Geo reports that PMLN and ANP have resolved their difference and agreed to name the province as Khyber-Pakhtoonkhwa.

The parliament constitutional reforms committee has finally evolved a consensus to rename NWFP as Khyber-Pakhtoonkhwa Geo reported Wednesday.

A final announcement in this regard will be made at 8:00pm tonight, sources said.

Source: Geo TV

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  1. I think it’s a good news for the whole of Pakhtoon brothers and some other communities living in NWFP. And ofcourse a good news for Pakistan.

  2. hope that this new name brings the fortune and luck to the people and they live happily ever after….
    waisa name change se kitna farq par skta hai..
    logon ko roti millegi sasti..
    daily consumeables awam ke poohnch main aa jayeinge..
    mehngayee k be lagam ghoray sar pit daurna band kr deinge..
    Electricity aur energy crisis khattam ho jayega..
    bombings khattam ho jayeingee aur sazishein b ikhtatam pazeer hoonge..
    Raavi har taraf aman chain likhega aur khushyoon mussartoon/aman k shadyanay b bajeinge..

    waah re siyasat daano..
    aur waah re awamm tera sabar..

  3. Also every citizen of Khyber-Pukhtoonkhw will get monthly stipend, free education, best
    healthcare , clean drinking water, no more bomb blast, only peace and peace and above all no load shedding.

    What an achievement of Govt, ANP and PML !!

  4. bigger and more important news is that PML-N suggestion on Judicial commission has been accepted by Govt.

    What this shows is:

    CJ flexed his muscle on NRO
    Govt giving in and gives CJ the power of appointing judges

    Anyone see a “DEAL”?

  5. its not just good news for pashtoons but for whole pakistan.but i sence some thing fishy in nawaz shreef guess is he has done deal with cj.the deal is cj wont open any case against nawaz shreef and will make life so hard for zerdari to govern pakistan.on nawaz part he will not let to pass 18th ammendment or law minister will be excluded fr judges appiontment committee.

  6. Good news

    well done ANP and raza rabbani. i salute you. Why people want to deny a name for people of province . Nawaz should now take good class of his provincial chapter leadership.

    i was so depressed by the developments of last week.

    regarding judicial commission i dont agree with propsoal of pmln abd strongly believe that parliament should have upper hand in judjes appointment. any way if they agreei will take taht.

    @ runaway

    Some times optimism is good.

    by the way any comments on q league abscence.

  7. Mashallah …

    @ Runaway :
    I don’t think its a deal. I don’t think situation regarding the NRO and SC will change due to this.

    All we can hope is for some sense to prevail.

  8. This was never an issue that outweighs other serious issues like price hikes and load shedding but never the less it is welcome and puts an end to all the hype and lets us concentrate on the real pressing problems of the common man.

  9. There are always some jerks who will find reasons to mourn and spread hate.

    When the crises happened, all of these jerks started crying like they were waiting desperately for the constitutional changes and started cursing PMLN for taking rights of smaller provinces bla bla bla.

    Now since the matters are resolved peacefully, the same jerks who are probably fans of Musharraf are crying again and spreading hate by giving stupid logics like deal bla bla bla.

    I kindly request @dmin to ban those jerks at least on this historic moment in Pakistan.

  10. justice iftikhar will keep things open aginst president zardari and keep threat on nawaz.
    if politicians can approve this amendement this will be kind of big achievment

  11. we should wait for Hounarable Raza Rabbani to announce this. until then hold on guys.

    Again salute to ANP.

  12. If this is true then I dont think it will address the concern of Hazaras.

    Their proposal was to rename it either as “Khyber” or “Abaseen” without any hyphens. Both of these names are geographical and not related with any particular ethnic or linguistic composition of the province. Some thing that is to be considered as a neutral name for all the people of NWFP.

    Hazaras have proposed that if you want to include the word “Pakhtunkha” then you must also include “Hazara” alongwith this name as Pakhtunkha alone would not represent the large number of NWFP inhabitants, therefore “Hazara” must have been hyphanated with any new name that would have “Pakhtunkha” in it.

    But tagging Khyber with Pakhtunkha would only fuel this controversy further as it includes one geographical name and the other an ethno-linguistic term.

    I dont think this proposed name would be acceptable to Hazaras.

  13. @ KARIM

    Mehtab abbasi is from hazara. he is ex cm of province and most influential leader of pmln
    . if he has agreed then i think people of hazara division will ne happy.

    all neutral commentators from this province advocated new nameas pukhtton khwa.
    salim safi, raheem yousuf zai.

    i thinl all the people of province shoulkd be accomodating each other.
    if ANP, PPP are so flexible ( even though they have 2/3 rd majority in provinical assembly, which represent will of people and jui also supporting this ) what is the problem.

  14. i think cj blackmailed both nawaz shreef and zerdari on judges commission.otherwise how zerdari can accept this proposal.

  15. Usman,

    It is still to early to say what would be the reaction from the people of Hazara. I haven’t seen any one commenting on it. Just a piece of news only.

    But if this name brings peace and prosperity to the people of NWFP then so be it. It is also good in a way that it will end the constant bickering of ANP over this renaming issue and their vieled threats of following the “Bengali-Model”. I wonder what model would they like to follow now when their demands have been met?

  16. After getting Identity, now pakhtoon brothers will get all the rights like free education,home for everyone, clean water, no poverty, equal justice for all and above all no terrorism , no drone attacks… ANP will now more focus to serve pakhtoons with whole heartedly , no more corruption, Asfandwali will stay in NWFP , no more visitis to USA for fighting Pakhtoon rights with USA…..

  17. This is not acceptable at all. NS should not have agreed on this. This is not a change that can be done with a constitutional package, this should rather come through referrendum so that each and every person of the NWFP, including those who supported the losing candidates in the General Elections, can also have a say in this. I am sure if referrendum is conducted, this name would be rejected by a vast majority of the NWFP. I am sure this would be challenged in the Supreme Court.

  18. 18th amendment is still not passed so I will keep my fingers crossed. Nawaz Sharif himself admitted PMLN wanted repealing 17th amendment first and then tackle all these issues seperately. PPP, ANP, MQM, JUI, JI and others did not agree. They bundled 17th amendment with much needed bigger constitutional reform package.

    We will find out more about the amendments that broad range constitutional reform committee agreed upon in coming days. I will be very interested on what they achieved on provincial autonmy? Pukhtoonkhawa name consensus was much needed and frankly I don’t know what took them so long? BUt still all is well if ends well. I ‘d have liked 15-20 smaller provinces in this effort but as I understand they have already taken some radically big steps in this package. Smaller provinces demand can wait few years.

    I applaud Raza Rabani, Ishaq Daar and very member of constitutional reform committee for serious conclusive deliberations and patience. Their great work has elevated the stature of the parliment.

    I ‘d put this effort next to success in war against extremists or may be even higher.

    Full marks to politicians for delivering in tense environment.

  19. @hasankhan – your comment @2.02 pm

    ……..and will make life so hard for zerdari to govern pakistan.on………..
    Two days ago I told you very clearly not to write Pakistan with small ‘p’ , but you are not listening. Pakistan is not the property of Zardari. However if you want you can write then name Zardari with small ‘z’ which you do anyway and with wrong spelling as well.

    From now on you will learn to behave, repeat you must learn to behave, otherwise I will check your every post and I will put you in the right place. Remember…Pakistan always with capital ‘P’………Got that, you stupid.

  20. @ ASZ Gill

    This is democracy. In democracy majority decisions are accepted.
    ANP, PPP , JUI represent 2/3 rd of provincial assembly. if you dont accept this then i cannot argue with you.

    by the way , by the look of thing nawaz party has agreed to this. so why fuss.
    peoples representatives are the will of the the people.

    ANY WAY i will not say much until things are approved or solid.

  21. @ iqbalsheikh

    Please dont be so mean. if my english language skillsa re not good, i should not comment.

    you are so rigid.

    please leave this kind of check om fellow bloggers.

    you may disagree with hasankhan, but cannot do this

  22. @ Muhammad Usman

    The logic of democracy might have carried some weight if this matter was not linked with the 18th amendment. We all know that this is a result of blackmailing by the ANP. If this matter is seperated from the proposed constitution package and is presented on a standalone basis, there is zero chance of its acceptance.

    NWFP doesnt belong to Pukhtoons only. Naming and renaming in the name of languange was only possible in old days when there was lesser education, lesses awareness.

  23. All I am asking him to write Pakistan with capital ‘P’, which he must do, I am not asking him anything else which he is not capapble of. And he does this deliberately, and from now on he will learn……and I bloody mean it.

  24. NO NO NO NO this new mix name is not acceptable only ‘KHYBER’ or ‘ABASEEN’ or ‘DARUL ISLAM’ is acceptable. However this pota of Ghaffar Khan and puttar of Wali Khan is prepared to construct Kala Bagh Dam only then Khyber-Pukhtoonkwah is acceptable…..otherwise NO.

  25. Name change is only a “low hanging fruit” as they say in English for un-productive work….

    The Pust-tun nation is under a violent threat from all corners now. They are ruled by ANP which is an anti pakistan and anti Islam mind set.

    Pathans have no industry or any DFI of any kind to survive on.

    Poverty is the dominant frame of reference in the whole of Pusht-tun belt.

    Pusht-tun is about 50 years behind in social development as compared to Punjab….

    Pusht-tun has Talib-an among them who will kill their own people and cut their necks if any one tries “change”…..this is a ultra-orthodox criminal element and a mix up of ex military and intelligence agencies in them….

    Name change is a cosmetic step and there is nothing to be worried about…….

    Hazara is semi-independent and a strong but poor culture and has co-existed with the pusht-tun for centuries and inter married and have their own bastard-race called Swati tribes which are a mix between Afghan mothers and Gujar Fathers and vice versa……..

    No one should be worried as this is not going to help benefit anyone …..30 countries of NATO are stationed 30 miles from borders and this is what we can come up with….name change…? sadkay jaon mein in ki aqal par…..


    “Pushtoon=Pusht+tun” Persian word for “back enter-er”……

  26. @shakeelbajwa

    DARUL ISLAM is a good suggestion, may be MMA should have passed resolution on that when they were at helm 🙂

    I personally think we already have two much Islamization thanks to Zia and MMA (military mullah alliance). Countless suicide and secterian attacks speak for themselves. I am not sure if we can afford to go further right from here.

  27. I am so Sad!

    I belong to Hazara division & am one of the pioneer members, a regular visitor but an occasional commentator of this site: the reason being that I know practically these blogs hardly serve anything but perhaps a temporary relief after exhaling that haunts you. Today perhaps I just wanna burst out so even knowing that it wont make a difference i want to register my protest, whichever way I can.
    I am as much a patriot as all of you and I share all the pain that this nation has, from drone attacks to misgovernance, from law and order to sky high prices and every thing in between and beyond. However, today is the time when I really knew what is it like to feel when your identity is “re-established” in a way you don’t want and on the basis of the views of the people who are more in number than you or who make a bigger BUZZ in media.
    If the peaceful people of Hazara division are not taking to the street for being crushed by the so called majority (ANP, which came into power for one and hopefully last time since 1947) it should not employ that there is no resentment against renaming of the province in way that highlights and project one ethnicity. There is sir! and wait for the time when there is a stronger voice for “Sooba Hazara” and I firmly believe that this time educated people like myself will be joining it.

    I was on a wait and see policy and from beginning I was of the view that even N. Sharif did not mean more than just registering himself to claim tomorrow in an election address in Hazara division that: look guys we struggled so much…..for you Hazara waal but no way…..At that point in time very pertinent question will be articulated by the people.
    Two lessons that learnt from this episode are:
    1. I dame care anymore about the democracy or dictatorship, I want removal of the tag “pkhatoonkhuwah” from my people who are not pakhtoon.
    2. If even Q-league is able to overturn this decision, I will vote for them for the rest of my life even though I know and believe that Pervaiz Elahi in my view does not qualify for a counselor election and that their nexus with Musharraf has harmed my country a lot. I dame care, I will go for Q-leauge.

    One request, the people who are not belonging to Hazara division cant really feel the sensitivities of the issue I wish they could consider themselves in our shoes while thinking about it.

    Thanks a lot,
    Ayaz, Germany.

  28. @ dictated_democracy

    You have every right to register your anger. you have the right not to vote in next election to nawaz league. you can vot emusharaf and pervaiz elahi.

    it is your right.

    But you must understand complexity of situation. In sindh many non sindhi people live and in punjab many non punjabi live but names of these respevtive provinces are what they are.

    i strongly believe that in next 10 yers we will have many provinces.

    like seriaki , urdu speaking karachi/ hyderabada, hazara, pukhtoon area in baloachistan and may be more. why not have many provinces. this will take care of your complaints.

    this however is not going to happen soon. better wait fro some time.

    having said that mere more provinces , new names will not do good

    Governnece is the key issue. politiciand have to deliver.
    no jurnail can do any good to this country— believe me

  29. @dictated_democracy

    I appreciate you registering your protest. It sounds full of emotions. If Pukhtoonkhawa killed your idenity was it projected by NWFP ? In civilized world majority rules and minority has right to submit dissenting note.

    I support your demand of Hazara province in larger context. We need multiple smaller provinces for administrative reasons. It has nothing to do with renaming of NWFP.

  30. maybe this will unite the hazarwals and become a change for them which they have been waiting for since 1847…:)

    do not make this a childish game of who to vote for, let them pass the change, the hazara-wal shall use this to “Wake up” cause its about time!

    so do not be worried and use it for “change”…..


  31. @iqbalsheikh
    All I am asking him to write Pakistan with capital ‘P’, which he must do, I am not asking him anything else which he is not capapble of. And he does this deliberately, and from now on he will learn……and I bloody mean it.

    بعض لوگوں کی سمال لیٹر لکھنے کی عادت ہوتی ہے. اسکا مطلب یہ نہیں کہ وہ ایسا کسی اور ارادے سے کر رہے ہیں. یہاں تو لوگ گاڈ (خدا) بھی سمال جی سے لکھتے ہیں. یہ اپنا اپنا لکھنے کا سٹائل ہوتا ہے. اسمیں اتنا ناراض ہونے کی بات نہیں ہوتی. ہاں غصہ اگر کسی اور چیز کا ہے تو وہ الگ بات ہے

  32. اگر خیبر پختونخواہ پر اتفاق ہو گیا ہے تو یہ بہت اچھی بات ہے. جو مسلہ افہام و تفہیم سے حل ہو جائے اس سے اچھی بات کوئی نہیں ہوتی. شروع سے ہی یہ آثار تھے کہ مسلہ دو نام ملا کر حل ہو جائے گا. بعض لوگوں کو اس اتفاق رائے سے بھی اختلاف ہوگا جیسا کہ میں کل ہارون رشید صاحب کا کالم پڑھ رہا تھا جسمیں انھوں نے پختونخواہ، پختونستان یا کوئی بھی اس طرح کا نام قبول کرنے کی مذمت کی تھی اور نواز شریف کو سخت تنقید کا نشانہ بنایا تھا. بھر حال یہ صوبہ سرحد کے بھائیوں کا مسلہ ہے اور اسکا حل انہی نے ڈھونڈنا ہے

  33. @Bawa
    I usually admire your comments. I would love to see your opinion on this move. To me Q. League only wanted to have a stance different/opposite to PMLN and they think that by (merely) doing so they will win the sympathy of Hazara people. Believe me they will not because I know they are gonna vote for the resolution only with a dissenting note, which to me is even a bigger hyprocracy!

    There “NO” will mean anything to we people (belonging to Hazara) only if they put their 100% into undoing it.


  34. @ lota6177
    Nwfp ka naam Saudi Arabia, meeca ya madina province hona chahiye. Is Tara barkat maie azaffa hota

    بھائی جی. برکت میں اضافہ ناموں سے نہیں کاموں سے ہوتا ہے. اچھے کام کریں تو صوبوں اور شہروں کے نام نہیں بدلنے پڑیں گے. کیا فرق پڑ گیا جب ہم نے منٹگمری کا نام ساہیوال اور لائل پور کا فیصل آباد رکھ دیا. ٹوبہ ٹیک سنگھ کا نام بدل کر خالد آباد (شاہ خالد کے نام پر) اس لیے نہ رکھ سکے کیونکہ نام بدلنے کی رٹ میں انڈیا میں خالصتان کی تحریک چل رہی تھی

  35. Khyber is a good name for NWFP – I am glad they made the right choice, thanks to some members of the Q league – this does not mean that i have a soft corner for the Q league…

    Though sticking to my previous stance – name change would never-ever improve the overall situation of the province. I hope Pak army would direct their guns in the right direction.

    General Kayani – you have 1 more year before we start seeing you on “live with talat” or “meray mutabiq” like rest of the generals but before you depart please accomplish something which could make worth remembering for.

  36. Mubariks to every Pukhtoon brother on getting the name issue solved. Now everyone will start calling the province as KP….

  37. Nwfp ka naam Arabic rukhna chaiye takay puktoon usay dil khol kar choom sukain. Aik admi hajj paie SAudi Arabia giya tu airport paie Arabic ka pehla lafaz dekkh kar usay chomna shuru kar diya badd maie logoun saie pata chala dewar paie baitulkhilah likah haie.

  38. @dictated_democracy
    I usually admire your comments. I would love to see your opinion on this move. To me Q. League only wanted to have a stance different/opposite to PMLN and they think that by (merely) doing so they will win the sympathy of Hazara people. Believe me they will not because I know they are gonna vote for the resolution only with a dissenting note, which to me is even a bigger hyprocracy!

    There “NO” will mean anything to we people (belonging to Hazara) only if they put their 100% into undoing it.


    آپکے کومنٹس کا بہت شکریہ. میرا خیال ہے کہ میں اپنی سوچ اوپر لکھ چکا ہوں. بنیادی طور پر یہ ہمارے صوبہ سرحد کے بھائیوں کا اندرونی معاملہ ہے. اپنے صوبے کے لیے جو نام بھی انکو اچھا لگتا ہے وہ رکھ لیں. یہ تو ایسے ہی ہے کہ آپ اپنے گھر کے باہر جس نام کی مرضی تختی لگوا لیں یہ آپکی صوابدید ہے. ہماری خوشی انکی خوشی میں ہے. وہ افہام و تفہیم سے جو بھی نام رکھ لیں وہ ہمارے لیے قابل قبول ہوگا. بعض لوگ اس معاملہ میں پنجابیوں کو ملوث کرنے کی کوشش کر رہے ہیں جو سراسر زیادتی ہے. نواز شریف یا ق لیگ اگر اے این پی سے اختلاف کر رہے ہیں تو اس لیے نہیں کہ وہ پنجابی ہیں یا انکو پنجاب کے عہدیداران ایسا کرنے کو کہہ رہے ہیں. وہ ایسا اپنے صوبہ سرحد کے عہدیداران کے کہنے پر کر رہے ہیں. میں تو ذاتی طور پر اس بحث کو ہی فضول سمجھتا ہوں. کیا فرق پڑے کا لوگوں کی زندگیوں پر نام بدلنے سے؟ یہ تو لوگوں کی توجہ اصل مسائل ہے ہٹانے کی ایک طرح کی کوشش ہے. چپکے سے اور شور مچائے بغیر جو نام بھی رکھنا ہے رکھ لیں اور لوگوں کے مسایل حل کرنے کی طرف توجہ دیں

  39. @Bawa
    I agree that changing name won’t solve the real problems of the people in that or any part of Pakistan. However, PMLN & PMLQ (as they claim to be the national the parties) can not be rescued by arguing that ye “NWFP” k logon ka androoni masla hai. If this would have been so then why we did not allow people of Sawat to enforce “sharia” as they wanted to do it in Sawat only so……their internal matter!!
    And also changing name of NWFP means that constitution of Pakistan is going to be ammended (not the constitution of NWFP) which is a collective property of the people of Pakistan.
    Likewise, if it was an internal issue of NWFP it would have been possible to do it in provincial assembly, which is not the case either.

    So my dear, you can’t feel the “heat” that we do and that is quite natural as this issue is quite irrelevant and uninteresting for people who are out of the spectrum & they want it to “settle” whatever cost it takes…….


  40. hello brother. congratulation to all Pakhtoon . i am really happy with this name. in hazara there are also pakhtoon are living. dear i think the it is good for the whole pkhtoon. thanks tp all parties supporting this name.

  41. If they insist to allow only hyphenated name “Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa” then we are happy with it. This name will create some awareness among the people of FATA to join NWFP. Khyber for FATA and Pakhtunkhwa for NWFP.

    Khyber Pakhtunkhwa zindabad……

  42. I take it as a good compromise and a win win situation for both sides. PMLN can claim that they managed to push pakhtunkha as the second part on the hyphenated name and the first name will usually prevail most of the time i.e. khyber and ANP can claim a win considering their life long demand has been implemented to their satisfaction. It shows the political maturity on the part of pakistani political parties who can work among themselves to solve burning issues without resorting to violence or guns.

  43. @ dictated_democracy

    مسلہ تو آئیں میں تبدیلی ہی کا ہے اسی لیے تو اے این پی مسلم لیگوں سے بات کر رہی ہے. اگر آئینی پیچیدگی نہ ہوتی تو اے این پی کب کا نام بدل چکی ہوتی اور نواز لیگ اور ق لیگ کو گھاس نہ ڈالتی. لیکن اخلاقی اور جمہوری طور پر یہ وہاں کے عوام ہی نے طے کرنا ہے کہ صوبے کا کیا نام ہونا چاہئیے. جہاں تک سواتمیں شریعت کے نفاذ کا معاملہ ہے تو صوبائی حکومت کے کہنے پر وہاں شرعی نظام نافذ کیا گیا لیکن وہاں طالبان نے متوازی حکومت قائم کرنا شروع کر دی جسکی بنا پر صوبائی اور وفاقی حکومت کو آگے آنا پڑا

  44. Now time is ripe to change name of Punjab to Wagah-Punjab and name of Sindh to Mohajir-Sindh etc.

    Only Pukhtunkhwa for me.

  45. @ Wahid Doyum
    Now time is ripe to change name of Punjab to Wagah-Punjab and name of Sindh to Mohajir-Sindh etc.

    Only Pukhtunkhwa for me.

    یہ واہگہ پنجاب کیا چیز ہے جناب؟ کچھ ہمیں بھی پتہ چلے. ہم نے بھی کافی وقت واہگہ ہڈیارہ میں گزارا ہے. کچھ ہماری بھی معلومات میں اضافہ ہو جائے تو مہربانی ہوگی

  46. @ Anwer Kamal
    Why Khyber is added. Only nonsence

    غصہ ای کر گئے او جناب. کسی بات پر قوم میں اتفاق رائے بھی پیدا ہو لینے دیا کریں

  47. some people are complaining here about the name that only Pkhatoonkhuawah should be the name … and so far they have not presented any rationale in their statement … and its just arrial attitude and saying that we will agree and we are not willing to accept the view point of any one else living in the province …
    i have even no issue on this behavior but just a minor note… that this is what they blame others for .. actually that is their inside and their innersole of not giving the right to the people around them ….

  48. Likely response from Hazara division:

    Aik zakhm bharney key leeay ,aik oar zakhm lagaa deeya geya hey.

    The demand for “Sooba Hazara” would get acceptance among the masses in Hazara. Intelligensia of Hazara belt is forced to join this movement now. Elected members who kept quite on the issue because it is hard for them to speak against their party line would face the consequences in next election. Most of Hazar-e-wall would be feeling betrayed by PML-N and Nawaz Sharif and it would affect the performance of PML-N there. Hatred against Pakhtoons would increase.

    Pakhtoon Nationalists still have time to take people of Hazara on board:

    1. If they show humality and avoid arrogance on name change
    2. Develoment of Hazara is not ignored.
    3. Hazara gets equal share of provincial government attention .
    4. If non Pakhtoons are not treated as outsiders or less humans by Pakhtoons, ,especially in Pakhtoon areas.

    Otherwise , if Hazara people are stripped from one thing after other ,ranging from their identity to participate in economic activity, I am seeing a big trouble in that region. Already there are reports of emerging conflicts. Recently some contractors from Pashtoon areas were beaten up when they came to bid for something in Mansehra. Everyone has an arm of somekind in that area so if steps are not taken to take people in confidence, I am seeing hard times a head.

  49. “Wahid Doyum said:
    Now time is ripe to change name of Punjab to Wagah-Punjab and name of Sindh to Mohajir-Sindh etc.

    Only Pukhtunkhwa for me.”

    Punjab was the name before and then people who lived here became Punjabi, similarly river indus passes through South Eastern Province and Indus local name was Sindh so the province was named Sindh and thus people living here came to known as Sindhis and ultimately their language is Sindhi..

    In Punjab many dialects are spoken like Majhi, Seraiki, Hindo, Pathwari and Eastern Pahari and others but people including all districts are known as Punjabis….Otherwise there should be Majha, Seraikistan and Hinkokhwa as new provinces if we go with Ethnicities..

    To me the name should have been just Khyber or Abaseeni and then People of the province could have been known as Khyberi or Abaseeni…

  50. @ dictated_democracy

    Sir ! i respect your views and i strongly believe that there should be more provinces and the division should start from punjab …. though your point is very valid … but th only concern is that it is not right to overturn any one’s view point especially if it is related to long sanding stance and legitimate stance … we can not .. never over look the existence and demand of Pkahtoons in NWFP … so name which has pakhtoonkhuawh in it is very legitimate and accurate the problem was with other sects and the feelings of non pakhtoons so they decided to give it a name which represents that the pakhtoons are the majority but there are also many other sects … and khyber coming first means that they are equally important …. as far as haszara province is concerned … i agree and i second ur opinion ….

  51. @ musharaf lovers and pessimist

    for god sake appreciate good efforts of politicians.
    if a 0.001% joy is given to people of aprovince is given why you are so upset.

    let politicians work uninterrupted.
    i repeat i adont agrre with upper hand of judiciary in appointment of judjes but i am happy that this constitutional amrndement is going to be approved.

    this will be good first step towards provincial autonomy.

    a system of governement is must for good governence but MAKROOH ayub, yayhya, zia and musharaf raped constitution agian and again to distrub.

    i suggest to hang atleast token these dictators and strip them from all designationthey held.
    declare them traitors.

  52. Names are very important for our nation. People are crying for food and basic necessities of life and no one seems bother.

  53. @Mujtaba

    The bottom line in your comments is that by putting a prefix “Khybar” before pakhtoonkhuwa, people of Hazara have been “accommodated”.
    Sorry to say that this is not the case. Word khayber has nothing to do with any of the minority living in any part of NWFP. It is just a fierce attempt to dilute and play down the “pakhtoon” element in the term “pakhtoonkhwah”. But its not gonna serve the purpose. Hazarawaal are really embarraed with ethnic inclusion (no matter even if they are supposedly in majority) in the name. Unacceptable sir. We ll think on some parallel lines now.


  54. @iqbalsheikh,if u really mean it i write capital P for pakistan,there is a word ,please,.use this word ediot.jahal maan baap ki jahal aulaad baat karna bi nahi aata.

  55. So we shall admire Raza Rabbani.
    He is a wonderful man. He resigned from Leader of the house of Senate.
    He resigned as minister on his differences.
    But he did the great job for Pakistan.
    At least we have some in Pakistan.
    Who care for Pakistan.

  56. Raza Rabbani is an honourable person. He deserves all the appreciation.

    but due credit should be given to ANP and also sardar mehtab abbasi as well that showed flexibility.

  57. i can understand the genuine concerns of hazara region.

    but dont convineintly ignore man from hazara became chif minister of province.
    if iam not wrong it was mehtab abbasi and sabir shah

  58. I think this name is even more disappointing for the ppl of hazara than only pukhtunkhwaa. it shud have been hazar pukhutnkhwaa etc..
    This is indeed a dark day for the ppl of hazar becasue the pukhtuns on the basis of majority had totally sidelined their concerns abt the naming issue..

    Down with khyber -puktunkhwaa…. name

    long live hazara long live pakistan, long live all the four provinces

  59. if puktuns think they ve safegaurded their identity by this name, then wat abt the identity of the hazara region…this shud not have been done at the sake of hazara identity….
    I’m totally agaisnt this name

  60. Well done everyone. Unity is the way to success. I have never supported PPP but
    But I salute Raza Rabbani and all other parties for resolving this issue.

    Now time to build the nation and get rid of corruption from the govt. especially Rehman Malik.

    Judiciary is on track. Only Justice will make sure that we become a developed nation.

    Give the provinces autonomy. Feds should only keep Defence, Economy and Foreign Affairs.

    Provinces should run everything else.

    Pakistan Zindabad.

  61. Congrats to all before another phone call ruins the nations happiness once more.

    As for the Hazaras on this forum, I think you are being unreasonable. The Sarhad never represented you anyway and Pakhtoonkhwa will not do it in the same way. So the change does not prejudice your position in anyway. It was the demand of the majority and a cause which they have been fighting for a while. It is upto your leaders to take up your cause of a separate province. Learn something from the Seraiki MNAs, former MNA Jamshed Dasti actually gathered people from not only PPP but also N and Q to make the case of a Seraiki province. The cause is already being campaigned for on various forums. It is about time you start doing the same instead of complaining. For one thing, vote for some one who is willing to campaign for your separate province. PMLN is not capable of doing so but is undoubtedly the representative party of Hazarawaals.

  62. “Khyber” only is just a perfect name for the province, it is short sweet and dignified.
    Khyber Pakhtoonkhowadoes does not seems to be practical, it will be hard to pronounce and hard to write.
    Go for Khyber.

  63. @ norozkhan said:

    Well said Norozkhan and I have really enjoyed reading your comment, and that’s why I have repeated the whole comment again below. May I invite you to tead my earlier comment posted @2.59pm. I would like to add that my first choice is ‘KHYBER’ but ‘ABASEEN’ is equally sweet because this was the old name given to Darya Sind flowing through that area hence this name was given.

    “Khyber” only is just a perfect name for the province, it is short sweet and dignified.
    Khyber Pakhtoonkhowa does does not seems to be practical, it will be hard to pronounce and hard to write.
    Go for Khyber.

  64. i dont know why you ppl are against pukhtoonkhwa. everybody is talking about hazara, why you ppl are not thing about other regions, like Mrdan, swabi, peshawar, swat, etc also in DI Khan ppl are not speaking pashto they are not pakhtoon but they have no reservation. in hazara only three districts (Abd, mansehra, haripur,) are against the name pakhtoonkhwa. if a parson from hazara can be our CM,then why these ppl not accept the majority of pukhtoon in the province. and i have no abjection on hazara province they should struggle for it.
    ok dear dont mind it is fact “pakhoonkhwa”
    i love pakhttonkhwa

  65. A comfortable compromise I guess.
    Those who are still doing ‘ choon choon’ about this I have to say this to you.
    A loser will always remain a loser whether he lives in NWFP, Pakhtoonkhwa, Pakhtoonistan, Khyber-Pakhtoonkhwa etc. Jo pakistan main kuch nahi Pat skay wo Pakhtoonistan main kia pat lain gay?

  66. Thanks God that Puktun get one of their right after a long struggle and they should continue their struggle to get all their rights in Pakistan.

    Thanks for all the comments by our supporter from Baluchistan, Punjab, Sindh, Azazd Kashmir and PAKHTUNKHAWA as well as abroad.

    We are also greatfull to PKPOLITICS.COM who give us a forum for discussion and express our views on different and important issues.



  67. Shakeelbajwa,
    I am glad you agrees with me, Abaseen or Khyber both are nice names, easy to write and easy to say.
    Huge name like Khyber- Pakhtoonkhwa seems like a kite flying with a long tail and Asfandyar Wali swinging at the end of the tail.

  68. @ norozkhan
    long name … short name …
    Khyber-pakhtoonkhuwah is at least shorter in all scenarios than North West Frontier Province .
    and if one think that its long u can always abbreviate it .. KP…….. 😉

  69. @ Guilty
    bhai ap tu kafi samajh daar hua kertay thay … kia ho gay aap ko … namon me kia rekha hai … aur aap tu … namon k size main perr gaye hain .. it is still shorter .. rad my above comments

  70. @ dictated_democracy said:

    The bottom line in your comments is that by putting a prefix “Khybar” before pakhtoonkhuwa, people of Hazara have been “accommodated”.
    no sir that is what you inferred … i never meant that … i was an advocate of Pakhtoonkhuwah-hazara
    nevertheless … what went there in meetings .. we didnt know .. and they came up with this name which is at least acceptable for majority … as far as Hazara people are concerned … I agree and advocate for a province … but again not on the bases of sects and ethnicity but strategic demands … i mean … there can be a province with majority of hazara people and/or comprises of hazara division …

  71. @Norozkhan

    I got a brilliant idea and that is as Mr Mujtaba in his comment suggested that the new name can be abbreviated as …..KP….now I will interpret that as ‘KHYBER Province’ ……and some stupid lover of Ghaffar Khan or Wali Khan can interpret that as ‘KHYBER-PUKHTOONKWAH’.
    But I will teach my children that……..KP…..stands for ‘KHYBER Province’. I will also ecourage some patriotic leaders lke Imran Khan, Qazi Hussain Ahmad and celebrities like Shahid Afridi, Yunus Khan to use …KP…as Khyber Province. Also if we use in TV Talk Shows, News, Discussions the name as Khyber Province, then gradually the Pukhtoonkwah bit can be slowly phased out.
    However I have a little reservation that Nawaz Sharif has agreed to add the Pukhtoonkwah bit with out getting agreed by Asfandyar Wali for the construction of Kala Bagh Dam.

    So what do you think Noroz Khan of …..KP… Khyber Province.

  72. @Norozkhan and Shakeel Bajwa

    Agreed….KP…..stands for KHYBER Province.

    Now if someone translates…..KP….as Khyber-Pukhtoonkwah, then he can go to hell with Wali Khan and Ghaffar Khan. Both of them were Afghanistan and India lovers.

    From now onwards in my comments here at PKPolitics I will be using the term ‘Khyber Province’.

    Qs: Noroz Khan, Which part of Khyber Province do you come from??……..Now you see how SWEET the word ‘Khyber sounds. Pukhtu poi….sta koor cherey do mara.

  73. @ shakeelbajwa,

    I 100 % agree with you, Khyber Province will be a perfect name, This name sounds very Dignified and a Majestic and again this name will be easy to read write and say.

  74. @Mulla Nafs e Zakkiya “Pushtoon=Pusht+tun” Persian word for “back enter-er”…… >> I would just ask you to reflect on what you are suggesting here. Pakistan is in the midst of ethnic, religious and political strife…distasteful insinuations like this will only increase the hatred between us…..if you do not like Pushtuns or do not believe they have a place in Pakistani society the honorable and decent thing would be to have a referendum in the Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan for the forceful eviction of Pushtuns from Pakistan…please go ahead do it but don’t be and say what you want to do with respect.

    @everybody the beauty of freedom of speech is that all of us can have an opinion but that doesn’t mean it is going to change the facts..I am just inserting this article that was published in The News this Tuesday and is written by Rahimullah Yousafzai whom we can all agree is not an ANP man, nationalist or someone who has any political affiliations. It looks at the renaming argument from a political and demographic point of view so please enjoy and make up your own minds in terms of how to interpret this:

    The case for Pakhtunkhwa Tuesday, March 30, 2010 By Rahimullah Yusufzai

    The debate on renaming the North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) is serious business because it concerns the identity of its people and their place in the federation of Pakistan. However, the direction it has taken is sometimes comical, and at best uninformed and politicised. Coining a new name for the province has become a favourite pastime for many people and, surprisingly, even those not belonging to it appear keen to select, if not impose, a name of their own choices.

    Names such as Neelab, Nuristan and Darul Islam have been proposed for NWFP. People with fertile imaginations and unconcerned that the issue was to provide identity to its majority Pakhtun population came up with still more bizarre names that don’t even deserve to be discussed. Abaseen and Khyber were pushed into the limelight after receiving backing from the PML-N and PML-Q. Abaseen is a name used for River Indus that runs not just through the NWFP but also Gilgit-Baltistan, Punjab and Sindh, while Khyber is the name of a mountain pass that links Afghanistan with Pakistan.

    Khyber Pass is the most famous of them, but we also have the Gomal, Tochi, Khojak, Nawa and other passes that connect the two countries. Naming educational institutions, banks and other institutions after Khyber has been a popular option because it is non-controversial and possibly also for want of more suitable names. But neither Abaseen nor Khyber could confer the identity that most people in NWFP seek in demanding the renaming of their province.

    Continue reading here

  75. One chapter closed. Apart from the name change of NWFP and appointment of judicial commission, I hope the 18th amendment gives more autonomy to the provinces. Now it is up to the political parties governing / aispiring to govern each province to bring positive changes to the life of poor Pakistanis who llive in each province of Pakistan.

    Sorry about writing the following lines in a font that is difficult to read but nothing communciates the onus on me better than these few words and puts me to shame when I dont fulfil my obligations to Pakistan and fellow Pakistanis.

    یہ وطن امانت ہے
    اور تم امین لوگو

  76. @hypocrite

    You have expressed good sentimental feelings but without the constrution of Kala Bagh Dam nothing is going to change. Ever since Ghaffar Khan and Wali Khan opposed the Kala Bagh Dam we are going backwards. Without adequate Electric Power there is no production and no output. Hence these constitutional reforms are NOT going to bring any change whatsoever.
    If I were the PM, I will not allow any celebrations.

  77. Breaking News…….. Breaking News…….. Breaking News……..

    Asif Zardari has just RESIGNED and he is going to marry Farzana Raja and they both have left Pakistan for Dubai and will not return. Bilawal Zardari has confirmed the news.

  78. PMLN stance was quite logical and i think its PMLN win here… Khyber is the most suitable and beautiful name for the province..

    hahaha… my pathans bhai are pathans…
    Every one knows that first name would be recognized more in other parts of the pakistan than second one where as pakhtoons are happy, they have got word pakhtawoonkhawa in it…:) They will call it pakhtawoonkhawa but one should keep it in mind that actual recognization is before other people not just before oneself.

  79. Khyber – Pakhtoonkwa is a little too long.

    Soon it will probably called either just khyber or pakhtoonkwa by most people.

  80. @ All
    It is Khyper-Pakhtoonkhwa and KP deos not stand for Kyper province. I have been a critic of ANP for this name change campaign but once the name has been changed and ANP was flexible, sensible and has proved that Pakhtoons have big heats by accommodating others , you shoud stop making fun of the name.
    Also stop making fun of Pakhtoons by nonsense pathetic comments.

  81. The only good news in the whole process is that we will get rid of the dictator’s amendment in the constitution Insha Allah. Curse be on dictator who with the help of king’s part or should i call choura’s party, sabotaged the constitution of Pakistan to suit his whims and desire and to prolong his illegal rule.

    Regarding renaiming our beloved Sarhad, please remember that it wsa unethical of ANP to tie it with repelling of 17th amendment. This was sort of blackmailing. Besides, pelasee remember that the name ” Pushtoonkhwa” has already been rejected by the people of Sarhad province in a referendum. Then too it was ANP alone who was striving hard to get the name changed. The motive behind this move of then National Awami Party (now ANP) was to start a seperatist movement of sarhad Or NWFP from Pakistan. The support enjoyed by ANP now (or then NAP) in the eyes of common people of Sarhad province has always been meager. It was only the US agenda that had dreamed of PPP/ANP/MQM/PML Q ruling Pakistan as they all had one thing in common. Thats is all of them danced to the tuen of their master USA. They had proved this many times in the name of war against terror.
    This is how ANP came into power in NWFP. Now ANP has got the opperrtunity of healing hurt ego and is only making it an issue whereas the issue of NWFP today is the countless number of drone attacks that are not only resulting the deaths of innocent pakhtoons but are also severly damaging the national soverignity. ANP has never taken such a hard stance on the issue of drone attacks in NWFP. Why?? Because it does not suit its new master (previous master being Russia). New master has given them the rare oppertunity to rule in NWFP which people of NWFP never gave in the past. So ANP feels greatly obliged and is serving its master’s interests in NWFP.
    And let me tell the members of this blog that once free and fare elections are held in NWFP, people of NWFP will again reject ANp because people of NWFP are generally Islam loving people and they know the history of ANP and its role in the war on terror. Therefore the fate seems to be sealed for NWFP.
    Besides look at the character of its leaders, now leading the most Islam loving province in Pakistan, Bilour family has been owning a cinema in Peshawer that is famous for running X rated movies since long.
    How can they be the representatives of a Province that is rendering the most sacrifices in the US lead war against terror? Only till the time Pakistan keeps following the agenda of west and continue to act as a US puppet. I salute people of Sarhad for their sacrifices in the shape of loss of lives and properties. Mind you if any other province had to go through 1/4th of what people of NWFP have gone through, they would have raised hell in Pakistan.

  82. I don’t want to underestimate the sensivity of this subject but don’t you guys think that this is all hogwash !!

    On the very same day the media was going ga-ga-ga over the issue electricity prices have been raised. It’s these kind of issue’s that are not being debated and handled.

    Zardari and Co. better start delivering now. A common man does not care sh!t about these Zardari sponsored stunts..

    Btw, NWFP should have been renamed long ago but you tell me why do pakhtuns migrate from their province ( Khyber-Pakhtunwa ) in millions ? Cause they are seeking employment. As far as I can see, if this trend continues , Pakhtuns are not terribly interested in living in their ‘Khyber-Pakhtunkhuwa’ untill ANP and Zardari give them a reason.

    It seems to me that ANP is playing for gallary in alliance with Zardari and does not give a hue about the real problems of Pashtuns.

  83. @iqbalsheikh said:
    Breaking News…….. Breaking News…….. Breaking News……..

    Asif Zardari has just RESIGNED and he is going to marry Farzana Raja and they both have left Pakistan for Dubai and will not return. Bilawal Zardari has confirmed the news.

    بلی کو چھیچھڑوں کے خواب اور وہ بھی فسٹ اپریل کو

  84. Congratulation to all Pakhtoon and all Pakistani nation for this great achievements.

    Broadband Network Engineer Rehmat ullah Bangash.

  85. Point of Nawaz Sharrif is proven……… the final draft confirms that NS stand last week was based on logical reasons…
    ……so will our immature media and anchors apologise for their iresponsible behaviour last week.

  86. mya said:

    “ok that drama is over… now what they dummy issues would they bring on top to put behind the real and core issues?”

    @mya, The best comment so far, to the point and the reality check (not to undermine a lot of other intelligent and thought provoking comments and ideas) .

    These incompetent and criminally negligent political jokers will find new issues, like to make “Naswar” the national symbol of Khyber-Pakhtoonkhwa.

    The others will suggest, Hashish, Heroin , Kalashnikov or Kathak Dance.

    They will all argue about it and will come to a conclusion, Naswar is more of the representation of the Paktoons and heroin is the commodity produced in the area. After few years of hard work and political wisdom they will agree with, “Herion Naswari ” as the symbol.

    Then the most mentally “superior” BA 2nd division pass, leader, the next President/ Prime Minster or both in waiting “democratically“, for “his” and only his term or turn, the family Mafia boss, Nawaz Sharif, the tax cheat and money launderer will reject it.

    To show his “internationally renowned” political deal making skills, especially “respected” by the Saudi Royal Mafia and the Clintons, and to show his love of democracy in the family party, after discussing with his, brother, brother in law, son in law, sons and daughters and other close family party mafia members, for present past and the future of Pakistan, he even will do a baby talk with the baby Sharif’s of the family royal dynasty.

    And finally agree with to replace the heroin with Babara Sharif( the other “heroin“), since she represented different people of the province. So the new symbol will call “Barbara Sharif Naswari“.

    They will all dance on the streets and congratulate each other to make the people proud and will start looking at another most pressing issue for the Paktoons, not the daily carnage, terrorism, war, the blood letting of the Paktoons, drone attacks, refuge crises, black water, financial and social disintegration of the proud people of the north, hunger, lack of educational opportunities, roads, infrastructure, creation of viable business opertunites, indutrial setup and so may other human issues.

    This is a sad day in Pakistan that after two years of complete failure of governess by the ANP, MQM, PPPP and PMLN they are celebrating a non issue, which could have been resolved, very low key by a referendum in the next elections.

    “Naswar” (also known as Nass or Niswar) is a type of dipping tobacco, made from fresh tobacco leaves, calcium oxide (chuna), and wood ash. It is consumed in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sweden, and parts of India.

  87. @Bawa

    That was below the belt man… for a minute you made me the king and next minute you said that you were pissing

  88. @yrgillani

    You are so busted today with your multiple ID…no comment by you with bawa reply to you before this one….:) hahahhahahah busted. who ru really and why are you using multiple IDs. …..

  89. state of ummah is under massive earth quake and here we are discussing the name of a province. this certainly is not a good sign, give some free naswar to all khans and this might solve the name issue.. lol

  90. Jatt

    Please do not object to the right of any Pakistani to go and work in any part of the country. This is their RIGHT and you can’t deny them. MQM also says the same that we are the ones who live here and die here so we are the real owners. Rest all are strangers. This is rubbish. By adopting and propagating MQM has sown seeds of hate and division on the bsis of ethnicism which is extremely harmful for Pakistan. This is the agenda of our enemies and therefore many saner people believe that MQM is fed and nourished in the hands of foreign powers who intend using it against Pakistan in their times of trouble.

    This line of thinking on your part tells me that either you are an MQM wala or if you are not than you don’t think as a nationalist Pakistani.

    Last Messenger of Allah said, “Jis nay lasaniyat ke, woh hum me se nahi”. Remember this swear warning from Allah and His Messenger (May Allah’s Peace and Blessings be Upon him, his family and his companions).

  91. This seems to be a good news. However, an historical error should be fixed much more earlier from today. It is a good news for Pakistan as we all are one and we must be united at this difficult time. No matter what province we are from we must stand united against enemy.

  92. Indeed a moment to rejoice for the nation. It’s about the identity of a group of people. This also highlights how differences/conflicts are solved through effective dialogue in a democratic setup. While in dictatorship, it’s more like a one man show. We must continue on these tolerant and peaceful dialogues for conflict resolutions.

  93. Well done…

    Now Pakhtoons will have lower prices… no electricity sortage… no one will racist with them… no drones and ofcourse they will start loving Army too … All their problems are solved now. Food will come to their homes without even moving.

  94. Despite being most corrupt gov in the history of pakistan. credit goes to Zardari led gov for three main achievements within two years, 1) Consensus on NFC award, 2) Gilgit-baltistan empowerement and autonomy law,. 3) Consensus on contitutional reforms. lets not forget to appreciate good things of ppp gov..

  95. No doubt zardari is the most corrupt person in Pakstan, but then my question is who is not…NS, Altaf bhai, Chaudry brotheraans, everyone looted and plundered money during his tenure then why only Zardari is being singled in criticism…All have assets worth billions…how did they manage to make so much money? what are their source of income…Why CJ is persuaing cases against zardari only…

  96. @devav

    dear I am only pointing out the obvious that the number one issue of residents of Khyber-Pakhtunkhuwa is EMPLOYMENT and it seems to me that those who have assumbed the leadership of Pashtuns are not doing any thing to address this problem.

    As far as internal migration is concerned, I don’t have a problem with member of one community moving and settling down in another province for want of better opportunity.

    And buddy you have got me totally wrong on ‘mqm wallah’ -:)

  97. Congratulations to all the nation of Pakistan and specially to the Pakhtoon brothers and all the Ex-Sarhad natives on change of name of the great province of Pakistan as Khyber-Pukhtoonkhwa.

  98. @Z’ ahid

    I think you need some medical attention……I do not understand how did Nawaz Shareef agreed to add the bit of Pukhtoonkhwah with out any agreement with Asfandyar Wali on the construction of Kala Bagh Dam Project.
    And there should be absolutely NO celebrations on this subject because the idea of Pukhtoonkwah or Pukhtoonistan was given by Ghaffar Khan and Wali Khan.
    Only ‘KHYBER’ or ‘ABASEEN” would have been acceptable…….A very sad day for Pakistan, Nawaz Shareef you have really April-Fooled the nation.

  99. Simple Math for Kids

    North West Frontier Province
    Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

    Take out a ruler and measure it. Which one is long??

    Good 🙂

    Next Step…


    Again measure it



    de-facto name for NWFP is

    Frontier Province

    de-facto name for KP will be



    Fronter Province

  100. What a sad day indeed for my brothers and sisters from Hazara. From today we learnt how important it is to have a Right REPRESENTATIVE there in the assembly. We never expected much from them but they will compromise on HONOR and IDENTITY, I simply cannot imagine. People of Hazara have long history fighting against non-harazarewal’s authority over Hazara region and they undoubtedly succeeded. Tanolis were in the forefront. Ghakhar of Khanpur , Kohistani ,Turk,Awan, Gujjar and Abbasi never surrendered to durrani empire. Where is Nawabzada Salahuddin khan and Raja Sikardar zaman khan today? Why they are quite, they know the history. We Tanolis lived independently and freely in Mulk-e-tanawal while rest of NWFP was under British control. How come today we can assimilate, which our forefathers opposed throughout history. I, being a Tanoli will maintain my identity by not letting any new name appear on my documents, I will never cast my vote to those who betrayed their people and “I am from HAZARA province”.

  101. @ yrgillani

    That was below the belt man… for a minute you made me the king and next minute you said that you were pissing

    بھائی جی. موٹے دماغ کا آدمی ہوں. اتنی اشاروں کنایوں کی باتیں میری سمجھ میں کہاں آتی ہیں؟ ذرا کھل کھلا کر بات کر لیا کریں. میں آپکی بات کو نہیں سمجھ سکا. برے مہربانی ذرا کھل کر بتا دیں. بہت شکریہ

  102. Very very sad day for Pakistan or we are made April-fool.
    I can not understand how Nawaz Sharif agreed to add the ‘Pukhtoonkwah’ bit to Khyber. The name should have been only ‘KHYBER’ or ‘ABASEEN’.
    The dream of that bloody ‘Sarhadi Ganhdi’ Ghaffar Khan and his son Wali Khan became true and we all have been really and truly made April-fooled by this Khusra Nawaz Sharif. And he agreed with Asfandyar Wali without any agreement on the construction of Kala Bagh Dam Project.

  103. @tanolikhan
    Second you brother. But dont yourself be let down. Yes, Sooba Hazara is the rebuttle. InshAllah we gonna do it.

  104. Although I like the new name “Khyber” but I think it would have been a lot better Khyber-pukhtoonkhwa-drone.

  105. @Mula Nafs e Zakkiya, You cannot be a Pakistani or a muslim amte. From your comment its evident you came to this world on back door ! you should know what I mean…..
    Pukhtoons are fighting with ‘MUNAFIQEENS’ like you and Insha Allah we will be victorious at the end. Ask you father and Grandfathers who ‘Ahmed Shah Abdali, Mahmood Ghazni and Sher Shah Sori were. Probably they remind you who Pukhtoons are. You scum of the earth learn to comment on such forums in future.

  106. @ whoruwhy

    You are so busted today with your multiple ID…no comment by you with bawa reply to you before this one….:) hahahhahahah busted. who ru really and why are you using multiple IDs. …..

    بھائی جی. گیلانی صاحب کے بارے میں تھوڑا سا مجھے بھی بتا دیجیے. میں خود انکے کومنٹس پڑھکر حیران ہوا ہوں. مجھے یاد نہیں آرہا کہ میری پہلے کبھی ان سے بات ہوئی ہے لیکن انکی باتوں سے لگتا ہے کہ ہماری پرانی جان پہچان ہے. میرے خیال ہے انہوں نے غلطی سے اپنی دوسری آئی ڈی سے کومنٹس دے دئیے ہیں. آپ بہت تیز نظر رکھتے ہیں. آخر چوری پکڑی ہی گئی گیلانی صاحب کی

  107. Mubark to aal pakhtoons …. PPP Govt ne un ko apni identification de di//////….. thanx to Mr President Zardari/////// thanx Mr Gialni… and specailllll thanx Mr Raza Rabbaniiiii

    People of Hazara blocked main Karakuram High way (KKH ) at Fowara Chowk form protesting against Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa and demanded Hazara Province, this rally was presided by Ex-district Nazim Sardar Haider Zaman Chairman Hazara Quami Mahaz, Dr. Azhar Jadoon, Amanullah Khan Ex-Federal Minister Petroleum, MPA Qalandar Lodhi of PML (Q), Waseem Khan Jadoon of PPPP, Mushtaq Ahmed Ghani Ex- MPA of PML (Q) , Nasir Khan Jadoon president All traders. People of entire Hazara demanded Hazara as a independent province.

    People blocked the road from 2:00 pm till now almost four hours even a heavy raining here on Friday..

    Harara comprises five district Abbottabad, Haripur, Mansehra, Battgram and Kohistan..

  109. Mulla Nafs e Zakkiya said: @31 March 2010 at 3:18 pm

    “Pushtoon=Pusht+tun” Persian word for “back enter-er”……

    The word Pushtun is a combination of PUSHT(Back,Persian) and TUN( tun ,Punjabi).You seemingly have enjoyed the literary meaning of the above.

    Thanks alot for all ur love for PUSHTUN and we are always here to help.

  110. @Mulla Nafse Paleed
    >> Pushtoon >> Back enter-er

    Sine you call yourself a Mulla, it means you might have attended a Madrassa, many of them staffed by Pshtoons and one of them might have taught you this practically. I am sorry if it still hurts or wakes you up in the middle of night with flash backs of that decisive moment from your early life as a young boy. This is called post traumatic stress disorder and help is available from a psychiatrist.

  111. The resignation of the Attorney General in my views is a bigger concern then this name. I think all of the parties should boycott Presidential address of the joint assembly and demand the resignation and trial of Babar Awan. It is high time he is sacked.

  112. I am all for Hazara province if there can be Seraiki province in Punjab and ALL Pukhtuns from Balohchistan and Pukhtunkhwa can be united.

  113. Mulla sahib ne apni derh eent ki masjid zaroor banani thi …
    please .. all ma pakhtoon brothers .. just ignore some one like mulla ji … I am a punjabi and i assure you as pakhtoon nation we have respect for you and your feelings…

    @ Wahid Doyum
    there should be new provinces and we can easily do that if we go for provinces on divisional bases in that case Hazara division will be a province and sariki belt will have 2 and that is the solution to the division problem they are facing because one sect over there says that we need saraiki sooba and other says that multan and bahawalpur can not be together and third is saying that there should not be division on ethnic bases .. and i go for all three .. so the solution is divide and make new provinces on the bases of division .. see we need new and smaller federal units to administrate easily … But one important thing .. please it should not be on ethnic bases … please …

    @ scary
    I think its not … NRO is much smaller issue and hype has been created by media … other wise the thing has gone .. hathi guzar gaya hai hum dum ko pakerr k ro rahay hain .. all the important things abt NRO have been dont now its not important what happen next we wanted justice and we had it .. kala qanoon is no more there ….

  114. Mulla sahib ne apni derh eent ki masjid zaroor banani thi …
    please .. all ma pakhtoon brothers .. just ignore some one like mulla ji … I am a punjabi and i assure you as pakhtoon nation we have respect for you and your feelings…

    @ Wahid Doyum
    there should be new provinces and we can easily do that if we go for provinces on divisional bases in that case Hazara division will be a province and sariki belt will have 2 and that is the solution to the division problem they are facing because one sect over there says that we need saraiki sooba and other says that multan and bahawalpur can not be together and third is saying that there should not be division on ethnic bases .. and i go for all three .. so the solution is divide and make new provinces on the bases of division .. see we need new and smaller federal units to @dministrate easily … But one important thing .. please it should not be on ethnic bases … please …

    @ scary
    I think its not … NRO is much smaller issue and hype has been created by media … other wise the thing has gone .. hathi guzar gaya hai hum dum ko pakerr k ro rahay hain .. all the important things abt NRO have been dont now its not important what happen next we wanted justice and we had it .. kala qanoon is no more there ….

  115. @Mujtaba

    I was not talking about NRO. I am talking about one man who is in charge of a law ministry trying to act as a minister above law.

  116. Democratic forces again proved their mettle by cleaning the constitution from dirty dictatorship amendments. PPP led coalition started sending dictator out of Presidential HOME, getting judiciary back, consensus on NFC,Benazir Income support scheme and now constitution 1973 Reform Package,Consensus name “Khyber Pakhtunkhava”. And pray Allah save this nation from military/mulla misadventures.Welldone Democratic Forces!

  117. @ scary said:

    I was not talking about NRO. I am talking about one man who is in charge of a law ministry trying to act as a minister above law.

    YEH TU HAI……..

  118. Pakhtoons are rejoicing the change of the name of their province. And they were blaming Punjab for delaying the change of the name. But I want to ask one question from my Pashtun brothers. Are people living in FATA not Pashtun like you. If yes then why did they refuse to become part of your province. Although you guys took the name of Khyber as your name but Khyber Agency doesnt want to part of Pakthunkhuwa. Why is that?

  119. It was another shameful day in the history of pakistan.There was no justification to rename the name of province on the name of one comunity where other comunities were native while pukhtoons as a matter of fact were immigrants in this area, Anybody if wants calarification he should read the history of pakhtoons and hazarawals, so there were no legal and moral grounds to change the name of this province as pakhtoonkhwa.Look at the mentality of ANP they are saying both Khyber and pakhtoon khawa are the name of this region.While in reality both refers to pashtoon comunity.If i say the new name should be pakhtoonkhawa hazarawal.But still being hazarawal i feel ashamed as this name does nt represent the sariki peoples living in NWFP.
    Unfortunately the real culprit were the politician who did nt protected the rights of other comunities in this region. Especially PMLN .I was strong supporter of PMLN but i am sure now Nawaz Sharif will never come back to Hazara asking to give him vote.PPP already does nt exist in this area.
    Some peoples are saying what matters if the name is changed.I would say if i change the name of Sadaqat Durani to Malik Asif will he nt looose his identity???????????????
    I understand being myself Hazarawal Pakistan comes First.I love Pakistan more than any other thing but i think we have been given a punishment for loving Pakistan.If we have our regional part just like pusthoons being representd by ANP we may have nt seen this day.So now there is only one solution another province comprising Hazara,Kohistan and Chitral.

  120. I think this was a non issue…. the big issue is survival of Pakistan…. Will renaming change the facts??? I wish the hype was created iff we were going to change the history…. but what we have to discuss by the bigwigs and thinking its a big achievement another non issue is that to remove Zia’s name from the history… will it change the fact that he made Altaf Hussain??? Its time to think about the real big issues like water.

    A recent report of “Pakistan Water Council” states that India will complete 40 dams on River Jhelum & Chenab, out of which 4 large dams and 16 small ones have become operational.

    India is building world’s 3rd largest dam “Kargil” on River Sindh. Also, a water tunnel (Karez) that is now working & taking 45% of river Sindh. India has completed the ever-disputed Baglihar dam of River Chenab and it is functional. If estimates prove us correct, Pakistan would be without water by 2015.

    We and our Government are sleeping. For those who believe we are our own enemies and not foreign forces, we give them a shout out to stand up and get to work. Play your role and save our country. Create awareness for our survival

  121. Pakistan ki liya ek he rasta ha khoshali hasil karne ka.


    Logon ko taleem do.

    Her panch se pandra saal ka batcha school jaye/

    Ilam hasil kare

    Taleem se he gurbat door ki ja sakti hai.

    I hope people in Pakistan will now make a right start.


  122. یبٹ آباد: سرحد کا نام خیبر پختون خوا رکھنے کیخلاف احتجاج جاری

    Updated at 0800 PST

    ایبٹ آباد … ایبٹ آباد میں صوبہ سرحد کا نام خیبر پختون خوا رکھنے کے خلاف ہزارہ برادری کی جانب سے چوتھے روز بھی احتجاج جاری رہا۔جبکہایبٹ آبادسمیتہزارہ کے مختلف علاقوں میں ہڑتال اورمظاہرے کیے جائیں گے۔تفصیلات کے مطابق گزشتہ روزاحتجاجی جلوس تحریک صوبہ ہزارہ کے سربراہ اورسابق ضلع ناظم سردار حیدر زمان کی قیادت میں نکالا گیا۔شرکاء نے پختون خوا کے خلاف شدیدنعرے بازی بھی کی۔ جلوس کے شرکانے بینرزاٹھا رکھے تھے جن پرصوبہ سرحدکانام خیبرپختون خوا نامنظور اورصوبہ ہزارہ بناؤ کے نعرے درج تھے۔مظاہرین سے خطاب کرتے ہوئے سردار حیدر زمان اور دیگر مقررین نے کہا کہ ان کی تحریک ہزارہ کو الگ صوبے کا درجہ دینے تک جاری رہے گی۔احتجاج کے سلسلے میں آج ایبٹ آباد اور ہزارہ کے مختلف علاقوں میں ہڑتال اورمظاہرے کیے جائیں گے۔

    اور تھوڑے مسائل ہیں جو اب نام کے اوپر لڑائی کریں گے ایک ہی ھل ہے ہزارہ کو بھی گلگت بلتستان کی طرح صوبہ بنا دیا جائے اسی طرح سندھ کے بھی دو، بلوچستان کے بھی دو اور پنجاب کے چار صوبے بنا دیے جاییں ورنہ ایسے ہی ہنگامے اور لسانی جھگڑے شروع ہو جاییں گے

  123. Nafraton ke sudagar akhir apnay karobar main kamyab ho hi gay :(.

    So the ANP has got what it wanted………………….

    1. Building up racial-tempo among their followers.
    This could be done by nothing but fueling passion of racial hegemony in the name of provincial autonomy, and this is taking place by repeated celebrations outlining racial victories.

    2. Punishing people of hazra
    ANP always wished to and tried to punish people of Hazara for voting in the favor of Pakistan in 1946.

    I am absolutely grieved to see the role of main stream media and politicians on this issue. People like salim safi and hamid meer totally ignored what this new name can bring about in NWFP.

    The demand for suba-hazara is definitely going to gain strength by this issue, along with protests and strikes.

    The worst thing, not even a councilor could win election in the name of Hazara Qaumi Mahaz since the inception of Pakistan. But now, there is no guarentee of such a situation meaning more and more division in the name of racism and less and less control of federation oriented parties.

    I believe this new name is nothing but “Panga-KhahMakhah”.

  124. iqbaladnan brother dont worry nothing will happen, relax
    you know for hazara province they have to wait for more 63 years, may be more

  125. Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “He is not one of us who calls for asabiyyah, (tribalism/nationalism) or who fights for asabiyyah, or who dies for asabiyyah.” [Abu Dawud]

  126. کیا نواز شریف نے ہزارہ صوبہ کی حمایت کا اعلان کر دیا ہے؟

    الگ صوبہ مانگنے سے آسمان نہیں گرے گا: نواز شریف

    خیبر پختونخوا کے نام پر رائے شماری کی گئی تو مسلم لیگ (ن) کے سردار مہتاب عباسی، کیپٹن (ر) صفدر‘ مرتضی جاوید عباسی‘ سردار مشتاق اور صاحبزادہ فضل کریم ایوان سے اٹھ کر چلے گئے۔ بعدازاں مسلم لیگ (ن) کے رکن قومی اسمبلی سردار مہتاب احمد خان‘ مرتضٰی جاوید عباسی‘ سردار مشتاق اور کیپٹن (ر) محمد صفدر نے کہا کہ سرحد کا نام خیبر پختوا خوا رکھنے کے خلاف ہزارہ کے عوام کے جذبات کو پیش نظر رکھتے ہوئے انہوں نے نہ صرف اس ترمیم کے خلاف ووٹ دیا بلکہ ایوان سے بطور احتجاج واک ائٓوٹ کیا۔ وہ ہزارہ تحریک کا بھر پور ساتھ دیںگے اس سلسلے میں پارٹی کے قائد محمد نوازشریف کو آگاہ کر دیا ہے۔ میاں نوازشریف نے بھی اس صورت حال پر تشویش کا اظہار کیا ہے جہاں تک ہزارہ کا الگ صوبہ بنانے کا تعلق ہے اگر لسانی بنیادوں پر صوبے بنائے جاتے رہے تو اس میں شاید ہزارہ کو الگ صوبہ بنانے کی حمایت کرنا پڑے گی علیحدہ صوبہ کی تحریک کو زیادہ دیر تک نہیں روکا جا سکتا

  127. First of all Congratulation to all those who love Pukhtoonkhwa and big shame for those who want to live with NO NAME and NO IDENTITY

    We, Pukhtoon can now proudly present the name “Pukhtoonkhwa” as our global identity. This is truly one of the biggest achievement of ANP leadership. They did what they promissed.

    We must understand that PK is now part of the Constitution and we are constitutionaly obliged not only to ACCEPT but to RESPECT the name Pukhtoonkhwa. Unfortunately, less then 10% of PK population (Hazarrawal) are opposing the name which I believe doesn’t make any sense for an ordinary person as it is now a legal identity of every person who lives in the jurisdiction of PK. Opposing PK now is moraly, constitutionaly and democratically wrong. How come a minority impose their will on majority? What if the majority stand for to defend the name of PK? ( which I believe is their legal right )

    People of Hazarra should understand the one and only simple rule of democracy;


    They should try to know their leaders who voted several time in favor of Pukhtoonkhwa in provincial assembly but now opposing it for no reason. Their so-called leaders just making them fool and creating hate among pukhtoons and hazarrawal.


    Nadir Khan – Canada

  128. hazara Terrorist element should be arrested because they are aganist Democracy , they are tring to be hurdle in the formation of Democracy .

    They have to accept the decision of Majority , and they have to live with that , or they can pass a bill in assembly , but if they are tring to block roads or try to destroy Democracy then they should be procecuted.

  129. @ AZIPastoon

    I think it is totally pointless and baise to call hazara people as terrorist. While pushtoon were killing pushtons , Hazara was the only peacefull place in whole NWFP. If you taking about the Majority than dont Ignore the fact that ANP is working as HIRED GUN for war againt terror. As soon as their job is done they will be shown the true n bitter reality of their popularity.

    Reasonable access to Peshwar the provincial capital from Hazara is through Punjab (Attock). Terbella Ghazi road is worse than the road and have limited access due to bad law and order situation.

    Below are some of the Facts for the HAZARA Province.

    Hazara is one of most educated reagion in Pakistan, with unlimited natural resources. Terbella Dam, Khanpur Dam, Minrals and forests. People of hazara have always been deprived of their equal rights under Pushtoon dominated burucracy in Peshawar. Despite generating unlimited resources for the province, very little is spend on the people. 12 feet wide road is only medium of access to the reagion while Peshwar moterway was diverted through Pustoon belt for the benefit of Hoti n Balur families. Hazara have only one govt. University which was opened just 3 years back. Administration is mostly Pustoon n non-local.

    If Pushtoons want PushtonKhowa as their name of province we have equal right to struggle for our province.

    Fact is Hazara is contributing more than 65% of the NWFP resources and ANP will now have to decide either keep the name or divide the Province.

  130. @ Nadir Khan

    So called 10% Hazaraywal are generating enough revenue for the NWFP Province that ANP is capitalizing all their politics on Electricity raility. How we can think ANP as progressive party when they oppose Kalabag Dam as that will cost them their land and Great People of Hazara have sectified their Lands, graves of their elders not one but two dams, Terbella and Khanpur.

    ANP is totally exposed to the people of Hazara as racist party. We are happy if they got their Identity, But we want our Identity. How come a party who opposed Pakistan is demanding something and the people who have sacrified in 1946 are still living like hostage to the Pushtoon administration. If Majarity is Authority than what % of Pakistan Population are Pushtoons? Pl. dont Impuse any alian culture and language on people of Hazara.

    I would say again, If ANP want to keep province togather share the Identity or share resources.

  131. If we believe in DEMOCRACY then we must respect the decisions made by the majority.

    The truth is that many ANP leaders and workers have lost their lives in the war against terror. More then 300 ANP leaders and workers have made supreme sacrifices and we should admit their herioc efforts against terrorism. I salute to all those who lost their lives for a great nobel cause.

    Can any other party claim such sacrifices?
    Does anyone from hazarra (especially those leaders who are now creating and spreading hate in the name of Pukhtoonkhwa) have the courage to speak out against terrorist like ANP did?

    One thing for sure I know that Pukhtoon never ever believe in RACISM but the so-called leaders from hazarra strongly believe in RACISM. They are only creating hate among people.

    My request to hazarra people! Everyone know the end of your story. Don’t waste your precious time and let’s live with peace and hormony in our motherland PUKHTOONKHWA.

  132. @shaan

    I can’t blame you as you have lack of information about the subject matter. You are just mixing so many things at one time and this always happen to those who has little or no knowledge about the subjetc. I wouldn’t wasted my time responding to your non-sense questions but to keep you on track, please read;

    1. Small provinces Sindh, Baluchistan, and Pukhtoonkhwa never get control over their resources. If we got full control over all resources, we would have been way better then what we are today. The Power royalty is never paid to our province, Federal and Punjab is benefiting from it. Do you know why WAPDA house is in Punjab? Just to keep full control over the royalty, jobs and other related benefits. Are you able to tell me how many hazarrawal are employed in WAPDA house? So the royalty generating from Tarbela dam is benefiting someone else not the people of Pukhtoonkhwa. This is not fair to blame ANP for Tarbela dam.

    2. ANP and people of Pukhtoonkhwa reserve the right not to allow anyone who intend to destroy their graves, homes, and lands just for one dam. Not only ANP but all three provines strongly rejected and opposed Kalabagh dam. They have passed several resolutions against the dam. So 3 out of 4 provinces are opposing the BLACK DAM. You shouldn’t be confused if you understand a simple math. They have 1000 reasons to reject kalabagh dam. This issue is no more issue so don’t waste your time thinking about it.

    3. You live in an area within the jurisdiction of Pukhtoonkhwa that called Hazarra which is your identity as Hazarrawal and ANP/Pukhtoon never ever opposed it as you are in majority there and have the right to chose an identity. Now within the jurisdiction of Pakistan if we (Pukhtoon) got an identity on the basis of majority, how come you oppose it? I don’t know why people of hazarra feeling cramps in their tummies? What’s wrong in a name? It’s just our identity and no one have the right to challenege our identity as it’s part of Pakistan constitution.

    Dear friend, you need to fully understand your local leaders who are just misleading the people of hazarra on this matter. Who are they? Most of them had supported the name Pukhtoonkhwa in the provincial assembly. But now when they are out of the politics they just need a way to get in to the politics. From Haider Zaman to Gohar Ayub they all have lost their seats and politics. They wanted an issue to get back to the politics. Try to understand their DIRTY POLITICS.

  133. why two three village distirict want a province , they should become a city first ..

    hazara .. village is tring to province ..wat a joke

  134. @ Nadir Khan,

    You only know the Peshawar end of Story. I can blame you for limited knowledge but I will not, as thats what a HAZARAYWAL do. We are open minded people. we had scarified for Pakistan in 1946 and We have been sacrificing till date.

    Hazara people opposed Terbella and Khanpur as these dams have taken 70% of the Hazaras’ fertile land. But Peshawar have never safe guarded the interest of People of Hazara. They have failed us again and again.

    If WAPDA house us in Pubjab who is to blame for that, Corrupt leadership of NWFP or Punjab. ANP and their mind set in provincial assembly have compromised the interest of People Hazara for their own interest. How and WHY should we trust such a racist mind set who is not willing to accommodate other culture in provincial names even. we are happy you people got what you want, we want our Province.

    bottom line, Change the racist name or divide the province we will sort our own problems.

    btw: its matter of days Insha’Allah when people under the red caps will understand this is not PML Q or PML N demand but the demand of people of hazara.

  135. @shaan

    Do you know who built Tarbela dam? It was your grandfather “Ayub Khan” the father of your so-called leader Gohar Ayub, who started work on it in 1968 and it was completed in 1974. Now tell me if Tarbela is a great disaster for hazarra people then who should you blame? Your own grandpa buddy. I told you earlier to read history before jump to the discussion and conclusion.

    How dare you blame pukhtoon or ANP for hazarra right. How many members of ANP elected from hazarra You people always voted for PML N (Mehtab Abbassi, Sabir Shah, G Ayub etc) Or PML Q. The premier were Chief Ministers and you must have the courage to ask them what they did for hazarra. Just blaming others is a sick mind thinking – like you.

    Let me tell you one thing and remember my words! PML Q just want to fool you and get some vote in next election that’s why they are politicising this matter. PML N has big vote bank in Hazarra and in the presence of PML N, no one vote for Q. After getting their so-called interests they will let you go. Don’t dream to re-name Pukhtoonkhwa. Your dream of a seperate province is a just a dream of SHEIKH CHELI. You can always live with it but can never ever get it. Everyone know what exactly the game is, only you racist and stuppid hazarrawal don’t.

  136. @nadirkhan

    you called hazarewal “stupid”, i wish u could say that on my face. very simple to understand why hazarewal are agitated my friend. its a matter of identity which no one compromise on . you are right about poor representation of us . we have realized that. Next time u won’t see those morons in any assembly.
    Your claim of knowing the history is right to some extent but is useless coz the current problem is abt economical degradation, high unemployment and identity. Hazara is the biggest contributor to provisional Budget, I don’t think u know this. But still economical segregation is ignored or cooperated simply coz of big heart we carry.
    Now I will re-use the word STUPID here, not for hazarewal obliviously but for the leadership of ANP who has cut off their income for themselves and for their people. In short, As long as there is KP there is Hazara no matter who leads us, there will always be a question of identity.

  137. @nadirkhan

    you called hazarewal “stupid”, i wish u could say that on my face. very simple to understand why hazarewal are agitated my friend. its a matter of identity which no one compromise on . you are right about poor representation of us . we have realized that. Next time u won’t see those morons in any assembly.
    Your claim of knowing the history is right to some extent but is useless coz the current problem is abt economical degradation, high unemployment and identity. Hazara is the biggest contributor to provisional Budget, I don’t think u know this. But still economical segregation is ignored or cooperated simply coz of big heart we carry.
    Now I will re-use the word STUPID here, not for hazarewal obliviously but for the leadership of ANP who has cut off their income for themselves and for their people. In short, As long as there is KP there is Hazara no matter who leads us, there will always be a question of identity.

  138. Dear Hazara District Brothers

    Look and think about whats going on in Hazara district. stormy protests, names and effigies were burned, and the decision of majority political parties and national assembly has been denied by you just because it is a name issue.

    For so many years we have been struggling for this name as our identity but we were told by antipushtoon forces that name is not important and it cannot change the fate of pushtoon.

    Hazara is just a division and look at the anger and wrath of the people because of the name issue. Think of the majority pushtoon based divisions, you cannot see any kind of hate or anger for antipushtoon forces for their recent protests against our beloved and brave name.

    Every Pakistani has the right to choose what is good for him/her.

    If Hazara people wants a separate province, i will support them because it is their democratic right.

    But being a pushtoon, then I have reservaions on my national language URDU, because it got similarities with Punjabi and Hindku only. There is no reflection of Pashtu and Balchi at all in our language. Everyone has seen that Pushtoon cannot speak Urdu perfectly but punjabi and hindki can speak it very well.

    My writting is not about hate and love but facts.

    Need realisitic comments?

  139. @tanoli

    What should I called those who admitted they have been electing wrong people since 1947?
    Let’s talk about IDENTITY now. You just wrongfullystarted and we have been demanding identity for centuries. Our provincial assembly has passed 3 resolution in favor of Pukhtoonkhwa and interestingly your leaders from hazarra not only supported each resolution but voted for it . If they were wrong then why you are electing them? I don’t remeber any single person from hazarra who opposed the name at that time. Do you believe in democracy? If yes, then you should accept and respect the decision of 296 MNA’s who voted and supported the name Pukhtoonkhwa. Trust me, if the same number MNA’s voted in favor of Hazarra as seperate province, I will gladly accept and repect it.

    If you want a seperate province where these MORONS can rule you then do it in a decent way. Attacking and burning police stations, damaging public/govt properties, blaming and abusing others would not help achieve your goal but will take you too far from what you are demanding. It’s not gonna happening the way you are demanding. Every Pakistani know that you are playing in the hands of PML Q and some other defeated elements who are misleading you.

    Well, now tell me what are you contributing to the provincial economy? Name it and I will respond. As far I know hazarra has contributed more then dozen blackmailer Chief Ministers and hundreds of ministers so far including those who are now misleading you. Wish you all the best.

  140. @ nadir
    What is ur nationality and which party did you cast ur vote in 2008, if it is not ANP, why? Then I will answer you what you can call those people who elect wrong representatives.

    You said Hazara movement wrongfullystarted coz KP amendment has history or record. What are you suggesting me that we should also follow the same way? Do you think that it’s those three resolutions that earned you KP name? Your points really contradict my friend, one hand you name KP as an outcome of democratic practices and on the other hand you claim to know the history. Give me an example with concrete proof of any change brought up by any resolution in history of Pakistan where there is no ethnic or self-interest factor involved in it?

    I guess u know what KP means, land of pukhtoons. Hazarewals, siriaki people of DIK and chitralies are not pukhtoons. Even the land never been occupied by pushtoons. It’s really funny calling it khamakha when it is not even called throughout history. And we cannot wait for years or think about democratic methods to fight this battle.

    You ask about Hazara’s contribution as if you don’t know anything. But You have admitted by saying that we only produce Blackmailers. That proves something otherwise leaders from minority either cannot blackmail majority or produce chief ministers.

  141. @ nadir,

    we are sick of racist pushtoon logic. You guys are hapy with pushton khowa or what ever be with it. We want separate Province. Lets see how much gutts your red capped fools have.

    You guys are hired to kill pushtoon on name of war against terror. asfandyar went to US to open his account to get paid for killing his own ppl. SHAME on ANP for killing innocent Hazarawals. He is fooling Pshtoon to high light this issue n hiding what he is doing to pushtoons

    MIND IT, now its not protest of any party but people of Land. Accept new province or face criticism.

  142. dear sisters and brothers… i am sorry in advance if it hurts the feelings of anyone but i think the history has proved that religion and ethnicity have always been used for political gains and oppression. at least in 21 century we should get out of this trap and not let our so called leaders make us fight in the name of religion and ethnicity for their political gains… we are still suffering from the religious identity imposed upon us in 1947 in the name of two nation theory and now they want to trap us again in the name of ethnicity…. why cant we be just humans or just PAKISTANIS…

    for NWFP we have better names than ethnic (pakhtoonkhwa or afghania) and religious (khyber or bab al islam) ones. for example GHANDHARA can be the best alternative representing the history of the region and well known all over the world… even the name ”sarhad” would be perfectly fine. but the problem is that ethnic and religious groups need constant appraisal of controversial issues to keep their authority established among the illiterate people otherwise they will die out. look at the sectarian groups, they always raise some issue to keep illiterate people gathered around them. same is the case with ethnic groups. this is the reason that these two kind of groups never want people to be educated.

    so let us struggle positively for better ethics and education in pakistan instead of fighting each other to establish the authority of some exploiters. at the end lets pray for the victims of today’s clashes…

  143. I think the PML is playing with the people of Pakhtoonkhwa.
    Its time for the HAZARA people to go for Referendum

    Choice A: Pakhtoonkhwa
    CHoice B: Punjab.

    I think Punjab is more suitable for Hazara people.

    God Bless us All.

  144. The tribes in Hazara are

    Karlal, Jadoon, Gujjar, Awan, sheikh, Turk, Durrani, Tanoli, Dhund Abbasi, Syed,Swati, Kashmiri, Qureshi, Gakhar, Tareen, Mughal, Mashwani, Tahirkheli, Dilazak(Sub cast in Jadoons, Panni, Bib, Sarrara, Sulemani.

    Ghilzai and Durrani tribes, and come other smaller groups are found throughout the Division. There is a smallpresence of Tajiks, Uzbeks (Mazar-e-Sharif Restaurant) and Hazara in the area.

    Pay attention to the last sentence please……

  145. @tanoli & asad

    Thanks tanoli for admitting that you have always voted for blackmailers. Now pay the price and don’t blame ANP and pukhtoons.

    We believe in democracy and never attacked public properties, police stations or burned vehicles to get our identity. We used the proper democratic forums to get our identity and you should be thankful to ANP who struggled to give you a global identity. Pukhtoonkhwa is now the identity of every one who live in its jurisdiction including you.

    I thought hazarrawal are educated both morally and democratically and they will use decent democratic methods to get what they want. But I was wrong as they have proved themselves as NO BRAINERS. Your so-called leaders espcially PML Q are doing dirty politics on dead bodies and they are misleading you. They want to create and spread hate among hazarrawal and pukhtoons. You need to understand it my friend. There are 8 divisions in our province and only people of hazarra division is unhappy with the name. The rest of the province has whole heartedly accepted the name. As we believe in democracy so do we believe in different opinions as well. You have democratic rights to chose what best describe you but the method you have selected is taking you no where. Try to understand me. If the government allow people to decide their rights on streets like the way you are doing then beleive me there will be no more Pakistan. So try to use your brain.

    Asad, you have challenged the red caps people for nothing. Why you forget that it’s not a fight between you and me. But if you insist on fighting with us then remember YOU WILL BE THE LOSER. We have already defeated your racist minds in NA in a decent way and if it come to the streets then we also know how to fight, ultimately you will be the loser there too. ANP and pukhtoons together sacrificed in the war of terror and hundreds of ANP leaders/workers and thousands of pukhtoons have lost their lives in this war. Does any of hazarawal leader has the courage to speak against the terrorist? Or they will have to live just with fear of terrorist?

    I want to remind you once again! Try to be a civilized citizens of Pakistan and stop racism. No one is opposing the name accept you racist hazarawal.

    Struggle in a well-mannered way otherwise bite your tongue!

  146. If our nationality as Pakistani is not enough for some of us, then it is absurd to force people to accept only four sub-nationalities. When we try to project our ethnic and linguistic sub-nationality, then people with even minor difference will try to differentiate themselves and promote their own ethnicity or language. There is no end to this.

    We can make it a successful country only if we are Pakistanis first before anything else. If we insist on being punjabi or sindhi or baluch or pakhtun before being Pakistani, then lets go our own separate ways and make our own little Bhutans/afghanistans dependent on foreign countries for their existence.

  147. @ Dr. Dilawar,

    Kindly correct that Hazaras’ of Afghanistan are different than the Hazara of Pakistan. We have no ethinic similarity except name. I have seen your same link on 2 different post which is totally wrong.

    @ nadir khan n others

    No other excuses . ANP started this we will end. We are happy for if You wana live in PK r what ever. We want separate province. We cant give our resources to the racist ANP regime.

    HAZARA province is the only solution. We dont accept any other option. and mind it, Im sayin again. If you dont accept come to the streets of Hazara. THIS IS MOVEMENT of PEOPLE of HAZARA, not of any political party. we will not let any one hijack this. you should expand your knowledge behond the TV talk shows.

  148. @shaan

    Welcome back! I thought you were among the 7 people who just lost their lives for nothing.

    We will be more then happy if you get a separate province and would prefer not to live any more with racist leaders and people of hazarra. What if the different ethnic groups living in hazarra including pukhtoon demand their identity and own province? Would you give them a separte province and identity?

    What if Seraiki people in punjab, pushtoon in baluchistan and MQM in sindh demand their own provinces?

  149. @nadirkhan

    That is the real mentality of ANP. Those peoples who died in hazara were murdered by Pakhtoons police a delibrate attempt by ANP to press the Hazara Province movement. And let me tell you this is the Hazara which has the NWFP biggest industrial estate,right from Haripur upto chitral its a land of tourism. Almost one third of country electricty is provided by Hazara.Two big Dams Tarbela and Khan pur lies in Hazara.With such a huge resources ANP has greedy eyes as they have nothing in their area except Drugs ,War and racism.why not ANP piggy Government give the royalties of electricty ,and other resources, to Hazara division. Is it nt joke i work and you get my pay sitting in your home.

  150. @nadir

    You are nothing but a blindfooled by the racist policy of ANP. You call me racist r u out of ur mind, ur ANP has nothing but a history full of exhibiting racist actions. Who went to india to celeberate 100 years of congress and represent its people there? Who stood at attock bridge and fired 300 bullets to Punjab site? Listen to your big-nose ugly asfanyar wali on youtube talking about history of Pakistan the way he is not part of it. Who has taught u to call even Sindhi punjabaye. Rest of Pakistan is only punjabaye for you? Who has created those racist thinking in ur mind that if a bus goes to Lahore with a guy sitting in it white, wearing clean cloths must be pathan and the bus coming from Lahore with a black guy sitting in it, wearing dirty cloths is a punjabaye. Quide wanted the division between hindu and muslim and ur pakhtoon khidmatgar wanted a pukhtoon and non pukhtoon division. Its just few examples in history I quoted otherwise if I talk of present ANP it has taken a step further and entered their dirty racist thoughts in every pukhtoon’ mind which did not exist 30 years ago.

    Talking about coming on streets face to face, we hazarewal don’t demonstrate our nationalism as Tanolis, turks, ghakhar and others, bcoz we know what superior race we belong too. But if u really want to be slave and ruled by tamurids(Tanolis) turks and Ghakhars for another 100 of years u are welcome.

  151. @ Nadir Khan and all those still confused with division of Provinces.

    My Solution is make at least 10 Provinces. There is no harm is dividing problems and solutions locally. De-centralization is always for better.

    Im not racist n dont believe on CAST or tribes these are of course for Identification only, but safeguarding local interest is very much natural. I would say Federal beurocracy is dominated by people from punjab ( because of their population and literary rate) dont want de-centralize the power and if you see this within province each province have same problem. Northran pubjab n lower Punjab, Pushton belt n Hazarawal, Urban n rural sindh.

    Why not give the right to the people of the land their resources and en-power them to solve their problems.

    But Some racist and red capped clowns think this as conspiracy If they have right on their identity why not us. If they want their name why not us.

    @ all those still confused on Hazara situation.

    This is not a naming issue, its call for de-centralization n separate province.

  152. @tanoli, safeer, shaan and all racist hazarawal,

    Well, you all come with a sick mind and non-sense thoughts. You are fooled by one TANGHA party PML Q and now you are paying the price.

    @safeer, Every 2nd day innocent pukhtoon including women, children, young and old are dying b/cos of terrorist attacks and no one from your racist hazara ever condemned or opposed the attacks and terrorists. Now when 7 people died b/cose of bloody Q league who fooled and brought you people on street, you want pukhtoons and ANP to opologise for it.

    @tanoli, I don’t want to waste my time responding to your non-sense thoughts and your comments about asfandyar and pukhtoons shows nothing but your sick mind.

    @shaan, I stated if you want a separate state, do it in a proper way. We are not opposing you like you are doing as we don’t carry sick mind and racist hearts.

  153. @nadirkhan
    I really feel sorry for you as you have no idea of any ground facts do nt get emotional try to answer with reasonable arguments.Ok now come to your complains.
    I have some questions for you?
    Who are Talibans?
    Who they are killing ?
    Who is ruling NWFP?
    Who allowed armed operation in tribal agencies?
    Ok now tell me one thing who we should condemned?
    The taliban Pakhtoons killing the local Pakhtoon brothers.
    But let me tell you when swat population was displaced large number of population migrated to Hazara. We closed our schools accommodated our displaced brothers and sisters ,tried to provide all basic facalities from our homes.And this happened in my village as well lying in the centre of Hazara.This was our duty as a Muslim and as a Pakistani.I do nt want to mention but you compelled me to tell you that we do nt play with words but we do act.And there is no more any Pakistani sadden than Hazarawals when innocent muslim brothers are killed in any part of the world either they are pakhtoons punjabis balochies or in Palistine.If you do nt allow anybody to ruin your land for their purpose(KALA BAGH DAM)then why you are trying to grab the resources of other peoples.Islams is a religion of peace and justice.ANP lacks both these qualities.

  154. @safeer

    I can understand your frustration my friend. But please don’t mix many things as it will make you more confuse and frustrated. I believe a grade 6 student is able to answer your questions as these matter are no longer secret. So I will suggest not to waste your time on these matters. However, I am open to answer any of your questions if you still insist.

    Come to the topic. Read all my previous comments about the name issue and try to understand the dirty politics of so-called PML Q and some other hazarra leaders. They are doing politics on dead bodies and trust me they arn’t sincere with hazara people. You will see when they pass KP from senate as well. They just want to mislead you. Look at 90 years old baba haider zaman who now asking people to cool down. At this age he should do ALLAH ALLAH but he exploited people to create hate. I thought hazara people are politically more educated as compare to the rest of KP but I was wrong as they totally failed to understand the dirty and bloody politics of some so-called politicians.

    These so-called leaders are now begging people to end protest. WHY? Did they achieved what they started?

  155. @nadir khan
    All these Hazarawals are confused, let me explain you why, when they come to Punjab they call them selves Punjabis, when they enter to Pakhtunkhwa they call themselves Pashtoons, so they are confsued, because they don’t have any identity, if they look back to history, they were pushed by Pashtoons from current Pakhtunkhwa to current Hazara.

    Now coming towards there objection on name, there cities are named after Sikh and British Generals, Like Hari pur from Hari Singh, Mansehra from Maansik singh, and Abbot Abad from Major Abbot, Hazarawalas might correct me please.

    I ask them a simple question, why don’t they condemn those names? They have dual standard, like I mentioned before, these people are confused and I feel sorry for them.

    I want them to be separated from Pakhtunkhwa/Afghania, and given identity, and see what they can do for themselves, trust me they won’t be able to stand on their feet for more then a year. They will be fighting each other, there history is witness that they have never been sincere, they keep on changing there loyalties.

    Long Live Pakistan Long Live Pashtuns/Afghans Long Live Panjabis, Long Live Sindhis, Long Live Balochies.

  156. @Aftab

    “when they come to Punjab they call them selves Punjabis, when they enter to Pakhtunkhwa they call themselves Pashtoons,”

    Here you said it. Actually it is like this. The pakhtoons (like you) do not accept hazra people as real part of NWFP and openly use the word “TOL PUNJABIAN DE” (yeh to saray punjabi hain).

    So if you do not accept us as equivalent citizens of NWFP, how come you expect us to be part of it. All readers, please note that this is the kind of behavior that has forced people of Hazara to go to such extreme.

    Regarding names of Haripur, Abbotabad, Mansehra, I have already answered it. If you are interested, i can repeat that.

    Pakistan Zindabad,
    Islam Paindabad.

    Kullo Shein Yafna An-Qareeb, Wal Yabqa Wajhu Rbbka Zuljale Wal Ikram .

  157. @iqbaladnan

    Sorry Adnan if that hurt you, I was referring to your leaders like Gohar Auyb Khan, and others, I should have mentioned that.

    And yes I have never seen such incident, people calling you “TOL PUNJABIAN DE” . I have many friends from Hazara, I never had any problem with them.

    And if you read above, I am in favor of Hazara province, that way you won’t be confused and get your identity am I wrong here ?

    Long Live Pakistan

  158. A sad incident! Intolerance in our society is mounting by every passing moment, we have no threshold level and a little incident will spark a verbal and physical assault, we see this on our roads, university and even restaurants. If we can put a tab on our rage at an individual level it can result in incremental decline in such incidents of violence

  159. Dear Readers!


    If we agree that demanding a separate province is the right of people of hazara then;





    Are we able to handle all these demands? Please comment!

  160. Another Great News for Pukhtoonkhwa Lovers!


    Congratulation to NA and Senate members, ANP and all those who supported the name and offcourse big SHAME on those who did a so-called dirty politics on the dead bodies of our hazarawal brothers.

    shaan, tanoli,safeer etc etc where are you guys. I told you these so-called leaders of Q and hazara just want to mislead you. They aren’t sincere with you people. Check my past comments it is still there.

    Now I request my hazarawal brothers! Lets join hands to bring peace and prosperity in our motherland Pukhtoonkhwa.

    Thanks and sorry for what happened with you people.



    وطنے مادر ے شرینا زلمو واڑہ وئی
    واڑہ وئی لاسونا را واڑہ وئی

    پشتونوں، ھاندیکوں، ھزارہ زلمو واڑہ وئی
    واڑہ وئی لاسونا را واڑہ وئی

    واڑہ وئی لاسونا را واڑہ وئی
    واڑہ وئی لاسونا را واڑہ وئی

  162. To my Brethren in Faith
    We, the Muslims, have been commanded by our Holy Prophet (S.A.W.S) not to be divided in groups. History shows that whenever there was unity in any nation they were invincible until they got divided into groups. The unity of Muslims is a glorious example in this regard. Today, the Muslims are paralyzed through sectarianism, regionalism, lingualism etc. by some selfish people, leaders and scholars for their own interests into many sectarian, regional, political and lingual groups. Our downfall starts from here. This has destroyed our mutual love, peace, prosperity, brotherhood and unity.

    We should remember that there are only two groups in this world. One is the follower of the Right Path (Sirat e Mustaqeem) and the supporter of Truth and the other is the follower of Satan and supporter of False and Evil. But less-fortunately, we have divided ourselves into many sectarian, regional, political and lingual groups. We have never consulted Islamic teachings in this regard. Islam opposes grouping severely and warns those who create divisions among the Muslims. Our Holy Prophet (S.A.W.S) has clearly said, “That person is not among us who invites towards grouping, that person is not among us who fights for grouping and favoritism, that person is not among us who dies in the state of grouping” (Abu Daud). In an other Hadith our Holy Prophet (S.A.W.S) said, “A person who, under a Hurry -Scurry flag in thrill of support for grouping or for invitation to grouping or fights in the support of grouping and is killed, then his death will be the death of ignorance (Jahiliyat)” (Muslim), (Nisai- vol-2, Page 175). Hazrat Jabir Bin Abdullah said that once we were on an expedition when a Muhajir said something to an Ansari and that Ansari called out “O Ansaris!” and the Mahajir called out “O Mahajirs!”. When Mohammad (S.A.W.S) heard this he said, “Leave these slogans of grouping, it is contaminate (Najas)” (Sahih Bukhary). All these show how much grouping is forbidden on us.

    Therefore, I request my common brethren in faith, the religious scholars and all the members and leaders of nationality based and other political parties to stop dividing the Muslims into different groups which has already lead the Muslim Ummah to disharmony, disturbance, hatred, division and destruction. All of us should work for mutual love, peace, prosperity, brotherhood and unity. May the Creator make us Happy (in both the Worlds), Prosperous, Peaceful and United. Ameen

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