4 thoughts on “Hum Sab Umeed Say Hain – 1 May 2010

  1. Its not working at all………………… so let me cry…………
    I just want to know when ever I get time to watch TV shows
    I always saw everybody debater or Anker wearing a very nice suit in a very hot weather
    Debating about load shedding I just want to know are they doing shows in Europe or Canada if they are in Pakistan why they do not save there electricity or have a debate without using A/C units…..24hours TVs working and crying for the poor nation sitting in a a/c rooms if its not a hypocrisy then what …….I request to all Satellites Channels to work only eight hour per day to save energy. As charity begins at home

  2. this is really good show.but our govt is not doing anything.i think they dont hav any sharam.shame on u.everytime when i see this show i want to cry.ALLAH hamarey mulk ko apne hifz-o-iman me rakhe.

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