Swat Flogging Video Found to be Fake

A resident of Swat, who claims to have prepared the fake video of flogging of a girl in Swat, has termed it drama and revealed that he received Rs0.5 million for doing so before the launch of military operation ‘Rah-e-Rast’.

Before the operation ‘Rah-e-Rast’, an NGO financed preparation of fake video of flogging in which they portrayed the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) members flogging a woman. The provincial government and Malakand Commissioner Syed Muhammad Javed ordered investigations and sought report from the authorities concerned.

After the successful operation in Malakand division, the law-enforcement agencies had arrested the children who were present in the video while a resident of Swat was apprehended by Kohat administration. The children and the arrested man revealed that the video was fake and said that it was made on the demand of Islamabad-based NGO which provided him Rs0.5 million.

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20 thoughts on “Swat Flogging Video Found to be Fake

  1. yap in swat the govt is playing a game between taliabn and army. and in this game they only kill innocent people. INSHA ALLAH sari sachay samny ajay gi. these tliban and army are playing with innocent peoples.

  2. Why doesn’t anyone name names?
    Who made the video .. who paid for it? Why just say a NGO

    Lastly — what’s the justification of arresting children ?

  3. “Saanp guzar gaya ab lakeer peeto”.

    They already decided to launch operation under the orders of their masters so they used media for this video and telecasting old interview of Sufi Muhammad. SHame on them.

  4. @Haqueeqat

    In Jang nespaper dated 29-3-2010, the names are also mentioned. Regarding children arrest you point show double policy at one side the people like you justify killing of innocent citiziens and on the other hand do not want any investigation of criminal acts.

  5. For a second let’s buy this story! The Sawat flogging video was faked and yes both the victim and the aggressor were paid actors and so were a dozen or more spectators! Splendid acting I must say..
    Moving on! This was perhaps one of hundreds of video’s which include brutal beheadings by the Taliban, now could anyone argue that these killings never occurred and the beheadings were actually modified by computer graphics !!! Here you go Taliban Apologists feed on the propaganda for even if they nuke us one day you shall call it a rough hail storm!

  6. First lets read the article, why would TTP take part in a video drama to defame itself so that it can be targeted by the Army? There are too many holes in this fake story. Why would an NGO as opposed to a GO not be named? If it was our Govt/Army which benefited by justifying Rah e Rast why would they now denounce it?

    Second, this video is far too convincing for an amateur to have made it without professional actors or for it not to be genuine. I have not witnessed any plays, skits, even good spoof documentaries like “hum sab umeed se hain” at PTV or GEO or ARY show this kind of sophistication even when using experienced actors. The “extras” and all the supporting cast in the so called fake video stay impeccably in character, no hint of camera consciousness, unbelievable play acting by untrained simple rural folk!

    If it is fake why were so many people of religious zeal up in arms to defend the molesters and their brutality?

  7. my dear brother drimranahmed ,i hate TTP, but if you have visited swat during the operation then you must have an idea about the game. i dont who was playing with innocent ppl. you will not agree but the fact is they have not attack the actual TTP leadership. i belong to swat and our demand was to hang fazal ullutah and other top leadership on signal. now where are these players of the game i hope they are enjoying their life in islamabad and may be in USA. now the game in army hands.

  8. What a misleading title:

    -“Swat Flogging Video Found to be Fake”

    while the article states:
    -“A resident of Swat, WHO CLAIMS to have prepared the fake video of flogging of a girl in Swat…”

    This is just some guy saying it was fake, nothing was found to be fake!

  9. @ zia944
    ma bro .. this is the actual story what we have listening from every one who is in or from sawat … paradise on earth … and those top people are still there .. i can not understand why …. and how …

  10. @DR Imran! I appreciate your comments as you rightly put forth the sentiments of Pakistan people. There are over hundreds of identical videos of Taliban brutality and I am convinced that the flogging video was genuine. The Taliban sympathizers are trying for damage control as their leadership has been wiped out and they are been chased by the Army. Such tactics of spreading misinformation cannot deter us from fighting the forces of evil.

  11. یار لوگو اب یہ نیی بحث کیوں شروع کر دی گی کہ ویڈیو جعلی ہے آپ سب کو یاد ہو گا کہ مولانا فضلالہ کی طالبان تحریک سوات کے ترجمان نے مختلف ٹی وی چینلز کے اوپر اس معصوم لڑکی کو کوڑے مارنے کی سزا کو طالبان کی طرف سے کلیم کیا تھا اور ایک دو دفعہ نہیں تین چار مرتبہ میں نے خود انھیں میڈیا پر اس سزا کو کلیم اور طالبان کا دفاع کرتے سنا اور جب ایک ٹی وی پریزنٹر نے طالبان ترجمان سے سوال کیا کہ بغیر ثبوت اور گواہو کے کیا یہ سزا صحیح ہے تو جناب نے فرمایا کہ کیوں کہ طالبان حالت جنگ میں ہیں تو اس لئے ثبوت اور گواہ وغیرہ مشکل تھا اور طالبان نے بلکل ٹھیک کیا ( جاہلیت کی انتہا )

  12. @champion11

    Thats right… everyone try to claim the work which make them prominent. If you remember one of the first Drone attack in Pakistan that Kill around 80 Children in a school. Musharraf Claimed that It was done by Pakistani Army by precision strike. He also appeared on TV and said that he will show the pictures of the school and evidence that terrorists were there. Our media reported the opposite story from Mushi version.

    2 days later, US came back and said this was done by US Drone and later they said that innocent people may have died there… Well … ofcourse champion11 do you see any difference b/w ttp, musharraf or current government?

  13. If you know Hollywood then you understand. The West has a very long history and mastery on propagenda. No one can be better than them, what are the Talibans. They used it in WW1 and WW2 and fighting Russions in Afganistan. What knowledge have the poor people of Pakistan and Afganistan? They will use against anyone who will be against them and their interests. So dont be fooled by such videos. They know that was the time when they spread these lies and their agents in Pakistan fuelled it to the extent to support the killing of the swaties. So it will be repeated again and again be ready guys.

  14. Western media was showing that film again and again, that tells you what was going on. It is era of media and communication, some power brokers use this technology to make public oponion in their favour.
    “If you want to kill a dog give him bad name first”
    It is sad but its true

  15. Samar minllah’s article in daily times does clear if any misconceptions there were, the flogging case was admitted by the Taliban spokesmen Muslim Khan and also other Taliban leaders. The newspaper does not cite the name of the journalist nor does it reveal the identity of the alleged aggressor. The Taliban sympathizers are out again to spread misconceptions amongst the masses.

  16. Even if this was fake the point is that women are treated worse than this video in especially these areas. The Taliban act as if they are the best Muslim but they do not realize that women are given the highest status in the religion.

  17. The armed forces can fight the militants only in a battlefield they cannot confront the propaganda cells of Taliban. That is where we the citizens come in who should take upon this cause by writing articles, talking to friends and family circles doing whatever we can do to refute the shameless propaganda of Taliban.

  18. How come this news is not shown round the clock on every TV channel for weeks as was the case for the original fake video…

    Nobody is now talking about Islam’s view of producing fake videos or making false allegations that results in mass migration and mass killing of innocent people. However they were quick to quote ayaats of Quran regarding punishments of flogging.

    Nobody from the likes of Gul and mbokhari will write a blog after blog on the front pages of pkpolitics lamenting the ill effects of these liberal fascist NGOs such as they wrote against islam and simple religious poeple…

    Nobody will talk about the ongoing military action needs to be closely watched by independent news agencies and any violation of moral and military rules should be noticed and reported. An unchecked military can produce a criminal mindset that result in disasters such as the recently released one from Wikileaks.com:

  19. It is a video that cannot be faked or made by collecting so many actors etc. Lets call a spade a spade. There is no need to pull under the carpet what is ugly and bad. TTP are ugly and bad. They have behaved like beasts by killing so many of the Swatis and all people of that area. Lets not reduce their crime be calling what happened as fake. Jamat e Islami and other religious parties who become political spokesmen of the terrorists spread this rumour that it is fake and all that. Sir it is real and one can have no iota of doubt. I give full credit to the present government for having the strength to take action against TTP and subduing them. Ask the local people how happy they are. Do not go by the religious guys false propaganda.

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