22 thoughts on “Mubashir Luqman’s Propaganda Exposed

  1. its amusing that people still take mubashar seriously… lol.. you people still take the guy seriously who backed and defended mqm for 12 may incident openly while no other rational or sane person couldnt have taken such a step

  2. paid barker? he is mind behind mqm’s propaganda unit and media relations.. i know him personally and believe me, he is replica of governor of Punjab in personal traits if there are any he possess.

  3. “Who are you to judge the life I live? I know I’m not perfect and I don’t live to be. But, before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean.”

    All the fu**k politicians and anchors of Pakistan are cheap, retarded and selfish.
    Dont play blame games. Become Pakistanis first before you call each other muhajir, punjabi, balochi, sindhi , pathan and so forth.
    Shame on all of us.

    May Allah bless Pakistan and forgive us.
    Long live Pakistan.

  4. Mubashar Luqman Really needs a Doctor n should’ve gone to specsavers. He was actually a Film Director, His directorial ebut was ‘ Ye pehla pehla Piyaar ‘, this person was induced in Media by MQM likewise Dr. Danish, who had contested election for MPA on MQM’s ticket. This is the politiocs of MQM, they are Indian People, doing politics in Pakistan.

    • you are pretty cheap to call any Pakistan Indian or something else-This is why Pakistan is suffering-Small minded people, when they find someone remotely different,they label them as NON-something. Shame on you. MQM,JI,ANP,PMLN,PMLQ,PPP,ETC are all political parties n they all are Pakistani. Corrupt Pakistani but Pakistani.

  5. Mubashir Luqman and Animal Doctor Danish both are paid servants of MQM. They keep on barking in their shows all the time. They are misleading nation and damaging the country to the level of irreparable loss. These both spoons should be banned forthwith. Curse on these fake and corrupt TV actors.

  6. MQM Always work for fund related islamic activities like zakat/ fitra/khairat /sadqat & all sort of donations.Other islamic norms is for others

  7. inshallah Is juma ko 90 par hajj ki tarbiati nashist hay. Mufti Altaf bhai khusoosi khitab karen gay.is saal 90 se jane wale hajj group ki qiyadat Dr, Farooq sattar karen gay.khabi aesa suna Bal k apna hajj quota bhi bant deya kaheen jana na parre

  8. Mubashir shetaan is a paid barker nad hole Licker of bhatta khor Kalia. Nobody take him seriously now !!!. Kothey key log ab journalism mein aa gai

    • who is kalia? raja rental? actually no one is uglier then hanif abbasi. first i thought of hanif abbasi when reading kalia

  9. Just like Ansar abbasi , Hamid mir and Irfan sidiqui are paid by PML (N). They all are corrupt and biggest of them is Dr Shahid Masood, whose even travelling and accomodation are paid by politician of different parties

  10. @rightpath, you simply are on a ‘wrong path’.
    Why don’t such sort of anchors and MQM undersand that by people of Pakistan can easily diffrenciate between the black and white sheep in the herd. by commiting such acts MQM etc is further exposing itself !

  11. the video certainly exposed M Luqman….but it also exposed IK’s relief work…

    – there seemed to be more banners and PTI flags than the tents…….instead of 5 fancy coloured printed banners promoting the political party… atleast 1 additional tent or food to a few dozen or so could be provided?

    – use of political party flags across the relief area (which i havnt seen from even low life parties like PPP or MQM)…..is this playing politics ON flood vict@ms….very shameful?

    – Are the camps by MQM and Ik in the flood effected areas? ….setting the relief camps opposite the road to each other reminds of election booths during elections….

    – empty medical camps both of IK and MQM…… no one needing medical aid when disease is most we are hearing of……is somewhat a surprise. and then IK’s reporter explanation that due to rain there was a leak in the trenant hence its empty………. like flood victims really care for a ‘bit of leak’ from the tent!

    – there seemed to be hardly any effectees around and 2 political parties have set up their camps there….can someone recognise the background?

    – why didnt IK reporter show inside the last tent supposed to be children play area??? anything in there?

    there are serious doubts raised on flood relief efforts by political parties like PTI and MQM

  12. Mubashir Lucman is a straight forward and honest Journalist. Unlike other anchors/ journalists he is honest & courageous enough to admit that he likes MQM on various occassions. He has also explained why.

    People like Ansar Abassi, Hamid Mir and the two people who do the show dunya mere agay Nusrat and Mushtaq are paid goons of PML-N.

    From its birth MQM has been a target of state sponsored media propaganda to stop it from spreading. It was very easy to do propganda agaisnt any party back then since the only source of news was PTV which was govt controlled.

    Just think that since media has been given freedom and various news channels have come around various MPAs and MNAs of PML_N have been exposed in credit card fraud, rape assaults, Jaali Degrees, Handling Liqour etc etc. Has even a single MPA MNA of MQM been caught doing such things??? The answer is NO.

  13. Mubashar Luqman is a mindless and idiotic anchorperson and paid crony of MQM. Earlier this year he defamed a very able and compenent civil servant from Chitral who is the administrator of Karachi after the local govt were removed. He went at far lenghs to prove how Mustafa Kamal was compenent and the administrator Lala Fazlu rahman is a drunkard person. The reality is that Lala Fazlu rahman who hails from District Chitral KPK is a very honest and able minded person. His this achievement is no lesser than anyone that before joining the civil service he was just a primary school teacher. Of late he is in a grip of some disease which sometimes attack him. But this bustard ML in his blinded support of MQM ruined the reputation of LaLa by running a program on TV and declaring him a drunkard and impotent person. I hate this bu$tard since then. #torkhow

  14. nadeem bhai main ap se totally agree karta hoon………….main bhi mubashir luqman ko straight forward samjhta tha ……………main is dafa bhi uski bat man leta agar khud thermal powerplant mein aftari na kar chuka hota……….

    videos mein jitni bhi cheezen ap ne dikhai hain main wo live dekh chuka hoon q k main ne pooray 5 ghantay guzaray thay in camps mein ………..

  15. @1lhr

    bro ap ne is video mein khema basti dekhi hi kahan hai??????
    m belong to flood affected area of dera ghazi khan………or main ap se behtar janta hoon k yahan pe kis party ne kitna kam kiya hai……….

    yahan pr jitna bhi ration aya hai ya to kisi private N.G.O ne diya hai ye phir tehreek e insaf ne diya hai baghair kisi siyasi base k……..p.t.i ne army k through yahan ration taqseem karaya hai baghair kisi advertisement or party flags k……IMRAN KHAN jb PUKAAR ki taraf se yahan ae thay to unhoon ne bht short sa khitab diya tha jo sirf aik line mein tha……

    “Muta’sireen ka dukh baanten, muta’sireen mein sukh banten baghair kisi siyasi tasub k bs hr insan ko insan samjhain “

  16. The Guy himself has said “Sari iss mein sub standard kee dawaiyan hain” Lolz :)….

    Are you guys blind or some hearing problem? If that woman was just a step away from the camp, why was she saying no one had helped me in food or anything…..

    In a corrupt and Godless society peoples’ sympathies and affiliation are bought for a price. Our anchors, columnists and writers are no exception. This trend is self-evident that reflects our collective character in a corrupt society marred with lies. Everything is for sale for the right price and who knows better than our established politicians. It’s a multi-million business that rich politicians can afford.
    Mr Zardari is without a doubt demonstrated art of buying politicians and through ‘mukmaka’ successfully completed tenure of minority government. Machiavellian and characterless conning insolence is deep-seated in our psyche.
    People will remember that a well-known anchor Mr Mubashar Luqman in 2010 was involved in a controversy. It was the time country was battling with devastating flood. PTI had played a positive and pivotal role tackling with crisis. PTI was praised by Pakistani media helping people in their sufferings and time of need. PTI was the largest active participant in relief campaign. However, Mr Mubashar Luqman on behest of rival political party criticise PTI for not doing enough. Later his contention was challenged and condemned by PTI who in response showed how biased his programme was. Mr Mubashar had deliberately misled viewers and hide obvious facts to beef up his case against PTI. His reporting discredit role of hundreds of PTI volunteers who had dedicated time, wealth for the good cause for people of Muzzafargadh, in particular.
    Recently Mr Mubashar focussed on appalling condition of Punjab hospitals, schools and Lahore Metro bus project. He severely criticised Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s poor performance in all fields of governance. These programmes were hard hitting. However, it was deliberate attempt to attract attention of leadership to negotiate a ‘deal’.
    We all know how corrupt five times elected Muslim League (N) party in Punjab is and her contemporaries’ are no angles. They have flagrantly ushered up from national coffers and siphoned nation’s wealth. These forces are afraid of Imran Khan’s Tsunami and they are not going to take it lying down. They have taken leaf from Zardari’s ‘manifesto’ and steel future election that they cannot afford to lose at any cost. These looters have great wealth and resources that are at their disposal to defeat vision, passion and ideology. They have made available billions of rupees to spend on propaganda to discredit PTI. This is in the interest of both parties of status quo.
    We also know that PML (N) and PPP both plunder country of her wealth and are using the same loot to buy pundits, anchors, TV and print media. The notorious TV anchor, Mubashar Luqman is no exception. He is living example and product of our society.
    Recently, you may have seen the same anchor ‘exposing’ some irregularities in PTI intra party election and showed couple of disillusioned and dissatisfied old party worker in his programme. I am not defending some of the wrongs that is done in a untested democratic process, alien to Pakistani thinking. The fact of the matter is that he has failed to show other parties’ misconduct and cry from their disgruntled party workers. He ignored gigantic irregularities in their party’s unethical practices but highlighted relatively minute mishaps of PTI.
    He had a personal vendetta against Sheikh Waqas Akram, the former PPP federal minister who at the last minute ditch his party and jumped on PML’s band wagon. It is established that he had a fake degree and lied in 2008 national election nomination papers. PMLN could not offer him a party ticket knowing that it is impracticable in the current climate. He would not be allowed by the PEC to contest election. Mr Mubashar has highly praised role of PMLN’s hierarchy not allocating Sheikh Waqas Akram a party ticket. The fact is that PMLN has accepted every electable with open arms in their folds regardless of their known doggy past riddled with corruption.
    Today’s (3/4/13) episode of ‘Khara sach’, Mubashar repeatedly mentioned that he had invited PTI’s Dr Arif Alvi to explain his declaration of assets. Despite giving firm commitment, according to Mubashar, Dr Alvi failed to attend interview. I say with great scepticisms and difficulty and pose a big question mark believing in his alleged claim. In the light of Mr Mubashar’s shoddy and biased, previous conduct against PTI. I can say that his programme was totally partial, melodramatic and planned to benefit PMLN’s cause. The fact speaks for itself, since he invited PMLN’s Hanif Abbasi to spew political poison at PTI. From this he had confirmed shifting of his allegiance in PMLN’s favour.
    If people dig out Mubashar Luqman’s (August/September 2010) programme they will notice, ironically no representative from PTI was called to answer his concocted allegations. This necessitated PTI to make a video to dispel Mr Mubashar’s fabricated allegations. His partiality is further strengthened when Mr Mubashar failed to mention how much wealth is owned by PML N family party in and outside the country. He could have mentioned how much tax one of Pakistan’s richest man Mr Nawaz Sharif had paid. At least he could have done it for the sake of balancing the programme. Last but not least he applauded PMLN’s Maryam Nawaz Sharif’s role in attracting young voters in to her family party. She was inserted in a subject that was totally irrelevant. Just to bolster PMLN and concluded that there exists no support from youths in PTI movement. To-night PMLN would be pleased with Mubashar’s performance – money well spent but unfortunately it came from blood and sweat of tax payers!!! (KM Hanif)

  18. Mubashir Luqman is Correcter-less man, We appeal to electronic media and print media to kick-out from all channels.

    He is Blackman in face of Media.

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