62 Killed in Lahore Mosque Attacks

Gunmen stormed two mosques belonging to a minority sect in Lahore on Friday, taking worshippers hostage and sparking gun battles with police that left 62 people dead, Geo News reported.

Wearing suicide vests, the attackers fired off guns, grenades and explosives as they stormed a mosque in the upscale neighbourhood of Model Town and another in the busy area of Garhi Shahu as people gathered for weekly prayers

Both places belonged to Ahmadi sect.

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123 thoughts on “62 Killed in Lahore Mosque Attacks

  1. This is shameful. The Holy Prophet Mohammad SAAW never treated the Kafirs like this. This is a disgrace to Islam and no one claiming to be follower of Islam or our Holy Prophet even think like this. shame on us.

  2. ابھی تک کسی مولوی نے مذمت نہیں کی ،میں ان ملاؤں سے پوچھتا ہوں کے کیا قادیانیوں کو جینے کا حق بھی نہیں ؟ ما نہ کے وہ مسلمان نہیں اور ہم نے قانون بھی پاس کروا لیا پر اب کیا مسلہ ہے ؟
    کیا ان ملاؤں کا فتویٰ سب کو قتل کرنے کا کہتا ہے ؟ اس واقعے کے بعد سے بحث چل رہی ہے کے قادیانی کتنے کافر ہیں – طالبان کے اس قتل عام کی کوئی ملا مذمت نہیں کر رہا ہے .
    اب ایک طالبان کے حمایتی نکل کر آجائیں گے اور ان کا دفع کرنا شورو ہو جائیں گے
    یہ دیوبندی جماعتی مولوی یہ باتیں کے طالبان شیعوں ،قادیانیوں کو بھی مارتے ہیں اور اپس میں بھی ایک دوسرے کو پھر بھی یہ کیوں ان کو سپورٹ کرتے ہیں ،کل کو یہ انھیں بھی قتل کریں گے .
    لگتا ہے پنجابی طالبان کی قیادت حامد میر کرتا ہے ،فون پر جو جو اس نے باتیں کیں ان سب کو مروا رہا ہے ، اور جنگ گروپ ان طالبانوں کی خوب سپورٹ کر رہا ہے

  3. I am really sad for Pakistan, and my city Lahore. We as the Muslims have more freedom of religion and feel safe going to the mosques in the USA, than the Islamic republic of Pakistan.

    Our minorities, especially non Muslims must be respected and protected in Pakistan, if you will like the rest of the non Muslim world respect Muslims, and protect them.

  4. God’s wrath/lanat be upon those who do not condemn deliberately only because the dead were Admadis. Shame on these people who do this, and on those who incite the so-called muslims to kill. Shame further on the state actors who were behind this. May God’s lanat be upon anyone involved in this great game on killing only to get blood money from Americans and Europeans. Shame on the Khalid Khwaja, Dr. Munawer Hasan, Colonel Imam and Hameed Gul types who think India and America are the only problems Pakistan has and who are/were hell bent on using these animals to advance this cause and in doing so overlooking the damage done by these kaafirs/lanatis inside and outside Pakistan.

  5. @ignorant: My friend, we ought not to call ANYONE kaafir. When we use this word, some actual ignorant might apply a few verses of Quran out of context and try to kill them. Also, who are we to call anyone a kaafir. Don’t we know ourselves, how we transgress. Allah hates the transgressors more than he loves muslims. And throughout the Holy Quran, God did not even address the Muslims. He always said, “Ya Ayyuhal Mominoona…” not “Ya Ayyuhal Muslimoona”. Also, in Surae Baqara (chapter 1), God has acknowledged that non believers (those without Imaan) will also be compensated for their good acts. Then how the hell can we call anyone Kaafir. We, ourselves, are the worst kaafirs. Fine we are muslims, but muslims without imaan, without being just, muslims who lie, muslims who kill, muslims who read Quran and do not think and muslims who do not read Quran despite being it obligatory, muslims who deceive, muslims who conspire against anyone, muslims not feeding their hungry neighbors, muslims not concerned about their national character and doing things to tarnish it – how can they be better than good non-believers especially when God himself acknowledged that he will reward the non-believers with good deeds. So my friend, there are two types of people, good people and bad people. Mullahs have made a different distinction: muslims and non muslims. Sectarian mullahs have made another: Wahabis, AhleHadees and Kaafirs. Taliban have their own distinctions, George Bush types have their own: us and them. Lets reject these terms. Lets only focus on what is good and evil. And lets reject the usage of the like kaafirs and even muslims. Because even being a muslim does not mean much. It is muslims with good deeds who our Lord loves.

  6. It was a shameful and cowardly act..the rights of minorities should be protected in Pakistan. Without getting into conspiracy theories I would just like to say that we as a nation need to decide which direction we are taking. Do we remain embroiled in our personal fueds, constitutional wrig-murangs and blame game or should we focus on the real problem within “our innate inability to remain “God-fearing, peaceful, tolerant, patient and forgiving”; all values preached by our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). It is not only the responsibility of Zardari, Qazi, Nawaz, Imran and Kiyani – we all owe this to Allah and ourselves.

    @ Tahira Naqvi : respected sister with respect to your comment whilst it is shameful that this incident has happend in a Ahmadi Jumaat Khan the unanimous opinion among muslim scholars both Shia and Sunni is that Ahmadi’s are not Muslims. That is a religious and constitutional reality accepted by all major Muslim states. The history of this movement dates back to British conspiracies to break-down the Muslim religious and social structure in the sub-continent. Mirza Ghulam first came out declared to that he was the last prophet Naozu-billah..later on to gain mass acceptability he switched to the argument that he was Yusa-Masih. The re-incarnation of Hazrat Essa as in Jesus Christ (PBUH). The Ahmadi faith believes Rabwa to be a piece of heaven on Earth. This is both in contrast with Shia Islam and Sunni Islam. The outcome of which resulted in an IJMA of Muslim (shia and sunni) scholars all over the world – a Q&A session in the National Assembly of Pakistan where Ahmadi’s were given an opportunity to clarify any misunderstandings scholars might have about their beliefs. These main tenants stated above were confirmed by them. I would encourage you to establish a handle over the Islamic and Sub-Continental history before calling other people ignorant. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ahmadiyya_Muslim_Community).

    Ahmadis are indeed Kafir as per the definition of Kafir..nonetheless that doesn’t make the act that happend today “Right”.

  7. @PLATO

    “God’s wrath/lanat be upon those who do not condemn deliberately only because the dead were Admadis. Shame on these people who do this, and on those who incite the so-called muslims to kill”

    I am totally with you on this, those who are justifying this heinous and inhumane act are the ones who give bad name to islam.

  8. Now different groups of Taliban have different priorities. After the attacks on army, workers of liberal political parties, general public and Shias, this attack on Qadianis shows that Taliban are diversifying their targets. In this latest attack, the target is a religious minority which has already been marginalised in Pakistan. I have noticed, unlike other political leaders, Altaf Hussain has shown courage and has condemend the attack. Although, it will take a long time for MQM to change thier ethnicity based politics, but in general they are emerging as a liberal political force.

  9. دل خون کے آنسو رو رہا ہے – ہم کس سمت میں جا رہے ہیں؟ کیا ہماری کوئی منزل ہو گی؟ حیراں ہوں دل کو روؤں کہ پیٹوں جگر کو میں

  10. I wonder what is prompting all these and other killings and chaos. Is it money, ideology, supremacy, religion, show of hatred against some, show of love for some, allegiance with some party or person, black mail or pressure, indifference or something else that my tiny brain cannot comprehend.

    Till the source of the evil that causes such events is found and taken care off we will not be able to control the effetcs. Is someone in the governments (both central and provincial) of ” people”, elected by “people” for “people” doing something about it? I am sure that the president, prime minister, governor, chief minister, interior minister etc etc are working around the clock with their full sincerity to do something.

    Spoken condemenation by all political parties and “top” leadership and then everyone forgets till another unfortunate event takes place. What a callous bunch of creatures we have at the top.

  11. Same mistake same mentality, most of us have already reached to conclusion and found the culprits.

    Brothers and sisters no matter from which sect you are, this is a big loss for every human being (it is not becuase of numbers but becuase every true muslim should believe killing of one innocent person is equal to killing whole human race).

    my only request is please do not jump to conclusions and thnik twice before accusing anyone. We are in a phase of war which I believe is war against Muslims and Islam, no matter who is the front player and who is the back end player.

    Try to find betralys in our groups who ever is playing in the hands of enemies of Islam.


  12. let Allah decide who is Muslim and Non-Muslim.. who are we to call them kafir or murtadid etc… Tolerance is what lacks in our societies that is why we are our own worst enemy. Please condemn this attack and do not get into this argument that who is muslim and Kafir… May PEACE prevail!
    P.S. plz do not think for a sec that I am a kafir 🙂 coz I am a sunni muslim.

  13. In Islam those who tried or conspired to kill prophet of Islam were forgiven if they threw away their arms and did not fight back during the conquest of Mecca. In Islam you do not kill unarmed people. In Islam you do not wage war unless the head of the Islamic state says. What kind of Islam is this.

    Who were these people? Where they came from?Who trained them?Where they got their weapons?

    Pakistan must find these people and organizations and wipe them out once for all.

  14. مرنے والے انسان تھے ، مرنے والے پاکستانی تھے دیکھتے ہیں آج کتنے لوگ اس پر پروگرام کرتے ہیں ؟ کتنے لوگ اس پر کالم لکھتے ہیں ؟ کون سو موتو ایکشن لیتا ہے ؟ زرداری صاحب اور گیلانی صاحب کس پیکج کا اعلان کرتے ہیں ؟ شہباز شریف کتنی امداد کی یقین د ہا نی کراتے ہیں ؟

  15. It is time to think for every Pakistani. It is already too late. But if try honestly and think about it. May be Allah will help us to get over this shame that has been inflicted on Pakistan.

    Please stop this slaughter of innocent people. Please stop this madness. Please do something.

  16. I think it is time to crush and annihilate the so called Taliban’s or Punjabi Taliban’s without any hesitation or mercy.

    Enough is enough, our politicians must come out clear on this issue and declare their policies publicly and soon.

    We have to decide now if we want to surrender to Taliban’s and religious extremists or fight back and regain the country from fanatics who want to take us back thousands of years.

  17. India is behind all of this terrorist acts in cooperation with USA and Israel.

    India always do this, whenever there is some event of local public interest / happiness like the day today(Youm-e-Takbir ), some cricket event or something else.

  18. This is a very tragic incident, which has saddened every human being. It is the worst form of Kuffer to kill innocent people, no matter who they are. It is against the commandments of Allah, and the teachings of our beloved Final Prophet (pbuh).

    The mentors of these terrorist are hell bent upon violating the teachings of Islam to defame it. While their suicide disciples who participate in these atrocities are becoming the fuel of hellfire due to their excessive ignorance. These renegades call themselves Muslin, but are brain washed to such an extent that they even forget the essence of Opening Chapter of the Holy Quran. These are the seven oft-repeated verses, which every Muslim recites during his prayers. Following is the translation of these verses by M Picktall:
    “1 – In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. 2 – Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, 3 – The Beneficent, the Merciful. 4 – Master of the Day of Judgment, 5 – Thee (alone) we worship; Thee (alone) we ask for help. 6 – Show us the straight path, 7 – The path of those whom Thou hast favoured; Not the (path) of those who earn Thine anger nor of those who go astray.”

    However, the overseas Qadyanis Community must avoid exploiting this tragedy for ulterior motives. They must not take advantage of this calamity for launching their usual propagandas against Islam and Pakistan. They must not start spilling venom against the Muslims and their scholars through this pretext. They must realise that any Pakistani without distinction of Sunni, Shia, Hindu, Sikh, Christian or Qadiyani is not safe from these mad astray dogs.

    These terrorist and traitors are not just the enemies of Islam, but even of Pakistan itself. Every Pakistani should strenuously condemn this brutal act, and stand with the grieved families during their time of distress. We are all Pakistani and all of us must unite against these demonic bands to uproot them.

  19. I am waiting for decsion by Shahbaz Sharif. In my opinion, all the underground molvie organizations should be wiped completly. If you wipe Sipa e Sahaba, Lashkar e Jhangvi and all other armed organizations, you can get results. PML (N) does not want to loose votes from Sipa e Sahaba mentality people, but now they have to decide to wipe them all. If Raw and any other international agency is involved, they are using our own molvies, so all these molvies should be wiped once for all, if you want to save the country. Please do not start discussion about Muslim and Kafir. Everybody who is living in our country have equal rights and they have right to be protected. Please condemn these people who are killing innocent people. Stop this nonsense in the country, wipe these molvies from Pakistan.

  20. This is condemnable act but why doesn’t anybody want to talk peace, violence just begets more violence, if this was winnable by military means and force alone should we NOT be in peace by now.

  21. Janjuaraja said:
    I am waiting for decsion by Shahbaz Sharif. In my opinion, all the underground molvie organizations should be wiped completly. If you wipe Sipa e Sahaba, Lashkar e Jhangvi and all other armed organizations, you can get results. PML (N) does not want to loose votes from Sipa e Sahaba mentality people, but now they have to decide to wipe them all. If Raw and any other international agency is involved, they are using our own molvies, so all these molvies should be wiped once for all, if you want to save the country. Please do not start discussion about Muslim and Kafir. Everybody who is living in our country have equal rights and they have right to be protected. Please condemn these people who are killing innocent people. Stop this nonsense in the country, wipe these molvies from Pakistan.
    nawaz and shahbaz are cowered leaders.They will never take action against sipah sihaba or any other terrorist groups indeed they are supporting them indirectly.These terrorists have no bottom line,,they are addict of killing.They want only bloodshed who ever it is they dont care.Last eid they attack in the market in allama iqbal town,srilankan cricket team and many other places to kill innocent ppl.very soon they will attack Nawaz or Shahbaz also,,,Then may be govt will take action against them.To avoid this situation Govt of punjab must act and act immediately to wipe out these terrorists.Rana sanaulalh and shahbaz shareef knows that where the terrorists are hiding and who is giving them support?

  22. @arrabbiato said:
    اپیل ،

    طالبان صحافیوں انصار عباسی ،حامد میر ،عرفان صدیقی اور طالبان کے حمایتی اور مددگار سیاست دان منور حسن ،عمران خان ،رانا ثنا اللہ ،احسن اقبال وغیرہ اور فوج میں طالبان کے لیڈرز حمید گل ،اسلم بیگ وغیرہ سےعوام کی اپیل ہے کے براۓ مہربانی اپنے طالبان بھیوں سے کہیں کے پاکستان میں قتل عام بند کر دیں


    پاکستانی عوام
    ….Apeals will not do anything for them.they have lost balance.

  23. Blame partly goes to the PM L..N leadership’s strategy of appeasement and cowardice.All along they have been deluded by the idea of revenge philosophy.For their simple minds it was easy to understand the violence and terrorism as a reaction to US attacks on Afghanistan.

    Lack of intelligence,poor understanding and policy to give these jihadi organizations space where they might think PM L..N leadership as not a hardline fascist liberals which in turn spare Punjab.

    Time to wake up the so called “Khadim-e Punjab’

  24. What is this sickness? These comments about whether its a sect or whether it should be called a mosque? Is this the appropriate discussion to have today? 80 are dead. Over 100 are injured. Have some decency, respect and sympathy. Pakistanis have been massacred today. By whom? By so called muslims. So called keepers of the faith. I find comments on this site unbearable and demented. But it is a good leading indicator of how sick the Pakistani mindset has become and what has led to the virtual demise of Pakistan. Commentary like this is unacceptable especially in the face of such a grave tragedy. Shameful!

  25. whoever did this are worst than animals.government should reform religous schools or should ban altogether.

  26. No doubt this is a tragic event n words are insufficient to condemn it………in my opinion this should be taken in context with the ‘facebook incident’……
    the forces which hate muslims n cannot digest the existence of pakistan on the surface of earth,from the very 1st day they r planning n doing their best efforts to vanish muslims……. n pakistan is their special focus because this is the only one,being atomic power,who has the potential to lead n unite muslim countries for the renaissance of islam……..
    After destroying so many muslim countries,they have shifted ‘war against terrorism’ in pakistan n they r succeeded in divding public opinion to the extent that everyone is crying at the top of his voice….. n no one is ready to unite the nation at one point……..
    After completely dividing the public opinon in the muslim world,they attacked the holy prophet PBUH (1st episode was in Denmark n now on facebook)which is the ultimate sign of unity among the muslims all over the world…….people protested against it over the globe likewise in pakistan……… now again after this incident they have tried to divide the pakistanis n behind the scene their objective is to eliminate ‘toheen e risalat law’ from pakistan’s constitution (which, according to them creats extremism among muslims …)for that they r trying for so many years and some of our politicians have been found to speak against this law in the past
    In all this scenario ,we should find the ways to unite and not to shatter as pakistanis n as muslims…………..we r facing a war which is imoposed on us n in which it is very difficult for us to recognize our enemies n friends…..
    let’s get united n pray to GOD to enable us to identify our enemies,protect our prophet PBUH ,our pakistan n whole muslim world ….n ultimately to lead the world for peace n prosperity…….

  27. A muslim has to believe in one God and that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is his last messenger. Ahmedis don’t believe that but does that give us, the “pure” muslims the right to kill them ? Our society is becoming more and more radical everyday mainly because of there being no education and high poverty in the rural areas. People send their children to madras where they are taught Islam only. Indeed Islam is the most important subject for Muslims but it is definitely not the only subject that should be taught. Even our religion tells us to educate ourselves as much as possible.

    A Non muslim lady used to throw trash on our Prophet everyday and the Prophet never said anything to her. She got sick one day and couldnt throw trash on him. What did our Prophet do? he went to her house to ask if she was feeling well. thats how the man who we hold so high used to treat non muslims i.e. with respect, love and care. And here we are discussing whether Ahmadis are Muslims or not or why they arent and etc when we should be discussing the causes of the radicalism in our society.

    People typing here on this website have to be educated and yet some of the comments here are just sad. WE are no one to call anyone kaafir! Being a Muslim does not guarantee us heaven but being a good, humble, respectful Muslim does! We call out to the white people to stop being racists towards Muslims. ARE WE NOT RACISTS OURSELVES!

    We need to focus on education if we want to prosper and nothing else!

  28. @Democracy said:
    What is this sickness? These comments about whether its a sect or whether it should be called a mosque? Is this the appropriate discussion to have today? 80 are dead. Over 100 are injured. Have some decency, respect and sympathy. Pakistanis have been massacred today. By whom? By so called muslims. So called keepers of the faith. I find comments on this site unbearable and demented. But it is a good leading indicator of how sick the Pakistani mindset has become and what has led to the virtual demise of Pakistan. Commentary like this is unacceptable especially in the face of such a grave tragedy. Shameful!

    I absolutely agree with every single word you have written that some sickminded people are discussing “who is muslim and non muslim” rather they should critisize this act.

    for once Sir, I agree with you.

  29. @aik pakistani

    I agree with you. They were and are humans first……

    dushman mare te khushi na karie……

    dushman mare te khushi na kariye sajnaa vii mar jaanaa
    (dushman mare to khushi na manaao, yaar bhii mar jaata hai)

    diigar te din hoya Mohammad oRak nu.n Duub jaanaa
    (se-peher pe din hua, ay Muhammad suuraj doobne wala hai)

    baagh bahaaraa.n te gulzaaraa.n bin yaaraa.n kis karii
    (baagh-o bahaar aur gulzaar, yaar(o.N) ke bina, kis kaam ke hai.N?)

    yaar milan dukh jaanaa hazaraa.n shukar karaa.n lakh wari
    (yaar mil kar hazaaro.N dukh jaate hain; shukar karta hoo.N lakh baar)

    This is more or less it I think…. Let me add a verse from the same Saif ul Mulook….

    masjid Dhaa de, mandar Dhaa de, Dhaa de jo kujh Dhendaa
    (Masjid toRo, mandir toRo, toRo jo kuch TooTtaa

    ik bande daa dil na Dhaawi.N, Rabb dila.N wich rehndaa
    (Kisi bande ka dil na toRo, Rabb dilon me.N rehta hai.

  30. @Omar Qureshi said:
    The article should not say “Ahmadi sect” but instead should say “Ahmadi religion.” They are not a sect of Islam, but a separate religion. I am saddened to see that even the press is using the term “sect” and therefore giving the impression that somehow the Ahmadis are within Islam rather than completely outside it, a separate religion on their own.”

    That is example of the mindset that Mr Qureshi like people has written in his comments quote…. “saddened to see that even the press is using the term “sect…………..

    but not saddened on the massacre.

  31. ” 95 Namazis got Shaheed in the Mosques during Juma prayers” & watch our AZAAD media … their emphasis is just on playing with the Words! ” 95 Qadiyani Ibadat kartay hoay apni Ibadatgah main halak hogay ” May Allah Give Hadayat to us…ameen ………………but it seems that after today’s incident we are going towards DOOM…

  32. Very sad day because of two events. First, score of Pakistanis were killed and secondly, its more sad to know that ppl are justifying their deaths. They were pakistani citizens and pakistani gov is supposed to provide protection to every citizen regardless of his religion/sect and school of thought.
    No individual has right whatsoever to wage war or kill other religion ppl. let this decision be with State. If one does not agree with them, try to make them understand through peaceful way (preaching).

  33. @ zahid,
    Pakistanis and government should not only protect them but make sure they are treated equally! We are proving to the world that we are not only radicals but also racists.

  34. We all should condemn EXTREMISM in its all forms! its again extremism that a person calling his place of worship “MOSQUE” & we are threatening him that DARE Not Call it MASJID …it a Ibadatgah……” quite a terrorism….I think this amendment in 73 constitution is an ACT of TERRORISM bygen. ZIA.

  35. Omar Qureshi

    Brother, The Qadyani religion should not be even be called ‘Ahemdi religion’, for you know that the Last Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is exclusively mentioned by the name ‘Ahmed’ both in the Holy Quran and in the Bible. (the Christians translated as Praised One).

    Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadyani was named as the slave of the Ahmed. Therefore, this so-called slave has to remain slave, and never to claim to be Ahmed. It is best to call the followers of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed as Qadyanis or Mirzais, and they should not feel bad about it.

    Ahmedis who were the follower of the Last Prophet (pbuh) already exit in the History of Islam from many centuries.

    In fact, Allama Iqbal entreated Allah to absolve the faults of all Muslims who are the followers of the Last prophet in following words:
    Muskillan Ahmed-e-Mursel ki assaan ker dhay , Hum sahra nishinu ko Musalman ker dhay

  36. @pirbodhla
    You are sick minded person and I have no doubt about that. Rather critisizing the act you chose to discuss what they should call or not…..

  37. @anna,
    Before commenting you should get your facts cleared up. The amendment was made during the premiership of ZAB by the constituent assembly of Pakistan. That was much before imposition of martial law by Gen Zia.

    (General comment begins)
    I fail to understand why an act of terrorism against peaceful civilians has become a cause of irrelevant religious discussion here. Those who were killed were victims of an irrational, condemnable act of violence and those who committed this ghastly act were criminals who should be held accountable for what they did. Where does religion or religiosity come into this?
    I see a number of folks commenting on religious issues of which they will have least understanding. Just because you have the power to comment does not mean you have to act like scholar and say things of which you have little knowledge. The religious decree on this community of people was passed unanimously by knowledgeable religious scholars, then by a verdict by the court of law and finally by the constituent assembly. I am not a religious scholar and look to people with great deal of knowledge on the subject to guide on intricate matters. Do not resort to fatwa issuing for or against anyone unless you are an authority on these details. From the commentary that goes on this forum it is clear that most commentators are just peanut cookie kids sitting with their laptops in the comfort of some western democracy with knowledge extracted from tid bits strewn over internet blogs. Let the religious scholars do their job and do not beat your trumpets to expose your illiteracy. Stay silent on what you don’t know and do not open up pandora’s box just to score points over another commentator.

  38. We should not kill any innocent person. My Allah give courage and peace to the relatives of those who have died today.

    But strange enough there has been no reaction from Zardari so far, I suspect Zardari may be involved in this terrorist attack. Please remember this Zardari has covered up Murtaza Bhutto case, Khalid Shahinshah case and Benazir UNO report. All indications so far are that only Zardari can carry out such a large scale attack. Zardari wants to cover up NRO cases.

  39. @waqas
    his last disgusting comments should be banned on this site. These mind set people have brought our country to this stage and one day, he will be at receiving end…then he might realise.

  40. No “not khas kam jahan pak”. No sir we cannot take this violence regardless who is targeted or commits it. This was a worshipping place and not a mosque or masjid. They were praying although not saying namaz. Yet no body has any business to take law in their hands. Y0u cannot kill any body only because they profess some other religion. Persuade them to come back to the right path but you have no business to kill them. No Sir. This is only giving a bad name to Pakistan. Violence should stop in the country. Now. Otherwise the police officers should be fired. Removed from service for dereliction of duty.

  41. This discussion about who is muslim and who is not reminds of a dialogue from film KHUDA KAY LIYE

    “To goya yeh to wohee baat hui jaisay Jaib mei haram kee kamiee lay kar Halal gosht kee dukan talassh karna ”

    I am just wondering who is Kafir here the killers or victims.

    I would also like to know what Hamid Mir has to say about this carnage.

  42. @waqas yousaf,
    you are the sick person and I tell you one thing that wait for the day when these killers will strike against some of your family or friends and then someone can comment “khas kam jahan pak….”

  43. The beneficiaries of this henious crime are the enemies of Islam and pakistan. In my understanding the sole beneficiary is US and its allies. They are adament to destroy pakistan and islam as a religion is mother of all evils. Some of the fellows (devoid of commonsense) on this forum has already jumped to the conclusion, predoninantly jiyala’s.
    I wonder, whether this is the first time that such sort of a terririst attack has happened in Pakistan? No not at all. at least this is a day to day happening in Khyber pukhtoonkhwa in particular and the whole Pakistan in general. Then what is this fuss about? Are the quaidani’s some sort of extra ordinary creature ? no they are not . We all know Pakistan very existance is at stake at the moment an is surrounded by enemies all around.
    The biggest irony of fait is that we don’t have political leaders who are sincere to the nation and its people, rather got foreign puppets like Zardari, and Altaf Hussain etc who are not bothered by the happenings around the country as they are involved with the enemies of Islam and Pakistan to fullfill their agenda.

  44. وہی ہوا وہی ہوا
    مولوی چپ ہے کیونکہ وہ یہ دیکھ کر مذمت کرتا ہے کہ مرنے والے کا مذہب کیا ہے؟
    سا ری پارٹیوں کے چرب زبان چپ ہیں کہ بزدل ہیں
    با بر اعوان چپ ہے کہ جماعت اسلامی کی نرسری کا پودا ہے
    احسن اقبال چپ ہے کہ ضیاء کی منظور نظر آپا نثا ر فاطمہ کا بیٹا ہے
    ٹی وی والے چپ ہیں کہ کہیں اشتہار کم نہ ہو جائیں
    افتخار چوہدری چپ ہے کہ یہ پاپولر ایشو نہیں ہے
    انٹرنیٹ پر جہادی بول رہے ہیں لیکن اس پر کہ قادیانی مسلمان تھے یا نہیں
    مرنے والے انسان تھے پاکستانی تھے

  45. To all those being “holier than thou” on this site:

    No one is denying that Qadiyanis are human beings and Pakistanis. And how is trying to be somewhat precise about terminology being interpreted as excusing murder?

    Not all of us let all our emotions hang out all over the internet, and lose all sense of proportion and critical thinking.

  46. You could have tried correcting your “terminology” later. Instead of condemning the incident outright, targeting the media and saying that it shouldnt say “mosque” and all is not all important here. Go online and search what Ahmedies and Muslims have in common. They call their worship places as mosques too. You cant force people to call their holy places something else because we call our holy places mosques. Its just like hindus come up to us and say “hey we call our temples mosques now so you cant call them that”.

    The fact of the matter remains : Killing is wrong! discriminating is wrong! declaring who is pure and who is evil by people like us is wrong!

  47. @freemason

    I know what I wrote mr ! ZAB assembly declared Ahmedi Muslim Sect as Non muslims but it was Gen.Zia who put dirty amendments like ahmedis cant say Mosque a mosque, or cant say Asalam o alakum!

    For all those who are criticizing ahmedis or other people to say the Places of worship a Mosque are clearly deviating from ISLAM ‘s Preaching .. that Laa Ikrah fi Din ..NO compulsion even we cant make any one Muslim by force .. & see How STUPID are those who are PRESSURIZING a whole community that claiming themselves MUSLIMS , that u are not muslim !!
    ohhhh Allah ! Plz.MERCY ! its look like as we are heading towards complete DOOM.
    How can we Call ourselves Muslims ??? or even HUMANBEINGS? How can we claim to be the followers of Beloved REHMATULILAALAMEEN ( PBUH) … who was so merciful even on Abi Salol ( leader of munafiqs) & see how we utter ” Kas kam jahan…” on those Namazis who were saying Juma prayers and were without any arms .They didn’t even burn a single Bus in Ahtejaj !
    Surly Ahmedis Shown themselves Better Muslims today & gr8 NATIONALIST .
    May Allah give them Strength to face this tragedy .ameen

  48. Those who are getting emotional over the word “Masjid” should note that the masjid simply refers to a place of prostration.The farthest mosque (Al-Aqsa) mentioned in Quran was remains of a Jewish temple;
    And from a legal point of view mosque refers to every place on earth……the Prophet said…”The earth was made a masjid for me”.

  49. @ALL

    Let us focus on the real issue and do not invovle religion. Qadianis’ religious status is not the topic. The real issue is that Paksitani state has failed to protect its citizens particulalry the minorties.

  50. @ aik pakistani

    First let me point out that today is not the time to indulge in any argument when the whole nation is sad at lose of humane life. However, your impudence is forcing me to respond to check you some of novel fantasies without opening too much of your reality.
    You are a typical example of ignorance without a speck of shame who insist upon calling yourself ‘Ahemdi’ when you do not even believe that the beloved prophet Mohammed-e-Mustafa Ahmed-e-Mujtba (pbuh) was the Last Prophet.
    You insist that Qadyanis have the right to use whatever terminology of Islam as they like. Are you so sure that you are not thrown out of the pale of Islam? Are oblivious of the fact that they do not even let you use word Masjid for your place of prayers. The fact remains that you have no legal permission to visit inviolable place of the Ummah, though you stealthily penetrate like the moles. You should know that the Muslim has already reported this breach of so-called Ahmedis to Saudis. So do insist upon pressing other with you terms, it will not work that way.

    As far as today’s tragedy is concerned, I had already posted my most strenuous condemnation at 5.37, which you can read above. Surely, I have been saddened like anybody else at lose of life of my fellow citizens, but it does not mean that now we should accept you lot as Muslims.

    It have been the Qadyanis who started playing dirty games under the pretext of this tragedy. The whole day I tried to ignore many of the mischievous comments considering that today is not the right time. However, a fellow Muslim by the name of Omer Qurashi raised one important point, and I only elaborated it, but you jumped in questioning my rights.

    Now, I have to tell you that as a follower of the Last Prophet, I have every right to uphold his honour, for he was the best of entire creation. Mohammed and Ahmed are his beautiful names, which we use by Muslims with name only to adore them. No one can misuse the name of the LAST PROPHET.

  51. ahmdi or not ahmadi all should be treated equally.they should have every kind of freedom.thier lives should be protected and they should be compensated.

  52. Please for once we should forget about Suuni Qadiyani Ahmedi…… 70 innocent people have died and several injured we should condemn this rather we are in this debate that who are Muslims and who are not… Those who kill innocent people are not Muslims.

  53. This is an extremely condemnable and sad incident and we all are with Ahmadi community in this time of immense grief. Those who are responsible and those who stent patronage to such activities should be brought be named, shamed and ultimately processed through justice system. I would also like to mention one thing as it has already been flagged on this forum. Without going into controversy of Muslim and non-Muslim, it is FACT that according to Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan Ahmadies are not Muslim and therefore their places of worship cannot be termed mosques. You can academically disagree with this but as long as it is part of the constitution, we should respect this as law of land. Otherwise, there is no difference between us and Sufi Muhammad who also disagrees and disrespect several constitutional provisions. Relevant provisions of constitution have not been introduced by some ultra religious group. They were passed by a Parliament where a liberal political party, PPP, was on treasury benches and several other leading politicians such as Wali Khan were also sitting members. Moreover, this decision has recently won another massive political support across the party lines when 18th constitutional amendment was taken up. None of the mainstream and significant political party has asked to withdraw this provision from the constitution. It is therefore very much reflective of national consensuses that Ahmadi Community is not a part of Muslim identity and therefore we should also avoid creating any such confusion on this forum. I would also request administrators of this forum not to let the whole discussion deviated towards an issue which a minority often tend to exploit for political reasons.

  54. This heinous act should be condemnd at every level. Its not Islam to kill innocent Kafirs. The people( called munafiq, hypocrite) in Makkah, used to conspire against Muslims were not killed even Allah told name of every munafiq to Muhammmad(PBUH).
    Islam doesnt allow any one to kill until he is armed and hurdles islam ways.

  55. @anna

    You were right, I was wrong. I take my words back with apologies. However, technically, it was not an amendment rather an ordinance issued by Zia.

  56. “Do not kill the monks in monasteries” or “Do not kill the people who are sitting in places of worship” (Musnad of Ibn Hanbal).

    “Punishment by fire does not behove anyone except the Master of the Fire” (Abu Dawud).

    The prophet (PBUH) is recorded as saying, “Do not kill any old person, any child or any woman” (Abu Dawud).

    1) The Prophet SallAllahu ‘Alaihi wa-sallam said: “March forth in the name of Allah…

    Do not kill an old man, nor a child, nor a woman” [Ref: Sunnan Abu Dawud and Sunnan al-Bayhaqi]

    2) According to the real Mufti – Ibn ‘Abbas – the Prophet would say upon despatching his armies: “March forth in the name of Allah! Fight those who disbelieve in Allah! But do not betray your trusts and covenants, nor should you kill children, nor monks in monasteries.” [Reference: Musnad Ahmad with Hasan chain according to Ahmad Shakir]

    3) According to Handhalah ibn al-Rabi’, the Prophet send a message to Khalid saying: “Do not ever kill children nor labourer” [Reference: Ibn Majah, Abu Dawud, al-Hakim calssified it Sahih and al-Dhahabi agreed.

    4) ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab said: “Fear Allah with regards to the farmers! Do not kill them unless that wage war against you” [Reference: Sunnan al-Bayhaqi and Ibn Abi Shaiba in his Musannaf]

    5) Jabir – may Allah be pleased with him – said about the early Mujahideen, that “they would not kill the Mushrikeen traders”.

    Islamic Code of Conduct in War.

    The media presents many images of innocent women and children who are victims of jihadist suicide bombers. If jihadists use Islam to justify this violence, then Islamic teachings can also be used to discredit these abhorrent acts. In one Quranic verse, Prophet Muhammad comes across a slain woman while riding in battle, and
    he frowns with anger. His attitude prompted a distinct code of conduct among Islamic warriors which includes:

    • No killing of women, children, and innocents―these might include hermits, monks, or other religious leaders who were deemed noncombatants;

    • No wanton killing of livestock and animals;

    • No burning or destruction of trees and orchards; and,

    • No destruction of wells.

    Abu Bakr, the fi rst caliph after Muhammad’s death, formulated a detailed set of rules for Islamic conduct during war. He gave the following instructions to a Muslim army setting out for Syria, which was then governed by the Byzantine Empire: Stop, O people, that I may give you ten rules for your guidance in the battlefi eld. Do not commit treachery or deviate from the right path. You must not mutilate dead bodies. Neither kill a child, nor a woman, nor an aged man. Bring no harm to the trees, nor burn them with fi re, especially those which are fruitful. Slay not any of the enemy’s fl ock, save for your food. You are likely to pass by people who have devoted their lives to monastic services; leave them alone.

  57. Good comments. I have a VERY simple formula to stop the bomb blasts. In which ever province there is a bomb blast, first of all the inetrior minister of the province should be FIRED.

    Then the IG, DIG, SSP, DSP, and the inspectors of the area FIRED (not under investigation, but fired)

    Do that 1 time and there will be no more bomb blasts I can guarantee that. Now Rana Sana Ullah is saying that they had reports and they knew about the bombers. Bloody idiot if you knew about that what the hell were you doing?

    This is a test for PMLN too. Lets see if they fire anyone over the incident. I can guarantee this too, that they won’t 🙂

  58. I cant belive my eyes instead of completely condemning the attack n humiliating the attackers some are debating on the words used and about qadyani sect or religion what ever…. no wonder paksitan is heading towards its dooom day by day… shame on us

  59. This is a blatant attempt to malign Pakistan and its citizen. People should show the unity with Qadiyani people in this time of tribulation.

  60. What a shameful and tragic incident.The Pakistanis are killing each other brutally on the name of Religion and set of beliefs.This is most Dark period of our history,the seed of religious intolerance and fanaticism sown by most notorious Military Leader Zia have leashed terror every where in Pakistan.These extremists are bringing not only bad name to Pakistan but also it fuels economic uncertainty and social disorder.

    Unless Zia’s doctrine of Religious Fanaticism is stopped sincerely, such incidents will continue causing havocs to our country.Pro Taliban and Pro Fanatic supporters will try to twist the facts,they will try to create new conspiracy theories to avert the attention of ppl from Taliban.Such sleeping supporters of Taliban are also curse and such people should also be exposed for covering up Taliban and instigating hate against Minorities and Progressive democratic system.

  61. @arrabbiato

    I agree you bro and I think the religious fanaticism and rising extremist mind esp in so called urban middle class is alarming.Such tragic incidents are outcome of decades of wrong policies based on Religious Fanaticism,Militarization of Political system and dictatorships.

    This is all crisis because we are not on right direction,and some thing terribly wrong is related to exploitation of religion in our country.Our Establishment used it as weapon to legitimize their unconstitutional acts and unleash terror in neighboring countries.The road ahead is either Religious Fundamentalism or Progressive & Secular Democratic Pakistan.One path takes us to Afghanistan of Taliban era and other can take us to welfare state.

  62. @iqbalsheikh

    U said “nd also their leader Ghulam Ahmad did have ‘kuchi’ style beard. And I think you too have Qadiani Style beard.”

    Really shocked to read your shame comments.Pls grow up and dont use this forum for fueling hate.What a mindset of hate against Minorities.Such mindset like urs is reason for rising fanaticism.Dont fuel the hate and prejudice against Minorities,No one has license to kill some one brutally one the basis of difference of religious belief set.Dont show your supremacy and self righteous Mufti-izm.Stop your propaganda campaign against religious Minorities of Pakistan.

  63. @maharbaba

    Mufti sb,thanks for you enlightening us with your point of view but your view is unfortunately supporting the hate and killing of Qadianis.If we keep following your logic then almost every Sect find other as infidel etc and in this way,there is NO end.

    Such approach may satisfy your “Biased” self righteousness but its against basic human rights and religious freedom.I respect your right to freedom of speech but I disagree on your assumptions and explanations because it will create more hatred,religious disharmony and fanaticism.

  64. @mir munsif

    I am not a Biased person. Infact this “hatred,religious disharmony and fanaticism” was actually started by Qadyani movement back in 19th and 20th Century and even in now a days.

    I’hv read Qadyaniat thoroughly and I don’t want to give you reference from Muslims books. Therefore,I would like to request you to take some books of Mirza Kazzab from any Qadyani (you can also get them from their Chanab Nagar Library) and read them. You will find out how much hatred,religious disharmony and fanaticism was spread by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadyani (founder of Qadyani movement) against Muslims, Christian, Hindus, Sikhs and even other Religions at that time through his books, speeches, pamphlets etc.

    You just see the face of Mirza Kazzab (picture available on Wikipedia) who claims himself as Final Prophet, Promised Christ, Imam Mehdi, etc.

    So what I have explained are the historical facts nothing else. If you need further clarification please let me know.


  65. this was just a demo attack by american to mentally prepare u pakistani before they start interfering into punjab ohh look taliban in punjab now we have to take action other wise the world peace will at risk

  66. Why Pakistan is a failed state right now and its intellectuals and civil society are in failed state of mind? The microcosm of Pakistan can be seen in this small group of people at PKP thread. What we see, instead of opinions, references to solidify the opinions and rational arguments, its all about personalities and personal attacks, fatwa’s by “Islamic” experts and “pissy” responses by the Pakistani half Muslim half “confused”, liberal grave worshipping infidels(literarily speaking).

    No one is talking about accountability of the current criminally insane Mafias running the government of Pakistan.Nawaz and Zardari Mafias are the responsible parties and the issue is not the Muslim or non Muslim, the issue is the complete failure of these two thugs, the money launderers, tax cheats, thieves, master and Gods of cronyism, deal making, lying, stealing the countrymen blind and behind the curtain doing the “Mook Mokaoo”, you don’t arrest me and I will play the fake opposition and save your behind from accountability.

    These two brothers, The “kings of Punjab”, their son in laws, sons and family members should be banned from the politics and they should be brought to justice for their role in the current disaster called Pakistani “Government”. Who is responsible for the safety of the people of Pakistan, all of them, regardless of their religious, sexual, personal or collective preferences?

  67. mein ek non muslam hun lekin insan hone k nate muje is waqaye ka both dokh hai aj insan he insan ka dusman kayon bana huva hai
    afsos hai un par jo insaniyat k katal hain

  68. یہ رونا پیٹنا کب تک چلے گا – اور بھی دکھ ہیں زمانے میں قادیانیوں کے سوا

  69. @maharbaba

    This is not debate to prove whether Qadiani/Ahmedi Belief is right or wrong,but this is moment to forget as Pakistani the differences and stand by our Pakistani brothers who were brutally killed by Fanatics.One can have Intellectual discussion and can reach some conclusion as per one’s capacity.But one need to learn the “importance of time and event”,this time our fellow Pakistani brothers are suffered and innocent lives are taken away by Extremist group through merciless actions.We should keep our “My Sect/Religion is Supreme compaign” aside for a while and console the people who lost their loved ones and send strong signal to extremists that they wont be allowed to dictate their doctrine through power of bullets and merciless actions.But you keep on insisting of sharing your so called “Intellectual Sermons” to instigate more differences and justify such heinous actions of extremist by attacking Qadiany belief,then it seems you are also siding with those who are playing against Pakistan and trying to destabilize our country through extremist activities and intolerant actions.


    I request all,Kindly forget for the time being your “Differences” based on belief set etc and lets unite at this time with those who have suffered at the hands of Extremists.


  70. All hate and discriminational comments have been removed. Anyone spreading same kind of comments again on this platform will be banned.

  71. @ADMIN,

    I appreciate your efforts to clean such hate messages which instead of any help/support rather create more differences and fissures in society.

  72. It is horrible to see our own citizens are being massacred by some wacky fanatics in the name of religion.
    I saw several shocking comments about this incident and calling Ahmedi sect a Kafir.
    Bohri, Ismaili or Ahmadia with different believes call themselves a Muslims in Pakistan, we do not have a right to label any one a Non- Muslim, only Allah decides who is a true Muslim.

    It is a fact that 99.99% of people never change their religion, because we were born in Muslim, Christian, Hindu or a Jewish family therefore we are Muslim, Christian, Jews or Hindu for life ,

    I am thankful to Allah to be a Muslim by birth but if I was born in a Sikh family then I would have been a proud Sikh, We do not have control over which religion we born in.

    I think it is our acts and deeds that make us a good Muslim and a decent human being.

  73. All I need to say is: “LOVE FOR ALL, HATRED FOR NONE”

    This is What Islam Teaches us Through Qur’an & Hadith and this is the Code We Ahmadies Live By.

  74. @hypocrite said:
    I wonder what is prompting all these and other killings and chaos. Is it money, ideology, supremacy, religion

    Its “MONEY” nothing, but “MONEY”!

  75. @Tahira Naqvi

    I strongly condemn the attack on worship place of Qadianis in Lahore. That is a henious crime and t should be condemned in no uncertain terms.

    But when you call people ignorant for calling Qadianis Kafirs – I think you are only seeing one side of the coin. It was actually Mirza Ghulam Ahmed who himself had declared that those who did not believe that he is the Prophet of Allah and do not accept him are considered Kafirs. This is very clearly written in his Books. So it was he who started this business first of calling other Muslims Kafirs. He even went to the extent that even those who did not hear about him and had not iman on him they would also be Kafirs.. So the definition of a Muslim was not that he accepts Allah as Only One and Prophet Muhammad as His Prophet but the definition was changed and another condition was added. So in the eyes of Qadianis we all Muslims have already been declared Kafirrs by Mr Ghulam Ahmed himself.

    That is the actually difference between the Lahore group and Qadiani group. The Lahori group does not believe that those who do not accept Mirza as Prophet is a Kafir but Qqdiani group led by son of Mirza clearly maintained that all those Muslims who did not accept Mirza as Nabi are considered Kafirs.

    However I would strongly condemn the killing of these innocent people because in Holy Quran Allah has clearly said that killing one human being is like killing the whole humanity. There is no excuse for this whatsoever. We are not doing any service to the cocuntry and to the religion by these actions.

  76. Actually the time when Mirza had declared all other Muslims as Kafirs who did not believe in him didn’t foresee that what he is saying would actually one day go against him. At that time he had full backing of British patronage and all the jobs given to Muslims were actually given to this group. The basic reason was that of-course Christians and Jews could not change Holy Quran although they had tried their best to alter it so they devised a new plan – which was to make the finality of Prophet Muhammad controversial so that a door is opened to alter the religion. That could only be done by bringing in a new guy who would proclaim himself Prophet and then declare those aspects of Hadith which were not considered favorable by them like that of Jihad. If you connect it to present days – now that Christians and Jews were not successful at doing that so now they have started a campaign of maligning our Prophet first through Salman Rushdi and then through these caricatures. If you read carefully what Mirza has said – he claimed to be Mahdi, reincarnation of Jesus Christ and then of Prophet Muhammad. He maintained that Jesus Christ died a natural death. One of the reason was to cut at the basic belief of every Muslim that Mahdi and Jesus Christ would come one day.

    I believe that every Muslim should read books of Mriza so that we know exactly how he tried to mislead Muslims and its very clear that he was backed by British and Western World – thats why the way they are looked after in UK, Germany, Canada and Sanadavian countries – we all know that.

    But again I would say that we should not under any circumstances try to harm them or kill them – as that is strictly prohibited by Islam and Quran.. It is a crime against humanity to kill any innoncent human being.

  77. @Rana Umair

    see my comments above. It is not we who declared Ahmadis as Kafirs first but it was Mirza who first declared all Muslims as Kafirs who did not accept him as Prophet. Dont try to twist the facts.


    The recent killings of AHMADIS, a minority religion in Pakistan is surely very bad and every citizen of Pakistan condemns this. The Punjab government has definitely raised the spirits of the terrorists especially “SIPAAH-E-SAHABAH”. But it is strange that media has played its “EXTRA POSITIVE ROLE” in this situation and this “EXTRA POSITIVE ROLE” has become “EXTREME NEGATIVE” role from the prospective of our religion and from the prospective of our love to PROPHET MUHAMMAD (S.A.W.W).

    I am also strange that media persons criticized ZULFIQAR ALI BHUTTO and even strange that in LUBP also, some people have said that it are the “GRAVE MISTAKE” of ZULFIQAR ALI BHUTTO to declare AHMADIS the non-Muslims. Some say that it is the ERROR, FAULT or WRONG DEED of ZULFIQAR ALI BHUTTO to make AHMADIS non-Muslims according to constitution 1973.

    It is true that terrorism is the root of the evil and every person, every sect and every RELIGION has freedom to adopt its own theories, believes or religious doctrines but after all we are Pakistani and Muslims. We are the sole nuclear power in whole Islamic world. We have conducted the single most successful OIC conference in Pakistan (Lahore) in Bhutto’s regime in 1974. Israel thinks Pakistan to be the biggest threat for it and JEWS even bigger than IRAN & ARABIAN GULF countries. We are proud of it today and it is mostly because of the efforts of ZULFIQAR ALI BHUTTO.

    AHMADIS have their own 2 big sects and one of its sect was distributing its literature with FOREIGN JEW & CHRISTIAN resources constantly in Pakistan in which it was clearly written that “THE LAST PROPHET OF ALLAH IS HAZRAT MIRZA AHMAD QADIYANI”. For the information of the readers, it was continued from almost 1950 till Bhutto’s government arrived. The students of BZU MULTAN & NISHTAR MEDICAL COLLEGE MULTAN were on the tour of JHANG where AHMADIS gave their literature and written AHMADI DOCTRINE to them. Students refused to take it then AHMADIS tried to give it by force which resulted in a protest of the students where the students were tortured. It was also a big “TERRORISM” of that time.

    It was very irritating for the whole public of Pakistan and Pakistani public was blessed with a true leader ZULFIQAR ALI BHUTTO in that time. It was very bad for the Muslims of Pakistan to see the literature and ideologies in which HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (S.A.W.W) was not the last prophet of ALLAH but it was MIRZA AHMAD QADIYANI. It was more irritating that the 12 IMAMS were criticized in that literature along with ALI IBN E ALI TALIB which is thought to be the REAL INSPIRATION in every sect of Muslims.

    AHMADIS didn’t apologized on that “TERROR ATTACK” and they continued their work more bravely so it was the need of the time to control the conflict and further battle between MUSLIMS & AHMADIS and it was a great challenge for ZULFIQAR ALI BHUTTO. PPP & whole nation at that time. All political parties, the representatives of all sects and all parties whether religious or not, were being gathered by ZULFIQAR ALI BHUTTO. It was day & night work for them all and finally they achieved a MILESTONE in the history of this world that they made “DEFINITION” of the “MUSLIM”.

    The definition is simple and it is proved from the HOLY QURAN. According to Pakistan constitution 1973, the Muslim is that one who believes in the oneness of ALLAH & who believes that PROPHET MUHAMMAD (S.A.W.W) is the last prophet of ALLAH. Which ever sect or party don’t believes that HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (S.A.W.W) is the last prophet of ALLAH is not Muslim no matter whether he believes him (s.a.w.w) as prophet but not the last. So it was the big achievement of the ZULFIQAR ALI BHUTTO indeed not a mistake and this point must be remembered by every writer and reader here.

    Here I don’t mean that one should AHMADIS but my point is only that according to the LAW of Pakistan

    1) AHMADIS can’t give their AZAAN in loud speaker.
    2) AHMADIS can’t declare their “WORSHIP PLACE” as “MOSQUE”.
    3) AHMADIS can’t declare themselves as “MUSLIM”.
    4) AHMADIS can’t publish their literature publically.
    5) AHMADI is a minority religion in Pakistan.

    SO my point is only that please don’t say them “AHMADI MUSLIMS” and don’t say their religious places and their worship places as “MOSQUE”. They are victimized by terror attacks and they are innocent in this situation it is true. They are citizens of Pakistan and they have right to have their own faiths and believes. We have AHAMDIS on which we and whole nation is proud like DR. ABDUS SALAM & CH. ZARAR. But it is our responsibility to state the real truth. We should not forget that it is written in the HOLY QURAN about PROPHET MUHAMMAD (S.A.W.W) “THE KHATAM UN NABBIYEEN” i.e. THE LAST PROPHET WHO HAS ENDED THE SERIES OF THE PROPHETS, so we should condemn the terrorism but we should not forget our limits.
    We are with our AHMADI brothers in this time of distress for them it was really great shock for whole the nation. Islam never taught this. PUNJAB GOVERNMENT should stop backing the “SIPAAH-E-SAHABA” and it should take strict actions against terrorists and all religions should be safe in Pakistan.



  79. Two legged zombies carried out a curse on humanity.
    Regardless what their beliefs Qadiyanis are peaceful community.
    My heart goes out to victims and their families.

  80. @amjadrashid111

    Agreed with your well written post
    But since they are declared Non Muslim they changed to become a peaceful community.

  81. @ c hussain

    I think you got the wrong name buddy because I did not even try saying or terming anyone Muslim or non Muslim. I have no right to declare a person Muslim or Non muslim and neither do you. Muslim doesnt only mean accepting that Allah is one and Muhammad (PBUH) is his messenger. That is be the way you turn to a Muslim but that is certainly not all Islam is about. All i said was that no one has the right to kill any other person in the name of religion or ethnicity. And it doesnt matter who declared them Non muslims etc because in this case that doesnt matter. people, human beings were killed, that is wrong! If they call their worship places “mosques” , then we have no right to force them not to call their worship places mosques just because we call ours mosques. There are no facts that i am trying to twist here. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) guaranteed good afterlife to many non believers just because their deeds (imaal) were exceptional. It is very hypocritical of people here who are trying to spread hatred. We all do a lot of bad deeds that are completely against Islam!

  82. The topic here was to condemn the cold blood murder of innocent Pakistanis. It was the time for us to stand with the bereaved families in their time of distress. Unfortunately, some people, specially the Qadyanis themselves, started to vent their anger at the Pak Constitution. This deviation from the topic led to some other controversies, which could have been discussed under another topic. Some of them even were prepared to defy the Constitutional clauses and even breach the Pakistan Penal Code, which makes it an offence to call their place of worship as Masjid. Here is an extract of just few clauses of this code:

    (ACT XLV OF 1860)

    “298B. Misuse of epithets, descriptions and titles, etc., reserved for certain holy personages or places.
    (1) Any person of the Quadiani group or the Lahori group (who call themselves ‘Ahmadis’ or by any other name) who by words, either spoken or written, or by visible representation;
    (d) refers to, or names, or calls, his place of worship as ‘Masjid’;
    shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to three years and shall also be liable to fine.”

    [NB: I personally do consider this clause as fair, but it is how the law stands.]

    I was one of the first ones to condemn this brutal act on this forum, though the moderators released my post rather late. Realising the sufferings of the innocents and ensuing grief of their loved ones in particular and the whole nation in general, I wished every to stand united. I was my intention that the Qadyanis must not feel that they are alone during this time of distress. Therefore, I did not want see that they bring any other issue of their discontentment at this stage. Anyone can see my condemnation and anticipated outcome, which appears above on 28 May at 5.37.
    It is unfortunate to see that some started irreverent debates at this tragic time. I noticed that some gave the impression that it was only their loss, so they would nullify the condemnation of those who do not agree with their faith. I fail understand why they feel ’QADYANI’ as a derogatory term, when in reality Qadian is the most sacred place for them.
    Even if I personally do not agree with their faith, I am not against their community, and consider them are as good as any other community. I suggest that we just confine ourselves to denounce the killing of our citizens anywhere they happen.

  83. @ aik Pakistani
    You need not call ‘sick mind’ to every Muslim who does not agree with your terms. If you wish to debate on your terminology, open a separate topic on it. I am sure there are people who will love to enlighten you and help to liberate you from the confines of your narrow ideology.

  84. naive said: or Bawa
    دل خون کے آنسو رو رہا ہے – ہم کس سمت میں جا رہے ہیں؟ کیا ہماری کوئی منزل ہو گی؟ حیراں ہوں دل کو روؤں کہ پیٹوں جگر کو میں
    یار باوا – مظفر گڑھ میں تو کوئی نہیں رو رہا – اور جگر پیٹنے کی کیا ضرورت ہے – چیف جسٹس کو بحال کرا نے کیلیے تمہاری قادیانی جماعت کا تو کوئی بھی باہر نہیں آیا تھا –


    aaina said: or Bawa
    مرنے والے انسان تھے ، مرنے والے پاکستانی تھے دیکھتے ہیں آج کتنے لوگ اس پر پروگرام کرتے ہیں ؟ کتنے لوگ اس


    کسی بھی بے گناہ کو مارنا غلط ہے. لیکن جب سلمان تاثیر اور زرداری نے سری لنکن کرکٹ ٹیم کو مارا تھا اور
    جو دس سپاہی شہید ہوئے تھے – اور اسکے اعلاوا جو دوسرے واقات ہوئے ہیں اس پر تو تم سب قادیانی خاموش تھے – بات سیدھی ہے اسکے پیچھے بھی زرداری اور سلمان تاثیر ہیں

  85. Correction: Please read as follows in my above post, regading Pkistan Penal Code.

    [NB: I personally I do NOT see this clause as fair, but it is how the law stands.]

  86. @pirbodla:

    I think the point is these laws are apartheid laws and not only set the wrong and unfair precedence of unequally treating citizen’s under law abut also give the public the wrong message, increasing the discrimination and hatred among public as large, as well as contribute and cause incidents such as those on last Friday.

    Bad laws such as anti-ahmadiyya laws in Pakistan, those against Palestinians in Israel, against Kashmiris in India and in South Africa of past against blacks are all apartheid laws which cannot be condoned by any sane person and need to be condemned by all instead of expecting anyone to live by them. However, selectively expecting Ahmadis to follow these laws mean we loose the right to complain of such discriminatory laws in other places like India and Israel.

    It also means that acts of discrimination and terrorism that are helped by the atmosphere of discrimination that these laws bring; effect badly the reputation of Pakistan’s which is in dire need of some improvement. So condemning these laws instead of expecting Ahmadis to follow them would be a good step.

  87. This was indeed a sad evident. Some 40 years ago, we declared them non-Muslims to please the Mullah’s and they are being purposely targeted. The constitution of Pakistan gives absolute freedom to practice their religion to all minorities, why the hypocrisy?

  88. @maharbaba

    no need to waste time with these pseudo goras

    they feel proud to be called as children of goras instead of their own parents

    but they dont remeber they will remain what they are

    even if they start lic**ng the ba*ls of goras

    they are just idiots

    who are facing identity crisis

  89. Very tragic and sad incident and has been rightly condemned by the Ullema and Pakistanis. Killing and harm of innocents belonging to any community, religion, sect or group is forbidden in Islam and Pakistani state is responsible for the protection of its citizens regardless of their faiths and religions.

    – Blame of the incident has been put on many different groups and organizations but so far it is unclear who has done it. I don’t think that it was done by any sensible Muslim! Possibility of support for such a horrible act by some traitor, corrupts and thugs inside Pakistan is very high as such big plans need internal agents and support! There are some conscienceless people especially at higher levels in our country who can do anything for the sake of money, status and vested interests!

    – I think some people wanted to create the internal strife among Pakistanis and also wanted to further deteriorate the image of Pakistan internationally so they planned it. This might be part of the plan to force Pakistan for further action in Waziristan! Every time “they” want some evil demand to be fulfilled they add the fuel to the fire and start supporting killings of the innocent Pakistanis, this has been pattern of the recent past!

    – We as Pakistanis and nation should strongly condemn such killings of the innocents regardless of their faith and religions affiliations. It needs to be investigated properly and broadly and responsibles must be punished regardless of their status and position!

  90. aik baat samaj main nahin ati k ager aik bi terrorist na pakra jaey tu baat samaj main ati hai k terrorist tak puhnchna mushkal hai lakin ager terrorist aik bi paker liya jaey tu phir un ki haqiqat kion abi tak pata nahin chali?

    kion k yeh log Zulfiqar Ali Bhuto ki Party ka naam tu Kharab na karian.

    Bhuto sb Aik Azeem leader thy aur un ki party k manshor ki dajyan ura di harm khor logon ny.

  91. (ASSALAM UA LYKUM) bhaiyo kin logo k insan keh rahe ho un logo ko jo kutte kehlane ki bi layak nahi he jo HUMARE PYARE NABI HAZRAT MUHAMMAD MUSTUFA(S>A>W>W) ko nahi mante jo humare nabi ki tohin karte he unke bare me buri soch rakhte he jo kafiro se badtar he aaj pakistn me jo allah tala ka azab he wo in murtid o ibliso ki wajah se hi he jo in logo ke liye dard rakhte he wo kyu bhul jate he ke hum kin ki hamdardi me comments likh rahe he ya to aapko in janwaro se buht pyar he ya phir aap hazrat muhammad musafa(S>A>W>W) se pyar nahi karte mera iman he allah ke nabi se pyar me aashiqe mustaft(S>A>W>W) ho aur insha allah rahunga


  93. This is US conspiracy. Guess what black water is doing in Pakistan? Are they playing chess here? CIA hass the largest set up in Pakistan in Asia. What are they doing? Praying?
    Know US wants desperately that Pak should start operation in NWA.? They just want to put pressure upon Pak govt and army by plotting such acts.

    This work is ALL CIA

    Time will tell each and every Pakistani who did it and why?
    Wait and see.

  94. @aamir11

    I respect your views and emotions brother. I just want to add that since we are at higher position i.e. are followers of Prophet Muhammad(SAW), so we should try to guide those people towards right path. We should share with them the truth before we could hate them.
    Young Qadyani generation is quite intelligent, neutral and open but mainly unaware of facts so our blind hate could drive them away from exploring the truth and reality.


    I also think that such attacks and killings are planned and supported by external forces and are executed by some of our own people who could either be bought or could be brainwashed!

  95. Kashif N Chaudhry My letter to ‘moderate’ Pakistanis – “I have some hope in you. I also believe however that if you the silent ‘moderates’ of Pakistan do not stand up for justice, for basic rights of Ahmadis in Pakistan, you will equally share the blame. Your choice to remain silent witnesses to decades of persecution and atrocity, killings and lootings will be a deliberate one.”
    Letter to Pakistan – Jersey City Islam Examiner
    28th May 2010 – the worst violation of human rights against the Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan. A barbaric attack on two Ahmadiyya mosques that took almost a hundred innocent lives made headlines. This heinous crime was allegedly carried out by the Punjabi Taliban on the premise of religion. …


  96. SARKAAREE KAAFIR Jumaa kee namaaz parh rahy thy Aor SARAKAREE MUSLIMAAN Kuttal o ghaart main masroof thy jis kay nateejaa main 100 kay kareeb Kafir namaazi Shaeed kardey .

    In my opnion yeh heading line honee chaeay newspapers main bhe aor talk shows main

    Nabi Kareem PBUH meree Maan baap un par fida hoon woh apny lashkar waloon ke JANG ke daoraan yhee hidayat farmaty ke.


    aor yaahan drood shareef aor kalma shadat aor kalma tayaba ka vird karny waaloon ko bhoon deyaa gaya gooliuoon say.

    I would say shame on those people are couldn’t finding appropriate terminology for reporting of this un islamic shocking incident.

    Koe kahta hy Qadianiyoon ke Abadat gaah par hamla hoaa apnee Abadat kar rahy thy koee kush kahta koee kush kahta bas Awaam Naas ko gumraah karny key chakar main hamry intellectuals khud gumraah hoty jarahy hain.
    aisee munafiqana taal matool aor etna khaof aor dar en mubayana danshawaroon ko.
    Khuda ka khaof karo logon say kab tak sachaee ko shupaty phirogy khuda ka khaof karo sach bolo ab bhee waqat hy.

    Socho Aor Khuda ka leay Socho

    Holy Quraan main Allah Tabarak Tala farmata hy ke unkee ankhoon kanoon aor diloon par humny muhur kardee hy na to enky pass basaarat hy na samaat aor na dill


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