of truth.

  99. I think that Dr Shahid Masood blew several issues out of proportion to make people watch his program which was being telecasted quite late, at 11pm (Pakistani time). Some people think that Dr Shahid was trying to equal his score with Zardari (and Rehman Malik) on the PTV affairs (i.e. the way the Dr Shahid was made to resign). But I think that Dr Shahid is suffering from a personality problem. He wanted to attract attention and importance of his programs. When he rejoined the Geo, there was hardly any slot available for him at the prime time. Then, Dr Shahid selected topics having international dimension but gradually started touching the national but sensitive topics.

    But this is not only problem with Dr Shahid Masood. There are other TV anchors who are fighting for their economic survival. If they don’t sensationalize issues, their programs cannot be popular in the masses and consequently their programs cannot attract advertisements. No inflow of money to the TV owner means closer of the program and then the TV channels. The economic interests of the TV channels are watched in the name of ‘national interests’, ‘patriotism’, ‘people’s right to know’ and whatnot. In fact, now there are existing TV cartels feeding on the sentiments of the people, the people who are mostly illiterate and semieducated. That is why the unchecked growth of the media has put Pakistan in trouble. In this regard, it is not that the media has matured enough to take on the government; it is that the media feeds on the issues having potential of creating sensation.

    Most of the TV anchors of today are the product of crisis happened in 2007. Look at Dr Shahid Masood, he used to narrate ‘Qiyamat Ka Manzar’ and ‘when the doomday would arrive?’ on the ARY TV channel and then he turned to political topics. When he was in London, he used to visit the office/residence of late Benazir Bhutto to get news or interview. Did he not know that Benazir was facing corruption charges? Dr Shahid got many favours from the PPP. He was a friend of Zardari even. Now, Dr Shahid is the champion of honesty and fairdealing. How come? It is just economic survival on the popularity ladder that makes these anchors play with the sentiments of people.

    But then the question is how to make the illiterate and semieducated people of Pakistan realize that they are being hoodwinked by the TV cartels?
    Dr Qaisar Rashid
    Lahore, Pakistan.

  100. @Dr. Qaiser
    you are a genious doctor yaar, you got it right. S. Masood has a personality problem. I mean what is wrong with this guy trying to wake up a dead nation like ours. Really who cares if Zardari was convicted in a Swiss court or is involved in all the corruption because when was morality or ethics a strength of our nation. I am sure you paid for your degree, and if you did not you are probably peeling the skin off your patients, I know I know saab chalta hai so why is S. Masood trying to make a mountain out of Zardari’s mole hill corruption. I mean if all the NRO beneficiaries looted billions of dollars who cares, you and I are doing this too, jis ka jehan haath perta hai.
    All you SM supporters, all you from the Gherat brigade, you all have personality issues as you do not fit in this begharat nation of ours, we do not want you. I think there is so few of you that you do not get noticed and to get the attention you raise these issues.
    However I am afraid something is happening to some of the people in Pakistan, the media anchors (ones from the gherat brigade, seems to be having an effect, I have to run back and report this to the mehfil of Iblees and report this slow change, we must try to stop it, this is a great nation we had and now the people like IK, SM and others are blowing things out of proportion and attracting attention.
    Bye for now

  101. @qaiserrashid
    These illiterate semi educated people are much more respected then your
    well educated well mannered well behaved elite class of yours.
    We may be are uneducated for you but we are not traitor like Musharaf
    Zardari Rehman Malik(JHOTA MALIK) so called intellectual Hussain
    Haqqani and rest of his team.
    I strongly protest and condemn your statement and ask you to take your
    words back.
    I will ask you to watch DO TOK and find out about how educated your
    ruling class is.

  102. I think this moved has worked for Zardari. All other channels were so terrified from this move, that non of the anchors spoke about dr Shahid. Except Javed Choudary,no one dared to discuss NRO. Todays talk shows were mostly Harbyair Marri shows.

    Even the politicians did not raise their voice for dr Shahid.

  103. بہت لطف آیا باوا جی – لگتا ہے طوطے کو ابھی مزید کئی سال لگیں گے پر طلاطم پرواز بھرتے ہووے ….. 🙂

  104. Shaheen Subhai once said proudly that COA reused to meet with AZ.
    Is Shaheen Subhai a democratic?
    Tese five terrorists shouldbe banned…

  105. Pak Studies Question Paper in year 2011:

    Attempt any 5 questions and question# 6 is compulsory.

    Q 1. Describe the mechanism of load shedding and blood shedding in Pakistan ?.
    Q 2. How does sugar taste? Explain in your own words?
    Q 3. What is a Roti? Briefly explain relationship between Shahbaz and roti?
    Q 4. Draw labeled diagram of a suicide jacket, also describe its function?
    Q 5. What is PETROL used for? Support your answer with examples?
    Q 6. Which part of Pak is not yet sold to the US?
    Q 7. Differentiate between Atta and FATA

    1988, BB took power, Jang group started a campaign against her govt and finally President Ishaq dismissed the govt. Nawaz came into power, same Jang group start propaganda against his govt and Haqqani was the leader to journalists mafia. Nawaz booted out and BB took the govt second time, same Jang group started a real war against PML govt. BB govt dismissed by Leghari and Haqqani was his prime adviser. Again Nawaz won elections and same Jang group waged a war against his govt.
    Now Jang group and GEO wants this govt to go. Lets see how many days it survives?

  107. ppp is already dead. they are trying to commit suicide by doing these actions. I am not worried , a few days are left. Please elect people who are honest with the country.

  108. @netengr
    I love your comments:
    If this program is closed then who will invite Taliban spokesmen Hameed Gul ,Munawer hasan ,Irfan Siddiqi ? bad news for pro talibanis

  109. @ tmukhtar
    بہت لطف آیا باوا جی – لگتا ہے طوطے کو ابھی مزید کئی سال لگیں گے پر طلاطم پرواز بھرتے ہووے …..

    طاہر بھائی پہلی بار آپکے کومنٹس اردو میں دیکھکر بہت خوشی ہو رہی ہے. سر آتے جاتے رہا کریں، رونق لگی رہتی ھے

  110. Who is supporting dictatorship(Zias or Ayubs etc)….?
    We are supporting democracy and MID TERM ELECTION is part of democracy so there should be a Mid Term election and my prayers with Imran Khan(PTI).
    Pakistan Zindabad.
    (Dr. Masood is my favorite journalist after Javed Choudhry)

  111. Why doesn’t Dr do his programme from Pakistan? Then if he is banned PPP government can be squarely blamed and SC can take action if required.

  112. @C Hussain

    Sir, Brilliant Points. Stil no reply from Zardari lovers and lovers of this sham democracy. They utter democracy, democracy 24 hours but when we campare with UK (the mother of democracy) they replied its not UK its Pakistan. What a shame for this nation. Inshallah Dr. Shahid Will be back and these blood thursty rulers will be kicked out in a democratic way and if not agree then…….

  113. Media under attack — again

    As a mark of protest against the move to ban Dr Shahid Masood’s programme Meray Mutabiq, I withdraw my name from the list of journalists invited to accompany Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani on his official visit to Germany and the UK from November 30 to December 4. It does not mean that I agree with Dr Masood’s views, but it is the most undemocratic way and use of dictatorial tactics to silence someone’s voice that has hurt me. I hope the prime minister will order an investigation into the matter and allow Dr Masood to express his views on air. I thank you, Mr Gilani, for inviting me, but after this action my conscience does not allow me to undertake that journey.

    Dr Masood’s language and views, at times, violate the generally accepted norms of journalism, but the answer is not to gag the press like General (r) Pervez Musharraf did. He too had approached the UAE government in November 2007 to dislodge Geo and ARY from Dubai.

    Shahid Masood has always been an emotional person. I know him since he was in Sindh Medical College. He used to bring press releases of the Peoples Doctors Forum, PPP’s medical wing, while I was working in an evening newspaper in Karachi. I met him first during a hunger strike by young medical doctors outside Karachi Press Club. He was a great admirer of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto. Later, I came to know that he went to London and for sometime also worked at the Pakistan Peoples Party Secretariat. During his stay in London, he started writing for an Urdu evening newspaper in Karachi before joining ARY. I may be mistaken, but he too was a ‘jiyala’.

    When he joined the channel, the electronic media was in its infancy but his programme “Views on News” started getting a large viewership. The Iraq war gave him the real boost. Dr Masood’s language skills and oratory made him the most popular anchor in the early years of the electronic media in Pakistan. At the same time many started believing that his views had tilted from left to centre, and afterwards from centre to right. During this period he hardly ever cared about the established journalistic norms, but within years he stole the show and became the head of that news channel.

    Later, he joined Geo and did a successful stint there. Also Geo TV never ‘owned’ his programme, meaning that he was free to speak his mind and the channel saved itself from any possible legal battle. I never liked his joining the state-controlled media organisation and he suffered a credibility loss when he became its managing director – a post he should have never accepted. He remained close to President Asif Ali Zardari for sometime and would not have left the job had Sherry Rehman not been the information minister. Through Meray Mutabiq-II, he made a comeback and to his luck President Zardari’s poor decision of not restoring the deposed judges gave a real boost to his programme’s ratings.

    The naive move of President Zardari’s camp to use the influence of the UAE authorities will only help Dr Shahid Masood, and the government will be the ultimate loser. As far as life threats to Dr Shahid Masood are concerned I think he should return to Pakistan and resume his programme from here. There are journalists in Pakistan who have bravely faced life threats. My only question, however, is that why recently Dr Masood and Shaheen Sehbai went to meet Asif Zardari as reported by Hamid Mir. All I want to say to Dr Masood is that “Life and death are in the hands of God. Let’s face it, Doctor sahib.”

    Mazhar Abbas

    Ex-secretary general, PFUJ,


  114. can i see the last video after which dr sb was banned?
    any one has got a link…………………………………………………………………………………………………..plz

  115. Dear Mazhar Abbas
    Ex-secretary general, PFUJ

    I am Aftab Ahmad, currently in US from last 10 years. I was also an active member of KhUJ in Peshawar for around 8 years. I know each and every journalist as you do. Being a journalist, you all need to be little honest. Everyone knows that Shahid Masud has personal issues with Zardari. S Masud was using Geo against govt from the day he was sacked from PTV. To settle personal disputes with Zardari is not journalism. We all know that he has crossed all limits (including attacks on BB kids). What kind of journalism we are promoting? Trust me now people are calling “journalists mafia”.

    Brother Mazhar, I know journalists like Rahimullah in Peshawar, who never indulge in personal issues throughout his career. I know my best friend Shamim Shahid, who never sold his pen. There are dozens of journalists in Islamabad and Lahore, whose integrity and honesty is a symbol.

    Why only 5 journalists are busy in a crusade against this govt as one is sacked as PTV head and other was promised to appoint ambassador. It means that our national destiny is in the hands of 5 journalists?

    No doubt S Masud has talent (as a journalist not as doctor as he was college drop off), but its an irony that a journalist like is supporting his cause to settle personal issues.
    Aftab Ahmad
    MI US

  116. main pk politics aor Geo ki intezamia se yeh request karoonga ka k woh apney Chanel se aik adad survey kerwalain k Dr, Shahid Masood sahib logon main gher maqbool hochukain hain. us k liay trika kar aasan hona chahiye. rahi baat zuban bandi ki to kia awaz koi rok sakta hai kiaon k yeh to hawa ki manind hai jisay koi bhee nahi rok sakta. program band huwa to kia huwa aor bhee zarai hain apni awaz punhchane k Dr, sahib lage raho Allah aap ka hami ho.

  117. ڈاکٹر کو اتنا شوق ہے صحافت کا تو پاکستان آ کے کر لے پروگرام- روکا تو اسکو بس دبئی والوں نےہی ہے-یھاں بھی تو صحافی روپے لے کر کام کرتے ہیں؟ جیو والوں کو اسے پی ٹی وی والی تنخواہ آفر کرنی چاہیے پاکستان میں، بچارا درہم گنتا وہاں بیٹھا اپنے ہم گریہ مایوسوں کے ساتھ فون پے زرداری کو روتا رہتا ہے ؟

  118. @ aliimran
    SherryShamsi, Maa Sadkay Itni kion jali bhuni bathee ho kya Geo tv nay job danay say inqar ka dia hay.

    بھائی خواتین کا احترام کیا کریں بیشک زرداری کی میڈیا مینجر ہی کیوں نہ ہوں

  119. @ supercreature
    Dr Shahid … do you want your end like Murtaza bhutto…? do not take panga with Zardari

    آپ تو کہ رہے تھے کہ آپ نے زرداری کی نوکری چھوڑ دی ہے. یہ کیا ہو رہا ہے پھر؟

  120. well, its usually ends in this country like this.
    where feudels and corrupt are sitting in presidencies and federal offices how they will be willing to expose there black deeds by someone.

    dr shahid! dont worry you live in our hearts. may Allah protect you and give you ISTIQAMAT on the path you have chosen for yourself. Ameen

  121. @Bawa

    Bhai sahiban, sorry to disappoint you, I’m male. Sherry is derived from Shehriyar, &aliimran never said anything offensive to women, so Bawa noneed to be prove urself a feminist.

    جیو نے ڈاکٹر کے ریپریزنتٹو کی جاب آپ کو آفر کی ہوئی ہے کیا؟

  122. The Politics of hate and Propaganda can really help in this situation,but….whom???who wants to destabilize our country.If we keep on shouting against each other and pouring abusive hate comments,then it will infact rejuvenate more fissures and divisions.Some Media Mafia ppl are involved in this effort to earn cheap popularity by sensationalizing news.Dr SM is playing in the hands of those who wants to see our democracy fail and state in fissure.No to Media mafia!!

  123. yes i do agree with the previous one nd the thing is if he has enough courage to carry one his show then why dont comes back pak nd do the same show here in pak…. the uae govt. has banned his show bcoz he was doing a political show outside the region of that country frm whre the show belongs to…

  124. @ SherryShamsi

    Thanks for clarification. The same happened with me when I wrote Behan Ji to areeza. He replied me that he is Areez Ahmad not areeza. Ali Imran wrote “Itni kion jali bhuni bathee ho”. I think he is taking you as a woman too.

  125. I remember that once Dr.shahid masood talked about expenses of MNA’s but when he was the director of PTV he took 13k RS monthly as official salary……


    MILAY HOY HAI SUB………………….

  126. I think this would be a good time for PKPolitics to jump in and broadcast DR SM’s program through the website. After all they broadcast their own program every week, so why not this one.

    Admin, could you look into it…

  127. No He knew before.He demanded his share and they removed him .From that day he became mad and started bar……… Very sad

  128. in pakistan there are political parties but this is not this is a gangster they are looting pakistan
    zardari gang
    nawaz gang
    mqm gang
    anp gang
    and many other smaller gangs
    they dont believe in democracy in their own they believe in only families leaders
    how do they work as a democracy in pakistan?

    god bless the pakistan army they are trying to save the people in terror

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