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  2. It is just a start, will improve soon. Azizi is also comedian and people working are comedians as well. Good thing is that it is more traditional and more people (more then one like Azizi) make it better choice.

  3. Well done Aftab Iqbal presenting new show rather blackmailed by Mian Amir of Dunya News. Aftab Iqbal is creative guy. Haseb-eHaal is also remembered as brain child of Aftab Iqbal

  4. well i have approved the project…..aftan iqbal is 1000 times better than that junaid of hasb-e-hall….program will definitely improve…..i hereaby support this program…those who are criticizing aftab probably have low IQ and cant understand him well..that is normal….

  5. Both Aftab Iqbal and Junaid Saleem come with their manufacturing faults, the former masquerades as an intellectual, the latter sermonises. But the point is both these programmes, in fact Hasb e Hall, have pioneered a new forum of political debate a debate that is more more approachable for the lay person. Our governance issues are no longer the sole preserve of the ruling elite, these programmes present a common man’s take on these issues. A lot of credit for that goes to Suhail Ahmed for that. Despite vulgarity and all that, Punjabi theatre is a medium that is more close to the ethos of the masses than Ajoka and other such elitist theatres or even the PTV’s comedy and satire. Come to think of Anwar Maqsood’s comedy shows, a bit too urbane and less earthy and never able to reach out to the majority of the people. Suhail Ahmed, Amanullah and Amanat Chan are effectively a continuation of the tradition set by Munawwar Zareef. Suhail Ahmed and Aftab Iqbal deserve kudos for a wonderful fusion of Punjabi humour and political analysis and bringing the debate to a level where most of the masses, at least Punjabi speaking can identify with the debate.

  6. I think it’s a very good effort. His two main characters Retired General and Politician are very interesting. This doesn’t have to be better than hasb e haal. This just needs to be another decent show. I hope to watch both.

  7. Its very good effort indeed….. we must have to keep this in mind that the both shows are creativity of Mr. Aftab Iqbal……..

  8. If u dont like it too bad, alot of us out there love stage dramas and love this kind of comedy. I am so glad and so happy that these artists are on mainstream tv finally. Look if u do not like this, then dont watch it and just that simple. No need to complain about this or saying how u love azizi more. Trust me there’s alot of us out there who love to watch these comedians.

  9. Fantstic comeback by Aftab the gr8…..Those who criticizing better watch 1st afew episode of Hesbe haal & its still better in start then that & with the brilliance of Aftab its definitely going to improve. I advise Aftab to not match urself or compete with Hasbe haal as u can produce something extraordinary………keep it up
    Dr.Ali China

  10. ‘Dear Mr Aftab if u are to show it as ‘a national show’

    plz avoid too much use of punjabi, all the characters

    of urs can do better in urdu.

    wish u make it all better!

  11. 3rd Class Show with 3rd Class Comedians … What A Lame From Aftab Iqbal , This Proves That Haseb-e-Haal was only Hit due to Sohail Ahmed and Aftab Iqbal didn’t Play Any Role, And Clapping of Girls and boys is So Annoying that sometimes it seems a Kids Show

  12. Mr.Aftab Iqbal is a creative person. There is no doubt that Hasb-e-hall was his brainchild.

    But he can do a lot better than the show he presented yesterday.

    “Too many cooks spoil the broth”, and there are “too many” in this program.

  13. Excellent come back no doubt about that and as he mentioned at the very out set its first episode so he is giving leverage to all of them to introduce theirselves and say whatever they want it will take 4,5 episodes to settle down …. I mean why you people get so emotional this is the 1st episode and Hasb-e-Haal is going for ages now does it make any comparisons ??? absolutely stupid thinking whoever is comparing it with Hasb-e-Haal and for those who are calling this stage drama i think they dont watch Hasb-e-Haal as well all the punch lines of Azeezi are in Punjabi and he does Khusra more than anything so what kind of stupid comment is that these are stage actors or bhands … You should also do some checking on the rating as well what effect Aftab Iqbal had on Hasb-e-Haal and now Azeezi is limited in concepts he is doing same things episode after episode .. Give this prog a go and when the innovations will come then we will who is doing better and always creative team of Geo is far better than any channel and i am glad Aftab Iqbal left Dunya News who are pupits of the Govt

  14. i want to know who is the person who spent 130 million pounds cash to buy the penthouse????
    i am amazed on two sites people have only alked about comparing this show to hasbe haal but i think this MUKHBARI was a very importan part.
    so any guesses who has this kind of cash in Pakistan??????????

  15. Welcome back Aftab Iqbal. We missed you a lot. Very good start, great funny programme with some serious pieces of work. I love it. Please keep it up. Good research and explanation of current affairs. Very good funny actors. You will go very high very soon. God bless you. ………Zinda bad…great Aftab and his co workers. Thanks.

  16. a desperate effort by aftab but he doesnt have an impression of a jounalist or anchor junaid salim is better in hasbehaal and there is no comparison of sohail ahmed in any of his field
    i.e comedy, acting direction and he is very patriotic tooo but aftab also has a right to make his living but no comparison to hasb e haal bcz of azizi

  17. To All Those who INSULT these legendry comedians, unluckily disrespected in Pakistan

    I’m an Indian Muslim living in the UK and love Pakistani cricketers, comedians, and anchors…

    All your comedians are living legends and not of lesser importance than our Shah Rukh, Daleep Kumar, Amitabh etc.

    Why you people don’t recognise and acknowledge your talent unless we do…and once they are taken by india then they become ur legends like…amanat ali, rahat ali khan, etc.

    Let me tell you these apparantly looking cheap comedians are far far far better than English and American comedians who, if u know, use unbearable cheap and vulgar language u can’t believe, Terry Alderton
    Chesney Allen
    Fiona Allen
    Tom Allen (comedian
    Lee Evans (comedian)
    Norman Evans
    Simon Evans
    Kenny Everett
    Stefan Golaszewski
    Ken Goodwin (comedian)
    John Gordillo
    Dave Gorman
    Boothby Graffoe (comedian)
    Sidney Grapes
    Larry Grayson

    Please respect these people like Ammanallh khan sahab, shakawat naaz, vikey, nasir, mastana etc. if you can’t keep them send them India and we’ll give them what they deserve……..

    Had they been asset of India, we would have earned even more respect and money you habve no thought of.

    hope you people don’t mind


  18. cant agree with farah more, had amanullah been in another country he would have been a millionaire and inducted in hall of fame. All other including sohail ahmad copy him. Hats of to the legendary Amanullah

  19. @ farah
    we respect them a lot … u dont know … and dont think that we do not respect them … Amnaullah is the king of comedy and all Pakistan loves him …
    and the reason u are getting annoyed is right .. but there is a misunderstanding … we have our own ways of love and respect …
    but people talking here are trying to separate political talk shows from comedy shows .. i dont think they are wrong in doing so ..

  20. i disagree with mujtaba….we have not paid enough respect or tribute to sir amanullah only as he does not speak urdu like umar sharif. Google amanullah and you will be horrified to know that there not a single personal interview of him in any magazine or any meaningful forum. He is a living legend and i think aftab is doing a great job trying to bring him to mainstream media

  21. @ Farah

    There are many Pakistanis who love these comedians. This is why their stage dramas do roaring business. But even if some people do not like them, they are entitled to their views and it is not justifiable to criticize them because of this. No entertainer can have every person on earth as a fan.

    BTW, Amanat Ali and Rahat Ali are no way legends in Pakistan. In fact, in spite of their success in India, in Pakistan they are pretty small time singers with not much fan following.

  22. @ baawi
    keep on disagreeing but .. i respect him a lot …
    @ All
    as far as this program is concerned … i think it is a different kind of program and because people are not used to this kind of program .. it is a derivation of Hasb e Haal … but people are over reacting by relating it and comparing it to hasb e haal
    and about format .. i think Amanullah alone was enough … in that way he could gain more time and can ellaborate more with his observations… and i guess he can speak urdu …
    about Umar shareef … Umar shareef is also an asset for us .. like Amanullah .. yes we admire Amanullah more but the reason is his talent which is second to none .. but that does not and that should never mean that we respect less to any one else … including Umar, Sohail or naseem wiki … all are great people .. who used to make the poor nation laugh … who bring up issues in a lighter way that are hidden under the burden of lies and worries …

  23. by the way what u said about copying thing is absolutely false … if i use soft words … no oe does copy him in fact no one can copy him .. this is not only disrespect to all others whom u are blaming but also to Amanullah Khan sahib as well .. so change ur childish thinking .. u and hassan khan both think in same way … childish and extreme ….
    I repeat … Amanullah is legend he is the best .. and others are also very best … we should respect them all ..
    take this .. if we defame and disrespects others like umar shareef and Sohail ahmad then it would be demoting Amanullah as well .. it would imply that Amanullah is best among some incompetents .. which is not true .. he is the best among the very best ….
    Damagh khol sohnay .. zauq aur sarf bara ker apna ..

  24. @ Adonis

    BTW, Amanat Ali and Rahat Ali are no way legends in Pakistan


    Are you kidding or what ??? i agree Amanat Ali is not a legend but what u said about Rahet Ali is absolute stupidity i think you dont even know abc of music then … And yeah you are right we dont make them legends untill they get approval from India from Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan to Shakeel Sidique everyone got fame when they got famous in India absolutely ridiculous comments …

    @ Mujtaba and All

    I agree with most part of your comments but this is too much crap going on here i have not seen a single innovation in Hasb-e-Haal prog from the day Aftab Iqbal left the prog same khusray pan, policeman, photos and mad laughs of Najia and Junaid Saleem is not even there just for welcome and good bye, i just dont understand why people get so much emotional if you like Hasb-e-Haal just watch it no one can stop you if i like this Prog thats my personnel view why you wana change with stupid comments like BHANDS and etc etc, wait for a month and Ratings will decide which prog is leading the charts as simple is that just the 1st episode and you people madly got after the prog stupidity of the highest level

  25. @ magician

    You need to look at the meaning of “legend” in a dictionary first before calling Rahat Ali a legend.

    And Shakeel Siddiqui maybe popular in Lalu Khet but is a virtual unknown in rest of Pakistan no matter how successful he was in india.

    You cannot compare these minions with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan who was a real legend in Pakistan even before he started singing in india.

  26. I used be one of biggest critiq of Aftab when he was doing Hasb-e-haal, but it was good to see him in this show.

    its a very good start need some triming, Still better than Hasb-e-Haal as its was best because it was good combination of Sohail and Aftab which is not anymore, and now its just a one man show.

    Now Aftab have this team with all kind of comedy and his personal knowledge, ability to run the show with confident.

    don’t forget Hasb-e-Haal and azizi was created by Aftab Iqbal not Sohail Ahmed of Dunya news.

    Please don’t rush into conclusion, wait and see what happens next

    I found this program better than Hasb-e-haal

  27. I believe the real competition is between Sohail Ahmed and Aftab
    Both of them are very talented.
    for a long time Sohail Ahmed needed a platform which was provided by Aftab in Hasb e Hal.In the success of the program both of them contributed generously.
    Sohail Ahmed’s ego/Aftab’s arrogance I believe lead to the departure of one out of dunya News.

    Now Aftab has another success to make and this new program is not a bad start.I agree with all the comments above that it needs improvement.

    I conclude by saying”creator is better than created”

  28. President Zardari Purchased 140 Million pounds (Rs20,000,000,000) two panthouses in London in the month of Ramazan.

    More than half the country was inundated and millions of affectees were looking for a temporary shelter but Mr Zardari has bought a house for the amount that could have provided shelter to at least a million people of his country.

    This shameless act would have pinched hard the soul of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, the founder of the Party, which is in clutches of Zardari now, who had vowed to provide Roti, Kapra and Makan to the poor, as Zardari is busy in purchasing his own house at the most expensive area of London, in addition to scores of other houses in Pakistan, England, France etc….

    IF Surrey Palace was not enough for ZARDARI that he has purchased another shamelessly expensive flat at a time when he was extending Begging Bowl for the flood effectees. Why would the donors give alms and aid to him? There is already a massive mistrust of international donors in Zardari led Government.

    Plus Prime minister is sending direct flight to Lahore for bringing his kids to islamabad to take photo with anjellina jolly

  29. @ haroonabadi said:
    who bought the pent houses?????????????? who in PAK has this much money???????????
    first answering ur second question … there are any .. 100s if not thousands … and if u get into a big chair in govt. u can get that as well .. just do a little research where all the zakat is going … ???
    ur first questions … the hints they gave lead to 2 people first and most probable is Rehman Malik Naaii the second is Babar Haiwan …

  30. @ all above
    lets hope that both hasb-e-haal and khabarnaak get excellent becasue of competetion.. the way i see it ..
    1.junaid saleem vs aftab iqbal ( junaid saleem is no match is my opinion)
    2.sohail ahmed vs the naseem vicky and comapany EXCLUDING AMMANULLAH( they are no macth for AZIZI)
    so this much is even
    this is what is going to decicde the fate of this war..
    SOHAIL AHMED VS AMMANULLAH( i wont dare to comment)
    btw i would request both hasb-e-haal and khabanak teams to use more URDU is these are national programs and not everyone can understand punjabi regards

  31. This is good thinking by Sir Aftab we are accpeting this from him
    I think it’s just a start & show will improve in presence of Sir Aftab


  32. videos of older episodes regarding khabar naak are not found on your site which is lamentable. I searched f0r the videos for 2010 and 2011 but in vain. then I tried fro utube and found some of them but not all. Pl make your website up to date and check these for yourself. or advise me to use some expertise.


    Akram Farooq

    My email address is as follows


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