Haroon-ur-Rasheed Sets Example!

Very senior journalist Haroon-ur-Rasheed set an unprecedented example on Jan 27th by declaring that he was ready to return the money he gained from selling three different plots, which he got from different governments for being a journalist.

Speaking on the Off The Record of Jan 27th 2010, the senior journalist and columnist Haroon-ur-Rasheed said that he had taken three residential plots from the governments and sold them all. He said he sold these plots because his financial condition was not good at that time.But, now I am financially independent” Haroon said, adding “I will return all the money I made from selling the plots, when, and if, the government, or anyone, will ask me to do so.”

Haroon said that he had been seriously thinking about it for the last three days. In an anguished tone, he added: “I don’t want this condition applied on others, but, from my end, I will definitely return this money to the national exchequer.”

Haroon-ur-Rashed said in categorical words that he was against the policy of allotting plots to selected segments of society because it ended up creating greater disorder and inequality in the society. He said he was against the allotment of plots to journalists, judges, generals, politicians and civil servants. He questioned the need of extending concessions in traveling fares only to the journalists, while, other more deserving segments of the labor market went without. “Why are the journalists, judges, generals, civil servants and politicians are extended such concessions while the ordinary Pakistani goes without?” Haroon said, adding: “Now this ‘drama’ should come to an end.” He said every member of the influential classes is responsible for this mess and he did not absolve himself either from his culpability.

While speaking in the program on the question of getting plots from the governments, Haroon, first he said had taken only one plot. The exact quote of his statement is, “Government of Pakistan had never given any plot only to me except when plots were given to other journalists also. I never applied for any plot and never visited any government office through out my life for this purpose. The only plot, I got, was first held by Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi and when all the journalists got their plots, I was given at the end. All my assets are declared and legal and if a single penny is proved as illegal, I will surrender all my assets.”

However, after about twenty minutes into the same program, Haroon said, “You have talked of journalists and judges; I declare this by swearing to Allah that I was thinking for the last three days that this should be stopped. And as far as I am concerned, I have sold all the three plots that I got as I was desperately in need. If the government asks me I will return 100% of the money in installments. And I do not impose this condition on others but I will return the money as I am no more a poor man. Now I have resources and my income is very good.”

Haroon continued with the word, “Some privileged people like journalist are given concessions in traveling fares which is wrong and such concessions should not be given. Even judges are given some concessions, even generals and baboos got such benefits and concessions. We all have to bring an end to this drama. I too am a part of this.”

To refresh the readers’ memories, the Pakistani blogosphere had been left aghast in July 2009 at the specter of a venerable, pious, senior and respectable journalist like Haroon Rasheed jumping into the fray uninvited, and – throwing caution and dignity to the wind – coming to Rauf Klasra’s defense. Well, now the mystery has been solved: It had all along been an elaborate scheme to teach a lesson to the younger generation of Pakistani journalists, and Haroon did it through ‘leading by example’. Very cleverly, he let them have a long leash; he defended them through articles, on the channels and by launching his own website. It was all a very cleverly constructed ruse to get Rauf Klasra and other corrupt journalists to drop their guard (among other things) and start trusting Haroon Rasheed as one of their own.

When the aforementioned camouflage had been accomplished, Haroon Rasheed pulled the rug from under their feet by offering to reimburse the government for the amount of money which he gained from selling the plots. Haroon Rasheed has set a golden example by not only publicly acknowledging that he took nearly one (1) plot, Khuda ki kasam, and that the almost exactly two (2) plots were allotted to him by the government in a transparent process. And did he keep the approximately three (3) plots all to himself, without sharing? No. A thousand times NO. Haroon believes in sharing and is a fan of caring. So, he sold the exactly one (1) approximately three (3) plots and now offers to repay the government.

In case you are wondering what just happened, The Amazing Haroon Rasheed, the ancient and wise Gandalf of Pakistani Letters, pulled the most amazing trick so far out of his magic hat: He put one (1) plot in, at around minute 07:00, and took out three (3) plots at minute 27:00! What’s that you say? Is Haroon Rasheed the one whose coming is foretold in the prophecies? Is he the much-awaited Triple Shah? Has Haroon Rasheed been sent to succeed Double Shah? Maybe.

Oh alright! I know, I know. It was a slip of the tongue. Haroon didn’t mean it to come out like that. He only took the three plots, off the government’s back, to help it out with the bureaucratic red-tape. The government has hundreds of thousands of acres of useless land, just lying around like lazy bums, not doing any work, collecting dust all year long. Haroon was only trying to help, the only way he knew how. And, then again, he didn’t take the plots for his own benefit. There was never any conflict of interest anywhere. Honestly! Sacchi Mucchi! He never supported any military dictatorship in exchange for plot allotments. He never attacked this website that is trying to expose and stanch this tide of plot-zada corruption. He never wrote sickeningly sycophantic columns syndicated from the GHQ in adulation of the serving Chief of Army Staff. He does NOT have any links with notorious ex-Agency men who are not Major Amir and who have not become big landowners in their own right. No. Never. And how dare you think something like that? Haroon took over the plots to only sell them over to other buyers. You see! Just doing business, no crime there. Only commerce, which, as we all know, is a celebrated Sunnah of our Holy Prophet (s.a.w) And doesn’t flourishing of commerce and business help with a country’s economy? Yes, yes. It does.

And who is to say Haroon Rasheed’s three plot allotments, and their subsequent sale, and the resulting ballooning of Haroon Rasheed’s bank accounts were not, as a whole, beneficial to Pakistan because, a) he helped ease the government’s load and, b) he injected some much needed liquidity in the banking sector?

Exactly. Haroon’s message could not have been clearer if he spray painted on a chain-link fence.

So, a word to the wise. And also to the not so wise: Plot Laundering corrupts everything it touches. The cancer of corruption starts from the top and spreads in every direction polluting the state, its institutions and the society at large. Journalistic corruption is thus doubly evil because infected columnists and ‘plot-zada’ journalists then collude with corrupt generals, politicians and bureaucrats and aid them in their thievery in the hopes of a few crumbs falling their way. This plot-zada journalism has to stop.

And it has begun to. There are signs of change.

Last year two senior journalists returned their plots to the government. Another senior journalist signed his plot over to his driver. A journalist, Shaukat Javed Paracha who was offered a plot as a bribe last year, in violation of all policy, refused to accept the offer.

We know Haroon Rasheed does not suffer from the catastrophe of perfection. Who does? We all make mistakes. The right thing, and the Islamic thing to do, is to accept that one made mistakes, that one took plots in exchange for one’s soul, that one is sorry, and one will return all the money made from the sale of that nearly one (1) plot, to be honest two (2), who’s counting?, three (3) plots.

PKPolitics Team

71 thoughts on “Haroon-ur-Rasheed Sets Example!

  1. Guzarish yeh hai ke Haroon Rashid jootha makkar or chor haieeee..

    One of the biggest windbags I have seen on TV.

    He says he will return the money “in installments” — “if government asks”

    He knows no one will ask — those who ask are sitting of/in plots themselves.

    Lastly he surely will return the money he made then — don’t worry about interest — it’s gair-islamic …

    I will make a deal with him —
    Declare what was the value of his plot when he got it from reduced price in GOLD and now give that much GOLD in WEIGHT to any orphanage — let’s see if he can or will.

    He is chor .. maha-chor and the biggest blowhard of them all.

  2. Well Done…. Another one is exposed, This guy HUR used to writed articles for awakening of nation in Jang and his own charcter turned out as PIMP of Journalism. Its irony that such characters are writing in leading newspapers and preaching ethics and patriotism while at they can sale their ‘Hurmat’ & ‘Izzat’ for a plot. This it self proved this PIMP of Journalism can do anything for plot, or would have done in past…

    If he has any ‘Gahirat’ , which I am sure he will not have otherwise he would have not been quite on this robbery so long, He should immediately return all his wealth and commit sucide in front of people…. Otherwise its proved he is a real PIMP of Journalism.

    Another important point, We all should send individual e-mails to Jang and other media groups to bycott such characterless writers… Unfortunately Jang group has mostly corrupt and money minded columist like Nazir Naji, Haroon Ur Rasheer, Hamid Mir, Ayaz Ameer, Amar Jaleel, Masood Hussain, etc. Someone must inquire whether Jang group pay to these columist for their article or they purchase the newspaper space for their article and then encash the words by ‘Ruler’ or ‘Anti Rulers… Majority of these idiot jourmalist writes fake stories without mention of the name and figure just to defames any one.

  3. Speaking on the Off The Record of Jan 27th 2010, the senior journalist and columnist Haroon-ur-Rasheed said that he had taken three residential plots from the governments and sold them all. He said he sold these plots because his financial condition was not good at that time. “But, now I am financially independent” Haroon said, adding “I will return all the money I made from selling the plots, when, and if, the government, or anyone, will ask me to do so.”
    Perhaps he has made much money now a days through being a part of recent dirty ………..

  4. Anwer Kamal said: above::::::::::::
    come one man….. if someone has realized and regrets what he has done in the past or asks for forgiveness in the court of Allah, even he is being forgiven. I always had a very good opinion about this guy. I am glad that he has taken a step to set an example towards honesty and loyalty. Pakistan needs such people to progress and show right path to nation. please be positive.

  5. Hello All
    My name is Haroon ur Rasheed, I am a thief. I got three expensive plots unlawfully. I start all my columns with name of Allah and use saying of our holy prophet (PBUH), and other great people. But its OK to get plots in bribe because who cares? When PK politics brought my scandal, I got mad and blamed that this website is operated by a PML-N MNA. I termed PK politics admin a blackmailer in my columns in daily Jang.
    I like to use cheap language against all politicians except Imran Khan as I am his PRO.

  6. Haroon ur Rasheed is very good person.Admin should be run this site without any personal grudge against anyone.We all make mistakes but dont accept them.No one is angel but I think Haroon ur Rasheed is far better than many of us.

  7. It takes ALOT of HEART and COURAGE to make this move. I ask all those who are criticizing him that “Haven’t you committed any sins in your life”. As human beings we all make mistakes and commit sins.

    However we don’t see many people who admit their mistakes in front of the media and then repent. How many of our corrupt politicians and journalist have done corruption and how many out of them have admitted?

    Allah who is Rahman and Raheem forgives people who repent and asks forgiveness with a clean heart. Then who are you to criticize him after he has repented? What makes you think that God hasn’t forgiven him?

    Mr Haroon, your have surely set a great example, I salute your bravery!

  8. Haroon ur Rasheed is better than most of us.Learn to praise someone.Admin is actually trying to make Haroon ur Rasheed controversial because of his support for Rauf Kalsra.I dont like Rauf Klasra much but really admire Haroon Sahib.Many emotional guys sitting in different countries start abusing everyone except Imran Khan.I dont know why we are so pessimistic?We have no guts to praise anyone.I have been with this site since 2007 but will never tolerate if this site is used just for personal grudge against anyone.

  9. topi drama

    why wait for someone to ask..and all the publicity.

    simply give the $$ he made from free plots to TCF and any other institution like that

    do something positive.. build a road, school, clinic..

  10. Of course he is going to set an example, because he belongs to PTI, and pkpolitics loves it. This site only sees good in themselves and bad ones in others.

  11. Wow, this is Pakistani culture promoted and lauded by this site now? Do corruption and and then do maafi when exposed and then claim that if asked I will return haraam ki kamai!

    If this black faced character had any real ghairat, he would return the money immediately and turn himself to the police.


  12. Gentlemen, Watch the program agian…. He was forced or trapped to confess. He is not yet ready to return all his fortune. Probably now he got enough price in cash for his slavery from Imran Khan & ‘Lifafa Suppliers’ and now he may repay the price. If he wanted to repent then there should be some commitment, not hollow words.

    He used to write in his colums that ‘Someone will come to clean the mess’ and he indirectly points that person as Imran Khan. Now its admitted by himself that he is also a part of that mess.

    I am surprised on common sense of gentlemen wrote in this blog in his favor, If he was to repent or accept his mistake he should first surrender everything he has or atlease the present cost of that plots and then should say that I wanted ask for forgiveness… Now he set an example ‘Lotto aur bewaqoof qom ko bewaqoof banaoo’. He was the one who painted in his colums that ‘Monas Elahi’ is Billionire and Nawaz Sharef, Shaukat Azir eveyone is Billioniare, If they robbed the nation at least they were elected by stupid peoples or their representatives but this type of selfish black sheeps earn the wealth by ‘Defamation’ and ‘Distortion of Propaganda’…. He claimed to start the debate in news papers that ‘Amin Faheem’ shouldn’t be given change to become PM after Feb-2008 election, Imagine if he was the PM today then definetely the whole situation was not as worst as today. He is the thorough gentlemen and person of principles in PPP, But on media hipe leaded by this black sheep made the wind against him… Such PIMP of Journalism are more harmful for the nation than any corrupt politician….

  13. Haroon Rashid is not the professional journalist like others ,He has an aim an ideology which is more then the money or plots ,He is in journalism for a “Islami Inqilab” and he support the cause of Jamaat-e-Islami .Same as Talibani Mulla who does not want money and he is dedicated .
    corrupt ideology is far more dangerous then ordinary corruption

  14. Haroon Rashis is running a big contruction company.He is a thekedar by profession.He is a shoqia columnist who is darling of ISPR and ISI.He can return his plot but Anwar Fitrat of Daily Express and Nawaz Raza of Nawai Waqat cannot do it because they are not “thekedar”.They got plots 25 kilometers away from Islamabad and Mushtaq Minhas battled with Malik Riaz of Bahria Town to liberate this land.These small 10 marla plots are very important for reporters and sub editors who get just 15,000 to 30,000 Rs per month while people like Haroon Rashid,Irfan Saddiqui and Hamid Mir get Rs 5 lacks per month from Jang.But there is one difference.Hamid Mir is just a journalist.Journalism is his bread and butter but HAroon Rashid is a thekedar.I am waiting that when will Hamid Mir come out against “thekedar mafia” in journalism.

  15. He is one of the few impartial journalists in this country. He admire IK but at the same time criticize him. He criticize N-League but also admire some steps of Shahbaz Shariff.

  16. At least HR is accepting his mistake and willing to correct it. There are thousand upon thousands of people who got these plots. Let’s see how many follow his example. The sad fact is that I don’t expect any.

  17. Whoever is criticizing Haroon ur Rasheed for his good will and self consciousness seems to be ANGEL themselves. Hello!!! Angels!!! look into the mirror and then remember what you have done.



    My suggestion to you is help the poor people of Pakistan with that money like build a Hospital, orphan home etc.



    “My suggestion to you is help the poor people of Pakistan with that money like build a Hospital, orphan home etc.”

    I agree 100% cos I m afraid PePePe would loot this money too, so better use on poor people.

  19. For God Sake, if somebody wants to repent, please encourage him rather than these nasty comment coz otherwise nobody will dare to do acts like this specially in an environment of corruption.


  20. Mr.Haroon should not have taken the plots in the first place.A corrupt person is always corrupt.All the corrupt politicians,beurocrats,journalists etc. are evils and they do’nt deserve to be called humans.They are criminals and need to be punished if justice exists in Pakistan??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  21. Whatever everyone said may be right or wrong. But I would say one thing for sure that he is not impartial. He is greatly partial and biased.

  22. Who is the writer of this article and why is he/she having to defend Haroon and his “secrtet” plan like this?
    Kitna bhonda andaaz hay yay. Sharam ka maqaam hay yay.

  23. @smnasirhussain .. read the full article, it is fully sarcastic.

    in urdu .. writer nay taka ker lee haroon rahseed kee 😛

  24. One example of sarcasm …

    Haroon took over the plots to only sell them over to other buyers. You see! Just doing business, no crime there. Only commerce, which, as we all know, is a celebrated Sunnah of our Holy Prophet (s.a.w) And doesn’t flourishing of commerce and business help with a country’s economy? Yes, yes. It does.

  25. I wish Zardari and the rest of 8500 wealth looters of Pakistan return the money where it belongs. Haroon Rashid admittance, whether he returns the money or not itself is big step forward in our country. Haroon Rashid Zindabad!

  26. Despite all our political differences we should admire his admittance and repentance. Atleast, someone specially one from the midlle class has taken a step forward. I believe only and only in the middle class who can put the country back on track. If they pull themselves out of the evil cirle of the “so called elites” and stop pimping for them then we can expect something good out of the deteriorating society . The top and bottom tiers of the society can never be changed without a revolution which seems impossible in near future in a country like ours.

    Well-done!!! HR ….now others should follow and start thinking, he took three days you might take 3 weeks.. but don’t take too long otherwise it will be too late! Please try it …you can do it! Don’t think about your generations to come, Allah SWT will take care of them think about those who are commiting suicides because of you.

    Al Maalu walbannonu zeenatul hayatitdunya, Walbaqiyatus salehatu khairun inda rabbika sawabun wa khairun amala. (Al Quran Verse 46, Chapter 18 sura alkahaf)

    Wealth and children are an ornament of life of the world. But the good deeds are better in your Lord’s sight for reward and better in respect of hope.

  27. I am a firm believer in investigative journalism and you did an amazing job there but this prolonged mud slinging and personalization does not become pkpolitics. I have been visiting this blog since its inception and it’s sad to see the way it has degenerated

  28. The plots was given through housing scheme so keep in mind that if it is a sin then govt who designed these schmems are more guilty, govt should decide whether these schemes are wrong r right. Todays if govt announces a scheme for students, almsot every student would apply!

  29. If I am the journalist and some one offered me the plot (if not bribe) I will take this as “gift ” and will not give them back .

    Any one like to offer me ?

  30. As a Pakistani citizen, I would like one plot too. Why can’t I get a free plot? I am young, educated to masters level.

    Will Mian Sb or Gilani sb give me plot too?

  31. Hamari corrupt qaum mein HR is real gem. God bless him with long live to speak truth loudly.

    Ignore bad comments about him. There is no one of is match in Pakistani journalists.

  32. well done writer , so now Billi Theeley say bahir aa gaye ..y this guy was so ferocious when PKpolitics exposed his pettie bhai corruptions…. these journalsit 90% are corrupt & blackmailer …they write a few good articles to make thier worth and then selll it to the highest bidder…i remember he wrote in suppport of the discharged housing secreteray …i think sher afzal or something…and now i know why he wrote… this guy in particular is so ‘dirty ‘ as he uses a kind of sofiana and islamic philosophy and try to be the ultra ‘right ‘ above all.
    Now the question he should answer is, when and who alloted these plots to him ..i’m sure one will be from DHA(Army)…anther one will be from Pervaiz Illahi…but the third i have no guess but it may even be from zardari gang.
    I feel pity for all PTI supporters who think he is an icon or something just becuz he praises IK in all his articles. I also have praise for IK but i know people like HR are just no good to him as his support to IK is very personal and may vanish as soon as NS put danna to this guy and his Cousin Tariq Chaudhery(ex-MNA from RHMYK) by giving a party ticket to them.
    This guy is sthe biggest ‘Munafiq’ ,’Ihsan Faramosh’ , ‘ibn-ul waqat’ and self centered person on the block.

  33. 900 choohay kha kay billi….

    But the sin of all the rats eaten by Haroon Rashid cannot be nullified by his returning the price of plots…

    His whole life was spend under military establishment & all of what he got today is achieved by writing Qassedas, Books & propaganda for illegal military rules.

  34. Mr. Haroon has done the right thing. Going public with this issue, which can definitely create controversy is not an easy thing to do.
    How many would Refuse an offer for a Plot from the government – Not many. Haroon Rashid show high morel courage. It is a Brave thing to do.

  35. I like Haroon’s writings and never found him biased. He is known for his frankness and never uses ambiguous language. It is his greatness to admit that he got some plots and to say that he will pay back to govt (if asked). I didn’t like this way this article is written, it shows some personal hatred towards HR. The plots were alloted to him by the govt. through some schemes to help journalists (the legitimacy of this kind of schemes can be discussed and I do not support this kind of segregation or favrotisme). He did not grab them as does some land mafias in big cities.
    I condemn this media trial of an honest (one of the rare) journalist. This was not the only issue discussed in the program.
    Woh baat saray fasanay main jiska zikr na tha
    woh baat unko bohat nagwaar guzri hai

  36. Well-done Haroon ur Rashid دیر آید درست آید
    before Haroon ur Rashid another great journalist Ansar Abbasi set a great example when he returned a plot allotted by Govt. of Punajab. I hope people like Nazir Naji get a lesson from these journalist and returned their plots back to Govt

  37. @ Farian
    900 choohay kha kay billi….

    But the sin of all the rats eaten by Haroon Rashid cannot be nullified by his returning the price of plots…

    His whole life was spend under military establishment & all of what he got today is achieved by writing Qassedas, Books & propaganda for illegal military rules.
    I am 100% convinced with this. Regardless of a tank of urine or one drop of urine the water has been contaminated. In this case he has taken a full tank (three plots)

    Kitni dhitai say kehta hai i will try, lanat hai is sahafi par

  38. haroon rashid has confessed his crimes only after things has come in to surface.he is a clever man,timely move to save his face to be blackened.

  39. I think its too much from pkpolitics. I have great respect for Haroon Rashid. I agree that he was wrong when he came out to defend Rauf Klausra. This blog here looks like a personal grudge against HR. No one is perfect, but there are few who are better in this nation than others. I believe HR is a better man out of hundreds of journalists. He is writing against all the politicians, be it Zardari, Nawas, Shehbaz, Imran, Qazi, Altaf, Asfandyar, Fazl. He also praises the good things.
    I have been visiting this site for almost 3 years now. Today I feel that its being unfair to HR. I read his columns regularly. He is teaching the nation and the young generation in his own way. If your intent is to blackmail him, I think its a way of endorsing whatever Naji, Abbas Athar, Asadullah Ghalib, and many others are writing. They also ask not to criticise NRO because there had been PROs in the past. Why praise Chief justice today because he took oath on PCO in 2000. Why not do corruption today because it was done yesterday.
    Interesting thing to note is that Pkpolitics had brought so many evidences against Rauf Klausra but in case of HR, may be they had nothing, so they are trying to give a negative shape to whatever positive he had said in the program.
    HaroonRashid and all of us writing on this blog are not an angels, but we need to see who is lesser evil.
    Its good in a way that admin has started this article. As the time goes on and the comments keep coming up, we will know how much respect HR has got in spite of this blog started.
    HR did wrong when he took plots, he did right by saying he would return. Let us not push our nation towards reading articles written by Naji, Abbas Athar, Ghalib rather than HR.

  40. Feel sorry for the mental calibre of the most bloggers praising the act of HR, not even understanding the satire in the article.

    This reminds me of same thing on ficticious leeter to COAS.

  41. Bottom line. If anyone wants to become honest. It is never to late. If this b*st*rd is clean let him loose on all those who are not. Expose them all. One by one. We should really publish list of all those who had there loans written off and we should have a list of all those who got plots.

    Haroon got three expensive plots on cheap prices, not more than 5 lakhs each. Lets suppose he got three plots on 15 lakhs. Then he sold each on more than 15 million, so he made 45 million from 15 lakhs. Now he wants to become hero by paying back 15 lakhs to the govt.
    Haroon, no one is stupid. Do not pay 15 lakhs back rather return the plots as those are wroth of 45 millions.
    Some of my friends say he is better than others as he admitted of taking bribe. OK, Bank of Punjab ex president Hamesh Khan has also admitted that he is thief, so lets forgive him too? Then also forgive Zardari and Nawaz?
    Its the ethics of journalism that now Haroon should change his profession and become a property dealer.
    Many thanks to PK Politics for bringing the real face of a person who uses Allah and Rasool names in his every column.

    Aftab Ahmad

  43. I will not question admin motives…why an old program of Kashif Abbasi was given a new life….This post probably won’t reach the readers.

    First thing we must keep in mind HR is not infallible but no doubt as someone in the thread says he is ray of hope.

    Incriminating HR and making mountain out of mole probably is a bigger crime than that of HR.

    Those of you who are familiar how MES works….Theres 12% commission that include Rs.500/- for the driver of General Sahib….All those contractors who bid for MES job include 12% in their rates for this classified bribe.
    This commission(bribe) distributed smoothly without compromising on quality of work.
    Theres another kind of bribe where Civil Engrs maneuver the situation and harass the contractor unless they are paid bribe and quality of work eventually is compromised.

    HR fit in neither of two mentioned above.
    Govt. is custodian of people’s money…its crime or policy of Govt to sell plots at subsidized rates to different section of society though policy may be right or wrong blame does not goes to recipient if he or she is not exclusive in its nature.

    An infallible HR in need won’t accept such plots which are given to journalists….Unfortunately he is not infallible.

  44. @afisadi
    What you are saying doesn’t make sense. First of all HR didn’t break any law, did he? He was one of the journalists who were given plots by different govt. as a policy (perhaps to mould them in their favor) but I never read HR praising any member of the govt. (as does Naji so oftenly). He never changed his opinions and continued to write as before (I am a reader of his columns for several years).
    Now coming to th epoint that how much he should return? If you took a loan from someone 15 years ago, lets say 5 lakhs, how many will you return today? 5 lakhs or the sum equal to the value of 5 lakhs 15 years ago?
    As far as the question of Hamesh Khan,Zardari and others is concerned, if they do the same i.e. accept that they looted (which is not case with HR who never looted those plots) ans PAY BACK to the nation the money they took in a fraudulous manner, then if they are forgiven that doesn’t make any difference to me. What I would like, is to see pakistani tax payers money getting back where it belongs to. If Zardari renders the money he looted (several million times the price of 3 HR plots) and says publicly that what he did was wrong then let it be.
    I needs lots of courage to admit one’s faults publicly. You can’t understand because you never comitted anything wrong in your entire life. I salute to you and are angels who are throwing stones on HR without giving a look at their own deeds.
    The point that was raised in this program is the corruption of ploiticians, generals and other bureaucrats. Who robbed this country right from the beginning. How to bring them before the judiciary and overall how to get the looted money (more than 300 Billion $) back.
    When you show the moon to a stupid, he looks at your finger.

  45. yaar logo tum nay to baat ka batagar hi bana dia,aray us nay koi chori chupay to plot nahi leay thay,they was given him by different govt,sirf haroon rasheed ko to nahi lilay,tmam logon ko milay,us k bawajood agar woh kahta hai k kisi ko aitraz hai to mein un ki qeemat wapis karta hun,ab is mein say aap loag keeray nikalnay lagay huay hain,yahi badqismati hai hamaray logon ki k achi bat agar koi ghalti say bhi kar day to us k peechay par jatay hain

  46. Dear Imgee
    You have a right to disagree with me and support HR.
    Offering and accepting a plots is bribe. Do you believe on this or not:
    “A person who gives and takes bribe will go in hell”
    HR starts all his columns with Quran and Hadiths, but why he forgot the above when he took three plots.
    Dear Imgee, do you know that is the policy about plots in Islamabad? One plot for one person. Also note that Islamabad is one of the most expensive city in the world, where property dealers like to do business in dollars.

  47. His admittance is good but not enough, he does not have to wait for government to ask him to return money, he must return money now, without asking government. And one more thing, he should return money for these plots at current value, not past value, because if he only return past value that will not cover loss of that property, he sold less value it was his problem, because he used that money for personal reasons, now he must return it at current value, just point scoring to pose good and honest man is not enough.
    One other point, why it is ok to enjoy this kind of illegal favor when anybody is not doing well but later he can return some amount to boost his status and image, if he thinks, this was illegal act then why he did not refuse to accept these favors at that time, nobody can allot any property to anybody without his consent and co-operations, they must need personal indentfication and other documents from him to allot him any property.

  48. @afisadi/Aftab Sahib,
    We all have the right to differ from one another in our opinions and that’s the most important thing. We must give our point of views with proper logic or evidence (if we have some).
    I agree 100% that the one who gives or takes bribe will see his/her place in hell. But brother you forgot that one gives bribe in exchange of somme undue favor. These plot schemes exist for all kind of govt. servants and journalists. This is not bribe. You can call it against the priciples of equality, why theses generals, judges, journalists, ministers etc. get plots and why not common people? But in any case this cannot be considered as bribe. HR was banned from PM house during NS’ tenure. I’m sure he is not in the good books of AZ administration. He wrote very virulent articles against Mush. So why the govt. would have bribed him? For what undue favour? We don’y know where these plots were located, do we? Perhaps all of them were not in ISB. Anyway I’m not HR’s advocate, I just find it unjust to accuse this person just because he called this site a “small site” that’s all. I mean all of us know that HR is not a corrupt journalist. He is not like Naji or Sethi type journalist.
    Give him the credit of saying the truth even when it goes against him. He could have done like Naji when a young journalist called him to ask about the three plots he took. Naji started abusing him and defending himself as a senior journalist and claiming that it was his due. Just in case if you didn’t listen to it :

  49. I appreciate his gesture . Atleast we have some individuals in our society who still have moral courage . May ALLAH ALMIGHTY bless him and protect him …amen

  50. 41 years experienced (as HR claims) has changed his status many times.He is writer of “FATEH-e-KABUL”and supporter of Zia-ul-Haq.Now he criticises Military rulers.How one can trust him??

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