141 thoughts on “Poll: Who Will Win NA-55?

  1. @ ali murtaza
    wat change?! jaazi khan has been in pml n all his life?! n pti candidate in na 123 was in pml q, plz enuff with the change, khan has disappointed!

  2. I believe Imran Khan to be a honest and sincere person. However his selection of candidate in NA-55 is absolutely against all his so called principles. I think he did it just because Jazi khan has some followers in Pindi area. For me, it shows following things

    1. IK is not sure of success purely on the basis of his (or his party) reputation.
    2. Whenever needed, IK will sacrifice his principle stance and recruit people like Jazi khan etc.

    Given that, how can i say IK is any different from other leaders in this country?

  3. Sheikh Rashid… although I am not a fan of him but in the last few weeks he had portrayed himself to be honest and loyal to his constituency.

    Having said that whoever will win, there won’t be any change on the ground. We need a real change and this change can only come after Zardari leaves us for good.

  4. ASA

  5. [iqbaladnan said:
    I believe Imran Khan to be a honest and sincere person. However his selection of candidate in NA-55 is absolutely against all his so called principles. I think he did it just because Jazi khan has some followers in Pindi area. For me, it shows following things

    1. IK is not sure of success purely on the basis of his (or his party) reputation.
    2. Whenever needed, IK will sacrifice his principle stance and recruit people like Jazi khan etc.

    Given that, how can i say IK is any different from other leaders in this country]

    Agreed, with ur iqbaladnan, the candidate is one which i really didn’t like, but i believe some where IK would learn through another mistake which is party made to choose this candidate,

    but i would like to see it other way around, It was not IK to make this decisions but unfortunately the CEC is yet to be reformed, along with the regional leaders, CEC and regional leaders who always ignore the Messages recieved by the members who are on ground and know the reality,

    i would preffer now working and building force to get my messages reached straight to chairman.

    every where the regional leaders should have taken the members from NA 55 on board and should have told IK about the member’s perceptions, and suggesstions.

  6. Guyz what is wrong if some1 from other parties are coming and joining PTI. this symbolizes that we have something that worker of old parties are getting attracted!!
    Jazi sb never been into national assembly/provinicial
    IK has said that he will take those ppl with him who did not made system corrupt but those who went to change system and not succeeded or system made them corrupt are welcome and thats really mature and good way!!
    b/c no one is perfect but we have to look at sincerity of him after joining and understanding/commitment to vision of IK
    eventhough jazi didnt directly jumped into this arena but has been contested as “independent”
    and after winning iA if he goes on wrong way or contradictary to party constitution then why not he can be thrown out!!

  7. sheikh rashid gona win, please vote for him,
    stupid shahabz sharif has demolished the most beautiuf building of paistan.rabi center lahore,

  8. This very poll reflects how PTI is advancing……Yes Jazi may not be the best candidate as manyof you have pointed out,but then why no one mentioned Dr Kamal ( JI’s candidiate) who apparently is the most genuine . Even the admin of this site did not put JI candidiate as an option. The reason is very simple……..its not the candidate but the party which matters. If Shakeel Awan was contesting elections from JI’s ticket he would stand no where……..

    In short PTI is closing on PML N very fast, time will prove this. INSHALLAH.

  9. I am PTI supporter and think PMLn candidate will win. PTI and N league candidates don’t have speaking power like SR. I don’t want this sheikh in parliament because he is the biggest liar in Pakistani politics.

  10. I hope this my pakistani brothers and sister will vote someone who really deserve

    i personally vote for IMRAN KHAN as we tried ppp and pmln many times and they all are same thats now our duty to reject them if we really want to see the change ……..

  11. @umerforjustice & cheguevra

    100% agree with you. The admin even put up the candidate of PPP which is surprising because this party is not contesting election in NA-55 at all . They should put up JI candidate if individuals matters because he is no doubt an upright person. But still I believe Jazi Khan is the best choice for PTI in NA-55 if they want to win this election. He may have some negative points but he is not tested so far. No body is perfect here and we have to select from the available political lot.

    I disagree the argument raised by some individuals that Ijaz Khan Jazi was once in PML-N and candidate of NA-123 Mian Hamid Meraz was once in PML-Q. Every body has its own political history of affiliation and even Quaid-e-Azam was once in Indian National Congress. Even my family was once PML-N supporter and I was a die hard worker of Musharraf when he took over. So this argument does not carry any weight.

    Lets hope people vote for change, and I am very hopeful this time to see the enthusiasm of youth. I am sure PTI will win in PF-83 and our chances are there in NA-21 and NA-55 as well.

  12. All 500 PTI members are always connected on the internet .

    PTI is winner in the forums but no presence on the ground .

    elections is not just internet voting ,those who vote mostly never use internet .

    IK should participate election in Sawat on behalf of Molvi Fazlullah

  13. @netengr

    Your biasness is quite clear at every forum. You will see the strength of PTI in the bye elections and upcoming local bodies election. By the way why you beloved parties so afraid of elections. One was not agreeing to hold elections other is not participating!.

  14. PTI can not win on internet plz work on ground na55 we need lots of work i request all pti member and suppoters and candidate of pti na 55 ijaz jazi plz open election office in hole na 55 and make voter list and card and make sure that pti drop all cards on right place and right house then we will win inshahallh

  15. Although I am a supporter of PTI, but the main thing before opting for someone to represent us at any level must be the vision of the leadership for the country and the people of the country.

    When the politician realize that their selection will based on their performance for sure they will start thinking about the country and the people of the country instead of being selfish.

    Sorry to say but the people ruling us believe that even they loot us, still they will be given another chance as is proved from our history.

    So please stop supporting a party for your whole life, reject the party if it couldn’t deliver and go for another one so that they have the threat of rejection in their mind.

    According to a philosopher madness is when a person do something again and again to have different results, and this is something we are doing from the last 20, 30 years (PPP- PML- PPP- PML- Marshalla- PPP) and we are hoping for something good (madness isn’t it?)

    GOD help Pakistan and the people of Pakistan

  16. @netengr
    بھائی میرے جان پتا نہیں کب نکل جانی ہے جھوٹ کی بھی کوئی حد ہونی چاہیے. میں جب بھی دیکھتا ہوں آپ جھوٹ کی آخری حدوں
    کو چو رہے ہوتے ہیں . ٢٢ فروری کو تحریک انصاف اگر جیت نہ سکی تو کوئی بات نہیں لیکن کم از کام آپ کا منہ ضرور بند کر دے گی اچھے خاصے ووٹ لے کر .

  17. @ David, pakistanimunda and all others:

    Read this article before supporting Sheikh Rasheed or before pointing to any other candidate. This article will tell you how much honest and loyal he is with the country. and we all know what Sheikh Rasheed was and what he really is. He is born from the belly of Zia-ul-Haq, joined IJI, then PML, then sat in the lap of Musharraf, was part of the massacre killing of Jamia Hafsa students in his own area. How could he be the loyal person….I am surprized….!!!


  18. Critics of Imran Khan are strange.They even are found in disagreement with each other.
    Let me ask those who are trying to portray Imran Khan as like any other politician ;
    In which court of Pakistan there is a case against PTI candidate for PTI,Jazi?
    There is no case against him.His earlier affiliation with PML N doesn’t mean that he is bad.Had he been bad,he would have never left PML N.
    Someone pointed out that Imran wants to ride on Jazi’s populairty in the constituency.Yes,in parlimentary democracy,candidates play an important role and why shouldn’t PTI come up with influential candidate.
    Jazi is undoubtedly not an angel so is not everyone else out there.
    Why has he joined PTI?For corruption?Other parties would have been a lot better option as such culture is higly encouraged in them

    Imran stands for change.He doesn’t have to make this Paradise,he rather has got to make this country Pakistan,Land of pures.

  19. @netenger

    There is little difference between you and Taliban.Taliban are using Islam for political gains.You are against Islam for political gains.

    I stand by Islam because it shows the right path and real success in life and life after death.

    What I can do is to pray God for showing you the right path.

  20. @wantinsaf

    I do not want to debate what is islamic or not islamic here .what I am saying that IK has been very strong supporter of Taliban and their Shariat in Sawat ,Voting for IK is voting for Taliban ,He wants politician to be punished but not those animals who has killed and slaughter many women and children on the name of Islam .Talibani shariat is acceptable for IK ,So why IK do not join them ? they do not need vote they can just take over by gun .many Taliban leaders accepted killings but your “BRAVE ” IK never said any word against them .Please we do not like this hypocrisy ,

    NO Law of Terrorist Taliban ?
    Law is for politicians only ?

    IK is the just puppet of Hameed gul ,QAzi and munawer hasan .

  21. still wondering, how you people think that if PTI won this seat, then it will b step for change..
    Imran can’t manage to win his seat.. even if he won NA-55, so what he will bring change having one seat out of 342.

    Lets to b realistic, I think PML-N is in very strong position!

  22. @ Sadaat

    Dear we all know it will have no impact in this dummy parliament where already hundreds of cowards are sitting but the point is clear, if it is won by PTI it will set a pace for the next elections and people try to think about this party as a winning party. Thas way it is ray of change.

  23. PML-N is going easily win this.

    Actually netengr is suffering from Taliban-o-phobia, his sole aim is to divert all threads to taliban, so ignore him and stay on NA-55

  24. @wantinsaf

    I am not going to ask you to vote for PTI, but before making an opinion about someone first understand that person. So my advice to you is first understand what Khan Sb means by negotiations with Taliban and I can’t explain better than him his philosophy. One main thing his negotiation is for to get out of the western plan of breaking this country.

    Another thing is that he has always condemn all the acts (as u mentioned) of Taliban on media more than other politician if you have ever heard him.

    GOD help Pakistan and PTI


  26. I dont want Shiek Rashid or PMLN to win from this seat…same old thugs…nothing will change….just repetition of same policies…i wonder when will our jahil ppl learn who votes for them…

  27. i want to say directely to mr netengr,plz dont write here ur stupid concepts,we r discussing on NA 55,not on taliban,and u want to see win again the same peace of cheapster bloc,i know u r a agent of any corrupt political party,so dont try to changes reality

  28. @ Day Dreaming PTI Fan Club

    I fail to understand how IK can bring out change through the left overs or we can say extras of PMLN, PML Q, JI. He’s actively pursuing Mid terms, if with such candiates he wants to go for elections its better he boycots. Its a shame for a party formed 13 years ago and till now they could not able to nurture or grow a single person from the grass root to contest election for them from Major cities like pindi and lahore. From Pindi NA-55 its Jazi khan( PMLN left over), NA 123(pmlq leftover).The president of PTI Punjab is JI leftover.
    Every candidate has some personal votes and some party votes. Last time when Jazi Khan contested Independently, Im not sure how much he got but I think around 10,000-11,000 votes. I will really appreciate PTI if Jazi Khan gets more than that this time, because the difference of votes will be PTI votes.

  29. South asia and especially Pakistan has been very fertile for the traitors. We still have them in our lines. They do not want to see a stable and good pakistan. Imran khan is the hope of today and we are very hopeful that as his past he’ll do the same again and bring Pakistan to the top of the world. Don’t think that his candidates belong to those parties who already have done govt. These people may have been the part of those parties but they were never decion makers. Policies and vision comes from the leader and thier leader is Imran khan. As he was captain of pakistan team in 1992 and won the world cup but when he left the same team lost badely from england and austrailia in coming series. So if the leader is strong team gets also strong. At this time we cant have somebody better than Imran khan. For netengr kind of people watch “The Arrivals” and “The Age of Dajjal” and if still you can not reach to the truth than we can only pray for you. I hope this time Pakistani people will help to bring the change.

  30. @ netengr

    Sir, u have nailed it. You are the only one in here that has the correct understanding of the complexity of current times.

    IK supporters are blinded by IK’s cricket past. And they r so blinded that they are not willing to even try to understand. Typical cricket lovers, childish AND Wahabis. Most of them do not understand the term “strategy”.

    “IK is the just puppet of Hameed Gul , Qazi and Munawer Hasan”

    very true and they are all wahabis. They just want to hijack Pakistan and fight the rest of the world with it. We need to be very careful with these people as they DO NOT represent the greater majority OR their followers are not aware of the details.

    As for discussions, Musharraf will KILL Imran TTP Khan when it comes to talking to the world. I think IK is suffering from Mushfobia and is scared that Musharraf will come back. And that is why he tries to bring Mush down when ever he can.

    Take care.

  31. discussing NA55 ,i am not from the area ,just want to know that is there really Imran Khan popularity in this area ? becasue he seems very popular according to the poll and comments .

    I think PML-N would win this seat

  32. Badlo bure nizam ko

    Vote do Imran ko

    Dual faced politicians time is up. Pakistani nation will emerge as a respectable and khudaar nation in the world in the leadership of Imran.

  33. haa haaaaaa! have a laugh ppl at this guy uk_wale%^£”twrtwrt……..

    who is scared of musharraf IK ? thats soooooooo stupid, what is musharraf doing in uk ?, why he doesn’t come to Pakistan ? why he is everytime surrounded by security personnel ? and what has done during his term we all know it very well, and look at IK such a brave leader, who go to all gatherings without annnnnnnny security because he love his ppl he believe in his ppl he can sacrifice anything for his ppl, he has always served his country honestly.have u ever seen any fear on his face ? no man no don’t do this shit here okkkkkkkk!


    what problem do you have with cricket? that was his past and if he succeeded than we are all happy! what is childish about liking cricket Mr, can you tell me that how much even mature ppl likes cricket in Pakistan and outside Pakistan? but all you need just a reason for mud slinging to deviate the attention from the actual issues but you ‘ll not succeeded this time.

    and about the ” STRATEGY ”

    what strategy do u need ? what strategy r u talking about ? to keep this nation beging for their basics forever and boot licking puppets like musharraf and Co enjoy expensive wine and cigar. Strategy is very simple ” HONESTY ” we just need an honest leader and that is IMRAN KHAN, this nation ‘ll do the rest.

    and what is wahabis! such a shallow comment Mr, i even don’t want to answer this question other wise i ‘ll have to get down to your level which i never want to do.



  34. To all PKISTAN and PTI lovers!

    there is a black sheep among us be aware of him/her, i can tell you his name and everything but i think his name would be enough the rest you can guess from this thoughts, and his name is ( netengr)!


    just to remind you ppp and pml n are on the same boat! no difference…..

  35. in order for PTI to win, they can’t afford to make any mistakes because this would be the first test for them after their surge in popularity … plus the competition is tough …

    unfortunately they’ve made their first mistake already … by selecting a candidate of bad repute … they might win or might not win … in either case this mistake is going to negatively affect the outcome for them

  36. supercreature said:
    Is Firdous Ashiq Awan standing from this area??

    @ supercreature:
    دوست میڈم تو سب جگہ ہی كھڑی ہو سكتی ہیں یہاں تك كے ٹالك شوز میں بھی بہت بڑی مضبوت ہیں جیسے محترم عزت معاب جناب گورنر پنجاب سلمان تاثیر ہیں

  37. @iqbaladnan..
    Imran is symbol of change,The change which we Need.IK is sincer he,ll never compromised on his principles,Good Leader makes good team.he never compromised wtih any power till today then how can he,ll cmprmsd with Jazii.He want a change,Inshallah he,ll bring.


  38. There is a hadith of Maula Ali shere Khuda says Once u elect someone and they promise u to do things for you and dont live up to the promise than one shouldnt elect them again.

    We have tried Pml-N, Sheikh,,PPP and other. Vote for a change. Give PTI a change. Vote for Imran Khan. A better Pakistan.

  39. @ netengr hats off to you, voting for Imran Khan is like voting for Taliban.

    @ rest, Lets vote Imran Khan to get rid off these dual faced politicians,

    then we can all talk about Islami Nizam and hook up with hot Brit chicks simultaneously, we’ll all talk for Taliban and spend our vacations on Spanish cruises and drink wine to toast the weddings of our past model girl friends, we will raise our illegitimate love children in London and praise Taliban for stoning zani women and never utter a word against karo kari or vani.

  40. i suggested in last mail that we should start a practical campaigne for PTI ,,, i got a luke worm responce…

    I said that we can keep chatting and having fun on this website or do some thing that can really bring change

    i know NA-55 and NA-123 are just 2 seats with no impact on parliment,,,if PML-n wins it,,it will make no difference at all… but if …………PTI wins it then it will make a real good ripple ,,,and warning to all these bitching politicians,……

    lets ignore all PTI critics for a while ( there are so few on this website that we can easily ignore them) and come up with practical suggestions to help PTI win NA 55 and NA 123…

    come on guys,,,,,,

  41. @4d said: Badlo bure nizam ko…Vote do Imran ko….PTI for Revolution!

    any practical suggestions my brother,,
    any thing that we can practically do…
    suggestions please

  42. @Becharraa Jazbaati Pakistani
    Everything in PTI manifesto is revolutionary..

    The most appealing to me is ‘Education emergency’. PTI will try to bring one syllabus for all Pakistanis whether someone lives in Baluchistan or Islamabad. Current education system is just producing 3 classes, 1. English medium 2.Urdu medium and the 3rd is from madrasas. Each class is completley alien to each other, they think differently, they live differently and they deal differently with problems that Pakistan is facing. Sometimes it appears that current chaos in Pakistan is actually clash of these classes each one wants their domination.

  43. جس عہد میں لٹ جاۓ فقیروں کی کمائی
    اس عہد کے سلطان سے کچھہ بھول ہوئی ھے

    Please tel me when we had a time since 1947 when there was no corruption and when “Faqeeron kee kamai nahin luti” Kab waqt kay Sultan say bhool nahin hoye pichlay 60 saal main?????? Be it Nawaz Sharif,BB,Chaudries or a dictator……. We need change period……There is NO other option. When I say it is not Shabaz Sharif or Hamza Shahbaz instead of NAwaz Sharif, or Bilawal instaed of zardari or Moonis Illahi instead of Pervez Ilahi.

    We need a person with integrity and vision……We need IMRAN KHAN.

  44. Correction to above:

    When I say change it does not mean Shabaz Sharif or Hamza Shahbaz instead of NAwaz Sharif, or Bilawal instaed of zardari or Moonis Illahi instead of Pervez Ilahi.

    We need a person with integrity and vision……We need IMRAN KHAN.

  45. First time in the political history of Pakistan, a MNA was forced to resign by his own party after a scandal appeared in media. This MNA is Haji Pervaiz and the party who took this exemplary decision is PML (N). Therefore I would like PML (N) to win this seat because if they lose this election then in the future no political party will take principal stand of taking resign from their party MNAs no matter how big the scandals they are involved.

  46. This poll cannot reflect the general opinion of people in NA55. In this forum many people like me have sympathies, in general, with Imran Khan and his candidtae due to his point of view on the national and international issues but our local politics is quite different where people consider only their personal issues while casting their vote. I wish, PTI win this seat but i dont see this this time . May be in the next general elections people start realizing what IK says but not now…

  47. We all should praise the decision taken by PMLn regarding Haji Pervez. I want PTI Jazi Khan to defeat Sheikh Rasheed. IK is also going for campaign in Pindi soon If NS stays in his palace and does not attend any public gathering then it will be difficult for Nooon

  48. @Revolution

    I do’t think Nawaz Sharif is brave enough to get into the streets of Pindi/Mansehra. NA-21 Mansehra elections are going to held on 28th this month, still I have not seen any gathering of PML-N main leadership. So it is a win win situation for PTI as Imran Khan has scheduled atleast six gathering from the first week of February therefore, it will be a big impact and the narrow margin against PML-N could be deminished rapidly.

    @Sheikh Rashid Lovers

    He may be more popular at gross root level being in the constituency for more that three decades but unfortunately in every survey he is going to be third in the race.

    Half of the election will be fought on the polling day. I request all the PTI members to show their full support on that day so that our voters come out of their homes to vote for us. And if it happened no body can defeate us here.

  49. @wbuttar
    Nawaz sharif was brave enuf to be on the streets havin judges restored wen IK was hiding(till 24 hrs afta the restoration)
    It was the ppl of pak led by NS who showd bravery
    N then like a kid he cried we shudve gone to isb, wat fr? The aim was restoration of judiciary not overthrowin an elected govt or inviting martial law.

  50. @ Day Dreaming PTI Fan Club

    I fail to understand how IK can bring out change through the left overs or we can say extras of PMLN, PML Q, JI. He’s actively pursuing Mid terms, if with such candiates he wants to go for elections its better he boycots. Its a shame for a party formed 13 years ago and till now they could not able to nurture or grow a single person from the grass root to contest election for them from Major cities like pindi and lahore. From Pindi NA-55 its Jazi khan( PMLN left over), NA 123(pmlq leftover).The president of PTI Punjab is JI leftover.
    Every candidate has some personal votes and some party votes. Last time when Jazi Khan contested Independently, Im not sure how much he got but I think around 10,000-11,000 votes. I will really appreciate PTI if Jazi Khan gets more than that this time, because the difference of votes will be PTI votes. Principles???????????

  51. @bilal

    You are applauding Nawaz Shariff while sitting on the internet. I am an eye witness of what happened on the day of long march. Only 10/20 workers of N.S were there in model town house. Suddently N.S get green signal and allowed by the authorities to come out and assurance of security was there. Obstacles started to be vanished in no matter of time. Even Aitizaz Ahsan come out of the house (was that possible without understanding). N.S did not bother to go to G.P.O Lahore where real battle was going by PTI and JI workers. For you kind information all the PML N workers absconded from the scene of Gas Shells.

    There was a clear understanding, otherwise a bloodless revolution was in the offing because real battle as per plan was going to fight in Rawalpindi/Islamabad. Even your other Sher Mian SHahbaz Shariff was also hidding in Pindi alongwith I.K and Qazi because they were sure long march from Lahore will not be allowed. So dear no doubt N.S has its role in the restoration of judiciary but he should have some ethics to accept the contribution of others. He backtracked APDM after thrice boycotting the 2008 elections he did participated. Now his Secy Information Mr. Ahsan Iqbal saying that those elections were a conspiracy. For your kind information I.K do not have even a single body guard with him. He even do not have a security guard at his residence. So who is brave and who is coward the time will decide, when IK will address public gathering without security while N.S will not dare to do so. IK has full threat of like from MQM in 2007 but he refused to opt for guards.

    Dear you will see the bye elections results and then decide IK is one man party or a genuine political force.

    @intelligent pakistani

    I already responded to your questions. Kindly do not reproduce previous writings.

  52. @fan club members

    Hazaroan khawashein aisi kay har khawaish pay dum niklay
    bahut kum thay meray arman, laikin phir bhee kum niklay

    It’s good to believe in something but it’s not good to start day-dreaming about a single task and put all your eggs in one basket. PTI may win or loose this seat but saying that winning this seat will change the world is too much. Also have you thought, if lets say you lose this seat what you guys gonna claim then. Would this mean that IK will have no chance afterwords. The best strategy for PTI was to have an alliance with PMLN for this seat and future general elections because you guys are fighting for votes from same group of people and presently you stand no chance.

    Shakil Awan will win with a comfortable margin and his lead will be at least 20000 from the runner up who I hope will be PTI candidate not SR.

  53. @Bechari awam.

    I am not sure why you are under estimating this election. To me this will tell us hwat rae the trends in next elections. If PTI wins it will create a popularity wave in Punjab…..If they give a good fight that will definitely give hope to many that it is getting stronger day by day.

    On the other hand a loss here for PML N will be big set back. As per their calculations they will sweep Punjab and get 2/3 rd in next elections ( which they are thinking is not far) .

    Also a loss for Sh Rasheed will possibly end his career or it least badly damage his chances in future elctions. So every one has lots of stake sin this election and there is some reason that likes of Ch Nisar are wandering in the streets of Rawalpindi……..

  54. I wish IK does some thing to attract the people of Pak to follow him. I believe he can bring the change in Pakistan becasue he is a truthfull and honest person.

    However, as of today, we have no choice but to cast our vote in favour of PML N candidate. Atleast we know that it was Nawaz Shareef who actually worked hard for the restoration of this judiciary that is independant and a gift to the people of Pakistan.

    Rest all sheeda, PML Q, JI and PPP have to go to ashes.

    Vote for PML N so that we can look forward to a new Pakistan that can become Asian Tiger in the coming decade.

    TIGER TO WIN NA 55 with big margin Insha Allah.

    I hope IK join hands with PML N as this will be a great step in our political history and can change the whole scenario.

  55. WBUTTER!

    I do appreciate the role of PTI and JI on GPO chock in Lahore on Mar 15. You said you were on the scene and I tell you I had to under take thousands of miles journey for the sake of my kids to participate in the long march that intended to restore the true judiciary of Pak. My kids and whole nation’s future was at stake.

    coming to Mar 15 now. Please let me appreciate the roll of PTI and JI workers on GPO chock. And lets not undermine the role of any political party whose presence was there, big or small.

    But you have tried to twist the unfolding of events in a way that is not correct. Howcome the streets of model town flooded the roads along side NS’s vehicle? Were they all workers of PML N? No sir you are wrong. Pakistan has come a long way when dictator musharaf took over. Media has enlightened the people of Pak and they knew the role played by each and every political party of Pakistan.
    Pakistanis knew it was PML N alone that had took oath from his probables MNAs and MPAs before the elections that after winning the election, they would strive for the restoration of judiciary. So in fact the crowd was of Pakistanis. No one can claim that it belonged to a particuler party may it be PML N or any other party.

    remember the day was of vital importance for NS becasue if that day he failed, he would be out of politics for ever. So he took the bold step. And I tell you now that if he had not come out of his home that day breaking all the barriers, many hard line PML stalwarts like Ch Nisar Jawed Hashmi and Saad Rafiq would have left the party.

    How could the pressure be built without a massive rally actually starting its journey towards Islamabad? GPO demonstration was just not enough for exerting presure upon PPP / Taseer party to restore the judiciary. It was done when NS came out and the people of Pak surrounded him and it showed upon all TV stations that a huge rally had been formed that had all the capabilities to reach Ibd and paralize any govt.

    Please in your war of likes do not take credit away from real heroes. IK was also a hero and a winner like Qazi Sb was on Mar 15. becasue they had to play the most significant role of leading a juloos towards Islamabad from Pindi with Shahbaz Sharif. We salute all those leaders who made serious efforts to change the destiny of Pak that day and Alhamdulillah succeeded.

    In the end I would like to suggest to you and all on this forum. Please do not UNDERESTIMATE Nawaz Sharif. He is a real strength in Punjab (if lesser in other parts like Sind). He knows how to handle the people and he can mobilize the people very efficiently.

    Shaikh Rassheed is one example of his political will and wisdom and confidence of NS. You will Insha Allah see the ouster of Shaikh from Pindi politics soon.

    Lets us in the end pray that Nawaz Imran join hands. Thats the only weay forward for IK. Sooner or later he would have to take this step else he would fade away in politics of Pakistan. Remeber when NS offered 25 seats to JI to jointly fight the election but Qazi made the biggest political mistake of his life when he refuse and went ahead with his Islamic front idea.

    SO again IK should politically move and play his cards carefully.


    Sorry you are trying to bring a very sensitive touch to this discussion. Why after wahabis? If ur master UK can slaughter of Afghan Iraqi brothers why can’t some muslim oppose it peacfully?

    UK is the poodle of USA ans u r a poodle of the bigger poodle.
    Muslims are brothers in religion and no matter what the govts of muslim countries r doing, people in general feel the same.

    I SALUTE the courage of Imran Khan for opposing this cruisade of US with puppy UK.
    You have shown your identity by expressing your opinion. Your leaer is there waching from UK and making sure his master’s agenda is fulfilled. Shame on you all the trusted companions of falsehood.

  57. bombing for peace is like f–king for virginity.one white girl told me.in america.what u guys thinksabout it.sorry to admin.

  58. @deevav

    First of all thanks to respond in a logical and decent way. I want to clear some misconceptions and misunderstandings as:-

    1. I respect your patriotism. But my question is, IK is more patriot or NS?.

    2 I did not rule out role of Nawaz Shariff in Pakistan Politics and no doubt most popular among masses right now (despite his popularity really depends on these bye elections, a real test). My question is, can he bring our nation to new heights? my reply will be certainly not. People has given him many chances but each and every time he proved to be a part of status quo therfore, he may do some betterment but he cannot bring revolutionary change which is necessary in the prevailing circumstances. I am not challanging his crediblity but due to his background and his reservations he is unable to do so. While our country needs a certain and rapid change and complete overhauling of the system and for that Imran Khan is the best choice.

    3. No doube N.S has its roll in the independent of judiciary. Can you tell me one thing. How NS came out of his house which was sorrounded by heavy deployment. And within no time every deployment was removed without any resistance and even policemen were removing obstacles from Kalma Chowk, where not more than 150/200 people were with NS. The real crowd started to gather at Muslim Town More. Even Aitizaz was freed and he manage to join Long March, so surely there was an understanding. But that was due to the anticipated people reaction/mood that establishment intervened in the matter.

    4. I 100% agree with you that they were masses and not the political workers of a single party who make the difference. And I am sure they will similarly join IK if he lead that march on that day in Lahore.

    5. Suppose if IK join NS, but can you specify on what terms. NS party do not recognize other than their family so what will happen to IK and his mission. Sir, if put the similar question to you that can NS join IK party. I think IK publicly stated that he respect NS front role in judiciary movement. He even praised Ch. Shujaat’s role in the Bugti and Lal masque issues. Has NS ever praised any other individual role? Only taking seats does not make difference but having decision making powers are the difference.

    6. Leadership is a quality which is God gifted but unfortunately our nation is destined to follow the incidental leadership. No other leader than IK forsee things and other leaders follow the suite. And I can mention many examples like:

    i. Slogan of indepdent judiciary 14 years age when no one was saying that.
    ii. His role and views on war on terror. All his predictions proved/proving right.
    iii. The people were making mockery of his solution of mid term elections, but now
    leadership of other parties and analysts agreeing to his stand that there is no other
    political solution but mid term elections.
    iv. He was the first one who see the possiblity and S.C calling army if government failed to
    act upon, and this is very much under the constitution.

    Can you specify the role of NS on all the above events?.

    Lastly right path is always difficult. It was very easy for him to encash his personality and even NS offerred him 40/50 seats in 1997. Musharraf offered him premiership. But can he made any difference while joining hands with them? certainly not. No doubt our journey is long but atleast we are on the right track. We may or may not win this bye elections but atleast we can prove ourselves a substantial force because unfortunately majority of our illeterate and some section of literate masses due to one reason or the other has been made to believe in powere policits and if we perform well, there will be a certain change in the people thinkings.

    I once again thanks for the healthy discussion which should be the hallmark of educated community. Unfortunately some ambigous individuals ususally use indecent language on this forum.



  59. After reading all these comments i think position will be a lot clear after the enterence of IK and NS into the campaign.And the first show will be on 31th Jan with a PTI rally leading by IK.Hope for the best PTI.

  60. @ buttar
    sir who are u to decide whos on the road n whos on the internet….i was on the road fr 2 whole yrs during this lawyers movement, i know wat contribution each group put in, i totally agree wit wat u said bout pti n ji workers but sir, had nawaz sharif not stepped out that day, nothin wudve happened…i dont knw of any understanding, i guess u do….any understanding thru wich the (authorities according to u) let nawaz out so that they themselves cud be put to shame n embarrasement, i was rite next to that car, it wasnt let out there were barricades all around n that is why NS’s car had to tear into the tent n go thru the ground
    the whole of lahore rallied round NS n thats where the govt succumbed, it wasnt the handful or political acitivists at GPO chowk who had the judges restored, it was the ordinary man who was walking along with NS…..i admit IK is the most honest politician…but plz dont distort facts, give due credit to ppl who deserve it like we giv credit to khan fr his honesty. Im totally for Khan but he has disppointed me too many times, the election boycott was the first one, the alliance with JI the second one, the support fr taliban the 3rd, the nomination of turncoats the 4th n lemme tell u one more, next time inshAllah khan will win some NA seats n he’ll decide to sit in the opposition jus to disappoint ppl like me…..i want him to join the next govt n take some important ministries like education n health n so deliver….anyone can sit on tv a talk, i want him to take on a ministry next time n deliver….but he wont coz hes nothing but a disappointment.
    as far as the long march is concerned….we all knw wat happened with the rallies that took off from quetta, karachi n peshawar….it was only the lahore rally wich turned the tables.
    as far as ur mistress the JI is concerned….theyve always damaged this country n will continue to do so….n for the seats they win frm lahore they owe it to NS

  61. @ deevas

    u r a child. look at ur language. being in UK is not a crime. after all your hero IK used to live here more than anyever else. hec hes got a few childeren(harame) here too. but u will not understand this so there is no point in explaining u.

    lage raho muna bahi 😉

  62. asking something irrelevant ,,, can anybody tell me that why messges are not working .. i cant see my inbox…that has been disabled or wht ?

  63. @ proudpakistani9211

    dear fellow. I work for a TV station in UK and we have interviewed IK many times. He is always with security. When he is in the station building, the entrance is blocked by his guards. you r too emotional that u cannot see anything wrong with IK.

    Strategy. I have read ur comments about strategy and ur intelligence level is too low for me to engage with. Sorry to disappoint u. u should have stayed in school. If u want to come to UK, I can sponsor ur mental treatment. let me know.

    Wahabism is one of the curse of muslim ummah right now and i am sure that u r aware of the mentality. maybe u r one. or maybe u r not but do not want to understand the complexities of current times as u r too blinded by the idea of change.

    Try to keep ur comments about the issue discussed.


  64. @Bilal:

    i would just ask a few things about the Long March…….

    Do you think PML N’s response would have been the same had their govt was not dissolved?
    Do you,by any chance , remember their statements before their govt was removed about march vs Dharna ( it was said that N will participate in long march but not in Dharna……)….

    Why Shahbaz Sharif was allowed to go to Pindi via motorway with protocol, 1 day before long march??? Why no one arrested him? Was Ch Nisar ever arrested? Finally why NS was not arrested from his home and do you really think that Punjab police is so weak/incompetent that NS can come out of his home in Knight Rider style???????? First hand account from a Gujranwala MNA is that police were asking them where they want them to stand on GT road!!!!!

    As far as Imran’s mistakes are concerned I think it is more of adifference of opinion and looking at same thing from different angles and this all debetable. BTW i did not undertsand when he made an alliance with JI???? APDM included Nawaz Sharif and many nationalist parties but that was, by no means, a JI allaince…….. Would you please, in your good, wisdom , shed some light on IJI formation and how JI won seats from Lahore and Pindi in 2002? May be I am biased but there was perhaps some tacit support from N league to JI then…correct me if I am wrong please……….

  65. @che
    Shahbaz wasnt given any protocol….he was in hidin jus like khan
    Ch nisar wasnt arrested n khan was?!
    The point is the govt machinery failed in punjab as the police refusd to obey orders(sp gujranwala rana n dig saleemi are just 2 examples)…the police laked the will, they clearly sided wit the cause
    None of u hav stil answered my answer where was khan af a the judhes were restored, in hiding? As far as shahbaz is concerned there were even rumors that he n khan were together. I was a supporter of khan, even part of the barkat market protest where his family was harrassed but his immature decisions hav forced me to think otherwise, why hasnt anyone answered my query…why this love affair with JI?!

  66. yah mulk k halat dek lar pir b agar koi PPP ya PMLN ko vote deta hi.to mere kayal main wo pagal hi ho ga.kud socho aj tak PPP aur PMLN ne hamare liye kuch kiya hi.kuch b nahi.Ata nahi mil raha .sugar nahi mil rahe agar milte hi.Bajle nahi hote hi.har waqt load sheding hote hi.Bajle agar nahi hote hi hamare ghar main ya ap k ghar main nahi hote hi na.Nawaz sharif aur Zardari k ghar main to hote hi na.wo hamare bejle q teek kare.wo to bas apne apne account bana rahe hi..yah log kud Tex nahi dete hi.hum say Tex lete hi.an k sab account bahir mulko main hi.Pakistan main logo ko roti nahi mil rahe hi yah logo ka din kar karcha 10 lak hi..
    Plz socho.aur pir vote do.as tarah admi ko vote do.ta k vo hamare fikar kare na k apne Account ki…
    Sirf ap log Imran Khan ki batey to sun lo wo kiya kahta hi..wo joot nahi bolta,kisi say darta nahi aur honest b hi.agar hum as ko leader bana day.yah hamare mulk k gareb awam k liye kuch na kuch to kare ga.PPP aur PMNL ko to hum ne deka hi.dono ne kuch nahi ki gareeb awam k liye .ao abi PTI ko vote day.Shayad wo kuch kare hamare awam k liye…
    Vote For PTI

  67. @ Bilal:

    Shahbaz was not in hiding.Every one knew he was at Ch Nisar’ house. He went to Pindi unchecked…..It was widely understood that he is in close contact with army at that time.

    Yes Imran was in hiding because he did not have any contacts with forces behind the scene and was not protected by any inside or outside powers……It was PTI strategy to start the show on final day in Pindi.

    “why this love affair with JI”… Your question has been answered in my previous post but if you have any specific incident do bring it up. BTW i was wondering if you remember the attempt to become ameer ul momineen by some so called “visionaries” of today!!!!!!!!!!

  68. hahaha wat planning?! plan to stay in hiding hours after the judges were restored, n he disppointed once again by saying that the march shud have gone into islamabad?! wat for?! the aim was the restoration n that was achieved….he wanted to conquer the capital n once again welcome a dictator like he did in 1997?! n had NS gone on he wud have cried….’the judges have been restored theyve just gone on to have their govt restored’

  69. Malik Shakeel dropped out of law college.
    I am sure there were better qualified people yo give PML(n) ticket to.
    I guess Mian Sahib dont want educated people in there party.

  70. @drgulkhan

    Educated people could have their own point of view and I think PML-N is scared of it. So they give tickets to the people like Haji Pervaiz (Naqal Mar), Shakeel Awans (Illiterate and Badtameez) etc.

  71. @wbuttar
    I just saw it on the news channels that Nawabzada Mohsin has joined ANP. If I am not mistaken, wasn’t he the provincial head of PTI belonging to the same area where you guys are claiming to win an election. Can you please confirm this.

  72. @bechariawam

    You are right this guy was NWFP PTI President and even present Governer NWFP was onec PTI provincial president. But it does not make any difference. It is hard for the people who solely believe in power politics betray their parties on one excuse or the other. I cannot understand your second point. If you mean PTI candidate winnin of Karak election in 2002, you are right but he also left the party on the issue of resignations from assemblies in 2007. Now he is ANP Minister in NWFP assembly.

  73. For agrana75 ,bechari-awam ,wbuttar …

    acha ap logo ne kaha k Nawabzada Mohsin ali khan PTI say chala gaya aur ANP main.wo bat teek hi.wo aj nahi gaya hota to kal chala jata.Q k as tarah log Imran Khan k saat nahi rah sakte.Wo b karak ka hi aur Main b Karak ka ho.main hus ko janta ho.wo acha admi nahi hi.bahoot acha ho wo PTI say chala gay..2002 main jo seat PTI ne jete te hus ka naam Miya Nisar Gul hi.hus ne 2008 election main b wo seat jete hi.likin aj tak hus ne hamre awam k liye kuch nahi kiya.apne account bana raha hi.apne logo k liye kam kar raha hi.gareeb awam k liye kuch nahi karta hi.Chor hi sala.main janta hi na hus ko q k ek hi Villge k hi….Imran Khan ki party say agar Nawabzada Mohsin ali khan gaya ya miya nisar gaya.kuch farq nahi parta hi.as k elawa aur bahoot ache ache log hi PTI mian..Imran khan ko power main ane k liye an dono ki zarorat nahi hi..hum gareeb awam ab samaj gaye hi.
    Imran khan hi as tarah admi hi jo hamare mulk ko teek kar sakta hai……Nadir ( Karak)

  74. @wbuttar said
    ‘Educated people could have their own point of view and I think PML-N is scared of it. So they give tickets to the people like Haji Pervaiz (Naqal Mar), Shakeel Awans (Illiterate and Badtameez) etc”
    Well said, Then what is your view about another very notorious badmaash and bad character person named “Ijaz Urf Jazi” a candidate of PTI from NA 55?
    What is your view of Faiz Ul Hassan Chohan, a leader of PTI in Rawalpindi, who after winning as MPA on MMA ticket in 2002 defected to ruling party PML (Q)?
    What is your view about PTI candidate in NA 123 who was very recently in PML (Q)?
    I think PTI has not have their own sincere & dedicated workers available to run on these seats therefore they have given tickets to the lootas from other parties. Therefore based on the recent selection of candidates by PTI, unfortunately I don’t feel any difference between PTI, PP and PML (N)

  75. Mr. Ijaz Khan Khan may have some flaws but he has not looted any public money and his life style is witness to it. We should accept that no body is an angel here. PML-N has a vote bank and they can set an example but unfortunately they failed to deliver. At least Mr. Jazi Khan is post graduate from International Islamic University. Kindly do not equate him with Haji Pervaiz or Shakeel Awan.

    Regarding NA-123 no doubt affiliation of other party in the past is not an issue but personally I also have some reservations on Mian Hamid Meraj, which I have discussed within the party.

  76. @wbuttar
    My point of view is that by these selection of canditates by PTI, it has really lost a golden opportunity to reflect that it is a different party from PPP & PML(N). Just I give the example of MQM, although there is no doubt that it is a terror party but atleast they give ticket to their workers not the lootas from other parties. As far as case of Haji Pervaiz is concerned, you should appreciate that first time in the political history of Pakistan, a MNA is forced to resign by his own party after his scandal appeared in media.

  77. @ wasim
    PTI is a party wich is still in evolution process. Many will argue that PTI is existing for 13 years. But in real term PTI has started being a party from last two and half years.
    PTI has started to hold internal elections. INshallah PTI will become a modelinstitution.

  78. @buttar
    mind wat u say sir…. ure calling shakeel awan n haji parvez illiterate n badtameez coz they are ordinary party workers just like the ordinary man in pakistan n its they who represent the odinary man, not zardari nawaz or imran
    if u think that way bout them….wat opinion do u hold of the pakistani ppl, are they all illiterate n badtameez coz clearly out literacy rate is too low so u consider the entire nation to be badtameez….plz grow up yaaar
    what have the educated given this country thats so valuable
    educated like shaukat aziz, khursheed kasuri, hamayun akhtar, goyar ayub the list is too long
    i consider it an insult to the entire nation that u say the an illiterate man is badtameez
    ure just like ur leader….arrogant
    i want imran khan to win elections but wat u expect…for him to become pm in the next election is simply not practicle stop living in a fools paradise

  79. @bft1

    I fully own my words. What Haji Pervaiz did. Whats wrong when I said Naqal Mar. For your kind information Haji Pervaiz is a millionaire. If services count than Jazi Khan done more services even in crises for PML N. Mr. Jazi Khan fought 2002 elections with Sheikh Rashid but did not join PML Q at any stage and remain with his party in the crises but whats party done in return, give ticket to Haji Pervaiz due to his ……. I said Shakeel Awan Badtameez, I think you did not listen to him and his language for the opponents. I recommend to search his audios/vidoes on the web then give your opinion.

  80. why people say silly things about imran khan.
    I think he is the only patriotic person and he is the only leader in pakistan.
    as far as selection of candidates is concerned ,ofcourse he has to select people from this political scenerio,he can not bring candidates from England or somewhere elese.
    People should build up their vision and support imran khan,if they wanna support pakistan and bring any change in Pakistan

  81. People like sheikh Rasheed have fooled them for so many years ,6 times he was elected and these kind of people can bring any change???
    He just want to continue his political business and make people fool.and the people are really fool those who will vote him again,after testing him for 6 elections.

  82. I have read all the comments to this and I think there is one thing that nobody has brought up and that is—I don’t think that Imran Khan and PTI have their pick of the candidates. The best political candidates (both in terms of local popularity and in terms of intelligence) go to the mainstream parties because anyone who wants to be a big politician is not concerned with principles—in any country—they are only concerned with winning. So the only people that Imran Khan can choose from are people who other parties don’t want because they don’t think they are winning candidates.

    Now if these people can still win then surely that would show that the other aspiring politicians that PTI can be a winning ticket but so far there is no evidence to suggest this. PTI did very poorly in the Gilgit Baltistan elections and the three by-elections that have already been held, the PTI candidates have not succeeded either.

    There were only two ways that PTI could have become a big political force. The first one is if they made alliances with other mainstream parties, like pml-n, as someone above commented—they are competing for a similar vote bank. The other way—if they really believe in “principles” then they would have had to attract the intelligentsia—lawyers, writers, professors, journalists, professionals—but in order to this, the party would have to be less Imran Khan centric because many of these people are brighter than Imran and would not agree with his position on many things—then it could have really been a democratic party. But Imran does not appear interested in this—-he would rather just stick to the leftovers provided he can have the last word and say on everything. And the rest of the party workers are there simply to massage his ego. He can’t give these workers tickets because I have heard them—they cannot make a decent speech or attract crowds. They are not charismatic people so he has to rely on the leftovers because the intelligentsia is not attracted to Imran.

    So I wouldn’t hold my breath for any great PTI performance. Realistically, PmL-N should win na-55. Anything else would be an upset.

  83. Inshallah People will realize that only Imran khan is the person who will bring change in pakistan and this society.\
    People are scared if he will come he will do accountiblity for every body who is involved in corruption .
    people have to come out of their personal interests and think about the national interest and vote for the person who will bring change.

  84. we need to struggle harder for change in Pakistan, I wish if PTI can win that seat. But the PTI set is not so powerful inspite of having huge youth following.


    imran khan is sincere.. but he cant govern neither he can be a paksitani politician… he can be a good UK or US poltiican.. but he hasnt learned a thing in 13 yrs of his politiclal careeer… iskindar mirza said paksitan has a constituion that needs literacy rate of atleast 70% for it to be effective… we have around 30% including those who can only sign…. cccc where the problem is….

  86. I do not know PTI will win or lose but surely yesterday rally proved how people love Imran Khan. There were flowers everywhere and even I see tears in the eyes of some people. It took three hours to reach from Kartarpura to Ababeel House. A distance of 3 km.

  87. PTI and sheikh rasheed are basically competing for second place. Had Imran Khan been contesting himself, he could have given PMLN some fight. But a ‘talanga’ like Jazi Khan has no chance.

    PMLN is getting a walk over for now.

  88. what is so good about Shakeel Awan?…he is just a college drop out
    PML n is certaily not getting a walkover. They will have to use every dirty trick they know.

  89. There may not be anything too good about Shakeel Awan, but the ticket on which he is contesting the elections is his jackpot. For the time being anybody contesting on PMLN’s ticket in rawalpindi is going to get a walk over, especially considering the opposing candidates.

    On the other hand, Imran Khan’s charisma is not good enough for PTI to win any seat unless he is himself contesting.

  90. There is no doubt that voters from big cities of Punjab are still with PML (N). Imran might have a chance to secure some seats in the next election if he does an alliance with the right wing parties. Otherwise in the absence of a good team and reputed candidates, it will be impossible for PTI to win any seat in case of a solo flight.

  91. @drgulkhan said
    “what is so good about Shakeel Awan?…he is just a college drop out”
    But the problem is that PTI candidate in NA 55 has not got a good reputation either. I wonder why PTI has given ticket to such an opportunist who was in PML (N) till 2008, and when he did not get party ticket in bye election, he jumped to PTI. Such candidates can’t be loyal to any party.

  92. کبھی پگڑی اُچھلتی تھی،مگر اب وِگ اُچھلتی ہے
    بنا لے اپنی وِگ کا جام،گنجے! رات ڈھلتی ہے

    وہ شب کی آخری سانسوں میں میخانے پہنچتے ہیں
    اندھیرے میں جنابِ شیخ کی ٹم ٹم نکلتی ہے

    وہ اب پُٹھے پہ اپنے، ہاتھ تک دھرنے نہیں دیتا
    کہاں اُس بُت کے آگے اب کسی کی دال گلتی ہے

    کمر کا زور ہو، تعویذ گنڈے کا سہارا ہو
    تو اس دو آتشہ سے ناگنوں کی خُو بدلتی ہے

    نہیں ہے ہومیوپیتھی سے کوئی فائدہ اُس کو
    فقط وہسکی سے اُس بیمار کی حالت سنبھلتی ہے

  93. Wonderfull to see IK fan club members still hopefull after manshera humilation.

    Unfortunately , these elections are going to be held in pindi not on internet where PTI is most popular.

  94. IK should contest election from all constituencies and after winning he should leave and let his party member contest again to keep all seats 🙂

  95. “IK should contest election from all constituencies and after winning he should leave and let his party member contest again to keep all seats :)”


    In that case, his party members will lose all seats.

    That is why a presidential system is more suited to individually popular politicians like Imran Khan.

    BTW, his record tells that whenever he contests on multiple seats, he only manages to win one at most.
    P.S: Ijaz Khan Jazi went from PMLN to PMLQ to PMLN again and then to PTI. There was a reason no other party ever gave him a ticket.

  96. For all PTI haters: I really appreciate your “thoughful” input. What I have failed to understand is that why PTI is still growing? What is driving them? If we go by your predictions,this party should have been extinct since he made the “Blunder” of bycotting 2008 elections, why people are still joining him?

    One of my friends mentioned results in Mansehra, well if anything it tells us it is the fact that this was a personality dependent constituency plus PML N ‘s blunder cost them the seat. All the candidates from major parties had their own vote bank and this what they got in the end. Same is true for PTI candidate.

    Lastly another sharp mid pointed out past affiliations of PTI candidates. Well althought PTI was born in 1997, it really started gaining strength in 2005 onwards. So it is natural for people to join new parties. ( Bhutto was in PML in 1950s,Nawaz Sharif was in tehreek-e Istaqlal, and this list goes on and on ) So whatts wrong here????

  97. No doubt, Imran Khan is a very likeable personality.

    But the PTI cyber crowd is so mired in its self created fantasy that one could have hated them if one did not feel pity for their childish immaturity.

  98. Yes PTI is not a family party but it is a one man party. The main leader of this party is Imran Khan, 2nd one is Imran Khan, 3rd one is Imran Khan,4th one is also Imran Khan ____________& last one is Imran Khan.

  99. As Mr.Ali Murtaza said “wat change?! jaazi khan has been in pml n all his life?! n pti candidate in na 123 was in pml q, plz enuff with the change, khan has disappointed!”.

    I am totally agreed with this statement. People have tried all of them. No help will come from heaven. People to choose among these on the basis of previous experience. Please vote the party whos head you people dislike least. According to Transparancy International pakistan was most corruption oriented in 1996 and least in 1998. Now decide who is better.

  100. Solution is simple no rocket science

    Simply vote for Jamaat e Islami

    1. Leaders brought from grass root level (jazi just joined the party and got the ticket where are the workers working hard for 10-12 years)

    2. No change of parties (like Jazi from PMLn & Hamid from PMLq, Mehmood-ur rashid from JI as well Ijaz Ch) because JI not accepting LOTAs. if somebody wants to join there is the system……………………which doesn’t exist in any party

    3. No corruption

    4. Well Organized & disciplined (http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?page=20064\27\story_27-4-2006_pg7_4)

    5. Best organization structure in all parties

    6. Educated leadership (34 hold Masters degrees, ten are MBBS doctors, two Ph. Ds. five Dars e Nizami certificates, two civil engineers and eight are university graduates & two are matric in central advisory council. The main leadership not included)

  101. The most affected person of the whole judicial crisis has been Sheikh Rasheed. He had been conducting his whole election campaign through pliant media. But the new developments took the spot light away from him. Then this crisis further eroded PPP’s vote bank on which Sheikh has been banking. Interestingly, he was dumb founded regarding what to say about the issue and he had to make himself unavailable for comments on judicial appointments.

    Though the ground situation before this judicial crisis and still is that Sheikh Rasheed was no where in the competition and it is a virtual walkover for PML-N, but the lack of media coverage would likely push Sheikh to third spot behind even PTI.

  102. The latest rumours are that facing a certain defeat, Sheikh is considering boycott of elections alleging potential rigging…..

  103. i hope that pml will win here in NA 55.
    for imran khan i think that he need more time
    becouse he is still learnig process.
    as a person i like him butt as a leader i am sorry
    i remeber that when benazir 1st time become prim menister
    with out any experience and make country down with corruption.

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