4 thoughts on “Live with Talat – 8 March 2010

  1. This is typical example of how Talat discusses GHQ related affairs. If it was a neglegence on part of any civilian institution he ‘d be jumping up and down. But today he was very civil knowing genrals will be watching his tone.

    I thought Sen. Pervez Rashid was somewhat sensible but today he was a total shame. How can he or for that matter anyone defend security agencies presense in residential area. It not only creates unwanted threats for civilians but also makes it difficult for security appratus to beef up their security.

    Masood Sharif kept criticising politicians including Punjab CM and Governor but Pervez Rashid kept licking GHQ’s feet. Shame on him.

  2. What has this go tot do with GHQ and Generals? The attack was on FIA a civilian investigate agency it was in a civil controlled area. The Army is not responsible for it.

  3. @time: you are absolutely right . the undercurrent of the program was to secure Islamabad by shifting offices from residential area. Masood Sharif rightly pointed out that Fata is facing these problems continuously. The cost of war is bourne by common man. Pervaiz Rashid was an idiot to say that awam qurbani day rahi hay. Do we have any other way out? If it is a war, why don’t the GOP encourage people to take civil defence courses? why are not all the politicains on war footings? In my opinion, if we realize terrorism as a war fought by pakistan, let’s become serious. Development projects are not laid out in times of war neither politicians are allowed lavishness. Let’s all focus and face the problem and fight this war like a war.

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