Babar Awan Charged 35 Million to Influence Court Decision

President Asif Zardari’s Address to Public Rally in Karachi from Islamabad
Sheikh Afzal, the main accused in the Rs9 billion financial scam at the Bank of Punjab (BoP), on Tuesday revealed before the bench of the Supreme Court that he paid Rs35 million to Parliamentary Affairs Minister Dr Babar Awan for winning the case in the apex court.

He alleged that Dr Babar Awan took Rs40 million, Sharifuddin Pirzada Rs10 million, Malik Muhammad Qayyum, the then attorney general, Rs20 million and Ali Waseem, the son of Waseem Sajjad, Rs7.5 million.

Afzal said Dr Babar Awan took Rs5 million as fee and Rs35 million for getting a favourable verdict from the then Islamabad High Court.

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84 thoughts on “Babar Awan Charged 35 Million to Influence Court Decision

  1. Please Mr. Chief Justice, please, please send them to jail. Set one example at least please. Get the others as well but start sentencing before it is to late. I would love to see a photograph of that fat ass Qayyum and Pirzada with handcuffs.

  2. How can you charge/accuse a person on swindler’s statement. Come onnnn….just because this guy is accusing a person who’s party you may not like…You are going to believe him…this sheikh afzal is the biggest swindler…now he is trying to change the focus from him..I am surprised he didn’t accuse Zardari…….

  3. Just keep this thing a side for a minute and think about how court recovered the RS8 Billion is just remarkable on the side on CJ and rest of the court and it just goes on to show that NAB can be beneficial if we stop using it for personal motives

  4. One name not included in the list is that of Aitzaz. And I still fail to understand why this is still being called a “Rs 9 billion Scam” when it actually was “Rs 13 billion scam”
    Some background:

    Aitzaz’s role as “defense attorney” for Haris Steel/Sheikh Afzal

    The missing Rs 4 billion and Aitzaz among looters of Bank of Punjab

    BTW: Total monies stolen from BoP are over Rs 160 Billion and the main culprits are Chaudhries of Gujrat. They used BoP to sell off their assets by “helping” buyers get loans from it for those transactions and none of these have been paid back. Keep in mind Sheikh Afzal was their sort of ‘foreign investment advisor’.

    There were many such scams. At least two other banks these guys robbed were Faysal Bank and Allied Bank

    See also: How to rob a bank

  5. @aahmad
    Munafiq at least looks like human, Babar awan looks like a B!tch (K*tty), Iss Harami per mujhe bohat purana shuk thaa, kutty nasal kaisay akar akar kay bolta thaa, Harami! ab moonn khol, Harami pillay! PHAANSI LAGAO IN SUB KO, MERI QOAM JAAG JAAG!

  6. Just listen to this Munafiq, how he uses verses from Quran and Iqbal’s poetry in his speeches to make fool of us.

    Actually we deserve these leaders, as once Malik Riaz of Bahria Town was asked, why are you making people of Pakistan fool with your housing schemes.?

    He replied, : Why shouldn’t I make them fool when they themselves want to be fooled”

  7. Really! he needs to be thrown in jail, and I’m pretty sure this beghairat is the one who gave death threats to Dr Shahid Masood.

  8. well, they should be go jail. I agree with it. But I am wondering why in this website, we don’t hear any corruption against PML(N), Sharif Brothers??? I heard from my friend that he wrote some comments against Sharif brothers, but that post got removed from it. I am sure they had some cases against them but why I don’t see them in pkpolitics???

  9. How cunning is this guy, named BABAR AWAN. He speaks too much and look at his actions.

    In fact he will not feel ashamed of what he has done and i am sure we will see him again and again barking on tv screens and preaching of his and his party’s greatness.

    Shame on these men, and shame on us as a nation.

  10. @shirazm
    I m not siding with the web-site,,, but a simple reason to my mind is that had there been any concrete and real corrupt charges against Sharif brothers ,,,, whole establishment , ISI, Army and Musharaf would not have registered only the “funny” “Tayara shazish Case” against them………

    Babar Awan’s charater is evident from the look at his face…….

  11. one question, how much people gave Nawaz Sharif on qarz utaro mulk sanwaro scheme, and how much of our debt was cleared from that money? is their any written proof of that??
    I can come up with many questions but only one for now.

  12. @ Aftab Ahmad
    How cunning is this guy, named BABAR AWAN. He speaks too much and look at his actions.

    یہ آدمی قران پاک کی تعلیم دیتا تھا اور اسکا کردار دیکھئیے

  13. صرف یہی نہیں اس لسٹ میں بڑے حاجی صاحب شریف الدین پیرزادہ کو دیکھئے اس نے ڈیڑھ کروڑ فیس اور ایک کروڑ مقدمہ ختم کرانے کے لیے لئے. یہ آدمی قائداعظم سے اپنی قربت کا دعوا کرتا ہے اور پاکستان کا بیڑہ غرق کرنے میں سب سے زیادہ گندہ کردار اسی بندے کا ہے

  14. اس بندے کے پاس خانے کو روٹی نہیں تھی. قائداعظم نے اسکو اپنے ذاتی گھر میں پناہ دی. اس نیکی کا صلہ اس نے ملک میں پے درپے مارشلایوں کو قانونی جواز فراہم کرکے دیا

  15. شیخ صاحب نے جو ا عتراف کیا ھے
    میرے مطابق اب سپریم کورٹ کا امتحان شروع ھو گیا ھے۔ اگر سپریم کورٹ بابر اعوان،قیوم،وسیم سجاد وغیرہ کا ٹرایل نیھں کرتی تو اس کا مطلب یہ ھو گا کہ جج صاحبان کسی ڈیل کے تحت بحال ھوے ھیں

  16. A test case for “Azaad Adlia”. He should be tried immediately alongwith other accused. Look at this Munafiq recite Holy Quran in every talk show but his acts a shame……. He is a well known hypocrite. I know him very well. He was a close friend of my late uncle but did not even participated in his Namaz-e-Janaza as he was no use of him after death.

  17. یہ بابر اعوان صرف اسلام کا نام اپنی ٢ نمبریاں چھپانے کے لئے لیتا ہے مجھے اچھی طرح یاد ہے کہ جب ملک میں قرآن پاک کی بے حرمتی کے خلاف مظاہرے ہو رہے تھے تب اس نے ایک مووی اسلام کے بارے میں بنا کر یوروپ کو منہ طور جواب دینے کا اعلان کیا تھا اور کہا تھا یہ مووی مکہ سے ریلیز کرے گا اور اس کی واہ واہ کے بارے کلام چھپے تھے جب بی بی قتل ہوئی تب بھی عورتوں کے درمیان یہ اکیلا مرد ہوتا تھا جو تلاوت کر رہا ہوتا تھا یہ ڈاکٹر عامر لیاقت پارٹ ٢ ہے دونوں جعلی ڈاکٹر اور جعلی اسلامی مفکر اصل میں چور لٹیرے .خدا کا خوف نہ دنیا کا ڈر

  18. So far so good.But Can somebody please tell me where have the millions upon billions (of equivalent in Pak Rs, US $ & Sterling Pounds) recovered so far, finally landed? Again in somebody’s pockets or in the govt kitty?

    Has any ‘mai-ka-laal’ carried out any audit of the recovered amount in order to ascertain it’s final disposal? I strongly feel, NO SUCH THING EVER HAPPENED.

  19. Babar Awan is most corrupt person. The other day he was at a program where he takes the interviewer to his under construction Villa in Islamabad. The interviewer asked him…. Sir, how you are able to make this huge property. Does being a Lawyer makes so much money? He said yes I earn a much more.

    He should be punished in a CHOWK for the public to view. Only ISLAMIC punishments can make this country corruption free. China HANGED two people for mixing melamine in milk powder yesterday.

  20. Why are we criticizing only بابر اعوان
    Why not Waseem Sajjad & his son too.

    @Revolution انقلاب

    I’m fully agree with you about جعلی ڈاکٹر
    بابر اعوان
    عامر لیاقت

  21. @Revolutionانقلاب:

    yes , i too remember that progmramme; Once Babar awan was in JI and great supporter of Ziaul Haq in 1980’s , and when benazir came back , he immediately jumped to PPP. I too dislike this guy; really creepy character; munafiq person.

  22. This story has exposed the real faces of our so called big names in constitutional and cooperate law practitioners. I agree that Supreme Court’s reaction would be important in this case but before that we should expect some drastic actions from relevant Bar Councils. The SC has already cleared its own ranks and it is the turn of lawyers community and they should immediately come ahead and at least suspend the membership of lawyers involved in this case. There is indeed a special Bar committee which deals with such matters and it the high time to activate that. Lawyers expect others to behave according to rules and regulations so we should expect a reasonable response from them. Personally, I know about Babar Awan etc. that they are corrupt to the maximum extent. Babar Awan was an utmost anti-PPP till he became BB’s counsel and thereafter he started pushing himself upward in PPP’s ranks. Throughout his life in students politics and afterward, he was a robust anti-PPP activists and if you see old files of newspapers, you would find his notorious language against PPP leadership. I also recall days when both Babar Awan and Khushnud Ali khan were bent upon blackmailing a business man in Rawalpindi (Sheikh Iftikhar of Kashmir Housing) and this man recorded their conversation and published that in another newspaper (Daily Asas). What a pity: one character, Babar Awan is now minister and “Mubalagh e Islam” and the other one, Khushnud Ali Khan is an elected President of newspapers editors’ forum. Raham mery Allah Raham!

  23. Babar Awan was being paid for services he was providing. He did not rob anyone. He did not plundered the nation like Nawaz Sharif. Regarding his affiliation with JI, so what almost everyone starts somewhere and then moves on, Nawaz started with ZIA, Altaf as Muhajir and now Mutahida, Imran as supporter of the General and later turned against him.

  24. @udaas

    we are criticizing only at BABAR AWAN and not Waseem Sajjad,
    b coz, everybody know about “waseem sajjad”. he is the biggest oppurtunist.
    He is a “MAKROOH” face.
    I saw this guy “BABAR AWAn” teaching quran on some TV channel.
    look at his character.
    “BAWA” rightly said about him.

  25. If more energy is put in fighting terrorism than compared to the political agendas then the media can help spread a very optimistic message across on how successfully Pakistan is fighting terrorism.

  26. I reckon this Babar Awan a really munafiq and a double sided face of evil.
    once i have seen his show “aik din geo kay sath” where he stated that he is a very spirtual person and also some kind of spirtuality ilm(knowledge ) he has got .
    its all rubbish they people are obssessed with $$$ and still cant get enough .
    Anyway Allah puche tenu…chukk

  27. Such people have lost faith in “Aakhirat”. We all have read about the “Aakhirat” as one of the five pillar of our belief but perhapd we do not believe in it. We see on a daily basis that people die and we even attend the Namaz- Janazah but we believe that we are here forever. How many years Babar Awan think his life ramains……………….average life in Pakistan is around 65…………..then what!!!!!

  28. Whenever such scandal of corruption comes up, i feel very happy . People of Pakistan should be dealt like this. I feel very satisfied when i see people dying in the lines for a bag of sugar. I feel great whenever there is a bomb blast. I enjoy when these rulers spend tax money on their lavish lives, when students do not go to school, when there is no electricity and people are fighting for a gallon of patrol. We will never be able to learn lesson. Give votes to these honest and loyal leaders who have made a deal with USA that they will take our country to stone age. And i can guarantee you that in case of Mid-term elections these looters are going to be elected again. What a country. Great choice of great people. Whey do we blame these looters? It is our own fault. We elected them to come and punish us. Why do we weep now? Feel happy and vote them again and again.
    Hooor chooopooo

  29. The main heading says that Babar Awan charged for Rs 35 million………I would say even if he is charged for Rs 70 million, nothing is going to happen. Just give him a Peoples Party ticket and he can win from anywhere in Sind. This Awam is stupid and junglee, any thing which has got a Bhutto tag, can win easily.

    If you don’t want Imran Khan……then please don’t comment here, just go and kiss Zardari and Babar Awan. Two months later this fellow Sheikh Afzal will be touching the feet ot Zardari ( just like Saif urRehman) and apologising from Zardari that it was a false case.

    So Imran Khan or nothing. Got that.

  30. Remember, Dr Masood said: zardari has started wearing sindhi “topi”, and it seems like he is planning to play the sindh card.

    In reply Zulifqar mirza in todays jalsa said, aik dost ne sindhi topi ka zikr kiya, hamain fakhr hai sindhi topi pe “Hum ne jis bhi darpook ko, beghairat ko sindhi topi pehnai hai, woh ghairat mand lagna shuru ho jata hai, .”

    Hahaha, so thats why they made zardari wear that cap. But I still can’t find any bahaduri and ghairat in him.

  31. @urazzaq12
    Read my posting above, I can say with confidence even if Zuliqar Mirza contests election from Lahore with Sindhi Topi on, he too can win easily……….why – Awam is stupid. We don’t want Aatta, daal, chawal, cheenee…….we want Bhutto Party.

  32. few days back ajmal niazi was praising this person in his column and cursing khaja asif
    ajmal niazi plz come forward now and lick his b***s
    you people are rubbish
    so called intellectuals

  33. No one is above the Law ,who ever is culpirt,should be brought to books but the negative part of this compaign here is that people has different approaches to different parties and ppl.Every one cries against President AZ and PPP,as if they are the Biggest culprits,while all other political parties,personalities,Military umpire,Media and bureacracy are all Pure,so no words against them,only shout hate and show ur desdain against a singal individual called AZ or related to PPP.

    Check the biased title of this POST,it seems that as if Dr Babar Awan is only chief culprits,while the main accused Chaudries and Mush Lawyers are holy cow.I am not against rising any issue against PPP leaders but always highlieghtening send not only bad name for this platform which is for all of us,not just for PMLN or PTI,JI or Punjab Centeralism.

    Balcuhistan is bruning,The package is hotter issue,but such issues are of no use to central Punjab ppls who are all patriotic and all Pure while rest of Pakistan is no concern to them,please change the name of this platform from Pk to Punjabpolitics or PMLNpolitics.


  34. I really don’t get it… He took that amount in the capacity of the serivices he provided. What is wrong with that?

  35. I agree every word what Mir Munsif has written above………and now good luck to you all with Rehman Malik, Babar Awan and Zardari.
    Please always carry a spare Sindhi topi ……………it is a very good crowd puller, at least BB NRO waali also used to wear.

  36. keeping in mind all the today’s problems of pakistan
    dr babar awan presents
    part 2
    “dako babar awan”
    soon will be released
    in the supreme court of pakistan and electronic media
    full of suspense and curroption
    special eid gift for sisters and brothers of pakistan people’s party
    another “sacrifice” of PPP for democracy
    special arrangements for female(MNAs)
    house full rush
    must watch

  37. @ZEE

    Take it easy boy, nothing is going to happen, even Gen Kiyani scared of Zardari.
    .Yes, there is one person who is not scared…… his name is ……………IK

  38. ye sab sey bra munafiq hai, batain Quran ki kray ga hrami kha paisay raha hai. But it is time for CJ to take action. Ye gobar awan ko jail main baijna ho ga.

  39. Wah dogar, teri yaad aaye teray janay k baad, tu ne tu kab ka ye case khatam kr dia tha, ye tu khuda bhala kray CJ ka bray bray magarmach nazr aa rahay hain.

  40. @Saza

    Dont hold your breath 🙂

    There are other players involved in this super scandal. One of them is the CJ’s friend Aitzaz Ahsan

    I think he will fail with flying colors. He does not want to destabilize the system. This will only happen if USA decides to get new set of servants in government.

  41. How funny and miserable mr 10% was looking during his
    bombardment at media personnel.

    Look he was talking all about “AWAM” and “AWAM KI TAKAT”

    and he was sitting 1000 miles away. shame and disgusting.


  42. @waseemjafree
    abi tu Mr REhman Malik ka naam b aana hai, hamesh khan kaisay frar ho gya jab uss ka naam ECL main tha, our jab RM ka naam aaya tu baat door talak jaye ge.

  43. can you see the difference b/w Dogar & Iftikhar Chaudhry court.

    we should give credit to Nawaz Sharif to help Pakistan Nation in restoration of Judges, can you imagine, what Dogar has done with Pakistan? he has just sell our country for just money. Shame on Dogar.

    I am looking forward for Iftikhar chaudhry, how he will manage NRO. and i am hopefull that he will drag the criminal into court & jail.

  44. @ ZEE
    few days back ajmal niazi was praising this person in his column and cursing khaja asif

    کیا آپکو اسکے کالموں کی سمجھ آجاتی ہے؟ کمال ہے، ویسے میں تو دس مرتبہ بھی پڑھ لوں تو پھر بھی پتہ نہیں چلتا کہ ڈاکٹر صاحب کیا کہنا چاہتے ہیں، میرا خیال ہے انکو خود بھی پتہ نہیں ہوتا کہ یہ کیا کہنا چاہ رہے ہیں

  45. “Daakoo” Babar Awan has always been “honest” about his lying and mischievous self , in every program or every time he opens his foul mouth, he starts the program with these words, always…..Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem “In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful”. What he means by that that each day he wakes up and opens his mouth with his criminally insane and fraudulent personality based on lies and misrepresentations, he needs Gods mercy and compassion on the day of the judgment.

    I am speechless to know about the amounts of monies these people are able to steal from one of the poorest people of the world. In USA any amount over 10,000 dollars deposited or transferred in and out in the bank must be given to IRS, (Internal Revenue Service) the tax collection authority of the federal government. How can these criminals loot “Billions of Rupees” and able to launder that from the treasure, the banks and businesses of Pakistan with this ease? They are still in power and able to make deals like NRO and COD to clear their names in the name of fresh start.

  46. Dr. Baber Hewan:
    Shakil say he munafiq lagta hey. Abb to lagta hey gardan main sarya be a gia hey. Ya Allah: Munafiqoon aur jhooton per lanat bheej aur mery watan ko in jonkoon say bacha ley.

  47. ‘Qadiani lobby’ behind campaign against Babar”. Are they pointing towards Altaf Hussain ,who few day back supported Qadianis??

    Zardari said in his speach about Political Actors. Who else other than Altaf Hussain is the biggest actor in Pakistan Politics ?? Also holding foreign Passport.

    Zulfiqar Mirza pointed out today that MQM got relief of hundreds of Murder cases from NRO.

    The program Mare Mutabiq in which Altaf hussain suggested Zardai to give QURBANI , was the point where relation between MQM and PPP got bitter.

    Is it MQM vs PPP??

  48. @Pakwattan12

    If he take illegal money, it that Qadiani Lobby who asked him to take money?

    Regarding political actors. Mr. 10/100% clearly mentioned Jang Group and Boycotting Parties. So nothing to do with MQM?

    Zulifqar Mirza sirf apne rone ro raha that ke agar hamari corruption beniqab hui to hum MQM ke qatlon ke muqadame open karen ge. According to Imran Khan “Chor the kutti ral gai nain”.

    This is our tragedy we use religion for the sake of our motives. Corruption is corruption if it is done by Mr. 10/100% or any bearded person. So no exception.

    A big test for “Azad Adlia”.

  49. One wonder how can someone ask for money to “solve” a problem like this when clearly the money looted was public money. Dr. Babar Awan should resign, morality dictates.

  50. Babar Awan should ask Rehman Malik why is he conspiring against him as he believes Qadiani lobby is against him

    When anyone is asked where the money is gone they seek refuge behind Namoos Risalat and Holy Prophet.

    Does he believe that Chief Justice of Pakistan is a Qadiani by any chance.

    One thing which is very evident is that he hasnt denied at all that he took the money. Instead he has changed the topic by saying that Qadiani lobby is against him and that too through his spokesperson. Come on Babar and pick up courage and come out and talk to the media and dare to openly deny that the guy who gave this statement against you in Supreme Court is lying and that you are actually going to sue in him the court. I thought if Babar was innocent he would have moved in the court by now for civil liabilities but he is hiding like a coward behind his spokesman.

    Shame on you Munafiq.

  51. @pakwatan12

    You dont know horsesh1t about ahmedies, pathetic m0rrons like you have made our country a living hell for a section of community, they follow their own beliefs and they are answerable to only GOD. Thousands of talented youth belonging to this community have moved abroad just because of us…

    I am still angry at what they did to Dr Abdusalam, do we the so called muslims in pakistan (even the entire muslim world) produced a person like him among us? NO cause we behave like christians behaved during the dark ages and followed Pops.

  52. @jamil

    i have noting to do with ahmedies. I was pointing at the events that can be linked to MQM, PPP tussle. Its the PPP who are bringing ahmedies in to it to hide corruption of Babar Awan.

  53. @jamil

    “WTF, this @h0le is a dev1l, express news why you are propogating crap, blamming a section of community, where is your journalistic ethics?”

    Yes, i agree that without proofs one must not blame anyone! If Babar Awan has any tangible proofs then he should bring them forward. I feel it is his effort to divert the attention.

    “You dont know horsesh1t about ahmedies, pathetic m0rrons like you have made our country a living hell for a section of community, they follow their own beliefs and they are answerable to only GOD. Thousands of talented youth belonging to this community have moved abroad just because of us…”

    Personally i disagree to the beliefs of Qadiyani and i also feel that we occasionally we go too far against them. I think pure and blind hate against them or anyone else is not the right way. If they have been diverted their direction then we need to speak them in good and better way. It has been my observation that most of them don’t have good and true knowledge of Islam and they are educated only in specific direction! So before one could hate someone, one needs to know his conditions that why is he so, it is very much possible that that person is not aware of the reality! and what about those Qadiyani children who are born in an Qadiyani family and are taught only Qadiyanism ? did they get birth there by choice! No one of us gets birth by our choice! I personally feel these people need our attention, care and also true picture of Islam than being hated blindly.

    “I am still angry at what they did to Dr Abdusalam, do we the so called muslims in pakistan (even the entire muslim world) produced a person like him among us? NO cause we behave like christians behaved during the dark ages and followed Pops.”

    Well, i can’t say what and who was behind this act but as a scientist i do admire Dr. Abdusalam although i starkly disagree to his religious direction, and everyone is free. As far as protection of the Islam and Finality of Prophet Muhammad(SAW) is concerned there is simply no compromise no matter how big a person could be, no matter how intelligent he might be, no matter how big scientist he might be, no matter how big ruler he might be!
    However, as i mentioned above we need to avoid blind emotional hate towards anyone including Qadiyanis, we need to talk to them in good way and should convey them the pure message of Islam. At the same time i hope that Qadiyani also show positive response and don’t act under egoism.

  54. hum muerda qoom hain begharat qoom hain
    hum sab ke hai pehchaan Corruptionstan Corruptionstan

    Few years later the same PPP will contest election, the same leaders, they will go back to there areas, talk to the influential people whom they look after while running the government, these influential people will get them votes and they will be back in power.
    That is our democracy.

  55. @cheeta111
    I agree every word what you have said, and may I invite you to read my postings @1.47pm & 2.04pm above.

    With due respect once again to all our Sindhi brothers and sisters, the time to really educate them has arrived. Yesterdays public meeting in Karachi consisted of 95% from interior Sindh and 5% from Lyari (of Karachi).
    How come when and Zardari & Co have squandered millions and yet public was chanting Jiye Bhutto. I must say here that root cause of all the problems is Bhutto family…………Having said that if Zardari calls mid-term elections, Bhutto Party will win with thumping majority. I don’t know the moment we see the ballot box, God knows why we (and particularly Sindhi’s) put the paper in ballot box of Bhutto Party.
    If we take the name ‘BHUTTO’ out of Peoples Party, believe me this Party can not win a single seat.

  56. All these famous lawyers take advantage of their affiliation with political parties, this includes Babar Awan, Arif Sheikh, Eitizad Ahsan, Pirzada and a lot others. Country is being skimmed and robbed, lawyers are taking their shrare of the loot, we still be waiting for justice, what is new about it..

  57. negativity should be reduced from the television sets. One voice should be raised before its too late. Space should be given to moderate and liberal elements. The bravery of Pakistan army should be given coverage the way they are difeateing the extremism from out country for a better future of Pakistan. Political campaigns I believe should not be the top priority of the media at the present.

  58. @Jamil, @Zaheer
    I agree fully that hiding behind relegion and putting blame on others was a popular stance in 1980s and may be 199os but in this day and age with free media, that was absolute ridiculous cahrge by this so called Molana Baber Awan.

    People are more intelligent that what this moron and fake Doctor Awan thinks. I think he should come up on media and show proofs against Ahmedis ………………………………… otherwise he should resign and appologise not only from people of Pakistan but also from Ahmedis.

  59. Pakistan circus… never stop entertaining us.

    An PKR 8/13 billion fraudster gave some of that money to our political class to save his skin and those people betrayed him and now he is pleading his case in apex court to get them involved. How interesting is that. No wonder people globally can not stop laughing when we try to convince them that our society and Govt. is far less corrupt than what transperancy international tell them.

    Interesting issue is how much commission he gave to bankers when he acquired PKR 8 billion loan. Assuming that ranges between 10-20% then there goes PKR 800-1,600 million in bankers pockets. The new political class (aka PPP), it seems, got much less than the other cronies (once you consider other allegations on Chaudrys etc). I am sure he must have paid something to ISI and Army connections as well.

    May I request my brethern not to digress from the issue in hand (I know whatever you are writing is important on Ahmedis etc but that is not what this news item is all about.. how about creating a separate discussion on the subject) as then it gets really boring to read.

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