5 thoughts on “Policy Matters – 28 May 2010

  1. First and last time watching these D>>>s and B>>>>>s.The only thing they did in this programme was to criticise and blame shift from one to other. federal govt to provincial govet, proventional govt to federal. commissioner blamed to RAW, and This “SOCIAL ACTAVIST” blames every one.
    End result: Jithay de khoti & Khotay othay aan khlooti/khlotay.

  2. @siddiqi

    People like you, your ameer-ul-mominnen, and his younger brother keep saving , having a soft corner and pleading Talibans only to be raped by them every now and then in your own house!..No wonder you will try to fertile your miserable life by coming up with juvenile and cheesy comments like “raw ka agent”, “yahoodi kahien ka” etc ;););)

  3. this terrorism cancer created by Mushraf’s policy that this is our war,then in feb,2008 elected goverment should change this policy and Pakistani Talban waited 3 months if new elected regime might change war course but Zardari decided to continue,i would say he is worst than Mushraf and keeps this cancer in our society for ever,there are no signs how to stop it after N.waziristan’s operation???there will be more and more reaction from bad guys so called talaban,some call them muslim,i do not know who they are???

  4. @acsher,

    I’ve read your posts before as well and you are a quintessential pipliya and henced biased towards PML (N). The fact of the matter is that as long as ZPP is going to rely upon dumb broads like Asma Arbab, Fozia Wahab, Farahnaz Ispahani etc. to defend itself from everything bad it has indulged in, the aforesaid ladies will get brickbats in return and not bouquets.

    In these trying times it takes a lot to fertile the lives of millions in this country which have been made barren by the blood sucking parasites in this government. I’m glad that I’m being provided with some comic relief in these trying times.

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