2 thoughts on “Do Tok – 30 January 2010

  1. Mr. Raja very rightly point out why the media not questioning Altaf Hussain and MQM. It is a million dollar question. You people know very well MQM is the biggest beneficiary of NRO. They are the people who rules in Karachi and Hyderabad with the gun and our so called independent media is silent despite knowing everything. ARY is seems a MQM channel. Same position is on GEO. Do you think Pakistani nation is deaf and dumb, they don’t know anything?
    Our media always complaints every government is trying to curb the independence of media. It’s true, but what is media doing…. there is no internal check and balance in our media. I fail to find even a website or contact e-mail address of Pakistan electronic media association (PEMA) to make a formal complaint. There is no website (at least I can’t find) of our channel owners association.
    I sent few critical e-mails to ARY and you people know what happen??? They (ARY) banned my IP address and now, whenever, I tried to send any mail, its return undelivered. This is the behavior of these so called independent channels. They wants freedom of expression just for there self and trialing others, and if somebody criticized them they banned. What’s the justice!

    I think it is best time Pakistani media play an impartial role; otherwise they loose their credibility on masses.

  2. Agred with mha09. It is unfortunate that our media is and has been extremely corrupt and todays so called channels and uppish anchors have been on payroll of govt s here and enemies of pakistan.Lastly these legal pundits are to a grt extent also responsible for the present mess and have never been honest abt fair play to the poor masses of the country.
    lets be fair and honest to each other rather being hypocrates

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